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  • junosmindpalace
    28.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    hii!! not sure if ur requests are still open since i just saw ur post saying that requests are open 😅😅😅 but if u can u do ryusui and senku (or just one of them) with an s/o that tends to overwork themselves so they pass out and they take care of s/o ?? TY!!!! sorry if this is triggering too

    thank you so much for your request! some of my longer works are a bit delayed because my brain is mush rn so i went with getting something shorter out in the meantime :) this is the first time i'm writing for two characters and for ryusui-- i hope my characterization is okay! 


    warnings: passing out :,)

    words: 1,347 im kinda iffy about this

    Constructive feedback is always welcome! I’m always looking to improve!

    Requests are open! (check my pinned post!)



    You and Senku are both really dedicated to your work. 

    Senku works hard to recreate modern day science inventions, takes the time to research and experiment and is even a teacher to the citizens of Ishigami Village! He’s accumulated a vast knowledge of all sorts of science and mathematics over the years and has practiced applying his knowledge through the technology he’s recreated in the stone world. Senku is one of the most driven and passionate people amongst a group of hard-working, intelligent others. You were another.

    Two brilliant people enamored with their work- the only difference between them? One knew when to take a breather. 

    Senku was only human and knew--for the most part--to listen to his body. Prioritizing health was a given; the logical thing to do. He understood the value of rest and was aware that even he needs his downtime, so he’s rarely caught pulling all-nighters and denying food. 

    You, on the other hand, took every chance you got to work. 

    You seemingly never stopped moving and reflecting on new material after new material. When you weren’t focusing on your work, you were helping others with tasks of their own. Though Senku admires your endurance and determination, he starts questioning your means of getting so much done when you begin refusing food and sleep.

    Senku has snapped you out of your work trance a couple of nights to remind you that it’d be no good if you’re tired throughout the day, and you’d tell him you would settle down for the night just as soon as you finish this one thing. He had no reason not to believe you, so he’d retreat to his sleeping bag. 

    The “just this one thing” line soon got old though, and he started observing how the bags under your eyes were growing darker and your cheeks were more sunken in. It was harder for you to get as much work done and your mind constantly drifted. Honestly? He was a little scared of the state you were in. 

    One morning, Senku was in the midst of finishing a conversation with Gen when the mentalist asked him, “Say, is everything alright with dear Y/N? They don’t look like they’ve been doing very well,” his eyes flickering nervously to you, watching you barely keep yours open before returning his attention back to the scientist. Senku sighed and was about to reply when a loud “thud!” was heard from behind him. Both Gen and Senku whipped their heads toward the noise and saw you had collapsed on your side. “Y/N!”

    Your friends immediately rushed over and Senku started checking your pulse, your breathing, just to make sure you hadn’t died from overload! But no, you were still very much alive, though you probably felt like you were on the verge of death. 

    With the help of Kohaku and Gen, Senku was able to lay you down on a makeshift bed in Chrome’s shed. They all stared at your unconscious figure in concern, but Senku reassured them (and himself) that you just needed some sleep, food and water and in two weeks, you’d be good as new. 

    He was surprised at how relieved he felt when you woke up, but was also a bit irritated with your stubbornness. Didn’t you know that your health should be a priority?

    Nevertheless, Senku refused to leave you alone while you were bedridden, all instruction given to the other members of the village coming from your side. He left it to Kohaku and Chrome to bring you food and water throughout the day and had Kinro and Ginro take on your work while he monitored your recovery. He didn’t let you return to your tasks until color had returned to your face and the light in your eyes came back.

    He was a lot more doting after that incident, making sure you were eating and drinking enough throughout the day and that you weren’t overexerting yourself. Senku’s checkups were a little annoying overwhelming, but your heart swelled at the effort your boyfriend put in to make sure you were taking care of yourself.

    Senku felt a bit guilty for letting you stay awake so many nights, and afraid you’d accidentally get caught up in your work again, he’d stay up and drag you to bed if he needed to. He couldn’t fall asleep himself without his mind at ease knowing that you were getting your rest.

