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    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    La-La Land

    not requested

    this is an age regression drabble; if you don't like that, don't read it. age regression is a sfw coping mechanism, so i will be blocking anyone who might sexualize it word count: 1,8k part 1

    It was a particularly tough day for Heeseung in I-LAND. He kept feeling the pressure building from the fact that he was the most known of the participants and everyone had high expectations for him. He was supposed to be the one to learn the dances the quickest, the one to keep a steady voice when singing and dancing at the same time, he was one of the older contestants, so he should also be comforting the younger ones in the competition when they were having a rough time and everything was getting too much for him. He had a hard time getting up in the morning and an even harder time going to sleep at night, feeling guilty for not using all his time on practicing so that he could guide the people around him, so he was starting to think about using one of the coping mechanisms he had learned before joining the programme. He wasn´t exactly sure how it worked, but sometimes when he focused on the way he remembered feeling when he was a kid, the carefree and comforting feeling of having no responsibilities and having someone else to make sure he was okay, then his head would become a kind of hazy and it was hard to form coherent, adult thoughts. It was a nice feeling, most of the time and when the feeling had passed, he felt like he had more space in his head to take on more work, the amount of space depending on how long the haziness lasted. 

    He decided that, if he had to get some rest, maybe he should let himself be hazy, just when it was time to sleep because he always found it easier to sleep when feeling the warm and fuzzy feeling from the haziness. One day, though, it backfired, because as much as he had planned just to let himself be hazy at night, it stuck with him into the morning. He didn’t realise it right away. He had gotten up and got some of the breakfast that had been prepared for them. He wasn’t sure if it was any of the producers of the show or one of the contestants that had set up the breakfast for them to have, but that wasn’t relevant enough to spare any thought to in his fuzzy mind, he was just content with not having to prepare anything for himself. 

    “Hyung?” It was Sunoo, who had placed himself at the table, a few seats from where Heeseung had planted himself. It didn’t register in Heeseung’s brain that it could be him who was being called for. He didn’t exactly feel like a ‘hyung’. “Heeseung hyung?” Sunoo tried again. He just wanted to ask about some steps Heeseung had said he’d try to practice the day before, but the look in his eyes when he finally turned towards the younger didn’t look like someone who was completely there. With no verbal response, Sunoo turned towards Jay, being he was the only one else in the room, who had turned his attention towards the boy at the breakfast bar too, sending him one of his looks of ‘I have no clue about what’s going on, please help?’, thinking that maybe the older was coming down with a sickness or something like it. Jay put down the dishes that he had been cleaning and slipped off the rubber gloves he had been wearing while cleaning, moving over to the two. He placed a hand on top of Heeseung’s hair, gaining his attention rather quickly. “Hyung, are you alright?” he asked the one in front of him a little soft. They had an unspoken rule in the dorm section of the building that mornings were quiet for those who weren’t morning people, one of them being Heeseung. 

    Heeseung just looked at Jay, blinking slowly with slightly parted lips, which was an absolutely adorable sight. Jay’s brows furrowed and without thinking much about it he started running his fingers through Heeseung’s hair, watching as the older leaned into the touch. Sunoo watched the oldest with worry. They all knew that Heeseung was the one having the hardest time waking up in the mornings, usually calling him the 'dorm zombie', but this behaviour wasn’t something they’d ever seen from him. Jay, on the other hand, wasn’t as worried. Both of them being trainees under BigHit before joining the show, he’d seen Heeseung act strangely in this way before, but exactly having had a reason to ask him about it before, and now that he’s grown closer with the older, he saw the strangeness in him in a different way. 

    He shot Sunoo a look as to tell him not to go anywhere and jogged over to the pantry, finding a juice box. He had an inkling of what Heeseung could be doing, but he needed more information to know if he was on the right track. “Hee, would you like some juice?” he asked hesitantly. They may have been growing closer but not using honorifics could be a risky move if the situation wasn’t what Jay thought it was. If it wasn’t, he’d apologize to Heeseung and tell him some excuse for why he didn’t show respect for him. But as it seemed, either Heeseung didn’t notice or didn’t care, because all he did was reach for the juice box with the biggest smile on his lips. Sunoo, who had been shocked and waited for Jay to be berated for not showing respect to his elders, had gone from terror on Jay’s behalf to confusion. He and Jay tried to exchange plenty of looks, but none of them really understood what the other wanted to convey with the looks, so Jay brought his attention back to Heeseung, who was struggling to get the straw out of its little plastic bag. 

    “Here, let me help you with that.” Jay reached out for the juice box. Heeseung looked from the carton to the boy reaching for it for a couple of seconds, not sure if he wanted to give it to him, but as he thought about it more, Jay was the one to bring it to him in the first place, so it should be alright, and so he ended up meeting Jay’s gaze with huge, trusting eyes, handing the dormmate the juice. Jay smiled at him when he finally had the carton placed in his hand. He got the straw out of the plastic quick and easy, as he had done it so many times before, and as he had access to adult motor skills, there was no struggle for him to do so. He gave it back to Heeseung, who then took the straw and tried to poke it into the little hole that it’s meant to go through. And then he tried again. And again, and again, and again until he got frustrated with failing to get the straw into the box. This time, he turned to Jay and reached out his hands where the juice box and the straw were held, clearly asking the other for help, which Jay happily did, getting the straw into the carton quicker than Heeseung had, though he had to admit to himself that he got why the other had trouble with it, as he himself could feel the resistance when he tried to jam to straw into the place it was supposed to go. He handed it back to a patient Heeseung with a “here you go, bud,” in which he got a small ‘thank you’ back, mumbled, but high pitched, as Heeseung were focusing solely on the drink in his hand, that was now ready for him to consume. 

