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  • txstars
    26.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    Hockeyblr awards nominations 2022 

    Early this week I made a post about how I didn't care about the NHL awards and cared more for the opinions of my fellow hockey tumblrinas and people vaguely agreed with me. So, the bit was funny enough that I decided it was probably worth putting in the effort to go through with this whole thing; now...here we are. Nomination submissions will be one until JUNE 3RD...so...tell your friends...your moms...your aunts and uncles. Mostly, have fun. 

    submit your nominations HERE🧃

    #if this turns out to be a mess its literally not my fault . peer pressure wins once again #hockey #i dont know how to tag this just like. reblog i guess sfjlgdg
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  • roopegurianov
    26.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    happy hilary knight coming out as queer day to all those who celebrate!!

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  • vltraphysic
    26.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    sorry im upset for zero reason but what the hell

    #its not even losing its the way they act like they are soooooo good and then LOSE #literally acting like they are champions of the floor hockey field #but who tied with the other team with a team that couldnt swap out & only lost after 5 min of overtime. #thats right. ME #you cant even win ONE game where we're in the best conditions ever literally the best player on the other team was out
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  • this-is-ally-and-im-confused
    26.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago


    #send in requests #send anything #ally loves hockey #ally is bored
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  • ilyasorokinn
    26.05.2022 - 13 minutes ago

    hi bebbb can i request a fluffy mat fic?? like he came to ur place while youre ab to do an online exam on ur bed but he was in his feels so he wanted to have ur full attention so he started to poke you, distract you, hug you from behind, putting his head on ur shoulder 🥺🥺 & things like that and like eventually u did get to finish ur exam with him holding ur body tight but enough to let your arms do the exam

    happy birthday mat "i only know how to fall over" barzal. ur great dude.

    mat let himself into your apartment with the key you so graciously gave him and grabbed a fruit cup from your fridge before making his way into your bedroom.


    "can you grab me a water from the fridge?"

    "yeah, sure." mat nodded, in a daze as he made his way back into your kitchen. he walked back into your bedroom and took in the amount of work you were surrounded by.

    "do you need, like, help or something?" he asked, setting the waterbottle on your nightstand.

    "no, i'm good. well, i might need food in like, an hour, but other than that, i'm good."

    "all right." mat nodded, climbing into bed behind you, leaving over your shoulder to see what you were looking at.

    “holy crap.” he grabbed your computer and held the screen close to his face to examine what you’re looking at.

    “give it back.” you tried to grab your computer back.

    “no, wait, hold on. what the heck is this?” he asked, his brows furrowing together in confusion.

    “it’s my final exam, so if you’ll excuse me, i’d like to get back to it.” you finally grabbed it back and got back to your final.

    mat sat behind you, in confusion as you typed away on your computer, “do you understand all of that?”

    “well… yeah.” you nodded.

    mat continued to watch you type away, but after about 10 minutes, he got bored. so, he decided to do the one good thing, other than hockey, he was truly good at.

    bothering you.

    he started with just staring at you. you felt his eyes on you and tried your best to ignore him, “mathew, stop it!”

    “what am i doing?”

    “you’re staring, and it’s getting weird,”

    “my apologies. i just came over to hang out with my girlfriend, but she’s too busy ignoring me.”

    “i told you last week that i wouldn’t be able to hang out as much. it’s finals, i’m gonna be busy.”

    “too busy to see me?” he pouted.

    “yes, even you.” you told him, and he let out a dramatic gasp.

    since attempt one didn’t work, attempt two he know would get your attention. he started poking you, which he knew would annoy you to no end.

    “oh, my god! i’m gonna kick you out!” you threatened.

    “okay, calm down. take a chill pill.” you glared at him, “all right, i’ll cool it.” he wrapped an arm around you and pulled you back so you were practically laying on top of him.

    “i need to finish this.” you told him.

    “i know, and you will. i’ll just lay here and watch you work.” he promised.


