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    22.05.2022 - 39 minutes ago

    papa bruno au concept that’s kinda dark/paints julieta not in the most fantastic light, but i hope still paints her as sympathetic enough. warnings for miscarriage/homophobia/suicide/that line of shit. beware its a long one.

    okay. so. first - the idea that the gifts were chosen kind of by alma’s own subconscious, and to make up for what her children might have been lacking/missing. for example: perhaps pepa was difficult to read emotionally, so she was given a gift where that was made clear. perhaps bruno was a nervous child, so he received a gift that would, in theory, allow him to make confident decisions. and julieta...julieta was given hers for responsibility...and empathy.

    i do like the idea of julieta actually being the culprit in most of their triplet shenanigans, and also the one who could avoid getting caught. and even if alma caught on it was SO HARD to prove it because julieta was just so clever and sweet. and pepa and bruno, the disaster duo, were almost always to blame...until it was just bruno...but you know

    so. julieta IS kind and cares deeply for her family and everything. but she can be a bit self-serving, a bit caught up in “what needs to be done for the family,” and I don’t think this is too far of a stretch when we look at how isabela turned out. but I also like to think that her getting the healing gift kind of forced her to both put on the act of what she thought a healer should be, and also having to learn these things that would make someone good in her role, and have them not come super naturally. basically, julieta is playing perfect and the golden child, but she is far from it. as anyone could expect.

    [i also like the idea that their gifts were supposed to be. like. Preparer/decider, defender, nurturer - but who they are inherently would suggest that the gifts SHOULD have gone another way, like, julieta with weather powers, or bruno as the healer. but alma would never THINK that so...oh well.]

    back on track then to this au. 

    they’re in their mid-twenties, and bruno is really struggling with the fact he’s gay because 1) um, they definitely heard/he may have Seen someone else locally get disowned over it 2) church 3) his mom has a very clear idea of “what type of man” he should be, namely his father he never knew, and his father who was clearly not gay, from what alma and everyone tells him. And you know. typical reasons why it is Not A Good Time in his environment. 

    And so he finally breaks down and tells his sisters, because there’s really no one else he can tell, and...well, it wasn’t like they didn’t really know, because they did, they just never let the thought form, but it should have been obvious when they were talking about boys years ago, but they’re also hyper aware that he already isn’t super well liked by everyone, and this would just be the cherry on top, and between their mother and the MIracle and all of these expectations placed on them...they really don’t know what to tell him. because what do you do? 

    so julieta, who does love her brother dearly, and is listening to him go on about how he is broken--and julieta, who is a healer, and is supposed to FIX people, wars with herself for a second between the julieta that is julietapepabruno and the julieta that is ALma’s Daughter, and tries her best to be optimistic and adult and reasonable. And so she hugs her brother, and tells him as earnestly as she can that, well, don’t lose hope, bruno. maybe you just haven’t found the right woman yet to change your mind. maybe you just have too high of expectations. like, come on, do you really think its like one of those romance novels that pepa nearly floods the town over? it’s going to be okay, it will work out. you can work past these feelings and will be right here with you when you do!

    and, like, god she really was trying. but clearly. clearly that was a major fuck up on her part, right?

    so julieta tries to help her brother make friends with nice women. and it doesn’t really work and bruno is actually kind of annoyed by her efforts. but bruno does have friends--they’re just...weird...even if they’re nice enough. 

    one of these friends is beatriz serna. julieta does not like beatriz. she did not introduce them. she’s kind of mean, and bossy, and nosy, but despite all that, she seems to like to hang out with bruno. and bruno, for whatever reason, seems to like to hang out with her. julieta thinks that, maybe, it actually worked out, and bruno got over his...problem...and so she subtly encourages him to keep hanging out with her anyway.

    pepa, however, REALLY doesn’t like beatriz, and knows julieta doesn’t like her, either, and can’t understand why the fuck julieta would ever encourage bruno to have anything to do with her. Pepa is sure that beatriz is trying to use bruno in some way. of course, when pepa comes after beatriz, she goes about it in such a way that pisses bruno off, and inadvertently pushes him toward beatriz and away from pepa.

    anyway. pepa is right. beatriz does like bruno in some aspects, sure, but she’s also very frustrated with him, because he can’t take a hint, god, and really she was hoping to join the madrigals...

    well. basically. beatriz pressures bruno into a romantic relationship, and you can imagine how horrible that went. and bruno, at this point, feels so much guilt for like, it not being his thing at all, and dreading it, and feeling like he can’t really complain to pepa or julieta about it, and he just has to suck it up and maybe his life will be bearable in the end

    well bruno has enough eventually and snaps and beatriz is not happy about it at all. they stop talking, and beatriz actually does shit to spread nasty rumors about all of the madrigals and bruno esp. like. the fact he’s gay is one of them, among other typical bad luck/cursed sorts of things.

    unfortunately, the whole fiasco with beatriz takes a huge toll on bruno for reasons i hope you can figure out, plus it kind of opens up the point that he’s 35 and “not over” the fact he likes men and not women, plus his reputation in town, plus watching his sisters have their own families and knowing he won’t have one...just...not great. on top of that, alma is hearing these rumors, trying to run damage control - and increasingly frustrated with bruno. not for the rumors, exactly- she never says a WORD about the gay thing, not once, and even starts giving up on suggesting he find a spouse at all- but she’s pissed that he’s been giving the townspeople grief and shutting himself up in his room and in general kind of being a little bitch sometimes. 

    so there he is, feeling like he’s somehow hit a new low and he can only go lower, so...

    julieta finds him. alma is mad, pepa is with all the kids and felix, and bruno hadn’t come down for breakfast, which wasn’t unusual, really. but she goes up with a tray of food and finds him there...looking very dead.

    julieta is doing this about four or five months into her pregnancy with her third child. doesn’t really help keep her emotions in check at all, not that she would anyway, finding her brother dead in his room, undoubtedly by his own hand. 

    so this is the kind of wild shit i was thinking about. you may have seen the little post a while back--what if part of julieta’s powers is that she can literally bring back the dead in some instances, and she at one point brings back bruno?

    this is it. she does it. she doesn’t know HOW she does it-just that she NEEDS bruno to be alive, no matter what-this can’t be happening to her, to them-

    she shoves food down his throat, she tries cpr, but eventually her power-power shows up, and it gets to be blue probably, and she...brings him back. he’s not doing great, of course, and she has to nurse him back a bit before he’s even conscious -

    and guess what the price she paid to bring back her brother was.

    julieta loses her third baby. it probably nearly kills her. and no one really knows WHAT THE FUCK Happened, like, they know that bruno clearly made an attempt on his own life, and that julieta saved him and then promptly suffered a miscarriage, but no one really knows that julieta did straight up necromancy

    and bruno is pissed. humiliated, but very, very pissed, because what the fuck, juli. and really he’s just lashing out, because everything’s been shit and now he can’t even die? and now no one will leave him alone? and part of him does blame julieta for everything- even for what happened with beatriz, and just the failure with all of any other women. 

    and julieta is devastated. because her own brother killed himself, and she just KNOWS that the trade was her own baby for him, and he’s blaming HER. and now he’s somehow worse, almost never coming downstairs at all, and alma is stressed because what the fuck does she even to say to anyone anymore about bruno? and he won’t even do any visions, and also, there may or may not be cracks in casita and its just a very very tense bad time.

    well. anyway.

    surprise. beatriz was pregnant.

    beatriz had her baby. a daughter...bruno’s daughter.

    and she hasn’t seen bruno in town at all. but things SEEM to have quieted down, and she thinks that, maybe, with a baby, she can actually change his mind. like. there’s no way bruno is going to turn her away with THEIR BABY.

    so she marches herself up to casita when she’s able, and of course, julieta is home.

    alma is...honestly, either with the guzmans, or having a very tense, very long conversation with bruno up in his room, or even just...in her own room. and pepa is out in the fields, and the kids are with agustin and felix, and really its just julieta there in the kitchen.

    and she doesn’t like beatriz. and she’s still hurt by her brother, even if its been months. and she’s still feeling the horrible loss of her baby that she feels she KILLED. and beatriz is there. with a baby.

    and julieta is not stupid. 

    when beatriz asks for bruno, julieta lies and says they sent him away from treatment because he tried to kill himself. aka asylum, institution. you know. which. kind of shocks the other woman because she really didn’t know that that had happened, but also puts a wrench into her plan, here. and then julieta implies no one knows when he’ll be back, and beatriz will have to leave if she wants to talk to him. 

