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    24.05.2022 - 14 hours ago


    About me: 

    Dina or you can call me D




    I try to write sometimes but I mainly read

    This blog is 18+ so minors DO NOT INTERACT, I can’t stop you from  being a silent reader but I do not want any interaction whatsoever

    I block those who don’t have ages in their bios or are a blank blog 

    Fandoms I write for (more to come): 

    John Wick Universe



    Star Wars

    Ouran Highschool Host Club

    UPDATED: 5/23/22 

    Personal tags: 

    #D writes 

    #D speaks

    #D thinks 


    #masterlist #billy russo x reader #matt murdock x reader #ben solo x reader #john wick fic #shameless fic#ohshc fanfic#d masterlist
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  • kateemcintyre
    24.05.2022 - 16 hours ago
    The 100 + with all the bad ideas 😬
    #the 100#bellamy blake#clarke griffin#monty green#john murphy#zeke shaw#kyle wick#marcus kane#finn collins#octavia blake #🎶 at least they're consistent 🎶 #the delinquients#earthkru#the100edit#t100kt #apparently this is my new jam #& poor mr. balloon 🎈 was popped 90 sec later so i stand by the theme lmao
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  • fortis-fortunas
    24.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    is it possible for john to fall in love with another woman after helen? if he did find one who is gentle and caring for him do you think he may let her in?

    OOH ,,,,

    John is such a sweet man at heart, and I believe he has so much love to give even after losing Helen.

    So I'm going to say yes, absolutely!

    He's been through a lot, but he's incredibly loyal to those who are there for him. He softens. So I believe in my heart he could find it in him to love again and let someone else into his life.

    #not me almost in tears over my first ask on this blog #🥹💕 #thank you so much for this ask my sweet anon! #john wick#helen wick#answered asks #john wick x oc #john wick au
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  • blurazbabe
    23.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    The Contract - J.W.

    Chapter Three 🐾

    Chapters: one ☆ two ☆ three ☆ ongoing

    You are here -------------- ^

    A/n: this was going to be longer but I decided that I wanted the part that I took out should be in the next chapter like opening type shit. Idk but I'm hot. Yall should know that.

    Warnings: cussing, death, grieving, being a hot bitch bc if youre Y/n ur hot

    And anyone reading this rn is y/n.

    Read the damn chapter already you know you want to


    I couldn't believe that I was actually taking his advice about the pet thing.

     I hadn't had a pet since Alex died, him and I had a poodle named Pier that we got from the pound. We got him when we moved in together but he died a couple years after Alex passed. Cancer had spread throughout his body and there was nothing to do besides put him asleep. That was hard, it was like the final part of Alex I had was gone. He was the one there for me when Lillith went home and it was just me again. 

    The room was clean and the cats were stacked on each other in pens that had beds with food and water in them. I took my time saying hello to some of them, a few hissed at me so I took that as a sign they weren't in a meeting mood but there was one when I walked past they just mowed sweetly. I stopped and looked at the paper sealed in plastic. 

    Name: Ivy 

    Sex: Female

    Age: 5 years old

    I'm just a normal cat with normal needs, I want a loving home and some grass! I'm shy but I'll be bouncy once you know me!

    The description was shit and weird, but Ivy just looked so sweet with her big green eyes and brown stripes. "Could I meet her?" I asked and the women that stayed in the room came over, and opened the pen, handing her to me. "Oh ok…" I took her from her and she held on by my shoulder. She started smelling my jaw and hair and neck before moving to my clothes. "I know, if you come home with me you'll smell like this too." I said and she looked at me before continuing her sniffing on my hair. "I thought dogs did this." I mumbles and the lady laughs. "They do but she must like how you smell." I laughed and brought my hand to her head and ran it down to her tail. "Where can I fill out the forms and pay? I think this is my girl." I said, looking at her face. She pushed her head against my chin and I smiled. 

