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  • elizabethvaughns
    19.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    okay listen i love "ain't no man manhattan" i adore it with all my heart it is hands down my favorite song don't get me wrong but there is no way NO WAY the ost does justice to the beauty that is the entirety of the anmm scene

    #'it's mostly book it's like ten minutes long uncut' blah blah blah so WHAT i want a ten minute long uncut anmm #if/then #ri.txt #map of ny too for that matter. the song is bare bones compared to the scene
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  • fueledbysano
    19.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Haii robyn I hope you don't find this weird but I binge read your mikey series and I'm very attached to it now oh my god everyone's characterization is fabulous, I love Y/n! I rarely see street racing aus hear and this is soooo good! I regret pausing reading it, it is legit one of my favorite fan fics here now 🥺 im excited for the next chapter they're doing so good 😖😖😖

    you have no idea how much this made me smile, thank you so much, anon :))) I look forward to posting the next chapter soon as well! 👀 I get so smiley when y'all compliment how I wrote y/n, I like her as well ♡ I appreciate it, thank you!

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  • willowstea
    19.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    I almost forgot the Gallery players opens tonight!!!!

    Subway girl tap solo is a go!

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  • willowstea
    15.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    James Snyder and Jason Tam endorsing Which Way To The Stage, a play that takes place at the stage door of If/Then!

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  • adrift-alone-apart
    15.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    "and when we finally say those vows, i'll love you just as long as time allows."

    #if/then #otp: love doesn't make us perfect #medium: pencil on paper #fanart#kate(if/then)#anne(if/then)
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  • elizabethvaughns
    15.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    lucas gray may be just some guy but he's also my favorite guy okay thank you and good night

    #ri.txt #if/then
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  • elizabethvaughns
    15.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    I hate the Josh casting be abuse he's going to die in act 2 😭😭😭

    He's too precious

    legit i was about to throw hands (/j) when i read the first five words

    but think about it. ONLY IN ONE TIMELINE.

    #also dark haired dark eyed superiority what can i say *shrugs* #ngl this josh is very very cute/attractive or whatever and i love this casting full stop #ask#willowstea#if/then
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  • elizabethvaughns
    15.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    the best thing about the bway closing night (?) bootleg is that part in no more wasted time at the far west side redevelopment zone when kate and anne meet beth and elena where it's just like

    kate: IT'S ALL HER!!!

    kate: HELLO ELENA!!!!!!

    kate: (to anne) elena is a very, very good friend who i just met.

    #kate is ten million exclamation points personified #if that makes sense. #if/then #ri.txt
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  • willowstea
    15.05.2022 - 5 days ago


    IF/THEN: May 19 - June 5
    Meet the Cast: Paxton DeForest (Josh) is a New Orleans native who found his way to NYC six years ago. Here he honed his craft in theatre at Marymount Manhattan College and was featured in shows such as Jean Genet's THE BALCONY, Joan Littlewood's OH, WHAT A LOVELY WAR!, and Stephen Sondheim's MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG. With everything that's happened in the last two years, Paxton is grateful for Emily, this company, this show, and for all those who came to see and enjoy live theatre again. For Mom, Dad, Conner, and Pam.
    #this is the last one #i'm not kidding this is all there is and the show starts in FIVE DAYS #if/then
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  • willowstea
    15.05.2022 - 5 days ago


    My next show opens one week from…yesterday! It feels like not long ago I was excitedly telling the news to my friends and now we’re OPENING! 😱
    If you can make the long commute to Brooklyn, or maybe unlike me, you’re already there! Come on out for a gorgeous show, with some super talented folks ✨✨ Tickets linked in my bio ❤️
    #if/then #it's in FIVE DAYS #this is not a drill
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  • willowstea
    15.05.2022 - 5 days ago


    We had our designer run tonight! This isn’t a story you want to miss. If you’re in NYC May 19th to June 5th, come see this killer cast!
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  • willowstea
    15.05.2022 - 5 days ago


    I've been meaning to share this for while, but I'm in a show!!! And it's in person this time!!! 1st time performing in a live theatrical production in a while and 1st time ever in a pandemic. Been in rehearsals for a few weeks and it's been going great and we open in a few weeks!!!
    So "IF" you are in NYC, "THEN" come check out yours truly along with the amazing cast & crew of IF/THEN at
    Tickets are on sale now at galleryplayers.com
    #if/then#willow's tea #the logo is pretty
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  • willowstea
    15.05.2022 - 5 days ago


    IF/THEN: May 19 - June 5 From the award-winning creators of NEXT TO NORMAL, this contemporary musical is about living in New York today and all of the possibilities of tomorrow. Set at the intersection of choice and chance, one woman's life is split into two parallel paths. If we knew how things could turn out, would we still make the same decisions? #NYC #Brooklyn #ParkSlope #musical #theatre #IfThen #galleryplayers #theater
    #if/then #i hope this happens seems like broadway is having lots of covid closures
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  • willowstea
    15.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    Jackie making If/Then references while promoting her new show, A Walk on the Moon.


