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  • sciencelings-arts
    14.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    The war of eras had a two for one sale on heroes spirits

    #it was supposed to be my HSFU General and Linkle but I’m not super convinced on their designs #also it was supposed to be a different pose but I struggled so hard that I decided not to do it #I’m still pretty happy with them though #HSFR General#HSFR Linkle#HSFR #heroes spirit family reunion #links meeting au #my links meeting au #hyrule warriors#hw link#hw linkle#linked universe #linked universe warriors #linked universe linkle #lu warriors#lu linkle
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  • skyward-floored
    12.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    loz but instead of Link being born the hero he accidentally ends up as the Hero a la The Santa Clause

    #pushes him off a roof #legend of zelda #legend of zelda au #rambles from the floor #wait this would be especially funny with hw Link #because Mask could be the kid
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  • hylias-commonwealth
    10.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    Rika, what's your favorite kind of music?

    “Oh! This question is fun! I love all sorts of music! It depends on the era though, and like, my mood! But i love most bumpy party dance kinda music!here, I have a few here”

    “I listen to music, like, all the time. It gives me a good kick to my step, walking in time, singing or dancing along are the best!”

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  • hylias-commonwealth
    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    What does Viri and Vallo sound like? Also can they sing?

    Oh bro, i have THOUGHTS.

    Vallo, I feel Would have a smooth deeper voice, soothing, He can sing, He may even sing well, but he won’t sing with another person within earshot. I do have exactly ONE voice claim for him, it’s also funny enough partially where he got his first name; Ville Valo.

    Viri, has a pretty scratchy shouty voice, think A similar range to Jacksepticeye (though he’d not have an Irish accent, as he isn’t Irish, aha), but keeping in mind a consistent Yiga tone especially in his laugh it’s strained and damaged, He is tone deaf, so listening to him sing is likely to resemble the feeling of nails on a chalk board.

    #hws oc#zelda oc#oc#crossover oc#viri#vallo#voices#links #ahaha cringe for me friends #sorry In advance for this one haha! #reused doobles for color
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  • genderfluidsheik
    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    icon change from genderfuild sheik to hw link,, my love of scarfy finally surpassed the trans sheik agenda :(

    #ive considered changing the url to something hw link related but genderfulidsheik is my BRAND ya know?
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  • asksabreenaraue
    08.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    I was going to put Homemade necklace instead for a gift that Linkle would give Malon for Mother’s Day since she sees Malon as a motherly figure and Time/Hero’s Shade as a fatherly figure. I think that Malon doesn’t really care much for fancy jewelry. She probably wears her simple wedding ring on a string necklace under her yellow scarf or necktie, so she doesn’t lose it while doing farm work. I don’t know. Y’all can let me know what you think if you want to. 

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  • attllhak
    08.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Oh my gosh your Ace Attorney head cannons are incredible! I especially appreciate how utterly awkward yet endearing these two are with each other. If I can may I ask about the meeting fairies fic to change things up?

    I'm glad you think so! Gods, I'm so invested in these silly gay lawyers. They both care so much about each other but keep missing the mark by so far. Also their banter is fun to write.

    Meeting Fairies! That's a General LoZ fic, with Hyrule Warriors Link.

    As mentioned, I have a lot of feelings about the fairies in the My Fairies feature for HW, and I love all of them. I've even memorized where each one is at this point. I adore these girls so much.

    This fic is from the POV of each of the My Fairy fairies you can collect, using the randomized names I got for them in the order I found them, and how they met Link/how he rescued them, and why they decided to stick around to help out with the war.

    So far I've got Proxi (you know where Proxi is from, and I have her as a Water Element Fairy), Brill (Adventure Map, Light Element), Loyla (A Map, Darkness), Prescilla (A Map, Water), Klim (A Map, Lightning) and Viola (A Map, Fire).