    and beatriz. she didn’t really want a baby-esp not on her own. that sounds like hell, leaving the encanto in search of a man who’s in a fucking institution. but also...she kind of realizes...if she COULD get to him...maybe, she could have her way of things. finally. so there’s that. 

    so julieta says, if you’re going to see him, it’s too dangerous to take your baby across the mountains. and then she puts on her best sweet healer face and says, i can watch your baby. i would never mind looking after my niece.

    and beatriz kind of pauses here, because sure, but also...she wants to talk to alma. at which point julieta is very firmly, Nope. which causes a struggle between them, and casita, of course, is going to choose julieta over beatriz. 

    and julieta...ends up with the baby in her arms, a baby that feels very much to her like a baby for the one she lost, that she lost FOR HER BROTHER, and beatriz is kind of realizing she can’t have this fight against a magical house and magical people, but MAYBE if she can convince bruno, they can come back--or maybe she should just LEAVE, be done with it, because now--

    well, that’s a nightmare for another day. beatriz books it, julieta has the baby. and she’s pretty pleased with herself until alma shows up and is like, where the fuck did you just get a baby? whose baby is that?

    so, anyway. there’s no way in hell that julieta is going to admit that this is beatriz’s kid at this point because: a) that would mean it was also bruno’s kid and b) why should bruno have a kid when he basically made julieta lose hers and c) bruno IS IN NO STATE to care for a baby anyway, also he’s still a nightmare to deal with in general. and d) julieta WANTS this baby to be hers SO BADLY. she looks down at this baby, and thinks, this is what my baby would have been like. this is just the universe trying to correct itself.

    so julieta says a teenager abandoned the baby at their doorstep and she is going to be its mother and that’s that.

    and honestly this is the least distressing thing that has happened in months so alma says. yes. fine. a new granddaughter. becuase there is no reason for her to be against adoption

    meanwhile, beatriz leaves the encanto.

    so julieta raises mirabel as her own. she just LOVES mirabel, so much. but mirabel does not know she is adopted. julieta tells everyone that she’ll tell her when its time, but alma is thinking, look, she’s going to expect a door and i rEALLY don’t think its going to happen, but-

    and julieta keeps telling alma, oh, don’t you worry, i’m sure she’ll get a door because she is a MADRIGAL even if she wasn’t born one (EXCEPT SHE WAS BORN ONE, this is bruno’s daughter, she’s extremely a madrigal but ssshhh).

    and julieta’s mood in generally is much better once she has mirabel. bruno...isn’t doing so hot all the time, but...he eventually comes out of his room, and starts interacting with the family again. he gets on with mirabel very well, and mirabel absolutely adores him. it makes julieta feel guilty, but then she justifies it to herself, that bruno is still unfit to be a parent, and its better that he is just an uncle to all the kids anyway, and clearly mirabel still gets to love him, so what’s the harm? everything will be FINE

    (she does almost tell him, when she introduces mirabel to him. almost. and she almost tells him not long after, and another time after that. but the longer she doesn’t tell him, the more she starts to realize that she is really going to hurt him...because she basically stole his child. in front of his own eyes. but shes in it now)

    (another note: obviously, mirabel looks a lot like julieta. julieta, honestly, does not think much on it. other family members think its kinda funny, maybe fated. but bruno. bruno has a theory that, in the way that he knows julieta brought him back, that she somehow resurrected her unborn baby. and it terrifies him on the same level that he knows pepa could kill him in less than a second; it is also a strange kinship he feels with her, thinking that somehow they both came back from death. it is not a comfortable thought exactly. but it is his working theory, and one he would never dare ask julieta about)

    well anyway. there’s clearly some sort of door when mirabel turns five, and alma kind of thinks, wow. julieta is right. this is...this is wonderful! because alma does love mirabel. she’s their little miracle, after all.

    and then. well. her door fades away.

    here’s the difference, though: alma isn’t worried about the magic in this respect. she had never really expected mirabel to get a door or a gift at all. the door appearing at all was clearly some kind of mistake, a fluke because of the confusion of her being adopted. so when alma looks at mirabel, it’s with reluctant pity

    meanwhile julieta’s mind is imploding. beatriz was a fucking liar, clearly, and had fucked someone else, and was going to try to pass off the kid as bruno’s and...wow. okay. there’s definitely no reason to ever let mirabel know about that part of her conception ever, but at least...at least she isn’t stealing her brother’s kid anymore, you know?

    mirabel is very upset, but the next day agustin and julieta sit down with her and explain that she’s adopted and that they didn’t know she wouldn’t get a gift, but that’s probably why, BUT she’s still part of this family and yada yada yada

    mirabel still experiences being the “giftless” madrigal and the different one...but its...well, obviously its very different circumstances. bruno is still around, for one, alma never asked for a vision, and he never had to leave. bruno and mirabel are very close in this, esp when he does start doing some visions again, and he lets her help him with a few. isabela’s relationship with mirabel still isn’t the greatest, but it’s better than what we saw in the movie.

    there is an attempt to get her her own room, but ultimately it just...doesn’t work. so they go and paint her door and make the nursery mirabel’s room instead. when antonio comes along, though, he moves into mirabel’s room all the same. mirabel does kind of like it after a bit, though. she’s still sad she doesn’t get her door, but she has a reason. a reason that makes her sad independently--because she wasn’t initially wanted by her mother, however julieta puts it--but still. she feels like she knows.

    but even though all of this has improved, there’s still a lot of cracks in casita. there’s still family secrets and everyone’s overworked. there’s still resentment lingering between the triplets, even if they mostly pretend its fine. there’s still a lot of shit between alma and bruno.

    so. antonio’s ceremony happens. mirabel sees the cracks. alma knows its getting worse. mirabel hears her and bruno getting into another heated argument about doing a specific vision about the cracks and the magic rather than hear her praying to pedro. she tries to find out what everyone knows, until she finally just goes to beg bruno for a vision that she knows he denied her grandmother. bruno absolutely does not want to give it to her, and does not think she has any responsibility for what is happening. but bruno absolutely adores mirabel and she has him wrapped around her finger. 

    so they do the vision. and its BAD bad, cracks in casita, casita falling apart, mirabel at the center of it....and bruno freaks out and goes to break it and says mirabel, you can’t tell ANYONE you understand? but of course dolores hears and

    engagement dinner. usual. with the addition of bruno’s rats running across the table of course.

    julieta and alma both kind of round on bruno like, what the fuck was that vision? and poor mirabel is right there and julieta is kind of holding mirabel back protectively and begging her mother, you can’t send her away, she’s my baby, and alma is like, julieta, think of the family, and agustin shows up and of course does his he’s thinking of his daughter line, and then alma rounds on bruno, why did you do this? and bruno snaps at that point and its just a mess and agustin is trying to get her out of there and then pepa shows up to make it worse.

    agustin does tell mirabel that she should probably try talking to her sister, mostly as a distraction honestly

    you have to keep in mind that in this au, mirabel is never like, seen as the same being in the way or anything like in the movie. she’s the different one- but she sure as hell isn’t bruno. 

    so alma is going after bruno. and she’s blaming him for causing mirabel to do whatever it is in the future, because he spends the most time with her, so duh. she also does not hesitate to mention literally every other flaw she perceives that he has. it’s not pleasant. then, in the middle of this, isabela and mirabel come crashing in and that’s when alma launches into her powers getting out of control and everything going wrong and she kind of goes for mirabel, but then she ultimately places it on bruno, saying he was the one orchestrating it, which is hysterically inaccurate

    and this is the point where mirabel speaks up, saying it isn’t brunos fault, its almas fault, everyone is miserable because of how she runs this family

    cue casita breaking. attempt to save the candle. mirabel running away.

    alma going to find her, bruno showing up too. rebuilding casita.

