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  • lost-inthedream
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    SF9 reaction to their girlfriend squirting

    Genre: fluff

    Pairing: SF9 x female reader

    Warnings: curse words


    Bonus song rec: KARD - Push and Pull

    Sorry for any typo or spelling/grammar mistakes

    Smut content under the cut

    ➹ Youngbin:

    Your back leans on youngbin's chest, you are both naked and soaked in sweat thanks to all the previous effort. After about three orgasms - you are not sure - it is evident that this is not an ordinary night. He turns your face to the side and starts moving his lips against yours. As you close your eyes, his fingers sneak into your hole again, he is so desperate to be inside you that it does not matter if he has to wait for his dick to harden once more.

    He knows you are sensitive, that's why you feel his hold tightening around one of your thighs to keep it in place. Your and his lips are simply pressed against each other without really kissing when one more climax hits you so hard that you think you are passing out. Instead, your boyfriend gasps in shock "Fuck! what's this?".

    Despite being surprised with the jet that you released, he proceeds to soothe you from your high by softly rubbing your now wet thighs and pecking your temper. "Love, you did so well for me" he praises looking at the wet spot on the sheets and planning to repeat it if you are fine with it.

    ➹ Inseong:

    You know Inseong is going to wear you out when he has not used his dick yet but your body is already over the edge. You screamed and squirmed like crazy but his fingers kept inside you. He was amazed by the way your walls and clit pulsed. The safe word has not shown up thus he did not fear anything. "I love when you scream like this, baby girl"

    Your back involuntary arch and along with a high-pitched cry, you release a substantial amount of liquid. Inseong's mouth hangs open but he pumped your core a few more times before stopping gradually.

    Once he is done, he hovers on top of you so you can see his chest glowing from your juices. You feel like covering your face, so ashamed of what just happened but he shakes his head. "That was fantastic. I wish you had done it before"


    warning: use of a dildo

    You were embarrassed after you admitted to your boyfriend that you had a dildo but to your surprise, Jaeyoon found it pretty normal. Tonight you all are making out on the couch, his hands already inside your panties but only cupping your folds. You cannot wait any longer so a low paint leaves your mouth "I need your fingers inside me, Jae."

    He then looks into your eyes and asks where your dildo is without any clue of shame on his face. His palm is so hot against your core, which is dripping. He does not need more than a simple move to penetrate you but that question sounds like a no. "Nightstands, second drawer" you moan breathlessly eager to have something inside you.

    By the time he comes back with the dildo, you have already gotten rid of your bottoms. The way he slowly slides it in have you close your eyes. You circle your clit as he plays with the toy back and forth as if he was mesmerized. You ask him to speed up and so he does, his rhythm follows the circular movements of your own fingers but he is absolutely taken by surprise when you squirt. "Fuck, I guess we unlocked a new function, my angel"


    I have talked about Dawon using a vibrator on you before, right now I wanna bring it back.

    His dick pushed deep inside you plus the toy firmly against your clit is a combo he decided to try. So there you are lying on your back, completely vulnerable to him. He rocks his hips slowly but intensely against yours, one of his hands pins you down and the other is exposing the vibrator. He swaps the button and the buzz sound fills the room.

    "Let's see how much you can bear, baby doll" He bites his lips and tries to concentrate on stimulating your bud with the toy. You start breathing harder right away, drawing a devilish smile on his face. He simply follows his instincts and budges closer, which makes the pressure of his tip against your g-spot change a bit.

    The vibrations along with his cock are sending you to another universe and you can hear Sanghyuk's voice sounding somehow distant. "You're such a sucker for me, right? Look at you, all at my mercy". The pleasure does not stop increasing and finally, you feel liquid spilling out of your pussy. Dawon immediately stops the dirty talk and holds the toy onto you for a few seconds until the phenomenon ends."Fuck, you wetted we both real good"

    ➹ Zuho:

    warning: spit kink maybe?

    Juho sits you on the bathroom counter and moves your panties aside. His digits immediately start rubbing your nub with the help of his saliva since he licked his fingertips right in front of you. All your thoughts are vanished by the filthiness of such a situation and you barely control your body, yet you bend one leg on top of the counter.

    He notices your hips naturally sliding forwards and provokes you "what are you trying to say with this, sweetie?" His face is so close to yours that his breath fans your parted lips. You pant in response. "Use your words, I can't understand what you mean"

    "Just don't stop" you manage to explain. He shakes his head no, he would never stop. On the contrary, he spits on his fingers again before stuffing you. The way they curve inside you have you crying in bliss. He penetrates you at the same time his palm massages your clit and you cannot help flooding the counter with a gush. Despite being taken off guard, Juho does not act surprised, he just leans down and kisses you madly with his finger still buried in you.


    Today it seems like Seokwoo will not get tired of being inside you. Your core sheltered his member as you both rested on an armchair. The minutes slowly passed as your G-spot was pressed without any rest, so you feel the urge to squirm just a little bit. such a discreet movement is enough to get your clit rubbed by your boyfriend's pelvis at the same time his shaft twitched.

    "What's it?" he asks running his palm up and down your exposed back in a comforting way. You move your face away from the crook of his neck and hold to him by his biceps. Your gaze drops downward, shifting from his eyes to where your sexes connect. Soft bounces start as a response, you slide yourself up and down his cock and you are both breathing sharply in no time. He adds extra stimulation to you by massaging your clit with his thumb.

    At some point, your body starts to collapse, both from the effort and the overflowing friction from his thumb as well as his dick. You come to a halt but he keeps the whole thing happening by thrusts upwards. You both have a hard time keeping your eyes open because everything is beyond too much. He only stops when your pussy spills, wetting the two of you. "Gosh, I loved it so much" he exclaims with a husky, tired tone.

    ➹ Yoo Taeyang:

    Everything started with his hands on your thighs. That was pretty innocent and chaste because his hand was warm and the weather was cool. You should not be wearing a skirt, by the way. However, he liked to see you in skirts and you liked to receive his compliments. His large hands wrap around your thigh and you sense him saying "mine" even though he was in silent.

    His hand climbed up your flesh while you tried to focus on the TV show. "I would like it if you forget your panties next time you wear a skirt". You nervously chuckle but it does not stop Taeyang from pulling your underwear to the side. You knew how wet your folds were just by the previous fondling on your skin, now he is discovering it with his own fingertips which easily glide in.

    You spend minutes and more minutes just letting him toy with your pussy and abusing your neck with his mouth. Then he finally takes his bottoms off and replaces his fingers with his dick. By the eagerness of his hip thrusts, it is clear that he wants to cum already. Though he did not expect what happened before his climax. A spurt of liquid left your pussy and he stopped in awe before resuming his moves. "Holy shit"


    You do not know what is going on with your hormones but you are in the biggest mood to have sex with your man. Once you step inside home, you already force his jacket off his shoulders. "Why are you wearing so many clothes, babe?" He shrugs and leans closer to a kiss, which you reciprocate but not for long. You wanna see him naked right now.

    He is all smiling while you dress him off but once you are done he pushes you onto the bed and spreads your legs. "Isn't it what you wanted, princess?" You nod at him like a crazy person and he proudly lowers to suck your needy clit. Your body automatically relaxes at the warmth of his mouth but you know it will not last long thanks to the sick licks of his tongue.

    you come two times pinned against the mattress. He only pauses to push his cock past your hole but you are still very sensitive and his girth has you scream. "I bet you're having what you wanted" he concludes. In fact, he gives you everything he can in honor of the way you dressed him off earlier. As a result, you squirt all over his low stomach and get him shocked. He never believed that was possible.

    ➹ Chani:

    You did not mean to have your pussy eaten when you said you needed to relax but apparently, that was what Chani listened to. "I can help you." He tugged your chair away from your desk and you do not get it until he gets on his knees on the floor. "Do I have to pull your shorts down too, honey? Not that I'm complaining..."

    You try to dismiss him but he simply kisses your inner thighs as a plea. You can not say no to those eyes so you lift your hips to help him at getting rid of your bottoms. As usual, he alternates between licking, sucking and kissing your nub deliciously moaning. You ask him to finger you too, your head thrown backward.

    Your request makes him propose you all move to the bed which is right behind you. Chani places you on the mattress and quickly inserts his fingers in your hole before you ask again. The lube is a mix of his spit and your arousal but it is perfect. He looks at the way you lose yourself to the bliss, he also licks your glittering clit from time to time. Your incoherent mumbles get out of control and the pleasure bursts into liquid. You listen to way too many curses come from chani and yeah, that's when you see the mess you just made.

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  • i-might-be-in-love-with-hao
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Just Fine Until It's Not

    Kim Inseong Concept Photos + Character Outline

    Kim Inseong

    Mafia Leader ( Kim Family)

    Born on July 12, 1993

    Zodiac Sign: Cancer

    Blood Type: A

    -Inseong is an only child and receives a lot of pressure from his parents

    -100% in love with Yuri

    -100% is ignored by Yuri

    -gets hurt quite often because of the temper he has

    -which usually lands him in his personal nurse's office (Song Hyunwon)

    -hates Kang Yeosang with a passion

    -amazing artist

    -high intelligence

    Just Fine Until It's Not

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  • lost-inthedream
    10.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    warning: just a tiny hint of sex

    It's not that you are down to whatever, you're there to anything he comes up with. You are not only a girlfriend, you are a partner in crime. Both your bodies and your minds speak the same language which no one else can comprehend. True, you seduce him with the way your head tilts as you persuade him into staying for the night, also with the way you let him know it is a good time for love. He is there to anything you come up with.

    Inseong's type of girl
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  • lost-inthedream
    05.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    SF9 touching themselves for you

    Pairing: SF9 x gn reader

    genre: smut

    Bonus song rec: Swim Good, by Hui and Somin

    AN: Honestly, I know there are a lot of typos in this piece. I'm sorry


    Youngbin started feeling himself through his pants as well as his t-shirt, lifting the fabric very slightly on purpose to flash his low stomach. "Are you sure you gonna stay away?" He asked but you knew how much fun he was having just from exchanging lustful looks with you, he loved the way you eyed him up that night. The chair you are comfortably set on is like your throne. "I'm more interested in seeing what you can do for me, love"

    "As you prefer" he replied with humor, before holding the hem of his shirt between his teeth. Such a clever move had you on the verge of lifting your arm to touch his toned abdomen. You tightened your fist on the arm of the chair instead.

    He chuckled to your surprise. His smart eyes were on your reluctant hands as he untied the string of his sweatpants so he could snake one hand inside it. Your boyfriend started to stimulate himself like that, clearly intent on drawing a reaction from you, which in fact happened. "Come on! It's not fair"

    "No worries, princess/prince" he pacified you, then lowered his bottoms until they simply dropped down his legs. "You won't miss a thing" His erect member excitedly pointed in your direction.


    You probably had the most relaxing shower of your life that night. You and your boyfriend had a special day together to celebrate one more milestone of your relationship. You slipped yourself inside a white bathrobe and walked out of the bathroom with a smile pasted on your face

    Inseong was sitting on the bed with a bathrobe identical to yours as well as a smile. A type of grin you knew way too well to be fooled. You stopped dramatically, arms akimbo like in a silent interrogatory. He straightened his back and with fire in his eyes and a move of his hands, he revealed his bare body for you, earlier enveloped in the fluffy fabric. "This is gonna be a great night"

    "yeah" you stepped forward but he stopped you. "You won't touch me until I say so" his fingers teased the sensitive skin of his low stomach and you swore that his still soft cock responded with a tiny twitch.

    "Seong, what do you mean?" you heard your own voice sound weak, uncertain. Now the man was kneading his own balls. "Don't worry, you can sit close" he indicated the space by his side with a head move. You kept there almost drooling on the sheets as he moaned your name without allowing you to touch him.


    You and Jaeyoon were both sprawled on the bed. You just knew you would not be able to stand after you rode him as if there were no tomorrow. Anyways you never regretted your enthusiasm in bed, even when your body was completely drained.

    "Y/N?" the man called, not sure whether you were awake since he had not heard your voice after you both orgasmed.

    "Yes, love" you lifted your heavy arms and placed your hand on his stomach.

    "Do you mind if I just... cum one more time before cleaning you?" You could not restrain a low chuckle at the sight of his fingers enveloping his shaft" You're such a horny dog, but I'd love to watch it." He moved lazily to snuggle onto you and give you a sloppy kiss. when he let go of you, his fist was already moving up and down his length. He made sure to showcase it pretty well for you. Your palm rested warmly on his abdomen, feeling the tension of his muscles grow. "Fuck, Jae, what are you doing to me?"


    Once you all stepped inside home, you held his head and whispered in his ear "what did we accord earlier, again?"

    In the restaurant, a few hours ago you came close to his ear and threatened to dom him hard if he kept teasing you in public. The fact that he did not stop made you plot against him while your friends talked about the food.

    Now you started kissing him against the door. Your skilled hands worked on his belt as he did not mind it at all. In a few seconds, his cock was being pulled out drawing breathless moans from him. You broke the kiss and guided him to hold his own member "put a show for me, Dawonie. You'll fuck me good if it comes out good enough"

    He fell on his knees looking up to you, the pants stuck on his hips. Your mouth hung open just from seeing him pump his hard dick. "Am I doing right, love?" He asked without stopping the steady moves. His eyes going wide for you. "Yes, baby. I'm loving it"


    @jasminexox this idea was based on one of your asks.

    You haven't told him you were coming but according to his friends, Ju had been overworking on his studio once more. They thought seeing you could be good for his mood. Then there was you entering his space without any warning. "Sugar, I brought you food!"

    Juho's eyes met yours and a discharge of panic jumped from his gaze. He had his dick in hand and his shorts pooled on his feet. "Hello, babe. I'm really sorry". He did not try and hide what was obvious but his embarrassment did show.

    "Well" you stutter "actually I am sorry" you act brave and fully entered the room to lean on his desk in front of him and put a timid smile on your lips.

