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  • reaperkiller
    24.05.2022 - 43 minutes ago

    genuinely hurt my own feelings writing that wseiluhgsgkjh

    #it's fine <3 im coming out the tail end of a breakdown and everything is making me Emotional
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  • pandapup
    24.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    sorry but extending off the last post but i got to see them live a few years ago - yeah, it was the new w.iggles (aside from Anthony who was still there) but i saw them . i saw the group consisting of the wi.ggles. and when i tell you how much i felt like a child in the best way then. god. man. man.

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  • thisautistic
    24.05.2022 - 2 hours ago
    #vegaspete#kinnporsche#kimporschay #kinnporsche the series #im totally normal about vegas all the time #everyone shut the fuck up it's pete #everyone shut the fuck up it's te #us nititorn#te kinnporsche #no legacy so rich as honesty #sir that's my emotional support gay psychopath
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  • clementineskesh
    24.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    i dont know if i'll ever again experience the range of emotions i did when emmanuel spelled out letter by letter samol is here. samot is dying. come home.

    #like its been what a week? more? and im still thinking of the way i felt fear and grief and excitement and love and fondness and worry and #anticipation and nostalgia and hope #and some unnameable emotions too #after listening to sih15 and 16 im just. wow. my heart is full but also wrung out
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  • johnfdonovan
    24.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    LEVIIII how was mcr i hope they were AMAZING :D

    LITERALLY LIFE CHANGING i feel like a new man...... so so good thank you for asking!!!

    #going to use this as an excuse to talk abt it ramble in the tags bc the stakes are low on here and i need to get it out of my system #absolutely no obligation for anyone to read this but #best night of my life ? i think #and definitely the best gig of my life bc it felt like so much more than just a concert. and how can any other gig compare to THAT #we had to travel up and stayed over night etc etc so it was a big thing bc of that but more so bc ITS MCR #very much part of the generation that was too young to see them when they were around and then they split #so i never thought i would get to experience this in my life #and they obviously mean so much to me / i've never stopped being emo / they're my fellow freaks #i always think about the time i was watching black parade is dead and my mum was like 'this is good bc you'll never be able to see them' #BUT THEN.... #took a decade but WE DID SEE THEM WE HAVE SEEN THEM #we've seen gerard before and frank twice so its not even like a 'omg they're real' moment but it was still just. so overwhelming #(in the best way possible) #they started w foundations and it took about a minute before i started crying lol #and just continued to do so on and off for their entire set (2 hours!) #i just kept thinking abt how monumental it was to be seeing them and hearing these songs live #and hearing a whole stadium full of people singing along too. god #there's this video someone outside of the venue took where you can hear everyone singing along to wttbp and like. fuck man #my chemical romance #i just felt so appreciative and emotional i've never lived in the moment quite like that day and im trying really hard to carry on doing #that now and just living day to day #sounds so stupid but i don't care it genuinely made me want to be a better person and not want to wallow in my depression 24/7 #the line in foundations when gerard says 'you must fix your heart and you must build an altar where it rests' #maybe i don't have to kill myself. maybe life can just be trivial and these small joys are enough. maybe
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  • rageclaws
    24.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    me  , not crying bc you guys liked that promo

    #⇥  OOC  ›            /              i can’t talk to wolverines . #I AM SHIT WITH GRAPHIC DESIGN NOW OKAY #SIMPLE IS CLEANER OKAY #SHUT UP IM NOT EMOTIONAL
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  • flappyratties
    24.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Laughing crying emoji but make it gay


    #im not the best at hands #but this is giving me some good practice #not a request #little safe#pos emojis#emoji#discord emotes#emote#laughing#crying#happy
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  • allexiaah
    24.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    G'raha Tia for the bingo?

    AAAA TYSM for the ask Ana!! This was so fun to dooo I didn't expect to get an FFXIV one.

