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  • djkrixmas
    18.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Most Expensive Transfer Fee from the Bundesliga to the Premier League - Check the list

    Most Expensive Transfer Fee from the Bundesliga to the Premier League – Check the list

    The Premier League is the dream of most footballers around the world, it is also known for signing players from various leagues for exorbitant fees. Here are the most expensive transfers from the Bundesliga to the Premier League following the signing of Erling Haaland to Manchester City. What is Transfer Fee? The transfer fee is the amount that a club decides to pay if a player transfers before…

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  • lqvesoph
    17.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    we're gonna see erling and jadon in the manchester derby against each other...

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  • dreaswrld
    16.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    I hope utd keeps the 21/22 away kit because Jadon looked way too fine in it

    #had me drooling in that interview with harry pinero #jadon sancho
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  • macybeckham7
    16.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    imagine you are wearing a sport bra with some united shorts (one of jadon’s) and he is looking you with a loving face. then he goes where you are and starts giving you kisses

    He finds you in the kitchen making yourself some lunch, in a pair of his united shorts and a little bralette. A smile goes across his face as he looks at your longingly, you haven’t done much to your appearance but to him you couldn’t look anymore beautiful if you tried. He makes his way over to you, his arms going around your waist and kissing you as he beams ‘look at you, pretty girl’ he says before kissing your cheek multiple times.

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  • augustslippedaway18
    14.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Favourite crime- JADON SANCHO

    (Part 2 of traitor)

    You loved him. With all of your heart and soul. You loved him then, when you thought he deserved nothing but to be loved wholeheartedly, when he didn't even love himself. And you loved him now when he left you with nothing but a never ending ache eating your entire being piece by piece.

    There couldn't be anything more nonsensical than love.

    It made absolutely zero sense.

    Months had passed. You tried to move on, forget about everything that happened and find peace within new beginnings but nothing seemed erase his essence from your heart. He was just everywhere.

    You couldn't even look at your favourite flowers without thinking about him.

    You'd always loved flowers and he knew it so he always made sure he surprised you with pink lilies, your absolute favourite ones. He loved to see you smile.

    "My flower is prettier than any flower there is to name." He told you one time. That's what he called you, his pretty little flower.

    A flower that died, because he was pointlessly busy watering a dead one.

    Despite being a wreck in private, you'd been thriving in your professional life. Your face was everywhere and you'd just got casted for a movie in your dream franchise.

    and the worst part ?

    The first person you thought of calling when you received one of the most awaited news of your life was, HIM.




    You heard he was having a really good season when you talked to Reiss one day. You detached yourself from football completely, deleted all the memories you'd with him on your phone and threw his hoodie in the farthest untouched corner of your closet so you could stay away from his scent as much as you could.

    You weren't afraid of seeing him again.

    You were afraid of seeing him with her.

    It was so funny cause after everything he'd done, hearing he was doing good brought an unknowing peace to your heart.

    You were happy for him.

    God, were you happy for him.

    He didn't have a remarkable last season to say the least, you'd seen him sad too many times to count because things weren't working for him and it broke your heart.

    You were happy he was finally living upto his potential.

    Your best friends were there for you all along.

    They didn't tell you they told you so but they wiped your tears and did everything to make sure you felt like yourself again. When you needed them the most.

    To say they weren't happy with your relationship with Jadon, was an understatement.

    But you being you, always defended him.

    Because you knew him.

    Because you thought you knew his heart.

    It made you so sad to think how after everything he put you through, all the pain he gave you, He hadn't even apologised.

    It had been 5 months since you saw his face.

    Your mind completely shut down whenever you thought about how he looked the last time you saw him because all you could see was HER. Leaning into him, kissing him. Him kissing her back.

    It drove you insane to the point you couldn't even sleep.

    People always said no wound was too deep to not heal with time, people got over everything. That's how human beings were made. But now that you thought about it, time didn't heal any wounds. It just made you relative to the pain. To the point where you could think about it and not feel the way you did yesterday. The pain was still going to be there, always. But you just leaned to live with it.

