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  • lix-ables
    25.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    °○ slow sex + soft music in a dim-lit room with hyunjin would be the dream ○°

    just imagine the boy just under you, lazily eating you out, your body just moving to the rhythm of his actions ─ the way your fingers would tug on his hair, earning a groan from him, but it would also make him go faster so he could hear you moan out for him.

    for hyunjin, the only thing he loves other than the music he’s put on, is the way you sound. and it’s all for him, making him so proud that he’s doing a good job. the way he knows your body like at the back of his hand. the way he’d map your body in his mind, knowing your tells, what gets you weak, what makes you a mess. it’s like you’re his secret. and he loves that.

    for you, when you’re with hyunjin, it’s like the whole world doesn’t exist, because that’s how he makes you feel. the way he touches you, the way he smells when his arm is wrapped around you, the way his fingers wrap around your neck when he’s fucking you, everything. everything about him, takes you back to the first time you started dating, and its like magic.

    the way hyunjin praises you, making you feel like you’re the only one in his eyes, his sweet words being whispered in your ears, his lips marking your skin, like a reminder of his love for you, his lips kissing every inch of your body, another reminder that this body was to be worshipped, nothing more, nothing less.

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  • ppiri-bahng
    25.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    💭 chan drabble…

    “Does this bother you,” you ask softly as you curl into his chest.

    “Does what bother me baby?”

    His hands still in your hair as he awaits your answer.

    “When I get clingy like this.”

    “Never,” Chan tries to assure you, sitting up slightly so that he can cup your cheek.

    “Why would you think that?”

    You feel your eyes water slightly, not wanting to make eye contact in fear that you will burst into tears.

    “Baby,” he calls softly when you don’t respond.

    You shrug slightly, gripping the material of his t-shirt between your fingers.

    “I just feel like I’m being annoying.”

    Chan’s eyebrows furrowed slightly.

    “Do you think I’m annoying when I get clingy with you?”

    You quickly shake your head.

    “Then what’s got you feeling like this my love.”

    You sigh as you force yourself to meet his soft and concerned gaze.

    “Sometimes I just have this urge to be held and loved on. I just get really clinging sometimes where I don’t want you to leave me. I feel like I can get annoying though, especially if you are busy,” you mumble the last part.

    Chan sighs as he leans forward to press a kiss against your forehead.

    “You never annoy me my love. I’m sorry if I ever made you feel that way.”

    You could hear the sadness in his tone at the thought of ever unintentionally hurting your feelings.

    “Chan you’ve never made me feel that way. You’re always so loving and caring even when you are busy it’s just—I guess I’m just in my head again,” you sigh as your eyes fall to the sheets.

    “We’ll get out of there silly,” Chan giggles as he leans to press multiple kisses across your face, resulting in your own laughter escaping you.

    “There’s that pretty smile.”

    You feel a soft blush kiss your cheeks at his affectionate gaze, looking at you as though you put the stars in the sky.

    “I love you Y/n and I love when you get like this because I like loving on you and taking care of you. So please don’t think you’re a burden to me, okay?”

    You nodded as you cranes your neck to press a lingering kiss against his lips.

    “I love you too.”

    You really really did.

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  • hyukastuffies
    25.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    Who should i find links for? Ask me!!!!🤍<3//

    omg lee know from stray kids!

    GOOD CHOICE :)) After Lee Know sees you fresh out of the shower he just can't help but want to get you dirty again

    #skz hard hours #skz hard thoughts #skz smut#skz #skz lee know smut #skz lee know #minho stray kids #skz minho#minho smut#straykids#skz filth#skz hyunjin#skz chan#skz jisung
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  • bizzareskz
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    bizzareskzs’ masterlist ✎ (❁ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈)

    all fics entail ‘smut,’ meaning, none of my fics are aimed towards minors. my fics do not represent real people as they’re works of fiction.

    please do not copy, repost, or translate any of my fics.


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  • iluvchanniesposts
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    soft tickles

    [[han x minho]]

    genre - fluff x tickles

    summary - a platonic friendship where the two care for each other so much that they can keep each other’s secrets.

    not proof read.

    minho and jisung, the bestest of friends. they know each other like the back of their hands and can read each other’s moods like a book. you would sometimes think they’re an extension to each other’s lives, but in reality they just have so much adoration for one another. of course, like any other friends; they have off days. days where they become agitated from spending too much time together, or days where they simply don’t feel like messing around together. today was one of those days, but only han was feeling blue. everyone knows minho is his safe space, his favourite older brother, but it’s not all the time that he confides in him. stubbornness takes over or maybe even his anxiety, whatever it is definitely takes a toll on him. currently sat on the sofa, head stuck in a book with his glasses slightly sliding off his nose. his friend accompanied him, making the sofa sink with a slight bounce as he plonked himself down next to jisung. something was wrong the moment han didn’t even look up from his book or bat an eyelid, just completely smitten with the silly words on a piece of paper.

    “what are you reading?” minho raised his posture slightly to peek into jisung’s wonderland of a book. “just a book that felix got me for my birthday.” he tilted the book so minho could see the title in response. “you seem…off?” minho’s statement almost coming out as a question definitely caught jisung off guard. he struggled to keep eye contact with his elder, flicking his eyes around every object of the room. “nothing, just tired.” his tone was monotonous and it sounded like he didn’t want to be bothered. “hm, okay. i’ll come check in on you in an hour.” minho ruffled his hair and wandered his way into the kitchen to do absolutely nothing. he was worried, and confused as to why han was so quiet. it’s no secret that he’s an introvert, but to be so quiet around his best friend was strange and unlikely. minho’s only pastime was watching films with jisung, or doing any activity with him. it’s extremely rare that he’s in this sort of mood, hence the worry that minho is enduring.

    the slowest hour of his life passed by as he entered the living room to see han still sat there in the same position. the ratio of the book became uneven, indicating he had read almost all of it. “how’s the book?” his attempt at starting an un awkward conversation failed miserably. “pretty good.” blunt once again. minho rolled his eyes and snatched the book from jisung. the book was chucked far away, leaving han in disbelief as his mouth flew open. before he could even speak, minho butted in. “tell me what’s wrong.” his tone was firm and commanding, jisung didn’t have a leg to stand on. he stuttered pathetically, trying to come up with a lazy excuse as to why he’s been acting weird. “i don’t really want to talk about it.” his attitude was evident from his book being disposed of straight in front of his eyes, but minho didn’t care. “come on, ji. you tell me everything.” sitting down next to him, minho placed a hand on han’s shoulder. “but it’s weird, and you’ll judge me.” his arms were crossed like a toddler as he shunned his head away. “you’re the weirdest person i know, nothing you ever do will make me judge you.” minho assured him, making his expression soften a little. jisung sighed, fully turning his body towards minho, who gave him a nod of assurance. “i haven’t laughed properly in such a long time. i don’t know, i was thinking about something but i don’t want you to freak out..” his face burned red with embarrassment as lee know stared into his eyes. “what is it? it’s only me remember, we have so many secrets, what’s so different about this one?” he spoke softly, gaining jisung’s trust a little. “i think i want you to..t-tickle me?” it was a struggle to even say the word. in an instant, he looked away from minhos gaze to avoid any misconception. “i mean, i can if you like. we tickle each other all the time, so how’s this weird?” it was a genuine question. “because i enjoy it, and you’re not supposed to enjoy it.” jisung fiddled with his fingers and minho noticed. he cupped both of jisung’s hands with his to stop his anxious habits. “lay down, ji.” minho nodded with a soft smile. he laid down slowly, adjusting his head to get comfortable on the sofa as minho climbed onto his waist. it was no joke how excited he was getting to finally be tickled, but he tried his best to hide it. “hands, together.” minho ordered, grabbing his linked hands and lifting them above his head.

    “where shall we start first, hannie?” minho was enjoying it too, every little moment. he didn’t even give han a chance to reply before he started lightly scratching along his neck. han bit his lip to suppress his giggles but squirmed a little under his touch. his breathing became heavier as minhos fingers picked up their pace, switching to each side of his neck. “does that tickle enough?” he questioned as han shook his head no. minho took this as a challenge with a raised eyebrow. his eyes wandered before his hands, stopping at the hollows of jisung’s armpits. his lips twitched into a smile, knowing this will make him giggle like crazy. first it was a poke, then another, then another. with each poke, the younger jolted slightly. this wasn’t enough for minho, he took all four fingers and dug them into his armpits and started wiggling them around. “hahaha that tickles mohohore.” han was laughing at this point which only made minho’s ego grow bigger. “that tickles so much, doesn’t it?” minho teased him in a slight baby voice, flustering him further. he would occasionally scratch the skin below his sleeve in between squeezes, making his laughter go smaller then bigger. “where else is little hannie ticklish?” he wondered aloud, han watching his every move. “here?” he quickly tickled his stomach, earning a laugh from jisung. “or here?” his hands quickly shook han’s ribs, making him jolt to the side. “oh, i think i’ll go here.” he stated, wiggling his fingers into han’s ribs. “HAHAH NO.” han exclaimed, embarrassed by his sudden outburst. “no? but didn’t you want this?” minho questioned sarcastically. han was a laughing mess, all he could do was nod his head. his fingers continued their torture, counting his ribs and digging his finger in between each one after counting it. han’s head laid back on the sofa, throat bobbing with every giggle that left his mouth. minho loved seeing him happy, especially after todays mood. “you’re so cute jisungie!” he exclaimed knowing full well han couldn’t protest. “your belly button looks extremely inviting.” minho spoke as his fingernail swirled around it slowly, dipping in slightly. han was breathing out shaky giggles, sucking his stomach in with every swirl of minhos finger. “it would be a real shame if i done this..” he trailed off his sentence, bending down and blowing a raspberry on han’s bare stomach. he nibbled the skin after, making han go crazy. “HAHAHA I CAHANT!” he screamed. “but, jisung. you can, because you asked for this.” he dug his free thumb into han’s hip right next to his v line. he bucked his waist into the air and thrashed around under minhos grasp. “OKAY ENOUGH!” he choked out. “was that okay?” minho asked as he climbed off from jisung’s lap and sat up next to him. “yeah, thank you hyung.” he hugged into his side, feeling much better.

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  • cherrydumpling
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Past Our Burning Bridges | CH2

    𝐀 𝐜𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐝𝐨𝐰𝐬

    𝐒𝐘𝐍𝐎𝐏𝐒𝐈𝐒: You thought you'd successfully exiled yourself from the mobster organization years ago. You're free, living a life of normalcy on your own terms, far away from the Hwang estate. Except when unidentified threats target you, you're roped back into the organization seemingly overnight. Coming back to this life doesn't only bring the blood and death that you have been trying to avoid, but it means being face-to-face with the boss in charge of this organization and the man you left behind, Hwang Hyunjin.
    𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆: Hyunjin x Reader (female)
    𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: Mob organisation, criminal activity, gun violence, injuries, strong language, relationship insecurities, heavy angst, possessive behaviour, fingering, cunnilingus, rough sex, emotional sex, crying, attempted murder, murder, death, adult themes throughout.
    𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐃 𝐂𝐎𝐔𝐍𝐓: 19.8K
    𝐒𝐄𝐑𝐈𝐄𝐒 𝐓𝐀𝐆 𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓: @justoutfromdead @seo--changbin @nightrayseishina @smuchsmut @bangtanskz @ddaeing @lachinitaaaaa @lotus-dly @hayleyfields33 @camicu @sermed @108straykidsfm @mirror-juliet @lovhyunj @mirror-juliet @wolfgang-hyunjin @hyunelixies @hwangnono @yumi-xox
    (Let me know if you want to be added to the tag list.)


    For once, you're not absentmindedly roaming the halls, sitting out in the garden or isolating yourself in your room. You're  in the bustle of one of the common rooms, a surprise to everyone else as much as yourself. The minute you waltz in, all eyes lift to you. They’re all familiar faces, if not for a couple of newcomers – there’s Jeongin, Nina, Jisung and Changbin huddled together in a corner and they acknowledge you with the briefest of eye contact. Others just glance over you, skeptical and on edge, like you're expected to burst at the seams at any given time.

    It’s normal for them to all gather on the night of a weekend after a long week of conferences. You would often find yourself down here, tangled with Julian on the dance floor or speaking mindlessly on the couch, forgoing your responsibility to the organisation for just a couple of moments. This is one of the more larger common rooms, and yet it’s nearly brimmed with young soldiers to the cause. The smell of alcohol seeps through the room, along with some whisks of marijuana and everyone’s laughing and talking absurdly loud, like their full time jobs aren't being mobsters.

    You find it ironic now, now that you're only a part of it because you're involuntarily involved. You make these quick judgments on the people who dedicate their lives to the organisation, many of which grew up in the same predicament. Born into the organisation, meant to die in the organisation. But some join willingly, and commit to a vigorous training process, selling their soul for the promise of a found family and endless amounts of cash. It’s hypocritical of you to look down on it, but you can’t help but do it anyway.

    “Y/n,” Jeongin calls out to you, much to your own surprise. You catch his eye, and his friends sitting alongside him on the couch seem rather stunned, too. His big, cheesy grin can be deceiving, his arm waving frantically in the air in order to guide you. “Over here!”

    You scan the room, already having bumped into a variety of people as they shuffle by you. This common room is on its own end of one of the soldiers' wings, meant purely for their own entertainment. It’s the size of their dining hall, if only just the slightest bit smaller. The large dance floor is crowded with drunken and high dancers, a couple of people messing around at the DJ booth and some idly partygoers snacking in every corner. Nobody’s making out, they’re professionals to some degree, but you do spot a couple hand in hand, sneaking out of the common room to one of their bedrooms, no doubt.

    Jeongin is one of the many high individuals, also happening to be munching on a bag of chips in his hand. Jisung leans over to get a drag of his blunt while Nina steals a chip, Changbin sitting stoic and professional, like he was forced to be here, but enjoys their company. There was once a time you would snuggle up next to Nina or nudge elbows with Changbin, tolerate Jisung and laugh at Jeongin’s jokes. But that seems like a whole other lifetime ago, and they’re all different people. And maybe Jeongin’s okay, but they all seem indifferent towards you.

    You don't even know why you're here. Why couldn't you just spend another Friday night cuddled up in your room sketching, plotting how to be useful during your time here and avoiding Hyunjin. It’s what you do every night. But today, something brought you here. Maybe something about moving forward. Maybe the hope that that’s still possible for you.

    Your feet do end up dragging over to them. You have to slip past a lot of drunken bodies, but there’s a lot of people who are sober – probably on call, or just professionals through and through – who disregard you. Your impact on this place is gone, people once fearing the sight of you. Not that you have ever strived to be someone people were afraid of, but you were once in line to be a Hwang yourself. Everyone was sure of it. Now, it seems like you have slipped through the floorboards, destined to be forgotten by the people of an organisation that has failed to let you go.

    There’s no room for you on the couch, though Jeongin attempts to shuffle closer to Jisung. You awkwardly sit on the arm rest as Jeongin extends his bag of chips to you.

    “Chip?” He offers with a grin.

    “I’m good,” you find yourself smiling, genuinely.

    “Joint?” Jeongin suggests instead, outstretching his opposite hand with the blunt propped between his index and middle finger.

    You shake your head, a giggle escaping your lips.

    “Well, Jisung and I aren’t on call tonight,” Jeongin concedes, taking another hit before extending it to Jisung, who more than willingly takes a drag.

    “Yeah, because Hyunjin’s still pissed at you idiots,” Nina scoffs, reaching over Jisung to dig into a handful of chips.

    “How were we supposed to know Safstrom wasn’t just another local resident?” Jeongin huffs, offense written all over his face.

    You feel yourself tense, wondering if your nervousness is noticeable on your features. None of them even glance at you, all too engrossed in Jisung and his absurdities to pay you any attention.

    “Because you guys were trained under the mob? You’re supposed to be smarter than that,” Changbin quips dryly.

    “Well, that’s the Hwang’s fault for overestimating us.”

    If Jisung’s offended by the situation, he doesn’t show it. He grabs Jeongin’s wrist, bringing the blunt to his lips once more before blowing out a long, puff of smoke. His eyes dart up to you, finally sensing how tense you have become. A smirk stretches across his face, as he sizes you up. You try to remain level, narrowing your eyes at him, challenging. But nobody’s scared of you anymore, so of course it doesn’t work.

    “I’d ask what you’ve been up to, Y/n, you know, to be polite,” Jisung leans back, slinging his arm over Nina, who seems less than interested in the interaction. “But we all know that.”

    “You know what?” You dare to challenge, irritation bubbling up within you. “That I’m a history teacher?”

    “That’s literally the least interesting thing we know,” Jisung chuckles.

    “Watch it, Jisung,” Changbin warns.

    “What? You're no longer the princess of the estate. You're free reign.”

    “You know better than to–”

    “You’ve collected quite the bodies, huh, Y/n? I didn’t know you had it in you, to be with someone other than the King of the castle. I’m impressed.”

    Jisung’s an ass, his favourite hobby is simply being an ass. Usually, he’s more reserved with you, similar to how he is with Yeji. Nobody’s safe from his quips unless they’re meaningful to the head Hwang. You know that must have expired for you, despite how Changbin glares and Nina elbows him in the ribcage.

    “Shut up, Jisung.” This time Nina interjects, trying to brush it off like a classless joke. Her eyes flee to you, attempting to be soothing, in her own fashion. “Don’t listen to him, Y/n. He hasn’t gotten laid in months.”

    “Yeah, because my full time job is to babysit,” Jisung scowls, head snapping to Nina accusatory for a moment. A smirk grazes your lips, just as Jisung swivels his gaze back at you, his irritation incredibly satisfying. “Or was.”

    “You say that like it was my idea,” you quip an eyebrow. Mockingly, you add, “Sorry you had to watch me getting laid while you went through a dry spell.”

    Jeongin doubles over in laughter, probably too high to really comprehend what’s going on, but Nina and Changbin’s ears are perked, snickering at Jisung’s misfortune. Jisung growls, yanking at Jeongin’s wrist once more to take another drag from the blunt lazily drooping between his fingers. You feel a little guilty at the surge of pride that courses through you, almost like it’s a step back in their good graces. Lord knows you're far from Hyunjin’s.

    “That’s what you get,” Nina muses with an amused smile dancing across her face. “Shouldn’t have slut shamed her.”

    Jisung rolls his eyes at Nina, despite his clear disdain at where the conversation has turned to. His head swivels back around to you, taking note of the glint in your eye, and that just seems to increase his irritation. He straightens, staring down at you, challenging as you hold your head high, almost too mightily for his taste. You brace yourself for whatever sarcastic, cruel remark he’s going to send your way, but then his lips curl into a slow smirk.

    “Right, I guess I shouldn’t be commenting on  your sex life, when Hyunjin’s probably doubled yours,” Jisung comments with a shrug.

    Your lips purse, despite your attempt to not portray emotion. You assumed Hyunjin’s fooled around quite a bit since you've been gone. Before you were dating, it was impossible for him to stick to one, of course he moved through his selection after you left. And you have, too. You don’t have a right to be tense about it, for the pit in your stomach to deepen to horrendous lengths at the thought of Hyunjin touching someone else in the agonising way that he’s touched you. But Jisung seems to notice how it bothers you, a mischievous grin growing across his features.

    Jisung’s eyes settle on Nina, and that’s when  you tear your gaze away from him to stare at the rest of them. Jeongin’s in his own world, as per usual, but Nina and Changbin look much more tense. Changbin’s eyeing Jisung dangerously, not that the latter seems to care much. Nina’s avoiding eye contact all together. Your eyebrows furrow together, especially as Jisung’s body leans across, boisterously nudging Nina.

    “Nina would know,” Jisung muses. “She took a spin around the merry-go once or twice.”

    “Once,” Nina insists, before her eyes flee to you, alarmed and apologetic. “Once, Y/n, I swear. It was a while ago–”

    “You left a while ago. So did you sleep with him like, the day after she sailed the ship?”

    “Shut up, Jisung. Y/n, really, it meant nothing – to either of us–”

    You hear what they’re saying, at least you think you do. The words flood through your ears, but they don’t register. They collect themselves in your mind, piling up on one another like a gigantic mass. It weighs on your brain, so much it physically pains you, but you refuse to crumble. Nothing in your bones allows you to do that, you're tense and still, staring at the four on the couch as they bicker amongst themselves. You think Changbin’s interjected now, but everyone’s voices sound the same, and the only person you can picture in your mind is Hyunjin.

    These people were your family long ago, but it’s understandable that status has been lost in your absence. Too much has changed here, and you have as well. There shouldn’t even be a reason for you to be upset. Nina may have been your close friend, once upon a time, Hyunjin may have been your boyfriend, long ago, but it’s all buried so deep in the past. Neither of them did anything wrong. You made the choice to leave. You are in no position to dictate how they choose to move on.

    You stand from the arm of the couch. They’re still talking, you can still hear them, but you shake your head, and push a smile on your face. “Really guys, it’s fine. Not a big deal.”

    Nina’s lips are moving, you can tell, but now you have zoned out on what they’re saying. You keep that fake smile on your face, because you're fine. “Nina, really, do not worry about it. I’m just going to head out, it’s been a long night.”

    You're not sure if they call after you, because you're already marching out of the common room milliseconds after your departure. You try not to picture it, Hyunjin’s mouth on Nina’s or his hands caressing her body or their limbs joined. It makes you physically ill, and you know it’s unfair, and it’s hypocritical and you are being incredibly self-serving, but it doesn’t make your blood boil the way it makes your veins run cold, your heart sink to the pit of your stomach, your bones vibrate like they’re intending to burst.

    Your feet carry you out of the room, quick and easy steps, propping up your body as it goes numb, guiding you away from the noise that resonates only as ringing in your ears. They’re bringing you somewhere, and you vaguely know where you're being lead, your mind working a million miles in between flashes of the man you used to know tangled with one of his employers, like he has every right to do, despite the fact that it makes you want to crumble into a million pieces. You continue walking, find the stray doors in the hallways that lead to soldiers' rooms and take your best guess.

