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    Begin Again - Rated T

    Chapter 8 update!

    You can read it on AO3!

    Chapter 7 on tumblr

    The bar was fairly crowded with more people than expected for a Saturday night, but if it meant good business and extra cash for the employees Inuyasha wasn’t complaining.

    A couple of hours have passed since the elevator situation that had happened earlier with Kagome, and Inuyasha needed a drink after all that had happened. As soon as Kagome was cleared to go back home since the medics concluded that she didn’t need to go to the hospital, he walked her over and she didn’t appear for the rest of the day. They exchanged knocks on their shared wall here and there, but after a while, she stopped, and Inuyasha assumed she fell asleep. She needed it after the day she had, and he wasn’t worried about anything being wrong with her since he could hear her tossing around in her room.

    The painters that were contracted to paint the stairs were able to finish their work once the emergency personnel left because there was a second elevator still in service, and the fresh paint had completely dried by dusk.

    It had just been their luck to have gotten on the troublesome lift, instead of the one that was actually working perfectly. The half-demon couldn’t say that he minded being trapped in the elevator with Kagome though; after all, he was able to finally ask her to be his wedding date and getting to hold her so close was just a bonus.

    Besides his terribly long day that was another reason why he had decided to call Shippo to meet him at their favorite bar. He wanted to update the fox kit on everything that happened, and also celebrate the fact that he finally asked her after dodging the idea for so long.

    “You asked her to be your date in the most unromantic way possible!” Shippo laughed, “How could you mess up that badly?”

    “I kept holdin’ it off!” Inuyasha growled, “Kept bein’ a fuckin’ bitch about asking her, but after seeing how she was acting when we were stuck it was the first thing that came to mind to get her to think about somethin’ else.”

    He leaned back on the chair and sighed. “Well, that and also ‘cause I figured that if it was meant to happen, she would be my date no matter what.”

    “And yet you asked her when you were stuck in a hot elevator for two hours!” The fox demon laughed.

    “I didn’t think too hard about it before I did it!” Inuyasha defended.

    “You don’t think too hard in general.” Shippo teased. He ducked his head in quick reaction to the clawed fist that came swinging at him and couldn’t help his loud belly laugh from escaping his lips.

    “Yer lucky I like ya enough not to do anything too crazy to ya.” The half-demon grumbled before taking another swig of his beer.

    Shippo smirked, “You don’t like me as much as you like Kagome.”

    Inuyasha’s cheeks turned pink, and he chugged the beer down in a haste decision to stall his reply. He placed the cup down and waved at the bartender to ask for another beer before meeting the eyes of his smug-looking coworker. “I-I can’t deny that.”

    “Uh-huh.” Shippo took a sip of his beer, “I’m cuter than her though.”

    Inuyasha snorted at him, “Not by a long shot.”

    “Oh come on, the tail adds a few cute points to me. The girls think so, anyway.” He wiggled his eyebrows and grinned proudly.

    “That’s ‘cause they wanna touch it, come on runt, get with the program,” Inuyasha smirked before taking down half of the contents in the cup.

    Shippo shrugged, “Oh no! Cute girls dig my fox tail, whatever shall I do?” He acted out dramatically, “I’m gonna take that opportunity every time I can.”

    “Attention whore,” the half-demon laughed. “I haven’t even let Kagome touch my ears yet, and she wants to touch them real bad.”

    “You’re fucking up every opportunity that comes to you!” The fox kit exclaimed. “A cute girl moves next door and you don’t do anything about it even though you have the biggest fucking crush on her, she wants to touch your ears, she’s funny, and a bunch of other things you’ve told me about; and yet you do nothing!”

    Inuyasha raised an eyebrow at him before taking down another cup full of beer and asking for his, fifth? sixth?; refill the night and scowled. He hated it when Shippo was right; which happened a lot, because that meant he was going to have to think about reasons in order to defend himself.

    Unfortunately, he didn’t really have much to defend. Inuyasha was just a huge scaredy-cat when it came to a woman named Kagome.

    “I don’t know if she likes me back.” He replied pathetically.

    “You have to be joking.” Shippo quickly responded. “That girl’s crazy for you.”

    The bartender placed a new cup of beer in front of the half-demon, who immediately took a giant gulp of the liquid into his mouth. “I don’t know that for sure.”

    Shippo groaned, “You do know you’re just being stupid!” He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. “Did what happened between you two today suddenly evaporate from your big head?”

    Inuyasha flushed and looked away, “N-no.” He cleared his throat, “Of course not.”

    “Good. Then we both know you two almost, and should have; kissed after sharing that insanely intense eye contact you raved on to me about.”

    “That doesn’t mean anythin’!”

    “Inuyasha, of course, it does!”

    The half-demon asked for another beer, finally feeling the buzz started to hit him after his seventh round. “Yer tellin’ me the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met likes me back?”

    Shippo nodded at his friend, “That’s exactly what I’m telling you.”

    “Bah.” Inuyasha scoffed, “She could have anyone. Why me?”

    “Because apparently, she has a thing for grumpy half-demons.” The fox kit grinned. “You told me you would go for the next girl who drives you nuts, and you found her, but you haven’t made a move.”

    The beer was really starting to take effect on him, and now on his tenth cup, the potency of the beverage was strong enough to get him going. If he kept going he would be totally fucked.

    He hasn’t felt this way in a long time.

    Shippo’s decision to start playing matchmaker wasn’t helping at all.

    “She deserves someone else.” The alcohol spoke for him.

    Shippo wanted to slam Inuyasha’s head on the table and yell some sense into him, the only thing holding him back from doing it was Inuyasha’s strength and the fact that they were in a crowded bar. He knew where this self-doubt was coming from, and he needed to squash it down once and for all. “Dude is this about… Kikyo?”

    The question stunned him, leaving silence to be Shippo’s answer.

    “You can’t let what happened between you guys ruin this chance for you.” Shippo quickly stared up at the ceiling and sighed, “You’re a cocky ass dude when you’re not drinking, you know. You told me the same thing you told her; that you wouldn’t hesitate to ask out the girl that makes you crazy. But, you keep hesitating.”

    “You’re right.” Inuyasha groaned. “I hate it when you’re right.”

    “I’m always right.” The fox kit laughed.

    Another snort left the half-demon’s nose, “Nah. But I’ll give ya a pass tonight.”

    A brief silence fell between the two demons as Inuyasha finished another beer.

    “So, are you gonna tell her?” Shippo pondered.

    Inuyasha nodded. “Yeah. I’m gonna tell her.”


    It was late, and Kagome was still recovering from the eventful morning she had with Inuyasha. Getting stuck in an elevator was not part of her to-do list today, and as soon as she stepped inside her home, she threw the to-do list aside for tomorrow and fell asleep.

    She deserved it.

    On top of being trapped in a lift, she had gotten trapped with Inuyasha, and that fact alone had her heart racing and her stomach fluttering with butterflies. Whatever was going on between them inside of that elevator car was intense, and it’s been on her mind all day long.