    "Okay, here we go." I put the seat belt over the hard cat carrier and she pawed at the side of it. I started the car and reversed out of the parking spot, leaving the lot and starting down the road. I stopped at Walmart on the way home and picked up some stuff for her, bowls, collar, a litter box, and toys amongst other things. I may have gone a bit overboard but it was worth it. I got out of the car and up my apartment building, a plastic bag in one hand and a cat carrier in the other. I set the carrier and bag down, pulling the keys from my purse and opening the door. I shut and locked the door and set the carrier on the living room floor, opening it and walking away. I figured I'd let her do her thing, find her way around the house the way she wants to as I found places to set her stuff up. I set the plastic bag on my kitchen counter and pulled my phone out of my back pocket, opening John's contact and pressing the call button. 

    "Hello?" It barely got through one ring before he picked up. I sighed, pulling out the two bowls before speaking. "Its Y/n, I got a cat." I said, leaning against the counter and peaking over at my living room, seeing Ivy out of her pen and sniffing the leg of my coffee table before jumping on top of it. "Really? That's great, what's their name?" He asked. "Ivy, she was fucking expensive too, last time I take advice from a guy at a gas station." I laughed and his laugh came through the phone. I turned the sink on, running the bowls under warm water as I looked at her again. Now smelling a candle on the table. "That was at the funeral." He said and I scoffed. "Well, you got me there. You should come meet her since you are the one who put the option in my head." I said and turned the sink off, waving them back and forth before pouring food in one, water in the other. 

    "That sounds fun, what day should I come over?" He asked, I heard a door shut over his line and some hard steps. "I'm not sure, I just got her today and I want her to get used to the place like get used to my… smell?" I cringed as I said it but picked up the phone and walked over to my couch, sitting down. "Maybe the day after tomorrow, Monday?" I asked, waiting for a response as I looked over at the chair Ivy had jumped up on it and pushed a pillow over, smelling the bottom that I had spilled coffee on a couple days ago. "Sure, what time?" He asked and I heard a drawer open and shut, some metal clicks and then a pause. "Two? I have a bunch of vacation days saved up from work because the only thing I do is work and I decided to use them since my sister died." I paused for a moment, my eyes widening and a nervous laugh generating from my body. "I- uh.  That's more than you needed to know. I'm sorry." He was silent for a moment. "Don't worry about it, I get it. You can talk to me if you need to." I knew what he meant by talk, get into the mushy, depressing, painful details but I didn't want to feel or talk about that yet. "You know, I'm good. It kinda just bursts out here and there so…" I trailed off and there was a long silence. "This is weird now, I made it weird. I'll talk to you later." I said and he laughed before saying goodbye to me. As soon as I hung up I dropped the phone on the floor and laid flat out on my couch. 

    "What the fuck, why did I bring her up like that?" I asked the empty room until Ivy jumped on the back of the chair meowing. "I don't know what your meows mean yet." I whispered to her and she moved up the couch and jumped on my chest, meowing again, her white whiskers pulling up in the process. "Is that all she is now? Some punch line to my life? Her life can't be reduced to that." I said and she just pushed her head against my wrist, meowing. I petted from her head down and squinted at her as I did it. "I like you, you talk to me." I huffed as she straightened out pushing her butt up as I ran my hand down her back. I huffed and then sat up, picking up ivy and looking at her face. 

     "Okay, let's go set up your litter box." 

    "Oh my god, she is the cutest thing in the world…." Kayla whispered as she picked her up and she meowed, arms stretched out from the way she was holding her. "I know." I mumbled and she pulled her closer, paws clutching her shoulder as she started her sniffing act. "I think you started something y/n… I think I need to get a cat." She said as she sat down taking her purse off, setting it on the floor and I shut my front door. I sat down in the chair across from her and Ivy was now pushing her hand to make her pet her. "Her little sign thing they had the shelter said she was shy, what a lie right?" I snorted and she nodded with a large smile admiring Ivy. My phone vibrated in my pocket, and I pulled it out seeing a message from John. 

    John - 8:46 pm [sunday]

    [I've been meaning to ask all day but things kept getting in the way, what's your address?]

    Me - 8:46 pm [sunday]

    [378 w park avenue and 53rd st. Big blue building, I'm in apartment 106.]

    [You can park down the street near the Starbucks, no parking :/]

    It really did suck that there was no parking, and the only parking that you didn't have to pay for was street side. "Is she gonna sleep in the bed with us?" She asked and I nodded with a scoff. "Of course." I glanced up quickly from the text at them. See her scratching under chin while her tail swatted her leg. I saw the screen change from the bottom of my vision and I looked back down. 

