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    New perspective

    Hudson's boyfriend (and eventual husband) Terry!

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    Hope you didn't need to use the bathroom any time soon, cuz she always takes ages in there

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    want a partner who’s so lazy that they can’t even get out of bed to use the bathroom. our bed would constantly reek of their waste, and they would make fun of me for absolutely loving it

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    Absolutely exhausted-Kaeya/Diluc

    Summary:  In which Diluc comes down with food poisoning and spends the night feeling tired and miserable.

    It started with a slight stomach ache and a strange heaviness in the pit of his gut. At first, Diluc believed he’d just eaten too much, despite the slight queasiness that started nagging at him soon after.

    The stomach ache hadn’t been too bad either, nothing more than a slight annoyance that had irked him. He desperately wished that was all it had been.

    At the moment he was laying in his and Kaeya’s bed at the winery, Kaeya had fallen asleep hours ago and yet Diluc couldn’t.

    It wasn’t for lack of trying either, each time it seemed as if he was finally drifting often to sleep a sharp pain would stab at his stomach dragging him back to wakefulness.

    This, combined with the exhaustion, left him in an almost dreamlike haze.

    Just below that was something else, the other reason he couldn’t sleep the almost dizzying waves of nausea crashing over him that left Diluc feeling light-headed, weak and shaky.

    His hand goes to his stomach and he winces as it churns beneath his fingers, a loud gurgling echoing out as his dinner practically writhe the mass of food sitting in his stomach like a rock simply refusing to digest.

    He groans softly as he glances over at Kaeya, his face flushed slightly as he desperately hoped that Kaeya hadn’t been woken up by that.

    He gives a shaky sigh of relief when he sees Kaeya still asleep beside him.

    Diluc closes his eyes, swallowing rapidly as he tries to get rid of the saliva that’s suddenly filling his mouth. A particularly nasty cramp has him giving a soft hiss, his hand clenching at his stomach.

    The skin there was tight and bloated beneath his trembling fingers, and Diluc gives a soft groan when another sickly sounding growl from his stomach has slimy, bitter-tasting bile burning at the back of his throat.

    His eyes widened slightly as he swallowed hard, the disgusting aftertaste left at the back of his throat only served to increase his nausea.

    Diluc closes his eyes, small hushed pants leaving his mouth as he puts all his focus into attempting to breathe around the nausea making his stomach churn like a whirlpool. He could practically feel the mass of food sloshing against the walls of his stomach and his breathing turned shaky as he swallowed thickly.

    He manages to swallow back the bile threatening to creep up his throat, his face tensing in pain as another cramp stabs at his stomach making him groan.

    He’s so dizzy and nauseous that all he can do is rub at his bloated gurgling stomach and hope that it will pass.

    Maybe dinner just wasn't sitting well?

    Diluc didn't think he was sick, his stomach was killing him, yes but he didn't actually have a fever. He was just sweating and shaky from the effort of fighting against the nausea threatening to take over.

    Along with the nausea, exhaustion, and pain, something else lingered. Fear.

    Diluc had never done well when it came to vomiting, he could deal with the pain that it typically brought just fine. But, the loss of control and feeling of utter helplessness was something he actively despised.

    He would do just about anything to avoid feeling like that ever again in his life.

    Diluc swallows again, clearing some of the excess saliva from his mouth, but it just feels as though it only adds to the sensation of fullness in his stomach.

    Diluc whimpers, his eyes opening slightly as he stops rubbing his stomach for a moment when his fingers brush across a particularly sensitive spot.

    His stomach hitches slightly beneath his fingers, a small amount of bile splashes into his mouth, bitter and sour, and Diluc swallows almost frantically.

    He shudders slightly, panting softly when he manages to swallow back the small wave of bile, a slight amount of relief flowing through him despite the bitter slimy taste coating his mouth.

    Diluc closes his eyes, his hand carefully rubbing at his stomach once more.

    With disaster averted his fear fades slightly a bit despite the fact that he can still feel his stomach violently churning beneath his hand. Although the ever-present nausea still keeps the fear alive.

    He swallows again trying to clear the saliva from his mouth, at this point Diluc wouldn’t be surprised if he was drooling slightly and he is.

    He's on the very edge of drifting off to sleep. His eyes closed, despite the hushed panting breaths he takes.

    Diluc hears a strange noise, a low sickly sounding gurgling noise, and he really hopes that noise hadn't come from his stomach because that hadn't sounded very good.

    Diluc scowls, opening his eyes slightly as he hears the noise again, he feels strange. There’s more salvia flooding his mouth, although it brings an odd almost metallic taste with it.

    A slight chill runs across Diluc’s skin, leaving a small prickling sensation in its wake.

    Then he feels it, a slight stinging burn from the bile bubbling up his throat.

    A wave of fear and panic washes over Diluc in an instant, he turns slightly intending to wake Kaeya up, to tell him that something was wrong.

    “Kae-” Diluc is cut off by a sudden gurgling retch, that brings with it a thick, lumpy wave of orange and brown vomit.

    Gasping he rolls over on his right side, away from Kaeya, his hands coming up to cover his mouth as if he’s desperately trying to reduce the mess. He retches again, his aching stomach practically convulsing, as it forces up another thick wave.

    It coats his hands, spraying through his fingers as it splatters heavily on the bedsheets and blankets. Diluc has just enough time to note that the thick almost oatmeal like sludge feels hot and slimy on his hands before he hiccups then burps, the sound loud and wet as his stomach heaves again

    Diluc presses his lips together, trying his damnedest to hold everything back. The bitter-tasting bile and the sour salty remnants of his dinner flooded his mouth, his cheeks bulging out from the effort of trying to contain everything.

    He tries to swallow, a futile attempt to force his stomach’s contents back inside of it. His mind is screaming at him, as he practically hyperventilates.

    No, just no, Diluc needed to make this stop now . There was no other option.

    He attempts to swallow again, but his stomach heaves, a loud ominous growl splitting the air as it forces even more of its contents up.

    Diluc gives a small, weak, desperate moan and a second later he feels Kaeya shift in bed beside him.

    “Diluc?” Kaeya said, his voice still heavy with sleep.

    And Diluc’s face flushes red with shame and embarrassment. This was the other situation he wanted to avoid.

    He can’t really say anything, especially not when his bloated stomach heaves again, forcing his mouth open and adding to the thick lumpy slurry already soaking into the blankets.

    “Huh...wait,” Kaeya muttered.

    Diluc hears a soft click as Kaeya turns on the bedroom light on the nightstand. But he's too busy retching up another thick wave of vomit to say anything.

    And Archons it is getting everywhere, the sheets, the blankets, and on Diluc’s skin. It's hot, almost searing, slimy, and sticky.

    “Oh Diluc, okay, okay, ” Kaeya whispered once he saw the state Diluc was in.

    He quickly left the bed coming around to where Diluc was, his eye roving over the mess before settling on Diluc who was gasping and coughing tears in his eyes.

    Kaeya didn't know if it was from the exertion or the fear and panic he was experiencing.

    Kaeya reached out, brushing aside Diluc’s bangs and wiping the sweat from his forehead. “Hey, what happened? Are you alright?” He asked gently.

    Considering that Diluc looked like he was one or two steps away from a panic attack, Kaeya knew that he clearly wasn't alright but he also needed to know what was wrong before he could actually help.

    Diluc shakily lowered his hands from his mouth as he took a deep shaky breath. “Kaeya, ” he groaned. “I don't feel good.”

    He closes his eyes, taking another deep breath, when a cramp stabs at his still churning stomach bringing a wave of nausea with it.

    “I can see that, but is your stomach hurting? Are you sick?” Kaeya asked, to which Diluc only nodded slightly a low groan leaving his mouth.

    “Right, you need rest. But before that a bath, and I need to clean up, ” Kaeya muttered.

    He reaches out and carefully grabs Diluc’s arm, helping him sit up. Despite Kaeya being careful, the motion still causes Diluc’s stomach to flip and he frantically swallows back the bile trying to creep up his throat.

    Diluc cringed when he noticed that some of the mess had gotten in his hair, which isn’t surprising because he unties his hair when he goes to bed but that doesn't make it any less disgusting.

    Shame and embarrassment feels etched into his skin, so much so that as Kaeya carefully helps him to his feet and out of bed he can’t look him in the eye. Especially not when he sees the extent of his vomiting episode, not only is it all over his side of the bed it's also splattered on the floor slightly as it drips from the edge of the bed.

    Diluc groans, a wave of fear mingling with the nausea as his body lurches forward with a barely suppressed retch. And Kaeya gives a low hiss, as he brushes his hair back trying to keep it from getting any more vomit in it.

    As he chokes up a wave of bile and saliva onto the floor Diluc’s mind is still panicking but Kaeya’s touch helps a lot, grounding him almost and letting him know that he wasn't alone.

    “Do you think you’re done?” Kaeya asked once Diluc had stopped dry heaving.

    Diluc says nothing, merely nodding. Afraid that opening his mouth would set off his still sensitive gag reflex.

    Kaeya is careful as he helps Diluc to the bathroom, he sets Diluc down for a moment on the hardwood floor as he turns the water on for the tub.

    The next thing Diluc knew Kaeya was carefully tugging dirty night clothes off of him, then Diluc felt almost weightless as Kaeya picked him up, cradling him in his arms.

