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  • darcymariaphoster
    22.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Chapters: 2/? Fandom: Hetalia: Axis Powers Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Denmark/Norway (Hetalia), Finland/Sweden (Hetalia), America/Japan (Hetalia) Characters: Denmark (Hetalia), Norway (Hetalia), Sweden (Hetalia), Finland (Hetalia), Female America (Hetalia), Female Japan (Hetalia) Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - 1920s, Crossdressing, Speakeasies, Underground Clubs, Period-Typical Homophobia, Being true to oneself, A bit of drama, a lot of what i would consider fluff for this, and a decent amount of 1920s glitz and glam, set in 1920s New York City Series: Part 8 of Nordic Tales Summary:

    Mathias is an average person, living an average life. And that's fine with him. Until he runs into a stranger one day, who makes him question everything about himself that he's been trying so hard to ignore.

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  • meow-miix
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Very cozy Sufin sketch ❤️

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  • miillch
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    complicated romantic relationships in a single scandinavian family (in general, yes, they are siblings. not biological relatives, of course, because anthropomorphic personifications cannot have parents and blood relatives in principle. maybe i'll tell more about this someday and show my version of hetalian genealogy)

    yes i'm cringe but i'm free

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  • digital999placebo
    19.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Admittedly, I might be biased, but can we sit and talk about how good your finland design is? He's just a funny little guy. Silly, sweet little man. He just looks so much happier than the rest of the nordics. He looks like an Animal Crossing character, and I mean that in the best possible way.

    "He just looks so much happier than the rest of the nordics" NO UR SO RIGHT i jsut realised i literally depict the nordics like this;

    but thank u sm!!!!!!!<3<3<33<3< ur so sweet :) i dont draw him much but i do love him. he's just here 2 drink some beer n have a good time, he wants every1 to get along n have fun (which is why he doesnt hang out regularly with france or vene or continental europe bc sure they r fun but they r all petty n hold grudges; finland holds grudges too just not as long bc hes like "well whatever. im not gonna waste my time thinking about someone i dislike when i can b with ppl i actually like" germany romano etc etc could never), but dont let appearances fool u he is as unhinged as the rest of them, perhaps even more in his own absurd ways

    #that expression he has here is the exact one he has wrestling a brown bear #hetalia#hws sweden#hws norway#hws iceland#hws finland#999art #I LOVE ANIMAL CROSSING CHARACTER DESCRIPTION HE ISSS #this turned into my take on finland whatever
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  • darcymariaphoster
    19.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Chapters: 1/? Fandom: Hetalia: Axis Powers Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Denmark/Norway (Hetalia), Finland/Sweden (Hetalia), America/Japan (Hetalia) Characters: Denmark (Hetalia), Norway (Hetalia), Sweden (Hetalia), Finland (Hetalia), Female America (Hetalia), Female Japan (Hetalia) Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - 1920s, Crossdressing, Speakeasies, Underground Clubs, Period-Typical Homophobia, but i'm also creating a little nook that may or may not have existed for them, Being true to oneself, A bit of drama, a lot of what i would consider fluff for this, and a decent amount of 1920s glitz and glam Series: Part 8 of Nordic Tales Summary:

    Mathias is an average person, living an average life. And that's fine with him. Until he runs into a stranger one day, who makes him question everything he's been trying so hard to ignore.

    (Not a "I didn't know I was gay", period piece; but more like a "I knew but I was ignoring that fact, thanks tho" kind of piece.)

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  • shyvixy
    19.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Finland wears contacts. Sweden wears glasses. Nor and ice wear reading glasses. Denmark needs them but refuses to go to the eye doctor.

