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    28.05.2022 - 7 hours ago
    inseong poster (50x70cm)
    #byfantasy#sf9#inseong#kim inseong#kreativesnet#kpopco#kpopccc#kgfxnet#graphic design#design#kpop gfx #h.gfx #thinking of actually having this printed and putting it up i haven't changed my framed artworks in forever #rainy saturday well spent etc #sidenote hangeul is so visually pleasing and fun to work with as a designer #tests your shape skills
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    28.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    SF9 3rd Photobook SENSUAL VER. Teaser (x)

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    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Something personal to me, like gold 😂


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  • lost-inthedream
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    SF9 reaction to their girlfriend squirting

    Genre: fluff

    Pairing: SF9 x female reader

    Warnings: curse words


    Bonus song rec: KARD - Push and Pull

    Sorry for any typo or spelling/grammar mistakes

    Smut content under the cut

    ➹ Youngbin:

    Your back leans on youngbin's chest, you are both naked and soaked in sweat thanks to all the previous effort. After about three orgasms - you are not sure - it is evident that this is not an ordinary night. He turns your face to the side and starts moving his lips against yours. As you close your eyes, his fingers sneak into your hole again, he is so desperate to be inside you that it does not matter if he has to wait for his dick to harden once more.

    He knows you are sensitive, that's why you feel his hold tightening around one of your thighs to keep it in place. Your and his lips are simply pressed against each other without really kissing when one more climax hits you so hard that you think you are passing out. Instead, your boyfriend gasps in shock "Fuck! what's this?".

    Despite being surprised with the jet that you released, he proceeds to soothe you from your high by softly rubbing your now wet thighs and pecking your temper. "Love, you did so well for me" he praises looking at the wet spot on the sheets and planning to repeat it if you are fine with it.

    ➹ Inseong:

    You know Inseong is going to wear you out when he has not used his dick yet but your body is already over the edge. You screamed and squirmed like crazy but his fingers kept inside you. He was amazed by the way your walls and clit pulsed. The safe word has not shown up thus he did not fear anything. "I love when you scream like this, baby girl"

    Your back involuntary arch and along with a high-pitched cry, you release a substantial amount of liquid. Inseong's mouth hangs open but he pumped your core a few more times before stopping gradually.

    Once he is done, he hovers on top of you so you can see his chest glowing from your juices. You feel like covering your face, so ashamed of what just happened but he shakes his head. "That was fantastic. I wish you had done it before"


    warning: use of a dildo

    You were embarrassed after you admitted to your boyfriend that you had a dildo but to your surprise, Jaeyoon found it pretty normal. Tonight you all are making out on the couch, his hands already inside your panties but only cupping your folds. You cannot wait any longer so a low paint leaves your mouth "I need your fingers inside me, Jae."

    He then looks into your eyes and asks where your dildo is without any clue of shame on his face. His palm is so hot against your core, which is dripping. He does not need more than a simple move to penetrate you but that question sounds like a no. "Nightstands, second drawer" you moan breathlessly eager to have something inside you.

    By the time he comes back with the dildo, you have already gotten rid of your bottoms. The way he slowly slides it in have you close your eyes. You circle your clit as he plays with the toy back and forth as if he was mesmerized. You ask him to speed up and so he does, his rhythm follows the circular movements of your own fingers but he is absolutely taken by surprise when you squirt. "Fuck, I guess we unlocked a new function, my angel"


    I have talked about Dawon using a vibrator on you before, right now I wanna bring it back.

    His dick pushed deep inside you plus the toy firmly against your clit is a combo he decided to try. So there you are lying on your back, completely vulnerable to him. He rocks his hips slowly but intensely against yours, one of his hands pins you down and the other is exposing the vibrator. He swaps the button and the buzz sound fills the room.

    "Let's see how much you can bear, baby doll" He bites his lips and tries to concentrate on stimulating your bud with the toy. You start breathing harder right away, drawing a devilish smile on his face. He simply follows his instincts and budges closer, which makes the pressure of his tip against your g-spot change a bit.