    The motion made Diluc dizzy, the ceiling swaying before his eyes and he groaned, burying his face into Kaeya's chest as a soft queasy sounding hiccup left his mouth, his nausea making itself known.

    “There, there Diluc, it’ll be okay,” Kaeya reassured him as he carefully lowered him into the water. “I put the trash can right there in case you feel sick again.”

    The warm water feels amazing on his clammy skin, and Diluc cannot help but give a soft sigh, his hand carefully rubbing at his still aching stomach.

    “I’ll be back in a moment, Diluc okay? I just need to clean up,” Kaeya told him softly.

    Diluc just slowly nodded exhaustion weighing on him heavily, he can’t help but let out a soft whimper when another cramp twists at his stomach.

    When Kaeya leaves the bathroom Diluc just sits there for a moment, his head resting on the edge as he tries to get his bearings.

    As a wave of nausea rolls over him, he groans, grabbing the small wooden trash can as a wet gag has a trickle of murky pale bile falling from his lips.

    Diluc has come to terms with the fact that he just needs to throw up and get everything out of his system, which doesn’t stop the fear from nagging at him however. It comes back full force, especially now that Kaeya isn’t in the room with him.

    His stomach gives a gurgling noise, although this time it's a bit lower than where it had previously been and Diluc’s eyes widened in horror.

    Almost frantically he uses what little energy he does have to clumsily climb out of the tub and stagger to the nearby toilet.

    Food poisoning, Diluc most likely had food poisoning or the stomach flu either one would explain his absolutely humiliating condition at the moment.

    Diluc sighs as he cleans himself up and climbs back into the tub, still rubbing his stomach. It's still churning beneath his hand despite its attempts to practically turn itself inside out.

    When Kaeya returns to the bathroom he finds Diluc slightly slumped over the edge of the tub, retching emptily into the trash can.

    “Oh sweetheart, it's alright, I’m right here, ” Kaeya whispered as he set the change of clothes he’d brought for Diluc aside.

    He kneels beside the tub and reaches out, wiping away the tears rolling down Diluc’s face.

    “I-I think...I have food poisoning...my stomach is killing me, ” Diluc whimpered.

    If Diluc had been feeling well Kaeya might've chuckled and given Diluc an ‘I told you so.’ Instead, he merely gives him a sympathetic smile and a kiss on the forehead.

    Then he begins helping Diluc wash his hair, handling the long, fluffy red strands with a delicate hand. Diluc is completely silent the entire time, exhaustion crashing down on him, that combined with Kaeya’s gentle touch and the warm water has him bordering on the edge of sleep.

    He must've dozed off for a moment or two, because when he opens his eyes he was dressed in clean clothes and Kaeya was in the process of drying his hair.

    Diluc closes his eyes leaning into Kaeya’s familiar touch. It relaxes him a bit, soothing his frayed nerves. He winces when a dull ache streaks across his stomach, bringing a slight queasiness with it.

    Besides, even if Diluc did start retching again he’s pretty sure that despite his symptoms remaining his stomach has pretty much wrung itself out.

    He says nothing as Kaeya finishes drying his hair and picks him up once more. Instead, he chooses to practically nuzzle his face into Kaeya’s neck, his eyes closing.

    Kaeya carries him back to their now clean bedroom, a small smile crawling across his face as Diluc buries his face in his neck.

    As he’s carefully tucking Diluc into bed Diluc’s eyes open slightly. “Sorry for making you clean everything, ” he said softly as he glanced away, Kaeya could see the shame and embarrassment in his eyes as his cheeks flush pink.

    Kaeya shakes his head, sitting down on the edge of the bed beside Diluc he allows his fingers to gently run through Diluc hair. “It’s not your fault, you’re sick, ” Kaeya told him. Leaning down, he gives Diluc a kiss on the forehead.

    “Try to get some rest Diluc, I’ll be right here, ” he reassured him.

    Diluc just nodded slightly, his eyes already closed as he finally begins drifting off to sleep.

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    An order is an order-Zhongli & Xiao

    Summary:  In which Xiao is asked by Zhongli to keep a watchful eye over Childe during a planned trip to Jueyun Karst. It ends up being one of the worst most embarrassing days in Xiao's recent memory.


    Xiao had served Rex Lapis for decades, centuries even always at the god’s beck and call, although Rex Lapis gave Xiao the freedom to live his life as he wished. Xiao only wished to serve him, if Rex Lapis told him to jump it was not a question of when but how high.

    Xiao would be eternally grateful for the new lease on life his master had given him, although admittedly there were times he did disagree with him. This...was one of those times.

    “Sir...forgive my forwardness but wouldn’t Ganyu be a better fit for this?” Xiao asked slowly.

    Rex Lapis, or as he was now known as Zhongli, gave him a small smile. “Perhaps, however, Ganyu is busy at the moment helping Lady Ningguang in the process of rebuilding the jade chamber. I do not know if she may even be able to find time to go to Jueyun Karst of her own volition.”

    Xiao merely nodded slowly. They stood outside of the city of Liyue Harbor, and the sun was just setting in the distance, painting the familiar land in orange hues. Xiao had not imagined that this was what his Master would call his name for after all these years truthfully.

    Still, it wouldn’t be Xiao’s first time going to Jueyun Karst, although admittedly he hadn’t visited the area for a few weeks.

    “I understand, keep a close eye on your human companion, and see that he does not get himself into trouble,” he sighed, closing his eyes for a moment.

    Zhongli nodded, a small smile on his face. “I will be there as well, so this is just a precaution. I am aware that you and Childe do not get along, so if it was not a serious matter I would not ask this of you.”

    Not getting along was a big understatement, Xiao despised Childe for his attempts to not only drown Liyue harbor by awakening Osial, but also because he’d been so foolish as to believe he’d be able to take Morax’s gnosis by force.

    In Xiao’s eyes, the human lacked respect for his elders, was a nuisance and a very danger to Liyue itself. He still could not fathom the reason that Rex Lapis seemed to love Childe either.

    Xiao gave a soft sigh as he closed his eyes for a moment, just thinking about Childe was giving him a headache.

    Xiao eventually nodded again, his expression remaining neutral. If the human made his master happy then that was what mattered, not Xiao’s personal feelings.

    “I will do my best to serve you,” Xiao told him softly.

    “Thank you, I knew asking you would be best, while Childe has been excited to see Jueyun Karst I found it best to air on the side of caution,” Zhongli chuckled.

    His words probably meant that neither Moon Carver, Cloud Retainer, or Mountain Shaper had been informed that a human would be visiting their domains. This meant that Xiao would essentially be babysitting the man to make sure that he one, did not awaken another sealed god or anything of that sort, and two make sure that he did not anger any of the other three Adeptus living in Jueyun Karst so that maybe he wouldn’t be encased in a prison of amber and cor lapis.

    “Understood, may I be dismissed?” Xiao asked with a scowl.

    This whole situation left a bad taste in his mouth, smothering much of the enthusiasm and joy he felt at his master actually being alive.

    When Zhongli nodded, Xiao gave a small bow before disappearing in an instant immediately returning to Wangshu inn.

    He felt strangely exhausted or perhaps emotionally drained by the whole ordeal, which brought with it a dull ache at the base of his skull. Instead of appearing on the balcony of the inn as he usually did, he appeared in the room that Verr Goldet had given him.

    For once Xiao legitimately decided to use it, knowing that he’d most likely never get a moment of peace tomorrow during the trip.

    From what Aether had told Xiao, combined with the few things he’d seen of Childe, the man was a nuisance in every sense of the word. Loud, talkative, overly friendly, and abnormally stubborn especially for a human.

    Xiao had met him only once, in passing through Aether, and during that moment he also released something else, Childe had the scent of the abyss on him. Xiao did not know how or why, but if what Aether had told him about his encounter with Childe at the Golden House was true then Childe was not an ordinary human.

    With a sigh, Xiao ran a hand over his face, the exhaustion weighing heavily on his shoulders as the dull ache at the base of his skull spreads upward threatening to evolve into a full-blown migraine.

    He sets down on the bed placing his polearm to the side within arms reach as he begins to get ready to sleep for what was probably the first time in decades. After all, he would need the energy for tomorrow without question.

    After Xiao takes his bath he returns to the bedroom to find a plate of almond tofu placed on the nightstand, along with a spoon. He’d heard Verr come into the room earlier, easily recognizing her footsteps, but had just assumed she was checking on him due to the fact that Xiao very rarely used the bedroom she’d given him.

    The almond tofu is a small comfort truth be told, being one of the few foods that don’t make him feel sick to his stomach upon eating it and because he genuinely enjoys the bitter creamy taste it carried. It never failed to invoke a small sense of warm, almost soothing nostalgia whenever he ate it.

    Xiao is quiet as he eats, the scowl on his face relaxes slightly, it feels like the exhaustion weighing down his shoulders and the dull ache spreading through his head slowly eases up ever so slightly, and although they do not completely disappear it admittedly does lift Xiao’s mood for a moment or two.

    He finishes eating, savoring the small moment of peace before he went into the inn’s kitchen, invisible to human eyes as he placed the plate down on the table before returning to his room once more.

