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    i bet king’s tide ends on the collector!luz cliffhanger and we have to wait til like november for s3

    #but like OBVIOUSLY collector!luz isn’t happening because i don’t want it to #i would prefer collector!amity. gestures wildly at eclipse imagery #toh spoilers #ish? i guess #toh #the owl house #collector!luz
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  • leiawritesstories
    21.05.2022 - 59 minutes ago

    The Assassin, The Princess, And The Prince


    Word count: 3,643

    Warnings: language, insults, sparring, lots of innuendo, mentions of Arobynn

    A/N: this was a fun one. Enjoy!


    “What the fuck?” Aelin demanded, storming through the gates of the compound with fire sparking in her eyes. 

    “Aelin, let me explain--”

    “No.” She cut him off, her tone icy despite the heat literally curling off her body, turning the chilly mountain-morning air to fine mist. “You can’t say my name like that, Whitethorn. Just because some asshole gods somewhere decided we’d be tied together doesn’t mean you get to show up at my compound and mark your godsdamned territory or whatever it is you Fae males want to do.” Her eyes narrowed. “And just how the hell did you get past all the fortifications?” 

    Not entirely sure how to respond to her, Rowan just shifted into his hawk form for a moment, then shifted back. “That’s how I got past.”

    “I see.” 

    “And as for territorial...” Rowan swallowed, hesitant to admit why he was there. 

    “Spit it out, Whitethorn.” This was the voice of the commander she was. 

    “Aedion sent me,” he admitted. “Basically kicked me out of the camp when we saw the explosion.” Aelin’s lips thinned into a disgruntled line. “He’s worried for you, Galathynius,” he hurried to explain. 

    “Worry doesn’t equate to sending a godsdamned guard dog,” Aelin snapped. 

    “Guard dog?” Irritation flared in his pine-green eyes. “Calm yourself, Galathynius, not all Fae males like being referred to as dogs.”

    “Well, it fits,” she retorted. “You showing up at my gate unannounced, scaring the living shit out of half my legion, just fucking planting yourself here like some kind of misguided border guard.”

    “I didn’t--”

    “We’ve been preparing ourselves for Arobynn’s very likely attack for the last few days, Whitethorn, and when the patrols saw a lone Fae male standing right at the gates, they thought the fortifications had been breached.”


    “I came so fucking close to ordering lockdown and battle plans, and then my Second gave me your description and I realized we weren’t under attack and nearly burnt down the compound anyway out of sheer frustration,” she seethed. 

    “I’m sorry!” he all but yelled, breaking through her tirade. 

    “What.” She trained her eyes on him, her gaze hard, unforgiving. 

    “I’m sorry!” he repeated. “Please, Ae--Galathynius. Please. I came to help, and yes, if I’m being perfectly honest, I came because I felt your tension down the bond and I can’t control the part of me that would do anything to relieve it.”

    Aelin tipped her head to one side, regarding Rowan as he finished speaking. He seemed sincere; hell, he was sincere. And probably just as deadly powerful as the stories and legends about him claimed. “Fine.” The anger seeped out of her expression. “You can stay. But let me be perfectly clear about a few things. One: you cannot call me by my true name. I am not Aelin Galathynius, not here, not now. Two: if you want to help us kick the shit out of Arobynn and take down his spell, you do it by my rules. Three: you’ll be staying as far away from me as possible, for I can’t trust myself around you. Clear?”

    Though he really didn’t quite understand why Aelin wasn’t Aelin, Rowan nodded. “Clear.”

    “Good.” Aelin led him into the compound and up into the lookout tower. She stepped forward onto the platform and cupper her hands around her mouth. “SARDOTHIEN’S OWN!” she yelled, calling her legion’s attention. She waited until the legion had turned to face her before continuing. “There is no threat. I repeat, there is no threat! This here is Rowan Whitethorn, fresh from Doranelle, and yes, he is indeed the male of the legends.”

    Gasps and murmurs of shock shot through the gathered people, all of whom were properly astounded to be in the presence of the renowned Whitethorn warrior prince. 