    “It’s really nice you’re looking after me.” “Well, I don’t want you dying on the job one day.” “You ruined it.” 



    Ryusui is a man who desires all, and that means good health too. Getting sick is something that would hold him back from accomplishing his goals and bringing his other desires into fruition after all. 

    He’s very dedicated to his studies and is passionate about what he wants. He takes the time to learn how to attain his desires, putting in a lot of time, effort and money patience into his work. 

    Sure, Ryusui may have encouraged your bad habits a couple of times-- if you desire to work, then to work you shall!-- but he knows the importance of maintaining a balance between eating, sleeping, working and having fun.  

    He trusts that you too know to prioritize your physical and mental health, and you do know! But sometimes you can’t help yourself from pushing back your sleep and eating time to finish ooonnnne more project. However, one project quickly turns into two and then three. 

    Ryusui is no idiot, though. He knows you better than you know yourself and can easily tell when there's a shift in your personality. He notices how you seem to be more irritated with others and yourself more often, and along with that, takes notice of your slouched posture and the loss of color in your face. 

    One day, Ryusui just couldn’t help himself. You were working away on yet another task, moving slowly and shakily as if you were about to topple over any second. He grabbed you by the shoulders and examined you, concern and a hint of anger laced in his tone as he asked you “when was the last time you ate a proper meal?” 

    You collapsed in his arms before you could answer him, and he fell to his knees to settle your head into his lap. After yelling for help, he and Senku were able to move you into a tent with a cot and assess you properly. The Kingdom of Science leader tells him that you were sleep deprived and malnourished, and that you should be fine after a couple of weeks of catching up on rest and eating three meals a day. Ryusui could come to these conclusions on his own, but it was reassuring to have confirmation from the scientist. 

    Ryusui refuses to set sail on the group’s voyage until you’re completely healed, and the minute you wake up, he’s scrambling to be at your side. He tries not to bombard you, but question after question and reprimand after reprimand sort of just tumble out. He’s worried, okay? How could you act so foolish? 

    The captain is completely dedicated to nursing you back to health. He makes sure to remind you that if you ever struggle taking care of yourself or managing your workload, he’s always there to help out and firmly tells you to be more mindful of your wellbeing. Once you’re fully recovered, he’s hauling your ass to bed if you’re up doing something (as in he’ll literally carry you over his shoulder) and orders Francois to make you a bunch of healthy meals and snacks for the both of you throughout the day. He’ll even give you massages to soothe your aching muscles on days you do accidentally take on more than you think you’re capable of in order to help you sleep better. 

    “Ryusui, you really don’t have to go through all the trouble…” “Nonsense, Y/N! I desire the very best for my s/o! You need to take good care of yourself in order to attain your desires!"

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    27.05.2022 - 10 hours ago
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  • seelenity
    27.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    ...........merch team isn't even trying to subtle anymore. shjsmxnxbx

    #dr stone#sengen#dcst#asagiri gen#senku ishigami #i love the merch team. #i know they're just trying to get us to buy stuff but i can excuse that in exchange of all this sweet sweet content lol
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  • spinariosthorn
    27.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    178 chapter showed me that Gen is actually still affected (in the negative sense) by the fashion industry (is that celebrity industry or something)

    Sure, to be daintier and elegant is a “pro” but

    He obviously suffers from a weight complex and that’s sad

    Also I love you Senku incredible supportive boyfriend thank you really much ❤️‍🩹

    He was able to see through Gen’s concern and reassured him that any standard of the previous world is not valid and he doesn’t have to worry about it anymore

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  • spinariosthorn
    27.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Every time it comes to family, Gen makes that face

    My dear sunshine, whatever happened, you’re safe and loved now…

    #i love him dearly #maybe I don’t want the backstory anymore #gen asagiri#asagiri gen#gen#dr stone#drst#dcst manga#senku ishigami#dear senku#kohaku#chrome#magma#suika #doctor stone manga
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  • asiananimeboi
    27.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    no manga or anime edit post today cause I just saw the news a few days ago saying that the dr stone author riichiro inagaki teased on twitter that the story ain’t over yet since it ended in march so we might be getting a part 2 of the manga!

    what are your thoughts?🤔

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  • party-time
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Did the CN color palette challenge thingy- i had lots of fun tbh.