    A lot of the doors you knock on go unanswered. Some of them open, and a soldier you recognise vaguely looks at you in bewilderment, often asks if Hyunjin sent you.

    You mumble something about choosing the wrong door and move on to the next, fingers wrapping against the wood in hopes of finding him. It takes you a couple of tries, maybe a dozen, before you get it right.

    Minho swings open the door, dressed in sweatpants only. His eyebrow quip at you, mouth open to ask what’s going on, but you're already stepping forward, hands cupping Minho’s cheeks and bringing him in for feverish kiss.

     “Y/n–” Minho mumbles against your lips, hands coming to your shoulders and lightly pushing you back. He stares at you in the same bewilderment the other soldiers did, if only a little more frenzied. “What are you doing–”

    “Can I come in?” you beg, breathless, tears glistening in your eyes.

    You don't expect Minho to say no. He’s never one to turn down sex, especially from you. But the way he glances back into his bedroom, chews nervously on his lips, you tell yourself an opportunity already presented itself that night. Curious, and just a bit out of sorts, you peek your head over Minho’s shoulder, peer at the bed where covers are thrown haphazardly, except for one specific corner where a woman is tucked in, sleeping soundly.

    One squint of your eyes and you can make out Yeji, tucked into the covers, oblivious to the interaction that’s just occurred before her. Guilt consumes you, in combination with utter anguish seeing the Hwang sister all comfortable in Minho’s bed, laying much too sound for that to be her first time there. You look back at Minho, who straightens and purses his lips together. This isn’t something you were supposed to know about.

    “I-I’m sorry,” you stutter, tears spilling from your eyelids and streaming down your cheeks. “I didn’t know–”

    Minho places one hand on your shoulder, another on the door handle as he ushers you from the room, sealing the door behind him to give the two of you some privacy. “It’s new. Sort of.”

    “New as in serious-new?” you probe, your voice cracking just the slightest bit.

    “Yes. And nobody knows. You can’t tell anyone, she’s not ready.”

    “No, I won’t. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,”  you don't know why you're crying. Your hands flail over your face, trying to shield the ugliness of your sob from Minho, who peers on, concerned. “Fuck. What’s wrong with me?”

    You lean against the bare wall beside the door, hands still covering your face and slide your back down. Your bottom sinks into the floor, knees buckled up to your chest as you weep. You tuck your head into your lap, and sob something low and hearty, allowing the quietness of your cries to fill the hallway. You haven’t cried as much as you have in this estate in years, probably since you were a full-time resident.

    You feel Minho take a seat beside you, his shoulder brushing up against yours. You don't move from your position, somehow not embarrassed by allowing what you think is a complete stranger to see you cry. A couple of weeks ago, Minho would be considered your friend and occasional fuck buddy. And now, you have no idea who he is, the only solid fact you have learned from him is that he’s more than a friend and fuck buddy to Yeji, the sister of the man who owns your heart.

    “I’m sorry,” you weep again. “I don’t know what’s going on.”

    “It’s okay,” Minho puts his arm around your shoulder, speaking soft and soothing. “It’s been an overwhelming couple of weeks.”

    You sigh hazily, lifting your head and staring blankly at the wall across from where you're sitting. The tears that have streamed down your face have come to a stop, but stain your cheeks and leave a lasting burn in your eyes. Your lip quivers, but you use your top row of teeth to bite down on it, cease the whimper that attempts to tumble from your mouth. You shake your head, screw your eyes shut and pray that when you open them, you will be back in the city, with Hyunjin acting only as a distant memory.

    That’s not the case, of course. Your eyes flutter open after a couple calming breaths, and you're still trapped in the Hwang estate. Everything was so much easier when he was out of sight, out of mind. When you could make up what he was doing now in your head. He’d always be somewhere in this estate, usually in his office, alone or with Changbin or Yeji. He would be debating leaving this life, coming to find you. You never got to the part where he made the decision to get up and abandon the organisation, but you always found much more solace in the lead up.

    Minho doesn’t look at you like you're crazy, but you think he should. You lift your head to look at Minho, who instead peers back at you with what seems to be genuine concern and confusion. He doesn’t prompt you, or probe you for answers, but waits patiently for an explanation, and would probably be content if you didn’t provide one. At least that’s one thing that’s the same as the Minho that was just your roommate. The one that wasn’t a soldier to the Hwang empire.

    “I’m not crying over you,” you croak, earning a laugh from Minho.

    “I assumed so. Only a Hwang could make you cry those tears,” Minho smiles sympathetically, nudging you a little with the sway of his body.

    You bite out a bitter laugh, shaking your head at the honesty of it all. Your gaze dips down back to your lap, and you exhale a shaky sigh. “I have no right to be upset.”

    “Maybe not. But it’s got to mean something, right?”

    “That I’m pathetic crying over a man that I left?”

    “No. That you’re crying over a man you love who is now back in your life, whether you like it or not.”

    You tip the back of your head against the wall, attempting to angle yourself so that no more tears fall from your eyes. Your breathing steadies, if only the slightest bit, as you try to collect yourself. The hallway is long, and the night’s drawing to a close rather soon, soon people will be stumbling by here. Not to mention the people on call that can waltz through any one of these doors at any given moment, and catch Hyunjin’s ex-girlfriend sprawled across the floor with Minho, out of all people, at her side.

    It can’t just be Hyunjin sleeping with Nina that gets you so worked up. In fact, you know it’s not. You're supposed to be moving forward, you got away from this estate to do exactly that. And now, you are back here, and your mother’s telling you to move along, and you know that’s something you need to do. It was much easier back in the city, when your demons were hidden away here. They have only welcomed you back since arriving at the estate, swooping you into their clutches with open arms and a gnarly greeting.

    “It’s been three years,” you say to Minho, but it resonates with something buried deep within your own chest. “Three whole years. So much has changed. And I wanted it that way, I wanted it different. So, what the fuck is wrong with me?”

    Minho hugs you tighter to his side. You breathe out shakily, staring blankly at the wall in front of you. There’s a brief pause that looms over the two of you. You attempt to collect your thoughts, trying to figure out the cause of your mess yourself, but your mind is in scrambles and you can barely breathe properly at the moment.

    “Nothing is wrong with you,” the words flow from Minho’s mouth slowly, as if he’s choosing what he’s about to say as his mouth moves. “You just only wanted some things to be different.”

    You lift your head, eyebrows furrowed together in confusion.

    Minho catches your stare and elaborates, “This place is the same, Y/n. Blood still coats its walls. I may have only joined after you left, but organisations typically have the same code of conduct for generations. The Hwang estate is no different.”

    You nod along, “I know that.”

    “That’s what you wanted changed. This place in addition to Hyunjin’s feelings about it. But neither of those have changed either. What’s different is the two of you. Not only individually, but how you interact with one another is different, too. Obviously, when you break up that’s inevitable–”

    Inevitable. You hate that word. It reminds you too much of Hyunshik, that cold-hearted man that resembled nothing personality-wise to Hyunjin, but managed to creep inside his head, poison all of his original thoughts. But your eyes remain keen on Minho anyways, having paused noticing the look of disdain crossing your features.

    A short, curt nod from you, and Minho continues. “But I told you weeks ago, I came onto you cause I knew you wouldn’t ever want anything serious – I knew who your heart belonged to.”

    Something inside you just knows your heart will always belong to him, even before the words tumble from Minho’s mouth. And you knew it back in the city, too, that if he never came back for you, you’d have to pretend to move on. But it would always be him in your daydreams, Hyunjin by your side at the imaginary house, away from this hellhole of the Hwang estate.

    * * *

    “No disrespect, Hyunjin, but this is getting ridiculous,” Changbin keeps his voice level, staring at Hyunjin with composure and grace in attempts not to irritate him. “Safstrom seems immune to the torture. We’ve been going at it for weeks–”

    “There’s a reason why he’s so loyal to Everett,” Hyunjin shakes his head, contemplative.

    The boss sits at the head of the conference table, Changbin on one side and Pierce on the other. The group trickles alongside the table, aligned in a neat order to provide their two cents. Nina’s supplied more information, but nothing that can launch an attack or that they can use as leverage against Safstrom, still tucked away in the torture chamber.

    You are propped up at the end of the table, almost directly across from Hyunjin, listening silently.

    You watch as Hyunjin’s lips furrow together in frustration, leaning forward with his hands clasped, index fingers pressed to his lips. He’s more than agitated, all of them just as surprised that the physical torture has had no impact on Safstrom as of yet. Normally, in this case, there’s leverage against him, but they also have nothing. Hyunjin lifts his head, briefly making eye contact with you, and you wonder for a moment if you said your thoughts aloud. It would be the first thing you have said to him since your stint in the garden.

    Instead, Hyunjin turns to Nina, seated beside Pierce. “Elias Safstrom, are we sure that’s his real name?”

    “Already explored that,” Nina sighs, flipping her ponytail over to rest on her shoulder. “Orphaned young, no siblings, never married, no kids. He’s got no one. Nobody he’d care enough about to squeal.”

    You have to give it to the two of them. You watch Hyunjin and Nina interact frequently – despite your better judgment – throughout the conference. Your eyes flicker from the duo as they converse, simple and easy, professional. Nina did say it only happened once. Maybe they both regretted it. But that does nothing to settle the bile that attempts to rise up your throat whenever you catch sight of the two of them.

    “Then maybe Hyunjin’s right, the answer is in Everett,” Pierce suggests, leaning back in his chair. “There’s got to be a deeper connection there. A reason why he’s so loyal.”

    “Besides wads of cash?” Jisung chimes in with a snort.

    “Wads of cash can only go so far,” Hyunjin points out, expanding off of Pierce’s theory. He glances at Nina once more. “Any more leads on Everett?”

    “He only shows up to talk to Ayers or Tessa. But he’s meeting them more frequently, probably because he knows we have Safstrom.”

    “Everett is speeding up the process. Whatever he’s planning, he knows he needs to act fast. It’s not enough to trail them through the cameras. I want a physical trail, the next alert we get on him, I want Everett followed.”

    “I’ll do it,” Minho offers.

    Hyunjin acknowledges him with a nod. “Good. Now, Ayers and Tessa; they have any connections?”

    “Nope,” Nina deadpans. “Tessa’s husband is dead, and her and Ayers seem not to have any family.”

    “Then I want physical trails on them, too. Changbin, you’ll take Ayers – Yeji, I can trust you with Tessa. Any word on Livia?” 

    “Not yet, but we’re working on it.”

    The conference concludes as follows, Hyunjin barking out orders to anyone and allowing you to listen, but not speak, not be involved. Everyone disperses when Hyunjin dismisses them, and usually you're the first one to flee. But this time, you allow everyone to slip past you, out of the conference room and through the large wooden doors. Hyunjin’s hunched over his desk, collecting stacks of paper he’s scribbled notes on, barely noticing that you are still standing there. He expects you to just leave, like you always do.

    Pierce stops at the door, noticing you standing idly. You catch him out of the corner of your eye, and pray he doesn’t make a comment. But he’s the secondhand, and nosy, so of course, he steps forward.

    “Y/n,” Pierce starts, voice low as not to alert Hyunjin. “Maybe now isn’t the best time–”

    “I don’t need the lecture,” you swivel your head to him with a sickly sweet smile. “I know how to talk to Hyunjin.”

    It may be a gross understatement, and by the way Pierce’s eyes flicker, he seems to believe just that. But you don't care. You know Hyunjin. Maybe you don’t approach things in the best way, but at the core of your being, you know him.

    “He’s just trying his best to lead, he’s prepped for this his whole life,” Pierce tries to convince you, his voice pleading. “Don’t be a distraction. Not now, Y/n. You didn’t see how he was when you left–”

    “Thank you, Pierce,” Hyunjin’s voice booms from the other side of the room. His fingers are pressed against the wood of the conference table, eyes glaring at his secondhand as he whispers in your ear. “You’re dismissed.”

    Pierce purses his lips together in a tight line, but nods to Hyunjin. His gaze turns to you, eyes widening slightly, encouraging you to tread with caution. He dips his head as he ducks out of the room, you glancing over your shoulder just to watch the door swing to a close behind him. Your head swivels back around to face Hyunjin, who doesn’t stare at you any more impressed than he looked at Pierce.

    “What is it, Y/n?” Hyunjin huffs, already exasperated.

    You slowly approach him, walking around the large, wooden conference table. “I know you don’t want me to talk to Safstrom, but–”

    “We aren’t having this discussion again.”

    “Fine, then we won’t. Can you let me speak?”

    Hyunjin sighs, but tilts his head, peering at you and showcasing his full attention. You’re less than a foot apart, probably too close for either of your liking. You gulp down a lump in your throat that forms, hoping Hyunjin fails to notice as you straighten.

    “This is taking too long,” you start. Hyunjin rolls his eyes, irritated you're stating the obvious, but when your fingers graze his arm to bring him to attention, he pauses, eyes landing on your hand on him. His lip tighten, and his eyes flee up to meet yours, but you retract your hand before any more can come from it. “I have a contract to fulfill in September. I’m wasting time being here, and this clearly seems to be more complicated than you anticipated.”

    “Clearly,” Hyunjin takes offence, narrowing his eyes at you. “What’s your point?”

    “If you don’t want me to come down there and talk to Safstrom, fine. But use me as leverage.”

    “No. No, I’m not involving you at all–”

    “I’m already involved. He was stalking me. He wanted something to do with me.”

     “I’m aware, Y/n. But using you as leverage tells him we’ve run out of options. They went to you for a reason, probably because they figured out our history somehow, I can’t risk it,” Hyunjin shakes his head, eyes settled elsewhere, fiddling with the stack of papers he’s already folded neatly on his desk minutes before.

    You stare him down, despite his dedication to not looking at you. He’s meticulous about his notes, that much you know. If he’s not jotting something down from a meeting, he gets someone else to do it. There’s been a helping of times that you have woken up, spun over to the other side of the bed just to see him reading over stacks of paper. It helped him keep up with his father, and his demands for him and sometimes, it assists in connecting the dots, seeing what he couldn’t when they were all together. It does nothing to assuage your irritation, though, his fixation on the stack only serving as an excuse to ignore you.

    Hyunjin tucks the paper into the crease of his elbow, barely giving you a glance over as he turns away from you in his attempt to exit this conversation without further rebuttal. Irritation bubbles inside of you, colliding with the overwhelming slew of anger coursing in your veins. You sidestep around him, making him face you once more. Hyunjin halts in front of you with a huff and disappointed expression, like he’s belittling you. In a flash, you raise your hand and smack down the stack of papers, allowing them to fly and scatter themselves all over the floor.

    His eyes flash up to you angrily, as if a light switched off his brain. “What’s wrong with you, Y/n? Why are you so fucking hellbent on making my life more difficult than it already is?”

    “You’re one to talk, keeping me here, making me feel useless–”

    “I let you sit in on these conferences despite my better fucking judgement! I can’t do much else without risking your safety and the people on this team.”

     “You want me to be that quiet, compliant girl I was three years ago. I’m not that girl anymore!”

    "I never asked you to be!”

    “Bullshit,” you seethe, purposely stepping onto his papers to edge closer to him. He straightens, adjusting his posture in a method to further distance himself from you. “I’m not wasting my life here with you.”

    Hyunjin chuckles bitterly, “Right. You already wasted your life with me before.”

    “You could’ve come with me. We could have had the gardens–”

    “That’s not my legacy.”

     “Forget about your fucking legacy! What about your future?”

    “My future is here.”

    “Right. Here, running an organisation that makes your miserable, long after your dad is dead and gone, fucking random girls, fucking Nina, because that’s more desirable than any life you could have with me.”

    Hyunjin gulps, his Adam’s apple bobbing noticeably. You note how his fist tightens, knuckles whitening. “Who told you about Nina?”

    You stare at him, bewildered. You shake your head, an exasperated laugh leaving your lips. Hyunjin only stares back at you, blank and unwavering. It seems to be the only statement from your claim that caught his attention. You turn from him, intent on walking out the door and slamming it shut behind you, when Hyunjin catches your wrist, spinning you back around to face him in one fluid motion.


    “I wonder how long it took for me to leave for you to jump in her bed,” you taunt, anger seeping from every bone in your body and spewing from your lips. “Knowing you, Hyunjin, maybe two days or what? A week? Hyunshik wanted to make her the newest incubator for the next Hwang heir, yeah?”

    “Shut up, Y/n,” Hyunjin seethes, teeth flashing at you. “You have no idea what it was like when you were gone. You have no clue what I had to do to try and move on.”

    “Yeah, I do, you were busy fucking Nina–”

    “You fucked Minho!”

    “I didn’t know he worked for you!” you shout, yanking your wrist from his grasp. “Nina and I were friends, everyone here was family to me–”

    “Was. Was!” Hyunjin bellows, this time being the one to take a step closer to you. His breath is hot in your face, but you only angle your head higher to stare right back at him. His voice lowers, if not for your consideration, but to set you straight, make sure the words resonate with you and you only. “And then you left for your green garden.”

    You want to scream back that he doesn’t get it. That the normalcy of your life, something you soaked into, could have meant so much more if he had been there with you. That the two of you could have had much more together than the gardens or a house together.

    But Hyunjin knows all this. It wouldn’t do him or you any good for you to remind him of it for the millionth time. Especially when Hyunjin doesn’t even realize this could be something attainable to him, not with the life he’s sworn to lead.

    “I thought about you every single day,” you change your tune, softening your voice and locking your eyes with his.

    Hyunjin screws his eyes shut. “Don’t.”

    You glance over him, noting the way his body stiffens at the sound of your voice. “Not a day went by, Hyunjin. There’s no one else I pictured that life with, but you.” You pause, and then add, “I can still see it.”

    Hyunjin shakes his head, eyes remaining closed, hanging his head down like your words physically weigh on him. “It’s not a life I can ever have, princess.”

    'Princess' cements itself in the deepest part of your consciousness, causes you to swoon over him and all the potential you know the two of you have. It’s an integral part of everything that makes you, them, all the way back to the stories manifested from childhood and brought into fruition in the present. You should resent the nickname. It’s part of what kept you locked away in this palace for so long. And yet, it’s still a part of you that never truly left, even when you did.

    Hyunjin’s breathing through his nostrils, lips pursed tight. Steam could emit from him and you wouldn’t be surprised. You step forward, closing the gap between the two of you. Your chest pushes up against his and when you place your hand just over his heart, you can feel how much quicker it’s beating. He still doesn’t open his eyes, refusing to look at you. You stare him down anyways, hoping the intensity your eyes hold can pry his open.

    “This is your life, Hyunjin,” you say softly. Carefully, you mull over your next choice of words in your head. “Only you get to decide how this story ends.”

    Hyunjin’s eyes flutter open, glistening. His lips are still pursed tightly together, so much that it looks like he’s trying to stop them from quivering. He bites down on his bottom lip when that doesn’t seem to work, the tears threatening to spill from his eyelids all in one dramatic collapse. You stare up at him, hand still on his chest. Your hand rises up and down with the movements of his chest shakily, but remaining firm with its grip.

    You lean up, gently balancing on your tiptoes as you press a light kiss to the spot where a dimple etches into his cheek when he's happy. His hot breath hits your face as he exhales, but this time his eyes lock with yours. It’s a poor attempt to appear unphased, his eyes still glistening and causing your own vision to blur in the process. You can still feel his skin on your lips, even as you draw back, ever so slightly. Your nose bumps with his chin before his head tilts downwards. Hyunjin rests his forehead against yours as his hands come up to your hips, holding you in place.

    Everything inside of you wants to surge up and kiss him. Hyunjin’s hands fist at your hips, colliding his body against yours once more and you think that he’s going to do it. The hand placed on his chest slides up in unison with your opposite one, snaking around the back of his neck. Your fingers curl themselves into his locks, adding an extra edge. Your eyes peer up at him, begging him to smash his lips against yours.

    But he doesn’t. He only stares down at you, low breaths emitting from his lips, almost as if he’s in awe of you, still, after all of these years. You know every bit of him wants to kiss you, matching your own intense desire to do the same. But a flicker in his eyes tells you this is on you. Eyes hungry with desire, but reverent to your initiation. His tongue smoothens over his upper lip, as if preparing for you to take the leap. You’re the one who left, so you are the one that has to come back.

    Part of you thinks this isn’t really fair, but majority doesn’t really care. You leap onto your tiptoes, capturing his lips into a frenzied kiss, desperate and all too eager. Hyunjin matches your intensity, deepening the kiss almost in an instant, hands travelling up to your upper back to press his palms against you and bring you even closer. Hyunjin’s tongue slips through your lips, smoothening against yours. You hum into his lips, sound and content and never in your life feeling safer than in this very moment.

    “Hyunjin,” you whimper against his lips, begging and desperate. All you want is him, to be able to forget in this moment all the differences they want out of life, focus on their one common ground. Just for this one moment.

    Hyunjin’s hands snake up your back to cup your cheeks, smoothening your lips against one another’s once more in silent agreement. You melt into the palms of his hands, the warmth and rough callouses reminding you of the powerful touch of a man who loves you. Your hands reach for his torso, sliding around the sides to match his intensity. Hyunjin tilts his head, deepening the kiss as you hold onto him.

    With your grip still on his torso, fingers clenched into his shirt, you lead Hyunjin so that he knocks you into the side of the conference table, silently hinting. Hyunjin smiles into the kiss, all knowing and all willing, bringing one hand down from your cheek to enclose at the base of your neck. You gasp into his lips, not because he’s hurting you, but because his touch is all too familiar, fits all too well, similar to how the final piece of a puzzle clicks into place.

    You nip at his lips with your teeth when he attempts to pull away, marvelling at him as he stares down at you. He’s catching his breath, but there’s a wolfish grin spreading across his face that makes your cunt throb almost on cue.

    “What is it, Y/n?” Hyunjin urges you, using the hand still on her cheek to slide his thumb across your bottom lip. “What do you need from me?”

    “I only need you,” you whisper, eyes locking with him.

    Hyunjin’s confident demeanor falters for a moment, the flicker of desire in his eyes flashing before disappearing all together, replaced with that familiar hunger. In his moment of weakness, you dip your head, allowing his thumb to slide into your mouth with ease. Hyunjin watches you, mesmerised as you coat his finger with your saliva. You still watching him, as entranced by the sight before you as Hyunjin is with his own view.