    Sunoo was quick to shuffle his way over to Jay, to ask just what was going on. “Hyung, is Heeseungie hyung sick or something?! Should we ask the producers for a doctor?” Jay shook his head and put a hand on the younger’s shoulder to calm him down. “If I’m right in what I think this is, nothing is wrong with hyung, I promise Sunnie. Though, I feel like it would be best to get in contact with the producers and make sure this isn’t aired.” Jay was still perplexed that he was in this situation, as he had never thought someone close to him would be like this. Sunoo didn’t look any more relaxed though, so Jay sighed and pulled him a bit away, enough to not be in earshot of the one they were discussing. “I’ve only ever read about this because I stumbled on it when online,” Jay cleared his throat to cover up any embarrassment, as he didn’t just stumble on it randomly when online, he found it on his BTS fan account, some fans having written some pretty interesting fiction pieces about something like this, which led Jay to do some research about it, but Sunoo didn’t need to know that, “but, I’m thinking that hyung is regressing mentally to a younger age.” Jay looked at Sunoo, who had his eyes trained on the boy in question, and he couldn’t really tell how the younger was taking this information. “It’s not dangerous, is it?” the boy almost whispered, not looking at the one person he was talking to. Jay smiled slightly at the concern the youngest was showing towards their hyung. It was endearing to see Sunoo care about Heeseung’s well-being like this. “It’s not,” Sunoo looked back at Jay as he heard the answer, “but it is very private for some people. From what I've gathered; most feel very vulnerable when they’re like that and as we don’t know how Heeseung feels about that, I think it would be best if we got it removed from the recording. Just to be safe.” Sunoo nodded with some determination and Jay nodded too, happy that they were both agreeing. 

    “I’ll go and talk with one of the producers if you don’t need my help.” Sunoo suddenly said, surprising Jay with the resolution in his voice. Wide-eyed, Jay replied; “how are you going to get them to delete the footage?” to which Sunoo just shrugged and told him; “I don’t know, I’ll figure it out,” before walking away to pester some poor producer. Jay chuckled a bit. He was gaining a lot of respect for Sunoo as he got to know him through this programme, especially the younger’s sense of purpose. 

    “Hey, Heeseungie, what do you say we go back to your room and play a bit? Sunnie will join us in just a few minutes,” Jay turned towards the possibly-regressed boy yet again, and by the way the boy in front of him reacted to the question by clapping and giggling, he was slowly growing more sure that he was, in fact, regressing. He took the young-minded boy’s hand in his and started making their way to Heeseung’s room, but not before writing Sunoo a little note of where they were going. Jay took a deep breath and tried to prepare himself for what would be thrown at him that day. 

    To be continued...

    A/N: so, this was a little thought that made itself into a way bigger thing hahah and i do rly wanna write more on this thought, but i thought it'd be best to take it in multiple parts, also as this was getting as long as some of my longer one-shots. i don't know how many parts there will be to this, time will tell ig :D
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    system::err!0r??! try ag?!#in l4ter¡¡&

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    summary: no one told y/n life was gonna be this way - her housmates are trying to identify jay’s secret girflriend, but that's the least of her problems. all while this is happening, y/n and jay must maintain their relationship while hiding it from their friends and y/n’s older brother jake. genre: crack, fluff, smau. warnings: swearing, sexual references, bad jokes. pairing: park jongseong (jay) x female reader

    prev <- next -> series masterlist -> series playlist -> add yourself to the taglist (or send an ask to be tagged!)

    tags: @fourthirtyone-am; @lhsng; @enchillstuff; @1unxtic; @tomorrowbymoa-together; @en-jongseong; @gbeans-and-jeanes; @blxckcatner0; @linaccurate; @itsjynop

    #enhypen#enhypen fluff#enhypen angst#enhypen smut#enhypen fanfiction#enhypen fanfic#enhypen imagine#enhypen scenarios#enhypen smau #enhypen social au #enhypen social media au #enhypen jongseong#enhypen jay #jay park fanfic #jay park au #jay park smau #jay park fluff #jay park angst #jay park smut
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    Jay Park

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    Jay Park

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    requests are open!

    hi everyone, I'm trying to write more works for my blog so i’m opening requests. i currently write for enhypen and txt so i'm willing to write enhypen member x txt member x reader. i’ll open to writing any types of aus, though the only thing i will not write is nsfw (suggestive is ok). please feel free to request!

