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  • fantasmalforces
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago
    @ineffablemuses​ SAID:   “did you kill someone else and you’re trying to distract me?”     -> Erebien and Lucina for da throwback

    💜 You: Season 3 Starter Prompts // CLOSED 💜

    “Whaaat? No! Of course not! I don’t know where you’d get such a wild idea from, Bibi.” The demoness grinned in faux innocence before biting down into the crisp red apple in her hand. Behind her, her tail waved backed and forth deviously like a playful cat’s might. She giggled wickedly as she hovered over to him, pressing a kiss to his cheek before looping over his head and coming to rest her head against his other shoulder. “I would never go behind your back and kill someone that didn’t deserve it without telling you!” Ah, there in lied the key words that she thought made her exempt. Someone that didn’t deserve it.

    “That would be rather dishonest to your Dark Brotherhood code or whatever, wouldn’t it? I wouldn’t want to step on any toes. Yours or your family’s, love. I know how important that is to you.” Despite the playful sarcasm of her previous words, these ones were spoken much more earnestly. She never meant to offend him and his value of familial connections - born or found. That was one thing they had in common: family was everything to them. They’d lost so much of it over the years that it made the two of them precious to each other. They clung to one another with a fervent passion. A desire to never lose each other. They had promised they’d never allow themselves to be separated.

    It was what made the demoness hug her partner with such gentle tenderness. Accompanying it was the feeling of this soft plush lips pressing against the corner of his mouth before he turned to face her and she pressed a much more passionate kiss to his. Her tail swishes gladly behind her. She always felt exhilarated when she was with him.

    And nothing would ever change that.

    #{ open your eyes : ask } #{ we will rock you : mutual } #ineffablemuses #[ Erebien and Lucina tbt. ] #{ the chimera demon : lucina }
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  • fantasmalforces
    10.05.2022 - 1 week ago
    @ineffablemuses​ SAID:   “if you could do anything, what would you do?”     -> Bioshock!Vin to Piper || @ineffablemuses

    💜 You: Season 3 Starter Prompts // ACCEPTING 💜

    "Anything? Do you mean right now, or just in general?” The badgebun snickered, pulling down another loose board from the door in front of them. She chuckled and hummed to herself for a moment, thinking on the question. As she dropped the first board and dusted off her fingers to head for another, she finally spilled. “Well, truth be told, I could always see myself traveling the world. Throwing what few possessions I have into a van and driving across America, sailing overseas to backpack through Europe, take a plane to Africa and then circle the wagons back home. Get to properly appreciate my home in Australia.” She spoke about it so candidly, with such a dreamy sense to it. Like she had it all planned out. In truth, it was something Piper had fantasized about for years- just leaving on a whim and going.

    But it was only ever just that. A fantasy...

    And she shook herself out of it by grabbing another board to try and pry off. “As for right now though? Nah, no travelin’. Lookin’ at another ten years at least before I see any of that. Right now, I just wanna get up out of this sunken garbage heap and get home - get back to my family. They need me!” Piper grit her teeth at the much more stubborn board she’d grabbed this time around, going as far as to brace her foot against the frame and kick off it for support. It came loose suddenly, sending her flying back. Thankfully, Vincent was there to catch her. She blew the hair out of her face, stunned for a moment before she looked into his violet eyes and smiled, slowly standing up. She didn’t mind the way his hands lingered on her waist.

    “And you, Bambi Eyes? What would you do, if you could do anything?”

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  • fantasmalforces
    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    ❛ I really want to kiss you right now. ❜ + ❛ we have to make this quick. ❜ -> Bioshock!Vin to Piper || @ineffablemuses

    // Answered here!

    #{ open your eyes : ask } #{ we will rock you : mutual } #ineffablemuses #{ take me home tonight : usfw } #usfw #[ Vincent and Piper tbt. ]
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  • fledermuse
    05.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    “Feeling batty!” || from @maximuses / @ineffablemuses <3

    I've seen your writing with Vendetta and finally got around to checking your blog out!

    Ahh!!! Hello friend! Welcome to the fledermaus family 🥺❤️✨ Vendetta is SUCH a sight to behold!!!! Honestly!!! Thank you for giving me a chance, and I hope you like it here! Please, feel free to interact with me in any way you'd like, and here's a picture of Catface since she's being a sleepyhead while I play rdr :)

    / @maximuses & @ineffablemuses

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  • fantasmalforces
    29.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago
    @ineffablemuses​ SAID: it’s so hot in here. do we have to do this in a closet? -> Marion to Ellie hehehoho

    💜 Only Murders In the Building Prompts // ACCEPTING 💜

    "Look, I know this isn’t ideal, but we’ve gotta get this done fast and this was the only place I could find that would provide enough privacy.” Ellie spoke urgently in a hushed whisper, tucking the back of the chair she’d grabbed a hold of underneath the handle of the door to prevent it from moving in case anyone tried to come in. Promptly, she flopped down on the floor with the heavy duffel bag she’d brought with her, unzipping it and dumping out the content. She had markers, colored paper, various cards and envelopes, gift wrapping, bows and ribbons, scissors, and several half-salvages toys from her last raid on one of the shops.

