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  • citizenscreen
    04.09.2021 - 8 monts ago

    (Caption) American actors Montgomery Clift and Irene Dunne arrive at London Airport for the Command Film Performance of her latest film 'The Mudlark' (1950)

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  • terrania
    18.06.2021 - 11 monts ago
    “The O’Connell’s don’t see me as an asset, I’m not just a rich person to them. Jordan and her mum are the only people I’ve met who treat me like a normal person, I was happy to get a part-time job here if it meant I could help them out.”

    She’s my confident girl who’s also a bit of a brat but has a soft spot for Jordan and Elizabeth. She’s a big flirt and has made it her mission to annoy Asher as much as possible. She’s my main MC for the IF Golden by @milaswriting

    #also that text is supposed to be from Jordan agshsjsksls #I struggled a bit when it came to fleshing her out but that quote did it for me #I’m still not 100% on the name but I like it so far #i might do more posts like these for my other MCs but we’ll see #ch: irene montgomery
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  • nerds-yearbook
    23.04.2021 - 1 year ago

    36-year-old Martin Sloan from 1959 finds himself in his home town, but some how he has traveled back to the year 1934. He attempts to contact his parents but they reject him as a crazy man. His 11-year-old self is terrified by him and ends up hurting himself, which also injures future Martin. Sloan tries to urge his young self to enjoy his boyhood while it lasts. His father finally comes around to believing in adult Sloan and encourages him to appreciate his adulthood and not live in the past. (The twilight zone "walking distance"

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  • your-fave-queer
    21.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Who I write for•


    Tony Stark

    1940’s! Howard Stark

    1940’s Steve Rogers

    1940’s Peggy Carter

    1940’s Bucky Barnes

    1940’s! Edwin Jarvis

    Steve Rogers

    Bucky Barnes

    Natasha Romanoff

    Wanda Maximoff

    Pietro Maximoff

    Bruce Banner

    Loki Laufeyson

    Steven Strange

    18+!Peter Parker (Andrew/Tobey/Tom)

    Scott Lang

    Darcey Lewis

    Jimmy Woo

    Human! Vision

    Clint Barton

    Thor Odinson

    Lady Sif

    Mobius M. Mobius

    Matt Murdock

    Once upon a time:

    Killian jones

    David Nolan

    Emma Swan

    Regina mills


    Sheriff Graham

    American horror story:

    (Murder house)

    Tate Langdon

    Violet Harmon

    Billie Dean Howard

    Nora Montgomery


    Lana Winters

    Kit Walker

    Sister Mary Eunice


    Madison Montgomery

    Kyle Spencer

    Zoe Benson

    Cordelia foxx

    (Freaks show)

    Jimmy darling

    Maggie Esmerelda

    Amazon Eve

    Bette & Dot Tattler

    Dandy Mott


    James Patrick March

    Hypodermic Sally

    John Lowe

    The countess



    Kai Anderson (reluctantly)

    Ally Mayfair-Richards


    Wilhemina Venable

    Michael Langdon

    Harry Potter:

    James Potter

    Sirius Black

    Remus Lupin

    Tom Riddle

    Harry Potter

    Fred & George Weasley

    Bill Weasley

    Lucius Malfoy

    Draco Malfoy

    Severus Snape

    Cedric Diggory

    Fleur Delacour

    Fantastic beasts:

    Jude law!Dumbledore

    Mads mikaelson! Grindlewald

    Newt Scamander

    Theseus Scamander

    Jacob Kowalski

    Queenie Goldstein


    Jean Grey

    Logan Howlette

    Hank McCoy

    Peter Maximoff

    Charles Xavier

    Erik Lencherr

    Scott Summers

    Stranger things:

    Steve Harrington

    Johnathan Byers <3

    18+! Mike wheeler

    Doctor who:


    Rory Williams

    Amy Pond

    Clara Oswald

    The Great:







    Ben Barnes

    Andrew Garfield

    Johnny Depp

    Jude law

    Finn Wolfhard

    Louis Partridge

    Henry Cavill! Sherlock Holmes

    Benedict Cumberbatch! Sherlock Holmes

    Martin Freeman! John Watson

    BBC Sherlock! Irene Adler

    Will Turner (pirates of the Caribbean)

    18+!Klaus Baudelaire (a series of unfortunate events)

    Luke Danes (Gilmore girls)

    Loralai Gilmore (Gilmore girls)

    Nick nelson (fluff)

    Charlie spring (fluff)

    I WILL NOT write:

    Anything to do with rape, non-con, violence, suicide attempt, incest or character x character when it’s a cross fandom.

    I WILL write:

    Comfort smut, comfort fluff, fluff, pregnancy, self harm comfort, character x character from the same fandom, character x reader and character x character x reader and I will also write characters as family so for example Child!reader x dad!Tony stark etc :)

    #american horror story #ouat #once upon a time #marvel#fantastic beasts#smut #x men fanfiction #doctor who#stranger things#smutty
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  • deathlyrp
    06.03.2022 - 2 monts ago


    F: Alba Baptista, Jessie Mei Li, Irene Bae, Hande Erçel, Halston Sage, Emma Mackey, Jessica Sula, Azul Guaita, Saoirse Ronan, Kim Yeri, Lucy Boynton, Lee Jieun, Zoey Deutch, Lily Collins, Abigail Cowen, Hunter Schafer, Barbie Ferreira, Zendaya, Hailee Steinfeld, Adelaide Kane, Danielle Campbell, Yandeh Sallah, Alva Bratt, Lili Reinhart, Vanessa Morgan, Kristine Froseth.

    M: Alexander Ludwig, Tom Holland, Cody Christian, Jacob Elordi, Jordan Fisher, Jorge Lopez, Lee Jongsuk, Maxence Danet-Fauvel, Thomas Doherty, Herman Tommeraas, Luke Hemmings, Lorenzo Zurzolo, Lee Felix, Robert Pattinson, Joe Keery, Dominic Fike, Dacre Montgomery, Booboo Stewart, Alex Fitzalan, Nick Robinson, Lucas Wong, Joshua Bassett, Shawn Mendes.

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  • yo-sostenible
    30.11.2021 - 5 monts ago

    La mujer negra que se negó a ceder su asiento a un hombre blanco

    La mujer negra que se negó a ceder su asiento a un hombre blanco

    Irene Cuesta | SINC El 1 de diciembre de 1955, en Montgomery (Alabama, EE UU), una costurera afroamericana de 42 años llamada Rosa Parks se negó a ceder el asiento a un hombre blanco en un autobús, como cualquier persona negra debía hacer según la ley. Parks, que era secretaria y ayudante en la Asociación Nacional para el Avance del Pueblo de Color, pasó la noche en el calabozo y llamó la…

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    #La mujer negra que se negó a ceder su asiento a un hombre blanco
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  • outoftowninac
    23.11.2021 - 5 monts ago



    “In Atlantic City” was a stage musical in three acts presented by and starring vaudeville comedian Frank M. Wills. It also featured his family, John B. and Estelle Wills and a company of  25 performers.  

    Produced by Stewart Lithgow

    Musical Director: Louis Jacobson

    Scenic Design by Walter BurridgeI


    The plot of this ‘farce comedy’ involved a gruff father (Wills) trying to win over the affections of his shunned son’s bride-to-be before the wedding. As the titles suggests, the action was set entirely in Atlantic City NJ - on the “famous Board Walk” and “Battery Beach”.*

    *The famous board walk is now spelled as one word. Atlantic City’s boardwalk is considered the first, and therefore the only one allowed to be spelled with a capital B.  There is no record of reference to Atlantic City beaches being called “Battery Beach”. The dictionary definition implies some sort of armament (as New York’s Battery Park) but any discussion of such military presence is now obscure.   


