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    WOULD I LIE TO YOU? | stray kids smau

    warnings: mention of blood, death, implying suicide

    wc: 3.3k (texts after the written part)

    You hesitated to respond to Felix's message that he needed to speak to you urgently. What could have happened at this hour? It was still early in the morning, couldn't he wait until evening to talk?

    After about 20 minutes, your best friend knocked on the door. Opening the door, he had a nervous expression on his face. What was going on? Did you do something unknowingly? But if that was the case, Felix wouldn't have come home for it.

    Felix was ​​sure he's never felt this way before in his life. Doesn't know what to do, not sure what will happen between them after talking to his friend. On the other hand, you didn't understand why Felix was acting extra weird around like this. Felix, your best friend, since when has he been so on edge with you?

    "So...What do you want to talk about?" You started talking to ease the tension in the room, but that seemed to make Felix even more nervous. What the fuck was going on?

    "You know, 3 years ago, you went to therapy after 'that" thing happened." Felix studied his friend's face. When even mentioning the name of that event was destroying you so much, how was it going to keep the conversation going?

    You just nodded. What could this have to do with it?

    "Oh...Well..." He hesitated for a moment. "Your brother's death seemed very abnormal to me, so I did something." Felix said suddenly as if he had done the simplest thing in the world.

    "Like what?" You frowned.

    "I got a job in a private place. You can think of it like a detective, but it was mostly illegal in the beginning."

    What the hell? You stared at Felix with your mouth open. Is he asking you for help now that he is in trouble by getting involved in illegal business? No way, Felix was never that kind of person, you thought to yourself. Just when you was about to ask what he meant, Felix interrupted you.

    "And then, I met a lot of people. People like me who have lost very valuable people in their lives and who find it strange somehow and want to solve it."

    "Doesn't this thing you told only happen in movies?"

    Felix smiled. "I thought so too at first. However, the situation was completely different."

    Felix remembered those days like it was yesterday. How could he forget? It was as if he had experienced what people went through. He had seen it himself, but everyone there seemed to share each other's pain. It was such a place, everyone was like each other's family. No one knew what to do first. Later, someone who had been a detective before started talking. He said he knew how these things were and would help everyone in any way he could. And he had. Kim Mingyu, the current lead detective, Felix's boss and his brother-like friend.

    In turn, everyone was telling about the things they had experienced, and then a common solution was tried to be found and they've all solved, was thanks to everyone's trust and support for each other. Felix couldn't find anything for Jung Sunghoon, Y/N's brother, but it still felt good to be able to do something for others. Because of this, he had been secretly trained and became the detective. At first he didn't have faith in himself that he would do it, but as time passed, he succeeded, thanks to the people around him. But of course, it was all thanks to Kim Mingyu. Without him, Felix wouldn't be here. If you told anyone about this, they would probably laugh and not believe it, but it was the truth. Felix has been doing this job for 4 years. And now it was time to reveal this secret to his best friend, because they were supposed to help each other.

    "Anyway, something happened and someone said we should do it professionally and legally." Felix looked at his friend, he studied her facial expressions. "You know this person, by the way."

    "What? Who?" Who could it be? The other people at the school couldn't be. Probably someone older than Felix but you don't know anyone, except one person. Mingyu?

    "Is it the friend you brought to my house three weeks ago? The person I call handsome?"

    Felix smiled, he was sure that his friend would know immediately. Nothing could escape your notice. "Yeah. Thanks to him, I started doing this job and I enjoyed it. We've done a lot in these past years and then it's Hwang Jia's turn." Felix smiled at your surprised face, you looked pretty innocent right now. "Your best friend."

    You froze. You looked at Felix in shock. How could he learn this? It was impossible, how could he know when even her brother didn't know this? You never made it clear that you were her friend, how could that be? You kept this a secret from everyone, and you didn't tell anyone until today.

    Felix shifted slightly from his seat, approached you, and gripped your hands tightly. "I know you're wondering where I learned it, I'll explain it all, don't worry. But first, can you tell me about your friendship with her?"

