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  • catcontrolcenter
    08.05.2022 - 1 week ago


    #yup thats one for the neil board /J #okay okay im about to go to bed but this is too sureal not to post #anyway go follow my dad hes so swaggy #casperpng
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  • fenguts
    02.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Twitter is no more I just killed it! The fall of mortogen :(

    #post #its ok tho im sooooo swaggy #i think im going to draw watch now
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  • solivagantsalix
    29.04.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    i am truly such a kind friend i wish i was a kind friend 

    alright not in tags bc ill get annoyed at character limits but zero and their partner wanted to watch the jjk0 movie and it hasnt come out online so the best pirate was a shitty screenrip and at that point just go to the theatre so i being the great friend i am told zero to go with their partner to the movie irl that it would be fine and we could just watch it again online another day and oh make it a fun cosplay time bc fun cosplay date wouldnt that be fun bc u wanna cosplay jjk so just do it hahaha. yes well im a good friend and i gave that advice and they took it and went on a cute little cosplay date that their partner didnt??? wanna let me know about? i asked when they were seeing it and they were very.... idk private about it and it wasnt until i mentioned like oh are you still cosplaying to it that they realized i knew about the plans and told me but like... idk i hate how secretive they are with their plans with zero. what its not like i can join what are you fucking scared of idiot. mean. okay. anyway they went on a cute date and out for ramen and idk i just. i want to go on cute dates and cosplay w my partner and idk just. hhhhhh. idk. the entire thing made me feel very heart hurty. also w the fact theyre all going to holmat its jsut like yes i can make the money and also go to holmat bc i know so much in advance but theres also idk whose room im gonna be in and idk if theyll let me be in their room bc its prob gonna be them, their partner, cheese, cuttlefish, and like a bunch of other random people i dont know i doubt she will allowed me to be in her room i just. i just. i feel unwanted. i have been trying to say ‘i feel’ instead of ‘i am’ for things lately to see if it helps. positive affirmation and whatnot ykno. i feel unwanted i feel like it wouldnt matter if i died bc im so apart from the group they wouldnt even notice and if they did they wouldnt care. idk. i will hold onto the fact that even tho i knew it would make me upset and sad i still gave good fun advice to zero about a fun outing with their partner i am still a good friend. i will hold onto the fact i am still a good friend. i am a good friend. 

    #zero#sallow speaks #sallow is actively crying just a little bit but im still swaggy dont even worry about it #vinny#kero
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  • buzzbeeutiful
    28.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    WAIT i wanna do the five sentence word prompt thing but like... with rarepairs

    #LIKE UHHH idk lol i forgot #LIKE THE PAIRS U DONT SEE WRITING FOR IG??? #like pg/steven adams wuhhhh swaggy/draymond u know like those ones i think thatll be fun <33333 #IM STILL GONNA DO THE ONES I GOT TOO i just wanna see what yall come up with lol 😊
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  • mothskiin
    23.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    forgot that i can actually record my thoughts here where nobody will see it. anyways i’ve decided that to make myself stop feeling like everyone hates me when i make a mistake or when boundary communication occurs between me and a friend, i will think of it like yknow those little sims friendship levels. like when two sims r close friends they have a big green bar, but if one of them does something the other sim doesn’t like, it’ll show that it was disliked, but it will barely lower that green bar. they’re still friends and still interact w each other just the same. now i, as the player, know that the sims don’t like when that interaction occurs, and can avoid it. so like, just cuz i made a mistake, doesn’t mean they hate me. and as long as i keep myself open to communication and boundaries and continue changing myself and my actions as i always have, i don’t have to worry or have a stupid little breakdown bc im afraid they hate me or wanna leave me, bc its very likely they dont.

    #i dont need therapy when i have my big swaggy brain #thats a joke i should prolly get therapy #but i am self aware enough that i think im at least doing somewhat decently #im trying at least #my brain thoughts #personal garble #i made this #idk if this post makes any sense to other ppl but it randomly popped up in my brain yesterday and i think it cld help me #thinking of my life in video game rules helps sometimes ngl
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  • rinnetenseis
    22.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    im not the only one who noticed this right

    #im not trying to make any point im just going teehee they sound similar how swaggy
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  • yallmstdve
    21.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    i want to play mined craft


    #this is only to be read in a very stupid and pitiful voice #i am neither of those things because im too cool and swaggy but you have to read it like that #dove coos #if you understand the reference im sorry
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  • buzzbeeutiful
    04.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    You may have want it for Russ, but me no for Lebron and Ad

    what are we wanting here ??? cus i think we may be thinking of different forms of Want here ????? with Them? at least with Russ, i mean 🤭

    #please russ ur bwoobs pleaseplease p #beal looks at russell shirtless like that one woman staring at a giant chested giant #can confirm because thats how everyone stares at russell #with his consent of course !!! #people staring at his double ds fuels his battery #which is why laker russ sucks rn because everyone knows lakers dont have s*x #we can blame swaggy p for that #ANYWAYS tho sorry i was. distracted #are u talking about wanting the lakers to ? lose or?? win?? #or are you... thirsting for balding bro and glass bones 😭???? #i DO think their friendship is super wholesome #their shitty gta mics... their gta online rp adventures #theyre so funny #i love old men #but YEAh anon im sorry but idk what 😭 is being communicated here #in general consensus tho just to clear the air we ALL want to peg russell ri #yeah imma be honest im at a loss here anon 😭 #give me a hint or a mouse ke-tool 😭😭 i may be stupid #im sorry 😭😭😭 #ted asks#russy west #shirtless russell jumpscare
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  • sconesandslushies
    26.03.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Just found out i have the same personality type as Tessa Williams (binary), Jurgen Leitner and Peter Lucas

    nobody touch me

    #the magnus archives #magnuspod#tma#peter lukas #i am SCREAMING #but this is so glorious though #who can touch me now #IM OFF KAYAKING #jurgen leitner #well i do like books #elias could never pipe murder me im too swaggy
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  • kurtcore
    17.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    ive got an 8am shift tomorrow....... -_-