    #enhypen imagines#txt imagines#enhypen requests#txt requests #lee heeseung imagines #choi yeonjun imagines #park jay imagines #choi soobin imagines #sim jake imagines #choi beomgyu imagines #park sunghoon imagines #kang taehyun imagines #kim sunoo imagines #hueningkai imagines #yang jungwon imagines #ni-ki imagines
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  • cieluvity
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    enhypen - their relationship with idol!s/o gets exposed (req) includes: ot7 | wc: 1.6k genre: idol!au, hurt/comfort | tws/cws: dispatch (all), brief mention of panic attacks (jake), crying (sunoo) a/n: slightly modified but well, its still kinda the same mould as the og request, so idc. my shortest work in a while lol.


    heeseung is gonna immediately worry more about you and the effect this will have on you/your group than the effect it'll have on him and enhypen. the minute he finds out that dispatch had leaked pictures of you on a date, and a picture in which you two were kissing, he was immediately texting and calling you, and when you finally answered, he didn't even really care to discuss what to do, he just wanted to know how you were feeling, and if you needed any company, support, attention or anything else like that. during any meetings or official decisions about whether to go public or not, he'd stick by you, siding with you on any choices that needed to be made. you wanna go public? welp, everyone is boutta find out just how dedicated a boyfriend he is. you wanna stay private, well it'll be kinda hard to explain the kiss, but he'll stand by you, no matter what. if anyone even suggests you two break up, though, he's immediately finding some way around that idea. he can't bare the thought of you two being separated.

    -it'll be okay, love. we got each other, we can get through this together. just like we always do.


    jay is a gentleman, we know this, so usually he's quite good at hiding from the press whilst out in public, but this time he just got caught in an unfortunate situation. it didn't look too bad, in fact it just looked like friends having lunch together, but dispatch is dispatch and tried to blow this whole thing up. you and jay didn't really get a choice, as both your companies saw how easy this would be to cover up and just took the opportunity to hide it without really asking you and jay if that's what you wanted. if you didn't mind the cover-up, he'd be a tad more careful about taking you out and if you didn't want it to be covered up, if you wanted to go public, he's 100% down to take you on more public dates in hopes of getting caught. if you two do finally get caught out in a way that isn't easy to brush off as just friends, be:lift is immediately on his case about how he purposefully planned this and he's just playing it smug AND ignorant at the same time. his angel wants? his angel gets!

    -hey angel, i've booked us a reservation at this beautiful restaurant. who cares if dispatch catches us? if they do, then we can finally showcase how perfect of a couple we are. *winks*


    now jake, i think jake would be so afraid about this. he's not just worried about how this will affect him, he's terrified of how this will affect you! he's trying to think over how this will affect enhypen and then he says something to himself in his mind and he's like "oh god that affects (y/n) too!" and he can't stop thinking about it, over and over, until eventually another member of enha notices how he's basically on the verge of a panic attack and has to help calm him down. if any meetings about you two together were to be had, he's 100% shaking out of nervousness and the minute breaking up is suggested is the same minute he has to bite back tears. it's only when you push really hard against a break up happening that he realises he isn't going through this alone and you, his darling love of his life, is there to fight for him. you're here, fighting for you, him and for your relationship to be able to continue happily and healthily. ultimately, i don't think he'd sacrifice his career for his love life, as he wouldn't want you to do that either, so he'd beg and pray and demand for one more chance for you guys to stay together without getting caught again. and he's lucky, cuz you guys get this chance!

    -i'm so afraid, darling. but i've got you by my side and i don't have to go through this alone. i gotta keep reminding myself of that. i love you, darling.


    oh, he hates this. he's so protective over his sister, so imagine how protective he is over you! the minute he realises you're being followed by dispatch, he's cutting the date/get-together short, trying to pass it off as just a friendly meet-up and then is immediately going his separate ways with you, apologising with thousands of texts and a delivery of flowers to your dorm/apartment later that night. when his company pulls him up on it the next day, he's very quick to affirm that you two are just good friends and it was just a casual meeting. the company believes him however dispatch doesn't and they keep pushing. eventually they get the golden photo; you two kissing goodbye. he's immediately pulled back into another meeting with be:lift and they tell him to break up with you. he begs for one last chance, swearing he'll be more careful with it and that he hadn't meant for you two to get caught out (obviously). you two are forced to go public after your company/companies talk it out but you two are very respectful about it, not at all happy about being outed, but making do with the circumstances at hand. as long as he still has you by his side, he doesn't care too much, to be honest.

    -we'll be safe together, angel. no matter who tries to get between us, i'll stay by your side forever.


    i genuinely think sunoo is gonna be the one to cry about this and blame himself for getting you two caught out. he had forgotten to take off the bracelet he had with your name along with a love heart on it, and fans quickly picked up on it, even finding out who made the jewellery, and quickly get the confirmation that it was sunoo who ordered the matching bracelets you and him had. he would immediately be begging his members for help and when the meeting between him and his company comes up, he's hoping and praying that your meeting is going better than his, because he is trying so hard not to sob his way through the meeting. he apologises over and over, promising to be more careful and even though the relationship does end up going public, he'd ultimately be your biggest supporter, just like he was before, except now he has a little bit more space and wiggle room to do so without exposing too much about you two, cuz, well, that already happened lol. he's really apologetic about it for days after it happens though, and it takes you kissing him in the middle of one of his rants for him to finally stop apologising.

    -this isn't going to affect us too much, right? you'll still be my star, yeah? my light? you will? ahh, i love you so much, bubs.


    jungwon may be the leader, but in this moment, he feels helpless. he really feels like he's fucked up his group's reputation, you/your group's reputation, everything. he just feels like he's fucked up. you two hadn't even really been caught out in a dating-esque scenario, you just so happened to be seen out together, and one picture was captured where he was feeding you. ultimately, the choice to go public or private was up to you, but, unlike heeseung, i don't think jungwon would want to go public about this. he seems like he wouldn't want that to happen, so if you wanted to go public, he'd try and persuade you to stay private, pulling in factors like age, and how long you two have been debuted and stuff. however, if you wanted to stay private, he'd appreciate that so much. not to say he wouldn't appreciate you if you wanted to go public, i just don't think its the path he wants to take, as he's only 18, and he just doesn't want that kind of spotlight on him right now.

