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  • rarepears
    25.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Oh! I watched Leverage too!

    So one of the things about the original show is that the character backgrounds were mostly very vague, only revealing some details.

    So one of the implications with the original hitter is that he started out in the military before getting into the more illegal mercenary work.

    So it could be something similar for LQG. He joined the military, and was noticed for his skills and moved to a team that did a bit more sketchy, undercover work. Eventually he left and started working as a mercenary for hire.

    *Takes out a beach chair and a bottle of wine to park my butt on the lawn to watch more brilliant ideas coming in*

    I like it.

    *sips wine*

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  • greenpanda-officialart
    25.05.2022 - 3 hours ago


    So when Shen QIngqiu was supposed to be a 'human stick' this was what popped in my head....

    I did think since his whole body parts were ripped off and he was hanging by a chain I thought the chains would be in the flesh like he was a slab of meat. Continiously tortured yet forced to stay alive in constant agonizing pain.

    ...I would love to do a luo Binghe reaction who loved his shizun and see's this 'nightmare' and is horrified of what happened to his precious shizun...

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  • rarepears
    25.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    For the Leverage PIDW AU:

    I think it would still make sense for SJ to be on the same team as LQG. Even getting out of jail recently, since the thief from the original show was also arrested a couple times, and also escaped.

    Cause SJ could've made enough of a reputation with the work he did previously, to be recognized as a really good thief. LQG meanwhile, has a different specialty in his skill set. So they get put on the same team to fill the different roles.

    True true.

    #svsss#svsss ideas#svsss au #scumbag self saving system #yue qingyuan#shen jiu#shen qingqiu #svsss leverage au
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  • 7-dreamers
    25.05.2022 - 8 hours ago
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  • tokisakki
    25.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    i just know sun jing takes the best pics of qiu tong

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  • bazooket
    25.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Ayoo svsss community, book 2 got me thinking about Shen Jiu and I've already been thru majority of fics on ao3 for specifically Qingqiu/Binghe 😳 but is there any that goes deep in his childhood/upbringing before becoming involved in cultivation & eventually leadership.

    I need the angst, the trauma, and how Jiu as a child is planning the many ways he can enact revenge on the ones who hurt him. In some way i reckon both child jiu and binghe would have had some mutual connection of their lives if they were the same age.

    #scum villian self saving system #svsss#shen jiu
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  • jmurrayathletics
    25.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Book Review: mastering Jiu Jitsu

    Improve your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game with this indepth guide to technique & training! #renzogracie #brazilianjiujitsu #mma

    mastering Jiu jitsu ‘Mastering Jiu Jitsu’ is a well organized collection of the fundamntals of Jiu Jitsu, written by Renzo Gracie & John Danaher the book will help take your game to the next level. The book Starts by going over the theory behind grappling and Jiu Jitsu, and then goes in to covering the history behind the creation of both Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as their histories are very…

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  • nyxsyne
    24.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    “Yo me acompañaba con las sombras

    Esperando, esperándote

    A veces yo jugaba con las olas

    Les preguntaba, pa' donde se fue?”

    #shen jiu #original shen qingqiu #svsss #scum villian self saving system #fanart #theres a speed paint of this but I don’t think you can do the read more thing on mobile #this was a testing of like different procreate brushes but I got carried away #it’s still like incomplete but #this song is about daddy issues but just really fits sj me thinks
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  • idolsgeneration
    24.05.2022 - 21 hours ago
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  • wrestlingisbest
    24.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Brandon Moreno

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  • t110n
    24.05.2022 - 21 hours ago
    #魔尊要抱抱#jiu chen #mo zun yao bao bao #devil wants to hug #private devil puppy #thought he met him before but guess not
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  • t110n
    24.05.2022 - 21 hours ago
    #魔尊要抱抱#jiu chen#fan xiao #mo zun yao bao bao #devil wants to hug #private devil puppy
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  • t110n
    24.05.2022 - 21 hours ago
    #魔尊要抱抱#fan xiao#jiu chen #mo zun yao bao bao #devil wants to hug #private devil puppy
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  • joongfm
    24.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    ❀𝓭𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓶𝓬𝓪𝓽𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓻 𝓵𝓸𝓬𝓴𝓼𝓬𝓻𝓮𝓮𝓷𝓼❀