    His thumb still sitting pretty on your tongue, you manage to get out, “Touch me.”

    A guttural groan escapes Hyunjin’s lips as you feel his erection grow against your thigh. He slides his thumb out of your mouth, run his hand down your torso, careful not to wipe any of your saliva off as he dips into your leggings and panties in one fluid motion. A gasp escapes your lips as Hyunjin begins to circle your clit with his coated thumb, while two of his fingers slowly slide against your slit. You lock eyes with him, attempting to beg him to fuck his fingers into you without the words having to leave your lips. But Hyunjin won’t make it that easy for you.

    “Say it, princess,” Hyunjin rests his forehead against yours, his hot breath melting into your lips. His fingers on your cunt are moving aching slow. You attempt to jerk yourself into his touch, to which he removes his hand from your neck, and pins your hip against the conference table. “I’ll give you whatever you want, you just have to say it for me.”

    “Touch me,” you repeat, but it’s weak and even you know it.

    “You know what I’m asking from you,” Hyunjin demands with the narrow of his eyes. He presses harder against your clit, and you whimper into his touch. He tilts his head at you, “You seem to have forgotten how the story goes.”

    “We hate that story,” you breathe out, anger flashing in your eyes as your hands grip either side of the conference table to steady yourself.

    A smirk grows against Hyunjin’s face. You are right. However, the factuality of it doesn’t prevent him from adding, “It’s still our story.”

    Hyunjin’s fingers on your cunt are now a painful reminder of all you have in front of you. That fucking story doesn’t mean shit to you now, not with Hyunjin in front of you with his hand down your pants. All you want is him, not the memory of a story that you both grew to despise. He’s only trying to work you up. And it’s working.

    “I need you to fuck me with your fingers,”  you beg.

    He doesn’t waste any more time, sinking his index and middle finger into your cunt while his thumb rapidly runs circles around your clit. You barely have time to cry out in pleasure before Hyunjin smashes his lips against yours. You release your grip on the conference table to wrap around his neck, deepening the kiss as his fingers fuck into you at an alarmingly fast rate. You moan into him, Hyunjin taking your sounds as motivation. All of his movements quicken, and you're approaching an orgasm within minutes.

    You're on the cusp of coming, when Hyunjin pauses, his fingers still inside of you. He draws back only slightly so that his eyes can lock with yours. “I need to get my mouth on you. You want that, baby?”

    You are sure Hyunjin can feel your cunt clench as he says it, the small dazzle in his eye telling you so. You nod eagerly, “Please. Please, I want your tongue in my pussy.”

    Hyunjin removes his fingers much to your dismay, but the excitement returns when he hooks his fingers on either side of your waistband, pulling your leggings and panties to the floor in one fluid motion. You kick them off desperately, and Hyunjin shuffles them to the side with a smooth flicker of his foot before his fingers return on your cunt. His thumb pries you open while his index and middle finger, coated with your wetness, concentrate on your clit. Your ass balances on the edge of the conference table, Hyunjin using his free hand to grasp at your ankle and balance your foot on a nearby chair so that you're spread out wide for him.

    You can feel his hot breath against your cunt as he leans down to marvel at you. You clench at nothing, his fingers only moving slowly against your clit as he gazes at you. You look down at the mess of curls piled atop of his head, watching as his free hand comes up to gently caress your pussy. The light touch of his fingers gliding against your wet core sends shivers through your spine, but you continue to watch, purely entranced by his own amazement.

    “Fuck,” Hyunjin breathes. “You’re so fucking beautiful.”

    Tentatively, Hyunjin dives in and licks one, long stripe along your slit. You shudder at his touch, find your hand flying to the back of his head, fingers wrapping into his curls to hold him in place. Hyunjin picks up a pace, tongue lubing you up with multiple, precise licks as his fingers dance a pattern on your clit. You writhing at his touch, the immense pleasure that courses through every part of your body amplifying when he begins to fuck his tongue inside of you.

    “Oh my God,” you cry out, gasping. “So good, baby. You’re doing so fucking good, Hyun.”

    Hyunjin’s mouth closes around your cunt, suckling as his tongue continues to probe your insides. His fingers are magic against your clit, the combination of his mouth being enough to send your build up steadily until he wants you to topple over the edge. You can barely balance yourself sitting up right with nothing to hold onto except his hair. Heat exudes from every pore in your body as you struggle to detangle your fingers from Hyunjin’s hair just to give yourself enough time to throw your shirt over your head and manage to unclasp your bra.

    The articles of clothing are thrown somewhere, and you feel Hyunjin smirk against your cunt. Your eyes cast downward at him, half-lidded, noticing the bemused look he’s giving you as his tongue and fingers continue to work at your cunt. His strategy hasn’t faltered once, not even at the sight of your exposed tits. Instead, he eyes you, cautioning you that your tits are the next thing he’s coming for, before his focus returns to your cunt.

    You're careful not to detach yourself from his tongue, laying down against the coolness of the conference table for some sort of relief from the overbearing heat. You prop your feet up on the edges of the conference table, and Hyunjin scoots a little closer, grateful for this new angle. His tongue fucks even deeper into you, and his fingers work accordingly. You cry out for him, only being able to reach one hand into his hair and grasp at his curls, urging him on as you're brought closer to relief.

    Your orgasm courses through you, and you’re gasping for air as Hyunjin helps you ride it out, his tongue still fucking into you, except slower. He brings up his now free hand to palm at your tits, tweaking a nipple in between his two fingers as you climb down from your orgasm. He hums into your cunt, seemingly content, before straightening in front of you.

    Hyunjin lifts his shirt over his head as you struggle to control your breathing. His mouth is still slick with your cunt, more evident when he gazes down at you. He unbuckles his belt, allowing his pants to pool at his feet. Your eyes fall to the bulge in his boxers right away, your mouth watering at the sight. If he notices your gawking at him, he doesn’t say anything, instead climbing onto the conference table and straddling you, placing a short, wet kiss on your nose.

    “You always taste so amazing, baby,” Hyunjin whispers before capturing your lips in his. In between kisses, he mumbles, “I could eat your pussy forever, baby. Fuck.”

    His words ring through your ears, but go directly to your cunt. You whimper into his mouth, bringing your hand down to stroke his cock, not yet exposed to you. Hyunjin catches your wrist, instantly pinning it to the wood above you before sinking his body over you, smoothening your sweaty, naked bodies against each other. You grind against his upper thigh between your legs as Hyunjin deepens the kiss. You can taste yourself on his lips.

    “I’m never letting you go again,” Hyunjin swears, passionately smoothening his lips over yours, clinging to your body in a way that’s so desperate and needy that you just ache for him more. “You’re all mine. Say it.”

    “I’m all yours,” you breathe, lips still attached to his.

    In hindsight, you know you are both in the midst of a fantasy; caught up in the ecstasy of one another. Eventually, this will all be over. Safstrom will talk, or someone will kill him because they’ve located enough information elsewhere. They’ll take down Everett Walden, abolish whatever he’s starting and eliminate whoever was sworn to help him. And you will go back to the city, and Hyunjin will stay here. The organisation will continue under his reign until he’s coerced into producing an heir, and you will find your dreams of a family with someone else.

    Your heart aches at the sudden realisation of reality. You don’t want that life with anyone else but the man attached to you. Tears prick at your eyelids, and you hold onto him tighter, wrapping your legs around his torso as his lips continue to maneuver against yours. You clasp your hands around his upper back, bringing him closer to you.

    Hyunjin notices the need, drawing back for a moment to examine you. You have screwed your eyes shut. His hand comes up to your cheek, thumb lightly brushing against the skin. “Look at me, baby.”

    You shake your head, chest tightening. “Just fuck me, please.”

    “I need you to look at me,” Hyunjin’s voice is soft, contradicting the commands he was making just moments ago. You know you're worrying him. You tighten your grip around his torso as he rests his forehead against yours. “Baby, I’m right here. Look at me.”

    Hesitantly, your eyes flutter open, glistening with fresh tears that coat your eyelashes. Hyunjin gazes down at you, his eyes wide with concern, but soft with care. You unclasp your hands, bringing one up to cup his own cheek. You brush your thumb against his skin, following the constellation of him, marveling at all he is while you still can. Hyunjin tilts his head, but keeps his eyes on you as he kisses the pad of your thumb.

    Hyunjin rests his forehead back against yours. “Do you want to stop?”

    “No,” you say instantly. “No. Please.”

    “Then what is it, baby? What do you need?”

    “You. I’m only ever going to need you.”

    Comprehension falls over Hyunjin’s face. He comes to the same realization that you do, almost as if your thoughts seep into his own brain. For a moment,  you're afraid he’s going to pull away, stop this before it even starts. His eyes glisten as he gazes down at you, his lips screwing together tightly to refrain from quivering. And then his face changes, expression hardening. He comes to a similar conclusion as you do.

    No future for either of you is guaranteed or even likely. But right now, at this very moment, it’s just the two of you, together. You are together and alone and it’s not going to last forever. But you can either soak in that realisation, the reality that you will be torn apart by the happenings of the organization, or cease the one of few moments you have left together. You choose the latter, as does Hyunjin, as he surges forward and captures his lips in yours once more time.

    “Fuck me,” you whisper against his lips, more of a command than it is a plea this time. “I want you inside me now, Hyunjin.”

    Hyunjin complies, aligning his cock with your throbbing cunt accordingly. He manages to do so with his mouth still attached to yours, decorating it in urgent, small kisses before he slides into you. A guttural moan escapes his lips as you whimper, adjusting to the stretch of him. He eases into you slowly, breathing shallow against your lips as you clench around his cock. He slides in and out, slow for a couple of strokes. Only when your legs tighten around his torso does Hyunjin get the hint, beginning to pick up his pace and pound into you.

    Your hand snakes back into his hair as Hyunjin’s cock glides in and out of you. You cling to the bareness of him in every regard, whimpering and crying out his name as his hips rock against yours. You claw at his back, your nails digging into his flesh, egging him on. He’s a perfect fucking fit for your cunt, almost like you were crafted for him and him only.

    “Fuck,” you moan, “I love how you fill me up.”

    “Yeah? I fill you up good, huh?” Hyunjin urges, his pace quickening at the sound of your praise. “Nobody fills you up this fucking good. Your perfect cunt belongs to me. Just like you. You’re all fucking mine.”

    Again, the empty promise brings a surge into your chest, one that makes you want to cry all over once more. But the cock that fills you, hits every spot just from pure memory and is currently making you cry out in pleasure is what brings tears to your eyes this time. Hyunjin’s lips are hard against yours, and you cry out into them, as his pace becomes erratic, yet still managing to make you feel just as good as you make him.

    “Say it,” Hyunjin demands as his hand comes in between your bodies, fingers finding your clit.

    “I’m yours,” you relish in the fantasy, panting against his lips. Hyunjin’s fingers circle at your clit, and you yelp at the stimulation. “Fuck! All fucking yours, Hyunjin.”

    Hyunjin ensures that you come before he does, watching as your face floods with relief as another orgasm erupts inside of you. It’s only then that he anchors himself inside of you, his cum spurting into your pussy as you calm down. He buries his head in the juncture of your neck and shoulder as you comb your fingers through his hair, staring up at the ceiling and fluorescent lights.

    Your vision is blurry thanks to the ache in your cunt, and the brightness of the lights don’t help. You allow your head to fall against Hyunjin, cheek pressed up against the softness of his curls. Your breaths struggle to come back to a normal pattern, unsynchronized and haphazard. His cock is still inside of you, his cum hot inside of you. You wonder what the two of you will do when you pull apart. If this is the end, or if it all comes to halt when you step off the premises of this estate. The thought alone is enough to cause your chest to tighten.

    You hold onto Hyunjin tighter.

    “I don’t want to lose you again,” Hyunjin whispers against your skin. He doesn’t look at you.

    You know he’s not referring to your inevitable departure from the estate. It’s a reality that you both have already come to terms with, in your own regards. This claim has more weight to it. You bring your hand down to slowly dance your fingers against his back, drawing brainless patterns lightly against his skin.

    “You won’t,” you manage to respond, voice timid. “I just want to help.”

    “I’m taking care of it,” Hyunjin lifts his head to lock eyes with yours. “I’ll take care of you. I’ll keep you safe. I can bet my life on it.”

    You gulp. That is what you're afraid of.

    * * *

    That night, you find yourself back at Minho’s door, wrapping your knuckles against the door. You wait, only prays Yeji’s not there tonight, although unlikely. You glance around, arms wrapped around yourself as you scan for any employers. They’d all run off and tell Hyunjin, and while he probably would think you're going to Minho for an entirely different reason, it’s an argument in itself you aim to avoid. Mere seconds pass before you're knocking again with the utmost urgency, knuckles becoming sore.

    The door opens mid-knock, and to your relief, Minho appears on the other side. Your hand drops to your side as you see your roommate’s sleepy appearance. Minho yawns, eyes half-lidded as he tilts his head at you, although an amused smile plays across his face.

    “Y/n,” Minho greets you. “To what do I owe the pleasure, tonight?”

    “I need your help,” it comes out like you're out of breath, which you don’t necessarily intend.

    Minho quirks an eyebrow at you. “With what?”

    You scan the hallway, swiveling your head back and forth so fast it’s a shock you don’t get whiplash. Right now, nobody is in sight, but it won’t take long for someone to waltz down the hall and notice them talking, or possibly overhear. The last thing you need is this exchange getting around to anyone, including Hyunjin.

    “Can I come in?” you plead, frantic eyes landing back on Minho.

    Hesitant, Minho nods his head, stepping aside to open the door further. You charge inside, scanning around the bedroom, fairly neat. You hear the door close behind you as you walk around the room, double-checking that nobody else is in there. You must look like a madwoman, scouting the room with such urgency, because when you're finally satisfied with the empty space and turn back to Minho, the man appears more concerned than he does confused.

    “Y/n–” Minho begins, probably to ask you what the fuck has got into you, but you have got no time to waste with reassurances about your own mental state.

    “I need the password to the basement.”

    Minho looks taken aback for a second, as if he’s genuinely shocked you've asked such a question. He’s only been here for a year or something, more time has passed since you left than he’s been employed. You suppose that’s what makes him appear more bewildered, the fact that you're grown up in this life, and despite your absence, should know better. The encryptions to the locks are only known by Hwang’s and the secondhand, Pierce. There’s a couple others, including Changbin and other close personnel, but it can’t be more than you can count on both hands that have knowledge of it.

    Before, you never knew the encryptions. You were an apprentice in the accountants, and there was never a need for you to know it and you never asked Hyunjin, was never curious. Soldiers are not informed of the password either, never in the underground level without the permission of a Hwang or their designated personnel. With this knowledge, you should think that Minho doesn’t know it. But it’s the flash of surprise that appears on Minho’s face that tells you he does.

    However, as soon as it appears, the shock is wiped off of Minho’s face, replaced with a bemused expression, and followed by an exaggerated laugh. “Y/n, you know I don’t have the jurisdiction to even have that password–”

    “You may not have the jurisdiction, but you do have it,” you step forward, your tone dripping with desperation. “I don’t care why Yeji told you it–”

    “She didn’t,” Minho lies defensively.

    “I don’t care,” you insist, voice breaking just the slightest bit. “I just need you to tell me it.”

    “Y/n, I know you think you need to see Safstrom, but Hyunjin’s orders were clear–”

    “He won’t find out. And if he does, I won’t even mention I got it from you–”

    “That’s not the issue, Y/n. Safstrom’s sadistic, you have no idea what we’ve tried–”

    “No, I know he needs to see me. Minho, please–”

    “Y/n, I can’t let you–”

    “Minho, I don’t need the fucking lecture!”

    Your shout bounces off the walls of the room, anxiety pumping through your veins and poisoning your chest. If you weren’t so desperate and in such a time crunch, you know your body would shut down, start hyperventilating. But for now, it holds off, the adrenaline coursing through your body acting as a block to any prevention of your one mission. You take a deep breath, ignore the shaky exhale and look directly at Minho, keeping your voice level and collected to the best of your ability.

    “I’m not doing this for me,” you explain slowly. “I care about the people here. They’ll always be my people, no matter how far away I run. And I can’t go on, knowing I’m putting them in danger, when I know I can help.”

    Minho surveys over you, hands planted on his waist in contemplation. You note the pity in Minho’s eyes before he looks away from you, hand scrubbing over his face in exasperation. You watch on, heart beating a million miles a minute. Everything in Minho is probably leaning towards no. If Hyunjin found out, he could be fired, let alone executed. You would never allow Hyunjin to harm him, but you could do nothing about his employment. Not to mention, Minho would completely be betraying Yeji’s trust. There’s no good reason for Minho to help you.

    And yet, you look on, big eyes pleading for his help. Minho doesn’t even glance your way, probably for that exact reason. You hunch over the dresser, head hung in contemplation. Through the reflection of the mirror, you can’t see his expression, but you can make out how tense his shoulders are, how much your request weighs on him. A surge of hope fills your chest when Minho’s head lifts, a small, albeit forced smile appearing on his lips.

    “I guess I kind of owe you, huh?” Minho sighs, glancing over your shoulder at you. You break out into a grin, about to babble a thousand thank you’s before Minho turns to you, shaking his head. “Not so fast. I’m coming with you.”

    “No, Minho. I can’t ask you to do that.” You step forward to argue, but Minho holds up his hand, halting you mid-step.

    “You’ve asked for plenty more. The cherry on top is making sure that Safstrom doesn’t kill you, so Hyunjin doesn’t kill me.”

    You have no stance to be against this, other than the guilt that will inevitably plague you. Nonetheless, you know Minho’s right. So, you wait until after midnight, just to ensure the least amount of people are roaming the halls of the Hwang estate. It’s a weekday, and Hyunjin expects them bright and early tomorrow for another update, so if they’re as smart as the organization needs them to be, they’ll be in their beds early. Ten minutes after the clock strikes twelve, Minho hands you a gun.

    “I assume you know how to use it,” Minho raises his eyebrows.

    You roll your eyes, “I could shoot a gun before I could read.”

    Satisfied, Minho leads you out of his bedroom, attempting to appear casual as the two of you waltz down the halls. You pass by a couple of people, but not nearly enough to cause alarm. You recognise them, but don't know them well enough to be concerned that they’ll run off and tell Hyunjin that you are walking around with Minho after midnight. In fact, Minho seems to be more on edge than you, eyes fleeing around every hall before they turn the corner, double checking with you that your gun is secured safely more than a couple of times, and practically tiptoeing on the tiles.

    You can’t blame him, and it’s not like the behaviour he’s exhibiting is odd. Minho’s a soldier for a mob organisation, of course he’d be on his toes. After all, you're asking a lot of Minho, but you wouldn’t be if you had any other option. Hyunjin would never in a million years have allowed you near the underground level after your stunt a couple weeks ago, and even so, the last thing he would ever want is you near Safstrom. You know he’ll go ballistic when he eventually finds out, but you can only hope he’s pried enough information from Safstrom before that happens.

    When you reach the door leading to the underground level, you just stand, peering over Minho’s shoulder. All the physical locks are fastened securely, and the ones that require encryptions blink red, indicating that it’s sealed. The more you stare, the more menacing it looks, the red blinking light glaring back at you. You glance at Minho, whose lips are pursed tightly in contemplation. You feel a wave of guilt wash over you or having dragged Minho into this, but the second Hyunjin pops into her mind, any regret washes away.

    “You’re sure about this, Y/n?” Minho stares blankly at the array of locks.

    “Positive,” you reply smoothly. “Open the locks.”

    Minho does so, silently and quick with the nimbleness of his fingers. You watch, awkwardly shifting your weight from one foot the other as Minho works, scanning the empty hall for any potential bystanders. The metal drag of the locks rings in your ears, but you try not to look, the antsy feeling creeping up your body and only amplified by the sight of it. You fail to resist the urge when you hear the digital beeping of the encryption, gaze turning to see Minho punch in a code that will probably be altered next week.

    The door unlocks with a click.

    You glance at Minho, gratefulness flooding every aspect of your features. “Thank you. You don’t need to come down with me, I can handle it from here.”

    “I’m coming with you,” Minho insists with the shake of his head. “Like I said, if something happens to you, I’m as good as dead.”

    Minho’s right. If this goes south, and something happens to you, they will be able to easily trace it back to Minho. Hyunjin will spiral and probably kill him, and you can’t advocate for his life if you're dead. So, you nod, in no position to argue. You share one final look of gratefulness before motioning for Minho to open the door. He does so, dragging the heavy, metal door open with a huff and you take lead, starting down the steps of the stairs into the underground level with one clear goal in mind.

    You’re unsurprised you're not too hesitant, pushing through the doors of the torture chamber with relative ease. You hate the underground level and everything it represents, but now, all you need are answers. You need to protect your people, protect Hyunjin, before everyone kills themselves trying to keep you safe. Not when you know that you can finish this.

    The stench of blood and crushing metal rings through the room and assaults your nose. You resist the urge to appear disgusted, allowing your eyes to adjust to brutal florescent lights that are kept on twenty four seven in the chamber. It’s all purposeful, meant to create a damaging psychological effect on the victim and course them into talking, but apparently, those gimmicks had failed to work on Safstrom. You feel Minho creep up beside you, protectively taking stance slightly in front of you as your eyes settle on Elias Safstrom, his head hung and body scathed a million times worse than the last time you saw him.

    With his head in that haphazard position, you can’t make out his face. But you can see the blood that drips down it onto his knees, decorating the remnants of clothing that he has left. You recall him having a full swoop of hair on his head, but that seems to have gone to shit. There are bald patches scattering his head, now decorated with incisions and half-opened scars that pour out blood and puss and other substances. Every part of his body seems to be sporting some bruise in different stages of colours, aligning his arms and legs. He’s breathing, you can tell by the way his back heaves up and down haphazardly, like he’s trying to catch his breath. They must have just got done with him for the night.

