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    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    i’m about to scream cause now i’m going to be thinking about this all damn day while i’m at work 😭

    sowwy :<

    but just think about how usually he'd do it himself or he'd be helping you !! but then after he's lost his hand he's not always able to do it properly. ya know ?? so he'd shyly ask you if you'd help him.

    he'd be embarrassed about it because usually he offers to help you. but now he's asking for help. & you're just kinda dumbfounded that he'd be embarrassed about it.

    anyways. i too am going to be thinking about this all night (it's night rn for me).

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    18.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    immoral in a stranger's lap

    i have been thinking of writing this fic since the first time i listened to Gibson Girl by Ethel Cain and i just feel like it screams Toji. anyway this might turn into a multi-part thing wc: 2.9k (ongoing) cw: nonspecific drug use, drinking, pole dancing, age gap, sexual acts, praise (duh)

    The familiar haze began to tingle under his skin as Fushiguro Toji let out a long, controlled exhale of smoke, relaxing into the plush of the upholstered booth beneath him. He vaguely registered that the older man next to him had leaned in to say something over the beat of the music-- he didn't bother to pretend to hear him, he figured it was vile anyway, whatever it was. He'd been coming here for the last few weeks, his little hole in the wall that housed his most beloved treasure: you, in those black stiletto heels and that sinfully tight, black, strappy matching set you wore on the stage above him, making it so easy for him to watch the strain of muscle under the curve of your hip when you dipped to give him a show.

    He supposed it wasn't specifically for him, but he could pretend. He wrapped a hand around his beer bottle and brought it to his lips, pausing to regard the way your back arched when you tipped your head back, calves maintaining their grip on the pole and allowing you to bend backwards, meeting his gaze. The corner of his lip turned up in a smirk and he put the bottle down without ever taking a sip. He could watch you for hours, and he did--you'd noticed-- most nights now. He'd very clearly taken a liking to you, if the slight tent of his jeans was anything to go by. You thought he was handsome--the scar was a nice touch--but you didn't give him much thought. There wasn't much that suggested he'd be anything special. You had to suppress the eye roll as his eyes ravaged your body. When you've seen one, you've seen enough, you think to yourself.

    You'd been up on your stage for about 30 minutes before you climbed down to take a break. You grabbed onto the bouncer's shoulder for support and he handed you your robe when your feet made it to the ground. "Thanks, Todo," you winked at him, taking his arm as he led you through the crowd, delivering you safely to your dressing room. You squeezed the muscle of his forearm in another silent thanks and walked in, letting the door shut behind you. You were grateful for the way it muffled the bass line that vibrated inside your skull. You sat down at your vanity and allowed your eyes to rake over yourself once, making sure your hair was still in place and your make up wasn't smudged. Good enough, you shrugged, pulling the bills you'd collected out of your outfit. You organized them carefully before running them through your money counter, adding the total to the money you'd earned earlier in the week. It wasn't a terrible week-- it certainly wasn't your best, but you weren't going home empty handed, either.

    You'd been at it for at least 10 minutes before you heard a knock on your door. "Come in, Todo," you called, wrapping your robe around yourself. You looked over at him as he had to shuffle to fit his body through the doorframe. You stifled the chuckle as best you could.

    "You got time for a private dance?" He asked, his voice a little too loud for your proximity, but you didn't mind.

    "With who?"

    "Some older guy?" He said like it was a question, "Black hair, scar on his lip?"

    You let out a sigh, slumping in your chair and allowing yourself one dramatic eye roll before turning back to him. "Tell him it's double."

    You watched him nod as he went, pulling your door shut behind him. You looked back into the mirror, trying to summon the motivation to put on your best stupid, pretty bimbo face on, but you didn't have it in you tonight. You didn't have it in you to care, either, even if it was double-- maybe he'd like mean, men-hating strippers more. You snorted at your own joke. You could already hear the way he'd talk to you. You could hear the way he'd ruffle his own feathers, telling you that he was all you needed, that he'd take you away from there. You thought that was an old line that needed retired-- why would you give up your luxury apartment and $1,500 or more a night just to live with some dickhead that's never washed his ass? No thanks.