    "You know, it helps at relaxing" he explained looking down at his lap. "Do you wanna watch as I.. relax?" Your soft nod got him resuming his activity. You noticed a bit of precum escaping from his slit and lubricating his member, your lips suddenly felt so dry. His head fell backward and your name sounded like music in his deep moans.


    Special thanks to @yootaesowl for discussing this with me

    Seokwoo did not sound embarrassed at all when he was needy and horny on the cellphone a few days ago. If you closed your eyes you could lucidly hear him narrating the way his cock was growing hard in his hold while he lied on his hotel bed.

    Now that you were together he was unsure. You were sitting in between his legs, facing him with a pleading face. It took a bit to get him to free his dick from the boxers but it was half erect and starting to leak. "Doesn't it feel nice?" you ask with a filthy smile.

    "Way too good, to be honest" he admits with a low tone. With one hand he nervously let his fingers fondle his own thigh, the other hand timidly played with his member. You leaned in to connect your lips, the way you propped on him was to take your chance to reassure him with soft touches on his right thigh. Your kiss stifled his soft moans.

    You kept controlling the kiss while he controlled the pleasure he got from his hands. The way the friction could be heard got you almost devouring his lips. The hungriness with which your tongue touched his and he chased his high culminated in a spurt of seed on his stomach, and both of you facing each other in awe.

    Yoo Taeyang:

    Taeyang finished brushing his teeth before you, thus he announced he was showering first. "You may join me when you're done, by the way" he invited getting rid of his shirt. You earned a provoking wink once you turned to look at him.

    In no time he is stepping inside the shower closure, which was completely transparent. You definitely loved the bathrooms in that hotel. they had that fancy style that made you all crave sex literally all the time.

    "I'm not sure..." you made it sound as if you were talking to yourself, however, it was loud enough for Taeyang to hear through the water noise. "About??" he asked, back facing you. Your eyes could not leave the peach his butt was. "I guess I'm gonna stay here and watch you"

    He took some time to respond. You thought he had not heard you but then he turn around and replied "What a perv!" You laughed loudly throwing your head back. When you looked at him again, your sight was taken over by the way he held his dick. He did not say anything but you knew that it was a silent "yes, I'm putting on a show for you". And so he did, pumping that pretty cock, spreading foam all over his chest. From what you know, his nipples probably felt really sensitive. The glass was getting blurred, so you slid the door open even if you were wetting the whole place.


    You could not hide your frustration, it is not going the way wanted at all. Since Hwiyoung kept saying no, you added a slightly sad look to your demeanor.

    "Maybe I can try. I can't assure you it will be sexy though" he changed his mind, explaining as his hands mindlessly rubbed his thick thighs. You knew he was aroused even though doing something so private in front of you made him nervous.

    "I just know you'll look hot as hell". The way he was manspreading drove you crazy alone. It was an aperitif for the whole meal.

    Youngkuyun tugged his t-shirt off in one go, then got rid of his bottoms too before standing in front of you. Sitting on the edge of the mattress, It would be the perfect angle to take his dick in your mouth if you all did not have nastier plans. Instead, he stroked himself right there, gentle with his own organ, taking his time. Until he felt the urge to speed up as you licked your lips numerous times, sometimes locking eyes with him, sometimes unashamedly admiring his body. You held him by the hips, drawing delicious shivers from his skin. His erect member was being harshly pumped centimeters from your chest. You could picture the mess he would make.


    Your boyfriend still had that frustrated look. The way he furiously scrolled down the Twitter page worried you. "Chani, I'm so sorry". You said for what felt like the millionth time.

    "I'm not mad at you, babe" he repeated, laying the cellphone on the couch and looking into your eyes. He was being sincere, yet he seemed angry at something and that was eating you up. "I'm mad at myself for not locking the room. I'm also embarrassed, to be honest"

    You tilted your head and mocked him "love, you're acting as if I hadn't ever seen your dick before". It did not fail to get a little chuckle in response. "You shouldn't have stopped when I entered"

    "I can resume it from where I stopped if you want me to" he was joking but you were not so you simply nodded with interest sparkling on your face.

    At first, you beheld a surprised expression on his face but in a second you saw him shaking his head and calling you dirty as he unbuttoned his shorts again. You watched him take it off quickly, then lay back on the sofa, hips dragged to the edge of it. You never noticed how beautifully he held his member. He seemed so confident about what he was doing to you, staring at your eyes until you lift your gaze to his own, then he looked down. he stroked that cock as if he was professional.

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  • everybloom
    01.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Hii! How are you? Do you know SF9? May I request some Inseong being a liiiiitle bit jealous of your friendship with Zuho (or other member of your choice) so he tries to show you how much he's better than his groupmate and you can't find no one like him (I see him as having a huge praise kink plus a service top, and he's always hugging/kissing the members so he's clearly touch starved)

    If you don't write for them it's totally ok! You can just write with another idol of your preference :)

    Heey, sorry it took so long, I like to do a lot of research before writing about a group I'm not used to (I did an astrological chart reading of both of them lol), I hope you like what I have here!

    Your boyfriend wanted so much for you to have a good relationship with the other guysin his group, encouraging and taking you out drinking with them, it worked very well, everyone was very friendly and accepted you as a new part of the family. Just a few months ago you got closer to Zuho than the others, the same interests and sense of humorbrought you together in an amazing friendship, you used to go out together every week and make FaceTime calls when you couldn't be together. At first this was well appreciated by Inseong, since he had insisted on this bond, but as the days went by the boy realized that his heart was slowly getting tighter every time he saw them together.

    He had always valued open communication within their relationship, but this time the subject seemed silly to him, and he was too embarrassed to just say that he was jealous. He tried several times to arrange dates or just Netflix nights so that you could clear your plans with Zuho, but you always respected your word and told him that you would make it up to him later. And indeed you did, whether it was watching as many movies as he wanted the next day, going to all the restaurants he wanted, or giving him all the love you had through wet kisses and mind-blowing sex. In those moments, he would be so wrapped up in that love that he wouldn't even remember the jealousy that once tormented him.

    This delicious feeling didn't take long to pass when he saw you on a call with your group mate, or you getting ready to go out with him, he wanted to hold you and pin you to the bed, kiss you until you chose him to stay, after all only he would kiss you like that. He then decided that he would make you an amazing dinner, cook your favorite dish even though he didn't have the best cooking skills, buy some flowers while you were away, and make sure to make everything perfect for the two of you.

    So he went to your place since doing it in the dorm would be a mess, tied your apron around his waist and started cooking pretending to know what he was doing in an attempt to incorporate the vibe. When he finished the food he lined up the plates, cutlery, cups, and napkins, smiled proudly at his work and arranged the flowers in the vase on the American countertop, sat down on the couch to wait. Suddenly remembering something, he ran to your room to look for a scented candle that took its place in the center of the table, now he sat on the sofa and waited.

    He waited, waited and waited, close to nine o'clock at night and already almost falling asleep on the sofa the sound of the keys made him widen his eyes and straighten on his way to greet you, the door opened, and soon he heard the laughter that the friends shared.

    "My love, good to see you, why this dim light?" you said as you groped around looking for the light switch.

    "Oh, it's no big deal, I made something for us." he put enough emphasis on the "us" looking bitterly at a smiling Zuho who was making his way into the house.

    "You're sweet, baby." you left a quick little kiss on Inseong's lips, which made him almost forget the situation. "I'm sure you won't mind Zu joining us, right? I'm starving."

    "No, I don't mind." he completed softly as he maneuvered to pick up a new set of plate, cutlery and bowl.

    "Thanks Hyung, the food looks delicious." said Zuho sitting in Inseong's customary seat, something that made him fumble with anger.

    You exchanged few words during dinner, everyone seemed too excited about your boyfriend's culinary success, even though your boyfriend hadn't received any verbal compliments since they started eating. And so he kept his puppy-dog eyes all through dinner, waiting for you to compliment him, tried to hold your arm to feel your warmth, but you said it was in the way to eat, tried to kiss your cheek but was not well received.

    Inseong was the first to finish eating, he ran into the living room and sat in the armchair clutching the biggest pillow he could find, he hid his face there biting his lower lip in an attempt to contain his jealousy. He wanted so, so, so badly for that moment to be the two of you, wanted you to have caressed his hair and told him he had done a good job, kissed his wine-tasting lips, felt everything in you tighten.

    "What is it that you're cowering there, sweetie?" you asked as soon as you arrived in the room.

    The phrase "I'm jealous" came on the tip of his tongue and was swallowed, he lifted his head and stared into your bright ocean eyes, he wanted to swim there.

    "Did you like what I did today?"

    "Of course I did my love, you did the recipe just right, and it was delicious, the flowers are beautiful, you chose a wonderful wine, and the candle is so fragrant I'm going to overlook the fact that you went through my candle drawer."

    You held his flushed little face, kissed his forehead, his cheeks, the tip of his nose, and finally left a lingering kiss on his lips, he felt so loved that he wanted to explode, wanted to wrap his arms around you and stay there until they merged into one.

    "Can we play something?" Inseong wanted to explode once again when he heard Zuho's voice interrupt the precious moment.

    "What do you want to play, cutie?"

    "Cutie"? What the hell was that? Affectionate nicknames were his, totally and endlessly from Inseong, why did you have to call him that? "Cutie," what a joke!

    "Can we play 20 Questions?"

    Luckily for your boyfriend, this was one of the games he enjoyed playing the most, so it was not at all bad to agree to play with Zuho. Sitting almost hanging on you and kissing you all over your face with each sentence, he lived up to how much he enjoyed this game, getting almost everything that was directed at him right quickly within the first few questions. Zuho never had a problem with his group mate's excessive attachment, in fact he even found it cute the way he hugged and kissed you, but somehow today he realized the exaggeration of the situation and decided to jokingly intervene.

    "You guys should get a room or something," he said, laughing at the end of his sentence.

    "Baby, you are so clingy today, sit on the other side, let's keep playing."

    The sad puppy dog eyes were popped in the older boy's eyes throughout the rest of the night and early morning, he could no longer feel that anger he felt at the beginning of the situation, now he just wanted to sit in a corner and whine for your attention. A yawn from his friend cut off his thoughts, he noticed you looking at the wall clock and pondering.

    "It's too late for you to go to the dorm alone, Zuho, spend the night here, I have a mattress you can use."

    The sleeping arrangements didn't take long, Zuho arranged his makeshift bed and put on the clothes that with some insistence Inseong had lent him, it wasn't that he didn't want to lend them to Zuho, it's just that that batch of clothes had been washed along with yours own, and they all had your scent that your boyfriend didn't want to lose.

    As you entered your room you noticed a pile of blankets and pillows in the corner of your bed, you suppressed a giggle as you imagined your boy all curled up there, he had been acting very strange today since the moment you announced you were going out with Zuho, you slowly walked over and hugged the pile to your side.

    "What's with you today?"

    "Am I still your baby?" you could hear the muffled little voice.

    "Of course you are still my baby, why wouldn't you be?"

    "You spent all afternoon with Zuho, then I made a romantic dinner for both of us, and you told him to stay for dinner, and now he's sleeping in your living room, on the mattress I used to sleep on when we hadn't done yet..."

    This time you couldn'tcontain your giggle, which resulted in Inseong kicking off the covers and pillows to look at you in irritation, your eyes ran down his chest hidden by his crossed arms, his bare little belly rising and falling by his breath, the box that hugged his hips gracefully.

    "My love, this has nothing to do with you being my baby or not, you are my boyfriend, my baby, and Zuho is a friend."

    "Do you love me?" he asked with his eyes shining, not a trace of insecurity, he just wanted to hear it from your mouth.

    "I love you with the warmth of a thousand suns." his cheeks turned pink as if the sun had kissed them.

    "I love you very much too." he replied, playing with his fingers.

    Your lips met, and soft warmth spread through your butterfly stomachs, you stroked his hair as he waited, kissed and gently bit his reddish lips, smoothed the delicate skin of his waist, traveled to his beautiful ass and left caresses there.

    "You were such a good boy for me today, Seong!"

    "Was I?" he asked between a sigh of desire.

    "You always are, the best baby I could ever have, with the hottest lips, and the most comfortable hug in the world."

    Inseong felt the familiar warmth spread through her body from those compliments, his cheeks and neck took on a permanent shade of a rosy red, his hands lost their way, and his lips silently begged for a kiss.

    "I love everything about you, your puppy dog eyes, your cute nose, your smile, your soft hair..." and you kissed everywhere you spoke. "Your shoulders, your collarbone, your nipples, I love your nipples." You allowed yourself to linger there.

    The boy tried to hold back gasps and moans that threatened to escape too loudly, you followed with the list, the waist, the belly, the hands, the hips, and you jumped to the thighs and lost yourself there, kissed the calves and came back on top of him smiling.

    "What do we have here, isn't it pretty boy?" you smiled, spreading the throbbing bulge over the already wet box. "Did my compliments leave you like this, baby?"

    He closed his eyes tightly, pressed his lips together and hit the sheets trying to cash in on the pleasure.

    "I-I think it was the wine."

    "The wine?" you laughed in disbelief. "The wine got you all wet and ready for me like that, love?"

    He whimpered at both the question and you abruptly ripping the box off his legs and throwing it somewhere in the room, at that moment you pulled away from him, and he tried to pull you into the heat tangle.

    "Hold on baby, I'll give you what you want, give me a second." You said with a little wink at the end.

    Inseong closed his eyes to keep the mental image of you kissing him all over his body alive in his mind, only opening when he felt your presence back, his eyes adjusting to something in your hands, a collar and leash. His cock jumped and spilled a fat drop of pre-cum, too eager to hold back.

    "I know how much you like to fuck me with this, do you want to show me how good you are to me?"

    "Yes, yes, yes, yes!" he said excitedly, sitting up in bed and desperately rolling a condom on his sensitive cock, resisting the urge to pump the shaft.

    You opened the collar and placed it on the boy's handsome neck, connected the lead and gave it a tentative tug, almost automatically he widened his eyes and stuck out his tongue by reflex. You stroked the soft strands before lying down on the bed in a comfortable position and pulling him close to you, without difficulty you accommodated his entire length.

