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  • koolkat9
    20.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Headcannon ideas I came up with while laying in bed

    -Matthew loves the movies Ponyo and Howl’s Moving Castle, he sings Ponyo on the cliff by the sea in Japanese, French, and English and he owns a Howl cosplay

    -Alfred loves FNAF but hates getting jumpscared

    -Matthew secretly leaves a Foxy plush on Alfred’s bed then hides in his closet and when Alfred walks in, Matthew plays the Foxy jumpscare on his phone, to this day Alfred still doesn’t know who is doing it

    -Arthur secretly does Lolita (Francis, Matthew, and Alfred don’t know about this, only Kiku and Ludwig know this)

    -Francis is a neat freak (especially when it comes to him and Arthur’s dresser drawer)

    -Alfred hates playing Among Us with Matthew cause he always thinks one of these days Matthew is gonna be imposter and while Alfred is busy in electric and Matthew will stab him and vent away

    -Arthur plans special dates for him and Francis (it can be the their wedding anniversary or the date they first started dating)

    Oh my gosh Matt in Howl’s clothes is something I need to see now. 

    Oh my gosh same Al. I love the idea and stories in horror games and stuff, but I can’t handle the jumpscares.

    Matt being a little shit especially to Al my beloved


    Francis would definitely be particular about things like organizing their dresser and the kitchen. 

    Oh my God. Matt would though. Matt would make a great imposter considering how quiet and unsuspecting he is to most. 

    Arthur planning special dates is just...ugh so cute...And he always has at least a little gift that he has made to go along with it. 

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  • kojiro-of-spades
    20.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Got some Arthur headcanons for you.

    He can't sleep without cuddling up to someone or something (usually a stuffed animal of some sort).

    He will steal his partner's clothes, specifically their sweaters

    He's good at drawing, but he prefers doodling and sketching over doing something more complete

    He loves animals and will take in older ones to give them a few more good years (yes I stole this from Teeth)

    Arthur still uses his record player. There is just something different about listening to music from a record then say a phone or radio

    Arthur does dabble in tattoo artistry and does it as a side thing every few years (sorry I'm thinking a lot about tattoos right now lol

    Arthur died his hair green when he was really deep into the punk movement

    He loves the water. Not to swim, but just to be near. He finds it beautiful and it reminds him of his pirate days (in other words, when he was free). He'll walk down to the beach or by the Thames to calm himself and clear his mind.

    He loves soft blankets and it's one of the easiest ways to ground him even if it's just a little

    He's always cold. Like his body is always cool to the touch. Alastair and Francis joke that he's cold blooded

    This is literally us 😂 Except for the 8th headcanon because I like traumatising him uwu He's working on it though and he wants to be able to sail again one day because he misses the sea and how free it makes him feel. He'll just watch the sea from afar for now though 😂

    The other hcs though 🥰

    #thank you for the ask this is very nice 🥰 #also don't get me wrong i like your water headcanon- #and it's very fitting tbh #hws england#hetalia#headcanon#not mine
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  • koolkat9
    20.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    For the head canon thing, England smells like strawberries and no one knows why

    I’m once again asking or Hetalia headcanons

    I’ve always thought his smell would be earl grey, cigarette smoke and a hint of roses, but I do love strawberries too. That’s a good idea.

    But you know what...I might steal that idea for Oliver instead...

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  • oumaheroes
    19.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    HC on UK bros' fashion tastes?


    A mountain man pulled inside very much against his will. Jeans and a shirt or overalls. Jacket, coat, but never gloves or a hat. Will swing to extremes in summer and wear shorts without shame.

    Will wear and has worn beautiful, fancy things but he dislikes anything that makes movement or tasks fiddly or difficult. Has never been a fan of clothing where he can't dressing himself (as fashion of the higher classes became) and would rather take off pieces than put on

    In short: incredible practical.


    Scruffy intellectual. Has that annoying ability to wear something boring/ ridiculous and somehow make it work. An effortless style, loose fitting garments and toned down patterns that work really well with his slender shape.

    Easily well dressed but in reality, Ireland has just figured out what looks good on his body and eyes up clothes designed for fit, more than pattern or colour. He does know what colours work best in him and he does pay attention but still prioritises the cut and shape of things over anything else.