    “He has offered his skills to our cause, and I have accepted his offer. He’ll be joining us like all the rest of us common soldiers, so don’t think you need to tiptoe around him or give him and special treatment just because he’s older than dirt itself.” She smirked at her legion, darting a sly wink at Rowan. “Dismissed.”

    “Old, am I?” Rowan whispered into her ear as they descended the stairs and exited the lookout tower. 

    “Old,” Aelin confirmed, smirking. “Don’t let it slow you down, though.”

    “Trust me, princess, I never do.” His voice dipped at least an octave lower, sending a rogue shiver skittering down her spine. 

    “Don’t call me that,” she hissed. “Follow me. I’ve got some things to inform you of before I show you the compound.”


    Aelin led him to her office, offering him a seat and locking the door. 

    “Put up a shield, if you would,” she requested. “I don’t need anyone overhearing anything they don’t need to know. And my shields...well, they aren’t the kind that’s useful in a wooden building.”

    Rowan chuckled a little at that, wrapping a shield of hard air around the room. “We’re safe. So debrief me, Aelin Galathynius.” 

    “I am not Aelin Galathynius,” Aelin began. “Here, as far as everyone knows, Aelin died along with her parents in the plague. My name is Celaena Sardothien, member of the Assassins’ Guild and captain in this army.”

    “The Assassins?” Rowan’s eyes widened. “Shit, Aedion didn’t tell me that bit.”

    “Aedion shouldn’t have told you shit,” Aelin grumbled. “Yes. Assassin. That’s me.” She sighed softly. “Sometimes I wonder what my parents would say if they could see me, their perfect little princess, a highly trained assassin with far too much blood on her hands.” 


    “Celaena,” she growled. 

    “Celaena,” he amended. “You being an assassin doesn’t make you any less worthy of your throne or any of that bullshit.” 

    “Who said I wanted any of that bullshit?” She pressed her lips together. “When I left Orynth, Whitethorn, I left for my own safety, for my own good. If I’d still been there, the council of lords would have declared me queen with themselves as regents, and I would have been made into a puppet. I refuse to let that happen to my kingdom.” 


    “So, when Arobynn is as dead as he deserves and Erilea is freed from his cruel grasp, I will go home. But not before then.” Steel underlaid her words. “I promised my people that they will have their queen, but I also promised my people, my magic-wielders and all the magic-wielders of the land, that I will not allow them to suffer. I have a spell to shatter and a tyrant to take down, Rowan Whitethorn, and I’m not abandoning these people when they need me.” 

    “You,” he said softly, “are going to make an incredible queen.” 

    “Cut the sap,” she returned. “I didn’t let you into my compound for you to spew stupid romantic mate shit at me.” 

    “I assure you I am anything but romantic, princess.” That damned infuriating little smirk was back on his face. 

    She sighed, grumbling something crude under her breath. “You keep telling yourself that.” And then she was back to business, showing Rowan her extensive notes and plans of the spell, informing him exactly what she aimed to do. 

    “So we’re going to knock down the north border entirely?”

    “Yes. If we want to get into Rifthold, we don’t have a chance.” 

    “Don’t we?” Rowan traced a tattooed finger down the map. Fuck. She hadn’t noticed how expansive his tattoo was. And she was...fond of tattooed males.

    She pressed her fingernails into her thigh under her desk. Get yourself together, Galathynius! “Explain, prince?” 

    “Well, if the next nearest pillar is in Rifthold...” His finger traced a new border onto the map. “Then it’s fallen back like this. Meaning you could just march straight for Rifthold and not be trapped again.” 

    “Indeed,” Aelin murmured, training her eyes on the map, mind churning at a mile a minute with new plans, with additions and ideas for her standing plans. Suddenly remembering that she wasn’t alone in her office, she jerked herself out of her whirling thoughts. “Thank you, Whitethorn.” 

    Rowan gave her a half-bow. “It’s the least I can do, A--Celaena.” He raked one hand through his silvery hair, sighing heavily. “Fuck, I’m going to forget to call you that.” 

    “If it helps, most everyone in the compound just calls me Captain,” Aelin offered. 

