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    Originally shot: 4/17/21

    I WISH we could've heard it!!

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    Literary Impasse | Chigasaki Itaru | Mini Chats Translation


    Practice Conversation 1

    Me playing senpai’s boss sounds kinda fresh, but I feel this weird pressure on me. 

    This role is older than my age, and his position as the editor-in-chief requires composure and presence. 

    When I read the script, I thought Shibukawa had some resemblance to Syu-san. 

    I think Tsuzuru had him in mind while writing the role. I might take him as a reference for my role study. 

    I also intend to read literary works. If you have suggestions, please let me know, Director-san.

    Practice Conversation 2

    Someone we know and who has a job as an editor is, without doubt, Kasumi-san. But not only that, he’s editor-in-chief. 

    That is why I asked Sakuya to call him, and he told me multiple things about it. 

    Even if theater magazines are different from literature, he taught me about an editor’s job. It was a good reference. 

    I told him I was working on my role study with Syu-san in mind, so he talked about him too. 

    Hearing about the first generation was very fun. 

    In exchange, I told him about Mankai Company now. His eyes were shining, and he was happy to hear about it.

    Practice Conversation 3

    Good work on today’s practice, Director-san. I’m going back to my room now to change my clothes. 

    …Really? I admit my hair up might give a different vibe from my usual self with a suit. 

    Do you like me like that?

    …“In that case, where should we go together?”

    “We could go somewhere with a beautiful night view by car.”

    “Or do you have a place you would like to go? I can take you there.”

    “...Hey, come here.”

    …Just kidding. How was it? So I can be like this sometimes too?

    If you like it, Director-san, I could practice arranging my hairstyle and clothes in this way by myself. 

    Itaru and Hisoka Chat

    Itaru: ♪〜

    Hisoka: You seem to be in a good mood, Itaru.

    Itaru: I guess. But aren’t you happy as well, Hisoka?

    Hisoka: There’s a scene toasting marshmallows in the spring troupe’s play, so Sakuya toasts marshmallows for his role study. 

    Itaru: I get you. There’s a scene baking pizza too. Sakuya is learning from chef Omi how to make it, and they are baking pizza. 

    Itaru: They gladly took my requests for the ingredients. Making our favorites for role study is the best. 

    Hisoka: I know… I’m happy.

    Itaru: Oh, yeah. I heard they would make a dessert pizza with apples and cinnamon. 

    Hisoka: That also sounds delicious. 

    Itaru: They were thinking of other types of dessert pizza too. Should we ask for marshmallow pizza? Our perfect collab. 

    Hisoka: Sure. I will prepare my recommended marshmallows. 

    Itaru: OK. Then, I should prepare my favorite drinks.

    Itaru: Bringing refreshments might be something the editor-in-chief do. In other words, role study. Do you want to go buy them with me? 

    Hisoka: Yes, let’s go.


    I suffered trying to write some lines... I’m sorry if they feel a bit awkward...

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  • jujubean-translates
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Event | Literary Impasse | Chapter 5

    *Contains spoilers for Act 12 - eternal moment*

    Citron: Say the password! MAN!

    Masumi: KAI!

    Citron: That was too enthusiastic! You must be a fake Masumi!

    Itaru: I wouldn’t even open the door if he said it normally.

    Sakuya: This is serious!

    Masumi: …You’re all annoying.

    Citron: We cannot open the door until we prove it’s the real Masumi! How many times has the Director touched your hair today!?

    Masumi: Six.

    Citron: You may enter!

    *Door opens*

    Director: You’ve been counting!?

    Masumi: Obviously.

    Itaru: Your Director Abilities are getting more and more inhuman by the day.

    Chikage: So, to what do we owe the pleasure?

    Masumi: It’s about Tsuzuru.

    · • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ·

    Chikage: I see…

    Director: It’s a new challenge for him, so I knew it wouldn’t be simple… But it sounds like it’s tougher than I thought.

    Chikage: Once again, it’s Syu-san who’s blocking the progress.

    Itaru: It’s not even a script for MANKAI, so I don’t know how much there is that we can really do.

    Citron: Syu being the opponent makes it even more difficult.

    Masumi: He told me that the all-nighter ban was also his order.

    Director: What you all said is true, and more importantly when it comes to orders, Tsuzuru-kun has to write what he wants, and he has to be selfish…

    Chikage: There’s probably not much we can do this time.

    Director: The only thing we can do is watch over him, make sure he doesn’t wreck himself, and support him where we can.

    Director: Masumi-kun, can you keep an eye on him?

    Masumi: Understood.

    Sakuya: But it’s still frustrating, isn’t it? Tsuzuru-kun’s always there for us.

    Sakuya: We might be able to give him hints, but in the end, Tsuzuru-kun has to overcome the obstacles and write the script on his own.

    Sakuya: We can’t stand beside him and support him like we do on stage.

    Sakuya: I know it can’t be helped, but…

    Itaru: That’s just what the world of creativity is.

    Citron: Being a writer is bonely.

    Masumi: Lonely?

    Citron: Yes, that.

    Itaru: All we can do is support him as huge fans of the playwright Tsuzuru Minagi, who are excited for his next work more than anyone else.

    Sakuya: Yeah.

    Chikage: But what Sakuya said still holds true, we are able to give him hints.

    Masumi: Are we going to wear costumes again or something?

    Director: Oh, what about something like the manzai performance during Clockwork. He said that was a nice change of pace.

    Citron: Well then, let’s hold a full company meeting about the Fourth MANMAN Grand Prix!

    Itaru: But we already said there’s not much time before Syu-san’s deadline, so isn’t it kinda impossible to hold a whole company Grand Prix?

    Chikage: What if it’s short and sweet, that way it can be written quickly?

    Director: But you’d have to be able to get him to write it…

    Sakuya: Ah!

    · • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ·

    Tsuzuru: Ughh…

    Tsuzuru: A theme I want to write…

    Tsuzuru: …Huh, a baby red land was born at the zoo, huh…

    Tsuzuru: Nope, looking at online news articles isn’t gonna help…

    Tsuzuru: What to use for inspiration…

    Tsuzuru: …

    Tsuzuru: Damn… Nothing’s coming to mind.

    Tsuzuru: (How on earth am I going to make it as a writer if I can’t even come up with a story easily?)

    · • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ·

    ???: “It’ll all be okay.”

    Rick: “You sent Oz-sama to our world. He’s our patron and a wonderful wizard of storytelling.”

    Rick: “So I’m sure you’ll be okay!”

    Tsuzuru: Haha, wizard of storytelling, huh. Thanks, Rick…

    · • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ·

    Tsuzuru: (…God, this sounds like I’m just comforting myself.)

    *Phone buzzes*

    Tsuzuru: …Kaoru?

    *Phone beeps*

    Tsuzuru: Hello?

    Kaoru: “Ah, hello, Tsuzuru-nii-san. Tooru wants to talk to you.”

    Tsuzuru: Tooru?

    Tooru: “Tsuzuru-nii-san…”

    Tsuzuru: What’s up?