    In decades past he could look somewhat unkempt depending on fashion trends, but the man has always know what his body wears well and isn't shy of sticking to this, even if current fashion trends disagree

    Has the type of legs that look ridiculously scrawny in hose and hated them


    I have never liked the fanon and canon interpretation of England as scruffy or badly dressed. For me, Arthur is a man hyper aware of people's perception of him and knows that looks are important to make, and maintain, a good first impression and represent the position of power and social standing he wishes to portray

    He's very good at blending and will happily dress up or down as the occasion calls for it (no over the top fancy clothes when with the lower classes, only high fashion amongst the upper) but likes to look nice. Is aware of the current fashions and will wear them but in a more muted, toned down way that doesn’t make him stand out too much

    In a similar vein, he knows what colours and cuts he suits and will stick to reliable favourites rather than be experimental for fear of being mocked. In this way he can come across as plain sometimes or 'safe', though never dowdy

    HATES being seen as 'silly', whether that be a foreign perception of his fashions or via being out of touch with his people and so waits for a new trend to be about a bit before trying it (e.g., reluctantly joined the ruff wearing when they were popular, though hated every step of the way)

    Misses wearing excessive jewels and bright, bold colours more than he'll ever admit


    Hoodies. These days, at least, and jeans. More than the rest of his brothers, he wants to fit in with his physical age group and will follow along with what they do, be that what it may

    Will not wear shorts and is reluctant to be without a hoodie even in boiling hot weather

    Can be stuffed into a suit and does understand the importance of public image, though is the least obliging of them all


    Comfortable. Soft. Warm. (Stealable)

    Wales, like Scotland, will dress for the occasion and mostly goes along with current, general fashions but similarly prefers clothes for their practicality, unlike England and Ireland who are more image conscious.

    He is aware of what people wear these days but doesn't mind about following it overly much or experimenting. The main reason for this is that he doesn't prefer to use clothes to express himself- they're just clothes. They keep him warm or can look nice, at times but that's the extent of it.

    He's very unbothered for the most part and buys things according to whether or not he likes the look of them, regardless of what anyone else is doing or even if they look good one him

    The outcome of this is that he can sometimes appear oddly dressed in strange combinations but they work??? Like yes those wide-legged brown trousers DO go with that top and vest combination but only because it's Wales and his lack of caring gives him a confident ease that he really wasn't aiming for

    #aph england #aph brit bros #hws british isles #aph scotland#aph wales#aph ireland #aph northern ireland #heroes headcanons#heroes answers
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  • emotionalsupportcatboy
    19.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    hws netherlands is PEAK mansplain manipulate malewife

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  • kojiro-of-spades
    19.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Engswe is cute! Care to share come headcanons?

    Sure! :D

    They're autistic husbands and share special interests like astronomy (there are plenty of good spots to watch the stars in Sweden and they often do that when Arthur comes over) ships (boats), and collecting leaves and flowers

    Berwald helps Arthur a lot with his autism since he has more experience dealing with it in a healthy way

    He is a very good listener and he often internally goes 🥰 when he listens to Arthur infodump about whatever thing he is obsessed with at the moment (he is happy Arthur is comfortable enough to open up around him 😭)

    Arthur doesn't mind that Berwald doesn't talk a lot and he isn't creeped out by it; he's used to having quiet people around (Lukas, Kiku, Matthew and Dylan) and honestly Ber’s presence is more soothing than intimidating for him. He just likes quiet lads 😭 Everyone else is too damn loud 90% of the time

    He also loves Ber’s dog (he has a jämthund called Oskar) and he would die for him

    Ber isn’t exactly a cat person but he likes vibing with Duncan while reading a book or carving wood

    He also likes Fluff’s fluff uwu She’s very soft :3

    Ber is also ✨warm✨ and while Arthur isn’t fond of hugs, he doesn’t mind getting one every now and then from him

    Especially in winter when they’re lounging in front of the fireplace 🥰

    He also doesn’t mind being the small spoon :3

    Ber always wants to be held though (he hasn’t been held of hugged often in his life,,, people are too intimidated or put off by his quiet and stoic vibes to get close :’) ) so Arthur is the big spoon most of the time uwu

    He will also hold Ber’s hand or just stay close when they’re outside; and he knits him scarves, jumpers and gloves; he’s not very tactile so it’s a good way to give Ber the warmth he needs 🥰

    He doesn’t need to jump to Ber’s defence often because people are often too scared to talk shit about him in his presence, but when it does happen Ber always holds him back so he doesn’t start fights 😭

    He knows Arthur is a good fighter but he doesn’t want him to get hurt over something so insignificant

    It means a lot to Arthur though and if he has to get a bloody nose to put a bitch back in their place then so be it 😤

    He tries to keep his temper in check though because he doesn’t want Ber to worry too much about him :’)

    He becomes a lot more chill when he’s around Ber tbh; Ber just has that calming aura y’know?

