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  • knightofhylia-sageofthetriforce
    21.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    In this modern world connected by the internet, it is beyond easy to be spiritually eclectic. Christianity of various forms, pagan reconstruction, traditional cultural religions, you name it! However, this tends to lend itself to a few problems.

    One such issue is the common sense of entitlement to practice whatever tradition we want however we want, even if it is a closed or initiatory practice. There are so many various open practices that there is no reason to enter into what is a closed or initiatory practice, unless you are allowed to join by the community it belongs to and initiated into it.

    Another issue is the tendency to blend practices. For example, I’ve seen people worship Inari Ōkami, Shinto deity of harvest and prosperity and Loki, the Norse deity of chaos and trickery on the same altar. That isn’t to say that you can’t be both Shinto *and* Heathen. You absolutely can, but it is considered incredibly rude to mash these faiths into one when they are both due our full respect. How this would look would be to practice both but keep them as their own separate things. Following the laid out example, one could absolutely have both a Shinto kamidana and a Heathen altar.

    There are, however, some forms of traditional syncretism. An example of this is Shinbutsu Shūgō, a syncretism of Shinto and Buddhism. This is one of my spiritual practices. A Shinbutsu approach to Tsubaki faith, praying to Sarutahiko no Ōkami and the other enshrined kami at Tsubaki Grand Shrine but also maintaining Buddhist meditation practices and views since my priest told me that was acceptable for our faith.

    However, I also find myself interested in something known as Pop Culture Paganism where one may choose to revere a pantheon of gods from works of fiction, or maybe even create a pantheon of gods from the characters of a work of fiction. This is essentially what I mean when I said I am a Knight of Hylia and a Sage of the Triforce. The Legend of Zelda has influenced me to such a large degree in my life that I find myself feeling deep respect for what world building we have received and so I am forming my own path where I revere the Three Golden Goddesses and the other important figures in lore. Din, Nayru, and Farore created the world in which Hyrule exists. Goddess Hylia was entrusted with protecting the Triforce and life in the world from the demon tribe. Goddess Hylia becomes Zelda and her Choseb Hero becomes Link. I view Link as an embodiment of the Triforce of Courage and Zelda as the Triforce of Wisdom. These characters are like archetypes to follow. Ganon becomes a cautionary tale of what happens when people lust after power too greedily. Beyond these goddesses and demons, we also meet many beings in the world of Hyrule who are essentially kami of the world. The Great Deku tree, Lord Jabu-Jabu, The Light Spirits, and many more.

    Here is where I reach my point—

    I do my best to show each of my practices their due respect and veneration by keeping them their own separate things but this is one area where it is a bit difficult. Keeping this Hylian Faith separate from Shinto and Buddhism isn’t easy because the lore of Legend of Zelda is *heavily* inspired by Shinto and Buddhism. In that regard, this Hylian Faith almost *is* the real world faiths, but with western fantasy flavors.

    So while it won’t always be easy to keep them separate, I will do so since Shinto and Buddhism are traditions thousands of years old, this Hylian Faith is something new inspired by the old. And that’s totally ok!

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  • skyward-floored
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Hhhhhhhh dos oruguitas but with First and Hylia

    #watched encanto again I’m having THOUGHTS #that part where she sees him get killed with First just running back ogohjgohuogoh #MAN #rambles from the floor #legend of zelda #first hero#Hylia#hyrule historia #and because I was thinking of him: #coa First #my kingdom for a way to animate
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  • the-hero-of-jk-its-len
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    The internal urge to make a LU Percy Jackson AU, but not as in the boys are demigods of the greek gods, but as in the gods and goddesses of hyrule act like them and have kids, like, give me farore!Wild, give me a Wars that is the child of Din, Wind? Naryu, the great faries get upgraded to godly status too and that's where Hyrule and Legend get their demigodlyness from.