    As Felix's words swirled in your mind, you remembered the first day you met Jia. After your brother's death, it was like your world had come crashing down on you. Because your parents were so worried about you, they asked you to seek professional help. You objected at first, you didn't want to. That's why you would go there reluctantly for a while and come home without answering any questions, not even making eye contact with anyone. However, one day, while sitting alone in the garden again, you met someone. She was someone your age, she had a pretty face, the clothes she wore suited her very well. At first you were a little hesitant to speak, but in the end you took the first step. Sometimes you would think about this moment and think that it's good that you started talking. Because if you hadn't said anything, you would never have met your best friend. That's what Jia said, "I would never have been able to talk to you if you hadn't said anything to me first. And I wouldn't have met someone as wonderful as you, thank you for letting me get to know you."

    As time passed, you and Jia got closer, you looked forward to going to therapy. This situation did not go unnoticed by your family, you did not close yourself in your room for days like before, and you did not cut off your connection with everyone. You had a smile on your face, the sadness in your eyes was gone, albeit a little. However, this was not the same for Jia. She was still suffering from the same troubles, getting more and more unhappy every day. Jia had told you everything, you knew who Changbin is, who Chan is long ago. You had a great hatred for people you didn't know. And that hatred was not gone now, you still hated them like crazy. You couldn't understand why they treated her like this. That's why you tried to get close to Changbin, but the information you got was zero. Who would tell old memories to someone they just met anyway?

    "That's it. This is our story."

    Felix was silent for a moment, thoughts swirling in his mind. How did she access the evidence Jia was talking about? What kind of evidence was that? Bang Chan was now serving his sentence as a culprit, was there more? Most importantly, would you agree to cooperate with them? If Felix knew you even a little bit, you would be happy to help. But would it be so now?

    "Understood, thanks for sharing it with me. I want to ask one more thing."

    You nodded, you knew your friend had tons of questions. "Go on."

    "I won't say who it is but someone said something about you have evidence regarding Jia's case."

    You remained silent, you knew you could trust Felix with your whole life. But you weren't sure if you were confident enough to share what he said.

    "What will you do with them?"

    What will you do with them? You were waiting for the right time, but as you waited, something made you feel wrong. It has been about 5 months since the incident, how long would you wait? For now, only Bang Chan was serving his sentence, but there was more to it. When would it be Changbin's turn, or Seungmin's? Or to others? You were frightened by what people would think of you for hiding them for so long. Would you be able to look at Hyunjin's face? Would this friendship with him still be alive after hearing what happened? What about Minho? What would he think of you? You were not ready for these.

    "I don't know. I promised to give them when the time came," You said with a sigh, this situation was bothering you now. "But it feels like that time has already passed."

    Felix thought for a moment. Has time really passed? He didn't think so, he thinks they still have that time. However, all he knew was that this truth would be a shocking truth for anyone. He wondered what Hyunjin's attitude would be towards his friend, he wondered about this a lot. He knew Hyunjin likes Y/N, just like Minho do. Who knows how these two would react after learning the truth. Still, he knew that no matter what, everyone would understand, especially those two. However, for sure, it would still take them a long time to get used to the reality.

    "I think you should hand them over first. Later, the facts will already be revealed one by one." Felix smiled, patted his friend's shoulder for support. "Don't worry, I will always be by your side. So are the others."



    You nodded. "Okay, I'm going to do it. I can no longer lie to anyone. I don't think Jia would want me to lie to her brother and friend either."


    You were so nervous.

    You didn't let Felix's hand go for a second, having him by your side gave you strength. You were sitting in a room waiting for a person called Mingyu. And others, Felix said so. You had no idea who the others were. Felix turns to look at you, a smile on his face. I'm with you, don't be afraid, we will solve this together, I got your back. That was the reason behind the smile. And you couldn't be more grateful for that.

    The door suddenly opened and two men entered. You already knew one, but the other looked very familiar. It was like you saw it somewhere, but you couldn't make it out. They both sat across from you, holding coffee and cake. After handing you your coffee, Mingyu looked at you with a smile on his face.

    "How have you been?"

    You took a sip of coffee. "I'm fine. I am nervous."

    He smiled understandingly and leaned back, taking a sip of his coffee. "Don't be. We understand why you're hiding these, of course, we won't judge you."

    After all, they were hiding something, too. Wasn't that their job anyway? Revealing the truth by hiding things. At least that's what you knew, you didn't know how they worked. While you were lost in your thoughts, you felt that the man sitting next to Mingyu was looking at you intently. The man smiled politely at you when you looked up and made eye contact for a moment.

    "Long time no see, Y/N. Do you recognize me?"

