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  • onef1lm
    22.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    ## 심장 가장 깊숙한 곳 가 ˚࿐ ,, welcome to nahee's blog! ## carrd

    hello! i'm nahee, '06, asian :D i've been on tumblr for a few years and i used to run a hq account!

    i write for sf9 and tbz only! my content varies from oneshots to blurbs, absolutely no mature content allowed!

    i have the right to choose what content i'm comfortable with writing, but i'll try my best to accommodate to your requests :) have fun requesting!

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  • rikiluvr
    15.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    pairing :: jake x yn

    genre :: non idol au

    warnings :: angsty (ig??) , yn is crying , very big time skip , i think that's it but pls tell me if you spot any more !!

    [15 may 2021, saturday, 23:48] he's been watching you for over an hour and you were still hunched in the same position, your arms crossed on the table as your head was buried into it, sobbing silently. the library was deserted now, just him and you. if he was honest, he was worried about you, despite you being a complete stranger. he mustered up the courage and got up to your hunched position, gently tapping your shoulder. "are you okay?" that was stupid, of course she wasn't, she's been crying for so long. you looked up, your eyes were red and puffy and you had tear streaks on your face and your nose was runny. you were a mess. you noticed the empty library and noticed the clock on the wall. 23:51, it said. you nodded, quickly shooting up from your seat and packing your bag. "thanks but i'm just really bad at physics, that's all," you muttered, sniffing occasionally. "i can help! not to brag or anything but i'm actually pretty good at physics. my name's jake by the way," he smiled. you looked up at him again. "really? but we don't know each other, why would you help me?" you chuckled softly. "i like helping people and i'm good at physics. and you need help in it. it's a win-win, right?" he was still smiling. you liked him. "ok, sure. i'm yn by the way. should we exchange numbers?"

    [15 may 2022, sunday, 23:48] he snuggled his face into the crook of your neck as you watched your favourite show intently. littering butterfly kisses all over, he ignited giggles in you as you shied away from his touch. "it tickles," you smiled. good thing you were such a mess a year ago, or you wouldn't have been blessed with this angel.

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  • lost-inthedream
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    SF9 when their special other's love language is cooking

    genre: fluff

    pairing: SF9 x gn reader


    Bonus song rec: Moon Jong Up - Us


    Youngbin gets used to your love language so quickly! After you showed up two times with homemade snacks he is not surprised anymore. It is not a bad thing at all, he still smiles with the same enchantment and tender eyes. "What did you bring this time?" he playfully asks taking your tote bag from your shoulder in case it is heavy. He loves to hear you talking about recipes and appreciates that you share your favorite ones with him.

    ➹ Inseong:

    Oh my, I think Inseong would be so proud of his talented girlfriend/boyfriend, always bragging about your skills to his friends and family. Don't be surprised if one of his members tells you how good that pie tasted. Inseong was so excited about you making him a whole and delicious pie that he shared it with his members while he could not stop talking about you. " of course she/he can do a lot of things other than cooking". Also, he is gonna propose to you quite fast lol


    Jaeyoon will pamper you 1000 times more every time you offer an appetizing dish. You can literally make him food a million times and he would still be amazed by your gesture. Ok, let's go to the spoiling part. He feeds you like a baby even if you say the dish is all for him. "Nooo. Open your mouth, love" He also makes the cutest faces as he tastes each portion, telling you it is even better than the last time you cooked.

    ➹ Dawon:

    Dawon is the opposite of Inseong in the sense that he will never share the food you made him with his friends or anyone. The fact that you express your love by cooking is so precious to him. He texts you a few times during the week to say he still thinks about the cupcakes he ate on the holiday. He normally texts you quite a lot so he needs multiple subjects.

    ➹ Zuho:

    Juho is so obvious, once you all finish the meal that you prepared with so much love, he goes for cuddles. There are no excuses, none of you are washing the dishes or anything. CUDDLES. It is a simple relationship, you make sure that he eats well and he composes special songs for you. The number of times you entered his studio with something healthy to your boyfriend is uncountable. "You always know when I need a break"

    ➹ Rowoon:

    I feel like at some point Rowoon will convert your talent and passion for cooking into quality time. I mean, you all start to have cooking dates because he asks you to teach him. "No, I'm not asking you to stop cooking for me, I wanna spend more time with you, love." He loves watching you and kissing the top of your head when you are distracted.

    ➹ Yoo Taeyang:

    Unlike Youngbin, Taeyang will be surprised every time you gift him with food. He likes to let you know about his schedule so you are aware of his most busy days. These ones are when you prepare his favorite dishes so he will be able to relax at the end of the day. "Oh, babe, you're perfect". He takes your hand from time to time while he eats.

    ➹ Hwiyoung:

    I feel like Hwi is a pretty chill boyfriend, hence you all prefer peaceful dates, such as stargazing or having picnics. You always offer to cook something for the occasion and he helps you with ideas and chopping ingredients. At these moments you both look more like a married couple than anything.

    ➹ Chani:

    His mood is always lifted by your food. It does not matter if he is really upset or if he is already in a good mood. "Look at you being an angel again" He likes to tease you for spoiling him too much. It is clear that he is so thankful. Chani treats any of your skills with naturality instead of calling all the attention to them. Yet he admires you a lot and he tells you it by praises when you are alone.

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  • blu-joons
    01.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    When He Back Hugs You ~ SF9 Reaction


    Your head shook as Inseong came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist to stop you from moving as you carried on getting some work done.

    He was stubborn, having spent long enough watching you get things done. “Come and sit down for a little while,” he suggested when he heard you sigh at him.

    “I’ve got things to do,” you tried your best to tell him, wriggling out of his grip, “I can be yours once I’m done here.”

    “You’re stressing yourself out,” Inseong pointed out.

    “I’m alright, it’s just a little bit busy.”

    Inseong continued to hold you tightly, stopping you from walking anywhere, “why don’t you take a break and come and cuddle up to me for a while?”

    “Because I know that you won’t let me go,” you joked, knowing him far too well, “that break will end up with me being done for the day.”

    He nodded smugly, impressed by how easily you could read him, “I still don’t think that would be a bad idea, don’t you want to cuddle up to me?”

    “Soon, I promise, once this is done.”


    Your eyes looked back straight away as a familiar pair of arms wrapped around you, letting go of a sigh as soon as Youngbin relaxed against your frame.

    A yawn escaped him as he found himself getting comfortable behind you. “I’m tired,” he whispered, his voice groggy from the long day that he had had.

    “Do you want to go to bed?” You asked him, pressing your hands to his arms that held around your tummy securely.

    “Haven’t you got things to do?” He enquired back.

    “They can wait until tomorrow to do.”

    Youngbin couldn’t help the smile on his face, glad to finally be able to rest for a little while. “I just want to sleep and not open my eyes for a long time.”

    “I’ve not seen you this sleepy for a long time,” you commented, stunned by how exhausted Youngbin was relaxing against you.

    A hum came from him as he slowly walked behind you to the stairs, “they worked us so hard today at the studio, it was a bit of a nightmare.”

    “At least at home you can dream.”


    As another sigh came from you as you walked around the room from the feeling of cramps in your stomach, Jaeyoon couldn’t help but feel sorry for you.

    In no time at all he appeared behind you, hugging you from behind and massaging his hands over the bottom of your stomach. “Is that helping you?”

    “So much,” you breathed in relief, finally able to feel the tension in your stomach ease just a tiny little bit for once.

    “I’m sorry your cramps are bad,” Jaeyoon frowned.

    “It’s alright, just one of those things.”

    His grip around you tightened in order to hold onto more of you, “we can stay here for a while if you want? I’ll try and ease that pain for you Y/N.”

    “I’d really appreciate that,” you smiled in reply to Jaeyoon, “you always seem to have the right answers when it comes to this.”

    The smile on his face grew at your compliment, “I just like trying to find the best ways to help you, and back hugs and massages seem to work well.”

    “They’re the best, they work every time.”


    It didn’t take much for Sanghyuk to realise that you were cold as he watched you walk around the room, shuddering to yourself as you tried to warm up.

    As soon as you were close enough to him, he hugged you from behind and started running his hands against you, “if you’re cold, you should have said something.”

    “I thought I’d warm up,” you laughed back to him, “I thought you’d be a bit too busy to worry about me just being cold.”

    “Are you crazy? I worry always,” he responded.

    “Even sometimes when you don’t need to.”

    A knowing smile appeared on Sanghyuk’s face as he met your eyes, “I know you like to pretend not to be bothered, but I know you love being protected.”

    “By you? Who wouldn’t love being protected?” You teased, “everywhere we go, I know that I’m going to be well looked after.”

    His hands continued to run against you, “and when you’re at home and cold too, I’ll look after you then and try my best to warm you back up.”

    “You’re doing a good job of that too.”


    Your eyes went wide as you caught Juho walking into the bedroom with several gift bags in his hand, placing them down on the bed before heading to you.

    Your head shook in disbelief as he came up behind you and hugged you, squeezing you tightly. “Happy birthday,” he whispered, pressing a kiss against your cheek.

    “Thank you,” you chuckled, resting your head back to sit against Juho’s shoulder, “are all of those for me by any chance?”

    “Just a couple of gifts,” Juho joked in reply to you.

    “A couple? There’s loads over there Juho.”

    He proudly nodded back at you, “you’re worth it, and I wanted to treat you for your birthday,” he smiled, turning you both around so that you could take a look.

    “I reckon I can figure out what a couple of these bits are,” you teased, knowing a few of the items that you had mentioned wanting.”

    His eyes continued to glance across at you, “there’s a few surprises in there too, things you’ll hopefully like, I put a lot of thought into getting these.”

    “If you bought them, they’ll be perfect.”


    You moved through into the kitchen as you started to make yourself some dinner, however as you did, footsteps could be heard coming from behind you.

    You didn’t have time to look around before a pair of arms wrapped tightly around your sides. “I’m home,” a familiar voice whispered into your ear, followed by a chuckle.

    “Seokwoo?” You gasped, recognising the hold anywhere, looking back slightly to make sure that it was really him there.

    “I’ve missed you so much,” he quickly professed to you.

    “You’re not due home for another week.”

    His head nodded with a wide smile, “we managed to finish shooting a little bit early so I thought I’d come and surprise you, I’ve waited for you for ages upstairs.”

    “Our meeting overrun,” you laughed in reply, “does this mean that you’re staying? You don’t have to go back to the set again, right?”

    The corners of his smile continued to turn up, “I’m staying home for the foreseeable, and I don’t plan on letting you go whilst I’m at home for a while.”

    “I’m not complaining, I’ve missed your hugs.”

    Yoo Taeyang:

    Excitement got the better of Taeyang as his arms suddenly wrapped around your waist and flung you up in the air as he came up to hug you from behind.

    You had no idea what was going on, left only to figure things out by his smile. “I knew this would happen,” Taeyang told you once he found a moment to relax a little.

    “What’s happened?” You asked, craning your neck back as best as you could so that you could turn your eyes to look at him.

    “We got nominated for an award,” he proudly told you.

    “No way, what did you get picked for?”

    With one arm still around you, the other picked up his phone to be able to show you the email. “We got nominated for best performance,” he excitedly told you.

    “That’s amazing,” you smiled back at Taeyang, resting your hand over his on your waist, “there’s no group more deserving than you guys are.”

    A deep breath came from Taeyang as he struggled to compose himself, “we’ve waited so long to get a nomination like this, and now we’ve finally got it.”

    “I told you, it was only a matter of time.”


    A sigh of relief came from Youngkyun as he finally saw you walk through the front door, immediately rising to his feet as you slipped your coat off and hung it up.

    His arms wrapped around you from behind, resting his cheek against the top of your back. “You were staring to scare me Y/N, it’s getting pretty dark out early these days.”

    “I didn’t realise how late it was,” you admitted, taking a couple of steps back into the house, “I just needed some time to think.”

    “I don’t want us to be mad anymore,” he suddenly replied.

    “I don’t want that for us both either.”

    Youngkyun nuzzled himself closer into you, glad to finally have you home and know that you were safe. “I’m sorry for getting so mad at you earlier for no reason.”

    “It wasn’t just your fault,” you assured him, “I’m sure that I said plenty of things that I shouldn’t have when the two of us were arguing earlier.”

    Youngkyun’s head shook in reply to you, “I was the reason why the fight started, therefore it’s my fault that we’ve ended up here, I should have acted better.”

    “Let’s just forget about it all now.”


    A gasp came from you as a sudden pair of arms wrapped around your frame, with Chanhee lifting you up and bringing you tightly into his chest with a wide smile.

    Your eyes looked back, shooting a glare across at him to let him know how much he had surprised you. “Have I told you how sweet you look today?” He then suddenly asked you.

    “What have you done?” Was your only response, knowing exactly what he was like, “you never hug me like this for no reason.”

    “I’m just trying to be a better boyfriend,” Chanhee defended.

    “You’ve got a look in your eyes too.”

    A chuckle came from him as his head shook, squeezing you tighter, “I promise you that I am up to nothing, I just wanted to give you a hug, is that so bad?”

    “No,” you trailed off, still slightly suspicious as you tried to read Chanhee’s mind, “maybe I could get used to this new side of you if this is what this is.”

    Chanhee nodded in response, “there’s nothing more to this then a loving boyfriend wanting to connect more with their partner, what’s so wrong about that?”

    “Nothing, it’s nice to be hugged by you.”



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  • baeksofty
    30.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago


    Don't ask me, I just felt the need to write this and do some shameless promo on my favorites. [MASTERLIST]

    This post contains spoilers!

    [maknae line ver]

    Lee Heeseung > When The Weather Is Fine:

    Such a beautiful and dark kdrama, this is the perfect combination of comfort and sadness

    The book and the kdrama are slow paced and poetic, there is no rush and the plot is based on the little details

    All the characters have their own moments and you can connect with each one of them and see through their souls, even from the most insignificant to the most significant

    All their personalities, their experiences and difficulties are showing exactly at the right time without making you stressed or overwhelmed with many information to lose track of what is going on

    Heeseung is a see-through and a beautiful soul who always brings a certain comforting vibe to me and reminds me the phrase "the right person will appear at the right time"

    Even though he was sad, scared and anxious about his future after he didn't debut with TXT, I'm sure deep inside his heart he knew he just had to be patient

    He marched back to the practice room practicing till the next morning without breaks. He took time to heal, to grow and try harder

    That's when the right time came, he went to I-LAND and he was set to be in the final line up the moment he stepped inside the building

    Why you may ask? Because the time was right, he was ready to debut, he was ready to show the world what time gives to those who wait and try their best everyday

    He was healed and learned from his past experience

    And he did it! And even after the show he tries to be a better artist, a better version of himself on and off stage (even though he knows he is amazing at everything and doesn't need to try as much as other idols)

    I love how relaxed and calm he is as a person and doesn't rush his life unless he is required too, he treasures every moment and lives in present time just like the pace of the kdrama

    How is Hee's personality and mindset related to this kdrama though?

    I see Heeseung in Haewon (female lead), in fact for me they are the same person because after a series of unfortunate events she quited her job as a cellist and returned to her village where she lived during her high school years

    There she meets her former classmate and neighbor, Eunseob who owns a bookstore now. In the cold winter, trying to escape the harsh and bitter reality of life, they both find warmth in each other and together, they heal from their past wounds and eventually fall in love

    Also his soft voice and innocent eyes remind me of something familiar, something well-known like talking to a long lasting friend, returning home after a long period of time or going for vacation on your favorite place for the 5th time

    This homely feeling is represented by Bookhyun Village, which is Haewon's first home and the place she decides to stay in order to heal

    Heeseung's words and actions makes you feel safe, at the end he is the definition of home and healing

    Park Jongseong > Crash Landing On You:

    My absolute favorite kdrama of all the time literally describes Jay as a person

    Where do I even start? The amazing plot? The complex, well written, humorous and enjoyable characters? The perfect scenario? The outfits or the overall messages the series give?

    See? It's just perfection just like Jay and I mean it. I haven't seen such a perfect kpop idol ever in my life

    The plot is so interesting, it does a great job on keeping you on your toes and every episode is able to give you 5 different emotions within a few minutes: one moment you are happy and laughing your butt off, the other you are angry or scared and the other you are bawling your eyes out

    You never know what to expect and it leaves you wanting to see more, it's intriguing and energetic just like Jay's presence

    He was the first contestant that caught my eye in I-LAND because he is so magnetic, confident and composed without him knowing

    Throughout all the survival show he was the most real person to me, he didn't change for one bit

    Even though he is embarrassed about his moments in the show I hope one day he can see that that was the reason people supported him endlessly, not only as an idol in the making but as a human being

    Apart from being handsome and talented he was reliable, unfiltered, kind, understanding, honest, forgiving, emotional, funny, stubborn, passionate, confident, scared, proud, sad, friendly, responsible, respectful and the list goes on

    He broke the perfect idol image, all the stereotypes those companies feed us with and he connected with the public instantly becoming a fan favorite

    He wasn't afraid to show that he is just like us, a simple human being with feelings

    We all have embarrassing times, make mistakes, make friends and enemies

    We all fail, we succeed, we try our best and work hard every day and that's exactly what Jay showed

    I love the fact that he really likes to show that he is strong, independent and smart. He is a man who has manners, lives with morals and is ready to help everyone anytime without waiting anything in return

    And that is true, he is all the above but if you look more closely you will see a simple boy, who even though is good with words he can't express love vocally so he express his feelings with other methods, adapting to everyone's needs (acts of services, skinship, quality time, words of affirmation you name it)

    And if you ask about it he will play it cool like it isn't a big deal, like he doesn't care, hiding his sensitive side in order to not be mistaken for weakness

    I see Jay in Captain Ri Jeonghyeok (male lead) as he is a very strong, devoted and strict man who hides his sensitive side from others. He is emotionally reserved just like Jay and he is well respected by his fellow soldiers

    He is a man of culture and knowledge, ready to solve every problem that comes his way in a quick and smart way. Captain Ri was a piano prodigy as he was studying to become a concert pianist in Switzerland before being forced to join the North Korean military after his older brother died in a mysterious car accident

    While he comes from a powerful political family, his father being the Director of the General Political Bureau, he prefers to keep his lineage a secret. He got his axiom starting from 0, following his brother's footsteps with hard work without his father's help

    Jay's family is really wealthy and his father owns a travel agency, that means he could easily be the next ceo of the agency without worrying about him not being successful or not make a living. After living in America and learning various things from new languages, classic quitar, cooking recipes and fashion design he desided to take a completely different path, follow his dreams and be an idol starting from scratch

    Jeonghyeok hides and protects Seri after she accidentally crash-lands into his patrol territory. He slowly opens up to her and as they fall in love he takes care of her and shows his love in many ways other than words. He tries to help her find her way back into South Korea putting his and the team's life in danger, which equals with a life penalty for everyone

    Jay behaves the same way as Captain Ri around his members and cares for them low key (even though everyone knows he isn't doing it low key, we see your love pretty boy)

    Recently he is doing a great job on vocalizing his love with compliments and affirmations being the selfless boy he is, as he steps out from his comfort zone to be a great friend for his second family

    Another thing I noticed after I rewatched the kdrama was the fact that almost every action Captain Ri does reminds me of things Jay did in past and is still doing

    Like cooking for his team and Seri (Jay for the members), cleaning up after and patching Seri up (during I-LAND he cleaned for the trainees and he is doing it still at the dorms, he massaged the injured). Like helping his team fight the bad guys and vise versa (Jay had taken the leader position many times, helped everyone with their skills and mentality even then it came to gymnastics like helping and encouraging Sunoo to do push ups)

    I think they talk with the same tone and generally they give off the exact same energy

    Shim Jaeyoon > Start Up:

    Not as perfect as the other ones in this list but still remains a good kdrama

    It is a light, enjoyable and positive kdrama filled with many precious moments from everyday life which the public can relate and amazing messages about friendship, family, acceptance and self knowledge

    I have some complaints about the plot and some characters that didn't get the love they deserve but we are here to talk about how precious boy Jake reminds me of this kdrama

    I think the series plot is kinda similar if not the same with his journey to become an idol

    Dalmi (female lead) is a bright and ambitious young woman who dreams of becoming Korea's Steve Jobs. Dalmi doesn't have a fancy background but she's passionate about her work. She has bright energy and is a person of great vitality, having experience in a wide range of part-time jobs

    Dosan (male lead) is the founder of Samsan Tech. A ‘math genius’ as a young boy, he was once the pride of his family but became their shame now as his business has been going down for the past two years. He finds out that Dalmi mistakenly remembers him as her first love so he decides to work his way up in hopes of turning that misunderstanding into reality

    Jake's personality is a mix between Dalmi's and Dosan's because he came to Korea alone leaving behind his perfect life, school, family and friends to follow his dream and hoping to make it real

    He started, unsure, from 0 and slowly but steady made his way up and that's one of the things I love about him

    Like Dosan, he found himself at the end and he accepted that he is different from the other trainees

    With this action he was embraced, loved and praised by the public and connected on a deeper level with fans, giving them courage and inspiration to go on, enhancing his work ethic

    Even though he beat hundreds of possible trainees on his audition being the only one who passed, then he entered I-LAND he was considered weak and unexperienced because of his short training period

    During the show we saw his struggles to establish himself as an equal with the others trainees despite the time he spent on the practice studio. We watched him find his confidence and built on his skills, highlight his talents and accept his weaknesses and strong points

    He made an incredible effort and his hard work payed off and left history on the show as the progress king, proving everyone that if you try hard for want you want and have a positive mindset you can go very far even if you have nothing to begin with

    Dalmi built her Start Up company with her friends with the exact same way as Jake and won the Sandbox contest among many other more experienced workers and companies

    She even went against her sister's company who had more experience and recourses while maintaining their position and being her main competitor

    Now he is a token member in Enhypen and has made a tremendous progress on being an idol too as his dancing, facial expressions, rap and especially vocals doesn't compare with the ones he showed between comebacks, who are apart few months

    He gets better in each comeback and now his presence and voice is very noticeable in almost every song

    This applies to his personality as well, there is a reason why all the members come to Jake then they are burned out, sad, stuck or puzzled. He has a beautiful heart and gives love and reassurance singlehandedly

    He always comforts the others then they need to recharge their batteries, listens attentively what they have to say and provide solutions

    And that's how with this change of mentality and emotional expression you can restart and go off strong from 0 again

    In conclusion, trust the progress, have faith on who you are and your talents and remember: flicker Jake outsold!