    “Captain, then,” Rowan said, more than a little relieved. “So you just like to go by your title, do you?”

    “Oh trust me, prince, there’s only one title I like to go by,” she smirked, her voice dipping low, sensual. 

    Rowan swallowed harshly, his scent shifting before he could smother it. “That so, princess?” he rasped, his eyes flaring. 

    Gods burn her, the things this male’s voice did to her resolve. “Good luck finding out what that title is,” she smiled, sweetly, escorting him out of her office. “I’ll show you to the barracks,” she said, casual as ever, nothing in her voice or posture betraying what she’d just teased him with. 

    Forcing his godsdamned male urges to calm the fuck down, Rowan followed Aelin down the stairs and across the courtyard to the barracks buildings. They looked rather similar to barracks he’d been in during his many years in and out of training and battle. “I’m assuming you don’t sleep in the barracks with the rest of the grunts, Captain, yeah?” Emphasizing the Captain just enough to see her spine stiffen a bare fraction. 

    “Perks of the position,” she crooned, somehow managing to pack more innuendo in those four words than Rowan thought possible. 

    The tips of his ears flushed red, betraying the direction his traitorous thoughts had veered. “And here I thought you wanted to prove how you weren’t just a captain, but a soldier like everyone else.”

    “I’ve done that many times over,” she retorted. “The only reason I started keeping rooms by my office, Whitethorn, is because of my plans. I spent so much time falling asleep at my desk that my legion did me a favor and brought my bed up.” 

    He really didn’t have a response to that. The more he talked and witnessed and exchanged flirtations disguised as barbed comments with Aelin Galathynius, the more he realized how truly drawn to her he was. Watching her among her legion, hearing about her completely mad but somehow completely brilliant plans, seeing how deep her care for her people--all her people, soldiers and magic-wielders and children of Terrasen alike--ran, Rowan found himself more and more drawn to her compelling presence. 

    Shaking those thoughts away, Rowan followed Aelin into the barracks building and down the corridor until they stopped at a plain wooden door, identical to all the others. 

    “Welcome to your new home, Rowan Whitethorn,” Aelin announced, swinging open the door for him. 

    “Awfully posh home,” he deadpanned, scanning the simply furnished room. A bed, a small dresser, a desk and chair, a small window on the far wall, some hooks along one wall, and little else decorated the space. 

    “Indeed it is,” she agreed, smirking. “Count your blessings, Whitethorn. I could have assigned you to be Nox’s roommate. And that man snores like a bellows.” 

    “Who the hell is Nox?” He couldn’t help the tone with which those words came out. Aelin, of course, noticed. 

    “A little jealous, aren’t we?” she crooned. 

    “Who’s Nox,” he repeated, flatly. 

    “My Second.” She looked directly into his eyes. “He’s a good and honorable man, Whitethorn. You have no need to worry about him. Besides, he’s not at all interested in me.” 

    “Are you certain?” Try as he might, Rowan just couldn’t tamp down the possessive side of him that heard his mate speaking another male’s name and growled in anger. 


    He just arched one silver brow. Damn her, the gesture did things to her self-control. “Really?”

    “I am not a male,” she returned. His brows furrowed, and then the realization hit. 

    “Oh. Oh.” He raked one hand through his hair. “Shit, I’m an idiot.” 

    “Glad you’ve finally noticed,” she snickered. Rowan grumbled something she chose not to hear. “He’s across the hall, by the way. If you need anything, feel free to knock on his door. Or walk all the way across the compound to my office, whichever your cranky old ass feels like doing.” 

    “Cranky old ass?” he deadpanned. “Princess, let me assure you that my ass is anything but cranky.” 

    “Oh I know,” she returned, sweeping her eyes up and down his form with absolutely no regard for propriety. 


    “Good night, Captain,” Rowan all but growled, closing the door with rather more force than necessary. 

    Her laugh echoed down the hall. “Sleep well, Whitethorn!”