    There was so much to fill out. I love him so much. G'raha Tia is my guy <3 I hate to debate whether or not to fill in the "I want to carry them in a handbag like a tiny dog" spot lol. This character is so much deeper than you'd expect when you first meet him. God I love him. He's SOO cool we're adventuring best friends <3

    God that reminds me. I need to post photos of my Warrior of Light at some point 👀

    #allex answers#ask#ffxiv shenanigans#ana-banyana #TYSM FOR THE ASK AAAA it made me very happy to see <3 #expected dbd asks which i like bc i have more of a following for that. im very glad i got an ffxiv one tho ^^ #the entire fandom is so wrong about him ngl #i say that bc my lord some of the stuff i see of him.....maybe its bc everyone else portrays him being a wonderful friend as something #romantic #during a rly emotional scene he promised he was gonna go on more adventures with us. even when what he was doing meant he might never again #saw several ppl saying 'omg its like hes proposing' and like sure if u wanna see it that way #BUT. I DONT. I THINK WE'RE ADVENTURING BESTIES AND WE HAVE BEEN SINCE WE WERE JUST FLEDGLING ADVENTURERS. #i think he simply cherishes us and we cherish him sosososooo much. we care about each other so much we're like family. he is like a brother #to me good lord #i love him so much #WE GAVE HIM A FIST BUMP......WE HAVE ONLY HAD THAT LEVEL OF PHYSICAL CONTACT BETWEEN OUR WARRIOR OF LIGHT AND A NON PLAYABLE CHARACTER #ONE OTHER TIME... WHICH WAS ALSO A FISTBUMP BUT #square enix let me hug my boy. my son #fUCK#ffxiv spoilers #just bc hes a VERY important character #TY ANA <3 #many hugs
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  • visionshaver
    24.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    for several reasons i’m genuinely so happy i got over the whole “haha all men are trash i wish i wasn’t attracted to them” thing, am not close to anyone who says that kind of thing, or recognize it as anything else than an early warning sign that someone’s politics are probably 1) not what i’d second and 2) nowhere near as well considered and compassionate as they think

    #i mean i was never all that attached to that particular sentiment bc well i Am bisexual and i could just never pull it off long enough #but it's also so.... like apart from the idea of throwing men under the bus who Are marginalized in some way #and apart from the idea that the patriarchy hurts men too even though that's the part ppl on both sides dont usually say out loud #its just so... idk either your politics are emancipatory and compassionate towards everyone or im not really interested #so glad i really took none of us are free until all of us are free to heart. one of the best political statemence ever #its not abt forgiveness either. i havent forgiven a lot of ppl (including men) a lot of things and i dont intend to soon #but my politics (while informed by them) are ultimately different from my personal emotions and urges and #im glad i learned to make that distinction is all im saying
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  • gaylilsherlock
    24.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    The magic of love which changes

    Even a commonplace scenery into a masterpiece

    Changes the night sky I’ve looked up at countless times

    Into the brightest gem in the world

    Be my darling, my darling, I entrust these feelings

    To a shining star

    Be my darling, my darling, and I want you to

    Always be by my side, the glistening diamond sky

    In the diamond sky

    These diamonds last forever

    happy 14th SHINee day, my five diamonds ☺️💎

    #BYE IM EMOTIONAL #ALL THE BOYS POSTED EVEN TAEMIN WAHH #happy shinee day #my starshine boys #this is shinee five and we’re right by your side #shinee#SoundCloud
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  • naseeeb
    24.05.2022 - 4 hours ago


    #my dad said he wanted to have a big talk with me after I finished an exam and it was such a foreboding tone that I immediately got anxious #except my dumbass thought that communicating would be healthy so I said when you allude to something so vaguely it gives me anxiety can you #just tell me what its about please and he goes you and afshee can take your anxiety and shove it its always anxiety with you guys and I said #papa you have anxiety too you just cant recognize it and THAT was a mistake because he started progressively screaming about how hie doesnt #have anxiety and how im so dramatic and then he randomly KEEPS GOING about how he doesnt have it and hes getting his BP up by screaming but #then he complains about how his BP is up like SIR YOU JUST DONT HAVE EMOTIONAL REGULATION and then i started crying cause what the fuck how #do people communicate and have healthy relationships with someone so unstable #I just really need to  get married and live far enough that I can ignore him if he acts up the way the rest of the siblings do #personal
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  • bunnyflares
    24.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Pain made me this way. I expect less. I question nothing. Or simply because i'm no longer passionate about life.

    Nothing is really surprised me at this point, it only became disappointment to me. I knew something is coming—fast like a trainwreck. Hitting me hard to realization that this is life. It hurts, more like a pain, just a bit, just to make me to stay woke.

    Then it start to loop over and over again:

    Pain made me this way.