    Frank M. Wills as Otto Buch, a wealthy retired brewer

    Walter McCollough as Charles Buch, proud of his sire

    Estella Wills as Rose, by any other name would smell as sweet

    Alice Gilmour as Clementine, with amorous intentions

    Pat Rooney as Butts, contented with his lot

    Mattie Rooney as Lize, a sweetheart of Butts

    Mabel Montgomery as Violet, with fragrance of the conservatory

    Wilton Taylor as Chauncey Van Cotta, distinguished gentleman

    John S. Terry as Reginald Van Cotta, disappointment

    Emilie DeVera as Aurelia

    Dollie Helston as Alicia

    Gussie Helston  as Alethea

    Kitty Helston as Adeline

    Leslie Marion as Antoinette

    Irene Stewart as Angelica

    Jay Binkley, G. D. Cunningham, Harry Turner, George Ovey - The Herald Square Quartette


    “Ann Eliza” ~ Entire Company

    “Dainty Little French Maids” ~ Adeline, Alethea, Alicia and Lize

    “A Quarrel” ~ Reginald Van Cotta, Adeline, Alethea and Alicia


    It is noted that the show did not originate in Atlantic City, but in Hagerstown, MD, although there is little about its production there. Wills himself was from Maryland, so perhaps that is the reason for the odd location. The show was performed on Broadway NYC for one week.

    It is the only production in Broadway history to have “Atlantic City” in the title.

    “In Atlantic City” was presented on Broadway* at the Star Theatre (formerly Wallack’s), located at 844 Broadway, from August 13 to August 20, 1898 (9 performances). In 1901, the Astor Family bought the property in 1901 and tore down the theatre.  

    * At the time, ‘Broadway’ referred to the actual street, not the theatre district now officially known as Broadway.  The Star / Wallack’s was located downtown, and the area is no longer considered ‘Broadway’.  

    After closing on Broadway, “In Atlantic City” was staged at Boston’s newly-refurbished Columbia Theatre during a week in August 1898. 

    The Columbia Theatre (aka Loew's New Columbia Theatre) was a playhouse and (later) cinema located in the South End at No. 978 Washington Street. The Columbia existed until its demolition in 1957.

    This clip seems to indicate that renovations to the Columbia were ongoing, and not fully completed at the time of the show’s engagement.  At least there were ‘popular prices’! 

    A favorable review from a Boston critic. 

    In this generally ‘unfavorable’ review, reference is made to Alice Gilmour’s reputation as a ‘coon singer’ (aka blackface performer). Such entertainments were common at the time, even creating a whole genre of entertainers specializing in such presentations.  It is to be assumed that Gilmour performed here in blackface.  

    This is the last record of performance for the title being performed. 

    The actual Atlantic City Boardwalk and Beach circa 1898.  

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  • kodasarat
    16.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Electronica aplicada mc graw hill pdf descargar



               Download PDF - Electronica Aplicada. Type: PDF TXT; Date: January 2020; Size: 4.5MB Electronica Aplicada Solucionario Mcgrawhill.pdf. McGraw Hill Ryerson, 1980, p. 4. EPPERLY, Elizabeth: The Visual Imagination of L. M. Montgomery, in Irene Gammel (ed.): Making Avonlea, Toronto, UniversityEF3e Uppint Filetest 03 Answerkey - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File Reading and Writing Grade 6 Science (A Closer Look) (2008, McGraw-Hill). Title, Electronica Aplicada Solucionario Mcgrawhill. Region. Format, PDF. Pages, 142. File Size, 8.4 MB. Total Download, 0 Electronica Aplicada. Electronica Aplicada Electronica Aplicada Solucionario Mcgrawhill. 120 6 8MB Read more Antonio Hermosa Donate 2013.pdf.

    https://qunodujadet.tumblr.com/post/667914591004655616/coreavc-decoder-professional-edition-1950, https://nujamujaxihe.tumblr.com/post/667941185627783168/cosmo-cpe-5-25-bedienungsanleitung-deutsch, https://tuxixocowuw.tumblr.com/post/667962194611372033/swift-stream-c-1-car-drone-manual, https://xibodoguc.tumblr.com/post/667894846308155392/jcb-407-operators-manual, https://vofeqesugo.tumblr.com/post/667902126974025728/winchester-model-94-ranger-30-30-manual.

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  • brookstonalmanac
    17.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Birthdays 10.17

    Beer Birthdays

    George Wendt (1948)

    Scott Kerkmans (1979)

    Five Favorite Birthdays

    Childe Hassam; artist (1859)

    Rita Hayworth; actor (1918)

    Mike Judge; cartoonist, writer (1962)

    J.L. Kraft; processed cheese inventor (1874)

    Jerry Siegel; cartoonist, Superman co-creator (1914)

    Famous Birthdays

    June Allyson; actor (1917)

    Jean Arthur; actor (1900)

    Jimmy Breslin; writer (1930)

    Montgomery Clift; actor (1920)

    Joyce Compton; actor (1907)

    Ernie Els; golfer (1969)

    Eminem; rapper (1972)

    Jupiter Hammon; poet (1711)

    Alan Jackson; country singer (1958)

    Wyclef Jean; rapper, singer (1969)

    Felicity Jones; actor (1983)

    Robert Jordan; writer (1948)

    Margot Kidder; actor (1948)

    Evel Knievel; daredevil (1938)

    Dolph Lundgren; Swedish actor (1959)

    Norm MacDonald; comedian (1963)

    Ziggy Marley; Jamaican reggae musician (1968)

    Michael McKean; actor, comedian (1947)

    Arthur Miller; playwright (1915)

    Tom Poston; comedian, actor (1921)

    Gary Puckett; rock singer (1942)

    Irene Ryan; actor (1902)

    Jimmy Seals; pop singer, musician (1941)

    Nathanael West; writer (1903)

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  • jayefeather
    23.08.2021 - 8 monts ago

    Irene 10 Years Later: Montgomery County still moving through the paces of recovery

    Communities along the Mohawk River were struck by a deluge of water when high ... Communities impacted by severe storm damage across the state developed NY ... from Google Alert - water damage https://www.google.com/url?rct=j&sa=t&url=https://dailygazette.com/2021/08/23/irene-10-years-later-montgomery-county-still-moving-through-the-paces-of-recovery/&ct=ga&cd=CAIyGmM1ODA0ODI0ZWVkYWI2OWU6Y29tOmVuOlVT&usg=AFQjCNGn28nVNjOCsKPYlH9Nt4QtpFT92Q

    #IFTTT #Google Alert - water damage
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  • condenadoshq
    02.07.2021 - 10 monts ago

    caritas que quieran ver acá? me encanta todo <3

         AYYYYY que lindo que te guste, amor!! por acá te dejo sugerencias: 

    fems: joey king, irene ferreiro, kim doyeon, danielle rose russell, hande ercel, takahashi juri, camila morrone, minatozaki sana, ester expósito, casimere jollette, halle beiley, barbara palvin, mina el hammani, ella purnell, rachel keller, ludovica martino, maddison brown, gideon adlon, kim dahyun, rowan blanchard, benedetta porcaroli, cemre baysel, megan donnelly, emilija baranac, luna wedler, chloe bailey, serenay sarikaya, miyawaki sakura, madelyn cline, elle fanning, lili reinhart, danna paola, bruna marquezine, nicha yontararak, tati gabrielle, dove cameron, yoo jeongyeon, odessa young, son seungwan, kim sojung, milena tscharntke, maia mitchell, olivia holt, nana komatsu, alexa demie, rhea raj, aybuke pusat, jung eunbi, malena villa, jaz sinclair, choi yuna, willow smith, marilyn lima, ennik somi douma, bae joohyun, emma mackey, kim jisoo, park sooyoung, katie douglas, kristen froseth, lalisa manoban, jessica barden, china anne mcclain, hirai momo, park jihyo, kaylee bryant, lee ahin, benedetta gargari, hunter schafer, lulu antariksa, nagao mariya, ogawa mizuki, kim minji, chonnasorn sajakul, yoo jeongahn, avani gregg, kelsey chow, katryn newton, giorgia whigham, ryan destiny, molly gordon, lee dabin, philippine stindel, alice pagani, sofia acrson,  aslihan malbora, liana liberato, maude apatow, jenny boyd, kiernan shipka, melisa senolsun, kim yerim, adelaide kane, margaret qualley, courtney eaton, camila mendes, maya hawke, becky g, sophie turner, halston sage, alina boz, maría pedraza, nicola peltz, sadie soverall, aparna brielle, veerle dejaeger, mackenzie foy, taissa farmiga, lily rose depp, yandeh sallah, kaitlyn dever, macarena garcía, alycia debnam carey, laura harrier, son chaeyoung, anne winters, mishti rahman, myoui mina, im nayeon, maddie hasson, priscila quintana, ellie bamber, kiana ledé, olivia dejonge, kat mcnamara, saoirse ronan, josefine frida pettersen, abigail cowen, alva bratt, davika hoorne, florence pugh, jessie mei li, natasha liu bordizzo.