    Rowan was up with the sun the next morning, instinct pushing him out into the training yard before his coherent mind caught up with his body. He paused for a moment, standing on the smoothly raked sands of the training area, then decided that since there were a handful of others training, he might as well join. Work up an appetite--for breakfast, that is. He certainly didn’t need help working up an appetite for anything else; no, his damned dreams did that all on their own. 

    Shoving those thoughts down, Rowan went to grab a longbow and a quiver of blunted practice arrows from a rack, walking over to the targets and taking his stance. He let himself get lost in the rhythms of draw, nock, sight, and shoot, the sounds of the few others training fading away as he focused. Not until his quiver was empty did he register his surroundings. 

    Including the woman leaning against a post a few paces away from him, watching him shoot with her unfaltering turquoise gaze. 

    “Impressive,” Aelin drawled, the compliment genuine despite her affected disillusionment. “So you can shoot straight, Whitethorn.” Gods fucking burn him, the woman was trying to kill him. “But how’s your hand-to-hand?” 

    “You trying to find out?” he purred before he could help himself, looking at her as brazenly as she looked at him. 

    A catlike grin curled across her face. “If you agree.” She extended one hand, wrapped in cloth to protect her knuckles. “Best of three?” 

    Leaving the longbow on the rack, Rowan shook her hand and followed her to the sandy sparring area, where rings were marked out with twine. “Best of three,” he agreed. “Show me how an Assassin fights.” 

    Fluid, lightning-fast, and dirty, it turned out. That was how an Assassin fought. Aelin circled Rowan for only a few moments, her eyes alert, scanning every inch of his posture, gauging his defenses, guessing his strategy, before she darted out a punch. Rowan deflected her easily, as she suspected he would, and struck out at her, going for her left side. He probably believed her left was weaker. And it would have been, had Arobynn not dislocated her right shoulder when she was fourteen, forcing her to strengthen her left side until it was just as capable as her right. Bastard. 

    Rowan went into the offensive as soon as he dared, launching himself at Aelin in a flurry of strikes, punches, and kicks, moving as dexterously as the wind he wielded, his body flowing in sync, three centuries of training having honed his skills to something resembling an art. She slipped into her defense easily, warding off his advances, using her smaller size to her advantage by darting all around the ring, always in motion. He managed to land a few blows--nothing major, just glancing strikes. As did she, slipping under his offense to land a hit to his shoulder, his stomach, to knock away his arm before he could strike her. 

    She wasn’t expecting the foot he hooked behind her ankle, throwing her off balance enough that he could flip her onto the ground, pinning her down faster than she could blink. 

    Aelin slapped the ground twice, conceding her defeat. “Smooth move,” she purred. “First victory is yours, Prince.” 

    “As will the next one be,” he smirked, helping her up. 

    “We’ll see,” she hummed, cocking her head. 

    And launching herself at him before he had time to prepare himself, forcing him into a sloppy, blind-reacting defense. 

    “Not fair,” he grunted as she landed a hit to his sternum. 

    “What, not expecting the next round to start so soon?” she grinned, winking broadly at him. 

    He spluttered incoherently, face reddening at the innuendo lacing her words. She just laughed, not relenting in her attack. Rowan caught onto her fighting style shortly later, recovering enough to mount a proper defense and even to put himself in the offensive once more. Aelin, though, had picked up his style as well, and she slipped underneath his defenses, quick as a racing spark, and kicked him in the back of the knee. Rowan grunted, wobbling as he tried to regain his balance, and she took the opportunity to kick him again in the exact same spot, sending him flopping to the ground. In an instant, she had him pinned, and he slapped the sandy ground to concede his defeat. 

    “One and one,” she smirked, her eyes alight. “Time for the deciding round.” 

    “And what will be my prize when I win, princess?” he smirked right back, unable to help himself. 

    “Keep dreaming,” she purred, something wicked sparking in her gaze. 

    Shit. Aelin knew about his dreams. He was in such deep shit. 