    Tooru: “Nii-san, I don’t think I’m a talented writer…”

    Tooru: “I’m trying to write a story, just like the first one, and I’m writing a lot of stuff for the manuscript, but…”

    Tooru: “I’ve got a bunch of stories that I’m working on, but I can’t finish any of them.”

    Tsuzuru: I see… The first one always seems to feel like it finishes much faster than the others.

    Tsuzuru: No wonder you're lost on a road you don’t know the goal of, a road you haven’t ever taken before.

    Tsuzuru: To say you have no talent just because you’re struggling with one piece is dramatic.

    Tsuzuru: (No, even if it’s not the first one, it can still be painful just the same…)

    Tooru: “Hey, Nii-san? Did you write your first script quickly?”

    Tsuzuru: “No way. I had a super hard time writing the first one, too.”

    Tooru: “The kappa play? How did you come up with it? How did you write it?”

    Tsuzuru: I remember how hard it was, but I don’t really remember the details of it…

    Tooru: “Oh, okay…”

    Tsuzuru: I’ll try to remember some things and get back to you.

    Tooru: “Okay. Thanks.”

    Tsuzuru: Don’t get too worked up about this, okay? Try a change of scenery.

    Tooru: “Okay, I will.”

    Tsuzuru: Well then, talk to you later.

    *Phone beeps*

    Tsuzuru: (Usually when I’m in a slump, everyone encourages me, but it’s the opposite this time.)

    Tsuzuru: (But still, back when I wrote my first one, huh…)

    Tsuzuru: (Maybe the reason I was able to finish it so quickly was because it was for my brother’s birthday party.)

    Tsuzuru: (Maybe, unlike me, Tooru’s purpose for writing this time is so vague that he can’t finish it.)

    Tsuzuru: …Even so, I really like writing stories for other people.

    Tsuzuru: (Well, it’s not like Tooru and I are necessarily the same type.)

    Tsuzuru: (I suppose if I can find some part of a story I wrote for someone else that I wanted to write for myself, then…)

    Tsuzuru: (Maybe some advice for Tooru would work as a hint for myself.)

    Tsuzuru: (Why’d I even write about a kappa in the first place? Did my brother like them or something?

    Tsuzuru: Hmm, I can’t remember…

    Tsuzuru: There might be someone else who does though…

    *Phone rings*

    Tsuzuru: --.

    *Crashing sounds*

    Mizuno: “Hello-- This is Mizuno.

    Tsuzuru: What was that loud sound just before? You okay?

    Mizuno: “I-I’m okay.”

    Tsuzuru: This actually isn’t anything related to MANKAI. I have something to ask you. As a friend.

    Mizuno: “Tsuzuru-kun, I…! I’ll take care of whatever you need!”

    Tsuzuru: Maybe next time you’re free--.

    Mizuno: “I’m free anytime from now!”

    Tsuzuru: You can really do it on that short of notice?

    Tsuzuru: Well then, how about tomorrow?

    Mizuno: “I’m free 24/7!”

    Tsuzuru: Harsh. Well then, how about we meet for lunch? I’ll let you know where.

    Mizuno: “…Gh!? I-I’ll accept!”

    Tsuzuru: Well, see you tomorrow.

    Mizuno: “Likewise!”

    *Crashing sounds*

    Tsuzuru: There’s that loud noise again, is he really okay…

    *Knocking on door*

    Sakuya: Tsuzuru-kun, do you have a minute?

    Tsuzuru: What’s up, Rick… I mean Sakuya!

    Sakuya: We should talk…

    · • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ·

    Tsuzuru: …

    Sakuya: I’m sorry, I know you’re busy. Is this a bad time…?

    Tsuzuru: I know you’d love to help me with the story, but… I actually have a few ideas.

    Tsuzuru: Can you just give me a minute?

    [ ⇠ Previous Part ] • [ Next Part ⇢ ]

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    Who wore it better

    #randombarking #yes I have made this joke 3 times on 3 different social medias it’s FUNNY #fire emblem #fire emblem three houses #three houses#three hopes #fire emblem warriors #Bernadette fe#itaru chigasaki #a3! itaru #a3! #act! addict! actors! #FE3H#few3h#FE#fe16
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    20.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    help im dying at masumi's voice and chikage but the songs.. ARE SO GOOD OMG i can't wait for the music collection to be released now from '20 for colors' to '24 flowers'.. i..

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    Chikage Utsuki 【Literature Impasse】 N Story Translation

    Backstage story: Role Study 【Takasugi】 Card Quote: "Ah... uuhm... well... Actually, the editor-in-chief has completely revised, or rather, rewritten..."

    translation under the cut!

    Tasuku: This sake is delicious.

    Sakyo: Yeah, Yukishiro showed me this sake before. I like it too.

    Tsumugi: Oh right, I heard from Sakuya-kun that the members of Spring Troupe are all going to read a book by a literary giant and write a book report on it.

    Tasuku: Heh? Role building for the show, huh?

    Chikage: Yeah, that kind of role building isn't bad. Sakuya suggested it.

    I received the recommended book lineup from Tsuzuru over LIME earlier too.

    Sakyo: Have you already decided on which book you're going to read?

    Chikage: I have. I was thinking of this…

    Sakyo: They have novels in an e-book format too, huh

    Chikage: Any book is available online these days. Well, I haven't decided whether I'll read it electronically or on paper yet though.

    Tsumugi: This work has a fairly eerie or peculiar atmosphere to it, doesn't it?

    Tasuku: What made you decide to choose it?

    Chikage: It was one in the recommended lineup that I knew the synopsis of, but had never read properly.

    Tasuku: I see.

    Sakyo: Nevertheless, I'm curious to see what Utsuki will write in his book report. I'm quite interested to see what he'll write. I'd love to read it.

    Chikage: If the opportunity comes one day.

    Chikage: ......

    (I ended up buying it at a bookstore. I've been trying to read it but......)

    Well, that's pretty much in accordance with the synopsis.

    Itaru: YEAH! Got a rare item!

    Oh, come to think of it, Senpai. I saw you finished reading your book a few days ago, but have you finished your report yet?

    Chikage: I've finished it already.

    Itaru: Eh? When did you finish it? I don't think I've seen you write anything......

    Chikage: I didn't write it in our room. Have you finished writing your book report on "Pandora's Box"[1]?

    Or rather, have you even finished reading it?

    Itaru: I finished the book, but I haven't written the report yet.

    Chikage: I wonder how you have so much time to play games when you're not finished yet.

    Itaru: I'll finish the report by the deadline.

    Besides, the game I'm playing right now is a game that features literary giants, so this is also part of my role building.

    Chikage: How childish……. I won't know if you don't finish though.

    Chikage: A booklet compiling everyone's impressions, huh. I didn't expect to get everyone's reports back in such a form.

    Itaru: Booklets like these quite nostalgic.

    Izumi: Right? As I was making it too, I couldn't help but think about how nostalgic it was.

    Sakuya: Next is Chikage's report. I'm really interested in what kind of report you wrote!

    Chikage: Sakyo-san said the same thing.

    Citron: I'll read Chikage's report at once!

    Itaru: Say, Senpai's report... Isn't it kind of short?