    ...and then, alma and bruno both think to themselves - and they haven’t completely reconciled, really, but they’re closer than they have been in years, and its also special because alma’s daughters have married but she still has her son, so-

    they are the ones who conspire to let mirabel add the doorknob. 

    and then the magic comes back.

    okay. so here the thing. from mirabels gift ceremony until .0001 seconds before the magic happened again, julieta had been under the impression that mirabel was truly and completely not a madrigal by blood. her daughter, yes, 1 million percent. but she hadn’t gotten a door, she hadn’t gotten a gift. so she wasn’t ACTUALLY the offspring of bruno, or her, or pepa. 

    but then the magic comes back, and mirabel is smack in the middle of the front door, and casita is back, and everyone is happy and pepa has a rainbow and

    julieta is realizing. oh no. oh fuck. now its been literally SO LONG and i never said anything but not what does this mean??? and her family isn’t thinking about it, clearly, because its mirabel and its magic and why shouldn’t she have a little bit of it, after living with them for so long? and julieta is here sweating trying to figure it out in her head

    because the family has just gotten better, and they have a ways to go, and a lot of them have cleared the air finally...

    but she. never told anyone about:

    -bruno actually being dead

    -and mirabel being beatriz’s daughter (and therefore possibly brunos)

    so. bad.

    but ahahahahahahahaha maybe its nothing right??? right???

    (she’s finally thinking, hm, mirabel DOES look quite a bit like me and bruno...coincidence?????????)

    anyway they party blah blah blah julieta is screaming internally in her head blah blah blah mirabel is just having a grand old time and oblivious as are alma and bruno and literally everyone else

    okay. so. beatriz.

    beatriz is not dead. she’s been on the outside, trying to find bruno. and it’s next to impossible, and dangerous, plus like, as of two years before the movie, everythings been kinda fucked. i mean. okay. there’s no way she spent ALL THAT TIME lookin for bruno. it was more. she started looking for bruno, met people, did some stuff, lived her life. beatriz has lived an exciting life, to a point! hell, she’s had a number of relationships. she’s traveled out of the country. you know. 

    after 15 years, she decides, what the hell, i’ll go back to the encanto. i’ll meet my daughter that i ditched with that (probably lying) bitch, hopefully she has a good magical gift and..., and i’ll just...take the encanto for my own. and enjoy my safety there. that’s important. there’s some crazy stuff happening on the outside...

    so beatriz shows up. the mountains are open which, concerning. people don’t really recognize her, because honestly, she had a bit of a glow up, I think. she’s “worldly” now, or whatever you want to call it. a modern woman. 

    so beatriz shows up-marches up to casita. its a lovely day. she really hopes alma is home this time, instead of julieta.

    and guess what! alma IS!

    alma is sitting there with your beverage of choice, basking in her daughter’s sunshine, while the kids play on the grassy slope and her adult children relax - or in the case of bruno - get tackled mercilessly into the ground. she does not recognize beatriz at first. but the moment she does, she realizes. ah. this may not be great.

    she whispers to dolores not to let anyone come by just yet, that she’s handling something. cue mild concern and confusion and attempting spying up where the rest of the family is.

    anyway. alma knows that beatriz left the encanto years ago. she doesn’t know WHY, really, nor does she want to, because she never really liked her, esp after she heard the rumors she spread about her son. 

    so beatriz opens with, i’ve come to see my daughter.

    to which alma goes, ???? i don’t...have your daughter? why would your daughter be here?

    and beatriz goes, because your daughter pried her out of my hands, basically, after she told me you’d sent bruno to some institution on the outside. and i haven’t been able to find bruno, but now i’ve come back for my daughter. also what is her magical gift lol.

    and alma is kinda having a ---------------------------- moment.

    because beatriz is saying words that should make sense but don’t. she’s trying to figure out why the fuck pepa would say such a thing about bruno going to an INSTITUTION, really, also why she would take this woman’s baby-pepa would NEVER steal a baby, she thinks, because she would have murdered everyone in the vicinity if anyone had ever tried to take one of hers-

    but then it starts to click. because there are only so many pieces here, and even though alma doesn’t have a lot of them, she has the important ones. she knows beatriz and bruno were...something...without her knowledge at the time, but she did know after. she knows that julieta lost a baby about the time bruno had a complete breakdown and attempted to take his own life. she knows that julieta was devastated for months after, until she suddenly had a baby in her arms.

    meanwhile, dolores casually reports to pepa that someone named beatriz serna has  just introduced herself to alma and is asking where her daughter is but all pepa hears is beatriz and she goes BEATRIZ SERNA? and that gets brunos attention and julieta’s and julieta’s heart just about stops. but pepa already has a cloud, and she up and going down to the house because god she did not like that woman and she can only imagine that she’s hear to mess with her brother and bruno is trying to hurry after her before she murders her in the kitchen and julieta takes a moment but she’s muttering to herself nonono and honestly the three of them going back kind of triggers everyone going back despite almas wishes

    pepa is in the door and already telling beatriz to fuck off you manipulative hag bruno hates you i hate you you goddamn gossip 

    and alma is like. pepa please

    and then bruno is awkwardly there like. trying to ignore the trauma this woman dealt to him and play it cool. oh. beatriz. um. why are you here?

    and then julieta slams in behind him, and she’s about to say something but mostly she looks at beatriz and knows any second now everythings going to come out 

    and it does. beatriz is quick to point her finger and go. you lied to me. i spent years look for him, and you STOLE my daughter from me. then she points to bruno. and what, was this your plan all along?!! get your sister to do your dirty work for you?

    pepa and bruno are ??????

    everyone else is trying to see into the kitchen at this point. alma can see clearly and she’s trying to wave them away while she steps between beatriz and her children. 

    anyway julietas like about to cry or something. someone has to explain and before beatriz goes into it, julieta confesses--like, everything, even some irrelevant things, things that bruno absolutely did not want anyone knowing, because its a long time coming and there was a reason that mirabel, of all people, would be at the center of the cracks, 

    when agustin and felix realize what’s happening, they try to get mirabel away rom the kitchen. antonio is with them and camilo is dragged along by his collar as well. 

    bruno is understandably angry but like the kind of heartbroken quiet angry. because, it makes him angry to know it, but, he does understand julieta, in a way. its hard not to when they’re triplets. but its been fifteen years since...everything. he’s heartbroken that mirabel, who he thought was just his favorite sobrina, is actually his fucking daughter, and despite how close they are, its like he’ll never get to go back and do those moments as father-daughter, you know? like. his trust in julieta is pretty shattered. that, and when she confesses her guilt at her “advice” to him all those years ago, it basically outs him to everyone, which is very distressing to say the least, and also embarrassing, in a way, that the whole beatriz shit even went down at all

    he isn’t sure that he can forgive his sister

    pepa also feels quite betrayed, because what the fuck? julieta couldn’t like, fucking tell them? like good for her, sending beatriz out of the encanto for fifteen years. that’s pretty funny. but like. they haven’t been close for years, and they were starting to get close again...and there were so many times she could have said something...and its frustrating, because it IS a big deal, but it also isn’t, just because of how they live...but it was still an important truth hidden

    alma is. severely disappointed in julieta, to say the least. mostly, though, she wants beatriz out. at least for the time being.

    to everyone’s slight horror, alma announces to beatriz that she may meet mirabel, only if mirabel agrees to the meeting. after all, if anyone deserves the truth, it’s mirabel. whether they like beatriz or not, it’s probably important that mirabel is given the chance to see her.

    mirabel...does agree to the meeting. beatriz does not hide her disappointment well that mirabel doesn’t have a gift. she tries to be polite and even indulgent though, trying to give mirabel souvenirs from her most recent travels, but its clear that they’re two strangers to one another, and more importantly, strangers that don’t share much fundamentally in common. beatriz offers for mirabel to live with her anyway. she doesn’t really want to care for a child, but mirabel is nearly grown, and can pull her own weight, she thinks. beatriz kind of realizes in their meeting that she can’t stay in the encanto either way. mirabel declines. mirabel will stay in the encanto, definitely.

    mirabel doesn’t really understand or know what happened between beatriz and bruno. its mostly confusing and ambiguous. which is fine for this au.

    mirabel mildly has to deal with some bizarre, distant abandonment sort of thing regarding beatriz. it’s just...weird. she ends up talking to isabela about it a lot, weirdly. or maybe not weirdly.

    after the meeting, mirabel goes to julieta and just hugs her for a long time. because, in the end, julieta was mirabel’s mom. maybe wrongfully. and mirabel does feel hurt, that julieta lied...but also, julieta was always mirabel’s adoptive mom. the circumstances changed, and she’s kinda mad about it a little, but she loves her so much anyway

    and of course. agustin was always a dad to her. he didn’t know; no one really blames him. she gets a good hug from him too.

    and bruno. tio bruno, who is her best friend and the best tio and always there to make her feel less weird or at least a cool kind of weird. its hard to think of him as her dad at all, because as her uncle, he did have a parental undercurrent to him, but it was just...different. he is just always tio bruno to her. and she doesn’t know if it hurts him or not because she knows he would lie to her so she wouldn’t feel bad. she doesn’t really know what to think. 

    she’s a madrigal after all by blood. she had wondered as a child after her gift ceremony how nice it would be to be a normal member of the family like her sisters and cousins. and now she knows that, for whatever reason, she would never be a normal part of the family, not with a gift anyway...

    which. that’s an interesting question. if she IS bruno’s kid, why didn’t she get a gift? she ...kind of has a door.

    she can’t resist asking bruno. what is she even supposed to DO in their family, anyway? and he just kind of says...uh, be yourself? you were always a miracle to this family, mirabel. you hold us all together. you always have.