    Park Sunghoon > Vincenzo:

    Quick everyone act surprised!

    Such a good, badass and enjoyable kdrama filled with great action, suspension, love of all kinds and humor

    I swear I didn't do this on purpose just because he watched it with his fellow '02 liners

    Our ice prince is a great fit for the cold mafia lawyer so allow me to build the base:

    At the age of 8, Park Joohyung (male lead) was adopted by an Italian family. He later joins the mafia and is adopted by Don Fabio, head of the Cassano Family. Renamed “Vincenzo Cassano” he becomes a lawyer, a consigliere for the mafia, and Don Fabio's right-hand man. After Fabio dies, Paolo, Fabio's biological son and the new leader of the Cassano Family attempts to kill Vincenzo

    He flees to Seoul and sets out to recover 1.5 tons of gold that he helped a recently-dead Chinese tycoon secretly stash within the basement of Geumga Plaza

    However, a subsidiary of Babel Group has illegally taken ownership of the building and Vincenzo must use his skills to reclaim the building and recover his fortunes

    He crossed paths with the talented lawyer Hong Chayoung (female lead), who after her father's death she seeks revenge and joins forces with Vincenzo and the other tenants to fight Babel Group

    This reminds me of young Sunghoon as he started figure skating when he was 8 years old initiated by his mother and it was his first and foremost priority ever since

    This sport was his life, his first love and he didn't intend to leave her right? That's right, that's why he was training on ice until 2019

    Until he started craving to be a idol that sings, dances and entertains people and while he was on the top 10 figure skaters in his country, aiming for the Olympics he ended up switching lanes and became a trainee

    He took a great risk and everyone was worried because they thought he made a wrong choice. The fear of failure was evident, he centrainly didn't want to return to skating with his head down, only for his hard work and pride to be thrown away

    Vincenzo had the same desire as he started enjoying his time and missing his home country even though he hated the memories and trauma he got from there

    During his short stay, he decided to do good things for the people around him even though he is and remains a bloodthirsty mafioso with many crimes under his name

    Sunghoon's journey on I-LAND was a desperate one in order to prove to his parents that he made the right choice

    He was passionate, focused, stable and he made it to the final line up due to his excellent skills, effort and level for professionalism

    He was born to stand on the stage after all

    Vincenzo shares the same attributes with him as he is all the above when it comes to his work as a lawyer

    I think they are almost the same person personality wise. They are both perfectionists, funny, cunning, strong and well respected in their departments

    Even though they don't show it they are people with actual feelings and not some cold, ignorant, egoistic divas that only care about themselves

    They care and love the people closer to them by teasing them, spending quality time with them. And all these while pretending not to be attached to them, while in reality their whole world revolves around them and their well-being

    They will not hesitate to take a bullet for their loved ones and they will never ever turn their back on them then they need protection, reassurance or help

    Those guys are loyal to a fault and you better go hide if you do something bad to their friends that, if you don't want to end up dead on a ditch

    Also, they are both built, attractive, confident, expensive with great taste in fashion and for me the resemblance is uncanny

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  • fanfic-wonderland
    25.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    SF9 as The Office Chatacters

    Yes, I did a thing.

    Youngbin as Gabe

    Inseong as Pam

    Jaeyoon as Jim

    Dawon as Michael

    Rowoon as Kelly

    Zuho as Toby

    Taeyang as Erin

    Hwiyoung as Phyllis

    Chani as Ryan

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  • athenathesharkwrites
    22.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Horror Stories - Lee Jaeyoon

    Requested by: Anon

    Warnings: If you squint you’ll see angst, fluff.

    W/C: 678

    Scary stories weren’t a thing you enjoyed and not many of the other members enjoyed it, but sometimes they happened, and each time you took comfort in Jaeyoon, you would turn to him and bury your head against his chest and he would wrap his arms around you, and he would guide you away as Dawon would start his story.

    “You know he’s just trying to get a reaction,” Jaeyoon softly says. “And he loves seeing if he can scare Chanhee,” You nod your head, but you still didn’t like it, you tried to stay once, but Dawon had scared you with one story and ever since you had seemed comforted in Jaeyoon, and he would give you that comfort each time. “Come on, let’s go look at the stars over here,” He opens the door of the dorm and leads you out the small yard they had, the stars hung high in the sky with a crescent moon, you hear a shout coming from the living room right before Jaeyoon closed the door.

    “He’s going to tease you later for this, you know that, right?” You say, moving to a chair to sit down, he follows behind you and drags a chair across from yours, giving you a sheepish smile.

    “You heard the other time?” He asks, you slowly nod your head, giving him an apologetic smile, he reaches for your hands as he leans forward, placing his elbows on his knees. “It’s okay, I’ll gladly take his teasing if it means I can protect you from his horror stories,” You move to pull your hands from his grip, only for him to tighten his grasp on them.

    “Jae…” You softly say, your eyes dropping to the floor, he releases one of your hands and reaches up for your jaw, gently cupping it and lifting your head.

    “Y/n… I don’t mind taking it, he knows when to stop and when he’s gone too far,” He says. “It’s worth it, because spending this time with you, alone, just the two of us, it’s worth his teasing,” You could feel your neck heating up before your cheeks also heat up, his fingers felt soft against your jaw as he gently held it.

    “I’m not a bother to you, right?” You softly ask, he moves to the edge of his chair, moving closer to you, his eyes meeting yours.

    “Did anyone tell you that you’re a bother to me?” He asks. “Or did I ever tell you that you bother me with this?” You gently shake your head, ‘no’. “Then there is your answer, you’ll never bother me,” He slowly releases your hand and jaw, before moving his chair next to yours. “Look up, it’s a clear night, you’ll be able to see the stars,” You slowly lift your head, watching the stars lightly twinkle in the sky, you hear shuffling from him before seeing his arms outstretch into your view with his phone in hand. “Let me take a picture of it, it’ll show more clearer,” You lean closer to his chair and watch as he lets the camera focus on the sky before watching the picture slowly appear.

    “Where did you learn that?” You ask, watching as he lowers his arms and moves to open the picture, a clear picture of the sky, the stars twinkling in it. “Gosh… that’s so beautiful, can you send that to me?”

    “I was playing around with my phone the other night, and discovered that it takes a picture of it like this,” He says, you softly smile. “And I knew you would like it, I’ll send it to you later,” He says, you nod your head, smiling, the scary stories that Dawon was telling inside long forgotten as you look at the picture. “Want to see the others?”

    “Yes, please, show me,” You say. “I bet they look so beautiful,” He smiles and exits the camera app and opens the photo app, scrolling upwards until he found the first few he took with his new discovery. “Whoa…” You say with amazement.

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  • lost-inthedream
    21.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Im gonna be brave to request this but jaeyoon + 🍷

    -🍑 anon

    Hello, I'm in the mood to write old requests *kiss kiss

    🍷 = tipsy sex headcanon

    smut content under the cut

    The Uber did not take much to arrive. "Thank God" you catch yourself uttering when the car turns the corner near the bar. Everything you want is to get back home after laughing your life away with your boyfriend and a couple of friends. You all drank quite a lot.

    "Do you mind me spending the night at your place?" Jaeyoon asks pulling the door open for you.

    You throw yourself inside the vehicle, then respond by grabbing his hand and dragging him with you.

    Both of you get comfortable leaning on each other, both lazy and tipsy. He has a silly smile pasted on his face but you cannot see it. Your hand did not let go of his own for a second and it makes him quite smug.

    You snuggle onto his neck and voice "tonight was so fun".

    "It's not over yet, beautiful" he responds in a confidential tone. His thumb fondles the back of your hand. Your hold is now loosening but is still there as a love confession.

    Both of you get home shortly after. Now he is the one pulling you with him. You shift your hand from his hand to his biceps when he struggles to insert the key into the lock. He giggles with himself and you press your cheek onto his arm more.

    "A short rest before showering?" he suggests once you are inside.

    "You're always right" you mumble back pecking his shoulder since it was the nearest part of him.

    Heavy bodies now on the couch. You on his lap, his arms around you, your faces just millimeters away. You could feel each other's alcoholic breath and attaching your mouths together was not an effort.

    this surely was part of the rest, okay? Your fingers find a nice place between his hair as you softly hold him. Stuffy grunts and laborious breath is everything you can hear as you start feeling hot.

    Jaeyoon helps you at lying on the couch. Your legs part naturally so he places himseld between then and grind on you freely.

    "Oh my gosh, the night is not over" you chuckle feeling genuinely happy before your hands snake under his shirt at the same time his dick growed hard against your folds.

    "It's early" he agrees before taking your bottom lip between his teeth.

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  • athenathesharkwrites
    20.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    The Cold King - Lee Jaeyoon AU

    Banner By: @atinyfantasytothemoon​ Thank you soooo much for making this, it looks so amazing!!!

    A/N: Okay, so this Idea had been floating around my mind for a while, I even threw around the idea a few times with a fellow writers, but a literal massive thank you to atinyfantasytothemoon for helping me develop it more, I used some of the writings you sent me in this, I hope you don’t mind!

    Warnings: Royal AU, historical AU, angst, King!Jaeyoon, Cold!Jaeyoon, mention of death, mention of blood, explicit language, descriptive scenes, slow burn, suggestive, forbidden love, touching, smut, nudism, praising(?), light breast play, nipple sucking, pet/nicknames, oral(female receiving), clit stimulation, unprotected sex, soft sex, scratch marks, semi-aftercare, fingering, pussy slapping (once), nipple pinching, nipple biting, hickeys, biting, dirty talking, cum tasting, hair tugging, semi-blowjob, ass slapping(once), rough sex, aftercare, humour. a slightly rushed ending (?).

    W/C: 16.K

    Age Warning: I will not take responsibility because you wanted to read this, but if you’re under the  age of 18+, DO NOT INTERACT OR READ. Do not take this as educational, this is fiction!

    You were kneeling on the floor as you scrubbed them, you were a new maid in the palace, and it was your first day, you were desperate for money, just desperate to feed yourself, it was a rough world outside the palace walls, and you were barely surviving, although you feared the King, you never once thought that you would run into him, since it was a big palace after all, but as it would seem, luck was not on your side at all, you heard footsteps coming down the hall along with the sound of people talking, you look up and quickly duck your head, you grab the bucket and pull it to the side as you stood, only for you to trip and spill the water, you gasp as you watch the liquid reach the King’s feet, he comes to a stop, and you keep your head down to continue looking at the floor, the chatter quickly dies down and the only thing you could hear was your heart rate beating so loudly, you’re sure even the King could hear it, you drop the bucket as your neck was graded, and you were pushed against a wall, you gasp and look at the person, the King, his hand was shaking, and you knew he was trying to control his anger, his gaze was ice-cold, and you were fearing for your life, you had heard the countless stories about the cold and heartless King, and you feared that you were about to become one of those stories to be spread in the village.

    “You absolute imbecile!” He growls out, you whimper and shut your eyes. “For the… fucking look at your King as he talks to you,” You struggle to open your eyes and look at him. “Do you realize the fucking mess you just caused?” You try and nod your head, but the grip on your neck seems to tighten, and it felt like your oxygen was being cut off. “I’ll only give you a warning this time, fucking clean it up and don’t let me see you in my sight ever again, because if I do…” He presses down harder on your neck, this time cutting off your oxygen, he leans closer to you, you could feel his breath against your face, you struggle to keep your eyes open, your fingers claw at the wall behind you. “I’ll punish you in the worst possible way,” He holds you for a moment longer, watching as you squirm and try to gasp for air, he suddenly releases you and steps back before walking down the hall with his advisor, you lean your head back against the wall, feeling your eyes glass over with tears, you look down the hall as you see them rounding the corner before completely disappearing, you swallow the lump that had formed in your throat, and made a vow to yourself.

    ‘Avoid the King at all costs, no matter what.’

    And you were successful for several weeks in avoiding him, when you heard footsteps approaching, you would grab everything and run to hide, even if it wasn’t the King, you would hide, too afraid what type of punishment he would think for you, there were so many you could receive, and you didn’t want to be on the receiving end of them, just when you were thinking that you were getting some better luck, the world once again showed you that luck was never on your side for long, even if you managed to escape for weeks, your luck had run out as quickly as you had got it, you could hear the footsteps coming down the hall, once again hearing the chatters of someone explaining something, you grab the bucket, only this time, knocking it over once more, you could feel your heart sink as you watch the water spill, you quickly try and clean most of it, but you were too late, your dress was soaked, and you were now on your knees in front of the King with a rag in your hand, trying to clean it up, it was dead silent in the hallway once again, you keep your head down, not daring to lift it.

    “The same servant girl from a few weeks ago…” He sighs out. “Didn’t I tell you to stay out of my sight?” You stay silent, unsure if you were allowed to answer him or not, you hear him suck in a deep breath before hearing footsteps approaching you from behind. “Take her to the cells to await punishment,” You let out a sob as you were roughly pulled from the floor and practically dragged outside to the cells, you were roughly tossed, your hands getting bruised and cut open as you landed on the straw and hay, you move to the corner, your mind filled with fear, how had you messed up this much? You bring your knees to your chest and silently cry into them, not caring if you soaked your face and arms with your soaked dress.

    You weren’t sure for how long you were sat there before the gates were pulled open again, you were cold as the air had blown against you and dried the dress, your head as hurting and your eyes puffed from crying, you hadn’t yet come to terms about everything that had happened, but at that moment, you couldn’t care less if you had got sick from sitting in wet clothes in the cold weather, your hands were cuffed before you were roughly pulled to your feet and dragged out, you were guided to the King’s court where several of the officials were waiting, you keep your head low as you were moved to the middle of the room and forced to your knees.

    You miss the way the King watched as they handled you, you missed the way his eyes move over your shaking form and the cuts and buries on your hands, he knew the difference between shivering with fear and shivering with cold, and you were shivering not only just in fear in front of him, but also from how cold you were.

    You barely heard what was said as you only focused on trying to hear what your punishment would be, would you survive another day? Or was this to be your end?

    “You’ll become my personal servant during my nightly and morning routines, you will serve my dinner, my lunch and my breakfast, you will prepare my bed,” Jaeyoon announces. “It may seem like you’re getting a reward, but I can assure you… it will not be,” You felt emptiness, you weren’t sure if you could celebrate surviving another day, not when you would be personally serving him, and have more chances of messing up and getting sentenced to death. “You will report for duty tonight, go get yourself cleaned and go wait in the dining hall to serve me,” You were pulled to your feet and guided out of the room and towards the maid's quarters to clean yourself and make yourself look presentable.


    You stood in the dining area with your head low, and your hands at your side, you had tried to hide the cuts and bruises on your hands, but you knew you had failed, you were awaiting the King and his advisor along with his close friends to join the dinner, you knew he couldn’t miss an opportunity to have you serve him, especially on your first night as his personal… well, you would like to call it slave, but you were still a servant, the doors open, and he enters the room with his advisor behind him to join him along with his friends, you were given a quick instruction about what you had to do before you were left alone in the room, and you felt nervous that you would mess it all up, you move to pull his chair out for him and wait for him to sit down, once he did you m move back to where you were standing previously and waited for dinner to be sent in, you ignored the talking, ignored those that glanced or looked at you.

    You didn’t want to hear anything unless it was you being dismissed for the night, you just wanted to survive another night, once the food was brought in, you stepped closed and placed his plate down in front of him with everything he wanted and filled his glass with wine before moving right back to the corner to wait until he’s finished, you keep your head low throughout the entire dinner and only make sure to listen if he would call for you, once he was finished you moved the to take the empty plate, his eyes move with you as you lean over to take it, he suddenly grabs your wrists, making you gasp.

    “Go wait in my chambers for me,” He instructs, you nod your head, pulling your hand back from the plate and leaving it for another servant, you make your way out of the dining hall and towards his chambers, you couldn’t believe the mess you were in, you reach his room and stand outside the door, unsure if you had permission to enter it or not, a half an hour pass before he rounded the corner, this time no one was following, and you felt your heart hamming inside your chest, you were going to be alone with him for however long he chose to keep you there. “Why are you standing outside?” He comes to a halt in front of you. “Speak.”

    “I was unsure if I had permission to enter, my King,” You say, you could hear him let out a hum before sliding the door open and entering.

    “Next time, wait inside,” He says, you follow him into the room and pull the door closed, you turn around to face him and await your next order only to find him looking at you. “Don’t just stand there, come and undo my belt and bindings,” You quickly move forward and begin untying everything, he lowers his gaze and watch as you shakily untie everything, catching sight of your hands, he moves his hands and takes yours in his, you pause and hold your breath. “You’re hurt…” You try and pull your hands from his grip, but he only holds on tighter before guiding you towards a screen door where a bowl of water awaited him, he picks up a rag and wets it before bringing it to your hands, you try and keep your whimpers inside as he cleans them, you had never seen this side of him nor have you heard of this side of him, you were waiting in anticipation for him to snap, your eyes try and look everywhere but at him, catching a glimpse of his torso that was now on display after you had opened his robe, he puts the rag down and releases your hands.

    “Take it off and go wait by the bed for me while I wash up,” He says, you quickly nod your head and move behind him, taking the silk fabric and sliding it down his shoulders, you keep your eyes on the fabric and avoid looking this muscles back or at him at all, you turn and make your way towards the bed, dropping the silk cloth into the laundry basket that you would take with you once you were dismissed, you hear the water moving as he washes himself, you keep your eyes on the floor as you just listen, many things could happen here, you could become a victim, or you could leave with your life intact, he steps out from behind the screen, pulling at his nightwear. “Glad to see you can listen,” You bite the insides of your cheeks. “Prepare the bed for me,” You quickly turn towards the bed and begin preparing everything, making sure the pillows were fluffed, and he could only climb in. “Perfect… you're dismissed for the night, I’ll see you tomorrow morning when you come to help me prepare for the day.”


    Days passed, you would help him prepare for the day and then serve him breakfast, and when you weren’t serving him, you were tiding up his room, he had told the other maids to attend to other duties and assigned only to his things, and it sure as hell felt like a punishment, barely a week had passed and each time he would look at you with a cold expression, you would end up shivering, and you would squeeze your eyes shut, hoping that you weren’t the one angering him or giving him a reason to be angry with you, you felt lucky that he’s never lashed out at you, although you’ve never given him a reason to, he was growing user to your presence during the morning hours and evening hours, although he hated seeing you shiver in fear each time he just let out a sigh.

    One evening as you were preparing his room, the sliding door was harshly pushed open and shut just as harshly, you pause as you heard his hard breathing and his heavy footsteps approaching you, you were on your knees, preparing his bed and pulling everything into place.

    “Get up,” He demands, you quickly move to your feet, stumbling as you do, you move away from the bed, keeping your head low, he grabs your wrist, stopping you from moving any further, he looks at you, watching as you avoided his eye contact. “Fuck… go stand on the balcony,” He releases your hand, and you quickly scramble towards the door that would lead to the balcony, you pull it open and step outside and close the door behind you, you hear a few crashing sounds coming from inside the room and whimper, trying to keep your tears in, you could feel your eyes glossing over, you bite your lip as you keep quiet and listen to him tearing the room apart along with a few groans and growl like sounds of frustration, how were you supposed to get out? Get to your quarters? It became quiet for a few moments before the door was pulled open, you keep your back towards him and lower your head, he steps up next to you, placing his hands on the railings.