    Either way, time wasn't doing you any favours.

    It just made everything worse.

    You often thought if he'd been sleeping with her on the bed, you slept on once. If he was kissing her the same way as he kissed you.

    He told you he loved you.

    How could someone fall out of love so, so damn easily ?

    You missed him.

    God you missed him so much.

    Specially the night when it was his birthday.

    You remembered how he took you to his mum's house on his last birthday. How you were so nervous but he reassured you over and over that everyone was going to be smitten by you just like he was.

    You wondered if he was going to take HER this time ?

    You could still recall the stupid little question he threw at your face.

    "Would you ever forgive me ?"

    It made you laugh sometimes.

    You were dying to hear his voice again.

    And you know how they say when you want something, the entire universe conspires to help you get to it. And funnily the same thing happens when you're running away from something.

    When your phone rang that night, you felt a sudden uneasiness in your soul. As if something stole the air inside of your lungs.

    So when your fingers deliberately picked the unknown call, you knew who it was.

    You were so sure, you could bet your life on it.

    You put the phone to your ear listening to the silence on the other side.

    "Y/N." Your heart skipped a beat when he called your name. It had been so long.

    "Jadon." You spoke.

    "Happy birthday." Your emotions were all over the place. Tears threatening to leave your eyes, if he spoke one more word.

    "You remembered ?" He asked.

    It's all i'd been thinking about for the past few days. You wanted to tell him.

    "I remember everyone's birthdays, don't you remember ?" You questioned him wiping the lone tear that skipped your eye.

    Please say you remember everything about us.

    Your heart cried.

    "Of course, I remember." His voice was quiet and low.

    "Why did you.. call me ?" You wanted to know why he'd remembered you in the middle of the night.

    "I... don't know. I wanted to hear your voice." and there he was playing with the strings of your messed up heart again.

    "Do you know how much you're hurting me ?"

    You sniffed. He was so wrong for filling your heart with false little hope.

    "Do you know i don't deserve your tears ?" His soft question made you cry even more.

    "I know. I don't think i'm going to be able to heal from this ever, Jadon." You cried to your nemesis.

    "I'm sorry." He whispered. You didn't know if there was some meaning to the words this time, though if even they had they weren't going to make anything better for you.

    "I'm sorry."

    "Was i not good enough to even leave before going back to her ?" You wanted him to feel your pain. To feel even 1% of what he put you through. The daggers his actions put in your heart. "You made me feel so small and worthless and stupid. Not even once did you think about the damage your actions were going to cause on my heart, you just went on with your life like you didn't even know me." Your throat was dry from all the crying you'd done. You were just so tired and hurt.

    "and i've tried so hard but everything's just gettig worse, I can't erase the sight of her with you from my mind. Why did you have to break me this way, Jadon ?" You cried because that's all you could ever do. You knew you'd never be able to hate him. You'd never be able to yell at his face and scream why he did what he did. You were just too hurt to do that.

    "I'm sorry for making you feel this way."

    He could only say that.

    But then again, he was never good with words. That wasn't his strongest point.

    He left you without a word as well.

    What were you suddenly expecting from him now ? So you just wiped your tears and took a deep breathe before speaking.

    "Please don't come back to me, Jadon. For the love of God, please don't." You said before ending the call.

    You were not fine.

    You were far from fine.

    But you knew you would be, one day.

    And for that day to come, you had to let him go today.