    ...but she has him wrapped around her finger, so, yes, he gives her a vision. terrified its going to be something horrible again.

    but! no!

    it’s great, actually. because it’s mirabel, obviously older--maybe his own age--leading a door ceremony for some future madrigals-

    and it clicks then, because, who else doesn’t have a gift? besides the husbands, of course. 

    !!!! so yeah. they figure out mirabel is supposed to be the next protector of the miracle or whatever. who knows why her gift ceremony went like it did, but maybe it was because someone was still in that room...

    they go to show alma the tablet, who kind of doesn’t say anything for a moment before she puts it up in her windowsill, where the candle used to be. 

    so that’s one part of the mostly happy ending here.

    the other part is: look. the whole. her son doesn’t like women thing. that was not exactly a huge shock to alma. it was...pretty clear. frustrating for her as she tried to figure out how to run encanto and keep everything perfect, but...not a surprise.

    when julieta announced that to the world, alma didn’t even blink. 

    now. i mean. if he’d come to her with it back then, she might not have had the best reaction. would she have kicked him out? absolutely not. but would she have tried to force him into some relationship anyway?

    ...also probably not. while she would have liked her son to marry a woman and have a family, he was also a living prophet, and there was a bit of wiggle room there. that and alma selfishly liked having her son to herself, even if they were at odds. 

    would she have allowed for her son back then to have a relationship with another man? well. she wouldn’t have approved, exactly. they’d probably have been at each others throats over it if bruno had bothered to try. but, once again, alma would have never kicked her son out over it. when push came to shove, she would choose her children. maybe, eventually, she would have been pretty neutral about it. 

    now. in the present. alma had a slightly different perspective.

    still never in a million years going to kick him out over it. DEFINITELY never going to push him toward some woman, esp with what happened with beatriz. relationship with another man, though? well...

    internally, she would be pretty resistant at first. but she’d already fought and lost so many battles to her son- and his love life was not about to be another one. not after everything. eventually, though, she’s accept it, assuming she actually approved his choice in partner. she wouldn’t prevent them from moving into casita. she might even feel a bit territorial about his partner taking up his time that could have been spent with her, but she WOULD join them BOTH. ANd if anyone had any sense, if they had anything nasty to say about her son and his partner, they better shut the fuck up. or else.

    so! bruno gets to have a boyfriend :) as a treat :)

    pepa is definitely the #1 support here. she’s the one that scopes out the guy, forces them to talk to each other, and is very pleased rainbow and all when it works out. 

    the last scene of this is bruno has gone to sit out in the early morning alone with some coffee, and julieta quietly comes over and sits next to him. there’s still a bit of tension, but its been a while, and the family is still doing its best to love everyone for who they are. julieta sits very close and leans her head on his shoulder, and bruno wraps an arm around her, and they enjoy the early morning sky.

    and i wouldn’t say its exactly forgiveness. but everything is going to be okay. and damn, is julieta so happy that her brother is with her in that moment. she still wonders about the baby she never had. but she has her brother, and she has mirabel, and she has everyone else. and maybe she couldn’t fix everything, and made quite a bit of a mess...but they made it through in the end, didn’t they? 

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  • aggieharkness
    21.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Hay que encontrar su propio futuro

    Summary:  She never meant to hurt her family once more, she had only expected to wake up with a hangover not with someone beside her that was about to turn her entire life upside down. She never thought she would get a chance at a new life with someone so different and at the same time so alike. Can they really find a future together?

    a/n: Welcome back to this little story of ours!! The turn of events has arrived but before you all freak out let me remind you that there are still chapters to be written so keep calm and enjoy the angst. As you already know if there's anything you'd like me to add or change just tell me and I'll be happy to comply and if there are any requests don't hesitate to tell me. Enjoy :)) I'm Spanish so I used expressions from my own language. I'm afraid I don't know Colombian ones so I had to work with the ones that I know. If there are any Colombians out there that would prefer for me to change what I have written I would very gladly do it, but even so, I hope you like the ones I have used.  

    warning: age difference, implied sexual content, blood, swear words. Most importantly no Alma Madrigal bashing, i love this woman.

    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11

    Hay que encontrar su propio futuro

    Where did everything go wrong? What did she do to deserve this? There were people outside her door pounding, calling out her name, but she couldn’t move from where she was kneeling in a corner of her bedroom, eyes staring at her hands. In a continuous rhythm droplets of blood stained the carpet underneath her but she didn’t try to stop it, the gash on the palm of her hand bleeding as it rested on her lap. Why did the world think she ought to be punished? It wouldn’t budge, the wooden door flickered, the light shining dimly as if it was losing its power, the urgency of everyone's voices crossing the walls but they didn’t reach her ears strongly enough for her to understand them not that she would have listened. The pool of blood under her knees mixed with her tears as they fell quietly, in utter silence. She should have thought about this all for longer, should have realised it was nothing more than a game, a passing fancy that like the fool she was, she had believed. She had jumped into the bloody abyss and had found an abrupt end with sharp rocks that had killed her on impact, slicing through her chest. The flame of the candle flickered ever so slightly, rumbling sounds filling the halls of Casita shaking its foundations just like last time, the cracks on the walls deep and long breaking through every part of the building the same way they broke through her heart. Her brain replayed the scene over and over, his words loud and clear as if he had just been standing in front of her mere seconds ago, her body shuddering in anger and despair. Where? Where had it all gone wrong?! The question flowed through her veins like poison killing her slowly, gently almost, mocking her and her feelings. If only she had stood her ground from the very beginning, if she had realised it was all a mistake none of this would have happened, she wouldn’t be here bleeding on her clothes and floor with an invisible knife slicing through her heart over and over again.

    All her vases and photographs laid on the floor shattered, the frames broken in several places from the strength used to throw them against the wall, pillows ripped apart with feathers all over the bed and carpet, some had even flown out the window, not that she cared much about it all. She hadn’t even noticed that her wedding picture laid now against the door with its glass cracked right on Pedro’s face. She couldn’t figure out what hurt most, her heart for what had happened or her soul for having believed in silly tales that at her age should have been for her grandchildren. Pure fantasies of a knight in shining armour that would sweep her off her feet and take her beyond the horizon on his pristine white horse, but it all had turned out to be but a joke from a cruel witch that laughed mercilessly in her head, that voice that had chased her in her nightmares returning. Why had he led her on when he knew he wasn’t interested, why use her like this, let her fall in love at last only to be thrown away at the first chance he got? The voices outside her room got louder and louder until they became screams that she still didn’t hear, how could she when the ringing in her ears was deafening and the voices in her head were drowning everything else taunting her; in a way she felt like they were telling her the truth. Images of her worst nightmares flashed before her eyes and as much as she wanted them to go away they just wouldn’t leave, blinking as fast as she could nor closing them completely helped in the slightest. Her family murdered pareaded over her carpet dripping viscous coagulated blood on it leaving pools of the hot sticky liquid everywhere as they walked, the gurgling sounds of slit throats mixing with those cruel evil words that she knew so well.

    Hands pressed against her eyes moved to her ears in hopes it would all stop, that they would leave her alone but it only got worse and the banging noises on her door deafening until it all reached a breaking point. Before she knew what was going on a bleeding scream tore itself out of her chest leaving her throat raw and the metallic taste of her own blood in her mouth but she couldn’t stop. This pain, this hurt was astronomical, worse than the night she had lost Pedro and the night she had cried in front of his painting after it all had started, that fateful moment that had doomed her into this dark hole of pain, despair and profound guilt and shame. Her heart was being pulled out right out of her chest and ripped into pieces in front of her by those hands that had held her when she had been down, by those fingers that had dried her tears; she had been backstabbed by who she was most in love with and it had broken her once more. At the same time her scream had reached those outside her room the cracks on Casita were starting to spread around the Encanto, and this time Mirabel feared they wouldn’t be able to fix it, her eyes watching how some roof tiles plummeted to the floor smashing into pieces as soon as they made contact with the ground, paintings and photographs falling of their spots on the walls as the house shook under the force of her voice. Luisa hit the door with her fists a dozen times but it didn't budge, it was as if their home wasn’t letting anyone in and it was driving them crazy.

