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    A light breeze brushes against my face, cooling the heated skin and tinting my cheeks a light shade of pink. The man walking directly in front of me, spun his body partially around and flashed a bright smile in my direction, the faint sound of the waves crashing in the distance broke the silence. "Do you want my jacket, angel?" the boy asked, smiling softly as he watched me try to keep myself warm by rubbing my exposed arms. I stare at the jacket he started to pull off of himself and shook my head silently, however, he ignored me and end up placing the jacket on my shaking shoulders gently."Now, let's go enjoy our picnic by the water before people arrive here," he said, poking my cheek gently before grabbing the picnic basket he set down, and led me to our favorite spot.

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  • mytemporarycomfort
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    Desert Rose

    A/N: Ive made a slight change to the Hanahaki Disease where the reader needs to acknowledge and accept that the Champion loves them for the disease to disappear.

    Urbosa X reader

    Warnings: angst, Hanahaki disease, near death experience

    Hanahaki Disease: is a fictional disease where the victim of unrequited or one-sided love begins to vomit or cough up the petals and flowers of a flowering plant growing in their lungs, which will eventually grow large enough to render breathing impossible if left untreated.

    It felt like her entire chest clenched up when she realized what was going on. Of course it would. Under these circumstances, that was meant to happen. She looked down at the rose petal that sat on top of the desk in her private quarters. For once, she was at a lost. It hit her out of no where. She didn't plan for this at all.

    It explained all of the other symptoms that was going on. Her body was getting tired more easily. Sleep came harder than usual. The unease that wrapped her body was noticed by her closest warriors.

    She looked out the window at the night market that raged on in the town square. You stood out like the brightest star amongst all the women in town. You were at your stall selling exotic flowers and berries from all across Hyrule.

    Urbosa remembered the first time she met you. She was doing her part in protecting the town and she would recognize a new face from a mile away. You were sweet, almost too naive. You didn't even know that she was Chief. You tried to convince her to buy a flower, at a very fair price if she may add. She accepted it without hesitation. It was when Zelda appeared next to her calling her Urbosa was when your cheeks grew red. This tall woman, this beautiful lady was the Gerudo chief. You looked at her in awe. Urbosa gave the flower to Zelda, mentioning that the flower truly complimented the princess of Hyrule. You bowed before the princess and shied your eyes away from the two of them. Urbosa chuckled and told you that you dont need to be so formal. It is the night market after all, not her personal room. She winked your way and your cheeks flared up. It wasn't her only visit afterwards. Whenever you had your shop opened, she would make a visit, to "buy a flower for the princess".

    She tore her eyes away from you. Of course you would be surrounded by all the other women. She tried her best not to let the jealousy show on her face, but it was clear that it bothered her that you were there and not in her arms. She coughed for the first time that night and a light burst of rose petals fell from her lips.

    "Urbosa, please. Tell her." Zelda pleaded behind her.

    "There are more important things in hand, little bird."

    "Not if your life is on the line. I don't understand why you must be so stubborn about this."

    "Gerudo chief, in love with a simple girl. It's seems silly doesn't it."

    "Urbosa!" Zelda spoke up, "If you dont tell her yourself right now, I will."

    "Do what you will Princess, now if I may, I will go train." She didnt want to tell Zelda off like that, but she wanted you to continue to be the free spirit that you were. Bound to the chief would mean that you would have less freedom. The Yiga clan will be after you. It was a chance she wasn't willing to make.

    Zelda grumbled in frustration. Why must all the champions be so stubborn. Fine, she will do it herself then! She walked down the stairs to the market and walked directly to your stall.

    "(Y/N)! Oh, I'm so happy to see you!"

    "Good evening Princess." You smiled, "Going out shopping tonight I see!"

    "I actually came to see you specifically. Its really important, do you have a moment?"

    "Oh, of course." You turned around, "Ani, can you come to the front and watch the stall for a bit? Thank you!" You turned back to the princess and nodded.

    "I'm so glad. Please let's hurry." She ushered you past the royal chambers of Gerudo town.

    "Princess! What are we doing here? Am I allowed here?"

    Zelda didn't answer, she just led you further into the chambers until you reached the training ground. In the middle, you saw Urbosa kneeling over with her hands over her mouth.