    (Thank you for liking the first part.)🥲💘

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  • sunatron
    14.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    mentioning jadon at erlings last game.... poetry at its finest

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  • macybeckham7
    14.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Maybe you’re the problem with Sanchooooo

    With you, it’s always my fault and your short fuse, just like a time bomb. You watch as Jadon goes off one,yet again. He always seems to patch it all together and says sorry with his recent explosion of anger. Always say you love me, pulling you in and kissing you as he whispers it you. Always make it about you, you moving away from him as you realise it is always the same. ‘Why are you always like this?’ he questions. ‘Maybe you’re the problem’ you mock which just makes him laugh. All the things I heard from your ex, now they make a whole lot of sense. He doesn’t love you, he is incapable of love, and you had to see that for yourself. You pull away from him as you look at him directly in his eyes ‘It’s not me, it’s you’.

    #jadon sancho imagines #jadon sancho blurb #jadon sancho
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  • laurasstufff1
    14.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    can i request one for jadon when the reader is a player for man u women and he watches her play and she gets injured really bad like until bleeding or unconscious (u choose) and he gets so worried

    A little blurb, hope you like it 😊💓

    Jadon didn’t know what was the thing that made him fall in love with you so easily and naturally. Maybe it was because of the happy face you always had, the way you treated him, his family and friends, the endless topics of conversations or the fact that you loved football as much as he did.

    There was nothing more exciting for him than going to the Old Trafford to watch you play with that same red kit as his, even the same number (and, hopefully soon, same last name). He loved it, but he would never admit how much he suffered too. Sometimes he just felt jealous watching you play while he couldn’t, or he would get really nervous when there were clear options of goals, whether was for your team or the other. But nothing compared to the faults you always received playing as a striker. 

    It had happen to you a couple of times: kicks, shoving, stomping… but today it was different.

    He was in his usual spot, behind the benches, but even from there he could hear the head-to-head collision when you were just trying to score. Neither you or the defender calculated the little space left. 

    You felt to the floor feeling sick from the collision, closing your eyes and just staying still so it wouldn’t get worse. It surely looked bad from the outside, Jadon was already getting up from his seat, but Jesse stopped him.

    “Let the professionals do their job, she’ll be fine” he said getting up too so he could actually see.

    “She’s fucking unconscious!” Jadon shouted to his friend, not daring to look back at the pitch, where the paramedics were taking care of you.

    “She’s not. Look” Indeed, you were already getting up, but had to sit down again because of the dizziness. This time, no one stopped Jadon to jump into the pitch and sprint faster than he thought he could until he reached your side.

    “Fuck” he mumbled only then realising the small bleeding cut on your forehead “you good?”

    “Just a little dizzy” you managed to say before they brought the stretcher to take you out of there,  Jadon still by your side. “Can you let my hands go? I just want to tell them I’m fine” you laughed, showing your thumbs up so they could see it was nothing serious while Jadon huffed, there wasn't really anything that could take your good mood away.

    Already in the nursing room, they wouldn’t let Jadon in, luckily Jesse was there to calm him down.

    “She’s fine, you talked with her already”

    “I know, I know” he said walking up and down the small corridor with trembling voice. 

    After what seemed like an eternity, the nurse came out followed by you with some stitches in your forehead and a bootle of water in your hands.

    “Hey” Jadon said not to loud to not bother you with his voice.

    “Are you okay, YN?” Jesse asked you and you just nodded while hugging him before moving to your boyfriend, who hugged you even tighter before pressing soft fast kisses on your head, cheeks and finally your lips.

    “I’m fine, guys” you laughed watching  how careful they were being with you on the way home “it was good, they gave me a lot of sweets for my sugar levels, I should get injured more often”

    “Don’t joke like that, YN! You scared me!” Jadon said before Jesse rapidly corrected him 

    “-us” he rapidly added.

    “You shouldn’t be worried about me, but about the precious goal I could’ve scored!” You groaned.

    “Unbelievable” Jesse mumble laughing at your response.

    “I know” Jadon laughed too watching as you were already choosing a picture to post on your instagram to let everyone know you were just fine. “But indeed, it would’ve been a nice goal”

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  • englishfairylights
    14.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    For those that are interested in reading my pieces, I’m very sorry. It’s taking much longer than I initially thought it would, but my mind is just great at fighting against me. I’m currently dealing with a Major Depressive episode, so productivity is at whatever is below rock bottom. That’s really the only reason why I’ve been as quiet has a church mouse.