    Inseong seemed to be on edge as soon as he entered, his mouth wide open and spilling out moans, his hands closing into fists near your head, trying his best to control himself.

    "Come on, baby, show me what you've got for me." The order came with a tug on the tab that made him pull all his strength from within him and gather it to thrust into you.

    His eyes rolled back each time he went deep in you, the moans becoming louder and louder, the impending pleasure driving him crazy, saying things you couldn't even imagine hearing.

    "I'm your best boy, aren't I?" the faltering voice made itself understood.

    "You are, my love, the best boy!"

    "Zuhocould never love you like this, I love you so, so much.... Oh my god, I am so close."

    "Wait a minute, baby, let's go together." You pulled him into a needy kiss, full of moans.

    "Am I doing well? Please tell me I'm your favorite, please, please!"

    "You are doing so well, you are my favorite baby, make me cum, just a little bit more, I love you, my perfect baby!"

    And that made him break, into a thousand little pieces, the white jets filled the condom quickly, cumming so hard he couldn't stop, his trembling hand ran to you, helping you get there along with him. His lips mumbled several silent "I love you", he had fallen so deeply into the subspace that he fell asleep minutes after drinking a glass of water that you offered.

    #dom!gn!reader #dom!reader #smut #sub!idol #everybloom #sub!kpop #answered ask#sf9#inseong#zuho#inseong smut #sub!inseong #sub!sf9 #jealousy#ask #jealous!inseong #service top #servicetop!inseong #collar and leash #sf9 scenarios #sf9 x reader #sf9 smut
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    21.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    What Does It Mean?

    SF9 Kim Inseong x Reader + Lee Jaeyoon x Reader Summary: You were the shining example of oblivious. Perhaps, it was more accurately, insecure, ever since your confidence got spat on by your ex. Regardless, you were mostly just blind to the advances of the two cutest guys in the world. Word Count: 2k+ Warnings: University AU, fluff, angst, reader dumb af, pining, jealousy, love triangle, typos, etc.

    A/N: I REALIZED ACTUALLY I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE REQUEST I HAVE IS AND LITERALLY AGREED JUST COS IT WAS FOR JAEYOON AND INSEONG HAHAHAH LOL anyway wtf is a platonic significant other ??? you guys be wilding huh HAHHAA. Anyway anon, I hope you enjoy the way i spun your request hekhek
    ALSO i currently have no energy to proof read atm this im sorry for my typos

    It doesn't actually matter what I feel.

    What mattered was I know that they could not feel that way about me.

    These last few days were crazy. Our dorm went on lockdown due to a spike of cases in our area and we were going through an impending decision of whether or not on-campus activities would be continued since the term was ending anyway.

    Feelings toward this decision was split because our area had just gotten back to being somewhat normal. I personally didn't mind whatever decision was going to happen because I trusted whatever decision would be made was going to do be for the best, though I was going to miss the benefits that came with being able to go outside again.

    And by the way, I meant I knew that neither Inseong nor Jaeyoon felt anything remotely similar to what my friends said they felt towards me.

    I mean, why would they when they were popular on campus for being top tier attractive even though half of them have never even seen their faces in person.

    What's more they were absolute sweethearts beyond their outward beauty.

    And besides, my relationship with them was very superficial, as in I only ever talk to them about school, since I was classmates with Inseong, and dorm life, since it happened Jaeyoon and I shared the same dorm.

    I place my hands on my nape and roll my head. I sigh and stretch, proceeding to take a sip of my water and pushing my hair out of my face.

    I turn to my clock and find that it's already 1pm. I sigh and stare blankly at my LED screen where my assignment rested.

    You know what I could use? Sugar.

    I curl up on my desk and grab my phone, skimming through my notifications, debating on ordering some food.

    Just then, there is a popup on my phone and it begins to vibrate. There is a video call request and the caller name reads Kim Inseong. I release a breath and answer, "sup?"

    Inseong is lied down on his bed, clutching a pillow, "I'm dying."

    I snort, "same."

    "I was finishing some activates but felt the urge to jump out of the window, so I decided to call you."

    I place my head in my hand and purse my lips, "well, I'm very glad you didn't jump out of the window."

    He clicks his tongue, "it's an expensive decision."

    I chuckle.

    "Am I bothering you?" Inseong asks, shifting in his place.

    I shake my head, "no. I'm kind of in a slump right now with my own work."

    He sighs, "I wish I could help you, but I have no idea how the heck your courses work."

    I chuckle, "it's fine. Thanks anyway."

    For a moment, we don't speak. It's not awkward though. I set my phone down and turn back to my laptop and attempt to continue with my work.

    Just as Inseong speaks, I hear a text notification.

    I turn to my phone and find it's from Jaeyoon.

    From LEE JAEYOON: 😩😩😩 can i hangout in your dorm

    From LEE JAEYOON: im going to die of boredom and loneliness 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

    I chuckle and shake my head.

    To LEE JAEYOON: 🙄 as if i could stop you if i tried ✋

    To LEE JAEYOON: im busy though so

    "Who was that?" Inseong asks me as set my phone back down.

    "Dormmate," I answer quickly, "errr, I mean... he lives in the floor below my apartment and we go to school together sometimes."

    Inseong lingers on the 'he' part of the sentence. I at first don't realize he doesn't reply, cause I'm caught up in the work I was doing. Then in the silence, it occurred to me perhaps he ended the call.

    I look over to my screen and see Inseong was no longer lying down and was sat up, running his hands through his hair.

    I think nothing of it and turn back to my work. I decide to ask, "what subject are you working on?"

    When he doesn't reply, I turn back to my phone and see that he was walking around.

    I speak louder, "Inseong?"

    He hums, "yeah?"

    "What subject are you working on?"

    He raises the phone to his face and knits his brows, "what?"

    I repeat with a sigh, "are you working on your economics homework, or..."

    "Ah, no, no. It's a project for a major subject."

    "Ahhh," I nod, "that must suck."

    "It does."

    I don't get to reply because there is a knock on my door. I look over my shoulder then turn back to my phone screen, "hold on."

    I then stand and go to my door, knowingly letting in Jaeyoon that came over, although I didn't say he could. He was wearing a mask and a blanket over his shoulders.

    "Annyeong," he says, holding a bag of chips and his own laptop.

    I shake my head at the sight of it, "I'm doing my assignment, Jaeyoon."

    "I know, I know," he replies stepping in, removing his shoes, "I'll just be here watching a film on my laptop," he responds, all giddy, taking his mask off.

    I reply to him as I make it back to my desk, "literally, what's the difference of you watching a film in your dorm and here?" I sit back down and find Inseong looking into the camera as Jaeyoon replies, "uh, you, duh. Your company? Tsk, you're not very smart."

    I whip my head to him and glare. Jaeyoon ignores this and chuckles, "you know you love me too."

    I reply exasperatedly, "I really don't, Jaengjji."

    "There's someone in your apartment?" Inseong asks through the phone.

    I hum, "the dormmate I was talking to you about."

    Inseong hums and nods, pursing his lips the way he always did. I look at him for a moment but shake my head and go back to work

    Jaeyoon overhears this as he sets up on my bed, "is that a classmate?" Without waiting for my response, he screams, "HI CLASSMATE!"

    I turn to him and growl, "zip it, you moron."

    He turns to me with his toothy smile and nods his head in what he believes to be a cute manner, "sorry." He proceeds to lie on my bed chest down and opens his chips.

    "If you make a mess-"

    "I won't make a mess!"

    I roll my eyes and turn back around.

    "Ya," Inseong calls, "do you remember your umbrella?"

    "What?" I ask, turning to my phone.

    "The one you left the last time you were here?"

    I remember and nod, "ah, yeah."

    "I should come over and give it back to you."

    I knit my brows but continue to type away on my keyboard, "what? Why would you do that?"

    Inseong lets out a breath, "well, because I might not get another chance if they tighten the lockdown protocols."

    I chuckle, "weirdo," I turn to the camera, "it's just an umbrella. You don't have to come over just for that."

    "No," he says, "didn't you say you really liked this umbrella? Your grandma bought it for you."

    "Yeah, but it's okay if you keep it till next time. I have, like, two other backup umbrellas here. Plus the one Jaeyoon gave me."

    Upon hearing his name, Jaeyoon turns to me and screams, "THAT'S ME! I'M JAEYOON."

    I roll my eyes and rub my ears in annoyance.

    "Sorry," Jaeyoon mutters.

    Inseong clenches his jaw and I knit my brows at his expression, "ya... it's really not a big deal."

    "Well, it is to me," he sighs.

    I begin to feel bad because of his reaction. For a moment, I think he'll get over it. He can get pretty petty. As the minutes pass though with him remaining still and silent on the other line, I can't help but sigh. I wipe my face and nod, "you know, if you really want to... you can give me my umbrella back. It's really not a big deal though. Don't you live across campus?"

    Inseong perks up and raises his hand, shaking it, "no. It's not a big deal if I go there. I need the exercise anyway, and I don't want you to lose your cute umbrella."

    I chuckle at his use of use.

    "I'll be right over then," he says.

    I nod and hum, "okay. Bye."


    Once I end the call, Jaeyoon comes up next to me and brings up his bag of chips as an offering. As he crunches on some, he casually asks, "classmate?"

    I turn to him and nod, taking some chips and stuffing it in my mouth.

    "Have I met her before?"

    I shake my head and brush off some crumbs off my fingers.

    Jaeyoon nods and continues his questions, "are you two the same major?"

    "No, we have the same gen-ed classes," I say turning back to my laptop, "his name, by the way, is Kim Inseong."

    Jaeyoon stills and buffers, mid eating. He chews on his food and quickly swallows, clearing his throat, "you're friends with a guy?"

    I knit my brows at that and don't turn to him, "what? Like you're special?"

    Jaeyoon deflates and sits down on the floor next to me, "well, yeah... I think I'm pretty special."

    I can't help but chuckle at him. I look down at him and smile, patting his head, "don't worry, you can still be cute even though you're not special."

    Jaeyoon knits his brows and gets on his knees, moving closer to me, "so, he's not special either, right?"

    I roll my eyes, "haven't we established that I don't think anyone can be special to me since my ex treated me like shit."

    Jaeyoon scowls, crushing some of the chips in the bag. He rips off the blanket off his shoulders and throws his blanket to the bed, "I'm going to beat that jerk up if I ever see him."

    I nod, "please do."

    Jaeyoon sighs then goes back to his movie; I go back to my work.

    There is a comfortable silence between us for a while, but it is broken by a knock on the door.

    Even with his earphones on, Jaeyoon is extremely sensitive to sound. He, in fact, notices it though I don't. He pauses his movie and pulls one earphone out. He asks, "did you order anything."

    "What?" I turn to him in confusion.

    "There's someone at the door," he says, pulling the other earphone and standing. He grunts and heads to the door. I watch him as he walks off and sequentially opens the door.

    Jaeyoon's demeanor quickly shifts when he is faced with someone equally as tall and seemingly as old as him. He closes the door slightly and knits his brows, "can I help you?"

    Inseong does not take kindly to his stiff tone and mimics his expression, placing his hands, which was gripping an umbrella, behind his back. It was pretty obvious, even though Inseong was masked, that he was clenching his jaw before he answered, "yeah. Can I talk to the person who lives here?"

    Jaeyoon does not take kindly to his stiff tone either, "why?"

    I knit my brows, wondering what was taking Jaeyoon so long, up until I dawns on me it was probably Inseong out there. I stand and jog over to the door, coming up behind the tall man blocking my view and peeping outside from under his arm, which I had to lift up to do so.

    Jaeyoon flutters at this, smiling softly. Inseong knits his brows in annoyance

    I smile at the sight of the other tall outside and call, "Brainseong, you're here."

    Jaeyoon hates how this 'Brainseong' person melts at that.

    Inseong turns to me and shows me my red umbrella.

    I smile and shove Jaeyoon away using my hips, "thank you," I say taking my umbrella from him, "do you want to come in?"

    Inseong doesn't miss a beat, "yeah, actually, I'm a little thirsty."

    I nod at this and open the door for him, pointing to my shoe rack, "put your shoes here. I'll get you a glass of water."

    Jaeyoon watches every move Inseong makes as he takes his shoes off. I catch his grim expression.

    I give him a look and slap his chest. Jaeyoon turns to me, suddenly looking like a lost, wounded puppy. I shake my head and turn away, "by the way, Inseong, this is Lee Jaeyoon, the dormmate I told you about."

    Jaeyoon puffs his chest at the idea he was mentioned before, then crosses his arms.

    "Jaeyoon, this is the classmate I told you about: Kim Inseong."

    Inseong looks to Jaeyoon and feels smug about the idea he was talked about before.

    Jaeyoon catches Inseong's expression and notes, "how could I forget, you just told me about him a few minutes ago."

    I knit my brows at that, not understanding why he felt the need to say it.

    Inseong clears his throat, "me too."

    I turn to Inseong as he continues, "you didn't have to tell me about him since you just talked about him on our most recent face time a while ago."

    Inseong and Jaeyoon look at each other.

    I look between them and purse my lips, "okay then... I'm going to get you a glass of water."

    The two follow after me. I had Inseong a cup. He drinks it and puts his mask up right after. Jaeyoon, who say a glimpse of his face, thinks he's not even good looking.

    "You can take your mask off, if you want," I say.

    Inseong shakes his head, "no, no. I'm not staying-"

    Jaeyoon smirks to himself.

    "-we're going to facetime until midnight anyway."

    Jaeyoon's face drops. He grips his hands.

    I make a face at Inseong, "I swear if you just jinxed me--"

    Inseong raises his hands and chuckles, quickly stealing a look from Jaeyoon, "what? You always fall asleep halfway anyway."

    Jaeyoon chuffs and buts in, "ya."

    I turn to Jaeyoon and raise my brows.

    "I'm going to order some food. What would you like?"

    I break into a smile, "are you treating me?"

    "I should, since you've been working so hard."

    I break into a grin and squeal, running up to Jaeyoon and gripping his arm, "wahhhhh, thank you, Jaeeeeeeyoooooonnn."