    Just,,, Demigod AU,,,,

    #Time is actually a Legacy and not a demigod but since he was raised by a minor deity everyone overlooks that #he does have a bigger grade of divinity bc of the deity mask #Sky is similarly not a demigod but does have the favor of the goddesses #Ganon has had a few demigod kids but he went kronos on them bc most were born male and risked his position as chief #Hylia is not supposed to have demigod kids it isn't like she's a virgin goddess but she is suppose to be the opposite of demise #despite this she has had a few very very hidden ones across eras that were borne of thought rather than body #Midna was a goddess in this au btw a cursed one sure but a goddess #Zant is not indeed a god but one of Demise's half blood kids #Ghira is a minor deity and so is Fi similar to the Nimphs and Nereids #linked universe #🍃 len speaks #Lu#LU aU #linked universe au
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  • skyloftian-nutcase
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Little Dove (Linked Universe Oneshot)

    Lord it’s only been a few days and I have written like four stories what is happening to me

    Hello! Linked Universe is literally the reason I got a tumblr account, and this idea would not stop pestering, so I wrote a very brief little story with the Chain featuring Sky most prominently. This story is mostly for laughs, so serious topics like opinions on goddesses were glossed over. Enjoy. :)

    Little Dove

    Summary: When the Chain end up in the Hero of the Wild’s Hyrule, Sky makes an unexpected discovery at a certain sacred spring.

    The Chain had spent almost a week in the Champion’s Hyrule and most of them had come to the conclusion that it was almost as insane as the Traveler’s Hyrule, though far more beautiful and expansive.

     It was also exhausting.

     Sky sighed as he sat at the edge of camp, leaning against a tree. They were getting settled for the evening, but the Champion, excited to show them the sights in his land, was talking about how a spring was nearby that he wanted them to see. Sky honestly just wanted to rest, but he was interested to look at it if it promised any kind of structure remaining in this beautiful and haunted land. The entire week they’d spent here had been out in the wild with hardly a traveler seen. It was almost as isolating as the Surface had been when Sky had first gone to it.

     Since it was dusk and the majority of the group was getting unpacked, Sky figured they might have to look for the spring tomorrow. However, a whisper on the wind caught his ear, and he turned to ask if anyone else had heard it. Seeing as everyone was busy and chatting, it seemed unlikely. Sky almost chalked it up to nothing, but he heard it again, and he stood straight, his senses on alert.

     He had a feeling a déjà vu, and he was suddenly reminded of the first time he’d heard Fi. Except this didn’t sound like Fi… but he could tell it was familiar. He just wasn’t sure who it sounded like.

     Curious, he grabbed the Master Sword and strapped it back on, walking hesitantly into the wilderness. The voice continued to call to him, and after what seemed like a short amount of time, he found himself entering an area with small waterfalls and pillars, and—

     This place. It was… it was the Earth Spring.

     Sky looked around wildly. Had he fallen through a portal and not realized it? He hadn’t felt anything. But the more he looked, the more he realized that while similar, this was not the Earth Spring that he knew. The pillars were far more dilapidated, and the crest of the goddesses was nowhere to be found, though a statue of Hylia remained, the stone well-worn and slightly overgrown.

     “Link.” The voice whispered.

     It was at this point that he realized it was coming from the statue. Approaching slowly, he gazed into the stone eyes. He was going to speak when a bright ray of sunshine pierced through the clouds, shining on the statue. Sky shielded his eyes, blinking profusely, and then the light seemed to fade a little. Moving his hand, he gasped.

     Zelda was there, dressed in all white.

     “Zelda?” he asked breathlessly.

     Zelda smiled, tears shimmering in her eyes. “Oh, Link. I’ve missed you.”

     Sky let out a delighted laugh, running to her. Zelda held out her arms and immediately hugged him, scooping him up at the waist. It was then that he realized for some reason that she was insanely tall – his feet were dangling off the ground as she held him to be just a little above eye level with her.

     “You’re… how did…?” Sky looked at her face, her beautiful radiant face. Her height wasn’t the only thing that was off – her eyes seemed older. But it was still unmistakably his Zelda.

