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  • kbishops27
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Me when I see there’s going to be a new panic album even though I was really holding out for the contract theory: 🫠

    #icymi the contract theory is that brendon only keeps putting out albums under the panic name bc he and Spence signed a multi record deal #but now that we are 4 albums post split #methinks not #he’s just stupid <3 #patd
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  • mrskenmakozume
    21.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Currently editing this 😏 will post this in a few minutes—

    #don’t rb#icymi <3 #🐱saku.smut #🐱saku.say
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  • ayazure
    15.05.2022 - 1 week ago


    I have changed my pseud to @/ayazure !! I used to be @/azvreciel. I just wanted a quick change so.. hehe ! You can still call me Ciel/Aya, which ever is you preference.

    You can reblog to spread :)

    #ciel chats. #icymi <3 #azvreciel to ayazure
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  • payasamlover
    10.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Jalebi baby

    Summary: Harry and Yn enjoying their after noon with some hot chai and jalebis

    Word count: 1k

    Warning: None . Just some fluff

    A/N: Hey everyone this is my second blurb as you know I'm just getting into writing hence my writings are gonna be short. Also, I wanna point put I'm not a native English speaker I'm from India hence I may not be great at portraying writing abilities. So if there are any typos or errors or any suggestions. You can just drop it in my ask box. I'll try to write long fics in the coming days. Thank you so much for reading. Just watched it As it was bts btw. It was good. Anyways enjoy <3

    1.Jalebi :Jalebi, is a popular sweet snack in south and west Asia, Africa, and Mauritius
    2.Halwai: A confectioner
    3. Mithai: Sweets
    4. Bukhad: A person who is greedy for food

    It was raining outside. It had been raining since the morning and it hadn't stopped, not even for a second. Raindrops were splattering onto the glass windows of Yn's apartment building.

    The rain was coming down at a steady pace so it sounded like someone was pounding on the glass and shouting "Let me in!" repeatedly. Yn sighed as she put down her pen. She knew who it was even before she opened her door and stood there was her lovie ."You're going to catch a cold Harry," she said. "Hey Baby," he said softly when Yn opened the door for him.

    He smiled when he caught sight of her. Harry looked like hell. He was drenched from head to toe.  His hair had been matted down with rainwater. His nose and cheeks were flushed red. Yn wrapped her arms around him and kissed him tenderly."How about you take a nice hot shower and I'll make you my special chai ?" She suggested.

    Harry nodded but didn't move from where he stood. "As long as you join me in the  shower." Yn giggled. "No Harry. We both know I'm just a distraction when you shower."Harry shrugged his shoulders helplessly. Yn watched as Harry removed his shoes and socks. Yn walked over to the door and unlocked it. She stepped out of the way while Harry walked inside and closed the door behind him. Yn walked into the living room, picking up their abandoned cups and plates as she went. "Do you want some food too Harry?" She asked. "I bought Jalebi's from the local Indian dessert shop,". "I would love some," he yelled from the bathroom. "M'kay I'll be right back."

    Yn made her way into the kitchen to make the chai. First, she boiled the milk. Then she added the tea leaves to the boiled milk followed by ginger honey and cardamom. While she was busy straining the tea Harry came back from the shower. He was wearing nothing but boxer briefs. Yn bit her lip slightly trying to control herself. She felt her heart racing, not wanting to look away. "Mhm smells amazing  Yn," he said. "Harry placed his hand gently against her cheek and kissed her sweetly. She poured the chai into two cups and placed them on the kitchen island. Harry sat at one end of the counter while Yn took the other side and sat across from him. Yn reached under the table and held one of Harry's hands in hers. Harry smiled. They sipped their drinks slowly savouring every sip until they'd emptied their cups. "There's nothing like the authentic Indian chai innit darling?  It's a real treat," Yn said smacking his lips together. "Ugh Starbucks drink doesn't even come close to this masterpiece," he commented. "How dare you compare this wonderful delicacy to that overpriced highly saccharine drink, " Harry snickered at her comments.