    “I apologise… it is quite a mess,” He says, he leans forward slightly, taking in a deep breath. “It’s getting harder and harder each day to agree along with their evil gotdamn plans,” Your brows furrow as you hear that, was it not him that was running this country? Was it one of his men that were pulling the strings? “I doubt my country wants that… they will hate me for implementing that,” You watch as his knuckles turn white as he grips onto the railings, he lets out another sigh and releases the railings, he turns to you, his eyes watching you carefully, he could see that you were shaking, you weren’t looking up, he reaches to touch you, only to pause midway when you flinch. “They have my entire country trembling at my name… and it's not even me,” He lowers his hand, swallowing the lump in his throat. “You’re so scared of me, you can’t even look at me…” You swallow as you hear a hint of pain in his voice. “Just… go,” He waves his hand and turns back to look over his palace, you turn away from him and move into his room, stopping when you saw the mess.

    You look back at him, watching as the wind blew his royal robes and his hair, you let out a sigh and slowly move towards the broken item on the floor to pick it up, you couldn’t leave, not when the room looked like this, your head would surely roll, you don’t hear him turn around and pause at the sliding door to watch you, he had thought you had left, you were picking up some broken glass and carefully placed the pieces into the palm of your other hand, he takes a moment to admire you, how did a girl like you end up in the palace? Did you not have a family? Was working here a way for you to tend and provide for your family? All those thoughts ran through his mind.

    “Why are you here?” He suddenly asks, you gasp and grip onto the shards of glass before suddenly releasing them, letting them clatter to the floor as a burning sensation goes through your palm, his eyes widen, and he moves forwards. “Fuck.”

    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” You chanted, you quickly begin picking up the shards you had dropped. “I didn’t mean to drop them, I’m sorry, I’ll clean everything,” He bends down next to you and takes the shards from your palm and drop them back to the floor.

    “Leave it, you’re hurt,” He softly says, you shake your head, ignoring the burning pain in your palm, he pulls you to stand and guides you away from the broken vase. “You’re bleeding,” He guides you behind the screen where a bowl of fresh water was, someone had brought it earlier, and it would be just the right temperature for him to clean himself with.

    “My King,” You whisper, tears rolling down your cheeks, you were sure that you had completely messed up now and that you were in for it now, he picks his rag and moves your hands over the bowl.

    “It will sting,” He says, he lifts the rag and lets the water run over the palm of your hand, you hiss and turn your head away as the stinging sensation becomes worse, bloodstains his clean water as he runs the water over your hand, he picks up a different rag and wraps it around your hand. “Let me go and find something to wrap this with, stay right here,” You swore that you had imagined it, but you could hear a hint of concern in his tone, he leaves you behind the screen door, and you hear the door to his room open before it became quiet, you stay in your place, not daring to move, afraid you would disobey an order from him, it didn’t take long before you hear the door being closed and his footsteps rushing towards the screen, he rounds the screen and moves towards you. “Come, come sit down on my bed,” He grabs your hand and pulls you out from behind the screen door, you freeze in your spot as you reach his bed, he sits own and looks up at you. “Sit down,” He was almost pleading with you to sit down.

    “I… I can’t, my King…” You say, he drops the items in his hand and moves his hands to your waist, he pulls you down, you gasp as he pulls you down on top of him, your eyes wide as you realize where you were sitting, you quickly move off from his lap, his hands grip your waist tighter, keeping you in place on his bed.

    “Stay…. Stay, you’re hurt, let me help you, I’m giving you permission to sit on my bed,” He says, you shakily swallow and lower your gaze, he slowly releases your was it before moving his hand to your hand, he unwraps the rag from around your hand, watching as blood forms on your palm once more, he picks up another cloth and gently cleans the wounds, he works in silence as he cleans your wounds before wrapping it with a clean cloth, once he was finished, he didn’t release your hand, but he knew he had to, his hand lingers against yours for a moment longer before releasing it. “There you go…” You bring your hand to your chest. “I’ll get someone to come and clean this tomorrow, you’re dismissed for the night… and tomorrow as well,” You nod your head at his dismissal. “I apologise that you got hurt… have a good evening.”


    You couldn’t get his actions out of your mind all night, and you decided to disobey his orders and show up the next morning, he was getting dressed when you had shown up, to say you were curious about seeing more of the side he showed you the night before was an understatement, you were determined to see more of that side, and find out more about what he meant with what he had said before you hard hurt yourself, he looks up as he heard the door slide shut.

    “I thought I told you that you were dismissed for the day,” He says, you approach him and slowly take the bindings from his hands.

    “My hand is doing just fine, my King,” You say. “I can’t miss a day of work,” You tie the bindings for him, he moves to take your hand but pause, not wanting to scare you off, you had spoken to him and willingly came to him, he didn’t want to push his luck, he drops his hands to his side.

    “Accompany me for breakfast while someone else cleans this,” He says. “I don’t need you getting hurt once more,” You nod your head and step away from him, he steps past you, and you follow behind him, he opens the door and steps outside, you follow and close the door and follow him to the dining hall, he was alone as breakfast was being brought into the room, you fill his plate with what he wants and places it down in front of you, as much as you feared him, you wanted to push it aside and learn what was happening inside the palace, if he wasn’t the one making these horrid decisions, Who was? And Why? That evening as you were getting him dressed for bed, you were looking up at him a bit more than usual, and he could sense that you were feeling a lot more comfortable around him, which was bringing him some ease and comfort. “How’s your hand feeling?”

    “It’s okay, hurting slightly, but it’s all right, my King,” You say, he nods his head and takes your hand.

    “Have you cleaned it today?” He asks, you lift your head to look at him.

    “No…” You whisper, he nods his head and lifts his other hand to the cloth, he slowly undoes the binding and removes the cloth.

    “It looks much better than it did the night before,” He says in a joking tone, trying to lighten the mood, he carefully slides a finger over the smallest one. “Let me clean it for you before you go,” You nod your head and let him guide you behind the screen, he had already washed himself. “I apologise for the filthy water, I’ll request an extra bowl next to this one.”

    “Don’t apologise, my King, I’m supposed to clean this myself, not make you work,” You say, he lifts his head to look at you and found you looking at him and for the first time in a while, he felt at ease as he saw a faint smile on your lips and saw you looking at him instead of the floor.

    “I don’t mind cleaning it… if it weren’t for my tantrum you would not have gotten hurt,” He says, he picks up his rag and carefully slides the damp rag over your palm. “By the way… did you finally realize I am not so bad to be around with?” you lick your lips and swallow, unsure if you should tell him why you were being more open with him.

    “I uh… saw a different side of you the night before…” You say, his movements pause on your palm. “The stories that have been spread through my village never once mentioned that you are a kind man…” You watch his reaction to see if you were hitting a nerve.

    “I see,” He says, slowly beginning to clean your wounds once more.

    “Is it not worth ignoring the stories when you cleaned my wounds instead of chasing me away?” You ask, you watch a smile form on his lips, dimples forming on his cheeks. “I think it is… I believe it is worth ignoring and giving you a chance… to show me that you are not this cold and evil King the country likes to spit out,” He drops the rag onto the table and lifts his gaze.

    “Are you willing to discover the real me?” He asks. “See what the world does not get to see?”


    The next night you sat at the foot of his bed as he sat on his bed, the covers pulled over his knees as he told you about his day, to him, it was unusual for someone to listen to him for a chance, to let him rant and vent about his thoughts, it quickly became a regular thing every night, he would tell you about his day, about the horrid decisions he would be forced to make, and you quickly learn that it was the King’s advisor pulling the strings, and he was just a puppet being used, but it angered you more that the King’s advisor had some much power over him, you would figure out why and what was being held against him, and if you could, you would help him.

    You were starting to have faith in your King, faith that he would be able to help the country, instead of running it into the ground more than it already is, but the more time you spent with him also, the more you realized that he wasn’t such a bad person, it was all the decisions he was forced to make that was painting him as a bad king, an evil cold-hearted King that did not care about anyone besides himself, but that was not the case, the person you were getting to know was nothing like that at all unless he was lying to you to build your trust, but you were starting to doubt that as well, he had no reason to build your trust for anything, for any beneficial reasons at least, and you couldn’t figure out if there was any other reason for him to lie to you, you hoped, prayed, he wasn’t lying to you because you were starting to enjoy these nightly sessions with him, just listening to him and getting to know him.

    You sometimes ended up forgetting he was the King and spoke out, in which he became silent and looked at you, which was a quick reminder for you that he was still the King after all, and you would profoundly apologise, which only made him laugh and wave it off before answering your question or getting into a small debate with you, seeing if you could give him better answers than his advisors.


    “I would like for you to bathe me tonight,” Jaeyoon announces as he enters his chambers, your eyes widen, and you turn towards him, he watches you with an amused look in your eyes,

    “I- l…” You begin, he steps towards you, his smile stretching across his lips, you had been spending more and more time with him, talking with him and looking up at him when e spoke to you, or you spoke to him, you were still scared of him, but not as much any more, your heart rate had calmed down, and you could carry a conversation with him without stuttering.

    “I am just pulling your leg,” He says, you let out a sigh of relief and give him a faint smile. “Unless you want to, of course,” He stops in front of you, and you reach for the bindings of his clothes.

    “That would be considered inappropriate, my King,” You say.

    “And what if I wish to bathe you?” He asks.

    “It would be considered inappropriate as well, my King,” You say, you undo his bindings. “I am a servant, I should serve you, not the other way around,” He hums lowly before taking your hands in his.

    “What if you weren’t my servant?” He asks, you lift your gaze to look at him.

    “Then I wouldn’t be here…” You say. “I’d have no reason or purpose to work here then and be here,” He softly squeezes your hand and nods his head.

    “You have a point…” He says. “I would like to free you from your punishment, and from your servant duties…” You try and keep your heart rate slow, but you could feel anxiety building up. “And I would like to make you my consort…” You gasp and your eyes widen once more, your lips part as you stare up at him in shock.

    “My King… I… we, you can’t,” You say.

    “I can… it is my kingdom, I can make the rules,” He says. “But I’m not someone to force anyone to do something against their will…” He lowers his head, his smile now gone as he squints. “Unless I am being forced to do so…” You swallow, trying not to tremble in front of him or let him realize that you were trembling. “I will go bathe now, think about it as long as you need to,” He releases your hand and moves behind the screen door, pushing off his robe, you lower your hands and slowly turn towards the balcony door, you make your way towards it and open it, you step outside, deciding to leave it open, so he would know that you hadn’t left yet, your mind was running a million miles an hour as you thought about his offer, surely you couldn’t, you were not fit to be a consort, why did he want you to be one? You felt the cool wind of the night blow against our exposed neck and shivered, he steps out from behind the screen, his sleep horn hanging over his shoulders as he loosely tied the bindings, he steps up behind you and wraps his arms around you, his chin rests on your shoulder as one hand slides upwards, you could feel your heart rate starting to hammer in your chest,

    “Tell me to stop… if I go too far,” He whispers into your ear, you shiver and swallow, your eyes shutting halfway, his hand reaches below your breast, his fingers gently caressing them as he h slides his hand higher, your jaw slacks, and you breathe in deeply, it felt so wrong, everything felt so wrong, the way he held you, the way he was touching you, it felt wrong, yet… you couldn’t bring yourself to tell him to stop, because, at the same time, it felt so right, you tilt your head back, and he takes that as a sign to cup your breast and latch his lips onto your neck with an open-mouthed kiss.

    “This… this is wrong, my King…” You whisper, it takes him a moment to pull away from your neck, you could feel his nose brushing against your neck. “We can’t… I’m not fit to be your consort…” You feel him take in a deep breath before releasing your breast and siding his hand away. “No one would approve.”

    “It should not matter what anyone else thinks…” He says. “It should matter what you want and what you think…” He unwraps his arms from around you. “Or perhaps I read the situation wrong,” You could feel a pang in your heart, and you begin to fear that you may have angered him and that he could turn cold towards you, you shiver at the memory of your first encounter with him, he steps away from you and steps back into his room.

    “You did not read it wrong…” You whisper, he pauses in the doorway, turning back to you. “I just fear that I could not be what it is you seek…” You slowly turn to face him. “May I be dismissed for the night?” He nods his head and looks at you, you could see some conflict in his eyes. “I want to properly think about it, but, my King… Are you sure you want me to be that to you?” He steps closer to you, he lifts his hand and strokes your cheek suing the back of his hand.

    “I am sure… the past few days or weeks have been phenomenal… I have never been treated like an actual human,” He says, you suck in a deep breath. “All I want is someone that does not fear me, that sees me as who I am…”


    You rarely spoke to him after that night as you thought about his words, his offer, you were fearing that he would toss you aside when he found someone else that would listen to him and give him the same company, besides that, no one in the Kingdom would approve, your status was far too low, and if they had the power to force him to make such horrid decisions, surely they had the power to break you both apart, and you weren’t prepared to have that type of heartbreak.

    “I can’t take the silence from you anymore,” He says as you were preparing his bed for him once more, you pause as you hear him approach you, it was a week after he had brought up the idea. “I miss talking with you, hearing your input in things… this ‘hmm’ you’ve been giving me each time is annoying the absolute hell out of me.”

    “I apologise, My King,” You say, you were about to move away from his bed when he places his hands on your hips and pulls you against him, your breath hitches as you feel his warmth against your back.

    “Forget I said anything last week, you don’t need to be it, but I miss your voice, your input in things…” He says, you bite the inside of your cheeks. “It feels like you’re mad at me, like I did something to upset you.”

    “That is not the case…” You say, you feel his hand moving over your tummy and slowly slide upwards, pausing just below your breasts. “I am thinking about it… but I do not like the idea of getting my heartbroken,” He softly hums into your ear. “And I fear that you will toss me aside once you find someone else that will listen to you,” He freezes against you, his face hardens before he turns you around to face him.

    “No one has ever given me the time of their day to listen to my complaints, my needs, and even if someone would be brave enough to step up and do it, I would not want them…” He says. “You were the first, and you made me feel special, warm… you made me feel a warmth I’ve never felt in this cold place,” His hand on your waist gently squeezes down, a shiver runs up your spine and warmth moves through you. “I will do anything in my power to protect that, to protect you from their darkness,” His hand on your waist moves over your dress, and he presses his hand down against your thigh, gently squeezing it and holding it firmly through the fabric. “I will give you more time to think about it, but I do not wish to lose you, lose your company, so if you could please sit with me and talk with me tonight, give me your input, your thoughts, I am desperate for that,” You slowly nod your head, and you look up at him, he slowly releases you before guiding you to sit on the bed with him, he places his hands on your covered knees and softly squeezes them and gives you a warm smile before starting to tell you about his day.


    You barely see him through the day, the only times you do see him is when you dress him for the day, accompany him for breakfast, and then you’re dismissed to tidy his room before you would see him at lunch once more before once again being dismissed to do his laundry before seeing him for dinner and in his room, the kind smiles he would offer you filled his place cause a beat to skip in your heart, you were only growing closer to him and fonder of him, and it felt like you were entering dangerous waters as you were, but you were brushing it all off, you were starting to think that becoming his consort would not be such a bad idea, you would still be doing your chores, your work, nothing much would change, aside from you being his… and surely you’d be treated differently as well, or not, you would have to find out if you agree to this with him.

    “I’ve thought about it, long, really long, and hard,” You begin to say one night as you were listening to him, he tilts his head to the side, waiting for you to continue. “I will be your consort,” You watch as his smile widens, he leans closer to you and cups your cheek, he pulls you in for a kiss and slowly kisses you, you could feel your heart selling, his other hand moves to your hip, and he suddenly grips it and pulls you on top of him as he lays back, his arm moves around your waist before he turns you around, having you lay down in the middle of his bed, his kiss deepens for a moment before he pulls away, he pulls his arms from underneath you, his eyes slowly move over your form.

    “Stop me if I go too far,” He says, you nod your head, and he lowers his head, softly kissing along your jaw before kissing down your neck, his hand moves to the buttons at the front of your dress, his fingers skilfully work to undo the buttons, your heart rate only becoming louder than he slowly undresses you, your hand move to his bindings and slowly undo them before him to the robe, you push it off his shoulders, revealing his tanned skin and tones shoulders and arms, you push it down his arms, he lifts one arm, allowing you to pull it off before he switches sides, allowing you to completely remove his robe, once you had his roe off, his hand was back to your buttons and his lips were travelling over your collarbone and lower, he sits on his knees as he pulls away from kissing your skin and looks down at you. “How many layers do you have on?”

    “The dress, and this is a bra, and then I have stockings on as well and underwear,” You say, you watch as he pulls your dress upwards, he bites his lip as he looks at your stockings.

    “They look good on you,” He says, he reaches up and pulls at the sleeves of your dress down your shoulders, you sit upright allowing him to remove it from your shoulders completely. “Let me this as well,” he leans forward, your breathing pauses as you feel his warmth against your clothed chest as he reaches around you to undo the bra, his chin rests on your shoulder as he watches his hands undo everything, you could feel his soft breathing against your skin as he focused. “How do you manage to do this each morning?” You softly chuckle and lower your head against his shoulder, he manages to undo your bra and slowly pulls it off from you, you feel your breasts being freed from the hold as he releases the fabric, and you feel his fingers touch the small of your back before slowly sliding them up your spine, leaving you shivering with his touch. “This is the only way I ever want to see you shiver for me, never with fear, but always with pleasure,” You lift your head as he begins to pull away, you look at him as he pulls your bra away from you. “Hiding all of this underneath so many layers.”

    “You’re very flattering tonight,” You say, he smiles and lifts his gaze.

    “Well, I must, I would not be a good lover if I did not compliment your goddess-like body,” He says, you slide your hand over his abs and up to his peck.

    “Says the King with a god-like body,” You say, you see his smile widening and his dimples becoming deeper as he does, his hands move to push the dress lower before sliding his hands upwards and over your tummy before reaching your breasts.

    “Well, I cannot deny it does look good, and I hope you realize how beautiful your body is as well,” He says, his hands sliding over your breasts, cupping them and pressing his thumbs against your nipples, rubbing slow circles over them, he looks down between you both, watching as his thumbs circle your nipples, watching as they harden underneath his touch, he licks his lips before lifting his head, you could see his eyes sparkling. “ They’re perfect.”

    “Are you just saying that before you’re afraid I might stop you if you don’t compliment them?” You ask, he softly chuckles and leans closer, his nose brushes against yours.

    “I’m not, they’re perfect to me, for me…” He says before softly pecking your lips, his kiss hardens, and soon he’s pushing you to lay back on the bed, his hands slightly pushing down against your chest to urge you as well, he slowly pulls away from the kiss and kisses down your jaw and down your neck, you let out a content sigh and close your eyes, feeling his lips travel over your neck and his fingers kneading into your breasts as his thumbs were circling your hardened nipple.

    “Feels… Good,” You sigh out, he smiles against your skin and kisses down your collarbone and down your chest.

    “Good to hear,” He says, his lips travel over the curve of your breast, and he slides his thumb away nipple as his lips reach it, a shiver runs through your spine as you hear him kiss it before he sucks it into his mouth, your back arches slightly at the feeling running through you, your eyes open halfway, and you look down, seeing the mop of black hair moving as he’s sucking your nipple, his touches were soft unlike the image he portrayed in front of everyone, you suck your bottom lip between your teeth and move your hand to his shoulder, pausing when you feel him stiffen at your touch, you begin to think you had made a mistake in touching him, he reaches up at your hand as he feels you begin to pull away and stops you, he tilts his head slightly to look up at you with your nipple still between his lips, he guides your hand more onto his shoulder before releasing you, you take it as a sign to continue and slowly slide it over his beck, feeling his muscles bulge as they work to keep him hovering above you, he keeps his eyes on your face as he tugs at your nipple.

    “Oh… ohh,” You gasp out, your jaw slacks and your breathing becomes louder, he pulls at your nipple more before releasing it with a pop, causing your walls to clench as the feeling travels down to your core.

    “Don’t be afraid to touch me,” He says in a soft tone, you nod your head, still feeling sure if you should. “I told you, I want someone that isn’t afraid to touch me, I want you to feel comfortable with me.”

    “I promise nothing, but I’ll work on it,” You say, he lowers his head down, his chin pressed against your nipple, your legs twitch at the feeling.

    “We’ll work on it together then,” He says. “I want to know if you feel comfortable with the things I’m doing, I want to feel your touch, it will say more to me,” You nod your head once again, he suddenly reaches up and takes your jaw between his forefinger and thumb. “Use your voice, don’t just nod at me,” His tone sounding slightly different.

    “I- I, yes, my King,” You stutter out, you could hear the authoritative tone in his voice, he slides his thumb along your jaw before moving it below your lip.