    It takes a while for his head to lift. You find yourself staring, unsure of what to say or how to introduce yourself. He knows someone is here, unless his ears are beyond damaged, had to have heard you shove the door open, but the pain that must be seeping through his body is so evident that you wait. Safstrom groans, something low, resembling a wounded animal as his head slowly lifts to look at you. It’s worse to stare at him in the face.

    One of his eyes are swollen shut, and his lip is busted open. There are gashes along his cheeks, definitely from the assault of a knife. His nose is dried with blood, and he looks like he’s on the cusp of death. You almost feel an urge to tend to him. And then, his eyes land on you, he recognises you, and a small, but noticeable smile creeps onto his face.

    “Keira,” the words come out mumbled thanks to his battered appearance, but you're able to make it out. “I was wondering when you’d come for me.”

    Your breath hitches. You were right. He wants to talk to you.

    “Why didn’t you just ask for me?” You step in front of Minho, approaching Safstrom slowly and cautiously. You feel for the gun at the back of your waistband, secure it’s there before you reach his chair and lean down to his eye level, staring at his battered face up close and personal. “Could have saved us both a lot of pain.”

    “Where’s the fun in that?” Safstrom grins wickedly. He seems to look past you, although his movements are minimal. “Get rid of the fucker and we can talk.”

    “He’s not going anywhere,” you deadpan.

    “I can’t talk to you unless you’re alone.”

    “We’ll never be alone. Take it or leave it.”

    “I’ve been leaving it for weeks. I can hold off for much longer than this.”

    “You won’t be needed much longer. We’re onto your colleagues, Everett, Tessa, Ayers, Livia. Once we get them, you’ll be useless. They’ll kill you.”

    Safstrom doesn’t seem phased by the information. Your first instinct is to assume Hyunjin and his team has already threatened him with this information, when a short laugh trickles from his lips. “Tessa and Sebastian don’t know what I know.”

    You quirk an eyebrow, a small smirk toying on your lips. “So, Everett and Livia do?”

    “You already knew about Everett,” Safstrom shoulders heave upwards slightly in a weak shrug. “And you’ll never find Livia, not unless she wants to be found.”

    You straighten, towering over Safstrom. It’s a struggle for him to lift his head any higher to stare at you, but you really doesn’t care as he groans out in pain to meet your stare. You glance back at Minho, watch his hand hover over the waistband that holds his gun in place.

    You’re at least a couple of meters away from each other, although Safstrom seems adamant about not having you in here at all. You were originally supposed to come alone anyways, it’s not like you're scared of what he’ll do when he’s chained down to a chair. It’s the premise of it; Minho won’t leave, and Safstrom’s trying to make things more difficult.

    You glance back at him, eyes narrowing in contemplation. “If he leaves, he gets Hyunjin. And he kills you.”

    “And he kills him, too,” Safstrom deadpans.

    “Probably,” you admit with a shrug. “But you’re no use to me if you’re dead. He can’t leave.”

    Safstrom pauses, and you can’t tell if he’s running things over in his mind or simply glowering at you. His face is too battered. You wonder why he’s so relentless, especially for someone without any mob training, who’s major crime is that of assaults, definitely not nearly as brutal as this. The mission must be worth it, the payoff a million times better.

    “If you can keep your voice down, so can I,” Safstrom reluctantly states.

    You resist the urge to break out into a victorious grin, keeping your face stoic and calm. Low, you respond, “You’ve got a deal.”

    You glance at Minho, holding your hand out to caution him to stay where he’s standing. Minho nods, taking the hint as you turn back to Safstrom and crouch back down to his level to remain within earshot.

    “Start talking,” you order, keeping your voice low but firm. “Why did you want me that night?”

    “I wasn’t going to hurt you,” Safstrom begins.

    You scoff.

    “I wasn’t. I was going to bring you to Everett.”

    “So, you were going to kidnap me.”

    “If you want to put it like that, then yes.”

    You purse your lips together tightly. Safstrom’s deceptive, sly, probably a machiavellian when it comes to his work. He likes to make things difficult, as evident by the past couple of weeks and just seconds into his conversation with you. But you're almost there, so you inhale sharply, exhale and remain patient.

    “Why does Everett want me?” you rephrase.

    “Everett doesn’t want you either,” Safstrom explains. “He’s just the one you go to.”

    Realization dawns on you. “Everett isn’t the one running things?”

    “Everett is the face. But you would talk to him, until his boss is ready to meet with you.”

    “Who’s his boss?”

    You’re sure it pains him when that smirk slides across Safstrom’s face. It creeps up shakily, and blood oozes from the sores decorating his lips. You wince, watching as substances drip down his face. Safstrom doesn’t even react, his gaze intent on you.

    “That’s not how this works, sweetheart, I’ve told you all I can,” Safstrom croaks.

    “You’ve told me nothing,” you seethe. In a flash of anger, you straighten, unveiling the gun from your waistband and pointing it directly at Safstrom’s head. You're sure Minho calls your name from behind you, but you don’t tear your eyes away from him. He doesn’t react, and that infuriates you even more. “I want to know what you want with me. With my people.”

    “That’s not for me to say,” Safstrom explains easily.

    You step forward, pointing the head of your gun against his forehead. “So, what you’re telling me is that you’re useless?”

    Safstrom’s eyes flicker behind you, most likely to Minho, before settling back on you. He’s all too calm for your liking, although you know you can’t allow your anger to control your actions. But it wouldn’t hurt to scare him, even a little. You just wish it would work, that any part of him would feel at least the slightest bit of fear. But then again, he wasn’t even fearful of Hyunjin. And that makes you ten times more concerned.

    The thought of Hyunjin, of you doing this for him, resonates in your mind. You release the tension building up in your shoulders, continuing to angle the gun square at Safstrom’s forehead, but with more of certainty. You are collected, and you're sure, and this needs to get done.

    “You need to talk to Everett,” Safstrom finally whispers.

    “How do I find him?” you demand to know.

    “I have to take you to him.”

    “No way in hell.”

    “Boss thought you may say that. That’s why I was supposed to take you against your will.”

    You furrow your eyebrows together. It’s normal for people to not wish to be taken to the former leader of a mob organization, yet the boss – Everett’s boss, apparently – makes the assumption exclusively on you anyways. Not to mention, he’s the one that wanted you in the first place.

    You cock your head to the side, attempting to analyse Safstrom further. “How does this boss think they knows me so well?”

    “You’ll never know if you don’t let me take you there.”

    “You’re not making this sound too inviting.”

    “They also said you’d say that,” the grin that appears on Safstrom’s face showcases his missing teeth, the white pearls that are left coated with fresh blood. “So, they told me about this story that gets you going. I can’t remember the details. Something about a princess and a king.”

    * * *

    You were four when you moved into the Hwang estate. It happened in the middle of the night, you sleeping soundly in your tiny bed one minute, and your mother whisking you into her arms the next, buckling you in a car seat and never turning back.

    You didn’t ask where they’re going, but Helen keeps reassuring you that they’re heading to a new home, a better one. You are too little and too sleepy to argue, so you settle back into your car seat and allow your eyes to fall closed.

    It’s the early hours of the morning when you finally arrive. You'd never seen the sunset before, and you marvel at the way the sun hangs over the large estate as your mother carries you up the steps, while some people you don’t recognize shuffle their bags and items inside. The sun disappears as they etch closer inside, prompting you to stare forward. You cling tighter to your mother, hands clasped around the back of her neck as Helen rubs your back soothingly, cradling you close.

    A handful of people stand at the doorway, with big, fancy smiles. Two men stand at the forefront, while a heavily pregnant woman stands beside the one with slick backed hair. He has his arm around a boy, who looks grumpy and a little older than you. The other boy with cold brown hair seemed more friendly though, he stood in front of the other older man, and he had a cheery smile on his face, showcasing his bright, white teeth. He had a lot of spots on his face. You thought your mother said once those spots were called freckles, but you couldn’t remember.

    Nonetheless, you're more than intimidated by the overwhelming amount of people staring at you and your mother. You hugged your mother tighter, and Helen let out a nervous welcoming laughter.

    “Y/n,” your mother had introduced you. “These are mommy’s friends. You’ve seen them when mommy works late sometimes, right?” You nodded, recalling those late nights where you would sit in a bedroom in this estate, waiting for your mother to return with blood on her clothes and take you home. “Well, they were kind enough to offer us a place to stay in this fancy palace.”

    Your tiny, bright eyes glanced around the foyer. It was big, probably larger than their whole apartment back home. The tiles shined, and the walls stood tall. It looked like a real life version of a dollhouse you’d seen on television, and while you were amazed the first time you laid eyes on it when your mom started working here, knowing that you were going to live in this place was a totally different wonder. It almost didn’t seem real. You could have sworn you were dreaming.

    The man, the one with slicked back, black hair and a charming smile stepped forward. He crouched down ever so slightly, meeting eye level with you. "Y/n. I’m Hyunshik. I’m the boss of this palace. But I would rather call it an estate.”

    “The boss,” you had repeated, confused.

    “The boss,” Hyunshik confirmed, his smile becoming more menacing than seconds before. He glanced behind him, outstretching his arm and prompting the pregnant woman and grumpy boy to step forward. They did so, the woman standing idly behind him and the boy tucking into his arm. “That’s my wife. And my son, Hyunjin.”

    “Say hi, Y/n,” Helen had urged you.

    You stared down at Hyunjin from your position on your mother’s hip. Hyunjin glowered at you, his dislike for you evident. You cowered into your mother’s shoulder, peaking out ever slightly to stare at the boy. Tears pricked your eyes as the boy stuck his tongue out at you, and you began to whimper into your mother’s neck. You tried to look away from him, but you couldn’t, entrapped by the way the boss’s eyes flashed with anger at his son’s childish behavior. He grabbed him by the scruff of his shirt and brought him closer, Hyunjin stumbling to keep up with his father’s grip on him.

    You watched as his father, Hyunshik, the boss, knocked him over the side of the head with the back of his hand. You almost gasped, had it not been for your mother’s warning looks. His mom didn’t look too happy with the physical alteration either, but her lips were screwed shut, pursed together tightly. Hyunjin only winced, bringing up his hand to the back of his head to rub the now sore spot.

    His eyes locked with you for a moment, and you thought you saw the similar flash of anger in his eyes. But as quick as it appeared, it dispersed into a look of regret. It wasn’t apologetic, nor did Hyunjin say anything to offer his remorse for his cruel, childish behavior, but it was enough of a dissolve for you to notice.

    The second man stepped forward as you tucked yourself further into your mother’s embrace. He brought along the other boy with him, his hand resting comfortably on his shoulder. His smile was different. It was warm and inviting and you decided on the spot that you liked him. He crouched down to your eye level, similar to how Hyunshik did, except slowly. His actions were tentative, testing out if you was willing to interact with him. Slowly, you uncurled yourself from your mother’s grasp, looking at the man.

    “I’m Esteban Rosales, I work for Hyunshik, too,” the man introduced himself.

    “Too?” Your small voice piped up.

    “Your mother is a doctor, right?” You had nodded. “Now, she’s a doctor for Hyunshik.”

    “Is he sick?”

    “Sometimes. There’s a lot of people that live in this house that get sick from time to time. She’s going to help them. She’ll be a real asset to this team.”

    The team. You hadn’t understood what that meant.

    You relaxed in your mother’s grip. You glanced down at the boy tucked under Esteban’s hand, still smiling wide and cheery, welcoming you without any words at all. He waved up at you, as Esteban brought him forward.

    “Y/n, this is my son, Julian,” Esteban explained.

    “Hi,” Julian had piped up, glancing over your attire curiously. “I like your pajamas.”

    “Thanks,” you mumbled. You leaned away from your mother slightly, palms lightly stretching out the fabric of your pink, princess pyjamas and showcasing them to Julian. “They’re princesses.”

    “Are you a princess?” Julian eyes widened in awe. He nudged his father excitedly, turning back to you with an outstretched grin that maneuvered over his tiny features. “My dad calls me a prince sometimes. Cause I’m picky.”

    The adults laughed, amused by Julian's interest in you. Hyunjin only grumbled, clearly less fascinated with the new arrival. He threw a glare in Julian’ direction, not that the younger boy seemed to notice. You wondered if there were other kids in the palace that Hyunjin would play with, because he didn’t seem to like you or Julian. But you liked Julian, you decided at that very moment, and you liked that he thought you were a princess.

    Your big eyes widened at your mother, urging her to let you down. With a relieved smile, Helen did so, lowering you to the floor. You instantly took a step closer to Julian, again stretching out the fabric so he could marvel at the array of princesses on your pajamas. Julian only watched, not daring to touch the pajamas on his own merit, but leaning closer so he could suspect each one, carefully and attentively.

    “You can be a prince,” you told him. “If I’m a princess, you’d be my prince.”

    “That’s stupid,” Hyunjin scoffed.

    Julian ignored him; he seemed pretty used to the boss’s son’s negativity. You caught his eye, however, your pout causing his grumpy demeanor to falter ever so slightly. Hyunjin ducked his head to avoid your gaze, just as his mother pulled him back against her legs. You glanced at Hyunshik, who had that familiar flash of anger in his eyes, again directed at his son. Hyunshik moved to step towards his son, despite his wife’s pleading stare.

    You didn’t want him to get hit again. You didn’t remember much about your own father, but you knew he never hit you. You didn’t think that’s what fathers were supposed to do with their kids.

    You entangled your fingers with Julian's, and stepped towards Hyunjin, interjecting before Hyunshik could. “You can be the King. Since your daddy is the boss.”

    Hyunjin’s eyebrows furrowed, as if deciding whether or not he should be relieved at the choice in title or disgusted in it. For approval, his head lifted towards his father, who no longer glared down at him. Instead, an amused grin lifted onto the boss’s face as he glanced at Esteban, sharing his pleased stare. You turned to stare at your mother, suddenly feeling lost without her physical presence, who looked between the two adult men in overwhelming relief. As your head swiveled back to Julian, you felt yourself growing more confused. Everyone acted really weird here.

    Except Julian. Julian still had his tiny hand entangled with yours, following your gaze at every given minute. When you looked back at him, he gave you a reassuring smile, told you everything was going to be okay. Hyunjin’s dislike for Julian didn’t even seem to bother him. That confused you more than anything. But Julian was super nice and you guess you could just chalk it up to that.

    * * *

    “What are you doing?”

    Minho’s hiss rang through your ears as you bent down to unravel Safstrom’s chains. You ignored him, balancing your gun in one hand and detangling his restraints with the other. You’d cautioned him on what was to happen to him if he defied you, and though he didn’t seem worried, you assumed it was because his intent was to follow up on his promise to bring you to Everett. And he would do that tonight.

    You hear the footsteps charge up to you, before Minho’s hand touches your shoulder. You jerk away from him, not even acknowledging the man with a glare as you continue to work. Out of your periphery, you can see Minho stagger back, but it’s almost as if a faze has fallen over you. You're far too occupied with Safstrom for anything else to even register. His statement to you goes over in your mind as your fingers dutifully tangle themselves in the chains. The story about the princess and the king. Who would he have heard that from?

    That story from your childhood originated there, in a group of your closest friends; Hyunjin, Yeji and Julian. They were the only ones that knew it. Even then, Yeji couldn’t have been older than two or three when they created it and Julian was gone. Hyunjin only shared the basic information with Minho to reel you back to the organization. Minho didn’t even know the rest of it. So, how was it that Safstrom knew of it at all? You didn’t know, all you did know was that you weren’t going to find out with him sitting in this chair.

    Some of these chains have locks that require keys, you realise. Keys that you or Minho definitely do not possess at the moment. As you stare back at Minho, it dawns on you that even if he did have the keys, he would not give them to you. The anger was evident all over the man’s face, practically seething with panic as he watched you attempt to free the guy he shot in their apartment just weeks ago.

    “I need the keys,” you order.

    “Are you insane?” Minho accuses, “We’re not freeing him!”

    “We have to,” you insist, standing to your feet with the last locked chains still securing Safstrom in place. “Otherwise, he doesn’t bring us to Everett.”

    “We need to run this by Hyunjin. He can go, with the team–”

    “They don’t want Hyunjin. They want me.”

    “For what exactly?”

    “I won’t know unless I go!”

    Minho’s revving up for a rebuttal, you can see the way his tongue clicks against the roof of his mouth in frustration. His mouth opens, but instead of another argument emerging from it, the loud clash of a door disrupts your thought process. Minho instantly swivels around, eyes widened, but not as alarmed as you whose gaze shuffles towards the door, alert and preparing for a battle.

    Except, it’s not Hyunjin that emerges through the door. Yeji storms inside the chamber, nostrils flaring and fists already curled into tight, furious balls. She scans the area, eyes briefly glazing over Safstrom and his significant lack of restraint, even casting over Minho before she lands on you. You don’t think you have ever seen such fury in the Hwang sister’s eyes before, and while it’s a lot less unsettling than it would be coming from her brother, you can see the resemblance in the glare.

    You glance at Minho, the small ounce of guilt you're feeling diminishing when you recognise the relief in his expression. Confusion etches itself across your face, your head tilting to the side in examination as you swivel your gaze from Minho to Yeji. Realisation dawns when Minho steps over to Yeji, turning to face you as he stands by his girlfriend’s side.

    “You’re fucking lucky I’m the one on camera watch tonight,” Yeji spits, taking a step closer to you.

    You want to damn yourself for not thinking about the cameras, having been too caught up in your frenzy of getting to Safstrom. But instead, you turn your anger towards your supposed friend, glaring at Minho. “You knew she’d be watching.”

    “I did,” Minho nods. “I couldn’t let you tear down this organization, and you weren’t going to let up without bringing us all down.”

    “That’s not what I’m trying to do!”

    “You were about to free Safstrom!”

    “For this organisation!”

    “You really think he’s going to bring you to Everett?” Yeji takes a step further towards you, now so close to you that you’re barely an inch apart. Her eyes narrow as you straighten, “You’re not that important, Y/n. Certainly not to Everett Walden.”

    You scoff, not even offended by the accusation, more belittled than anything else. You don’t know why you're so important either, would give anything to be insignificant in the eyes of the organisation and its rivals. And yet, that’s always been the farthest from the case. You're always at the forefront, no matter how far away you attempt to run, you're always thrust back into this life. The least you can do now is take care of it yourself, so that you're never in this position again.

    You glance behind yourself at Safstrom, still sitting slumped over in that chair. The less restraints may have caused a bit of a problem, had it not been for how weak he already was. Instead, he sits almost patiently in the chair, watching the trio decide his fate right in front of him without much of a care. You purse your lips together and swivel your gaze back around to Yeji.

    “It’s not Everett Walden that wants me,” you whisper, “You must have heard what he said on the cameras. There’s a boss above Everett.”

    “And that’s valuable information Hyunjin would love to know,” Yeji glowers.

    “It won’t be useful if we can’t go anywhere with it. I’m the one this boss asked for. He knows the story of the princess and the king.”

    That seems to peak Yeji’s interest, her head jerking towards Safstrom and then back at you in an instant. Her expression relaxes, if only the slightest bit. She glance behind your shoulder at Safstrom once more, narrowing her eyes at him accusatory before turning back to you, her eyebrow quirked slightly. “What you’re telling me is that they have an inside man.”

    “Nobody knows that story but us,” you point out, reaching out to grab a hold of Yeji’s wrist, further emphasising the urgency in your voice. “You’re not going to be able to narrow it down with a simple sweep. If they know that, who knows what else they’re aware of. I have to get to Everett.”

    Yeji glances down at your hand on her wrist, face as still as her body. She doesn’t yank it from your grasp or even scrunch up her nose in disgust. She senses the desperation in the touch, glancing back up at you with her lips pursed tightly. Minho comes up slowly behind her, noticing the disdain exuding off of Yeji’s body. He places a hand on her shoulder comfortingly, as Yeji battles with the seeds of doubt you've planted in her head.

    You distance yourself from the two as Yeji’s chin dips towards Minho. You let go of your hand on the Hwang sister’s wrist, before taking a step back towards Safstrom. Yeji’s head lifts at the sound of your footsteps, eyes flickering between you and Safstrom. You can only plead with your eyes, silently begging her to prove this is something worth pursuing on her own merit. No words leave Yeji’s lips, but she nods her head the slightest bit, signaling for you to go ahead.

    Safstrom’s already staring at them when you meets his gaze. That same, disturbing grin is plastered across his face and you have to physically stop yourself from wincing just at the sight of him. He tilts his head towards you as you approach him, his attempt at being inviting falling futile by his creepy stare and battered face. You ignore the grotesqueness of his physical appearances and focus on his words, empty promises and stories he shouldn’t know of. You crouch down to his level once more, balancing your hands on your knees to stare at him, almost tauntingly as he struggles to move against his restraints.

    “Why can’t I just meet with Everett’s boss? Why do I need to see him?” you demand.

    “You’re not ready to meet the boss,” Safstrom laughs darkly, although it comes out as a choked cough.

    “Why wouldn’t I be ready to meet them?”

    “That’s what Everett is for, sweetheart. I’m just the messenger.”

    You glance back at Yeji, who looks on, her expression a mixture of intrigue and irritation. Minho stares at you, as anxious as you are for a response. Yeji lifts her head towards you, her chest rising and falling excoriatingly slow. Your palms sweat, debating what to do if Yeji suddenly rejects your request. Your mind throws useless ideas over in your head, knowing it would be useless to physically overpower two trained soldiers.

    Once they call for Hyunjin, that’s it. It’s what you expect her to do, run off and tell her brother everything that you've done to betray his orders, seeing her initial dislike for you and the fact that he’s more equipped to handle this situation than anyone else in the room. It would ruin everything, and you're certain Hyunjin would kill Safstrom, partly because he assumes they’ve extracted enough information from him, but majorly because he dared to torment you. They’d never get Everett’s whereabouts, and they’d be back at square one with Hyunjin looking for a boss that remains faceless and nameless; who knows about a story rooted in the imaginations of their childhood.

    You're aware that nothing you could say would change Yeji’s mind now. The pleading look in your eye wouldn’t be enough to convince the Hwang sister not to blow up your plan. And honestly, you understand it. It's  a plethora of risks that you're sure haven’t even crossed your mind yet. But the chance that you can settle this before it has the opportunity to grow into something atrocious is worth the risk. And you can only hope Yeji understands that, too.