    " Oh I forgot about the Jalebis gimme a mo bubs," Yn exclaimed reaching for the top cabinet she pulled out the Jalebis and started plating them. "That looks delicious babe and I can't wait to try all of them,". Harry replied  "Here you go," Yn said sliding the plate. He grabbed one of the Jalebi "Cheers Yn," he tapped his jalebi with hers and then took a bite. He moaned loudly as he chewed. "These are the best damn things in existence. Oh my God I'm gonna cry "he declared. Yn giggled at his antics "I know right." Ever since they started dating Yn shared her culture with him whether it was cooking him her favourite desi dishes or making him watch her favourite movies growing up or shitting about Europeans colonizing South Asia and looting their money and other valuable items even if Harry was British ( he didn't mind tho because he was bitching along with her). He was so eager to learn all about her country and her culture.

    "The jalebis here in America don't taste as great as the ones from India though, " Yn said thoughtfully as she nibbled on a piece of jalebis. "Really? "Harry quipped "Maybe you should come to visit India and eat them then," said Yn. "I remember visiting the Halwai during Diwali and ogling at all the mithai. The jalebis and the laddoo were finger-licking good." She said wistfully as she recalled memories. " Ooh, I can picture baby Yn dragging her parents to the halwai to gawk at the sweets". Harry teased, causing Yn to blush.  "Oh shut up you big goof" she replied poking his arm. "I bet your parents would still lecture you for eating too many sweets," he continued teasing further. Yn rolled her eyes. "Stop," she said, blushing more as Harry laughed.  "But seriously Harry, I miss those days when we would go to the market and just doing all the random things", she lamented. "I know baby, I know." Harry said putting his arm around her waist "I just miss them so much Harry I don't have anyone in the states except you"." Yn leaned in to kiss Harry, "you are right " Harry's gaze softens ."I guess it won't hurt to try a little bit more jalebi" "Yeah babe", Harry said pulling her closer. " My jalebi baby," he whispered. " .They spend rest of the day listening to soft ghazals as they talked , drinking their tea and eating each other's food. No wonder Tesher made a freaking song about Jalebi because he knows some bukhad like Yn and harry exist.😋😋

    #harry styles fanfic #desi tumblr#desi#desi academia #harry styles blurb #harry styles fluff #one direction #harry styles x desi reader #desi reader x harrystyles #southindian#mallu #harry styles writing #harry styles fic #jalebi baby#desi au #harry styles desi #x desi!reader #icymi <3#icymi#india#south asia
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  • seolaseoul
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    For the ones that didn’t see, I am officially doing a sequel for Burning Ember !! :)

    #fic: burning ember #queueue#icymi <3
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  • mrskenmakozume
    28.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Editing this in a bit... lemme get my bearings lol ☕️

    #also morning ☺️ #Converge PLEASE LANG JUSQ 🤦🏻‍♀️🤺 #icymi <3 #🐱saku.say
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  • greenorangevioletgrass
    27.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    haven: fall, act iii is OUT!

    Bruce tries to avoid Eden after getting the chubs at the party. Until the production puts them in close proximity again.

    Read it here!

    #bruce wayne#battinson #bruce wayne imagine #bruce wayne fic #bruce wayne series #young!bruce wayne #dark academia!bruce wayne #icymi <3
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  • hxitaniwhore
    18.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Sweet Revenge

    Haitani Ran x fem!reader - Part 1

    Summary - after receiving the news that your brother has been murdered,you move back to Tokyo to get revenge however despite your experience it proves to be alot harder than you thought and things dont go according to plan - as you get caught up in the crossfire of the most infamous ruthless criminal organisation ever known to Japan.

    Genre - bonten arc,angst,MDNI, May be grammar mistakes  Wc - 1543 Warning - gang violence,drug and alcohol abuse,profanity,death

    Four years ago,

    Four years ago,you had been shipped off by your parents to go live with your cousins who resided in the quiet suburbs of Norway.Japan was becoming a much dangerous place with numerous killings and countless terror attacks and your parents,afraid of what might happen to you had taken drastic measures to keep you safe.

