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  • unlikelyfalconrhythms
    28.03.2021 - 1 year ago

    How to the tidiousness of vacuum cleaning... (nonprofessional)

    Hi I decided to share some tips about how I try to overcome my reluctance for the most tidious chore of them all in my opinion: hoovering. These are no professional guide lines. They work for me but there’s no guarantee they will work for others in the same way. This list is written in second person but it’s directed mostly to myself. (Disclaimer: It’s important in (my) hoovering routine to beware the risks of using electrical equipment, such as electric shocks. So to avoid that I vacuum clean only on surfices that are dry and while doing that I have to also make sure water doesn’t enter the hoover in other ways either.) Now, let’s get started. 1. Some time before starting the hoovering, get your vacuum cleaner in the middle of the place where you are going to start vacuum cleaning. Unpack the hoover and set it ready a little every time you enter the room, first time you enter the room next, check the dust bag, the second time get the wire ready etc. 2. Associate the hoovering with something positive. Make a playlist of your favorite songs and listen to them with headphones on. Make sure you have wireless headphones or a pocket for your music player. 3. Vacuum clean the most central, most visited, most crucial places of your living space, for example the places your guests socialize. Proceed to less important/difficult spaces of the home. 4. Play your absolute current favorite song while you vacuum the place you dislike the most. For me it’s under the bed. 5. Your hoovering doesn’t have to be perfect. 6. Repeat this vacuum cleaning routine at least every other week, then every week. Have you noticed the difference in the cleaning routine? Me neither :’D Just kidding, I’m actually starting to overcome the tidiousness of this task.

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