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  • sophieradvan
    26.05.2022 - 34 minutes ago

    current home decor obsession: cognac leather

    I'm on the hunt for the perfect cognac leather chair. Vegan, of course. The warmth it brings to your eyes and home, the sophistication, the essence of a wise grandfather who smells of campfire coals and cigars. The desire to curl up for hours with a book, surrounded by hundreds of other books because you own a library now.

    I imagine many balmy days on this chair because the leather feels cool to the touch. I imagine my father, a man in a mustache, appreciating this chair as much as I do. The Ron Swanson of it because that's who my father would play in a television series—except my father could not design a chair let alone cook eggs.

    Useless pretty much everywhere except the courtroom.

    He destroyed you in the courtroom.

    Case in point, decorate your home with your favorite things no matter the trendy aesthetics. Decorate your home with furnishings that remind you of mom and dad. Paint the walls the same color as your mom's favorite flower and clean the kitchen one hundred times a day like she did.

    Furniture as reshapings of your family.

    Trends come and go but classic, timeless pieces are always in style. I'll trade you floor-to-ceiling windows in a Manhattan skyscraper with cream-colored walls for rustic basements in the Yukon with rickety floorboards and light by candelabra.

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  • moon---rabbit
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    ✨simple but exclusive & expensive boutique✨

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  • cartoongirlshenagians
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    School shooting happens

    REPs: GIVE THE TEACHERS GUNS we can def trust all the teachers none of em are probably weirdos themselfs..  all of em are suppper trustworthy

    more help for mental health nah more guns is the answer..  this is just stupid deja vu they never change

    are we living in a simulation or what? This was the same rhetoric from years ago.. they never change..  

    #stupid reps never changing their pov they all sound like robots #you ever get that deja vu feel #my soultion better mental health people for kids #my sib told me about how they were 99 percent sure their gym teacher was a freak #its just a terrible idea what about that teacher who gets angry at kids?  or has a shitty home life seems like a recipie for disaster
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  • autistickilljoys
    25.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    a while back i came up with the somewhat cursed and extremely self indulgent idea for sniku (snake miku) and then immediately drew her in my sketchbook only to abandon the idea for two months bc like, hw. anyway it's summer break now so here she is. sniku my sneloved

    alt version under the cut bc it didn't look as good but is still cool:

    i wanted to see what it look like with halftones if i set it up to screenprinted but I don't have any of the supplies i need with me so I just have this instead. please click on it to see all the tiny dots

    #how...do i tag this #hatsune miku#my art#ocs#sniku #(not putting this in the tags but the idea is that sniku is from cobra starship's snekai) #(i told you it was self indulgent) #one day. i will have my own print shop. and the supplies to print at home #and then i'm gonna make. SO MANY MIKU PRINTS YOU GUYS #just. exclusively miku
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  • jimdhope
    25.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    What I'd like to do with our smart home

    What I’d like to do with our smart home

    We Have Smart Lights! So… What’s Next? So for a while now I have been swapping out all of the lights in our home for smart bulbs. I originally started with Philips Hue Bulbs, then a few from Tesco and some smart sockets that I’ve flashed with ESP Home to put on the lamps that I haven’t swapped out or can’t swap out such as the fish tank light. Now though I want to do more and I want to make…

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  • byalinefroess
    25.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    A home isn’t built in a day, but every day.

    foto: Prophsee Journals

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  • knight-of-ashes
    25.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    If I see one more liberal call for a revolution immediately after calling for a ban on "military style weapons" I'm gonna fucking lose it and start digging a tunnel

    Every single jackass who posts that AR-15 versus predator drone meme then posts a picture of Wonder Woman with a sword and says that's how they're gonna defend the right to abortion is a brain dead imbecile

    Every single comment about common sense regulations I see is about extra laws that would empower police to decimate inner cities and would never actually get semiautomatic weaponry out of the hands of disillusioned and violent young men. I see no one talking about weapon storage or ways to empower schools to actually get help for these men and I just see people talking about magazine restrictions and banning AR-15s which aren't even the most powerful or most high capacity guns on the market. They're just what's currently ubiquitous because of the military industrial complex and they're about to get replaced by the new SIG 6.8mm rifles. Nobody wants to ban AK-47s even though they're just as easy to acquire and higher caliber. Everyone dismisses gang violence in these conversations like young Black men don't deserve a chance to get out of that hell.

    I have so many ideas for policies and regulations for just the firearms side (not even talking UBI and universal healthcare) that would actually solve these massacres and I'm too fucking angry at my friends to even say them because they have to share their stupid fucking Star Wars and Discworld memes to make sure everyone knows how sad they are about another batch of kids dying before they go back to consuming endless streams of Disney content and voting for Democrats who won't lift a finger on this issue.

