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  • almightynewt
    18.05.2022 - 1 minute ago


    #adventure time spoilers #adventure time distant lands #distant lands #distant lands obsidian #finn the human #finn mertens
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  • calderadorm
    18.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    Backstory for Gabriel (pre-possesion?)

    Gabriel Wayland, as in the actual one, was a regular detective who became unnaturally obsessed with an obscure god and its supposed location in Serenum Ocean. He reported finding remnants of a lost cult dedicated to it, but police found no evidence. Mr. Wayland was then said to have lost it, angrily throwing out documents one night and kicking out his girlfriend. He’s then reported to have disappeared, along with one of the town’s boats.

    Also for those who don’t know, I’m rewriting the how the exact possession went down

    #insane men #I adore them #f to human Gabriel tho lol #twst oc#gabriel wayland #ask game!
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  • portal2hyperfix
    18.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    my favorite thing is finding humanized designs i wholeheartedly agree with. youre SO correct stranger he would wear sweater vests

    #no because oh my god <3 #i dont always like humanized designs as i like the originals but there are some that i will literally perish for
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  • the-enchanted-archivist
    18.05.2022 - 13 minutes ago

    Could you please write something about Yandere Philip writing his beloved, who he’s pining for, a love letter?

    Ask and you shall receive!

    Dearest Beloved - Forever Yours, (Yandere)Philip Wittebane.

    Diary page from here.

    For those who can't read cursive, the letter is below cut:

    Dearest Beloved,

    I have been working diligently on returning to you as soon as I am able. Oh, how I long to be at your side once more. What I wouldn't give to see you again, to hear your voice calling my name, to touch you… but alas, I must do this. If I don’t, I’m afraid evil would win. It has already taken my dearest brother from me so I must keep you safe at all costs. Please don’t be upset.

    I look forward to my victory, for it will be celebrated with our union upon my return. The thought of being your husband weakens me greatly.  But I will remain strong. I will be patient. I know you will wait for me as well and spurn the advances of the others. The thought of you denying others because of me keeps me on the straight and narrow path home. 

    My love, do not fret about your parents' disapproval of me. I am sure once I’m finished here and your father hears of my exploits, he will change his mind and find me worthy of your hand and his son-in-law. He will rue the day he told me to keep away from you.  The terrified expression on your face when he forcibly removed me from your presence still stings. I could only imagine how scared you were if you thought I was going to do as he said.  Rest assured, I will never stop pursuing you. My love for you is too great to allow that. I will love you until the moon is no more, until the stars extinguish themselves, until heaven falls...

    I have become physically stronger than you remember.  I have done things no human should ever have to endure but I did it for you. If not for you, I would not have been able to push through and accomplish my tasks. 

    I will have my revenge on the naysayers that believed I wasn’t good enough for you, lying to me about how you truly feel towards me. I will not accept those lies. I know you. I know your mind. You know as well as I do that we are destined to be together. Do not allow them to taint your beautiful mind with such slander. 

    For my sake, stay pure and believe my words. I love you with every fiber of my being. You, alone, have made me feel something so strong that I would kill a man to prove my devotion to you. I would kill my brother again if it meant keeping you for myself. Please understand that what you do to me, it’s as if…

    No, I will not say it. I cannot say it. You are an angel that has been sent to me and me alone. I will be the one to lead you from darkness and into the warm light, away from evil. I will have to end my letter here but do not worry. I will write you again very soon to regale you of my recent discoveries and triumphs. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers until I return. I will come back to you.

    Forever yours, Philip Wittebane

    #Emperor Belos#Philip Wittebane #Yandere!Philip Wittebane #Love Letter #Took forever to get the background to behave #Yandere X Reader #Human!Reader
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  • roundedbyasleep
    18.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    This stupid reddit question does actually say something kind of stark about gender relations.

    #i don't know why THIS is something that triggers an emotional response in me #i guess every now and then the pervasiveness of misogyny just hits you #there is no equivalent because women see men as humans not disembodied parts! #god!
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  • mathurbator
    18.05.2022 - 19 minutes ago

    lmao I turned in my microbe identification and I got one of them wrong and the professor was explaining it and I was like "oh...oh no...can I have it back..."

    he was like "uh....no" 😭 sir I was joking

    #what is community college if not being able to treat your professors like humans #personal
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  • certaintyrantnightmare
    18.05.2022 - 21 minutes ago

    Intelligence Market Report Publish New Research Report On-“Human Allergy Treatment Market  by Key Players, Applications, Growth Trends, Share & Segment Forecast to 2028”