    Do I go there with Walker or stay here with Marty? ❤️💙 Come see what Pearl chooses #awalkonthemoon at @georgestreetplayhouse through 5.21! #newmusicals #theatre #broadway #ifthenmusical 📷: T. Charles Erickson

    And Curtis joining!

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  • fueledbysano
    14.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    𝟎𝟎𝟕 | a moment's serenity

    summary: the news of your accident send your friends into worry.

    content/warnings: this story contains major Tokyo Revengers manga spoilers, canon divergence setting, tenjiku arc setting, comfort, fluff, angst, detailed writing of violence, weapons, blood, death, and strong language.

    wc: 6k

    series masterlist | previous | next

    A mighty, long fall.

    Was what [ Y / N ] was expecting as she could only sit and watch the car neared the edge.

    Is this how it all goes down? Does it really only take a second to take in what had happened?

    Everything happened so quickly.

    There was a sense of pain overpowering [Y / N], preventing her from moving a joint, what once was a sharp vision of the cliff started to blur and darkness began to rim her vision.

    She was doomed, there was no getting out of this. Her one careless action may have actually led to her downfall, and it’s all that she could think of.

    And those were the very last thoughts that he could perceive from her mind before feeling a sudden crash, giving her just enough reaction time to hit the brakes and prevent from falling.

    The car may not have driven her right into the cliff's deep, green craters, but the impact on her side of the door was severe enough to shake her in her seat, shards of glass shooting into the vehicle and some undoubtedly passing through her.

    The car comes to a stop, but [Y / N] remains in a protective grasp over her head, breathing harsh, desperate gasps for air.

    Has she managed to successfully somehow prevent her fall? Or was it a miracle that a tree was jammed against her door, preventing her from going straight into the pits of the cliff?

    Her engines remained switched on despite the crash, and the only significant damage she could note was her door. [Y / N]'s heart aches at the sight, hating to see such damage on her own baby. "I just got this painted.." Faintly speaking, [Y / N]’s whole body grew numb from the shock, adrenaline fooling her into thinking that everything was fine, when in fact, one of the large chunks of shards had got through her forehead, causing a shallow laceration.

    She had only noticed the cut once making eye contact with herself through the mirror, thankful that it was her sole injury.

    The first thing you would wanna do after a crash is to get out. There may have been damages to the engine and a gas leak, which may have caused the vehicle to explode. And there is a very slim time frame to do this.

    Luckily, it wasn't the case for [ Y / N ]. This was merely an accident.

    Upon getting both feet on the road, she still struggled to remain coordinated— half of her mind threatened to slip into unconsciousness whilst struggling to walk.

    Throwing herself on the ground, [ Y / N ] failed to support herself as her body hit the hard concrete. But she was able to get a look of the gas chamber, and there weren't any leaks.

    [Y / N] got back up, still fighting with her consciousness, and went to check for any more damages, which fortunately did not exist. Her main issue was the smashed door and the repairs she'd have to make. Pushing ahead through the tree and getting out was an easy task.

    “FUCK!” Giving her left tire a harsh kick, [ Y / N ] enters the car through the passenger side once more before maneuvering her way out then speeding away.

    [Y / N] accelerated as quickly as she could. Driving a dented car under the bleak day with a bleeding head drew a lot of attention and could land her in a lot of trouble.

    So when successfully getting her car settled at one of Road Reapers' discreet underground hideout spots, [Y / N] discarded her team uniform into the backseat then prepared to leave.

    Upon reaching the top of the stairwell, she was met by the busy streets with families, workers, and students going about their own business.

    Concealing the outcome of the accident tainted on her forehead, [Y / N] hid her wounded head under her strands, blending in amongst the crowd of the bustling city.

    [Y / N] was relieved to reach her street after a few minutes of walking. Although it had only been a few blocks, it felt the opposite, walking that distance was something that her current state couldn't withstand.

    She didn't know if it was some sound ringing through her head, but [Y / N] swore she heard her name being called by someone nearby. As it got closer, the person’s shout of concern reeked of sincerity.

    Looking up, [Y / N] sees Takemichi, running towards her in a hurry. “[ Y / N ]?! Are you okay?!”

    “Yes, hi, neighbor!” She greeted, almost immediately throwing her arms over him for support when he was close enough.

    “What happened to you?!” He asked in terror, worried about her current state.