    Yeji surveys over you, expression unreadable as she stares you down. Her lips are screwed together slightly, like there’s something she wants to say but can’t. And then, Yeji sighs, her shoulders slumping in assumed defeat.

    “Minho, use the underground entrance to get to the car,” Yeji barks, tipping her head towards him. “Make sure not to alert Hyunjin. I disarmed the cameras when I came down.” Minho doesn’t even hesitate, running off to follow orders before Yeji’s gaze can even settle back on you. “Safstrom stays in the chains and we’re back before sunrise.”

    You're not terrified of their odds; despite the fact that it’s only the three of them and it’s supposed to only be Everett and Safstrom that they’re meeting, you know that’s probably not true. You wouldn’t doubt if Tessa, Ayers and Livia were there as well as backup, even if the trio’s arrival isn’t expected. You are not a soldier, never have been, you're not sure how these things go. But by Yeji’s irritated expression, you can tell you have to be bracing yourself for something unpleasant.

    * * *

    Safstrom makes a call and then he's mumbling out orders from the backseat of the SUV while Yeji points a gun at his thigh. He’s still in shackles, and even if he weren’t, he’d be too weak to move, but the extra leverage may be necessary. Minho’s driving, and the two have barely said a word since they all climbed into the vehicle. You're the one that speaks the most, aside from Safstrom, ordering him for more thorough directions and threatening his life if he were to set them up. As per usual, he doesn’t seem nervous, which makes you all the more antsy.

    “Hyunjin’s going to find out eventually,” Yeji scowls from the backseat.

    You gulp down a lump forming in your throat as Safstrom chuckles darkly. Sitting in the passenger seat, you continue to look forward, content on not gracing Yeji with a reply.

    * * *

    “Took you long enough,” hearing Everett speak in person is a lot more chilling than you had imagined. You can barely see him, only glimpses of streetlights peeking through the weak, wooden panels of the abandoned shelter, revealing slivers of his pale, menacing face. His cold eyes appear into the crevices of the light as he tilts his head to the side, “The instructions were to have you come alone, though.”

    With Safstrom on his knees before the three of you, chained and unmoving, you stand in the middle with Minho and Yeji on either side of you. They’re all equipped with weapons, Yeji pointing her gun directly at Safstrom’s head, while you and Minho aim your choice in protection at Everett. The lack of fear on Everett’s face tells you he’s not here alone, silently affirming your suspicion that there are few guns pointed at you as well, hiding somewhere in the dark, their purpose to shoot if harm comes to Everett. It’s too dark for you to gauge an accurate guess as to how many people are actually here, but your instincts tell you to remain still and calm.

    “Whoops,” you deadpan, “I seemed to have forgotten you were the one calling the shots.”

    “Well, you’re here, aren’t you?” Everett mocks, stepping into the light. His brown hair is slicked back, face sickly pale, eyes sunken. Tour confusion grows, his appearance a mockery of the person he was once. “I think that puts me in a pretty solid standing.”

    “Maybe it would, if you were actually the one running things.”

    A smirk grows across Everett’s face. “Smart girl.”

    “Can we cut the small talk?” Yeji snaps, stepping forward to press her gun to the back of Safstrom’s head. “I don’t have all night.”

    “Very well,” Everett’s smirk drops, growing into a snarl. “I want to talk to you alone.”

    “Hell no,” Minho shakes his head, grip tightening on his rifle. “It’s only us three, you can say whatever you have to say in front of us.”

    “That wasn’t part of the deal. Get out, or get shot.”

    On cue, two perfect, red circles appear on the their heads. You stiffen, although ultimately not surprised, eyes darting around to examine the potential shooters. It’s still too dark for you to make out anyone, but you are able to make out the spotty outline of an individual perched atop the balcony. You know it’s one of his many henchmen, but you feel an inkling bubbling in your chest, telling you who it is. You remain level with the unmoving figure, the only attribute in your sight being the rifle clutched in its grip.

    Your gaze returns to Everett, face hard. “Tell Livia to come down from her stoop, and they leave.”

    Yeji’s eyes remain firm on Safstrom, but the twitch in her finger tells you she’s unsettled by this ultimatum. Minho’s head lifts to locate Livia, before resuming his stern stare on Everett. Out of the corner of your eye, you can see his eyes flicker to you, ask if you're sure, but you have grown up in this world. Heard enough stories from those you have lost to learn from their unfortunate mistakes.

    Everett glances between Yeji and Minho before settling on you with a satisfied smirk. It makes you tense, as he lifts his head to lock eyes with Livia. With a swift nod, you hear the creak of wooden panels, something you're you wouldn’t have heard if Livia didn’t want her presence to be known. You follow the outline of the shadowy figure, eyes straining in the darkness to keep a steady gaze. Through the darkness, and after a couple more creaks, Livia emerges into the light, an emotionless expression painting her face.

    You straighten as Everett turns his head towards you expectantly. Keeping your eyes locked on him, you order, “Yeji, Minho – wait outside.”

    “Who says she’s the only one here?” Yeji scowls.

    “She’s not,” you confirm. You have no doubt that Tessa and Ayers are hiding away somewhere as well, and by Everett’s impressed stare, you can tell you're correct. “But I can handle it.”

    “If something happens to you, Hyunjin will lose it,” Minho hisses into your ear.

    Your throat goes dry. You know. “Go. I’ve got this.”


    “We’ll go,” Yeji announces.

    You refrain from glancing back at the Hwang sister in surprise. Yeji’s stubborn, set in her ways, a lot like her step-father, similarly to her brother. And yet, you hear Yeji shuffle backwards, most likely with her rifle still in hand, Minho begrudgingly following suit. You focus on the creak of the floorboards, eyes still trained on Everett and Livia standing before you, wait until the footsteps become distant and eventually disappear, to tip your chin upwards.

    “I brought back your messenger,” you bite out. “Can’t say he was super informative.”

    “That was kind of the point,” Everett tips his head to the side. “To be mysterious enough to lure the princess all the way over here.”

    You tense, attempt to keep your expression level. “I’d love to know how you have heard that story. Didn’t think it was open to failed mobsters.”

    Livia steps forward, clearly detecting Everett’s defensiveness. Her expression remains neutral, almost as if she’s bored to be here, as if this is a bother to her. You make a quick mental note of it, as Everett readjusts himself.

    “The story of the princess and the King,” Everett clears his throat. “I have to admit – even I don’t know the extent of it. Only the tagline.”

    “Oh yeah? And what’s the tagline?”

    “Well, it’s your story. Shouldn’t you know how it ends?”

    Anger bubbles inside your chest, your grip tightening on your pistol in defense. Livia nods her head towards it, fingers wrapping around her own weapon in preparation. You realign yourself, glancing down at a battered, weakened Safstrom at your feet, and remind yourself why you're here. You sink back into reality, try to separate fact from fiction, and keep your expression stern, posture strong and solid.

    “It’s been a while. Maybe you’ve forgotten, but I’ll give you a hint,” Everett’s taunting expression morphs into something stern and hard as he steps towards you. “It ends in death. Blood coating the walls, drenching the carpets, staining your hands. It ends there.”

    A wave of nausea climbs over you, flashes back to that fateful night three years ago consuming your mind.

    “That must be a rewrite,” you shrug, hoping he doesn’t hear the stagger in your voice. “But I’m not interested in hearing it. I want to know how you know about it in the first place.”

    “In due time. You have to do something for me first. After you let go of my friend, of course.”

    You chuckle bitterly, “You can have him back. He’s not very helpful, not even that great of a stalker.”

    “Oh, trust me, we know,” Everett nods to Livia, and in a flash, she steps forward, her rifle aiming at Safstrom’s head.

    Your eyes widen in alarm, barely having the time to glance at Safstrom, who somehow manages to lift his head just before the bullet penetrates his skull. You fall to your knees beside him, mouth agape watching the blood pool at the forefront of his forehead. Your hands waver around his body, trying to think of anything you remember your mother doing in the emergency ward, as if you don’t notice the life drain from his eyes as he stares up at the ceiling, betrayal riddling every aspect of his pale expression.

    * * *

    “Did you see him?”

    You hadn’t removed yourself from your covers in three days. You curled up in the duvet, as if it would protect you from any of the threats that plagued the Hwang estate constantly, as if in here, nothing had changed. People rotated in and out, mostly your mother or Hyunjin, but they’d be the ones to speak, provide you with updates, feed you, keep you alive or curl up beside you. No words left your lips in days. So when a sentence finally formed on your tongue, you felt Hyunjin tighten his grip around you.

    He hadn’t answered right away. You waited, but only felt his arms close in around you, secure you in the place, cling onto you for dear life. On any other day, you may have let him assuage you with the comfort of his presence. But that day, the urge to speak, the need to know overpowered you. You forced yourself to shift, stare right at Hyunjin and his poor attempt to keep a poker face – something he mastered as next in line for the organization, but couldn’t uphold when looking at you.

    “Tell me. Did you see him die?” you ordered.

    “There was nothing I could do, I couldn’t get there in time,” Hyunjin whispered, his voice breaking.

    “I know. I believe you,” you merely brushed it off. “Did you see him?”

    You watched his Adam’s apple bob.

    “He was already gone when I got there.”

    “Did he – did he look like he was in pain?”

    You ignored the tears burning your eyes. Hyunjin’s face crumbled, his attempt to keep a solid stature cracking at your hopeless stare. He reached his hand up, cupping your cheek and brushing a stray tear with his thumb. You already knew.

    “It seemed like it was quick.”

    “Answer my question, Hyunjin.”

    He couldn’t make out the words.

    * * *

    Hyunjin never detailed the extent of his knowledge on death; you always knew he’d seen more than his fair share of it. But when Julian died, Hyunjin assumed it was difficult for him to share the details with you because of how distraught he knew you were. They’d all been friends for so long, you knew it must have been incredibly heartbreaking for him too, not that you made it any easier for him. But now, watching Safstrom die before your very eyes, you wondered how much he kept inside for your own sake.

    Against your better judgment, you gently ghosted your hand over Safstrom’s face, closing his eyes and allowing his face to relax. You’ll chalk it up to not wanting to stare at your stalker’s cold, dead eyes, but even you're not foolish enough to believe yourself. Slowly, you rise to your feet, regain some sense of composure, and stare back at Everett and Livia. Livia stares on, emotionless, while Everett, appears nothing more than unbothered.

    “Your first time,” Livia states. “I assumed as your mother's darling, you saw a lot of death.”

    “The point is to keep them alive,” you snarl, intent on changing the subject before Livia can dive in deeper. “Why kill the man you sent for me? He’s no longer useful to you?”

    Livia doesn’t respond, Everett swiftly moving forward to interject. “Somewhat. He’s a petty criminal, looking for a big payout. A payout we need for more important people than him. And even if we did give him what is promised, he’d end up back in the slammer, probably squeal for a lesser sentence.”

    “More important people than him,” you tipped your eyebrow. “This is you rebuilding your organisation. What do you need me for?”

    Everett smirks, “I can tell you’re just useless. You have no idea how deep this goes.”

    “I grew up in this world. I know exactly how vengeful people like you are.”

    “I can be. I am. Your people murdered my family, majority of my people. Without so much as a blink.”

    “You know the consequences of leading this life. Don’t blame me for your mistakes.”

    “I don’t blame you. I blame the Hwangs.”

    “This doesn’t explain what you want with me.”

    “You just don’t get it, sweetheart. I’ve been told you’re the moral center of this estate. You want to lead a different life. The past three years have shown us that.”

    “Us,” you narrow your eyes, daring to be the one to step forward this time. You ignore the way Livia moves in front of him, acting as a barrier between the two. Your gaze lands on Everett, ignoring the blur of Livia’s outline in your peripheral vision. “Who has had you so obsessed with me all this time?”

    “You’re the key, to everything we’ve been trying to accomplish, Y/n, or do you still prefer Keira?” Everett remains perched behind Livia, but you can sense the antsy undertones in his voice. "Pretty name, Keira."

    “Cut the vague bullshit.”

    “We want your help.”

    As much as it catches you off guard, your first instinct is to laugh. It’s short and stifled, because maybe this former mobster just has a wicked sense of humor. It’s enough to cause the edges of Livia’s lips to tug into an amused smirk, but twists Everett’s mouth into a scowl. You straighten, deciding to take advantage of his discomfort.

    “You want my help?” you chastise, “You think I would betray my people to help you?”

    “I think you know all this life leads to is an untimely death,” Everett accuses. “And from what I’ve been told, you have loved ones in that estate.”

    “As if you’d protect my loved ones. You want vengeance. You want them dead.”

    “I don’t need all of them dead. Although, I would prefer to have your pretty boy’s head on a stick.”

    Your finger smoothens over the trigger, gun still hanging idly by your side. The urge to raise it at his head is deafening, but you manage to control yourself – if only for the sake of your people, if only for Hyunjin. It’s unsettling enough that Everett is aware of your and Hyunjin’s relationship, much less the story of the princess and the king. You still haven’t got anywhere significant, have no idea what Everett wants from you other than your assistance when he seemingly already has an inside man. You don’t even know what your role in this would entail, and how it would differ from the source he already utilises.

    “What’s in it for me?” you deadpan.

    “I know it’s not that easy to convince you,” Everett surveys over you, contemplative. “But I can promise an end to the organisation.”

    “Similar to the end of yours?”

    “Even more permanent. An end nobody can ever come back from.”

    “You’ve yet to tell me why I would ever want to betray my own people?”

    A slow, unsettling smile creeps up on Everett’s features. “Betrayal is inevitable, sweetheart. Ask your friend, Julian. How do you really think he met his untimely end?”

    You blank, blood draining from your face and heart sinking to your stomach. The mere mention of Julian is enough to send you into a tailspin on a good day, but hearing his name trickle out of Everett’s mouth erases your logical thinking, demolishes any sense of reasoning you were previously equipped with. The sick smile on Everett’s mouth doesn’t help you either, instead instilling you with a sense of fear and instability that’s so unlike you that you barely feel like you are in your own body anymore. You are not even sure if it’s the reaction that he intended, his face blurring in your vision.

    It’s the insinuation, the thought of something more. His death was airtight, instant, a certain event in your mind that was never anything but heartbreaking. It was so evidently clear and so utterly real that you never had to doubt any aspect of it. But the way that the words sweep out of Everett’s mouth, he wants you to ask. His plan depends on your interest, your dependence on your late friend. And at the back of your mind, you may know this, but your body remains frozen, mind only picking up the pace to flood with all the horrid memories from three years prior.

    The sound of crunching wood, smashing into pieces behind you snaps you back into reality. Your head spins, gun cocked in direction of the interruption, only to see Hyunjin burst through the doors, followed by a smug looking Jisung with some tools you are sure he used to melt the doors' hinges, rifle already aimed at potential targets.

    His eyes lock with yours for only a moment. You see the panic in his dark, brown eyes subside, replaced by hurt for a split second before it’s overtaken by anger and vengeance. He’s panting, a scowl etched onto his lips and his sweaty locks of hair sticking to his forehead.

    Your heart stops, the shock of seeing him overpowered by his angry, possessive stare. Even when he looks away, gaze narrowing in on Everett and Livia, he still charges towards you, shuffling you behind him in one, fluid motion as the rest of the team piles in.

    “What the fuck?” Everett growls, glaring at you before shifting his attention to Livia. “What are you good for, if not to check that she was alone?”

    Changbin and Pierce clamber in first, leading Jeongin, Yeji and Minho through the door. Your head swivels, peering over Hyunjin’s shoulder. Everett has already disappeared halfway into the darkness, Livia standing before him and aiming her own rifle in Hyunjin’s direction. She fires the first shot, and Hyunjin shoves you to the ground before it flies by you.

    You smack against the ground, your palms scratching against the dusty, wooden floors as your gun flies out of your grip. You are sure the scars will ache tomorrow, but as you lay beside Safstrom’s lifeless body, all you can do is curl into yourself, as chaos ensues above you.

    The round of gunfire that ensues over your head blares, accompanied by the flickering of bright lights. You peak your head up from your tucked position on the floor, only to catch Hyunjin leading the round of gunfire. As predicted, Tessa and Ayers also appear to accompany Livia, but they’re woefully outnumbered. Hyunjin sends one successful shot to Ayers’ lower abdomen and Livia’s shouting at them to retreat. Although they appear to be backing off, the fire in Hyunjin’s eyes tells you he has no intention of letting them leave in one piece.

    You attempt to raise to your feet, only to be hoisted by the shoulders and pulled backwards. You glance back hurriedly, the sliver of relief you feel to see Minho holding you diminished when you look back at Hyunjin. A pissed off Tessa is backing away, but her gunfire is still persistent, and she has a target on the boss of the Hwang estate.

    “Hyunjin!” you scream, attempting to free yourself from Minho’s grip. “Hyunjin, please, get back!”

    Jeongin’s attention is peaked by your screams, tearing himself away from the blaze of gunfire and shuffling over instantly to help Minho pull you from the building. You struggle against their grasps, eyes intent on Hyunjin, heart racing, thumping so hard you're positive it’s going to burst out of your chest. Hyunjin doesn’t even look back at you, and all you can think about is how you won’t recover if this is the last time you see him alive. 


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    #hwang hyunjin#hyunjin #hwang hyunjin ff #hyunjin fanfiction#hyunjin fanfic#hyunjin ff#hyunjin series#hyunjin imagines#hyunjin scenarios#hyunjin angst#hyunjin smut #hyunjin x reader #hyunjin stray kids #stray kids #stray kids fanfiction #stray kids fanfic #stray kids ff #skz ff #stray kids series #stray kids imagines #stray kids scenarios #stray kids angst #stray kids smut #skz angst#skz smut #skz x reader
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  • lix-ables
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago
    with you skz ; iii. voyeurism with hyunjin (preview)
    storyline– a series where stray kids as your boyfriends try to guide you through your needs. or rather try to, with a lot of teasing.
    rating. 18+ minors dni.
    wc. around 2k words. (preview contains 209 words.)
    release date. 28/05.
    let me know if you want to be part of the taglist by sending in an ask/comment!!
    cw; smut includes mutual masturbation, soft mean dom!hyunjin, teasing amongst a few more that'll be mentioned in the fic when it's out.

    hyunjin knew he wasn’t being mean. did he like this idea though? maybe not so much, with him being the more clingy of the two.

    there wasn’t a minute where he wouldn’t stay away from you, even if he wanted to. so to watch you cum for him, looking all pretty and messed up, all by yourself, and him not being able to touch you, was going to be the end of him, and he knew it. 

    “y-you want to what?” you find yourself whispering out to him, not able to process what your boyfriend just told you. “wanna watch you cum, all by yourself. thought i told you that just now, doll,” hyunjin smiles, his hand stroking your hair, fingers tugging on the ends like he always did when he needed something from you. 

    his fingers ached to wrap themselves around your neck, and watch you fuck yourself on his fingers, right here, the way you looked. but he was a patient man, at least he thought he was. 

    “just want to see how good you’d be for me, without my help, bug. how desperate you’re gonna look when you won’t get to touch me, and all you’re going to get is watching me cum, on myself.”

    #skz thoughts#skz smut #stray kids smut #hyunjin x reader #hwang hyunjin smut #hyunjin scenarios#hyunjin smut #hwang hyunjin scenarios #hyunjin imagines #stray kids scenarios #stray kids imagines #stray kids x you #skz hard hours #stray kids hard hours
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  • scribblemechan
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Stray Kids Masterlist

    All my works are obviously completely fiction and in no way reflect against the members. All my works are Reader insert and will be M rated.

    I occasionally use a dark themes/ Supernatural/ taboo kinks and have a generally open mind within my stories so if that’s not your thing please make sure you read all the warnings that are given. If you believe there should be a warning in anything that I haven't given please don’t hesitate to let me know, it will not be taken badly.

    I do not allow reposting/translating or any use of my stories without permission. My content is copy write protected by following licence 

    - Coming Soon

    -Coming Soon

    - Coming Soon

    - Coming Soon

    - Coming Soon

    I’m Ready - Smut, Fluff, established relationship. - You and Felix have been together for a month, falling in love more and more as the days past. After a bad first experience it took Felix a while to become intimate with you, but tonight he finally wants to take that step.

    Due to personal reasons I will not be writing about Seungmin or I.N. 

    I love and adore both of them but I have the right to chose if I write about them or not. You may send me NSFW asks about the members though at any point as I'm all here for you celebrating your love for them! 

    Any bashing or hate for any member will not be tolerated on my blog and will lead to an immediate block from me.

    Things you need to know: 

    - I am a STRONG advocate for love and tolerance, I’m a supporter of BLM, ACAB, LGBTQ+ rights and anything that could fall under the umbrella of liberalism. If you come to my inbox to preach anything that goes against these beliefs you will be instantly blocked and removed from my blog.

    - I am a survivor of serious sexual assault (and that’s all I will say due to not wanting to trigger anybody) and I’m always willing to have adult conversations about these topics, I also use my blog to cope (See my next point)

    -As a survivor I have written dub-con, stalker, yandere and taboo content and in some cases its a way of dealing and coping with my past (As well as just purely enjoying it). If you do not like these topics then my blog is not for you.

    -Kink shaming of ANY form will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate blocking.  

    -I don’t allow any drama, tea spilling or gossip about other any blogs in my asks. If you need to discuss anything like that with me then it will have to be in my DMs so that it can be an actual discussion and not just stupid online gossip

    -My readers send me smut asks of all topics, I can not put a read more on an ask. If you can’t have that kinda thing on your dash then I’m not for you. (Any taboo topics will be marked with any trigger warnings and placed under a read more where ever possible so everybody can be part of my blog)


    All of my works are reader insert. I will never describe the reader in detail when it comes to her looks, I will never mention colour (For example in smut terms ‘Your pink pussy’). I will never mention anything weight sensitive (For example, sex against a wall where he is expected to be able to lift the reader unless its supernatural) and I will never go to in-depth about anything that could single anybody out. If you ever read anything in my works that pulls you out of the immersion of it and it reasonable then this will be corrected.