     She smiled, nuzzling her nose against his. “Don’t think too hard about it, sleepyhead. I’m just glad I get to see you. It’s been so long.”

     There was a deep sadness to her voice, one that he couldn’t quite understand. It made him ache for her, and he wrapped his arms around her neck, hugging her tightly. She trembled in the hold, and he swore he heard her sniffle. His heart hurt at the sound of it, and he held on all the more tightly. He’d missed her too.

     Eventually he pulled away from her enough to look her in the eyes once more. Pure love reflected in them, and he bent in to kiss her. Zelda returned it in full, even more so than he was honestly expecting, and his heart and mind raced at the sensation. One of her arms slipped up his back and into his hair, and he moaned into her, running his own hands through her long golden locks. His lips slipped off hers and to her chin, tracing small kisses along her jaw. He heard her sigh pleasurably, raising her head so her neck was exposed to him, and he took the invitation.

     “Link,” she gasped in his ear, making his skin tingle. She kissed it, and he breathlessly made his way back to her lips, wrapping his legs around her.

     Unbeknownst to either of them, the spring was no longer deserted, and eight other Heroes were very awkwardly standing in the entrance, having been guided there by Wild, who had insisted they see the Spring of Courage before dinner, not expecting to find Sky making out with a seven-foot-tall glowing goddess. Warriors slowly raised his hand to cover Wind’s eyes, and the younger one was far too stunned by the scene to protest.

     The passionate kissing continued, and the goddess’ Chosen Hero somehow managed to deepen the kiss. The glowing woman sighed into him, her hand slipping from his hair to the brooch around his sailcloth. A quick motion of fingers snapped it off, and Sky didn’t even seem to notice.

     Time cleared his throat very loudly.

     Sky abruptly broke the kiss, eyes wide. “G-guys!”

     The glowing woman smiled fondly at the group, lowering Sky to the ground. The Hero of the Sky took a step towards them, stammering, and realized his sailcloth was floating innocently in the water. He scooped it up, face flaming red, and then said, “U-uh… you—you haven’t met my Zelda yet, have you?”

     With an awkward laugh, he motioned behind him and turned to see nothing there. Startled, he looked around wildly. “Zelda?”

     “Sky…” the Champion said slowly. “That… wasn’t Zelda.”

     Sky whirled on him. “What? What are you talking about? Of course it was!”

     “That was Hylia.”

     Sky blinked. And blinked again. And blinked again.

     Warriors smirked. “Wow, lover boy. You know, when I pray I never expect to meet the deities in such an… intimate manner. That must have been quite the experience.”

     Legend snorted. “Tell me, is it possible to cheat on your girlfriend with herself?”

     Time grunted. “Anything’s possible.”

     Sky hid his face in his sailcloth, mumbling unintelligibly. He didn’t speak for the rest of the night.

     But far above, Hylia—Zelda—watched over him, smiling. It had been millennia since she’d interacted her Link, seen his smile, heard his voice. She wasn’t ashamed to have taken the opportunity.

     “Until we meet again, my little Dove,” she whispered into the wind, and she saw him pause as he alone heard it. He looked up at the sky and then realization struck him, and he smiled gently, closing his eyes and listening to her voice singing his ballad in the breeze.

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  • skyloftian-nutcase
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Demise’s Curse Headcanon

    Just to throw my own thoughts in there with how Demise’s Curse works.

    The curse is aimed at Hylia’s/Zelda’s bloodline and then it’s aimed at Link’s spirit. So the way I see it, Demise follows Hylia’s/Zelda’s (and Skyward Sword Link because come on, we all know they got together) descendants, but Skyward Sword Link (I’ll just call him Sky for simplicity’s sake since he goes by that with fanon anyway) is literally stuck with every hero. Like he’s not actually the hero, he’s just the Hero’s Spirit that goes with them and protects them. When Sun died she went back to being Hylia, and she had to watch her husband basically get stuck in this situation every time where he has to relive the hard life of a hero every time a new one pops up. And in between the heroes he just sleeps in the Sacred Realm, Hylia/Sun holding him in her arms, but he never wakes up. So she never gets to talk to her Sky again, and he never gets to see his Sun again, but he’s always there to protect his descendants.