    They had almost shared a kiss. However, getting interrupted by fire rescue had ruined their moment, and all it left Kagome with was a lot of questions without any answers.

    The idea that Inuyasha liked her back was scary enough; adding that he likes her and wants to kiss her makes her brain turn into putty and her legs into jelly. The way he was looking at her, holding her close, and comforting her; there was clearly something happening between them and she didn’t know how to handle it.

    She wanted to tell Sango, but she was busy at the moment with a project, so girl talk would have to be postponed until they were both available.

    “Buyo, do you think Inuyasha likes me back?” Kagome asked her lazy cat.


    “That answer doesn’t help me at all!” She groaned and fell back onto her couch. “I don’t know if he likes me back, or if it was the lack of air we had that got to his head!”

    Buyo flicked his tail and rolled onto his back, clearly not understanding the situation but wanting tummy rubs.

    Kagome pouted as she rubbed her cat's belly, trying to think of reasonable answers to her own questions. “I’m too scared to tell him, Buyo. What if I confess, and everything gets weird?" She sighed "Then it's just more heartbreak and awkward fumbling around each other.”

    She rested her head on the back of the couch and sighed defeatedly. “Then our whole dynamic is ruined because of one stupid confession.”

    A loud sound outside of her door startled her and her cat, the feline darting off the couch and into her bedroom for safety. Kagome stood up and let out a shaky breath. Inuyasha wasn’t home yet, so she would have to check this out for herself. She tiptoed to her umbrella rack and grabbed onto the heaviest of the bunch before making her way to the front door.

    She looked through the peephole and didn’t see anyone, which only made the hairs behind her neck stand on end. Her heartbeat was drumming in her ears, but she did her best to listen past it as she pressed her ear to her door to listen for any other sounds.

    At first, she could only hear breathing, and she almost made a run for it to her phone to call Inuyasha, Sango, or Miroku to come to check out who the heck was standing outside of her door in the middle of the night.

    However, that was before she heard the familiar sound of grumbling, and then her name was said by Inuyasha’s voice.

    “Oh thank God,” she sighed in relief. The umbrella in her hand went slack in her grip, “I don’t need this thing anymore.”

    She placed the umbrella back into the rack before opening her door to find her neighbor leaning on the side of the wall with his eyes shut.

    “Inuyasha?” She asked him softly.

    “Oh, hey Kagome!” He slurred at her.

    Her eyes shot open in surprise, “Oh my gosh, are you drunk?!”

    “Nah, I don’t get drunk, remember?” He laughed. “How come there are two of you? You never told me you have a sister!”

    “Oh my god.” She laughed. “Where are your keys? Let’s get you inside.”

    Inuyasha shrugged dramatically before leaning back on the wall. “I don’t know where they are, ‘Gome.”

    “That’s not good, Yash.” She sighed. “Okay, do you want to come inside my apartment until you’re better?”

    “No.” Inuyasha pouted. “I am better right now, you should be asleep.” His speech was so slurred, and yet somehow she understood him.

    “You’re clearly very drunk, and you can't stand outside. I know you’re a half-demon and all but it’s late.”

    He rolled his head to the side and stared at her intently. “I’m very drunk, and yer very pretty.”

    Kagome flushed at his sincere compliment, “W-what does that have to do with you coming inside my apartment?”

    If he wasn’t drunk she would run into her room and scream into her pillow.

    Inuyasha half grinned, “S’cause a pretty girl is askin’ me to come inside her home.” He moved a little closer to her, a smirk clear on his face, “That pretty girl bein’ you.”

    If he wasn’t so drunk right now she would slam the girl in his face and forget everything that he said because what the hell does he mean by this?

    “T-hank you. Now come on, let’s get you on the couch.” Gently, she took his hand into hers and led him into her living room. As soon as they both passed the door she quickly closed it and locked it. If anything happened, Inuyasha would be way too drunk to help out, and with her ex still out there knowing where she lived Kagome didn’t want to take any chances.

    Still holding hands she leaned closer to him and checked out if anything was amiss. He looked fine, with no hints of any injury or a scuffle on his face, he just looked drunk and it was kind of cute.

    “Do you want any water?” Kagome offered him kindly. “Or food? I can make us a little snack.”

    He gazed at her intensely, his golden eyes never moving away from her face. They were glossed over and hazy, and yet they still held unspoken desires inside them.

    Suddenly he pulled her closer to him with their intertwined hands, her chest bumping into his chiseled body, and he wrapped his arms around her back to keep her close. “Kagome.”

    She squeaked in embarrassment, “Y-yes, Inuyasha?”

    “You…” He breathed her in, the sweet scent of vanilla overtaking his senses like a drug. “Smell nice.”

    Her brown eyes never left his golden gaze, “I do?”

    The way he was staring into her had her feeling dizzy as if he was looking at something mesmerizing; like the moon and the stars, except he was staring into her chocolate brown eyes.

    He leaned in closer, his warm breath that smelled like alcohol fanned over her face before it lingered over her lips. The look in his eyes told her that he was eager and nervous as if he was psyching himself up to confidently make his next move. Although his eyes held a look of uncertainty and nerves, the grip of his arms around her waist told a complete story. Inuyasha didn’t want to let go of her, no, it felt like he could stand here forever with Kagome securely in his arms.

    Inuyasha was content with breathing in her scent forever if that’s what he was allowed to do.

    “Yeah.” His breath lingered on her lips, “I could get drunk off of it.”

    She shook her head and giggled, “You’re already drunk.”

    He chuckled, the sound of her laugh ringing in his ears like little bells. “I guess it’s workin’ then.”

    The grip on her waist didn’t loosen as he shifted one hand to hold her lower back while the other came up to brush some hair out of her face. “Kagome?”

    “Yes?” She replied breathily. “What is it?”

    “Can I…?” He slowly leaned in with half-lidded eyes, and Kagome quickly followed his lead.

    She closed her eyes and held her breath as she waited for his mouth to crash into hers.

    The moment never came.

    Kagome heard him whine, it sounded similar to a dog and felt his lips peck at the tip of her nose. “Not yet.” He sighed shakily. “Not when I’m like this. Not yet.”

    “B-but-!” She protested.

    Inuyasha pulled her into a hug, it was comforting and warm, but she could feel him shaking against her and she didn’t know why.

    She quickly realized she was shaking too.

    “Y-you need to lay down, Yash.” Kagome reminded him as she laid her head comfortably onto his chest. “A-and leep, you’re drunk.”

    He nodded and backed away from her, both of them missing the heat that their bodies had provided. Kagome led him to the couch, just in case he bumped into it before registering that he needed to lay down on it: and let him sit back.

    “Sit tight. I’m grabbing you a blanket and a pillow.” She smiled before walking away from him with wobbly legs.

    ‘What was that?!’ She thought to herself in panic. It had only been one day, and yet it felt like so much had happened that it could have been months. Two almost-kisses in one day had her stomach flipping around in circles, and after this encounter, Kagome had her answer.