    "Lady Urbosa!" You both ran over to her. You never thought you would see her in such a state. "Are you alright? Do you need anything?"

    She groaned and turned her head away as you heard her cough some more. You looked over at Zelda, pleading her to help Urbosa. You didn't know what was happening or to how to help.

    "Urbosa, tell her, please. You can't go on like this." Zelda pleaded again.

    "Tell me what? Whats happening? Princess? Lady Urbosa?"

    Urbosa settled down. Her shoulders shook slightly. You've never seen her this vulnerable before.

    "I'm sorry (Y/N). I'm sorry you've seen me this way." Urbosa turned her head over to you. You gasped as you saw the light trail of blood at the corners of her mouth. Rose petals laid all over her feet. Her eyes looked tired, but they were also filled with so much emotion.

    "I don't understand. "

    "Princess, if you may give me a moment." Urbosa stood tall again. Zelda hesitated for only a second before she headed back towards the market. "I know this may seem unlike me, and in all honestly, it's all so new to me as well."

    She walked over to you. She gave you time to move away from her if this was something you were uncomfortable with. You stood firm though, much to her delight.

    "(Y/N)," She moved her hands closer to you. Again, you stood firm. Urbosa wrapped her hands around your waist and pulled you closer. "You were one thing I would've never saw coming." She held you against her body. This was everything she needed.

    You held her back. Your heart pounded just as hard as hers.

    "Why didnt you tell me, Lady Urbosa?" you looked up at her. "I mean, I- You and the princess. The flowers you bought her. I-"

    "Just to see you, my desert rose." She laid her forehead against yours. "It was silly of me, really. I didn't want to take anything away from you. The life you've built up for yourself, I mean."

    You smiled up at her. She truly deserved to be the chief of Gerudo. She was thoughtful, powerful, and fair.

    "Lady Urbosa, I was yours the day you came to my little market stand." Urbosa laid her chin on the top of your head. You felt her body soften around yours. It felt like she was able to finally be comfortable in herself again. Comfortable with her little desert rose.

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  • atztons
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    imagine bangchan cuddling you and nuzzling his nose against yours 🥹🥹🥹

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    note: this mingi is going to live in my head from now on

    Imagine Mingi going over to your department just so he could meet you on the one hour gap that you shared together. You were passing by the spiral staircase and noticed a familiar man in an even familiar outfit. Immediately stopping right at the staircase, you blinked at your boyfriend who smiled handsomely at you with a cup in his hand. 

    “Iced Chocolate?” His way of greeting is so unique sometimes that you got used to it already. Mingi doesn't say “Hi”, he prefers starting them differently like offering his drink. You took a few steps forward and grabbed the cup from his hand, sipping the beverage. 

    Pulling away, you grimaced and he chuckled seeing your twisted expression. “You meanie…this is not iced chocolate.” He apologised and patted your head trying to wipe the pout off your face. You were now on the steps, leaning against the rail as you looked up at him. 

    “Why did you come over?” 

    “I can’t meet you on campus now?” He raised a brow and you quickly shook your head in denial. 

    “You’re too attractive, that’s why.” Shaking your head, you mumbled out. Feeling as if people were looking over, you forced him up the stairs but he didn’t budge at all. Then out of nowhere someone called you out making you turn around and pushed him higher up the stairs. 

    “Are you not going to class?” 

    “In a bit” 

    You failed to cover his face with your hands when Mingi kept on trying to see who you were talking to. “Boyfriend?” Your classmate smirked at you as the others gave you knowing looks. “Uh no, a friend. See you guys later.” With a curt smile to them, you pulled him up the steps by the wrist which he surprisingly complied. 

    “Am I in a secret relationship?” 

    “No, but I don’t like them seeing you.” 

    “Are you gatekeeping your boyfriend?” 

    A playful smirk made its way on his face as he asked. “I’m not, but your face makes people stop and stare.” 

    “Just say I’m attractive.” You pulled him closer by the tie and shut him up with a kiss. Backing away, you realised what you did and nibbled on your bottom lip as you looked away in embarrassment. 

    “I brought you another tie so-” 

    “Not this again.” Mingi whined in annoyance but you just wanted him to change his tie. It was absurd even to you but the thought of people knowing him coming over to your department didn’t sit right with you. You just had to make him leave as another stranger. It totally doesn’t make sense but you felt it was needed. “Just take that off.” 