    -i'm sorry, honey, it's just i feel like we are still really young and i'd rather wait for a little bit longer, until we're older, maybe, before going public. wait, you wanna stay private too? oh thank god, i love you honey, so much.


    oh boy. he's gonna be so stressed and upset about this situation. even if it was your fault, he's still gonna blame himself for this entire scenario. he's immediately going to his hyungs and begging them for advice, even going so far as asking them to accompany him to the meeting with management, not wanting to be in that room all by himself. i don't think he's too big on pda, especially since he knows the chances of getting caught with you are quite high, so i don't think it'd be something like a kiss that gets you two caught out more like people reading too much into a hug. "it was a romantic hug!" well i mean, yeah it was, but stfu no it wasn't. ultimately, i think he'd prefer to stay private. he's so young, he really doesn't need that kind of heat on him, and neither do you. i think even if you did want to go public, his and yours companies would push for you two to stay private, again, due to the ages of you two. he's very sweet afterwards though. he spends a whole week buying you things and apologising over and over, even if, again, it was your fault. you'd have to beg him to stop otherwise people are gonna get suspicious all over again. he just feels bad, okay?

    -we'll be okay, right, (n/n)? yeah, yeah, we'll be okay. i'm sorry we got caught out, i'll try be more careful next time. no no, don't blame yourself, baby, i don't care what you say, i'm sorry for getting us caught out. it was totally my fault.

    © property of cieluvity 2022. pls dont copy.

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  • strxberri-series
    27.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    𝐞𝐧𝐡𝐲𝐩𝐞𝐧 𝐚𝐮.

    「...werewolf pack」

    a/n: this is only for entertainment purposes, do not come for me for writing this! | all gifs are from pintrest

    *•.¸♡ navigaion. ♡¸.•*

    *•.¸♡ au. ♡¸.•*

    ‣ summary... enhypen as werewolves

    ↺ genre... fluff, werewolf au

    ♪ listen to... tamed-dashed by enhypen

    → ʏᴀɴɢ ᴊᴜɴɢᴡᴏɴ;

    name: yang jung won

    hometown: gwanak-gu, seoul, south korea

    birthday: february 9, 2004

    age: 18

    position: alpha

    fur colour: white

    → ʟᴇᴇ ʜᴇᴇꜱᴇᴜɴɢ;

    name: lee hee seung

    hometown: uiwang, south korea

    birthday: october 15, 2001

    age: 21

    position: beta, healer

    fur colour: amber

    → ᴘᴀʀᴋ ᴊᴏɴɢꜱᴇᴏɴɢ – ᴊᴀʏ;

    name: park jong seong

    hometown: seattle, washington, usa

    birthday: april 20th, 2002

    age: 20

    position: beta

    fur colour: dark brown

    → ꜱɪᴍ ᴊᴀᴇʏᴜɴ – ᴊᴀᴋᴇ;

    name: sim jae yun

    hometown: sydney, australia

    birthday: november 15th, 2002

    age: 20

    position: sigma

    fur colour: dark brown

    → ᴘᴀʀᴋ ꜱᴜɴɢʜᴏᴏɴ;

    name: park sung hoon

    hometown: namyangju, gyeonggi, south korea

    birthday: december 8th, 2002

    age: 20

    position: selsa

    fur colour: brown

    → ᴋɪᴍ ꜱᴇᴏɴᴡᴏᴏ – ꜱᴜɴᴏᴏ;

    name: kim seon woo

    hometown: suwon, gyeonggi, south korea

    birthday: june 24th, 2003

    age: 19

    position: omega

    fur colour: silver

    → ɴɪꜱʜɪᴍᴜʀᴀ ʀɪᴋɪ – ɴɪ-ᴋɪ;

    name: nishimura riki

    hometown: okayama, japan

    birthday: december 9th, 2005

    age: 17

    position: omega

    fur colour: silver

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  • heeseung-sub
    27.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Dom Idol Sunghoon × Fem reader. smut

    Jealous sex, pussy eating, 469 words. call the reader "Doll"

    Sunghoon raised one hand to the armrest, his gaze fixed on your eyes. your eyes fluttered shut when sung hoon cupped your sex, rubbing it teasingly

    You're only wearing a panty and you can't believe Sunghoon will be aggressive like this but you can't help but respond to his touch and kisses. The soft material of the panties was wet there is no denying how much sunghoon affected you.

    You arched against him, moaning into his kiss drugged with the sensations you'd never imagined before. you opened your eyes again and a violent sigh crawled down to your throat as sunghoon ripped off your panties and rubbed his fingers over your slippery slit It sent waves of pleasure

    "Ah," a choked low moan reached your throat. Sunghoon pushed his finger into your femininity, making you cling fast to his arm as you bite your lower lip and stare into his eyes.

    His lips went down your throat until his lips reached your chest and sucked your nipple causing you to moan his name.