    Tsuzuru: Yeah you're right. Let's see, this piece is about a man going to the sand dunes......

    Hey, isn't this just the synopsis!?

    Masumi: It's easy to understand.

    Chikage: I wrote it so that even a grade schooler could understand it.

    Citron: Even I can understand it! I'm excited to see how it all ends!

    Masumi: He wrote, "The ending of the book was enjoyable to read."

    Citron: Oh! This is an inventory count...! [2]

    Sakuya: An inventory count?

    Itaru: It's half finished, you mean.

    Citron: Yes that!

    Chikage: I took spoilers into consideration.

    Tsuzuru: But, even if you consider spoilers in your book report... To begin with, you didn't even write a single word of your own feelings in your book report!

    Chikage: After all, it's better to read the book and come up with your own opinions for yourself.

    Itaru: Sticking to a true reader's culture...

    Sakuya: Ahaha...

    TL notes!

    [1]: the piece of literature itaru picked is "pandora's box" by osamu dazai! an existing review of it can be found here if you're curious about it.

    [2]: citron says 棚卸し (kanaoroshi) and itaru corrects him with 生殺し (namagoroshi), which can be used as a metaphor for doing something in a half way to torment someone

    #a3 translation #a3! #a3! chikage #chikage utsuki #a3! sakuya #sakuya sakuma #a3! tsuzuru #tsuzuru minagi #a3! itaru #itaru chigasaki #a3! masumi #masumi usui #act addict actors #a3 citron
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    19.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    A3! Translation: Chikage SR Card “You Can You Know” [ Secret Notepad ]

    Chikage is gifted with something he doesn’t know how to make use of.



    (I’m almost done. I’ll be able to go home soon.)


    Utsuki, come over here for a second.


    What is it? Boss

    Here’s a package addressed to you. I got it so I’m bringing it to you.


    Thank you very much.


    Where’d you get it from?


    It’s from a business partner representative, the item is… stationery?


    Heh, I’m curious to see what’s inside. Go on, open it up.



    …A notepad and a fountain pen.


    These are some pretty high-end ones, right? That company’s got a lot of money.


    They sent it as a thank-you for that successful transaction the other day.


    You’re an upright representative.

    But, how often do you use a notepad these days?


    That too… but they were kind enough to give it to me. I’ll be very grateful to use it.


    —So that’s why.


    I see. So that’s the notepad you received.


    It’s sturdily made!


    A must-have item for a man at work~.


    Even though I told my boss that, I usually mostly work on the PC. I rarely have a chance to use a notepad like this.


    True. You can just take notes on your phone.

    Why not let Tsuzuru use it?


    You’re right. I mean, he’s a scriptwriter, he’s going to have more opportunities to write down notes. Shall I give it to him?


    I’m not getting something that looks that expensive! I mean, please don’t try to give me things that people gave you.


    Just kidding.


    …You were definitely not kidding.


    Or maybe take notes during practice, I think it’s better to use it for that.


    …That is it! I have got an idea!


    Citron-kun, what’s up?


    This can be used for role study!


    Role study?


    Next performance, Chikage plays the role of an editor-in-charge!

    If you are an editor, a notepad is essential. You can also use the notepad you have received, two birds with one stone!


    An editor is required to have a notepad… well, I don’t know about that.


    Too on-the-nose.


    But you don’t exactly get to do this kind of analog work unless you’re fully aware of it, and it’s good to try it out once in a while.


    Senpai’s interest switch is a mystery.



    Part 2


    That’ll be all for today. Thank you for your hard work!


    Good work.




    Chikage-san, do you still have the notepad with you today?

    Chikage Yeah, I’ve got it in my pocket close to me, as you can see.


    I often see you taking notes these days.


    Now that you mention it.


    Chikage, you are doing a great job!




    I mean, what’re you always writing down?


    Did you notice anything during our rehearsals?


    That’s part of it, yes… but I think it’s mostly personal.

    Well then, excuse me.


    …I’m kinda worried bout what’s in those notes.


    What in the world is written in those…?



    (Ah, It’s Chikage-san.)

    (Looks like he’s writing something on his notepad… he sure is eager about his role.)

    Chikage-san, you’re writing down notes again.


    Director-san, yeah.


    Chikage-san, I’m glad you look enthusiastic.


    …Aren’t you curious about what I’m writing?


    Well, if you ask me whether or not I am, I’d say yes…


    I can’t show it to anyone else, but… I’ll let them know next time since the director will know.


    You can’t show it to anyone else, huh…

    (Maybe it’s got something to do with Chikage-san’s organization…!? No, no, that can’t be it…)


    …I’ll never get tired of watching the hundreds of faces of director-san.

    [ Option 1: Are you teasing me!? ]

    Are you teasing me!?
    I was just being honest.
    I don’t have hundreds of faces, at least not on purpose…
    I think it’s good that you get to express your emotions so well. Rather than be like me and get told that they don’t know what I’m thinking.
    Is that so…?
    I don’t dislike director-san’s facial artistry though.
    It’s not facial artistry!
    Haha, sorry.
    (He’s definitely teasing me…)

    [ Option 2: What are you writing? ]

    What are you writing?
    It’s still a secret. It’d be boring to reveal the magician’s trick so early.
    That just makes me even more curious if you say that.
    That’s right… Director-san would be interested in this.
    I would…?
    That’s the biggest clue of it all. You can figure out the rest yourself.
    Hmm… It’s like a mystery solving game.
    Look forward forward to the major reveal.


    We’re home!


    We’re back.


    Welcome back, you two.


    Welcome home~.


    Something smells good!


    Tonight’s dinner is chicken and spinach curry.


    Sounds delicious!


    Curry made by you is always delicious.


    Oi! Someone lost something! Whose is it!?


    Huh, that’s…


    Chikage-san’s notepad?


    We cannot say until we have checked the contents.


    From what I can see, I think it’s senpai’s,


    I think it probably is, he hasn’t come home from work yet, so it’s hard to say…


    I’ll just leave it with ya for now!

    Tsuzuru Wait, you can’t just throw something at me like this…!


    Look, it fell on the floor.


    Kamekichi’s control is bonkers.


    What was that!?


    …The notepad’s open.


    Looks like it opened from the impact of the fall.


    I don’t think it’s a good idea to look without permission, you know?


    It is an accident! It cannot be helped.


    Well, we can’t leave it like this.


    You two just want to take a peek. Itaru

    Let’s see… hm?


    This is…


    Could it be— a recipe for spice blends!?


    …Ah, I got found out.


    Chikage-san!? When did you come back!?


    Sorry! We didn’t mean to look…!


    It’s not like I was hiding it from you.


    Amazing! As expected of Chikage-san! Let’s try the formula next time!


    And as expected of director-san, I like how easily baited you are.


    Chikage’s only sly. I’ll do it too.


    …I wondered what kind of bad stuff you wrote about, turns out it was recipes for spice blends.


    How very Chikage~.

    Story Clear!