    “You’re unbelievable.” Mingi let out an exasperated sigh as he did what you asked. It took all the muscles in your face to not react as he harshly pulled the necktie off from his buttoned down shirt that he somehow managed to make you iron for him earlier that day.

    He frowned as you took the cloth away and passed him the other one which you brought along in your bag that day, just in case something like this happened. 

    “Now put this on and go straight back to your department, okay?” 

    “Wear it for me then.”  

    There was a short staring contest before you finally gave in. Biting the previous tie to cut off whatever amount of time you have left on your gap before the next class, you wore the already tied cloth over his head. Mingi watched as you adjusted and tightened the material all the way up to the collar with a smile plastered on his face. 

    “You look cute biting my tie like that.” 

    Seeing the playful smirk forming on his face, you rolled your eyes at him and took the tie off from your lips. “I really mean it though.” You didn’t reply to him and started walking back down the steep spiral staircase. Feeling your cheeks warming up, you tried to distract your thoughts from his words by aimlessly looking around the area. 

    Mingi finally stood next to you and you were quick to say goodbye and turn to leave but he caught your wrist and took his glasses off, leaning closer and kissed you properly. You had no time to react when he already backed away.

    The thought of people seeing that was going to haunt you but the shared kiss would overwrite it quicker than that. You stared at his face, lost of words. One corner of his lips curved upwards nonchalantly as if what he did was nothing. “See you later at home. You can go to class now.” 

    He then pecked the top of your head lightly before turning away, leaving you there watching his retreating figure as you gambled with yourself whether to walk to the next class or ditched it with your boyfriend, Mingi. 

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    Law and the Utopian Imagination seeks to explore and resuscitate the notion of utopianism within current legal discourse. The idea of utopia has fascinated the imaginations of important thinkers for ages. And yet—who writes seriously on the idea of utopia today? The mid-century critique appears to have carried the day, and a belief in the very possibility of utopian achievements appears to have flagged in the face of a world marked by political instability, social upheaval, and dreary market realities. Instead of mapping out the contours of a familiar terrain, this book seeks to explore the possibilities of a productive engagement between the utopian and the legal imagination. The book asks: is it possible to re-imagine or revitalize the concept of utopia such that it can survive the terms of the mid-century liberal critique? Alternatively, is it possible to re-imagine the concept of utopia and the theory of liberal legality so as to dissolve the apparent antagonism between the two? In charting possible answers to these questions, the present volume hopes to revive interest in a vital topic of inquiry too long neglected by both social thinkers and legal scholars.


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  • zujime
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    MDNI 18+

    just imagining laying in bed or on the couch with vi. your body on hers as you trace the coarse skin on her fingers, flipping her hand over before laying yours in her palm, eyes widening at how big her hand is compared to yours.

    It's all cute then but not even that long after, her long fingers are knuckles deep in your hole as she stares at you with her lip between her teeth, watching you writhe and whimper uncontrollably under her. she'd ask things like "you like the feeling of my fingers spreading you like this?" or "gonna make a mess for me, sweetheart?"

    she'll spend all night and maybe even morning milking as many orgasms as she can, whether they're dry or not.

    #vi imagine#reader insert #arcane vi x reader smut #vi arcane x reader #vi headcanons#vi smut #vi x reader #vi x y/n #vi x you #arcane vi#vi arcane
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    Cosplay: levi

    Credits: migo_mir

    #aot levi#snk#aot #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #shingeki no kyoujin #aot season 4 #aot imagines#snk icons#carrd icons#aot icons#levi ackerman #erwin x levi #levi attack on titan #levi x reader #erwin smith #snk x reader #snk eren#snk levi#yelena snk#snkedit#snk mikasa#aot fanart #aot final season #aot fluff#aot manga#levi aot#eren jaeger#eren aot #shingeki no kyoujin eren
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    Hello!! I adore your writing, you make everything so in character and realistic! Could you write a fic where the reader is dating Harry (recent) and she’s super worried because she’s on antidepressants that lower the sex drive and make it hard to orgasm and her ex used to make her feel guilty about it and she’s worried Harry will be the same? Very fluffy, smut if you want it. I’m sorry if this is weird/too personal. Thanks and love from Brazil!