    You pulled yourself out of your chair, reaching up for a stretch and groaning at the way your spine popped delightfully when you twisted to each side. You shook out your arms and your legs, watching yourself in the mirror. You gave yourself a little smile and a wink, and you could understand why men wanted so badly to be seen by you. You really were very pretty. You spent the next few moments gazing at yourself until you heard Todo knock on your door again. You opened it to find him waiting, arm already outstretched for you to loop your own through. You smiled up at him brightly and did just that, feeling warm at the way he patted your arm with his free hand as he led you through the crowd again.

    You liked Todo. He was big and loud and upon first inspection you thought for sure he would be a huge nuisance, but he'd grown on you in the time you'd worked there. You'd developed a kind of friendship-- he was your shadow at work, always knowing where you were and always protecting you. He'd send you funny posts and pictures of his cat on your off days. You were sweet to him, bringing him an energy drink or a snack to help him through the nights you worked together. It was a weird place to form that sort of sibling-esque relationship, but you didn't mind.

    He led you down a hallway to the last door on the left, opening the door for you and meeting your gaze before you walked inside. You nodded at him, squeezing his arm in understanding before letting go--knock three times on any surface of this room, and I will come in, you recited in your head. A silent understanding of safety that you were grateful for. You'd only had to do it a time or two, but Todo was true to his word, and watching him pick up a grown man with one hand and toss him into the parking lot had been cathartic. You shot him a toothy smile before straightening your face and walking into the room.

    Your guy was there, arm stretched over the back of the couch and rather relaxed as he met your gaze. His lip turned up in a smirk, yours did not. You walked past him to the bar, pulling out glasses from a cabinet underneath. "You drinking tonight, big guy?" you called to him over your shoulder, not bothering to fix the pitch of your voice.

    His eyes grazed over your body, drifting up over the curves of your legs and settling on your ass. You had a heeled ankle crossed over the other, leaning your weight against the bar in front of you as you looked through the bottles. It was all he could do to stay rooted in his seat, to keep himself from dropping to his knees behind you and shoving his tongue between your cheeks. He hummed noncommittally, eyes roamed up the rest of your body to settle on the curve of your neck, which stretched deliciously when you leaned your head to the side as you poured the drinks. "Wasn't going to actually," he said, and his voice was low and gruff, "but if you're already half way there, I won't refuse you."

    You held back the snort that almost slipped out at that, like he hadn't been drinking all night anyway. You supposed it was nice that he wanted to at least attempt sobriety for you, but you almost wished he wouldn't-- if he passed out, this would be over quicker.

    You turned to face him, his body still relaxed as you watched him look you up and down. You walked over to him slowly, skilled and intentional about the pauses between the clicks of your heels against the floor, handing his glass to him as you took a seat next to him. His body didn't move to face you but his head did, eyes meeting yours as he took a sip of his drink. You noticed how he didn't ask you what it was.

    You brought your drink to your lips, nearly spitting it back into your glass in surprise when you he said, "You're probably sick of guys like me, huh?"

    Your eyes met his and you scanned his face for some sort of tell, some sort of sign that he was testing you. His expression was unchanged-- relaxed, with a smirk on his lips. You weighed the consequences of telling him the truth-- that yes, you were, actually. You answered it with your own question instead.

    "And what kind of guy would you be, exactly?"

    "An old pervert with deep pockets that wants to buy your time."

    You coughed out a laugh at that, bringing your drink to your lips again. At least he was honest.

    "Ah, I don't mind that guy much," you tell him honestly, still wary but more willing to talk with the liquor warming your belly, "it's the guys that think they're buying me that get tiring."

    His eyes scanned your face and you met his gaze. Finding whatever it was he was looking for, he grunted in agreement. "Somethin' tells me you're not someone who could be bought so easily."

    You let yourself smirk at that, head tilting to the side as you looked at him. "There's not a man alive that could afford me."

    "Ah," he grinned, taking another sip of his drink, "I don't doubt that."

    You looked at him for another moment, curiosity spiking. "So," you started, testing the waters, "are you an old pervert that buys my time just to talk to me?"

    He laughed at that, baritone and husky and settling somewhere deep in your gut. You grinned at him as he let his head rest against the back of the couch, rolling to look at you.

    "Unfortunately not, darlin'," his lips curling upward at the sight of your own, "S'just not fun for anyone if I come in here like an asshole, is it?"

    "Well, too late for that," you muttered into your drink, head snapping up when you'd realized you'd said it out loud. He turned to look at you, eyebrow cocked but the rest of him otherwise relaxed, chest rumbling with laughter. You let you eyes drift down to his fitted, black T-shirt. He'd told you he was old, but his body certainly didn't look it-- he was cut, you'd give him that.