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  • a3screenshots
    19.05.2022 - 3 days ago

    Originally shot: 3/31/21

    Itaru growing his gamer group (colorized; 2021)

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  • sssakyoizu
    18.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Can someone make this a meme? I find this so funny

    #act addict actors #a3! actor training game #mankai company #mankai a3! #a3 game #a3 spring troupe #a3 harugumi#itaru chigasaki#a3 itaru#a3game#harugumi #a3!
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    【A3 JP Server Info】 Bungaku airo Event Cards

    Bonus Cards/ Birthday Cards

    Optimal Link Skills

    #a3! #a3 #a3! game #a3 game #a3 jpserver info #a3! jpserver info #a3! tsuzuru #a3 tsuzuru#minagi tsuzuru#tsuzuru minagi #a3! chikage #a3 chikage#utsuki chikage#chikage utsuki #a3! itaru #a3 itaru#chigasaki itaru#itaru chigasaki
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  • kkking
    15.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    With Citron's birthday here it's the time to do the spring birthday post again^^

    This time i tried to base the drawings on the feeling i had a lot after migrating to jp server: they're all there and technically the same, but it feels a bit like you've travelled forward in time and don't really know what's going on :p

    also if you have nothing to do - zoom in their eyes and check out the secret details^\\\^

    #sakuya sakuma#masumi usui#tsuzuru minagi#itaru chigasaki#citron#chikage utsuki #a3! #chikage looks way more cunning than he was supposed to be #i think it's the 1st time i drew him? #the frames are a little crooked but at least the colors are nice #i'm sleepy and the caption and tags are prolly too long now...
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  • jujubean-translates
    15.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    Sakuya Sakuma | [SSR] Another Cup of Tea With You Today - Now Open! The Sakuma Shichirin Restaurant - Part 2

    Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

    Chikage: We’re back.

    Itaru: Something smells good.

    Chikage: It’s coming from the courtyard.

    · • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ·

    Taichi: Welcome!

    Chikage: What is this, a bar?

    Taichi: Table for how many!?

    Itaru: Two.

    Taichi: Follow me, you two!

    Omi: These skewers are ready to be grilled.

    Sakuya: Got it!

    Omi: You should flip this one.

    Sakuya: Understood!

    Chikage: Yakitori training, huh. (1)

    Director: Welcome home. We have some side dishes over here.

    Itaru: I like how it looks like a food stall bar.

    Taichi: What would you like to drink!?

    Itaru: Something good with yakitori…

    Citron: That would be beer!

    Tasuku: There’s some cans over here.

    Tsumugi: Well then, shall we have a toast?

    Chikage: Cheers.

    Taichi: Alcoholic drinks, I’m so jealous~! I can’t wait ‘til I’m able to drink!

    Itaru: Well, that depends on if you’d even like the taste or not.

    Taichi: That doesn’t matter, it’s all about the vibes! I wanna feel like an adult!

    Tsumugi: When you’re able to drink, we’ll have a toast together.

    Taichi: Okay!

    Chikage: The yakitori is good.

    Itaru: It’s grilled really well.

    Sakuya: I also grilled some negima and tsukune! Please let me know if you have any requests! I’ll keep on grilling! (2)

    Itaru: You’re certainly chipper.

    Omi: Is it about time to switch?

    Sakuya: No, this is for my role study!

    Sakuya: Besides, I ate all the food I grilled while I was practicing by myself, so I’m full.

    Omi: I see. If you get tired, you can always call on me.

    Sakuya: Thanks!

    Itaru: So this is for a role study.

    Chikage: This is quite the role study.

    Citron: That’s our Sakuya, always in love with a blonde!

    Tsuzuru: I… What…?

    Masumi: Going above and beyond?

    Citron: That!

    · • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ·

    Sakuya: The sweetfish is done.

    Sakyo: As always, grilled fish is the best with sake.

    Azuma: There’s also sweet potato shochu.

    Homare: It is quite nice to have an outdoor bar like this for a change.

    Sakuya: Try this one too, please!

    Guy: Was this grilled in foil? That’s quite devoted.

    Sakyo: How did you even manage all this?

    Azuma: It looks delicious.

    Chikage: Your repertoire is expanding by the minute.

    Citron: You’re a datsurin master! (3)

    Sakuya: I’m nowhere near that yet. Chikyu is free-spirited with making all sorts of dishes.

    Sakuya: I need to be more carefree to make different things like that––.

    • • •


    (1) Grilled chicken on a skewer.

    (2) Negima is a type of yakitori with green onions. Tsukune is a type of Japanese chicken meatball that is often cooked yakitori style.

    (3) No one corrected him this time, but Citron said, “脱輪” (datsurin), which means “wheel flying off its axle”.

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    15.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    timelapse under the cut

    #a3 #a3! #a3! act! addict! actors! #act! addict! actors! #a3! itaru #a3 itaru#a3 lancelot #a3! lancelot #knights of the round iv #kniroun#spring troupe#harugumi#itaru#itaru chigasaki#chigasaki itaru#my art#csp timelapse#timelapse csp#timelapse#yanbe process
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  • jujubean-translates
    14.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Sakuya Sakuma | [SSR] Another Cup of Tea With You Today - Now Open! The Sakuma Shichirin Restaurant - Part 1

    Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

    Sakuya: “Ah~, you’re a domestic student, aren’t you!? Got~cha.”

    Sakuya: Sorry, can I try that again?

    Director: Sure, of course. Try it a little differently this time.

    Sakuya: “Ah~ so you’re a domestic student, aren’t you!? Got~cha ♪”

    Sakuya: …Was that a bit too much?

    Director: That go was a little more light-hearted.

    Tsuzuru: I think that one was a little more amusing, though.

    Citron: I personally think it was more in character!

    Masumi: Seems like you were out of breath.

    Itaru: That’s true…

    Sakuya: Yeah, light-hearted characters like this are always so different and difficult.

    Director: It’s already about time, so let’s call it a day.

    Chikage: I agree.

    Sakuya: I’ll think about more role studies I can do to get a better grasp on Chikyu.

    *Stomach growls*

    Masumi: I’m hungry.

    Tsuzuru: I mean, this time the play has a lot of eating scenes, so no wonder you’re hungry.

    Citron: I want oven-baked pizza!

    Itaru: Maybe we should build a pizza oven in the courtyard.

    Tsuzuru: But aren’t pizza ovens weak to rain?

    Chikage: Also, they start pretty intense fires, so you’d have to watch out to not start anything else on fire.

    Director: That kind of fire is terrifying…!

    Sakuya: Sakyo-san would be super mad…!

    Itaru: I’m sure a shichirin would work just fine. (1)

    Tsuzuru: That reminds me, Taichi once used a shichirin to make baumkuchen. (2)

    Director: He did do that!

    Sakuya: We pulled that out of storage back then, right?

    Tsuzuru: I have no idea where it ended up…Taichi or the manager probably know.

    Manager: Directooor, I’m here to talk about the next play––.

    Tsuzuru: Ah, manager, speak of the devil!

    Manager: ?

    Tsuzuru: That shichirin Taichi used a while ago, do you know where it went?

    Manager: I figured it’d rarely be used, so I put it back in storage when I reorganized the storage room…

    Citron: Ooh, you put it away?