    “Thomas’ birthday is tomorrow. I know we’re in the middle of a crisis right now but that little boy hasn’t smiled in weeks and as his mother, it my job to fix that. Besides, I figure a little party could help with the morale around here.” Ellie went to work, folding some of the colored paper and drawing lines on it with a marker to follow-up with her scissors. She cut the pieces into various delightful little shapes varying from animals to vehicles before pressing a collection of the materials into Marion’s chest, urging him to follow. “And you need some type of break and something to take your mind off all this fresh hell for a little while, so - less talking, more crafting. Chop chop!” She giggled.

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  • vendettacanons
    25.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago
    @ineffablemuses SAID: Xiuying was fortunate to take part in her university's travel program and visit OCAD as an educator. Ontario was gorgeous during the spring, with flowers blossoming in almost every inch of free space between the vast buildings. The city was vibrant as the winter's snow melted away and revealed the architecture beneath it, and while it was new territory for the fox, she found familiarity as she stumbled across the Lee Family Temple
    Rich reds melded with the cooler tones of the concrete, drawing the eye to a cozy room adorned in candle light. On the wall above the shrine was a portrait of Sun Yee, of which Xiuying smiled and stopped to pay her respects to. As she bowed her head, she was oblivious to the young girl who'd curiously wandered in at the sign of a visitor.
    And too oblivious to the fact her own ears and tail had begun appearing on her form. A sleek, black fox tail freed itself from her pants as two small ears poked from her hair. It was only when Xiuying had opened her eyes and turned around, and as her tail brushed against the back of her thigh, that she'd realized what happened... and that the girl's eyes lit up at the sight.
    "I can explain—"

    To say Mei was stunned would have been an understatement. Thus far she’d been convinced that her gift was a rare, isolated case limited only among the women of her family. It already seemed so strange and outlandish on its own, something to leave to the story books and fairy tales of childhood. The idea that there could possibly be others like her, with abilities like hers, with a beast like hers had escaped her completely. It seemed like a far out and strange and fantastical thought- bordering on wishful thinking. Truly, what were the odds of there being another like her?

    “You…can turn into an animal too?” She was utterly floored, the words coming out slow and stilted as she stared in awe for a good minute. It was immediately followed by a squeal of utter delight. She hopped in place several times, squishing her cheeks as she dawned over the thought with such childlike wonder and excitement. No sooner had she begun her adoring spiel than the sight of her was enveloped by a puff of vibrant pink smoke. It dissipated quickly, leaving in its place not a little girl, but a large, bipedal red panda. Yet despite the change, it still spoke with her voice.

    “Oh. My. Gosh. There are others just like me! That’s so cool! Is that a fox tail? Can you turn into a fox? Can you do it at will too? Oh my gosh that’s so cool! You’re so cool!” Well this was certainly a kinder response than most would have. She seemed genuinely admirable of the other’s presence, so glad to see someone familiar to her in some way!

    #so this is what you meant : ask #// I love her and her little enthusiasm! 😭 #still i find you next to me : mutual #ineffablemuses #( m : meilin lee ) #this city never sleeps at night : q
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  • vendettacanons
    23.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago
    @ineffablemuses SAID: 👁👄👁 dim and nadine as a throwback

    ⚔️ I Have TS4 And Some Free Time // ACCEPTING ⚔️

    // their twins… 🥺❤️

    #still i find you next to me : mutual #ineffablemuses #( m : the kidnapper ) #[ Nadine and Dmitry tbt. ]
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  • vendettacanons
    09.04.2022 - 1 mont ago
    @ineffablemuses SAID: ❝  if you’re gonna keep risking your life for me than you’re also gonna let me patch you up without a single complaint.  ❞ -> from Val to Lucas 💕

    ⚔️ Kill Me But Don’t Touch Them Prompts // CLOSED ⚔️

    “I can patch myself up,” Lucas mumbled. It was half-hearted however, and with it came no real attempt to actually pull away from his partner while she patched him up. Instead, he simply watched her work. Her deft, skilled fingers worked so fast to patch up his injured arm, tending to the large gash his target’s knife had carved out of him in a very quick, unlucky strike to try and defend themselves. Unfortunately, it did little in the way of stopping Lucas and only made him more angry. More brutal in his method of execution. But it didn’t make the wound any less painful or serious, so he figured he could make a pit stop home and tend to it before his next ambush. A little vinegar to clean it and salt to dry it and he’d be fine. Valeriya was… more reasonable about it though. She wouldn’t let him simply season himself and then fuck off. She was meticulous and thorough in her solutions. Lucas loved that. It was always something he’d admired about her.

    “You care too much for me, mój ukochany.” He lifted his free hand to gently caress her cheek and draw her gaze up to meet his own. “Do not worry so much. I will always come back to you in one piece.” He smiled sweetly at her and saw her sink a bit, relaxing at the way he promised her this so easily. He knew how uneasy she was about losing him again- if not to some other force, than by his own recklessness. But she knew that this time, he was telling the truth. Because if Lucas did not make it back on his own, he knew that Val was not only capable but willing to go out and drag his ass back to her. So he had to be okay. He had to come back. He had no choice.

    And he would not have it any other way.