    The vibrations along with his cock are sending you to another universe and you can hear Sanghyuk's voice sounding somehow distant. "You're such a sucker for me, right? Look at you, all at my mercy". The pleasure does not stop increasing and finally, you feel liquid spilling out of your pussy. Dawon immediately stops the dirty talk and holds the toy onto you for a few seconds until the phenomenon ends."Fuck, you wetted we both real good"

    ➹ Zuho:

    warning: spit kink maybe?

    Juho sits you on the bathroom counter and moves your panties aside. His digits immediately start rubbing your nub with the help of his saliva since he licked his fingertips right in front of you. All your thoughts are vanished by the filthiness of such a situation and you barely control your body, yet you bend one leg on top of the counter.

    He notices your hips naturally sliding forwards and provokes you "what are you trying to say with this, sweetie?" His face is so close to yours that his breath fans your parted lips. You pant in response. "Use your words, I can't understand what you mean"

    "Just don't stop" you manage to explain. He shakes his head no, he would never stop. On the contrary, he spits on his fingers again before stuffing you. The way they curve inside you have you crying in bliss. He penetrates you at the same time his palm massages your clit and you cannot help flooding the counter with a gush. Despite being taken off guard, Juho does not act surprised, he just leans down and kisses you madly with his finger still buried in you.


    Today it seems like Seokwoo will not get tired of being inside you. Your core sheltered his member as you both rested on an armchair. The minutes slowly passed as your G-spot was pressed without any rest, so you feel the urge to squirm just a little bit. such a discreet movement is enough to get your clit rubbed by your boyfriend's pelvis at the same time his shaft twitched.

    "What's it?" he asks running his palm up and down your exposed back in a comforting way. You move your face away from the crook of his neck and hold to him by his biceps. Your gaze drops downward, shifting from his eyes to where your sexes connect. Soft bounces start as a response, you slide yourself up and down his cock and you are both breathing sharply in no time. He adds extra stimulation to you by massaging your clit with his thumb.

    At some point, your body starts to collapse, both from the effort and the overflowing friction from his thumb as well as his dick. You come to a halt but he keeps the whole thing happening by thrusts upwards. You both have a hard time keeping your eyes open because everything is beyond too much. He only stops when your pussy spills, wetting the two of you. "Gosh, I loved it so much" he exclaims with a husky, tired tone.

    ➹ Yoo Taeyang:

    Everything started with his hands on your thighs. That was pretty innocent and chaste because his hand was warm and the weather was cool. You should not be wearing a skirt, by the way. However, he liked to see you in skirts and you liked to receive his compliments. His large hands wrap around your thigh and you sense him saying "mine" even though he was in silent.

    His hand climbed up your flesh while you tried to focus on the TV show. "I would like it if you forget your panties next time you wear a skirt". You nervously chuckle but it does not stop Taeyang from pulling your underwear to the side. You knew how wet your folds were just by the previous fondling on your skin, now he is discovering it with his own fingertips which easily glide in.

    You spend minutes and more minutes just letting him toy with your pussy and abusing your neck with his mouth. Then he finally takes his bottoms off and replaces his fingers with his dick. By the eagerness of his hip thrusts, it is clear that he wants to cum already. Though he did not expect what happened before his climax. A spurt of liquid left your pussy and he stopped in awe before resuming his moves. "Holy shit"


    You do not know what is going on with your hormones but you are in the biggest mood to have sex with your man. Once you step inside home, you already force his jacket off his shoulders. "Why are you wearing so many clothes, babe?" He shrugs and leans closer to a kiss, which you reciprocate but not for long. You wanna see him naked right now.

    He is all smiling while you dress him off but once you are done he pushes you onto the bed and spreads your legs. "Isn't it what you wanted, princess?" You nod at him like a crazy person and he proudly lowers to suck your needy clit. Your body automatically relaxes at the warmth of his mouth but you know it will not last long thanks to the sick licks of his tongue.

    you come two times pinned against the mattress. He only pauses to push his cock past your hole but you are still very sensitive and his girth has you scream. "I bet you're having what you wanted" he concludes. In fact, he gives you everything he can in honor of the way you dressed him off earlier. As a result, you squirt all over his low stomach and get him shocked. He never believed that was possible.