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  • jichangminenthusiast
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I'm not big on sweat but know that Hyujin smells good when he sweats makes me want to lick on him. Like his neck and just bite on him. Like love nip nothing hard.

    Oh you're so right anon I'm sure he smells so fucking good.

    Like just imagine making out with him when he's all sweaty from dance practice or performing, face buried in his neck just giving him little love bites while he groans for you. Yum. Absolutely delicious. Someone get me a Hyunjin rn please and thank you.

    Also, because now I can't stop thinking about sweaty Hyunjin here are some photos for you, hope you enjoy

    Thank you so much to all the fansites who have provided us with concert photos of a sweaty Hyune

    #rose's mailbox 📬 #y'all don't ask to see my pinterest search history #it's a lot #I was serious before please get me a Hyunjin rn #kpop smut #stray kids smut #hwang hyunjin smut #hard thoughts with rose
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  • dirtykpopsnaps
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Here’s the request for Hyunjin!

    #dirty kpop snaps #kpop snaps#dirtysnaps#hwang hyunjin #hwang hyunjin smut #stray kids hyunjin #stray kids hyunjin smut #stray kids #stray kids smut
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  • qu0kkarambles
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Hwang Hyunjin

    Warning: smut (minors DNI), oral (m receiving), art student hyunjin x art student reader

    authors note- i didnt proofread and its 2:30 so im not going to this is also super short but oh well

    When you first sat next to the quiet, long-haired boy in art class, you never expected to even become friends, let alone more than that.

    After a few weeks of sitting side by side, your friendly hellos each morning turned into small talk, which gradually turned into proper conversations. before long you'd even spend time together outside of class, often grabbing a coffee together between classes or sending each other art inspiration online.

    When your professor announced that your next assignment would be completed in pairs, it made sense for you to work together. you had a similar art style and got along well. what could go wrong? Turns out the project was a nude life drawing, and each of you would have to capture your partner - naked. At first, you agreed to be mature about it, professional artists. Agreeing to meet the following Friday evening, you both came prepared, shaved where you needed to be.

    You agreed that you should go first, and as you laid yourself on the sofa you felt overly exposed, especially when hyunjin stood behind his canvas, directing you to position your body a certain way for him, highlighting your curves. The way you were spread for him, and so compliant with his repositioning, sent blood rushing to his dick. But he had to focus, he had a job to do. After 30 minutes, your body was aching from the slightly uncomfortable position, so you asked for a short break, stretching your back as hyunjin agreed to take 5. The way your back arched had him sinfully distracted, and he was struggling to focus.

    Since it was only a basic drawing you needed for the assignment, he spent another 20 minutes behind the canvas before deciding he was finished. Finally, it was his turn to get undressed, and he grew nervous as his previous thoughts were still obvious in his painfully hard member. You had positioned yourself behind your own canvas, a robe now covering your body as hyunjin shyly removed his clothes, trying to hide his arousal from you. When he turned, a small gasp slipped from your mouth. 'Oh, um...' you were extremely flustered, and so was hyunjin as he started apologising frantically. he turned his back to you again, trying to hide his arousal once more. This gave you the opportunity to quietly walk over to him, surprising him when your hands met hs shoulders to turn him to face you.

    Without speaking, you sank to your knees in front of him, hands resting on his thighs as you stared at his length. 'Y/n, you don't have t-' his objections were cut off by the lewd moan leaving his mouth as you wrapped your mouth around his tip, paying extra attention to where your tongue was focusing on his member. Sinking your mouth lower around him, he groaned more at the pleasure he was receiving, causing you to hollow your cheeks more around him. You were eager to hear every noise he could make, and pulled your mouth off him with a pop. you decided to focus your pleasure on his tip, using your tongue in a manner of different ways, trying to see which would have him moaning the loudest. when you licked a stripe from the base of his cock, all up the underside along one particular vein, his hips bucked toward you as he let out the most sinful whine.


    you continued switching focus between his tip and his sensitive underside, and before long his fingers were curling in your hair, warning you that he wasn't going to last much longer. you wrapped your mouth around his whole length again, and this sent him over the edge cumming down your throat as his hips bucked into your mouth with overstimulation. Swallowing his load, you looked up at him through your thick lashes, and saw how beautifully fucked out he was. You wanted to capture the look on his face, so you moved him backward until he reached the sofa, positioning him just right before you moved back to your canvas, working away frantically to capture his beauty.

    You both got the highest marks on your project, with the professor praising both of your work and suggesting working together should become a regular thing. You took his advice, and continued to use each other as your muse, looking more fucked out in every drawing as you learnt each others bodies.

    #stray kids #stray kids smut #hyunjin smut#hyunjin skz #hyunjin stray kids #hyunjin x reader #hyunjin hard hours #kpop smut#kpop#kpop imagines#skz smut
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  • seungmiilk
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    3:25am: Hwang Hyunjin

    Genre: Smut. TW: language, oral (F receiving) Dom Hyunjin sub reader, overstimulation, usage of the word slut, princess, baby and bitch. Enjoy!

    A/N: I'll be praising this man just saying-

    It was 3am and you heard Hyunjin moaning in his sleep, you honestly wondered what he was thinking about but decided to try and sleep. Then Hyunjin woke up and you felt him pull you closer "Baby.. I know your awake" He whispers "Hm? How could I sleep, you kept making noise" you said "I was just thinking about you" He said. And then you saw Hyunjin get up "wae? What are you doin-" you tried to ask before Hyunjin pressed his lips against yours as his hand went to you waist. You grabbed his back and pulled him closer to kiss him more, but his hand already found it's way on the band of your shorts. "Can I..?" Hyunjin asked quietly "Of course" you said. You felt Hyunjin pull off your shorts and get off of you and next thing you know he's dropped on the floor "Open ok?" He said and of course you listened to him. He started kissing your thighs trying not to show how much he wants this, how much he wants you. He pulled off your panties (Bro idk how to make that not sound cringy-) and saw you wearing his favorite pair, pink with a blue ribbon. "Wet already?" He teased you before he got close to your cunt and kissed you. "Hyunjin stop teasi- oh shit-" you moaned when he put his perfectly plump lips on your clit and pinned your thighs down. He put two of his perfect fingers in you at a pace that he never used before. Your hands found they way to his beautiful hair and you gripped it. "Hy-hyunjin I'm c-close.." you managed to say, but that only made him go faster. You felt the knot if your stomach release and you moaned loudly. He pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his tongue and you started to see stars "Fuck Hyunjin" you repeated "Such a perfect slut hm?" "One just for me" he said you moaned and he stopped "I asked you a question. Don't be a bitch and answer me" he said "Y-yes for y-you.." you said "Good, cum for me princess" soon enough you felt it in your stomach and you started breathing heavily until you hit your second orgasm and you heard Hyunjin and his beautiful moan feeling you cum. he slowly got up and got on top of you and started kissing you. "That was perfect baby. Your shirts so nice but.. i have to take it off of you."

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  • skzimagines
    23.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    my dove, hwang hyunjin x reader

    pairing: hyunjin x reader word count: 1,5k summary: a fire can’t burn forever, his wasn't any different. a/n: ouch ouch ouch . why am i out here making myself sad ??? warnings: heartbreak (!!!!!) ───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───

    It was written in his eyes that night, that he no longer loved you. Even though his eyes hadn’t met yours in weeks, you still noticed the lack of adoration and yearning that his eyes had contained throughout your relationship. He was never any good at hiding his feelings, after all.

    It was easy falling for him, almost too easy. You found love in his dark brown eyes, in the birthmark right underneath his eye that he absolutely despised, in his laugh; everything about him made you weak at the knees. In some way, there was something funny about the way you loved him; almost ironic. He was almost too good to be true. For some time, you waited. Waited for him to screw up, for him to prove to you that he wasn’t the angel you portrayed him to be. Yet, the day never came. He continued to be too good to be true, all the way to the end.

    Deep down, you knew it would come to an end one day. You knew it wasn’t possible for this kind of love to burn forever, no matter how badly you wanted it to keep burning until the end of time. It was like someone lit a match the first time the two of you crossed paths, like there was a sudden fire being ignited between the two of you. Even though you knew no match burns forever, seeing his fire slowly die out was something you weren’t ready for.

    At first, there were subtle changes, but nothing that indicated that he no longer loved you. He’d get home a bit later than usual at night, slightly shifting away from your embrace as he slept, not holding your hand as hard as he used to; he still looked at you in complete adoration. But slowly, it turned into him not coming home at night and staying at his friend's place more frequently. The nights he did spend with you at home, he would stay up until you fell asleep; waking up with him laying at the edge of the bed, his back turned towards you.

    That’s when you realized that something had changed within him. You asked all of your mutual friends if they noticed, but none of them did. Chan told you he was still the very same charismatic Hyunjin, and Jisung told you his eyes still sparkled the same way they always had. That’s when you came to the realization that he hadn’t changed, no, it was his feelings towards you that had changed.

    The night sky was dark, stars covering the clear sky. Hyunjin had been sitting in your shared living room ever since you came back from work, a sketchpad in his lap and a pen in his hand. The silence between the two of you was almost eerie as you watched him from the doorway, watching how gracefully his hand moved over the paper; admiring how passionate he was. He didn’t notice the way you watched him, not until he felt you slowly sit down beside him.

    He didn’t look at you. He stopped drawing for a second, your eyes burning into the drawing he had placed in front of him, before continuing to lightly drag the pen across the paper. ‘’What are you drawing?’’ You spoke, still watching as he continued to draw. ‘’A dove.’’ He softly mumbled, still not taking his eyes off the paper. You hummed in response. 

    You didn’t ask because you couldn’t tell what it was, you could clearly tell it was a dove. It was a dove with its wings spread out, even though one of the wings wasn’t finished. A masterpiece, just like the rest of the paintings that decorated your apartment. He remained quiet for a while, and so did you. ‘’Do you know the symbolism behind a dove?’’ He suddenly asked, making you look up at him.

    His eyes were still glued to the paper, his hand still moving as you scanned his side profile. He hadn’t looked at you in so long, you were almost used to staring at his side profile by now. You didn’t complain though, to you, he was the real masterpiece; no matter how beautiful his paintings were. ‘’No, tell me.’’ You replied, looking back down at the drawing.

    ‘’Peace,’’ He let out under his breath. ‘’Peace?’’ You repeated, confusion lingering in your voice. He hummed in response as he let go of the pen he had been holding in his hand, letting it fall on top of the sketchpad. ‘’Almost like a messenger,’’ He continued as he held up his half-finished work with both of his hands, looking at it. ‘’They say if a dove visits you, it’s to tell you that it’s time to find peace.’’

    You knew what he was trying to say without actually saying it. He had always enjoyed metaphors, especially while drawing. You looked at the half-finished drawing, a small smile forming on your lips. He gently put the sketchbook down on the coffee table in front of you before slowly turning to look at you. You had almost forgotten what it felt like looking into his eyes, but the moment his eyes met yours for the first time in what felt like forever; it wasn’t the same pair of dark brown eyes you were used to.

    The agony and remorse in his eyes made your heart drop deep into your stomach. There was no affection whatsoever in his eyes as they stared into yours, his mouth set in a hard line. It was the first time in a long time you studied his face so up close, you hadn’t noticed how tired he looked. You looked down at your hands, slowly reaching for his hands. He was resistant to your touch, slowly letting his hands fall into yours. ‘’I thought we’d have more time together,’’ You mumbled, a small smile still lingering on your lips. ‘’Y/N,’’ He breathed, making you look back up at him. ‘’It’s okay, Hyunjin. You don’t have to say anything, I already know.’’

    In no way, shape or form were you ready for this moment. But no matter how much you had prepared yourself, you would never truly be ready for it to happen. You could have all the time in the world and you still wouldn’t be ready. ‘’I’m sorry.’’ He whispered after a short silence, still looking at you. ‘’Don’t be,’’ You reassured him, slowly stroking the palm of his hand using one of your thumbs. ‘’It’s okay to fall out of love, you know?’’ You continued, your heart breaking at your own words. Somehow, the words coming from you hurt more than they would if he was the one saying them.

    He remained quiet for a while, his gaze dropping as he looked down at your intertwined hands. ‘’I’m sorry if I made you feel lonely.’’ He softly spoke, still watching as your thumb contuined to stroke his hand. You just sat there, quiet, watching your hands. There was nothing left for you to say, nor do. ‘’Hyunjin?’’ You let out after a while. He looked back up at you, his eyes wide. ‘’Can you hold me?’’ You softly asked, your eyes still glued onto your intertwined hands. After a short silence, he let go of your hands; letting them fall on top of his legs. ‘’Of course.’’

    As you laid there, on his chest, on the couch the two of you picked out together; it felt like nothing had changed. As his hand lightly traced your back, his chin placed on top of your head, you shut your eyes close. You could feel the tears welling up behind your eyelids, not doing anything to try to stop them from dropping onto your cheeks. As his scent filled your nose, a small smile formed on your lips once again. With your eyes closed, it almost seemed like a dream. The silence was no longer uncomfortable or eerie and you no longer wished for him to speak up. As you laid in his arms in complete silence, letting the teardrops run down your cheeks and drop onto his shirt; you realized why your fire was still burning.

    He was too good to be true, all the way to the end. Like straight out of a fairytale, he came into your life like a dove; offering you peace. Your love was perfect in your eyes, no one had felt such love before, you were sure of it. And no matter how much you wanted to hate him, you couldn’t; not a single part of you hated him, not even in the slightest. As you laid there, your cheeks stained red from your tears, a smile plastered on your lips; you were ready to let go.

    #stray kids fanfiction #skz#skz fanfiction#skz imagine#skz imagines#skz fanfic#stray kids #stray kids fanfic #stray kids imagine #stray kids imagines #hyunjin x reader #hwang hyunjin imagine #stray kids hyunjin #hwang hyunjin#hyunjin imagine #hwang hyunjin angst #hyunjin angst#hyunjin fluff#hyunjin smut #stray kids smut #stray kids angst #stray kids fluff #stray kids scenarios #stray kids reactions #seungmin #felix lee imagine #seungmin imagine #bang chan imagine #bangchan#bang chan
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  • chvnnie
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Come on Fuck Me Emo Boy

    mini series masterlist - coming soon

    inspired by late 90s/2000s emo music (spotify playlist here)

    updated every wednesday through july

    genre: smut, fluff, angst - MINORS DNI

    warnings listed at the beginning of each fic

    taglist: @lix-ables, @rachalixie, @agustd-essert, @fthan, @chaitae-bae, @cloudyybinin, @lix001 - send ask/comment to be added

    lyric teaser below cut

    CHANGBIN 5/25

    “it’s so cool when you’re on top”

    MINHO 6/1

    “selfishly hated, no wonder you’re jaded”

    FELIX 6/8

    “this night is all we’ve got”

    CHAN 6/15

    “this complacency is something i can’t shake”

    JEONGIN 6/22

    “sharpen your teeth and bite as hard as you want”

    SEUNGMIN 6/29

    “you were fake, i was great. nothing personal”

    HYUNJIN 7/06

    “heaven ain’t close in a place like this”

    JISUNG 7/13

    “black and white picture of her on my wall”

    ©: chvnnie 2022

    #stray kids smut #skz smut #bang chan smut #chan smut #lee know smut #lee minho smut #minho smut#changbin smut #seo changbin smut #hyunjin smut #hwang hyunjin smut #han jisung smut #han smut#jisung smut #lee felix smut #felix smut #kim seungmin smut #seungmin smut #i.n smut #jeongin smut #yang jeongin smut
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  • lotus-dly
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    as the tide rolls in

    pairing: hyunjin x reader
    if you like this pls comment and reblog! i would really appreciate it <3

    You rest your head against his shoulder, arms loosely wrapped around his as you stare out at the sea. Your heated cheeks tingle from the alcohol you previously consumed as the cool sea breeze caresses them.

    The two of you don’t say a single word as you stare out into the abyss, your toes finding comfort in the coolness of the sand. The water creeps in until it caresses your feet, leaving you tingling from head to toe. You let out a deep sigh as you nuzzle yourself further into Hyunjin’s shoulder. If he’s bothered by the action he doesn’t say.

    You feel an overwhelming sense of emotion overcome you at the feeling of his warmth beneath your cheek despite the layers. Tears form in your eyes, clouding your vision as you watch the tide roll in.

    “Do you have a wish you want to come true,” you ask him softly, scared your words were drowned out by the rustling of the waves.

    You hear Hyunjin hum as he tucks his hands further into his pockets.

    “Do you?”

    Oh do you.

    You nod, face dragging up and down his shoulder as you do so. You don’t risk looking at him, feeling the tears swelling in your eyes.

    “What is it?”

    You let out a deep shaky sigh, left hand sliding down his arm until you find his enclosed fist nestled in his jacket pocket. The feeling of his skin beneath yours sending a sense of yearning and regret through you.

    “I wish I would have realized I was in love with you sooner.”

    You feel as though time stops. Hyunjin is silent, unmoving, and for a moment you didn’t know whether he hadn’t heard you or if you had messed things up.

    You avoid his gaze as he turns to look at you, knowing that if you look into his soft and understanding gaze that you will crumble.

    Despite everything, you can’t hold back the words you’ve been wanting to say any longer.

    “I wish that I could have realized your feelings for me sooner. I wish I wasn’t so blind and spent all my time chasing after him when you were right in front of me. I wish would have never hurt you.

    He sucked in a sharp breath at your confession.

    “That’s a lot of wishes.”

    You snorted softly, reaching up to swipe a stray tear from your face.

    “Yeah, well, I have a lot of regrets.”

    “You shouldn’t. I never expected you to feel the same. I had come to terms with that a long time ago,” he muttered softly as his eyes fell to were his feet has become submerged in the sand.

    “S-Should I have not said anything? You don’t seem happy about this,” you muttered self consciously.

    Maybe you really had messed up.

    “Believe me when I tell you it’s taking everything in me not to kiss you right now,” his strained voice broke you from your thoughts.

    “What’s stopping you,” and with that he pulled himself from your grip on his arm, reaching up to cup your face.

    Hyunjin’s lips crashed against yours, just like that of the waves against the shore.

    “Absolutely nothing,” he muttered a he pulled back from your lips slightly.

    He gave you a small smile, one that set your heart ablaze.

    “And nothing will ever stop me again,” he whispered before diving back in once more.

    You let your fingers tangle in the strands of his hair as kissed him with everything in you, pouring everything you had been feeling and wanting to say into the kiss.

    ‘I’m sorry. I know.’

    ‘I messed up. I forgive you.’

    ‘I’m yours. I’ll never let you go again.’

    ‘I love you. I love you more.’

    taglist 🏷: @multifcndoms @tueblurtle @hauntedtreeface @lixesque @jisungsbff01 @softie00 @cb97i @chrissybang @leechanniee

    if your name is bold I couldn’t tag you for some reason! let me know if you want to be added to my permanent taglist <3

    #hyunjin x reader #hyunjin x you #hyunjin fanfic#hyunjin smut#hyunjin fics#hyunjin angst#hyunjin fluff#hyunjin imagines#hyunjin scenarios#hwang hyunjin #bang chan x reader #stray kids x reader #lee know x reader #stray kids imagines #stray kids smut #bang chan #stray kids fic #stray kids au #skz smut #changbin x reader #lee felix x reader #han jisung x reader #seungmin x reader #jeongin x reader #stray kids scenarios #skz x reader #skz imagines#skz scenarios
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  • hyunjinnspeach
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    After dark 🌙

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  • iluvchanniesposts
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    do anything for you

    pairings - seungmin x minho

    warnings - mentions of insecurities, maybe crying also. mentions of bullying slightly.

    this is a tickle fic, if it’s not your thing, please scroll on.

    not proof read.

    “your smile is so weird.”

    “i don’t like your braces.”

    “keep covering your mouth.” seungmin’s eyes scanned over the comments over and over again. he knew how shit it made him feel, but he couldn’t tear himself away from it. the bad weigh out the good, not matter how much he tried to ignore it. “thanks for watching guys, byeeee!” he waved to the camera with a phoney smile. the laptop screen slammed against the keyboard as he sat back in his chair. many thoughts wandered his mind, whether he’s actually good enough or if he actually does have a horrible smile. his fingers fiddled with his bottom lip, staring into nothingness. tears welled up slightly, he tilted his head back in order for them to not drop down. a singular tear won the race, reaching his top lip before it dropped off his jaw.

    “seungmin?” a familiar voice knocked from outside his door. “give me a second!” he blurted out, trying to rid of his shaky voice. he desperately wiped away any evidence of crying and sadness, allowing minho to join him without worry. “what’s up?” seungmin asked as his older brother entered. “wanted to watch a film with you, your room is the most quiet.” minho giggled as he plonked himself down onto seungmin’s bed. “what’s wrong? you’re usually trying to beat me up by now and telling me to leave.” minho joked half heartedly, he knew something was wrong but couldn’t pin point it. “no i’m good, what film did you want to watch?” the younger asked trying to change the subject. “oh let’s watch that new ryan reynolds film.” he patted the space next to him on the bed for seungmin to join. he noticed seungmin was acting unlikely, being extremely quiet and isolated was a big hint. “i know something is up, so just tell me.” his big brother instincts kicked in as his tone became more strict. “it’s stupid.” seungmin shunned him off once again, growing his frustration even further. “so you’re not going to tell me?” , “no.” minho simply shrugged his shoulders and climbed onto seungmin who was sitting up against the headboard. “what are you doing?” seungmin questioned with a hint of worry in his voice. “seeing what’s wrong with you.” and just like that, his fingers attached to seungmin’s armpits. he instantly tried pushing minho off, but he became weak from the tickles he was enduring. a slight smile played on his lips, trying to fight it away. unfortunately for him, minho knows all of his weak spots. “you going to tell me yet?” his fingers danced down to seungmin’s ribs, making him jolt to the side. “nohoho leave me alohohone!” his laughter now became evident, there’s no going back now. “i’ll just tickle you forever then.” minho stated, switching one hand to squeeze around seungmin’s stomach. “plehehease noooo.” he begged, his body turned limp as his arms could no longer push and he could barely hold his head up any longer. minhos fingers pressed in all the right spots, around his belly button, in his v line, poking around his ribs and scratching just below his armpits. his hands started darting to each spot, not giving seungmin a chance to even know where he’s going next. “oka-HAHA I’ll tell you!” he let out between giggles making minho stop.

    he climbed off of seungmin to gain his trust a little and take him more seriously. “did you watch my vlive?” seungmin asked minho in hopes that he did so he wouldn’t have to explain it. minho shook his head no which made seungmin take a deep breath. “well, there were lots of comments about the way i look. mainly my smile. it’s not like i ever liked it in the first place, but it kind of just made me feel worse.” minho nodded sympathetically at his words, rubbing his arm for comfort. he noticed seungmin came uncomfortable like he was going to cry, and immediately engulfed him into a hug. “minnie, it’s okay. people who don’t like you will try and tear you down to the point you can’t even look at yourself anymore. you need to start listening to the compliments instead of the insults, because it’s bullshit. you are perfect the way you are and you don’t need irrelevant people like that to tell you other wise.” his hand rubbed up and down seungmin’s back as he nodded into his shoulder. “now give me a smile, please.” pulling away slightly to see his younger’s face. seungmin shook his head no, but all it took was for minho to put his hands in a claw position and raise and eyebrow to make him flash his pearly whites.