    #so this is what you meant : ask #still i find you next to me : mutual #ineffablemuses #valeriya and lucas : just say you won’t let go [ineffablemuses] #( m : lucas kumiega )
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  • vendettacanons
    03.04.2022 - 1 mont ago
    @ineffablemuses SAID: “  do i ask questions or do i just help you clean up all this blood?  ” -> Valeriya to Lucas || @ineffablemuses

    ⚔️ Blood Related Prompts // ACCEPTING ⚔️

    "I would prefer not to explain this situation so... could we please just clean it up?” Lucas’ tone was soft, his gaze kept toward the floor. He wasn’t usually like this. Twenty years in the business of violence and crime, and even when he was just doing his job or defending himself, he still felt an immense sense of guilt returning home to Val in such a state. So what i they were both assassins? So what if violence was what they lived and breathed? He still didn’t like bringing it home for her to see. Their house was supposed to be their sanctuary - their escape from the reality of their lives beyond the doors and windows. It was why, even now, he was trying to clean up the mess on his own so she didn’t have to deal with it.

    “It wasn’t supposed to end up this way.” He muttered, peeling over his ruined suit. Time to order another one. Still, he soaked the fabric all in water, white vinegar, and a brew of detergents to try and clean the material as best he could. The rest of his time was spent drawing up a bath to soak in and he gladly stepped into the tub to sulk in disappointment. Yet despite his own determination to wallow in pity and guilt for himself and for her, Val seemed to determine to disallow that. She sat herself right by the tub, raising a sponge to dab at his brow and clean off the serousanguinis trickles that ran down temple. She smiled kindly at the confused expression he fixed her with and shook her head knowingly.

    “You try so hard for me, even when it’s impossible. I always loved that about you.”

    The words made Lucas’ heart melt. He smiled weakly and finally allowed himself to relax, his head lolling back into the gentle scratches she tended to his scalp with. Maybe they couldn’t find peace in their lives right now, but they could savor these fleeting little moments at least. They savor feeling normal for just a few minutes at a time. 

    #// he is just a marshmallow for her #so this is what you meant : ask #still i find you next to me : mutual #ineffablemuses #valeriya and lucas : just say you won’t let go [ineffablemuses] #( m : lucas kumiega )
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  • vendettacanons
    30.03.2022 - 1 mont ago
    @ineffablemuses SAID: " you can stay... i'd like you to stay. " -> From Valeriya to Lucas 💕 || @ineffablemuses

    ⚔️ A Quiet Love Prompts // CLOSED⚔️

    Her words made his heart lurch. God, he’d missed everything about her so much. That melodic way her accent pooled around her words. The way those cold brown eyes seemed to warm whenever they found his. That adorable way the corner of her lips quirked up in her unfamiliar attempt at a real smile. Lucas’ hand found hers, his fingers brushing over her knuckles with a measured gentleness.

    “Where would I go? I belong here with you.” He raised he hand to his lips, pressing a gentle kiss to the back of it. His hands were warm and soft despite the callouses on his finger pads and palms. He smiled and idly touched the jewelry she still wore on her finger from him. His voice was huskier than it used to be, but it was low and bled a sweet affection for her; a softness only she could coax out of him. He looked nothing like he used to. But that didn’t matter - because even two decades later he was still as in love with her now as he was when gave her that ring. And that was all it took for her to recognize him.

    “You are my home, Valeriya. Wherever you go, I will follow. And I will never let anything come between us again.”

    #so this is what you meant : ask #// listen…. I love them.. #still i find you next to me : mutual #ineffablemuses #valeriya and lucas : just say you won’t let go [ineffablemuses] #( m : lucas kumiega )
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  • theineffablemuse
    13.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    We don’t create our feelings; they simply come to us, and we have to accept them. The trick is, to welcome them.

    ~Hector Garcia Puigcerver

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  • vendettacanons
    07.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    ❝ you taught me so much and for that i will forever be in your debt. ❞ -> val to lucas, as an apology for the hellish angst <3 || @ineffablemuses

    ⚔️ Resident Evil Village Prompts // CLOSED ⚔️

    “Did I?” Lucas seemed genuinely surprised by her words. He’d never fancied himself a teacher of any kind. If anything, he regarded himself as being just another lost soul, just a scrappy young stray doing what he could do get by and survive. “All I was doing was trying to keep you safe, Valeriya.”

    His voice was soft - much softer than it usually was. The gravel remained, pleasantly texturing every accented word as he traced her cheek with the backs of his fingers. They were different now than they used to be. They were meatier, more calloused and textured with ink again the soft plush skin of her face. They held the faint scent of leather and lingering cologne. They were warm and steady, the tremble in his wrist having faded years ago as he learned how to hold a gun. Val touched the back of his hand, feeling his bruised knuckles and the veins beneath the skin pulsing with life.

    “That was all I ever wanted.” He murmured, watching those cold brown eyes warm and collect tears at the edges of her lashes. “From the moment I met you, all I’d ever wanted was for you to know security, to know peace. To not have to worry about hunger or pain. You’d been through so much... I just wanted to protect you. Make you comfortable. I just wanted to make you happy.”

