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  • dooodle-bug
    22.05.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    thinking about the time i stuck my finger in my ear and started chocking

    #why is my body connected like that why did that happen what- #i-use-my-words-to-express-myself#tw gross #btw this is the quality content you guys followed for/lh/j
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  • sh3llysh00
    22.05.2022 - 55 minutes ago

    I need an alternate universe where she DIDNT die. Please! Please Shelly! Let yao live out his daydreams and be happy 😭

    AKHSHDHJDH it's okay, I've already been writing a domestic family au with them so stay tuned for that, don't worry, nobody dies <3<3

    #you're lucky i like you guys 🙄/j #thank you for all the asks btw im sorry i haven't gotten to them sooner
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  • iridescene
    21.05.2022 - 9 hours ago

    i need your tedtalk on his forehead.

    these are my foremost thoughts:

    a la the scarlet letter by nathaniel hawthorne..

    first of all how DARE he .. who let him bare such a scandalous patch of skin in these good victorian times ... the part of his face otherwise covered by his V shaped bangs which are reserved for only ME to push up and give little forehead kissies to on difficult days when im proud of him and just wanna hug his face close to my chest... (Yes I Know What I Am Doing)

    his forehead is up there with diluc's arms... and the ayato's upper body (i just KNOW ppl will lose it when he shows even a bit of skin from under that kimono & coat)... it's sanctified ground... much like a good lady's ankle... not to be bared or appreciated by any average joe's eye...! he and i will be having a good long talk on fidelity after this !

    #as u can tell . im so normal abt his forehead. abt him in general rlly ! #thank u once again for the food aqua mwah <3 #i am sending u ... the roti prata and curry i had earlier ! the service i went to earlier was catered by one of my fav prata places here #(i would explain what prata is but i dont think my tired words can do it justice... if u want to look it up it's also spelt as 'paratha'!) #:aqua:#:outlook:#:daily_hijikata: #ALL THIS IS /J /LH BTW #pen-observing
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  • captain-of-the-historicfuture
    21.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    sorry for yelling but




    I saw that on the page and i was like ’my good words you look familiar’ and it clicked and i had such a big god-im-a-tumblr user moment irl


    Sometimes I forget most of my followers were not here at the start of this blog, so y’all don’t know this used to be a Shakespeare blog. 😂😂 But yeah, those origins are why all my organisational tags (the ones ending with “}”) are Shakespeare quotes, plus my blog title, although that one has modified pronouns.

    And now it’s invading your offline life LOL. You truly can never escape The Hellsite.

    #the slightest folly } #to thine own self be true } #justanotherfanartist #nice new pfp btw! #(sorry if it’s not that new 😵‍💫) #ALSO! i hope you enjoy reading r&j :) #ALSO ALSO #no need to apologise for yelling #i lose myself in all caps all the time hejfjskdh
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  • just-another-hater
    21.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Do you ever just see the most buckwild pairing.

    #the blacklist works by phrase not exact #which is useful for this purpose so i don't need to filter out every single pairing #bc i couldn't even imagine this ship what on earth #i'm talking about j/w/y/m/m btw - the other ships are ok; just not to my taste
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  • roboticmoonlite
    21.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    if your still doing requests can i please get an eridan ampora?

    is this too edgy

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  • bryarlight
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    why do so many ppl on here have -paw in their url.. its cute so i understand that but are all of u apprentices ... u all decided to take on ur waca app oc as ur tumblr persona.. ?

    #crows diary#waca#wc#/j btw #but i do wanna know
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  • w0rmb0y34td1rt
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    #HOW WILL WOMEN EVER LOVE ME AGAIN #it was undone #this post is /j btw I am cringe either way and the song is a banger
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  • k1mwexler
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    if u are over 25 and following me please block me i dont want geriatric ppl in here

    #im /j btw
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  • froggy-naut
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I am going to cedar point from your shows today

    HOLY SHIT its so cool that they made cedar point from metalocalypse into a real thing!!!!

    Lmk how brutal it is!!!

    #they will be there btw #also /j I know that it exists outside of shows
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  • denialricciardo
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    wahhhh I fell off my skateboard on like monday and now the scrape on my arm is all scabbed over and it's itchy and how am I meant to live in these CONDITIONS.......