    The pittering of the rain slapping against the window instigated older and fonder memories of Japan.Ones that included your friends,others including your family.Oh,how you wished you could go back and rejoice with one another - thoughts clouding your head - It was like this every night - memories and nightmares and dreams of returning back to your normal life.The cloudy,grey sky aligned with the dull ache sweeping in your heart as you continued to stare outside at the lifeless scene of nature,reminding you of the longing dread you felt each day waking up to the absence of your loved ones.

    The sudden ringing on the house phone alerted you back to your senses as you shouted for Yu,your oldest cousin to pick it up.You hear him stomping downstairs and the silence that emitted once he did,gave you the notion that he was on the phone right now.Quietly,you make your way over to the door and hide behind the frame as you make an attempt to listen in on the conversation.The thunder and rain playing outside now felt like desperate attempts to sway your attention,losing its once calming tone.

    As you examine Yu’s body language,you could tell something was wrong.His hands were shaking and he seemed in shock.The bright red house phone which once seemed full of life,now seemed dead within this dull atmosphere.Thoughts racing in your head and you try to think of the worst possible news that could have someone as strong as Yu shaking in their boots.In reality,Yu was only on the phone for a mere few minutes but the mixed feelings of anxiety and dread clouded your normal senses and the minutes seemed to turn into hours or rather days.The click of the phone brings you back and you whisper out to Yu asking him what had happened.

    “Y/N,yo..ur b..brother” he manages to get out whilst completely stuttering on all his words.

    “Yu,what the fuck,tell me what the fuck happened” you shout,completely enraged by his confusing antics and the anxiety he was causing you by it.

    “He’s….he’s dead,he was kil-” 

    Those words…those words took the remaining life out of you.The room felt smaller and darker;you tried grasping for the last remnants of air that still lingered in this room.Sobs that rose up to your throat violently shook your body as you tried to remain calm.Your vision getting cloudier and seemingly blurry.You could hear Yu,his voice sounding distance yet ringing in your ears like an alarm,over and over,over and over.You reach out,trying to grab onto anything and just missing the handrail,you plummet into a void of darkness.


    You woke up to the blaring silence that rolled over the room,your room.The blanket was tucked snugly around you and you felt warm.It was quiet,the rain and thunder had stopped yet the sky still seemed perished.Sitting up,you breathe in;listening to the whooshing of the fan that somehow always felt comforting to listen to amidst the eerie silence.However that comfort did not last long,being replaced by the memories of what had happened earlier.The sadness you had experienced was no longer there,it had slowly deteriorated into something horrifying and deadly, blooming into a new feeling,a feeling of anger.

    You were infuriated,with yourself,your family,the people that had caused your brothers death and really anyone or anything you could think of and without even coming to an understanding of what you were doing,you had flung out of bed and were shoving clothes into a suitcase.Grabbing your phone and hastily swiping up,you made arrangements to get on the next plane heading to Japan that was departing from Oslo..The journey would take more than 15 hours and that was just by plane yet right now,in this moment you really did not care.Too resentful and wanting to cause pain to those who took your brother away,wanting to inflict damage so severe that they could never harm another person.Your breathing becomes faster and you restrain the urge to let go of the tears forming at the well of your eyes as you angrily slam your suitcase shut.

    Yu hearing the commotion,gently opens the door and looks at you in pure confusion.Then it clicked for him.He rushes over to you,trying to console you,trying to shower you with words of comfort just so you would stay.But it was too late and once your mind was made up,there was nothing that could be said or done to stop you.Yu notices your rapid breathing and the way your hands were shaking to confirm the date of the flight.He places a hand on top of yours and you fling it away,tired of his sad and useless attempts of changing your mind.

    “Yu,if you don’t get the hell out of my way,I will seriously fuck you up” you utter,hands clencing into a fist.Yu noticing your hostility,immediately backs away.

    “Look I’m not here to force you to stay but please think about it,there’s nothing you can do,your parents agreed to come over for a while,there’s no point in you going” Yu pleads.