    Sakuya: That would make sense. Well then, let’s go look for it!

    Manager: I’d really appreciate it if you could clean up the mess in there while you look for it! It’s been a huge mess lately!

    Masumi: …Too much work.

    Itaru: You’re setting us up to clean too, huh.

    Sakuya: I’ll do it! I’d like to try my hand at cooking with a shichirin as a role study for Chikyu. So please leave the cleaning to me!

    Chikage: If that’s the case, I’ll help.

    Itaru: And I’d like to try some of that shichirin food.

    Citron: I’m looking forward to Sakuya’s nichirin cooking!

    Tsuzuru: Is that some kind of godly thing? (3)

    Masumi: You mean shichirin.

    Sakuya: I’m not sure if it’ll taste that good, but I’ll try my best!

    Director: I’ll come and help you once I’m done with my errands.

    · • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ·

    Sakuya: …So, we found it!

    Director: That was fast.

    Citron: Everyone worked very hard for the keirin food! (4)

    Tsuzuru: What kind of food even is that?

    Director: Do you know how to start the fire?

    Sakuya: I watched some videos online, but…

    Sakuya: Umm, from the lighter to the charcoal… Huh?

    Director: It went out.

    Chikage: Here, I’ll help.

    Sakuya: No, it’s okay! I need to be able to do these kinds of basic things!

    Sakuya: One more time… U-Umm… This is hard…

    · • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ·

    Director: …How’s it going?

    Sakuya: ––Ah, it lit! I got it!

    Citron: Yaaay!

    Masumi: Is it time to cook now?

    Itaru: It’s already getting dark.

    Sakuya: It really is… I can’t believe it took me that long just to light the fire…

    Tsuzuru: That reminds me, Taichi had a hard time keeping it lit too.

    Sakuya: I’ll give up on the cooking for today and try again tomorrow!

    Director: You’ve already mastered lighting it up, so I’m sure it’ll all go well tomorrow!

    Citron: I am looking forward to it!

    • • •


    (1) A shichirin is a type of small charcoal grill, like the one Sakuya is using in the unbloomed of this card.

    (2) Reference to Taichi’s “Scarlet Fantasy” card.

    (3) I had no clue how to translate this smoothly into English, but basically Citron said “日輪” (nichirin) instead of “七輪” (shichirin), and “日輪” means “sun” so Tsuzuru took that as being something related to gods.

    (4) Citron said “競輪” (keirin) which is a type of motor-paced cycle racing, hence Tsuzuru’s confusion.

    #a3! #a3! translation #〚 backstage story #sakuya sakuma#citron#masumi usui#tsuzuru minagi#itaru chigasaki#chikage utsuki#isuke matsukawa #// another tl feat. juju’s alt account bc my main is sakuphobic #also play chara names are subject to change once the event is released
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    [Proxy] A3 Blooming Live - preorder sales.

    Preorder is closed on 4th June. Actual item will be shipped on late items. 

    Line up:

    Pamphlet: 5000yen

    Penlight: 3800yen

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    Acrylic standee: 1800yen

    Uchiwa: 850yen

    Tshirt: 3500yen

    Parka: 7000yen

    Aurora Tottebag: 3000yen

    Rubber bracelet strap: 800yen

    Towel: 2000yen

    Logo keyholder: 900yen

    Cap: 3500yen

    Necklace: 1500yen

    Mirror (with light): 4000yen

    Letter set: 1500yen

    DM me here or at my twitter (@angelic1408) to place your order

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    Event | 5th Anniversary: The Way Back Home | Episode 4 - Spring Planet Story

    *Contains spoilers for Act 12 - eternal moment*

    Chikage: Soup’s ready.

    Tsuzuru: Thanks. This’ll be heated soon too.

    Sakuya: Good morning!

    Citron: Good morning~. You two are up early!

    Tsuzuru: Morning.

    Chikage: Haha, morning.

    Citron: The rice looks just as delicious this morning~.

    Sakuya: I’ll help with making it too!

    Tsuzuru: Thanks for the offer, but we’re already almost done, so it’s all good.

    Chikage: I was helping out since I got to rest from making dinner last night.

    Chikage: Why don’t you two go wake up the resident sleeping beauties instead?

    Sakuya: Okay, got it!

    Citron: Understood!

    · • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ·

    Sakuya: Masumi-kun! It’s morning, time to get up.

    Citron: The Citron Alarm is here to wake you up~! Ring ring ring!

    Masumi: Uugh… Shut up… I’m still sleeping…

    Citron: Masumi is the same as ever, still a sleepyhead~.

    Sakuya: Breakfast is almost ready. C’mon, don’t you wanna call the Director and tell her you’re working hard at the training camp?

    Masumi: …I’m up.

    Sakuya: Yaay! Let’s work hard today.

    Citron: Way to go, Sakuya, you’re the Waking-Up-Masumi Pro!

    Citron: Well then, next is Itaru.

    · • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ·

    Itaru: Zzz… Zzz…

    Citron: Oh, he’s sleeping so soundly~. The solution for Itaru is…~ Tada! This!

    Sakuya: Your phone? What are you gonna do, Citron-san?

    Citron: I heard that Homare has woken Itaru up with cymbals before, so I prepared cymbal background music!

    Sakuya: Eeh!? …Shoot, my voice was really loud there…!

    Citron: Well then, time to make noise! Cymbals, go…

    Itaru: --Hah!

    Itaru: Huh, Sakuya and Citron…?

    Citron: Oh!?

    Citron: Itaru just woke up. How disappointing~.

    Itaru: …I woke up with a bad feeling all of a sudden.

    Itaru: Hmm, it’s already morning, huh… Did you two come here to wake me up?

    Sakuya: Yeah. Good morning, Itaru-san.

    Citron: Goodest of mornings!

    Itaru: Mornin’. Thanks, by the way. I’m gonna go get changed.

    · • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ·

    Itaru: “He’s the Mother Tree’s legacy. We can’t afford to not protect that kid.”

    Chikage: “I say we live.”

    Tsuzuru: “…Understood. I’ll also board the ship.”

    Masumi: “Let’s hurry.”

    Citron: Good vibes!

    Sakuya: Let’s take a break.

    Masumi: Got it.

    Chikage: The purpose of the training camp today is to think about the contents of the spin-off performance.

    Itaru: Is there anything you’ve decided on, Tsuzuru?

    Tsuzuru: As I said before, I have some ideas of what I want us to do, like coming in contact with the Mother Tree, but…

    Tsuzuru: I feel like it’s not right for me to tell you what I have in mind first and then have you be influenced by what I’m saying, so I’d like to hear what you all genuinely want.

    Chikage: I see. That’s just like you.

    Citron: This means we can say anything we want to try!

    Tsuzuru: You can say whatever you want, but whether or not you get it is a whole other matter.

    Itaru: But, you’re the one who gets to decide that.

    Tsuzuru: No no, don’t put this on me…

    Sakuya: Fufu, It really is a lot of fun to think about what kind of performance we want to put on together.

    Masumi: C’mon, can’t we work out the details later?

    Chikage: Sure. Let’s talk about it later then.

    · • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ·

    Sakuya: That’s all for today. Good work practicing!

    Masumi: Good job.

    Tsuzuru: Good work.

    Citron: Good job, everybody~!

    Itaru: Time-wise, we did pretty well.

    Chikage: Ah, so we did. Well then, let’s go see the Mother Tree.

    · • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ·

    Tsuzuru: I think it’s somewhere around here…

    Masumi: …There.

    Sakuya: --This really is the Mother Tree…

    Citron: It’s a bit smaller than I thought it would be.

    Tsuzuru: That is true. It seemed a lot bigger in the picture.

    Chikage: I heard this Mother Tree was broken once before.

    Masumi: But, it’s in the middle of budding.

    Chikage: Yes. It was broken once, but it sprouted back up again.

    Itaru: It’s a resilient one.

    Itaru: I hope A12’s Mother Tree will bud again like this one.

    Citron: Yes! I’m sure it will bud again!

    Masumi: Yeah.

    Sakuya: …Um, it’s my own personal wish, but…

    Sakuya: Seeing this Mother Tree gave me an idea of what I’d like to do for the spin-off performance.

    Masumi: …And that is?

    Sakuya: I want Saku to be able to enjoy more of everyday life with his family.

    Sakuya: It’s because of spending all this time with you guys at this training camp that I’m feeling the warmth of family time again…

    Sakuya: That feeling has sprouted.

    Citron: I have the same feeling as Sakuya.

    Tsuzuru: Same here.

    Itaru: I’m sure Gerb and everyone else were sad to see Saku go, even though it was their own choice.

    Itaru: I think there was a gaping hole somewhere in his heart.

    Chikage: But now that Saku has returned, it’s as if the missing pieces have been filled and they can finally be a family again.

    Chikage: Maybe that’s how they felt.

    Masumi: …Maybe a normal, everyday family life is just what they need right now, not only for Saku but for everyone.

    Citron: Yes! I hope that Saku, Yasumi, and all the others will enjoy the warm and fuzzy family time as much as we do.

    Tsuzuru: The Mother Tree and the story of a family’s warm daily life…

    Sakuya: And I have one more suggestion… Saku’s family isn’t the only family on A12, right?

    Tsuzuru: Aah, I get it… I really want to write Spring Troupe’s script right now.

    Chikage: Seems like Tsuzuru has all sorts of ideas.

    Itaru: I’m looking forward to the spin-off performance’s script.

    Tsuzuru: Yeah!

    · • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ·

    Sakuya: It was nice to see so much greenery around the Mother Tree.

    Citron: Yes! The frightseeing after and picking souvenirs was also very fun!

    Chikage: Sightseeing, not frightseeing.

    Citron: That!

    Chikage: However, it’s pretty calm and already getting dark around here.

    Sakuya: Waah… Look! The stars are so beautiful!

    Citron: Wow, they really! They’re twinkling~!

    Citron: I will take a picture!

    *Camera clicks*

    Itaru: Ooh, there’s so many. I didn’t notice them yesterday.

    Chikage: That’s because you were sprawled out on the sofa, Chigasaki.

    Itaru: So I was.

    Masumi: …

    Masumi: …Are you still awake?

    Itaru: Hm?

    Chikage: A video call, huh. The other side must be Director-san.

    Masumi: We just got back to the cottage after seeing the Mother Tree and going sightseeing. The stars are really pretty.

    Director: “Waah, they are!”

    Masumi: I wanted to show you this starry sky. I’ll take lots of pictures of it.

    Director: “Okay! Thanks.”

    Citron: Directooor! We got lots of souvenirs, so please look forward to them~!

    Masumi: Oi, don’t just peek in from the side.

    Itaru: Director-san, good job today.

    Director: “Good job to you guys too! Itaru-san, Chikage-san, please drive home safely tomorrow.”

    Chikage: Understood.

    Itaru: You bet.

    Sakuya: Director, this training camp with the rest of the troupe has expanded my world once again.

    Citron: Mine too!

    Tsuzuru: Same here. It was really fulfilling and fun.

    Director: “Sounds like you had a really good training camp. I’m glad!”

    Sakuya: Yeah!

    Itaru: But it is getting a little chilly. I’m afraid I’ll get a cold if I stay outside much longer during this season…

    Chikage: It’s almost time to head inside.

    Tsuzuru: It is. Well then, Director, goodnight.

    Sakuya: Goodnight!

    Citron: Night night. Come on, Masumi, let’s go~.

    Masumi: I’m coming home tomorrow, so wait for me. Goodnight.

    Director: “Goodnight!”

    Masumi: Sigh… I thought I was going to get to talk with her alone more.

    Sakuya: When we get back, you’ll be able to give her the souvenirs and talk a lot about them.

    Itaru: We’ve got another long trip tomorrow, so we’d better get some sleep.

    Citron: We need to make lots of stops at service areas on the way back! I’m eggcited to see what we’ll eat this time~.

    Tsuzuru: You really like the service areas, huh, Citron-san.

    Chikage: We already bought a variety of souvenirs today, but I’m sure we’ll be buying even more at the service areas.

    Masumi: …

    *Camera clicks*

    Sakuya: Are you taking a picture as a souvenir for Director, Masumi-kun?

    Masumi: Yeah. I promised I’d take lots of pictures of the starry sky.

    Citron: Well then, I’ll take lots of them too!

    Masumi: Shut up. I’m taking my own ones.

    · • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ·

    *Door opens*

    Citron: We have arrived back home! We’re back~!

    Tsuzuru: Ugh… We have even more souvenirs and now the luggage probably weighs twice as much as it did when we left.

    Chikage: There’s still some stuff left in the car. I’ll have to go back and grab it.

    Masumi: Director, I’m home. I have a lot of things to tell you about the souvenirs, so ask me about them later.

    Itaru: Traveling is nice once in a while, but it’s always a relief to come back to the dorms.

    Sakuya: But it was a really great training camp! We’re finally home, Director!

    Director: Welcome back, everybody!

    [ ⇠ Previous Part ] • [ Next Part ⇢ ]

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    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago


    #a3! #a3! act! addict! actors! #act addict actors #itaru chigasaki #a3! itaru
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  • jujubean-translates
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Event | 5th Anniversary: The Way Back Home | Episode 3 - Spring Planet Story

    *Contains spoilers for Act 12 - eternal moment*

    Citron: I’m very eggcited about the Spring Troupe training camp!

    Sakuya: Up until now, we’ve done training camps with a combination of troupes and they were super fun, but I’m also looking forward to a training camp with just Spring Troupe!

    Tsuzuru: Same.

    Itaru: The training camps are left up to each troupe, so we can go wherever we want, but is there anywhere in particular that anyone wants to go to?

    Masumi: Anywhere is fine.

    Chikage: I’m fine with wherever you guys want to go.

    Citron: We could go to Zahra again~!

    Sakuya: Hmm, where to go for a training camp… Of course, I’d be happy with anywhere, but…

    Sakuya: The purpose of this training camp is to review the MANKAI performance and think about what we wanna do for the spin-off performance, right?