    Turning off the light, Xiao climbs into bed and closes his eyes. Xiao can count the number of times he has willingly gone to sleep on one hand, and now he has one more to add to the list.


    When Xiao wakes up he feels noticeably off, not particularly bad per se but definitely a change in his usual condition Despite having just gotten a pretty good night’s rest exhaustion still weighs heavily on his body, making him feel as though he’d been up all night fighting rather than laying in a relatively comfortable bed.

    That dull ache still exists at the base of his skull, nagging at him and refusing to leave him alone more of a nuisance than an actual hindrance.

    It is earlier in Liyue, the sun has yet to even rise beyond the horizon, the sky still black although with fewer stars insight.

    Taking a deep breath Xiao rises from the bed and begins to get dressed. He knows that Rex Lapis is more than likely awake as well, however, he does not know about Childe.

    In fact, Xiao tries very hard not to think about Childe at all right now, the dull ache at the base of his skull only growing and spreading whenever he does.

    As Xiao goes onto the inn’s balcony once he was dressed he sees Verr Goldet placing a plate of almond tofu for him in the usual spot on the balcony railing. Unable to see him she gives a small wave in the direction of the balcony before returning inside.

    Sighing softly Xiao walks over to the plate of food with a scowl, he doesn’t feel hungry which isn’t surprising since he doesn’t exactly truly need food but along with his lack of appetite, there’s also a slight queasiness in the pit of his stomach.

    To Xiao this isn’t surprising either, there were often times his body just decided to not want food which it had normally enjoyed. Xiao just assumes that this was one of those times, even so, he picks up the plate of almond tofu and begins eating, chasing that warm, soothing nostalgia he could desperately use right now.

    After placing the now empty plate in the inn’s kitchen Xiao leaves Wangshu Inn, heading for the outskirts of Liyue harbor for Zhongli to arrive.

    “Are you sure he’s not going to stab me the moment he sees me?” Childe asked Zhongli as they made their way through Liyue harbor.

    They had both woken up early, as usual, to prepare for their trip to Jueyun Karst. Childe had almost been too excited to sleep, that excitement not dying down in the least when he found out that Xiao would be tagging along for their trip.

    Truthfully Childe didn’t have much of a personal opinion of Xiao, outside of what he’d heard from Aether and Zhongli he didn’t know too much about the Adeptus, well other than the fact that he was pretty sure Aether and Xiao were dating. And that Xiao did not like Childe one bit, but Childe was used to people not liking him after all it came with the job so what else was new.

    Still, he’d like to know if he was going to get surprised attacked, just in case. While he welcomed any chance to fight a strong opponent he also wanted to be prepared.

    “I assure you despite how he may act, Xiao would not harm you,” Zhongli told him with a small smile.

    Childe merely gave a small snort, a smile on his face as he grabbed Zhongli’s hand.

    “I can’t wait to see Jueyun Karst though, I’ve always seen it in the distance while walking around Liyue but hadn’t found the time to go yet,” Childe said as he gave Zhongli’s hand a slight squeeze.

    “I am glad that I can show you around then, it is quite beautiful this time of year and I have always wanted to take you,” he told Childe, his smile growing a bit.

    Childe paused as they approached the outskirts of Liyue harbor. He could sense a pair of eyes on him but when he looked around he saw no one else but Zhongli and himself.

    Childe was always aware of his surroundings, he trusted his own sense after all they had never steered him wrong before.

    “I think...someone’s following us. Or at the very least watching us,” Childe informed Zhongli as he slowly almost lazily scanned the area. There’s a gentle buzzing in his veins as his attention focuses almost instantly.

    Beside him, Zhongli gives a soft hum, although he doesn’t seem surprised.

    “Xiao,” Zhongli said softly.

    And Childe jumps slightly as Xiao instantly appears, seemingly out of nowhere, just a few steps ahead of them.

    “Sir?” Xiao said, tilting his head to the side as he looked up at Zhongli. As if waiting for orders.

    Childe merely blinks as he stares down at the Adeptus, he has never actually seen Xiao only knowing what he looks like based on Aether and Zhongli’s descriptions.

    “Small,” Childe said softly as he stared at Xiao. Noting that he was slightly shorter than Aether and thin as well. Childe hadn’t known what exactly to expect but this hadn’t been it.

    Xiao’s eyes briefly shift to him before going back to Zhongli and Childe does not miss the way Xiao’s eyes seem to narrow a bit as his grip on his spear tightens ever so slightly.

    “This is Childe,” Zhongli told him with a small smile.

    “You’re human companion,” Xiao muttered with a small nod.

    Childe grinned waving at Xiao. “Tartaglia works as well, but that can be a mouthful for some so Childe works,” he said cheerfully.

    Xiao does not spare him a glance, his eyes instead remaining focused on Zhongli.

    “Aether’s told me quite a bit about you, if you’d ever like a sparring session please let me know,” Childe continued and his grin grows ever so slightly when Xiao’s eyes flick over to him for a brief moment.

    And Childe can see the annoyance and frustration burning there despite the neutral expression on his face.

    The dull ache that had been nagging at Xiao almost relentlessly since last night, has now grown into a constant piercing throb that makes him feel as though his eyes are attempting to squeeze themselves out of his skull.

    Along with the slight queasiness, there is now a strange heaviness in his stomach that brings a noticeable ache with it. Xiao does not know what is causing this and he doesn’t like it one bit but he does know that Childe’s presence is only making things worse for him. His body so tightly coiled with tension that an ache begins to form in his muscles.

    Xiao however does not say anything about it, today is going to be a long day and he has a job to do so he saw no use in complaining anyway.

    As they set off for Jueyun Karst Childe continues his attempt to talk to Xiao despite Xiao not acknowledging these attempts because one, he’s not much for conversation in the first place so even if he did not hate Childe as much as he did Xiao would not speak to him at all anyway and two because he knows that Childe is just waiting for a reaction.

    Xiao does give a soft sigh, closing his eyes for a moment when they stop briefly to rest on their journey. He already feels exhausted, even more so than when he woke up this morning, his condition having only gotten worse as time went on.

    His head feels as if it’s splitting open, Childe’s constant talking grating on Xiao’s ears practically snapping his already frayed nerves. It’s a headache from stress most likely and the fact that he’s been dealing with and watching over Childe for the better half of the day by this point.

    This was fine, Xiao could handle that. There is another issue however that is actually causing Xiao a bit of worry. And that issue was a strong ache in his stomach, that brought with it waves of nausea and sensitivity.

    The normally form-fitting clothing he wore felt uncomfortably tight against his stomach, the cloth feeling as though it were digging into his skin. His stomach was churning angrily as well, his breakfast sitting in his stomach like a rock just refusing to digest, the uncomfortable heaviness it brought only adding to the pain he felt in his stomach at the moment.

    The waves of nausea crashing over him are almost unbearable, leaving Xiao feeling light-headed and sickeningly dizzy, the world seemingly swaying around him despite the fact that he was standing perfectly still.

    He opens one eye looking over at Childe although he quickly looks away, slightly startled when he sees that Childe is giving Zhongli a quick kiss. This was another thing Xiao had trouble with, he was incredibly grateful that Rex Lapis entrusted this job to him but at the same time, he couldn’t help but feel like he was intruding on a private moment between the two that he was not supposed to see.

    Xiao’s hand goes to his stomach when it makes a soft gurgling noise, his face flushing slightly with embarrassment as he stares at the ground and hopes that neither Childe nor Zhongli heard that. That’s when he notices something that has his eyes widening slightly, his stomach is bloated, and taut his fingers sinking slightly into the abnormally soft skin there.

    He can feel his stomach churning as well, the mass of food shifting around in his stomach. Xiao swallows hard trying to clear away the excessive saliva building up in his mouth before crossing his arms once more with a soft sigh, a scowl on his face.

    Xiao has no clue why this is happening or what is causing it but he needs it to stop. It is becoming a distraction, one that he does not need right now while he’s trying to focus on his task.

    As they resume their trip Xiao’s focus returns to Childe once more, as he pushes away the slight amount of worry and panic that had begun to crop up in the back of his mind.

    He could do this, this was nothing compared to what he usually endured. He would get this to stop somehow, by any means necessary.


    “I will be back momentarily Childe, please wait here a moment,” Zhongli told him, glancing back towards Hulao mountain.

    He could sense Mountain Shaper there, clearly awake and waiting for him. Mountain Shaper had a great disdain for humanity, often trapping the humans who traveled into his domain on Jueyun Karst in the large amber-like stones known as karst crawlers. Viewing humans who would dare disturb his domain as little more than thieves. Usually resulting in Zhongli having to free some of the humans without Mountain Shaper’s knowledge.

    Zhongli was very sure that the Adeptus had many questions for him, the number one being why he brought a human to Jueyun Karst. Which meant that it would be best to go see him now before Mountain Shaper decided to come down from Hulao mountain and deal with Childe in a manner he saw fit.

    Childe sighed seeing the serious look on Zhongli’s face. “Alright, go I’ll just wait here until you get back. Besides, the other Adeptus probably wouldn’t be happy to see me walking around.”

    As Zhongli leaves, Childe turns to Xiao who is leaning against a tree, his arms crossed and his eyes closed. He’s been quiet, only speaking one or two words to Zhongli when needed, well mostly quiet anyway since Childe could hear his stomach growling loudly.