    Jaeyoon smiles blissfully. Inseong rolls his eyes, "I'll go now."

    I halt my actions and turn to Inseong, letting go of Jaeyoon and jogging up to him. I walk him to the door and grip his arm, "thanks again for giving me back my umbrella, Inseong."

    He turns to me and pats my head, "anything for my favorite partner."

    I snort at that.

    He quickly puts his shoes on and I was about to say one more goodbye, but Jaeyoon calls for me, "garlic chicken and cheese, right?"

    I turn over my shoulder and call back, "yes, please, thank you."

    "And plain fries?"

    I break into a wide grin and call back, "well if you insist."

    Jaeyoon walks over to me and smirks with a phone to his ear, "how could I ever deprive you of your favorite?"

    I shake my head at his teasing and decide not to reply.

    Inseong clears his throat from outside and raises his hand, "I'll get going now."

    Jaeyoon watches Inseong smugly from inside the apartment. Inseong looks at him then looks at me as I say, "thanks again for all the trouble you went through for my umbrella."

    "No worries. It's not a big deal."

    I shake my head, "no, it is to me."

    Inseong smiles behind his mask.

    Jaeyoon snorts and turns away.

    Before I can close the door, Inseong calls, "ah."

    "Hmm?" I open the door as I was closing it.

    Jaeyoon knits his brows and turns back to Inseong.

    "Are we still on for Saturday?" Inseong says a little louder than needed.

    I pull my head back, "yeah, why wouldn't we be?"

    Inseong nods his head, "ah, nothing. Just making sure."

    Jaeyoon makes a face upon hearing that.

    With that, Inseong gives one last wave and walks back.

    #sf9#sf9 fanfic#jaeyoon sf9#jaeyoon fanfic#lee jaeyoon #lee jaeyoon fanfic #inseong#inseong fanfic#jaeyoon fluff #jaeyoon x reader #inseong x reader #kim inseong #kim inseong fanfic #sf9 fluff #kim inseong x reader #lee jaeyoon x reader #sf9 ansgt#sf9 au #sf9 x reader #sf9 smut#sf9 imagines#sf9 scenarious#sf9 request#request#kpop request
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    SF9 reaction to you waking them up with neck kisses

    genre: sensual fluff I'd say


    Warnings: everyone is just very touchy in this piece

    Bonus song rec: Whisper, by VIXX LR

    ➹ Youngbin:

    The smooth touch of your lips against his skin makes him shrink even before becoming conscious. You smile at yourself and playfully ask whether he is getting ticklish while your hand rubs his side. "You're so gorgeous in the morning, Binnie" you continue and then he finally says something back without thinking much. "Let me kiss you too, baby girl" His eyes are still pretty lazy to open up but his fingers reach out behind to catch you. He kisses you on the corner of your lips though.

    ➹ Inseong:

    He shifts his position right after you hit with such a sensual approach. As he lays on his opposite side, you can see his half-asleep expression. "Want me to kiss you on the lips instead, babe?" you question with a mischievous smile on your face. No need to hear answers nonetheless. Your mouth lingers on his own and it brings him out of his beauty sleep. Your mouths naturally adjust at the same pace.

    ➹ Jaeyoon:

    Somehow there's a hint of joy in his grunts as you lay noisy pecks all over his neck. His exposed skin feels hot, almost like fever, in a way that you wanna keep embracing him. Why does he never put on a t-shirt? Thank God he never puts on a t-shirt. "Morning" he greets you with a low, husky voice. His hand easily wraps around yours, which was already resting on his chest. You answer with your face still buried in the crook of his neck.

    ➹ Dawon:

    He immediately wakes up not even letting you have your time inhaling his scent. He didn't think twice before flipping you around and asking questions about your plans for the new day. "My only plan was showering you with kisses in this bed" you confess letting some frustration slide on your sleepy demeanor. He sympathizes and slows down so you can lazily trace his facial traits and brush your lips against his plump ones.

    ➹ Zuho:

    He is still slightly snoring in the morning when you snuggle onto him with your eyes closed. You instinctively start to rub your nose on his clad shoulder murmuring sweet nothings out of your sleep. Without noticing, you are half kissing half sucking on the skin of his neck. "It feels so good, princess" he admits after spending a minute just enjoying the taunting affection.

    ➹ Rowoon:

    It is easy for you to simply look up and have your lips touching the side of his neck. He likes to place you on his chest when you have the weekend reserved for yourselves. It is like he is protecting you from the monsters of the night or something. In any case, the color of his skin, a soft and sweet tan, invites you for kisses. He does not take long to wake up but lets you be. Just pulls your leg over his hips and caresses your thigh in silence.

    ➹Yoo Taeyang:

    He turns to hug you as soon as you start. Boy goes all whiny, which only increases your will to keep kissing his graceful neck. He ends up waking up to leisurely wander his palm on the whole extension of your back down your butt as well as the back of your thigh. Your legs intertwine and you ask how he is doing. "Great, my angel. Better than ever" You smile as the feeling of pure bliss spread all over your being. He dips onto your neck.

    ➹ Hwiyoung:

    Am I the only one picturing the silliest smile on Hwi's sleeping face? Sometimes you wake up to see him just smiling with his eyes closed next to you. You are able to feel his peace of mind. You decide to climb on top of him because he is irresistible, seducing you even in his sleep. It's not your fault that you wake him up with a bunch of warm kisses. "Don't stop, beautiful". these are his first words. You follow his wish and add a massage to his scalp as your mouth leads up to reach his own.

    ➹ Chani:

    You will get tired of giving him kisses since he keeps unbothered. Slightly disappointed, you rub his chest and whisper in his ear. "You lovely little sloth". You giggle at yourself since his lips are still half parted and eyes loosely shut. He naturally wakes up after long minutes of you just admiring his angelic looks. "Did you say something?" he asks out of nowhere. "I called you a sloth half an hour ago but it was with love" He nodded and pulled you down to him wrapping his arms around your middle and surprisingly late reciprocating the earlier neck kisses.

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    A Final Offering

    SF9 Deity!Kim Inseong & Child!Reader + Beak Juho (Zuho) x Mom Summary: There was a time when he was known to be the fox god, most revered for his shrewd and cunning nature, as well as his swiftness, agility, and strength. Yet now his essence is barely clinging onto existence. When a innocent minded child makes an unintentional offering on his shrine, it restores him enough to assume one of his superficial forms. Now he makes it his business to protect this child no matter what. Word Count: 4k+ Warnings: Deity AU, fluff, Fem!Reader, some themes of Zuho x mom!Reader/Character, some angst, child cuteness, child!reader unintentionally being a wingman, cutesy god, TYPOS, etc.

    A/N: Not am I in anyway shape or form making Inseong's relationship with A CHILD romantic!!!! Her relationship with Inseong in this fic is NOT ROMANTIC!!!!!!!!! It's supposed to be super fluffy because children are fluffy !!! I added a separate mom character x Zuho if ur really that thirsty ///:
    This fic is also inspired by the prompt I saw which went like "there was a forgotten god and a child puts a piece of candy on his shrine and he gets restored and he makes it a point to take care of his now high priestess" smth like that

    There was once a time where his spirit was scattered in the valleys, hidden in flowers, trickling through the lakes that connected villages. He used to be a fearsome protector of an entire province, bringing the people who lived there fortune in their businesses and in their battles, for he was the Fox god, cunning and swift. His wit matched his brawn, and his large ears matched the size of his heart that gave all who cried for him a miracle.

    Sometimes, he'd stroll around in his animal form, a large, golden fox with gleaming brown eyes, rimmed with gold, and lead lost travelers out of the woods. Sometimes, he'd sneer his teeth at suspicious individuals who have the misfortune of coming across him.

    If you were lucky, you might find him in his human form, poised with grace, skin brighter than the stars and smoother than silk, and you could challenge him to a game of your choosing. There was no game that has ever come into existence that he wasn't good at. If in your losing attempt, he finds that you tried your best, he would give you a blessing in disguise. You may lose your job right after, only to find yourself a much better job, or you may find yourself with a broken leg so you won't be drafted into a losing war.

    In the highly unlikely chance you do win against him, he would faithfully grant you a wish.

    But alas, he could neither give blessings, grant wishes, or make miracles any longer. For his name was lost to history and his acts of grandeur reduced to legend.

    His spirit, in fact, is at the brink of extinction.

    In the silence of a thousand years, he heard the final whispers of the sun god, the wind goddess, and the spirits in the forest. He knew it was only natural for him to disappear into the abyss after all this time.

    Part of him was pleased that humans no longer relied on miracles and worked for themselves. Another part felt shattered knowing some humans live without hope and go on submerged in malice.

    And as his great forest was shaved down into a park, he remained in the single hundred year old tree that was left in the middle.

    He found it ironic that they called the place The Fox Park, after it's legend, yet brought the native fox population in the area down so low in order to control it.

    It was because of the existence of these last few native foxes that his essence remained, albeit in weakness.

    That would all change today.

    "Hello fox!" you waved at the red creature that had no care whatsoever of your existence. Your tiny body could barely cling on the fence railing. It made for the cutest image ever, though-- tiny hands on the ridge, a poofy dress on your frame, a rose cheeked smile on your face.

    The man you had known to call uncle Zuho came up from behind you. He bends down by your shoulder and gives a smile, "Shall I carry you so you can see the foxes better?"

    You turn to him and grin ear to ear, flashing your small teeth. You nod in approval. Zuho smiles back and easily carries you up and holds you in his arms.

    Your mother joins you and coos at the sight of you both.

    Zuho turns to her then back to you, smile never faltering, "look," he points to the fox that ignored you, "that's the daddy fox."

    You turn to where he points and look in silence.

    Zuho continues, "his name is Ha-kun. Can you say Ha-kun?"


    "Great job!" Zuho praises as he bounces you twice.

    You watch as the fox turns to you, ultimately opening his mouth to yawn ginormous.

    This was the most exciting thing in the world to you. You break into a surprised sound then fall into a fit of impressed giggles. You then turn to Zuho, grabbing his face in joy turning back to the fox to point and say, "sleepy fox!"

    Your mother and Zuho coo, the former confirming, "that's right, smart girl. The fox is sleepy."

    "Mommy!" you turn to your mother urgently. In your haste and excitement, you breathlessly explain, "mommy you kiss the fox goo-night."

    Zuho chuckles, all pleased at the innocent sentiment. Your mother smiles and gives you a bright look, "oh. We need to kiss the fox goodnight?"

    You nod slowly, thinking it was the absolute most obvious thing in the world, duh.

    Your mother then moves to the railing and begins to blow kisses to the heavy eyed fox. You watch as your mother does then until she turns to you and asks, "would you like to kiss the fox goodnight?"

    You answer by turning to the fox and copying your mother's actions, taking your hand to your lips and blowing the fox kisses.

    Zuho and your mother are thoroughly impressed, especially since you had never done this before.

    You turn to them and break into a huge smile, bursting out into laughter. Zuho has an irresistible urge to smother you in kisses, which he does, and so does your mother.

    After the show of affection, Zuho begins to walk off with your mother, gripping his arm. "Did you know that long, long ago, this place used to me a big forest, home to the Fox god?" Zuho begins to tell you. "They say that if you win a game against him, he will grant you true love."

    Your mother raises her brows, "I thought he would grant you a wish."

    "Well," Zuho says and smirks, looking down at the shorter woman beside him, "I would wish for true love."

    She chuckles and roll your eyes, "how fitting of you."

    Zuho hums, "actually, I'd ask him to make the love of my life love me back."

    Upon hearing these words, the woman is promptly silenced. Zuho chuckles as you make it to the center of the enclosure, where the famed hundred year old tree is planted.

    You begin to stir in his arms. Zuho promptly sets you down as you make it towards the large tree.

    Your mother watches as you walk over to it, "she's always had a love for trees." She turns to Zuho, who was already looking at her, "she was really excited the first time she saw a tree."

    Zuho smiles and turns to you, "she's amazing. Just like her mother."

    You make your way to the large trunk and feel absolutely enamored by its presence. You place your hand on the trunk and smile, "hello tree."

    You feel chills run down your spine. You feel a wind caress your cheek and your dress blow against the breeze.

    In this moment, your mother and Zuho watch you closely. The latter averts his attention back to the woman beside him and blinks, falling into a more serious tone, "give me a chance."

    A shiver runs up her spine. She turns to him, feeling her throat constrict, "like how I gave her father a chance?"

    After the breeze passes, you find your lips quivering. You immediately understand that the tree is sad, sad and tired.

    Your voice barely cracks out, "sorry tree."

    You reach out into your pocket and place a heart sticker on it.

    You then reach out to it and attempt to wrap your arms on the trunk, pressing your cheeks on the rough surface.

    In this moment, your mother catches you and calls your attention, scolding you for embracing a dirty surface. She bends down and pulls you towards her.

    When she sees your teary eyes however, her demeanour changes and is immediately concerned. She picks you up and stands, "darling, what's wrong?"

    You blink in sadness, pouting your lower lip out.

    "Did you get hurt?" she immediately checks if you were bitten by an insect of some sort and brushes off your body.

    Zuho also looks at you in concern and gently tries to coax what happened out of you, "are you okay big girl? What happened?"

    Your lips quiver as you confess, "the tree is sad."

    Your mother and Zuho let out a slightly relieved sigh. Wiping your tears, she nods, "you feel the tree is sad?"

    You nod.

    "Aw, baby, shall we blow a kiss to the tree as well?"

    You firmly nod and promptly turn to the tree and blow it a kiss, mirroring the words of encouragement she regularly hears from her mother, "it's okay tree. I believe in you."

    In that moment, there was one believer of the Fox god, albeit one unknowing.

    "Hello fox," you say, grinning ear to ear at small golden fox that was sat in front of you.

    Your mother, who was cooking, gives you a quick look, seeing you were peacefully sat on your mat, playing with your toys not to far off in the living room.

    The fox looks at your with wide eyes and leans in, sniffing you. You burst into a loud giggle because of this, leaning back and promptly falling.