    “So, funny story—” [Y / N] chuckled, composing herself before pulling away from his grasp. “Something came up and uh… I got into an accident at a race. Can you take me to the hospital?” She casually spoke as if making small talk.

    “Of course!” In response, the blonde boy yelped, scurrying to support [Y / N] before starting to walk. “Cool. Come on.” [Y / N ] nodded,

    “You're bleeding badly,” Takemichi winced, going through his pockets to retrieve a handkerchief. “Here's some cloth, [ Y / N ]—san!” He hurried to get it to the girl, letting her apply it onto the wound on her own.

    “Thank you.” She spoke.

    By the looks of it, it seems as if Hanagaki was the one who crashed his car judging by how scared he looked, while [ Y / N ] remained collected and kept her typical airy expression.

    But it was justified, considering [Y / N] had just gotten into what could have been a horrible accident unbeknownst to him or anyone else, which may have significantly changed the future he's trying to save. Something he could've avoided.

    He'd just returned from a tragic future where Mikey dies and [Y / N] was left a widowed mother, then this is how he sees her; of course, it's worrisome.

    But obviously, that was something he cannot tell.

    “Wait, so you crashed your car and got out with just a scratch?!” He asks.

    “Hey, my brain could be bleeding. That's why I'm asking you to go with me.” [Y / N] gestured at her head, looking at him from the side.


    “And please don't call anyone. I'll be fine. I just need this cut clean, it's starting to hurt.” She asks, revealing the laceration on her head.

    “Looks like it…” He agreed.

    “Also, I took you with me so you can be like… my emergency person.” [Y / N] dug through her coat pockets, taking out a stash of cigarette sticks. “You know, if it turns out there's a lot of blood in my head and then I go into a coma.” She then takes one, situating it in between her lips before activating it under the flame of a lighter.

    “Y–you're smoking?!” Takemichi almost scolds.

    “Oh, I thought you knew.” She shrugged, taking the lighter back into her pocket. “No, I really don't. I only do it when I'm like… extremely down.”

    Hanma never let [Y / N] have his stash, let alone let her near him when having a smoke, as he himself was just slowly succumbing into the vice.

    And he’d only ever shown himself indulging into the stick when they celebrated— last time being [Y / N] getting into the Reapers team.

    But that wasn’t entirely a win for her, considering how he left her in a world ruled by delinquents and dominated by men. It wasn’t entirely easy for [Y / N] to thrive in the field. Luckily, she had a generous president by her side, who then eventually became her sister.

    So, when she returned to her car, she found one of the boxes Hanma had left, and lit herself one just like her best friend did.

    Thus, began the habit of lighting one when she felt lost, or simply down. It somehow lifted her spirits.

    But it wasn’t a pleasant memory to reminisce upon, nor a vice worth keeping as a habit. Looking down at the very box Hanma had left, [Y / N] tossed its half-empty contents into the river under the bridge they walked on, considering this her last cigarette ever.

    “Anyways, coma. Yeah, if that happens, let me go, okay? I can’t have people stare at me while I sleep.” She asks. “Then you can call everyone.” [Y / N] spoke, picking up on the last conversation.. “and I want both of my cars smashed into a cube. The key's right here.” [Y / N] blew out a smoke then laughed before patting on the right side of her coat where she’d kept the keys to both of her cars.

    Takemichi could only keep his mouth shut at her remarks. “If that happens, let me go, okay?” Her words kept repeating in his head, as those were exactly what she did in the future he’d come from— letting Mikey go.

    Dark and twisty like the usual. Takemichi knew [ Y / N ] was only saying those things to loosen up and not worry too much, which seemed to have been working for her. Of course, she was okay.

    “You seem just fine to me!” He says,

    “Who knows?” She satirely taunted, tossing off the cigarette butt.

    But she was right, if there’s anyone who knows about the detailed dangers of being in a car accident, it was [ Y / N ]. He could only stay by her side the entire time and pray there’s nothing serious going on.

    Hanagaki was no stranger to waiting in a hospital lobby for yet another injured friend. He was optimistic that the girl was well, but unease remained lingering in his mind; and it was something he couldn't shoo away.

    He had just yet to figure out what to do this time, but the sight of an injured [ Y / N ] was not one of the things he thought he'd have to deal with.

    “[ Y / N ] [ L / N ].” The mention of her name from the nurses’ desk had caught his attention, causing him to leave his spot on the cool, metal seat.

    “Excuse me, I heard uh… My sister's name! May I see her? [ Y / N ]?” He lied, knowing well that family members were the only ones allowed to see a patient first.

    “On the left.” The nurse gestured, pointing [ Y / N ]’s room at the boy. Takemichi bid a quick “thank you” to the man before practically sprinting down the hall, faster than any nurse or doctor who worked there.

