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  • countrymusiclover
    20.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    24 - Living up to Past

    Part 25

    Country Rancher

    @hcwthewestwaswcn - thanks for helping write this chapter :)

    @whateverthecostner @lizzydutton @rosie-posie08 @kaycejdutton @kaycejdutton @kcloveswrestling @the-morning-star-falls @kaymudd

    John's POV

    Elsa Della Dutton and Dallas John Dutton. Two of his four grandchildren alongside Tate and Bree Dutton. Sitting on my horse early watching the sun rise from behind the mountains. The front door opened heating four different sets of feet hitting the wooden floor of the front porch. I see Kayce and Y/n following after them as their kids just jumped or played around with each other. It had been three years since the attack on the family so the twins were not infants anymore. Y/n picked up Elsa having the little girl's bright hair blow in the wind with Kayce picking up Dallas and giving him a piggyback ride. Bree and Tate headed for the barn to ride horses since they were tall enough to be on their own now. It scares me a little that his youngest granddaughter resembled his great aunt so much and she was only three years old. My only hope is that their dream was to keep the ranch alive.

    Elsa's POV

    Elsa was holding onto her father, looking for the perfect spot to build the yellowstone ranch as she winced in pain "Can we stop here, I think that I know where we should build it. Can we sit by that tree for a while, and just sit" She says softly, exhausted. Elsa had a wound that was not healing properly and she knew that it was infected "I just wanna rest here for a while daddy, just stay here and rest" She spoke softly, her eyes sullen and full of exhaustion as she was tired of fighting

    James's POV

    He felt tears falling down his face watching his eldest child's eyes fall closed while her head lay in his lap. On this journey to Oregon he never intended to lose anyone in his family, especially his golden daughter. Removing his hat he throws it on the ground heavily crying for a few hours as birds flew above his head. Finally he got to his feet picking up a shovel picking up dirt until it was deep enough to bury her right by the tree they sat under. It was here that the Dutton cemetery would be created. Once he put the last bit of dirt over her he bent to a knee whispering as the wind blew. "Go see him, honey. Go find your love and enjoy your endless freedom.." Another horse rode up to him where he saw his wife get off her horse racing into his arms starting to cry once he wrapped his arms tightly around her.

    John's POV

    Walking up to Kayce he smiled when all four grandchildren ran to hug me where I bent down hugging each of them individually. "I think it's time they go visit their ancestors, dad." Kayce spoke once I broke the hug with Dallas who has curly hair like his father. Y/n tucks hair behind her ear looking at her husband questioning. "The real cemetery, are you sure?" I had told Y/n that Evelyn and Lee were buried somewhere else. The stones may be off the back porch but it wasn't where any of the Dutton's laid to rest. "Grandpa, what are you talking about?" Little Elsa asked tugging my pant leg until I picked her up walking towards the barn, sitting her on the horse. Tate and Bree were riding somewhere else leaving me one on one with the twins. Y/n climbed on her horse with her leg that had a limp swaying a little when Kayce got behind her on the horse. Dallas is sitting on her lap as we ride out to a spot I couldn't go to without crying. The place that we first settled on in 1883.

    Kayce's POV

    Y/n and I bend down on a knee in front of the tree where my brother is buried. She rests a hand on my shoulder seeing tears filled in my eyes and most likely in her own as well. Dad helped the twins off the horses walking them over to where we stood. "Daddy, are you okay?" Dallas asked to see me crying so I wiped away the tears, shaking it off enough to tell them the importance of this place. "Yeah, son I'm fine. This place is just - it's a special place because this is the exact place where we settled years ago." Dallas and Elsa both sit down in the grass wanting to hear more, it didn't matter if they'd heard the story before or not they were always interested. "Sweetie you're extra special just like this place you know..." Y/n booped her nose with our daughter making her giggle. "Really!" I removed my hat sitting it on her head even though it's big on her so she moved it from her eyes. "You're named after the first Dutton girl to set foot on our land, Elsa. She was grandpa's great aunt. His great grandfather took his family west in search of Oregon. It was a difficult journey that she unfortunately only made it to step foot on here. Her spirit lives on this ranch just like your grandmother Evelyn and those who came between." Dallas raised his hand like he was in school bringing a smile to my face. "Will you and mommy be buried here? Will this be ours like you always say?" Y/n glanced back at my father then to our kids squeezing my hand in hers. "This valley is ours, bud. We won't ever lose it, that's a promise." Neither knew that John wasn't entirely sure that was true for much longer.

    Comments really appreciated ❤️

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  • bellarkeselection
    20.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    1883 Yellowstone

    So I have been asked a couple times do I write for Yellowstone 1883. I haven't watched all the episodes but decided to give it a shot.