    You frowned, this man was not familiar to you in any way, but he was also familiar. "I don't, sorry."

    The man smiled again. "I used to live in the same neighborhood as you. We were very good friends with your brother."

    You looked carefully at the man's face again. Likewise, that man looked at you the same way. For a moment you seemed to remember.

    "You were young, maybe that's why you don't remember. I'm Ten, by the way. I used to go to your house a lot."

    "Ten? My brother's friend from the dance club?"

    The man, Ten, nodded. He seemed glad that you had known him. "Yes, that's me. I'm glad we could see each other again after many years."

    You smiled and took another sip of your coffee. So what was this man doing here? Has he been doing it for years or has he been doing it since the same time as Felix? You had a lot of questions. Felix watched this moment with excitement. In the end, he wouldn't have to lie to you. He introduced you to all his friends. Except for one person. He didn't know how you would react to him. The door suddenly opened, Felix looked up to see who it was and he saw that the person he had just thought had arrived. He reflexively turned to Y/N and realized how shocked she was.

    You were confused because Seungmin came in. What the hell was Seungmin doing here? Was this a prank or something? Jia's boyfriend, Han Jisung's friend, what the fuck was he doing here? So the person you've been blaming for so long was actually helping everything from the start?

    Seungmin nervously sat down on the chair next to Ten. He had reconstructed this moment many times in his head, thinking many times of what he would say when he saw her. However, he had never thought that he would be this nervous. Mingyu smiled silently, this clearly amused him.

    "What amazing things are happening today, right?" Ten rolled his eyes at that sentence, knowing that two certain people weren't in a position to make a joke. Cautiously, he nudged Mingyu's arm, as if asking him to speak properly.

    Mingyu cleared his throat. "I mean, surprising because I'm sure Y/N didn't expect to see Seungmin here. Right?"

    You nodded, no matter how much you think about this situation, you wouldn't even think that it would come true. “Yeah, I was really surprised. Were you all together from the start?"

    "No," Felix replied. "If you mean Seungmin. He joined us later, I convinced him."

    You nodded again, you had a lot to wonder about but guess today was not the time.

    “We know there are things you're wondering about, but we'll talk more about them. Let's listen to you now because Felix told us something."

    Felix held her hand tightly, it was giving you strength to have him by your side. You looked at him and smiled and he did the same.

    “I talked a lot about this with Jia." You sighed, you remembered those days. What a difficult time they were. "I said that we should report them, I mean, Chan and Changbin, or at least tell her family. Many times as well, but she didn't listen to me because she said she was accumulating evidence."

    "What kind of evidence and how did she do it?"

    "For example, she sent me all his conversations with Changbin in the first place." You cleared your throat, remembering those conversations made you feel bad. "They didn't have a very good communication towards the end anyway."

    "What about Chan?" Ten asked.

    "Chan… He was really weird. Sometimes he texted Jia, sometimes he cursed in paragraphs, sometimes he wrote good things as if he was in love with her or at least they were friends. Sometimes he would send her videos."

    You sighed, remembering Chan, remembering those videos was killing you. Until now, you thought such people would be in the movies, but until you got to know him.

    "What kind videos? While jerking off or something?"

    You stopped, think about how to say it. How could Jia endure seeing them every day when it was hard for you to even think about? How strong she was.

    "I think they were videos taken from the internet, I'm not sure. Usually all the videos were bloody videos. Someone was torturing someone, beating them until they killed them. It was that kind of video."

    "He was sending these videos and telling which of them he liked the most. And he said he dreams of doing it to her one day."

    You heard Seungmin gasp, felt Felix's hand, which was trapped in your palm, tremble. You squeezed for support, wanted him to remember you were here.

    "Alright... Is there more? Like other people?"

    "Yeah. Jeongin."

    "Jeongin? The one who is Hyunjin's friend?"

    You nodded. You knew everyone was shocked. You were once like them. You couldn't believe it.

    "He also hated Jia. Maybe he still does."

    Seungmin was listening to you in shock. He more or less knew the other two but where did Jeongin come from? Jeongin and Hyunjin were inseparable, how could he have a problem with his sister?

    "What did he do?"

    “It was when Jia went to therapy. Since she was always unhappy, her family was also affected by this situation. Hyunjin was also affected, that's why Jeongin I think has built up hatred towards her."