    [Y / N] frowned when the door slammed into the wall as it opened, only to find her distressed friend breathing heavily as he held onto the knob.

    “Pudding?” She casually offered the treat in her hand, then patted the bedside seat for him to take.

    “I came here as soon as I heard your name outside.” Takemichi explained, taking the empty seat as he conversed with [Y / N] who was now patched up.

    “Now, can I call someone?” He asks.

    “My results aren’t back yet.” She says, feasting on the bland hospital pudding they’d given her. “Eh?” Takemichi shrugged. “Not even Mikey?”

    “NO.” [Y / N] denied. That boy doesn’t need to see another friend on a hospital bed.

    Not to mention, she wasn't ready to see Mikey yet after leaving him to a date a couple hours ago as his eyes screamed at her to stay

    A doctor walks in, breaking both of them off from their intruding thoughts. “Your head scans are clear, does your wound or anything else hurt?”

    “No.” [Y / N] answers.

    “Then you're free to go.” The doctor remarks, signing off her medical record before leaving.

    “Thank god, this gown is hideous.” [Y / N] sighed, carefully swinging both legs over to the floor.

    “I'll wait for you outside.” The boy excused himself, closing the door shut to give her some privacy. Now that he’s entirely certain that she was a hundred percent cleared, the boy was able to breathe a little more loosely.

    He then rushed to text Hina, informing the girl that he may run a little late to their meetup due to an emergency that came up.

    “Hey,” He slightly jumps from the sudden contact of [Y / N]’s hand on his shoulder. “Thank you.” She flashed him a genuine smile.

    “I'm glad nothing bad happened.” He replied, then [Y / N] nodded in response, putting the last of her outfit together by tying the sash of her coat shut.

    “Here.” [Y / N] shoves a folded-up one thousand yen note onto the boy’s palm. “For the trouble. Go treat Hina out somewhere.” She insists, as a modest "thank you" for his time and companionship, as well as not informing anybody about the incident.

    “Did you know I was gonna see her?” He asked.

    “I figured, you're wearing that lame shirt she said you save for special occasions.” She chuckled, leading her way down the hallway.

    “Does it really look that bad?” He gulped, and the girl laughed in response.

    “No, I'm kidding.” [Y / N] laughed. “She says it suits you well, and you carry it with confidence.” She told, and the boy blushed from what the pink-haired girl said about him.

    “Oh, anyways, do you have some sort of hair gel I can borrow?” Takemichi asks, scratching the back of his head.

    [Y / N] sighed in response, taking him by the arm. “Look.” [Y / N] urges him to face his reflection on a window. “You look neat, man. Hair down suits you.” She spoke, letting him fix up on the mirror while she rummaged through her pockets.

    “Tsk.” Her phone may have miraculously survived the crash, but its battery died and refused to switch on.

    “I'm gonna head home now, I can walk it...” She spoke. “Are you sure?” Takemichi finished up and caught up with her down the hall.

    “Yeah, thank you so much again.” [Y / N] says once more.

    “Anything, [ Y / N ].” He nods, just as they reach the doors leading outside.

    “Take care.” She pats him on the shoulder.

    “Heh heh, you too!” He chuckled, mirroring her actions but forgetting that her body was still fragile from the crash.


    “I’M SO SORRY!”

    “Worth it.” [Y / N] winced, laughing through the pain.

    “I had a terrible day.” We say it all the time. A fight with the boss, coffee spilled on our clothes, traffic. That’s what we describe as terrible when nothing really terrible is happening.

    When truly heinous things occur, we begin to implore a God to bring back the minor horrors and remove this. Doesn't it seem quaint now? The puddle you’d stepped on, the obnoxious passenger you sat next to on the train, the brawl that left you shivering with wrath…

    Would it have helped if we could have seen what was coming next?

    This was an unfavorable day for [ Y / N ], who chose to spend the rest of the day at home.

    Just as happiness may be found in the most unexpected places, shit happens at the most inconvenient times, too.

    “Yes, you heard that right.” [ Y / N ] sighs over the phone, pacing around her room.

    It was now high noon of the next day, a whole day had passed after the race with Hanma. And she hasn't heard from any of her friends either.

    “No, it’s not here at the shop. I left it in our hideout by the train station. I’ll get someone to take the keys to you.” She spoke to one of her members, phone in between her shoulder and ear as [ Y / N ] attempted to peel off the band-aid on her arm.

    “Perfect, call me up when they have a price.” She nods and replaces the phone in her palm before removing the bandage.

    A succession of knocks came from the metal doors of the garage just as she ended the call, which sent [ Y / N ] wondering which among her friends decided to pester her today.