    He shook his head slowly, smile wide and genuine as he swallowed. You caught yourself staring at the bob of his Adam's apple.

    "Jesus Christ," he breathed out, adjusting in his seat, "didn't realize I'd paid to get my feelings hurt."

    "Figured I'd give you something to think about in bed tonight," you told him, feeling bold and also a little sorry for him, but mostly still curious.

    "Oh, sweetheart," he murmured, meeting your eyes, "you've given me more than enough to think about tonight."

    You'd be lying if you said that his words didn't fizzle under your skin at least a little bit. You let your eyes rake over him now, knowing he was watching you ask you did. Spread out like this on the couch, arm draped behind it and head turned to look at you, you could appreciate his allure. You ignored the way his lap started to look a little inviting and pulled your eyes back up to his, ready for the snarky comment from him. It didn't come.

    "Been watchin' you," he told you earnestly, and you thought that if it had been anyone else it would've been creepy.

    "I know," you muttered around the rim of your glass, eyes still on him, "why is that?"

    He sucked in a long breath through his teeth, hand coming up to rest on the back of his neck, for support instead of out of anxiety--he was still completely at ease, dark eyes drinking you in. You watched the muscle in his bicep ripple, and your throat felt a little tight.

    "Mm," he hummed, low and hungry, "you look so sweet up there. Couldn't help wantin' to find out if you're anything like how you are in my mind."

    This was new, you thought, trying to be slick about the way your thighs pressed together just a little bit at the tone of his voice. Despite his intimidating appearance, there was no bravado to this man. He was honest, and his praise was warm as it pooled in your belly.

    "Oh? And how am I there?" You asked, a little too breathy for your liking. He smirked at you and it was sinful.

    "Let me show you," he said, nearly a purr as he patted his lap, other hand still over the back of the couch.

    Something carnal twisted inside you at the sight of him patting his lap for you, and your body moved without thinking. You straddled his big thigh, knees coming down to hover over it. Your hands came up to steady yourself on the back of the couch, caging in his head that was still resting back there, and your gaze held his.

    "Want to kiss me?" You were surprised to hear yourself ask, looking down at him through hooded eyes. His lips turned up and he shook his head slightly.

    "Not yet, princess," he whispered, his hand coming to wrap around the thigh trapped inside his, pushing down on it slightly so you could sit properly above his knee, "just be patient for me, yeah?"

    You nodded, brain nearly short circuiting as his hand travelled up the skin of your thigh, stopping at your hip to squeeze gently. A thrill lashed through your spine at the knowledge that he could bruise you if you asked. You shook away the thought.

    "So soft," he cooed, mouth suddenly right next to your ear and both hands settled on your hips, thumbs rubbing slow circles into the skin that stretched over the bone. You hands flew to his shoulders at his close proximity, but you dug your nails into the fabric that covered them to hold him there instead of shoving him away. You felt a rumble in his chest at the scratch.

    You shivered as you felt his breath over the column of your throat, head tipping to encourage him to keep going. "So good, just for me."

    You wanted to laugh, to deny him, but he was absolutely right. You felt one of his hands come up to rest at the nape of your neck, the other curved around the fat of your ass. You sucked in a breath when he squeezed the flesh there, kneading it between his fingers. He pulled gently on your neck and you dropped your head with it, letting yourself be led wherever he wanted you. His eyes met yours again and he tilted his chin up, bringing his mouth closer to yours, that smirk still plastered on it. The hand over your ass pulled you closer, and you let out a little gasp at the pleasure of being dragged over his thigh. You had to fight not to grind yourself back over it.

    "Whadd'ya think, princess?" he murmured, lips inches from yours, "Worth all the trouble?"

    Your lips parted but no sound came out, and you couldn't miss the way his eyes fell to them. You felt yourself lean forward, inhibitions gone and your entire body buzzing.

    There was a sharp knock on the door that made you nearly jump out of his lap. You let out a shaky breath and a curse, and the man below you chuckled, leaning back now with his hand still on your ass. "Time's up," Todo shouted through the door. For the first time, you wanted to throttle him.

    Strong hands reached under your thighs and lifted you up, depositing you gently back onto the couch. He stood up, raising the long-forgotten glass to his lips as he drained it's contents in one swift motion, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. The action left you throbbing between your legs. He hummed, eyes meeting yours as he moved to loom over you, one hand propping him up on the back of the couch. "S'nice to meet you, darlin'," he spoke low into your ear, and you shivered, "see you next time, yeah?"