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  • kurr-dappya
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Okay im really desperate now, but does anyone have the link to that one sengen fic where gen almost froze to death and the only thing that kept him alive long enough for senku and the others to find him was tricking himself to believe that it wasnt as cold as it really was??? And then senku like hugged him the entire time on the way back on the boat to share some body heat.

    Pls ive read that along time ago and i cant seem to find it anymore. I need help. Im so desperat. It hurts.

    #sengen #senku x gen #ishigami senku#asagiri gen #dr. stone #sengen fic rec
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  • endernate
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Senku marriage headcannons

    this guy is like

    the ULTIMATE loyal man

    like ; i see no woman but ma wife

    BUUUUT, everything has a logical explanation !!

    i mean come on !

    just him proposing to you was enough of a shock

    heck ! just him seeing you as marriage material was enough of a scientific discovery !!!

    but the TRUST

    the TRUST you guys put in each other is incomparable !!


    he once got back home, and his jacket smelled like the lingering scent... of a women's perfume

    any woman would suspect that her husband is cheating on her

    but you guys are.. like

    a really



    a strange couple

    you sniffed the jacket


    "why would you use women's perfume ??" you asked

    "ayo wut ??" he replied from over the couch, looking at you in confusion

    "y/n i don't use women's perfume ! wtf ?"

    "then why do you smell like one ?" you gave him the jacket

    he sniffed

    "what the一????"

    "what is it?"

    "i dunno, but the point is ; i don't use women's perfume, okay?"

    "yeah, okay, alright, i get it, but if you don't use them, then how did the scent of it get to your clothes?"

    he sniffed the jacket again, then he remembered

    "oooh ! right, right, yeah. it must've been Tina... the bimbo.."


    "a fellow useless secretary-in-training you doesn't know SHIT except for trying to seduce me and jumping off on her colleagues.."


    "yeah, i know, she's too annoying so i fired her.."




    since he's become a real filthy rich scientist, he gotta go to those kind of fancy ballroom meetings and all to meet with fancy rich people and scientists, and like, you gotta go with him as his wife?


    you guys would be DRIPPING in sexual appeal

    men would try to seduce you

    and you'll be hella scared

    not from them, but you were scared of senku


    cuz ya boi here would get too angry and horny the whole time and just when you get back home the next thing you know he's telling u to strip down naked

    you gon be ruined by 2 am

    congrats ! you're gonna be a mommy !

    basically, he's still a low-key guy who doesn't show his love in public nor in private

    #dr stone #dr. stone #dr. stone manga #senku ishigami#dcst#ishigami senku #senku ishigami x reader #一 ender write
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  • saki-sk
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Faded love p9💜💚 #sengenfl for other parts

    I hope Kirisame isn't so much out of chara ~ I havn't read her so often,... I'm at volume 17 Kirisame as Kaiser wolf when I was a kid I was so inspired from Garurumon and Tiger from Monster Rancher that this and a smaller wolf creature stick with me since then

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  • incorrectkingdomofquotes
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    *Senku and Gen holding hands*

    Taiju: Why are you two holding hands?

    Senku: Studies show that holding hands can reduce stress.

    Taiju: Oh, I thought you two were dating or something.

    Gen: We are. We’re also just really fucking stressed.

