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    27.05.2022 - 16 minutes ago


    **rants about movies, and tv shows

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  • the-acid-pear
    27.05.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    Mommy issues this, daddy issues that, girl i have little brother issues 🧍

    #luly talks #had a dream and it was cool ill admit it it was like a lame horror movie that i had actually seen in dream (???) #but the human drama was strong bc there was this little boy who at first looked like my current step bro but then changed his looks #but honestly thats irrelevant because he simply was a vessel for Little Brother Role™ #and quite a bit of the dream was focused on his issues bc he was nd somehow and was like ''im weird no one likes me'' etc #and i was comforting him based on my own experience reassuring him being weird is not bad and that there are others kids like us #and as the dream kept going i just got more and more attached to him to the point i got genuinely worried when i saw him jump from somewhe- #-re and lie flat on his face (though he was 100% fine) #and i knew in dream this was a movie so i was like ''if anything happens to him I'll be so mad he's my beloved- no my bestie'' #and dream didn't go for much longer bc they were trying to make a bunch of manly men bond with a horse that they would later force them to #eat and one qas refusing because he said he was never a good judge of character #but the point is i actually woke up sad bc he was not real
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  • xastro-creepx
    27.05.2022 - 33 minutes ago

    The Exorcist (1973)

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  • xastro-creepx
    27.05.2022 - 36 minutes ago
    #freddy krueger#robert englund#bnw#horror#horror movies #black and white #movies #a nightmare on elm street
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  • beartr4ps
    27.05.2022 - 50 minutes ago

    how am i supposed to take creep ii seriously. this is a comedy not a horror movie.

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  • crystalprincessthighs
    27.05.2022 - 58 minutes ago

    i just want a gf so we can smoke and squish our pussies together ♡ 🥺

    #ultimate dream is to have a sleepover with an adorable girl where we spend most of the night / morning like this #maybe a horror movie or mean girls is playing in the background idk
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  • calculatedratio
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    excited to announce that

    #horror #don’t know if i’m horror tagging his face or the whole movie #maybe both
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  • brandnewhuman
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago





    Asa emory ☆ beefy man with too much confidence

    Michael Audrey Myers ☆ he's called Audrey and is a dumb bitch with anger issues. He didn't picked a struggle and now he's paying for it

    Jesse Cromeans ☆ Mr worldwide who spent a whole movie chasing the most stupid woman in this world just to get his face fucked up


    Tw: Asa and Michael? Damn, double homicide. Canon violence, mature language

    A/n: @theultimateasseater asked for a reader with bayonetta like powers and I should deliver. I just love bullying slashers without any fucking reason.


    He wish he could say this was not being the most humiliating experience of his life

    Kinda fun too tho

    You were obviously one of his victims 

    He hasn't spent too much time observing you as he usually would cause it was a kind of on the moment decision. He was following someone else when he noticed you 

    Bro was too cocky for his own good

    Our ever so nice bug man thought it would be easy to just traumatise you in your own house 

    My man got traumatised back 

    He was that one insect exterminator you called to help you with a ant problem in your bathroom 

    He was basically having his silly goofy time messing up with your house security alarms to be able to access later without problems 

    But my beefy boy didn't took in consideration you were a step ahead of him

    By the time he came back to your house at night you already knew he has sabotaged the security system 

    Now you being as unhinged as this fuckers is you really thought it would be funny to fuck around with him and hurt his ego a little bit

    Bro got humbled so hard he could've cry

    It all started with you dodging every single trap without committing a single fucking mistake

    Beginners luck he thought and tried harder 

    All fun and games until you literally started to openly bullying him

    "You took all that time and put so much effort into getting inside my house just to put these shitty traps? You really suck ass man.."

    He took that very personally tbh

    My man was done with trying to play around, now he just wanted to kill you and get this over

    He was so angry is not even funny 

    After countless hours of getting his ass kicked he had to admit defeat and just go cry at home 

    Just when he was starting to recover from that shit you decided to just try to find him and to keep being the pain of his existence 

    Just for funsies you started by spooky him in his OWN HOUSE. 

    You go girlboss 

    Once he found out it was you he was about to end it all

    Admittedly he found so fascinating your abilities and if you were less able to overpower him he would've study you 

    Please have some mercy with this man

    When he finally had to accept the fact that you were not going to leave him alone his more nerdy side started to surface 

    He pestered you with questions and tests ecc..

    Congrats now you're his new favourite toy

    He treats you like a fucking pet but hey, at least he's nice to you

    Eventually he would ask you to help him with the victims cause he knows you would be really good at hunting them down 

    Now you two are being unhinged together 


    With Michael could go two ways

    Either he gets super angry or he doesn't care 

    I mean he has been chasing Laurie and both seemed to do their best in making everything harder than it should be 

    It's funny cause he's pretty sneaky too even if he can't really stop time or anything 

    So the whole time is basically you and him just being stubborn to the post where both of you just look stupid

    You stalk him he stalks you 

    The amount of times you had like really startle him is ridiculous 

    He for the life of him couldn't figure out how the fuck you moved so fast

    Audrey here is finding the world really unfair lately. You cam move at the fucking speed of light while he has to slow down if he doesn't want to lose his consciousness rights 

    When he tried to break into your house he got punched, kicked, pushed..you name it

    I think eventually he would lose interest or in alternative would keep trying and would get obsessed with the thought of killing you

    If he loses interest and you keep annoying him he would eventually have to get used to you

    If he becomes obsessed well rip i guess bro

    Honestly the fuck are you doing poking fun at the shape of haddonfield?