    Finland is farsighted

    Sweden is nearsighted

    Norway and Iceland both are farsighted but not too bad

    Denmark is nearsighted

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  • vattenkokare
    18.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    sexy bitches by me and my bestie finland kinnie @wikifinny13 on twitter dot com

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  • darcymariaphoster
    17.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Chapters: 29/? Fandom: Hetalia: Axis Powers Rating: Mature Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death Relationships: Denmark/Finland/Norway/Sweden (Hetalia), Norway/Sweden (Hetalia), Denmark/Norway/Sweden (Hetalia), Denmark/Norway (Hetalia), Denmark/Sweden (Hetalia), Finland/Sweden (Hetalia), Finland/Norway (Hetalia), Denmark/Finland (Hetalia), Minor or Background Relationship(s), Austria/Hungary/Prussia (Hetalia) Characters: Nordics (Hetalia), Denmark (Hetalia), Norway (Hetalia), Sweden (Hetalia), Finland (Hetalia), Germany (Hetalia), Prussia (Hetalia), Poland (Hetalia), Lithuania (Hetalia), Austria (Hetalia), Estonia (Hetalia), Iceland (Hetalia), Sealand (Hetalia), Hetalia Original Character(s), Svalbard (Hetalia), Greenland (Hetalia), Latvia (Hetalia), Belarus (Hetalia), Hungary (Hetalia) Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Fantasy, Fantasy, Polyamory, OT4, Magic, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Thermokinesis, I don't know what to call Sweden's gift, Blood, War, probably fluff, Because I can't write without fluff, I'm writing this instead of finishing my other wip, this is definitely an indulgent fic, Very generous nod to the Viking Age, Soulmate AU, my attempt at a slow burn, .-., Mpreg, Family, Unique family dynamic, Raising children, Empath, Seer, Healer, I have done more research for this story than any other story, I just honestly hope that shows, Norse paganism, respectful nod to Sami culture, my take on some of the spiritual aspects of viking and Sami cultures Series: Part 2 of Nordic Tales Summary:

    The Väinämöinen family is dead.

    That's the news that sparks the building of a new and vast kingdom, one that promises to rival even the most powerful kingdoms in Europe. It's not the way Sigurd had imagined meeting any of his soul partners, under political terms and conditions. But here he is -- with three other men, conspiracy, and more personal challenges than he'd ever thought one could handle.

    All he'd wanted was to be King.


    I, uh, finally finished this chapter. I promise that I’m going places with this plot. I just had to figure out how I wanted to pace things and what I want to bring up and make important. But I think I have a clearer idea now. So thank you for putting up with me and reading this silly little idea. I appreciate it!

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  • rebelsandtherest
    16.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    Back on artbreeder, can’t stop won’t stop

    Here we have the classic “Looks like a cinnamon roll, will kill you from 3000m” and “Looks like he’ll kill you, is in fact an autistic cinnamon roll” duo

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  • yamblings
    16.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    23 Norfin

    40 Edelweiss

    12 RomaBel

    if these are ooc i apologize but i have literally never thought of these pairings before but... i like em :)

    23: how do they hug? kiss? tease? flirt? comfort? (norfin)

    tino's love language is "acts of service", so he loves that lukas takes on the task of making them both coffee... even though he's right behind lukas at the stove, arms wrapped around their waist and administering equally sleepy and grateful kisses to the tops and back of their shoulders while the smell of strong coffee fills the apartment.

    lukas' love language is physical touch, and they happen to have found the touchiest partner in the world. it's not always sexual, more like having a point of contact, someone saying "i'm here and i've got you.". it's especially appreciated at concerts when they find themselves in the middle of a crowd of hyped-up fans; just feeling tino lean his shoulder against their own or feeling their hands graze is enough to keep them grounded.

    i am also obliged to add that tino is very much the type to let lukas slip their hands up his sweater when it's cold outside. it's couple's thermodynamics rearing its head again: lukas is always cold, tino is a space heater.

    40: any special memories? do they have a special place they like to go to? (edelweiss -- i had to look them up but what a cute name)

    though hiking by itself isn't rodreich's cup of tea, but basch knows how to make it bearable. neither of them will ever forget the day they walked for some hours to a grassy, sun-soaked hillside to sit and enjoy the sounds of nature and each other's company. with thermoses full of tea and coffee and a little homemade lunch they had packed, they would have been happy to stay laid out on the grassy hill forever. i don't think peace like that is something anyone can forget.