    “Good,” He mutters, he pulls your lip down a bit before he lifts his chin from your breast and his hand releases your jaw, your hand falls away from his shoulder as he sits upright on his knees and slides his hands move over your tummy and towards your dress that was only halfway removed, his fingers hook into it and pulls it down, you slightly lift your hips and allow him to pull it over until he was removing it and tossing it aside. “Hmm… the stockings…” He slides a finger along it, his nail hooking into it and tearing them. “I hope you have a new pair somewhere,” He slides his hand up, his fingers reach the elastic of your panties and slowly slides his fingers along the elastic, you shiver as you feel the feathery touch of his fingers, dipping against the crease of your hip before moving over your hip, wetness pools between your folds and your skin heats up more, he smiles as he watches your body shiver and licks his lips, he loved the sight, his fingers suddenly hook into the elastic, and he pulls them down, along with the stockings, his hands almost caressing your legs as he removes the fabric from you, first one leg and then the other, leaving a kiss behind on your ankles before he lowers your legs, he tosses the fabric aside and leans over you. “Let me know if you enjoy it.”

    “I will,” you say with a slight nod, he smiles and moves lower down, his lips graze over your tummy as he leaves a trail down your tummy and over your mound, you suck in your tummy as you feel his breath hitting your folds, your clit twitches with how close he was, a whine escapes your lips as you feel his fingers slowly sliding along your folds before dipping between them and spreading them open.

    “Hmm… you smell so good,” He hums out, you shiver as he spoke almost right into your pussy, your fingers scratch at the sheets. “I’m going to eat you out now,” Your back arches as he tells you what he would do next, his nose touches your wetness and his lips touch your clit before he moves his head lower, you bend your legs and press your heels into the bed, opening up for him more. “Such a good girl.”

    “My King!” You gasp, your eyes shut, he chuckles, causing your walls to clench at the vibrations travelling through you, his fingers slide along your folds, spreading them more open for his tongue to explore, his tongue finds your entrance and a low hum comes from him as he tastes how wet you are, you reach down without thinking and grab onto his hair, your eyes open wide, and you let out a gasp, his other hand shoots up to grip your hand as he felt you pulling away, he presses your hand harder against the back of his head, and you grip onto his hair, your eyes fluttering shut as you feel his tongue dipping into your entrance. “Ohh, ohh,” You moan at the feeling of his warm tongue entering you, his nose was rubbing just below your clit, the sound of him licking at your wetness sounded so damn sinful, and fuck, you loved it, you pull at his hair, your legs almost shutting around his head. “Oh, my fucking…” His hand releases yours, and he moves it to the crease of your hip, his shoulder pressing against your thigh as he does, you could feel his tongue dipping in and out of you as he collected your wetness into his mouth, his tongue worked skilfully at your entrance.

    “Hmm,” He hums, your walls clench around his tongue and his hand presses down against the crease of your hip, creating some bruising on it, his tongue flattens against your pussy as he drags it upwards and over your clit, you could feel a tightening feeling forming inside you as your insides pulled together, your grip in his hair seem to tighten as he flicks his tongue over your clit, licking it over and over, your skin was becoming clammy from sweat as you edged closer.

    “My King… My… King… fuck,” You moan, your back arches as you feel your high getting closer, he sucks your clit into his mouth. “My King!” The more he sucked on it, the more it felt like you were teetering right on the edge of your high, you press your head into the bed and stars explode behind your lids, your toes curl and your body shakes as he releases your clit with a loud and harsh pop, the tightening feeling inside you snaps and a rush of pleasure runs through you. “My King, ohmm, ohh, oh,” His head dips lower, and he laps at your release, your mind was high in the clouds as you go through your high, you could faintly hear the sound of your wetness as he lapped it up, your hand moves with his head as he lifts it to look at you, your chest rising up and down from breathing in deeply and rapidly, he admires you for a moment, his fingers slowly sliding along your folds, easing you through your high, he was in awe as he watched your muscles twitch with pleasure.

    “You look like a real goddess right now,” He says. “The light is making your skin glistening, and the way you’re breathing,” You clench and slowly open your eyes to look at him, your hand falls away from his hair as you continue to stare up at him, he pulls his hand away from your pussy, and he climbs off the bed, his hands move to his night trousers and his underwear, quickly discarding them before climbing back onto the bed and moving between your legs, his sides rub along the inside of your thighs before you feel the head of his cock poking at your folds, he reaches between your legs and presses his cock between your folds, humming as he feels your warmth surrounding him.

    “My King…” You moan, you feel him slide along your folds, coating himself with your arousal. “Hmm, it feels so good,” He pulls himself away from you before you feel the head of his cock sliding over your clit and down to your entrance, your jaw slacks and your eyes shut as you feel the head entering you, his hand's grip onto your hips as he releases your cock, he lifts your hips and slowly slides into you, making you feel each inch of him as he slowly fills and stretches you, you reach up as your back arches from the bed, your hand's grip onto his pillow, twisting your fingers into it, hot pleasure runs through you, your walls clench around him halfway, making him pause for a moment.

    “Hmm, fuck… squeezing around me already,” He states more than asks, you gasp as you feel him pushing more of himself into you, stopping when he was completely buried inside you, your walls pulse around him, your fingers were starting to hurt with how you were gripping his pillow, he releases your hips and leans over you, his stomach rubs against yours as he reaches for your wrists. “Bring them here,” You felt his breath fan against your face as he spoke, and you open your eyes, only to find his face centimetres away from yours, he pulls your hands away from the pillow and moves one of them to the back of his head and the other one was placed on his shoulder, he presses his hands into the bed and lifts his hips, his cock slowly sliding from you, your fingers dig into his shoulder and your other fingers twist into his hair, he stops halfway and pushes back into you, making you gasp, you tilt your head back and push it into the mattress, he dips his head down and kisses your neck as he sets a slow pace, the sounds of your wetness moving along with your mixed moans and groans were travelling around the room, he moves down onto his elbows as he begins to deeply thrust into you. “You feel so good,” You gasp as you feel him thrust into you harshly.

    “That… oh it, my King,” You gasp out, your fingers tug at his hair, everything you were feeling was making your body tingle. “Uhhmm,” His lips move over your neck and down to your collarbone, pausing to suck a mark into it, your legs entangle with his, your toes curling into his legs “Feels so good,” You turn your head to the side, giving him more access to your collarbone, you could feel a heat slowly forming in the pit of your tummy as another tightening feeling was slowly building.

    “Hmm,” He moans lowly, your walls were fluttering around him, slowly making his mind spin as he feels it, he lifts his head, you could feel how slippery things were becoming between your bodies as sweat continue to build up more and more. “So good… so damn good,” You squeeze your eyes tighter shut as you feel another harsh thrust from him as you squeeze around him. “I’m going to lose control if you keep squeezing me like that,” You grip his hair tighter, making him groan.

    “Who says I don’t want you to lose control?” You gasp out, your voice sounding strained as you answered him. “What if I want you to lose control?” You squeeze around him harder, he reaches between your bodes, easily slipping his hand between with all the sweat, his palm rests on your mound and his fingers find your clit, he lifts his hips and drivers himself into you, your back arches off the bed, your eyes toll to the back of your head behind your lids before stars explode behind them as he pinched your clit, a hot pleasure crashes into you, you press your heels into the back of his thighs as you squeeze hard around him.

    “Fuck… oh that feels so damn good, fuck,” He groans lowly into your ear, his pace picking up while he rolls your clit between his fingers, your body shakes with pleasure as your muscles lock up, you press your fingers into his scalp and feel your nails on his shoulders tearing through the skin, but you didn’t care, you were feeling such a rush of euphoria.

    “Ohh, uhh, my King… My King!” You moan, he could feel a second heartbeat forming in the head of his cock, just feeling your walls squeeze around him was driving him closer to the edge, he pulls his fingers away from your clit and moves his hand to your hip, gripping onto it as his thrusts become uneven and faster, you whine as you feel him chasing his own high, your walls flutter around him, earning low groans from him right into your ear, his hips snap back before harshly snapping back into yours, he buries himself deep inside you, his forehead lowers down to the crook of your neck, you feel his cock twitch inside you before he paints your walls with his cum, you slide your legs upwards and dog your heels into his asscheeks, keeping him in place as he releases inside you, you could feel your hair sticking to your skin as you were starting to come down from everything, you loosen your grip on his shoulder and saw the raw marks on his flesh, you gasp as dread fills you, your hand falls away from his head, and he quickly picks up as you stiffen underneath him, he lifts his head to look at you.

    “What, what’s wrong, should I not have cum inside you?” He asks, concern laced in his voice, he sees how wide your eyes were and moves his head to look at what you were looking at, and found the marks you had created. “Oh… Oh, a reminder of how good I made you feel,” He looks back at you. “Calm down… I’m not mad, I’m not going to do anything to you,” You slowly nod your head, managing to calm yourself down enough, he slowly pulls out of you and rolls onto the bed next to you, both of you breathing hard, he doesn’t look at you, instead, he looks upwards before closing his eyes. “You know where the water is,” You could feel a sudden pang inside you, did you fall for his tricks? Did he only use you for sex? Did he spend weeks getting to know you, just to get that for a night? You swallow and roll onto your side, feeling your mixed releases slipping from you and coating the insides of your thighs, you stood from the bed, walking in shame towards the screen where the bowl was, you felt hurt, used, and disgusted with yourself, had you fallen for his tricks? Was he actually a cold king? You pick up the rag and dip it into the cooling water and slowly begin cleaning yourself, your thoughts running a million miles abhor, it would be a long walk back to your quarters, you rinse the rag and put it down, taking in a deep breath while trying not to alert him of your feelings and thoughts, afraid he would take offence, you slowly step out from behind the screen and look towards your dress that was in a mess on the floor.

    “Come here,” He says, your head snaps towards the bed and found him still on his back, but with his knee propped up and the moonlight shining into the room and hitting him just perfectly, you could see the outlines of his body, the ridges of his toned torso, you make your way towards the bed, and he pats the spot where you had laid just moments ago. “I won’t allow you to get dressed, I want to feel our body against mine through the night,” And your mind was once again thrown into another spin, you carefully lay down, making sure there was a distance between you both, he lets out a sigh and turns onto his side, his knee staying propped up. “Is there something on your mind?” You shake your head ‘no’ which makes him frown. “I thought I told you to use your words.”

    “No, no, nothing’s wrong,” You say, he nods his head, his eyes slowly moving down your body, taking in your form before they snap back to look at your face.

    “You don’t need to lie…” He says, he reaches out, and watch as you close your eyes. “Are you afraid of me again?” His fingers gently touch your cheek, and you let out a soft sigh.

    “I, no… no,” You say, you hear him let out another sigh but continues to stroke your cheek.

    “I apologise, but I never learned how to care for my lovers… I will do it properly next time,” He says, your eyes snap open, and you look at him. “I realised when I heard you sigh, that it is my duty to probably clean you,” Had you sighed that loudly? You had tried to hide it, but it seems you failed. “And when you come out from behind the screen, you were searching for your dress, which makes me think that you think I used you for pleasure.”

    “I… My King,” You whisper, he slides his fingers to your lips and presses down on it.

    “I didn’t use you… excuse my poor words, you have no reason to walk out this door and feel ashamed,” He says, he watches as your body relaxes into his bed, he moves his hand down from your face and to your waist, pulling you against him, without a second thought, you turn into him and snuggle closer to him, burying your head against his chest, his hand moves to your lower back and holds you against him.


    The following morning you awake on a comfortable bed, sheets were covering your body and the scent of your King was surrounding you, memories from the night before suddenly floods your mind, a soft smile forms on your lips, and you turn around, quickly finding the bed empty, you sit upright and look around the room, only for your eyes to land on your clothes that had been neatly folded along with an extra splash of colour added to it, you hesitantly reach out and run your fingers over the colour, feeling the embroidery underneath your fingers, were you dreaming? Did he have this planned for days and had prepared new clothes for you? His mark was now on your dress, labelling you as his consort, you quickly climb off the bed and find your undergarments, pulling them on before standing in front of the dress, looking at the mark, you shakily pick it up and pull it on, your eyes fall down to where it was and swallow, would anyone accept it? Would you be an outcast now? As you entered the kitchen, everyone becomes quiet as they see the mark, and you quickly realise you were no longer one of them, yet at the same time you were, but they would now avoid you like the plague, you tried to brush it off as you ate, it would only be during breakfast, lunch and dinner you’d see them, seeing as you were still serving out your punishment until he said otherwise.

    When it came to serving him breakfast, his smiles had disappeared, and he wasn’t even looking at you, you decided to brush it off, assuming he had received bad news or that he needed to make another decision, but by the time dinner arrives, he had ignored you all day, not even once touching you or giving you a smile as you served him like he did in the past, which had you worried, as you were preparing him for the night, he was back to smiling at you and talking with you, which had your mind spinning, it continued on for days, you were becoming fed up, and you were ready to leave your dress with the embroidery mark on his bed and return to your old clothes, and that was exactly what you were doing when he returned to his chambers and saw the dress on his bed, and you're wearing your old uniform.

    “What do you think you’re doing?” He asks as he slides the door close and makes his way towards you, you ignore him and turn, ready to undo his bindings for him to go clean himself, you avoid his gaze, which angered him, you silently undo his bindings and belt and pull them off.  “I asked you a question,” You once again ignored him and move to place the bindings and belt on the bed. “Are you ignoring your King?” You grip his robe and push it off his shoulders and carefully remove it, you turn to pick up the bindings only for him to wrap his arms around you, making you gasp. “It's quite rude to ignore your King, my lady,” You try and wiggle out from his grip, only for him to suddenly push you forward, you drop the clothes onto the floor as he presses you down on the bed, his hand resting on your upper back. “You’re not wearing your marked clothes, which is an offence, you’re ignoring your King, which is another offence,” You feel him grip your dress and pull it upwards, exposing your ass for him. “Lucky for you, I won’t tell on you, but I’ll get you to talk,” You try and stand, only to feel him press harder down against your back. “My lady… don’t move, I’m going to drag out what it is what you’re upset with, and remind you that you’re mine now,” You feel him cup your clothed pussy, his fingers press against your folds and slowly traces the outline of it, you close your eyes as you feel a warm sensation slowly spreading over your skin.

    “Want to say something to me yet?” He asks in a taunting tone, your fingers twist into the sheets, and you refuse to say anything to him, but you wouldn’t be able to stay silent for long if he continued on with what he was doing, he lets out a hum, and you feel him pull your panties aside, his actions were making you grow wetter by the second, but you were certain that you weren’t wet enough for him to finger you, you gasp as you feel his fingers slide along your folds, rubbing them, he knew what he was doing, he presses down against one of your folds and pulls it open. “I’ll get you to acknowledge me,” His fingers slide between your folds and dips to your entrance before he slides them to your clit and slowly circles his thumb around the nub, you could feel it slowly begin to throb as you were getting turned on more and more. “I have all night to get you to make a noise,” You turn your head into the mattress, your lips parting, and your skin already feeling hot, it felt like the dress was clinging to your skin already, your back arches suddenly as he presses down against your clit.

    “Ohh!” You gasp, he begins rubbing your clit in a rough manner, watching as your body squirms and hearing gasps falling from your lips, even if they were muffled by the mattress, you could feel drool leaking from the corner of your lips as you struggled to swallow.

    “My good girl, seems to be a naughty girl today,” He says, your walls clench at his words, and it didn’t go unnoticed by him, his fingers leave your clit and slide to your entrance and slip a digit inside you. “Who am I?” He growls out as he curls his finger inside you, your back arches up, and you break.

    “My King!” You moan out, you could only imagine him smirking at making you talk, he uncurls his finger and slowly slides it out from you halfway before pushing it back in, your toes curl into the floor at the feeling going through you, you could hear the sound of your wetness squelching as he slides his finger in and out. “My King,” His finger suddenly disappears from inside you, you let out a gasp mixed with a whine as you feel a sudden sting against your pussy as he slapped it.

    “Ignore me again, and you’ll get more,” He says, his hand sliding from the middle of your back to your neck. “After I’m done here, you’re going to tell me why you gave me the silent treatment,” He pulls you upwards by the back of your neck and turns you around to face him, you look up at him and saw how dark his eyes were, it definitely would not go like the last time, not with how he was handling you, he releases your neck and grips the front of your dress, ripping it open and tearing the buttons that were on it off. “The audacity to wear this as well…” He moves his hands to your sleeves and pulls them down your arms, the dress quickly pools around your ankles, going his bindings and robe on the floor. “I should toss it into the fire,” His hand moves to your bra and undoes the bindings to it before pulling the straps down your shoulders as well, it hits the floor and his eyes lower down to your chest, his hands move to cup your breasts, and he presses his thumbs against your nipples, you swallow as you feel his nail grazing over the one nipple, causing it to harden underneath his touch, he licks his lips and lean closer, he pinches one of your nipples between he takes it into his mouth, you tilt your head back, closing your eyes as you feel him suck on it, his teeth were grazing against it, while his thumb was rubbing your other nipple, you reach out and grip onto his shoulders, unlike last time, you didn’t care if you touched him, you weren’t worried that your hands could be severed, your breathing picks up as you feel him take your nipple between his fingers and tug on it, your back arches and a whimper leaves your lips.

    “My King…” You whimper, he rolls your nipple between his fingers and pulls at it, you could feel wetness pooling between your folds each time he tugs at your nipple, your eyes suddenly open as you feel his teeth press down around your nipple. “MY KING!” He harshly tugs at it and releases your nipple to look at you, you lift your head and saw a hard expression on his face.

    “Glad to hear you didn’t go silent on me again,” He says, you whimper, realising he would be using it against you the entire time, and he would make sure that you were loud for him, he pinches your nipple before releasing it, he feels your hands shaking against his shoulders. “Nervous about what could happen tonight?” You lift your gaze to look at him, your eyes dark with lust, he licks his lips at the sight before gripping your hips and picks you up before putting— or more tossed you down on the bed, he quickly climbs onto the bed, moving between your legs as he does, forcing them apart, his hands grip the outside your thighs as he leans over, his lips attach to your tummy, and you feel him suck a mark into your skin, you move your hand to his hair and twists your fingers into it, you bend your legs and your toes curl into the sheets, he leaves a trail of bruises down your tummy until he reaches your panties, he lifts his head to look at you, your lips were swollen as you licked them over and over at how good all the attention was feeling, he grips your panties along with your stockings, and practically rips them down your legs, exposing you fully to him, he quickly discards of it, ripping the stockings in the process, he drips his head lower and kisses your folds before sucking one of them into his mouth and softly nibbles on it, you could feel your walls clench at the feeling, his nose was rubbing against the inside of your thigh, your insides were pulling together as the feeling of it, he tugs on it before releasing it, his lips move over the inside of your thigh.

    “MY KING!” You scream out, and tug at his hair as you feel his teeth suddenly sink into the inside of your thigh, his fingers grip your thigh, creating more bruises on the outside of them, he pulls away from your thigh and admires his handy work.

    “Beautiful…” He says, you could feel it throbbing, but the feeling quickly fades away when you feel his hand slide away from your thigh, you focus on where it’s going until you feel it on your pussy, spreading your folds, your clit twitches as you feel him blow on it. “So cute…” His fingers slide along your folds before dipping into your entrance, you had grown wetter since his finger was last inside you, making it easier to slip two digits inside you.

    “Fu— uck,” You moan, your back arches away from the mattress, everything he was doing, was driving you towards your high, and faster also, you tug at the sheets and at his hair.

    “Hmm, feels good when you tug my hair like that,” He says. “When you’re not scared to do it,” He curls his fingers inside you, making you moan and lift your hips off the bed, he suddenly presses down against your hips with his other hand. “Keep still, my lady,”

    “My King…” You whine, you could hear the teasing in his tone, he leans closer to your pussy and licks at your clit, causing your body to jolt, he lays his head against the inside of your thigh and gently blows against your clit while moving his fingers in and out of you, curling them every few times, you were getting closer, and he could feel it as your walls clenched around his fingers.

    “Cum, cum for your King, make a mess around my fingers,” He says, your toes were starting to ache from having them curled for as long as you did, your eyes roll to the back of your head before you completely shut them as pleasure crashes into you, stars explode behind your lids as you release around his fingers, the tightening feeling inside you snaps and a feeling of relief washes over you.

    “My King, My King, ohmm, fuck, My King,” You moan, a smirk growing on his lips as you moan his title, although he would have preferred to hear his name from your lips, he couldn’t risk you moaning it, in case someone would walk past his room, he presses his thumb against your clit and rubs it, easing you through your high as he pumps his fingers in and out of you, your release was spilling onto the bed and splattering onto the inside of your thighs, your body shakes with pleasure as you go through your high, you tried to lift your hips, but he kept pushing them down to the bed, your chest rose up and down as you breathed in deeply and rapidly, he suddenly stops all movements and watch your reaction before pulling them out from you, your hand falls away from his hair, and you release the sheets, your body was slowly coming down from the high, he climbs off the bed, letting you take a moment to recover, he pushes his trousers down along with his underwear, his cock slaps against his lower abdomen, leaving a smear of pre-cum behind.