    The others I've met while playing and will be adding are, in order; Rida (Adventure Map, Darkness), Vie (Great Sea Map, Water), Milli (GS Map, Fire), Daye (GS Map, Light), 'Klim 2' (Nimbelle) (GS Map, Lightning), Mira (GS Map, Darkness), Marie (Master Quest Map, Water), 'Rida 2' (Blanche) (MQ Map, Darkness), Rooke (MQ Map, Fire), Caydee (MQ Map, Light), Nege (MQ Map, Lightning), Clara (Twilight Map, Light), Fana (Twi Map, Darkness), 'Sage' (Termina Map, Fire), Ariel (Term Map, Lightning), and 'Marie 2' (Term Map, Water). Those in quotations are ones I plan to change for varying reasons, and those that have already been changed have the new one in brackets. I have two more fairies I haven't met yet too though, and they'll be added on once I meet them.

    I love all of these girls so much, and even went out of my way to draw them all in the little glowy ball style because I've discovered I actually really enjoy designing fairy wings and making them all look unique. This fic is basically me taking them all and giving them personalities and writing about them, and putting how much I love them on 'paper' (I write digitally).

    I'll add a snippet for each fairy I've already got written under the cut!

    And also this funny bit from Klim's section, because I think it highlights Link's relationship with the fairies very well:

    #atta answers#anon#meeting fairies#hyrule warriors #yeah it can go in that tag #loz #i love these fairies so much #they're my friends! #i care about them way too much #link is just collecting fairy friends #and they all love him too #he's nice and he's safe and he lets them hide in his scarf #he's their friend #i think fairies in his era like him in general because of this #they know they can trust him #he's just a good guy #also hw link does speak in my opinion #he just doesn't like to for several reasons #but he talks to the fairies #they only people he's verbal with #he just feels more comfortable being verbal with them #they all understand this is a Big Deal of course #and are all patient when he needs to pause because his throat is unused to talking #they all try to sleep in his tent with his too when they can #they feel safer with him nearby #so it's not uncommon to poke into his tent early in the morning to see him sleeping with little lights on his chest and his cot #they're all friends and love each other #i have a lot of feelings about these fairies if you can't tell #i just love them so much. i'm so attached to them #the only reason i'm still playing hw is for them
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  • oriondoesthings
    08.05.2022 - 1 week ago


    #he’s my lil guy #y’all ever just think about the hw links #bc i think they would be good brothers #cue blorbo existence #yes his bangs are uneven #yes he cut them himself #i should be finished with toon soon #hehehe#toon soon #hi tart thank you for succumbing to hw brainrot and spreading it to me #bc now we have em #also emerald is non-binary pass it on #oriondrewthis
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  • telemna-hyelle
    06.05.2022 - 1 week ago


    It’s at 0:51

    ...i see what you mean


    #bonnet my beloved #bonnet my baby sister <3 #you ask tellie answers #hw link
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  • digital999placebo
    06.05.2022 - 1 week ago
    “Siamo fermi in mezzo al traffico sotto il sole; ed abbiamo la Ferrari, Versace e Armani.”

    i got carried away with the first request....sorry lmao! anon asked for spain, but uh heres lovino n an antonio posing for a magazine cover (in the 90s maybe?). first n only time you’ll see antonio clean shaven, n first n only time you’ll see him modelling.

    THANK u anon for requesting n giving me an excuse to draw this man lol <3

    #i gave up on the matador outfit i am so sorry..... they r so detailed n my hand hurts #anyway the shoot looks nice but it was chaos behind the scenes #lovino telling antonio to focus n puff out his chest n as soon as he hears the photogtapher adjust the camera he turns into business mode-- #strikes a pose and then back to scolding antonio #antonio thought it was fun but its more like a one time thing for him he wouldnt b able to stand the socialite lifestyle #he has his little house n a cat n his friends n hes satisfied with that #hetalia#hws spain#hws romano#historical hetalia #KINDA IG LMAO #spamano#999art #anyway my fav part of that music video in the link (the song is so good check it ouy) is the guy just putting tomato sauce on pizza #i only know italin through my knowledge on french (whcih helps 0) so like idk what he says idk the lyrics #i just choose the lyrics that sounded epic when he sung it #i be doing my laundry like 'ed abbiamo la ferrari versace et armani' #n i like armani bc they make good jeans like amazing jeans like they always fit perfectly god himself made armani sizes #hws south italy
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  • wilds-ponytail
    05.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Cia: I think I'm falling for you~

    Warriors: Then get up

    #legend of zelda #hyrule warriors#hw link#hw cia #thanks to lu i sometimes forget they’re all called link #i just think of them by their lu name
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  • yamblings
    04.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    have we established what everybody’s karaoke song is?