    However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not gonna stay true my word because I shall. I promise to:

    Write a sequel to the Prince Charles series, the plot is already set and it’ll be called, The Broken Prince.

    I will write that got damn cursed George Russel piece.

    I will write about: Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton (has requested) and Jadon Sancho (has requested)

    I may also continue my first Mick Schumacher imagine if anyone is interested.

    So please just be patient with me

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  • erlingbrauthaaland
    13.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    take me back<3

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  • dreawrittes
    13.05.2022 - 5 days ago
    #IM TOO QUICK #ah my lawd #jadon sancho
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  • goldenskyeng
    13.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    keep sending requests 🥰🥰🥰

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  • footballerimaginess
    13.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    I don’t want this

    credit to @skyenthusiast for the gif x 

    Imagine based off of this blurb here Jadon Sancho  Word Count: 452 I know other writers have written this. So please note I am not copying this was sent in April and I am only just getting round to write the full imagine. Enjoy, feedback is welcome please. 

    “This is over, us?” Jadon groaned as he put his shoes on. “Huh? what you talking about?” you looked up at him. “Us - our relationship. I don’t want this baby y/n. I am leaving, I told you I wasn’t ready for a baby and this is where it has lead us” you felt a tear roll down your face.

    “I didn’t get pregnant on purpose, we were drunk. Things happen. I will love this baby with all my heart. Stop being such a fucking prick. Get out of my house, you don’t deserve me. I can’t believe I loved you” you shouted at him. “Fine by me” he waved as he shut the door behind him. 4 years of your life was ruined. Ruined.


    “Hi” you smiled as you knocked on your Mum’s door.  “Hello darling, oh- what’s wrong?” she asked as you fell into her arms as she gave you the tightest squeeze.  “We are over” you whispered in her arms. “Oh darling, what happened? come sit down” you nodded as she grabbed your hand and pulled you to the sofa.  “What is happening?” your dad stepped in the room as you both looked straight at him, “Oh, okay. My time to leave” he smiled, swiftly leaving the room quickly  “I told him- I was. pregnant” you mumbled as you laid with her.  “Darling, I am so sorry. Come here, why did he say that?” she asked you.  “Just said that he didn’t want a baby, basically doesn’t want it. So that’s it” you sighed as she passed you a tissue.  “It is okay darling, if he doesn’t want you or the baby than that is his problem babe” you nodded as your phone buzzed. To see Jadon’s name pop up took you by surprise.  “Come outside, I want to speak x” he text you as you read and stood outside your parent’s house.  You walked to his car, climbing in it.  “Hi” he smiled at you.  “Hmm, what do you want? Forgetting that you just broke up with me” you scoffed. “I need to know, why didn’t you tell me?” Jadon asked you.  “Because I didn’t, I was feeling sick and you never noticed. You never did. Why does this matter J? You don’t want anything to do with our baby. Please just go. I don’t need you” you told him as you opened the door. “No. Wait” he paused as he grabbed your arm, trying to stop you from going.  “Wait what?” you asked him as you sat back down in the car.  “I am sorry” Jadon mumbled. “Too late for that Jadon, we are done. Remember?” you stated as you headed back out of the car.  Taglist: @footballffbarbiex @dreawrittes @football-rambles @chasingnatasha​ @football-and-fanfics​ @penguintransporter​ @keylaaas​ @odegaardsblues​ @footballxixstars​ let me know if you wish to be tagged x 

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  • chelseastopblaster
    12.05.2022 - 6 days ago


    My Masterlist:)
    a/n - This is so crap please excuse this, but I wanted to get something out for another footballer 🥰

    1k words.