    You nodded dumbly, eyes meeting his as he straightened up, giving you a wink as he turned to go. Your brain caught up and you called after him. "What's your name?"

    He looked at you over his shoulder and smiled. "Toji," he stated simply, turning back and walking out the door, Todo coming into view as his eyes scanned you, making sure you were alright. You cleared your throat and ran a hand through your hair, trying to pull the frayed ends of your consciousness back together. "I'm good," you told him, smile sheepish as you stood up, willing your legs not to wobble as you walked toward him. As you walked back to your dressing room, you thought of Toji, and you found that your pulse thrummed against your chest at the possibility of a next time.

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    ❑┊Itadori & Toudou ⸙͎⇣!

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    ❑┊Itadori & Toudou ⸙͎⇣!

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    Just A Kiss

    TW: Noncon, Stalking, Breaking and Entering, Manipulation Sorta, Aged Up, Female Reader

    Todo felt like his whole life was complete now. A missing piece had finally fallen into his hands. The piece being you, you were the piece that made him whole. That made his heart beat faster, made him smile with just a single thought. You were his and he was yours. Todo was sure of it, you two belonged with each other, soulmates. It was only right that you two would be together so he wasn't wrong with how he felt. It was destiny, it was only right.

    You on the other hand weren't aware of his growing feelings. A part of him knew that, knew you weren't like him, but he liked to pretend you were simply just shy. It was all about playing hard to get with you. But you didn’t need to, not after he saved your life a few weeks ago. It annoyed him a bit, he deserved to have you. He could provide, take good care of you. All he needed was to have you open up to him. It was delusional, Todo wasn't being rational. Yet, that failed to stop his reasoning.

    Todo had met you when he saved a few civilians from a powerful curse bothering a park. It was an easy job for him, he had years of practice with these types of curses. You had been with some friends out late. Sitting in the park to drink and eat. A perfect target for the curse. Something your kind would never know.

    Usually, he tried to keep himself not known by civilians. However, this time, he was unable to stay in the shadows. Making himself seen to keep the group safe. Exercising the curse rather quickly. It should have been a typical job. Nothing that would normally linger in his mind. Nevertheless, you changed that. He locked eyes with you and just knew you were the one. Sadly your group ran before he could ask you your name, or say hello. It was unfortunate, but that didn’t stop him. He was lucky to find you a week later. Todo liked to think it was a sign from the universe when he bumped into you at a cafe. A sign that he ignored involved him stalking and researching all he could. Finding your daily routine, including the fact you visit this cafe regularly.

    You didn’t recognize him after all, it was dark that night. You both talked a bit, he even got your number. To him, you both clicked so well. You laughed at his jokes, smiled at him. It pulled him in and made him feel loved. Almost like you two had been dating for years already. His mind began to fantasize as he watched you speak. Picturing you two as a loving couple, him coming home to you every day, the date nights you two would have. After the first encounter, he only got worse. His imagination was becoming reality to him. Every time he watched you, it wasn’t stalking, but rather a loving boyfriend checking on his partner. The nights he watched you sleep from the corners of your bedroom. You completely unknowing of his presence, or even that he knew where you lived. To him though, he was just admiring his precious girl. Loving how peaceful she looked sleeping. When he undid his belt and began to touch himself. Well, there was not really a way to rationalize it. All he could do was pretend it wasn’t happening.

    It didn’t take long for Todo to demand more of your attention. “Bumping” into you was beginning to get out of hand. He saw how you looked at him now. There wasn’t that smile when you saw him. It was morphing into worry. Then he realized his texts were becoming less answered, even when he send over ten in a row. He couldn’t lose you. Todo needed to do something to save the relationship. To make you see what he does. Perhaps you were unsure of his devotion to you, he needed to change that. That was how he got here, watching you get ready for bed through the crack in your closet door. He needed to make sure you were okay, to talk to you. It was like an itch that kept spreading, only getting tougher to ignore. Spreading and begging to be scratched.

    He wasn’t sure how he would confront you about your relationship issues, after all, he was in your closet without you knowing. He was a coward, he should be able to talk to you. You were his and couples should talk freely about any problems that arise. It wasn't right to be hiding there, to be watching as you undressed and got into your pyjamas. It wasn't proper to drool at the way you did your hair for bed. None of it was right, but Todo kept excusing it. Stating it was all okay in the grand scheme of things.