    Also!! They’re both pagan boys!!! And Ber is starting to Believe™ again so he sees stuff sometimes 👀

    He’s the one who mentioned it first tbh because Arthur was too scared to talk about it and he wanted to let him know that’s it’s okay, he’s not crazy and it’s a judgement-free house here 😤 Besides Lukas is a magic man too and he’s cool with him, so he won’t make fun of Arthur for that

    Arthur is still a bit insecure about it and he doesn’t talk about it often, but it’s okay, he’ll get there

    They play minecraft together when they can :3 Never late at night though unless Ber really can’t sleep; he has his own sleep routine and he always goes to sleep early

    He also wants to make sure Arthur gets some sleep so he tries to encourage him to join him in bed early whenever he can

    It doesn’t work often because Arthur ends up lying awake most of the time anyway, but at least he can get some rest

    It’s okay though, he’ll get there

    #hetalia#hws england#hws sweden#engswe #there you go #it's a long post but i love them okay- #and i definitely forgot a lot of stuff so i might add more later #thank you for the ask! #headcanon
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  • koolkat9
    19.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    DID I HEAR SCOTGER please infodump about them :DDDDD


    Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. I haven't had a reason to pull all my ideas together so this took a little bit but I've got some thoughts!

    They are awkward…So awkward because Alastair looks up to Ludwig so much and Ludwig feels strange to have someone so much older than him look up and be so respectful towards him

    For a long while, it’s nothing beyond business 

    Then one day after a hard meeting, Alastair offers to take Ludwig out for drinks and for once they seem to be on an equal playing field 

    Ludwig loosens up thanks to the alcohol and for once Alastair doesn’t seem to be looking at Ludwig with stars in his eyes

    Ludwig learns Alastair is quite kind though a little gruff and that they both have a love for animals. He’s quite charming this way Ludwig thinks.

    Drinks after meetings become a regular thing and this is where they get to know each other beyond their status as nations

    Alastair learns how offput Ludwig is by Alastair’s overbearing admiration and so Alastair tries to tone it down following that discussion

    Eventually, Alastair works up the courage and asks Ludwig out on a proper date assuring him this isn’t some political ploy or nation business-> Ludwig is flattered and accepts

    It’s a little awkward at first. Alastair just wants to shower Ludwig with affection and praise, but after their conversation about Ludwig being overwhelmed by Alastair’s admiration and desire for friendship, Alastair restrains himself. Ludwig doesn’t know the first thing about being in a relationship and was never good at communication to begin with.

    Alastair gets some advice from Francis who tells him Ludwig’s love language is action. And he is inexperienced so take it slow

    Eventually Ludwig realizes Alastair is holding back and not wanting this relationship to fall apart so early, he reaches out. When he travels to Scotland the first time since they started dating the two are sitting on the couch and Ludwig reaches for Alastair’s hand

    Slowly they start opening up to each other and become more affectionate when in the privacy of their homes. Alastair makes sure he doesn’t push Ludwig’s comfort zone

    One of Ludwig’s love languages is acts of service, so whenever Ludwig comes over, he’ll do things like clean the kitchen or tend to the garden. It annoyed Alastair at first because Ludwig was his guest and he felt bad to have him cleaning, but then he learnt that this was a way Ludwig showed his love. He still felt a little guilty, but he also finds it endearing

    They don’t need fancy dates. They’re happy to go to a pub or even just stay in, watch a movie and share a few drinks

    They’re just so supportive and loving of each other. Alastair gives him all the love Ludwig could ever ask for. And Alastair now has someone worrying about him and it makes him feel so giddy and warm. They also now have someone to hold them like they always wanted but were too scared to ask for (I do love shipping touched starved people together don’t I?)