    “you won’t even know i’m here.“ you sighed but got back to work.

    happy birthday mat. also, i don’t think the only thing he’s good at is hockey and being annoying.

    #mat barzal imagine #mat barzal imagines #mat barzal x reader #mat barzal fic #mat barzal blurbs #mat barzal#nhl imagine#nhl imagines#nhl fic#nhl blurbs#nhl#hockey imagine#hockey imagines#hockey fic#hockey blurbs#hockey #new york islanders imagine #new york islanders imagines #new york islanders blurbs #new york islanders fic #new york islanders #taylor's blurbs#taylor writes #taylor writes: hockey
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  • puckinginsane
    26.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    Throwing it back to Tyler stretching in New Jersey.

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  • vltraphysic
    26.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    i am so mad

    #sick and tired of my gym floor hockey team this is so bad #these people cannot win without me the one half im out WE FUCKING LOSE #literally bc they couldnt defend against one goal let one of the worst players in the class score againsdt them
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  • rbf451
    26.05.2022 - 18 minutes ago
    #blind channel#joel hokka#ice hockey #world championship 2022 #berlin 26.5.2022 #ec european tour 2022 #show 22/23 #emp ig takeover #video#ig story
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  • puckinginsane
    26.05.2022 - 26 minutes ago

    More throwbacks from warm ups on Long Island.

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  • hockeygossip101
    26.05.2022 - 28 minutes ago

    Austons voice is in Megan’s story on insta

    It sounds like him 😶

    Anon you were right!!!

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  • why4anne
    26.05.2022 - 31 minutes ago

    She fell first…

    Pairing: Ethan Edwards x reader

    Word count: 3.2k

    Category: angst

    Summary: After years of having a crush on Ethan all your dreams are crushed as he introduces his new girlfriend to you.

    Warnings: unrequited love, underage drinking, not proof read

    Requested: Yes/No

    Note: Hi guys! I know it took me a while to write this. I’ve been quite busy with school but here it is! I hope you enjoy it!

    Part 2 - coming soon…


    Y/n pov:

    You still can’t pinpoint the exact moment you fell for your best friend. Maybe it was when you were 9 years old and he helped you up from the sand on the playground after you fell from the monkey bars. Maybe it was when you were 14 and he offered to help you with your homework because he knew you were a lost cause in math. Or maybe it was when you were 16 and he came to pick you up in his new car right after he got his driver’s license. All you know is that now, in your freshman year of college, you are completely and utterly in love with your Ethan Edwards.

    You often found yourself stealing glances of him during class or during your study sessions in the library. You swear you can get lost in those brown eyes for what feels like hours on end, and that smile can make your stomach erupt with butterflies in a second. Still, you know that the feelings are not mutual. In all these years he had not shown one single sign that he feels the same way and it kills you just a little bit every time you see him flirting with a girl at a frat party.

    That leads you to where you are now. Watching him push his tongue down the throat of a beautiful brunette. The worst part is that you helped him hit on her. During all these years of being best friends you had somehow managed to get yourself promoted (or demoted rather) to wing woman. It was the same thing at every single party you went to. He would come and pick you up from your dorm to drive you to the party. Sometimes he brought some of his teammates with him but you were always riding shotgun. You would arrive at the party, taking on the role of designated driver for the night as you were not the biggest fan of alcohol and then he would find a hot girl who he wanted to pursue. After he had chosen this girl it was your turn to get to work. You would go up and talk to her and after an appropriate amount of time Ethan would show up. You would then introduce them and he would start flirting and much to your dismay this worked every single time.

    “You okay?” Audrey asked as she plopped down on the couch beside you. The look of pity in her eyes made you feel embarrassed by your staring.

    “Yeah totally! Just stressing about the upcoming paper due next week.” You lied, trying to get yourself out of this confrontation. Audrey gave you a knowing look but said nothing about it. Instead she chose to change the subject.