    “Hey [ Y / N ]!” She was then greeted by the pink and blue haired twins, who had contrasting emotions on their faces. “Oh, it’s you two. Come in.” She bows.

    “Woah, what happened to your head?” Angry asks as they walk past her.

    “Hit my head in the car, no big deal. What brings you here?” She asks, closing the doors behind her guests.

    “We wanted to try out the ramen place right around the corner and realized you live next door, mind if we do the judging down here?” Smiley asks, situating himself on [ Y / N ]’s carpet alongside his brother.

    “Please, make yourselves comfortable. I’ll get you utensils.” [ Y / N ] insists, heading to the cupboard.

    “Have one too, [ Y / N ]. Take it as a thank you gift.” Smiley gestured.

    “For what?” [ Y / N ] tilted her head in question, setting up the table for the two of them.

    “That friend of yours—?! Yowza! We had fun yesterday. She’s amazing at billiards.” Smiley celebrated, smiling proudly.

    “You have attractive teammates, brother really likes her.” Souya pointed out.

    “We got kicked out for staying past closing time, though.” Nahoya added. [ Y / N ]’s nose scrunched, doesn't that place close at eleven in the evening?

    “Wait, Mikey didn’t go out with her?” She asks, pouring herself a glass of water.

    The major inconvenience yesterday sure did distract [ Y / N ] from what was truly in her mind.

    or rather, who.

    With that question being raised, [ Y / N ] only found herself more and more enthralled and intrigued by Mikey.

    But that was something she was yet to admit.

    He was the first guy she's ever felt this way about, even though she wasn't sure how to navigate through her own feelings yet.

    “No.” Smiley replied, which lifted [ Y / N ]’s spirits.

    “He didn't?” She perked, her eyes displaying evident joy.

    “I said no!” He repeated.

    [ Y / N ] jumped in between the twins, throwing herself for a hug and relieved by their news.


    “I have to go.” She simply spoke, scurrying to take her key from the rack.

    “What a rude host.” Smiley shook his head, dipping the chopsticks onto the bowl.

    “Nuh, uh. This is the good part.”

    “[ Y / N ] says she’s stopping by.” Draken had just finished braiding his hair when he turned to inform Mikey about the text he'd received from [ Y / N ].

    “I really don't wanna hear about it right now!!!” Manjiro pouts, staring at the flashing lights of the video game he was playing on the monitor.

    “Hear what?” The taller guy asks in response.

    “ [ Y / N ]!” Mikey replied. “She’s just going to scold me for ditching the set-up yesterday.” He added.

    “I don’t think so.”

    “Well, I’m upset with her.” Mikey huffed, brows tensing at the “THIRD PLACE” text on the screen. “I’ll see you later.” He sighed, placing the controller onto the bed.

    “Huh,” Draken huffed, watching Mikey speed off on his motorcycle from his window before facing the mirror once more.

    “Good morning, may I see Ken?” [ Y / N ] made sure to greet the receptionist when the elevator doors opened, then some of the women came out of their rooms to answer her.

    “Look, it's the racer chick.” One brunette points out, welcoming [ Y / N ] inside. “That's [ Y / N ]. One of Ken's many friends.” A blonde answers. “What brings you here?” She added.

    “I need to talk to Ken about uh, gang business.” [ Y / N ] gulped.

    “Oh, no. Do you get into fights now, too?” The lady asks, inspecting [ Y / N ]'s gauzed cut.

    “No, this is an accident.” She answered.

    “Well, you know where his room is, girl. Go on.”

    “Thank you.” She bows in response, navigating herself through the hallways then inviting herself in the guy's room.

    “Whoa— are you okay?!” Much like everyone else, Draken's eyes widen upon seeing [ Y / N ]'s injured head.

    “Yes. Where is he?” She replied.

    “ARE YOU OKAY?!” Draken asks once more, raising his tone a little higher in concern.

    “YEAH, I crashed into a tree yesterday.” [ Y / N ] spoke.

    “Jesus Christ, [ Y / N ]. Are you sure you're alright? Got checked and all?”

    “Yeah, I'm sure. See? I'm all in one piece.” She answered, both hands gesturing towards herself before doing a slow spin. “Now, where is he?!” She questioned.

    “You're gonna have to be more specific, [ Y / N ]. Which idiot are you looking for?” Draken gestured at the printed photo of Toman pinned onto his wall.

    Although he already knew, Draken wanted to hear for himself. He had never seen [ Y / N ] so eager to see who he was thinking about, and he wanted her to admit it.

    “The short one.” She sighed, throwing her purse onto his bed before sitting beside it. “I… I like Mikey and I regret setting him up with someone else!” She looks up at him.