    masc:  avan jogia, dylan minette, dong sicheng, asa butterfield, kris wu, kim jongdae, ju haknyeon, cody fern, bright vachirawit, darwin gray, jake bugg, robin migné, mizuguchi yuto, deaken bluman, chance perdomo, hong jisoo, toby wallace, nick robinson, logan lerman, björn mosten, angus cloud, min yoongi, rudy pankow, michel biel, alfie enoch, jack mulhern, gavin leatherwood, austin abrams, hero fiennes tiffin, jackson wang, wolfgang novogratz, cameron monaghan, lu han, dacre montgomery, qian kun, nicholas galitzine, im changkyun, son hyunwoo, harris dickinson, park jinyoung, reece king, kim jongin, santiago segura, wong yukhei, thomas doherty, lee jooheon, kim yugyeom, do kyungsoo, brandon flynn, lucas jade zumann, shin wonho, keith powers, noah centineo, charlie plummer, bill skarsgard, kj apa, romee flyn, kwon soonyoung, chris veres, jung hoseok, takada kenta, nicholas galitzine, oh sehun, neels visser, wen junhui, diego tinoco, lim jaebeom, jeon jungkook, park chanyeol, liu xiening, jacob elordi, tom webb, kim junmyeon, ben hardy, nakamoto yuta, huang zitao, troye sivan, toby regbo, jeremy allen white, axel auriant, tarjei sandvik moe, lee jihoon, hoi seungcheol, xu minghao, omar ayuso, logan shroyer, alex wolff, brenton thwaites, adachi yuto, terada takuya, lee minhyuk, keynan lonsdale, thomas hayes, matthew daddario, kunpimook bhuwakul, matthew noszka, choi youngjae, kim seokjin, yoo kihyun, ross lynch, kim namjoon, henrik holm, timothee chalamet, pol granch, maxence danet-fauvel, lorenzo zurzolo, freddy carter.


    #*   most wanted. #anonymous
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  • pandawriterstuff
    23.06.2021 - 10 monts ago

    Pinehallow Summary & Character List

    This is my main WIP, if I'm complaining about characters doing whatever they want, this is them.

    Pinehallow Summary-Monty, an eleven year old boy who has spent most of his life traveling from place to place with his in-demand lawyer mother, Irene, is sent to live at his uncle's horse ranch because she thinks he needs roots. Used to nearly everyone but his mother not being around long enough to get to know, Monty is more than a bit uncertain about this. But in scrambling to find his place in a town different to anything he's ever known, he finds friends, both human and animal, makes discoveries, and even manages to foil a plot against Pinehallow Ranch itself.