    The two of you fell into a comfortable conversation that lasted for a good while before you felt a presence behind you. Leaning your head back you were met with the beautiful face of Ethan. Before you could swoon more he jumped over the headrest and sat down beside you. He rested his arm on your shoulder and got comfortable. He often did that, touching you for no apparent reason, and everytime you were turned into a giddy middle school girl all over again. With time you have become better at hiding the big fat crush you had on him but moments like this always seemed to throw you right back to square one.

    “Good job earlier. You’re like the best wing-woman in history.” He praised you as he half shouted in your ear in order to talk over the music.

    “Yeah. She seemed pretty into you.” You felt deflated as you said it. Every single time you thought that maybe, just maybe he felt a little something for you too he just had to remind you that he just saw you as his best friend.

    “Hey, what's the matter?” He asked, concern coating his voice.

    “Nothing, just tired.” You lied.

    “Come on! Let’s get you home.” He said as he stood up and extended his hand for you to grab. You took it and he pulled you up from the couch. You didn’t feel the need to argue after all these years he still insisted on putting your well being first.

    “Shouldn’t I be driving?” You questioned him as he got into the driver's seat.

    “I only had one beer like three hours ago. Got a bit busy, eh. Besides you’re tired, you should rest.” He answered as he turned on the engine.

    “Yeah I guess.” You wanted to go home and cry. Maybe even drown your sorrows with ice cream and a movie who knows. At this point you would do anything to get the aching feeling out of your chest. The rest of the car ride was spent in silence, the only sound being the soft humming from the radio. What usually was a 10 minute ride felt like eternity as you stared blankly ahead, desperately trying to avoid eye contact. When he finally pulled up to your dorm you hopped out of the car as quickly as possible.

    “Bye, see you tomorrow.” He said as you gathered your things.

    “Yeah, bye.” You answered quietly and closed the car door. The moment his car disappeared you felt silent tears travel down your cheeks. Why did this have to be your life? Why did you have to be hopelessly in love with your best friend who didn’t even feel the same way back? It felt like some sick joke brought to you by the universe. Like, here is the love of your life, the only downside is that he won’t like you back and you will be forced to watch as he tries to find love elsewhere. At least you were lucky enough to not run into someone on your way to your dorm. That would’ve been humiliating.

    You unlocked the door and were met with the empty dorm. Your roommate was most likely still out partying. You got your makeup wiped and took off your makeup. Screw what everyone on tiktok says, you were too tired to care about doing your skincare routine right now.

    After brushing your teeth you plopped onto your bed. The soft covers provided you with some comfort as you cried yourself to sleep. For being the boy you loved the most in this entire world, he sure knew how to hurt you. Even if he didn’t know it.

    3 weeks later:

    “You are coming to the game tonight right?” Ethan asked you on the phone.

    “Of course. Why do you ask?” You found it odd because he never asked you before. He always just assumed that you would come.

    “Nothing, I just want you to meet someone tonight.” He answered.

    “Who?” You asked. You had already met all of his teammates and their girlfriends so it couldn’t be one of them.

    “You’ll see tonight.” His answer was vague

    “Fine. See you and this mystery person tonight. Good luck!” You said.

    “Thank you. Bye” The line went dead and you put your phone away. You sighed as you looked at the pile of homework on your desk. In reality you should stay home and finish it but you’ve never missed one of Ethans home games before and you are not starting now. This often led to pulling all nighters just to keep up but for Ethan, you would happily do anything.

    After hours of studying your alarm went off, signaling for you to start getting ready. You gathered your notes and books and went to take a shower. When you returned to your dorm you put on a pair of jeans and a shirt. Then you reached into the closet for your Edwards #73 jersey. It was one of his old jerseys that he gave to you at the beginning of the year. You can still remember the blush that adorned your cheeks when he gave it to you. The jersey was too big for you but you didn’t care. It might seem silly but to you this jersey reminded you that no matter how many girls he made out with at parties, he was yours first. When you were finished you headed towards your car.

    The drive to Yost went quickly and by now you knew the route by heart. The first time you drove there you got lost and had to call Ethan. In the end he sent Audrey to help you but you secretly wished it was him.