    John - 8:47 pm [sunday]

    No problem, I'll see you tomorrow. Be safe. 

    My heart burned slightly when I read the message, as if a fire had started and it was going to spread, it made my stomach churn in a way that didn't feel good either but that feeling I often felt I just shoved deep down. 

    Me - 8:50 pm [sunday]

    You too. 

    Three fucking minutes of thinking and 'evaluating my emotions' and I responded with 'you too?' Jesus, what kind of idiot am I? "What are we getting for dinner? Because I'm hungry, I worked a nine hour shift and guess who called me?" She said petting Ivy as she spoke now looking at me. "Who?" I asked, pulling my legs up and crossing the over. My pink fuzzy socks caught her eye and she laughed before scratching the back of my neck. "Mason."  My jaw dropped. "Yeah he said that Chicago wasn't enough without me and that if staying here meant he could have me, he'd stay." She said, her hands leaving Ivy to pick at her nails. "Really? I mean do you think he means it?" I asked,leaning forward more, lifting my jaw from the floor. "Yeah, I mean he's still clean. He just needs me apparently." She said, it sounded like she didn't understand and I asked a different question. "Do you even want him back? Six months changes a lot." I said and Ivy came over to me sitting in my lap, Kayla took her phone from her purse and started looking at something. "I'm not sure, I mean of course I still love him but I'm better without him I guess. I mean when he was here I could never focus, we were having sex all the time, I was like obsessed with him." She said and I snorted. "He was obsessed with you too." I said and she grabbed the pillow and threw it at me, I caught it before it could hit me or Ivy, but she jumped down right after going somewhere else. "Jesus." I mumbled looking at her and she rolled her eyes, I threw it back at her and she pushed it to the side. “I ordered a pizza, find us a movie before I scare your cat anymore.” 


    Like if you want to leave internet evidence that your a whore for a man who doesn't even exist.

    Hmu comment ask whatever for the tag list. I'm in a very talky bubbly mood if no one can tell.

    Tag list: @memento-mora

    #john wick smut #john wick x reader #john wick x y/n #john wick fanfic
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    This kind of blew up on my Instagram lol

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    Mañana en #divinity #bones desde el principio 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️♾️♾️♾️♾️💯💯💯💯

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    New fan photo

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  • theunholywriter
    22.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    I'm Your Girl

    Summary: Staying with John Wick, your best friend and the late husband of your boss and close companion Helen, the two of you try to deal with the weight of her passing.

    Warning: November, although there will be smut and acts of violence, as well as mentions of non-con. Not by John, though.

    A/N: John Wick fic I wrote a while ago and adapts parts of the first movie's script. Uses 2nd person POV but switches sometimes to she due to inconsistencies when I first wrote it. I'll edit and correct that later. Reader doesn't not have a name necessarily but is called Scout by John as nickname. Enjoy.


    It’s morning, five to be exact.

        Right now is the start of your day. 

    First, you'd force herself out of bed, and second, you’d go to brush your teeth and untwist your hair. Third, you’d go to start on breakfast, today she’s been more inclined to make his favorite in a small attempt to give him a slither of happiness. 

    And lastly, you’d wake up John--although that was harder than expected.

    Birds chirped and the autumn air engulfed you as you cracked the window before heading to John’s room.

    You peeked in and took the man lying in bed; knowing his alarm was going to go off soon, you opened the blinds and set his slippers in front of his bed. In his mid-fifties, he wasn’t a spring chicken, but you’d be damned if he didn’t look at it. Thinking about how you'd look at his age, you had thought of a pudgy old lady in a rocking chair, yelling at children on her lawn, aggressively beating people at bingo. 

    That gets a chuckle out of you, despite the circumstances as of late.

    Despite his weathered, at times cold expression, after knowing him for so long, you knew he wasn’t always like this.

    Passing through the hallway, you glance at the picture as you pass it. A picture of Helen, alive and healthy, both her and John at your undergrad graduation smiling as she posed with her diploma. Both Helen and John smooched your cheeks for the camera, and it felt like one of the best days of your life.

    Y’all lived together, sort of like a family with John being like an uncle and Helen being like an aunt to you.