    #Human Allergy Treatment Market
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  • olm2589
    18.05.2022 - 22 minutes ago

    150,000-year-old human teeth are rare evidence of the extinction of Denisovans

    150,000-year-old human teeth are rare evidence of the extinction of Denisovans

    Suspect Denisovan molar. picture: Demeter et al., 2022 Paleontologists in Laos have discovered an ancient molar that most likely belonged to a young Denisovan girl. The discovery is significant, as the Laotian cave where the molar was found is now one of only three known points to host these mysterious humans. In addition to Siberia and the Tibetan plateau, we can now add Laos to the agonizing…

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    #Clement Zanoli #Crossbreeding between ancient and modern humans #Denisovans #early modern man #Fabrice Demeter#Fluorescence#Gizmodo #H. erectus #H. losonensis #H. sane #Homini#human evolution#ice Age#Laura Shackelford#Neanderthals #Old Stone Age #Prehistoric Asia #Tam Ngo Hao #Thai Cry #to turn down #Upper Paleolithic
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  • ultimate-business-system
    18.05.2022 - 22 minutes ago

    HRMS Software streamlines the daily routine tasks of an HR Manager. The online automated process takes less time, enhances overall performance and increases productivity significantly.

    #human resources management
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  • hadesmorrisonandrei
    18.05.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    Voy a hacer más trenes djkabsksbs

    #ttte humanized#ttte#ttte henry #ttte bill and ben #thomas and friends
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  • lesbeamofsunshine
    18.05.2022 - 28 minutes ago

    sometimes I find it annoying when people overanalyze like everything in a scene and are like "omg the thing in the background is just like the other thing from 3 seasons ago" bc like, sometimes its Not That Deep, BUT I feel like if you are part of creating this piece of media in which you DO have to make all these design choices you're probably gonna want to add some symbolism or something and I think that would be fun for a creator to do. but from an audience standpoint, if its in the background, it's in the background. what do I care?

    #which is not to say that i dont do that kind of overanalyses sometimes #it can just be annoying when other people do it about things i dont care about or find important #which is not to say that they should be ashamed #anyway i need to stop adding disclaimers bc at this point if u still think im being a hater ur just taking evrything im saying in bad faith #im a human being and i have unkind opinions sometimes #oh my god stop it me. we know #my post#my tags
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  • talbas
    18.05.2022 - 28 minutes ago

    my lit teacher keeps asking us philosophical questions tumblr had figured out a decade ago

    #'r humans inherently good or bad' clearly u did not see the post i rbed 3.7 days ago debunking this narrowminded ideology. tch #thqt was weird sorry no im not
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  • hungwy
    18.05.2022 - 30 minutes ago

    there are textures modern humans will never know.

    #future humans however... they will get a bunch of fun stuff.
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  • red-dyed-sarumane
    18.05.2022 - 33 minutes ago

    i could make a post on why im so into aru sekai series as a whole but thats a whole other essay & given thats all ive been posting this week ur probably tired of hearing about it

    #there is a reason beyond just song sound good! #altho that is a big part of it. if aru sekai was not the easiest song in the world to sit thru i would not be like this #im not sorry for being like this someone has to and no one else on this site is stepping up to the challenge #like shuupro still has my attention in some ways. i love human error condemning them to a fate they cant escape bc of who they are. #like. they kinda did that to themselves. #i love whatever harumakigohan has going on esp with the saikai series. that also compels me. #'lets never grow up!' ie lets never lose whats important to us. and Yet. AND YET.... #it not the only series i care about but theres a reason its my fave
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  • dailytechnologynews
    18.05.2022 - 33 minutes ago

    To Drive Technological Progress, We Need Worker Power https://ift.tt/Kd1exhk

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  • what-a-dirty-laddio
    18.05.2022 - 37 minutes ago

    ok so i have bowel problems and i have a bad habit of making random comments about stuff (probably due to my autism) like jake does

    #jake the dog #adventure time #finn the human #i don’t know why i’m sharing this #autism#pmdd#ibs
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  • articleexplore
    18.05.2022 - 40 minutes ago

    Heifer International Reaches Agreement for Sale of Little Rock Campus with Leaseback | Business & Finance

    Heifer International Reaches Agreement for Sale of Little Rock Campus with Leaseback | Business & Finance

    Organization reiterates its commitment to Little Rock, negotiates long-term lease to occupy reduced footprint in same building, will continue to own and operate Heifer Ranch LITTLE ROCK, Ark., May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — International development organization Heifer International today announced it had reached an agreement to sell its Little Rock campus. The organization renewed its commitment…

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