    —B, May 2022

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  • averysiriuschromie
    24.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    one thing about my ex roomie is whenever I have a silly idea she'll expound it until we have something solid to run with

    #like seriously. i told her bc of ofmd i feel like going on caravan roadtrip in NZ. she came up with the budget and timeframe #early this week she texted in our friend group about a mangrove kayaking program #DM'd her i want to make a weekend out of it since its out of town for me #she's looking through nice places to stay around the area?? and sending me pictures??? #dont know if im just emotional cuz im on my period but she's just really sweet #chrmz.txt #ex roomie stuff #yes im making her a tag i think i talk about her alot here #safe space y'know? #also on the NZ thingy.we're just waiting for her boss's leave approval! if her boss greenlights it we'll be in NZ for 2 weeks in spring ayy
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  • kaleb-rush
    24.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    im rewriting yakuza 0. everything stays the same, but tachibana lives and rides off into the sunset with his sister and lives to be 100

    #yakuza#tetsu tachibana #im still emotional over it
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  • shedawn
    24.05.2022 - 5 hours ago
     something   something   the   legacy   vex   leaves   behind   is   that   of   her   mother.   elaina’s   name.   her   kindness.   when   she   stands   on   her   own   two   feet,   when   she   shrugs   off   syngorn’s   influence,   she’s   emulating   her   mother’s   quiet   strength.   her   love   for   her   children.
    #she is elaina's daughter. not syldor's. #and it's a choice she makes daily #i think once she's more settled in herself she does tell percy more stories about her mother #cass too #less like this untouchable monolith of perfection that was taken from her too young and more this strong quiet gentle woman #that she herself is learning about by loving her own child(ren) #ugh. im EMOTIONAL #let them go to byroden !!!! #⊰   ↣    𝖎𝖎.    —   ooc.    ❝   currently dissociating into the astral plane. *
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  • oathmealcoccies
    24.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    I just opened up to someone important to me today and it just gave me the biggest realization I've had in my life

    I'm loved

    I am actually loved

    It's such a foreign concept, it boggles my mind. It's a thought I never dared to even think about before

    but oh my god, someone cares enough, gives a damn about me, actually loves me that they'd want me to be in their life

    It's so weird, so insane, so fucking freeing and terrifying. There is an actual human being that loves me

    Opening up, letting someone in is terrifying, but my god the risk, the terror, the anxiety was so worth the knowledge, the realization that being loved isn't as foreign a concept as I thought it'd be. This entire time it was within reach, literally right in front of me if I had just bothered to reach for it

    I'm not okay, not yet but god just knowing that someone loves me is going to help me stand back up everytime life decides I should fall back into the murky depths of my thoughts.

    I'm not okay but I will be

    #mental health#mental wellness#oath's emotions#text post #im still scared #But for once i want to be hopeful #To give a shot at happiness #I
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  • tiptree
    24.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    not the overwhelming urge to shut the fuck up forever because you believe everybody wishes you would leave them alone!!!!!!!

    #not that!!!!! #anything but that!!!!! #mads vent #thats gonna be a new mental health tag so there you go if you want to block that #everythings fine but no it isnt and im spiraling but no im not #and i cant accurately gauge emotions over text but yes i can and im just overthinking but no im NOT
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  • straykits
    24.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    anyways i just find it very soft and nice that i have people (hi mutuals) who share more than one of my interests and are rather active about them..? as in, they'll occasioanlmy post about x y z or reach out when i post about x y z or like they'll incorporate one into the other?? like. im so used to just having like.. oh this is the friend who i can talk to about anime, this friend about kpop, this ine about books.. and now its like.. i could put all my mutuals names in a hat and draw one out and i could talk about a multitude of things with them and its so weird because i.. i dont know you guys but i can talk to you about so much more on top of those interests as well? and i just :(

    sorry the tags are a little bit of a love letter but like not poetic or romantic and super super ramble-y