    Helen’s passing, while anticipated, had devastated everyone. Being the two people who watched after her, the day she took her final breath made John unable to connect with most of the world. Maybe the only reason he’d even talk to you was that you experienced her death with him.

    Everyone dies, that’s something she knew, she just missed her so much.

    You missed her but tried to be strong and supportive of John and his grief.

    It was hard, you eventually convinced yourself it was for the best.

    Hearing his alarm finally going off, you grinned over at him.

    “What’s good in the neighborhood, Sleeping Beauty?” He groans, letting out a sigh after a beat. She makes her way downstairs, making his plate of sunny side up eggs, toast, and crispy bacon. 

    He takes a seat at the table, glancing at the food she made with a somber expression.

    John frowns.

    “I’m not in the mood for witty remarks, Scout. You know you don’t have to do this, I’m fine on my own.” Scout rolled her eyes, scolding him while she was focused on making coffee.

    “I’m not here as an assistant, but as a friend and roommate since I’m not going anywhere any time soon.” She insists, giving him his mug with a grin. He takes it with a more thankful gesture. She watching him before retreating, giving him some space to think.

        She made her way to her room upstairs, still adorned with the Pretty Ricky and Maroon 5 posters from her youth. Among them were pictures of her in her twenties and with her 31st birthday approaching this year, she looked upon the memories fondly. 

    Scout sees a picture that makes her grin. It was her what, 21st Birthday? She got properly shit-faced under the guidance of the “responsible” adults that were Helen and John Wick. 

    How long had she known them? 

    For Helen, it had been a good part of thirteen years? And John, in turn, was about nine? 

    Around the time she got kicked out by her foster parents.

    She had been wandering, basically living on the streets when she met Helen outside of a club--she gave her home and security and in turn, she was Helen’s assistant in a few ways. Being a photographer, she helped her with what she could to help and found a place for herself in Helen’s life.

    The couple was her best friends, her family. When they first met, she knew John had been perfect for Helen, and gave them her blessings. 

    After Helen died, she’d hear John crying as he watched videos they’d taken and it broke her heart. She didn’t know how to help him, hell she didn’t know how to help herself. 

    So in the best way she knew, she stuck by him.

    Meanwhile, John feels his pent of emotions come out as he punched into the punching bag. He pressed his forehead against it after fiddling with it for some time. He’d been a wreck since Helen passed--it was something he and Scout expected, and yet here he was, mournful and loathing himself.

        His thoughts went back to Scout how he only noticed this morning was the young woman was trying her best, not thinking about how she was coping. And yet, he was wrapped up in his own grief that he hadn’t realized it.

    God, he was an idiot--as Scout would say, a real dumbass. 

    While thinking ways to think of how to make it up to her, he heard her voice call him from downstairs and he puts down his fists to go check out things. 

    He finds her, changed into some joggers and wearing one of his hoodies as she smiled up at him with that slight nod.  Scout finds him and staring at her and gives him a little nudge.

    “Come on, Old Man Wick.”

    She was there for him, for his best and worst moment, and the same for Helen.

    His gaze turns to a woman, perhaps a Delivery person from her uniform who asks him, “John Wick?”

    “Yes?” When he makes his way down the stair, she hands him a clipboard and pen. Scout looks at the exchange in almost a daze, giggling when she hears the delivery woman ask for her pen back. She hands him a plastic card and a case but dashing into the night.

    John and Scout look at her retreating back before she takes the card and gets startled by a bark. With her eyes bigger than usual, she gestures for him to open it--inside was a beautiful brown and white beagle, one that makes Scout squeal for the first time in years.

    “When did you get a dog, Johnny? It’s so cute, my goodness!”

    “I didn’t.” Her excitement turns into confusion, looking at the puppy in confusion.

    “You ain’t order one? That’s weird--oh! Maybe the sender is on this card? I’ll check.” She says flipping open the card; as she reads its contents, she lets out a cry.

    “Dear John, Scout. If you two have received this, then I have not survived the surgery...” Scout read the card, her voice holding a certain tremble as silence enveloped them. She was sure she was crying now, even if the tears hadn’t registered. More than she had the day she died or her funeral. 

    With her hands shaking, Scout continues.