    Bruno had rushed to his room right after everything had happened in the courtyard not even bothering to explain himself to his sisters, not that they would have asked, they were too furious and shocked to even think about it, they hadn’t even noticed his absence until after their mother had practically run to her room slamming the door shut. It had taken four people including Luisa to keep a hold of Pepa but not even Felix had been able to calm her cloud down, it thundered with such fierce power that her lightning could have killed someone, not that they would have stopped her if they had wanted to, the tears that had streamed down Alma’s face had burned her children’s souls as much as hers and it had initiated a fire that if not controlled would incinerate him as well as Pepa. It had been the wisest idea from all of them to have Isabela throw him out with one of her vines landing hard on the dirty floor outside Casita, the figure of Rosa barely appearing in the distance when the front doors had closed, unwilling to open at her request. They still hadn’t calmed Pepa’s fury, her cloud raining and thundering threatening to cause a hurricane of biblical proportions, but no one dared speak to her in case they made it worse, only Felix could do that. Dolores’ face had been expressionless for a while until she had picked up Antonio and vanished inside his room without a word and was yet to come out. As soon as the loud voices had reached her ears from where she had been in the garden she had simply stood in the background refusing to interact with anyone and hadn’t moved from her spot until Alma raised her voice leaving a soft ringing in the poor girl's ears. Mirabel had tried to talk with her after their abuela had vanished inside her bedroom but to no luck, Antonio’s door wouldn’t open for her either.

    The only one that hadn’t said a word and who had remained fairly calm to get all the information crystal clear had been Julieta, that was until he had said that horrible thing to her mother and all hell had broken loose. She hadn't even noticed that her hand had collided with his cheek until she found Agustín wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her away, her voice loud and venomous towards him. As angry as Isabela had been the situation had called for someone to keep their heads cool enough since her ever so calm mother was actually threatening to cut him open and cook his insides and then feed them to him, quite a gruesome sight and by the sound of it all things were only going to get mesier from there; she had grabbed his ankle with one of her vines and had thrown him out the door. It hadn’t made anything go away, the anger and fury were the new oxygen for her family and much to her dismay it would take too long for them to let go, if they ever did. The magenta skirt of her abuela had practically levitated up the stairs after that. After what seemed like hours they were still trying to get inside and talk with her hearing her heartbreaking sobs and the sound of glass breaking, of fabric tearing, her words filled with agony. And it had all started because instead of Julieta it had been Alma the one that had decided to head down to the village to do the shopping.

    Julieta had mentioned at breakfast that she was running low on a few ingredients that she needed for dinner and casually dropped a hint that she might be heading into town later today and would appreciate some help. The idea of seeing Mariano after two weeks of barely being able to glance at him, filled up with work, preparations for parties… before she could admonish herself the words that she would be going dropped out of her mouth raising eyebrows around the table. The lie she made up was hardly believable, but no one brought it up; after all, what harm could it do for her to see her boyfriend? Dios, qué equivocados estaban todos. She had left the house with a smile as bright as the sun and lovestruck eyes only to return with absolute sadness pouring out of every single pore in her body, a painful veil covering her chocolate eyes. Maybe everything had been just a dream, a wonderful lie she had created in her mind to feel like she deserved to be loved once more and she hadn’t seen the signs that were practically screaming at her that none of this was real, maybe she should have listened to those life consuming voices that floated in her head.

    Alma hadn’t even finished tying her alpargatas before rushing out the door catching the basket that Casita had thrown at her as she left the house. The sky was blue, not a cloud in sight, filled with the beautiful sight of young birds flying high above her head, butterflies and little dragonflies jumping from flower to flower on the riverbend, the scent of fruits and blooms encircling her form just as she was crossing the bridge. She wondered where Mariano might be, he had closed his stand months ago to fully focus on constructing their little house in the mountains, much to her dismay since she loved talking to him while they shared a bowl of fruit, she loved seeing him cutting them and making the juices people requested, he looked so happy as if he had been doing that since he was born. The excitement had only grown as she approached the plaza, there were a few places she could have checked before heading to their spot but she hadn’t expected to find what she found. The plaza was absolutely packed and it was hard to even breathe let alone find someone on the sea of heads and hats that filled the village, for a minute she wondered if she had forgotten about any festivities but when she got to the butchers she didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary, just the normal conversations and greetings that one gets out of politeness. Thirty minutes later with the eggs and chicken safely tucked in her basket she made her way out of the store paying no mind to the disgusting compliments she was getting from that horrid butcher, if only they had another one so she could throw this guy out of the town, one could only dream.

    Fate had other plans for her though, and the mission to find Mariano soon came to an end as she saw him coming out of the florist with a beautiful bouquet of roses and daisies that she suspected was for her, cheeks the shade of beets as she started to walk towards him, but he wasn’t alone. A young girl with long black hair flowing in the breeze and sparkling green eyes was accompanying him, a beautiful young thing with perfect teeth as she smiled up at Mariano, cheeks the shade of pink tulips and perfectly full cherry lips. This girl was perfect, and Alma couldn’t remember who she was but didn’t like the fact that she was standing so close to him, a wave of jealousy rising in her chest, but she quickly had calmed down, after all he had made it very clear he wanted her to trust him and he would never do anything to hurt her, that was his motto. But he did, he broke her heart right there over the cobblestones as if her soul meant nothing to him. The bouquet wasn’t for Alma, he handed it to the girl asking her if she liked them, to which she had responded that they were beautiful and that she was extremely grateful he had found time to be with her instead of the Madrigals but his reaction wasn't what Alma had expected to hear, he didn't tell this girl that he loved spending time with his girlfriend as old as she might be, no, the idiot had laughed while nodding as if he was confirming her that he had been trapped somehow by her and her family. The jealousy became anger at his words, they had spent wonderful days together, he had made that very clear, wasn’t he happy with her? Did he need more space to do what he pleased? They had been apart for two fucking weeks, wasn’t that enough?!

    It all crumbled before her when he suggested lunch holding out his arm for the girl which she took without hesitation, but that wasn’t the worst of it all, Alma must have been a masochist because she watched in slow motion how the lips of this girl landed over Mariano’s in a quick loving peck before they started walking away both smiling as if they hadn’t done anything wrong. The strength in her legs and arms weakened to the point where her basket slid out of her grasp landing on the ground with a loud breaking sound along with that of the eggs cracking open, the yolk mixing with the whites staining the hem of her skirt. The commotion it created brought people to check on her, loud voices spreading all over the plaza but her brain was completely blocked her eyes glued to the back of Mariano’s head, utter disbelief filling her like boiling water, that was until he turned his head to check what was going on and his eyes locked with Alma’s. The fear that had crossed his face didn’t go unnoticed by the girl next to him who turned as well, pushing him away as soon as she saw her standing in complete shock right outside the butchers with her fingers twitching softly. Alma was far too stunned to notice the hot salty tears that were streaming down her face, unable to stop all the questions and voices, dull noises in the background as the ringing in her ears got louder and louder. Mariano quickly made his way towards her but when he was barely six feet away Alma stumbled backwards her back hitting a lampost, the metal cool to the touch through the thin material of her blouse. He held his hand out as if asking for permission to touch her but he didn’t get an answer, with a dramatic turn, her skirt wrapping around her legs, Alma ran back to Casita, the sobs that had been choking her up until that moment finally escaping her throat.

    It all replayed in her head over and over, the girl's lips kissing who she had thought until that moment was hers and only hers to kiss, to hold, but of course fate had proven to her once more that her life was nothing more than a succession of unfortunate events. Her rosy lips had touched his and he hadn’t pushed her away, he hadn’t even thought of telling her that he had a partner, the son of a bitch had smiled and walked with her to have lunch. Had he grown tired of Alma already and was seeking affection in others? She had given every bit of herself to him, she had changed her ways for him, the way she dressed, the way she handled the town, everything had been for him and this is what she got in return? The agony she felt was far too great, she hadn’t felt such an amount of raw visceral pain in a long time but somehow it was worse than when she had lost Pedro, that time she had watched him die right in front of her, he was no one else's but Gods, but Mariano had given himself to someone else right before her eyes, the man she loved was slipping away and she would have to see him build a life with someone that wasn’t her. She understood now what Dolores had felt, what she had done to the girl and the pain and defeat turned into guilt, a feeling that she had learned to live with long away slamming its way towards her heart in a wave too great for her to handle. His footsteps chased hers, but she couldn't hear the world around her, the beauty that had graced her eyes when she had left the house was nothing but a black void of absolute despair that she didn’t know how to cope with.