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  • firefly-hwufanficwriterrrrr
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    (New Dr. Stone fanfic chapter!) Chapter 35: Confusing Help

    FANFIC TITLE: No Stone Unturned (54,265 words)

    FANFIC TITLE: No Stone Unturned (54,265 words)

    FANFIC SUMMARY: (Senku/Kohaku.) How did the scientist fall in love with the lioness? A friendship- and science-focused retelling of Dr. Stone from Senku’s perspective.

    FANFIC LINK: (https : //www . fanfiction . net/s/ 13422954/1/No-Stone-Unturned)

    PERSONAL MESSAGE: Hello and happy reading, fellow Dr. Stone fans! 😊


    “…Hmm…" she murmured, "…I hope we can finish this in time. Kinro and I have been doing more combat training because the Grand Bout is getting closer, and there's also Ruri's bath, so I won't have as much time to help as before…"

    Senku, who had his own ideas about the hot spring water that Kohaku was so determined to bring to her sister, shook his head.

    "No need to worry about that; we already have a bunch of stuff we need to get a good start. And speaking of Kinro," said Senku, "he actually helped me with this stuff a few days ago."

    Tilting her head, Kohaku peered at him.

    "Kinro? Really?…”


    TAGS: dr stone, ishigami senku, senku x kohaku, senhaku, kohaku, dr stone kohaku, kohasen, dr. stone, dr stone fanfic, dr. stone fanfic, dr. stone kohaku, drstonefanficnostoneunturned, ginro, dr stone ginro, dr. stone ginro, kinro, dr stone kinro, dr. stone kinro


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  • amonsstuff
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    Just in! They just announced that Dr. Stone manga hasn't been completed yet, we'll finally get the chance to see the new world that senku created in the future! Stay posted people

    #manga#update#anime#best boi #dr. stone #dr stone senku #ishigami senku #shocking manga update #announcement
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  • seelenity
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    my favorite thing in the world is the sengen hip grab in fanart. im glad that we all collectively decided that senku does that. i will never get tired of it. ❤️

    #sengen#asagiri gen#senku ishigami#dr stone#dcst #no seriously it's literally so common #have u ever noticed that? and it's always senku grabbing gens hip and i for one support that #it's hot
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    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago
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  • akilask
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    This was my Heartstopper...literally

    #i screamed so hard #they are so pretty omg #i cant #i so fricking cant #dr. stone #dr. stone official #dr. stone steampunk designs #tsukasa shishio#senku ishigami#gen asagiri#ukyo ibuki#dcst tsukasa#dcst senku#dcst gen#dcst ukyo
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  • morallygay
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    me headcanoning as aro/ace anime guys who have never expressed attraction bc the author thinks that feeling attraction is inherently evil apparently or/and it’s supposed to be read as them being oblivious or/and it would be out of character regardless of whether they feel some or not bc vulnerability is embarrassing:

    [ID: the “it’s free real estate” meme /end ID]

    #aromantic#asexual#aroace#aromance#asexuality #i know basically he same post already exists but i came up with this before it’s just been sitting in my notes app for years for no reason #sunakawa makoto#ore monogatari#oga tatsumi#beelzebub#umetarou nozaki#gsnk#ishigami senku#dr stone#kageyama tobio#haikyuu#hoozuki #hoozuki no reitetsu #luffy apparently but i have never watched/read one piece #and many more #those tags are a nightmare #aro ace tag #moralgayness
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  • wafflemae
    25.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Senku & Kohaku are the two lgbtq besties

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  • skribblz
    25.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Ello my dear FRIENDO I’m dropping in with a small gift

    Idk if you’ve seen this show or not, or if this will be of any use, but the VA of Nishikata is the same for Senku.

    So this is technically like Senku laughing in a way methinks.




    thank you for bestowing upon me this absolute banger of a gift and yes I love this anime!!!! its also the first series that dragged me into reading the manga!!!!!! theyre so fricken cute


    #skrambles #ishigami senku 🙏🙏🙏 #omg- #sub vs dub is wild #the difference is astounding #nishikata sounds twice his age and I want to laugh but Im so confused at the same time
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