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  • juri-li-spring11
    24.05.2022 - 22 hours ago
    #street fighter series #GIFs#capcom #J-videogames & Animations #Laura Matsuda#Brazilian#Brazil#location #Brazilian Jiu Jutsu Matsuda-style
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  • korean-dreams-girls
    24.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Jiu (Dreamcatcher) - Weverse Update Pic

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  • voltron2020
    24.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Dysfunctional family? anyone?

    Authors note: COMPLETE OOC Shen Jiu don't take this to heart.

    married Luo Binghe and Shen Qingiu have to deal with child Shen Jiu tossed into their world thanks to the system.

    Shen Qingqiu glared at the crying kid on their mountain and yelled "What the hell is this?"

    The System chirpled in reply [Shen Jiu aka Shen Qingqiu qi deviation was withheld through duration of Proud Immortal demon way for new plot to transpire- now that the story has been restored Shen Yaun failed to return home and no body for Shen Jiu to take over was given a new NPC. Take care you can you up!]

    Shen jiu? the Origianl Shen Qingqiu!?!?

    They have a meeting with all the peaks, Shen Qingqiu can't go two feet before he feels the younger Shen Jiu grab his robes and yank so now he has to carry the little brat.

    So Shen Qingqiu is guessing that maybe this Shen Jiu was plucked from his past and placed here?

    Right until he see's Yua QingYaun and screeches in fury!

    He wiggles out of Shen Qingqius grasp and points yelling "You two-faced liar!" He yells tears streaming down his face "Isn't it enough you left me not once but now twice!? Yue QingYaun I curse you! And you-" He turns to Shen Qingqiu aggressivly pointing at him making Luo Binghe's hackles rise.

    "Stupid Imposter! Taking over my life- making a fool out of me and everything I've worked for that cultivation is mine I earned it myself and you just -take take take!" He yelled and Shen Qingqiu came to the realisation that not only did Shen jiu was not brought from the past- he knew everything that happened to him- he was consious of the whole thing!

    "So why-" Shen Jiu stopped, an adults mind and memories trapped inside a child, unable to process and hide it- his sobs growling louder.

    "Why do you like you more!? Why did no one care that I was gone- why did Yue QInghua not find me- do you all hate me that much?" Shen Jiu shut his eyes tight.

    "Whats wrong with me- why do you do everything better? it's not fair!" Shen Jiu cried covering his face, and Shen Qingqiu was weak to tears.

    He leaned close "Shizun." luo Binghe hissed, expecting this possibly demon child to stab his husband.

    "Shh, nothings wrong with you." Shen Qingqiu hushed placing a hand on Shen Jiu's head and surprised when the kid grasped onto him.

    Even if this was the orginal villain, he was still a child.


    So the story goes as Shen Qingqiu taking responsibility of little Shen junior, Luo Binghe is against it, until later on he see's that Shen jiu only hates Shen yaun because people just like him, that Shen Jiu can't communicate well and Shen Qingqiu ends up explaining what he means, why is it that Shen Qingqiu just does it better?

    Ends up with a rivalry with Luo Binghe but still calls him beast, both vier for Shen Qingqiu's attention, Shen Jiu gets the childhood he missed out on.

    "Even thought I hate him- he stole me life, did it better just to mock me but..." Shen Jiu shook his head "he took my punishments too, he paid for crimes he didn't even commit." That was a fair enough price for stealing someones life, you steal their wrongs too. It wasn't fair.

    "Even when you hurt him- his diciple he is still kind..." Shen Jiu doesn't understand, why he can't get along with anyone, why no one likes him not even the lil- well big Beast, but Shen Qingqiu cares for him...strangley enough.