    Inuyasha likes her back, there’s no more doubting that part of her dilemma. He looked at her like she was the one who put the stars in the sky, and she’s never had anyone look at her that way before in her entire life.

    “Not the time, Kagome.” She told herself, shaking her head a few times to get her back on the task at hand. She needed to focus on getting him comfortable for bed, she can think about feelings later, right now she has a handsome, drunk half-demon in her living room who needs to go to sleep as soon as possible.

    She can freak out after she puts the drunk hanyou to bed.

    In a flash, she took one of the pillows from her bed, and the extra blanket out of her closet and sped walked towards her couch, where Inuyasha was now laying on. Before she could fully cover him, she decided to remove his shoes and leave them by the door so he didn’t ruin her furniture or sleep uncomfortably.

    “Knowing how you’re half-demon, I don’t think I need to give you a lot of support since I’m sure you won’t throw up on furniture.” She told him, although it seemed like she was just talking to herself at this point. “But here’s one of my pillows.”

    Kagome went to lift his head and slid the fluffy sack underneath, giving him enough comfort so he doesn’t have to wake up with any neck discomfort.

    “Mmm.” She heard him mumble, “Smells like you.”

    She blushed again, bright and red while covering him up with her fluffy blanket. Thankfully it was long enough to fit over his entire body and wide enough so he doesn’t have to choose a side and stick to it so the blanket doesn’t move around.

    When she got closer to his chest, she snuggled him under the blanket and smiled at how cute he looked. He reminded her of a child being tucked into bed and she couldn’t help the little giggle that left her throat.

    Once she was done fixing up whatever she saw as unfit, she went to go turn off the lights so he could sleep without any disturbances. However, when she turned back around to check on him one more time, she met his golden gaze staring right at her with a serious expression.

    “Inuyasha?” She asked softly, “Is everything okay?”

    He didn’t move from his position on the bed, only his eyes could be seen slowly gazing at her from her feet before meeting her eyes. “Beautiful.”

    Her face heated up drastically, and she thanked heaven that the living room lights were off. “I-, what?”

    “So beautiful.” He repeated it slower this time, a yawn escaping his lips before closing his eyes to succumb to sleep.

    “Are you… talking about me?” She whispered, mostly to herself. Inuyasha was now fast asleep, and too far deep into dreamland to give her a response. She wasn’t sure what she should do with this newfound information, knowing that Inuyasha didn’t just want to kiss her; he also thought she was beautiful.

    It explains everything she had been denying for the last few weeks.

    Leaving the sleeping half-demon on her couch, she trotted over to her bathroom to finish getting ready for bed. When she met her own reflection she gaped at how red she looked. “Oh, god, what do I do?” Her voice shuddered, “He didn’t even confess to me and I’m already like this?”

    The idea of a confession was making the temperature rise in the room, and the tips of her ears turned red. Part of her wanted it to happen, she wanted a confession, she wanted to kiss him and seal the deal and start anew with Inuyasha. The other part, however; was terrified of what could happen if they did.

    She didn’t want a repeat of her past where she loved and lost and was left a broken version of herself. They were friends and she was happy with that, what if confessing to him ruined everything they already had? Kagome knew Inuyasha was not her ex, not in the slightest bit; but she couldn’t stop worrying and overthinking.

    Relationships are a beautiful thing, especially when done right. There’s a bond created between two people, where trust is built and honesty is expected; where love and friendship grow simultaneously, and a language only understood between lovers is created. Happiness grows around you and your person, and support and love blossoms like fresh flowers. Kagome wanted to be the person who watered Inuyasha’s garden, and she wanted him to do it in return. Together they could grow an entire field of beautiful, healthy flowers to take along with them forever.

    That scares her.

    She released a shaky breath into the glass which fogged up her reflection and hung her head. “I need to sleep. I can think after some proper sleep.”

    In her own comforting silence she brushed her teeth and washed her face, and although she was working quietly in the bathroom; the voice in her head was wondering about the man in her living room. Her thoughts lingered on how handsome he is, his humor, his rough demeanor, and his charm. Inuyasha wasn’t the typical boy next door type; his grumpiness had something to do with it, but he was dreamy and kind and he always found a way to sneak into her thoughts.

    She groaned in frustration and dragged her body out of the bathroom as she walked over to her bed. “Scoot over Buyo, I need plenty of room to sleep these feelings off.”

    Her cat didn’t move, as expected; so she slithered under her comforter and lifted her cuddly cat from the middle of the bed and into her arms. He mewled at her, probably complaining about being moved from his spot, before snuggling into her chest and falling back asleep.

    Kagome closed her eyes and sighed into her pillow, “I’ll figure this out soon. I just need to sleep.” The light snoring of her cat beside her and thoughts of white fluffy ears pulled her into sleep.

    She slept like a baby, that’s how she could describe her period of rest. With Buyo by her side, she was out in a flash, which she found funny because she figured she would be up all night thinking about what happened.

    Although when she woke up to the sound of her confused neighbor talking to himself loudly and strutting around her apartment, what he said to her returned to her head like an ongoing movie. Normally it’s the warm sun bleating down on her face that wakes her up, yet today it’s her half-demon neighbor.

    Wiping her eyes and the drool off of her face, she languidly moved to get out of her bed. Buyo didn’t follow after her, deciding to walk a few steps and snuggle into the side of the bed where she had been sleeping.

    Anxiety was creeping up inside of her, making her skin prick and her hairs stand on end at the thought of seeing Inuyasha. She hadn’t processed anything! And now she has to talk to him and pretend like nothing happened last night.

    “Inuyasha?” Kagome asked groggily. “Why are you pacing around in my house when you should be asleep on the couch?”

    Wide golden eyes met her deep brown, and a line wrinkled up on his forehead. “Why am I on your couch in the first place!”

    Inuyasha was concerned, confused, and nervous. He went out with Shippo last night to celebrate the fact that he finally told Kagome about the wedding, and about the elevator incident, and once he drank past his limit he couldn’t remember a thing! All he can remember is that Kagome was the only thing on his damn mind the whole night.

    It wasn’t helping him at all that she was very cute when she was still half asleep, or the fact that her pajama set was a tank top and frilly, little shorts. Seeing her like this felt domestic and it was making his stomach tighten up in knots.

    The current image he had of her was sizzling his brain and sending him into a frenzy. He’s feeling like a high school boy seeing a girl for the first time, and he wants to run out the door and slam his head against the wall.

    He really, really likes those pajamas on her.

    A lot.

    “You came home insanely drunk, and you couldn’t find your keys. I'm not leaving you outside like a dog, so I moved you to the couch.” Kagome simply answered him, the calm tone in her voice being the total opposite of how she actually felt.

    Inuyasha glared at her at the dog bit, and Kagome couldn’t help but giggle at the realization of her words.

    “Sorry,” she laughed; “That wasn’t on purpose!”

    “Uh-huh. Sure.” He chuckled. “I just- I can’t believe I did that.”