    (alfred’s definitely has to be the wendy williams version of native new yorker)

    #hetalia#hws america #yes this was for a fic but i kind of want to make a list of voice claims #snort included btw #youtube link
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  • goth-link
    30.04.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    jesus fucking christ i'm so disappointed with myself

    when I was a kid i was trying to learn stuff at such a fast rate that I would just have a bunch of videos about whatever i was trying to learn about blaring while I study something else right?

    well, when I got older i had such an intense problem studying and no tips or tricks could help...

    Turns out I just needed something blaring in the background that I actually liked. Accidentally listened to some metal when I was working and I haven't worked this good in forever. It gives me noise to absorb that I can understand and absorb but won’t distract me

    #at least on school work #also it makes me feel like i'm girlbossing while working on my hw which I NEED #goth link says some shit
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  • theladyofrosewater
    30.04.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Tried a new shading style! I’ll be honest this took me around 13 hours to finish and was a lot of work so please let me know if you guys like it and want to see the speedpaint of it.

    #art#Fanart #the legend of zelda #loz#loz art#loz fanart#hyrule warriors #Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition #hyrule warriors fanart #hw art#hw link#hw impa#impa#link #hyrule warriors art #please reblog this if you like it!
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  • goth-link
    30.04.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Me desperately trying to work on hw while trying to avoid writing an little essay about how my liking of Fiona Apple is from a sense of connecting with the themes of self preservation while my liking of Mitski come from connecting with themes of hopelessness/non-preservation (both through the subject herself and society at large) and how these equal and opposite connections between these two artists impacts my love of both

    #goth link says some shit #please i need help w/ hw #i'm trying i'm trying #only one week but holy shit i'm struggling for this week
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  • goth-link
    28.04.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    My (dumbass) MC hearing from her gf how the bbeg is so manipulative and cunning then seeing the two 'villains' (one of them being manipulated) and presuming that the wrong one is being manipulated so she goes to the bbeg and asks for his help stopping... The bbeg accidentally revealing she's the protag and ending up leading them to the base of operations is my favorite part of her character I love that part so much.

    (Especially if I can write it nicely)

    #Like it's the PERFECT summary for how naive she is and how big her savior complex is #She can't stop herself from taking risks in an attempt to try to save someone before she even is able to get all the details #It's her wanting to have her big hero moment ultimately causing everyone's situations to get a million times worse. #It's her accidentally leading her gf's abusive ex directly to her #It's a summary for how her neglect and isolation from others has lead to an inability to read people #it's a- #you get the idea i'm just dying to write this good bc i love my girl but i hate her. I hate writing her she's so stupid. #and when I say stupid she's so STUPID #also stupidly in love but that's bc I find the cool chill person and the stupidly bashful person very cute #goth link says some shit #anyways im obsessing over her again bc i don't want to work on hw lol #i'm burning out already
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  • legendstrauma
    26.04.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Sharing more Spotify playlist content

    #linked universe#linkeduniverse#lu warriors #hyrule warriors link #hyrule warriors definitive edition #asau#warriors asau #this playlist is a mixture of songs that remind me of the hw link in all three of these pieces of media #a reminder that Kio and Mizu’s ASAU is NOT LU #they are two different things #sorry for all the tags #enjoy the playlist #much love #legend of zelda #Spotify
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  • distance-does-not-matter
    25.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    I think I'm gonna read Spy x Family while my face mask sits

    #penni yeets her thoughts into the void #also gonna listen to music (currently listening to View by Shinee aka one of the legit best songs) #spy x family #Mooky once more I love you for sharing the link #sxf #I'm just adding tags just to add them at this point #anyway this is a chill woman moment. existing as a woman doing my silly little tasks (affectionate) #this is my reward for getting my hw done
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