    He would try to learn from you tho cause he wants to get that good at being sneaky so yeah you will catch him watching you a lot 


    the moment you pull a prank on him and successfully sneak up on him making him audibly gasp from surprise he's DONE. 

    you're done, you're done 

    I have to say it's almost so disappointing how fast he gest used to this shit 

    Like we get it, you're too cool myers but geez

    You traumatise him so bad he's always checking behind him in case you're following 


    Mr baldy man is having so much fun with you

    I think he's the only one who sees you and your abilities as something that can make the kil and chasel even more interesting and funny for him

    He managed to get you like he did with Princess so you wake up in one of those musty ass coffins he likes 

    He was expecting some dumb victim that gets killed almost instantly but when he sees you're taking all the right choices to survive he gets intrigued 

    He's like "damn, shawty is kinda good at this" 

    You even manage to dodge him without having to hide

    The line is drawn when you make him fall on his ass while he tries to stab you. 

    He is like "ight ENOUGH FROM THE CLOWN" 

    One second you're in front of him the next you're behind and he's falling forwards face first 

    He can't decide between being all horny because of how hard you're to get and from the anticipation of what he will do to or to get just downright angry and become a menace to society by killing every single person on sight 

    He obviously picks the first one cause the first he finally gets his hands on you he's practically vibrating 

    But then he stops cause all the fun is gone and now he has to actually kill you

    What a bummer when a victim that you want to fuckin slaughter is having a silly goofy time running away from you and you end up actually catching them so now you have to kill them


    he looks at you and then starts to walk away like nothing happened 

    Obviously you were having none of it so like the rational person you are you decide to chase down the person that wanted to kill you

    The look he gives you omg

    Like "Oh no, they're one of those" EXCUSE YOU. HOW MANY TIMES HAS THIS HAPPEN TO YOU?

    he avoids you like the plague until you finally manage to corner him 

    Corner him for real, you're caging this motherfucker against the damn wall

    He's like 🧍🏻‍♂️ "Oh no, the strong and sexy victim who can literally stomp on me has trapped me, what a shame…anyways care to fuck" 




    Jesse is THE simp.

    If you actually end up fuckin him or not is up to you 

    I personally would. I mean he's rich, he's hot and wants to get fucked up both in bed and outside of it? Save me a fucking slice thank you 

    #slasher community#slasher fandom#slashers#slasher fanfiction#horror movies #slasher x reader #slasher headcanons #jesse cromeans headcanons #jesse cromeans #jesse cromeans x reader #laid to rest #asa emory x reader #asa emory headcanons #asa emory#the collector #peepaw michael myers #og michael myers #rz michael myers #michael myers#halloween #michael myers x reader #peepaw myers
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  • strelliata
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    slasher movie idea: in a world where superpowers are the norm, there's a serial killer specifically targeting superheroes, killing them by somehow using their powers against them.

    #yes this is inspired by wanda's massacre in multiverse of madness what about it #please please someone make more superhero horror movie!!!! #me talks
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  • melomancy
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    mamma mia but instead of ABBA it’s kate bush and instead of an idyllic greek island it’s set in a haunted and/or cursed house that’s trying to kill its occupants

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  • dailymoviegifs
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Killer Mermaid (2014)

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  • theuntetherednow
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    The twist in Goodnight Mommy feels totally extraneous. Like the narrative was strong enough without tacking on that complication right at the end. The disconnect between the way children view the world and the way adults do is way more compelling than some generic “You have to let go. The accident wasn’t your fault.” twist.

    #Goodnight Mommy#Horror#Spoilers #Incident in a Ghostland is the only movie I've seen in ages where a twist like this actually enhanced the story
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  • inthecut-filmzine
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago


    JAWBREAKER (1999); directed by Darren Stein

    EX MACHINA (2014); directed by Alex Garland

    GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES (1953); directed by Howard Hawks

    I, TONYA (2017); directed by Craig Gillespie

    EDWARD SCISSORHANDS (1990); directed by Tim Burton

    THE NEON DEMON (2016); directed by Nicolas Winding Refn

    HEATHERS (1989); directed by Michael Lehmann

    PERFECT BLUE (1997); directed by Satoshi Kon

    THE LOVE WITCH (2016); directed by Anna Biller

    DAISIES (Sedmikrásky-1969); directed by Věra Chytilová

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  • mysticalmayhem13
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    The 2021 Candyman was solid. If you're an artist, you'll understand why this movie is seriously scary. It scares me because I can relate to Anthony hugely. He's my age and a freelance artist. His transformation is seriously creepy. I love this flick. Now I'm certain in getting my Candyman tattoo done! I just needed a little push.

    #candyman#candyman 2021 #i love this movie #horror movies#horror fans #horror fans of tumblr
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  • brandnewhuman
    27.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Hi, just wanted to say I love you/platonic and your blog, okay bye- -runs away but trips and eats shit-


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  • peachy-keen--jelly-bean
    27.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    I am. A goldfish. Just started stranger things s4 and I remember s3 to some extent.. before that? No idea

    #omg el horror movie eyes☺️❤️
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