    “If you’re hungry, you could’ve just said something you know,” Childe told him with a grin.

    Xiao sighed, opening his eyes, they flicked over to Childe before going to the ground and Childe didn’t miss the slight pink blush that appeared on his face. Xiao doesn’t say anything, however, although he feels absolutely mortified.

    Despite his headache easing up, ever so slightly his stomach is killing him, disrupting his attempts to actually focus. That and the ever-increasing nausea that leaves him feeling light-headed. As if to make this situation worse, his stomach will not shut up, growling and gurgling loudly as if yelling at him, filling the silence between him and Childe, where Xiao will not.

    Xiao swallows thickly, trying to clear away the near river of saliva building up in his mouth; it tastes salty and vaguely sour which Xiao dislikes greatly.

    “You don’t talk much do you, but Aether already told me that after one of our sparring sessions earlier this week,” Childe said with a shrug.

    Although he pauses when he notices Xiao glaring up at him.

    “What?” He asked with a slight frown.

    Xiao says nothing, his lips pressed into a thin line as his stomach gives a low sickly growl and practically flips inside of him. He can taste bile burning into the back of his throat, disgustingly bitter and sour. He’s fighting a losing battle against his body and he needs to leave, he can’t let Childe see him like this because he just knows the moment he lets his guard down around Childe is the moment he’ll strike.

    Childe’s eyes widen in surprise as Xiao pushes away from the tree, and in the next second vanishes before his eyes.

    Xiao leaves but he does not go too far, or rather he isn’t able to. The moment he reappears behind the large tree in Nantianmen he crouches down, nearly falling to his knees as he wraps his arms around his stomach panting as he allows the near river of saliva that had been building up in his mouth to drip onto the ground.

    He groans, his grip on his stomach tightening slightly as he gives a loud gurgling burp. The pressure and pain in his stomach don’t ease up, however, not even slightly.

    Xiao grits his teeth, tears in his eyes as his body begins trembling, a cold sweat prickling at his skin. It hurts . It hurts so, so much he can barely breathe around the pain and nausea making his stomach slosh, and Xiao just wants this to end.

    Then he hears footsteps, familiar ones and an almost visceral fear grips him.

    “Here you are, I was wondering where you ran off too,” Childe sighed.

    But Xiao doesn’t look at him, he feels as if shame and embarrassment are etched into his very skin and it doesn’t help matters when another loud burp leaves his mouth.

    “Woah, are you okay?” Childe asked as he stopped in front of Xiao. But Xiao still doesn’t look at him or say anything, hoping that if he doesn’t acknowledge him maybe just maybe Childe would go away.

    Xiao should know better than anyone that the universe is not that kind. Childe reaches down his hands gripping Xiao’s arms as he begins moving him, practically picking him up off the ground with ease.

    And Xiao absolutely hates it, his body and frayed nerves already sensitive to sound and touch practically begin screaming at him. Xiao hates it even more though when the motion makes his stomach flip inside of him a sharp cramp stabbing at it, his eyes widening in horror as sour and metallic tasting saliva rapidly begins filling his mouth.

    “Would you stop,” Childe huffed as Xiao began struggling almost frantically in his grip. “I know you hate me but I’m trying to help you okay? Why are you even-”

    Childe froze, his eyes going wide as Xiao gave a loud guttural retch, bringing up a large, thick wave of pale slightly watery vomit splattering onto the ground between them.

    “Oh...that’s why,” Childe said slowly, merely blinking at Xiao for a moment.

    Xiao doesn’t answer him or rather he can’t even if he wanted to, tears in his eyes, as a loud, wet gurgling burp has him choking up another wave of slimy pale mush, adding to the sick slurry of a puddle at their feet.

    Sighing softly, Childe reaches out, moving the longer strands of hair away from Xiao’s face, as he lurches forward with another retch, threads of saliva hanging from his mouth. His other hand holds onto Xiao making sure that he doesn’t end up falling into his own vomit with how violently his small body was lurching forward with each heave.

    Xiao wraps his arms around his stomach as he pants, getting that single moment to breathe before he hiccups then he lurches forward again, another as another sickly gurgling burp leaves his mouth bringing up another thick wave.

    “Do you think you’re done for now?” Childe asked as Xiao’s retching began to taper off.

    Xiao doesn’t say anything, however, his arms wrapped around his still aching stomach. It still hurts so much. Xiao thought that if he threw up things would get better but the pain is still there twisting like a knife in his gut. Too focused on the pain and even a little delirious from it at this point Xiao doesn’t even try to stop the soft whimper that leaves his mouth.

    “H-hey, it’s alright. Don’t cry you’ll be okay,” Childe tries to reassure him, but from the soft groan, Xiao gives Childe doubts that he even heard him.

    Xiao has his eyes squeezed shut but that doesn’t stop the tears from rolling down his pale face.

    Childe bit his lip as he lifted Xiao up and into his arms, grimacing as Xiao practically curled up into a ball, his hands practically clawing at his stomach. Childe can see that Xiao’s stomach is obviously what’s bothering him, but he has no clue as to why.

    Was he just sick? Could Adepti even get sick like normal people or was he sick with something that only Adepti could catch? Hell, was it just something he ate?

    Childe does not know and that worries him. While he knows that Xiao clearly hates him, Childe knows that he means a lot to Zhongli and so he doesn’t want to see him suffering like this. Plus he admittedly has a slight soft spot for Xiao considering the Adeptus’s standoffish behavior reminded him all too much of his younger brother Anthon.


    Childe looks up giving a sigh of relief when he sees Zhongli approaching. Good, now he wouldn’t have to go looking for him and risk getting mauled to death by one of the three Adepti living in Jueyun Karst.

    Zhongli froze for a moment, his eyes instantly going to the trembling whimpering form in Childe’s arms. “Childe, what happened?” He asked desperately hoping that Childe had not attempted to fight Xiao in Zhongli’s brief absence.

    Childe shakes his head. “I-I don’t know, he seemed fine when you left, and then he just vanished back here and I found him crying and crouched on the ground,” Childe informed him.

    Frowning, Zhongli approaches the pair, reaching out he feels Xiao’s forehead sending a soft pulse of his power through him. “He does not have a fever,” Zhongli said, sounding surprised.

    Xiao groans curling further in on himself, his stomach giving a soft gurgling noise right before he retches, the noise strangled and wet as he brings up a wave of pale vomit that splashes down the front of both his and Childe’s clothes.

    Childe grimaces, it’s disgusting yes and he tries not to think about the fact that the sticky mess feels almost searingly hot against his skin as it soaks into his clothes. Childe knows Xiao’s sick and he can’t help it besides considering the fact that he’s grown up with quite a few siblings it wouldn’t be the first time someone’s thrown up on him.

    “We’ll return to Liyue harbor,” Zhongli said as he brushed Xiao’s hair out of his face.

    Considering Xiao was technically not sick, taking him to see Cloud retainer would do no good, so all Zhongli could do was take him back to his home in Liyue harbor to rest, and tend to him while he waited for his pain to stop.


    Xiao is pretty sure he must've passed out at some point from the pain because he awakens in an unfamiliar bedroom, in unfamiliar clothing his stomach still aching violently. And Xiao groans softly wrapping his arms around his stomach as it churns violently beneath his touch. His mouth is coated in a disgustingly stale, bitter, and sour taste.


    Opening his eyes Xiao turned his head to see Zhongli sitting in a chair at his bedside, a book in hand and no longer wearing the long coat he’d had on earlier.

    “Sir?” Xiao manages to rasp flinching as a sharp cramp twisted in his stomach, bringing a wave of nausea with it.

    “How do you feel?” Zhongli asked placing the book on the nearby nightstand.

    Xiao is quiet for a moment trying to breathe around the pain and nausea swirling in his stomach, then he feels something a slight gurgling in his stomach although it's lower than before.

    “S-Sir I need...to use the bathroom, ” Xiao said, glancing away, his face burning with a mixture of shame and embarrassment.

    He feels as though he can’t look the man in the eye, especially when Zhongli lifts him carefully out of bed and into his arms since Xiao clearly can’t walk to the bathroom in his condition.

    This is probably one of the worst days in Xiao’s life, at least it feels like it at the moment which is saying something and Xiao still feels as if he can't meet Zhongli’s eyes once the man returns him to bed.

    “Where...is he?” Xiao asked, panting as he rubbed his stomach trying to desperately find some relief.

    “Childe? He returned home briefly to bathe and change clothes, ” Zhongli informed him.

    “Oh, ” Xiao whispers desperately wishing that he could go back to being unconscious both to escape the pain and the sheer amount of shame consuming.

    At least he now knew why he was wearing a loose nightgown rather than his own clothes.

    “Here, allow me, ” Zhongli said as he reached out, his hand replacing Xiao’s own on his stomach. It seemed like Xiao’s own attempts weren’t working after all.

    Zhongli gave a soft hiss noting that the skin was taut and bloated beneath his fingers.

    Xiao bit his lip glancing away, his eyes looking everywhere but Zhongli. What exactly had he done to deserve this? Was it because he didn't do his job correctly?

    “Did you eat something odd?” Zhongli asked as he rubbed Xiao’s stomach.