    When you arrived you texted him.

    Y/n: I’m here now, who do you want me to meet?

    Ethan: You’ll see after the game. Meet me outside the locker room.

    Y/n: Fine. Good luck!

    You found it weird that he wouldn’t tell you who this person was but you shook the uneasy feeling out of your head and walked inside. You sat down in your regular seat by the plexiglass and watched as the boys started warming up. You waved at Ethan and he waved back but you could see he was looking somewhere else. You tried to pinpoint where he was looking but it was hard to do so in the crowd of students in blue and yellow.

    The game went well with UMich winning in overtime, Thomas Bordeleau scoring the game winning goal. You had become good friends with all of Ethans teammates after being around them so much. You know that they’re all aware of your crush on a certain boy from Alberta but you also know that they would never tell him unless you want them to and for that you are eternally grateful. You met up with the girlfriends of the players outside the locker rooms. It was quite crowded but it was nothing you weren't used to at this point, the puck bunnies often stayed after the game in hopes to hook up with one of the players. One after one the UMich boys started to exit. After about 15 minutes you saw Ethans face emerge from the locker room. You went to give him a hug but a brunette beat you to it. You expected Ethan to push this stranger away but instead he hugged her back tightly. Your heart started beating fast and you had a confused look on your face.

    “Y/n this is Laura, my girlfriend.” Ethan smiled at you. Your heart sank as words escaped from his mouth. When the girl turned around you recognized her as the girl you hooked him up with three weeks ago at that frat party. You could feel the tears behind your eyes just waiting to fall. You wanted to cry but as you saw the happiness on his face you tried to be nice. Any person who could make him happy was a person you liked, even if she was in the exact position you had dreamed to be in since you were a kid.

    “Hi Laura, nice to meet you. I’m Y/n.” You introduced yourself with a cheery voice and a fake smile as you went in to hug her. You silently thanked your mom for forcing you to take acting classes growing up.

    “Yeah, nice to meet you too.” She said back with a smile on her face. “Thank you for setting me up with this one by the way.”

    “No problems. That's what a wing-woman is for.” You tried to joke and apparently it worked because both her and Ethan chuckled. You started playing with the sleeves of the jersey, something you often found yourself doing when you were nervous. Normally you were nervous because the boys were on a penalty kill or during overtime but this time you were nervous because you didn’t know how long you could go before the tears burning your eyes start to fall.

    “Oh that reminds me. Y/n do you think you could give the jersey to Laura? I don’t have a spare one and I want the most important girl in my life to have one for the next game.” Ethan asked. That was like a punch to the stomach. You could only nod as you started to take off the jersey. As it went over your head you processed his words. You weren't the most important woman in his life anymore, he wasn’t yours anymore. You handed the jersey to Laura as well as that invisible title. She thanked you and pulled it over her head.

    “Me, Laura and the team are going out celebrating the win tonight. Wanna join?” Ethan asked.

    “No, I have homework.” You answered quietly. it was a wonder that your voice didn’t break.

    “Alright, suit yourself, bye” He said and draped his hand over Laura's shoulder and walked away. You didn’t answer. You simply walked to your car. The moment you closed the car door you felt the tears falling. All you could think was that this was your own fault. What person helps their crush find a girlfriend. After you pulled yourself together enough to drive you started to head to your dorm.

    When you opened your dorm you saw your roommate, Kate, sitting on her bed.

    “What the hell happened?” She asked you as she saw your tear stained face.

    “He’s got a girlfriend.” Was all you could choke out as another sob slipped. She was quick on her feet and hugged you in an attempt to comfort you.

    “It’s going to be alright. Let’s just watch a movie and drown your sorrows in ice cream for the night.” She said with a soft voice as she led you to your bed. She put on legally blond and took out a pint of ice cream from the freezer. You stayed quiet during the entire movie and after it was over you cried yourself to sleep.

    This routine lasted for a month before Kate snapped. All you did these days was go to class, avoid Ethan, eat ice cream, avoid Ethan some more and then cry yourself to sleep. You didnät even go to his games anymore.