    Hi to you from the USA!!! Thank you so much for your kind words ~ I hope you enjoy this! x

    tags: @allskynostars @chloefran @staceystoleyourheart @hazgoldenstyles

    (fluff, smut, mentions of depression and medication)

    It was brand new and exciting, a roller coaster ride you never wanted to get off of. Harry was so enthusiastic and full of grace, holding you close, kissing you with a tenderness you had never known before. He wrote songs about you even though you had agreed to be together only recently, and it made your heart skip beats when he sang lyrics to you, playing his guitar and the piano with a gorgeous, rare talent. 

    Fear, though, fear about the physicality of the relationship. He knew you struggled with your mental health and took medication, and he was immensely supportive at all times. Setting alarms in his phone to remind you to take them was an extra step, though you had already set them on your own phone. It was so touching, he was so into you, and you were beyond into him. It felt real, secure, safe. 

    The closer you got, the more he put his hands on you, a loving, gentle touch here and there, encouraging you to do the same. But he didn’t know. He didn’t know how hard it was for you, how it had been in the past, how the other had made you feel. Kissing him back, moaning his name, feeling his hands on your thighs and behind, it only made you want him more. But what… what if you couldn’t finish? What if he got tired of trying? What if? You wanted to believe that he was different, he felt so different, but that fear. That fear never left. 

    Late one night in his apartment, making out on the couch with his hands in your hair, yours on his bare chest. Holding him close, never wanting to let him go, you kissed down his throat and smiled against his skin when he groaned your name loudly into the darkness. 

    “Baby,” he grunted, lifting his hips into yours. “You’ve… no fuckin’ idea how much I want you.” 

    “You do?” You pulled back, breathless, your body burning. 

    He stared up at you with pure infatuation, nodding eagerly. “Is it too soon?” 

    “It’s not that, no, I just…” Oh, oh God. You knew that you would have to tell him eventually, you knew that it was coming. Here it was. 

    “What is it?” He held you closer against his body, his eyes searching your face. “What is it, luv?” 

    “I had… some bad experiences in my last relationship.” 

    “Talk to me about it.” 

    Taking a deep breath and moving to sit next to him, your eyes darting briefly to the tent in his pants. Mouth going dry, you swallowed hard and closed your eyes for a moment to gather yourself. 

    “My meds… they make my sex drive weird. They make it difficult to orgasm, they make it hard for me to get excited sometimes. I’ve talked to my doctor about it, and it’s just… something I’m trying to deal with.” 

    “Did someone give you a hard time with this?” He looked upset. 


    “Fuck. I’m so sorry,” he whispered, running his hands through his hair and gazing at you with adoration and sadness combined into one expression. “That’s horrid. And so unfair.” 

    “They just demanded so much of me, they got frustrated when I wouldn’t come, they made me feel guilty and like I wasn’t good enough.” 

    Anger flashed in his eyes for a brief moment before he pulled you back into a secure hug, burying his face in your neck. “Sweetheart, thank you for being honest with me about this. Thank you for telling me the truth.” 

    “I want this to work with you, Harry, so desperately much. I care for you deeply.” 

    “As I care for you.” 

    “I just… I just ask that you be patient and work with me. I want this with you, I want to show you how I feel with my body, heart, and soul…” 

    “Of course.” Harry gently tilted your chin up to make eye contact with you. “Listen. I am in this. I think you’re beyond incredible in every single way. Remember what I wrote about you? Remember those words? I mean every one. I mean it.” He looked so serious. “You can trust me. I will not demand anything of you, I will not judge you, I will not make you feel bad for anything. I will work with you, I will get to know what works and what doesn’t, I will pour my entire heart into this relationship so you know how safe you are with me.”

    Growing emotional quickly, eyes full of tears, you wrapped your arms around his neck and crawled back into his lap, kissing all over his beautiful face. “Harry, Harry Styles you incredible man.” 

    “I’m only a human being.” He smiled crookedly, watching you carefully, reading your expression. “You deserve the best, and it sounds like that person gave you the bare minimum.” 

    “Not even.” 

    “What can I do to ease your worries?” 

    “You already have,” you whispered, nuzzling into his neck, closing your eyes and breathing him in. He squeezed you affectionately, turning his head to kiss your forehead. 