    This fic is for my favourite person @eloisecore

    Everything was perfectly fine from y/n's perspective. She felt better than she had in years while dating Jadon, having the assurance that she would come home to him every night enough to help her push through any problems going on in her social life and such. She might come home crying over something stressful at work every now and then, but he'd always wrap her up in his arms and take all of the anxiety and stress right from her shoulders, rock her back and forth gently, maybe cook her favourite meal, or just make love to her to help her forget.

    Jadon had been taking note of different things than her however, he wouldn't take extra notice of when she'd be immediately calm down just from being held by him, how she'd call for him in her sleep when she was having a nightmare, how she thought of him as her safety. Jadon's mind however seemed to only focus on the things he wasn't doing right, or everything he was fucking up. He would only seem to think about whenever paparazzi would get too much on their date nights and she'd burst into tears right when they got home because Jadon knows about her anxiety but still puts her though that. Jadon would only notice how uncomfortable y/n would get whenever an article would come out about her, because Jadon also knows that she prefers living a quiet life, normal life.

    y/n wants to live a quiet, normal life. And Jadon was fucking that up completely for her. y/n has an ordinary job with a normal salary, goes to university, loves going to the movies, cuddling, going on dates to cute places like ice skating and bowling alley. But she can't do any of that with Jadon if there's fans and paparazzi ruining things for her.

    It didn't take Jadon but three months to realize that he was ruining her life. And it took him another ten months to do something about it.

    Back to where it had started; y/n felt the happiest she ever had, so when Jadon broke up with her, that happiness streak broke. Funny how after over a year of being with , who she thought was, the love of her life , it only takes five words to change everything.

    "This is not working out."

    y/n remembers feeling her heart shatter at the abrupt words, then quietly croaking , "What?"

    Jadon had begun lying so severely that his head started hurting from his mouth contradicting his mind.

    "I don't think we were made for each other."

    You're my soulmate.

    "I hope you can find someone better for you, y/n."

    Seeing you with another man might kill me.

    "I just don't feel the way I used to."

    I love you so much.

    What was y/n supposed to do after that? Ask why? He told her all she needed to know; He’d told her the truth. He lost feelings for her and wanted to end what they have. How long had he felt that way? How many times had he faked, well, everything? As she thought of it, they made lo- had sex last night. Was he faking then, too, just letting their bodies move so intimately together in pity for her? At that moment, she felt so pathetic. She was a sympathy case for him, nothing more than a little girl who's dating a Manchester United footballer and has no business to do so. Jadon deserved a model, someone who could fucking buy a new phone without having to worry about hurting their monthly budget. Jadon had offered to buy her things before, actually had done it multiple times, but she despised having other people taking care of her. Though, now, realizing he wouldn't be there while she was stressed and nervous, she might have fallen into a bit of a habit.

    "Okay," is all y/n said. And her eyes were hot and tearing up but she really didn't want to any more pathetic in front of him. So she just stool there, then realizing she was stood in his house technically.

    They both seemed to notice that at the same time, y/n unfreezing as she scrambled past him, mumbling apologies for nothing, going to try and pack her stuff. He'd asked her to move in a month ago. What was that then? Was that nothing to him either?

    "y/n, you can stay here," Jadon offered.

    "No," she quickly shot back, too fast almost.

    Jadon didn't want to kick her out of his house, he didn't really think this part though.

    "y/n-" he tried.

    "Don't," y/n closed her eyes tight, holding back her tears as she doesn't dare to face him , just shoving some clothes into a tote bag and slinging that over her shoulder. She brushed past him then, leaving the house without another word.

    In the time they'd been together, she'd gotten close with the teammates girlfriends, Daisy and Emma. Daisy and Emma loved y/n, maybe because all of Jadon's previous girlfriends were fake, and didn't last long enough. But they absolutely adored y/n. They adored how she'd blush whenever Jadon would kiss her in public, softly whining about PDA (though in the house she'd pepper him in kisses whenever she'd get the chance), how she'd buy him gifts with her own money , knowing she'd have to live frugally for the next month despite dating a footballer. They liked how she dated Jadon, not Jadon Sancho. She was in love with him, just as much as he was with her.