    #hetalia#hws#scotger#gerscot#hws germany#hws scotland#headcanons#hetalia headcanons #i love them so much #even though there is only like 3 fics out there with one of them being mine #and no fanart as far as i can see :')
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  • returntohetalia
    19.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Here are some Arthur hcs:

    - Arthur writes and reads his lover poetry

    - Arthur has a major sweet tooth

    - He hates fireworks and fireworks are a sure fire way to make him anxious

    - He is a clothes stealing gremlin and will steal his partners clothes (Specifically they're sweaters)

    - he has a crooked nose

    - he is a disaster bi (because I'm projecting)

    - He can actually draw really well, but he prefers to just sketch and doodle instead of doing a complete work

    - He’s very crafty and has at least some skill in many forms of crafts like wood work, embroidery, knitting, crochet, etc. 

    - His love language is giving gifts, specifically handmade ones

    - He loves animals and will often take older ones in so their last years can be full of warmth and love

    - He has a cat that has been with him a couple decades now (though I can’t decide on the name)

    - There is also a fox family he’s befriended in his backyard-> It first started with one, then that one had a mate and babies, then the babies grew up and one came back to Arthur’s backyard-> He’ll make sure they get something to eat and just watch them run around.

    Him having a Sweet tooth is so cute and makes so much sense, Cadburys, Thornton's, Roundtree, Quality Streets. he's probably eaten himself sick on sweets before.

    *Whacks Arthur with Newspaper* Don't. Feed. Wild. Animals.

    Please Embroidery that so sweet~ this is classically British grandmother with her needles and Wool.

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  • koolkat9
    19.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    I added this as a tag on my own post but

    Child Australia visiting London for the first time and England had to pick him up from the Thames because he wouldn't get out of the water.

    Oh my God... He would though.

    Arthur would be furious especially if he has to fish the kid out. Knowing Australia (still can't decide on a human name, but I'm thinking Kyle), he won't make it easy for Arthur which only gets Arthur more angry.

    But he gets him out, they go straight home and Arthur gives him a long bath.

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  • koolkat9
    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Headcannon idea, what would Alfred and Matthew do if they were home alone cause Francis and Arthur and there was a tornado?

    I’m once again asking or Hetalia headcanons

    It depends on the age but since they’re home alone I’ll assume they’re around 11-12 at least. 

    - First and foremost they’d freak out

    - Matthew would think of calling Francis and Arthur if the phones are still working to get there advice. If not, they’d just go to the basement with a few blankets, a flashlight and maybe some stuffies for comfort. 

    - They huddle in the basement bathroom on the edge of tears

    - As the wind picks up, they can hear things being knocked over and Alfred bursts into tears shortly followed by Matthew who breaks because Al is crying

    -  As they wait for it to pass, Matthew, despite being upset starts humming a lullaby Francis and Arthur would sing to them. Alfred recognizes it and begins singing.

    - As it passes, the two boys sing and just hold onto each other

    - Something crashes really close by and the boys just sing louder then after a few minutes of terror, it’s over.

    - For safety though they stay in the bathroom until Francis and Arthur get home


    On the flip side with Francis and Arthur (because why not)

    - As soon as they get the warning, Arthur is adamant about getting home to the boys, so they try to beat it home

    - Unfortunately they only make it half way. Arthur is determined to make it but Francis knows they’ll get killed at this rate. So Francis convinces Arthur to pull over and they run into the ditch and wait for it to pass

    - Arthur tries to crack a joke about Francis getting his clothes dirty but Francis is genuinely scared. Arthur can’t help but feel its his fault since he’s the reason they are sheltering outdoors when they could have just sheltered at the store they were at

    - They cuddle close, Arthur tries to distract them with stories and it somewhat works

    - As the wind picks up, they huddle even closer say “I love you” just in case and then it passes.

    - The car is tipped over, but together with some nearby neighbours, they are able to get it upright and get home 

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  • clowngeneratedcontent
    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    new iccon. hpughuigughuhhohohohohhohhohohohohoh

    #bee.txt #might readjust it later but blehhhhh this was just to give myself a quick hw break #anyways this edit came out sexy as hell wtf. @ my own headcanon so true bestie
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  • sometimecatsometimenot
    18.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    My personal thought/Headcanon about Hetalia 2nd personality

    Yep I love 2nd personality design! 👀💕

    But my thought about it is quite different 😶

    I like to thing that the 2nd personality of a country will be born when citizens’ value, opinion or ideology obviously separate into two major groups which are too opposite, too contrast to be count as the same “self, heart, and mind”.

    E.g. when one side is the government supporters, one side is the oppositions and both side cannot agree to compromise with each other’s ideology, which eventually lead into an argument, a rivalry or a clash between them.