    12: is there a wedding? what was the proposal like? any kind of honeymoon?

    okay, so these two are kind of funny in the way that they did the honeymoon first. it wasn't intentional, really, but with two high-stress jobs in rainy brussels, they needed a holiday. they had been dating for just over a year when they decided to take the two-week-long trip to southern italy. 

    not only did laura get a vacation and a bit of sun, but she got to meet lovino's family for the first time. though her italian was still iffy, she managed to connect with feli over their love of art and integrate herself in their conversations around the table. better yet, she got to see lovino reconnect with his family and his home; he looked much more comfortable in this context.

    it was that holiday that made them both, on separate occasions, realize that they wanted to spend their lives together.

    it took another year of fretting and planning for lovino to pop the question. he had a master plan to take laura to dinner, on a walk past the cathedral, all the romantic greatest hits. what happened instead was her asking "do you think you'd want to get married?" and him replying "would you want to get married?"

    the answer was yes, and they were soon back in lovino's home city for the ceremony.

    #sorry this is late lol #potentially very ooc #ur questions: answered #hws norway#hws finland#hws switzerland#hws austria#hws belgium #hws s italy #hetalia
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  • dreamycat31
    16.05.2022 - 6 days ago


    #hetalia #hetalia axis powers #hetalia world series #anime art #artists on tumblr #hetalia the beautiful world #anime#art#hetalia finland#aph finland#hws finland#tino väinämöinen#hetavision#hetavision 2022#crossover
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  • keepingthetheme
    15.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    You want Nordic additions to Hetalia Cardverse AUs?

    Go get it!!!

    [I beg of you to look at these on mobile - Insta: lkdrawssometimes]

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  • keepingthetheme
    15.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Drawing the Nordics made me love Finland he's so hot <3

    #its for my cardverse au but i might upload them independent of it. #aph finland#hws finland#aph nordics#hws nordics
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  • bookworm555
    15.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    @ironbiohazard03​ asked for an icon of Berwald, so I made one for her. I decided to make them for the rest of the N.ordics, too!

    Bonus purple eyed Ice and brown-eyed Tino under the cut, in case anyone wants those, too:



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  • ifindus
    15.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Hey, I love your content!! I love learning about Norwegian history through your posts! Not really a historical ask per se, but how old do you think each Nordic is? I read a head canon that Denmark is late 30s, Sweden and Norway are early to mid 30s, Finland early 20s, and Iceland 17 - 18 years old. Do you agree with these ages? Why or why not?

    Thank you! 🥰 Glad to hear you’re enjoying it ✨

    Never heard those specific headcanons before, but I know there’s a general agreement between fans that the canon ages are a bit too young or often don’t make much sense.

    I think there’s many elements that factors into each nation’s physical age; how far back the country was established and how “developed” its government is today for example. To touch upon the countries’ ages, we also need to establish what needs to be in place for a country to be born or created. I think there's a combination of ethnic groups, common law or agreed upon customs, as well as cultural unity to contribute to the birth of a country.

    With this in mind, we can look at the history of the Nordic countries to search for clues as to when they became a country – very literally here. And so, we get this list, of which year you might consider them to have become their own country:

    Norway: 871 AD

    Denmark: 958 AD

    Sweden: 990 AD

    Iceland: 930-1150 AD

    Finland: 1150 AD

    By these numbers, the ages that most people seem to prescribe to each Nordic might be a bit off. I don’t remember if their ages are mentioned in the manga, even in relation to each other? But if we take history into consideration – and I believe we should – Norway is the oldest, followed by Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland as the youngest. Though, I think Iceland should have some stunted growth because of his foundation and upbringing. I could probably go into this topic at length, but to stay on track and give them human ages (relative to those the other nations have) I would say this is my take on them:

    Norway: 24 years old

    Denmark: 23 years old

    Sweden: 23 years old

    Iceland: 20 years old

    Finland: 21 years old

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  • shyvixy
    15.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    I'm taking a break from social media. This stuff is effecting my mental health. I wish you all the best... But I gotta to go

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  • kanel-blyant
    15.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Some doodles. I won’t tell you why the two where Norway is talking hot blooped out. They’re rather touchy opinions I had on smthn and vented through Norway with lmao. The rest is just random bullshjr I hope you like.