    She was just different from the others..

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  • threelionsgirl
    12.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    jadon went to paris with tammy in april and the picture of the two of them together only came out now???? jadon why do you like to hide????

    #I rlly miss when he was always posting stories on ig #something happened I don't know if it is because of the exacerbated hate that he has been receiving #since the eurocup and since he went to mun #he was so much more active when he was at dortmund 😢 #miss my bee #jadon sancho#tammy abraham#england nt
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  • inlovewithmyboys
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago
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  • macybeckham7
    10.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    How about one where you are in LM, fans get proposed to you singing in the middle of the concert and you are like ‘I’m jealous, my finger is suddenly feel really empty’ and you are like @ and you say Jadons insta at

    You and the girls just started singing Secret Love Song, it was your verse when you spot a guy get down on one knee. ‘Oh stop it’ you say as you felt yourself well up. You carry on singing as you watch as she says yes and he puts the ring on her finger. You look at the girls who are cheering and getting emotional too, you were soppy when it came to love. You get to the end of the song, with you telling the fans to cheer the happy couple, you wishing them a happy future. ‘I don’t know about anyone else, but my finger is feeling really empty’ you say playfully. ‘At Sanchooo10 think you should do something about that’ you giggle making Perrie agree with you.

    #jadon sancho imagines #jadon sancho blurb #jadon sancho
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  • cityofdreamsrp
    10.05.2022 - 1 week ago


    Jennie Kim ( @jcnniesklm )

    Seo Yea-ji ( @seoycji )

    Elizabeth Lail ( @elizabethllaill )

    Jadon Sancho ( @jsancho25 )

    Liam Payne ( @lipaynes )

    Doja Cat ( @amalacat​ )

    Sydney Sweeney ( @sydneyshq​ ) RECLAIMED!

    Phoebe Tonkin ( @phbetnkn​ )

    Kehlani ( @kchlanis​ )

    Camila Mendes ( @camimcndxs​ ) RECLAIMED!

    Dylan O’Brien ( @dylantheobrienx​ ) RECLAIMED!

    Simone Ashley ( @simoneashleyy​ ) NOT FOLLOWING SEMI-HIATUS GUIDELINES

    Zendaya ( @thisiszendayac​ ) NOT FOLLOWING SEMI-HIATUS GUIDELINES


    Sadie Sink ( @dreamingofsadie )

    Daisy Ridley ( @dreamingofdaisy )

    Lottie Tomlinson ( @lottieee-xoxo )

    Ashley Loren ( @mslorenxo )

    Elizabeth Olsen ( @itselizabetho )

    Taylor Hill ( @tayshill )

    Joe Keery ( @jezhq ) 

    Mackenzie Porter ( @hi-kenzi )

    Timothee Chalamet ( @chalametofdreams )

    Kiernan Shipka ( @keeksships )

    Laura Harrier ( @lohrrier )

    Imogen Poots ( @imogxnpxxts )

    Ryan Reynolds ( @ryboyreynolds )

    Saoirse Ronan ( @sxoirserxnan )

    Chris Evans ( @christopher-robin-evans )

    Harry Styles ( @harrystylcss )

    Patrick Mahomes ( @mahomes15-hq )

    Dove Cameron ( @loveydcves )

    Alexandra Daddario ( @daddariosalex )

    Hunter Schafer ( @hunters-hqs )

    Rudy Pankow ( @rudypankowdreams )

    Bill Skarsgard ( @deviantbillskars​ )


    Joe Keery ( @jezhq​ )

    Kiernan Shipka ( @keeksships​ )

    Saoirse Ronan ( @sxoirserxnan​ )

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    09.05.2022 - 1 week ago


    Players that i'm going to write for,









    These are the players that i could think of at the moment, if you have a request for anybody else let me know as wellll 🖤✨


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