    “My lady…” He says, his tone sounding sweet as he called for you, you open your eyes and lift your head, your eyes fall to his cock, pre-cum boxing from the slit and his hand holding it. “Come here,” You take in a shaky breath and move onto your hand and knees and crawl closer to the edge he lifts his other hand and slowly slides it through your hair before gripping the back of your head, you gasp as he pulls you closer to his cock. “Clean that spot for me and then show me how good your mouth is,” Your walls clench, and you feel your wetness sliding down your thighs, you lean closer to his stomach and swipe your tongue across it, causing him to suck in his tummy at the feeling. “Your tongue feels nice and warm,” You look up at him and find him already staring down at you. “Don’t stop,” You press your tongue flashes against his lower abdomen and lick a stripe along the smear of pre-cum, tasting the saltiness from him. “Good girl,” You move your head over his pubic bone, kissing along it, he presses his cock against your cheek, smearing some pre-cum onto your cheek, you whimper and pulls your head back. “Pucker those pretty lips for your King,” You do as he says and pucker your lips, you whimper as he slides the head of his cock over your lips, smearing his pre-cum over it.

    “Lick it,” He orders, your tongue darts out, and you press it into the slit of his cock, he gasps and throws his head back at the sudden feeling, his grip in your hair tightens as you tease the head of his cock with your tongue, you lean closer and take the head of his cock between your lips and lightly suck on it, his hips buck forward and more of him fills your mouth. “Fuck… that feels so good, fuck, almost just as good as your pussy,” You hum around him, his grip tightens as he feels the vibrations travelling through his cock. “Fuck… so good, fuck,” You were suddenly pulled off his cock. “Turn around, stay on all fours,” You lick your lips, celling them from his pre-cum, he releases your hair, and you move back on the bed before turning around, you feel the bed dip as he climbs onto it, you gasp as you feel his hand hit your asscheek. “Such a pretty ass also.”

    “My king…” You gasp. “Ohh,” You feel him move the head of his cock between your folds, coating it with your wetness, he circles your clit with it, teasing you, making you whine and whimper, your arms suddenly give out underneath you and your ass is propped up in the air for him.

    “Hmm, offering me your pretty ass to grip onto,” He says, you whimper as you feel his fingers grip your ass, kneading his fingers into it as he slides his cock through your folds, teasing your pussy. “Are you going to be nice and loud for me?” You nod your head and gasp as you feel him tap your clit with the head of his cock. “What did I tell you?”

    “Yes, yes, fuck,” You gasp. “My King,” You quickly add on, he hums and slides himself to your entrance, your jaw slacks, and you could feel your saliva quickly escaping from the corner of your mouth as you feel him pushing the head of his cock into you, he releases his cock and moves his hand to your hip, gripping onto it before pulling you back onto him, filling you to the brim, your back arches at how fast he filled you, your walls faintly burn at the stretch.

    “Fuck, you still feel so damn good,” He groans, he feels your walls pulse around him and gives you a moment to adjust before slowly sliding out from your halfway before pushing back in, filling you once more.

    “My King, ohhh, uhhmm,” You moan, you could hear your wetness moving as he thrusts in and out of you, you could feel how close he was getting to hitting your sweet spot. “Ohh— ohmmm,” You could feel the sheets becoming wet as your drool was spilling onto it, your thighs were becoming coated with your own release, your walls squeeze around him.

    “Fuck, fuck, so good,” He moans, your fingers twist into the sheets, and you pull at it, he wraps his arm around our waist and suddenly pulls you upwards against him, his cock shifts inside you, and you throw your head back against his shoulder as you squeeze around him.

    “Fuck, fuck, oh my fuck, that feels soooo goooood, ohmm,” You moan, his hand slides over your tummy and grips your breast, his fingers knead into it, his lips attach to your neck with an open-mouthed kiss, his hips roll against yours, and you let out a moan as you feel the head of his cock hit your sweet spot, your walls clamp down around him, and he hums against your neck, he slides his other hand over your waist, his fingers slowly slide over the crease of your hip before his hand cups your mound, his fingers slip between your folds and touch your clit.

    “Ohh, fuck, milking my cock, my lady?” He groans into your ear, you could feel your muscles starting to pull as your insides were knotting together.

    “My Kiinnngg,” You gasp out, he slowly rubs your clit as his cock continues to hit your sweet spot each time he thrusts into you, your breathing was becoming fast, you could feel his grip on your breast slipping from sweat building up on your skin. “My King, oh, oh fuckk, fuck, I’m ohh… close,” He takes your clit between his fingers and rolls it between them, your back arches as stars explode behind your eyes at the same time pleasure rushes through you as the tightening feeling inside you snaps, and you release around him with a whine.

    “So fucking good, fuck, I can feel your juices running over my balls,” He groans into your ear, you clench at his words, he kisses your neck and slowly moves his lips over your shoulder. “Fuck, so good…” Your mind was in the clouds as he spoke, and you could barely hear him, he pulls at your clit, making you whine loudly as you were going through your high, your body tingled from the high you were going through, your skin felt on fire, his pace picks up as you were coming down from your high, the sound of your wetness and mixed moans and groans were moving through the room, the way it sounded was causing another high to form inside you.

    “My King, ohmm, my fuck, I’m I… you, I’m,” You struggle to form a sentence.

    “Am I making you feel that good?” He asks. “That you wanna cum on my cock again?” You whine at his words and squeeze around him, he could feel a heartbeat forming in the head of his cock as he was nearing his high, he rolls your clit between his fingers, a tightening feeling builds inside you quicker than the last, his thrusts were becoming uneven as he was starting to chase his own high, his mind was spinning from how your walls were squeezing him, his grips your breast harder as he fucks deeply into you, making you moan loudly. “That’s it, let the entire palace know how good I’m fucking you,” You clench around him and that was enough for him to be sent over the edge, he rocks his hips into yours, his fingers hastily pull and tug at your clit, you reach up and grip onto his forearm, feeling like you are falling, your fingers dig into his skin, your high was sudden and quick as it crashes into you, you didn’t even notice him drooling onto your shoulder, his movements slow down as he fills you with every last drop of his cum, he rubs your clit, easing you through your high before he slowly lowers you down onto the bed, his cock slips from you and your mixed releases spill from you and onto the bed, his lips touch the top of your spine, and he slowly kisses down it, he lifts his head and lays down next to you on his side, he slides his fingers along your spine. “I won’t make the same mistake as last time,” You turn your head to look at him, finding a soft smile on his lips. “I’ll clean you this time, I’ll be a proper lover,” You roll onto your side, squeezing your legs together as you feel your mixed releases leaking from you. “But first, why were you ignoring me, and leaving the dress that marked you as my consort here?”

    “You were giving me whiplash,” You say, he lifts his head in confusion. “Being cold during the day, ignoring me… and then at night you act as nothing happened and nothing’s wrong,” His lips part and a soft ‘ahh’ laves it.

    “I understand now,” He says, he slides his hand over your sides and moves it up to your face, gently cupping your cheek. “My advisor did not like the idea of me making you my consort, so I had told him it's for further punishment and of army pleasure, he doesn’t know my true feelings for you, and I would like to keep it that way, until I can find the documents they have over my head,” Your lips form into an ‘O’, you weren’t happy, but you understood a bit more. “It’s to protect you, I’m afraid they will take you from me if they know my true feelings for you.”

    “And what are those true feelings?” You ask, he leans closer, his nose brushes against yours.

    “That I like you, and might even be deeply in love with you,” He says, his lips softly touch you before you could respond, he pushes you to lay on your back, and he slight hovers over you as he kisses you, he slowly pulls away from the kiss, and warmly smiles down at you as he traces your facial features with his finger. “Let me go get the rag and clean you, my lady.”

    “Let me come with, I should clean you as well,” You say, and got up from the bed, and he follows behind you, his eyes dropping to your ass before you each the bowl, you hiss as you feel a stinging sensation at your thigh, and you were quickly reminded of the bite mark he had left behind.

    “I should clean that for you, my lady,” He says, you pick up the rag.

    “I’m cleaning you first, though,” You say, giving him a smirk.


    You lay next to him on the bed the following night, the covers were pulled to your chest, and he was laying shirtless, his arm was around you and his fingers were drawing circles on your upper arm.

    “How do you think we should find these documents?” You ask. “Because this can’t be held over you, you deserve to rule the country how you wish to,” He softly hums and shifts his head to look at you, riding you looking up at him already.

    “You shouldn’t be worrying about it,” He says. “It’s my burden to carry,” You move your body towards him, placing a hand on his pec.

    “I am worried because no one knows who you are, they don’t know that you could be a better King,” You say. “You deserve that opportunity during your reign,” He warmly smiles at you and sucks in a deep breath.

    “Well, I do have the men I can trust, looking where they can when they can, but it is a bit hard,” He begins, you nod your head as you listen to him. “They know where to hide it, and we don’t have anything on them to search their homes for treason.”

    “Do you need someone to plant something?” You ask in a serious tone, his brows furrow as he looks at you. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding… unless…” He softly chuckles.

    “It could be needed, but it’s okay, we will find something, no one is ever clean,” He says.

    “I used to know some people in the village when a person was giving trouble, they would make sure to find evidence, and then lead the right people to it,” You say, he nods his head as he listens.

    “Out of curiosity… what are their names?” He asks, you trace your finger over his chest.

    “Why?” You ask. “Want to go arrest them?” He smiles and chuckles.

    “No… maybe, oh, did you have any relations with any of them?” He asks, you chuckle and lay your head against his chest, a soft ‘ah’ coming from you, you feel his finger slowly move up your arm before it reaches your shoulder before it moves to your hair and slides over it, you lift your head as he gently pats his hand over your hair.

    “I did not have any relations with any of them, maybe a one night rendezvous, but after that, nothing,” You say, he tilts his head.

    “Oh, a rendezvous?” He says. “And what did this night involve?” You push yourself up and lean closer to him, you move your hand to his cheek and softly stroke your finger along his cheek.

    “That… has nothing to do with you,” You whisper before kissing him, you feel him pull you closer to him, his hand pressing down against the back of your head as he kisses back, you knew what kind of dangers lay ahead, and you were willing to step into it with eyes wide open, you wanted to be there for the King you once thought was cold, you were willing to risk your life to get him the freedom he rightly deserves, you slowly pull away from the kiss. “Want me to make contact with them and have them come and visit, My King?” He takes in a deep breath before letting out a sigh.

    “Perhaps I should meet your friends,” He says, you nod your head and move away from his face, only for him to pull you back. “Not now.”

    “Not now, I’ll go to the village tomorrow,” You say, he nods his head and pulls you in for another kiss.


    You look between your friends and Jaeyoon as they stared at him, you had managed to convince them to come with and listen to his side of the story, you felt your heart rate picking up as you felt the tension between them, or mostly coming from your friends, you were all used to the hearing about the cold-hearted King, and now hearing that he’s not that kind of person must have given them some whiplash or planted doubt in their minds.

    “It’s a little hard to believe… when all we’ve heard is how you mercilessly murder people,” Inseong says, being the first one to break the silence as well. “That’s all we know about you.”

    “It’s understandable that you don’t trust me,” Jaeyoon says. “But would I have allowed four strings pass the palace walls to come and talk to me personally?” Inseong steps forward a little and lifts his hand to his chin.

    “It could be a trick… you know, you might have heard what we do, and now you want to get rid of us…” Inseong says, Jaeyoon looks in your direction.

    “Has he always been like that?” Jaeyoon asks.

    “He has a knack for coming up with things, and usually some of them are true,” You say. “I uh… Inseong,” You lift the cover from your head, the consort mark quickly coming into their view, you had managed to hide it from them for the entire morning. “You can trust him…”

    “How can we know we can?” Dawon says. “How do we know we can trust you?” You drop the cover and walk towards him. “You could have been brainwashed.”

    “Do you think he could have managed it?” You ask, you and Dawon look at each other before Chani steps between you both.

    “We all know… she can’t be brainwashed,” Chani says. “Let’s give it a chance, we all know what to do if we misjudged,” You look at him before feeling Jaeyoon’s presence behind you.

    “I give my word, I am not that cold-hearted bastard they have me portrayed as,” Jaeyoon says, his arm slowly moves around you, and you watch as Chani’s eyes flash for a moment. “I wish for a different country, I wish to be a helpful King.”

    “We’ll help, but if we get a sniff in the nose that this is a trick, we will disappear,” Zuho says, Jaeyoon nods his head.

    “You have every right to then,” Jaeyoon says, they nod their heads, and you slowly relax, only to stiffen with the next question falling from Jaeyoon’s lips. “So, who is the one you had a rendezvous night with?” You quickly turn around with your eyes wide, you press your hand against his chest and softly push him, your friends watch as you do and quickly move their gaze to the King to see what he would do, only to watch as he smiles down at you.

    “I told you it’s none of your business,” You say.

    “I remember clearly you, telling me it’s none of my business what you had done, not once with who it was,” Jaeyoon says. “Besides, I am curious,” He lifts his gaze to look at your friends. “Could it be the one that is too imaginative?” This caused Inseong to chuckle.

    “Oh, no, I was never that lucky,” Inseong says. “I am spoken for as well,” Jaeyoon nods his head and moves it to look at Dawon.

    “Or is it him?” Jaeyoon asks. “He is well-built, almost like he trained with the soldiers.”

    “Allow me to end the guessing game, your majesty,” Dawon says. “It is not me, although, I did try, she always refused me.”

    “Why does it matter who it was?” You interrupt him.

    “It was me,” Chani says, his tone deep as he spoke, Jaeyoon’s eyes move towards him.

    “I actually never would have guessed,” Jaeyoon says. “But I can see or more hear why,” He looks at you, and you lower your head, your back still turned to your friends, but you could feel Chani’s eyes burning into you before anything else could be said, the doors opened and four other men entered.

    “We’ve found some—” Youngbin begins to say, only to pause. “Are we interrupting something?”

    “No, no, I was meeting my consort’s friends,” Jaeyoon says. “And hopefully gathering more help to take my advisor down,” Youngbin looks at them as he joins the King’s side along with Rowoon, Taeyang and Hwiyoung, you had briefly seen them at dinner, but you were never introduced to them

    “Can we trust them?” Youngbin asks, Jaeyoon nods his head, and Youngbin looks at your friends. “All right… we discovered a few things about the documents,” Jaeyoon instantly turns to him to listen


    Over the next few days you only saw Jaeyoon when you were dressing him, giving him breakfast, lunch or dinner and then during the night, your friends were also rarely seen as they had taken on the role to help find the documents, Inseong, however, was always by your side, he was always the brains of the operations and always sat out if any physical work had to be done, even if you were busy working, he was following you and helping if he felt like it, he was keeping you in formed on everything that was happening with the plan, and how much they had all found, even telling you how well they were all getting a long with each other, although, he always did lie a lot, so you were taking it with a pinch of salt, even though you weren’t actively involved in the plan, you could feel the aura of danger always surrounding you, the plan, the mission, everything and everyone that was part of it was always in danger, you only hoped it would end with a good ending, and that no blood would be shed.

    When things became more serious, Inseong would be less and less by your side as they were closing in, you were busy making Jaeyoon’s bed when he had entered his chambers, you turn around and saw a relieved look on his face, and you could feel the air immediately shift from thick to breathable.

    “We got them,” Was the only thing he said before he wraps his arms around you, and pulls you in for a long deep hug, he buries his face in the crook of your neck, and you could feel his body racking as he begins sobbing, you gently caress his back in a way to comfort him, you knew those were tears of relief and joy, after so many years of being in a tight hold, being a puppet, he was finally free. “They’ll be receiving their punishment tonight,” He mutters against your neck, you softly squeeze his shoulders as you rest your chin on his shoulder.

    “How do you feel?” You ask, he pulls away from your neck, and you could see the light on his face, his eyes twinkled brightly as he looked at you, you had never seen him look so relieved and free at the same time.

    “Free… I feel free,” He whispers.

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    ♡pairing:Jaeyoon x fem!reader

    ♡genre: fluff, hints of angst

    ♡warnings:hints of sex

    ♡word count: 1,2k.

    ♡a/n: reposting this again; excuse any mistakes

    The first rays of sunlight playfully dance on his skin, making him look even more ethereal in this moment. You carefully move your head closer to his and lift your hand to gently trace the contours of his face, smiling at the dream you thought would never turn into a reality. It wasn't that you didn't believe in true love - quite on the contrary. You've seen it in many ways- you could see it in someone's shiny eyes, you could hear it in someone's voice, you could feel it in someone's touch; you've read a lot about it. You just didn't believe that something so unreal, so cathartic would happen to you and maybe you became at peace with the fact that you were going to live in your own company and lead a quiet life.

    However, Fortuna had different plans for you. It was on a Monday evening, the day you used to hate the most, when you found shelter in a 24-hour working little cosy café, hiding yourself from the raging storm outside. The week had barely started but you already hated it with all your heart. No matter how much you studied and worked hard to achieve your dreams, you felt like you were stuck on one place and you didn't do anything valuable with your life. On the top of that work had become so stressful and you could rarely find time for yourself, too busy with juggling between your studies and make ends meet. A pouring rain and a forgotten umbrella were all you needed that day to make you feel like the most miserable, unworthy person in the whole galaxy. Thankfully, you found that café by chance on your way back home, where you could wait till the storm passed. You found a free table that was a bit far from the others but you didn't mind it; you took out your textbooks from your bag, you could at least catch up with the study material while you were waiting for the perfect moment to finally go home. You furrowed your brows, as you were so concentrated on understanding that very specific passage you'd read for God knows how many times, when the smell of hot chocolate filled in your lungs. You saw a cup of the drink placed on your table and lifted your head only to be met by a pair of warm chocolate brown eyes, a heartwarming smile and a very cute dimples that adorned a very beautiful face.

    "I'm sorry for interrupting but studying always goes better with having a warm drink to make you a company.", the tall adorable man said with a voice was sweeter than honey. The frustration had you felt suddenly left your body and you felt relaxed at his company- something that hadn't happened even with your friends sometimes, let alone complete strangers.

    "Thank you.", was all you could say, mirroring his beautiful genuine smile.

    "Please, I didn't do anything. You just seem like somebody who had a difficult day. I hope the magic of the hot chocolate will make you feel better.", he answered, lifting his own cup of the magical drink, making you giggle. You didn't know how many days passed since you last laughed and smiled like that but you knew that you wanted to spend a little more time with this handsome stranger before you leave and never see him again.

    "Would you like to share a chocolate cake? It looks really delicious. It's my treat!", you said in one breath. He put his free hand on the back of his neck. He didn't want to disturb you but at the same time he also didn't want to say goodbye to the sad, enchanting girl in front of him.

    "Alright then.", he chuckled. "Oh, let me introduce myself first. I'm Jaeyoon.", he said, stretching his hand to you.

    "I'm Y/N.", you shyly said and took his hand for a greeting.

    "Nice to meet you, Y/N.", Jaeyoon returned with eyes focused on you, making your heart beat like a galloping horse. You spent the whole night together in the café- eating cake, drinking hot chocolate and talking about whatnot. He send you home after that and you exchanged numbers. It didn't take long for him to ask you on a date and start a relationship together. Things progressed fast but you didn't worry about that. It felt as if all the pieces came back together at the right place and at the right time.

    "Good morning, my dream.", your lover Jaeyoon cheerfully said and opened his eyes to see your amused face.

    "You were awake during the whole time?", you asked and blush covered your face. You were still a bit shy and afraid to physically show how much you love him. Jaeyoon understood you completely and he was patient with you- he didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable and for him it was important that you trusted him enough in order to let him in your life, see every part of you, and love every little piece of you.

    "Mmmh.", he said, pulling you closer to him. He wrapped his arms around you frame and gently kissed the top of your head. "Did you sleep well?"

    "I did. And you?", you asked and ran your hand through the soft locks of his messy hair. He sighed at the nice feeling.

    "I did too. And I had very sweet dreams.", Jaeyoon stated and smiled mischievously.

    "Oh. And may I ask what did you dream of?", you teased.

    "You.", he said and hovered over you, attacking your face with kisses. Your laughter echoed through the room- his favourite music.

    "Me?", you managed to say in-between the laughing and the kisses.

    Jaeyoon stopped tickling you and brought his face closer to yours, his eyes piercing yours. You took in a sharp breath as he grabbed your hands and you instinctively intertwined your fingers together.

    "Don't you know it's always you, my love? You are in my thoughts when I'm awake and I'm my dreams when I'm asleep.", he responded and his lips attached to the sensitive part of your neck, leaving a soft kiss there, knowing too well what effect this act has on you.

    "Jaeyoon.", you gasped, your chest rose and fell with rapid breaths.

    "It's always you, Y/N. You are my dream and everything I've ever needed.", Jaeyoon whispered, leaving a trail of wet kisses on your exposed tummy, with the desire to show you how much he meant the words he said, making love to you all morning on that beautiful Sunday.

    For you it didn't matter anymore what day of the week it was; you didn't wait for the days just to pass. Everything started and ended with him. He brought so much magic in your life ever since the day you met him at the café on that gloomy Monday evening, with storm raging outside and in unison with your inner world. You, on the other hand, were the answers to his prayers. You brought light into each other's lives, you took care of each other's deepest wounds and made sure that you will always walk hand in hand in the storm, no matter how terrifying it will be.