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  • hws-sufin-stuff
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Hi I love you Headcannons!

    They say the persons room reveals a lot about the personality. They also say that a couples room reveals a lot about the couple. Soo…..

    Can I get your personal headcannon for what Denmark and Norway’s shared room looks like?

    Color, design, styles and etc…

    Is it messy? Or is it organized and clean?

    Do they keep their stuff on separate sides?

    Just specific details like that I love.

    And then can you also do one for SuFin please?

    And then maybe a comparison between DenNor and SuFin’s respective rooms?

    Thanks you!

    DenNor’s shared room: split into two sides and it is very obvious. One side is beautiful, organised, luxe, clean. Cool tones, light purples and silvers, house plants. Organised into labelled organiser boxes in swirly fonts. Definitely has a white vanity with his moisturisers and crystals on. The only weird part of Norway’s side of the room is the REALLY high up shelves. That’s where he put his sentimental stuff, like drawings from Baby Ice and photo albums and weird junk he’s emotionally attached to. People think it’s up there to look less cluttered, but really it’s because he loves that his memories and treasured items are looking down on him, protecting him whilst he sleeps. His clothes are organised by season.

    Denmark’s side of the room is a permanent work in progress. Lots of posters, shelves with books and LEGOs, postcards he found in tourist shops, every photo is tacked to the wall. His clothes are in two piles on the floor: dirty, and not dirty enough to be washed but not clean enough to go in the wardrobe. Only his clothes and shoes are on the floor, all his other belongings are on the shelves or tacked to the wall or the side of the wardrobe. His bags, important documents, belts, it’s all up on the walls. He’s slowly moving his posters to the ceiling but Nor isn’t too happy about this new idea. Denmark’s colour scheme is mostly black, but he will insert his flag wherever he can. The knobs on his wardrobe have been painted with his flag on it. His side of the bed has a lamp with a Danish flag lampshade over it. He and Nor have separate duvets so his has a Danish flag over it whilst Nor has a silk blue cover.

    SuFin’s shared room: A lot less obvious that they’ve split the room in half. Whilst DenNor’s room are on two opposite ends of the spectrum, SuFin’s room is more harmonious. Finland discussed just combining their sides of the room but Sweden disagrees. He keeps saying that their stuff should be separate in case “something bad happens”, although Finland doesn’t know what he means.

    Sweden’s side of the room is FLAWLESS. He is living the minimalist IKEA dream. He matches pops of IKEA colour with his own woodwork pieces, giving off a clean but colourful atmosphere. Everything is neatly put away, everything has a specific location. King shit. Definitely organised his wardrobe into season and occasion. There are only three photos on the wall: one of him and Finland on their wedding day, a Hanatamago family photo, and a photo of the Nordic 5 and Estonia. All his other sentimental items are on his bookshelf. That beautiful leather bound hardback isn’t an old historical novel but his scrapbook! His “bookends” are little boxes of keepsakes disguised as bookends. He has cracked the code.

    Finland’s side of the room is more complicated. He’s trying out this light blue and sandy brown theme which Sweden adores. He likes it too, of course, but his death metal posters ruin it a bit. The inside of his wardrobe is decorated with his horror merchandise so he doesn’t scare the boys. His clothes are organised by colour, just like Denmark’s. He has a shoe rack under his wardrobe that Sweden built for him. Like Norway, a lot of his belongings are in little organiser boxes but somehow messier. His organiser boxes are all in different shapes and sizes and different variations of light blue because he never remembers which one he bought last time so they don’t match. Instead of using a pretty label-maker like Nor, he’s got those cheap sticky labels and wrote on them. His photos are all hung up in picture frames, he has hundreds of them up on the wall.

    He and Sweden share a large bed like Nor and Den but they also share their large duvet and mountain of blankets. The end of their bed has a medium sized ottoman for the dog to curl up on, which also stores bedding.

    #I’m sorry this took so long AGAIN #i have a lot of thoughts on bedroom decor #I spend all my time and money on decorating my roomasdfghjk #hws nordic hcs #hws nordics#hws sweden#hws finland#hws sufin #hws nordic headcanons
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