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  • mmelancholicdaze
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    All the Words Left Unspoken | Chapter Four

    SUMMARY. What’s one to do when your boyfriend of four years suddenly ghosts you, and reappears dating another girl not even one week later? Your best friends, Lisa and Yeji, insist on helping you move on. But that proves hard to do when you see him all over campus, the new blonde right by his side. Not mention that your friends, were also his friends. With the aid of numerous frat parties, drunken mistakes, and even a couple new friends, can you make it through?

    WORD COUNT. 7.2K

    WARNINGS. so many emotions, there’s a kiss that’s not with hyunjin (but it’s not cheating, i promise), hyunjin and yeji bicker like siblings do, hangover, a little bit of overthinking / panic, oc finally meets sana, some side taekook content because i can’t help myself, liiil bit of jealousy, a heartbreaking scene, explict smut: oral (f. receiving), fingering, breast play, humiliation?, squirting, unprotected sex (this is fiction, be smart!!), some dirty talk, missionary.

    A/N. i can’t believe i’m already on chapter four!? it feels so surreal. and it makes me sad there’s only one chapter left. :(( though there will be a continuance of this series! a spin-off, per se? it’ll be a whole new series, in this same universe! just a little bit further in the future, and some new challenges. ;) i’m still planning that out, but i’m thinking to begin after my birthday (the 15th), so towards the mid / end of june? we’ll see! but here’s chapter four, and you may want to get your tissues ready... ♡

    The piercing sound of a ringing bell jolted you from your deep sleep, your body jerking awake. You groaned in protest, not even attempting to open your eyes as you pulled your hand out from under your cheek to feel around your bedside table for your phone. Once you found it, your fingers mindlessly tapped the screen until the sound finally stopped.

    After the little incident with Hyunjin, you returned back to the party. Amazingly, no one had heard the two of you. And for that, you were extremely grateful. Yeji spotted you just as you were coming around to the backyard, Hyunjin close behind. She had raised an eyebrow, though never said anything. Not even when you and Yeosang met them in larger room of the living room where a game of beer pong got particularly hectic.

    Hyunjin also didn’t stay by your side for long, being called away by Sana shortly after. You didn’t mind the fact that he was hanging out with other people. He had his friends, and you had yours. After all, Yeosang did spent the rest of the party practically attached to your side — just like you had predicted. But it’s who Hyunjin was hanging out with that bothered you. You had never been the jealous type. But after Felix, you were wary of almost everyone.

    Even yourself.

    You sighed heavily. Your head pulsed and stabbed at your temples, surging down your back and electrifying all of your nerves. Your limbs felt heavy, your stomach twisting and churning as you fought to keep its contents inside. You mentally berated yourself, wondering why you thought it had been a good idea to have nearly three cups of whatever Seonghwa’s concoction was. You didn’t have a high alcohol tolerance.

    You don’t remember what time you finally strolled through the door of your apartment. Though now, as your alarm woke you up at noon, and you had work in two hours, you knew it was way too late. You don’t know what you regretted more: having stayed out so late and drank more than you could handle, or telling Taehyung you’d work today.

    Though, something felt off. But you weren’t sure what.

    It took a significant amount of will power to lift your head, squinting your eyes as you looked around your room. The sunlight filtering through your thin linen curtains burned, the light cream color not doing much to help. A couple empty energy drink cans, a book, and your phone sat on your bedside table. You dresser looked untouched, an assortment of random clothing still hanging out of a few drawers. Your desk looked the same, still covered with an array of papers, notebooks, pens, and many other miscellaneous things. It was quiet, with the occasional muffled sound of voices from the television and cabinet doors shutting.

    Everything was… normal. There was nothing amiss, that you could find.

    Maybe you’re just hungover.

    You shook it off, sucking in a deep breath as you barely managed to lift yourself up on your arms. You were about to throw the covers back and try to climb out of bed, but when you turned your head, you came face-to-face with Lisa.

    You didn’t even have the energy to react.

    She was laying on her side, her elbow propped on the bed with her head resting in her palm. She was wide awake, looking at you with a mischievous smile. You still had yet to find your voice, raising an eyebrow at her in question.

    “I heard something about you.”

    It was like time completely stopped, along with your heart. Your eyes wide wide, your mouth opening to make an excuse, convince her it wasn’t you, beg her not to tell Yeji, anything. But nothing would come out.

    Wait. Oh, fuck. If she knew, that means Yeji knew.

    You were so sure no one had heard or seen the two of you, but maybe you were wrong. There hadn’t been anyone around, you weren’t too close to the front porch and the music had been deafening, so they couldn’t have possibly heard you. No one looked twice at you when you had returned to the party. You didn’t hear anyone say anything about two people hooking up, at least not about anyone hooking up outside. Or maybe you were just too drunk to pay attention.

    Fuck. What the hell were you going to do—

    “So what was it like? Were his lips soft? Did it feel weird? I know he’s, like, your best friend, besides me and Yeji. But still, wouldn’t that feel awkward?” Lisa scrunched her eyebrows and slightly squinted her eyes, lightly cringing. “... Was he a good kisser though?”

    The more she talked, the less sure you became she was talking about you and Hyunjin. He did fit the category of being your best friend, besides Lisa and Yeji. But Lisa knew of your feelings for him, so why would she think it feel awkward? Did you kiss someone else that you didn’t know about?

    “Oh, come on!” Lisa laughed, sitting up and shoving you over so you were on your back. “Don’t tell me you don’t remember kissing Yeosang.”

    What? That couldn’t have possibly…

    You slowly shook your head, trying to remember any point of the night that might have happened. You remember when he tried to get you to play beer pong with him, and two other people whom you didn’t remember. But you didn’t like beer, so that didn’t happen. He became pretty pouty about it, until he heard there were other people outside by the pool, taking turns to stand on a raft and see who could push the other off first. But any memory of kissing him? You couldn’t find a single one.

    “You really don’t remember playing ‘spin the bottle’?”

    Okay, that made more sense. Better than what you originally thought, but you still didn’t remember. You shook your head, throwing back your warm and comfortable comforter, channeling all of the energy you had to climb out of bed. The wood floor was cold on your feet and sent shivers throughout your body. The pounding in your head got worse as you stood up, your stomach twisting and turning and you truly thought you might vomit. You really wish you hadn’t drank so much.

    “How much did you drink?” Lisa asked, following you behind you.

    “Too much.” You grabbed the pain reliever from the bathroom cabinet, pouring one into your hand before making your way to the kitchen for a glass of water.

    Yeji saw you as you appeared at the end of the hallway, moving from her spot at the counter to grab a glass from the cabinet and fill it with water. You gave her the best smile you could manage in thanks, swallowing the pill and sighing as the cool liquid soothed your dry throat.

    “Y/N doesn’t remember kissing Yeosang!” Lisa practically shouted as she hopped onto one of the counters, causing you to flinch as your head pounded harder for a moment.

    “Lisa!” Yeji scolded, grabbing one of the bowls she’d filled and directing you to the table. “I made bibimbap. You should eat before you go to work.” She placed the bowl in front of you, and the smell had you almost salivating.

    “When the hell did she kiss Yeosang?” You jumped, Hyunjin’s voice sounding like he was right behind you. When he said Yeosang’s name, he didn’t bother to hide his bitter tone.

    “Uh… Um, L-Last night?” Lisa mumbled, her eyes flickering to you in hesitation. “When… When they played truth or—or dare.”

    Hyunjin huffed, and you could feel his gaze boring into the back of your head. But you didn’t turn around to look at him, instead continuing to eat what Yeji so kindly prepared. There was only so much you could handle right now, and Hyunjin’s  unwarranted jealousy wasn’t on that list.

    When he realized you weren’t going to turn around, he walked past you to the fridge, pulling out a bottle of water before essentially slamming the door shut and leaning his back against it. He didn’t even open the bottle, just held it in one hand as he stared at you. Or, more so, glaring.

    You didn’t see, but Yeji scowled at her brother, shaking her head as she grabbed a towel from the counter and threw it in his direction. It hit him on the chest, but still didn’t take his attention away from you.

    “Don’t you have something better to do?” Yeji questioned, grabbing one of the other bowls and walking to shove it into her brother’s hands. “Say, I don’t know… Crying over another kdrama?” That got Hyunjin’s attention, now turning his glare to his sister. But Yeji was used to it, simply crossing her arms and smiling until he finally left, planting himself in front of the television.

    Yeji sighed and rolled her eyes, grabbing one of the last two bowls and handing it to Lisa. “You know you have your own place, right?” She turned to look at him, but he acted as though he didn’t even hear her. “Shibsehggi,” Yeji muttered under her breath as she grabbed her own bowl and sat across from you.

    “I heard that!” Hyunjin shouted.

    “Oh, that you heard!” Yeji scoffed, you and Lisa sharing a look as you laughed. “You know, I should take your key back.”

    “I’d like to see you try.” Hyunjin laughed before grabbing the remote and turning the volume up.

    You smiled and chuckled at their banter, slightly thankful for it. It at least gave you a laugh to start your day, and you needed some sort of mood booster if you were going to survive this work shift with a hangover.

    But, despite the fact, you had a good feeling about today. You weren’t exactly sure what it meant, or why. Although, from the past few days — or rather, weeks — you’d take it.

    When you got to work about half an hour early — thanks to Hyunjin and Yeji’s bickering turning into a full blown argument — you were immediately greeted with an enthusiastic Jungkook before you even walked through the door. He was shouting your name, irritating and attracting the attention of customers.

    Even so, neither of you cared.

    Quickly jogging across the store and behind the counter, you met Jungkook with an overly-giddy hug. It might have been a bit dramatic, but it had been three days since you last saw or worked with him, and you missed him and his lively but humble personality. His company was exactly what you needed.

    Unfortunately, you didn’t have long to converse, the café quickly growing busy. Chan had been on break, getting back just in time as you were beginning to fall behind. Taehyung, too, had to stop doing inventory to help with the rush.

    Thankfully, the four of you worked together seamlessly. The rush lasted longer than you expected, finally dwindling around six o’clock. Your head was now pounding, your feet begging for relief. Coffee grounds covered the countertops, some spilling onto the floor. You had been yelled at, degraded, and even had a couple drinks thrown at you because you ‘hadn’t made them right’.

    Although, in spite of all that, you felt a sense of calm. You didn’t have this intense urgency to clock out and go home. You took your time with sweeping the floor, helping Chan and Jungkook to clean the machines and restock low or empty supplies, swapping out the empty syrup bottles for new ones.

    Everything felt laid back. There was nothing weighing on you, stressing you out to the point you were irritable or got angry at every little thing. Nothing you were dreading. Your mind was peaceful, all your thoughts subdued. It felt like it was too good to be true.

    You heard the high pitched ding of the doorbell, approaching the cash register with a smile and ready to greet the customer that walked in.

    “Hi! What can I—” You stopped short when you saw who it was.


    Perhaps it was foolish and inept, but you had no desire to talk to her or take her order. You were about to ask Chan if he could, then she looked up, and she seemed, what felt to be, excited to meet you?

    “Y/N!” Sana squeaked in surprise, a grin spreading across her face as she clapped her hands. “I can’t believe I finally get to meet you! I mean, I imagined it wouldn’t be like this, but,” she laughed, shrugging her shoulders. “I’m excited to meet you anyway! Hyunjin’s told me so much about you.”

    Her smile was bright, too bright. It was also growing way too late in the evening for her to be so cheerful, and why was she excited to meet you, why—

    Did she just say Hyunjin talks about you?

    “What?” It was the only word you could manage to say, slightly dumbfounded at her statement.

    “Oh, yeah,” she said with a wave of her hand. “He talks about you all the time.”

    You didn’t know what to think. On one hand, the thought of him talking about you made butterflies erupt in your stomach. A blush heated at your cheeks, your heart beating against your ribcage. Your mind screamed at you, wanting to jump for joy. But then, it also terrified you. What could he have possibly told her?

    Oh no, did he tell her what happened last night? Panic started to flood your veins at the thought, but there was no way. From the way she was looking and act, she didn’t seem like she knew some dirty little secret that could possibly tear your life to shreds.

    You also had no idea what she thought of you, because there was no doubt Hyunjin’s told her about when he got upset with you yesterday. Which, she would also know the reason why he did. He may have said it was because you worked with mostly males, but you weren’t entirely convinced. But why would Sana tell you anyway? She didn’t know you. This was the first time she’s even met you.

    Why did you even care? You’d been having a good day, for the first time in awhile. Why were you letting her, and the thought of all that Hyunjin could have told her ruin it?

    Fuck. You needed to stop thinking.

    “What can I get you?” You pushed all thoughts aside, instead trying to focus on work for the next couple of hours. More likely than not, you were going to see Hyunjin when you got home, anyways. He never left.

    You took Sana’s order and moved on to make it without anything else, about Hyunjin or otherwise, from her. It looked as though you’d make it the rest without, until you went to hand her the drink.

    “It was so nice finally getting to meet you, Y/N,” she said with that same overly bright smile, which you couldn’t help but wonder if it was a permanent feature. “I hope we can hang out soon! I’d love to get to know you better. From you this time.” She laughed, picking up her drink and waving as she turned to leave. “Bye Y/N!”

    It was probably rude, but you only stared as she left. You didn’t want to hang out with her, and it wasn’t nice to ‘finally’ meet her. If anything, you wished you could go back in time and ask Chan to help her so you didn’t have to. You were being irrational, you knew. But you couldn’t help the resentment that filled your chest every time you heard her, saw her, or even thought about her.

    The next two hours went by without another disturbance. There was one customer about every fifteen or thirty minutes, and the rest of the time you spent laughing with Chan, Jungkook, and Taehyung. You had noticed the way Taehyung and Jungkook interacted before, but seeing them tonight, when there was almost no business, they were different. More touchy, they smiled wider, closer. It made your heart swell, smiling as they kept venturing off into their own world. They were happy, and unabashed.

    They had something you could only dream about. Hyunjin might say you’re his, and tell you all these sweet nothings. But you had your doubts. After Felix, you weren’t going to believe just a few little words.

    Though truthfully, you’re not sure you’d believe actions, either. Just because you’d see one thing, doesn’t mean they weren’t doing something else when you weren’t present.

    Which is why you knew it was unreasonable to hate Sana. You and Hyunjin weren’t in a relationship. Hyunjin wasn’t yours, and you weren’t Hyunjin’s, regardless of what he said. You don’t know why you felt the things you do, or think the things you thought. But you wish you did, so maybe then you’d know how to fix it.

    Right as the clock hit 7:58, the doorbell ding. Two minutes before closing. Hopefully they had an easy order.

    With a sigh, you stepped up to the cash register, tapping the screen to wake it up, picking up the pen and forcing a smile. But before you could muster up the best cheerful voice you could manage at such a late hour, they stopped you.

    “I’m not here to order anything.”

    Your eyes went wide, snapping your head to look at Minho. “H-Hey.” Your voice cracked, clearing your throat as you set the marker by the register. “So, why are you here?” Your hands were slightly shaking, your eyes continuously fliting between him and the counter, your hands wringing and your teeth biting down on your bottom lip.

    “I… I wanted to talk to you.” Minho appeared just as nervous, one hand tucked in his pocket as the other rubbed at the back of his neck.

    “Oh, um,” you looked at the clock then over at the other three, who you were felt a little curious. Taehyung nodded his head and began to untie his apron. You turned back to Minho, giving him a nod and tight-lipped smile. “Yeah, just give me a minute.”

    The street was nearly deserted, with the occasional passerby coming and going every now and then. Light pats sounded with each step you took, drowned out by the soft rustling of falling leaves and the wind whistling as it passed by your ears. Reds and browns decorated the sidewalk, dimly lit from the yellow-tinted street lights.

    You walked alongside Minho in silence, wrapping your jacket a little tighter around you as the cool breeze picked up and sent chills rushing down your spine. Minho offered to walk you home, so he could talk to you about whatever it was he wanted to say. Though he still had yet to talk, rather keeping his eyes aimed at the ground the whole time with a glance or two in your direction. You tried to keep your eyes forward, giving Minho the space to talk whenever he was ready.

    Genuinely, you didn’t mind the silence. Though there was minor tension in the air between the two of you, you didn’t feel the need to fill it for once.

    “Days.” Minho finally spoke.

    “What?” You looked at him, your eyebrows scrunching together in confusion. ‘Days’ what?

    “I’ve been thinking about how to tell you this for days.” Minho lifted his head now, looking straight forward but still avoiding looking at you. “And I still don’t know how.”

    That only confused you more. Minho had always been open about his thoughts and feelings, and you were always his go-to person when he needed to let it all out. Now that there was something he felt nervous to tell you was worrying.

    You waited, but he never continued. Silence fell back between you, sounds of nature filling gap though all you could hear was your heartbeat thumping in your ears.

    You tried not to think about the possibilities of what he had to say. It would only spiral, and truthfully, it could be anything. Big. Small. Serious. Minor. It could be about you, or him, or the both of you. Or it could be something else entirely. You didn’t know, and you didn’t want to stress or worry until you had to.

    That’s how you stayed, focusing on the crunch of the leaves beneath your feet and watching the stars sparkle and shine. Before you knew it, you were standing in front of your apartment door. You stood with your arms crossed facing Minho, and he was now meeting your gaze. There was something behind his eyes that made your chest tighten, and made you want to hug him. You couldn’t exactly pinpoint what it was, but it was almost like he was sad.

    “Minho?” You said in a whisper, concern peeking through.

    He sucked in a deep breath, licking his lips as he looked around the vacant hallway before settling on your apartment door. He stared at the peephole for a moment, almost like he knew someone was standing on the other side watching. Then he turned to you again, looking so deep into your eyes it was hard for you to not look away.

    “I…” Minho started and stopped, huffing a dry laugh with a small shake of his head. He stepped closer, never taking his eyes away from yours as he grabbed your hands. His thumbs stroked the tops of your hands softly, the corners of his lips barely tugging upwards and his eyes starting to glisten. “I still love you, Y/N.”

    Time stopped. You opened your mouth to speak, but your voice was stuck in your throat. All of the air disappeared from your lungs, your stomach dropping and all of your thoughts becoming so jumbled you couldn’t tell one from another.

    You stood there, staring into each other’s eyes. Tears stung at your eyes before slipping and streaming down your cheeks, quickly becoming a full-on sob.

    Why? After all this time, all these years? Why you?

    “I tried to move on, Y/N, I swear I did,” Minho spoke softly as he let go of one of your hands, wiping away the tears. “But I just couldn’t get past the fact that they weren’t you. There’s so much that I could tell you, like how I would wake up every morning and still reach for you, or how I would come home and expect to see you and kiss you, or how many times I’ve thought about calling you. How many times I bought a plane ticket and almost came back here. Back to you.” He was crying now, sniffling as he spoke. You reached up with your free hand to wipe away his tears, cupping his cheek and running your thumb across his cheekbone in an attempt to comfort.

    “But I know you don’t feel the same.” You opened your mouth, but he shook his head and stopped you before you could dispute him. “And it’s okay, really. I know you love Hyunjin. I see the way you look at him. And I see the way he looks at you.” He pulled you into a hug, kissing the top of your head before leaning his own against it. “It’s okay, Y/N. It’s okay to love him. All I want is for you to be happy. And if Hyunjin’s what will make you happy, then that’s okay.”

    Minho pulled back, cupping your cheeks in his hands as he urged you to look at him. He smiled, though it wasn’t sad, but genuine. “It’s okay.”

    For the second time tonight, Minho made you feel breathless. You could feel your pulse in your throat, fire sparking at your nerve endings. You kept your arms wrapped tightly around him, crying harder at his words. Minho was the most selfless person you knew, the kindest and most loving, and it broke your heart that you couldn’t love him back in the way he deserved.

    “Minnie.” It’d been a long time since you called him that. Your voice cracked, loosening your arms to move your hands to his cheeks. “I love you.”

    “I know.”

    Without hesitation, you pulled his face closer and pressed your lips to his, pouring all of your feelings into the kiss. You hoped he could feel the love you had for him, how much he truly meant to you. That you loved him then, you loved him now. You will always love him. All of the adoration you had for him, gratitude, and respect.

    Your lips moved in tandem, still remembering every detail and movement like they’d never even been apart. You kissed him like you meant it, and like it would be the last time. Because you did, and it was.

    The kiss lasted as long as you could make it, but it inevitably had to come to end. You slowly parted, Minho leaving a few pecks before pulling away all together. He stepped back, letting his hands slip from your face and down to his sides, yours doing the same.

    “Go.” He said, his voice raspy, motioning with his head towards the door. “Go to him. Forget everyone else. Don’t let anything get in your way. If you want him, go to him. Don’t make the same mistake I did.” He lifted his hand to tuck a strand of hair behind your ear, the tips of his fingers lingering at your cheek for a moment before dropping back to his side. Then he turned and left, leaving you standing there and staring at his back, watching him leave until you couldn’t see him anymore.