    So, really, Sun and Sky both got seriously screwed by Demise. And now I’m sad but also want to write a fanfic.

    #Hylia #Skyward Sword Zelda #ss zelda #Skyward Sword Link #ss link#Demise #Legend of Zelda #Hylia straight up said sorry for screwing Link over and people still say she is evil #Demise screwed them both over guys it's his curse
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  • ganonfan1995
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Love drawing characters just standing there. Queen shit.

    #my art#ocs#hylia #I love her and miss her and I wish my brain had any ounce of creativity rn
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  • ganondoodle
    18.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    made some super rough but more up to date refs for demise (he/him) and hylia (she/her) recently

    #ganondoodles#tloz#zelda #legend os zelda #demise#hylia#art#doodle#character design #i suck at drawing legs from the backside nvfjkdnkfd #things change on my designs every day #but this is the most accurate one atm #(gonna add pronouns to the description now bc im tired of hylia being called -them-) #(i know the majority isnt doing it to be malicious) #(but at some point you just dont know how differentiate between those that mean well and those that dont)
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  • bokettochild
    18.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Rank the chain from most feral to least feral energy


    (As a note, all Links are inherently feral, and just because someone ranks as 'least feral' it does not take away the fact that they are somewhat feral)

    Wild - We all saw this coming. Wild literally became who he is in teh wild, wandering around half naked and eating nearly anything he could put into his mouth. Truly feral child here 100%

    Hyrule - Hyrule is also a forest child, but he is also fae. Fae are inherently feral and dangerous, but they have more law and order to them than the average feral beast. Hyrule follows the Rules, and this is the only reason that he ranks below Wild

    Time - Also a fae child. this man may portray himself as a mature adult, but we all know he's a feral forest gremlin at heart. He also follows the Rules (albeit loosely) but has settled down a bit more as he has become an adult. he does try to set a good example and reigns himself in, but eh must have him moments to be insane or he will never be the same

    Four - Vio

    Twilight - He may be a wolf, but he's also a highly educated young man who loves people and doesn't want to scare them away. He is feral, but he keeps that part of himself mostly too himself, and does things like eating bee larvae and licking chu chu's off the ground when he doesn't think anyone can see him

    Wind - Kid is actually pretty controlled honestly. he makes mischief, but more the gremlin sort than the feral sort. Granted, if you put him in a forest for an hour without supervision I cannot promise you you will not get a monster back instead of a well behaved child, but he, like Twilight, tends to keep a good handle on the feral thing

    Sky - So, the others are wild feral, but this guy is more deity like feral. he's all chill and normal, but if you make him mad he is a rampaging god who will not rest until what is wrong has been righted. Truly terrifying sort of feral. It is controlled though, he isn't like this all the time, so he's also on the lower end of the spectrum warning, everyone after him is also deity level feral)

    Legend - Like Sky, he's got godly abilities on his side, but Legend is more composed than most of the other heroes and keeps a pretty good hold over himself in order to blend in with the populace of any place he goes to. he can let loose and be a wild thing when needed, but like with Sky. it's a mostly conditional sort of thing and more for intimidation purposes than just because he's a wild thing

    Warriors - I won't lie, I hc the reason Warriors isn't mentioned in any other places in the timeline is because people forgot the hero shtick once they found out he's literally the Hylian Deity of War. As such, guy has a wild side, but it's only in battle, and he mostly maintains the polished and professional mask otherwise.