    "I'm sorry for stealing your life, believe me I didn't choose to-"

    "Of course who would want to steal the villains body?" Shen jiu sneered then paused. He had to stop doing that.

    "I'm not mad at you Shen Yaun," Shen Jiu sighed rolling his eyes as he bit into his apple. He heard Shen Qingqiu snicker and scowled, making the other laugh more.

    "I'm mad that others said the complete change of personality was caused by amnesia...and they refused to tell you the truth because they liked you better this way...docile...naive...stupid." Shen Jiu scowled almost breaking his apple in two.

    "That Yue Qinghua would abandon me once then pretend that he hadn't left me- betrayed me and acted all chummy to my face."

    Shen Qingqiu hummed "You know the reason why he did that right?"

    Shen jiu tossed his apple with a vicious throw "So what if his life was tied to his sword- he should've told me!"

    Goddammit he's crying again!

    He felt Shen Qingqiu hold him and felt even more resentment that he couldn't control his stupid emotions!

    "You had to fight your way out of everything, but you don't have to do that anymore, you have me and Cang Qiong and all it's diciples as your family. You're not alone anymore."

    God damn these tears!

    "oi, little brat." Luo Binghe greeted with a smirk and Shen Jiu's eyebrow twitched it's been a few years but he still hated him.

    "Beast." Shen Jiu greeted back with a smirk. Luo Binghe's smile faded "What are you doing?" He asked as Shen Jiu was practising sword formations. "Practising! I want to get stronger." Shen Jiu said, although it was a pain to start all over again- Shen Yaun should be in his place and earn that cultivation core of his that he's oh so proud of!

    "Stronger? What for?"

    Shen Jiu smirked glaring at Luo Binghe "Stronger so I can marry Shen Qingqiu."

    Thanks to Shang Qinghua and Shen Qingqiu both were able to help Shen Jiu deal with his truama and better communicate with his pears, because they knew of his entire story, and he knew theres by sitting on the side lines was finally get therapy and deal with his problems.

    Shen jiu just rubs people the wrong way without trying so it's worse when he's trying to be nice.

    He hates Luo Binghe even more, for one instance when a group of demonic cultivators attacked their peak, Shen Qingqiu was in trouble and Shen Jiu had to find Luo Binghe and yelled at him to move his ass, and in the heat of battle yelled "You're the only one who actually saves him when he needs it!" He was mortified, admitting that.

    Once the fight was over and they all shared a meal, and Luo Binghe teased him Shen Jiu hid his face with his cup "Quiet beast, I will admit to what I've seen during my...seclusion." They agreed to call his moments as a vouyer to his life being puppetiered by a better competant version they decided to call it 'seculsion' "That you were the only competant one who can actually save this idiot, I wouldn't trust anyone else with Shen Yaun."

    It was his weird way of giving his blessing.

    As the years went by, rumours went by that Shen Jiu was the son of Luo Binghe and Shen Qingqiu, both his elders teased him, but any response had Shen Jiu howling and promptly kicked those people bodily off the mountain.

    "How can men become pregnant! And to add insult to injury that I'm related to that beast!" He howled, instead of being insulted Luo Binghe just laughed at his misery, pointing in Shen Jius direction until a ton of leaves began to attack him.

    "Ow- Ow Xia-Jiu stop attacking your old man!" He laughed, enraging Shen jiu further.

    But still now that he's older, almost Luo Binghe's age when he returned from the abyss he still feels awful- he won't even be in the same room as Yue Qingyaun.

    "Why not forgive him, let it go- you've seen what happens when you hold onto your pride." Shen Qingqiu said and Shen jiu sneered "forgive? Be complacent of what he's done as if it never happened, he can forget all he wants and pretend it never happened but I'll never forgive. I will never accept that he abandonded me..." Shen jiu glanced down at his fan, the one Shen Yaun gave him his face twitched, no longer was he like the child who came crying on the mountain now it was hard to read his emotions.

    "...I saw everything...from the moment of my Qi Deviation I saw what you did, how you treat the little beast, how you punished Liu Qingge diciples for bullying you precious binghe." Shen Qingqiu hid behind his fan and said snottily "I have no idea to what your insinuating."