    Tsuzuru: So then, how about a place related to the A12 planet dwellers?

    Sakuya: I like that idea! I wanna go to a place that really has the feel of Saku and everyone else.

    Sakuya: I think we’ll have a solid idea of what we wanna do in the spin-off performance!

    Itaru: If that’s the idea, there might be a place that fits the bill.

    Masumi: Fits the bill?

    Itaru: A tree that’s the legit Mother Tree.

    Tsuzuru: If you're talking about what I think you are, I know about it too. When I was doing all the research for the script, I found out about it.

    Chikage: I know of it too. I’m sure it’s somewhere within reach of a training camp.

    Masumi: Huh…

    Citron: The Mother Tree, I’m very curious!

    Sakuya: Me too.

    Sakuya: The real Mother Tree… I think that’s where we should go for the spin-off performance.

    Tsuzuru: Yeah. I really wanted to reference the Mother Tree in the Spring Troupe spin-off, so I’m sure I’d get some good inspiration out of it.

    Itaru: Well then, I guess for Spring Troupe’s training camp we’re going to see the Mother Tree.

    Citron: I completely agree!

    Masumi: That’s fine.

    Chikage: It’s settled. I’ll start looking for a place close to the Mother Tree where we can have the training camp.

    Sakuya: Gotcha!

    Chikage: I just did a quick search and it looks like there’s a cottage not too far from the Mother Tree.

    Itaru: Cottage, gotcha. It’ll def give more of a sense of communal living rather than staying in an inn or hotel.

    Sakuya: This’ll be like another role study for the A12 dwellers!

    Tsuzuru: Huh, there’s a kitchen too. Maybe we can cook there and all eat together.

    Masumi: There’s a big room too, we can practice there.

    Chikage: Looks good. Well then, I’ll make a reservation for this cottage.

    Sakuya: Please do!

    Itaru: Well then, other than that, do we have to make a reservation to take a train or something like that, or…

    Citron: Wait a moment!

    Masumi: What?

    Citron: If we’re going on a long trip, I think we should go by car this time and stop at service areas and such!

    Tsuzuru: That would give it a complete traveling feeling.

    Chikage: Well, some training camps are actually like trips. I have no objections to that.

    Sakuya: Wah, that sounds fun! We’ll be able to eat a lot of local foods that way too!

    Masumi: I don’t mind that.

    Tsuzuru: Well, for that sake, that might be a good idea.

    Citron: Yes! We’ll put music on in the car and go on a very fun drive!

    Chikage: Well then, Dad, good luck driving.

    Itaru: No way in hell, I’m not driving alone this time, we’re taking turns…

    · • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ·

    Chikage: Has everyone got all their luggage loaded in?

    Tsuzuru: Yep. I think I’m all set.

    Itaru: We’ve got an OK on the snacks and drinks.

    Citron: …Oh! I have forgotten Citron Junior!

    Tsuzuru: That’s not necessary.

    Masumi: Why can’t you come with us?

    Director: We already said these are training camps for each troupe. I’m sure you’ll have fun with everyone, Masumi-kun.

    Masumi: …Okay. I’ll send you a LIME, and I’ll call, watch out for them.

    Sakuya: Masumi-kun, it’s almost time to go. We’re off, Director!

    Director: Have a safe trip!

    · • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ·

    Itaru: Here we are, Citron’s requested service area.

    Citron: Yaay!

    Sakuya: Waah, there are so many shops lined up.

    Citron: Eating good food at service areas is the blue measure of traveling by car!

    Masumi: You mean “true pleasure”.

    Tsuzuru: You can’t leave us.

    Citron: Oh, but I must! I want ramen and I’m interested in a meat bowl. And ice cream, crepes, fries, chicken takoyaki…

    Tsuzuru: Just how much are you going to eat!?

    Chikage: Haha, well, since we’re all here, let’s all try different foods.

    Itaru: That shake just might be catching my eye, looks pretty good.

    Sakuya: Yeah! I wonder what it tastes like.

    Citron: What do you want to eat, Masumi?

    Masumi: Nothing really…

    Masumi: !

    Sakuya: What is it?

    Masumi: There’s local curry bread.

    Itaru: Ooh, there really is. Must be pretty popular, there are a lot of people lined up.

    Masumi: I’m gonna buy some to bring back to her.

    Sakuya: Eeh, I know how you feel, but we’re headed to the training camp right now, so you can’t!

    Tsuzuru: He’s not even blinking…

    Itaru: The Masumi Equilibrium, anytime, anywhere.

    Chikage: They have extra spicy curry bread too. I’m interested too, so let’s buy some. You want any, Masumi?

    Chikage: We can stop by here again on the way home to buy some more for Director-san as a gift.

    Masumi: …Okay, let’s do that.

    Citron: Well then, let’s go check out the shops immediately! This way, this way!

    Itaru: Yep, yep.

    Chikage: As you wish.

    Sakuya: Wahwah, Citron-san, wait up~!

    · • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ·

    Chikage: And we’ve arrived.

    Sakuya: Wah, it’s so big and pretty…!

    Citron: It reminds me of the cottage we went to for the Spring-Winter training camp~.

    Tsuzuru: The cottage back then was so spacious and luxurious.

    Citron: It was very fun to eat so many types of food at the service area on the way here! The ramen and the ice cream were the best~!

    Sakuya: The curry bread we ate in the car was really yummy too!

    Masumi: Yeah. It was fun to eat something a little different.

    Itaru: Yes, it was nice to have good food and all, but I’m tired from all that driving…

    Chikage: It was quite the distance.

    Citron: Oh, Itaru has stretched out on the sofa.

    Masumi: Even though Chikage took over, he doesn’t seem damaged at all.

    Tsuzuru: Amazing…

    Sakuya: Thank you for driving, you two! You did a good job…!

    Itaru: Yeah, yeah…

    Chikage: Well, seems like the sun is setting, so I guess we’ll stay here for dinner tonight.

    Tsuzuru: Yeah. I know the only ingredients we have are the ones I brought in advance, so there’s only so much I can do, but is there anything you guys would like to have?

    Masumi: Doesn’t matter.

    Citron: I want to eat sweet shrimp nigiri sushi!

    Tsuzuru: As expected, but that’s not possible…

    Tsuzuru: Anything you want, Sakuya?

    Sakuya: Umm… Well, I’d like napolitan!

    Tsuzuru: Oh, good choice. Well, I’ll get started on it then.

    Sakuya: Thank you so much! I’ll help make it with you!

    Citron: I will help too! Itaru and Chikage worked hard with driving, so they can relax on the sofa!

    Itaru: Will do…

    Chikage: Thanks, I’ll take you up on that offer then.

    Tsuzuru: Masumi, can you get the ingredients out of the luggage over there?

    Masumi: Got it.

    · • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ·

    Itaru: Ooh, the napolitan looks good.

    Masumi: …

    Chikage: Masumi? What are you posting on Inste?

    Masumi: I’m sending her today’s dinner menu.

    Chikage: Ah, of course.

    Tsuzuru: Well then, time to eat.

    Itaru: Time to eat.

    Sakuya: Let’s eat! …Mmmh, it’s so good!