    ➹ Chani:

    You did not mean to have your pussy eaten when you said you needed to relax but apparently, that was what Chani listened to. "I can help you." He tugged your chair away from your desk and you do not get it until he gets on his knees on the floor. "Do I have to pull your shorts down too, honey? Not that I'm complaining..."

    You try to dismiss him but he simply kisses your inner thighs as a plea. You can not say no to those eyes so you lift your hips to help him at getting rid of your bottoms. As usual, he alternates between licking, sucking and kissing your nub deliciously moaning. You ask him to finger you too, your head thrown backward.

    Your request makes him propose you all move to the bed which is right behind you. Chani places you on the mattress and quickly inserts his fingers in your hole before you ask again. The lube is a mix of his spit and your arousal but it is perfect. He looks at the way you lose yourself to the bliss, he also licks your glittering clit from time to time. Your incoherent mumbles get out of control and the pleasure bursts into liquid. You listen to way too many curses come from chani and yeah, that's when you see the mess you just made.

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    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago
    sf9 photobook 3rd inseong teasers
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  • sf9official
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago
    sf9 photobook 3rd (nerd version) - inseong teaser
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    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Fantasys,mark your calendars !!!!!

    Important Announcement 📢📢📢📢📢📢📣📣📣📣

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  • kdream-factory
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    SF9 Masterlist


    - S/O having a hidden tattoo 🌸


    ° Youngbin °

    - nothing yet -

    ° Inseong °

    - How You Met: Inseong (1960) 🌸

    ° Jaeyoon °

    - nothing yet -

    ° Dawon °

    - nothing yet -

    ° Rowoon °

    - nothing yet -

    ° Zuho °

    - nothing yet -

    ° Taeyang °

    - nothing yet -

    ° Hwiyoung °

    - nothing yet -

    ° Chani °

    - nothing yet -

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  • sf9official
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago
    sf9 photobook 3rd (sensual version) - inseong teaser
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  • fangmich
    24.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    I just know Inseong is making tons of selfies just waiting to get the oppertunity to post them

    and I love him for that

    #sf9 #besides Rowoon I learned Inseongs name and face really quickly #boy has a special place in my heart #moo I say
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  • jaeyeonatorsf9
    24.05.2022 - 4 days ago


    After that day, Jaeyoon, Dawon, and Jaeyeon shared their book report with the whole class they earned praise from their classmates and the English teacher was very impressed with their report which let them gain an A+ score on their group project. Three of there were proud and happy, next class was self-study, some uses it to play, some to study for other subjects. In the library, Rowoon with Zuho was searching for his specific book to help them study for his upcoming examination when they felt a suddenly felt an abnormal strong force making him kneel on one knee, their body began to tremble, books beside them began to tremble and some even fell on the ground then disappear, Rowoon looked around to check if anyone noticed, the weird thing is that when they looked around everything was fine and it turns out it was just them, they looked at each other weirdly, “what was that about?” Zuho reacted surprisedly.

    During the lunch break, the brothers had their small meeting again and Rowoon shared the news of what happened to them in the library just a while turns out the youngest boys also experienced some unusual force of aura during their PE class. The boys are now cautious but at the same time they were blind to whose aura they were feeling and why are they feeling it. The boys were having a serious discussion when out of now where, “probably that person wanted to tell you, hi!” all nine heads turned around the doorway in surprise, “Jaeyeon!” Youngbin called out in surprise,

    “since when are you standing there?” Inseong asked surprised,

    “a long while...” she replied as she approaches them,

    “then that means?” Inseong asked back worriedly, but was cut off,

    “yup, I heard everything….” She replied as she took a seat beside Dawon,

    The boys just looked at her and waited for her reaction but none, she just ate her bread and drank her milk,

    “aren’t you going to ask us about it?” Jaeyoon asked in concern and curiosity as to why this girl’s reaction was so carefree.