    “It's funny how you and he are one of the bravest people I know, yet you're both so helpless…” Draken points out, putting down the hairbrush.

    “What are you talking about?” [ Y / N ] gasped.

    “Come on, the twins told me what happened yesterday.” He spoke.

    “Damn little twin stars-looking brothers.” She cursed.

    “You should talk to him. You and Manjiro belong together— friends or… whatever you two have going on.” He urged, pulling a chair to sit in front of her.

    “I don't know if you see it, but… you two have something many people search for but never find.” He added, crossing his arms upon seating. “and I really admire how you look out for each other. God knows what the two of you have been through…” [ Y / N ] remained silent, intently listening to what he had to say.

    Her cheeks warmed up at his remarks, as what she had with Mikey was genuinely something unique— according to his best friend.

    “and if it weren't for you, he's probably in a really bad place right now…” He pointed out, causing [ Y / N ] to shake her head.

    “Ken, don't give me all the credit. You look out for him too, you're his best friend.” She spoke.

    “but you are his B.” He states. “There's something in you that keeps him strong and right in the head.” Draken concluded, getting up from the seat before pushing it away. “I don't know where he is, he just walked off when we last talked.”

    “Mikey is one of the coolest guys I know,” He added, taking both of [ Y / N ]'s hands to force her up.

    “You don't want someone else realizing that and you'll lose each other. I can't stand the thought of that happening.” He stressed, handing [ Y / N ]'s purse back to her. She could only stare in silence in response his words,

    “What do you want me to do? Go to his house and give him a rose or something?” She asks.

    “I was gonna fix my bed, but, if you wanna do that…” Draken spoke, arranging his pillows.

    “Well, it is kinda corny.” [ Y / N ] chuckled, crossing her arms. “What should I do? I just… dumped all of this on you, I am so sorry.”

    “No, no, no.” He returned to [ Y / N ], assuring her with a pat. “Like I said, you're both so helpless. Someone had to do something.” Draken sighed. “He's on his bike and took the south street.” He went to open his door,

    “You two like, know each other the best. You'll figure this out.” He says.

    “Are you kicking me out?!” [ Y / N ] frowned.

    “Yes, I did my part already.” He gestured.

    “Thank you, Kenchin.” [ Y / N ] smiles, smiling at the guy on the way out.

    “Why do I always end up doing everyone's work for them!” He sighed, turning to fold up a blanket.

    “You messed up the braid midway by the way, it seems like you're helpless too, without Emma.” [ Y / N ] yelled from the gallway, voice fading further away.


    From how often [ Y / N ] moved around with her cars, she always appreciated strolls along the city.

    Maybe, it's even more meaningful to take yourself out for a walk— instead of just zooming past flashing lights, buildings and faces coming to a blur.

    She was currently walking without means to an end destination, to be radically present and closer to the city— to feel its energy rebounding through the crossing, deep underground into the Metro stations, and up the Tokyo tower.

    It was a truly lovely city to call home.

    Upon making a turn to an empty street, [ Y / N ] spots a familiar motorcycle in the distance, the characters of its plate coming to a clear view as she comes closer.

    Of course, it is Mikey's ride, but what could he be doing here? Most of the shops are closed, and the ones that aren't are really just more of book and record stores, and a pharmacy. Was his bike stolen or something?

    But upon looking back down, she sees a reflection of someone seated on top of a building on the side mirror, with a long coat flowing along the wind. “What the fuck…” She muttered out, slowly tilting her head towards the sky,

    The harsh rays of the sun hindered her from seeing a clear view but [ Y / N ] was certain that the person up there was the boy who she couldn't stop thinking of.

    She knew that Mikey loved the high grounds to gaze over, and reminisce about whatever he had going on in that intricate head of his. But she was brought here. It's as if something wanted them to meet at the very moment.

    [ Y / N ] turns, heading straight to the building's elevators and pressing hard on the highest button.

    She was so preoccupied with watching the digital numbers ascend that it didn't occur to [ Y / N ] what she should say to the boy once she steps out, not until the very last second when the doors opened, revealing Mikey's back facing her, and headphones rested over his head.

    [ Y / N ] steps out from the warm elevator room, selecting Mikey's contact on her phone then typing out:

    | Turn around

    Cold winds started to sway her hair and shirt along with it as [ Y / N ] stood on ground, waiting for his response.

    Mikey had seemed to receive her message when he turned to his side to pick up his phone, then opened its screen. His lips parted from the message, not exactly sure what she meant.

    But then, he did, anyways, turning his head behind, then grazing over his shoulders, there stood a dazed [ Y / N ], mirroring the same expression as his.

    “Hey,” She softly spoke.