    You sigh and sit down once again, “I’m going to get my revenge,Yu,I’m not playing around anymore,if I had been there,none of this would have happened and it’s too late now,I’ve already booked a flight for tomorrow so I’m asking you - Will you take me or not?,cause if not I’ll just walk”

    Yu,realising he has not an ounce of control over the situation,agrees, “Of course I’ll take you” and with that leaves the room,leaving you with your overbearing thoughts and uncontrollable sorrow.


    The drive to the airport felt suffocating,catching Yu - multiple times - awkwardly glancing at you,as if he was debating whether he should speak or not.You fumble with your phone,turning it on then off and back on again as if it would help pass this lifelong silence.

    You felt a bit guilty for going off at Yu earlier so you decided to make up for it by filling up the quiet with some small talk. “Soo,do my parents know I’m coming?” you ask,catching the relief flooding his face and how his body - from its once tense position - began to relax. “Uh no,I didn’t,I figured you’d want to give them a call in your own time,I’m sure they’ll be happy to hear from you”.You scoff at his reply,as if your parents would be happy to know you were coming home,barely a day after your own brother had been murdered.Sick thoughts began flooding your mind and the tense emotions you had felt from yesterday returned however this time you remained calm,not wanting to instill any more fear and doubt into Yu.

    Trying to block out your thoughts,you shut your eyes; eventually being drifted away - by the gentle hum of the rain and the comforting instrumental Yu had insisted on - into a deep sleep.


    You stir,feeling a slight tapping on your shoulder and Yu’s voice telling you to wake up.As you adjusted your eyes to the newly found light that emitted the sky,you reluctantly get out of the car,tightly gripping on Yu’s arm for support whilst you took a minute to full awake yourself.Finally,after Yu pleading you to let go cause his arm was hurting now,you huff and walk over to the trunk and open it,grabbing your one suitcase and a small pouch which contained enough money to last you a few weeks there.You thanked Yu and told him that you didn't want to bother him and that he could go now.Noticing the hurt that passed over his face,you swallow up your pride and reluctantly march over to him,spread out your arms and tightly embrace him in a hug.You tried to make it a short goodbye because you could feel the tears welling up yet Yu didn’t seem like he wanted to let go.You whisper many thank you’s and promise Yu that you’ll be back shortly and with that you part ways with him.

    You didn't realise how much it was hurting him to let you go.


    After you had said goodbye to Yu,the next few hours were all a blur - full with security checks and scanning passports and all that crap and now you were finally sitting on a plane to Japan,feeling excited yet nervous to have to embrace your old life with such small preparation but knowing you had to do this,remembering the one real motive behind it all 

    Revenge for your brother 


    After a long 16 hours of landing and checking out,you had finally arrived in Tokyo.The streets were buzzing with excitement and colour and you had to push through many crowds to get to your destination - your parents house.The smell of the wondrous variety of japanese food that you missed out in your years at Norway,taunted your nose and so,of course you took a few quick breaks.You were enjoying yourself and feeling so happy and warm,you nearly missed the shouts and commotion around you.Your eyes shot open at the sound of popping noises coming from behind you,you had heard these noises before and then it hit you - gunshots.

    You duck and swivel around to look at who was firing those shots but see a mob of ( what seemed to be men) in complete back attire.There was chaos everywhere - women were screaming,children crying and wandering aimlessly,shouting and fighting and all of a sudden,something caught your eye.

    Amidst all this chaos,you spot out a group of men who were just casually sauntering over in the opposite direction of the occurring mess,seeming a bit too calm and collected.You squint your eyes,trying to get a better look at these men,knowing that there was something more to them but they all seemed like a blur of colours,red,teal,pink,purple,black,white.It was confusing yet it intrigued you.So taking the risk,you - on all fours - slowly started making your way into the direction of those men and as you were getting closer,you found it safe to finally get up which - spoiler alert - was a bad choice.