    He was well aware that there weren’t too many foods Xiao could actually tolerate. And despite his history of being an incredibly picky eater, it seemed like the only reasonable answer for his current predicament.

    Xiao nodded slowly looking embarrassed. “Aether brought food with him from Mondstadt the other day, ” he muttered softly.

    Then he flinched away from Zhongli’s hand when a particularly sensitive spot was touched, a loud burp leaving his mouth. Xiao freezes as his eyes wide as he wonders if he had enough energy to vanish but also knows it wouldn’t do him any good considering Zhongli would still easily be able to see him.

    Besides, Xiao doesn't think he has the energy anyway, at least not in his current condition.

    Zhongli merely nodded before he continued rubbing Xiao’s stomach after a moment. It was just as he thought.

    Xiao groaned softly, swallowing thickly when he felt bile burning at the back of his throat. No, just no, he’d already been through enough pain today hadn’t he? He really didn't need to add throwing up in front of the man he valued and respected above all else on top of that.

    “It’s alright, Xiao, ” Zhongli told him gently as he picked up the trash can he’d set by the bed.

    He can practically see what little color Xiao has left in his face drain out, as he gave a sick-sounding hiccup.

    “Just let it out, hopefully, the pain will stop once you get everything up, ” Zhongli tried to reassure him.

    That doesn't make Xiao feel any better however but at the same time, he can’t really protest against his body as he lurches forward.

    A gurgling retch leaves his mouth, bringing with it an enormous, thick wave of lumpy beige vomit.

    And admittedly Zhongli can’t help but be slightly surprised, faintly questioning how someone so small could bring up so much.

    Xiao coughs, not getting a single moment to breathe as a deep gurgling burp brings another wave of vomit with it.

    Zhongli scowled as his other hand reached up, tucking Xiao’s hair back behind his ear, before going to rub his back.

    Xiao feels absolutely miserable as he retches again, bringing up a smaller thinner wave of vomit. A sharp bitter and sour almost taste coats his mouth leaving behind a slimy disgusting texture as the remnants of his barely digested breakfast and dinner forming a rancid tasting mixture as he chokes it up.

    But there is one saving grace, the fact that that unbearable ache and pressure in his stomach is starting to ease up.

    Xiao leans back panting, not even bothering to clear away the threads of drool from his mouth. An almost euphoric wave of relief washing over him as he merely sits there rubbing at his stomach, a slightly dazed look in his eyes as soft hiccups continue to leave his mouth.

    Zhongli gives a small smile as he sets the almost filled trash can down, ignoring the noticeable weight it now held as the sickening slurry sloshed inside of it. “There we are, do you feel any better?” He asked.

    Xiao merely nodded, still staring into space for a moment or two. He's still embarrassed without a doubt, in fact, he doesn't think he’ll ever be able to live this down, and he just knows he’s gonna have to apologize to Childe as well, but at the moment he just feels relieved.

    Relieved that finally, the pain had stopped, and that was all he wanted.

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  • justmeandmysickies
    08.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    @angstyaches this was my attempt to get back into writing and I kinda tried out some new things. I hope that's okay for you. I'm sorry if this isn't quite what you had in mind.

    You smell nice

    character: Nick and Joe warnings: emeto and implied scat (it's completely non-descriptive)

    “So, do you wanna hit the town right away or chill in our room for a while?” Nick asked cheerily, excited about their short vacation. The drive had gone well so far, he had done most of the driving and they were only ten minutes away from their destination.

    “I don’t care.” The answer was nothing more than a lazy mumble. Nick looked over, a little discouraged by his boyfriend’s lack of enthusiasm.

    “Woah, don’t get too excited there or you might pass out.”

    Joe sighed at the obvious sarcasm and lifted his head off the hand he’d been leaning on. “I’m sorry, I just want to get to the hotel, alright?”

    Nick frowned. His boyfriend sounded uncharacteristically weak, and he didn’t like that one bit. “Are you feeling okay? Last time I checked you didn’t get carsick, right?”

    “No, I don’t get carsick and no, I’m not feeling okay.” Joe wasn’t typically the type to admit when something was wrong but being stuck in a car for five hours fighting an upset stomach wasn’t exactly ideal. He’d woken up to sharp pain in his middle at two in the morning and several hours, as well as several bathroom trips later he’d gotten into a car with Nick to go on holiday. The pain had receded to a dull ache but the general discomfort and the need for another bathroom session were all too present. And now that nausea had joined the mix of gastrointestinal issues, Joe really had no desire to hide how he was feeling.

    Nick looked over at the man beside him. Joe had one arm wrapped loosely around his middle, the other propped up on the side of the door, his head now once again resting on his palm. He seemed to be panting slightly and if that itself wasn’t alarming enough, the sounds coming from his stomach certainly were.

    “You don’t look okay either. What’s going on? Last night’s dinner not agreeing with you?”

    “Mh, I don’t know. I just don’t feel well.” As if to prove his point, Joe’s stomach let out a low gurgle, making the brunette hunch over in his seat.

    “Geez, you don’t say. Did that sound come from your stomach?” At this point, Nick was happy, they were only a few blocks from their hotel.

    “Obviously.” Joe said through gritted teeth, panting harder now with both arms wrapped tightly around his middle. The nausea that had been blooming in the pit of his stomach was becoming more and more overwhelming and a weird taste in his mouth made him swallow hard. “I feel sick.”

    The statement was simple, but Nick didn’t miss the urgency in his boyfriend’s tone. “We’re almost there, babe. Hang on.”

    And not even 10 minutes later, the couple was sprinting up the stairs to their hotel room – Joe focused on keeping his stomach in place while Nick was trying his best to keep his concerningly shaky boyfriend from faceplanting onto the fancy hotel carpet.

    They had just found their room when Joe retched forcefully into his palm. Nick cringed, quickly unlocking the door, and stepping out of the way so Joe could sprint past him, right into the en-suite.

    The bathroom door slammed shut and for a second it was quiet, until there was a powerful heave and the distinct sound of liquid hitting liquid. Nick knew his boyfriend valued privacy however, he also knew that his boyfriend would rather die than ask him for comfort. So he took a deep breath, mostly bracing himself for the smell, and stepped inside.

    The bathroom was pleasantly spacious, unfortunately, the current situation in said bathroom was rather unpleasant. Joe was hanging over the toilet, one hand securely on his stomach while the other was gripping the toilet so hard, his knuckles were turning white. Wave after wave of liquid vomit were spilling past his lips and Nick couldn’t help but gag a little at the sight.

    Nevertheless he went over, to put a comforting hand on his boyfriend’s shoulder. “You’re okay, just get it up. You’ll feel better after.”

    “I doubt it.” Joe shuddered, spitting into the toilet to rid himself of the bitter taste in his mouth. It was a lost cause however, as Joe doubled over with another forceful heave. His vomit was mostly clear now, making it evident that his stomach had nothing left to expel.

    Nick didn’t say anything – he was way out of his depth with this whole comforting thing and they both knew it. Instead he remained rubbing soothing circles between Joe’s shoulder blades, providing as much comfort as he could.

    Just a few minutes later, Joe seemed to have regained most of his control, so he spoke again. Although a bit reluctantly. “Uhm, babe?”

    “Mh? What do you need?” Nick perked up at the idea of doing something to help.

    “You to leave.”

    The words took a while to register in Nick’s mind. “Huh? Why? Did I do something wrong?”

    And then Joe did something Nick had never seen him do before and was convinced he would never see him do. Joe blushed.

    “No, it’s not that. I just-“ Joe sighed, hanging his head a little. Man this was embarrassing. “I need to use the toilet, okay? And as much as I love you, I’d rather die than have you see me do that.”

    “Oh.” Realization sunk in once again Nick felt nothing but sympathy for his poor boyfriend. “Alright, you do what you need to do then. I’ll grab our things from the car and start unpacking.” He gave Joe a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving the room and with that the sick man was once more at his stomach’s mercy.

    When Joe finally emerged from their en-suite, Nick was already done unpacking. The brunette was pale and unsteady on his feet, one arm wrapped around his upset middle as he used the other to steady himself on the door frame.

    Nick immediately abandoned his spot on the bed, quickly walking over to offer the man he loved a helping hand. “Do you want to take a shower? It might make you feel better.”

    “No, I just want to lay in bed until this goes away.” Joe mumbled, already climbing under the covers.

    Nick chuckled a little – it wasn’t often his boyfriend allowed him to see him in such a vulnerable state. “That might be a while though.” He stated sadly.

    “Mhm, whatever. Just come here.”

    Nick obliged, dutifully getting into bed next to his boyfriend.

    The hint of a smile crossed Joe’s face. “You smell nice.” He said, cuddling closer to the love of his life.

    “You really don’t right now. I still love you though.” Nick pressed a kiss to his boyfriend’s temple. “Now try to get some sleep.”

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  • sneezyminniejo
    26.04.2021 - 1 year ago

    hi! can i request felix w rly bad constipation? maybe hes been blocked up for a couple days, getting bloated, and then he has to perform while cramping and feeling super full. after pushing through the performance he takes a lot of laxatives to try and pass it. the laxatives make his situation even more painful and then one of the other band members rubs his belly and tries comforting him

    Here it is. Hope you enjoy

    Mistakes Were Made

    Tw constipation, implied scat

    Four days, Felix had only pooped once in the last four days. It wasn't even a decent poop, it was just a couple pebbles that were around the size of an owl pellet. Felix was constipated and he was miserable.