    So he took a page from her book and pounced, forcing her into the defensive before she was fully ready. She recovered faster than Rowan thought possible, fending him off with that fluid grace of hers, striking blows through the cracks in his defense even as he struck at her. A sweeping kick of her leg sent half the air whooshing from his lungs and he coughed, faintly, as he recovered, dodging her next kick. He noticed that she was off-center, so he planted his foot behind her, intending to trip her again. She fell, but before he could pin her, she arched her back and sprung back to her feet as though she was made of rubber, bouncing up and back into her stance like...well shit. 

    “Where in the hells,” Rowan managed as he fought against her onslaught, “did you learn the Silent Assassins’ maneuvers?” 

    “The Red Keep, of course,” she panted, whipping a hand up and into his ribs. He wheezed, eyes widening as he put together her meaning. “Yes, Whitethorn, I trained with the Silent Assassins.” 

    “Shit,” he huffed. 

    And then Aelin turned his own damned maneuver against him and hooked her foot behind his ankle, sending him sprawling gracelessly to the sands. She had his arms in an iron lock before he could blink, her other arm tight across his windpipe, her lean, muscled legs pinning his in place. Rowan wriggled, trying to break out of her grasp enough to pull himself back up, but to no avail. He was pinned. He slapped the ground as best he could with his arms pinned, and Aelin let him up, holding out her wrapped hand. He grasped it, pulling himself back to his feet. 

    “You’ll have to teach me that trick you pulled,” he said, wiping his hands on his pants. “The one the Silent Assassins taught you.”

    “Only if you teach me whatever insane offensive you learned at Doranelle,” she returned. “Gods, even I didn’t see that coming.” She punctuated that comment with a broad wink, reducing Rowan once again to spluttering speechlessness. 

    “Captain,” he grumbled once he’d calmed himself down, “you can’t just say things like that.”

    “Can’t I?” Aelin shrugged, heading towards the dining hall. With just a bit more swing in her hips than strictly necessary. 

    And gods damn him right to hell, Rowan noticed. Swallowing harshly, he waited until she had entered the building before he followed, taking the time to quiet the roaring in his blood. It just wouldn’t do for Aelin’s entire legion to see him standing at attention, no it would not. 


    Aelin knew full well she was teasing Rowan, but gods, she just couldn’t help herself. It was too easy to rile up the male. And yes, she had most definitely noticed the shift in his scent as she sauntered off to the dining hall after their sparring session. 

    It had taken every shred of her self-control not to turn around and jump his bones right then and there. 

    Huffing an exhausted sigh, she shoved back from her desk, rolling up her plans and putting them away, then snuffing the lantern she kept on her desk with a pinch of her fingers. She splashed some water on her face, changed into one of her rather scandalous silk nightgowns--this one a deep forest green--and all but collapsed into her bed, burrowing beneath the covers, asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillows. 

    She jerked awake in the wee hours of the night with Rowan’s name on her lips, heart racing, blood pounding, the scent of her own arousal hanging heavy in the air. 


    Aelin breathed deeply, calming her thumping pulse, trying to snuff the tang of her scent before anyone with enhanced senses caught a whiff of it. Her cheeks flushed pink, both from the images still burning in her mind from her impressively dirty dream and from the realization that she’d been calling out Rowan’s name in her sleep. 



    Part of her hoped he hadn’t heard, but a traitorous part of her, the part that clung to the mating bond and the crackling tension between then, very much hoped that he had. And in the moments that followed, it turned out that part of her won out. 

    For her door swung open, propelled by a gust of icy wind, revealing a very shirtless Rowan standing in her doorway, his pupils so blown out that the green of his irises was barely visible, unbridled hunger in his gaze. 


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    21.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    i wanna make my 4th gen it girl wonyo set but every time i search up videos for IVE g*ram and other kpop drama channels will come up as recommended videos and then i get sucked into the hole of watching those ;-; asdfasdfasdf 

    #like i will be like yes okay wonnie content i shall find it #and then i search up one thing and like two videos later it's like AESPA MAY HAVE A NEW MEMBER #and then my clown ass is like well i must watch #i love watching them i find it like watching reality tv or TLC #i love watching ish like this it's very hedonistic for me #like yes i do want to know about the jessica drama tell me more #and then i'll go watch love island or something #i love shit like this I LOVE IT
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    21.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Friendly Lies! Oh this is going to be so fun! Note I'll probably be sending in an ask for each timeline? I just enjoy doing these!