    The itch got worse. Watching you sleeping there, looking so beautiful and peaceful. He needed you, needed to have you with him. He should be sleeping beside you. Waking up to your beautiful face every day. Getting up early for work, bringing you a coffee while you slowly wake up. He knew how you liked it. Watched you make it almost every morning. Todo could be so good for you, you just needed to see him do all of that. The itch was too strong now, he needed to scratch it. Just a bit, just enough till next time. Enough to hold him off for a few days. Stepping out of the closet. Watching his step, trying not to make any noise or disturb your room too much. You look so beautiful laying there. Peaceful, like you were comfortable with him being there. See, you were fine with him. You had to be. He just worried too much. You even let out a soft moan when he began to pet your hair. Leaning into his touch.

    By the time you noticed his presence he was resting his forehead on yours, eyes closed. Breathing you in while his hands played with your hair. He never felt more at peace than now. Too bad it was short lived. He was torn out of his fantasy at your voice.


    It was so soft, barely above a whisper. Opening his eyes to meet yours staring at him. You looked worried, shocked he was there in your room. You had no idea he knew where you lived. Let alone that he would break into your place. The two of your just stared at each other. Unsure of what to do, waiting for the other to make the first move. This only led Todo to read the situation wrong. In his eyes, you were accepting him. It wasn’t fear that had you frozen, rather it was love. The moment felt right, he leant down to place his lips on yours. He had waited so long for this. Ignoring the way, you didn’t kiss back. Figuring it was the shyness. Wanting him to take the lead on things, something he’d happily oblige.

    “S-Stop. How-Why-”

    Todo hushed you. Not wanting to hear you reject him. No, you weren't, you were just shy. You needed to let him help. You were both destined to be together. He liked so much of the same things you did. If you only gave him a reasonable chance. More than just coffee dates or “run-ins”. This could all be so good, so right. Ignoring your words, trying to deepen the kiss. Using his hands in your hair to support himself and keep you in place. Pretending your pleas for him to stop, were actually pleas for more. That they were confirmation of love. His whole body encompassed yours, keeping you down on the bed. Todo was gone. He was unable to see reality now. Too caught up in his ideals, his fantasies with you. While this was a clear assault on you. In his eyes, it was too lovers finally having their first kiss. There was no use fighting him. He was so much bigger and stronger. What could you really do? Perhaps in the back of his mind, he knew all of that. Ignoring it for his own fabrications.

    Todo pulled away and stared at you. Looking over every detail of your face. You were so precious, looking up at him all wide-eyed. He finally had you here, under him. Touching you and kissing you. Hushing you when you tried to speak again.

    “Shh, it’s okay. I’ll take good care of you baby.” He nuzzled his face in your hair, inhaling and moaning. “So good to me.”

    There was no fight in you. You weren't sure why, but no matter how scared you were. No matter how much he kissed and touched you, you just couldn’t do more than lame pushes and pleas. Things he ignored easily. Todo disregarded it all, even when you began to dissociate. Closing your eyes and pretending he wasn’t there. All he could do was touch and kiss you. He was worried about moving too fast. A laughable thought considering what was happening.

    He waited until you had fallen back asleep before slipping out the door. Leaving no real trace that he was there. The next morning it all seemed like a dream to you. No marks, nothing missing. There was nothing to prove what happened, actually happened. Maybe that was what made it easy for you to dismiss it as a weird dream. Todo was lucky that you didn’t think too hard about it. He didn’t want to have to do something so drastic so soon again. His reasoning told him he was being intense that night. Taking a huge risk with those kisses. It seemed you were still too shy for them. He guessed you needed some space, some time to think. So, he avoided you. Let you have some space from him. It was torture. Watching you from afar again, but it was what was needed.

    A few weeks had passed by, all you saw of him was the occasional run-in on the street. He paid you little attention, solidifying the idea that that night was all in your head. Todo was too causal with you to have broken into your house, to have pinned you down and kissed you. He barely acted like you were there now. This was how he wanted things, back to normal. You suspecting nothing of him. Eventually, though, he would make the night a permanent reality. Soon you would open up to him more. All he needed to do was control himself better. To let you set the pace. Then you would want him just as much too, he wouldn’t need to follow you in the shadows. Until then, he'll need to be more careful with his nightly visits.