    #like how actively do i talk to my mutuals??? definitely not as much as most people do (sorry) #but everytime i do i just. #not to sound sappy and cringey or whatever but i just. feel so happy and loved??? #but at the same time its a little bittersweet because like. i dont knoe you guys and i probably never will and maybe irl we would clash a #bit or we wouldnt really... feel comfortable with eachother etcetc #but i guess thats the beauty (and admittedly danger) of online friendships? #like. i just. sad sounds. #and i just appreciate all my online friends/mutuals so much and i use them interchangeably but i know #there are mutuals i dont talk to ever or ive barely talked to or i dont talk to anymore #but like idk its like. #its like the whole 'everyone you meet eill impact you in some way' thing #and i havent /met/ met you guys but i love you all the same #and im sorry if my use of 'love' is a bit !!! but i am feeling emotions #and i know ive diverted from the original post but sigh i #i just truly sincerely wish that five days from now #five weeks or months or years or even fifty years from now #youre all happy and content and livijg ur best life in a rocking chair or whatever idk maybe 50 years eas too much HAHA but my point #still stands - i hope you all are happy and loved by those you love #and i just. thank you so much for allowing me this soft and safe space #even if i can be a little annoying at times hehe sorry but like. yknow i just. QHHHH #anyways i do hope my mutuals see this post/the tags HAHAHA #should have just made a whole text post instead of ramble in the tags #and idek if ehat uve said makes sense #but i know i defninitely have not conveyed everything so uh :( #kat loves u all so much #kat talks #okay just read the tags and i did not express myself well at all #i just appreciate you guys so much and am so so so so thankful for every interaction we've had #and im so.. honoured? amazed? lucky? to have met you guys and know you exist ??? #not to sound dramatic but thank you for baring the knowledge of my existence
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  • 1v1-me-irl
    24.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Now he's talking about giving me the key to my collar back and I'm fucking.... I don't know what to do I'm freaking out. I need to get out of this house for the day because I'm not dealing with this shit today I just can't even begin to start pulling at what I'm feeling.

    It literally took me 35 min to get to the point I was trying to make last night and that was with fucking ideas of where I wanted to get to

    I don't even know what to think right now

    #i cant keep doing this emotional whiplash #like its so good and then its so bad #and im so tired
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  • rosiinante
    24.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Hihi! Hope you’re doing well, just here for the character bingo!

    Probably been asked but I have to try: can I get your opinion of my…your?…our???…THE sweet Rosi please? (Self shipping terms make big muddle in badly wired, autistic brain 😂)

    would you believe that i actually DIDNT have Rosi yet?

    i uuuuuuuuh can write a full thesis paper on how much i love Rosi, i know yall have seen my essay comments on fics written for me.

    i love every single aspect about him.

    ‘wow… they are literally me!’ is not a thing i use often, its mostly a joke. for Rosi its.. we are really similar and it helps me feel like i can love myself and grow to appreciate things about myself. i know we are both kind, soft hearted, empathetic, passionate, etc. Negatively our passion makes us act impulsively in ways that uh isn’t always the best. But the fact I can love Rosi helps me say, “ok so these are things you like about someone else, like them about yourself.” Not to mention I’m clumsy as hell (I have so many scars from being clumsy as hell too).

    ALSO? He’s so fucking handsome.. I love him in every outfit, in anything he wears. I love that he’s so handsome and has a canonically big nose (love me a big nose), that he’s such a soft soul but with such a strong jaw. His SMILE. vdfnjknkdfjnvd

    done dirty by fans is solely because i detest his popular ships and it kills me that i have to scrutinize an image to see if its ship or not before i save it to my phone. i also feel bad about this opinion bc i hate the anti/pro discourse and i have some friends im very close to, who do ship the ships i hate, and i dont want an opinion on a ship/fictional character to effect a friendship with a real person.

    if i dont stop i will let myself write 10k about him because i keep going back and adding more. this is why im mentally ill about him.

    #side note; i dont talk about this on my blog often bc i dont want to get negative reactions about it but my mental illness means i dont— #i dont have the best reaction to f/o doubles. #i think double is the word people use? i dont share well #but its because of my self worth and not out of malice or anything about other people #I dont like any character AS MUCH as rosinante and so im constantly fighting my brain that he would even love me in the first place #so it kills me when i see another self shipper and im like ‘yeah he would probably love you more than me bc im me’ and its harder (cont) #for my brain to deal with. #ive tried SO HARD to get over this and make friends with other cora simps and like im in a qpr with another cora simp but i still feel… #icky gross emotions about it all the time and i hate myself for it #its the BPD i know but i hate it. #funny thing? ? i am poly and can share my husband in real life? ? ? ? i think its because i dont have Rosi’s validation beyond my imaginati #sunny’s games#character bingo
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