    "Because Hyunjin is his close friend?" Felix asked, the answer was already obvious.

    "It could be said so. He said that Hyunjin suffered a lot because of her one day. And he said that if she doesn't want her family to suffer because of her anymore, she has to find a solution."

    "What's the solution? Killing herself?"

    You nodded. Yang Jeongin had asked her for this. He even wished. "Yeah. He said that if she did that, that is, if she killed herself, her family would forget about her and suffer no more."

    "What the fuck?" Seungmin said suddenly. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

    Ten rubbed Seungmin's back. He understood his anger and confusion. You looked at Seungmin apologetically. You knew that this thing hurt him just as much as it hurt you.

    "You have it all, down to the videos, right?" Mingyu asked, this evidence would be of great use to them.

    "Yeah," You let go of Felix's hand and pulled the usb drive out of the bag, handed it to Mingyu. "It's all here. Hope it helps."

    Mingyu smiled and took the usb drive. "Don't worry, I'm sure it will be of great help. Thanks to you, we have another suspect. And for some reason I felt like we finally found that person."

    These words startled you. Could Yang Jeongin really be the person who had been wanted for months? Even the thought of that was terrifying. If so, how would Hyunjin react to it, how could he bear it? This was a terrible situation. You wanted the killer to be found immediately, but the thought of this person being Jeongin made you nervous.

    Mingyu looked at the clock, it was time to get to work. He had to go through the documents one by one, the sooner he started the better. He stood up slowly and everyone looked at him.

    "Now is the time to start. Anyone want to join me?"

    Ten smiled. "I think you should work alone for today because the four of us have a lot to talk about."

    Felix nodded in agreement. "Agree."

    "I don't think you need to stay here."

    "And why is that?" Felix turns to you, his smile widening. "I'm here as Y/N's emotional support."

    Mingyu sighed, he couldn't argue with Felix right now. "Okay. Don't talk until it's too late. We have a lot of work tomorrow."

    "Yeah, boss. Good luck!" Ten said in a sarcastic tone. He was obviously enjoying this situation.

    "I'd love to help you so much, but you know..." Seungmin said in the same tone. It was the first time since he had arrived that he was this cheerful.

    "Good luck, I guess." You said it calmly, but you couldn't hide the amusement in your voice. It was so much fun playing with him.

    Mingyu shook his head, quickly left the room. He couldn't deal with it any longer, he had a lot to do.

    He had a smile on his face as he walked into his room. A sweet, warm smile. Because he had four separate troubles now.

    But he loves them all very much.

    episode 28: his angels

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    ୫ description: with the sudden death of a student at jyp university, cops and detectives try to find the killer. at the same time, students who are new to the school find themselves in these events. can friendships, brotherhoods, lovers still stand strong despite the lies, complexities and secrets?

    ୫ pairings: skz member(s) x fem!reader

    #stray kids social media au #stray kids fanfic #skz x y/n #stray kids #stray kids x reader #bang chan#skz au #lee know x reader #hwang hyunjin #han jisung x reader #skz fake texts
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    ela me abraçou e meu ouvido em seu peito escutou o bater rápido de seu coração, mas por alguma razão parece que ele não corre por mim

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    ꒰ ˀˀ ↷ k-idols ; as gossip girl ”♡ᵎ ꒱

    like/reblog | @percysith

    don’t repost our work or claim it as yours

    ps: o caráter dos personagens não reflete o caráter dos idols associados. a escolha foi totalmente estética <3
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    chan: you’re my best friend, i would do anything for you

    felix: i want you to eat three meals a day and have a decent sleep schedule

    chan: no

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    Stray Kids x SKZOO - Felix 🐥

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    i’m thinking alpha heejin and her two omegas hyunjin and chaewon, made to watch 😮‍💨

    Oh cute

    Heejin trying so hard to behave and watch as her mattress fumble about, exploring each other's bodies. Just enjoying each other's company. But Heejin, sweet and precious Heejin.

    She sometimes forgets how vocal she can get when she's watching. Palming over herself while watching Chaewon shiver and pant. Her fingers tangled in Hyunjin's hair as she rocks down on the tongue pleasuring her.

    She can't help but to look over at Heejin, how can she not? When Heejin is whimpering into the air, refusing to fully take care of herself because she doesn't want to miss a second of what's going on.