    (just for clarification, none of these are true! this is just stuff i thought of that sounded plausible, but they did not explicitly so)

    Terezi Leijon (Meulin-ways) Timeline:

    Once I stole all the bubblegum and stuck the chewed wads along the driveway to Dave's house.

    Dave Lalonde (Roxy-ways) Once walked into his house on earth C, shook himself off a bit like a border collie, and left the entire front hall area coated in so much glitter. Its still stuck in the cracks

    Gamzee Pyrope (Latula-ways) when we played the game we were connected to each other (he was my server) and we ended up in a shouting match because we could not for the life of us figure out what a duck was and why it was my artifact. (made funnier bc I was deaf and he was blind) We had the "oh shit wait" moment when I yelled as well as I could "33:< C4NT YOU S33?" and he replied via text "No I cAnT" "..." "..." "... OHH". We laughed about it when we met up in person.

    Jake Egbert and John English once pretended to be the other for the day, it lasted 30 minutes before their snickering gave the prank away.

    Jade Crocker once made a "Pie Tower" It defied all physics and tasted oddly enough of hollyberry. I thought it was pretty good!

    Rose Strider (Dirk-ways) once let me cut her hair, and thats why it's so messy and short. I never said I was a good barber.

    Roxy Strider (Dave-ways) was a very energetic Super Smash Bros player. and jumped off the couch when she won a match.

    Dirk Lalonde (Rose-ways) spends about 3 hours working on his eyeliner, but every time it looked very cool.

    Aradia Maryam (Porrim-ways) tried skateboarding once

    Nepeta Makara (Kurloz-ways) once convinced me and Gamzee to try cooking. One near fire later we were laughing while Jade asked us not to do that again for the sake of the house.


    - #🔮❤️🖍

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    omega ruby/alpha sapphire sounds like a steven universe fanfic that i do Not want to read

    #pokemon#nsft ish #dont know what to tag this as tbh #cursed
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    #I literally always hear this song in my head whenever I watch this scene #and now you can too #The Flash#Barry Allen#Cisco Ramon#Barrisco#Flashvibe #Weekend in New England #The Heart of the Matter Part 1 #s7#Barry Manilow#fanvid#-ish
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    ive been collecting mats for itto even though I have no idea if ill be getting him or not
    #im close to reaching soft pity #but... #my soft pity luck isnt the greatest #I WANT HIM THOUGH #albedo too eventually #I want all the geo babeys #anyway im here. ish #idk what I want to do tonight #◈ ░  out of order  ⌜ooc⌟
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    i’m such a hoarder sometimes i’ll just download tv shows because i like them ??? i’m not gonna use them for gifs or a n y t h i n g i just want the files on my computer ig??

    #ish unfiltered#🧠🐒 #this is about the saved by the bell reboot #it's so iconic #can't believe they cancelled it #ugh
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    It's late night thoughts w Ty and tbh besties Ty doesn't feel like my name and it might be because of that dumbass hedgehog <3

    #*Kicks rock* ok so I'm genuinely starting to get upset when other ppl are named or say they're just like Silver #and it's not in a or like ppl arguing over the same toy bc they both want to play as it #but like its making me feel uneasy and wrong. And it's not like I'm a fictive or anything. but it feels gross #And its not kinnie stuff either bc it feels so?? personal??? idk. #i haven't been feeling like myself lately and silv is like one of the few things i'm holding on to to truly see myself #agh whatever this sounds dumb i'll talk w some therapist later #ty vents#ish
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    Alright I'm doing god awful if you need me I'll be in my closet and drawing to cope