    Catching this, your mother stiffens and observes what happens next. Upon seeing that you still had a big smile on your face, and that you promptly sit back up and play with your blocks, she decides to continue cooking.

    The fox turns to your mother then climbs on top of the sofa, making an impossible leap to the kitchen counter, promptly knocking the bowl of raw kitchen straight into the trash.

    The woman, who had been cutting up some tomatoes, lets out a surprised scream because of this and look at the trash can in horror. She cursed under her breath and pulls out the bowl, thinking of what they would eat now, since all that chicken went to waste.

    Right then and there, there is a stirring in the front door and the sound of keys jingling. Zuho walks in with a soft smile, "I bought dinner."

    You turn to him, and cheer, "uncle Zuho!"

    "Hey, baby!" Zuho says, crouching down to allow you into his arms. He successfully caries you and a bag of chicken to the kitchen.

    "Are you okay?" Zuho asks, seeing the woman's knit brows.

    She releases a sigh and shakes her head, "I was supposed to be cooking chicken, but the darn bowl slips into the bin out of nowhere."

    Zuho is half amused, but releases his laugh along with words of comfort, "it's okay. I bought dinner."

    "Yeah, but all that chicken is wasted."

    Zuho gives you a quick playful look, since you had been patting his cheeks for fun, then checks the bin, making a face, "good riddance babe. The chicken looks like it's gone bad."

    You turn to your mother as she lets out a shocked sound, "really?"

    "Honey, there are green and yellow streaks on it."

    The woman looks exasperated.

    Zuho looks in concern, "is your refrigerator still broken?"

    "No," she shakes her head, "it's just the freezer's been wonky ever since I got it fixed. It's like it chooses days it wants to work, you know."

    "You know," Zuho releases a breath and sets the chicken down on the counter, "you could always move in with --"

    "You don't want me to move in with you, Zuho."

    "I want you more," Zuho steps forward, "than anything I have ever wanted in my entire life."

    You look at your mom and see her eyes begin to water. She sighs and places her head on Zuho's shoulder, covering her face in her hands, "Zuho," she pulls away and wipes her tears, "look at me. I'm a single mom who can't afford to buy a new refrigerator. There are plenty of other girls out there that would love you."

    "But I don't want them," Zuho scowls, "I want-"

    "Yewow Fox!" you call, pointing. Your mother looks away from Zuho and wipes her face again.

    You turn to Zuho and call, "silly, yewow fox!"

    Zuho sighs and offers you a smile, heart melting when he sees your face, "you want to see the foxes again?"

    "There's a silly yewow fox over there!"

    Zuho tilts his head and coos, "oh? There's a silly, yellow fox? Where?"

    You giggle and break free from Zuho's arms. He swiftly puts you down and you grab his hand, bringing him to the living room, "here! Here!"

    When you get there, you look around and giggle, looking for the golden fox that sniffed you.

    "Where did the fox go, baby?" Zuho asks.

    You turn to him in surprise, raising your hands, "fox is gone now?"

    Zuho mimics your expression and gasps, "the fox went away?"

    "The fox is gone!"

    "Silly fox," Zuho nods his head, "he could have eaten with us!"

    The next time time you mention the silly, yellow fox is in the grocery.

    "Silly, yewow fox!" you call under your breath when you see it at the end of the isle. The creature pushes one ear back and tilts its head, making you giggle, alerting your mother who you were walking beside.

    The fox then begins to run off, which makes you squeal and follow after it.

    Of course, your mother abandons the object she was inspecting and simply follows you, watching closely where you would go.

    You giggle when you spot the fox to your right and follow it as treads to another isle. You and your mother end up at a cereal section and you reach your hand out to the fox who was by the end of the isle.

    Suddenly, the golden creature jumps into the shelf and promptly disappears.

    You are then faced with a yellow box, but you softly whisper, "yewow fox?"

    Your mother looks at you then comes down, praising you, "that's right! Yellow box. Very good, smart girl."

    "Yewow fox?" you ask, turning your mother.

    "No, no," she says, pointing to the object, "yellow box. Can you say it again, yellow box."

    "Yewow box..."

    "Very good girl!" she praises, then realizes the box of honey and nut cereal was on sale. She gasps, "oh my, it's on sale," she grabs the box and puts it in the cart, "good job, baby."

    The next time it happens, you were in another park, having a picnic.

    "So, she's obsessed with foxes now," your auntie Nayeon asks your mother.

    Your mother turns to Nayeon and nods, "ever since we went to the fox park, she's made up a yellow fox for an imaginary friend."

    "She must have had an amazing time there," Nayeon says, sipping on her soda. She gives a provoking look, hoping the other woman would catch on. Nayeon lets out a breath after a satisfying drink and continuous, "Zuho must have given her an amazing time."

    The other woman doesn't even acknowledge this, "sometimes I think she's actually talking to someone. It made me think she might have met the golden fortune fox in the park."

    "The what?" Nayeon asks, pulling a face.

    "You don't know the lore?" she asks in surprise, "they say the four winds gave birth to a fox spirit who took care of the villages around the forest where the park is now. Apparently, the Fox god is a big golden fox with one large wooly tail made of gold fleece, who turns into a tall cunning man who loves to challenge people with games."

    Nayeon hums, "seems about right."

    "What if she's actually friends with the fox spirit."

    "Here we go," Nayeon sighs, "just because you were raised by superstitious parents, doesn't mean you have to keep with superstitious beliefs."

    "Hey, my incident with the broken mirror is real!"

    "Real stupid."

    She rolls her eyes.

    You, at the end of the picnic mat, laugh sight of the fox running around, making dandelions fly around.

    Your mother gives Nayeon a look, to which she looks back and reasons, "the breeze is making dandelions fly all over. I'd be laughing in delight too, if I were her!"

    The woman sighs and releases a breath, "well, for what it's worth," she turns to the distance and smiles, "fox of fortune, thank you for making my daughter so happy." She picks up a soda and raises it, "and for the 50% off drinks."

    Nayeon lets out a chuckle and raises her can, "here, here."

    They share a toast, and Nayeon gets a cup, giving you a look, "let's not forget to give our fox god a drink."

    Your mother chuckles and nods, getting her own cup. The two women then pour a drink for the fox god, your mother pouring it onto the soil, Nayeon drinking it.


    "What? I'm drinking it for him."

    Little did they know that there would be three unknowing believers from that point on.

    Later that night, your mother would fall asleep before you.

    You were playing with a stray block that was the pillows of your crib. You thought to bring a largish block to your mouth. You however were stopped and promptly scolded, "we don't eat toys, dew drop."

    You look at the man who had the same golden rimmed, brown eyes your fox friend had, then watched as he took the block away from you. He then takes the rogue block and places it soundlessly inside your toy box.

    "Blocks don't taste nice," he says, walking back to the crib, kneeling down in front of you. You giggle and walk over to him, smushing his cheeks, the way you did Zuho's.

    "Silly yewow fox!" you coo.

    He smiles back at you and places his hands over yours, "yes, you brilliant girl. I am your silly yellow fox."

    You observed his face as you pressed on his cheeks. His eyes crinkle in joy and he takes your wrists, kissing them both. He savors the feeling of your soft warm hands on his skin and feels his spirit reinvigorate. You begin to pet his head and compliment him the way your uncle Zuho would, "pretty fox!"

    He breaks into a soft smile, "thank you, my love." He then rests his hands on the rim of the crib and examines you. For the first time in millennia, he is able to see into a person's future. He sees you all grown up into a wonderful woman and his face falters only for him to break back into a smile, "you can call me Inseong."

    You look at him for a moment.

    His smile falters again. He pouts, "Inseong."


    Inseong smiles, utterly pleased and proud, "very well done, clever girl."

    You yawn as Inseong raises a finger and says, "I'm going to teach you a word. Can you say gold?"

    "Gold..." you rub your eyes.

    "Very good. What about golden?"


    "Astonishing," he says, standing. He moves to pick you up just to set you down again, lying you on your back, "next time you see me, you can say silly golden fox, okay?"

    You close your eyes as you press your cheeks against the pillow.

    Inseong smiles and places a blanket over you.

    The next day. You were playing with Zuho and Inseong in the living room while your mother finished showering.

    Though, Inseong would only make himself visible to you, he still made sure not to gather your attention too much, as to alert Zuho.

    He was, however, trying to teach you a word.

    "Daddy," Inseong spoke in a loud whisper with exaggerated lip movement.

    You would look at him, then Zuho and your toys, not really enjoying the fact your attention was being split in between two people.

    For a moment, you completely ignored Zuho, since Inseong began to run around the room in his fox form, making your stop and eventually giggle softly. Zuho also ceased his playing around to look at you and your giggling self.

    "What?" Zuho chuckled, turning to you. He was sprawled on his chest on your play mat. You were sat beside him, looking at what Zuho thought it was blank space.

    Inseong turned into his human form and pointed at Zuho, "call him daddy! Daddy Zuho!"

    "Daddy!" you say, literally right at the moment your mother walks towards the two of you.

    Zuho and your mother freeze at your choice of words. Inseong breaks into a wide smile and fists his hand in accomplishment.

    This triggers the opposite response he wanted out of your mother.

    The woman foolishly asked Zuho to stop visiting after that, which made you extremely fussy and clearly sad. Inseong's heart broke whenever you began to cry and wouldn't be calmed down.

    On this particular day, you were going at it for 10 minutes. Inseong even tried turning into a fox to cheer you up, but it didn't work. You clearly wanted Zuho. Well, he fixed that quickly by pressing Zuho's number on the telephone and leaving the handset dangling on the floor.

    Zuho picked up the call quickly and heard nothing but crying. Inseong made sure he heard your mother clearly say, "I'm sorry. I know you miss Zuho... I miss him too."

    Zuho quickly came running after that.

    When he came, you immediately turned to him, calling him daddy, instead of uncle.

    It ripped at the both of your mother and Zuho.

    Zuho brings you into his arms and promptly soothes you.

    Your mother sighs and turns away, wiping her eyes.

    You eventually fall asleep and is put into your crib.

    Zuho comes up to your mother and says, "we need to talk."

    She doesn't fight it and shakes her head, "we do."

    Zuho allows a moment to pass. She takes in a breath and levels herself. Inseong sits on the sofa, watching the both of you.

    Zuho takes in a breath and firmly states, "I don't want to be away from her."

    She look at him, eyes watering.

    "I don't want to be away from you."


    When he takes a step towards you, Inseong makes sure to make Zuho trip on a toy, making him crash into the woman's arms.

    She hoists him up and looks at him with teary eyes.

    Zuho watches her sad expression and cups her face, "I love you, so much."

    She looks down and screws her eyes shut, "why? Why me?"

    Zuho chuckles and pushes her hair behind her ear, "do you remember when you stood up for me at work?"

    "Gee," she chuckles, "you mean the day I got fired."

    Zuho leans his forehead against hers, "You're the first person who's ever truly believed in me, who's ever stood up for me. None of my friends have ever stood up to my father for me."

    "Your friends live up your father's ass."

    "Exactly," Zuho says, "and all the girls that have ever liked me live up mine." He leans down to meet you face to face, "But you, you live in my heart."

    She finally opens her eyes and looks at Zuho.

    Inseong rolls his eyes, thinking he's had enough, and pushes the two of them together.

    The moment their lips connect, Inseong foresees the couple's wedding, which makes him clap his hands in delight.

    He sighs and breaks into a smile, "we did it, child. We did it."

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  • tobesensation-9
    13.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    hello 💗 let’s push through exams together! whenever you’re free, I have a request!

    how about sf9 waking you up in the middle of the night just because they’re needy?

    Oooooo yess! I haven’t written smut related works in a while so I’m glad this was sent 🥰.

    *Edit* Here is the work finally. I hope you enjoy.

    SF9: Needy at Night

    The boys wake you up in the middle of the night due to waking up from a wet dream of you.

    Genre: Fluff, Mentions of Smut (Alludes to sexual themes but no explicit acts of sex.)

    Young Bin

    Youngbin lays in bed, eyes wide, looking up at the ceiling. Heat rushes from his abdomen rapidly up to his face. When he felt the burning on his cheeks, he threw his hands up to cover it. Whenever he'd have wet dreams of you while lying right beside you, he always felt embarrassed and ashamed.

    He felt guilty, indecent, disgusting even. The feeling wasn't bad when you weren't around. He ravaged being in it in your absence. But that changed when you would lay asleep beside him. He looks over to you when he hears you stirring in your sleep.

    He slowly reached his hand out to your shoulder, but you turned around before he could touch you.

    "Can't sleep?" You smile at him with your sheepish eyes. You outstretched your hand to caress his arm. He looked bewildered.

    "Baby.." is all he says before you felt his lips on yours, his passion igniting a passion within you.

    Kim In Seong

    "Wow," he whispered to himself in disbelief. He looks down at his member protruding through his pants like a sore thumb. "Why...?"

    "Honey, what are you talking about? Are you just talking to yourself?"

    "What's wrong?"

    "I-I'm just really cold. I thought you were deep in sleep. You just surprised me."

    "Oh, um okay then," you turn around and try to lay back down but you forgot that he kidnapped all the covers. "Can I get some cover?"

    "Ahh, I'll just lay with you." He lays down cuddled and pressed against your back.

    "Ah...I see what the problem was," you giggle to yourself. You raise your arm to pat his head, to comfort him.

    "Just pretend you don't feel it."

    "I can't. I feel like I have to do something about it now."

    “I mean…if you want to…I wouldn’t hate that…”

    You lightly smack his head as you giggle and turn around.

    Lee Jae Yoon


    You turn over to the man lying next to you. You turn to look for his face, looking right back at you intently. At the eye contact, he'd look at you, look down at himself, and back at you. As if insinuating that you knew what he wanted.

    His mouth is slightly agape as he anticipates your reaction.

    You look at him in shock and smack his arm before turning back over and grabbing the covers to lay back down.

    “Babbbyyyy c’mon help me ouuuttt.”


    All of his confidence flies out the window as he cuddles you and tries to get you to change your mind.

    "Go to sleep nasty."