    Lucas’ touch faltered, his smiling falling a fraction as the doubt crept from the dark recesses of his mind to the front of it. Had she been happy? Had she ever been happy? Could he ever have truly made her happy? Could he ever make her happy now? “I know now that I never could have succeeded. Nothing I could have done would ever be enough. You always deserved more than what I could give you. Even now, I fear I’ll never be able to give you enough. That I’ll never be enough for you. My sweet Valeriya… you deserve the world, and I cannot give it to you…” She would be so much better off without him. Without a sad drunkard weighing on her, killing people to earn a living and barely being able to scrape himself together at the thought of going back to the only family he had now.

    But then she cupped his cheeks and kissed him. She rested her forehead against his and looked him in the eye and murmured, “I never needed the world. I have you, Lucas. You have always been enough. To make me happy, to make me whole, to make my life feel like it was worth living. I love you.”

    And Lucas felt the tears welling up and rolling down his cheeks as she did. It was hard to fight the tremor in his hands as he moved to hold her and pull her closer. Despite all of his inhibitions, he could feel himself melt with her embrace just like he always did.

    Because no matter what had happened nor how much time had passed, Lucas was as in love with Valeriya now as he was when they were children. And he would only fall more and more in love with her as the years went on.

    #so this is what you meant : ask #still i find you next to me : mutual #ineffablemuses #val and vaas : she pulled me back in with a kiss ; bang [ineffablemuses] #( m : lucas kumiega )
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  • fantasmalforces
    26.01.2022 - 3 monts ago

    ❛ you have to trust me on this. ❜ -> Vin and Star || @ineffablemuses

    💜 Soft Angst Prompts // ACCEPTING 💜

    “I do trust you.” Star hummed, grasping both of Vincent’s hands in their’s. “It’s the porcelain bitch I’m a little more skeptical about.”

    They were talking about Hanako, about Arasaka. In her defense, she had every right to be skeptical though. Arasaka had made it their business to have a significant hand in Umbrella’s operations- something she’d long deemed unforgivable. But even putting that aside, Arasaka was a corporation. And corporations never did anything that wouldn’t benefit them in some way. That was simply the way of the world. Profit made it go round. People were merely numbers. And the second those numbers were negative integers instead of of positive ones, that was when people started getting dropped. Sometime with a severance package. Sometimes without. It wasn’t that Star didn’t trust Vincent’s judgement. It was that they were worried about him becoming just another statistic- another name on the mass grave that would never be marked thanks to utterly insane bureaucratic bullshit.

    “Is it wrong for me to worry that if you go up there all by yourself, you might never come back?” Star murmured, resting her head against Vincent’s chest as he held her. He huffed out a soft sound, vaguely like a laugh but certainly without humor as he rested his chin on her head.

    “I guess not…” he mused, threading his fingers through his partner’s hair.

    “Well I am. I’m so worried I might lose you.” A beat of silence passed and Star bit xer lip. Vin could feel xem balls xer fists, taking two handful of his shirt in their grasp. “I’ve lost so many people already, Vin. A lot of them, I never got to love even half as much as you. Not even a fraction as much. And watching them… seeing the way they… it broke me. You know it did. You remember how I was when you met me. I could barely process the fact that you wanted me as more than a one night stand.”

    That earned a softer, more genuine laugh from Vincent. His fingers stroked over xer back and xe winced at how they trembled against xer skin. “Yeah, I remember. Remember how you looked like a deer in headlights when I let it slip.”

    “I think it was also because no one had ever told me the things you did. No one hand ever looked at me the way you did, much less told me how much they wanted me or moaned ‘fuck, I love you so much’ while looking into my eyes and fucking me like they needed it to survive.” Xe snickered.

    “I did need you,” he mumbled, dipping her head to kiss at her ear softly. “I didn’t mean to let it slip out, but I meant every word. Every touch.” The tips of his fingers skimmed over her shoulder, trailing up her neck and along her jaw to hold her cheek. She looked up at him, leaning in to close the distance between. There was a moment of peace and quiet as they kissed, one that ended far too quickly for either of their liking. Vincent’s tone grew more serious. “I still need you…”

    “We both need each other.” Star murmured, kissing him again. It was bittersweet this time. Vincent could feel her trying not to frown and drew back, brushing the hair out of her face as she snuggled closer. They stayed quiet for a good long while, basking in each other’s warmth. Star kneaded on his clothes, trying to soothe the anxious ache in her bones. Vincent drew shapes on her back with his fingers, kissing the top of her head over and over and watching at how her tails rattled each time. Star spoke up again, softer and more desperate than he’d ever heard before.

    “Promise me you’ll come back…” Vin sighed through his nose, kissing her forehead and tilting her head up to look at him again.

    “I will… just, promise me you’ll come see me. Out in space, I’ll need my own Star to guide me, won’t I?” He chuckled a bit at his own joke, but the genuineness of his beam came from seeing the weak smile he managed to draw out of Star. “Promise me, baby. So we can come back together.”

    “I promise,” she murmured, sealing her vow with a kiss. It was tender and passionate. The kind that Vin was used to. It made him hungry for more and he cursed himself for being too tired to act on the impulse it made him feel. Instead, he hugged Star tighter, sucking in a shuddering breath as she held him upon sensing his distress.

    “Shhh…” she hushed him, taking her turn to soothingly stroke his hair. “It’s okay. We’ll fix this. Soon enough, this will all be over and we won’t have to worry anymore.”