    Because as you did get up,it seemed you had piqued the attention of one of the men.The taller one in a lilac suit,with short wavy hair that matched the colour of his unusual attire.He stared at you for a couple of seconds before you register the grin forming on his face.His attractiveness did stunt your reaction and as you admired his facial feature,you saw him reach for something,something that looked like a gun and with no hesitation whatsoever,he immediately raised the gun and fired at you.You jump out of the way,seeking shelter behind one of the shops and as you did so you heard bursts of manic laughter as you struggled to move and get into hiding.Positioning yourself between the stands,you cover your mouth and squeeze your eyes shut.The tapping of various dress shoes and the low usher of voices surrounded you.You clasped your hands tight,praying and hoping that they would not find you. “ Ran,what the fuck were you shooting at?” you hear one of the men say,and in response,the man named ‘Ran’ replies with “Just a stray bitch” he laughs as you hear the sounds slowly crawl away,leaving you in the dark,listening to the bellowing sound of police sirens and the pounding of your heart.Thudding,thudding.

    Stay tuned for part 2

    #ran x y/n #ran x reader #tokyorev#bonten#tokyo revengers #ran haitani x reader #bonten x reader #icymi <3 #ran x you #tr rindou#mikey sano#ran haitani#ran angst
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  • mrskenmakozume
    17.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Moodboard ask game is already closed! Will answer the remaining asks the whole day 🙇🏻‍♀️ thanks for participating ♥️

    #kisa’s moodboard asks #icymi <3 #don’t rb this one 👌🏻 #🐱saku.say
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  • mrskenmakozume
    16.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Posting my own colored version of the Easter bunny!Kenma lineart in a bit... though I feel weirded out looking at desktop beta’s new look :///

    #don’t rb this one 👌🏻 #icymi <3 #🐱saku.say
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  • mrskenmakozume
    16.04.2022 - 1 mont ago


    #don’t rb this one 👌🏻 #the pinned’s a long-ass post tho 😅 (lazy to do multiple posts) #re: sakuranamie#icymi <3 #🐱saku.say
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  • tarohu
    13.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    vivi/vivian $ 18 $ INTJ $ filipina $ eng $ she/they $ dark content creator


    header art: 261172 mlist art: 191072

    © tarohu 2022 do not repost, plagiarize, modify or post my work across different social media platforms ZzZ$!

    #[📌] pinned by vivi! #don't rb #like if read!<3 #[💣] vivi writes #[🎙] vivi talks #[🗯] vivi's mutual talk #[📦] icymi #🌸─our arranged feelings #[💌] vivi's love mail #[✉️] vivi's mail #[🛒] viview#[🏷] recs #[📢] vivi's previews #[👾] play w/ vivi! #[🦷] vivi struggles
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  • mrskenmakozume
    08.04.2022 - 1 mont ago


    Ella -> Kisa (old mutuals can still call me by my old name 🥰)

    @/cherrieneko -> @/kenmakiss (MINORS/AGELESS/BLANK BLOGS DNI OR I’LL BLOCK Y’ALL ☺️ /threat)

    Reblogs are greatly appreciated!

    #why ‘kisa’? #hmm... because of fruits basket (the original anime version) #there’s a cute character named kisa 🐯 #and I applied it as an alias (though the kanji for it is different) #*more than a decade later #kisa = ki/季 sa/桜 (iirc it means cherry blossom season) #also kisa sounds like my real first name (the one that’s similar to a Pokémon’s name) /gen #icymi <3 #🐱saku.say
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  • mrskenmakozume
    22.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Will post some MSBY libero crumbs (1 of 2 parts) later at around 8 pm (PHT)—

    #don’t rb this one 👌🏻 #hope the dash is awake at that time 👉🏻👈🏻 #icymi <3 #🐱saku.say
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  • mrskenmakozume
    14.03.2022 - 2 monts ago


    #tho i need to tweak the banner again... make the text a bit bigger #icymi <3#don’t rb #🐱saku.say
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  • mrskenmakozume
    09.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    I have a general taglist (mostly Haikyuu-centric, but works for Jujutsu Kaisen and other fandoms such as Tokyo Revengers and Obey Me!—need to produce some works under the latter two soon tho 😅👉🏻👈🏻) btw (separated into art, writing or both... with another one for 18+ stuff)... just click on the link below if you wanna be tagged on my upcoming works 🙇🏻‍♀️♥️ *headpats*