    Slamming open, the wooden front doors hit the stone with such force it shocked the foundations of the house almost as a reflection of how shook Alma felt, the basket forgotten down at the plaza with the eggs and meat lying over the stones. Heads poked out of the kitchen and living room, some door on the second floor opening at the feeling of the house trembling beneath their feet to find a distraught Alma standing in the middle of the courtyard shaking like a leaf with both hands covering her face to quiet her sobs down a bit, but it only made things worse. Darkness met her blurry eyes and her mind horrible and evil as it was started playing tricks on her forming figures with the bits of light that came through from in between her fingers, figures that she couldn’t blink away of those memories that hadn’t come to her since her last nightmare months ago. Those ghosts that she had thought were gone returned to her stronger than ever. An invisible knife had been planted right on her chest piercing through her heart mercilessly, the devil's hand twisting it ripping it apart, making it bleed inside her chest. Mariano got to the house just a couple minutes later panting and leaning on Casita’s doorframe; something must have given him away because a second later Isabela and Mirabel were heading towards him with anger blazing around them as Pepa, Julieta and Bruno rushed to their mother but they couldn’t pray a single word out of her, its was as if she was physically unable of speaking, just the thought of voicing what was in her mind brought such pain to her already suffering form that only made her sobs grown louder and more agonising.

    -Alma, please, let me explain. - he had been screaming that at her since she had fled from the plaza and although she wanted to understand, the facts were there and they were impossible to hide when she had seen it all with both her eyes. - Please, it’s not what you think.

    -What did you do?! Everything was fine!

    -I didn’t do anything, I swear Isa. Please, let me explain myself.

    -WHAT IS THERE TO EXPLAIN?! - she could have sworn her tears would turn to blood in no time, the pain and the stinging sensation that she had in her eyes was far too horrid to keep the open, but as much as she blinked to escape it it wouldn’t go away and she suddenly found herself face to face with his blurry figure the words pouring out filled with such torment and fury that he stepped back a bit. - YOU KISSED HER! I SAW IT ALL OR ARE YOU GOING TO TELL ME I’M LYING?!

    -Alma, please calm down. It’s not what you think.

    -Really?! Her lips were on yours and you didn’t even think of telling her that you are with me!

    -Mariano, you didn’t. Please tell me you didn’t. - Pepa’s words were soft, it took him by surprise that she wasn’t already thundering, over the entirety of the Encanto a thin layer of grey clouds covered the previous bright blue sky. She was trying to remain calm after all they had made case out of this whole situation and had won, they had made them believe this could work, for fuck’s sake he had asked Alma out, courted her and told the family that he loved her, he couldn’t have done such a despicable thing to her mother. - Mariano, por tu padre, dime que es mentira.

    -Pero no lo es, ¿verdad?¡ Vamos, ten huevos de decirles que no es verdad! Have the balls to lie to them when I saw it all with my own eyes!

    -I kissed her, but it wasn’t what you think. She’s my friend.

    -You son of a fucking bitch! - there was the normal feral Pepa they knew and loved, the sky flashing with the biggest lightning the town had seen in years, the sound of her thunder rumbling all over the village making the ground shake under them as if the Earth was going to swallow them out of the blue. Felix’s hand quickly grasped his wife’s wrist pulling her back towards himself, but the static energy was growing bigger by the second which only meant one thing: she was getting ready to fry him into dust. - You disgusting cheater! We welcomed you into our home, fed you from our table and this is what you do?!

    -I didn’t do anything wrong! Sofia and I have known each other since we were in school, we are nothing more than friends!

    -Friends with fucking benefits, right? You don’t kiss people just because you have known each other for an entire bloody lifetime Mariano! Do you think I’m dumb?!

    -Don’t get smart with me Alma, you know I would never hurt you. Do you think me so incredibly heartless as to cheat on you?

    -You almost raped me in the kitchen! - the words came out harsher that she had meant but she didn’t find it in her to care, he was standing there telling her that they were just friends? The audacity! Anger flowed inside her veins so hot and furious that her heart rate was probably spiking, her body burning to the touch two seconds away from being set on fire. She had even cursed and hadn’t noticed at all but her family had indeed heard it and weren’t sure how to intervene to stop this before things went too far. - You are quite capable of hurting me and you know it.

    -You said you had forgiven me about that!

    -I said we could move forward, not that I had forgiven you! I said I didn’t want to be scared of you, that I wanted to trust you and you just fucked up all the progress we had done!

    -I kissed a girl, so what? It’s not as if I’ve fucked her, don’t make this a bigger deal than it has to be.

    -No, you don’t need to fuck her when you have me to use and throw away like a tissue! And don’t you tell me this isn’t a big deal, it’s fucking huge and you know it. You are cheating on me!

    -I’m not! It was a harmless kiss between friends.

    -And the flowers? And the lunch? I wasn’t born yesterday Mariano. You think you are so smart, sweet talking an old lady into believing she can have your love when you clearly don’t give a shit about me! You came here claiming to love me Romeo and Juliet style when in reality you are nothing but a Don Juan, a womanizer who thinks he can be with other women because I’m so stupid to have welcomed you into my life after all the mistakes you’ve made!

    -That’s not true! I love you, I truly do, Sofia means nothing to me, I kissed her as a thank you for having helped me. I’ve done everything for you and only you!


    -I didn’t trick you! You asked me to be with you, I simply complied!



    -Don’t you dare head that way Mariano. Don’t you fucking dare.

    -Why?! You want the truth, isn’t that what you are always telling me? Or do you want your truth?! I could have had anyone I wanted, I could have your daughters if I pleased, your granddaughters, anyone but I chose you and here you are telling me that I’m cheating on you!

    -You kissed her!

    -But I didn’t fuck her!

    -What does it matter?! You still cheated for God’s sake! Why are you being like this?

    -Why are you being like this?! It’s not important, what I did can’t be changed, simply move on Alma. We have something beautiful, don’t do this.

    -Me?! I’m the one being unreasonable?! You are destroying this by pushing it all aside, grow up Mariano, the world is a horrid place and it won’t always play in your favour. You fucked up, admit it, don’t try to tell me that you didn’t do anything wrong when you were kissing a girl in public in the middle of the plaza for everyone to see!

    -I won’t say it because I didn't do anything wrong. She was helping me and I simply thanked her! Don’t you think I know the world is shit? My parents left and never returned, you are not the only one who’s lost family, stop acting as if your losses are the only ones that matter. You lost your sister, so what?! No one knows who the fuck Eva is and will never know because you are too much a bitch to tell your own family that you had a sister all because of the stupid excuse that the world was bad to her and they don’t deserve her. She’s been buried for fifty fucking years, get over it! You lost Pedro, what good has it done to you the goddamn miracle? that stupid sacrifice maybe doen’t matter at all. Why do I have to kiss a dead man's ass when he’s done nothing but die! Your deaths don’t matter to the world, get that through your thick head and move on! I grew up without parents, stop being a bitch about your husband having been killed and all that shit because we- DON’T-CARE!

    Time stood still with only the sound of Mariano’s heavy breathing filling the space of the courtyard, words echoing against the walls. They just stood there for several minutes before a strange sound shook them out of their stupor, eyes searching for what had caused the noise but it didn’t take them long to find the source; a deep long crack had appeared right underneath Alma’s feet making the house tremble as it spread through the tiles breaking them mercilessly. He had been so angry that his tongue had got the best of him and before he could register what he was saying he had told her all those terrible things watching in horror as her face switched from surprise to anger then to pain before settling in a neutral expressionless mask that made all his alarms go off. He had made mistakes, but in all this time he had never even thought of saying something like this to her, whether they were true or not, but today he had done something he was quite sure he would never be able to fix. He had told her as plain as day that the death of her beloved sister and husband who she had been honouring her entire life didn’t matter and she should forget about it all and carry on with her life because the rest of the world didn’t give a crap about it all even if they had a home thanks to her. For a minute he wished he could read her mind, see how deep the damage he had done run, but the instant the floor beneath him started trembling and her expressions practically flashes in the blink of an eye showing the crack beginning right on the spot where she was standing he understood he hadn’t simply hurt her; he had broken her.