    #j personal #and btw my ollie still SUCKS!!
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  • pokeabee
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    So I just read Homestuck in under a month B)

    I wrote a 300+ google doc on my reactions and thoughts. Maybe I'll add that here and maybe I'll do some homestuck art one day you never know?!?

    #homestuck #what is wrong with me lmao #mentally ill /j #i just figured out how to make custom tags omg #btw homestuck's music is pretty based
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  • chisatowo
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Decided to count up both my jpdori and sekai 4* count, and disgustingly enough they are close to breaking even if you don't count sekai bday cards, but counting them sekai very much has more, with my bandori count being 24 and my sekai count being 29 like I've spent so much time grinding and saving in bandori this fucking sucks bro gmdkdntjr

    #rat rambles#band posting#sekai posting #I have 7 bday cards in sekai btw yes I know my luck is stupid #I only have 3 in bndori which tbf one of them I got on my first ten pull and one my first single pull and both were on the same day so #but also on bndori I have 3 misaki 4 stars and 3 yukina 4 stars and 2 nanami 4 stars so how lucky am I really 😔 /j #I am lucky I got 2 of my favorite characters in my first ten pull on this account but still Id like other characters pls #specifically white day rui give me white day rui pls bndori Im begging you-
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  • killjxy
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    STOP MAKING FUN OF GERARD………………………hes having fun………

    #this is a j post btw #mcr#mcr5
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  • capedcrusadr
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    call out post for my friend who is not on tumblr for not knowing oracle was babs despite babs being my third fave batfam character how dare you not know all of my favorite characters intimately 😡😡😡😡

    #blocking them rn /j #have I ever said that babs was my third fave batfam character btw I don’t think I have fjbdjdjdj #gee I wonder who my first two faves are #personal
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  • quextionmarks
    19.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    retcon this retcon that why don’t you retcon some bitches into your bed

    #i dont actually know whats going on or what the retcon was BTW. LOL #if someone could explain to me pretty please that would be so cool.. all i know is that it had something to do with ere t #/j also !!
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  • astrxealis
    19.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    15 minutes till i can go off ffxiv (uwu time rn !!! for context it's an ultimate fight) JWHDKJS ALMOST CLEARED W 1ST PHASE now like 3 more to go !!!!!

    #✩.rambles #im being a bit. ah - sloppeh (sorry /j) - rn ngl so im so sorry to my team but hey this is going pretty well !!!!! #and then ill actually get to doing more actual stuff after this sesh >.> i need to gear my aiming really soon after my heal #i have maiming too tho IWHAHFBSISJ I DITCHED DRG AND RPR BOTH HELP RIP /lh i still love them but. ranged is fun #i hate the stereotype but like bro i like healer bcs i do so good :( not bcs i want to help others WHEEZE /LH dps go brrrrrrrrr #im a smn and ast main btw if that says anything abt me #i also used to main uhm. drg rpr rdm dnc mch !! yeah /srs #IEHWIDHAODJAO for ults im going to use rdm again i think! at least for prog #✩.ffxiv
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  • distortedfractals
    19.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    i miss eojjeodabonis

    #having a difficult time with my relationship with day6 n i have been since the start of the year #EVERYTHING w j has been. insane. a d what he said about jamie was horrid. #like i have dropped that man. he's gone. he's done. but i miss day6 #and i guess i miss the guy he was play-acting as #cause obviously i loved him alot #but im trying to convince myself to sell my collection cause it's just not the same #but now eojjeodaboni is stuck in my head and I'm :( #the only part of day6 i have energy for is sungjin like #i kinda convince myself everything will be okay once he's back #but obvs ut wont #anyway day6 WAS a big part of my life and i DO feel lost without them #idk how my days are doing it rn like. props to yall i just had to bow out #btw i unf j since he said that and have NOT checked back in on him cause he couldn't say anything tahtd make me forgive what he said #diary
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  • thomacrumbs
    19.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    gonna have to start bribing my followers for notes like if i get 50+ notes and 3 asks on a lias entry i’ll post the next one

    #slash j btw #t.ext
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  • the-zvezdas-system
    19.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    Wait they released the dolls already???

    #🔥| holt #what did i miss??? #i thought that was gonna be later in the year??? #talking about the monster high ones btw #in case you guys somehow dont know who i am /j
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