    Lee Dawon (Sang Hyuk)

    You are half asleep when you feel a tugging at your t-shirt sleeve.

    One tug. A beat. Another tug. Another moment. Then two quick tugs. You giggle to yourself.


    “Oh. I was gonna stop after that if you hadn't woken up fully.”

    “What. What do you want? I’m tired,” you laugh out in annoyance.

    “Ahh, I..” he starts to do that cute smile he does and look towards his crotch area with a forced smile.

    “Hyuk….,” you try not to laugh, because you don’t want him to feel bad.

    He'd continue to laugh nervously, scratching the back of his neck.

    "I guess we can stay up a little late tonight and have some fun."

    Baek Zuho (Ju Ho)

    The two of you like to sleep snuggled up against each other. One night you were dozing while you watched a movie together. You had shifted your position and for some reason, this one small move, and you staying right there made him weak. He had already dozed off. So when you moved, that is what woke him up. He peaked over you, seeing that your eyes were closed. By the slowing of your breathing, he knew that you were asleep.

    "Ah..." is all he could muster. He wanted to shift away from you, but he also didn't want to wake you.

    "Jagi...why would you do this to me?" he'd sigh in defeat at his body always under your spell even when you weren't awake.

    Kim Rowoon (Seok Woo)

    Half asleep you’d feel his body pressing against you suddenly. Immediately followed by his body in yours, you’d also feel a sudden warmth engulf you under the sheets and your stomach would do somersaults.



    You thought he was awake but by his response, it didn’t seem like it.

    “Are you sleeping?” You try to turn around and face him, but he squeezes you tighter to prevent you from moving.

    “Don’t move,” he’d say as you felt him hold you tighter. Then sudden warmth you felt earlier would be none other than him getting excited for you in his sleep.

    The more you felt it, the more his breathing started to become more vocal, breathy moans filling your ears.

    Yoo Tae Yang

    He was wondering by some miracle, did you know what he was thinking about? Did you know how he was feeling? He fought himself on the thought of turning you around and waking you up to do the lewd things he imagined in his dreams.

    But you looked so peaceful. So at ease. He'd feel like he was being inconsiderate if he woke you up. Instead, he just thought if he cuddled up against you more, it would be more of a win-win. He could still feel you at least but wouldn't wake you up. But not long after he'd notice you waking up but rubbing up against him in return.

    He'd turn you around to see you stirring but your eyes would open slowly following.

    Now he’d be happy that you did wake up and caught him looking the way he was. He meets your face with his, reaching a hand to caress your face before your lips touch.

    Kim Hwiyoung (Young Kyun)


    You hear his deep voice tickle your ear and neck. He caresses your arm, and softly kisses your neck and cheek as he coaxes you awake.


    "Wake up.”


    He gently turns you over to face him. You furrow your face in confusion.


    You didn’t mean for the question to come out the way it did, laced with annoyance. But you weren’t expecting to wake out of your great sleep.

    His face turns cold, eyes wide. “Sorry I was just…I suddenly got in the mood.”

    He lowers his head and starts to run his hair through his hair out of embarrassment.

    “Ohhh. Ah." Both of you sit there in embarrassment. But you give him a kiss on the cheek to comfort him. "So is that a yes?"

    You smile a little before he holds you in his arms and lays you back down on the bed.

    Kang Chani (Chan Hee)

    Despite what you may have thought about him, he wouldn’t be too embarrassed beyond compare. He was good at acting confident but deep down he’d be dying, cringing inside.

    So when he woke up in the middle of the night from a wet dream, he wouldn’t know what to do.

    He’d shift the way he sat on the bed to try to make it go away. He’d also try to think of work or something far-fetched to make it go away.

    You’d wake up to footsteps as you turn around and see Chanhee pacing in the bedroom.


    He’d freeze in his tracks, eyes protruding out his head.

    “I’m fine just thinking about something. You don’t have to worry about it,” he forced a chuckle.

    “Are you sure?” You look in the position of his crotch and he dies on the spot.


    “Don’t worry about it. Come here.”

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  • athenathesharkwrites
    22.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Our First Christmas - Kim Inseong

    Requested by: @inseongsfoxybae​

    Warnings: Fluff, smut, soft smut, breast play, nipple play, nudeness, clit stimulation, fingering, pet/nicknames, hint of finger sucking, soft sex, unprotected sex (reader’s on the pill), praising?, soft ending.

    W/C: 4.2K

    You hold onto Inseong’s arm while walking through the store with him, your head rests against his shoulder as you do, it was your first Christmas living together, and you were out buying a tree, or trying to, he was making you laugh more than anything as you were in the Christmas section of the store, he stops the cart in front of the large selection of Christmas trees and turns his head to kiss the top of your head.

    “Okay, sweetheart, what kind of tree would you like?” He asks, you look at the trees, the different shapes, sizes and colours, you lift your head to look up at him.

    “Okay, wait, hold on, we need to choose together, we’re both going to be looking at it each year,” You say, you watch his smile widens, and he leans down to peck your lips, his nose brushing against yours as he does.

    “All right, let’s take a closer look,” He says, he pulls you closer to the tree, and you inspect each one carefully before selecting one you both liked, next was the decorations that would go on it and in the house, especially in the living room, once you got everything you wanted, you were on your way home to start decorating, which was a challenge in its own way, but a challenge you knew you would love each year you would put the tree up, Inseong had made sure to make you laugh as he was setting up the tree, once he was finished you both spent time sitting on the floor, opening the decorations and putting them on the bottom of the tree, every few times he could lean closer and give you a kiss somewhere on your face that had you giggling, as you moved higher up the tree, he became more touchy also, pulling you closer to him, his hand rests on your lower back as he kissed your lips before moving to put something on the tree.

    “Inseong!” You whine, his arms were now around you and his chin resting on your shoulder as he puts something on the tree.

    “What?” He chuckles out. “I didn’t want to ask you to move,” You smile and turn your head to kiss his cheek.

    “You’re too cute for your own good,” You say, he smiles, turning his head, his nose brush against yours.

    “If I’m cute, then you must be the goddess of cuteness,” He says, he leans a little closer, his lips about to touch yours. “My cute goddess,” His lips touch yours, giving you a soft kiss, making you taste the passion in it, he slowly takes a step back, pulling you with him, he turns your body towards him, not once breaking the kiss, his hands move to rest on your hips, his fingers pulling at the sweater you had on, lifting it upwards, and only then did he break the kiss, you gasp for air as he pulls your sweater from you, he drops it on the couch and moments his lips were against your skin, kissing along your jaw, his hands slip underneath your shirt and slide up your skin to your breasts.

    “Seong,” You breathe out, your hands move to the collar of his jacket and pushes it off his shoulders, the fabric drops to the floor, you slide your hands over his shoulders, feeling the shape of them underneath your touch, you slip your hands into the shirt he wore, feeling his warm skin underneath your touch, his hands cup your breasts through your bra, and press his thumb against your bra, pressing it against one of your nipples, his nose brush against your skin as he kisses down your neck and to your collarbone, his hands leave your breast, and you feel them slide along your bra and to the back where he finds the clasp to undo it, his hands quickly retract from your shirt, and he pulls back from your collarbone and moves his hands to your arm, slipping his fingers into the sleeve of your shirt to reach the bra straps, he pulls them down your arms, you could feel the fabric slipping away from your breasts, you could feel the fabric slipping away from your breasts, you slip your hands out from underneath his shirt and let him slip the straps down your arms before sliding them off, he dips a hand into your shirt and grabs the bra, pulling it out from underneath your shirt and tosses it towards the couch. “Seongie, I think you’re a step ahead,” You hear a soft giggle coming from him.

    “I just wanted it out of the way,” He says, his hands moving underneath your shirt, the fabric riding up as he slides his hands up your tummy and back t your chest. “So I can touch these without any restrictions,” He leans closer, his nose touching yours before his lips were on yours, his fingers slide over the underside of your boobs before stopping when they reach your nipples, his tongue slides over your bottom lip before sucking it into his mouth, his teeth lightly nibbles on your bottom lip.

    “Hmm,” You hum, his fingers play with your nipples, causing them to harden and swell, your skin was slowly warming up, and you could feel wetness pooling between your legs, he releases your lip and looks down at where his hands were playing with your breasts.

    “Want to move this to the bedroom?” He asks, you shake your head, you didn’t want to move or make the short walk to the bedroom, you were fine with doing it right here, right next to the half decorated Christmas tree.

    “Let’s stay right here,” You say. “We can use the blanket on the couch, but I don’t want to go to another room,” You see a shift in his eyes, and they become darker as lust clouded them.

    “It sounds perfect to me,” He says, his hands move away from your chest and his fingers curl around the fabric of your shirt, you lift your arms and allow him to take it off, he tosses it towards the couch and dips his head lower, his lips attach to your skin, and he leaves a trail of open-mouthed kisses down your chest and over the curve of your breast before he reached your nipple, his mouth wraps around the bud, and he uses his tongue to stimulate the bud, he cups your other breast and uses his thumb to rub your nipple, you close your eyes halfway and tilt your head back.

    “Seong…” You softly say, his nose brush against your skin as his mouth is around your nipple, not sucking just yet, but flicking his tongue over the bud, causing more wetness to pool between your folds and your skin to flare up, you lift one of your hands and move it to the back of his head, running your fingers through his hair before resting your fingers against his scalp, his hips press against yours, making you aware of the tent growing in his jeans, he sucks on your nipple before pulling away, releasing the bud with a loud pop which caused your clit to twitch.

    “Let’s get the blanket,” He says, you open your eyes and lift your head to look at him, your hand falling away from the back of his head, he steps away from you and quickly grab the blanket that was draped over the backrest of the couch and spreads it onto the floor, he kneels down on it and extends his arm out for you, you smile and place your hand in his, he pulls you onto the blanket and watches as he pats the spot between your feet. “Sit right here,” You release his hand before sitting down in front of him, your legs on either side of him, he sits on his knees between your legs and leans closer to you, giving you a forehead kiss before his hands press down against your shoulders, urging you to lay back, once you were laying down, and he was hovering above you, you could feel his shirt tickling your tummy.

    “Inseong?” You say.

    “Yes, sweetheart?” He says.

    “Can you please take your shirt off, it’s tickling me,” You say, he chuckles before sitting back on his knees, he quickly takes off his shirt, tossing it towards the couch, your eyes move down from his face and over his torso, taking in his shape, you’ve seen it plenty of times, but you don’t think you could ever get used to seeing him naked in front of you, he leans over you with his head lower down and his lips against your sternum before feeling him leaving a trail down to your navel, you lick your bottom lip as it felt somewhat ticklish. “Seongie,” You softly giggle out, you lift your head to look at him and see him staring up at you as he was leaving a trail of open-mouthed kisses down your tummy, you could feel warmth spreading through you as you watched him, he was bringing so much joy to you, even when things were becoming more heated between you, he still managed to bring you joy.

    “Just want to show love to every part of you,” He says, you prop yourself up onto your elbows and watch him, he reaches the waistband of your pants and leaves a trail of kisses along the band, his hands touch your sides and slide down to your waistband, his fingers hooking into your waistband, and he tugs on it, you lift your hips and allow him to tug your pants along with your panties down, you lower your hips and watch him, one hand leaves the waistband to lift one of your legs and take off the fabric before he did the same to the other side, he pushes the fabric off the blanket and leans down, his lips moving over your hips and over the crease, he kisses down your thighs, his hands sliding up and down the side of your thighs, making you drop your head back and let out a sigh of consent, you slowly lay back and enjoy the feeling of his hands on the side of your thighs and his lips kissing the top of them, his lips travel up your thigh before moving over your mound, your breath hitches for a moment and your insides churn in pleasure.

    “Inseong…” You softly moan, you reach for his hair with one hand and run your fingers through it before entangling your fingers in them. “Feels so nice, Seong,” His hands slide over the top of your thighs, moving to the inside before he spreads your legs further apart, he kisses down your mound and over your folds, you could hear your heart rate picking up and drumming in your ears, his lips move over your folds before taking one of them between his lips and sucking on it, more wetness pools between your folds as your walls squeeze around nothing. “Ohh, hmm, mmm,” You light pull at his hair, your other hand fists the blanket, and you turn your head to one side, your breathing becoming deeper and heavier, his lips softly pulls at your folds before releasing it, he slides a hand up your thigh, leaving a burning trail behind as he does, the palm of his hand rests on your mound and his fingers slip past your folds before spreading them, your clit twitches as you feel his light breathing against your pussy, his nose brushes against your mound, and you let out a gasp as you feel his tongue press against your clit. “Seongie… hmm,” He slides it over your clit, giving soft and slow licks to the sensitive nub. “Ohhmm,” Your back lightly arches at the sensation running through your body.

    “Hmm,” He hums, the vibrations from his hum send a jolt of pleasure through you, his tongue continues to lick at your clit, you could feel your insides knotting together as your high was slowly building, his fingers that were spreading your folds disappear along with his hand resting on your mound, moments later you feel a digit at your entrance, circling and collecting your arousal on his finger before sliding it into you, your eyes close halfway at the light stretch.

    “Seong,” You whisper, his other hand pushes your leg upwards, giving him more access to your pussy, his finger pumps in and out of you, the sound of your wetness squelching echoes around the room, making it sound so sinful yet so delicious. “Ohh, hmm, Inseong,” You gasp and close your eyes as you feel him take your clit into his mouth and suck on the sensitive nub, you press your fingers into his scalp. “Hmm, feels so good,” You suck in a deep breath, the sound of his breathing against your pussy reaches your ears, making you clench around his finger. “Seong, ohhh my gosh,” He turns and twists his finger inside you, you were growing wetter and wetter and his finger was slipping in and out easier. “More, please, hmm, Seong,” His finger slips out until just the tip remained inside you, you feel another finger at your entrance, the digit slowly sliding into you, you pull at the blanket as you feel his fingers filling and stretching you.

    “Hmm,” He hums against your pussy, making you gasp.