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  • blu-joons
    09.04.2022 - 1 mont ago



    Hugging you was definitely Jaeyoon’s style, he loved to be able to hold you as close to him as possible, to be able to feel your frame, allowing him to often spot differences in you and check up on you too.

    B ⇴ BOYS

    You were incredibly nervous to meet the boys, but little did you know that their minds were made up before they even met you. Having listened to Jaeyoon gush a lot about you, they knew that they were bound to like you simply because you made Jaeyoon smile like none of them had ever seen him do before.


    He always held you when you were upset, even if you were closed off and trying to pretend that you were alright, Jaeyoon would let you fight back against him, keeping his arms around you. Eventually he knew that you’d cave and open up to him, so it was just a case of holding you until you broke yourself down.


    Although Jaeyoon wasn’t exactly the most domesticated person in the world, that didn’t stop him from trying his best to help you out wherever he could. Even if sometimes he needed a bit of instruction from you, or reassurance that he was doing the right thing, Jaeyoon would give everything a go and slowly learn over time how to do things for himself so that he didn’t have to rely on you as much.


    In order to make your engagement perfect, Jaeyoon made sure to make it as personalised for you as possible. Over time he asked you random questions, managing to find a way to weave them into conversation so that you would be unsuspecting of him, collecting a list of your preferences to eventually help him create the proposal of your dreams, without you even realising that you had helped him do it.


    Jaeyoon’s favourite thing about being with you was how much he loved having you around. He never tired of being in your company if anything he tried to get you in his company more. If Jaeyoon knew that you weren’t busy, he’d ask where you were and find a way to get to you. He didn’t like being alone, especially when he knew that he had the chance to have you around, which always made him much happier.


    Quite a lot of the time the two of you stayed in and enjoyed your own company. There was nothing quite like a night snuggled up on the sofa for you both, watching a random drama or movie on the television, usually paying little attention to it as you made the most of having some time with one another instead.


    The majority of your honeymoon was organised by you, Jaeyoon wanted to give you the holiday of your dreams. The two of you hadn’t really been away before, and Jaeyoon knew that was down to him and his workload, so now he wanted to make sure that you finally had the chance to relax with him.

    I ⇴ “I LOVE YOU”

    Nothing felt quite as sincere as telling you that he loved you for Jaeyoon, he enjoyed being able to let you hear in his voice just how much he loved you. Jaeyoon never really said it just because, he said it when he felt his heart race and wanted to really make sure that you knew that he loved you a lot.


    There were still times when Jaeyoon would get a little bit jealous after the two of you got married, he couldn’t help but be wary of others. He wasn’t always the loudest person in the room, but if the loudest was around you, Jaeyoon’s eyes would be watching. When he got jealous, he usually went quite quiet which would let you know exactly how he was feeling as he kept himself away from what was going on.

    K ⇴ KIDS

    The two of you both knew that it was only a matter of time before starting a family after you got married. It was something that you didn’t want to rush though, you trusted that it would happen when the time was right, and not before, hopefully when your careers would settle down a little bit too.


    Your lazy days were always spent at home doing as little as possible. Even getting out of bed was a bit of a chore for you both on your lazy days as the two of you snuggled up together. Quite often on your lazy days, Jaeyoon would switch the V app on and spend an hour talking to the fans, with you in the background trying your best to stay quiet so that none of the fans knew that you were there with him.


    Both of you liked to stay in bed for as long as possible in the mornings, especially during the winters. You would stretch your alarms for as long as you possibly could, holding onto one another to try and stay warm until eventually one of you got up, knowing that you’d be late for work if you stayed in bed any longer.

    N ⇴ NIGHTS

    Just being able to spend time with each other was more than enough for the two of you in the evenings, when you’d had particularly busy days, there was nothing more that you wanted to do, other than just relax.


    Jaeyoon was obsessed with your heart and how much love you had for him. Just simply being in your presence made Jaeyoon feel incredibly loved, he was obsessed mainly with how special you made him feel.


    The moments where the two of you were just together and in the comfort of your own home were the ones that meant the most to Jaeyoon. He loved being able to shut off the rest of the world when he was with you, forgetting about Jaeyoon the idol for a little while and just being Jaeyoon the human instead.


    He was incredibly observant of you, if Jaeyoon could tell that something was going on with you, he wouldn’t be afraid to push you and ask you what was going on, not letting you keep things all to yourself.


    After the two of you got married, Jaeyoon went out and brought several photo frames so that the two of you could put up several photos from your wedding. From little ones on units, to big ones up on walls, your photos came out so incredibly well that you wanted as many reminders of the day around as possible.


    If you needed silence whilst you were working, Jaeyoon would be more than happy to give it to you, but only for so long. He was like a kid at times with noise, he could settle for a while, but soon enough he would start missing the sound of your voice and want to talk about anything random with you for noise.


    Jaeyoon’s biggest trick for making your marriage work was compromise and finding a balance constantly. You tried your best to find a solution in everything that you did together that you would both enjoy.

    U ⇴ UPSET

    Nothing was as important as being there for you when you were upset, Jaeyoon would forget about everything to be there for you.

    V ⇴ VISITS

    When he had some time off, Jaeyoon loved to surprise you at work, simply so that he could see you. Even if you were busy and all he could do was sit and watch you at work, Jaeyoon would be more than happy to do it.


    He wished a lot for you, you had always cheered him on with his dreams, Jaeyoon hoped for yours to come true as well.

    X ⇴ XXXX

    Knowing his lips were one of your favourite things about him, Jaeyoon loved to kiss you as often as possible. Although he was more of a hugger, knowing how much you loved his kisses meant Jaeyoon gave you them a lot too.

    Y ⇴ YOU

    You were his rock, Jaeyoon knew that whenever he needed someone you would be there.

    Z ⇴ ZZZ

    He definitely loved to hold onto you at night, Jaeyoon got a lot of satisfaction from the feeling of you snuggling up to his body at night, especially when your fingertips traced over the definition of his muscles too.



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  • lost-inthedream
    05.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    SF9 touching themselves for you

    Pairing: SF9 x gn reader

    genre: smut

    Bonus song rec: Swim Good, by Hui and Somin

    AN: Honestly, I know there are a lot of typos in this piece. I'm sorry


    Youngbin started feeling himself through his pants as well as his t-shirt, lifting the fabric very slightly on purpose to flash his low stomach. "Are you sure you gonna stay away?" He asked but you knew how much fun he was having just from exchanging lustful looks with you, he loved the way you eyed him up that night. The chair you are comfortably set on is like your throne. "I'm more interested in seeing what you can do for me, love"

    "As you prefer" he replied with humor, before holding the hem of his shirt between his teeth. Such a clever move had you on the verge of lifting your arm to touch his toned abdomen. You tightened your fist on the arm of the chair instead.

    He chuckled to your surprise. His smart eyes were on your reluctant hands as he untied the string of his sweatpants so he could snake one hand inside it. Your boyfriend started to stimulate himself like that, clearly intent on drawing a reaction from you, which in fact happened. "Come on! It's not fair"

    "No worries, princess/prince" he pacified you, then lowered his bottoms until they simply dropped down his legs. "You won't miss a thing" His erect member excitedly pointed in your direction.


    You probably had the most relaxing shower of your life that night. You and your boyfriend had a special day together to celebrate one more milestone of your relationship. You slipped yourself inside a white bathrobe and walked out of the bathroom with a smile pasted on your face

    Inseong was sitting on the bed with a bathrobe identical to yours as well as a smile. A type of grin you knew way too well to be fooled. You stopped dramatically, arms akimbo like in a silent interrogatory. He straightened his back and with fire in his eyes and a move of his hands, he revealed his bare body for you, earlier enveloped in the fluffy fabric. "This is gonna be a great night"

    "yeah" you stepped forward but he stopped you. "You won't touch me until I say so" his fingers teased the sensitive skin of his low stomach and you swore that his still soft cock responded with a tiny twitch.

    "Seong, what do you mean?" you heard your own voice sound weak, uncertain. Now the man was kneading his own balls. "Don't worry, you can sit close" he indicated the space by his side with a head move. You kept there almost drooling on the sheets as he moaned your name without allowing you to touch him.


    You and Jaeyoon were both sprawled on the bed. You just knew you would not be able to stand after you rode him as if there were no tomorrow. Anyways you never regretted your enthusiasm in bed, even when your body was completely drained.

    "Y/N?" the man called, not sure whether you were awake since he had not heard your voice after you both orgasmed.

    "Yes, love" you lifted your heavy arms and placed your hand on his stomach.

    "Do you mind if I just... cum one more time before cleaning you?" You could not restrain a low chuckle at the sight of his fingers enveloping his shaft" You're such a horny dog, but I'd love to watch it." He moved lazily to snuggle onto you and give you a sloppy kiss. when he let go of you, his fist was already moving up and down his length. He made sure to showcase it pretty well for you. Your palm rested warmly on his abdomen, feeling the tension of his muscles grow. "Fuck, Jae, what are you doing to me?"


    Once you all stepped inside home, you held his head and whispered in his ear "what did we accord earlier, again?"

    In the restaurant, a few hours ago you came close to his ear and threatened to dom him hard if he kept teasing you in public. The fact that he did not stop made you plot against him while your friends talked about the food.

    Now you started kissing him against the door. Your skilled hands worked on his belt as he did not mind it at all. In a few seconds, his cock was being pulled out drawing breathless moans from him. You broke the kiss and guided him to hold his own member "put a show for me, Dawonie. You'll fuck me good if it comes out good enough"

    He fell on his knees looking up to you, the pants stuck on his hips. Your mouth hung open just from seeing him pump his hard dick. "Am I doing right, love?" He asked without stopping the steady moves. His eyes going wide for you. "Yes, baby. I'm loving it"


    @jasminexox this idea was based on one of your asks.

    You haven't told him you were coming but according to his friends, Ju had been overworking on his studio once more. They thought seeing you could be good for his mood. Then there was you entering his space without any warning. "Sugar, I brought you food!"

    Juho's eyes met yours and a discharge of panic jumped from his gaze. He had his dick in hand and his shorts pooled on his feet. "Hello, babe. I'm really sorry". He did not try and hide what was obvious but his embarrassment did show.

    "Well" you stutter "actually I am sorry" you act brave and fully entered the room to lean on his desk in front of him and put a timid smile on your lips.

    "You know, it helps at relaxing" he explained looking down at his lap. "Do you wanna watch as I.. relax?" Your soft nod got him resuming his activity. You noticed a bit of precum escaping from his slit and lubricating his member, your lips suddenly felt so dry. His head fell backward and your name sounded like music in his deep moans.


    Special thanks to @yootaesowl for discussing this with me

    Seokwoo did not sound embarrassed at all when he was needy and horny on the cellphone a few days ago. If you closed your eyes you could lucidly hear him narrating the way his cock was growing hard in his hold while he lied on his hotel bed.

    Now that you were together he was unsure. You were sitting in between his legs, facing him with a pleading face. It took a bit to get him to free his dick from the boxers but it was half erect and starting to leak. "Doesn't it feel nice?" you ask with a filthy smile.

    "Way too good, to be honest" he admits with a low tone. With one hand he nervously let his fingers fondle his own thigh, the other hand timidly played with his member. You leaned in to connect your lips, the way you propped on him was to take your chance to reassure him with soft touches on his right thigh. Your kiss stifled his soft moans.

    You kept controlling the kiss while he controlled the pleasure he got from his hands. The way the friction could be heard got you almost devouring his lips. The hungriness with which your tongue touched his and he chased his high culminated in a spurt of seed on his stomach, and both of you facing each other in awe.

    Yoo Taeyang:

    Taeyang finished brushing his teeth before you, thus he announced he was showering first. "You may join me when you're done, by the way" he invited getting rid of his shirt. You earned a provoking wink once you turned to look at him.

    In no time he is stepping inside the shower closure, which was completely transparent. You definitely loved the bathrooms in that hotel. they had that fancy style that made you all crave sex literally all the time.

    "I'm not sure..." you made it sound as if you were talking to yourself, however, it was loud enough for Taeyang to hear through the water noise. "About??" he asked, back facing you. Your eyes could not leave the peach his butt was. "I guess I'm gonna stay here and watch you"

    He took some time to respond. You thought he had not heard you but then he turn around and replied "What a perv!" You laughed loudly throwing your head back. When you looked at him again, your sight was taken over by the way he held his dick. He did not say anything but you knew that it was a silent "yes, I'm putting on a show for you". And so he did, pumping that pretty cock, spreading foam all over his chest. From what you know, his nipples probably felt really sensitive. The glass was getting blurred, so you slid the door open even if you were wetting the whole place.


    You could not hide your frustration, it is not going the way wanted at all. Since Hwiyoung kept saying no, you added a slightly sad look to your demeanor.

    "Maybe I can try. I can't assure you it will be sexy though" he changed his mind, explaining as his hands mindlessly rubbed his thick thighs. You knew he was aroused even though doing something so private in front of you made him nervous.

    "I just know you'll look hot as hell". The way he was manspreading drove you crazy alone. It was an aperitif for the whole meal.

    Youngkuyun tugged his t-shirt off in one go, then got rid of his bottoms too before standing in front of you. Sitting on the edge of the mattress, It would be the perfect angle to take his dick in your mouth if you all did not have nastier plans. Instead, he stroked himself right there, gentle with his own organ, taking his time. Until he felt the urge to speed up as you licked your lips numerous times, sometimes locking eyes with him, sometimes unashamedly admiring his body. You held him by the hips, drawing delicious shivers from his skin. His erect member was being harshly pumped centimeters from your chest. You could picture the mess he would make.


    Your boyfriend still had that frustrated look. The way he furiously scrolled down the Twitter page worried you. "Chani, I'm so sorry". You said for what felt like the millionth time.

    "I'm not mad at you, babe" he repeated, laying the cellphone on the couch and looking into your eyes. He was being sincere, yet he seemed angry at something and that was eating you up. "I'm mad at myself for not locking the room. I'm also embarrassed, to be honest"

    You tilted your head and mocked him "love, you're acting as if I hadn't ever seen your dick before". It did not fail to get a little chuckle in response. "You shouldn't have stopped when I entered"

    "I can resume it from where I stopped if you want me to" he was joking but you were not so you simply nodded with interest sparkling on your face.

    At first, you beheld a surprised expression on his face but in a second you saw him shaking his head and calling you dirty as he unbuttoned his shorts again. You watched him take it off quickly, then lay back on the sofa, hips dragged to the edge of it. You never noticed how beautifully he held his member. He seemed so confident about what he was doing to you, staring at your eyes until you lift your gaze to his own, then he looked down. he stroked that cock as if he was professional.

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  • 100zuho
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    is it too late to request? if so, I'm sorry in advance <3 #passionate kisses with Jaeyoon or Hwiyoung? thank u and hope you're well!

    hii m, thanks for your req !! ❤️‍🩹

    7. passionate kisses

    i think jaeyoon can control himself with you the most when this overwhelming feeling of love washes over him,,,,,, all he wants to do is pull you impossibly close but it also reminds him to be careful with you. so in turn he becomes almost timid as he kisses you — cradles your face as if you were made of fine porcelain and moves his lips almost too slowly, almost too lightly against yours. if you want it to be more intense, you need to take the lead and pull him in by the collar of his shirt or the nape of his neck, to show him that you're fine, this is fine. when he comes to his senses he kisses you again with fervor for a short while — then he pulls away like nothing happened but you can see his eyes cheekily sparkling with love

    hwiyoung..... alexa play pink in the night by mitski because that song is you two together !! anytime you meet each other, be it after a day at work/school or a longer period of time, he kisses you like ur the protagonists of a romcom like. either holds you around the waist with his hands flat against your lower back or cups your face gently as he presses his lips hard against yours, unmoving for a short moment. it feels like time has stopped and sped up around you simultaneously. you just can’t focus on any of that when your lovely boyfriend greets you like that

    #sf9 headcanons #sf9 jaeyoon imagines #sf9 hwiyoung imagines #sf9 imagines#sf9 scenarios#sf9 fluff
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  • fantasydreamecho
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    Reading a book together and he pauses to look at you for a moment before smiling as he admires you, admires how focused you are, he didn’t even realize he was smiling softly until you look up at him and ask him why he’s smiling, to which he answers; “at you… my beautiful,”

    your cheeks blush and laugh at his words; you don't know what to say, you never do; sometimes you wonder whether he means it or not, whether what you have is real or a chimera.; but by the way he looks at you and by the subtle ways he takes care of you (he doesn't know if you notice but you do, you always do), you know it's real; you know you can trust him and be yourself.

    he finds you cute, he always does even when you're grumpy and stubborn and refuse to talk to him; he attacks you with kisses, it's ticklish, your laughter fills in the room; you look at his eyes, everything fall silent and you feel as if time has stopped; your fingers tenderly caress his face, a satisfying sigh leaves his lips; maybe reading can wait for a little bit

    #this became like a short scenario wow 😂 #my heart is melting 🤧 #the jaeyoon to my inseong💞
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  • jaeyeonatorsf9
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    THE STEALER - CHAPTER 3 It’s been months since that expulsion of several students had happened and it’s also since then the rumor had risen and almost everyone had given her the nickname "the Highestness” from Highest + Greatness - because of the influence she can have on the school boards.

    Most of the students fear her and as much as possible avoid her or be careful with her which made her more of the school’s loner yet the students were really curious as what is her relationship with their school’s famous band, New Flying or N.Flying who keeps on approaching her and even goes in and out with her to school which made the students wonder their relations, especially the leader who titled to be the "Cold Prince".

    "Hey! Have you heard of it?" the nasal voice guy asked in his usual playful tone,

    "Heard what?" The honey voice asked as he took a bit from his food,

    "Her, Jaeyeon" his eyes caught at her as she was in the line by the cashier as he also starts eating his food,

    "About what exactly?" one of the younger lines asked curiously,

    "What the students call her and the rumors circulating..." the student council president buts in,

    "Rumor?" "What rumor?" the group leader asked,

    Coming closer as he whispered "that she's dating N.Flying Leader" he whispered with one hand covering the side of his lips,

    "N.Flying?" "Our School’s band?" "The leader?" The honey voice asked in surprise,

    "Yup!" the nasal-voiced guy with a pulp lip replied in confidence.

    "Ay! No way!!..." The honey-voiced guy replied in disbelief,

    "Then explain that!" the nasal guys said as he hiddenly pinpoint with his eyes and heads the topic person two tables behind him,

    Some of the brothers looked at the topic person as if it was nothing, some had their ways while some didn’t bother to look,

    Meanwhile on the other table, “you do know people gossiping about us, right?” N.Flying Leader said in his low voice, she simply nodded, and replied with a simple, "Yeah, I do" in a very careless manner, continuously eating her meal.

    "Listen, I like the fact we got to spend more time together and all but aren't you worried?" He asked in his concern and low voice.

    “I don’t care to be honest…” she replied as she continued to eat,

    “Don’t care? You do know you got hurt and bullied because of this right?” he asked back very concerned, while the rest of his members nodded in strong agreement, she didn’t reply and just looked at him as she continue eating, “just continue eating, Oppa!” she told him. After she ate, she went to the rooftop as she has spare time to spend idling.

    But when she got there 9 handsome boys were already there hanging out and messing around, but she still proceeds, the boys noticed the moment she opened the door and continued their activities as if they don’t mind but one or two of the boys can’t stand and pretend not to care no more,

    “Hi!” the tall 6ft honey-voiced guy said standing inches away from her, she looked behind her and saw both of the familiar faces, “hi!” She replied as the wind starts to blow, trying to recall their names, “Jaeyoon and Dawon, right?” she called them out. The boys were surprised and looked at each other’s faces. “You guys from my class, right?” she added.

    “You remembered our names?” Dawon commented,

    “Well, of course... we met previously, beside Jaeyoon sat beside me, and you sat across us by the front door…” she replied, “besides you and your brother, I presumed, are already popular so not remembering you and your brothers would I think to be more of a terrible sin as a student here and a person….” she said as she popped a small smile but it wants very visible as a gauze on her lips blocks it, she looked at the other boys looking at them pretending to mind their business,

    Dawon just giggled while Jaeyoon offered extra strawberry milk to her, she looked at him, “it's extra, we come on an odd number" pointing out his brothers at the back with another plastic bottle of strawberry milk was on his hand, "do you want one?” he offered, Jaeyeon hesitantly as first but still took it and smiled at them for the first time which somehow made Jaeyoon’s heartthrob a beat and unintentionally stared at her, she noticed Jaeyoon’s staring and asked him in curiosity, “is there something wrong?” “Was there something on me?” she added, concerned, as she places her right hand on her face, trying to wipe whatever was on it,

    “Ah, no!” he said, snapping out, “I was just thinking about the book report, if you don’t have a partner or group yet maybe you can join us” he made a quick excuse, standing beside her,

    Jaeyeon just stared back at him in surprise, “I mean our teacher said it should come in three, and Dawon and I are missing a person…” he explained,

    “True!” Dawon exclaimed as he placed his arm on his brother’s shoulder, “we would love you on board!” he added, showing his bright smile,

    “Really? You guys wouldn’t mind me being in your group?” she asked with a sad tone on it,

    “why? What’s wrong with you?” Dawon asked,

    “um..” she hesitantly said, “a wounded loner,” she asked as she chuckled a bit,

    Both Jaeyoon and Dawon looked at each other for a moment, Dawon approach her to her other side, “Hey! You! are not a loner! And those stupid asses are the one on fault!” Dawon called them off, pointing into thin air,

    “Then I don't mind,” Jaeyeon replied happily.