    Character List

    Monty (Montgomery) Cade Waller- Main character, 11, white. Monty is curious, bright, and more than a little awkward. He has a tendency to state the obvious, which can be endearing or annoying depending on your perspective. Big vocabulary and grown-up way of speaking because he’s spent more time around grown-ups than other kids. He’s quietly stubborn, particularly when it comes to being told he’s wrong when he knows he’s right. Insecure about socializing and friendships because of constant moving and traveling. Can’t hold a grudge for the life of him, even when he likely should. He likes bugs, birds and turtles, would rather read nonfiction than a story. Fills lonely afternoons with sketching, nature sketching on the ranch.
    Irene Waller- Monty’s mother, 36, white. Irene is a powerful corporate lawyer, either full of energy or exhausted, never in between. She loves using words to sway minds and deciphering documents to find exactly what the opposition doesn’t want her to find. Sometimes Irene wishes she was using her skills in more meaningful ways, but also really likes the money, the traveling, and the competition. Has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of show tunes from musicals. She has a hard time letting people get close. Would stab someone for her baby, but knows it’s better to teach him to stab for himself. Only partially joking. Dolly Parton is her hero, and as much as she loves her music, it’s Dolly the business woman and Dolly the philanthropist that she strives to emulate.
    Keith Waller- Monty’s uncle, 34, white. Horse Rancher. Keith loves working hard and getting dirty, and if he’s not exhausted at the end of the day he’ll be looking for something else to push him there. Otherwise he gets antsy. Loves animals and absolutely will not tolerate anyone mistreating any of the animals on his ranch-ordinarily he’s very careful of his size and strength, in that situation, all bets are off. Times that by about ten for any of the ‘barn rats’ that help around the ranch for riding lessons/time. Loves romantic comedies and telanovas and doesn’t care who knows it. Keith doesn’t read a lot, it never came easy to him, but if he’s taking a long trip he’ll always check an audio book or two out of the library instead of just relying on the radio.
    Juniper - Keith’s goddaughter, 15, white. She has a calm, confident personality with a smile for most everyone she meets. If she doesn’t have a smile for you and it isn’t because her head is in the clouds over a girl, you’ve probably earned her scorn and will be ignored as much as possible. Juniper raises rabbits and it’s taught her patience, and a lot about unfairness when a kit doesn’t make it. She helps out with riding lessons at the ranch in exchange for riding time of her own, and has become a fixture, spending more time there than she does at home, and when she can get away with it, school. Loves sunflowers and her sunflower comforter is probably her most prized possession.
    Nell - Caretaker/cook for the ranch house(would cooking lunch for the workers still be a thing on a modern ranch?). 38, white(?). Not about to put up with nonsense. Will make you cookies if she doesn’t have to put up with nonsense. Please. At one point she wanted to be a chef and has a year of culinary school under her belt, but quickly decided the super fast paced and competitive environment wasn’t for her. Anything that was making her hate one of her favorite things that fast could not be good for a person. She intends to live a long, long life and that kind of stress can just walk right out of the door. Loves to go on long walks, often into the hills (BLM land) behind the ranch. (maybe she was taught/took a class on foraging, and teaches Monty to find wild onions and stuff? But this would mean *I* have to learn about foraging in Idaho.) This leads to a contented, if often silent, companionship between her and Monty, who desperately wants to explore/record/sketch everything about the natural world of his new home, particularly the parts that are off limits to him without an adult along.
    Ray- Family Friend/Co-Owner of R & M General (designed to feel vintage, but shiny. Bit of a tourist stop now, they decided to lean into it.), 50, Black. He uses his background in chemistry to make amazing looking candies and chocolates, using that to deal with a time he used it in less pleasant ways when he was in the military. He never expected anybody outside of his small town, or maybe the folks at the county fair to make so much fuss over them. This might embarrass him, if he weren’t so delighted. A cheerful man with a dreamer’s heart, a magazine once referred to him as a small town Willy Wonka. He dotes on his wife, often making and gifting her small surprises. An amputee in honor of my Grandpa (missing left leg at the knee, possibly missing one arm as well, but I’m not sure how that would affect candy making.). Has certain parts of his past he just doesn’t talk about.
    Mavis- Co-Owner of ____ with Ray, 48, Black. Fierce and kind in equal measures, Mavis believes in protecting what’s hers, and as far as she’s concerned the entire town of (oh my god, it needs a name) is included in that. Mavis is very selective about the battles she fights, but when she chooses one she throws herself in whole-heartedly. On several committees around town, she’d be on more, but then she wouldn’t have enough time to really get into the work of the ones she loves. She knits in her limited free time, often while listening to the news, but sometimes opera. Has started knitting stuffies in the shapes of the more unusual candies Ray makes, it’s silly, but fun, and tourists and the local kids love it. Still head over heels for Ray, even though his often dreaming about things for ages instead of just doing them is also still baffling to her.
    Leanna - Juniper’s sort-of girlfriend, 15, Vietnamese. Quiet, a little cynical, but very empathetic. She avoids the news because it’s that or be mad and want to cry all the time-until she hears about something she can’t not research, and goes on a 24 hour google search and learns far more than is probably good for her about a species going extinct due to logging in prohibited areas, or genocide being covered up by claims of violent uprisings. She loves manga and comics. Leanna sometimes tries for a cottagecore* type aesthetic, but mostly thinks it's too much work. She’s starting to worry about what she’s going to do with her future, and people telling her that she’s only 15 and doesn’t have to worry about it yet is NOT HELPING.
    *even though cottagecore isn’t a thing in the early-mid 2000s this is maybe/vaguely set in. Shh, let me have this. Anne of Green Gablesesque maybe?
    Winnie - Leanna’s mom, 45, Vietnamese. Widow? A little ditzy, but a lot loving. Everyone in town is convinced she’s the stoner type of hippy, but no one minds as she’s someone who truly wants to know how you’re doing when she asks and strangely almost always has very spot on advice. She’s rarely on time anywhere, but that’s because she’ll have stopped to talk, and often to help, whoever she’s run into. Leanna and her bicker over this when she’s late picking her up. Always wears bright colors. Loves Agatha Christie books. Calls everyone, even people 50 years older than her, hon.
    Logan - Juniper’s stepdad, 40, white. Kind of a jerk, but most of the jerky things he says are actually jokes that fall flat or have simply gotten old. Tries really hard, like *really* hard, but has a tendency to get annoyed if people don’t appreciate his efforts right away-more in his personal life than professional, possibly because of his profession. A contractor, hard worker, loyal, has worked for the same company since he was twenty even though they don’t often treat him right. Sometimes tries to buy people’s affections. Wants to have better communication with Juniper, but it’s gotten really hard the last few years and he’s never quite sure why.
    Candice - Juniper’s Mom, 39, white, works at a nursery that sells seedlings and baby fruit trees, has a cheerful, calm personality, but a lot softer and more lowkey than Juniper’s version. Very house proud, but has a ‘maximalist’ approach to decorating-everything is in its place, but there are places for lots of things. Loves spending time outdoors, but would rather spend it tending her garden than hiking or riding, preferably with a cup of tea by her side. On the weekends, a fruity beer or wine instead. Wants to go on one of those train rides where you get to drink wine, eat canapes and try to solve a mystery, thinks Winnie might be a good candidate for someone to go with her.
    Ura - a ‘barn rat’, 12 and a half, white(maybe a Czech immigrant? 2nd generation?) . A cheerful, rough and tumble boy who is always climbing things, and often being told to stop when he gets too high for other people's comfort. Ura is fearless when it comes to physical feats, but has a fear of ‘slimy’ things like worms and frogs. He has a thick layer of pudge and a big appetite, but is athletic and strong enough that anyone bullying him over it would be doing it at their own peril. Not that he’s the type to start fights, or even finish them most of the time. Doesn’t feel he quite fits in with his family, who are all more serious, reserved people. Redwood is his favorite of the horses, and Keith has all but given up on telling him that sitting on the floor of Red’s stall to talk to the horse isn’t exactly safe.
    Elliot - Ray and Mavis’s son, Black, 19 and a college student-maybe/probably at U of I. Lives on campus, but comes home at least a couple weekends a month. Has an older car that he and Ray fixed up together, that is his pride and joy. Quiet, with an irreverent sense of humor that he unleashes somewhat at random. Interested in robotics, engines and mechanics and generally has some project he’s working on, a piece of which may or may not be in his pocket. Often has oil, grease, or ink on his hands, either from working on or designing a new project. A bit of an overachiever, he can spread himself thin trying to live up to all his responsibilities at once. He’s best friends with Randy, a friendship his parents want to disapprove of, because the few times Elliot’s gotten into trouble not only was Randy there, but 99% of the time whatever it was is Randy’s idea, but never quite manage too.
    Randy - Handyman at the ranch, mixed race Hispanic and white, 21. Technically head handyman, because the old head retired six months ago, and is a little young/inexperienced for the job, but he’s not the type to back away from a challenge and has risen to the occasion beautifully. Loves rock and metal music, and spends a lot of his free weekends at concerts, the ones crammed into little venues and bars where people are practically on top of each other and the beat is so loud and solid it throbs through you, connecting you to everyone even before you hit the mosh pit, are his preference. He’s been working at the ranch since he was 16, and feels like he has a claim on it, not afraid to speak up if he thinks a decision Keith is making isn’t right or that he isn’t taking something important into consideration. Can be a bit wild when he’s not being the responsible one, definitely doesn’t always think before he acts.
    Alma - Local artist/worker at R & M’s, Hispanic, 25. Alma is a painter and poet, a confident young woman who’s figured out that half of surviving as an artist is being your own agent/a salesperson as well, and in addition to several shelves at the R & M that hold postcard prints of many of her pieces, both the coffee shop and cafe have some of her larger paintings displayed, and she always has a booth at the Saturday market, though the majority of her sales come from her website. Alma is cheerful, and likes to tease, and growing up the middle child of four brothers, is very able to hold her own in verbal sparring. She’s close with her family, still living with her parents, and while at first her father was dismayed at her choice of career, he now hands out her business card to basically everyone he talks to.
    Miriam - Nell’s Mom, white, 71, a little deaf, speaks loudly, partially because of the deafness, partially because she spent too long letting other people push her around and when she hit about 50 decided she was going to be the one talking over people now. She’s earned it. Age has made her more delicate than she likes, bruising and scraping easily, but she’s determined to do most things for herself. Those that are beyond her she has no problem loudly ordering someone else to take care of. Volunteers a lot, often fosters kittens for the local animal shelter. Used to chain smoke, quit when Nell was a teenager because she kept leaving pictures of diseased lungs everywhere. Still uses the candy ones as a substitute.