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  • leifyyy
    18.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    I saw a video where someone was playing OOT and pronounced Ganon's name as "guh-non-dorf" and I just wanted to tell u

    Who was the youtuber i need to hear this with my two little ears

    #i also remembered this zelda youtuber saying hylia in the weirdest way #but then I quickly realized they had a canadian accent lol #ask txt
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  • twink-between-worlds
    17.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Blue played the guitar to make Legend feel better when he was having a bad day

    #red rambles#reds headcanons #royal wings au #honey whiskey spoilers #honey whiskey #reds linked universe tag #linked universe#lu#lu legend #linked universe legend #lu blue #linked universe blue #hylias kid #angry but caring
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  • fawnfangs
    17.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    [LoZ AU]

    the hylian explanation for the existence of lycanthropy

    CW: blood, slight eye strain

    #legend of zelda #tloz#zelda fanart#link#wolf link#my au#zelda au #legend of zelda au #hylia#triforce #this is super old #but its important to the au #so its going on here lol #my art#byeeee
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  • david-watts
    17.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    starting to wonder if there’s an issue with my switch and non-cartridge saving because this is the second time I’ve had issues with saving and losing hours’ of progress with the same game

    #I genuinely dunno what I'm missing because normally I'd go through my memory and go 'yeah i got that' #but... not in the right order. considering I've gotten the biggest bomb bag I THINK I've done everything I can and more in death mountain #and because it's the biggest therefore I've done that fuckin bombchu minigame #I had to redo lake hylia's skulltulas but uhhh I did manage to finish the mask sidequest because of that so. cool #I think to figure out what I've missed I'll have to go through the entire game post-leaving the woods #the worst thing is I'm missing two. and some heart pieces that I didn't have but I might as well get tbh
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  • an-ending-all-our-own
    17.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Running with the Great Plateau being considered sacred land:

    The great plateau is off limits to settlers. While there have been a couple who have chosen to try and make a home up there (due to the isolation and abundance of resources), they are often chased out by the large amounts of wildlife or choose to leave (there's just a feeling of wrongness that comes with being so alone in the wilderness)

    The temple of time was constructed as a shrine to Hylia, gaining it's name due to the thanks of the Goddess watching over Hyrule for all time. While Ganon is believed to not exist, merely a fairytale at this point in time, the Goddess is a prominent religious figure, and thus highly respected. People will come to the temple to make offerings to the goddess, meaning the area is full with beautiful flowers and riches, but do not tend to stick around for long out of respect for the land.

    The plateau is also considered sacred not only due to the temple, but also due to it being the foretold rising place of the hero. Stories have been passed down through generations about Hylia's created champion, a gift to Hyrule, a hero destined to lead them into a time of peace and prosperity. (More about the Hyrule's perception of the Hero coming in another post)

    The plateau is kept untouched and in healthy condition due to the people wanting the hero to be born into a good place, some even believing that the hero will not be able to rise if not given the proper healthy conditions of the land to do so (more expansion on this in the coming hero post)

    So all together, the plateau is an offering to Hyrule's figures of religion and legend, and is not to be disturbed out of respect for the Goddess and her creations.

    #courage never rests #not sure if all this will be covered in the actual story so it's being put here #hopefully this makes sense #botw#link#hylia#loz #the great plateau
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  • twink-between-worlds
    17.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    honey whiskey chapter 9

    HEEHOO HELLO i am quite literally shaking as i copy + paste this chapter from the doc ummm yea its Reveal Time kirby grip = bobby pin