    Initially it wasn't even all that bad. It started with him just generally feeling like he needed to poop, but then nothing would come out, no matter how late ng he sat on the toilet. Now on top of the constant feeling of needing to defecate, he had become a bit bloated and his abdomen was beginning to hurt.

    The Stray Kids members had a performance on Music Bank, and Felix really wished he could have stayed home, or at least get some pain meds. However, he had overslept that morning and had to almost literally run out of the dorm. By the time he reached the van he just wanted to curl up in pain, but he didn't want to concern the members on such short notice.

    They had performed God's Menu, and even though the dance didn't have s whole lot of jumping or spinning on his part, it was near torture for him to get on the ground and back up acting as if he was totally fine. Felix decided that when he got back to the dorm, he was going to try to fix his problem.

    When he arrived at the dorm, Felix called the first shower. When he got into the bathroom he went into their medicine cabinet and grabbed the laxatives. He didn't even remember why they originally had gotten the laxatives, but was grateful they had it nonetheless. The package said to only take one dose, but he was feeling so bad that he took two doses instead. When he still hadn't gotten any relief after an hour, he took another half dose.

    Felix now felt around seventy times worse, the cramping had only increased ten fold and his abdomen had seemingly become even more bloated and hard. The other members had gone off to do their own things for a while, so Felix was left alone in the dorm to wallow in his own self inflicted misery.

    Sometime later, Seungmin arrived home. Seungmin knew that Felix had decided to come straight to the dorm after their as opposed to the other members, but even so, it was a bit too quiet. Normally Felix would be blasting music while making something in the kitchen or he'd be playing video games. Seungmin didn't hear any of the familiar noises and assumed that he must be sleeping.

    When he rounded the corner to the living room, Seungmin had not been expecting to find Felix on the sofa curled in on himself whimpering in distress. He didn't know what the problem was yet, but he knew that Felix tended to revert to English when sick, so he felt that would be the safest bet.

    "Felix, are you okay?" Felix just shook his head while wrapping his arm tighter around his abdomen. Seungmin was a little concerned at the lack of verbal response, but did get enough context to know that the problem was his stomach. He quickly felt the older's forehead for a fever before going to collect supplies.

    A few minutes later Seungmin returned with a heating pad, pain medicine, and some tea. He slowly coaxed Felix to sit up so that he could take the medicine and drink some tea. “Felix, can you tell me how long you’ve been feeling bad?” Seungmin asked with concern etched into his voice. “I’ve been constipated all week. Now that schedules are over for the week, I decided to take some of the laxatives in our medicine cabinet. Now I’m in even more pain than before. Mistakes were made”

    Seungmin internally sighed in relief as it appeared that Felix hadn’t caught a bug. He didn’t have to call Chan to get schedules postponed or cancelled. He just needed to figure out how to make the younger Aussie feel better. “Lix, what would make you feel better?” Seungmin had asked in a tone far more serious than he meant. “Rub my tummy please?” Felix had asked just barely above a whisper while blushing a little. Seungmin just shook his head at the unnecessary embarrassment and plugged in the heating pad before sitting down on the couch himself.

    He helped Felix reposition so that the older was in his lap, making it so he was essentially hugging his hyung. He placed the heating pad over Felix’ abdomen and began lightly rubbing it. Eventually Felix fell asleep. Seungmin made sure to turn off the heating pad after a couple of minutes, but continued to rub his tummy. At some point Felix woke up desperately needing to use the bathroom. When he was done his stomach felt a little bit better, but he still didn’t feel good, so he went back to his dongsaeng for more more belly rubs.

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  • amazingdemigodstuff
    18.04.2021 - 1 year ago

    My friend: *sends me a post of a hero au where Dabi and Shig's scars are gone*


    #ableism tw#tw ableism#my posy #like... ma'am #that implies somethings about how you view their scars #just because their not villians doesnt mean they dont have their scats #and to say otherwise implies that you think their medical conditions are somehow tied to their morality #which is a bad thing #just... pissed me off #this just in: the way someone looks is NOT a result of their morality
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  • demigirl2007
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    ℝ𝕖𝕢𝕦𝕖𝕤𝕥 ℝ𝕦𝕝𝕖𝕤-

    𑁍 Please submit requests through the ask button. Commented requests are not guaranteed to be answered.

    𑁍 That being said, please keep in mind that I have my own life and responsibilities outside of writing. I will not have time to get to every request right away, so please be patient.

    𑁍 Keep requests appropriate to boundaries and rules.

    𑁍 No spam. Spamming will result in me blocking you.


    What I will not write:

    𑁍 Pedophilia/illegal age gaps, rape, foot fetishes, racism, sexism, homophobia, hate of any kind, minor involvement during sex, piss kink, scat kink, incest.

    What I will write:

    𑁍 Yandere themes (kidnapping, brainwashing, violence, manipulation, stalking), somnophilia, consentual non-consent, dacryphilia, virginity loss, degration kink, period sex, self harm & substance abuse (will ALWAYS include a warning).


    𑁍 This account is a POC, LGBTQ+, ect. safe space. No hate is allowed here, and you will be blocked if I see any from you.

    𑁍 I will not cross any creator boundaries that are canon or implied. For example, Ranboo has voiced that NSFW with him makes him uncomfortable and goes against his boundaries, so there will never be any Ranboo NSFW.

    𑁍 If a sexuallity has been confirmed, I will not go against it. For example, I will not do any Nico di Angelo × female.

    #request #requests are open #requests are welcome #mha imagines#fictional characters
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  • auticorrett
    23.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Request Rules


    I write only for mlm and nblm


    I write smut angst and fluff

    You can request me whatever character and I can (probably) write it

    I'm fine with writing most things EXCEPT for pedophilia scat and incest

    I'm willing to write IMPLIED rape just not the actual thing itself

    That's about it honestly

    Maybe I'll make a masterlist maybe

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  • pollardpollard8
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    Outdoor Cats - Make It Safe With An Outdoor Cat House

    A lot of customers informed him about their cats being bullied that David Chamberlain set about doing something about it. The idea took place like a bolt of motivation whilst David was consistently scanning a feline's microchip. And the idea for the Pet Porte microchip feline flap was born.

    As soon as your valuable puss hascompleted his meal, get out the cat teaser ( egg tunnel bed do not pretend like you do not own a feline teaser or 2) and play with him until he is no longer interested. Even if you are exhausted, it is important to have fun with your cat in order to tire him out. About 30 minutesbefore you go to bed, put away all of his toys. Eventually, he will learn that this implies it is time to unwind. Not only will your felinegain from these play sessions, you will too when you lastly get an undisturbed night of sleep. Next, make sure the bed fits the feline. Felines are available in varying sizes, therefore do feline bed cat. If you have a large tabby, make sure you hunt for a larger bed instead of making him feel scrunched as much as fit. He likely will just skip the bed completely and look for something that is a bit more comfy, like your bed or furnishings. Likewise, felines like to seem like they remain in a hiding area, so you do not wish to provide a bed that is so big they get lost in it. Wednesday: The human beings are consuming shrimp for supper. I find it rather disrespectful, that they have not provided any to me. I tried to get her to drop some, weaving in and out of her legs while she was cooking and after that as she brought it to the table, but no such luck. I waited under the table for among the small human beings to drop a piece. Lastly, the little one dropped one on the floor. I was almost to get it, when the cat they call "Mouse" came from nowhere and took it. I'll punish him later. First I purchased Marcel a Feline tree. I found one online that I could afford that offered the sort of height I knew he 'd like plus the kind of platforms and enclosures that looked fascinating to me, the human. Remarkably, the color is pretty neutral and fades into the background in the area behind my sofa. However I can tell he enjoys it! When purchasinga pet dog bed, canine owners should unique cat bed likewiseconsider the age of the pet. This is due to the fact that old dogs, much like older individuals tend to be a little stiffer particularly in the joint locations. Such dogs must have beds padded well and made of memory foam or one that is heated as it is especially proficient at calming the minor discomforts and aches. If you have a specific furniture piece you do not want the feline on, put foil, plastic or some affordable netting that you can purchase a fabric store over it when you are not at home. Cats do not like the feel of that and will stay off it and soon will overlook it. There are likewise things called "scat mats" which can be acquired on the Internet or at major pet stores. unique cat bed

    #cat tunnel bed #unique cat bed #bed cat
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  • clov3rr
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago


    Hello, I'm Clover and I'm new to Tumblr. I've always had an interest in writing so I decided why not post them here LMAO. I'll write NSFW and SFW. General rules: I'll only write afab reader because that's what I am. Yes I can use gender neutral terms, but it will be implied that the reader is afab, apologies. Characters i'll write SFW for: Any genshin character, any demon slayer character. Genshin characters i'll write NSFW for: Shenhe, Ei, Yae, Kaeya, Diluc, Itto, Ayato, Dain, Childe, Albedo, Xiao, Kazuha, Zhongli, Kokomi, Thoma, Beidou, Ninguangg, Keqing, Rosaria, Lisa. [If the character was not featured here, its because it makes me uncomfortable to write them in NSFW context, or because they are minors. Or both, lol] Demon Slayer characters i'll write NSFW for: Obanai, Mitsuri, Shinobu, Giyuu, Tengen, Tengen and his wives, Rengoku, Sanemi, [If the character was not featured here, its because it makes me uncomfortable to write them in NSFW context, or because they are minors. Or both, lol] Things I will NOT write for NSFW: incest, pedophilia, minor x reader (in a sexual way), ships (ex: obanai x mitsuri. I will write obanai x mitsuri x reader, but not ONLY the pair.) piss k!nks, scat, racism, misogyny, noncon/dubcon (ALL OF MY WORKS WILL BE IMPLIED/ STATED THAT THERE IS CONSENT.) heavy degradation, kn!fe play, blood play, (or anything where the reader/character hurts one another physically during sexual intercourse with malicious intent.) manipulation Things I will NOT write for SFW: noncon/dubcon, ships, racism, su!c!de (or any extremely heavy topics), heavy/detailed misogyny, heavy/detailed abuse, incest, pedophilia, manipulation Extra: I'd love to write for Thoma, Itto, Diluc, Kokomi, Mitsuri, Obanai, Tengen, and Rengoku. I'll ONLY write sub!reader. [dom!reader makes me very uncomfortable.] Requests open. If you request something and I decline, it probably makes me uncomfortable to write. Nothing against you. Oh, and I will 100% NOT be aging up characters that are minors for NSFW fics.

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  • ao3feed-ynkk
    14.05.2022 - 1 week ago


    source https://archiveofourown.org/works/38977500

    by Iahjos

    En bref, une collection de One Shots de bts qui prend plaisir à se lâcher.


    Si se n'est pas votre truc, ne lisez pas! Les avertissements sont dans les balises et dans les notes avant chaque chapitre avec le pdv de la personne ou du ship. Ça sera accompagné avec un petit résumé!

    Je suis dyslexique et je m'aide d'un auto-correcteur, sauf que ce n'est pas parfait et je veux juste vous prévenir que je fais moins attention a ma syntaxe ou à la longueur de mes phrases pour ne pas dépersonnaliser mon style d'écriture!

    Words: 921, Chapters: 1/1, Language: Français

    Fandoms: 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: M/M, Multi

    Characters: Jeon Jungkook, Park Jimin (BTS), Jung Hoseok | J-Hope, Min Yoongi | Suga, Kim Taehyung | V, Kim Seokjin | Jin, Kim Namjoon | RM

    Relationships: Jeon Jungkook/Park Jimin, Jeon Jungkook/Min Yoongi | Suga, Jeon Jungkook/Kim Namjoon | RM, Jeon Jungkook/Kim Taehyung | V, Jeon Jungkook/Jung Hoseok | J-Hope, Jeon Jungkook/Kim Seokjin | Jin, Kim Namjoon | RM/Kim Taehyung | V

    Additional Tags: Omorashi, Scat, Bunny Hybrid Jeon Jungkook, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Implied Sexual Content, Alternate Universe - College/University, Alternate Universe - Fantasy, Sexual Tension, Diapers, Omega Jeon Jungkook, Alpha Jeon Jungkook, Wolf Hybrid Kim Namjoon | RM, Dry Humping, Light BDSM, Kink Discovery, Français | French, Dyslexia

    Posted May 13, 2022 at 08:34PM PT

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  • keep-pretending-you-love-me
    08.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Hii💗 This tumblr account writes for out six oc's, their names are Ash (He/him), Sara (She/they), Kanako (She/Her) and Light (They/ He), Lucy ( any pronouns), and Lindsay (she,her)

    We write oc x reader and oc x oc (Please do not request a non-platonic ask between Kanako and Sara as they are sisters!)

    I (Admin K) am in charge of crack and angst and my friend (Admin J) is in charge of fluff and sometimes angst! ( Admin J will do more oc x oc )

    Our do's:




    Almost any au

    Our big no's:




    Graphic abuse (I Admin K will do implied abuse though)



    Please respect our boundaries! We love you all, have a good day/night! 💗

    #fluff#my ocs #@keep-pretending-you-love-me #two creators#racoon #more will be posted #a lot of this is just boosts ig
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  • cnc-pet
    06.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Pinned Post

    I've only had this blog for 2 YEARS so I should probably make one of these!

    I don't believe I actually ever gave a name for people to use, people have used "pet" before, which is fine as long as you don't imply that I'm your pet specifically. I am genderfluid/nonbinary and use they/them pronouns.

    DNI: the usual suspects; racists, terfs/transphobes, homophobes, p*dophiles, anyone who views consent/aftercare as optional, anti-vaxxers, pro-lifers, minors

    cishets are allowed, but if you find me attractive, I have some bad news for you

    You are welcome to message me/send asks, as long as you're respectful, I'm always happy to try and help people out or give advice.

    Kinks/concepts you will find here(also these categories aren't 100% exclusive, but I tried grouping them as best I could, because otherwise this would just be one list of like 65 kinks):

    Not Kinks: advice, aftercare, consent, important

    Darker Kinks: captivity, cnc, dehumanization, drugged, forced intimacy, kidnapping, knife play, passing out, somno, tears

    Gear: bondage, fucking machines, gagged, glory hole, muzzles, spreader bars

    General/Miscellaneous: bratting, brat taming, breath play, exhibitionism, favorites, free use, impact play, multiple doms, multiple subs, pain play, possessiveness, soft

    Inhuman: breeding, heat, knotting, monster fucking, omegaverse, oviposition, tummy bulge, primal, tentacles

    Oral: deepthroat, oral, spitroast, throat bulge, throatpie

    Pet Play: bunny play, caged pet, clicker training, collar/leash, forced pet play, kitten play, pet play, puppy play, shock collars, training

    Psychological: brainwashing, conditioning, degradation, dronification, dumbification, fear, gaslighting, humiliation, hypnosis, mindless, obedience, praise, soft words rough play

    My Writing: Bratbreaker Academy(no longer taking requests), Demon Lord/Captive Angel, The Beast and the Lamb(part 1, I swear I'll get around to part 2 someday), The Somno Files

    My back-up blog: @back-up-pup

    Also if you like this blog, might I recommend: @gothteddies @kugay @exalteds @urhighnessbitch @stockholmgf @angelic-advisor @consensualdomination @disasterbrat @excessively-queer @faundykes-gigi

    My hard limits and things that I tag with trigger warnings under the cut

    Hard Limits: snuff, gore, scat(I think there might be a post or 2 that involve or imply piss, but that's not the reason I reblogged them), diaper stuff, ED stuff/feedism, detrans, misogyny

    Triggers that I tag: "tw blood", "tw death mention", "tw knives", "tw needles", "tw rape"(for posts that use the word), “food mention” there are some darker things that aren't specifically tagged as "tw" but that can be triggering, like "gaslightning" or "passing out" so keep an eye out for those

    #pet speaks #let me know if I've missed something #I'll probably update this somewhat often with like new tags or links to writing #but yeah for now this is the pinned post #linking all of those tags took #a while #but hopefully it'll make things easier for y'all and me #long post
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  • princeysplaypen
    02.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Hi hi!!- READ ME!

    As my bio states, I am 25 years old and absolutely no minors are welcome here, nor are supporters of minors in kink or any other adult space. I do not consent to minors so much as glancing at my blog. If you can’t respect that it shows you’re not remotely mature, ‘for your age’ or in any capacity. If I find you I WILL block you, and report your blog if it is engaging in adult spaces. I will also block and report anybody who engages with minors in any way if your blog contains adult content.

    My pronouns are HE/HIM ONLY. Do not misgender me. I am okay with some feminine words but nothing that implies I am a woman or female.

    I am okay with most words for my body parts, except for vulva, vagina and clit(oris).

    I do not have a specific age when I regress, and it varies depending on how I’m feeling how little I get. It is nobody’s business but my own what led me to develop this way and I won’t be explaining myself to anybody.

    I am a bisexual sub and bottom and I love to engage with mommies, daddies, siblings my stage or ‘older’ (I’m a little only and not a middle), as well as other people in positions of power over me in various dynamics. I do not condone incest of any kind in real life, but fantasy is fantasy and role playing is fun. I do not condone most of what will be on this blog in real life, in fact. If you cannot comprehend the difference between fantasy and reality, you have no business being on my blog, or in kink or sexual spaces at all.

    DNI: minors, straight men and lesbians- I am a man. paedophiles, terfs, racists, ableists, anti-cgl people

    I’ll start with my limits:

    Under no circumstances may you misgender me. No detransition content (if you’re trans and have a detrans kink you can follow but don’t ever apply it to me). No t slur ever. Cuntboy is fine most of the time.

    No animals, scat, vomit, heavy gore, weight control, tickling, feet, dirt/poor hygiene, breath play, long term denial, torture, snuff, race play or racism, male supremacy, transphobia, homophobia, or bringing any kind of conservative politics into kink. Might add more because I’m probably forgetting stuff. This list is not exhaustive.