    Walking through the door, the first thing you heard were the muted voice from the television. All the lights were off, only a small amount of light from around the corner to guide you. You dropped your bag onto the floor with a soft thud, kicking your shoes off before taking slow steps to the living room. Hyunjin was the only one sitting on the couch. He didn’t turn around, but he knew you were behind him.

    You came to stand behind him, your hands slowly lifting and sliding to rest on his shoulders. His muscles lightly tensed, but he otherwise didn’t react. Without saying a word, you rounded the couch lazily, coming to a stop beside his legs that were propped up on the coffee table. He remained impassive, his hands clasped together on his stomach and keeping his eyes forward on the television. Though you knew his attention wasn’t there.

    Anger and annoyance were radiating off of him, filling the space between you and causing your skin to grow clammy. With the expression on his face, and how stiff his posture was, it was then you realized he had seen the kiss between you and Minho.

    His entire demeanor made sense now. Hyunjin was jealous.

    You threw a leg over his, crawling to straddle his lap. He sucked in a deep breath, moving his hands to rest on your thighs as you sat on his lap, though he still refused to look at you. So you placed your hands on his chest, slowly sliding them up to his neck, cupping his jaw gently and lifting his head up until he finally looked at you.

    There was a dark feature to his eyes, his pupils blown so wide you couldn’t tell them from the iris. They were glassy, like he was drunk but hadn’t been drinking. A small tint of lust clouded over them as he looked at you, and while he tried to hide it, you could still see the hint of hurt and betrayal he was feeling. You hated that he felt like that, even more because you were the cause.

    “Jinnie.” You whispered, flickering your eyes to his lips briefly as you moved one of your thumbs to brush over his bottom lip. His posture appeared to relax at the nickname, but there was still a sense of hesitancy. “Talk to me. Please.”

    For a few seconds, he only stared at you. Not moving. The soft sounds from the forgotten television and your breaths filled the quiet, your pulse thumping in your ears and your throat. His silence was agonizing, and it felt like you were waiting for an explosion.

    “I want you.” He finally said, barely audible and his voice cracking. His fingers on your thigh tightened, feeling fingernails through the fabric of your jeans.

    “You have me.”

    “No,” he grunted, now shaking his head and pulling his gaze away from you. Your hands fell to his chest, your confusion obvious as you looked at him blankly, flitting over his face. Eyebrows pulled together, jaw set, the slow rise and fall of his chest with every breath he took. He looked back to you after a couple minutes, his eyes darker and filled with need for something. “I want all of you.”

    The next thing you knew, his lips were crashing against yours, his hand on the back of your head to keep you from moving. He wasn’t soft, or sweet. He was urgent, rough, and messy. Your teeth clashed, your tongues swirling and tangling. This time, you didn’t fight for dominance. Instead letting Hyunjin take control the he so desperately seemed to need.

    Within seconds, you were out of breath, having to pulling away, panting and trying to catch your breath. Your mouths were agape, breaths intermingling and the temperature rising. Your original intention had been to talk to him, but now as you stared at each other, intense lust lacing its way through your blood, you forgot everything you had to say.

    Hyunjin smashed his lips against yours again, his hands sliding from your thigh to your wait and gripping tightly. He stood up swiftly with ease, holding you against his body and blindly making his way to your bedroom. Your arms flew around his shoulders, wrapping your legs around his waist. You didn’t know where Lisa or Yeji were, or if they were even home. But your mind was foggy, too overruled by lust to care.

    Once he made it to your room, with a few bumps along the way, he kicked the door open and hastily threw you back onto the bed. He watched as you bounced a couple times with a carnal look in his eyes, grabbing the collar of his shirt and pulling it over his head in one swift movement. Never breaking eye contact, he kicked off his shoes then pulled off yours.

    Without warning, he grabbed your ankles and pulled you to the edge of a bed, causing you to squeak in surprise. He smirked before holding up a finger to his lips, leaning over your body and resting his hands on either side of your head.

    “Quiet,” he whispered at your ear, goosebumps raising across your skin at the tickle of his breath on your ear. “You don’t want anyone to hear, do you?”

    The thought sent a wave of fire through your veins, sparking every nerve and making your toes curl. Finally remembering he’d never closed the door, your head snapped towards the door, wide open. If anyone were to walk by, they’d have a clear view into your room — at you.

    It should have terrified you. How anyone, even Yeji, could walk by and see you and Hyunjin. It was clear what was happening. You should stop, or close the door.

    But instead, it only turned you on more.

    There was a gush to your core, a whimper escaping your lips as your hips squirmed and you tried rubbing your thighs together to relieve some of the pressure. Hyunjin noticed instantly, watching you attempting to close your legs but failing with his body in between. His smirk grew wider, cocky, moving his gaze back to your face. He cupped your jaw in one hand, squeezing your cheeks and making your lips form a pout as he forced you to look at him again.

    “Is that what you want?” He questioned, looking in your eyes and chuckling as your cheeks flushed in embarrassment. “You want someone to see? You want Yeji to see?” He let go of your chin, trailing his fingertips down your jaw to your neck, over your chest and between your breasts, stopping at the button on your jeans.

    You couldn’t verbally answer, just shook your head as your hips slightly bucked up against his hand, urging him to continue — begging, even.

    Hyunjin chuckled, slipping his finger underneath the hem but not yet unbuttoning them. “I really underestimated you.”

    You didn’t have time to question what that meant, because the next second his lips were back on yours. He slipped the button through the piece of fabric, moving onto your zipper and pulling it down at a torturous pace. Your body begged and screamed to be touched, pleased, wiggling beneath Hyunjin as your hands threaded through his hair and tugged. Hyunjin seemed to love when you pulled his hair, groaning every time and kissing you harder.

    Arousal dominated your veins, already feeling your clit throb and cry for attention. You couldn’t take much more of this slow place, and Hyunjin soon got the hint. He grabbed the hem of your shirt, parting from your lips to pull it over your head and toss it across the room. Wasting no time, he got to removing the rest of your clothes, shoving your jeans down your legs and unclasping your bra.

    Now you lay only in your underwear, bare and vulnerable. The way Hyunjin was looking at you made your cheeks grow warm, though not with embarrassment. His eyes scoured every inch of your body, completely opaque with lust. There was no turning back now.

    His fingers played with the thin pink fabric at your hip, pulling it back and letting it snap against your skin. He then placed his hands on the skin above the fabric, taking his time as he ran them up your sides, bringing them to cup your breasts.

    “Fuck,” he hissed as he gave them a light squeeze, pinching your nipple between his index fingers and thumbs. A soft moan passed your lips, your own hands coming up to grab his wrists.

    “Hyunjin,” you sounded breathless, a silent plea in your voice.

    The next second, his lips were wrapped around your right nipple, sucking and flicking his tongue across the tip of your bud while he pinched and played with the other. Your back arched, shoving your breast further into his mouth as your head fell back, eyes closing as your moans became louder.

    He continued on like that, licking, sucking, kissing and nipping at every part of your breast he could reach before moving over to the other. Moan after moan, they all became louder, echoing throughout your room. If there was anyone home, they were sure to hear them by now. But that had long left your mind, now replaced by the euphoria and need Hyunjin was causing.

    After he was satisfied that he gave your breasts enough attention, he began kissing down your stomach, leaving a few marks here and there before stopping above the waistband of your underwear. He looked up at you for a moment, slipping his fingers beneath the hem and pulled them down in one quick motion. As he laid eyes on your glistening pussy, he practically drooled. He brought one finger to run up and down your slit, collecting arousal before circling your clit.

    “So beautiful.” He mumbled in amazement, running him thumb over the patch of hair on your mound.

    To which you then became self conscious, trying to close your legs and cover yourself. “I-I haven’t… I haven’t shaved in awhile…” You muttered in embarrassment, so sure Hyunjin was going to be put off by it.

    But to your surprise, he smacked your hands away and pried your legs apart, growling as he looked up at you. “Don’t,” he hissed, biting the inside of your thigh roughly and leaving a kiss, licking over his mark. “Don’t you dare be ashamed.”

    Your pussy clenched around nothing at the prevail in his voice, a soft moan vibrating in the base of your throat as he pressed a kiss against your mound on the hair.

    “And don’t you ever shave again.” He said before pressing his tongue flat against your entrance and licking upwards, the tip of his tongue flicking at your clit.

    You moaned loudly, your hands clawing at the sheets as your legs spread wider. Hyunjin held your thighs at the base, keeping your legs spread as wide as they could go while he utterly ravished you. He licked up tongue along your slit a few more times before latching onto your clit, sucking roughly as his tongue flicked the tip rapidly. You couldn’t control your moans, your head thrashing side to side, your hips trying to thrust into his face but his hands kept you pinned down. He watched your reactions, his pressure growing harsher at each suck to the point it was almost painful. But you loved it.

    “Fuck! Hyunjin,” you cried, your hands moving from the sheets to his hair, gripping tightly and tugging as he loved. Your legs shook as he moaned against your clit, a familiar coil beginning to form deep in your abdomen with quickly and powerfully.

    Removing one of his hands from your thighs, he slide a finger inside you, your arousal instantly pouring over his hand. He groaned as you clenched around his finger, sucking him in with ease. He quickly added another finger, curling his fingers until he hit the spot that had you seeing stars. Your body couldn’t take it, your moans turning into screams as your legs shook and your hips desperately rutting against his face, your hands tugging his hair as hard as they could. You were on the brink, and with one final hit to your g-spot and Hyunjin pinching your clit beneath his teeth, you came.

    It was powerful, lighting every one of your nerve endings on fire. Your vision went back, your back arching far off the bed as you screamed. Your skin tingled, your legs shaking uncontrollably. Euphoria clouded your senses, and you weren’t aware Hyunjin had crawled back over you until you felt him press kisses along your jaw.

    Your eyes slowly opened, Hyunin’s face blurry for a few seconds until your vision returned to normal. The entire lower half of his face was covered in your cum, as well as his chest with some dripping down his abs.

    “You squirted,” he said with a proud smirk, amusement lacing his voice.

    That was the first time anyone had ever been able to make you do that, and while you felt filthy and your entire body heated up with embarrassment, you wanted more.

    “Fuck me, Hyunjin.” You breathed, your hands already beginning to rid him of his sweatpants. “Please.”

    Hyunjin’s face scrunched as though he were pained, fisting the sheets and shaking his head as he let out the deepest groan you’d heard yet. He stood up hastily, shoving his sweatpants and boxers down his legs before lifting you further on the bed and crawling between your legs. He crashed his lips against yours once more, grabbings your legs and wrapping them around your waist as the tip of his dick poked at your entrance.

    A whimper echoed in your throat, Hyunjin pulling back to look at you. His hands rested on either side of your head, and as he looked down at you, he swore he’d never seen such a beautiful sight.

    “Are you sure?”

    The care and regard he held for you made your heart leap in your chest, butterflies swimming in your belly. If you were to verbally answer, you might start crying, so you settled for nodding your head, lifting your hips the slightest bit to encourage him. It appeared to be enough for him, leaning down on his elbows and his hands holding the top of your head as he gently began to push inside.

    He slide inside with ease, quickly bottoming out and you both moaned. The stretch stung slightly, but quickly subsided and you clenched around him. You nodded your head to tell him it was okay to continue, to which he leaned his forehead against yours before his hips began to tenderly thrust into yours.

    It was complete bliss. He thrusted into you at a steady rhythm, your moans mixing together and his hands gently gripping the hair on top of your head. A few strands of his hair fell, tickling your cheeks. You lifted your hands to run your fingers through his hair, pulling him down for another kiss. It was deep, and your teeth clashed together and tongues twisted, but the feeling was passionate this time.

    Soon, the desire became too much. You lifted and thrusted your hips up into his, and he seemed to get the message. With one last peck to your lips, Hyunjin sat up, unwrapping your legs from his waist. He grabbed behind your knees, spreading your legs wide and pushing them as far back as they could go. Then he snapped his hips into yours, causing you to cry out and shift forward a bit. He pulled out and slammed into you again, and again, until he’d gained a fast and ruthless pace.

    It didn’t take long until you felt your core begin to burn again, clenching the sheets as your moans turned into screams. There was probably going to be a noise complaint tomorrow, but you didn’t care. After a few more thrusts, ecstasy rushed through your veins again, though not as intensely as last time. Hyunjin’s thrusts became sloppy until he soon reached his own release, feeling his warm cum coat your walls.

    Your body fell limp, Hyunjin collapsing on top of you, trying to keep most of his weight up as he rested on his forearms. The two of you laid there like that for a couple minutes, trying to catch your breath as you came down from your highs. Once he gathered the energy, Hyunjin got up and hissed as he pulled out, and you whimpered at the pain and emptiness. He reached to your bedside table and grabbed a tissue, cleaning you up and then himself.

    After he was done, he helped you to readjust and lay on the pillow, crawling in beside you and pulling the comforter to your shoulders. You opened your mouth to speak, but he shook his head.

    “Tomorrow.” He tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, leaning to press a kiss against your forehead before pulling you into him. Sleep was quickly overtaking you, so you happily obliged and cuddled into him with your head on his chest.

    There was no time to think about your repercussions, or what was going to happen now, or what this meant. Whether or not Yeji or Lisa were home, or what you were going to tell him.

    All worries you had quickly disappeared, because within seconds, you fell into a deep sleep in Hyunjin’s arms, and the rest of the world faded away.

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    22.05.2022 - 2 days ago


    Cuddles with han are the softest and clingiest. He loves sleeping on your chest while hugging each other. Kisses on his forehead are his favourite, compliments makes everything better.

    When you intertwine your legs with his he feels protected, when you touch his butt he feels shy, when you kiss him he feels loved but when you lift your t-shirt and you lower your bra letting him see your boob he feels in heaver.

    He loves sucking on your nipple like a baby. He feels a baby. He just wants you to give him your nipple. But when he sucks hard and you moan he can't avoid it but feel horny.

    If you keep pulling his hear and whining, trying not to moan he will suck harder, he wants you moans.

    His dick gets harder when you try to rub his clothe dick with you clothe clit he can't resist. He needs to fuck you.

    But he doesn't do it. He let's you rub your parts faster, the rooms is filled by moans and groans that leaves han's throat. It feels almost impossible to cum like this but not for you both. It feels so hot, so good.

    And when you stoo is when you feel wet yours and han's pelvis. Yor hum and his can't mix, not when both of you have your clothe on. Han leaves you nipple red and with little marks. Eye contact makes you giggle "I want more~" he says cutely "what do you want baby?"  "I want mommy's body"  that's what you need to be horny again "then let mommy suck you dick like how you did with mommy's nipple"

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    “mommy!” (18+)

    solo!hyunjin smut

    w.c.: 1.4k

    warnings: masturbation (hyunjin jerking it to reader), sub!hyunjin, mommy kink, mentions of finger sucking and spit, hints of degradation and other kinks

    this is pure fiction for entertainment purposes only.

    for the @skzseasons 🖤 May is for Mommies 🖤 event

    hyunjin can’t fall asleep.

    he keeps looking at the pictures chan sent in the group chat hours before. specifically one picture. the picture of you and hyunjin. you leaning over him sitting at the table, grinning to yourself while his eyes are cast down on the smooth surface of the tablecloth. only seconds beforenyou had teased him - a bit meanly, but not unprompted. you had asked him to help you get something but he was too distracted by your voice uttering his name, by the time your request registered in his brain you had already called him a stupid pretty boy with a scoff before reaching over to do it yourself. he felt small beneath you in that second. he still feels small now whenever his mind wanders back to this moment. he can’t let it go. especially not now, at night, with no distractions and just the memory playing on repeat.

    hyunjin can’t be sure when he started chubbing up, but he feels himself stir in his boxers and he lets himself cup a big hand around his clothed balls, letting out a shaky breath when his hips immediately kick up, heat pooling in his lower belly and spreading to the tips of his ears. it’s always so easy to get him going and so difficult to calm him down.

    he wants you to try for him though, to coo at him and let him suck at your chest, cradling his head in your hands as he lets his lips intuitively work against your nipples. would you pull on his hair, make him work to get his mouth back on you? or would you let him tongue at you to his heart’s content, maybe calling him your good boy, your baby boy, your greedy little one while he keeps drooling over your warm skin. spit pools under hyunjin’s tongue and he struggles to swallow it down. he’s restless, shifting around the bed as his thoughts go haywire with the endless possibilities.

    would you still call him pretty when he’s flushed and desperate like this? what else would you call him? what would you let him call you?

    hyunjin puts three of his fingers in his mouth, not really doing anything with them, but simply letting them rest on his tongue, feeling the muscle with the pads of them and imagining what it would be like to get to feel you right there. maybe you’d like teaching him how to kiss by telling him to hold still and licking broad stripes over his tongue until he would fidget and whine. maybe you’d sit on his face, rubbing yourself along his tastebuds until all he could feel and smell and taste was you. maybe you’d let your own hands work between your legs - hyunjin wouldn’t blame you for not letting him touch, you’d know better anyway, he’s sure of it - before replacing the fingers in his mouth with your own digits, sticky with your sweet arousal while you push your foot up against his cock. hyunjin digs the heel of his palm against himself imagining the ball of your feet applying more pressure. his hips twitch up into it, thoughts fizzling out and clumping together, flashes of your smile, your sharp voice, the fleeting image of your touch cloying his brain. hyunjin’s hips move on their own, jerky, abandoned thrusts against the muted pleasure of his hand that’s tightly pressing against his cock over a layer of clothing. so simple, so desperate, so good with each new push sending a new spark of pleasure through him. even without rhythm and coordination he feels himself get closer, it settles in his core, tightening steadily as he keeps getting lost.

    as the pleasure builds hyunjin’s jaw goes slack, fingers falling from his mouth and leaving a trail of sticky spit connecting from his mouth to his throat. hyunjin can’t care, not when his wet hand is joining the other one to press down against his aching cock through the material of his boxers, his hips pushing up against the rising pressure. he lets himself roll to the side with a huff, body curling around his hands uselessly pawing at his arousal while the twitching of his hips grows more erratic. it feels nice - dizzying, addictingly so - but hyunjin needs more, needs you to help him feel more when he’s overwhelmed and desperate like this. “hngh,” he groans, trying to muffle the sound against his pillow, but all it does is turn the fabric wet with his spit. would you like watching him when he gets like this? would you help him take his boxers off and curl your fingers around his aching cock? hyunjin doesn’t think so, not yet, not now when he hasn’t earned it, when you probably wouldn’t even let him push his hand beneath the waistband to thumb at his sticky tip.

    he’s hyperaware of everything now. his heavy breathing, the smear of his drool against his sheets, the pulsing of his erection just beneath the material under his hands, the way his blood pumps in his ears and his feet rustle the sheets. but he’s especially aware of the one thought in his head pushing infront of any other fantasy, the word pooling at the back of his tongue, his deepest need fighting to be acknowledged.

    hyunjin imagines your face when you’d watch him beg, not good enough yet, not desperate enough. there’s something else you want to hear from him in his fantasies, something he wished you’d make him say but he has not allowed himself to say yet.

    he teases himself more, feeling impossibly more desperate, hips humping forward faster and fingers scrambling over his crotch, trying to fight the urge to take his boxers off, while trying to make himself feel as good as possible. his fingers are digging against his perineum, rubbing at the tip of his cock, squeezing his pulsing erection, but it’s not enough, not enough at all.

    “come on, baby boy,” you mock in his fantasy, laughing like you’re image isn’t putting hyunjin through the most cruel teasing of his life. “give in. let me hear you say it.”

    his head is spinning. he feels overwhelmed, like he can’t keep going, but he can’t stop either, hips continuously pushing forward, chasing endlessly while his mouth hangs open releasing a small dribble of spit and his desperate nonsensical pleas.

    “say it. be a good boy for me.”

    he can’t take it. something breaks.

    “mommy!” hyunjin finally sobs, high-strung and urgent, the outburst of his own whiney voice resonating through the empty room and ricocheting back to him. is that really him? so desperate, so needy? hyunjin sucks in a shakey breath and feels shame spread from the lump in his throat down to his tightening balls. he bears it, refusing shy away from the feelings and instead leaning into them, the disgust and the excitement and the debased freedom that comes with setting a part of himself free, he lets himself enjoy them.

    “mommy,” he whimpers again, quieter this time, feeling precum seep through the material beneath his fingers as he lets himself hear it again, sinking deeper into the fantasy.

    maybe you’d praise him for it, for being so desperate and humiliating out loud. but first, you’d call him a dirty boy, probably, maybe chastise him for making a mess, first with his spit now inside of his underwear. hyunjin can get so much needier and messier for you. he knows he will in a matter of minutes.

    he’s burning up, sweat making his shirt cling to his back and underarms but he keeps going, awkwardly rocking himself forward again and again in the chase of this mind numbing feeling.

    “mommy, mommy, mommy,” he cries out over and over, hips stuttering with the broken sounds of his own voice.

    when he cums it’s unexpected, one finger catching on the ridge at the head of his cock in a way that’s suddenly more - more pain, but most of all simply more stimulation than the chafing of cotton against his cock - making him release with a choked off sob, dirtying his boxers with humiliated tears in his eyes, shivering with every tacky spurt his twitching length spits out.

    when hyunjin stops shaking, he turns on his back again, unfocused eyes blinking up at the ceiling as he tries to catch his breath.

    it’s uncomfortable, his sticky release drying against his softening cock, but the buzz of his earlier arousal has turned into a bone deep, gentle hum and hyunjin barely finds the strength to suck two of his fingers back in his mouth again.

    “thank you, mommy,” he mumbles against his wet hand.

    the picture of you still smiles at him when he closes his eyes.

    #i wanted to add a read more but tumblr kept deleting several paragraphs and idk what to do #i hope the automatic post shortening thingy saves your dash i’m sorry #!s week #sub!skz #sub!hyunjin #hyunjin smut #stray kids smut #skz smut #solo!skz #solo!hyunjin
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