    She smiled at him and leaned against the wall, “Inuyasha, you didn’t do anything.” she lied. “You could barely stand, and you j needed to rest. My couch saved your life.”

    Inuyasha snorted and rolled his eyes, “Yer actin’ like I was dyin’.”

    “Yeah, dying to go to sleep.” She corrected him, “It’s okay, you slept like a baby. I wouldn’t have let you come inside if I didn’t want to.”

    He hung his head defeatedly. “And yer sure I didn’t do anythin’ funny?”

    “Does this face look like a face of a liar to you?” She lied to him again.

    “You were fine! Now, do you want pancakes or something? I can make some.” Kagome didn’t know how she was doing this so well without him catching onto her. On the inside, she was anxious as hell over what happened yesterday and she hasn’t had any time to process it yet. Although it isn’t confirmed by him, he unofficially feels the same way about her too; and she doesn’t know how to handle this.

    She wants to tell him, so badly, but she’s afraid and she needs time to think. If he likes her back, why hasn’t he said anything? Is she just looking too far into it? Mutual attraction can exist without any feelings being thrown into the middle, and Inuyasha could simply be attracted to her and nothing more. What if she’s wrong and she gets rejected, and then their entire dynamic is ruined because she opened her mouth?

    Kagome was so worried that the same questions keep repeating in her head.

    However, with Inuyasha in her apartment she also didn’t want to be alone just yet. Making pancakes sounded like a good idea, and she wanted to do it for the both of them.

    Inuyasha grumbled, “If ya say so, then I’ll believe ya.” His stomach made a noise of complaint, and he back at her with a sincere look on his face. “Apparently I’m hungry as hell, so pancakes sound good ta me.”

    She happily trotted over to her kitchen, practically skipping giddily. “Are chocolate chip pancakes okay?”

    Inuyasha laughed at her question and followed her, trying and failing to not stare at her butt as she walked away from him. “What is up with you can chocolate?” he grinned.

    She spun around on her heel with a pan in her hand and leaned back on the counter. “Chocolate is the best and it makes most things taste better.” Kagome spun back around and began to grab the ingredients needed to make their breakfast, as well as eggs to cook on the side.

    “Yer lucky I don’t react to chocolate the way real dogs do.” He joked.

    Kagome gasped and turned her head in his direction, “You’re only saying that because I was freaking out when you pretended to choke on the chocolate I made you when we first met!”

    Inuyasha’s laugh was loud and addictive and Kagome wanted to drown in the sound. “Ya can’t blame me, it was funny as hell at the time!”

    “Keywords at the time and no it wasn’t!” She giggled, “I thought I poisoned you!”

    “It woulda been worth it! Those chocolates were good!” he admitted.

    “Well, because of that I added extra chips to the batter.” She stated matter of factly.

    Inuyasha watched her flip the pancake with ease, a stack of ready to eat cakes were already piling up on the plate besides her. As he watched her cook, he had to remind himself not to come up from behind her and wrap his arms around her middle.

    They aren’t together, and as friends; that would be weird and uncomfortable.

    All he wanted to do was tuck his chin on her shoulder and pull her back into him while she made breakfast. His senses would be full of her scent, the noises she makes, and the feeling of her body against his. Inuyasha wanted to be smothered in everything Kagome could give him, and he would live his life happily.

    “By the way, how do you like your eggs?” Her voice was soft and distant as she asked him since she was focused on the task at hand.

    “Sunny side up.” He answered simply, his eyes hungrily eyeing the woman in front of him.

    ‘I’m actin’ like a fuckin’ animal.’ He chastised himself. ‘She just looks so fuckin’ cute in those damn shorts.’

    “Sunny side up it is!” She happily cheered. The pancakes were finished, and now she was focused on making their eggs so they can sit at the table and eat.

    “How do ya like yours?” He asked curiously.

    “Scrambled. They’re easier to eat that way, and my mom makes really good scrambled eggs.” She placed Inuyasha’s eggs on his plate before cracking another two into the pan, “So I do my best to make them like she does.”

    The half-demon nodded, “Believe me, I understand trying to copy your moms cookin’. I try every night and fail every time.” He chuckled, “I don’t have the magic touch that my ma has.”

    “Aww,” Kagome pouted cutely, “That’s so sweet!”

    “Keh! Don’t make it weird, Kagome!” He grumbled in embarrassment.

    She laughed loudly, “Okay then, that’s not sweet.” she smiled.

    Kagome set the plates on the little kitchen island and motioned Inuyasha to sit down on the chairs before realizing that neither of them had anything to drink. “Oh shit, I never made coffee!”

    Inuyasha watched her as she stood up from her seat and he immediately scooted over and pushed her back down. “You’ve done enough, I’ll make it. You eat.”

    “But, Inuyasha-“

    “Inuyasha nothin’, you made us breakfast. It ain’t much but I’ll make us coffee.” He walked over to her coffee pot and started pouring the grounds into the machine. “If it makes ya feel better, my coffee is pretty good.”

    Kagome munched on her pancake and smiled at him, “I’ll be the judge of that.” She teased him after swallowing.

    He was still dressed in the t shirt and jeans from the night before, but during his sleep the clothes were disheveled and wrinkled up. With his back towards her, she could selfishly watch him and not get caught, especially since she couldn’t help but ogle his back and arms.

    It was amazing that all he did was lift up a coffee pot to fill it with water, and his arm flexing from the movement could turn her into jelly.

    As the coffee pot started brewing, Inuyasha proudly sat back down by the island and began to start his breakfast. After taking one bite of the pancakes and eggs, his eyes went wide and he nodded his head approvingly.

    “This is so good,” he said as he munched.

    Kagome laughed at the sight in front of her, “Don’t talk with your mouth full!”

    “Can’t help it,” he smirked. “Too good.”

    His cheeks were full and round, reminding her of a chipmunk, “Where are your manners?” she joked.

    “Manners shmanners!” He defended himself, “Those are for wussy’s.”

    “Ah, then am I a wussy too Inuyasha?” she asked him in a smooth tone.

    He squinted his eyes at her as he swallowed another portion, “You don’t count.”

    The coffee pot beeped, signaling that it was finished brewing and it was ready to serve. Inuyasha got up in a flash before Kagome could hop off her seat and fished two mugs out of her cupboard. “How do ya like yer coffee?”

    She swallowed before answering, “Cream and two sugars please. I can't stand drinking it black.”

    He snorted but didn’t answer, instead he worked on her cup first before pouring the rest into his mug and taking both mugs back over to the kitchen island. As he watched Kagome take a sip of her coffee, he noticed how she scrunched up and shivered before releasing a satisfied moan.

    “The hell was that?” He asked her concerned.

    She smiled shyly, “I was a little cold… the coffee warmed me up.”

    “Want my hoodie? I took it off this mornin’ after wakin’ up and feelin’ like I was in an oven.”

    Kagome gasped, “Oh my gosh, no! It’s okay, I don’t need it.”

    He stood up again, his plate now cleared of any food, and headed towards the couch. “Too late.”