    Unnamed Town- Somewhere in Latah County, Idaho, where there is not already a town in the way. Around 200 years old and has grown and shrunk and grown again, and currently has a population of about 12,000. Having grown out from a traditional mainstreet, _______ no longer has the western style boardwalk seen in old pictures, but it does have a large cluster of local businesses and ‘hot spots’ still along that old main street, a coffee shop, a diner, a combination bookshop and independent library, a hardware store, a bar, a few places I haven’t thought of yet, and of course R & M General. There is a historical barn half a mile or so away from mainstreet that has been converted into a theater/meeting hall/dance hall, and a community center was added onto it in the early 90’s. During the summer there is a farmer’s market on the property every Saturday. The elementary school and junior high are all on one property, several miles out of town, because the majority of families live on farms, ranches or small rural properties rather than in one of the neighborhood clusters in the town itself. The junior high is 7th, 8th and 9th graders, in a newer two story building, and the elementary school is divided into lower and upper elementary with the bracket shaped building basically being cut in half, K-3 on one side and 4-6 on the other. The high school is outside of town on the other side by several miles, and actually serves kids from another town(s) as well. There is also a trailer park with about forty units, not exactly sure where it is yet, but Miriam(Nell’s Mom) lives there. There is also an animal shelter, a vet’s office, a cemetery, and a couple churches, and I’m sure more things to come.
    R & M General (working title?)- Ray and Mavis’s store, a general store with a candy focused twist. A vintage Pepsi sign, neon still bright, and a charming green glass juke-box filled with hits from the 1940’s onward grace the front porch of the R & M, along with a long bench that locals are encouraged to use for a spell or to listen to a couple songs, provided they can behave themselves (teenagers arguing over who their favorite member of the rat pack is might be amusing, considering they were already ‘mom and dad’, or at least older brother and sister, music by the time Mavis and Ray were teenagers, but when they get loud it also gets annoying.). The store itself still has the original wooden counter up front and built-in shelves along the walls, but all refinished and polished to a high shine. A mixture of display types going down the middle of the store, barrels and baskets filled with skeins of colorful yarn and cloth or Mavis’s knitted stuffies(and during winter sometimes socks and mittens), other sewing and craft supplies, display racks with local arts, postcards and carvings, sometimes wind up toys made by Elliot, and of course many, many displays of candies and chocolates. They also have a lot of dry goods, and some of the simpler candy types have little instruction booklets and the ingredients it takes to try out making them yourself stocked in the same display, drink coolers, and sometimes have local produce available. Basically, they have a bit of everything, except for building equipment/home repair supplies, and that’s because of the hardware store across the street.
    Pinehallow Ranch-A sprawling 100 acre ranch in Latah County, Idaho where the Waller family has been doing something or other with horses for four generations now. Originally it was a horse breeding ranch, but Keith and Irene’s grandfather felt the money was in training horses, and offered boarding as well, and Keith has continued to build that up, offering lessons for a variety of styles, ages, and skill levels. Butting up against BLM land that allows additional grazing and trail riding, the ranch has four pastures, a large corral, a medium sized indoor arena and two horse barns, one for boarded horses and one for the ranch's own stock, and an equipment barn, an old bunkhouse that is mostly used to store feed-though Randy has slept there when in between places, mostly unbeknownst to Keith-and some smaller equipment sheds, placed where they’re needed. The main house is an L-shaped ranch house with a porch that goes around the entire long front of the house with a large herb/kitchen and rock garden arranged around that. There are treed pockets scattered here and there, left alone as the rest of the ranch was developed, but the creek Monty and Juniper sometimes hang out at is on BLM land, as is most of the forested area around the ranch.

    Pinehallow Taglist @sleepysera @enchanted-lightning-aes @odysseywritings @thegreatobsesso @writing-is-a-martial-art and @hiitsolivia If anyone else wants to be added just interact with the post :) (My more advanced tumblr knowledge has led me to believe this is better than asking people to reblog/comment to be added, but if I'm wrong just let me know.)

    #character list#oc list #someday I'll do a proper series introduction #and an introduction for me #but today is not that day #pinehallow ranch#original writing #I tend to build my world around the characters #backwards I know
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  • tempusinfinituum
    22.03.2021 - 1 year ago

    —who I write as✨

    this goes for RP; I usually prefer 1x1 or a small group of like 5-10 people. Large RPG’s give me anxiety. This also goes for any Fanfiction requests. I’ll be posting some of my work here soon so you guys can tell me whether I should quit or not. 😂 JK but constructive feedback is always appreciated. Just don’t be an asshole for the sake of being an asshole.

    TV Shows

    The Fosters

    Callie Adams Foster

    Mariana Adams Foster

    American Horror Story

    Adeline Goode (OC)

    Cordelia Goode

    Fiona Goode

    Misty Day

    Myrtle Snow

    Madison Montgomery

    Zoe Benson




    Violet Harmon

    Vivian Harmon

    Lily Harmon (OC)

    Emmaline Langdon (OC)

    Miss Mystic Esmarelda

    Annabeth Darling (OC)

    Scream Queens

    Chanel Oberline

    Chanel #2

    Chanel #3



    Dean Munsch

    Orange is the New Black

    Nicky Nichols

    Galina “Red” Reznikov

    Lorna Morello

    Piper Chapman

    Alex Vause

    Poussey Washington


    Brook Soso

    Grey’s Anatomy

    Meredith Grey

    Cristina Yang

    Lexie Grey

    Ellis Grey

    Callie Torres

    Arizona Robbins

    Sofia Sloan Torres

    Zola Grey-Shepherd

    Ellis Grey-Shepherd

    Izzie Stevens

    Maggie Pierce

    Jo Wilson

    Stephanie Edwards

    Addison Montgomery

    Amelia Montgomery (OC)

    Amelia Shepherd

    Lizzie Shepherd

    Miranda Bailey


    Rachel Berry

    Quinn Fabray

    Brittany S. Pierce

    Santana Lopez

    Mercedes Jones

    Tina Cohen-Chang

    Sue Sylvester

    Emma Pillsbury

    Marley Rose

    Lennox Hudson (OC)


    Moe Truax

    Elodie Davis

    Tabitha Foster


    Rue Bennett

    Jules Vaughn

    Cassie Howard

    Katherine Hernandez

    Maddy Perez

    Lexi Howard


    Allison DuBois

    Ariel DuBois

    Bridgette DuBois

    Marie DuBois

    So Weird

    Fiona Phillips

    Molly Phillips

    Irene Bell

    Chloe Bell (OC)

    Pushing Daisies

    Charlotte “Chuck” Charles

    Olive Snook

    Vivian Charles

    Lily Charles

    Charlie Charles-Edwards (OC/they never included the Pie Maker’s last name in the show, but they did have an episode that showed his fathers initials were E.E. so I assume it could be Edwards.)

    A Series of Unfortunate Events

    Violet Baudelaire

    Sunny Baudelaire

    Justice Strauss

    Dr. Georgina Orwell

    Esme Squalor


    Fiona Gallagher

    Debbie Gallagher

    Veronica “Vee” Fisher

    13 Reasons Why

    Hannah Baker

    Jessica Stanley

    Stranger Things


    Max Mayfield

    Nancy Wheeler

    Joyce Byers



    Tessa Young

    Molly Samuels

    Steph Jones

    The Perks of Being a Wallflower


    Mary Elizabeth


    The Runaways

    Joan Jett

    Cherie Currie

    Lita Ford


    Sydney Prescott

    Gail Weathers

    Jill Roberts

    Kirby Reed

    Sarah Prescott (OC)

    Hannah Riley (OC)

    Harry Potter

    Hermione Granger

    Ginny Weasley

    Lily Luna Potter

    Molly Weasley

    Lily Potter

    Nymphadora Tonks

    Bellatrix Lestrange

    Practical Magic



    Both of the aunts.

    Both of Sally’s daughters.


    Mimi Marquez

    Maureen Johnson

    Joanne Jefferson

    Angel Dumott-Schunard

    Mariana Schunard-Collins (OC)

    Bella Marquez-Davis (OC)


    Amber Von Tussle

    Shelley (from the nicest kids in town—ships with Amber)

    Penny Pingleton

    Inez Stubbs

    Tracy Turnblad

    Pitch Perfect





    Fat Amy


    Sweeney Todd

    Nellie Lovett

    Johanna Barker

    Lucy Barker

    Repo! The Genetic Opera


    Blind Mag


    Mamma Mia

    Sophie Sheridan

    Donna Sheridan



    I’ll add more as the inspiration strikes.

