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  • madeimpact
    04.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    ✏️ (Palutena or Medusa, both for Pit)

    Muse art roulette || @hydrocrew​ || Accepting

    ❝ Phew, I really had to stretch the art muscle for you, Lady Palutena! Of course, nothing I draw could ever do you justice, but I had to put my best foot forward for you! So this is probably the best thing I’ve drawn. ...Or ever will draw again. ❞

    ❝ As for Medusa...please never make me draw this many snakes ever again. ❞

    #hydrocrew #pit; tell me you're playing favorites without telling me you're playing favorites #❛ IC: pit. #❛ INBOX: pit.
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  • agooberscast
    04.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    "I swear by the Sacred Realm, if today gets any worse..." Lotote grumbled, followed by a loud cough. "...Ugh, do you know of anywhere that practices medicine?"

    “Oh?” The giant Gerudo immediately perks up as she realizes she has a visitor! She moves over quickly, before realizing she should calm down to not trip on something or hurt her guest. She slows to a nice pace and comes to kneel down over her visitor.

    “Hello there! I didn’t hear you come into the temple, but I should be able to help with that cough, okay?” She carefully swings around to check her storage places carefully, not wanting to break anything. That is a lot of Gerudo, my goodness.

    She slooooooowly turns back around and hands Lotote a small jug that’s sealed with a large cork. “Here you go. Honey and Melon mix, I made it myself! It should soother your throat enough to quell that cough~!” A very big smile. “Ohhh, ummm, you gotta drink the entire thing. Or it won’t work. I hope that’s okay, Miss?“

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  • madeimpact
    27.03.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Palutena headpats Pit. "Don't worry about those anons, they're just trying to get under your skin."

    Unprompted || @hydrocrew​

    Aaand exhale. The headpats are comforting, he won't lie. ❝ But I can't just let them say that stuff! I mean, ❛ hot mom? ❜ That's just creepy. ❞

    #pit @ the anons: DRINK YOUR RESPECT WOMEN JUICE #hydrocrew #❛ IC: pit. #❛ INBOX: pit.
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  • madeimpact
    26.03.2022 - 1 mont ago

    ❝ Sure didn’t take you 25 years this time, huh?! ❞

    #pit vc 1V1 ME LET'S GO #hydrocrew #❛ IC: pit. #❛ DASH GAMES: pit.
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  • fairymiint
    02.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    🌈 for Richter and Felix. And maybe Robin, for that sweet same-VA rivalry.

    'same VA' never even fucking occurred to me, that's hilarious. Cause Robin just kinda chose to be a bitch to Richter for No Reason, lmfao. he just likes to tease people--

    Richter is starting to build kitty's trust, though. Showing some genuine interest back has made things a bit less awkward. The shame is lifting, though I kinda vibe that they're waiting, so to speak, to initiate a more serious moment? Everything's been flirtatious since the baby gay days, they're just getting more sincere as confidence builds for both. I think the puppy love is reaching its roller coaster hill, probably?

    #ask. #hydrocrew
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  • galaxies-unknown
    02.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    [ @hydrocrew​]

    Said: “Spiderman? More like bi-derman.”

    (To the tune of that Spiderman song, we all know it.)

    “Bi-derman, Bi-derman~ Slappingtheshitoutofbiphobes because he can~”

    #hydrocrew #[fanfiction bandages: writer] #[lost to the internet: dash commentary] #[shipping drug dealer: crack] #[-*enjoy XD*-]
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  • fairymiint
    01.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    🍵 Shipping?

    I feel like i have an unconventional view on shipping? or at least middling. I don't vibe with being too picky, and I'm actually happy with quick ships, insta-ships, or shipping often. Really doesn't bother me, cause the prospect is playful and exciting, as far as being open-minded goes. being all like 'Muse is so hot i want them to hug and kiss with Muse.' is perfectly fine in my book.

    But, I am mildly selective at least on an IC basis, like....I do not wish to make my muse OOC for a ship. Will they ship w/ a char, Yes, but the nuances and type of ship will depend on how my muse feels about yours, and the situation at hand. Rarely though, my muse will not like yours That Way and we can’t ship, so once I’ve tried it or thought about it, it sometimes doesn’t work, which is fine.