    #haikyuu#jujutsu kaisen#tokyorev#tokyo revengers #obey me shall we date #obey me #re: the cat’s general taglist #icymi <3 #🐱saku.say
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  • mrskenmakozume
    09.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    I hope the dash isn’t dead later at 19:00 (PHT/GMT+8) when I post these 👉🏻👈🏻

    But, first, coffee (and mocha cake!!!!) 🥰☕️

    #don’t rb this one 👌🏻 #icymi <3#kenma fanart#haikyuu fanart #🐱saku.say #will tend to my notifs later 🙇🏻‍♀️
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  • mrskenmakozume
    05.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    It’s starting—will be hurting posting some Kenma art later 🤧🤧🤧 also how do we feel about a un-hairtied Kenma on a warm Saturday afternoon? 😏♥️

    #i crave for violence today lmao /hj #wip#don’t rb#icymi <3 #🐱saku.doodle
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  • avid-idiot
    24.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    Bedtime Scenarios 002

    Warning: yourfav!fiancee x reader, angst, relationship issues (neglect and miscommunication), barely proofread...I'm running on 2 crumbs of sleep haha

    You should have known. Having fallen for his determination, it seemed reasonable to face some difficulty balancing your busy schedules. Even now, while on a call telling him about some annoying customer who came in that night, he gave you yet another tired glance and shuffled further into his seat.

    Rude...but you write it off as him being tired. He often was after a long day at work. Fast forward to a few days later, he's returned but he's the same as before, seemingly too tired to even say good night.

    The following days after that are an endless cycle: Wake up, do some errands, reward himself with a couple drinks, then head home. Nowhere in that routine were you included but yet again, you excuse his behaviour by telling yourself that he needed a break. He deserved some time off... even if it meant time from you.

    Eventually, you gave up trying to get him to notice you, growing colder the more you guys were apart. Kisses shared as a greeting turned into a monotonous hum, warmth from cuddling slowly dwindled, until all that remained of your relationship was the taken status on your socials.

    By now you had reached your limit. It had been months since you felt at peace with yourself, even with the shiny jewel upon your finger acting as "a promise" to do better. He had said that, but did he mean it? After all, he only bought it for you after some heavy prompting.

    "Then why did you say yes?"

    "I said yes to coming home to someone. Instead, I'm reheating the food I should have eaten when I opted to wait for you. And yet—" A sob is ripped from your throat as the tears you had been holding back threaten to finally break free. Anticipating the next words but dreading the outcome, you take a deep breathe before speaking, "I'm tired of this. I can't do this anymore, I need a break."

    And for the first time in months, he finally listened. He listened to the broken cries you tried to muffle behind closed doors. He listened to the silent scream you let out after another dismissive comment from him. He listened to each and every single patter on the ground that accompanied your tears as they reached the floor. All of this, he understood. But those those words that came out your mouth had pierced his heart deeper than any of your previous pains would.

    "W-What's that supposed to mean?"

    "It means the wedding's off. I can't be with someone who won't love me the way I deserve."

    Stunned at the clarity of mind your last statement gave you, it finally clicked why you had let him get away with so much. You left him to be at the cost of him having left already. He wanted space and that was fine...but now you needed yours.

    A/n: Here it is, the piece I was talking about @okkatsudon . Ngl, was having heavy atsumu brainrot so I wrote this to stop it. What better way than to break it off :D

    #haikyuu angst#character imagines #queued post <3 #icymi#aot angst#jjk angst #i hurt myself writing this lmao 🥲
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  • mrskenmakozume
    23.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    I queued something scheduled for later (GMT+8/PHT) btw ♥️ please look forward to it! 🙇🏻‍♀️

    #icymi <3 #gotta answer some replies and queued answered asks too! #good night y’all ☺️ #*flying kiss ♥️* #11:05 pm #🐱saku.say
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