    “Alright! Enough of this. It’s time for you to get out of bed and show him what he missed out on.” She said as she pulled your blanket off you. “There is a frat party tonight and you are going and I will not take no for an answer.”

    “But he will be there.” You tried to argue.

    “Good! Then you will put on the sexiest outfit you own and flirt with another guy. Show him who is the boss!” You realized there was no chance you would get out of this one so with a sigh you started getting ready. “That’s more like it!” She exclaimed as you walked towards the shower.

    As you arrived at the party you could feel the nerves start to build up. The first thing you did was get yourself something to drink. There is no way you would get through the night without alcohol in your system. The burning sensation of tequila going down your throat was oddly comforting. You put down the glass and prepared a vodka cranberry for yourself. You started to walk towards the living room as most people were there already. You took your usual place at the couch and started sipping on your drink. Suddenly another person plopped down beside you,

    “You’ve been avoiding me.” Ethan's voice was loud over the music.

    “No I haven't. I told you I was busy with homework.” You stared blankly ahead, not wanting to meet his eyes,

    “Is it because I asked for the jersey back? It’s not so weird that I want my girlfriend to have one of my jerseys.” He asked, confused. This made you snap your head to look at him.

    “Not everything has to do with you!” You said slightly irritated. Even if it was true you would rather die than admit it.

    “It used to be before you started ignoring me.” He said quietly. You felt bad as you saw sadness in his eyes.

    “Look, I'm sorry for snapping, I’ve been really stressed lately.” This wasn’t a lie. You had started to throw yourself into your studies in order to get your mind off him. The two of you fell into a comfortable conversation after your apology. The effects of alcohol make you feel confident. As you talked to him you saw a cute guy from the soccer team walk into the room. Your confidence levels skyrocketed out of nowhere as you turned to Ethan.

    “Hey. Can you introduce me to that guy over there?” You pointed at the soccer player.

    “What?” Ethan exclaimed clearly taken aback.

    “You heard me. It’s time for you to pay me back after all that time I was your wing-woman. You know, revere the roles.” You shouted in his ear. He nodded apprehensively as he went up to the guy and started talking to him. You made your way over, but not before you grabbed another drink.

    “Hi Ethan there you are.” You exclaimed. “Who is this?” You asked.

    “Y/n this is Sam, Sam this is Y/n my best friend.” You could tell Ethan wasn’t really pleased to be in this situation but you didn’t care. After all the times you had to swallow your pride and do this for him you think it was about time for him to be put in your shoes.

    “What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” Sam flirted with you right away. This might even be easier than you originally thought. As you took a closer look on his face you realized that he was actually very hot. Pleased with yourself you flirted back.

    “Thank you Sam. You’re very cute.” You batted your eyelashes and smiled at him. You didn’t really know where your sudden flirting skills came from .You’ve never been a flirt. Sure you’ve had a couple of kisses with some random boys here and there and a couple of hookups growing up but you were often busy pining over Ethan to focus on other boys. As you and Sam started to hit it off Ethan excused himself. Sam made you laugh more than once and as his lips fell onto yours you kissed back.

    “Can I have your number?” Sam asked as you pulled away. You hesitated for a moment. You knew you weren't ready for a relationship yet.

    “Sorry but I’m not looking for anything serious.” You tried to let him down easily. Sam seemed like a really nice guy after all.

    “Don’t worry, neither am I.” He answered with a smile. “Let’s just keep in touch.”

    “Alright, give me your phone.” He handed you his phone and you put your number in it.

    “See you around Sam.” You said as you walked away.

    “See you.” He said back.

    You made your way out as you texted Kate that you were ready to leave as she was the designated driver for tonight. On your way back you saw Ethan and Laura talking on the couch and to your surprise you didn’t feel sad. When you jumped into the passenger seat and waited for Kate all you could think was that maybe you didn't need Ethan to be happy.

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  • wunderlichkind
    26.05.2022 - 32 minutes ago

    let‘s goooo, quarter final!