    I have a friend who's not allowed to legally own firearms for a few more years because she was forcibly hospitalized after crashing her car into a tree at night during a suicide attempt that she regretted before the hit happened, and meanwhile her brother has never been hospitalized and still can legally use guns despite ranting and raving in a manic fugue state in his front yard and threatening to kill people while the cops stood there laughing. How the fuck are you going to get every AR-15 off the streets when this is our normal? When cops just let any man light enough keep their guns even against department policy? When schools repeatedly report problem kids and get ignored until after the problem kid has finally shot everyone up? How are you going to stop shootings by banning the sale of only one style of semiautomatic rifle and not doing anything about any other type of gun, or working on any sort of training minimum requirements? Are we gonna talk about how ICE was waiting at the school to arrest any undocumented parents, and how ICE has been implicated in multiple firearms smuggling schemes while using even the slightest suggestion of illegal activity as an excuse to kill any Latino on site, and how undocumented Latino workers often have unregistered firearms because they know cops will not protect them?

    23 people are dead. Two adults, 19 kids, and the shooter himself, an 18 year old who was a week away from graduation if his grades were good enough for that. We need a solution, not useless platitudes, and banning exactly one type of gun then calling for a revolution like you have emptily for the past five years is a useless platitude. These are people who hid at home during the BLM protests who think they're gonna change something.


    #raid mom's safe #buy right before the shooting #there are so many things we could do #raise the age for purchasing all guns and not just handguns to 25 #raise that for joining the military too #require safes and create a licensure framework that involves a free but extensive class on both the mechanical and use side of firearms #and on force usage de-escalation legal and moral frameworks and ethics #make testing requirements with a minimum of five years between tests for renewal and make it so taking the test is mandatory time off #make voting that too #all gun stores and ranges and police stations must provide a free and easy to use firearm lockup with no questions asked #domestic violence is an automatic no ownership offense and dv convicts must face tests that are much more thorough than other felons #to get their rights back #and must submit to yearly inspections #part of licensure should frankly be safe storage inspections by non-police legal professionals #safe storage is part of self defense and I'm tired of the 2a community pretending it isn't #i would only accept at home ammo storage restrictions if there was a price cap on ammunition just like there should be for gas #that way it's not a burden to buy a small amount to practice with at the range #and frankly ammo restrictions feel against the idea of labor being armed ala marx #so im still working on that concept #perhaps community ammo banks become a thing #this kid blew fucking $2000 minimum on two daniel defense rifles and 370 rounds of .223 then killed his grandma and shot up a school so #perhaps just restricting the amount you can get in one purchase (again with a price cap) is the way to go #we do occasionally see stockpiler shooters but thats very rare compared to or #from either stores or straw buyers
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  • myhouseidea
    25.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Back to summer with @okuhotels Photo by @georg_roske

    Get Inspired, visit www.myhouseidea.com

    #myhouseidea #interiordesign #interior #interiors #house #home #design #architecture #decor #homedecor #casa #archdaily #beautifuldestinations

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  • rosealie
    25.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    fuck people are actually rebloggjng that early morning rant 💀

    #i was delirious i didnt think nothing i posted today through i wasnt LITERALLY making a commentary on society i #like i didnt mean to like. make out that everyone who doesnt ship byler is homophobic i just meant like the actual homophobes #from the comments i read 🤣🤣 like literally people who are foaming at the idea mike may be queer n wont let queer ppl live #n some of the sus things mileven shippers tend to say generally #im reading them back and i cant see where i said ur homophobic if u dont ship byler but 🤷🏼‍♀️ #i love nuance im a big fan of it id never claim something like that #I'll only judge based on...how u interact with and speak abt it yk #i have my fair share of queer ships i dont get or actively hate #as a queer person #n im also not saying ALL queer ppl want this im just saying it might acc be rly progressive for queer ppl w how big st is #i think calling someone home of phobic just for not liking a ship is goofy as hell #i as a queer woman have been called that before in fandom like 💀 genuienly doesnt make sense #dont have energy or time for disk horse if u have something to say back to me don't 🤣🤣 #all the nuance and complexity creates too much to talk abt its genuinely overwhelming #id rather just say make them gay cuz i said so n log off
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  • givemebiscuits
    25.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    It's been months and my patpran shapeshifter!au has only 240 words. Oh my. This is horrid. I am so sorry.

    #the idea is there #i'm always tired tho and cannot carve time to write i need sleep #it doesn't help that i work on a screen all day the last thing i want to do when i come back home is open my pc
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  • dnginfluencers
    25.05.2022 - 12 hours ago


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  • rolereversal
    25.05.2022 - 12 hours ago



    Graffiti Monsters Mug

    Graffiti Monsters | Pastel Goth | Spooky Art | Street Art | Creepy Cute Art |

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  • handlehouseinteriors
    25.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    After a good Home Decorating project, you will be smiling when you enter your home before you know it.When it comes to focusing on House Painting Design Ideas, shades can make a room fun and cheerful. Imagine that you are going to hit a small dot with one color or a large dot in a mixture of colors.

    #Home Decorating #House Painting Design Ideas
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