    “Then, let’s have a quick meeting at the family restaurant near our place, it's nice and quiet, fewer people are usually there after school days so we can talk better if that’s alright with you?” Dawon offered, she agreed, and the school bell rang as a sign that lunch was over.

    After school, Dawon quickly went to her seat and asked her if she was ready to leave, she smiled at him while Jaeyoon was waiting for them in the doorway, and they left their homeroom together with students staring at her, wondering what is going and when did the members of SF9 and her got close, she can feel she’s getting both weird and intense stares from there fangirls but she ignore it all especially when 9 of the boys are walking with her.

    “Please, ignore the stares” Youngbin whispered as most of the boys were walking in front, goofing around, Jaeyeon looked at him and smiled, “you noticed?” she asked, smiling. He nodded still walking beside her, “please, don’t get traumatized with this” he told her,

    “What?” she asked,

    “The intense and weird stares…” he replied,

    “Ah, yeah, but I’m not doing anything wrong…” she replied smiling at him, “plus I don’t think this will be the last attention I will get” she added, Youngbin looked at her in wonder what she meant, she can feel the look youngbin is giving her and she smiled giving of the statement “you’ll find out eventually..” she told him, “by the way, where are going?” she asked, the other boys heard her and stopped in front of a fancy looking bar, “we are here!!!” Dawon exclaimed happily with both of his hands excitedly popped in the air showing the fancy bar named “Glorious Bar” Jaeyeon stopped and was surprised where they were, “a bar!?” she said questioned and exclaimed the place,

    “Yup!!!” Dawon happily replied,

    Some of the boys started going into the Glorious Bar, Jaeyeon looked around her and lowered her voice, “guys! What are you doing we’re still in high school to going in and we were supposed to do our group project!”

    “But we are!” Jaeyoon responded calmly as he waited by the door holding the front door for her, Jaeyeon kept quiet for a while as she stared at her newfound friend,

    She took her steps as she goes into the bar, “trust us! I know this place might be unusual but we can make our group project here peacefully no one in our age groups shows up, so no one will disturb us!” Jaeyoon said as he tried to convince her and as she walked in she was surprised at how elegant and fancy looking it is inside the bar, “we usually walked in the back but we can make an exemption today.” he added as he walked behind her, “wait, you guys said we can have a quick meeting on a family restaurant near your place?” she asked looking back at Jaeyoon, Jaeyoon smiled, “well we are here” he said with a clear amused face,

    “Family restaurant?” Jaeyeon asked with an eyebrow up, “since when has a bar becomes a family restaurant?” she asked sarcastically,

    “Well, that’s my fault I haven’t been clear...” Dawon buts in, “what I meant family-owned business!” he said with a satisfied smile on his face and pouting cutely, Dawon and Jaeyoon sat at a long table in the middle of the room while the others were not to be seen, she was looking around and she was indeed fascinated by the interior of the place,

    “Family Business owned!?” she exclaimed, “This is one fancy bar...” she complimented in amazement.

    “Yup… we've been in this business for generations..." he clarified.

    "Really now!!" She exclaimed in amazement. "Anyways, do you guys, have any ideas on how we could start this project??" She asked, "any ideas or suggestions?" She added as she sat on the chair in front of Jaeyoon,

    the boys starting to think for ideas as she amazingly scans the whole room when her eyes landed on a painting on the wall, "is that sorcerers?" she stood up, going to the painting in the center of the bar, both Jaeyoon and Dawon followed her with their eyes, "the Knight of the Rising Suns?" she said out loud which surprised the boys. out of now where, Youngbin grabbed her right shoulder, "how do you know?" he asked in pure curiosity and surprise, "you knew them?" he added, wondering what does this girl know about these 9 boys on the painting, she was surprised by Youngbin taking her off guard, looking back at him, she can't do say anything for a while but look at his surprise and curious expression, "well, yeah! I read the story somewhere before, though I can't remember the whole story..." she told them, "9 boys who were given to find a cure for their curses and the cause of their curses..." she added,

    Dawon nodded in agreement, "well, she's not wrong..." he said in amusement

    "Where did you read that story from?" Jaeyoon asked in curiosity.

    "can't remember where but I knew I read it before in a library I guess..." she replied, unsure.

    "Library?" Youngbin asked, "what library?" he questioned.

    "Sorry, but I can't remember, it's been a long time and to be honest I can't even remember that day, except some of the stories...." she explained, Youngbin wanted to ask for more details but the tallest among all brother held his shoulder, "Hyung!" he called out, Youngbin let go and excused himself with their younger siblings while Dawon distracts her, "ok, I have an idea for this report..." he told her which was effective, "really what?!" she asked, excitedly.

    "How about the Mago Oscuro?" he suggested.

    "Mago Oscuro? the fiction character? Mago Oscuro: Story of the Greatest Warrior of the Dark Realms..." Jaeyoon clarify, Dawon nodded in agreement, "well, it's one of the bestselling books of our generation and I feel that Mago Oscuro isn't just a fictional character..." he explained,

    "Oh really? then explain, how do you say so?" Jaeyeon asked,

    "well, based on the book Mago Oscuro, he used to be an ordinary human that was cursed by witches to seal the darkness and save the humanity from the dark creatures lurking in the human world, with the magical book that he created with his magic and blood it was said that its power can create new magic, seal evil creatures or even create them and based on the book, he even created 6 magical creatures that can hide on the dark realm as spies. but like they said, with great magic comes great responsibility. as his powers grow many evil contenders from both realms, human and magical realms want his magical book and to prevent them from getting it, he destroyed his magical book with the 6 magical creatures he created with his magic to protect his magic and possible even the world and because of what he had done it was never seen or even heard off." Dawon told the story,

    "You know what doesn't make sense of that story?" Jaeyeon asked,

    "What?" Dawon asked,

    "How did he destroy a magical book and him destroy his magical book does that mean he also destroyed his 6 magical creatures?" she questioned, the boys looked at her, wondering what she mean, "I mean, he has a reason why he destroyed it, but, at the beginning of the story the magical book wasn't really a magical book but just a normal book, where he writes his enemies strengths and weakness, the creatures he had an encounter like a journal but later as the story progress, it became a magical book and as far it goes, the magical book also became his source of power as his human form can't take it anymore, meaning destroying the book means he killed his own 6 magical creatures and himself, right? so, what if something from the dark realms returned to the human world who will save us? rather, protect us?" she questioned, "also, I don't think he destroyed it but instead he shattered it into pieces, which he gave to his 6 magical creatures to protect and when the right times came they would rise and gather to protect the human world..." she added. both boys were speechless for a moment and looked at her like she was right, she has a point "wow you seem gave a new meaning to the ending to the story...." Dawon complimented.

    "I felt that the story isn't finished..." she replied,

    "I feel the same..." he agreed,

    "Well, it seems that we have a book report now..." Jaeyoon told both as they nodded in excitement.

    "Why don't you both get the idea together as I get out laptop and printer for our report' Jaeyoon offered, both agreed and as they brainstormed,

    Inside their study room, "Hyung, what was that?' i thought we are laying low?" the tallest brother questioned his older brother's action a while ago,

    "I know, I'm sorry..." Youngbin apologies, " i start feeling weird when she called out our alias" he said, "a weird burning sensation within me..." he explained,

    Jaeyoon entered in the middle of a small argument from the brothers, “me too. I felt the same presence from her previously…” Jaeyoon buts in, the brothers look at them in a weird manner as if they were just making nonsense excuse,

    “there’s really something about her…” Jaeyoon told everyone as he proceeds in taking the materials, he needed along the book that they agreed to be the topic for there group project. Bring all the needed materials he saw both Dawon and Jaeyeon were having fun, it was a first for him seeing Jaeyeon smiling and laughing her heart out and the reason was Dawon, it somehow made him feel a small pinch within him.

    “You both seems got close fast…” Jaeyoon halfhearted complimenting them as he places the materials on the table,

    “Well, Jaeyeon isn’t half bad…” Dawon complimented her as he looks at her smiling,

    “You’re not so bad yourself, Dawon” she complemented back writing some stuff on the paper. Jaeyoon just looked at both of them when she saw the book, they were talking about above the laptop that Jaeyoon just placed on the table. “Oh! Hey!” she said as she reaches out for the book,

    “Well, I saw this while picking up the laptop and printer, might bring it along as we can read and add more on the report…” told her, Jaeyeon nodded and smiled. He quietly observes her as she starts to read, “you guys won’t mind if I borrow this for a while?” she asked, looking both Dawon then to Jaeyoon. Dawon nodded while Jaeyoon paused for a little while staring at her and notice something different about her eyes but kept quit and nodded, “yeah sure!” he replied looking at Dawon then back at her again. Dawon opened the laptop and begun typing away with the report while Jaeyeon quietly read the book, Jaeyoon stood up as he set up the printer and secretly taking peaks at her, silently observing her, remembering the weird burning sensation he felt with meeting her previously and what his older brother just shred a while ago.

    “she’s no normal girl…” he thought to himself, “was her eyes color gray?” he added, he twists his head to the left. Dawon saw him getting glimpse of her and kept silent as he also observes his older brother getting weird about Jaeyeon. They ended the project successfully and she was offered to have a meal with them before the bar open up with Taeyang’s cooking and Jaeyoon offered to walk her to the bus stop.

    “So, have you guys been running the bar?” she asked looking at him as they walk down the sidewalk.

    “Well, yeah…” he replied with both hands on his pocket, “we have our own task...” he added,

    “aren’t you guys a little to young to run a bar on your own?” she questioned,

    “Um, maybe but, it’s a family business we need to keep it going…” he told her looking at her, “it’s our bread and butter...” he told her, looking at her eyes she saw a weird color again which he couldn’t stop himself to ask, “are you wearing contact lens?”

    Jaeyeon stopped and looked at him, “contact lens?” she questioned,

    “Sorry but your eyes, they have different color…” he told her stopping as well, concerned,

    “You notice huh...” she replied bowing a bit as she smirk, “it look weird huh...” she commended, Jaeyoon was caught off-guard, maybe he should have commented on her eyes he thought as he’s starting to panic and thinking a topic to distract her, “they said it’s because of an accident when I was younger.” she added looking at him with a smile,

    “Accident?” he asked, surprised.

    “Yeah! I had an accident when I was 10, a car accident, me surviving is a miracle …” she response in a sad tone. Jaeyoon just looked at her in a concerned way as she continues with her story, “to be honest I can’t remember much what happened that night, but my guardians said it took a lot of life from my relatives…” she continues, taking glance at him as they continue walking, “my parents, relatives...” she explained.

    “Why?” he asked, curiously.

    “My guardians said probably because of stolen heirloom.” She answered with an unsure tone of voice, as they arrive at the bus stop. Silence was in the air he wasn’t sure if it was okey to ask but he asked anyway, “they got it?” Jaeyeon was taken off guard with his question, “what?” he said looking at Jaeyoon surprised.

    “Your family’s stolen wealth?” he elaborates.

    “Um, to be honest I really don’t know…” she replied raising both of her shoulders, showing she was unsure. “But my brot-” she paused, “...I mean guardians said, they really don’t care what heirloom it might be as long I survived and grew up healthy...” she corrected herself, looking at him showing a smile.

    Jaeyoon atomically also placed a smile on him showing his dimples, her seeing Jaeyoon’s cute dimples took her defenses slightly down as the bus came, they bid their goodnights and along they ways.

    But along the way Jaeyoon suddenly felt dizzy leading him to kneel with one knee down, grabbing his throbbing head as he closes his eyes, he saw human blood staining a concrete floor, human blood stench was air, cars tumbled around with windows smashed, hearing wheels stretching. Opening his eyes, cold sweats begun to drop down catching his breaths, gasping for air, he kneeled in his all fours, trying to calm himself which he successfully did, he took himself up and went home without telling his brothers what he just happened nor heard from Jaeyeon’s past, he himself wasn’t sure what really happened but one thing is for sure, “Jaeyeon isn’t an ordinary girl.” He whispered as he enters there entrance back door.

       >> End chapter <<

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  • blu-joons
    16.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    When You’re Scared To Date And Get In The Way Of His Career ~ SF9 Reaction


    As your phone rang yet again, you knew that you couldn’t ignore Inseong forever, reluctantly picking up. Straight away as you did, you could hear him sigh in relief on the other end of the line that you’d finally answered.

    It took a moment for Inseong to speak as he tried to keep his composure, “Y/N, what’s going on? I thought we agreed to meet for dinner tonight.”

    “I just can’t do it,” you told him.

    “Can’t do what? Come for dinner, I can always get takeout and bring it round to you instead,” Inseong suggested, understanding that you weren’t feeling up to it.

    Your moment of silence spoke volumes to Inseong though. “I don’t think I can do us Inseong, the pressure, the attention, it’s just too much.”

    “Where’s this come from Y/N? Can I bring food so that we can talk?”

    “I don’t want to ruin the career that you’ve set up for yourself,” you calmly explained to him, “I bet there’s a camera somewhere watching you right now Inseong.”

    “You’re not doing anything to my career aside from helping it,” he tried his best to tell you, “please Y/N, just talk to me over a meal.”

    It didn’t take long for you to cave, hoping that a conversation could solve things, “as long as you pick up one of my favourites.”

    “I will, and I promise I’ll be there in no time.”


    You panicked as you looked across the room and saw Youngbin, keeping your head down and trying to find your way out as quickly as possible. As you did, you bumped into a finger though, looking up to apologise.

    As you did, words failed you as you realised that you’d bumped into Youngbin. “I had a feeling that I might just find you here, and I was right.”

    “Why are you here?” You innocently asked.

    “Are you kidding?” Youngbin laughed, keeping his eyes on you, “I’ve tried every other way to get in contact with you and had no luck, what else was I supposed to do?”

    Your shoulders shrugged, trying to figure out how you could get away from Youngbin, “I’ve caused you enough trouble, just leave me alone.”

    “What are you talking about? When have you ever caused me trouble?”

    “Our relationship,” you murmured, keeping your eyes on your feet that you scuffed against the floor, “it was a mistake, a mistake that nearly ruined your career.”

    “Says who?” Youngbin queried, quickly picking up though on exactly what you were getting at, “how many fan comments have you read?”

    Once again, your shoulders shrugged, losing count some time ago, “they all guessed you were dating, and they weren’t happy either.”

    “Come on, let’s get a coffee, I think we need to talk.”


    You stopped into your tracks as you walked towards the door to the main arena that would be hosting the awards ceremony for the evening, looking across to Jaeyoon with the panic clear in your expression.

    He tried to pull you, but you weren’t budging. “What’s going on? Why’ve you stopped?” Jaeyoon asked, confused as to what was going on.

    “I can’t do this,” you explained to him.

    “Yes, you can,” Jaeyoon encouraged, offering you a wide smile, “I promise that no one will be looking at you or judging you, and they won’t be judging us either.”

    Your head shook with a shaky breath, “you’re an idol, you shouldn’t be dating someone and especially bringing them here too.”

    “I told you that there’s no reason to be scared in the car here.”

    “I know,” you whimpered, puffing out your cheeks, “but now that I’m here, I feel like I’m just going to get in the way for you and the other boys too.”

    “The boys adore you too,” Jaeyoon promised you, “just give tonight a try, and I promise that if you want to go, I’ll get you home safely.”

    Your head nodded, still a little reluctant, “if too many people look our way, then I don’t think I’ll be able to do this Jae.”

    “Give it a try, for me, I promise that it won’t be bad.”


    You struggled to keep yourself together as Sanghyuk wiped underneath your eyes for you, drying your tears as best as he could. He got it, as he wrapped his arm around you, knowing how big of a change things were.

    Your heart was pounding as he pulled you into him, “I’m glad we’ve had this conversation and cleared the air between us too.”

    “I’m sorry for closing off,” you spoke.

    “You don’t need to apologise,” Sanghyuk told you once again, “it can’t be easy for you coming into the world of an idol, but now I know, I can support you with it more.”

    You sighed in reply, turning away from his eyes, “I should have just said rather than getting distant and letting you think I dislike you.”

    “You didn’t know what to do, I’d have probably done the same.”

    “How are you being so nice to me?” You gently laughed, feeling undeserving of how sympathetic Sanghyuk was to you, “I’ve been an idiot to you.”

    “No,” he grinned, squeezing you even tighter, “I’m just being me, and if it’s nice, it’s more of a reason to stay with me, right?”

    Immediately, your head nodded back at him, “you know that I never really wanted to break up with you, don’t you Sanghyuk?”

    “I do, I know everything’s been a bit of a blur for you.”


    His eyebrows furrowed together as you sat down at a table in catering far away from Juho and the rest of the boys, not wanting to draw any attention to yourself as everyone sat down during the break for lunch.

    Juho wasn’t quite as willing though, soon making his way across to you. “How come you’re sitting here all by yourself and not with us?”

    “I’m doing it for you,” you whispered.

    “Why?” Juho questioned, noticing a look of fear in your eyes as you looked around the room, “you think everyone’s watching and talking about us, don’t you?”

    Your head nodded, anxiously scanning around, “if I sit by myself, it saves anyone from judging you or starting to talk about you too.”

    “What if I want people to talk about me? And about us too?”

    “This is your workplace,” you reminded him, but Juho shrugged, “maybe it’s better if I keep my distance to save you from getting into trouble.”

    “Sitting at lunch won’t get us in trouble,” he promised you, “but sitting apart at lunch is breaking my heart a little not having you there.”

    You smiled weakly as Juho reached out for your hand underneath the table, “do you think if I sit with you everyone else will be alright with it?”

    “Let them talk, I want us to do whatever we want to.”


    The distance between you both was worrying for Seokwoo, each time he tried to move closer towards you, you moved away. He wasn’t sure if it was the location, the timing, or just him that was the issue.

    As the film finished, Seokwoo pulled you back down, refusing to let you leave. “What was all of that about?” He asked, staring across at you.

    “Just ignore me,” you tried to dismiss.

    “Just tell me what’s wrong,” Seokwoo requested, trying his best to meet your eyes, “you know that you can talk to me if something’s wrong.”

    Your eyes flickered around to notice a group of girls still sat in the back row, “there’s people watching us Seokwoo right now.”

    “And? Why should we let that stop us from doing anything?”

    “I bet they’re fans of yours,” you cautiously whispered, “if they see the two of us together, they’ll tell everyone and then you’ll end up being talked about.”

    “But they’d just be telling the truth,” Seokwoo tried to get you to see, “do you think that we should be embarrassed about our relationship?”

    Your head shook, staring down to the floor, “I don’t want to cause any drama and risk doing something to hurt your career.”

    “I can handle things, please don’t worry about me.”

    Yoo Taeyang:

    You didn’t know what to do as Taeyang approached your table at the coffee store, offering him a weak smile as he sat down opposite you, placing his coffee cup on the table whilst studying your expression closely.

    You were silent, giving Taeyang the floor to speak first. “Can you just tell me why you suddenly decided to break up with me so suddenly?”

    “I was thinking of you,” you replied.

    “How?” Taeyang challenged, confused by your reply, “if you were thinking of me then we’d have stayed together because you know how happy you make me.”

    You smiled nervously, taking a sip from your mug, “it’s not just about your feelings, but your career too Taeyang, you’re doing so well.”

    “And I know that I can do even better with you with me.”

    “Your fans won’t see it that way,” you defended, staring across at him, “and when I was at the company the other day, management weren’t exactly friendly.”

    “They were rude to you?” Taeyang asked you in frustration, shaking his head, “if someone was rude to you, why didn’t you say so?”

    Your shoulders shrugged in response, “because I thought it would be better for you if I left rather than causing any trouble with staff.”

    “No way, they need putting right, not you Y/N.”


    You tried to shut the door, but Youngkyun placed his foot inside before you could, trying his best to ignore the pain that came with you ramming the door into his foot, knowing that the pain would be worth it.

    Once you eventually caved, Youngkyun finally spoke up. “Why?” Was all he asked you, knowing that you knew what he meant straight away.

    “It’s for the best,” you simply stated.

    “Not for me,” he huffed, forcing his way into your home, “it’s like you just disappeared, but if I did something wrong Y/N then I won’t to know so I can fix it.”

    Your head shook back at him, “I’m fixing things by leaving you alone, I don’t want to break your career with our relationship.”

    “That’s what you think your doing? Have you lost your mind?”

    “People are already talking,” you tried to tell Youngkyun, but before you could continue, he wrapped his arms tightly around you and pulled you closely into his chest.