    As his tongue, teeth, and lips played wonderfully with your breast, Sunghoon finger continued to caress your dripping wet femininity.

    "I wanna taste your cum. Come in my mouth doll " he does not ask for your permission he commands it.

    he leaned down as his gaze still held on you, and he covered your sex with his warm mouth, pressing his tongue to your aching core Sunghoon started sucking your clit his tongue poked the sensitive grain of your femininity, squeezing and sucking afterwards.

    Sunghoon plunged his tongue into your contracting core, his mouth covering your flesh as his tongue assailed it. Sunghoon stopped sucking your sensitive bud and continued fingering you, claiming your lips as his finger touched your femininity. A ragged moan escaped your throat as the pleasure slammed into your senses.

    He slapped your thighs "Spread your legs more." even his voice turns you on

    Sunghoon's voice sent shivers down your spine as he hummed while fucking you with his tongue. Every thrust of his tongue in your womanhood drew you closer to the point of cumming in his mouth. Sunghoon's hand massaged your entire body, including both of your breasts.

    Sunghoon's tongue gives you pleasure so much too much. He stood up and began unbuckling his belt

    Your eyes were drawn to his big member. Sunghoon drew himself closer to you as his thick, ropey veins cock throbbed

    He yanked your hair and made you stare into his eyes, your eyes watering not because you were hurt, but because you desperately wanted to cum

    "Oh now, you're crying" he wiped your tears

    "Now lay down and open your legs, I'll fuck you hard so you can't walk and laugh at Jake's joke" he smirked as he tapped his cock to your lips.

    #enhypen smut #enhypen hard hours #park sunghoon#enhypen sunghoon #sunghoon hard hours #sunghoon smut#jake smut #jay hard hours #jay smut#heeseung smut #enhypen heeseung smut #heeseung hard thoughts #jay hard thoughts #fem reader#sim jaeyun#enhypen scenarios#heeseung imagines
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  • 117luv
    27.05.2022 - 19 hours ago
    something about you ఇ chapter 9 : just date already

    synopsis: for two years, jay had been harboring feelings toward you, but he doesn't have any confidence in asking you out. it was until one faithful day, that he was paired with you for a literature assignment. he takes this only chance by confessing his feelings.

    masterlist ꩜ previous ꩜ next

    a/n: i totally agree w/ heeseung 😓

    taglist [OPEN]: @beans-and-jeanes @hseungi @enhacolor @deeznutsriki @aizzon @fairycheol @rrvvby @enhasengene @c9tnoos @bunniin @aleenamya @dipsydoo542 @seosracha @hwalllllllelujah @tomorrowbymoa-together @vantxx95 @lhsng @sroka-zlodziejka @sunghoonsblackgf @kwiniwk @hobistigma @annoyingbitch83 @qghosty @jjhmk @tlnyjoong @artstaeh @w3bqrl @soobins-gf @jaysbbybrat @teti-menchon0604 @r1ki-lvrs @sh1mzu @jjunbug @bennettsprmcy @papiibuprofen @i-yeseo @nyfwyeonjun @en-jongseong @kimmchijjajang @mintydump

    #SAY SMAU! #enhypen #enhypen x reader #enhypen imagines#enhypen fluff#enhypen scenarios#enhypen smut#enhypen smau#enhypen headcanons#jay park#park jongseong #heeseung x reader #jay x reader #jake x reader #sunghoon x reader #sunoo x reader #jungwon x reader #ni-ki x reader #jay imagines#jay fluff#jay smau#jay headcanons#jay scenarios #park jay x reader #enhypen au #park jongseong x reader #enhypen masterlist #jay park x reader
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  • moonbyulsstuff
    27.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    Dating Them: Headcanons Lookism Male Version.

    The Characters: Vasco, Daniel Park, Jay Hong, Zack Lee, Eli Jang.

    GN Reader.

    Request Rules.

    Daniel Park:

    Oh boy, this male would be an absolute simp towards you.

    He would do literally everything for you and try to make you comfortable.

    This boy has doubts about himself thinking he wasn’t good enough for you but you always reassure him that he was enough for you.

    This is like a puppy, whenever you complimented him. HIs face would light up and whenever kiss you him, pat him in the head. You thought there’s tail wagging behind him.

    He would also protect you from any danger considering how this male can fight.

    And since this male doesn’t have any fashion sense, you would be there to try to help him choosing a fashionable pair whenever you two go out.

    And if you were loaded, you would spoil the hell out of Daniel which make Daniel feel bad since you were spending so much money on him but you always reassure him that it’s alright.

    And whenever you two go on dates.. it would be hectic at times.

    Like one time, Daniel got into an argument because some guy thought he was interested with his girlfriend but no, you were actually behind the girl making the big misunderstanding embarrassing for the male.

    And another one where you got into a fight with some girl because she was flirting with Daniel when you two were in a date and she wouldn’t back off when he told her that he was in a relationship with someone else.

    So... yeah but there were peaceful dates so it’s not always hectic at all.

    Daniel would try to surprise with gifts even though he doesn’t have a lot of money but you would appreciate whenever he would buy you gifts.

    And whenever you were feeling down, he would cuddle with you or watch a movie with you and litter you with kisses.

    Overall, you two love each other very much to the point it would give someone diabetes.

    And, do you know he has two bodys? I don’t know. It’s up to you ;)

    Eli Jang:

    Eli is extremely overprotective of you.