    “I’m scared, Star…” Vincent confessed suddenly, his voice weak. Trembling. “Scared if I get on that ship I won’t come back.”

    “Hey,” she clasped his chin, turning his head up to meet his gaze. She wiped away the tears she saw building on his lashes. Her voice was soft, firm, but he could hear her own hesitance all too well. “You will. You promised. And I’m going to visit you and make sure you make food on that promise, alright?”

    He stopped and watched her for a moment, leaning up around capture her in another kiss. “I love you.” He whimpered, desperately trying to memorize the taste and the feel of her against him. Her heat, her smell, the way she hummed into his mouth, the sound of his heart pounding for her. He clung to it all, hoping it would be enough to motivate him to stay alive. He needed to embed her in his brain if nothing else.

    “I love you too, Vincent Hale.”

    Especially that part.

    It would be the only thing keeping him sane when he finally lost his mind.

    #// IM NOT CRYING OVER THEM YOURE CRYING OVER THEM #{ open your eyes : ask } #{ we will rock you : mutual } #ineffablemuses #vincent and star : love me like there's no tomorrow [ineffablemuses] #{ the unseen sword : star } #{ chippin’ in and cashin’ out verse }
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  • fantasmalforces
    25.01.2022 - 3 monts ago

    “ everything looks so beautiful from up here. ”  -> Vincent to Star || @ineffablemuses

    💜 Till Death Prompts // CLOSED 💜

    "Told ya." Star snickered, roosting on her usual perch by the railing. For all the hell it tended to bring, Night City looked oddly beautiful from up here. The holographic advertisements formed colorful auroras along the city skyline, vibrant streaks of neon running up the sides of towering skyscrapers. Logos twinkled like stars on a sky blacked out by light pollution, dangling high above the streets twinkling with the glitter of hundreds of lit windows, cars, and street lamps below. The distant sounds of life on the pavement so many stories below was little more than a faint, ambient rumble. Occasionally, it was punctuated by the sound of a car horn or a distant siren fading deeper into the chrome jungles. But up here, the breeze and scent of fresh desert air looming over the stink of the city took precedence.

    “I come here every once in a while to escape it all. It’s quieter - and it definitely smells better too.” She giggled, moving closer to Vin. For a while, they sat in silence before she moved to wrap her tail around his legs. The gesture was gentle, soothing, and kind. She looked at him, neon blue, pink, and yellow illuminating the side of her face and catching her in silvery eyes. The expression she fixed him with was kind but concerned. “You know why I brought you here, right?” Vin looked at her solemnly, not truly knowing but thinking he could guess. He felt her warm hand fall over his, her thumb smoothing over his rugged knuckles in that wonderful way he fallen in love with so quickly, so easily. He caught the smell of clinical sanitizer and rain-soaked blooms that clung to her, the musk of something created to appear natural. “I brought you here so that you’d know there’s always place where you can come and find peace.”

    A moment of quiet passed between them as they stood together and turned back to the city. Vin glanced at her again, seeing the warped reflections of dancing mascots and mottos in her glassy eyes. He spoke softly, “it’ll only be peaceful if you’re here. Will you be?” Star smiled at his sincere attempt at flirting and shook her head.

    “Not always. Only when you need me to be.” She looked at him again, the soft curve of her lips sending a flutter to his heart. His gaze flickered between her eyes and her smile before he leaned in to close the distance between them. The kiss was brief but warm. She came closer, a pair of hand coming to clasp his cheeks while the others went to his shoulders. The heat of her massaging them sent lively sparks running across his nerves and he pulled her closer. When he drew back, he touched his forehead to hers, his voice low and almost pleading.

    “What if I always need you?” He murmured, those violet eyes hopelessly lost in hers.

    “Then I’ll always be here.” She smiled wider, drawing him in for another kiss.

    #// sometimes… peace is an option #{ open your eyes : ask } #{ we will rock you : mutual } #ineffablemuses #vincent and star : love me like there's no tomorrow [ineffablemuses] #{ the unseen sword : star } #{ chippin’ in and cashin’ out verse }
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  • fantasmalforces
    22.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    “  i don’t think you’re a monster.  not really.  i just think that’s what you tell yourself to feel strong.  ” -> Vin and Star || @ineffablemuses

    💜 Enemies, Lovers, and Everything In Between // CLOSED💜

    The words struck her perhaps a bit harder than Star had been prepared for them to. She bit her lip, refusing to meet Vincent’s gaze.

    These last few weeks had been a particularly hellish point on the relatively short timeline of her life. The world had always been unkind to the S.W.O.R.D.S. but Night City truly seemed to enjoy pushing the limits of human cruelty. Everyone seemed so angry all the time, always looking for reasons to look down on one another. The city seemed so jaded and bitter, especially towards anyone the citizens deemed “out of place.” And of course, Star received the brunt of it. She was the one that tended to go out, curious and exploratory of their new surroundings. But it a not easy hiding what she was. sh screamed outsider, even with her best attempts to hide her extra limbs or mask the imperfections of her altered skin. She’d never had the easiest time looking in the mirror to see anything but some strange abomination staring back, but the city had only made that harder.