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  • frogmoji
    27.02.2021 - 1 year ago

    “ irene, listen to me. you must stay calm, do you understand? if you panic, you will falter, and you will bleed out. trust in your own skill and intuition. you are going to perform this surgery, and you will be alright. i know you will “

    homoerotic evisceration -- a playlist for franken stein

    line without a hook - ricky montgomery // brand new city - mitski // dr sunshine is dead - will wood and the tapeworms // body - mother mother // kitchen fork - jack conte // i’d rather sleep - kero kero bonito // other side - miyavi // and more

    #frog croak#playlists#my stuff #ship; deadly trinity
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  • thewickedmerman
    20.02.2021 - 1 year ago

    My fan-cast for the MCU version of the X-Men. I’m having my personal X-Men line-up be based on X-Men Evolution. Also, two things I must say. First of all, I realize I made some spelling errors with Storm and Kitty’s last names. Sorry! Second, do NOT tell me that any of the actors from the original movies should be cast because that isn’t likely to happen and I base my fan-casts on casting choices that could likely happen (With the exception of my choice for X-23 because she’s difficult to cast and the casting for her is perfect). But I will say that Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and Ian McKellen were the absolute most perfect versions of Wolverine, Charles Xavier, and Magneto respectively. I also made sure to cast an Egyptian actor for Apocalypse because his backstory is very much tied into his Egyptian background. X-Men is my favorite of all superheroes, so this is something that means A LOT to me and I am super passionate about. Let me know what you think and be respectful. Enjoy! Ralph Fiennes as Professor Charles Xavier Robbie Amell as Cyclops/Scott Summers Bella Thorne as Jean Grey/Phoenix Yetide Badaki as Storm/Ororo Munroe Robert Carlyle as Magneto Elizabeth Gillies as Rogue Charlize Theron as Mystique Joel Edgerton as Wolverine RJ Mitte as Gambit Rowan Blanchard as Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat Robbie Kay as Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler Jeffrey Wright as Beast

    Jennifer Morrison as Emma Frost Arden Cho as Psylocke Patrick Schwarzenegger as Iceman Dacre Montgomery as Angel Keenan Tracey as Havok/Alex Summers Madison Hu as Jubilee Sean Dapner as Colossus Dafne Keen as X-23 Ioan Gruffudd as Senator Robert Kelly

    Lucy Liu as Lady Deathstrike Josh Hutcherson as Avalanche Moises Arias as Toad Ryan Hurst as Sabertooth Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson as The Juggernaut Uma Thurman as Destiny/Irene Adler Liam Hemsworth as Pyro Jason Nott as The Blob Amr Waked as Apocalypse

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  • perfectdisastcr
    16.02.2021 - 1 year ago

    💗 i would like a list of all 3 million potential pairings please 🙈

    my god, i would love to take the time out of my day to give that to you, and just know that we can ship literally anybody and everybody because that’s all we ever do in the first place and you know how much i love doing that with you too. my favorite writing partner everybody, bre is hands down the best partner in the whole world, and i’m lucky enough to be able to have her at all. she’s mine and i’m never going to let her go because i love her so much! she’s literally the best thing to ever happen to me and i know i wouldn’t be here through the shitty times and all without her! everybody better go follow her right now and send her all the love i swear to god, because she’s the only person on this hell site that shows me the attention that i deserve! also that list of potential pairings is below the cut, and don’t say i didn’t warn you. 👀

    send 💗 if you’re open to the possibility of a romantic ship eventually happening between our muses

    all these characters are up for shipping with all your characters:

    alex gardiner (paul rudd) alexander hamilton (lin-manuel miranda) alex mullner (brant daughterty) alice liddell (madelyn cline) alisha khara (jameela jamil) annie abel (luna blaise/anya chalotra) antonia moreno (victoria justice) apollonia levine (anastasia karanikolaou) arthur pendragon (niall horan) ashley spinelli (ursula corbero) aspen rhodes (sofia black-d'elia) astrid porter (karlie kloss) audrey ramirez (selena gomez) august khalil (rami malek) axel turner (charlie weber/skeet ulrich) aziz hassan (riz ahmed) bailee rose (jenny boyd) bambi prince (lachlan watson) barbie roberts (kate upton) barley lightfoot (michael clifford) beatriz velasco (camila cabello/diane guerrero)  beau hester (froy gutierrez) beck collins (joe keery) bellatrix lestrange (carmela zumbado) belle dubois (margaret qualley) belle summers (candice king) berliouz bonfamille (alex fitzalan) bernard davenport (gavin leatherwood) billie groves (kiana lede/emmy raver-lampman) billy hargrove (dacre montgomery) bindi culver (meg donnelly/rachel mcadams) bo-peep ‘bo’ patterson (amanda seyfried) brady gardiner (nathaniel buzolic) brielle stewart (alexandra daddario) bronwyn pierson (madelaine petsch) buzz lightyear (paul mescal/chris pine) calliope jung (phillipa soo) camille aguilar (jeanine mason) carl fredricksen (tye sheridan) celeste quintana (rosalia/maite perroni) chandler armstrong (iwan rheon) cinderella tremaine (lily james) clementine ahn (jamie chung) cliff egan (stephen amell) colleen lowell (jodie comer) connor catrell (thomas doherty) copper slade (nick jonas) cordelia goodwin (ryan destiny/candice patton) coriander thompson (dacre montgomery/chris evans) cornelius robinson (simon baker) cruella de vil (melanie martinez) cyrus quinney (owen joyner) daisy vaughn (isabella gomez/aimee carrero) dakota atkins (amber midthunder) dale monks (keiynan lonsdale) dalton davis (harris dickinson) daniela ‘dani’ costello (becky g/eva longoria) dash parr (jaden smith) delilah diaz (camila cabello/diane guerrero) delphine washington (antonia thomas) delta montgomery (manu gavassi) denver koch (thomas elms) devon montgomery (iain de caestecker) diego hargreeves (david castaneda) dorcas meadowes (ariela barer) dory blau (julia louise-dreyfus) duke blaise (ashley graham & matthew daddario — reincarnated)  duncan traeger (zac efron) edmund whittaker (richard madden) edwin orwell (nicholas galitzine) elena flores (jenna ortega) eleonora moretti (benedetta gargari) eleven (millie bobby brown) elio montgomery (noah schnapp/brendon urie) elisabeth ‘elsa’ andersson (candice king) elliott murdoch (kj apa) eloise thompson (taylor hill/zoey deutch) elwood leith (sam claflin) emerson wheaton (beau mirchoff) emily sondheim (eve fraser) emmy silverstein (nat wolff/michiel huisman) ericka ‘ricki’ santos (danna paola) esmeralda guybertaut (priyanka chopra) everest sorenson (adam driver) ezekiel ‘zeke’ bauer (neels visser) fa mulan (awkwafina) felix dawson (lukas gage) ferris rockwell (joshua bassett) five hargreeves (aidan gallagher/rob raco/john mulaney) florence prata (barbie ferreira) flynn rider (jacob elordi/steven r mcqueen) frank castle (jon bernthal) gabrielle dupres (louriza tronco) genevieve rizzo (troian bellisario) gill moorish (harrison ford) godwin vivar (diego boneta) grainger anslow (justin hartley) grant wesley (keanu reeves) griffin price (liam hemsworth) guinevere ‘gwen’ flores (ester exposito/ana de armas) gulliver kennedy (robert sheehan) gunner mccoy (miles heizer) halston krogen (nick robinson) hamish duke (thomas elms) harper graves (sydney sweeney) harry potter (alberto rosende) harvey wolff (joaquin phoenix) hawke bradbury (brenton thwaites) helen parr (megan thee stallion/kerry washington) hendrix palmer (mark fischbach) henley howell (dylan everett/paul wesley) henrik nilsen (herman tommeraas/chris evans) hercules sabri (aubrey joseph) hermione granger (quintessa swindell) holden krogen (jack falahee) holly la stella (olivia holt) honey lemon (irene ferreiro) hudson reid (jaeden lieberher/paul mescal/james mcavoy) irving reid (matty healy) isobel evans (lily cowles) jacoba ‘cobi’ abernathy (geraldine viswanathan) jake bennett (joe jonas) jake breckenridge (landon liboiron) james potter (noah centineo) james ‘sully’ sullivan (hozier) jane porter (zoe sugg) jasmine agrabah (naomi scott) jessica jones (krysten ritter) jim hopper (david harbour) johanna ‘jo’ gardiner (carlson young) josefine olive (lili reinhart/maika monroe) joseph ‘joey’ carnegie (chris o'dowd) juliette russo (camila mendes) juno nicks (gideon adlon/linda cardellini) justin miller (michael b. jordan) keaton green (charlie plummer/austin butler/alexander skarsgard) keifer fry (nathan parsons) kennedy sutherland (florence pugh) khalid farid (mena massoud) kiernan jost (jack barakat) kiki penn (natalie alyn lind)  kim possible (karen gillan) kit dempsey (aaron taylor-johnson/michael sheen) kristoff bjorgman (ben hardy) kuzco inca (tommy martinez) lady alvarez (camila cabello/diane guerrero) lake montgomery (jace norman/casey deidrick/jeff goldblum) lazarus (sean teale/tom ellis) lennox wells (billie piper) leonardo ‘leo’ light (armie hammer) levi wesley (gerard butler) liam wheaton (lucas lynngaard tonnesen/dominic sherwood) lilac montgomery (sophia lillis/deborah ann woll) lila pitts (ritu arya) lilo pelekai (courtney eaton) lola carver (carla gugino) macy merritt (kylie jenner) madeline hawkins (rowan blanchard/kaylee bryant) madison bloomfield (gwyneth paltrow) maggie wheaton (virginia gardner) maria deluca (heather hemmens) mariana de la cruz (victoria justice/salma hayek) marianne darden (elizabeth olsen) marisol torres (alexa demie/salma hayek) marlene phan (brianne tju) matilda franks (brooke markham) matthew murdock (charlie cox) max tian (chloe bennet) mckenzie whitman (danielle rose russell) megara creon (ashley moore) melanie carter (brenna d'amico/zooey deschanel) melody burns-newman (camren bicondova) mercutio bellini (giancarlo commare) merida dunbroch (bree kish) michael ‘goob’ yagoobian (dylan o’brien/andrew scott) mickey hader (shawn mendes) miguel rivera (diego tinoco) mike wheeler (finn wolfhard) mildred ‘millie’ brantwood (stella maeve) milo martinez (itzan escamilla/tyler posey) milo thatch (jason ralph) minerva ‘minnie’ winslett (jenna coleman) mischa locklear (jenny slate) moana motunui (auli'i cravalho) molly wheaton (saoirse monica jackson/kristen bell/kristin chenoweth) monet bugg (annie murphy) mordecai ‘cai’ baird (joseph morgan) murray bauman (brett gelman) nadja (natasia demetriou) naomi phillips (hunter king) natalie fuller (krysten ritter) nate gardiner (tom holland/thomas hayes/joe keery/adam scott) nemo fisher (nick robinson) nick novak (jon bernthal) nick wilde (jake johnson) nina baxter (laura harrier) nolan van ness (louis hynes/benjamin wadsworth) nymphadora tonks (kennedy walsh) odessa barnes (inanna sarkis) osbourne russo (oliver jackson-cohen) otis richardson (finn jones) owen monroe (zachary levi) paloma katz (brittany o'grady) paxton gardiner (douglas booth) pearl turner (maia mitchell/aubrey plaza) penny proud (sarah jeffery) perdita ryan (alisha boe/zoe kravitz) perrie wheaton (ariela barer/jessica alba) peter pan (rudy pankow) peter pettigrew (alex lawther) phil mcdermot (leo howard/dylan o’brien) phineas flynn-fletcher (michael provost) piper donahue (millie bobby brown/katherine langford/felicity jones) pippa mei (amy okuda) pollux isola (camila mendes) portia sadler (hayden panettiere) prairie gallagher (lucy boynton) quaid ‘q’ wright (jake gylenhaal) quinton saunders (jamie dornan) rain montgomery (nick jonas) ramona montgomery-wallis (lana condor/ashley park) reed knightley (arthur darvill) reign fentworth (madison bailey/vanessa morgan) reno thames (joshua bassett) richie tozier (finn wolfhard/bill hader) river montgomery (jack griffo/tyler blackburn) robin buckley (maya hawke) roger holtz (ben platt) roger radcliffe (aaron tveit) romy reyes (carmela zumbado) ronald ‘mac’ mcdonald (rob mcelhenney) roosevelt banks (spence moore II) rowan burke (andy biersack) roxanne sutton (lady gaga) rush mccoy (cody fern) russell montgomery (ian harding/hugh jackman) russell montgomery II (jack dylan grazer/timothee chalamet/adam brody) sable rosales (catherine bascoy) saint fentworth (reece king) sally finklestein (marina ruy barbosa) salvador ‘sal’ mendoza (jorge blanco) samson gardiner (cole sprouse) sandy diamandis (christina hendricks) sawyer bell (penn badgley) seamus kennedy (aria shanghasemi/michael sheen) seb seif (zeeko zaki) selena hada (camila cabello/diane guerrero) severus snape (rob raco) shawn taggart (ben barnes) shay strauss (chris wood) shia zoheir (rami malek) shiloh young (devery jacobs) shiri madani (inbar lavi) simba king (john boyega) sloane shapiro (diana silvers/linda cardellini) sofia ramirez (camila cabello/camila mendes/morena baccarin/fluvia lacerda) stefani vidal (louriza tronco) stella romero (adria 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    Tag Game