    “Inuyashaaa.” Kagome whined, “It’s your jacket!”

    The half-demon rolled his eyes and handed her the large, red hoodie. “And now yer borrowing it. Put it on before you become an ice cube.”

    She huffed in frustration but listened to him anyway, the large hoodie practically drowned her body and hid it away. “There, happy now?”

    Inuyasha coughed and fought off a blush, “Keh.”

    He grabbed his plate and washed it in the sink, ignoring Kagome’s protests that she would clean it, and that he doesn’t have to, and washed his mug as well.

    “Thanks for breakfast Kagome.” He grinned at her, “I gotta get goin’. I need ta call Shippo.” He grumbled.

    Kagome nodded and hopped off her chair, the red hoodie now bunching up over her thighs and smothering her completely. Inuyasha loved how she looked in it, and considered letting her keep it.

    It was selfish of him, and self indulgent; but having her wear his clothing felt like he was making a stand and telling other guys to fuck off about coming near her.

    He also likes how she looks in his clothes, and seeing her dressed in his hoodie only made him want her even more.

    ‘Damn inuyoukai instincts, I blame you for this.’

    “Are you sure you’re okay? You were so gone last night, I have no idea how you look so normal today.” She balled up the excess sleeves in her over hands and held the fabric in her fists.

    Inuyasha blushed harder, his cheeks betraying him instantly, and looked away from her. “Half-demon, remember?”

    Kagome rolled her eyes and laughed breathily, “Oh duh! Silly me.”

    She skipped over to her front door, the hem of her shorts and hoodie riding up a little over her upper thigh, and Inuyasha immediately looked away from her; the image instantly burned into his brain forever. He followed after her and stepped outside as soon as the door was wide open.

    “Thanks again for breakfast.” He said sheepishly.

    She leaned on the door and grinned, “Don't forget, I saved your life too!”

    He rolled his eyes as he walked over to his door and unlocked it, “And for saving me from sleeping outside all night with all of the bugs,” he teased her.

    Kagome scrunched up her nose and shivered, “You’re welcome, now go clean up, you smell like beer!”

    “Fuck off!” The half-demon laughed boisterously, the sound echoing beautifully throughout the parking lot and creating a warmth to spread throughout Kagome’s body.

    She had it bad.

    ‘I’m so screwed.’


    It had been a few days since Inuyasha turned up to her apartment at midnight after drinking too many beers, and she hadn’t been able to tell Sango anything. Kagome’s been allowing herself to process everything that has happened between them, and she didn’t understand how she could be so oblivious to the truth.

    When she wasn’t distracted by her job, she was thinking about Inuyasha, and about the possibility of telling him how she feels. Pros and cons lists were made up in her head, fake scenarios that were of good and bad endings replayed constantly, and she also daydreamed about being able to do girlfriend things for Inuyasha.

    It was now Thursday, five days since the elevator incident that allowed her to wake up and see that his feelings were mutual.

    Well, unofficially mutual. He hasn’t outright told her yet.

    “Buyo!” She groaned, “What do I do!”


    “He doesn’t know I like him, and vice versa… what if I ruin everything because I looked too deeply into this!”


    “You don’t know that!” She argued with her cat.

    He purred in response.

    “God, I’m going to ruin everything!” She took a throw pillow from her couch and screamed into it, the sound coming out muffled and miserable.

    Her cell phone vibrated on the coffee table and she dived for it, immediately seeing Sango’s silly photo ID pop up on her screen. She slid the green button to the side and lifted her phone up to her ear.

    “Finally!” Kagome answered dramatically.

    “Finally? No ‘hey Sango how’s it going?’ No, ‘How’s Miroku treating you?’” Sango replied.

    Kagome rolled her eyes, “You act like we weren’t texting five minutes ago.”

    “It’s the thought that counts, Kagome!”

    She giggled before falling backwards onto the couch cushions. “Drama queen.”

    “That’s your title, babe.” Her friend teased her, “I’m the drama princess.”

    Kagome waved her hand up and down to no one in particular and scoffed, “I beg to differ.”

    “It’s okay, Miroku is the most dramatic of the three of us. He takes the throne.”

    The girls agreed, giggling with each other like school girls.

    “Okay, so I don’t have enough time, but I can do five minutes before I have to run back to what I was doing. What did you want to talk about that was too important for texts? I’ve been waiting all week!”

    “Put me before your job and then this wouldn’t happen!” Kagome laughed, not serious at all whatsoever.

    “I’ll do it when you do!” Sango giggled, “Now out with it!”

    Kagome released a shuddering breath and shut her eyes, “I think Inuyasha likes me.”

    There was a pause on the line before Sango bursted out laughing on the other end. “Oh, you don’t say?!”

    “Sango, I’m serious!” She whined.

    Sango continued to laugh on the other end and Kagome considered hanging up on her.

    “Babe, you two act like two kids with crushes on each other. Miroku and I already knew about this!”

    “Oh no, is it obvious?” She asked embarrassedly.

    “To everyone else except you two!”Sango explained. “It’s like you both have foggy glasses on and you can’t see what’s happening in front of you.”

    “Wonderful example.” Kagome deadpanned. “I don’t know what to do.”

    “Tell him!”

    “No!” She defended, “What if he doesn’t like me and I ruin everything!”

    “He does like you!” Sango fought back, “He’s like a lost puppy without you, no pun intended.”

    Kagome failed to fight back her smile and sighed. “I also… don’t know if I’m ready.”

    “That’s a different story.” Her friend replied, “But I understand.”

    Kagome fiddled with the pocket of Inuyasha’s hoodie and groaned. “I want to be ready though.”

    “That’s up to you. Do you want my advice?”

    She pouted, “Always.”

    “I say, go for it. I know it’s scary. Kei fucked you over, so badly, but not every guy is Kei. Just like how not every guy is Inuyasha.” She sighed, “It’s okay to be nervous to try again, but you deserve another love story with someone who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. With love, loyalty, understanding, reassurance, and everything in between.”

    Her eyes welled up with tears, but she held them back from falling. “What if it breaks apart again?”

    “Then it wasn’t meant to be. But you don’t know unless you try.”

    There it is again, the same words of wisdom that Inuyasha told her back at the diner. Was he talking about her at the time? Has Kagome really been that dense that she didn’t notice it?

    “It scares me.”

    “And that’s okay. You don’t have to tell him right now, do it when you feel ready. You’ll know when you do.”

    “And you’re sure he likes me back?”

    “He looks at you like you’re the only living thing in the world. So yes, I do.”

    “We do!” Shouted Miroku from far away.

    “Ignore him, he’s eavesdropping.”

    Kagome laughed. “He’s painting your nails right now isn’t he?”

    “As I look over files? Yes, of course.” Sango laughed. “By the way, where’s Inuyasha? If you’re talking to me about this so easily, he can’t be home right?“

    Kagome shook her head, “Nope, I think he’s at work. Sometimes he comes back a few hours later. I hear him unlock his door pretty late sometimes.”