    Things I AM into:

    🫢 Being called little/good/naughty/bad/silly/etc boy, kiddo, champ, sport, lil buddy, baby, sweetie, lil man, lil Prince, pup, pet, kitten, darling etc as well as slut, whore, cunt, bitch etc

    🫢 Ddlb/Mdlb/Cgl and age-play (inc dark)

    🫢 Corruption of innocence

    🫢 Lactation and nursing

    🫢 Regency

    🫢 CNC - gentle or hard, fast or slow, reluctant or entitled, lost control sex or calculated molestation, all kinds!

    🫢 Gentle domination

    🫢 Praise and punishment

    🫢 Spanking

    🫢 Medical play- examination, doctor patient dynamics etc

    🫢 Objectification

    🫢 Degradation/humiliation

    🫢 Free use

    🫢 Breeding and pregnancy (not always though, please check with me first!)

    🫢 A/B/O

    🫢 Pet play

    🫢 Monsters- especially tentacled ones

    🫢 Bondage- shibari and general restricted movement

    🫢 Omorashi - pee is fine in most ways so long as it doesn’t come near my face/head/mouth, but I especially like the idea of being told when and how to go

    🫢 School play- where the school is or is not supposed to be sexual, either is good.

    🫢 Wedgies

    🫢 Tit and nipple play (only in theory now since I don’t have tits anymore and my nipples aren’t sensitive like they used to be)

    🫢 Hucow

    🫢 Hypnosis

    🫢 Body writing

    🫢 Clothes tearing

    🫢 Public play/outdoors (mostly in theory only bc consent issues)

    🫢 Being hunted/kidnapped/abducted

    🫢 Being owned

    🫢 Group stuff

    Probably more, lists are hard and I have adhd lmao

    Thanks for reading!

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  • eroticcannibal
    29.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    Are you aware Morg sent “you won” to Vaspider before attempting to overdose, implying he’s at fault for his suicide? Or that happysadyoyo didn’t actually name any identifying or private information on Morg, just the nickname he’s been using for months and the fact that he’s suicidal (something he’s been open about) and didn’t even actually say his url? Are you also aware he’s been encouraging his followers to send people gore and scat porn and suicide baiting if he doesn’t like them, to the point where him mentioning someone’s name on his blog while upset with them guarantees they’ll be harassed? You do know that happysadyoyo only ever called it manipulative to blame someone else for your suicide or use your suicidal ideation to guilt others into giving you what you want, right? The video was largely about Icarus’s own experiences, with Morg being mentioned only as the reason he was thinking about this. Also the video is unlisted so you can’t even search for it.

    Are you aware there is a real person who is actively suicidal right now? Are you aware most of what you said is a lie? Are you aware u are excusing doxxing right now? Are you aware this fucking drama is not nearly as important as a real person being actually suicidal? What the fuck is wrong with you?

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  • t-kiss
    24.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Submission Rules

    You must be chronologically 18+ to submit to this blog.

    This is for everyone's safety, including mine, as this is a kink blog, and self-insert is inherently more personal than other types of fiction.

    Fictional others must be 16+ (or the nonhuman equivalent).

    Submissions that include fictional others explicitly stated to be under 16 will be deleted. Aging up characters is allowed and will be presumed unless it is clear they are being deliberately depicted in a way that implies they are under 16.

    Self-inserts must be 18+ in your submissions (or the nonhuman equivalent).

    As with fictional others, submissions that include self-inserts explicitly stated or deliberately implied to be under 18 will be deleted.

    Do not include info that could be used to identify you in real life.

    Not allowed:

    Your full legal name

    Your address/exact location

    Names/Addresses/Identifiable details about your school, workplace, etc.


    First names; nicknames; fake names; true names that aren't your legal name

    Fake town/city names (preferred); references to major cities near you and/or the state or province you live in (please be careful with this!)

    Fake names (e.g., Cloverfield Community College); nonspecific references to your school or workplace (e.g., "the department store")

    Don't include the names/likenesses of other real people.

    T-Kiss is a community for fictional others; as such, this blog will not accept entries of public figures or people you know in real life. The one and only exception is if you are collaborating with another self shipper, in which case you must make it explicitly clear that they have either directly contributed to your work or given their informed consent to have their self-insert included. (E.g., "Moon is my friend's S/I, used with permission.")

    In the case of internet personalities, characters they play who are explicitly meant to be different people from the person themself is allowed. So, for example, submissions about the Sanders Sides would be acceptable, but submissions about Thomas Sanders himself would not be.

    Due to personal squicks, submissions containing certain kinks and explicit sexual content will not be accepted.

    Because I need to be able to at least skim through everything that comes in, the following content will not be accepted:

    body inflation (e.g., blueberry)

    breeding kink

    extremely unrealistic bloats (does not apply if such bloats are possible in the character's canon)

    explicit sexual content (sexual references, sexual discussion, implied sex, and fade-to-black are allowed)

    extreme hurt without comfort

    graphic depictions or birth/egg laying (pregnancy is allowed)

    graphic depictions of scat or eprocto

    hard, fatal, or non-oral vore (digestion with reformation is allowed)

    extreme weight gain/weight gain to immobility (does not apply if the character is canonically that size)

    non-consensual force-feeding

    stomach bursting


    No judgment towards anyone who enjoys these kinks, and you are absolutely allowed to interact with this blog if your blog contains any of these.

    For tagging purposes, please include a list of kinks and content warnings, as well as the full name of your fictional other(s) and the full name of their fandom(s), at the TOP of your submission.

    This will make it faster and easier to post your submissions and will allow people to blacklist as needed. Common subjects that need content warnings include drug use, alcohol abuse, and disordered eating. You can also include any other tags you'd like added, such as a special ship name for you and the character(s).

    You must mention whether any of the F/Os are under 18, aged up, or aged down, so they can be tagged properly (Blacklist #t-kiss teens, #t-kiss aged up, and/or #t-kiss aged down if you don't want to see these submissions.)

    Unless you request otherwise, fandom, character, and submitter names will be tagged as "#t-kiss fandom name" and "t-kiss character name", and "t-kiss submitter name" respectively. This should keep them out of the main tags for those who are concerned about harassment.

    Anonymous submissions will be tagged as "#anony-kiss" unless you ask somewhere in your submission to be identified with a pseudonym or blog URL.

    Submissions will be grouped together by name in the blog's directory. If you include a URL, you can request to be tagged in the body of the post so people can find your blog.

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  • boigoddess
    22.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Get To Know Me!

    I'm Morgan

    •23 year old bisexual bigender girlboy

    ° please use she or he pronouns for me, I have no preference

    •Been on hormones for 3 years now, and had top surgery in March 🥰

    •I'm comfortable with all gendered terms so call me whatever you want😇

    •Currently 281 lbs but aiming for 300!

    •kinks: weight gain, breeding + pregnancy, light degradation and teasing, praise/worship, nipple play, hucow and more

    •not into: anything gross which means do not call me a pig, do not call me a slob or imply I'm gross and dirty for being fat. hardcore bdsm and violence, scat, piss, age play, bestiality

    •you can reach out to me on discord (McRich#5913) and Kik @quiteweary! Please mention you're a Tumblr follower in your message so I don't end up deleting you with the spam messages

    •Not necessarily looking for a feeder at the moment, but I am open to it ;)

    My dms are open to all but I do not roleplay

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  • doozers-afterhours
    12.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    ― green light! [comfortable for me]

    kinks: aphrodisiacs. breeding. corruption kink. cum play. cyber sex. dacryphilia. daddy (or mommy) kink. dumbification. edging. exhibitionism. face fucking. hair pulling. hand kink. marking. mirror sex. mutual masturbation. orgasm denial. overstimulation. pegging. pet names. pet play. praise kink. restraints. somnophilia. thigh kink/thigh riding. toys. unprotected sex.

    AUs & situations: a/b/o. camming. hybrids. lgbt+ situations. polyamory. quirkless AUs. roommate tropes! sports AUs. substance use (not substance abuse). sugaring (i.e. sugar baby, sugar daddy, etc).

    ― situational! [ask first]

    kinks: anal. belly bulge. bondage (though i may change my mind). brat taming. breath play. coercion. degradation. domesticity. double penetration. dubious consent. feminization. food play. humiliation. impact play. manhandling. manipulation. mind control. monster fucking. mpreg. orgies. pregnancy. pseudocest. quirk play. sacrilege. sensory deprivation. shibari/rope play. size kink. spitting. squirting. stepcest. voyeurism. watersports. wax play.

    AUs & situations: age gaps. baby trapping. cheating. cucking. dom/sub dynamics. religious situations. student/teacher dynamics.

    ― safe word! [hard no’s]

    kinks: blood. consensual nonconsent. ddlg [+ variations]. fisting. gun kink. hunter/prey play. inflation. knife kink. lactation. necrophilia. nonconsent. pedophilia. race play. scat. snuff. vore.

    AUs & situations: abusive/toxic dynamics. body horror. eating disorders. gore. graphic injury/violence. hate sex. infantalization. in-depth mental illness (it doesn’t feel relevant or appropriate for what i plan to write; doesn’t apply to comfort, though). self harm. substance abuse (not substance use). suicidal ideation. underage characters. vomit. yandere dynamics.

    [note: i’ve decided how i feel writing all of these topics with it being implied that all participating parties have gone through proper kink negotiation and properly discussed and prepared for the scene]

    #♤ tour guide!
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