    The 2nd personality don’t have to always be a bad guy. Every personality can have their good and bad side together. They can be equally kind as well as equally bloodthirsty. It is up to their way of life. They may even have agreeable opinion or same favorite thing with the other. Just, there are some major things that have made them cannot accept to get along together as one anymore.

    This means there can be a 3rd or more personalities being born in the moment as well.

    This also means that ‘other personalities’ may appear just in a period of conflict or clash, and will disappear whenever those opposite sides agree to become one again or whenever a personality conquer the others, throws them to the back seat, takes the wheel of the country and becomes the main representative of them all.

    Yep, according to my theory, country’s main personality can change up to whoever takes the wheel in each moment. E.g. If the nationalist side of the country is the majority and have decision power over the other sides, that’s when the main personality of the nation is the ‘nationalist’

    But that does not mean any personality will be on the back seat forever. That does not mean a new personality can’t snatch the wheel and become the driver someday as well. Sometime other personalities can have and equally strong voice. Sometime their voice is globally acceptable than the main one and practically they may become the ‘main’ or the ‘most acceptable’ personality from other countries’ POV.

    E.g. when technically the nationalist is in charge of governing the country, but they are considered as an unacceptable authoritarian side, so the global put more support to the oppositions instead.


    And from the above, I’m thinking of if there is a mutual personality, who carry the common mutual traits that every personalities have, but does not radically root with ideology or opinion from any side. 👀

    This mutual personality is…. one time be like a mere local people who try to live their life amid the conflict and another time as a common stereotype of the country which are recognize by other country. This personality is the most voiceless when it come to conflict, but is the most relaxing personality that other countries want to meet when they need a relax hangout together with them.

    The mutual is a the personality that will drive in the situation where there’s no internal or external conflict to be deal with. However, they may possess a disagreement toward other country or the global situation if it’s the major viewpoint that majority of the other personalities also carry with.

    Above all, it seem like the most of countries already carry many personalities along with them.

    That’s all I can think about for today. 👀✨

    #This may look quite deep into politics but I think it is interesting to think of #hetalia#aph#hws#hetalia headcanons#political hetalia#historical hetalia#hetalia 2p
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  • mmmtomato
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Hws Romania headcanons bc I’m tired and lowkey crushing

    -eyebrow game strong

    -not like england though

    -definitely not like england

    -but they’re full and appear darker than the hair on his head although both are natural

    -I’m talking strawberry blonde and like, dark brown brows

    -why have I written 5 lines about hws Romania’s eyebrows already

    -his hair is rlly soft like he just recently put balsam in it

    -he is. Not a vampire. Please

    -and transylvania jokes are only funny when he says so

    -He has a very expressive face and generally very animated body language

    -but don’t let that fool you, he’s quite private and does not trust strangers

    -he and Bulgaria are pals tho bc I say so. Together they act like wasted teenagers

    -lowkey highkey despises his immortal youth, because age and wisdom are respected, and having to stay forever in a young body feels kinda restrictive to him???? Does this even make sense I’m sleep deprived

    -wow that was deep I’m gonna go now

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  • koolkat9
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    I like the idea of Portugal/England being lovers and the England's brothers fully supporting their relationship because for once their brother is happy (:

    I still think they'd be a little protective especially since this is Arthur's first serious relationship I think. But Afonso is a good guy and they haven't seen Arthur so happy before so their fears don't last long. If Afonso hurts Arthur they're obviously going to have an issue, but for the time being he has their trust.

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  • brokskar
    17.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Brok’s headcanons for Norway - 2022

    the only casual footwear he owns are these old beaten blue converse. they’re literally falling apart at the seams. they must be ORIGINAL chuck taylors. he won’t get new ones.

    really good at bowling. too embarrassed to ever join a league but damn he’s talented.

    lukas loves billy joel’s music. mathias hates billy joel’s music.

    not into video games by any means; that being said, is surprisingly good at mario kart. like, really good. will kick your ass. plays as blue shy guy or koopa troopa.

    already made a post about this like a year ago but: always gets sick no matter how many precautions taken. lukas will be totally fine for so long and then come down with a million different ailments in a short period of time. it extends beyond the cold and flu. appendicitis. wisdom teeth need removing. bouts of dehydration. mans just can’t get a break.