    Tsuzuru: Haha, I’m glad.

    Citron: Napolitan is very yummy, but tomorrow I want you to listen to my request!

    Tsuzuru: Well, okay, but I can’t do sushi or a full-course meal.

    Itaru: We’re going to practice tomorrow and then go see the Mother Tree, right?

    Masumi: Yeah.

    Chikage: After that, we can schedule to go sightseeing and shopping for souvenirs.

    Sakuya: I’m really looking forward to practicing in a different spot from normal, going to the Mother Tree, and sightseeing!

    Itaru: I’m gonna have to try not to oversleep tomorrow.

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    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Event | 5th Anniversary: The Way Back Home | Episode 2 - Style of Thanks

    *Contains spoilers for Act 12 - eternal moment*

    Director: …And, send.

    Director: (Well, I guess I’ll read the survey results too. I’ve been trying to avoid reading them until they were completely tallied.)

    Director: …

    Survey Response: “I’m glad I’ve been supporting you for all this time.”

    Survey Response: “I thought things might change after becoming famous, but I was relieved to see that MANKAI Company is still the MANKAI Company we all know and love.”

    Survey Response: I couldn’t help but cry when I remembered Spring Troupe’s debut performance.”

    Survey Response: “I’m glad you didn’t disband. MANKAI Company is my emotional support theater company!”

    Director: ––.

    Director: (Thank goodness… I’m realizing again just how many people have supported us all the way to this point.)

    Director: (I know we made them worry when the company was in danger of disbanding. Even though there was nothing we could do about it at the time, I still feel bad.)

    Director: (I wonder what we can do for everyone who has supported us.)

    Director: …There’s only one thing we can do.

    Director: (I mean, the best way to give back to our fans is for us to perform. I’ll talk to everyone about it!)

    · • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ·

    Banri: Looks like we’re all here.

    Director: Well then, I’ll start the meeting. First of all, has everyone read the survey I handed out?

    Tasuku: I haven’t read all of it yet.

    Citron: I read it all in one sitting!

    Kumon: Me too! Everyone’s feedback was so passionate that I couldn’t stop reading until I was finished!

    Kazunari: I totes get that! I was supes happy to hear every lil’ bit of feedback I could get~.

    Muku: I read a little bit because I didn’t have a lot of time.

    Juza: I read ‘bout half of it.

    Director: I read it over again quickly and I thought about it a bit and––.

    Tenma: You want to do something to show our appreciation, right?

    Director: Eh––.

    Banri: I knew this pattern was def gonna start again the moment you said you called a meeting.

    Sakuya: I got the feeling of wanting to give back when I read the survey results too.

    Tsumugi: I did as well. Everyone’s feelings are just so warm. It makes you want to reciprocate.

    Director: Ahaha. You all saw right through me.

    Director: The first thing I want to do is to give back our gratitude to everyone who’s supported us to this point.

    Director: It’ll be a statement of our will to continue protecting MANKAI.

    Director: And this time, it won’t be a “special award”, it’ll essentially be a vow to win the Fleur Award again. So how about a special performance of the MANKAI performance?

    Homare: That’s good.

    Misumi: I wanna do that!

    Azuma: That is a performance that our fans really enjoyed.

    Guy: I agree.

    Sakyo: Having a performance to pay off the debt we’ve racked up from renovating the theater would be a good idea.

    Yuki: If it’s a special performance of the MANKAI show, does that mean all 24 of us are going to be performing again?

    Director: Yeah, that’s the problem.

    Omi: It would be pretty challenging to do something of that scale again, wouldn’t it?

    Chikage: And not to mention, it would take some time to get ready.

    Tsuzuru: Ah, actually, there’s something I’d kinda like to do––.

    Tsuzuru: At the time of the performance, I actually really wanted to show more aspects of the characters, but it was hard to do due to the length of the show…

    Tsuzuru: The story itself was already huge. If I had expanded upon it, it would’ve taken up too much of the performance time, so I cut it.

    Tsuzuru: So what if we did a spin-off focusing on each of the teams, like A12, STARS, ANIMS, the Space Police, y’know?

    Director: That’s a great idea!

    Itaru: I’m sure the fans will love it.

    Misumi: I’m glad I get to be part of STARS again!

    Taichi: Can’t wait to find out more about ANIMS!

    Chikage: If we have it set in the same world, we can have all four troupes perform in one go.

    Sakyo: That’s a realistic line of thought.

    Masumi: What’ll it be about?

    Tsuzuru: Since we’re all here, I wanna hear everyone’s requests of what they’d like to do for it.

    Citron: I want to have a very loud party with everyone!

    Tsuzuru: On stage?

    Citron: I want to be able to have fun with my fellow A12 dwellers!

    Itaru: I mean, there weren't any scenes like that in the OG one.

    Sakuya: I like the idea of that kind of after-story!

    Taichi: I want more scenes of me and the rest of ANIMS being violent!

    Azami: It would be nice to have more scenes where we’re more actively playing pirates.

    Misumi: I wanna find treasure with the rest of STARS!

    Kazunari: Totally! I wanna go diving into ancient ruins!

    Tasuku: If we’re dividing the stories up by troupe, it’d be nice if the Space Police and the ARC Investigators could get along a little more.

    Azuma: That is true, they weren’t that involved with each other in the main story.

    Homare: I’d like to do more Space Police-style investigations!

    Sakyo: I’ll tell you one thing–– The MANKAI performance isn’t just any old performance. It’s an important performance inherited from the first generation.

    Sakyo: Even though this performance is a thank you to our fans, it will also attract other attention.

    Sakyo: The contents of it need to be carefully examined.

    Director: …That is true. We need to make sure we’re not just having a celebration.

    Tenma: That being said, maybe we should spend a little more time thinking about it, instead of just keeping our same, old tone.

    Sakuya: …Umm.

    Sakuya: I know this might be a long shot, but could we do a training camp?

    Director: Training camp?

    Sakuya: At the time of the MANKAI performance, I traveled by myself and saw all kinds of sights and met a lot of different people.

    Sakuya: I think it really opened up my world and broadened my view of things.

    Sakuya: I think it was because I was in a different environment from usual that I was able to look at the MANKAI performance from a different perspective…

    Director: I see. A change of scenery might be a good idea.

    Yuki: Having all of us travel somewhere together would be so expensive. There’s no way we’ll get an OK from the Money-grubbing Yakuza.

    Sakyo: …If each troupe uses cheap tours, it won’t be too costly.

    Sakyo: I’ll allow the cost up to a certain amount. Anything over is your own responsibility.

    Taichi: That’s unusually generous!

    Banri: I dunno if I’d really call that generous with terms like that.

    Azuma: It’s perfectly fine. There’s more freedom if each troupe can go where they’d like.

    Kazunari: Where are we gonna go!?

    Kumon: No clue! But I’m sure going anywhere with everyone will be fun~!

    Hisoka: Marshmallow factory tour…

    Tasuku: You’re too devoted to your desires.

    Director: Well then, the plan is to have each troupe work out the details of the special MANKAI performance at their respective training camps. Good luck!

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