    “No, I tell myself that because it’s the truth.” She said, balling all four of her hands into tight fists. ”I’m not supposed to exist. I’m not human, I’m not a person - I’m just some weird collage of DNA that someone decided to throw together because they could. My own god damn creator said I was a failure. Just a useless lab rat. She wanted me pulled apart and melted down. If it wasn’t for the S.W.O.R.D.S. I wouldn’t be here. And honestly? Sometimes I wish I wasn’t.” She scowled, glaring at the floor by her feet to try and force back the tears that wanted so desperately to stream down her face. “I’m a mistake, Vin. I shouldn’t be here.”

    “Neither should I,” he cut in suddenly, “I took one to the head, flatlined, and came back with a fuckin’ construct in my skull tryin’ to drive me off the deep end. Then, I went on takin’ suicide mission after suicide mission tryin’ to get it outta my head. By all accounts, I should’ve dropped fifty times over now. I even considered pulling the trigger myself. But I didn’t. I’m still here, despite the odds. You wanna know why?”

    He threw an arm around Star, pulling her close and grasping at one of her hands. His voice sounded frustrated, angry even, but that little quiver it had to its edge told her e wasn’t mad. He was upset - scared of losing her, and sad she was hurting and he’d never seen it. She looked at him, knowing all to well by the way his thumb was smoothing over her knuckles that he needed to see her eyes. “Because I belong here. With you. I went through hell and high water, thought so many times ‘why bother? Why keep doing this? It’d be so much easier to let go and just... let Johnny do things.’ And every time I did, I thought about everyone I’d be leaving to deal with him. Misty, Vik, Jackie... n’ you. You.” He chuckled softly. “Couldn’t even dream of leavin’ you behind. I had to keep going for you. If it weren’t for anything else, it would always be for you, Star.”

    She paused, trying to look away. Vin wouldn’t let her though. She shuddered out a sigh as the backs of his fingers trailed across her jaw, palm slipping up to cup her cheek and draw her in closer. He savored the vibrations of her purring under his fingertips, the way she gazed at him through soft eyes as she leaned into his touch. “I know this city fuckin’ sucks, know you’d rather be anywhere else, know it makes ya feel like shit but... you ain’t no monster. You never could be. I don’t care if you were made in a lab. Don’t care that you came out of a test tube ‘stead of a pussy. Don’t care hat you got four arms and two tails and cat eyes and big ol’ vampire fangs, alright? Don’t care what you are. N’ neither does anyone else. We all see you for who you are. All of us - Misty, Vik, your buddies, Jackie, Jax, Volt, Goro, Rayn - n’ me. I fuckin’ love you.”

    Star opened their mouth to protest but Vincent cut them off, pressing a soft kiss to their lips to punctuate his point. He felt them hum, but he didn’t seem to care. They could feel him smile when they started kissing back, raising a hand to caress his face. Their touch was gentle, almost worried. He drew back after moment to look at them, leaning hard into it and nuzzling into their palm with contented smile. He looked at them, adoring, hopeful. He raised his brows as he asked, “let’s make a deal, yeah?” His voice was softer now. “Any time someone gives you a hard time, you point ‘em out to me, and I’ll take care of the problem. And any time you’re feelin’ down, you come to me and I’ll remind you of all the reason you ain’t a monster, aright? Sound fair? We got a deal?”

    Star sighed,trying to hold back a smile at the puppy eyes he gave her and say no. But how could she? Those beautiful violets were just something she couldn’t possibly resist agreeing. “Deal.” She said, drawing him back for another kisses and relishing in the way Vin brushed away the tears she hadn’t realized her falling, pulling her into him. He was so warm, ad he smelled so good...

    She supposed it would do her some good to start getting lost in him instead of the city.

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    7 -> Vincent and Star || @ineffablemuses

    💜 Smut Gif Meme // ACCEPTING 💜

    7 was deleted so we’re improvising—

    “Look at you, all hot and bothered in that pretty little suit of yours.” Star teased, trailing her hand slowly up his side. Deft fingers grazed they bottom half of his lapel, skimming up to wander over the collar and touch his neck. She watched his eyes dilate as the pads of her fingers crept along his jaw, spreading across his cheek and drawing him in just a lip’s distance away. He leaned in, breathing out and lidding his eyes as he waited for her to close the distance between them. It didn’t come though. Instead, he felt all four hands press against his chest and shove him back onto the bed. He let out a sharp huff as he landed back on the plush sheets, looking up at her with charmed grin. It was quick to fade as she crawled right into his lap, pressing against the bulge right between his legs. She ground against it, drawing stifled groans from his lips as she slowly resumed tracing over his jacket, undoing the buttons as she went along. She watched him breathe out slowly, his eyes fixated on her as she slowly undressed him. She pushed his jacket off his shoulders and he was quick to pull is arms from the sleeves, repeating the process with his undershirt and going to help her by removing his tie when she stopped him.