    #so upset. I'm so fucking upset I feel like I failed and fucked up I HAD #ONE THING. THAT I NEEDED TO DO. AND I COULDN'T DO IT. #vent ish #not art but art related
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    Also, this is a reminder for me to write a meta about how the reasons that Varys expects the realm to love Young Griff...are actually more aligned with Daenerys’ upbringing, experiences, and outlook. He focuses in on how Young Griff knows what it means to survive, be in the rough of it, and all that. However, it’s Daenerys who has truly been forced to learn what it means to fight for survival. She has lived on the streets of Essos, has known what it means to be cold, hungry, uncertain of her future. She has seen the horrors of the world. She has experienced them, has intervened, has tried her best to stop some of them. She has bathed a sick and dying man, has burned her dead, has mourned them. She has kissed and held weeping mothers, held the hands of helpless fathers, and played with children who wish for better lives. Comfort was short-lived in her childhood, and she spent nearly her whole life afraid. She was not raised by someone wanting to protect her. She was not raised with a community of people prepared to protect and nurture her. She didn’t even have a septa or maester to teach her. Daenerys also sees it as her duty as the heir of her House to try and bring stability to Westeros. She wants for the realm to know prosperity and see no more war or strife. When I take a look at Young Griff’s attitudes, it seems more like hot-tempered entitlement. I am rambling, but I just find the differences interesting, and I like thinking about how things are going to play out!!

    #♕░░ queen of the summer isles ( LUXX SPEAKING ) #;; SHE JUST HAS ALL OF THESE EXPERIENCES THAT HAVE SHAPED HER...AND ALSO EXPERIENCES THAT!! #;; speak to what most of the people within Westeros have experienced in the last twenty-ish years!!! #;; I WAS ALSO TALKING TO COLLEEN ABOUT THIS A COUPLE WEEKS AGO WHEN I WAS DRIVING BACK TO MY APT!!!
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    Josh: does your car have a sunroof in it?

    Sam: no...why?

    Josh: well I just thought you'd need the extra head space since you're as tall as a giraffe

    Sam: at least I don't need a booster seat to see over the steering wheel

    #an actual convo I had with my coworker #hes 5'7 on a good day #im 6'1 ish #greta van fleet #gvf#josh kiszka#sam kiszka#jake kiszka#danny wagner
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    21.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    just HOW EARLY almost every hiker in japan starts and ends is wild, even in spring and summer i can go on a casual afternoon day hike on easy trails or a small hill/mountain and the majority of the people i see will be heading back already

    #what do you mean you are all early birds and none of you enjoy afternoon hikes #don’t you want to see the sun start to go down on the way back? #it’s nice when you know the trail isn’t dangerous and the weather is mild #wild #time to experience this again today lol #since i’m probably gonna hike for a few hours starting noon or 1 pm ish #innko talks
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  • hypothesiscosmos
    21.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    If you look kind of close at the birthday art, you can tell just how much I gave up and completely bullshitted the flower crown and bouquet, lmfao

    #rozen.txt #tbf it looks kind of okay-ish #man tho at this point i felt kind of exhausted and didn't want to do anymore #since i was focused more on the comic at that point #i'll probably just stick to just an illustration next year #so that this doesn't happen again
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  • ssuckitlosers
    21.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Send me some asks so that I don’t have to do my uni work please 🙏🙏

    #I cba doing work lol #objectively I need to and it’s not even a hard essay but ahhhhhhh #send me asks instead plz #I’m tempted to wipe the dust off the old half answered asks in my drafts at this point #sshutuploser#delete later #i just realised it’s 3am of a Friday night godddd #I cannot have a social life until my essays are done lmao- I say as I am going to a party soon-ish #but the essays will be done by then 😅😅😅 #yes the what? 5? essays + dissertation… godddd I am not graduating ahaha #send me assskkkkssss so I can ignore uni some more 😂😂
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  • crispywisp
    21.05.2022 - 4 hours ago
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  • worldofwhumpcraft
    21.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Suspiciously Specific Whump Prompt #2

    When Leader and the team break in and find Whumpee, unconscious and in high danger. Caretaker reaches him before anyone else, clutching him to their chest.

    Leader approaches Caretaker and goes to take Whumpee away to take him to the hospital. And just-- Caretaker instinctively pulls Whumpee a little closer to themself. Yes, whumpee needs help, but he's alive, and they never thought they'd see him again.

    They just don't can't beat to let Whumpee go so soon.

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