    "There is one thing I hate the most about that experience."

    "Yeah yeah stealing your body and gaining all of your abilities without trying."

    "No...When you took my punishments...all of the crimes of Qiu Haitang- dealing with Luo Binghe- if I wasn't such a villain you wouldn't have had to suffer."

    Shen Qingqiu stared well to put it bluntly- that wasn't Shen Jiu's fault it was airplanes fault for writing him that way.

    "I can never forgive Yua Qingyuan...but for your sake I'll tolerate him...and try to work well with others- I don't want to make the same mistakes again."

    Even though he made that promise- he still rubbed people the wrong way, he even had comments that he was just Shen Qingqiu meaner younger brother and had a bad temperment, with someone like that he'll never be married- As if he would!

    He tried to make polite with the other peak lords even though they knew who he was! It was insulting, but one glance at Shen Qingqiu and Luo Binghe he had to hold back and count to ten, at that didn't help the rumours that he was somehow their son as he only behaved and acted proper with the two around. And the fact that Shen Qingqiu- and Luo Binghe strangely, seem to spoil him.

    when Shen Jiu had nightmares as a kid and it was Luo Binghe that found him hiding in the old bamboo shed tears down his face and even cried out for Luo Binghe not to hit him, another experience when one diciple misbihaved and he said mockingly that he would beaten with a whip, Shen Qingqiu sternly told him not to bully others with such lies. Shen Jiu confused only looks at Shen Qingqiu and asks ins't that what punishment was? Wasn't it normal?

    Breaking Shen Qingqius heart in the process, it's one thing to see it the dream realm with meng mo but to see a kid SAY it is another thing entierly.

    Luo Binghe found he was seeing himself in Shen jiu making it harder to hate him, and both told Shen Jiu that punishment didn't mean abuse, giving him the real childhood he needed.

    But even though he was a young adult and stronger than he used to be by cultivating at the right time, he still felt out of place. The memories he had of being a slave- a number - of being the scum teacher that abused Luo Binghe out of stupid jelaousy- being given a second chance.

    How could he be happy without this soul crushing guilt that made him feel as if any moment he was going to wake up as a ghost watching Shen Yaun and Luo Binghe's happy ending- or as a slab of meat in chains for the Luo Binghe who hated his master?

    In all of Shen Jiu's life whenever he was happy it was bound for the other shoe to drop.

    And of course, his gut instincts was right.

    There was one altercation of the 'other' Luo Binge-ge who slipped into this world, the one Shen Qingqiu looked after, that imposter almost stole him before their Luo Bing-mei came back putting a stop to it, Shen Jiu was frozen solid, at the demon lord, unable to move or help Shen Qingqiu.

    He remembered that Luo Bingh-ge seeing his ugh he'll just say it, parents he was envious of them that his Luo Bing-mei was loved and yet he was still so starved he even begged that Shizun to return with him.

    But it wouldn't have worked, both have different scars and truamas, Shen Qingqiu wouldn't understand that Luo Bing-ge, wouldn't love him he would just be added to that monstrous garden he calls a harem then forgotten about.

    So why?

    Shen Jiu scowled raising his sword at Luo Bing-ge, why was he here!?

    Luo Bing-ge looked amused, and Shen Jiu knew he was screwed- he was dead, by being a ghost of Shen Yuan he knew Luo Bing-ge was a protagonist with an indestuctable halo. Shen Jiu might die here-

    "I heard rumours that my Shizun and other had a son, you're the spitting image." Shen Jiu scowled, at Luo Bing-ge considering look.

    "No matter what, Cang Qong peak will always help you."

    If Luo Bing-ge had any motives- Shen Yaun the idiot might do something reckless, he was always self-sacrificing it was bordering on stupid. Oh I'm just trying to save my own neck- oh wait I'll just leap in front of this person with a weapon masked in poison! God if Shen Yaun could read his adventures he would hissing and spitting on his character for being so finicky!