    >em>“Ah, well, I managed to halt my meeting at a good time then.” She laughed, “Sadly, I have to let you go. My boss can’t wait forever.”

    Kagome smiled and snuggled into the pillow, “I appreciate your advice. I’ll think it over.”

    “That’s all I needed to hear.” A pause, “Bye Kagome, we love you. Call Miroku if you need anything!”

    “Bye, I love you guys too.” She grinned into the phone, “Good luck on your meeting.”

    “Thanks, I’ll need it.”

    The call was over as quickly as it happened, and Kagome was left alone with her thoughts once again.

    “I won’t know unless I try.” She told herself, “But what if I’m too scared to try?”

    She laid back and groaned in frustration, on one hand; telling Inuyasha and possibly going out sounded like a dream. On the other, telling him and trying again sounded terrifying.

    The idea of falling in love again just to watch it break, burn, and end seemed like something a masochist would do. Giving yourself to a person, letting them learn your creases and your ends, allowing yourself to be vulnerable and show your weaknesses was a heavy task, and if done right it would turn out beautiful.

    Falling in love was like watching flowers bloom in a meadow where they were once buds. With enough water, sunshine, and care the flowers will blossom into big and bright bouquets that litter the land and spread across endlessly. It was beautiful, it was magical, and it was effortless.

    However, flowers can die without the proper care, and left to dry up and lose their color. A flower never fully recovers from that, and some leaves wither away and fall off, crumbling and weakening on the floor.

    Kei left her withered, and she hasn’t been able to recover from that. Her leaves are dry, her stem is weakened, and her petals are brittle and discolored. Even with her own love and care, she could only salvage so much. The trauma of her past relationship was almost too strong and heavy to manage fixing.

    However, she recovered what she could, and Kagome was still a beautiful flower that deserves another chance of water, sunshine, and love.

    She just needed to be ready to receive it.

    A knock on her door brought her out of her thoughts, and immediately she perked up, hoping it was her favorite half-demon at the door.

    “Coming!” She called out giddily.

    She skipped over and looked through the peephole, and her smile dropped into a horrified frown.

    It was her ex boyfriend.

    And Inuyasha wasn’t home.

    “Kei, leave right now!” She shouted desperately.

    “Open the door!” He yelled angrily.

    “In your dreams you asshole!” Her heart was racing in her chest, threatening to rip out of her body and land on her feet.

    “Why won’t you take me back?!” He yelled. “I did so much for you. I lost friends for you, gave up going to a college out of state for you, and came back home to you every night. What more did you want from me!” His voice was loud and gruff, and she could hear him so clearly it was as if he was right beside her.

    To her own surprise, Kagome laughed in reaction, loud and obnoxious. “You ruined me Kei!” She yelled through the door.

    “Why won’t I take you back? Besides cheating on me, you gaslit me, manipulated me into thinking everything was my fault. You didn’t lose any friends! Those were all girls you fucked that I called you out on!”

    She gasped for breath but kept going, “I supported you to move but you chose not to, not me! I didn’t force you to stay here! And you came home every night smelling like another girls perfume and sex. So don’t you dare turn this back on me Kei.”

    There was silence on the other side of the door, it was brief, and it felt long and torturous. Kagome wondered if he was still there, or if he had ignored her and walked away.

    The hard bangs on her door proved otherwise.

    “Fuck you!” Kei yelled, “You sucked in bed, you didn’t listen to me ever, you complained about everything I did and you were so fucking annoying and insecure. Why do you think I fucking cheated on you?”

    Tears welled up in her eyes but she decided to let them fall, allowing herself to confront the problem head on like she had when she left him.

    His words hurt, but she knew they weren’t true. He was doing it again, gaslighting her and running the same routine he did when she dated him.

    “I did everything for you and you never appreciated me. You stayed with me and fucked other girls because I was dumb enough to let you walk over me and use me. I learned from that Kei, and I know what I deserve!”

    "Shut up!” He yelled, “You don’t know shit!“

    Kagome was so over this, and she grabbed her phone from her pocket and went to dial 9-1-1. “I deserve someone who treats me the opposite of what you did to me, Kei.”

    He laughed darkly, and she shivered when she heard it. “Oh yeah, and who the fuck is gonna love you that way when you’re such an awful girlfriend?”

    Her voice wavered, but she held onto it strongly. “I already found someone who will. He’s proved it to me one too many times, not that you deserve to know that.”

    “He’s gonna do you like I did, Kagome; and you’re gonna be left fucked up all over again.”

    “Shut the hell up and tell me how you found my address. I'm over this conversation!” She screamed.

    Kei laughed again, leaned his head closer to the door.

    “If you didn’t want me to find out where you lived, maybe you should have told your friends about what a big and bad boyfriend I was.”

    Her heart dropped and she gasped, the realization dawning on her that one of her friends from high school unknowingly told Kei. They never came to know what happened between them because, well, she was too preoccupied trying to heal that she never found the time. Only Sango and Miroku knew, besides her family, and as she healed, she never felt the urge to vent to her friends about the details of her failed relationship.

    However, she did tell them that they broke up, and gave them her new address when she moved into this complex.

    Kagome had no idea that Kei would escalate to these levels, and that’s why the urgency to explain to her friends wilted away as the months went by.

    “I-I’m calling the police.” She yelled at him through the door.

    “I’m getting out of here. I don’t want you back.” Kei replied darkly.

    “Good riddance!” She screamed at him as she dialed emergency services.

    "Inuyasha pulled up into the parking lot and sighed deeply, absolutely exhausted from how long his day was. All he wanted to do now was take a shower, eat, and see Kagome before he went to bed. He had no other plans, and he hoped they would stay that way.

    Seeing Kagome’s ex run down his building's stairs was not on his list, but knocking his teeth out was immediately added to it.

    He climbed out of his truck and slammed the door, suppressing a smirk when he watched the fucker jump from the sound. “Oí, what the fuck did I say the last time I saw you?”

    Kei stopped in his tracks and grinned at him, fake confidence leaking off of him like oil. “I believe I told you to fuck off.”

    Inuyasha slowly walked over to him and grinned at him before knocking his fist right into his face. “Nah, I told ya I’d kick yer fuckin’ ass!”

    Kei’s hands flew to his face as an attempt to shield off another hit and yelled in pain. “Fuck you, bro!”

    Inuyasha hit him again in the gut before socking his jaw from the side, “Is that all you know to say? Some tough guy you are!”

    Kei tried hitting back, but Inuyasha was faster than him, and it only proved to Kei that he was no match against the half-demon. “You’re fucking doing this over some girl who sucks in bed?!”

    Inuyasha’s vision went red, instantly hitting him straight in the nose, a loud crack echoing in his ears.

    He wasn’t hitting him hard enough to kill him, no; he was holding back a lot of strength.

    Inuyasha could kill him if he chose to, but he won’t.

    Kei’s pained yelp reverberated in the parking lot as he fell backwards on the gravel. “She’s not even worth it!”