    Heejin not being able to focus on one area either, because while Chaewon is being eaten out, Hyunjin is fully exposed and arching her back for Heejin to see. She likes giving a show, knowing full and well if Heejin was any other Alpha, she would have inserted herself literally and figuratively into the picture.

    Hyunjin can't help but to throw herself more at Chaewon knowing full and well Heejin will need her in the next couple of minutes. But in the meanwhile she can enjoy the sounds of both her mates sounding so needy.

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    including; bang chan, lee felix, hwang hyunjin, seo changbin, han jisung, lee minho, kim seungmin, yang jeongin
    genre; suggestive, fluff

    BANG CHAN didn’t initially notice the short skirt you wore to the studio until his eyes traveled down to notice the thin lacing of your panties becoming eerily visible with your walking movements. almost immediately as if it were a second instinct he hurried behind you, face slightly flushed from the encounter. the blushy facade maintained before he took note of the looks you received, the states. especially the stares. quite funny actually, how you hardly blinked—oblivious to the gazes while chan took his sweet time sending them a venomous glare. like some sort of protective bear, guarding its cubs. trust me, the ride home was a bit of a long one with chan ushering you into his lap to ‘save space.’ otherwise, he would’ve probably melted into the seat from the situation alone. it was a good thing you gave in.

    FELIX was not anticipating such a sight whatsoever. that short cool toned skirt that hugged your waist and hips so well, flowing effortlessly with you. breathtaking couldn’t describe it well enough. despite this absolute jaw-dropping sight, felix couldn’t help but feel the need to hide you away, as if you were too pretty to be seen by anyone except for him. the thing being you were too pretty for everyone else in his eyes. “dove, you’re too good.” he sighed into your arms, head nuzzled into your neck in a warm embrace. felix’s embrace. “what do you mean lix ?” you sighed with him, confused at his statement. a long silence followed, the bbokari’s face tainted with red. “this, is too much.” he softly tugged at the edge of your skirt, your shoulders vibrating with amused giggles. too cute.

    HYUNJIN tried his absolute hardest to conceal his expressions. but as we all know, the llama is as transparent as ever and there is simply no fix to his faces. it would’ve been fine if he was only shocked, but the looks he gave the people at the cafe became a bit hazardous at a certain point. “jinnie quit it .. we’re gonna get kicked out.” you tugged at his sleeve, nervously acknowledging the startled by-goers. “so be it.” he pouted, plush lips pursing outwards like a stubborn child. he looked like a ruffled puffin right now. after what felt to be an eternity, you were seated at a small two-chair-table sharing a cozy view of the flower shop befriending the cafe you inhabited at the moment. “should we go home then ?” you sadly pondered, wanting to spend this time carefree, but it seemed the experience wasn’t pleasant. this utterly broke hyunjin’s heart. feeling as if he ruined this fun date with you. “i’m sorry baby, i was acting out.” the jiniret fiddled with his fingers awkwardly, hiding his face in the menu. “…just wanted to make sure they knew you were mine..”

    CHANGBIN had invited you to learn a choreography with the rest of 3racha, you’d been thinking about the offer and it seemed interesting, so why not tag along? well, your clothing choice was a measly amount foolish with the new short white skirt you’d purchased beforehand—but already arriving at the location it would be pointless to turn back now. “so, are we ready?” bang chan asked, nodding to han. the first few steps weren’t complicated, but did require a bit of hopping. luckily, changbin as attentive as ever placed his big hands on your hips, easing your back to his chest. “not a wise choice today.” he whispered in a hushed tone, quietly tugging down the fabric to barricade any inconveniences. “don’t worry, i’ve got you.” leaving a soft peck on your cheek out of the others eyesight. as cute as this was, it still didn’t keep from the choreography including more jumping and such. taking the safer route, you resorted to watching the three practice while sitting on the couch. “bored?” a sweaty changbin sauntered beside you, leaning over with his back facing you. “hop on.” — “huh?” — “it’ll make it less boring.” he implied, nudging you in his direction. this being the reasoning behind why you were practically soaring around the studio room on changbin’s back like some sort of horse. although chaotic, worth it.