    #finally caught up to the hockey train #ice hockey world championships #ice hockey #sui - usa
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  • greymichaela
    26.05.2022 - 32 minutes ago

    Hi! I'm reading Role Model by Rachel Reid and honestly, the plot sounds like something that happened in real life to some hockey player. It's ringing too many bells but hey, I'm no hockey expert so here goes: A is BFF with linemate B, they are unstoppable. B gets accused of rape from multple women, A realises B is actually capable of that, it could have happened right under A's nose. A punches B and protests management doing nothing over B's conduct. A is traded. Did it really happen?

    Honestly, that sounds like a question for her, not me. It certainly sounds plausible, and I wouldn't put money on it not happening, but it's not ringing any specific bells for me. Why not ask her directly? She's quite nice!

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  • thingsmk1120sayz
    26.05.2022 - 40 minutes ago

    Ryan O'Reilly is the only blue i care about

    #hockey#blues #st.Louis blues #st.Louis #st. Louis blues #st. Louis #st Louis blues #st Louis #ryan o reilly #ryan o'reilly
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  • newsbruit
    26.05.2022 - 49 minutes ago

    TVE acquires the rights to broadcast Euro 2024 in Germany

    TVE acquires the rights to broadcast Euro 2024 in Germany

    The European Championship returns to TVE twenty years later. Through a statement, the public Corporation has announced that it will issue the competition to be held in Germany in 2024 after reaching an agreement with UEFA, which also includes a total of 40 matches for the Men’s Absolute to be played over the next four years. With this move, TVE snatches another great sporting event from…

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  • newsbruit
    26.05.2022 - 54 minutes ago

    VIDEO: Tennis player throws his racket and almost hits a child, at Roland Garros

    VIDEO: Tennis player throws his racket and almost hits a child, at Roland Garros

    Unfortunate moment at Roland Garros, after a tennis player was about to attack a child in the middle of the match, after throwing his racket to the ground. The Romanian Irina-Camelia Begu was in her second round match at Roland Garros, against the Russian Yekaterina Aleksandrova, when she lived a controversial chapter when she came close to assaulting a child. (function (v,i) { var scp =…

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  • roopegurianov
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    here’s the portion of today’s article where hilary talks about her queerness:

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  • roopegurianov
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    so hilary officially came out as queer in today’s athletic article by meg linehan.

    i just want to say that i’m so fucking proud of her. i also want to remind everyone that sexuality is so far from a binary and that we don’t have the right to speculate on what queer means to her.

    she’s very clear about being a very private person and not wanting to publicize her personal life. that’s her right. she doesn’t owe us anything.

    i also have a lot of feelings about all of the quotes from megan rapinoe in the article. soccer and hockey are two very different sports. with very different fanbases. to me, it felt out of line for megan to make all of these comments in relation specifically to hilary.

    it’s hilary’s choice, her life, her journey, her sexuality. while i understand what megan is saying and why she said it, it still feels to me out of line to push for hilary to come out for the good of the sport. someone’s sexuality and who they share that with shouldn’t have to be “for the sport”

    especially when you consider how hilary has already dedicated her entire fucking life to growing women’s hockey. now it’s also on her to make the sport more queer friendly? like she’s not doing enough?

    one thing i also feel like this article fails to mention is that the majority of uswnt hockey players don’t come out until after retirement. hilary and alex carpenter are now the only two publicly out members of the current roster.

    when you’re trying to grow your sport and make a living wage off of it, rarely does anyone want to give any company any reason not to sponsor them.

    i love her so much. i’m so proud of her. she remains an absolute fucking powerhouse. but she also remains a person. a regular person with regular feelings who deserves to come out her terms, not anyone else’s. not for the sport, but for herself.

    i love her and i’m proud of her and everyone else can kind of just shut the fuck up, because at the end of the day. it doesn’t matter. it’s not our lives, it’s her’s. she’s still the greatest hockey player to ever live. her sexuality has nothing to do with that.

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