    “She’s worth more than you’ll ever know, but you were too fucking stupid to see that.” Inuyasha answered him darkly. “Get the hell outta here before I kill ya.”

    “You won’t!” Kei argued back, his voice wavering.

    Inuyasha chuckled, “You ever show yer damn face here and come near her, I will make sure you won’t be able to walk ever again.”

    His ears picked up the sound of sirens and he looked back out at the entrance of the complex and groaned. His knuckles had some of Kei’s blood on them, and the asshole’s face was already swelling from the punches.

    Inuyasha was so fucked.

    “Inuyasha!” He heard Kagome yell, his attention immediately turning over towards the girl running towards him dressed in his hoodie.

    “Are you alright?!” Inuyasha yelled, meeting her halfway across the parking lot. “Did he touch you?”

    He was trying his best not to lose his shit, and if it weren’t for the girl beside him, he would have caused more damage.

    Kagome ran into his arms and shook her head in his chest, “No, no, I didn’t open the door.”

    He pulled her tightly into his body and kissed her forehead, “That’s my girl.”

    She wrapped her arms around him and started crying, releasing all of the pent of fear and frustration that she was holding back from a few minutes ago. While she cried, Inuyasha held her firmly; running soothing circles on her back as he watched two police cars roll into the vicinity.

    The sound of the sirens had drawn attention to them as their neighbors peaked out through their front doors, watching them from the safety of their homes.

    Kagome giggled into his shirt, and Inuyasha looked down at her with his eyebrows raised. “The hell ya laughin’ at?’

    She wiped her eyes with the sleeve of his hoodie and stared at him with tear stained cheeks, “It hasn’t even been a week and we’ve already made the police come here twice.”

    “Keh,” Inuyasha scoffed. “We make this place more interestin’.”

    She laughed again and pulled away, instantly regretting her decision. However, as two officers handled her ex, the other two came over to talk to the neighbors about what happened.

    “Are you Ms. Kagome Higurashi?” The female officer asked.

    Kagome nodded, “Yes I’m the one who made the call.”

    The officer took note of her answer before looking at the man beside her, “And who are you?”

    “Inuyasha Taisho.” He answered simply.

    “H-he’s my friend.” Kagome added.

    “Alright, and may I ask why the man in custody has a bloodied face?“

    Before Inuyasha could answer, Kagome jumped in ahead of him. “Inuyasha was defending me. My ex can be aggressive, a-and this is the second time he’s shown up to my apartment without permission.”

    The male officer raised his eyebrow at her, “Without permission?”

    “I-I never gave him my address. He found it on his own.” Her voice shook in reply.

    The officers nodded in understanding, “We’re going to have to ask you some more questions, are you alright with that?”

    Inuyasha held Kagome’s hand firmly, silently telling her that he’s here for her.

    “Yes, that’s fine.” She agreed.

    It took an hour after Kei was placed in custody and the first pair of officers drove away, but Kagome and Inuyasha were questioned along with their neighbors. Their neighbors defended the pair, not denying that they heard when Kei arrived at her apartment the first two times and confirming what Inuyasha and Kagome had said during both incidents. They continued to praise Inuyasha and Kagome; informing the officers that they were good people, and that besides this situation, nothing ever out of the ordinary was done by either of them.

    Inuyasha was left with a warning, however it wasn’t officially written down by the officers, so it was as if the beating never happened.

    They convinced Kagome to write up a restraining order on Kei, and she agreed, saying that she would fill it out and return it to the department by the end of the week.

    Once the officers were gone and everyone in the complex was back inside their apartments, Inuyasha let Kagome and Buyo stay over at his unit for the night. If it were any other instance, he would be a flushed mess right now. However, Kagome was shaken up and processing what happened, and she was cuddling up with her cat on his couch while he made her tea.

    “Thank you, Inuyasha.” Kagome said in a small voice.

    The half-demon sighed in frustration as he sat down beside her, “I didn’t hold my word to protect you. I don’t deserve any praise.”

    She turned towards him, laying a hand on his chest to signal that she was about to speak. “Don’t say that, please. You’ve already done so much. You were at work, and I didn’t open the door. I'm okay.”

    He balled his hands into fists as he battled internally with himself, “If I had been here-“

    “You are here, now. A-nd you held him off in time for the police to arrive. I was too afraid to go outside and stall him… I didn’t come out until I heard him yelp out.”

    The half-demon smirked, “I fucked his face up.”

    Kagome rolled her eyes, “He deserved it.”

    She laid her head on his chest and released a breath through her nose. “I need to make some calls.”

    “You don’t want’a hold off until tomorrow?” He asked her softly.

    She shook her head, “I’ve held off enough. However… I’ll tell Sango and Miroku tomorrow. She’s stressed enough as it is.”

    Inuyasha nodded and wrapped his arm around her waist, effectively pulling her closer to him to comfort her. Buyo laid comfortably on her lap as he dozed off into deep sleep.

    Eventually Kagome started to call her friends, investigating which one of them was the one who told her ex where she lived; and instantly forgiving them because it wasn’t their fault. They didn’t know about how bad he was, and she never told them.

    While Inuyasha quietly listened to the girl speak to her friends on a four way call, he wished he could take all of this away from her so she never had to suffer from it in the first place. Kagome was reliving her trauma as she retold her story, answering questions, and even wiping away from tears that formed in her eyes.

    She never deserved this.

    As the call began to dwindle off into happier territory, it was already two in the morning, and Buyo had moved from Kagome’s lap and onto a separate couch cushion where he stretched out comfortably and twitched in his sleep.

    The girl beside him wasn’t any better as she yawned and giggled sleepily on the phone. Her eyes were growing heavy, and her voice was slurring from exhaustion. After a few more minutes of talking, the call ended, and Kagome placed her phone on the table besides the couch.

    “How’d it go?” He asked her softly.

    She yawned and snuggled into his chest, too tired to blush from their closeness. “Ayumi did it, and she cried to me, and I had to tell her it wasn’t her fault.”

    “Hm.” He agreed, “You have good friends.”

    She smiled, and laid her hand back onto his chest. “I also have a great neighbor.”

    He chuckled, “Is that all I am?” He teased, “Not even your friend?”

    Kagome shook her head, “More than a friend.” She admitted before falling asleep, her exhaustion now effectively hitting her.

    “Oh, shit.” The half-demon whispered to himself.

    All Inuyasha could do was hold the woman in his arms as he internally freaked out, making sure he didn’t wake her as he came to the realization of her words.

    She likes him back.

    And he doesn’t know what to do.

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  • mamabearcatfanart
    28.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    A recent art commission for @dawnrider for her heartfelt fic A Bushel and a Peck

    This shows a sweet moment between Kagome and her daughter Izayoi. Sometimes the love we feel for our children can be a little frightening in its intensity - the need to provide, to care, to protect from the prejudice of the outside world. Overwhelming, but wonderful too.

    Thank you so much for the commission @dawnrider 😍 and for giving me an excuse to read your beautiful fanfic again!