    when he’s not sick, he’s worried that he is. his health anxiety is through the roof and keeps him up at night googling his nonexistent symptoms. no i’m not projecting, shut up.

    no time management whatsoever. don’t get me wrong, lukas is very responsible and always gets his work done. it’s just that when the work gets done may not jive with his superiors...

    really doesn’t like to leave the house alone. he’d prefer if someone went with him to run errands, specifically emil, who can handle social situations better. he’s always hyper aware of his surroundings when alone, which makes him more nervous than he needs to be. but with emil, he usually relaxes more.

    the type of person to stand on the porch and watch the rain, even when it’s a torrential downpour and he’s getting soaked.

    is insanely good at mental math. has never been seen with a calculator. i guess when you live for a thousand years you get really good at memorizing your multiplication tables.

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  • spicykat9
    16.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    I’m so sorry @returntohetalia​ for answering the wrong number. But on the brightside I can easily fix my mistake and stick it on my spicy blog instead.

    38- What are they like in the bedroom? Any kinks/fetishes/turn-ons? Anything they won’t do?

    God they’re kinky little shits. We both know the read porn and I’m pretty sure its canon both read pretty hardcore stuff (at least Ludwig does canonically), so I do think they have a pretty kinky sex life, specifically by being involved in BDSM. 

    Though they switch positions (top/bottom) Arthur is strictly the dominant and Ludwig is strictly the submissive when it comes to their kinkier stuff. Though, Arthur is trying to convince Ludwig to take the lead at least once to see if he likes it (because Arthur does like to sub from time to time if he can trust his partner enough). 

    Arthur loves to bite and mark up his partners and Ludwig is no exception. Overall, Arthur is pretty rough, but Ludwig likes it rough too so it works out. Ludwig is much more loving when he tops though being a service top and all that (though he’ll toss Arthur around a bit if Arthur asks). 

    Pet play is a big part of the kinkier part of their sex life. Even outside of a proper pet play scenes, Ludwig really likes wearing collars and Arthur loves to be able to tug on a leash while they fuck. They also like tying each other up and using whips and canes and stuff.

    Lingerie and other costumes are also a thing. Ludwig loves to see Arthur in leather and dresses and Arthur likes to see Ludwig in lacey lingerie. 

    Arthur has a sensitive neck  while Ludwig’s chest and abdomen are sensitive. These areas are good places to touch to get them in the mood. 

    They are pretty much willing to try anything except probably voyeurism and water sports. 

    #hetalia#hws#gereng#engger#geruk#hws england#hws germany #there may be some more headcanons that i didn't cover in this post #but they can be found on this blog #nsft#hetalia ns/fw#headcanons#hetalia headcanons
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  • koolkat9
    16.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    For send in a ship: Porteng 39?

    39- Who initiated the relationship? Who kissed who first?  When did they realize they were in love?

    Oh gosh, their realization and relationship dates back hundreds of years and they have the longest standing alliance to prove it. But honestly, I think they had fallen in love long before that. I don't know much about their history other than some things about their alliance, but I think they fell in love pretty quickly when they were both very young. I think they were drawn together from the very beginning and found the other breathtaking right away. So almost love at first sight

    They both notice they liked each other eventually without a major confession. Arthur making Afonso little gifts and flower crowns. Afonso being openly affectionate and Arthur allowing him to. I can see Arthur one day, while laying in a field of flowers with Alfonso laying in his lap Arthur asks "We're lovers...right...?" And Afonso thinking for a second before saying "Yes." A kiss by Afonso follows shortly after as Arthur feels a bit awkward now.

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  • koolkat9
    16.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    once saw something that says how a lot o Albinos have crossed eyes and I think that's cute because it makes Gilbert like a Siamese cat they were known for being cross-eyed.

    And I love the idea that Gilbert has corrective glasses for it in more "modern" times. He gets embarrassed when he loses them in public because people really noticed that he's cross-eyes and he's actually sensitive about it.

    One of Arthur's favourite things to do when they're at home is to pluck Gilbert's glasses right off his nose. on reflex, Gilbert drops his head. and Arthur just hums cupping his cheek and tilting his head up. "Little Siamese cat~" and kiss him between the eyes.

    Because when you think his loud, attention-seeking affectionate and active. just like a Siamese cat.

    Oh my gosh I forgot this was in my ask box sorry lol. 