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    15.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    When Todo said, "Listen closely, cursed spirit. There is no way you do not know this... An arm is merely a decoration. The act of applause... is an acclamation... of the soul!" ... That instantly reminded me of when Netero said, "Ant King... You believe I cannot pray with a single arm? A prayer comes from the heart."

    #gave me chills while i was at walmart bc yes i found jjk vol 15 as i was shopping #todo aoi#isaac netero#jujustu kaisen #hunter x hunter #jjk manga spoilers #jjk spoilers#jjk#hxh
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  • seriouslyineedhelp
    15.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    wait a second how would Todo’s question work on a person that’s not interested in sex or romance? Would he ask what kind of person you want as a friend/what kind of person you’d like to draw/what kind of person you find pleasing instead and have a readymade conversion to which type is equal to tall women with big butts?? send help

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  • novasdarling
    14.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    thoughts about sundress + no panties season with your faves? 👀

    Good one!!

    Yandere Thirsts! Dark Content!

    Okay so I'll only list a few cause I love so many:

    Chrollo would be possible the most reserved (besides illumi). It's not he doesn't like it, but he's a calculated man. Doesn't want to tackle you down to the ground. Would rather tease you, play with you a bit. May even make you regret your decision. Hands creeping down your leg and under your dress when you two are out for dinner. About to let everyone know what you two are up to if you don't keep quiet. Whispering in your ear how good you look, how if he wanted to he could just take you right there and then. Chrollo is living off of how you react to his advances and touches more than anything.

    Uvogin is a beast when it comes to you. Just a man that loves to fuck. Usually clothing isn't an issue for him, anything is easy to rip. But the fact you're wearing no underwear on purpose and a dress that is so easy to lift. It's a blessing to him! A miracle! Something he's waited for, for so long. He's feral, uses it to his advantage every moment he can. Has his hands between your legs most of the time. Almost crying when you try to push his hands away. Though you both know when he gets tired of playing he can easily have his way. Let's just say he's gonna put up a fight when the season is over.

    Illumi is....well confused at first. I don't see him as being a very sexual being before he meets you. So he may not be well versed in these actions and why. But once he does, he decides to indulge in it. Leading you away from crowds to have some fun. Letting his hands linger on your waist and ass. I think he's more enjoying that it's there if he wants. Also that to him, it means you want him like he wants you.

    Todo is a man who is obsessed with you. Obsessed and makes it well known. The sundress and no panties mix drives him up the wall. He's already so happy about the sundresses, jokes saying they show off your body so well and it allows easy access. He didn't think you'd take that comment seriously, but here you were. In a cute sundress without any underwear. Can go two ways-1. Almost faints at it, just fucking nose bleed when you tell him. Or 2. Becomes a monster, not as bad as uvogin, but still bad. He may even do both, faint then get up and fuck you like crazy. You're lucky if you get out of the house.

    Nanami is confused, it takes him a whole for him to understand. Now because he doesn't know why, oh he knows. It's more because he sees it as foolish and a bit dangerous. What if a gust of wind comes? Then everyone will see you bare, everyone will see what should be only for his eyes. That part makes him hesitant. Keeps you inside till you agree to change. Even if he sees it as impractical for outside, he won't lie he's obsessed with it when you're inside your shared apartment.

    Aizawa, another man who sees it as impractical more than anything. Don't get me wrong, he smirks at the idea of it. Enjoying the thought of it. That he could simply lift your dress and you'd be ready for him. But his hero status is stopping him from doing it in public, if he even let's you out. Will probably stop you and tell you to change if he finds out about it. From there on, he'll lift up any dress you wear to double check. Is it to make sure you're wearing something under, or to see more of you? Who knows.

    Present Mic is a man who loves these things. Loves teasing, leading each other on, so this is just perfect for him. You're lucky if you leave the house. As soon as he realizes he's just crazy, dragging you to the bedroom, to the kitchen to bend you over the counters. It just doesn't matter, he just needs you. From now on, he may insist you start wearing underwear less. After all, it just makes things easier, especially when he gets to see him cum run down your leg.