    Elsa Dutton - requests open (sister or friend reader)

    James Dutton- requests open

    Ennis - request open

    Against Papa - Request from coffer_bish on Wattpad. Elsa's sister falls for Ennis and she realizes she's pregnant.

    Let me know who else should be added

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  • bellarkeselection
    20.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    So I have been asked a couple times do I write for Yellowstone 1883. I don't have Paramount + so I can't watch all the episodes yet. But I was wondering should I start writing requests anyway? Comment you're thoughts

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    20.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    February 3, 2022

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    19.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Alas, the Wonder Twins movie was too bi to live...

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  • lovehimidont
    15.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    new bumble guy inviting me on a date after like a few messages is a No <33 doesn’t even seem that creepy it’s just a boundary I am not ready to cross how rude is it if I just. ghost

    #isabel talks #like the way he asked kinda made me uncomfortable haha #this is not the guy I was liking before btw #I may just. not respond. even though I’d feel guilty #which is stupid because he is a stranger and I owe him nothing
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  • lovehimidont
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    hey if anyone wants to send any literati writing prompts to get me back into the headspace pls feel free <33

    #isabel talks #I want to get back to writing for blue skies but I may need a warmup
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  • ellelans
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago
    You think this is some kind of angel of mercy killing? Putting people out of their supposed misery? I think it’s more complicated than that.This guy is bringing people to the point of death and than using his skills to bring them back.When he was a kid,he...he got to play the hero.Now he wants to play God.
    #911#911edit#911 fox#evan buckley#hen wilson#chimney han#eddie diaz#karen wilson#taylor kelly#jonah greenway#athena grant#bobby nash#may grant#ramon diaz#helena diaz#isabel diaz#pepa diaz#anti bucktaylor #anti taylor kelly #ellelan's graphics#ellelan #great episode was also very inspirational #i somehow ended with two sets of edits instead of one #because i made too many #so this is 5x17 part 1 #<3
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    07.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    WHERE: in Mexico

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    04.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago
    #Wonder Twins#DC Films#DCEU #Warner Bros Discovery #The Wonder Twins #KJ Apa#Isabel May
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  • princessgina88
    01.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    May Day!

    #elena of avalor #elena of avalor the fandom #may day #elena castillo flores #isabel castillo flores #francisco flores#luisa flores#twitter
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  • savarinna
    27.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    🌻We’ll always have the plains ⛰ 👒

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  • walksonstars
    19.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    I have just seen the original promo video for shadowhunters and have spent the last half hour looking for the runes that each of the lightwood sibs are framed in and I cannot find them and it is bugging me. So here's what I got:

    Closest I could find for jace is the talent/gift rune

    Alec ... why do you have to stand right in front of it? The best of my knowledge is that it is pointy and reminds me of a stamina rune but is not.

    Izzy's is calm anger which i finally figured out after staring for long periods of time.

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  • prettyfamous
    19.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Isabel May | Schon! | March 2022

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  • rhiezus
    18.04.2022 - 1 mont ago
    » SOCIAL MEDIA: instagram. isabelle yang.
    #*media #isabelle. #muito mais que necessario #um resumo do meu domingo de pascoa #kinda wanting to be unemployed again so i can just keep doing this #saudades que eu tava dum photoshop viu #é sempre muito louco visualizar a vida assim de um muse #eu gosto muito apesar de sofrer semprekkjlk #mas ta ai nossa querida isabelle :) #eu sinceramente ouvi tanto a setlist dela que-
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  • luxaaj
    17.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    more Isabel Wondertainment and All Death maybe?

    Here they are! :D

    Inspired by their dance in The Real Adventures In Capitalism. :)

    #sorry these may take a bit im trying #scp#scp art#scp fanart#scp character#scp fandom#scp foundation #luca does art #death brothers #death brothers scp #all death #all death scp #isabel wondertainment#isabel scp#wondertainment#wondertainment scp #isabel helga anatasia parvati wondertainment V #yall I tried so hard to make him look good i swear #i hope i did well lmfao #idk how to feel #ask #i wanted to draw his sunny design sorry if you wanted the other one #which belongs to @spade-the-space-witch btw 😳 follow them
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  • isabelmay
    16.04.2022 - 1 mont ago
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  • skrub-y
    16.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Oh wait a minute, I forgot

    Now it makes since

    Glad to see WB Discovery is heading off in the right direction with their revamp of the DCEU *sobbing noises*

    #the wonder twins #dc comics#dceu#dc universe #dc extended universe #hbo max#white washing#warner bros #what the hell is this shit #kj apa#isabel may
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