    Without warning his cheek suddenly started burning and stinging, Julieta’s arm raised high in the air with her palm a furious shade of red from having slapped him, the outline of her hand bright and angry on his pale flesh. The calm collected Julieta had inflicted pain on a person, the realisation that he hadn’t only been talking with Alma about her family but also about her children and grandchildren dawning on him as the energy around them started sparkling, Pepa’s eyes flashing yellow with the raw strength of her powers taking all her control away from her, a full electrical storm ruthlessly broke outside the house as much as inside, winds picking up at a speed that some of the animals Antonio hadn’t taken with him to his room when Dolores had took him away from the argument hardly being able to hang onto Isabela’s flowers. Julieta’s figure was pulled away from him, her eyes a bright shade of blue making the stinging sensation worse. The only one who simply stood behind his mother was Bruno, but his anger was visible in the way his eyes glowed green and his face was bathed in pure anger. That quiet show of power from his part scared him more than what his sisters were doing, Felix, Camilo, Luisa and Mirabel holding Pepa in place. Alma stared at him and if it weren’t for the new stream of tears that were cascading down her cheeks and the cracks that were spreading all over the house he would have believed her to be calm in his presence. She took a step towards him, just one before stopping on her tracks, hands in fists, knuckles white as snow.

    -Get out.

    -Alma, I’m-

    -Get out. I don’t want to see you ever again. If you place a foot inside this house I’ll kill you with both my bare hands. This, what you've said, is the last straw. Go away and never return, leave me and my family alone because I swear that if I ever lay my eyes on you I’ll wire your neck like a chicken. Vete ahora mismo y no vuelvas, jamás.

    Saying those words was the hardest thing she had done in her life and seeing the way he stepped backwards at her emotionless tone that at the same time spewed venom only added another knife to her already bleeding heart. She didn’t wait to see if he would actually leave, she stormed out of the courtyard towards her room with tears running down her cheeks in quiet cries hearing him wrestling to get to her calling out her name until the door slammed closed and everything became suffocating silence. Isabela’s vines had iron grips on his arms and legs but as much as he fought to set himself free they remained in place and as the girl walked towards the entrance the vines followed, the wind and rain bursting inside the house soaking everyone wet. He had expected her to bite at him, to pour slicing words at him but Isa didn't utter a single sentence, all she did was with a nod from her head watch as the plants threw him outside in the air until his back collided with the damp soil underneath him, in the distance the shape of Rosa coming up the path with Alma’s basket and what she had managed to safe from her shopping, but the house didn’t wait until the older lady had reached it, it closed it doors with a loud thump leaving everyone standing in confusion over broken tiles and deep cracks that shook them to their cores. They couldn’t lose Casita again, this time it would take Alma with it and they had worked too damn hard to be a happy family to let something like this destroy her, though as the house trembled once more they wondered if they were too late.

    The door felt warm to the touch since Alma had both her palms resting on it, her knees buckling under her weight; she didn’t trust them to take her up to her room but as warm as the magic of her glowing door might feel she was freezing. Every bone in her body, every muscle even her veins felt like sharp ice that had exchanged her once human body to this weak crumbling thing that she couldn’t even control. Like gelatin she turned around pressing her back against the entryway looking with red puffy eyes at the stairs before her, an endless dark hallway that she feared she might never cross taking all her vision, but her feet were working on their own, she was no longer the owner of the body, just the broken soul that resided inside it and she didn’t have the strength to stop it or command it to not carry on. It had been childish to think that at her age a man like that would ever love her, he had an entire life ahead of him and she was reaching her twilight years, soon they would be celebrating her funeral instead of her birthday, she should have seen it, maybe the signs had indeed been there and she had just been too blind to acknowledge them, she couldn’t be sure but the only thing she had clear in her head was that she had fallen in love with a lie and it had backstabbed her to the point where she was alone once more. What could she give him? There was no way they would have ever had a family and all those promises that he had made to her now felt flimsy and empty, just another set of lies to add to their relationship. If he could go around kissing other women, how could she know whether his words were truly just for her?

    The small flame from the candle flickered once or twice as she reached her bedroom, thin fractures extending all over her walls and ceiling but she paid them no mind, her hands had grabbed the first thing they had seen and had thrown it against a wall and the only thing Alma did was watch in slow motion as the vase shattered into a million tiny pieces. Somehow it only made her pain get worse and what had been a tiny black void of endless sorrow was now a black hole the size of the universe and it only expanded into the infinite confinements of the boundless continuous space swallowing her whole. Fingers twitching as if they had been electrocuted picked up another vase and with the strength of a god she threw it against another wall feeling the exhilarating way the anger and the pain mixed into a deep agony that she couldn’t control and wouldn’t control letting her hands do the work for her exhausted mind throwing things in the air that she didn’t register in the slightest. Over and over her fiery eyes chose another lifeless object to kill, watching like a masochist as it broke into a thousand little shards, a mirror image of how her heart was exploding each time a picture or a random object collided with the walls. Without thinking she bent to pick a pick a fallen photograph but upon grabbing it the broken glass sliced through the palm of her hand staining the edge of it with her crimson blood; at last her eyes focused on what she was holding to see that it was her wedding picture, Pedro’s face invisible under the broken glass, the frame chipped and ruined because of her hot sticky blood.

    Something in her brain clicked then and all the euphoria that she had been feeling along with the blinding rage vanished, a tsunami of pain, remorse and agony washing over her body as she let go of the picture, knees finally giving out underneath her weight crashing over her soft carpet. If she had been crying before she hadn’t noticed until now feeling how her face was on fire, the salty droplet pooling on the neck of her blouse sobs rocking her body with such force that she couldn’t stay still. Down in the courtyard Agustín was trying to calm Julieta down while Felix and Camilo were more worried about not letting go of Pepa in case she went outside and killed Mariano remorselessly, Bruno nowhere to be seen since he had vanished into his tower as soon as his mother had left. Everyone was confused and angry, they had welcomed Mariano into the family forgetting about the doubts and all the signs that had warned them that it wasn’t a good idea and in the end this is what he had done to her, cheat like the scum he was. It wasn’t until the sound of the first object shattering that they rushed upstairs watching in absolute terror as the previous steady glow on Alma’s door flickered losing that light several times as the screams and sobs got louder and louder and then everything stopped, no sounds whatsoever. They pulled, pushed, kicked the door but it remained unmovable with only the thunderstorm and hurricane outside to fill the silence that had encircled them until that banshee-like scream filled the air all over the Encanto and the previous still cracks started spreading like wildfire.

    The house was falling bit by bit but no one moved, only pulled harder on the door to get to Alma before it was too late. The fractures outside the house had stopped close to the bridge but now they run underneath the church and were getting closer to the plaza, Mariano watching in shock as his home shook and trembled at the pain Alma was experiencing, but he suspected it wasn’t just his doing, something in the back of his mind was telling him that a small part of this whole thing was her soul steaming all the grief she had kept locked up about her family and that had been his own selfish fault. Rosa stood behind him watching in fear as it all happened again feeling like a failure of having let him do this whole thing to her best friend; she had been right all along and it had been a bad idea from the minute she had seen them in the kitchen with his hand on Alma while she cried. Time hadn’t made it all go away or better by all means, it had only made him grow accustomed to having someone around that he knew would be there for him as he went around with other girls, she should have stopped her nieto from hurting her, they could have avoided all this from the start. Finally after several tries with a crowbar and Luisa’s fists pounding on the wood the door gave away, flying over the railing until it landed on the wet tiles of the courtyard, Julieta and Pepa practically levitating up the stairs to find the room completely destroyed and Alma in a corner with blood on her face that mixed with her tears staining her blouse that was beyond repair, the same face of despair she had had after watching Pedro being slaughtered resting on her worn features.