    Which would make sense since he has a lot of people going after him so he wants to make you are always safe.

    Eli would get you little gift as well and you would the same.

    He was absolutely weak towards you, especially whenever you smile at him.

    He would also massage your shoulder whenever you felt tired or that body felt sore.

    He deeply cares for him and he can’t forgive himself if you ever get hurt.

    Eli would also try to cut your hair but you knowing how bad he is at it, you politely declined but you would let him style your hair.

    But of course since the male has a lot of fangirls, they constantly stalked you two and was jealous at the fact that you were dating Eli. But now they stopped doing it since Eli had scolded them which embarrass them a lot.

    You also babysit Yenna whenever he has to go to work and she absolutely enjoys your presence and one time Yenna had called you mom/dad, which brough tears in your eyes and Eli was happy that Yenna had acknowledge you as a parent.

    He is also careful with your feelings ever since Heather, he doesn’t want to lose you too because he was too careless.

    Every once in a while, he would give you a flower and you don’t know what type of flower he would give you next time.

    He’s always like to cuddle you and likes to be called a good boy so be sure do it to him.

    He would go “talk” with the person whoever made you cry.

    If you feel upset because something happened and not because of a person, he would style your hair and cook your favorite food or watch TV with Yenna.

    Jay Hong:

    Just like with Daniel, this male is an absolute simp towards you and do anything for you and would spoil you.

    He’s like a dog as well, whenever you praise him. You swear that there was a tail wagging behind him whenever you did it.

    He is very protective of you and get’s jealous easily.

    He also send you little gifts as well and it’s usually expensive gifts that he would send you which would make you feel bad actually, so you would buy gifts, litter him with kisses or anything that he likes.

    He would also let you see his face without his hair covering his face at times if you want to.

    Jay always like to lay his head on your lap and always demands it at times.

    He basically like being pampered by you, like a lot.

    And you two would take care of the puppies together.

    If someone made you cry, he would go to the person who made you cry then... I don’t know. Jay never really tells you what he does to them.

    But if you were feeling upset because something happened and it wasn’t cause by a person, he would take you to the park or play with the dogs or just stay in the house and cuddle with each other.


    Considering how dumb Vasco is, it’s quite amusing to see him get all flustered whenever you kiss or hold his hand. And it wasn’t helping him that the rest of Burn Knuckles would teasing him about it sometimes.

    He would quite dumb at times and misunderstand on whatever you were saying at times but it got a laugh out of you.

    Vasco would give you flowers everyday.

    He would pick you up and put you in his shoulder as you two walked around school or outside, chatting with each other.

    He would pout whenever he’s jealous.

    And he gives the best hugged! Like no joke, his arms wrapped you making you feel safe but also because of how big his arms is.

    You also like his beards and you kike rubbing your hands on them which he let’s you do because it feels nice.

    He would also sometimes flex his muscles to you as you compliment him  a lot which boost his ego by a long shot.

    Whenever someone made you cry, he would go to that person and talk with them.

    But if you were feeling upset because something happened and it wasn’t cause by a person, he would hug you and whisper sweet things to you or try to make you laugh which you really appreciate it a lot.

    Zack Lee:

    Just like the other two, Zack is an absolute simps towards you.

    He’s just weak whenever you were around and always follows your orders.

    You were the reason he practice boxing even more so he could protect you from the bad guys.

    He had kept his hair slick back but once you mentioned that you like when he’s hair is a little messy, he started styling his hair a little messy since you like it.

    He would give you little gifts, like a couple bracelet and promise rings.

    He gets jealous very easily and try to fight the person who was flirting with you, but you were there to held him back.

    He would stunned whenever you kiss him which makes you chuckle a lot.

    You were always there to patch him up if he got into a fight.

    He likes his hair being played and whenever you two cuddle, he always ask you to play with his hair which you always obliged.

    He doesn’t like seeing you cry so he would comfort you before finding the person who made you cry.

    But if you were feeling down because something happened and not by a person, he would cook your favorite food or cuddle and watch movies with you.

    #lookism #lookism x gender neutral reader #gn reader #gender neutral reader #x gender neutral reader #webtoon#headcanons#zack lee#daniel park#eli jang#jay hong#vasco#euntee lee
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  • yanderesimp-san
    27.05.2022 - 20 hours ago

    so how much gay do you want?

    lookism: yes

    #lookism#incorrect quotes #they are gay #you can't convince me otherwise #or bi #lookism incorrect quotes #daniel park#jake kim#gun park#jay hong #eun tae lee #jace park#johan seong #istg if my ships don't kiss i will drink the entire ocean
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  • en-incorrect
    27.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    enhypen as things my friends have said #2

    jake, over text: LET’S GO I JUST GOT PAID

    heeseung: omg stop flirting with me jake

    jay: wow heeseung hyung really is just a gold digger

    heeseung: well yeah. i need someone to fund me as i lead an anti-capitalistic life

    sunghoon: every good commie has their sugar daddy behind them

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  • lemon-boy-stan
    27.05.2022 - 23 hours ago


    summary: no one told y/n life was gonna be this way - her housmates are trying to identify jay’s secret girflriend, but that's the least of her problems. all while this is happening, y/n and jay must maintain their relationship while hiding it from their friends and y/n’s older brother jake. genre: crack, fluff, smau. warnings: swearing, sexual references, bad jokes. pairing: park jongseong (jay) x female reader

    prev <- next -> series masterlist -> series playlist -> add yourself to the taglist (or send an ask to be tagged!)