    This also includes, like....... genericizing them. A problem i have with the majority of smut blogs, or, and I hate to say it, het-shippers, is oversimplification. I get the want to shut the brain off and relax, or tick off a wishlist, but expect my replies to have a little flavor, and I’d prefer a little back in return, it doesn’t have to be much. I’m really just kind of over non-descriptive one liners, and get a little antsy if it feels like all my partner wants is ‘and then she did the thing.’ as fast as humanly possible. slightly descriptive one liners are fine, but, y’know- Like....i have simple needs sometimes myself, but i wanna write something a little unique, so it’s like, please like my character. A little bit. or my take on the character. I enjoy ‘customizing’ my muses to an extent, tbh, that’s the beauty of duplicates or the creative process.

    As an aside, I am guilty of getting nervous and trying to ‘keep tally’ or tabs on what kind of content i post in a row. I don’t like to spam aesthetics, smut, or other things too much. thing is i probably shouldn’t care, and do things more organically, idk. minorly obsessed w/ the ‘organization’ and having Something for Everyone- but I’ve only been writing mlm properly for a few years, so gay boys’re kinda my gravitation and I know it. There’s a fair bit of coverage i still wanna write, too.

    #ask. #hydrocrew #munday. #saltblogging; #ask to tag #meta; #long post. #shipping; #this feels all over the place idk
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  • aplushemporium
    25.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    “Waffles...? Hubandos...??? I-Is everyone hungry again...?”

    #clean up in aisle 9 (dash commentary) #The Little Ninja! (Ana) #loose stitching (crack) #hydrocrew
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  • aplushemporium
    23.02.2022 - 2 monts ago
    @dreamsofalife said:  Merry birthmas!
    @stoopidrppalace said:  haper birfday plush! :D
    @cyancaat said:  Happy birthday Plushie, I hope it's a good one~
    @thetravelershub said:  // Happy birthday!
    @hydrocrew​ said:  Happy birthday!

    //THANKS Y’ALL!! I hope y’all have an amazing day too!

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  • bigbiancadonk
    18.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    also, talk about hilda

    "Hilda's my big booty brunette bestie! She's tons of fun to hang out with, super smart with Pokemon, and absolutely a mega cutie!"

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  • fairymiint
    11.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    🔮🔮 For Felix and an FE boy of your choice!

    💙~ He's eyeing the soft ice cream and cheeses in the nearby shop window, almost.....Ebichu style. Dechu~✨

    🍊~ Meanwhile, assuming that he's not in the area, Chrom is losing control of his white horse. Or.....is he? They're just a little too good at guessing where it is that he wants to go....

    #ask. #hydrocrew #💙 Felix Pardus #🍊 Chrom #ebichu is. not a sfw anime. not at all. but the hamster is cute af #I could almost see kitty letting out a 'dechu' or two....except he might have to explain the habit hsfjdbnksssjfldjsfd
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  • fairymiint
    11.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    "So let me get this straight." Richter scratches his chin. "You used to be a god? Specifically, your world's god of love?" (For Pit)

    💘~ "Still am. Just got shrunk. It's....a long story." Part of being a God was being a bit discreet, and respecting the bounds of spacetime and the Metaverse..... And part of it was in-blog story variables. "I don't think other Pits are, if that helps. ...Maybe some Pits."

    #ask. #💘 Pit#hydrocrew #tbh it depends on how outrageous you wanna go with it tbh #Default headcanon is 'he's only Cupid and got shrunk for his crimes. Saving Palu unshrunk him in 1st Kid Icarus' #HC I'd consider is reincarnation of Cupid who died somehow and came back #but TBH Pit=Eros=Arceus=God will always make me laugh so however deep you wanna ride the minecart #he's always cupid tho. i just. rlly like Cupid's story which makes sense for OTHER blog meta #this blog=the most elaborate shitpost you've ever seen #there's an infamous comic or two depicting him as Cupid tho so like. at least i'm NOT ALONE #i respect 'just a cherub' Pit but i am also nuts myself-
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  • madeimpact
    09.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    "Hate to say it, Pittoo, but you got your tendency to show off from Pit." Palutena giggles lightly.

    Unprompted || @hydrocrew

    He has to do his best to conceal the light red that dusts his cheeks the second he's called out, hands lifting from the guitar to fold his arms indignantly. ❝ S — So? That playing didn’t come from Pit. You’re saying I should just keep it to myself? ❞

    Seriously. He finds one thing he’s good at, and Palutena still finds a way to connect it back to Pit...