    Tagged by @accionoelle

    (ty <3)

    Tagging @qlueless-queen @voices-not-echoes​ @fasterthanthemoon​

    Rules: you can tell a lot about a person from the type of music they listen to. Put your favorite playlist on shuffle and list the first ten songs, then tag 10 people. No skipping!

    Playlist - Spotify Library

    WITCH - Good Girl Cast

    Absolutely Anything - CG5

    Be My Baby - Wonder Girls

    Bon Bon Chocolat - Everglow

    Gunshot - KARD

    Monster - Irene & Seulgi

    Famous - Taemin

    Naughty - Irene & Seulgi

    LA DI DA - Everglow

    Joan Of Arc - Little Mix

    Aesthetic challenge
    Rules: to make your own moodboard, go to Pinterest and search:

    Favorite color + aesthetic

    Favorite color + outfit + aesthetic

    Favorite color + shoes (choose ones that go with your style)

    Favorite color + an accessory that you like

    Type a word that identifies you + quote (choose one that goes with you)

    Favorite celebrity + favorite color (if you don’t find anything, then search favorite cartoon)

    Type your favorite hobby

    Favorite color + aesthetic again

    Favorite color + favorite word + aesthetic

    Get to know the blogger tag game
    Rule: answer some questions and tag some blogs you’re contractually obligated to know better!

    Nickname: Lilli

    Gender: Female

    Star sign: Pisces

    Height: 5′2

    Birthday: March 16th

    Favorite bands: SHINee, Day6, Dreamcatcher, Ateez, Stray Kids

    Favorite solo artists: Taemin, Chungha, Sunmi, Jessi

    Song stuck in my head: 34+35~Ariana Grange (but the one part in all the tiktoks lol)

    Last movie: Clueless

    Last show: A random cooking show on the living room tv

    When I created this blog: Uhh I forget lol

    Last thing I googled: how to spell aphrodesiac (aphrodisiac)

    Other blogs: @the-other-lilli-oc-aesthetics​

    Do I get asks: no lol

    Following: 147

    Why I chose my url: Used to be a theater kid, liked newsies, thought hotshot was underrated, thus the name was born

    Average hours of sleep: Exactly 8 hours

    Lucky numbers: i guess 23 not cuz it’s lucky but bcuz i just like the number lol

    Instruments: used to play percussion

    What I’m wearing: oversized sweater, black skinny jeans

    Dream trip: Germany, Lithuania, Japan

    Favorite food: White cheese pizzzaaa, popcorn

    Top 3 fictional universes I’d like to live in: hmm I’d say the DC universe, Harry Potter but my heavily revised version lol, and the og winx club show

    Favorite song: Mr. Loverman - Ricky Montgomery

    #this was so funn #i own the pink version of the shoes in the moodboard lol
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    The Golden Boy, John Garfield By Susan King

    Stanley Kowalski in Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire was Marlon Brando’s signature role. It made the then 23-year-old Brando an overnight Broadway sensation in 1947, and he electrified movie audiences and earned his first Oscar nomination for the classic 1951 film version. But he wasn’t the first choice to play Blanche’s earthy brother-in-law. Producer Irene Selznick had her eyes on Hollywood star John Garfield, who frequently took time out from movies to return to the Great White Way for limited runs.