    “No no no. You leave that piece on.” He obliged, slowly grinning again. He groaned out as he bucked up into her. She hummed as he tried to roll his hips in sync with her own. “Mmmfuck yeah, baby… keep going, just like that.~”

    She raised herself up off of him, giggling at the airy whimper he let out as his hips tried to follow her. She caressed him gently though the fabric of his pants and briefs, pressing a soft kiss to the straining erection before finally releasing it from its confines with quick tug of his zipper and a pull of the garments hooked around her slender fingers. She lavished his erection in the attention of her tongue, pressing wet, open-mouth kisses to the underside before licking a stripe all the way up his shaft and pressing another kiss to his tip. He trembled, cock twitching as she finally took him in her mouth, only offering a few bobs before stopping and flicking his hip. She drew back and told him to do it himself before suckling on him once more. Vin was eager to oblige her, thrusting into her mouth and moaning as she pressed her tongue against him with each roll of his hips. He gasped again, cursing as she pulled off just before he could spill, quieting only when she sat in his lap. She ground herself against his length, murmuring hotly to him.

    “See how fuckin’ wet you get me, baby? Come on, feel it.~” He bucked again, shuddering at how slick she was for him as he thrusted though her folds. She coated him so easily, he could hardly call it grinding. She rolled her hips against his for a bit, relishing in how he whined at the teasing before finally raising herself up to sink down on him. He moaned, throwing an arm across his eyes as he jolted up into her. She moaned, chuckling to herself as she began to ride him hard. The effect was instantaneous. She was quick to take a grip on her hips, feeling her tails wind around his thighs, soft fuzzy tips teasing the insides of her legs. She grabbed his wrists with two hands, pinning them beside his head. A third hand grabbed the tie, tightening it and forcing his head up to meet her gaze. His pupils were blown wide as he held her gaze, drool quick accumulating on his lips to run down his chin as she kept him pinned and rode him mercilessly.

    “Such a good boy, look at you drooling for me like a good little whore. You love the feeling of me riding you, don’t you, corpo boy? What would all your big name colleagues say if they saw you like this- drooling and getting ready to cum for a little joytoy freak like me?” Vincent groaned, mind absolutely blanking even as she squeezed his throat harder and hummed looking for a response. “Look at you. You can’t even think straight. I’m fucking your brains right out of that empty head, huh? Can only think of one thing, yeah? Well then beg for it.”

    “Please…” he choked.

    “Please what?” She stopped and she could swear he was ready to sob by how he looked at her.

    “Please… Please let me cum…” he weakly thrusted you into her. She studied him for a moment, biting her lip at the feeling of him desperately trying to use her to get off.

    “Mmmm… fuck, you’re such a good boy, how can I say no to you?” She sat back down against him, grinding for several seconds. “Alright, you can cum. Just remember you manners.~”

    “Thank you!” He shouted, practically crying. The cries he let out as he bucked up into ever bounce from her were music to her ears- notes that went straight to the pooling heat between her thighs. She leaned down, pressing doting kisses to his face and pushing his hair out of his eyes with her one free hand. “Thank you so much… Thank you…”

    “You’re welcome,” she cooed, clenching around him as she felt herself tipping over that edge. “Now come on baby, cum in me~”

    The both of the gasped, stuttered moans escaping them as Vincent arched his back. He pressed himself hard into her, thrusting as deep as he could manage several times and shaking as he spent himself inside her before finally collapsing back against the bed. Star whimpered several times, grinding into his bucks as she savored them sensation of warm ropes of cum splashing inside of her. She hiccuped, giggling in ecstasy as she felt him flood her insides, bouncing several more times just so she could look down and watch it spill out of her. Fuck, she was addicted to that feeling.

    She looked down at him finally and saw him grinning tiredly back up at her, some strange new glint in his eyes that she’d never noticed before. She reached out, brushing his hair out of his eyes again and cupping his cheek. “How was it, baby? You like filling me up like that?”

    “Uh huh,” he gave her a breathy chuckle. “Could get used to seeing you like this. Like seeing you all full of me like that. How’s about we do it again?”

    Star laughed at his proposition, the sound interrupted as he weakly bucked up into her as a taunt. She leaned down to place a chaste kiss to his lips. “Catch your breath first, stud. Then we’ll talk.”

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    😛 Valerie and Lee || @ineffablemuses

    💜 Smut Headcanons Meme // ACCEPTING 💜

    Val takes the leads in engaging most of their intimate interactions. She’s a lot more confident and forward about, she probably teases Lee and plants the ideas in his head as a joke or just to mess around with him. She’s the one who moans all playful while they’re eating or sends joke vids to him with suggestive meanings or motives just to see his reaction.

    That being said, Lee is the one who actually acts on the taunts. He’s very quick to take Val’s wrists and pin her, slide his leg between hers, or growl all low in her ear about how she’s being a brat all husky and suggestive. He turns the situation from 0 to 100 very quickly and enjoys seeing her pause and squirm.

    I can imagine a lot of their intimacy has been semi-public. Lee is not afraid to pull her aside and give her a piece of his mind in public places just out of sight but still open enough that they could get caught if they’re not careful. As if that wasn’t bad enough on its own, he makes a habit of torturing Val by teasing her with her clothes on and telling her to beg for more before switching it up and telling her to stay quiet while he fucks her so they don’t get caught.

    Lee is big into mixing entertainment and sex. He and Val will start watching a series and halfway through, he’ll decide he wants to eat her out while they enjoy the episodes. He likes letting her ride him or blow him while he plays video games. Better yet, they’ll binge-watch a movie collection and just spend half the time fucking like animals every time a sex scene comes on.