    HAN could hardly look at you, his chubby cheeks the color of the bright red shirt slacked comfortably on his form. he’d proposed the idea of shopping the day before after endless complaining about his lacking wardrobe. “i can’t be walking around with a model, that makes me look even more like an idol.” chuckling lowly to suppress his bubbling embarrassment. “you don’t have much to say, you look like this all the time.” you gestured to yourself from how he called you a ‘model.’ he was one to talk. only rolling his eyes half heartedly at your comment, he feebly attempted to shop normally to no avail. wherever he went it felt like your distracting mini skirt was magnetizing his eyes, the guilty gnawing fueling those reddened chipmunk cheeks of his. “how about this one?” holding the jeans up to your legs, he almost cried with relief at the coverage. “those are good.” nodding his head frantically, the han you knew returned for a moment, when you placed the jeans back and turned around abruptly though he was done for. to say less, he was more than ready to go home after this dreadfully teasing date.

    MINHO is immune to your attacks. you’ve tried. skimpy shorts, tops, skin tight yoga pants, nothing. at this point it’s a question of whether he even is attracted to you in the first place. slightly concerning but nothing to worry about in all honesty because on the inside, lee minho leeknow is freaking out. legitimately throwing things and screaming at the top of his lungs over you. challenging if anything. and today, today was the day. the day you’d see minho lose control of the tame face he wore. as we all know leeknow, is not unfamiliar with alcohol. in this relationship, trips to bars around town are not foreign. even if you simply sit around on the bar stools and make small talk like strangers. today though was a bit frisky, also known as another testing session. a time you’d choose to wear something revealing or daring to grasp minho’s attention and hopefully steer him off the path—being a tiny black skirt. however your outfit wasn’t the reasoning behind his thrash out, it was the shameless mutters of an aged bar-goer which he could hear perfectly well. “if you have something to say about her, we’d all love to hear it.” he ripped the drink from the man’s hands, pulling him by his collar to face the sneering opponent. “nothing at all..” the other stammering incoherently. “that’s what i thought too, good decision.” very, very hot.

    SEUNGMIN‘s low tolerance for your skin was easily laughable. simply off the shoulder shirts had this man flustered. he found your skin like porcelain, soft and delicate and the thought of random people gazing upon that of which was precious to him filled a sinking feeling in his chest. although this may apply, he wasn’t against you wearing only outfits he approved of, he didn’t want you to be restricted on your clothing—something he’d say for this would be “that’s up to your parents to decide, not me.” and then laugh at himself over the stickiness of the sentence. “ah, i’m fine.” he stiffly answered to your worried ‘are you okay?’ after all, he’d been prepared for this picnic with you to the local park; you informing him of your new purchase. handing the statue a sandwich gingerly, you both ate comfortably however when it came to walking he was stiff once again. “i promise i won’t spin.” you soothed, fingers intertwined giving his a light squeeze. this apparently laxed the nerves jumbling in seungmin, the end of the path nearing. “we’re here! yes!” you twirled, bewildering all the peaceful behavior. “you said no spinning…” he groaned depressingly. a puppy.

    I.N encouraged you to wear this ne skirt, he’d noticed how enticed you were by it so why not? either way, he was looking forward to seeing your happy face shine with glee when he drove to get ice cream ( something he’d promised earlier ) with you. “it’s really flattering on you, i like the white.” he complimented with a shy fox-like smile. the smile that jeongin wore endlessly. the innocent little fox paid for your ice cream along with his, but as innocent as it may appear, he was not expecting how much the clothing piece would rise up. so upon recognition he jerked his head away, avoiding eye contact at all measures. “huh? what is it?” you nervously looked to your left and right, mildly confuzzled. “oh i see..” you hummed, grinning from ear to ear. “innie, you’ve seen me it’s okay to look.” — “uhmm i’m good...” you concealed your joking expression, trying hard not to laugh. so so innocent.

    thank you for reading <3

    all rights for this work are owned by @faulix

    #stray kids#skz #stray kids fluff #skz fluff#christopher bang #chan x reader #chan fluff #bang chan x reader #bang chan fluff #hyunjin x reader #hyunjin fluff#skz hyunjin#lee felix#skz felix #felix x reader #changbin x reader #changbin fluff#skz changbin#skz minho #minho x reader #minho fluff#skz jeongin #jeongin x reader #jeongin skz#lee minho#yang jeongin#hwang hyunjin#kim seungmin#skz seungmin #seungmin x reader
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    Some sketches of Stray Kids I did experimenting with new procreate brushes. I loved their outfits in Maniac, in particular Seungmin's outfit. Which one was your favorite? OwO

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    🪴hyunjin thoughts…

    Something about Hyunjin going absolutely feral for your belly pooch. He doesn’t know why it has such an effect over him but you just look so soft and squishy. From the way it’s accentuated when you wear form fitting dresses to the way it spills over your underwear when you are sleeping, Hyunjin can’t get enough. If he had to choose something physically attractive about you one thing would be your stomach.