    "I'm not their son!" Shen Jiu didn't stomp his feet leveling his sword at Luo Bing-ge.

    "I'm the real Shen Qingqiu!"

    Luo Bing-ge almost laughed "You think I'm that dumb?"

    "Why do you think this world is so different?" Shen Jiu asked "Why would this Shizun treat his disciple in such a way and yet was so cruel to you, beast!"

    Luo Bing-ge expression faltered "A imposter stole my body! And changed the course of fate! Once fate was satisfied they realised I hadn't payed my dues and gave me a body! You grievences is not with Shen Qingqiu- but with me!"

    Luo Bing-ge smile faded once Shen jiu explained, his Shizun died, there was nothing left and the only time he responded was to the corpse of Qingyuan.

    "Fine, since I can't take this Bing-mei's Shizun, you'll have to do." he said with a childish smile. And Shen Jiu tensed then sheathed his sword.

    "Promise you won't bother Shen Qingqiu anymore."

    Luo Bing-ge nodded with that stupid smile. "Of Course."

    Shen Jiu took a breath then sheathed his sword, he took one last glance at his peak, it was all too good to be true, but this Luo Bing-ge would never stop, he owed this to Shen yaun who took too much of his burden.

    His vision darkened as Luo Bing-ge grabbed him and dragged him back to his realm....

    [Part two may or may not be coming soon depending on how much likes this gets]

    #SVSSS#Scumbag villain #Scum Villain self saving system #Shen Qingqiu#Luo Binghe#Shen jiu #I just want Shen jiu to be kidnapped then have him fix Luo Binghe so it's his turn for the system #SCUM
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  • rarepears
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I don't know if you've seen Leverage, but a AU for PIDW with a similar setting (aka a group of highly competent criminals stealing from rich people who hurt poorer people)

    YQY as the leader.

    SJ as the thief (typical lockpick, pickpocket, cat burglar type).

    LQG as the hitter (fighter, protection type)

    QQQ could maybe be the grifter (actor, liar type)

    SQH or WQW as the hacker.

    YQY and SJ grew up and were trained to be thieves by a criminal organization. They tried to run away, only YQY got away.

    YQY started working with law enforcement to catch the group. He got a job with them, and caught other criminals while they worked on taking down the criminals. He'd made a deal that SJ would also be pardoned, since he was also forced into working for them. Only, when they finally caught the group, they broke the deal, and sent SJ to prison.

    He didn't know about the deal, but managed to break out of jail pretty quickly. YQY leaves his job, upset over them locking up SJ.

    The two are eventually hired for a job with the others, and then it kinda proceeds like the show does for how the group starts working together.

    (if you haven't seen Leverage, I'd highly recommend)

    Haven't seen Leverage, but this looks fantastic!

    But also, how does the Huan Hua Palace fit in? Are they a rival agency (FBI vs. MI6?) or are they another criminal organization?

    Luo Binghe would 100% be the long lost son of the mafia don who got raised by his laundromat-owning single mother to become a good cop as an adult. And then he discovers just how corrupt the police agency really is and that starts his spiral into the illegal side.

    Are you trying to equate the Qiu Family as the criminal organization? Why would Liu Qingge/Cang Qiong peak lords be part of a criminal organization? How do they fit in? (Maybe it's because the rich Liu family once cooperated with the Qiu Family and they are all allied with one anther in the underworld which is how Shen Jiu knew of Liu Qingge? I somehow don't feel like Shen Jiu, fresh out of prison, would get hired for the same type of job that the legendary war god Liu Qingge would be hired for - they just aren't at the same level and it would be assume that Shen Jiu would be dead weight.)

    #svsss#svsss ideas#svsss au #scumbag self saving system #yue qingyuan#shen jiu#shen qingqiu #svsss leverage au
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  • jmurrayathletics
    24.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Diamond MMA Cup, The best Protection Available for your Valuables

    Diamond MMA Cup, The best Protection Available for your Valuables! #sports #brazilianjiujitsu #competitivesports

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