    “You tell me when you’re ready. I won’t push, and if I ever go too far, you let me know.” 

    Lifting your head, your heart full, you felt your face grow hot. “It’s not that I’m not ready…” 

    “Oh?” His eyebrows went up.

    “It was just the fear, I needed to talk about it with you and let you know what was going on in my head.” 

    Harry’s eyes moved along your neck and chest before returning back to your gaze. “Just let me know…” 

    Feeling overwhelmed with emotion, your body aching for him, you leaned in to kiss him deeply, saying it all with your lips. He kissed you back hard and eagerly, his hands moving up into your hair to grip it gently, holding your face close to his. 


    “Now?” He pulled back. “Are you sure?” 

    “Take me to bed, baby…” 

    No hesitation on his part, he swept you off the couch and carried you to his room with a beautiful grin on his face, kissing any skin he could find on the way there. You held on tight, giggling loudly when you fell onto your back on the bed. 

    “God, I’ve dreamed of this with you for so long…” 


    “Too long.” 

    “Then make it worth my while.” 

    His mouth found yours, intense and desperate as your shirt disappeared and hit the floor. He was slow and careful, though his hunger leaked through, giving him away. Grinding his waist down into yours, you lifted your hips to be closer, gasping loudly, his lust pressing against your thigh. 

    “Fuck, fuck my girl,” he groaned, his hands moving down your front and drawing out a breathless sigh. “Your sounds are ecstasy.” 

    “Love me, Harry…” 

    Sitting up a little, he tugged down your pants and underwear all at once, and suddenly you were bare before him. He stared, biting his lip, love in his eyes though he hadn’t used the word yet. 

    “You’re… absolutely… breathtaking.” He laughed a little, confusing you for a moment. “I write music for a living, and I literally can’t come up with better words right now.” 

    Smiling broadly, you sat up and tugged at his jeans, pulling them down and swallowing hard when he was suddenly free against his belly. Resting back, letting him crawl over you, you kissed him again, your hands on his neck. 

    “Tell me, what works for you, honey?” 

    “What do you mean?” 

    “What helps you get off and what doesn’t?” He was so genuinely concerned and wanted you to feel good. 

    “It… kind of depends,” you said, blushing furiously. “Oral is good. Sex sometimes…” 

    He was between your legs before another word came out, devouring you with passion and sending your back arching into the air. Whether it was your feelings for him or his immense need to pleasure you, it was unlike anything anyone had ever given you before. 

    “Fuck, fuck Harry!” 

    “Is this okay?” He had lifted his head for a brief moment to gaze up at you.

    “Yes, please keep going…” 

    So he did, now taking his time with you, slipping a finger into your entrance after a little and working your sensitive parts. Feeling it build quicker than ever before, unsure of where it was even coming from, you began to gasp loudly for air, your hair sticking to your forehead with sweat. 

    “Harry, fuck, Harry I’m close…” 

    “Are you serious?” 

    “Fuck, yes, fuck!” 

    Unable to stop at this point, he pressed further, his eyes on your face the entire time to read your reaction, so into it that his eyes were nearly black with lust. Your legs began to tremble, and you spread them wider, arching your back higher into the air until it struck like lightning, an orgasm unlike anything you had ever experienced. Crying out his name, you grabbed the pillow behind you and turned your head to bite it, your entire body twitching and shivering with the intensity of what he was giving you. 

    “Fuck,” he whispered, staring the entire time, soaking in every bit of what he was doing. 

    As it slowly faded, another small streak of pleasure that drew out a deep grunt from your lips, you fell flat against the bed and closed your eyes, smiling broadly and covering your face. 

    “Holy shit, Harry.” 

    “Don’t cover that gorgeous face,” he insisted, crawling up over you and moving your hands. “God, that was unreal.” 

    “For you?! Imagine how it was for me,” you laughed and pulled him in for a deep kiss, reaching down to gently grip him at the base. He released a soft sound into your lips, his body shuddering. 

    “Whatcha doing, beautiful?” 

    “Returning the favor.”

    #anon#harry styles#hstyles #harry styles imagine #harry styles fic #harry styles blurb #harry styles drabble #harry styles one shot #harry styles fluff #harry styles x you #harry styles x reader #harry styles x y/n #harry styles smut #harry's house#fine line #harry edward styles #harrys house#harries #harry styles fanfic #harry styles fanfiction #harry styles fan fiction #harry styles writing #hstyles fic
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    the scrunkly...