    He’s obsessed.

    He loves the way it jiggles with your laughter, how soft and plush it feels when he buries his face into it. Hyunjin loves the way it feels beneath his hands as the two of you engage in sinful activities. He could spend hours worshiping that part of you.

    At night he would make you be the little spoon just so that he could rest his hands on your stomach, drawing soft figures across your skin. When you are cooking he’d come up behind you, tuck his face into the crook of your neck as his fingers kneaded gently at your stomach. If the two of you were at an event, he would keep the back of you pressed closely to him with a single hand on your stomach.

    Hyunjin’s fascination with your stomach had honestly made you feel better about yourself. You never felt more loved than by Hyunjin and he made sure to let you know that he loved every part of you.

    bonus: if you were to lose weight hyunjin would be happy for you of course if that’s something you wanted but he would get a bit pouty and cuddle against the plushness of your tummy as you run your fingers through his hair, pressing soft kisses against your skin.

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    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Stray Kids Reaction || Smothering Them With Love [Request]

    ⤜Copyright: © DreamEscapesWriting - May 2022




    After a long day, Chan always loved coming home to you and to see you waiting for him, even though sometimes you should have been resting. You would either be in his room or in the living room waiting for him to tell you all about what he'd done that day. It didn't matter if he'd had a stressful day or just a terrible one at that, the second he would see you waiting for him everything would melt away. 

    "Then what happened?" You asked as you pressed soft kisses up and down his jawline, cuddling into him and rubbing his chest. Doing everything you could to make him feel your love since your love language was physical touch. 

    "The boys decided to drop the laptop," He shuddered at the memory and looked at you as you pouted,

    "Everything okay though? Your work?" He nodded not wanting to talk about it anymore and simply kissed you softly. 

    "Can we just enjoy being together right now?" You nodded and kissed him again, going to run him a bath so you could pamper him some more.


    Minho pretended that he hated it all whenever the boys were around but he secretly adored the way you could smoother him with so much love. He liked coming home to you and finding you ready to cuddle up to him.

    "One of these days you're going to have to admit it to the boys," You laughed softly as you cuddled up with him, squishing his cheeks ever so slightly. 


    "Because they're going to find us like this and you're going to have to admit it." You let out a small laugh and he shook his head, 

    "This is our thing, no one else needs to know the truth." You shook your head kissing him softly. 


    Changbin didn't care what he was doing or who was in the room if you were there he wanted you to cuddle him, kiss him and smother him with all of the love that he needed to get him through the day. 

    "Hyung?" Hyunjin quizzed as he walked into the living room to find you peppering Changbin's cheeks with your kisses, keeping yourself pressed against him closely. 

    "We're going to be late." He reminded him but Changbin whined, pouting out his lips as he realised he needed to leave you behind for the day.

    "I'll give you double snuggles and love later, I promise." You let out a small laugh and kisses his temple softly


    Whenever Hyunjin had a hard day he could always count on going to your apartment to relax, you would already be there waiting for him and ready to help him unwind. It was always cuddles, kisses and a large bubble bath for him but Hyunjin only ever wanted the kisses and cuddles. He enjoyed the way your hands would feel against him, squishing and cooing him like a child. There was just something loving about it that he loved.

    "Do you want me to run a bath?" You quizzed as your hands stopped moving on his cheeks, 

    "N-No, don't stop." He whispered as he kissed your hands softly, leaning more into your touch.


    Jisung wasn’t overly found of physical touch with anyone before but when he met you it all changed. There was something in the way you would touch him and cuddle him that made him change his mind. He would find himself clinging to you after a long day or even just clinging to you anyway. He wanted to be the one that would hold you every night and to have you hold him.

    “Can you do that again?” He asked as you squished his cheeks playfully, pressing your lips to his squished up lips.

    “You sure? It didn’t annoy you?”

    “N-No…I love it when you’re overly touchy with me, it always makes me so happy.” He blushed as he admitted it but you nodded, continuing to pamper him.