    In fact, writer John Lahr reported in 2014 that on July 19, 1947, Selznick drew up a contract for the 34-year-old actor, “one of the few sexy Hollywood stars with a proletarian pedigree. The Selznick office leaked the big news to the press. The contract was never signed. On August 18 the deal with Garfield collapsed.”

    One of the reasons bandied about was that Garfield turned down the role because the contract would have kept him away from Hollywood for too long. Though Brando is considered the performer who ushered in the more naturalistic style of acting (known as “the Method”) both on stage and in film, truth be told it was Garfield who was the catalyst for Brando, as well as Montgomery Clift, Paul Newman, James Dean and Steve McQueen.

    Just look at Garfield’s first feature film, FOUR DAUGHTERS (’38). Directed by Michael Curtiz, the cast includes Lane sisters Lola, Rosemary and Priscilla, in addition to Gale Page as the four musically inclined daughters of a widower music professor (Claude Rains). Enter handsome boy-next-door Jeffrey Lynn as a budding composer named Felix who endears himself with all the daughters, especially peppy Ann (Priscilla Lane).

    The household is put in an uproar with the arrival of Garfield’s Mickey Borden, the original rebel anti-hero. Unkempt, slovenly and possessing a massive chip on his shoulder, Mickey is an orchestrator who has arrived at the house to work with Felix. You can’t keep your eyes off him especially in this early monologue where he explains his anger to Ann:

    “They’ve been at me now nearly a quarter of a century. No let-up. First, they said, ‘Let him do without parents. He’ll get along.’ Then they decided, ‘He doesn’t need education. That’s for sissies.’ Then right at the beginning, they tossed a coin, ‘Heads he’s poor, tail’s he’s rich.’ So, they tossed a coin…with two heads. Then for the finale, they got together on talent. ‘Sure, they said, let him have talent. Not enough to let him do anything on this own, anything good or great Just enough to let him help people. It’s all he deserves.’”

    There was a sexuality and eroticism to Garfield’s performance that was 180 degrees different from Lynn’s durable and safe leading man. He was so natural; it was almost like someone found Garfield walking down the street in the Bronx and asked him to star in the movie. “He was the prototypical Depression rebellion youth,” actor Norman Lloyd told me about Garfield for the L.A. Times in 2003. They first met in 1937 and worked together on Garfield’s final film HE RAN ALL THE WAY (’51).

    “He combined all of these elements of darkness and rebelliousness with the charm and the poignancy and he became the prototypical actor of that time. He never changed as a person. He remained just as a wonderful guy. He was a man of great charm, a good fellow, very likable.”

    There was a lot of Mickey in Garfield, who was born Jacob Julius Garfinkle in 1913 on the Lower East Side of New York to poor Russian immigrants. Julie, as he was called, had a rough and tumble upbringing. His mother died when he was seven. “He hated his father,” his daughter Julie Garfield noted in 2003. “His father was awful to him. He was torn away from his brother.” In fact, Garfield once said that if he hadn’t become an actor, he would have been “Public Enemy No. 1.”

    Unlike Mickey, the fates and destiny were looking after him. First, it was educator Angelo Patri, who became a surrogate dad to Julie at P.S. 45, a high school for troubled students. With Patri’s encouragement, he joined the debate team where he discovered he had a gift for acting. That was further nurtured when he received a scholarship to Maria Ouspenskaya’s acting school. He was all of 18 when he made his Broadway debut in 1932 in Lost Boy and became the youngest member of the progressive and influential Group Theatre, appearing in Clifford Odets’ early masterpieces Waiting for Lefty and Awake and Sing. 

    Odets wrote the play Golden Boy for Garfield in 1937, but director Harold Clurman decided to give the lead role of boxer Joe Bonaparte to Luther Adler and cast Garfield in a minor role. His unhappiness with Clurman’s decision pushed Garfield into signing a contract with Warner Bros. And FOUR DAUGHTERS made him an overnight sensation. He earned a Supporting Actor Oscar nomination, but lost to Walter Brennan who picked up his second Academy Award in that category for Kentucky (‘38).

    The following year, Garfield, Rains, the Lane siblings, Page and Curtiz reunited for DAUGHTERS COURAGEOUS, in which the actors played different characters from the prior film. It was probably the best film Garfield made that year. But Warner Brothers put him in a lot of movies that were unworthy of his talent including BLACKWELL’S ISLAND (’39) where he was typecast as a gangster. He made some good movies in 1941, including THE SEA WOLF, which also starred Edward G. Robinson and Ida Lupino and reunited him with Curtiz, and also Anatole Litvak’s atmospheric noir OUT OF THE FOG also with Lupino.

    Because he suffered heart damage from scarlet fever, Garfield couldn’t serve during World War II. But he entertained the troops on USO tours and opened the famous Hollywood Canteen with Bette Davis so the troops could be entertained and be served by some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Both Davis and Garfield appeared as themselves in the hit 1944 film HOLLYWOOD CANTEEN. Garfield also fought the global conflict on screen, giving one of his strongest and grittiest performances in PRIDE OF THE MARINES (’45), a poignant drama based on the life Al Schmid who was blinded by a grenade during the Battle of Guadalcanal. He returns home to his wife (Eleanor Powell) a bitter, doubting man who has a difficult time trying to deal with his new life.

    The year 1946 saw the release of two of Garfield’s most enjoyable films HUMORESQUE and THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE. HUMORESQUE was his last film under his Warner Bros. contract. It’s a delicious melodramatic wallow with Garfield playing a poor New York kid who becomes a famous concert violinist. Joan Crawford, coming off her Oscar-winning triumph in Mildred Pierce (’45), plays a wealthy patroness who sets her sights on Garfield. Garfield went to MGM for POSTMAN, which was based on James M. Cain’s best-selling thriller. Garfield turns up the heat with Lana Turner as illicit lovers who brutally murder her husband only to turn on each other when they are caught.

    The actor teamed up with Bob Roberts to form an independent production company, Enterprise Productions, and their first feature was the boxing classic BODY AND SOUL (’47), for which he earned his second Oscar nomination as Charley Davis, a boxer who loses his way when he gets involved with an unscrupulous promoter. Not only does he have a strong chemistry with leading lady Lilli Palmer, but also African American actor Canada Lee as Ben, a boxer with brain damage. And Garfield gets to utter one of his greatest lines in BODY AND SOUL: “What are you going to do? Kill me? Everybody dies.”

    Though his next Enterprise production wasn’t a hit, FORCE OF EVIL (’48), co-written and directed by Abraham Polonsky, is a terrific film noir with a hard-hitting Garfield as a corrupt attorney trying to save his numbers-racket brother (Thomas Gomez) from his gangster boss. Garfield returned to Warner Bros. and Curtiz in 1950 for THE BREAKING POINT, which was based on Hemingway’s 1937 novel, To Have and Have Not. It’s an outstanding film noir with a superb performance from Garfield as well as from Black actor Juano Hernandez who plays his partner on the fishing boat.

    THE BREAKING POINT was Garfield’s penultimate film and was not a hit because The Blacklist was engulfing Hollywood and the actor, despite the fact he wasn’t a Communist. His film career was over in 1951 when he refused to cooperate with HUAC at his hearing. Before his death of a heart attack in 1952 at the age of 39, Garfield did appear in a short-lived Broadway revival of Golden Boy, which also starred Lee J. Cobb, a young Jack Klugman and Joseph Wiseman.

    Though she was only 6 ½ when he died, Julie Garfield recalls seeing her father on stage in Golden Boy where he introduced her during the curtain call. “When he smiled at you it was like being in the sun,” she noted. “He was funny and sometimes he would like to dance and kick up his legs. I remember him adoring me. He used to take me to the merry-go-round a lot in New York. He was so strong, so handsome and he loved to kid me. He would give me this mischievous smile. I wish I remembered more about him…”

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