    #i just think that she!!!!! #( ooc. )  this blog is sponsored by raycon. #anyway imagine waking up to her...a dream
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    This movie is the movie of the year literally.But I am dying 😧 for some TOP GUN MAVERICK imagines because Miles Teller and Glenn Powell are hot asf😭 Tom Cruise is a DILF for real shiit ❤

    #top gun maverick #glenn powell#miles teller#tom cruise #tom cruise x reader #Top gun imagine #TopGun
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    L. tell her everything | RIVALS.


    prev . masterlist . next

    warnings. lots of swearing, mentions of cheating, betrayal, secrets, gossiping, physical fights and threats.
    A / N : fun fact, this update was supposed to be written but since I've been busy and also said I will take a break for the weekend I really didn't finish the written version. You can take this sns update as an introduction of what you will get next week my babes. Hope you enjoy and let me know your thoughts I always appreciate the feedback and reactions, ily. Have a good weekend !


    rivals taglist — @dear20cm · @softylilies · @delicateflowersaestheticpony · @jjunis · @cosmic-marauder · @day6andetcetera · @todorokiskitten · @strawbrinkofdeath · @beomgyugyu · @jjunbug · @cosmicwintr · @milkycloudtyg · @etherealcherrie · @nyangjjunie · @navsnct · @addictedtohobi · @witheringpetals · @navisdreams · @hoshisgalaxy · @startlinejjuni · @hyuneyeon · @daintysan · @kisshot-heartunderblade · @hwasatiny

    GENERAL PERMANENT TAGLIST —@ineedaherosavemeenow · @softylilies · @jjunis · @cosmic-marauder · @blxckcatner0 · @justchuji · @day6andetcetera · @todorokiskitten · @strawbrinkofdeath · @beomgyugyu · @jjunbug · @lolalee24 · @milkycloudtyg · @dubaddunat · @etherealcherrie · @multifandomizer · @nyangjjunie · @addictedtohobi · @witheringpetals · @navisdreams · @joti17 · @startlinejjuni · @en-boyz

    extra taglist on the reblogs (because I reached my tag limit)

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    𝚗𝚘 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔𝚜 𝚢𝚎𝚝…


    𝚗𝚘 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔𝚜 𝚢𝚎𝚝…


    𝚗𝚘 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔𝚜 𝚢𝚎𝚝…


    𝚗𝚘 𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔𝚜 𝚢𝚎𝚝…

    #eddie munson#stranger things#st#masterlist#yandere #yandere eddie munson #yandere stranger things #eddie munson imagine #stranger things imagine #eddie munson x reader #stranger things x reader
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    “I thought you said you were good at fighting? We’re going to lose our shot at Dragos if you can’t even make it past the first round.”
    “How’s’about you step in the cage and we’ll see how much better ya do against the 250 pound pit-fighter?”

    Adding to my No-Batman AU: shortly after Jason and Tim decide to start working together, they set their sights on taking down the minor East-end crimelord Dragos Ibanescu-- and the fastest way to get close to him is through his underground fight club.

    #jason todd#tim drake#jaytim #dc comics fanart #no batman au #i cant imagine jason being okay with fighting dogs so for the sake of this au ibanescu also runs human only fights
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    imagine if today was like…good :)))))

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    〰︎ ·˚。 your body on my body

    — “ you and your husband gojo take a dip in the springs of an ancient ruin and leave your own mark on history ”

    afab reader x gojo satoru

    — this post contains 18+ content. minors and ageless blogs do not interact or you will be blocked. fingering. semi-public sex. use of pet names (i.e baby ) established relationship. by clicking read more / expanding this post you consent to being 18+.

    click here to be directed to my jjk masterlist.

    — first post back from my writing hiatus and it’s smut 🥲 was juggling this idea between nanami and gojo and well …

    wc — 700-800

    ✧    ﹒  ♡   ⁺  by expanding you agree to my rules ៹   ﹒ ♡    ﹒

    “figured you would like it after all that walking. although, no one told you to wear heels. in fact - I believe I specifically said not to.” he emphasized, an amused smirk crept onto his face as he gauged your reaction ; bottom lip tutted, arms crossed, and head turned to avoid his gaze.