    tags: @fourthirtyone-am; @lhsng; @enchillstuff; @1unxtic; @tomorrowbymoa-together; @en-jongseong; @gbeans-and-jeanes; @blxckcatner0

    #enhypen#enhypen fluff#enhypen angst#enhypen smut#enhypen fanfiction#enhypen fanfic#enhypen imagine#enhypen scenarios#enhypen smau #enhypen social au #enhypen social media au #enhypen jongseong#enhypen jay #jay park fanfic #jay park au #jay park smau #jay park fluff #jay park smut #jay park angst
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  • yutario
    27.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    ENHYPEN HYUNG LINE & receiving your nudes for the first time

    note. i don't really have a note please enjoy horny enha hyung line 🫶

    pairings. afab!reader x enhypen's hyung line

    includes. suggestive but leaning on smut, mentions of private parts + erections + masturbation (implied), it's literally just boys being horny u have been warned


    taking a cool down from a dance practice, heeseung did not expect to be opening his phone to a picture of you. he chokes on his water bottle when he sees that all you're wearing is a pair of thin, lacy underwear. sweat begins to form around his neck and on his forehead when he takes the picture in as a whole. you've angled the phone above your head, your eyes staring into the camera like the eyes of a puppy. your face looks too innocent for the way your hand is cupping your free breast. heeseung literally has to put a hand onto the wall to stop himself from fainting because fuck you look so hot. you've always been so shy, so seeing you do something like this has his mind going places, and his dick immediately goes hard. he wants to leave work so bad and stuff his face between your tits. groans stuck at the back of his throat as he stares at your picture for as long as he possibly can, he messages you as soon as he comes to his senses.
    heeseungie <3: fuck y/n you're so hot
    heeseungie <3: just wait until i get home oh my god that underwear is coming off so fast


    jay is probably in his dorm room, mindlessly scrolling through his phone when the picture is sent through to him. he lifts a brow at the notification and then his jaw literally drops so low when he sees you. it's a mirror selfie, and your hand is leaning against a desk chair so that you can stick your bare ass out for him to see in all its glory. he swears his heart stops beating for a second as all of the blood rushes to his cock instead. jay's definitely the type of person to zoom in and just mentally worship every single crevice of your body, drool dripping from his lips. he finds your body so beautiful, and him being the gentleman that he is, doesn't want to leave you hanging. he sends a picture of his hand gripping his boner through his grey sweatpants so that you don't feel like the only one exposing yourself. although he feels like the guiltiest man alive when he does it, i can see jay screenshotting the picture and putting it in a safe folder for... good use later on ;)
    jay: oh my god i don't deserve you
    jay: you're beautiful
    jay: i love you sm
    jay: look at what you've done to me baby
    jay: [1 photo attached]

    𔒌 JAKE SIM ;

    jake's hanging out with his friends when he gets the notification. he stops what he's doing to open it, and he chokes on his food when he does. he has to fist his chest as he stares at the photo: you lying down on your bed, tits facing the camera, and a finger on your bottom lip. a smirk immediately grows on jake's face as he admires the picture, thanking whoever it is out there that granted him with you. jake has always found you so sexy, so he feels nothing but pride and luck seeing the photo. his tongue is lapping his dry lips, and his hand is rubbing over the uncomfortable hardness growing between his legs. jake tries to hide his erection by putting a blanket over his legs, but his breathing has become so laboured and he won't stop smirking—so people can tell something is wrong with him no matter how hard he tries it. jake doesn't even waste another second with his friends, rushing out the front door and heading to your place as fast as he can.
    jakey: u naughty girl 😏😏
    jakey: make sure u still look this pretty by the time i come home
    jakey: [1 photo attached of him biting his lip and raising a brow]


    sunghoon's just about to sleep. he hasn't touched himself before sleeping in so long, and when the thought passes his mind, he smiles proudly at it. that is, until, you send him a picture. curiously, he opens it and the first thing that comes out of his twitching lips is a mumbled “shit”. the picture was taken with the phone in between your feet and your legs high, getting a perfect angle of your completely naked body. there's an innocent look on your face even though both your hands have disappeared between the dips of your thighs. sunghoon wants to cry when he feels his dick getting hard, having not touched himself for a week now. but he can't help it, not when you look this good and it's all for him. he also pegs me as someone who would zoom in and look at every single detail of your body, biting down pathetic moans in case one of his members hear him whining over nothing.
    hoonie: fuck me
    hoonie: it's so late why would you send this now 😩😩
    hoonie: are you free to call?? you gotta fix up your mess princess
    #📜 en headcanon #lee heeseung x reader #lee heeseung smut #heeseung x reader #heeseung smut#heeseung#lee heeseung#heeseung headcanons#enhypen heeseung #jongseong x reader #jongseong smut #park jongseong x reader #park jongseong #enhypen jay park #enhypen jay x reader #enhypen jay smut #sim jake smut #sim jake x reader #jake sim smut #jake sim x reader #enhypen jake #park sunghoon smut #sunghoon x reader #sunghoon smut#sunghoon #park sunghoon x reader #sunghoon headcanons #jake sim hard hours #sunghoon hard thoughts #heeseung hard thoughts
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  • heeseung-sub
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago



    Jealous Sex

    After a years you met your ex again with his co idols and members on the party. You find yourself Infront of Jay house.