    “...I am so, so sorry. To Scout, even though I’ve never had the pleasure of having children, I thought of you as my own. I love you, and everything that you’ve become. I want you to know that I’m proud of you, and I’ll always be watching over you.” With tears falling down her round cheeks, she glances at John, while usually being stonefaced, cries quite a few of his own.

    “John, you’ve still got a life ahead of you, and I intend for you to live it. You may think you’ve hidden things from me, but you haven’t. I know you. And should this reach you in time -which I pray it has- I beg you, I implore you, to stop. To think. To live.” Another minute or two of dreadful silence fills them--Scout musters the strength to read on.

    “John, I'm sorry I can't be there for you. But you still need something, someone, to love. So start with this. Because the car doesn't count. And listen to Scout, she knows best---” They both let of weak chuckles at the last line, “I love you, John. This illness has loomed over us for a long time, and now that I have found my peace, find yours. Until that day, your best friend, Helen.” 

    “You gonna name it?” Scout asks after a few beats, putting to the card how to take the dog of her arms. John looks at her, thoughtfully, pointing a finger at her.

    “How about  you, Scout?” Her eyes shined.

    “Really?” He laughs, and Scout feels her breathe caught her throat. God, she hadn’t heard that laugh in ages. 

    “Yeah, Helen would’ve wanted you to anyways.” Scout rolls her eyes.

    Looking down at the beagle, she notices a daisy-shaped Medalion hooked to its collar and a light bulb goes off in her dimly lit head.

    “How does Daisy sound, baby?” The dog barks twice, licking at her.

    She grins at John, saying “Come on old man, we need kibble. Lots of it.”

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    diluc: frothing at the mouth while packing up to head to inazuma for some pest control      u fucked with the wrong liddol bruder ragnvindr, mcfucko.
    #purely ic drama pls & thank djjdfjdfjdf #dash commentary #sam said diluc 'john wick' ragnvindr & on god it's so true HHAHAHA #he's seeing redddd #it is simply time to perform some big bro duties.
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    My Sanada San will come out the best

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  • imagines-by-a-typical-fangirl
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    Hi, beautiful I've read all of your fics about john wick and I loved every one of them. they are wonderful seriously "you have me" has all my heart please write more about John Wick ❤❤❤

    Noted!! I miss writing for him too!! It's on my plans to write more and soon there will be a One-Shot coming up about him!! Thanks for reading!! xoxo

    #john wick imagine
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    Keanu Reeves and Alfie Allen in JOHN WICK (2014) dir. Chad Stahelski

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    i used to change my header so much but its been this one picture of joe taslim for 4 years and i really dont foresee it changing soon. unless they make a third raid movie and then all bets are off i hope yayan ruhian is in that one too as another entirely unrelated murder dude.

    #.txt #they gotta put iko uwais in a john wick or im going to drive to keanu reeves motorcycle store just to cry all over the place.
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    Hi everyone!! Just wanted to come on here and thank everyone for checking my blog out/following!! You guys are so awesome!! I also wanted to let you know that requests are open!! I have a little list pinned with some info if you had any questions!! Feel free to send in an ask with requests/ideas, and any other questions you may have just send ‘‘em my way!’

    #send in requests please!! #marvel#mcu#the punisher#venom#lotr#the hobbit#john wick#criminal minds#anime#tua #the umbrella academy #king arthur#marvel fanfiction#lotr fanfic #the hobbit fanfiction #criminal minds fanfiction #the umbrella academy fanfiction #anime fanfic#harry potter #Harry potter fanfiction #kingsman the secret service #kingsman fanfiction#moon knight #moon knight fanfic #venom fanfic
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     HONEYVEILED    //    an  independent  multi-muse  +  multi-fandom  blog  featuring  muses  from  marvel  ,  dc  ,  deadly  class  ,  teen  wolf  ,  john  wick  &  more  !  a  study  in  moral  ambiguity  and  faking  it  ‘til  you  make  it  .  

    penned  by  HADES
    #indie rp#marvel rp#dc rp #teen wolf rp #indie marvel rp #indie mcu rp #indie dc rp #mcu rp#dceu rp #john wick rp #indie john wick rp #˛ ⠀ * ⠀ ♡ ⠀ ⠀ 𝒐𝒐𝒄 ⠀ ⠀ —— ⠀ ⠀ self promos.
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