    relationships; leg & his dog, leg & the chain, four & leg

    ao3 link; x

    Legend let out a quiet sigh as he and the others retired to his home that night. Turns out, magic is exhausting to practice and use. Ravio’s not here—he’s on his monthly visit to Lorule, meeting up with Princess Hilda and checking up on his former home—so Legend’s house is cleaned up and looks how it does when the shop isn’t open. …it’s also quiet. “I always forget how cool your house is.”Hyrule mumbled quietly. “Where’s that merchant of yours?”Time hummed curiously, raising a brow when he saw Legend deflate slightly. “Lorule.” “You seem bothered by that, vet.”Warriors pointed out gently. “I’m not.” “You sure?” “I’m not bothered by him being gone.” “...but something is bothering you.”Four hummed, glancing over from where he was not-so-subtly rummaging through the books on Legend’s bookshelf. “...this was my uncle’s house before it was mine. Ravio and Sheerow are a distraction from that.”Legend mumbled, falling back into a chair with a tired sigh. “Oh.”Wind pouted, sitting on the floor next to Legend’s chair. “...what was your uncle like?” “Sad.”Legend mumbled, considered, then nodded. “He was sad a lot. He had three siblings—one of which was my parent—and lost them all. I was the only family he had left. He…He was also scared a lot.” “Scared?” “I…I was a really sick kid. He was scared to lose all he had left. He told me a lot of things, ‘bout a lot of places. He wanted to take me up to the volcano when I was older. I…don’t know why, there’s nothing interesting up there. There was a carving of a dragon near the Tower Of Hera, though, it’s incredibly detailed. Whoever did it was either immune to the heat or really, really dedicated.” “A dragon?”Four hummed curiously, sitting in a nearby chair with a book. “Yeah. Looked cool enough, but I think Fabe covered the carving up. Don't blame ‘er. Some people started reading into it, making up theories about a dragon having lived up there. I mean, it could be true but I have a very hard time believing that, yanno?” “...so. Your uncle. What was he like outside of being sad?” “He was…temperamental. He didn't really have a good form of anger management, hence the odd hole in the wall. He never hit me or anything near me—he was just mad at life. He was mourning his family and having to look after a sick kid, ‘course he was pissed.”Legend paused, then let out a laugh. “He’d fucking kill me for doin all this adventuring, though. ‘You shouldnt be moving around, you break bones easily you fucking idiot’ was his favourite sentence with me.” “Your uncle called you an idiot?”Warriors snorted, leaning on the wall with an amused smirk. “No, no, he called me a fucking idiot. There’s a difference.”Legend grinned slightly, trying very hard not to laugh. “Yanno, he didn’t have much of a filter. Didn’t care how old I was, swore anyway. Told me not to repeat his words, of course, but d’ya really think I listened?” “Um…you didn’t repeat him, right?”Hyrule blinked, wincing when Legend gave him a look. “Legend—” “Rulie. Rule. Look at me. The whole reason my first adventure started was because I directly disobeyed him.” “...oh.” “Yah. So…”Legend shrugged, making a strange noise as he waved his hand slightly. “Anyways!” “What were you sick with?”Sky mumbled, frowning at the looks he received. “What? I’m curious.” “Dunno. Look, I dunno what it’s like for you guys, but the medical system here is…expensive.”Legend sighed, shaking his head as he kicked his boots off and removed his prosthetic leg. “I could sell everything I own and I bet you I still wouldn’t be able to afford a doctor.” “Was your leg expensive?” “Nope. Built it myself outta scrap metal that the blacksmith couldn’t use. Neat, right?” “Woah.”Wind’s eyes lit up. “That’s so cool!!” “Eh, not my most impressive creation, but it’ll do.” “What’s your most impressive one?” Legend paused, then stuck his fingers in his mouth and let out a loud whistle. A silence followed, before the door seemed to slam open and a dog made their way over. The most noticeable thing about the dog? Their front right leg looked like it was metal, too. “Oh—Hunter, I told you you can’t play with that.”Legend mumbled, pulling a wooden training sword out of the dog’s mouth. “Bad.” “You have a dog?”Twilight smiled, kneeling down. “Ah—yeah. His name’s Hunter.”Legend hummed. “Did you make his leg, too?” “Yup. He only wears it if he’s with Gulley, though. No need to wear it when he doesn’t need to.” “What’s this ‘bout?”Four snorted, taking the wooden sword from Legend’s hand. “Training sword. Uncle made it for me but I never got to use it. Oh, hey, yeah, Four? There’s some old swords and stuff in the basement if you want ‘em—I’ve got no use for ‘em anymore.”Legend grabbed a key out of the bowl on the table and tossed it at Four. “Knock yourself out.” Four let out a laugh, but chose to at least look at the old weapons. Hunter followed the smithy towards the door, and followed him down the steps once the door had been unlocked. “You my little buddy now?”Four mumbled, patting Hunter’s head gently. When Legend said ‘some’, Four didn’t expect a lot, but… There’s tons of half-made blades in here, a couple abandoned spears, a Vio amount of knives—did you just make my name into an adjective?—and a chest with a note on it that read the word ‘important’ in blue marker. Hunter padded his way over to Four, laying next to his feet and facing the direction of the chest. Do you think he’d mind if we opened that? Well, it isn’t Legend’s handwriting. I bet he doesn’t even know this is here. Surprised if he’d even be able to find it in this fucking mess Oh…well, we can always say sorry if he gets upset! Four made a noise, deciding to kneel down on the ground and pulled out a kirby grip to pick the lock. …Four will never admit that he can pick locks, or that he has kirby grips on him at all times. The lock opened with a click, and Four gently pushed the chest open and— If today was Red’s turn, he’s sure her heart would have stopped. Inside the chest lay four swords, each with different coloured gems in the pommel, and a box. Carefully, Four opened the box. There was a ring box that held two rings inside it—a simple, black wedding band and another similar black ring with an amethyst on it—and two birth certificates, Legend’s birth certificate and Fable’s too. With Violet and Shadow listed as the parents.
    #red writes #royal wings au #honey whiskey #reds linked universe tag #linked universe#lu #linked universe legend #lu legend #linked universe four #lu four #linked universe chain #lu chain#hylias kid#rainbow road#lu fic #linked universe fic #linked universe fanfic #lu fanfic
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  • jay-the-local-acetronaut
    16.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    clover can and will eat any edible plants they can find and there’s no stopping them