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    ❝ you made my life worth living. ❞ -> Vincent to Star || @ineffablemuses

    💜 Things Said: Assortment // ACCEPTING 💜

    "Don't know whether I should laugh or cry at that," Star smiled weakly, caressing Vin's cheek with her thumb.

    This was it. The big moment. Arasaka couldn't do anything for him, couldn't buy him or Johnny any more time. So it came to this. Spending the last few weeks helping with every bloody nose, helping him up every time he stumbled and fell, and watching his condition continue to deteriorate and worsen. Until now, they hoped. Now, Jax had given them a chance. She'd spent weeks taking samples and ordering parts and putting this elaborate scheme together to save his life. She'd even gone out of her way to make sure these last few hours were heaven, just in case...

    He'd spent his time receiving massages from Star, being fed the finest food Night City had to offer, watching a movie and sitting on the roof above Misty's shop together. They talked, they laughed, they cried, they held each other. They did everything they possibly could to brace themselves for this moment. And now that the time was here, now that the risk was suddenly so much more real and present, Star wasn't sure if she was ready to accept it. To take it. And to potentially let Vincent go. She stared into his eyes for a while, before suddenly throwing her arms around him. Tears welled up on her lashes, her body trembling as he hugged her back.

    "Vin..." she tried to speak up, but he hushed her, nodding and insisting he knew. He was scared too. He wasn't sure he was ready to leave now that he had something more at stake. He wasn't sure if he could rest in peace knowing he left Star all alone down here. In this city forsaken by the Gods, as Oda had said. He clutched her shirt tightly, almost laughing at himself. When had he gotten so pessimistic? No, he wasn't throwing in the towel yet. He couldn't. He'd survive this operation because he had to. He'd recover because he wanted to. He'd live because he had a reason to now. He'd make it back out of the operating room. He swore it.

    "It's gonna be okay. I promise. I ain't gonna leave you here all alone, Star..."

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    ❝ mmmh, i think i’ll stay here for a little while longer. ❞ -> Alexey and Celeste || @ineffablemuses

    💜 Things Said: Assortment // ACCEPTING 💜

    "If that's what you wish, dear."

    Over the course of time, Celeste had come to understand a good few things about Alexey. That he was a very intelligent man, that he had a lot more spirit and energy than his initial appearance betrayed, and that he could be stubborn as all hell. If he'd made up his mind, there was no point in trying to sway him. He was just going to do what he'd decided to, regardless of what others said or tried. It was a bit of a pain in the ass to deal with at first - Celeste was an overseer; she was used to being in charge and having things follow a very particular pattern, and at the end of the day, her word was gospel. But Alexey made it very clear very quickly that there would be no ordering him around. There was only compromise. And even that was not a guarantee. But it time, she learned to accept that he was a smart man and that he did not need nearly as much protecting as she thought. So, she got used to letting him make his own decisions within reason, not wishing to tread on his sense of comfort or independence.

    She planned to sit and catch up on wok, sorting through the paperwork before her when she felt a hand fall over hers. She paused from her shuffling and looked up to find Alexey staring at her with his vibrant, icy blue eyes. Yearning. Requesting her to simply sit and be with him for a while. Celeste breathed out, shaking her head with a small smile as she looked at him. She stood and left him for a moment, before returning with two cups of herbal tea and moving her chair to sit beside his own. She felt his hand wrap itself around her shoulders, bringing her closer, and she leaned into his warmth. They said nothing as they sat together, simply basking in the quiet, the aroma of their drinks, and each other.

    They needed this little moment of peace, however fleeting it might have been.

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    “you are remarkably well-behaved tonight, what have you been up to?” -> From Valerie to Volt || @ineffablemuses

    💜 More Random Dialogue Prompts // CLOSED 💜

    “Well-behaved? Me? Pfft,” Volt laughed, swinging down with her legs still hooked around the metal pipe she’d been sitting on. Her upside down smile greeted Valerie just inches from her own face. “I’m not well-behaved, I’m just waiting.” She hummed, rocking back and forth from where she hung.

    “Jax is coming around, said she had a job for me. Needed a little extra help lifting parts this week. There was a massive explosion in the factory center in Arroyo. Said she got inside scoop on a rough estimate for injuries and she’s short on the implants that she knows she’s gonna need. From what I’ve heard, both from her and others who were nearby when it happened, these aren’t gonna be parts that she can put on backorder. There’s not gonna be a waiting list.” It was spoken very plainly, very matter-of-factly. Suddenly, her face lit up.

    “Say, you wanna come with? It’ll be a quick job. We just grab a van, a couple boxes of parts, toss ‘em in the back, and we’re off. In and out. No one will even know we were there. I’m sure Jax’ll give you a cut of the winnings. Then, we can head over to that match in Pacifica- heard it’s a good one between Armin Watts and Buck Nievans. Whaddaya say?”

    Volt grinned as she propositioned the idea. Not so much as a falter or a hiccup in her planning of the whole thing. She seemed so adapted to living a life of planning her personal life around her gigs- no greater aspirations. Just crime and vibes. So unbothered by the prospect of stealing from corporations, so completely unfazed by the idea of just doing a job like that and then going out to party afterwards, like it was your usual 9 to 5. That was what happened when you lived and breathed being a merc.

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