    It had started as a one time thing, you’d just not been able to contain how adorable you found him and began to squish his cheek, kissing him all over his face and then that was it. Felix decided that it was his new favourite thing and made it a habit. Everyday he would come home you would be there and he would sit beside you and beg for you to touch him the way that you did that first time. Even moving your hands onto his face so you knew what he wanted.

    “My poor baby, long day?” You asked as he nodded weakly, laying his head down on your lap as you leant down to kiss his forehead, promising you were going to make it all better for him.


    Seungmin looked forward to it a lot, he didn't care who knew that he loved it either. If the boys were there he would still let you squish his cheeks together and tell him how adorable you found him. There was something about it that made him feel so much more loved than he had ever felt before.

    "How's my cutie pie?" You quizzed as he sat down beside you, cuddling his head into your neck as he got ready for you to hold him,.

    "Tired, how are you?" He kissed your neck softly and a giant grin appeared on your lips, 

    "Now you're here...Perfect." You admitted as he looked up at you, your hands linking with his as you began to tell him all about your day.


    Jeongin told you he hated it, that he didn't like it when you would treat him like that because it made him feel like a baby when he was a man. Though, it didn't take long for you to see that that was a lie and he adored it. Without Jeongin even noticing he would be waiting and ready for you to pamper him with kisses and affection at all hours of the night. Not being able to sleep until he had been kissed all over his face by yours truly.

    "Admit it, you love it just as much as I do." You whispered, not touching his skin with your lips as he let out a whine. 

    "Yes! Yes! Now kiss me," He begged as you let out a little laugh, pressing your lips to his skin.

    Tagline: @minholuvs​ @taestannie​ @sw33tnight​ @acciocriativity​ @mwitsmejk​ @taeechwitaa​ @justbangtanthingz​ @stillwithlix​ @lolalee24​ @yubinism​ @ethereallino​ @aerastus​ @kimahnjung98​ @halesandy​

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    Hyunjin (Stray Kids) Headcanon - Spring Date

    Considering that spring weather can be rather strange

    Going from nice to bad in a matter of moments

    At least where I live it feels like it

    Hyunjin would try and come up with a few activities that are weather friendly

    Going out to eat, a movie, shopping, an art class, etc.

    But he would also try and include some outdoor activities

    Going a walk, visiting the park, going to the beach, etc.

    No matter where you two go however, there will be plenty of fun had and pictures taken

    You two will be the epitome of that newly in love couple who just wants to spend time with each other no matter what you’re doing

    Which is very true

    Given the fact that your schedules can be pretty crazy, that exactly what you guys want

    Just being able to spend time with one another is all you two really want

    The day is filled with lots of giggles and playful banter as you guys go about your day

    I’d be lying if I said that there wasn’t an older couple in the park that saw you two chasing each other around and smiled thinking back on their own youth when they were young and in love

    As for fans

    If anyone did recognize Hyunjin, they chose to ignore it and not interrupt the two of you

    And miraculously, dispatch didn’t catch either of you on your date filled spring day

    #kpop headcanons#stray kids #stray kids masterlist #stray kids headcanons #stray kids hyunjin #stray kids hwang hyunjin #hyunjin#hwang hyunjin#hyunjin headcanons #hwang hyunjin headcanons
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    Don't Let the Letters Out (Lee Know x Reader) Mini Series Teaser (Part-2)

    To all the boys i’ve Loved Before AU
    Don’t Let the Letters Out- Mini series (Part 2 Teaser)

    Pairing- Lee Know x fem.Reader

    Word Count- 2.2K

    Status- To Be Released

    Is agreeing to fake date the most popular guy in school really worth the risk to save yourself from confronting the guy you really love? Well, not for others, but you'd do anything to save your ass.

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    hwang hyunjin has been reserved for 72h. ⚿

    please make sure to send in your application within this period to unlock your access to the key app!  
    the key is looking forward to welcoming you soon.
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    POV: SKZ’s reaction to cringe pickup phrases | lovers

    #stray kids#skz#skz imagines#felix fluff#skz felix #lee felix x reader #bang chan x reader #han x reader #hyunjin x reader #changbin x reader #jeongin x reader #lee know x reader #seungmin x reader #skz social media au #stray kids fake texts #stray kids scenarios #stray kids social media au
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