    #crimson: what do you have?? #clover: food :D *chomp* #the minish taught them how to figure out what plants and berries are okay to eat #but crimson #who’s alone with clover for a handful of days before meeting smithy #has had several heart attacks bc “do NOT put the random plant in your mouth! stop that!” #jays being dumb again #jays links #Fate of Hylia #FoH Clover#FoH Crimson
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  • 0boko
    16.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    [picks up this unfinished fic i was reading and chews on it like a feral dog]

    #SCREAMS AND YELLS AND BITES AND BITES AND BITES AND BITES-- #i am so SAD they will never finish it. but i respect moving on from a hyperfix #it was a botw one and a GODO one!! it was full of hylia slander and befriending monsters and it was GOOD #only thing i ddin't like was the link/sidon stuff and the yiga and shiekah being bastards #mad me kinda sad ngl because i'm very attached to kohga and robbie but it was still INTERESTING and a very intruiging plot #now if only my brain would LET. IT. GO
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  • jay-the-local-acetronaut
    16.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    as curly travels with the links, he takes notes of holidays and traditions and architecture and food and how the people live so when he goes home he will have something to base the kingdom off of when they start to rebuild more

    #curly and their zelda’s were working on getting stuff prepared to rebuild before curly left with the links #but that’s okay because now curly knows what the other eras of hyrule were like and he can use that to make sure the kingdom is great! #jays links #Fate of Hylia #FoH Curly #this kingdom just went through an apacalyptic event you can’t tell me that it’s not like botw’s world but more dangerous and scattered #apocalyptic *
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  • incubusbun
    16.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    Happy second year anniversary

    This year hubby decided to be a bun for our renewals. I am such a simp for this man no matter what form he takes.

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  • chained-together-updates
    15.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Hmm…well, fresh air sounds nice…but are we gonna be leaving Koshia all alone?


    #-Yes. unfortunately. .....hhhh poor kid- #-Even Hylia was not that blind- #Chained Together Updates
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