    “Seong, ohhh, hmm,” You moan, he curls his fingers against your walls, causing your body to jolt. “Ohhmm my,” You feel him pull at your clit with his mouth and as he does, you could feel the tightening feeling inside you tightening up. “OH, OH!” He releases your clit with a loud pop, your hand in his hair falls away, and you grip onto the blanket with it. “Inseong,” You whine, he lifts his head to look at you, watching as your head was turning from one side to the other, he could see your muscling pulling as you were nearing your high.

    “Oh, my princess, does it feel good?” He asks,

    “Hmm, it does, oh, so good,” You say.

    “Hmm,” He hums, you feel his fingers slide all the way out of you before feeling another digit poking at your entrance, you take in a deep breath as you feel him push the digits inside you, filling and stretching you.

    “Ohhh, Innnseongggg,” You moan, your toes curl in pleasure as you feel his fingers against your walls, he sits back on his knees as he feels a discomfort against his cock, he looks down and sees the tent that’s formed in his jeans and was being held back by the tightening fabric. “Inseooooonngggg!” You could feel the tightening feeling inside you snap, and you squeeze your eyes shut, stars explode behind your lids and your body is enveloped with pleasure, his eyes move away from his crotch to watch your walls pulse around his fingers and your arousal leaking from around them as you released around them, your legs shook with pleasure and your body was set alight, your mind was up in the clouds asp pleasure rush through you. “Ohh, myy, Inseong, oh, ohhh,” He slowly moves his eyes higher, taking in your beautiful form in front of him, his eyes stop once he reaches your face, taking in how much pleasure you were experiencing, your jaw was slacked, and you were breathing in hard through your mouth, he curls and uncurls his fingers inside you, easing you through your high, his eyes wander a little lower, watching until your back relaxed, he slowly slips his fingers from you and sits back on his knees, just watching and admiring you, he could never get enough of you, which is why he was the happiest when you had agreed to live with him, his heart had soared to the skies when you had said ‘yes’, you lift your head to look at him, giving him a dazed smile.

    “Honey, I was wondering how I should clean my fingers,” He says, you tilt your head to the side in confusion, he brings his hand up, you see his fingers glistening with your release, and it was starting to dry. “With my mouth or with yours?” You giggle and over your face, you should have known he would ask something like that.

    “Inseooong,” You whine, he smiles before slipping his fingers into his mouth to clean them, or try to clean most of your release from them, you pull your hands away from your face to watch him. “I’ll clean them next time,” His eyes widen, and he almost chokes on his fingers, he quickly pulls them from his mouth.

    “I, uh, um, What?” He stutters out.

    “I said; I’ll clean them next time,” You say.

    “Ohh, oh, you little naughty thing,” He says, his hands move to his jeans, undoing the button and zipper, he quickly manoeuvres himself out of his jeans and boxers, his cock springs free from the hold, your eyes fall lower, watching as pre-cum decorates the tip of his cock, once he had completely discarded his jeans and boxers, he moves his hand to wrap around his cock, you prop yourself up onto your elbows to watch him, he pauses and looks at you, you see a mischievous glint in his eyes before he moves his hand to your pussy, his fingers press against your entrance before he drags his fingers upwards, collecting your juices onto his fingers before he moves his hand to his cock and wrapping his soaked fingers around himself, he lets out a low moan at the feeling of his wet cold fingers. “Oh, honey, I can’t wait to feel your wetness coat me,” You suck your bottom lip between your teeth as you watch him palm himself, he lifts his gaze from his hand around himself to look at you, his eyes watch as you watched his hand and bite your lip harder. “Are you enjoying the show?” Your eyes snap up to look at his face.

    “I, um, oh,” You stutter, you nod your head. “Yes,” You could hear the sound of him palming himself bounce off the walls, which was only causing you to clench your walls, he moves closer to you and moves the head of his cock through your folds, you lay back against the blanket, staring at the ceiling above you as you feel him coating his cock with your arousal. “Inseong, ohmm,” You feel him move his cock lower before feeling the head slowly being pushed into you, you let out a soft whimper and close your eyes at the sensation of him filling and stretching you, he unwraps his hand from around his cock and leans over you, you open your eyes to look at him, only to feel his lips press against yours as he kisses you, swallowing up your whimpers and moans, you wrap your arms around him, your hands press against his back as you feel each inch of him filling you, he pauses when he feels your walls squeezing around him before pushing in more, he groans into the kiss as the feeling of your warm wet walls welcoming him, once he was fully inside you, he breaks away from the kiss and lays his forehead against yours.

    “Wrap your legs around me,” He says, you lift your legs and wrap them around his was it, you were about to lock your ankles together behind his back when he stopped you from doing so. “I’m going to roll over and have you on top, is that okay, honey?” You nod your head.

    “Yes, yes, it’s more than okay,” You say, his hands move to your hips as he lifts his upper body, lifting you off from the blanket, he grips your hips as he does, he turns you both around and in seconds you find yourself on top of him and him underneath you, his hands release the tight hold on your hips and slide them down to your asscheeks, cupping them in his hands.

    “I’ll help you ride me, okay?” He says, you softly smile, keeping your chest lowered to his, you lift your hips and feel his hands pressing harder into your ass as he helps you move, the sound of your wetness reached your ears as you slowly rode him, and he guided you over his cock, you stared into his eyes, seeing the love in them. “Does it feel good?” You nod your head, the slow moments with him always felt good.

    “It always does,” You say, you lower your head and kiss his chest and leave a slow trail up his chest to his collarbone. Hmm, so good Seongie,” You moan against his skin, a low groan leaves the back of his throat.

    “You feel so good,” He groans out, you lift your head and kiss along his jaw. “And you treat me so good, baby,” You reach his chin and kiss up until you reached his lips, leaving a peck on them.

    “It’s because you’re so good to me,” You say, you reach up and run your fingers through his hair, pushing them back to expose his forehead, you giggle as his hair looked disbelieved and some had fallen back while some were sticking in all kinds of directions, they were damp and some were already sticking to his forehead.

    “You’re so adorable,” He says, you lower your gaze from his hair and see the admiration in his eyes. “You make me so happy,” He leans up and softly kisses you, you lean into the kiss, your eyes falling shut, your hand slowly slides away from his hair and to his cheek to cup them, you feel his chest vibrating against yours as he moans into your mouth, you break away from the kiss, keeping your eyes shut. “Moan, I wanna hear you.”

    “And I wanna hear you also,” You say, he bucks his hips, his cock reaching deeper. “Ohh, hmm.”

    “Hmm, you take me so well, honey,” He moans, you could feel your high slowly building, your walls were squeezing around him, just starting to milk him for an orgasm. “That feels soo ohh, good, it's making my mind spin, baby,” You could feel his hands trying to guide you faster over his cock, you slide your hand away from his cheek and open your eyes, you press both your hands into his chest and sit upright on his cock, you lift your hips and begin bouncing on him, his eyes open wide as he watches you, your skin glistened with sweat and your tits bounces along with you. “Ohh, honey, just like that, ohh it feels so good,” His hands slide away from your asscheeks and rest at the top of your thighs. “Ju— Just like that, ohh.”

    “Hmm, it feels good, ohh,” You moan, one of his hands slide away from your thigh and over your mound, he presses his thumb against your clit and rub circles on the sensitive nub. “Ohh, oh, Inseong, hmm, uhhh,” The head of his cock throbbed and twitched inside you, he was close, and you were getting close to your high also.

    “Want to— ohh, my— to try and— ohh that feels good— and cum with— mmh— me?” He moans out, your walls squeeze around him, and you nod your head, you wanted to try, even if it seemed impossible, his finger begins moving rapidly against your clit, the tightening feeling inside you was growing and growing.

    “Ohh, hmm,” You moan. “Feels so good,” You tilt your head back and close your eyes, your fingers claw at his chest as you near your high.

    “I’m cl— close,” He breathes out, his eyes roll to the back of his head before falling shut, you moan as you feel hot ropes of his cum filling you, moans and groans fall from his lips as he releases inside you, your walls squeeze around him and your toes curl, fireworks explode behind your lids and tightening feeling inside you snaps, and you’re hit with a wave of pleasure.

    “Ins— INSEONG!” You moan out, your walls squeeze down hard around him, making him moan loudly.

    “Baby, baby, ohhh, that feels so good,” He says, you were slowing down as you go through your high, he opens his eyes as he comes down from his high, his thumbs rub your clit, easing you through your high. “You’re doing so good, baby, ohh that feels good.”

    “Hmm, it feels good, so good, ohh,” You moan, his hand on your hip moves to your hands on his chest, and he softly tugs on them, making you fall forward and down onto him, you lower your head and open your eyes, you stared down at him with wide eyes.

    “I want you close now,” He says. “Are you okay?” You nod your head.

    “Was just surprised,” You say, your hips had paused on him with him deep inside you and slowly growing soft. “Maybe a small warning next time?” He smiles and nods his head, he moves a hand to the back of your head and pulls your head closer you lean your forehead against his, softly smiling, you stare into his beautiful eyes becoming lost in them, you could see the lust slowly dispersing and love completely taking over.

    “I love you,” He whispers.

    “I love you too,”

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  • lost-inthedream
    17.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    SF9 reaction to their special other going full dom all of a sudden


    Warnings: specific warnings will be added before the scenarios.

    Pairing: sf9 x gn reader - is openly or implicitly charactered as a switch in all the following scenarios

    This is NSFW so read under the cut


    warning: manhandling

    Our leader does not mind being dominated in bed but you and him usually set a deal beforehand. You tend to naturally decide it while you are still making out. Sometimes he is in the mood to be in charge, other times it is your turn. It is clear by the way you touch/grab each other or whisper something to rile up one another "Will you obey me tonight?"

    Tonight, without any warning you pull him onto the couch before placing yourself on top of him. He wants to ask you what the hell is happening but you are already forcing your lips against his and it is so exciting to him that he does not protest, the kiss goes as dirty as you want it to be. His body gives in and you can even shift the man to the position you prefer, his amazed expression is a pleasure alone.


    warning: public teasing

    This one likes to surprise and be surprised here and there. But, in fact, there are not too many attitudes he does not expect from you. No panties on when you two are celebrating the anniversary of your relationship? that was not in his plans but he kinda wanted something like this to happen sooner or later.

    On the other hand, he won't expect it to go crazier than this. "You aren't allowed to touch me until we get back home" you voice with a cocky smile and it almost set him into flames. No touch under the table, nor in the car. You slowly drive him nuts during your dinner but he loves it, his member gets hard and leaks inside his pants. He acts slightly brat but just enough to have you giving him a killing look.


    warning: handcuffs

    Okay, Jae is really versatile. He wants to enjoy sex to the fullest and changing the functions you perform with each session sounds perfect to him. You often call him when you know he is on his way home to egg him up and inform the mood for the night. He does the same as well, asking you to be ready when he feels like going hard on you.

    But this time, you fooled him. You are waiting for him with handcuffs in hand and the baddest bitch expression. "Is it for me?" he asks, mouth hanging open. You answer nonchalantly while pulling his hands to restrain "Don't ask me stupid questions." he automatically gets at your mercy, bitting his lip and anticipating more.


    There is no way you are in a relationship with Sanghyuk and you have never dominated him. At some point he asks you to do so, only to get on the hell of your nerves because he is a devilish brat. In any case, every time you are his dom it lacks a surprise factor and he is quite at ease with whatever happens.

    Until you finally decide you have to be more assertive with him. You grab his face by the jawline and narrow your eyes to make him behave. "Do you think I'm kidding, Sanghyuk?" His expression goes from confident guy to a lost puppy and you almost chuckle at that. He apologizes for not listening to you. His lips catching your attention as he does so.


    I am going to be honest. when it comes to dom/sub dynamics, He is the one who calls the shots. In other situations, when you all are tired yet horny, you tend to focus on the pleasure for both of you, you feel yourselves without any power being claimed.

    you have this day when his battery is really low and you do not match him. Juho is just so sure you all will just lie down and coordinate lazy strokes with thrusts. On his mind, only leisure blowjobs and a slow penetration show up. Little he knows you have other plans for him. You straddle his hips all of a sudden and lock both his wrists onto the mattress with your hands. Your weight works to hold his middle. "Are you kidding me, babe?" he asks. You smile at his muddled expression and shake your head with a pinch of sarcasm. You are thinking of overstimulation too, right?


    Your sexual routine with Seokwoo is basically you spoiling one another. Perfect, huh? He is so talented at turning you on whenever he is in a mood as well as he won't say no to your charms. When he is feeling more powerful and demanding, he likes to hold the nape of your neck as you sit on his cock, but nothing too harsh. He definitely is not used to wild stuff.

    You know he will be shocked when you'll tear his shirt open. You want to see him stutter at your action. One or two buttons fly away at your sudden tug, he looks to the direction they land then stares back at you. "Holy Shit! I'm- What was it?" At first, he is unable to enjoy the wet path of sucks you leave down his chest but then he closes his eyes and waits to see where it is going to end.

    Yoo Taeyang:

    I cannot say Taeyang is not used to be the submissive one in your intercourses, friend. But you are overall a sweet dom to him, praising and stroking his chest amid commands. Both of you use to finish long sessions with satisfied smiles and love confessions.

    But still and all, tonight after he looked so gorgeous and provocative on a broadcast you could not contain the wild spirit inside you (omg). You pressed him against a wall as soon as he got back home "You better take me with these clothes" you affirm with both hands sprawled on his covered chest. You know how much he struggles to keep clothes on when he is aroused. It surely will be torture but he is willing to follow any of your instructions because you are such a queen.


    warning: choking, mention of degradation

    Another big switch. Youngkyun is cool with it, he cannot ask for a better partner so he is often moaning how much he loves you no matter which function he is playing. If you were a good girl/boy and moaned loud for him, he will say the words. On the other hand, if you bossed him around (while he acted brat), he will equally kiss you and love you with cheesy confessions afterward.

    anyways, your bossy attitude may level up and you grab him by the throat. Quickly you witness a wave of panic cross his eyes. "Y/N" he calls with effort, not sure about what to say. The perplexity does not let him fight you though. It is the right time to say he was a bad boy way too many times. He is likely to buck his hips towards you in the process, too aroused to control his own body.


    warning: slapping

    Okay, sex with Chani can go to wild proportions because he is quite curious. Boy likes to watch porn and some of his ideas come from it. You all use to vary concerning positions and places but you are pretty chill about dominance. It does take a place in your sex life but he is a soft dom and so are you.