    “figured you would like it after all that walking. although, no one told you to wear heels. in fact - I believe I specifically said not to.” he emphasized, an amused smirk crept onto his face as he gauged your reaction ; bottom lip tutted, arms crossed, and head turned to avoid his gaze.

    “figured you would like it after all that walking. although, no one told you to wear heels. in fact - I believe I specifically said not to.” he emphasized, an amused smirk crept onto his face as he gauged your reaction ; bottom lip tutted, arms crossed, and head turned to avoid his gaze.

    “i wanted to take cute birthday pictures and I couldn’t do that with house slippers ‘toru.” you huffed, keeping your gaze fixated on the fallen architecture, chiseled away by time, instead of his smug figure.

    he chucked lightly as he swam closer toward you, hooking his thumb over your chin to make you face him. “i’m just teasing baby, you looked gorgeous.”

    “mhm.” you hummed and soon you found your eyes fluttering shut as he left a sweet yet chaste kiss on your lips.

    his arm snaked around your waist beneath the waist as he began to pepper the side of your face and neck with his affection, causing you to giggle lovingly at the action.

    “i love you.” gojo confessed, his face nuzzled in the crook of your neck with the purpose of creating little love bites. by now, he has you seated prettily on his thighs as he continued his ministrations, ignoring the tent that formed in his swim trunks.

    you noticed his growing erection off the bat, moving his head in favor of leaning your own back on his shoulder. “i love you too honey.” you kissed him in the same breath. it was an invitation. at least, to him it was.

    gently, he dipped his head to capture your lips once more in a slow, passionate session. the subtle sweetness of buttercream frosting lingered in his mouth, mixing with the sugary cocktail that sat on your tongue from an hour ago; it was perfect.

    the pads of his fingers sunk into the flesh of your stomach, pulling you flush against him and not-so subtly grinding you on his pelvis.

    “let me spoil you a bit more, yeah?” he pulled away, waiting for a sign of your consent which you granted by nodding shyly in front of your unfairly handsome husband. a year of matrimony later and he still managed to make your stomach do backflips in intimate moments such as these.

    gojo was no better. you made him eager ( - and not that he would ever admit it, desperate ) to please you. the validation you provided him made his head spin in delight. like now for instance —when your soft, barely audible moan ghosted over his lips, a reaction he elicited from gently circling your clit with his index finger.

    his eagerness could be mistaken for greed, with the way he guides his fingers to drag against your walls whilst stimulating your clit with his thumb, all the while you begin to ride his fingers. you were greedy too, he deduced, from the way you gripped his wrist, begging him not to stop as you rocked your hips to an unheard rhythm.

    “‘t-toru please don’t stop.” you pleaded, knowing how mean your husband can be at times.

    he hummed, kissing the top of your hair as he curled his finger upward. your body shivered against his from the sensation, toes curling and body arching away from his own but he kept you planted.

    “careful now, wouldn’t want someone to catch us now would we?”

    you whimpered at the thought, knowing that you passed an array of families, couples, and small tours as you explored the ruins earlier. the thought fizzled in your mind as he pressed hard on your cute bundle, moaning from the sudden pleasure.

    “you want everyone to hear huh? go on then, tell them how your husband can fuck you dumb with his fingers.” his lips fanned over the shell of your ear as felt you clench around him. he is sure you tried to keep quiet, but, unfortunately he knew just what to do to make you unravel.

    it came rather quickly. your body felt hot and tight, legs tensing as an array of pleases and a mantra of his name fell from your pretty plump lips.

    “s-shit satoru - ‘m gonna—”

    gliding his tongue down your neck, he hovered over the one spot, wasting no time sinking his canines into you.

    hearing your blissful scream as you gushed over his fingers was heavenly. legs shaking lightly as you slumped against his figure, breathing heavily and clearly spent.

    chuckling, gojo kissed the crown of your head and removed his fingers from your heat. “guess you can say we left a mark on history.”

    “You’re insufferable.”

    © 2022 38riku. All rights reserved. Do not copy, repost, or plagiarize my work.