    “What are you doing here?” He questioned, remaining seated

    “I could ask you the same thing… Dangerous choice of hang out spot, by the way.” She remarked, slowly spinning around to look at the whole place.

    He grinned at her small gesture, then shifted his attention to the scenery before [Y / N] could face him again.

    “But sweet view. I can see the pier and the circuit from here.” She followed where he had been looking at:

    nestled up the hill was the road they'd drove together on. The building they're on had the finest picturesque landscape over the heart of the city, and the green trees among the peaks of the surrounding hills and plains. You swore you could even see a glimpse of the sea if you look further into the horizon.

    “Get your own place! I got here first!” Mikey huffed, crossing his arms.

    “Very well.” [Y / N] nodded, obliging to his wishes. Despite having music that muffled Manjiro's surroundings, he could still feel her presence nearby, and her voice only drowned out the rhythm every time she spoke.

    But upon glancing at the ground, [Y / N] had noticed that her shoelaces were undone, which she immediately worked on. Her nose scrunched at the sudden wind surge, exposing the gauzed cut on her head.

    And it was something that didn’t go unnoticed by Mikey once his soles met the bare cement floor of the rooftop, as he slowly approached her. “Hold on,” [Y / N] had just finished up when Mikey stood before her, urging them to stand merely a foot away.

    “Are you—” He yelped, right hand reaching up to cradle her cheek. “Are you okay?” He asks, brows tense as he observes her face.

    “Yeah, it doesn't really hurt anymore.” [Y / N] smiled, subconsciously reaching for his hand.

    “Did someone do this? Give me a name.” Mikey's mood of tone changed in a switch. “D'you want me to fucking kill the b—”

    “Mikey,” She cut him off, carefully letting go of his right arm. “I did this to myself— I got into a stupid accident at a race. That's all that happened.” She explained truthfully, though not in detail just yet.

    “I don't believe you.” He only shook his head in response. [Y / N] is a skilled maneuverer and top-member of the currently greatest street racers in town, but had a silly accident on the road.

    “What do you think street racers do in their free time? Throw a tea party?” She chuckled.

    “It's all good,” [ Y / N ] added, “So we were racing uphill, right? Then my car got hit, I lost sight, and… made a very bad turn then crashed into a tree. You should’ve seen my car; my door got wrecked. But it's my mistake. Oh—” Mikey suddenly wrapped his strong arms around her hips, drawing her impossibly close into his warm embrace, just as she was about to finish speaking. He was terrified by the way she told him such terrifying details so nonchalantly and lightly. The accident may have turned so far worse. So he hugged her to silence her.

    [ Y / N ] weakly smiled, “I'm here, I'm all fine.” As she told him that she was perfectly all right, she could sense the real concern he poured into the gesture.

    “You said you wanted names?” She teased, in order to loosen up a little. “YES. Who were you racing with?” He asks right away, pulling away from the embrace.

    “So Shuji stopped by—” Upon the mention of the man’s name, Mikey’s expression contorted into rage, “Woah, woah.” [ Y / N ] reached up to his arms,

    “He did this?” Mikey questioned. “That guy’s gonna—”

    “I know, I know…” [ Y / N ] sighed, keeping the boy in place. “Save it for when you see him again. He’s back. I’m sure he’s up for trouble.” She truthfully spoke. Although [ Y / N ] hadn’t really thought about it yet, it’s only just now when she remembered his words— “I’m not here for them… at least, not yet.”

    “So, you’re okay?” Mikey asks once more.

    “I am.” [ Y / N ] smiled, cradling the boy’s cheek this time.

    “Does it hurt?” He asked, mirroring her actions.

    “Not anymore.” [ Y / N ] shook her head.

    “You're okay…” He sighed upon making sure. “[ Y / N ], I …” He contemplated for a while before parting his hands with hers,

    “I don't want to see other people!” He blurted.

    “I wanna keep seeing you,” He stressed. “I wanted to go out with you, dumbass.” Mikey spoke out, fighting off a pout.

    [ Y / N ]’s heart raced and breath hitched, hands rushing cold from his assertion.

    “I, I don't know… You’re so real, and alive, fearless… daring, and so beautiful.” Mikey professed, his eyes mirroring the pools of emotions reflecting with hers. “And if what’s between us isn’t real, then I don’t know what the fuck is.” Most romantic quotes or lines you’ll find are written to convince others to follow, to make another person believe something.

    But a few, a very few of them are a reality. The ones that make sense to be able to connect to.

    She had never seen the boy this vulnerable in front of her, their relationship feeling raw and full of emotions more than ever; and her heart only melted with every word his lips spilled.