    #NAH SHE'S RIGHT THO. HE'S A SHOWOFF #hydrocrew #❛ IC: dark pit. #❛ INBOX: dark pit.
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  • gamemasterandmuses
    07.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Examine! Your homework (New Kid)

    Send “Examine!” and an item or person and I’ll write an RPG description of it/them.

    NK: "Some stapled sheets of math homework. While I can figure out some of the questions, I did have to ask Kyle help explain an easier method to find the answers for some of the harder ones. It's already graded well, so I don't have any real reason to keep it. I wonder... can you really make weaponized paper airplanes?"

    #martial artist plantmancer || new kid #hydrocrew #/*somehow didn't get a notification on mobile*/
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  • madeimpact
    04.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    ✏️For Palutena and Pit? Alternatively, Medusa and one of the angel boys.

    Incorrect quotes - new and improved! || @hydrocrew || Accepting

    Pit: I wouldn’t put it in those words exactly. Palutena: Why not? Pit: Because I don't know what they mean.

    Medusa: I feel like I have died and gone to heaven. Pit: I have that dream, too, but you go in the other direction.

    Medusa: That was a joke. Say ha. Dark Pit: Ha. Medusa: Now do it again. Dark Pit: Ha. Medusa: Congratulations, you are officially the life of the party.

    #por que no los all of them? #hydrocrew #❛ INBOX: pit. #❛ INBOX: dark pit.
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  • fairymiint
    04.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    1 for Kamui?

    the most recent headcanon that i’ve come up with ( published or not)

    An extremely 'important' facet of Kamui's relationships, with both friends and partners, is the relationship with his siblings. That is to say, he's not very judgmental, but they may be.

    It may even be lighthearted, but on the best case scenario, a new person in his life gets a 'meme', joke, or actual scorn at the first trait they see- So they might be talked about for quite a little while.

    That said, with how fast he can fall romantically, I'm sure he gives his sibbies a damn heart attack at times, too.

    #ask. #headcanon. #🌊 Kamui#hydrocrew #this could be like. a deep char trait. or maybe just a dinner table habit. like jdksbfnlklfksjfls
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  • fairymiint
    02.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Rufus shows up with a cake. "Hey, heard it was your birthday. So Happy Birthday!"

    💙~ "That is, a whole entire cake, dude. Fuckyeah." Absolutely enthralled, he's ready to be a cake gremlin on today of all days, day of the blog owner's birthday. "Word travels fast, I see. Very good. no demerits for you-"

    #hydrocrew #💙 Felix Pardus #ask. #moooody ty ty! #groundhog day 2022
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  • aplushemporium
    19.01.2022 - 4 monts ago
    @hydrocrew noticed the interest checker! (x)

    A red haired figure appeared in the open doorway of the manor’s kitchen,

    “Kawasaki dear! Ah heard about za big dinner for the party this weekend! Ah hope Ah’m not too late to help out! It sounds like a big undertaking for you, ze Waddle Dees, and ze Miis to handle!”

    Looks like Mama had arrived to be the calvary for massive food prep. Or at least the one to provide recipes and instructions for said occasion.

    #hydrocrew #the maternal teacher (cooking mama) #v; guests of smash #//i dunno if  you have icons for kawasaki or min min but i hope this works!
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  • fairymiint
    18.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    "Don't chase the rabbit", Rufus seeing one of Steve's memories

    💎} There's a heavy sigh from the craftian; This bunny was just too scared. He made a pen for it, treated it with loving care, and fed it, but the poor thing was too terrified. He better leave the pen before it gets too Lonely in his head, again.

    #ask. #💎 Steve #simple man simple thoughts;;; gjdkfldgd #man's mostly been Alone tho. until recently jflkdflsdfdks #hydrocrew
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  • fairymiint
    11.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    Drape, from Richter to Felix.

    💙} As weight strewn across the ocelot's achy shoulders, he looked up, cheeks a little pink. "oh..." A bit of a stretch, to crack his shoulders....before leaning his head against the other's body with a sigh.

    #hydrocrew #💙 Felix Pardus #brooooooo aaaaaaa-
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