    “no!” she replied plainly as she continue chewing, “you guys do you! I just need somewhere to eat my bread!” she continue, as a gentle breeze blows, the boys were silent for a long while waiting for a further reaction but non, after a while Dawon felt something over his shoulder, looking over his shoulder he saw Jaeyeon’s head peaceful rested on his shoulder as her bread on her hand fallen over with cold sweats over her forehead and pale lips.

    “Suit and tie, Leathers, fur coats and printed polo shirts, catching breathes, running away from some reason feeling scared and threatened,

    Dark clouds accumulated and rumbled like the sky is also in battle as fire stared everywhere, men in black started to chase us and everywhere we went we are cornered, we tried to fight back but saw we are outnumbered. Me, together with someone else, as I can feel a hand on my hand, pulling somewhere, “are we going to die?” I asked the person next to me, whispering, but he kept silent. Closing my eyes, I whispered some words but can’t recall, hearing the battle cries and smelling blood, the cloud roars intensified as thunder finally strikes down the enemy, surprising everyone, as my teardrops the thunder strikes down, opening my eyes everyone pauses except for us,

    “What's going on?” the familiar voice person next to me asked, as I look at him to see who is that familiar person, “Jaeyeon you ok?” I heard, opening my eyes, I saw Dawon beside me placing a wet cold thing over her forehead,

    “Dawon?” she asked,

    “you alright?” he asked again but in a more concerned voice,

    Jaeyeon nodded and heard another familiar voice, “Excuse me? I heard, Li Jaeyeon is here?” a low deep yet calming voice asked warmly,

    “ah! Seunghyub, yes she over that curtain...” the female voice told him, turning her head she saw Seunghyub with a concerned face on, he looked at the boy at the bedside as he looked back to the younger girl lying down with a cool patch on her forehead, “Jaeyeon?” he called out,

    Dawon stood up and bowed hesitantly, “thank you for taking care of my younger sister,” he said closing the curtain, Dawon bowed again and replied, “ah, n-no, it’s fine” then it hit him, “S-sister?!” Dawon shuttered in surprise,

    “yes, Jaeyeon here is my sister but please, keep this as a secret from the others.” Seunghyub pleaded, Dawon nodded and Seughyub sat beside her trying to wake her half waken sister, “Hey, you, ok?” he asked,

    She turned her head left and right slowly and replied, “my head hurts...” the back to sleep. running, catching breaths, puffing, and hiding, why the heck I’m I hiding again? I asked myself then after wondering I heard gunshots from behind me as I was pulled from a corner, “keep your head down” a familiar voice ordered, then pulled me somewhere again then into another corner, I felt he was protecting me hard but for some reason, I can’t recognize this person who’s protecting me, where are we, and why are we hiding, I have tons of questions and everything is in a haze, I closed my eyes and when I opened it a familiar face was in front of me,

    "you shouldn't have trusted me, Sorry sister but you have to die!"."  He whispered in my ear as both of his hands got hold of me and within a second I heard a ‘Bang!’ looking where that sound came from, it was behind him it was from a very familiar silhouette, I called out his name in familiarity as I slowly looked down on the lifeless person in front of me, bleeding profusely, he came close to me and kneeled, reach out to my face to cup it.

    “ I will do everything to keep you safe…” he told me as he looked me in the eyes, I was speechless and the fears were gone in a split second, we were both in silence and I felt the time has paused for a minute to stare down this gentle eyes but I can’t remember his face, his face isn’t in printing in my brain, he looks hazy, is it because of the light behind him or something else? Then my head felt so light, my vision went blank again I heard them panic, “she’s hurt!” one of them screamed, “Jaeyeon, stay with me!” he called to me then into nothing.