    “I don't understand what you're doing to me, but I can't let a day go by without talking to you.” [ Y / N ] could only agree. “Because if I did, then that day's just no good…” Mikey continued, “I'm trying here. So, I don't want to see other people but you!” He sniffled.

    “And you didn't drop the milk box, I did. Because when our hands touch, it's like… I wanted them to stay like that.” He admitted, referring to nights ago.

    [ Y / N ] inhaled a deep breath, slowly closing the proximity in between them by taking either of his hands, “I don't want you to see others either.” She revealed.

    “Then why did you set me up with someone else ?”

    “Because I thought that if I did, then, maybe… I could be wrong about what I was… feeling for you.”

    Shen added, now locking their gaze together.

    “What are you feeling for me, B?” He questioned, closing the inch-gap in between their foreheads.

    “This—” She stuttered out, “You're… you're all I can think of.” [ Y / N ] softly whispered, snuggling her nose against his, “and I just— wanna be with you.” She added.

    Mikey stared into [ Y / N ]’s eyes, their breaths heavy with noses touching together as they both wanted to move closer and close the space in between them.

    And oh, how Mikey wanted to do just that. She didn’t know how hard it was for Mikey to not kiss her right then and there.

    But he didn’t want to overstep. That would be out of line and may be too soon for her liking.

    After all, isn’t [ Y / N ]’s comfort and best interests one of his most valued?

    So, instead, with a heavy heart, he pressed his lips to her forehead softly, then onto the other side where she had been injured, making sure to handle her carefully.

    [ Y / N ] smiled, a single tear escaped from her vision before clearing her throat then stepping out of Mikey’s embrace.

    She didn’t want to yet, but she did.

    “Call me a dumbass again and I'll punch you in the stomach.” She teased.

    “Heh.” Mikey laughed, long strands curtained his rosy cheeks.

    “You said… we should go to that spot one day, huh? The one that Shin loved?” [ Y / N ] spoke, reaching for both of his hands once more.

    “Mhm,” He nodded, letting [ Y / N ] situate his arms over her shoulders.

    “Wanna take me there tomorrow?” She shyly asks, resting her palms over his chest before planting a kiss on his warm cheek that now matched hers.

    “Okay, of course.” He agreed, “I will pick you up.”

    “Okay.” [ Y / N ] nodded, letting her head rest against his thumping chest.

    “Wanna, uhm… sit with me?” He offered, into which [ Y / N ] silently agreed to, taking his hand with her.

    “Careful.” He cautioned, taking her hand in his as they situate themselves above the staircase roof, elevating their view a little higher from a safe distance.

    “It is a sweet view.” Mikey agreed after making sure that the girl had made herself comfortable.

    “You feeling cold?” He asks, preparing to remove the long coat resting over his shoulders.

    [ Y / N ] was feeling the exact opposite. Their recent exchange of emotions had made her feel warmer more than anything, but of course, she couldn’t deny this sweet boy. “A bit,” She mumbled.

    [ Y / N ] gasped from how quickly Mikey threw his coat over her shoulders, before shifting closer to her in order to share the coat’s warmth.

    “Well, this is snuggly.” [ Y / N ] remarked, thumb grazing over the uniform’s material.

    “Really? I helped Mitsuya pick the material…”

    “I see.” [ Y / N ] nodded. “Thank you.” She added, grazing a thumb over his hand.

    Although their gazes were away from each other, [ Y / N ] and Mikey smiled foolishly like middle school crushes.

    “Is it okay if I—” Mikey broke the silence, carefully hooking an arm over [ Y / N ]’s waist. “Yeah, go on.” She agreed, letting the boy trap her body in his hold once more.

    “I like to… Stay like this with you.” He says, letting his head rest on her shoulder.

    “Yeah.” [ Y / N ] held back a giggle.



    “Let me try, okay? I want to… make this work.” He blurted out.

    “So it's not gonna be easy.” [ Y / N ] agreed, “We're gonna have to work on this everyday, but I want to do that because I want you.” She spoke, free hand raking in between his long hair.

    “I want all of you too,” Mikey concurred, eyes closing upon snuggling against her shoulder.

    “You and me, everyday.”

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    Trying fruitlessly to read my book at 2am. I think if/then has officially ruined media for me. Nothing will cut like that ever again.

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    Okay but why is The Gallery Player's being so quiet about their If/Then production?

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    "i saw you buying stuff on baby j crew last night"

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    listening to 'best worst mistake' right after 'when he sees me' is quite cathartic

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    babe, you're in a real-life couple (try that on for size)

    fandom: if/then

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    summary: david has a perfectly constructed foolproof plan for his and lucas's one year anniversary that he's sure cannot fall apart. ...until it starts to fall apart at the seams.

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    additional tags: anniversary, fluff

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