    #kms fr #but after that im going out with friends. and then after that im going out w different friends #but oh my godddd igotta get up so early and get the bus blargh #for what. 6.91 an hour #i bought new work clothes tho that i rlly like so gonna look #ad swaggy B)
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  • kopii
    11.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    mikumikumikumiiiii (´-ω-`)💚💛💙💕

    #初音ミク#VOCALOID#hatsune miku#miku day#ミクの日#ミクの日2022#イラスト #i ditched a day off work for miku LMAO #so this wont be on twitter until next week pls keep it a secret xD #ilu miku #also im late but w/e #ALSO !! #changed my tumblr theme :^) #looks swaggy on computer now <3
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  • circumlocutive
    11.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    gender highlight of last semester was definitely when the very quiet international student that I helped with homework and literature review saw me in class wearing a slightly more masc outfit than usual and hesitantly said “why do you look so cool?” and before I could reply, questioningly supplied “like a boy?” 

    #genderfluid#blog#gender euphoria #yes im being cringe tagging things suck my asshole #i had my sick black boots with the safety red soles #backwards cap#flannel #tshirt w an anvil diagram on it #and regular black pants #so it wasn't like #an especially unique look? #but i felt swaggy
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  • neon--nightmare
    09.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    so. Let's hypothetically say I read the hit comic Sparklecare Hospital (2016) on sparklecarehospital.com. hypothetically of course.

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!

    ik ive mentioned this before here but sparklecare's been one of my biggest special interests nd artstyle insps for YEARS WAHHH BRO THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY :D !!!! im so glad u enjoyed it AND UR URL,,, PUPYCORN SO SO SO REAL FOREVER

    #BRO IM :''] IM SO GLAD U LIKE IT WAAHHHH #sparklecare#sparklecare hospital#doodles#asks#third tag#swaggy-dogicorn #scheduled!! #spacin out my asks a bit (this is from 4 am) so they dont all post at the dead of night wvbdsvdbsd) #BARRY UNI LOVE FOREVER!!
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  • whitposts
    04.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Might give my ocs eneagrams cuz i find iit interesting

    #whitposts #im an 8w9 btw #i think its ann interesting personality classification system #never seen one who includes what people do in places of stress/healing #swaggy
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  • kardulis
    03.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    in regards to my previous reblog: some of my black turtleneck outfits

    #i have plenty more good ones but i haven't taken pictures of those. or smth along those lines. #anyway. black turtlenecks are sexc cool swaggy etc etc and i like them. A Lot. #also. is it obvious im doing my (not absolute) best to show i am gæ. im trying. i really am. or maybe not? #maybe my fashion taste just evolved to be the way it is after i got hit with the Lesbian Button-Up Trend Of 2017™ #these photos are just from the last year though. 50's curls to undercut to a permed mess. my hair journey of 2021. #lisanna talks
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  • chisatowo
    03.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    I have a joke in my head but I cannot for the life of me word it in a way that's actually funny help

    #rat rambles #gonna have to go to bed in a sec since Im very sleepy tired but uhhh I think itd be funny if the eternal gales human kids didnt know looser #was its own word either and had been collectively misspelling loser for years without realising and only realising after they meet the #staliens in person but it still takes too long since looser is quick to just accept loser as another name and only brings it up to make #sure its not supposed to be a personal name for sier only since theyre the first person he heard call him that and was worried theyd be #upset by the other human kids using it for him too #and it probably still takes a couple hours for it to click in sier's mind that perhaps a mistake had been made fkfnfjfndh #I just wanna imagine the human kids collectively losing their minds over this shit so I feel less dumb lol /j #also I originally tried writing out actual diologue for this but gave up but its important for yall to imagine sier saying swaggy at some #point during this interaction ok thanks gn
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  • fiddlestickkies
    01.03.2022 - 2 monts ago


    #leo talks#brawl stars #this is my personal amber bias bleeding in but #also#yknow #ITS IN THE NAME #F IR E FLY #sorry im having a moment #also skeleton's idea of butterfly piper very swaggy and id draw it but i am bad at skin concepts :pensive: #cmon supercell please
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  • osiers
    24.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    #i forgot he tattooed it on another human being #sorry im thinking about bieber swaggy rat
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  • boosfer
    23.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Sorry abt that lol... anyways i was gonna say i filled a whole notebook page w sharpie ^_^ fumes

    #tommy talks #hard hurts im light headed and havin chest pain but its chill #*hand sorry #also m on latest ep of riptide lol... swaggy...
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  • circumlocutive
    23.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    I love duality

    #im like so fucking cool and sexy and swaggy but I'm also a dweeb dork loser and further explanation will only humiliate me #blog
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