    Waking up I heard glasses banging each other, looking around I was covered by curtains, “am I in the school clinic?” I question myself, Slowly sitting on the bed, a sharp pain struck my right lower abdomen, “ah!” I screamed as I try my best to relieve the pain, taking deep breathes, the curtain from my left side opened up as a sweet honey-voiced called my name,

    “Jaeyeon?!” he called out, the pain isn’t relieving at all but getting more stronger like my whole body is being electrified with pain and I can feel my body getting heavier, then I remember I was stabbed but upon assessing myself I can feel a bandaged around my torso and looking at my head I was also covered in bandages,

    “it’s better if you lie down,” he told me, looking in that direction he was very surprised, 

    “Jaeyoon!” I called out left speechless for a while, trying to recall everything but nothing is coming up “did they capture you too?” I asked in pain, very concerned “what going on?” I questioned, but looking at the clothes he was wearing a white coat with a navy blue tie vest and pants with a tray of food and water, he placed them on the bedside table and sat on the bed, “you feeling any better?” he asked, still confused, I was not able to answer him, “I’ll assume you have plenty of questions just looking on your face,” he told me, I just sat there and stared at him with questions in my head that I cannot ask and he came close and hugged me tightly but not to crush me and enough for me to know how worried and how he cares for me, the warmth and soothing feeling all rush down, “I missed you!” he told me, letting me go, he held my shoulder and as a gentle wind blew, he kissed me on the lips, I was surprised but my body automatically closed my eyes, my lips started to moves on its own with familiarity and hunger for his, “Jaeyoon..” I called his name gently and he kissed back, his hands slowly finds their way to my body, cupped my face to the nape of my neck to my back to the waist and another pushed me to the bed gently, but unfortunately, a sharp pain hits and I groan in pain, we both open our eyes meeting each other, “I’m sorry! You ok?” he said, apologetically, “too soon?” he asked, I looked at him and smiled, nodding in agreement, “too soon, my love!” I told him, “my love?” I questioned myself, “J-Jaeyoon is my lover?” I added,

    “do you have any idea you almost completely left me?” he told me in a worrisome tone of voice, I didn’t respond in confusion and just looked at him, “you almost died, good thing Inseong-Hyung was able to heal you.” He told her, 

    “Inseong?” I asked, confused “Jaeyoon-ie, what’s going on?” I added, still wondering what was going on,

    “Listen, I’ll tell you everything but promise you to have to stay here beside me, no matter what!” he demanded, “this isn’t a favor nor a request but for your safety” he clarified, I just looked at him confused and speechless, “promise me!” he demanded, I just nodded, with his serious face on, he was about to explain when a strong wind came in blowing the curtains and everything, the papers flew around and white bright light and when I opened my eyes it was night time and was on a top of a building,

    “Noona!” a familiar voice screamed, calling her attention, she looked back thoughtlessly and felt her step on a thin air.

     >> End chapter <<

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  • k-manik
    24.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    inseong please come back who else am i supposed to make fun of :(

    #i love his dumb jokes and his over affection #please king you’ve fought long enough #inseong#kim inseong#sf9
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  • fantasydreamecho
    23.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    Study now, then read it later with zero interruptions… or do the opposite 😂 good luck with the exams, and then also enjoy the book💜🌟🌸✨🌷🌺💞🌼

    I don't think I'll study today, B. 😂😂😂😂😂 ;it's reading day today and I haven't read properly for a few months, so now I'm just enjoying it again 😂💞

    thank you, bubs 🥰😚💕 I hope you're having a nice day so far!!! 🤗🌼🌹🌻🍀

    #the jaeyoon to my inseong💞
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    23.05.2022 - 5 days ago
    @pum.castle: 벌써 5월도 끝나가네요… 다들 잘 지내죠??힘찬 월요일 보내세요!! 🍿🍪🍫🍩🍕🍔🍗 (먹고싶은거 이모티콘 맞음)

    “May is almost over already…how is everyone?? Have a powerful Monday!! 🍿🍪🍫🍩🍕🍔🍗 (which ever emoji you want is correct)”

    #I’m not sure about that translation in the () lmao #inseong#sf9#kim inseong
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