    Shigaraki doesn't completely understand it at first. It's impractical to him, it would be so easy for a slip up to happen. Especially in your shorter dresses. I think it would take you wearing them in the house, bending over and giving him a great view, for him to understand. To finally get why it's so great. He becomes a creep, lifting up your dresses all the time. No matter who's around. Wondering if you're wearing anything under. He becomes a little menace, hands lifting your dresses even if you're talking to someone else. Asking you if you're wearing anything with others around. If you are, he asks why as yesterday you didn't when you guys went out. Loud enough for others to hear. He mainly becomes more annoying about it. However, he will fuck you, that he does in private though.

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  • thus-spoke-gee
    14.05.2022 - 5 days ago

    2am and the Todo brainrot is hitting me hard. Todo waking up in the middle of the night to find you still awake, fighting for your life against insomnia, groggily asking you if everything is okay. He wraps one arm around your waist and pulls you into him with such remarkable ease, his sturdy chest pressed against your back so you can feel the rise and fall of his breathing. ”C’mere angel, lemme chase those bad thoughts away,” he murmurs, his voice thick with sleep, as he buries his face in your shoulder, his breath warm against your skin.

    You wake up as the sun starts to peek through the curtains--you don’t even remember falling asleep, and the last memory you could recall was Todo gripping you firmly against him, the furnace-like heat of his body overtaking you and making you drowsy before you even registered what was happening. You hear noise from down the hall, and softly pad out to the kitchen to see Todo, naked save for a cooking apron you had bought for him as a joke, whistling to himself while he pokes at something on the stove. He turns when he hears you, grinning so widely at you that you can’t help but smile back. ”My angel! I’m making eggs, just the way you like them, come sit down!” he exclaims, spreading his arms wide as he announces the menu. You have no idea what he’s making, and cannot remember for the life of you ever telling him how you prefer your eggs cooked--perhaps you didn’t and he has decided for you in an attempt to create his own narrative, or perhaps you did so long ago that you’ve lost track of the memory and Todo has dutifully tucked it away for later use; either way, you sit down as told and wait to find out exactly how it is you like your eggs.

    #jjk.todo #todo my beloved #jjk drabbles#gee writes #todo x reader
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  • qweaenr
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    JUJUTSU KAISEN - Megumi Fushiguro & Senpais

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  • unhonestlymirror
    10.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Todo: that's all you're fucked up I'm already going up to your floor!

    Megumi: I'm at the first

    Todo: I'm already going down

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  • jozhenji
    08.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    𝚌𝚠: 𝚏!𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛, 𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚎𝚍𝚒𝚗𝚐 (𝚒𝚖𝚙𝚕𝚒𝚎𝚍), 𝟸𝟶+ 𝚘𝚗𝚕𝚢 - 𝟷𝟿 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚞𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛 𝚍𝚗𝚒

    says Happy Mother’s Day to you and when you laugh and say you’re not one, he just grins and asks “do you wanna be?”

    Kirishima, MIRIO, Terushima, MATTSUN, Keishin, GOJO, Todo, SHINICHIRO, Mitsuya, TAIJU, Ran, Eren, JIN, Nokto, Leonardo, ARTHUR, Nobunaga, Masamune, BELPHIE, Diavolo, MAMMON
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  • allinthehands
    06.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    *kicks dusty blog* so hey, I’m not entirely dead, who’da thought?

    Anyways, JJK characters gender bent cause I can, and drawing buff women is pure joy to me.

    #yuji itadori#fushiguro megumi#sukuna#gojo satoru#nanami kento#todo aoi#nobara kugisaki#jjk#genderbending#rule 63 #i draw thes #ran out of text for captioning for bgs but Yuji in first one is against a wall then a paved alley at night and then shinjuku at noon #Second image of Sukuna and Megumi lacks any important background as does third image of three gojos #Last image of Nanami and Aoi is infront of Tokyo JJK school #Yeah I probably overdid it with Todo but in my defence its Todo if she didn't look ridiculous in the best and worst ways it'd be OCC #and I just now realized megumis face is too small in the first Pic fml I always miss something
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  • lemonlordleah
    06.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Todo is def one of my fav JJK characters 😆



    He’s absolutely absurd. I don’t like all of his traits obviously, but he’s so weird that I’m always laughing my ass off whenever he’s on screen and having a fun cringe fest.