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  • au061210
    27.05.2022 - 13 minutes ago

    “i think i’ve finally chosen the college i want to go to.”

    you hum sleepily, only half-processing park jisung’s words as he shifts to lay on his stomach. through half-lidded eyes, you see him prop his elbow up so he can rest his chin on his palm. the other hand comes up to brush its fingers along your arm, sending goosebumps along your skin. he’s still staring at you, looking thoughtful and much too awake despite it being four in the morning.

    “it’s a good school,” he continues, fingers playing a mindless tune on your arm, “i’ll be able to take the bus to the dance studio after classes too.”

    “mhm, that’s useful,” you slur out, because it is. it definitely beats him having to wait for his mom to drive all the way from her office to bring him to the studio because none of the bus routes in his school’s neighbourhood even come close to it.

    “it is.”

    “close to your house too?” you yawn, shifting closer to him. jisung lifts his arm, letting you roll right into his embrace. he hums.

    “mhm,” is all he says for a while. silence falls upon you two, and you begin to let your eyes close. laying in jisung’s embrace like this makes it dangerously easy to fall asleep, but you find yourself trying to stay awake even with your eyes closed and your breathing deep. your boyfriend has a tendency of doing this— this being talking about things he usually wouldn’t talk about in socially acceptable hours. him finally deciding on what college he wants to go to after graduation isn’t quite something he’d be hesitant to talk about at a normal time, so you wait.

    then jisung shifts, moving to lay on his back. he slips an arm under your body, pulling you close to him as he tangles your legs together. you hum, and he apologises softly, to which you respond with a shake of your head in silent assurance. jisung sighs, in a strange mix of content and weariness.

    “you okay?” you ask him, words slurred together slightly. jisung doesn’t respond for a moment, until—

    “…our colleges would be 28 miles apart.”

    the first thought that pops into your head is one that notices how worried your boyfriend is by the distance between you and him during school hours. the second is one that makes you realise that once he found his school of choice, jisung immediately looked up the distance between his college and yours.

    you can’t help but smile at that, your heart doing a little giddy flip in your chest. you wrap an arm around his torso, giving him a slight squeeze. jisung sighs again, resting his head against yours.

    “you remembered what school i chose?” you ask him softly.

    jisung’s face scrunches up, and he almost looks offended, “of course i did.”

    “and you looked up the distance.”

    “i was bored.”

    “you calculated it.”

    he makes a face, but doesn’t deny it any further. your smile grows as you tilt your head up and press your lips against his. he practically melts against you, his expression softening till all his previous signs of worry are non-existent even when he pulls away and sighs again, brushing his nose against yours.

    “i don’t like being away from you,” he tells you almost miserably. you laugh softly, pecking his lips.

    “you’ll survive.”

    “no, i won’t.”

    “i’ll visit you every day. in the studio, your house, or even just at a 7/11 in between.”

    jisung is silent as he considers your words. you bite back another smile as he looks at you hopefully.


    you press your lips against his sweetly, hoping that he understands how genuine you are when you echo, “promise.”

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  • teratalia
    27.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    …I started writing the most self-indulgent smut I’ve ever done on my birthday last month, then got embarrassed and never finished it, so it’s just sitting in my wip list. every so often I peek at it again like a bashful maiden before hastily covering it up and scurrying away

    #my posts #so just like…imagine me as a witch peeking under the lid of an ominous chest before shutting it and covering it with decorative fabric #maybe I will actually finish it eventually I do not know #also I haven’t had time lately :( #it’s now been like a month and a half. send help
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  • madmanipulation
    27.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    [ I have a strong Jamie muse and no one to rp with! D:< ]

    #Imagine if I could do all this in reality? ‼ Out of Character
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  • cursed-tale
    27.05.2022 - 16 minutes ago

    My expectations were on the ground and I’m still disappointed

    #disney what the fuck was that #obi wan kenobi #the girl they got to play Leia just...cannot act #the pacing was far too slow and there was nothing to hook the viewer #until the end of the second episode #...of a six episode show #look I LIKE Obi Wan but I need a reason to care about what happens to him and you know get invested #but that didn't come until the end of episode two which is TWO FUCKING HOURS IN #the worst part tho was I kept trying to get invested because I want to like this show #and it kept pushing me out of the experience #it was like I was watching a high school theater production at times #i imagine there were some behind the scene troubles with the writing and whatnot cause it felt so unpolished #but dear god
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