    “Don’t listen to them,” he whispered, squeezing them tightly, “I’m sorry that you felt like you were breaking me, but I promise that you’re not.”

    Your head shook, but Younghyun kept a hold of you, “what if things between us end up getting in the way of your work with the group?”

    “It won’t, we can balance things and they’ll be fine.”


    Your heart sunk as you walked out of your office to see Chanhee stood in the reception of the building, rising to his feet as soon as he saw you, making sure to give you no way out of walking past him.

    You had no choice but to walk across to Chanhee, noticing his expression. “You’ve not been replying to my texts, I didn’t know what to do.”

    “I need to go,” you tried to tell him.

    “Y/N,” Chanhee replied, refusing to let you go, “what’s going on? You can’t avoid me like this without any explanation, I don’t deserve to be treated like this.”

    Your head nodded, stopping in your tracks, “you don’t deserve a lot of what comes your way, which is why I’m doing this.”

    “Doing what? I don’t understand where you’re at with us.”

    “You don’t need the attention of a relationship,” you tried to tell him, but Chanhee’s head shook, grabbing your hand, “your fans won’t like me either Chanhee.”

    “I don’t care about any of that,” he sighed, pulling you towards him, “you were scared to date me? Scared of what the reaction would be?”

    Your head nodded once again, “can you blame me? Stepping foot into your world is crazy Chan, it’s a lot to take on just like that.”

    “But we do it together, just don’t give up, please.”



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  • minheeology
    09.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    enhypen reaction ➳ their s/o loves to read

    pairing : enhypen x gn!reader
    requested? : yes!
    a/n : whenever i write for enhypen i listen to woodz for some reason.. hmm..


    i think he finds you so cute, and i can see him sitting with you and reading something too. it might not be a book, maybe an article on his phone or something, but he's still reading. he finds this to be comforting as you two get to spend time together while also not wasting any energy. if the book is in a series, he might find you the second one and buy it for you <3


    he's very interested in the book you're reading. even if he'd never read it, he still wants to know all of the details. who is your favorite character? who do you hate? why? if he finds out the book you're reading has a huge fandom and tons of merch, expect that you will be receiving everything that has to do with your favorite character(s). if it makes you happy, he's happy too.


    he will probably buy a copy of every book you read for himself and read it on his own time. he does this so that when you're talking about it to him, he can engage in the conversation rather than just listening and being confused. he loves seeing how passionate you get about every story you read.


    he loves the quiet time he gets to spend with you. if you're reading, he'll do some school work or take a nap with his head in your lap. he doesn't mind not doing much as long as you're enjoying yourself. he tries his best to understand what you're talking about when you're ranting about your book but- who the hell is percy? who are the olympians? - your boyfriend is confused.. catch him googling everything about it later on.


    he's always cooing at you about how cute you look when you're focused. i don't think he would read every book you're reading, but he's definitely going to be on sparknotes later reading everything about it so he can be ready when you come to rant/gush about it later.


    if the book has a movie, you bet jungwon will watch it with you after you're done reading. we all know he loves movies, and imo, he'd rather watch something than read it. he admires how much you love reading, so he might even buy you books that he knows for sure have movie adaptations just so he can watch them with you later.


    i don't see him as someone who likes to read, so your love for doing so really confuses him. despite this, every time you put down your book after reading, he'll ask you for a summary. sometimes he might as you to read to him because "i don't want to be left out, y/n!". this always ends in both of you freaking out over book endings, especially the ones with plot twists or cliffhangers.

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  • a5ahiboyz
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    an a5ahiboyz fic: eleanor and park

    pairing: sim jake x gender neutral! reader

    genre: strangers 2 lovers!au, fluff, angst, a twist on the book eleanor and park by rainbow rowell. also inspired by the song by girl in red and beabadoobee.

    word count: 2.0k

    warnings: d3ath of a major character, hints at a t0x!c/abus!ve relationship

    y/n always grabs the seat by the window and the far end of the bus. they do this to avoid socialising with anyone. little do they know that their entire life changes upon the entry of a dandy loveable boy. and his comics.

    the morning bus rides

    i groan, rubbing my warm face with my icy fingers. taking the 6 am bus was not what i planned to do this entire month but it's not like i had a better choice. 'it's the best way to ignore him' i think to myself, heaving a soft sigh. i watch as the window fogs up with my breath and then comes back to normal. i smiled at the observation. it calmed me. much like the scenery outside. and that's how i would spend every morning.

    until you came along. you with your comics. you with your smile.

    your face makes me want to smile

    i still remember, i still see it. the day we first met. you wore your brown blazer and paired it with your favorite worn-out sneakers. i can feel myself stifle a laugh thinking about it. you made me smile. your appearance. your smile. just your face.

    i find myself often thinking of that smile. the way you'd cup your palm around your mouth as you giggle. i'd always shoo them away, desperate to see you grin joyfully. it made me smile.

    park, wait for me outside

    i saw you wait at the bus stop. stifling a yawn, my eyes were glued to you. you were bopping your head to a cheerful song — a vampire weekend track, like always — and i couldn't help but smile when you gathered your things in a hurry at the sight of your bus almost departing with you. my eyes follow you. as you pant and sit down in the seat in front of mine.

    that was the first day of many. the first of many of my firsts. and i owe it all to you. for i didn't know i was experiencing love for the first time.

    so you can see what's inside my mind

    "jake?" "hmm" "what are you thinking about? like right now." "i keep thinking about how close our hands are right now. almost like they're touching but not quite."

    i remember how you used to make me blush. you'd gaze at me, lovesick eyes boring into mine and i'd like away, the apples on my cheeks blossoming into a warm pink. it's like you could read me through and through. and i've always been thankful for that. because some things i just couldn't say and only you could understand what i was trying to interpret. only you could make me feel like that, only you.

    i'll bring you comics to make you laugh

    you boarded the bus, earphones booming and your eyes searching for mine. i saw them sparkle when they found mine. i grinned at you as you sit next to me with a soft 'hi'. i could only continue grinning back like an idiot but you never seemed to mind.

    then you'd pull out your favourite comic. and i'd secretly glance at you every time you giggled at a punchline and i'd smile softly, lucky to have you in my life.

    on days where you feel kinda sad

    i chewed my lip nervously. the keys rattling in my grasp. i couldn't bring myself to do it. i couldn't open the door knowing he was on the other side of it. i dragged a deep sigh and with a sudden rush of adrenaline, abruptly opened the door. as expected, he was standing on the other side, hands crossed and a mask of annoyance on his features.

    the rest of the night i spent on the cold bathroom floor. tears seeping out my eyes like an endless stream. the door shook with the banging of his fists. i thought he would let it go. i thought that i had been through hell last week, the time he refused to even let me move. i thought that what we had right now would eventually mould into love. but i was wrong.

    wrong to ever think that he was capable of love. wrong to ever expect more than his palm imprints on my reddened skin. but i couldn't let go. because i still loved him.

    but man, little did i know what love meant.

    i want you to feel adored

    riding the bus the next day was a little tough. when i saw the bus turn to your corner, i pulled my mask a little higher and my beanie a little lower. i sat in silence, my mind blank and ears filled with white noise. i felt like if our eyes met would just break down. so i put on my headphones and looked out the window as i felt you call out to me. i ignored the voice — my favourite voice — and blinked hard till i felt the tears fall.

    you gently touched my shoulder and i just couldn't hold it in anymore. burying my face in my hands i felt you pull my headphones off and pull me into your embrace. and we sat there. me with silent sobs racking my entire body and you with soft rubs on my back.

    and then i heard you whisper, "you'll be alright with me i promise. i want you to feel adored, always"

    oh my god i love your voice

    we walked with the summer evening breeze. it was lovely being under the swaying trees and orange sky. with jake. i felt him glancing at me ever so often and it set off butterflies in my stomach. only he could make me feel this way. he asked about my day and listened intently. to every single word. the feeling so so new for someone who was never heard before. and i'm grateful to have him for that.

    "you have such a calming voice," he interrupted "it's my favourite thing to hear" his eyes bore into mine as he smiled a honey dripping smile. i couldn't hold back the grin forming on my face. i just nodded shyly and we continued walking. this time with our hands intertwined.

    take me in your arms now baby

    i met my mom after 7 months. i was at peace when we talked. i missed the feeling of safety and assurance, something i've always felt around her — and jake. she asked me about him. i sighed internally knowing that i would have to answer truthfully sometime. "we're good" but today is not that time.

    we talked about random things, holding back loud laughs to avoid stares from the other people in the cafe. i asked her about dad. and she gave me a lovesick grin with an ironic eye roll. "as you know, he's forever the romantic soul." i've always adored my parent's relationship with each other. they were high school sweethearts, made for each other from the very start. she rambled on about the exciting things they do on the daily and as she went on, i found myself thinking of only one person i would want to do all those things with.


    i was in love with him. 'of course it was so obvious' i thought to myself. in a rush, i abruptly stand up from the table, cutting my mother off just as soon as she starts to explain how they spend their evenings. i excuse myself, apologising a million times and telling her that i had something urgent to do.

    i threw open the cafe door, only realising it was pouring rain after walking to the signal down the street. seeking shelter i called jake up. "where are you?" i panted into the phone, "at the park, why? did something happen?" i smiled at the concern in his voice. "nope! i'm on my way to you" i bite my lip to avoid grinning like a freak. i cut the call before he could reply and raced to the park he was at.

    i could see him standing by the entrance, his transparent umbrella shielding him from the pattering rain. i waved to him as i ran, he waved back with his eyes popped open. 'he's probably wondering why i'm without an umbrella' i think to myself. i stop right before him. my drenched hair covering my eyes.

    he started to ramble on about how i could catch a fever and so on but i could only interrupt him—"can i kiss you?" he stopped, frozen in place. staring at me while i stared back. he looked for signs of playfulness but i was the most serious he had ever seen me. he slowly nodded and i kissed him.

    he kissed back instantly and dropping his umbrella, wrapped his arms around me. i held his face and felt him smile against my lips. i pulled away, only enough to keep our noses still touching. i smiled at him and he giggled softly.

    "i love you"

    hold me like you'll never leave me

    we were comfortable. legs tangled and minds at peace. jake invited me over after i confessed. i apologised to my mom and then we cuddled — refusing to let me use the toilet too. and that's all we did. he listened to me and my worries and comforted me and that's all i've ever wanted. to be heard. to he validated. and jake made me feel loved. and i've never wanted anything more.

    i know you don't have it easy

    when i told jake about him, he told me to break up with him if i wanted to continue seeing jake. it made him feel guilty. so i agreed. this wasn't going to be easy, but i had jake with me.

    but there i was again. the same door. the same keys. the same anxiety. like that night again. i struggled to open the door. but when i did, i was met with an empty apartment. so i quickly gathered my things and wrote him a breakup letter. shallow but i wouldn't dare face him with an 'i cheated on you'.

    then i walked out of the apartment. content. free. elated. everything that he was not. i run home, pure happiness in my smile.

    you'll get through it if you're with me

    i call jake, ushering him to come over as soon as possible. he shouts a 'hurray' and congratulates me. while i wait, i sort out the things i brought over from his place, throwing away everything he gave me. i turn on some music while i clean my apartment, trying to get out the aura of him. the news channel runs on in the background like it always does.

    and i was happy. smiling willingly with how satisfying my life turned out. i think about jake. the love of my life even. he and his comics. brought me here. with him together.

    i snap out of my trance and get up for a glass of water. and then i hear the news. the sirens. pausing my music, i turn up the tv volume. it's only then i realise the sirens from outside my window. i rush to the window, my heart thumping as the volume increases. i look back to the tv when they say it's an accident. my heart drops to the pits of my stomach when the camera pans to him.


    i freeze. unable to move. unable to breathe. i feel like i'm back on that cold bathroom floor. the tv alerts me again when the news' opening theme starts. i run down out the door and down the stairs. i wasn't able to stop myself until i reached the side of the ambulance van.

    i saw them carry him. the lifeless him. i yelled and tried to run towards him but the guards stopped me. even then i wriggled in their grasp, desperate to get to him.

    i sobbed endlessly. i needed him. all i ever needed was him.

    and suddenly i could every struggle, every pain, every beating i've endured rake through my body. until i could feel nothing but sadness. pure grief. i felt cold and shivered in the sweltering heat. the guards let me go when they see me react. i continued to cry and chatter my teeth. 'i don't think i'll be able to get through life anymore' was the first thing i thought in that while.

    i won't be able to get through it if it isn't with him.

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  • blu-joons
    08.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    When They Take Care Of You On Your Period ~ SF9 Reaction


    Your smile grew as finally Inseong came home, heading in your direction straight away, placing the carrier bag in his hand gently on top of your frame.

    “For you,” he simply stated with a chuckle, giving you some space.

    “What have you been buying?” You asked, burying inside the bag, pulling out several bars of chocolate and packets of sweets, exactly what you needed.

    The smile on your face was worth it for Inseong, knowing just how much you craved sweet food on your period. “I wasn’t sure what else I could get for you, but I know that you never turn down chocolate on your period.”

    Your head nodded, already opening up the bar, “I never turn down chocolate anyway, but especially on my period.”

    Inseong moved across to perch on the end of the sofa beside you, “do you plan on sharing any of that with the person who bought it.”

    “I might give you a square,” you teased.

    Inseong’s eyes went wide as you snapped off exactly one bar of the chocolate, “you’re not even going to give me a row.”

    “This is only the first bar, pace yourself.”


    You were surprised to see Youngbin awake as you walked back into the bedroom, wrapping your arms around your stomach to try and get rid of the pain.

    “Are you alright?” He asked, full of concern as to what was happening.

    “I came on my period,” you sighed, sliding back underneath the duvet to feel Youngbin pull you towards him, “I knew it was going to happen this week.”

    His arms wrapped tightly around you, coupled several kisses being placed to your forehead. “Is there anything else that you need to get through the night? Have you had some tablets? Do you want a hot water bottle?”

    Your head shook at Youngbin’s many offers, “I think I could just do with a cuddle right now, that’s all I need to go back to sleep.”

    His head nodded, tightening his grip around you, “a hug is definitely something that I can give you to try and make life easier.”

    “I’m sorry for waking you up too,” you whispered.

    A soft sigh came from Youngbin above you, “you don’t need to apologise, I’m just glad you’re alright, or as well as you can be.”

    “I’ll be better soon, once the pain relief kicks in.”


    Your heart raced as you heard a gentle knock at the door, calling through to Jaeyoon to enter, watching his head peer around the door frame to you.

    “I thought you might need these,” he smiled, holding a few bits up for you.

    “You’re the best,” you complimented as he placed a fresh pair of underwear and pyjamas down on the floor, ready for you to change into when you needed them.

    You were a mess, but Jaeyoon didn’t mind at all, knowing that your period was never an easy experience for you. “I’ll strip the bed if you want whilst you sort your stuff out, we can throw it all in a wash.”

    You smiled softly as he offered you a reassuring grin of his own, “I swear sometimes I won the lottery getting to date you Jaeyoon.”

    His head shook with a chuckle, “I’m just being a good boyfriend, you always take good of me, I can only do the same for you.”

    “I really appreciate it,” you reiterated.

    Jaeyoon nodded, letting you know that he understood, “take care of yourself, I’ll put the wash on whenever you’re ready to.”

    “I’ll try not to be long, thank you Jae!”


    The moment you walked through the front door, you were greeted by Sanghyuk, barely giving you time to take your shoes off before he took your hand.

    “Follow me,” he excitedly grinned, leading you up the stairs hastily.

    “I’m tired,” you sighed, struggling to keep up with his pace, desperate to throw yourself into bed and feel sorry for yourself as your cramps continued to frustrate you.

    Your annoyance soon disappeared though as Sanghyuk led you into the bathroom to where a bath was running for you. “I thought I’d do a little something to try and ease that pain, I know how hard your periods are.”

    You smiled appreciatively, apologising for being so grumpy, “you’re an angel sometimes, thank you so much for this.”

    Sanghyuk slowly led you across to the bath, helping you to begin undressing, “I’ve even included some of those bath salts you like.”

    “This is exactly what I needed,” you smiled.

    Sanghyuk was full of pride knowing that he had helped you out, “I might even order takeout as a treat once you’re out too.”

    “Suddenly being on my period doesn’t seem so bad.”


    Your eyes widened as you felt an uncomfortable feeling strike against your stomach, stopping walking with Juho as you placed your hand over it.

    “Everything good?” He questioned, looking back to see your expression.

    “Not quite,” you frowned, looking around, relieved to see no one else around you, “I think I might have just come on my period; I’ve got a bad feeling about things.”

    Juho nodded, trying his best to stay calm, taking his arms out of the sleeves of his jacket, passing it across to you. “Tie this around yourself to hide anything just in case, do you want to head back home instead?”

    As much as you wanted to get coffee, your head nodded in reply. “I don’t want to risk any accidents happening whilst we walk.”

    Juho took a hold of your hand again as you turned back around, “you don’t need to explain, I completely understand Y/N.”

    “But now you don’t get coffee,” you sighed.

    Juho’s shoulders shrugged, “maybe I’ll drive down and get us one once you’re home and taken care of, how does that sound?”

    “Really good, I could do with a coffee right now.”


    He could only manage a smile as you pushed the bedroom door back open, knowing that Seokwoo had spotted what was wrong with you immediately.

    “I’m sorry,” he frowned, pulling the duvet back for you to slide under.

    “I hate men at this time of the month,” you groaned, throwing yourself down on the bed, landing your head on Seokwoo’s outstretched arm to pull you in.

    His hold was tight, exactly what you needed to try and ease the pain that you felt in the pit of your stomach. “Try and get some more sleep,” Seokwoo whispered down to you, “it’s five in the morning right now.”

    Your head nodded, curling into his side for comfort, “I’ve taken some tablets for my cramp, hopefully in half an hour the pain should disappear.”

    Seokwoo nodded, listening to you closely, “why don’t we stay up for half an hour and chat until your pain goes away in that case?”

    “You need to rest too,” you reminded him.

    Once again, Seokwoo nodded, “and I will rest to, once I know that you’re resting, if you’re comfortable, then I’m comfortable.”

    “You’re too sweet, I can’t even argue with you.”

    Yoo Taeyang:

    Your hands extended out as soon as Taeyang got home, desperate to take what he had bought from the shops and hurry to the bathroom to sort yourself out.

    “Did I get everything?” Taeyang nervously asked as you tipped it out.

    “I think so,” you smiled, grabbing a tampon from the box, and a pad out of the packet beside you too, “I really appreciate you doing this for me Tae.”

    He smiled back at you, taking a seat on the sofa whilst you sorted yourself out, finally speaking to you once he knew that you were comfortable again. “I got a few funny looks when I went to the checkout you know.”

    You grinned appreciatively at him, taking a seat beside him, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know what else to do, I couldn’t go myself.”

    His arm wrapped around you, relieved to see you feeling better, “I didn’t mind, it’s just funny how judgemental others can be.”

    “They’re jealous you’re a good boyfriend,” you suggested.

    A light chuckle came from Taeyang in reply to your suggestion, “that’s a better idea than the reason they probably stared.”

    “As long as I help you, I don’t care who stares.”


    The sound of you groaning yet again shattered Youngkyun;s heart, noticing your hands resting on your stomach where the source of the pain was.

    “Stay here,” he instructed, standing up from the sofa and your hug.

    “Why?” You frowned, immediately feeling cold as Youngkyun left your side, making his way towards the kitchen without wanting to share his plans with you.

    You could hear plenty of noise from the kitchen, unsure as to what was going on until Youngkyun returned with a hot water bottle in hand. “I did a search, it said that these are supposed to help with cramps.”

    You tried to take it from Youngkyun, but he pressed it down against your stomach instead, “you’re an angel, I swear you just read my mind.”

    His smile was wide, noticing the relief on your face as the heat hit you, “is there anything else that I can do to help you right now.”

    “Not leave my side again,” you laughed in reply.

    Youngkyun nodded confidently, taking his seat on the sofa again, “now that I’ve got you taken care of, I’m not going anywhere.”

    “My tummy and I really appreciate you Kyun.”


    A chuckle came from you as you turned on the sofa, watching Chanhee struggle to make his way down the stairs with blankets in his hold.

    “I’m coming,” he called out trying his best to keep his balance.

    “What are you doing?” You laughed, reluctantly sitting yourself up to make some space for Chanhee to dump all of the items that he was carrying on the sofa.

    A proud smile found its way onto his face once he managed to get everything down. “You’re on your period, and therefore you need to be comfortable, which is why I’ve bought all of these to make things cosy.”

    Your head shook in disbelief back at him, “you didn’t need to do all of this Chanhee, you must have found every cushion and blanket here.”

    His head nodded as his smile grew, “we’re having a movie marathon, you might get bored of one blanket and want to use another.”

    “You’ve really thought of everything,” you commented.

    Chanhee’s cheeks heated up as you grabbed one of the cushions, “I just want to be able to help you as much as I possibly can.”

    “This is more than enough, this is perfect.”



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