    That is so cute! I think Gil is very self-conscious about many things regarding his appearance and the cross-eyed thing just adds another to the list. But luckily he’s got a loving boyfriend who loves and cherishes what Gilbert sees as “imperfect” or “undesirable.” Just Arthur lifting Gil’s sprits is such a...ugh...it’s so cute. 

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  • coralcatsea
    15.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Just thought up a new headcanon:

    Part of the reason Natalya sticks by Ivan so often is actually so people will leave her alone. Like many women, she has experienced catcalls and harassment, and while she is more than capable of defending herself, it's easier to avoid it altogether by standing next to a large, intimidating man. She is fairly intimidating herself and can ward off some people from trying anything, but bolder types will still think that nothing will happen because she is a woman.

    She quickly changes their minds.

    Still, hanging around Ivan is an almost guaranteed way for her to just...not have to waste the time and energy even dealing with it.

    Additionally, she is not as prone to stabbing people as one might assume from all the knives she carries. Oftentimes just brandishing them is enough – as is using pepper spray or a pointy high heel – and it's less likely to get her in trouble than outright stabbing someone, which she prefers to do only if absolutely necessary. She doesn't go around stabbing people like it's nothing.

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  • digital999placebo
    15.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    since im posting old art here’s some germany i never got around to posting bc i thought it was 2 edgy. 1-4 r panels from a scrapped comic about the rise n fall of germany ca 1800-1920s. also 70s in the middle of everything bc y not! click keep reading to read an unedited excerpt from a unrequited gerame fanfic (that i also scrapped) :)

    “Gilbert doesn’t put anyone above himself, and you’re a moron for letting yourself believe you were the exception,” Françoise told him, and Alfred still remembers the shape of her back in the setting sun’s red shine.

    And then, a hundred years later, the exception came. The exception was nothing like an exception should be, it had quickly been given the nickname “the ugliest child in the world” by both its neighbouring countries –all of Europe actually– and its own politicians.

    “Child,” Alfred had heard Austria say to Françoise after the defeat of Napoleon, “is a generous thing to call it, more like Prussia’s failed attempt to play God.”

    Alfred saw this supposed child, named the German empire (a funny name considering what it was. Alfred had almost laughed outright at just that, never before had he seen an empire in this condition), once before the depression, and what had at first seemed like words formed out of Austria’s bitterness suddenly became objective truth. In appearance, Germany was nothing like a child apart from its short stature, it aroused no nurturing instincts, and had it been left at some poor, unsuspecting orphanage’s steps, it’d be left to starve.

    Stitches disfigured Germany’s face and body, and one particular stitch in its left eyebrow weighed down heavily on its eyelid, keeping the child from being fully able to open the eye, or perhaps it was just the infection, judging by the way the nation’s eye leaked pink and yellow tears. As if it wasn’t already an eyesore, it was skinny as well and hurried after Prussia on swaying crutches, dressed in uniforms too nicely decorated for its young age and lithe frame. Its mere existence was a long list of complications: asthma, momentary blindness, recurrent seizures, necrosis patches due to infected stitches, always feverish and pale; had it been human a harsh wind would’ve brought death with it.

    To say that Germany was Prussia’s attempt to play God was fair, but failed Germany would prove not to be. The boy nearly outgrew Russia as a young adult, and Alfred reckoned if Ludwig was to hit a human man, he could very well kill the man with one swing.

    When Alfred met Ludwig again in 1927 –or maybe it was 1926 he couldn’t exactly recall– he didn’t at first believe that the man in front of him had been that same child he saw some decades ago. The man in front of him was taller than him, broader in the shoulders too and most surprisingly: healthy; only a few crookedly healed scars were all that remained of the sickly boy that once had stood before Alfred. Ludwig hadn’t even been able to close his hands into complete fists as a child, yet now he was strong enough to bend cutlery with one hand (well, he was irritated and drunk at that point but still).

    More than a failed experiment, Ludwig was Gilbert’s miracle.

    #ignore my lacking german in the 70s one -___________- i havent been on a plane since last year i dont remember wat they say #also i love the thought of germany developing body complex/insecurity about his looks bc all the adults around him as a kid bullied him for #his appearance #see last pic who wouldnt bully that #uhm also me n kiwis headcanon that germany cant handle stress at all he just begins consuming himself literally #hetalia#hws germany #tw body horror #i guess if any1 needs that #999art#hws prussia#hws austria#hws veneziano #ugliest kid in the word: germany
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