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  • mydayy
    06.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Jujutsu Kaisan as yanderes characters: kyoto school edition

    mai zenin: you were one of the temple’s disciples. making it virtually impossible for mai not to know of your existence. maybe it wasn’t like any other crush, but mai confided and conversed with you on a regular. some say, being honest is a flaw you can overlook. but mai was honest to a fault. like the time you confided within her that you told the young neighborhood boy you liked him, and the next week. he turned up with bruises and a broken arm to reject you. maybe mai did what she thought was right, she always did what she thought was correct in her eyes. and maybe that boy wasn’t right for you. many told you about her devotion and commitment. and after some time you saw all the signs; maybe you’ll have a talk with her sooner rather then later. “I did everything, for you to notice me. And now, you tell me this? I won’t accept you, with anyone else! I love you too much!”

    kokichi muta: he’s the kind of yandere, that observes, stalks and proclaims to “protect” they’re darling. even if he knows it’s not entirely truthful. mute will always make sure to walk you home. and to and from the grocery store. can’t have you walking into a dangerous situation, now can he? I think he’ll go a step farther with you, then miwa; and install a secret camera outside your shared break room. it’s just extra protection, last time there was a break in and a peeper at campus. he just wants the best for you. so you’ll have to excuse his diligent, but it’s only for the best. “don’t worry, I’ll make sure to protect you, (Y/n). I promise!”

    katsuki miwa: you were perfection in all ye meaning of the world, one problem. you were a family member from the big three. miwa, wasn’t accretive nor reliable like that. but she did love you wholeheartedly. and after talking to gojo one day; she came to understand that you were a dime a dozen. and after that night, she proudly promised to love you forever long she breathed. a jujutsu sorcerer’s life isn’t always promised; but she’ll make sure to live to the fullest, with resolve and spirit. you were her muse and love after all. “i’ll make sure to return to you, every single time my darling. I love you!”

    momo nishymiya: I think she’s the kind of yandere, that’s super protective of the ones she’s loves. take how she acts, and speaks to nobara when mai is involved. I think it’s pure admiration. maybe reader-chan has things twists; but she suspects that this adoration and respect has other connotations. jealousy? nope (y/n) trusts momo in full; it’s just something that she has to deal with. life hadn’t always been kind to reader-chan and momo knows this. she’s quite foolish and naïve. reader always makes sure to tell momo, reader loves her a lot. even aoi warms the blonde girl; he’ll steal away reader; if he heard her her cry, if she dares brings up another girl in front of reader-chan again. and for now at least; momo took his advice to heart. and hasn’t been talking about any other women; idols or mai included. “it’s all for darling’s peace of mind, after all.”

    noritoshi kamo: he thought he had it all figured out. marry a gifted heir, and continue his family linage. maybe this was his dream; restore his mother’s place in the kamo household. a dream, an ambition he held dear to his heart. but that all changed when he met you. for once he actually wished to woo you of his own accord, and not because of who your family was or the techniques you possessed. maybe it was that too, a little bit. a good women, who could produce a healthy kamo heir. he’ll make sure to kiss your swelling stomach, until you were ready to pop. regardless of society’s feelings or his family’s feelings; he decided to choose you. and dang, did he praise the gods up above when you told him you loved him with all your heart, and expected his child to be a healthy baby boy. “we’ll have a beautiful family, don’t worry.”

    aoi todo: you were his idol. don’t get things confused, todo does loves nobuko takada, but you? oh goodness my, were you an angel sent from up above. you were so pure, so sweet and beautiful. the a perfect women, in all the ways of the word. and todo, had to make sure he protected you from this cruel world, one way or the other. he wouldn’t stop at anything, he’ll make sure to keep you pure, safe and perfect. even if it’s the last thing he would do. just like he promised you, after all. “I’ll be your knight in shining armor, dear. I promise to protect you from everything and everyone who wishes to cause you harm. I’ll be your protector. I swear to you.”

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  • celliory
    06.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    evil megumi be like: I like girls with big butts

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  • excalibur0
    02.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    I actually yelled when I realized he was going to show up lol

    #jujutsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen spoilers #todo aoi#aoi todo#manga cap#captains log #excalibur reads jjk
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  • pulchritxde
    01.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    When You Ask Them...

    'I need your help. I can't tell you what it is, you can never ask me about it later, and we're going to hurt some people."


    "Whose car are we going to take?"






    *raises a brow* is it a curse?


    "Does it get me out of work?"


    "Anything for you, prince(ss)."




    "I can't. Takada-chan has a meet and greet and I won't miss it."


    "What happened?"


    "Who's the target?"


    "Women shouldn't say things like that."

    "FUCK YO-"

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