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    Inukag aladdin au fanfic???

    Please do, im begging, tag me if there is, i would read immediately 🧎‍♀️🙏

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    a commission for @calloftherunningtide

    it was really fun to draw them since i never tried but they are just so squishy and adorable

    thanks for your support

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    If you were following me back in 2019 you might remember this art I drew that was ultimately the inspiration for Making Waves. A couple months ago I started planning to do a redraw of it and I’m so happy I did 🥰

    This new version I feel fits the actual story more. Kagome's not super thin. Inuyasha's expression suits him better. The background even feels like what I was trying to visualize when I started writing the story. They're a ways away from the public beach, which helps Inuyasha drive home to Kagome that she's got nothing to worry about.

    The large file is up on patreon, if you’d like a copy with a smaller watermark~

    @keichanz @lemonlushff @dawnrider @mamabearcat @inuykago @sailorbabydoll92 @zelink-inukag @itzatakahashi @superpixie42 @sticky-llama-perfection @the-rebel-alchemist  @digitl-art-monstr @theinuyashareader @eternalnight8806-3 @cstorm86 @sarah-writes-stories @animelove1313 @nartista @smmahamazing @xfangheartx @cyncyn981 @bluejay785 @witchygirl99 @lady-dark-69 @kazeinori @willowandfog @lavendertwilight89 @gaysonthefloor @senneth-pendra @ruddcatha @pinkpigeonstudio @shinidamachu @cammysansstuff @little-inukag-obsessed @arcprz @liz8080 @trying-not-to-loveu @wulfintheforest @memusicmuse @princessinume @hnn-wnchstr @that-weird-kid-charlie @cannibalsforbreakfast @mr-fairywings @nsr0716 @eringobroke @ladyphoenix0711 @malditamigs @fawn-eyed-girl  @littlestuffstohide @smh1821 @karina-inuphantom @dreaming-of-soup @irrationalandimpossible  @boostyourmind-blog @anisaanisa @inussunflower @sacred-arrow @nillavanilla21 @yusukesmomjeans @lordofthechips @bluehawaiicat @kawaiichan67 @kagometaishostory @hopidoodle   @omgitscharlie  @themusicalshoo  @heynikkiyousofine @preciouslyours @roseheartwhitefox @brokenangelwings22 @banra-yar @knittingknots @scaponigifs @shardetector @fudalfighter  

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    As requested by @princeasimdiya12

    An InuKag Aladdin!AU. Redrew some screenshots sorta-

    I love these two so much 💕

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    Hey remember that witchy au I started a while back? Any interest in that still? I think I have it fleshed out.

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    Supersum - Chapter 61 is up!


    It’s available to read on AO3 and FFN.  

    Chapter Title: Canes pugnaces  |  "Dogs of War"

    Summary:  Kagome sees the effect of her reiki on a full-youkai

    Taglist after the cut!  (If you would like to be added reply to this post, and I’ll add you to the list!)

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    Sota if he had opened that door one minute later:

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                                                        Şprēค໓ thē l໐งē

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    Wrote this little ditty a while ago but never promoted it. Thought I’d share it with the tumblr InuKag fandom, in case you haven’t stumbled upon it 😉

    Warning: lewd, NSFW

    Bad Dog


    That’s when he saw them. Thin, white fabric with pink, red, and green flowery designs on them, bunched up in the corner of the bathroom on top of her pajama pants.

    And they smelled so fucking good…

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  • lucky-chan34dl
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago




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  • celtic-catgirl
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Battlefield by Jordin Sparks is an InuKag song

    #shut up alex #personal#inuyasha#kagome#kagome higurashi #kagome x inuyasha #inuyasha x kagome #inukag
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  • mustardyellowsunshine
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago
    #Inuyasha#犬夜叉#Kagome#Kagome Higurashi#InuKag#manga cap#manga edit#my edit#chapter 45 #i'm cleaning out my drafts folder and finding shit i never posted for some reason #i swear Tumblr's drafts folder is broken #it eats posts sometimes #and then they randomly pop back up again
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  • genyasfuckingguns
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    I’ve been bingeing inuyasha and this bitch kikoy is getting on my nervesssss

    #inuyasha i love you so much but why. why WHY #inuyasha#inukag #inukag 4 liferzzzzzzz
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  • clearwillow
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    There were some plans for Mermay this year, but when I thought I’d have more time to work on them in the background, I got brought on to admin on some groups and well... I didn’t get to do as much as I’d hoped. There’s two linearts for patrons this month, and I’ve been sprinting Making Waves in the patreon discord, because I will have that finished this year.

    One of the patron suggestions last month brought up a funny scene from the story, and it took hold and became a mini comic. It’s beneath the cut because it’s 5 pages 😂 For the full size pages, you can check that out here

    @keichanz @lemonlushff @dawnrider @mamabearcat @inuykago @sailorbabydoll92 @zelink-inukag @itzatakahashi @superpixie42 @sticky-llama-perfection @the-rebel-alchemist  @digitl-art-monstr @theinuyashareader @eternalnight8806-3 @cstorm86 @sarah-writes-stories @animelove1313 @nartista @smmahamazing @xfangheartx @cyncyn981 @bluejay785 @witchygirl99 @lady-dark-69 @kazeinori @willowandfog @lavendertwilight89 @gaysonthefloor @senneth-pendra @ruddcatha @pinkpigeonstudio @shinidamachu @cammysansstuff @little-inukag-obsessed @arcprz @liz8080 @trying-not-to-loveu @wulfintheforest @memusicmuse @princessinume @hnn-wnchstr @that-weird-kid-charlie @cannibalsforbreakfast @mr-fairywings @nsr0716 @eringobroke @ladyphoenix0711 @malditamigs @fawn-eyed-girl  @littlestuffstohide @smh1821 @karina-inuphantom @dreaming-of-soup @irrationalandimpossible  @boostyourmind-blog @anisaanisa @inussunflower @sacred-arrow @nillavanilla21 @yusukesmomjeans @lordofthechips @bluehawaiicat @kawaiichan67 @kagometaishostory @hopidoodle   @omgitscharlie  @themusicalshoo  @heynikkiyousofine @preciouslyours @roseheartwhitefox @brokenangelwings22 @banra-yar @knittingknots @scaponigifs @shardetector @fudalfighter  

    #fanart#inuyasha#kagome#sango#mermay#inukag#mini comic #my apologies to Sango #Inuyasha is too fun to take the mickey out on #it's expected with him
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  • lucky-chan34dl
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago


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  • spkyart
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    I hate dogs

    #almost done with the series I am at season 6 :') its been a long ride #i love this show more than I already loved it #inuyasha #inuyasha a feudal fairy tale #犬夜叉#kagome inuyasha#kagome#kagome higurashi#inukag#inukagkog#slightly#kouga#koga inuyasha#inuyasha fanart#inuyasha fandom#anime#manga#digital art #ibis paint x #i am boring af and I LOVE inukag okkkk
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  • pachworldx-1
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Ando inspirada💫

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