    There is this night when you are bouncing on top of him and he is enjoying it so much that he simply props his head against the headboard and lets you be completely in control. His groans sound heavenly by the way. You don't know why but you want him to look into your eyes so badly that you slap his cheek. His face becomes even redder but his eyes glimmer to you. "Fuck, do it again"

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  • lost-inthedream
    10.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    SF9 going down on you when you are busy

    Finally the counterpart for this post

    Pairing: SF9 x female reader

    Warnings: oral (obviously), curse words, fingering, teasing. All the activities written below are consensual even when it's not clear in the narrative.

    This is NSFW so read under the cut


    He does it as a reward rather than to win your full attention. Seriously, you do not really need to stop what you are doing once he spreads your legs to give him access to your folds. "No worries, baby girl. I'm just giving you what you deserve for being my favorite person.

    The first time he does it, you do not believe he is going all the way for real. that's because he starts slowly, barely teasing your intimate area with his fingertips. But hell yeah, he pulls your panties to the side and exposes you to him, his tongue immediately licks you for your surprise. "yummy".


    Totally does it for your attention. "You're working on it for hours, baby. Don't you think it's time for a break?" In case you do not give the said break he is gonna force you to. He steals your time, girl. This is his way to both convince you and have fun, this is also a little revenge.

    Your negative answer to his suggestion draws some bitterness in him so he stays there slightly pouty. His palm caresses your thighs as he ponders whether he does what is crossing his mind or not. He ends up pinning you by the thighs while his tongue goes wild to make you moan loud.


    Okay, he has this belief that you will drop everything to let him fuck you whenever he showcases his muscles and stares at you with the filthiest expression. Therefore you can see how disappointed he is when you insist to make him wait while you engage in some task. His gaze sets a laser at your body but you fight the urge to give up on your things.

    He starts kissing and brushing his lips against your skin through the clothes. Attentive to your reactions and searching for the minimal hint of weakness. Your body cheats on you and he chuckles "baby, you're adorable". A peck is sensually laid over your clad sex before he goes freak.

    ➹ Dawon:

    Being interrupted in the middle of your activities to have a quickie is not unusual to you and Dawon. He is a tease as well as you are irrefutable to him, too desirable to his taste. However, today when you offered to put your cellphone to the side and climb on top of him, his response was different. He shakes his head and stops you from getting rid of the device.

    You incline your head and analyze him. As he slides your bottoms down, your cellphone ring to announce a new text. "text back, doll" he orders with cocky smile. You place one leg on top of his shoulder and do as he said.

    ➹ Zuho:

    You are lying on your stomach on the bed writing on your planner and concentrating in order not to forget anything. You feel the mattress sink softly so you greet Juho "hey, love. I'm almost finishing"

    "I won't rush you" he replies with a dulcet tone. His palm starts to rub your butt and you doubt his words slightly shaking your head. Your legs stop from dangling in the air at the moment he dares to uncover your skin. Besides, his heavy breath can be heard. A combo to take you away from your focus even before he slides two fingers inside your pussy.


    There is that drama you are so obsessed with that you cannot stop watching. On the other hand, Seokwoo cannot wait to do something else. Something that has to do with your honey and his mouth. He starts with soft bites on your thighs that do not take much to turn into suctions. Nothing to mark you nonetheless. You taste right in every inch of your skin.

    "What the- ?" you are unable to finish the question, shocked at his big lust eyes out of nowhere. He is already trying to move you to remove your bottoms as if you would not notice it. "Don't mind me. I'm just bored"

    ➹Yoo Taeyang:

    Good luck trying to mind your business when Taeyang is thirsty for you. A friend called you to tell you some juicy gossip and you are eager to know all the details. You answer the call and start to talk with them all giggly while your boyfriend stares at you, a certain extent of jealousy clear in his eyes. Yet, there's an evil hint in the way his eyes shine.

    He unbuttons your shorts and kisses your low stomach before removing the piece of clothing from his way. This episode implants a new kink on him and consequently on you, who often find yourself muffling your moans during calls from then on.


    Mostly goes for it when you are with a book for hours. He loves the idea of dragging you away from fiction with a wave of pleasure. "How's the story going?" he asks leaning his head on your shoulder and peeking at the page you just turned.

    He seems to be satisfied with your quick comment on the last events, but the way his hands palm your hips and slip for your crotch says otherwise. He draws a few gasps from you just stimulating you through your pants. Once you open your legs wider he accepts it as an invitation to lie between them.


    Okay, It just happened to me to think this is a kink he has already got. Going down on you when you are studying is just tremendously appealing to him. This little shit may even taste you in the middle of your zoom classes. "You should turn off the camera for a while, baby princess," he whispers casually showing up beside you but being careful not to be captured by the camera.

    "What do you mean?" you ask only to see him bending his knees to place himself under your desk. If you do not stop him or something, he will start right away. He does not even tease, his mouth starts to work immediately.

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  • fantasywritings
    07.12.2021 - 5 monts ago


    my phone is in repair so i only have my laptop now

    pls send thingzzzz

    ask me stuff, about me or sf9, can be abt anything! keep me company plzzz

    lets talk ^.^ can also be quickkkk mtls or headcanons,,, come come!!

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  • lost-inthedream
    25.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    🎇 + Inseong 🥺🥺

    🎇 = orgasm headcanon

    I'm writing random old requests, babes :)

    Nsfw content under the cut

    First of all, Inseong is often on top and absolutely loves your chests pressed onto one another when he's close to his climax.

    It may sound a bit selfish but he likes to control the pace at this time.

    Even when you are riding him, he might ask you to shift positions with a shaky voice.

    Your arms naturally wrap around him, your lips parted right next to his ear and his hips coming back and forth as if both your lives depended on it.

    He pushes his length the most he can, massaging your sweet spot at the same time his pelvis rubs against your clit.

    Our main vocal has got a delicious voice to call you babe through your dizziness. "Babe, this is so nice." His voice gets unstable, getting louder and then lower, but honestly, it makes him even sexier.

    This combo makes you so overwhelmed that you might sink your nails into his back.

    His weight drops almost completely on top of you after both of you reach the greatest bliss. He takes a bit to pull out and sometimes he pecks your cheeks and temple before releasing you.

    His gaze is quite humorous in his afterglow but he feels too lazy to make wide moves.

    "Honey, you hurt my back" he whispers affectionately into your ear.

    "Hmm. You're heavy" you mumble back in a way he barely understands.

    "How did you like it?" he asks sliding his member out leisurely to lie next to you and play with your hair while you have a random conversation.

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  • divinefireangel
    22.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Also I am very much up for horny discussions about SF9 due to their sexy (again) comeback.

    I need to let out what my mind is whirring around even though it's just Monday ik

    My ask box ------> 📩📪📬📭

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  • zuhoscrumb
    19.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Genre: Smut, Slight Fluff at the end, femdom au

    Pairing: needy boyfriend!rowoon x reader

    Word Count: 583

    Warning/s: Bondage, Overstimulation, Swearing, Toys

    Synopsis: Your boyfriend Rowoon need you, but you’re busy… good thing you can multitask

    A/N: I didn’t proof read so if typos piss you off, i suggest you scroll. I hope all my dommys fantasy enjoy this one! Happy reading!! Also feel free to send in a drabble (prompt list on my carrd in bio).

    “I asked you to let me work for 2 hours, and you couldn’t manage that could you?”

    “No ma’am,” your boyfriend responded as you adjusted his restraints.

    “I need to stop spoiling you hm? I can't spoil little boys who can’t follow a simple instruction.”

    “Yes ma’am,” Rowoon responded, voice quivering a bit. He didn’t want to agree but he really needed you and if a punishment was the way to get it, so be it.

    “I really can’t go any amount of time without you rutting against my fucking leg,” you said as you went through your drawer of Rowoon’s toys.

    You pulled out a cock ring and a pretty pink vibrator.

    Rowoon’s internal satisfaction turned into literal fear (mixed with excitement of course).

    “Ma’am I-“

    “Are you able to be quiet yourself or do you want me to get your ball-gag too,” you snap. Of course your anger was a facade but you really did love seeing Rowoon completely in your disposal and care.

    You couldn’t function without seeing him like this, and luckily he couldn’t either; not doing this for you.

    The sub pursed his lips and shook his head, no.

    You worked the cock ring over his fully erected member, the slight squeeze making him whine.

    So cute, you thought to yourself.

    You propped up the vibrator with some pillows and laid it against his shaft.

    “Hmm,” you hummed to yourself, you decided to get another one to attach to his tip just in case the one on his cock isn’t enough.

    “Hmm something isn’t right about this,” you thought to yourself.

    “Ah, right,” you said, slipping your panties down from your skirt and stuffing them into your partner’s mouth.

    “You look so beautiful like this Rowoon,” you smile before turning on the vibrators at the some time.

    Rowoon’s eyes immediately widened and rolled to the back of his head.

    You left the room briefly to collect your laptop and other work supplies so you could make up for lost time and also keep an eye on Rowoon.

    By the time you came back into the room it seemed like Rowoon already came, he was pulling against his restraints but nothing close to his safety signal.

    “Ugh, you’re so cute honey. I really wish I could play with you, if only you listened,” you give him a pity pout and set up on the table next to him.

    No matter how much he whined, and whimpered it was simply music to your ears.

    After about half an hour you decided it’s been long enough. You figured he’s tired and is in need of some snuggles.

    You quickly turned off the toys and removed your panties from his mouth. Your boyfriend continued to shake and whimper at the sensational feeling (😏😏) he felt still lingering though his body.

    “You did so well for me baby boy,” you praise while untying him,”I got so much work done I’m so proud of you for getting through that baby,” you say before kissing his wrists.

    “T-Thank you m-ma’am,”he stutters, reaching for you.

    “I haven’t even untied your feet yet baby,” you laugh, giving in and giving him a long hug.

    “I know I just really want to touch you,” he said, very into sub-space.

    “We can cuddle for the rest of the day Woonie, let me just clean up, ok?”

    “Ok Y/N,” he smiled at you with hazy eyes before letting you go and slowly drifting off to sleep himself.

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  • fairy-seong
    29.10.2021 - 6 monts ago

    kim inseong x gn!reader

    genre: suggestive, smut

    trigger warning(s): sexually suggestive descriptions, alludes to oral (male receiving)

    kinktober day 29 prompt: oral fixation

    You are seated between Inseong’s legs, eyes peaking at the way his fingers tap on the hard book cover in front of him.

    “Do you need anything, love?” he tilts his head with a faint smile.

    His digit drags across the gold-painted letters while your big pupils follow it. You shake your head.

    “Are you sure?”

    He lifts his palm to caress your cheek as you nuzzled your face into him. His thumb passes around your lips, fingers ghosting around your chin. You grab his wrist, bringing it back to your face. Inseong can’t hide his smile at how cute you looked, puckering your lips for more. So innocent and sweet. It awakened a dark desire inside him to have all of you, to see his sweet baby on the verge of tears begging for more with her adorable whines.

    He aligns two fingers in front of your glossy lips, which you more than readily take in your warm mouth. You suck on the tips slowly, lashes batting in Inseong’s direction, who struggles to keep a straight face. Your tongue circles around the tips, specks of glitter tainting his digits when you bob your head up and down. Inseong’s dick twitching, watching you smile as you take them fully in your warm mouth.

    You were so cute even as you are whining when he pumps the fingers inside your mouth, your tongue laying flat underneath them. You hum as he pushes them further, greedy for his touch. Your tiny hands grip his thighs as your lashes flutter open, sweet eyes following the print of his growing bulge in his pajama pants as if asking if you could use your pretty lips on another part of him, too.

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  • fairy-seong
    23.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    kim inseong x fem!reader

    genre: smut

    trigger warning(s): sexual depictions, mentions of alcohol, swear words

    kinktober day 23 prompt: drunk sex

    Inseong giggles into the crook of your neck, making you squirm underneath him.

    “It tickles,” you reply, still laughing.

    “Baby, help me,” his bottom lip is sticking out as he looks up at you.

    He ways looked adorable whenever he got tipsy. Clinging to you like a baby koala, lips puckered at all times chanting for “kissy kissy” as he called them at this time. You were equally high of his love but far less intoxicated on alcohol.

    You laugh as Inseong guides your own hand to his erection. He sulks, burying his face in the crook of your neck one more time.

    “If you keep laughing at me, you won’t get any of this,” his hand motions to your naked bodies cuddles together under the covers.

    “Babe, you look so cute, I can’t help it.”

    You feel his tip enter you slowly. His thrusts are a little lazy, but you do not mind, loving the way his warmth engulfed you and his lips were pressed to your skin. You hook one leg around his waist as Inseong quickens his pace.

    “Am I still cute?” he mumbles, lifting his head to place more kisses on the side of your neck.

    You nod, biting your lower lip, hearing your boyfriend’s breathy moans. Your walls tighten around his cock, Inseong gripping at your hips harder; his parted lips desperately nipping on the rosy spot on your neck.

    “Inseong, shit,” you whisper, lifting your hips off the mattress to meet his reckless thrusts. “More, more,” you moan, tugging at his hair.

    His teeth graze the skin, tongue triumphantly passing over the hickey. His mouth goes lower, palms guiding your hips to meet his rough pace. He pants, hitting the spot that always made you go crazy.

    “Am I still cute?” he mumbles, tongue swirling around your hard nipple, teeth teasing the sensitive spot.

    #sf9 smut#sf9 imagines#sf9 kinktober #sf9 x reader #inseong x reader #inseong smut
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    SF9 “Boyfriend Headcanons” Masterlist

    Youngbin // Inseong // Jaeyoon // Dawon // Zuho // Rowoon // Taeyang // Hwiyoung // Chani

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