    Jay and you standing Infront of his house. "Let me go." There's no conviction in your voice because you know to yourself that you actually miss him.

    You couldn't even push him away you hate to admit it but you like what he was doing to you dragging you to his house.

    His hand wrapped around your head pushing you in a deep rough kiss and it went back to your waist up to your chest causing you to take a deep breath.

    you clung to jay's shoulder wanting him to stop "Jay we're outside..."

    Jay stopped kissing you but when the door finally opened, both arms around your waist, pulled you into his room, closed the door and violently leaned you against the wall before kissing you more deeply. He misses you so much

    Jay kissed you roughly, dispassionately and rudely. As his hands caressed your body and licked your breast tickling your femininity Jay's lips were still on your skin sucking and marking it. And you start to feel hot and he can feel your womanhood getting wet. You gasped for breath and the heat lived deep inside of you.

    his lips were on your neck returned to your lips, you open your mouth so he can fuck your mouth using his tongue. You didn't want that kiss to end. You wanted to push him away at the same time pull him closer so he can't leave you again your mind can't decide so you let your body decide for you. You wanted his lips to remain locked on you.

    Jay take off your dress and then kissed you on your chest bit your nipples you held your breath in pain but there was a tickle that made you moan. Jay was palming your breast roughly, Instead of stopping him, a moan escape your lips. "Mm ah..." a moan of pleasure.

    lost every will in your body to push him away not as you want to. You're burning with an uncontrollable desire for Jay "You're so beautiful." Jay whispered over your lips before his hands started caressing your body down to your waist down to your belly and he start rubbing your clit with his middle finger pressing it to feel you more and to pleasure you more.

    "You like that?" Jay asked you while he nips the skin on your neck and then he rubbed your clit again with his finger, teasing you more and making you to wants his finger more.

    You moaned again when jay started rubbing his finger on your entrance making you whimper

    "That's it, baby." Jay kissed your cheeks down to your ear, bit the side of your ear then whispered there " I'll make you cum so hard you won't think of any man ever again."

    His fingers are now moving in and out of you. he's finger fucking you jay was looking at you the whole time he was fucking you with his fingers and his thumb was rubbing your clit. He was looking at you intently as his fingers moves faster and harder inside your wetness coating them and both of you are sweating burning in desire. You can see that he's enjoying seeing you whimper, moan and squirm in ecstasy and pleasure. it feels so good.

    "Fuck me please" you start begging. Later on, you felt his thick, hard and erect manhood sliding inside of you It was as if your body was torn apart by the extreme pain it caused. But he didn't stop he continue trusting in and out groaning every trust was mind-blowing you sucked your breath as you move your hips to his big and long length

    "ah Jay please, fuck me harder" Jay moans and thrusts hard inside of you "Jay! I'm coming! Ah! I'm cumming! Uhm!" you lock his waist using your legs your body arched, toes curling and shouts of moan echoed inside the room as she orgasm again. Then Jay followed, filling you with his hot cum.

    "was too rough on you?" He whispered you didn't mean to make him jealous with Yeonjun you're just having fun with Yeonjun At the party. You gulped. Why does it seem like something else enters your mind with this question? you're hurt that he choose to be an idol than you but you can't blame him too that's his dream and you'll support him no matter what happened even if you get hurt.

    he burried his face on your neck "I love you, please come back" - jay

    #enhypen smut #enhypen jay x reader #jay smut#park jay #enhypen heeseung smut #enhypen hard hours #enhypen sunghoon #enhypen jay scenarios #sunghoon smut#jake smut#sim jaeyun#heeseung imagines #heeseung hard thoughts #heeseung smut #jay hard hours #park sunghoon#yeonjun#txt yeonjun#fem reader
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  • sophialosthercardigan
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    masterlist (enhypen)

    fic recs (cuz these are the best fics)

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  • heeseung-sub
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I'll write a smut again



    A. Jay?

    B. Jake?

    C. Sunghoon?

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  • enzenwriting
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    faketext oneshot : non-idol! Park Jongseong (Jay) × female!reader

    pairing: enhypen non-idol! Jay x female!reader
    tags: oneshot, friend to lover, roommate to lover, non-idol, fluff, possessive jay😳 idk what else to call this
    warning: none? mention of kink if you count that??
    an: why do I unconsciously write these at 5am💀 anyway enjoy!!!! ( don’t tell anyone but this jay made my heart go💥💥💥 especially the perfume part💔)

    fake text oneshot! collection:

    Jungwon / Heeseung / Jay / Jake / Sunghoon/Sunoo /Niki

    Disclaimer: Please remember that this is a work of fiction! Any idols (activity) written and mentioned in this story/AU is not to be associated with the real idols.
    #enhypen#enhypen au#enhypen imagines#enhypen smau #enhypen social media au #enhypen fluff#enhypen fanfiction#enha#enha fluff#enhypen jay#enha jay #enhypen park jongseong #park jongseong #enha x reader #enha oneshots#enha scenarios #enha social media au #enha angst #enhypen jay oneshot #enhypen oneshots #enhypen jay x reader
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  • nikejaypark
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    handsome Jay Park is handsome in that black jacket and jeans and brown boots.
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