    Hands were on her in under a minute but at the touch she recoiled hiding further into the shadows. An invisible wall surrounded Alma separating her from the outside world and the living nightmare of her own, forms and faceless figures dancing around her with shrilling laughs of mockery at her stupidity, spilling salt over her raw open wounds making her scream in her mind for any release of this agony that was suffocating her but they only joked and taunted her even more. Whatever her daughters were saying fell on deaf ears, the voices in her head were far too loud for her to hear anything but them and every time she blinked the image of a dead Mariano rising from the land of the dead to smirk at her and tell her repeatedly that he never loved her, that she was undeserving of such a thing only made the headache worse as if she was going to explode any minute, that was of course until a hand collided with her cheek and suddenly the world of shadows and loud painful laughs was gone. It was silent at last and what her eyes were seeing were no longer mockeries of her nightmares but real people that kneeled before her crying in worried tones as they asked her if she was alright. What a question, if she was alright. Had she ever been? Maybe she had tricked herself into believing her life was perfect because she knew everything was but a curtain of smoke that covered her true self: small, cowering in a corner just like she was doing at the moment. A weak laugh escaped her lips, low and sinister at what Julieta was asking her, after all she was bleeding from the cut on her palm as much as she was bleeding from within her chest, how can anyone be fine when they’ve been lied to and cheated on? What had made her believe she could ever have something similar to what she had shared with Pedro so late in life with someone as childish and heartless as Mariano? He would have married Dolores without even thinking whether he would have made her happy or not only to get to Alma; he was a manipulative son of a bitch that didn’t deserve her in the slightest, but that didn’t mean she did deserve to be punished this way.

    The tears wouldn’t stop flowing and slowly her brain seemed to be registering what they were talking about, word by word her mind formed the simple sentences. They were long done with the questions, she was in no state whatsoever to answer anything harder than whether she’d like a cup of coffee or not and even then she feared she would have lost the ability to speak after such a display of screams, they simply talked to her reminding her that she was Alma Madrigal, that she couldn’t let a stupid boy like him do this to her, she had been through too much to let heartbreak defeat her, and as pretty as the words were it didn’t feel as easy to walk pass it all in her heart, it was torture to have all those memories of their wonderful dates and presents, their private jokes and the taste of his lips still on hers; they were building a house por Dios! A home they had created between the two of them that would never be finished and all those dreams they had once thought of and shared with each other would only be added to the graveyard of unfulfilled goals and fantasies like every little moment in her life. They pitied her, they didn’t need to say it for her to know, after all the way Agustín’s eyes gleamed in the light of the candle with a soft veil of sadness that he didn’t even try to hide, the fool, well maybe he wasn’t the fool here, he was happily married to the love of his life while Alma was sitting on the cold floor crying over a boy after fifty years of being a widow. Que imbecil. She could have had the world, she thought she would have a different life, that she would be a different woman but who was she kidding, she was but an old lady whose ship had sailed fifty years ago; she had forced herself to see new boats over the waters only to find herself sinking into the cold ocean, drowning after having jumped into a fantasy that she had been the only one to see.

    Two strong arms lifted her off the floor, curtains being drawn to let in what little light they could still see coming through Pepa’s thick dark clouds. Alma hadn’t seen all the destruction up until now, her room was a complete mess with glass and porcelain all over the floor and bed, feathers sticking to their shoes from where she had ripped the pillows, her wardrobe half open with some of her dressed thrown on the floor; thankfully Agustín had examiend them and determined they were intact, maybe a button or two were missing or there were small tears on the hems, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed. The scent of lilies filled her nostrils as her head rested on the shoulder of her nineteen year old granddaughter; she didn't want to see where they might be taking her, she was too tired, head pounding at the sight of the light in the hallway once they had emptied her room. Alma hadn’t fought them, she was dead weight in her nieta’s arms and as much as she wanted to be put down so she could return to her corner she couldn’t find anything inside her to voice her choices, her wants. She actually couldn’t find her voice. Julieta’s footsteps differed from where Alma was going, flying towards the kitchen after having talked with her sister in hushed tones not that their mother would have tried to communicate with them let alone listen to what they were talking. Pepa’s room was close by and the woman had refused to let her mother stay with anyone but herself, so Felix had agreed to stay with Antonio so she could stay with her mother or the carcass of who used to be Alma Madrigal, right now she was but a ghost of her former self with pale sunken skin and red puffy eyes holding onto the fabric of Luisa’s blouse with weak fingers that were barely touching it. Wherever Alma was both her daughters knew she was in too much pain to come out of her shell just yet, they only hoped to get her back soon enough.

    All the cracks in the village were dissipating now that her tears had become silent rivers streaming down her face, not a sob or whimper in sight, her throat sore and raw from screaming. It eased Mariano’s worry but Rosa knew better than to trust this, she had been too close to the woman to know that Alma was hiding it all inside her, locking it away. Inside Casita the fractures were another story; they weren’t as deep as before but they were still there visible through every inch of the building and as much as Isa, Mira, Luisa and Camillo tried to make it better they got no reaction from her, she had dissociated and was far away from the land of the living at the moment sitting on the covers of Pepa’s bed. They had been barely five minutes inside the room when Julieta came in with a cup of strong lavender tea steam floating lazily over the hot liquid. It had worked after that breakdown she had had months ago, she only hoped to cure the cut as well since it was still bleeding dripping on the floor rhythmically. Drop. Drop. Drop. With the help of Pepa they got her to take a couple of sips, Alma’s eyes growing heavy after a couple of minutes, a pink scar forming on her hand before it was substituted by flawless skin as if nothing had happened although her blood stained clothes spoke of a different story. Her body grew heavy and her already darkened mind became a blank void of no thoughts as she slumped into Pepa’s arms before she was carefully laid on her back chest rising and falling with each breath she took. This was their fault as much as Mariano, they felt that they should have watched him more, that they should have been around him more often to avoid things like this but the happiness their mother had felt had clouded their minds and so the fairytale had turned into a horror story where the killer had infatuated his victim and was now murdering her slowly without even touching her just like the professional heartbreaker he was. Just because he hadn’t been holding a weapon in one hand and her sliced heart in the other didn’t mean he hadn’t killed her.

    Everything had happened so fast that the cloud of confusion was still hovering over the house, they had been fine up until that moment in the village that only Alma had seen, but apparently he had kissed someone, after all the things they had done to build their relationship he had cheated on her. Her frame looked weak and old, worn by all the crying and screaming, and even in her sleep Pepa could see that the pained expression wouldn’t leave her features, the wrinkles defined by her ruined makeup because for some reason she had woken up today feeling like she wanted to impress him. What an idea it had all been, but if she hadn’t seen it Julieta would have and then her daughter would have had to go around wondering what was best for Alma, whether to tell her the truth or keep it all hidden. Another what if to add to the endless list of possibilities. A knock on the doorframe startled the redhead who with a few stray tears still falling down her cheeks and the clouds above her head raining heavily turned to see Julieta and Bruno signalling her to follow them. It wasn’t much of a choice but a silent order and hesitantly she stood up from the chair Felix had brought her glancing at the sleeping form of their mother before closing the door. Down in the courtyard Alma’s door laid in sharp shards of wood, her figure lifeless as it rested over the tiles as a sign of what had transpired there just a few minutes earlier, the entryway to Alma’s room free of any sort of gate showing a deep dark hallway. They moved aside from Pepa’s door towards the stairs until Bruno held both his sisters' wrists, stopping them on their tracks.

    -Do you understand what just happened?

    -Sort of. I was busy trying not to electrocute him but it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. Where are the children?

    -In their rooms. Luisa and Isa were very anxious so Agustín took the pot up to their rooms after I made mamás cup. Dolores as far as I know is with Antonio and Mira and Camilo I have no idea. They were there one minute and the next they had disappeared.

    -Mira helped me figure something out and Camilo accompanied her. I just sent them to their rooms so I could talk with you both in private. Mamá won’t wake for several hours right?

    -Minimum six. Why? Is everything alright Bruno?

    -Did you see something? - even if he hadn’t answered with words the way his eyes sparkled was all they needed.

    -I did. I had the same vision I told Dolores about when she was little.

    -You had a vision about my daughter?

    -No, I had the same vision but it has nothing to do with her, I don’t think it ever did. She wanted to know if she would end up with the love of her life and I said no, but what I didn’t know was who he was going to end up with. Back then the figure was faceless.

    -What’s changed then?

    -I can see who he’s going to marry now, Juli. There are two options, if I tilt the vision to one side I see a stranger but if I tilt it in the opposite direction I see mamá in the church marrying Mariano.

    -There’s a possibility they might get over this? You’ve seen her Juli, she’s in no state to even see him without having a mental breakdown.

    -That’s all I can tell you. I tried to see more but everything’s blurry and confusing and I think it’s because of what mamá is feeling right now. This vision is linked to her and it's only her who can make the choice and make it go one way or another.

    -Well, it won’t be today. Even if she were awake I wouldn’t allow it, she needs rest and time just like we all do, you understand right Pepa?

    -So what do we do then, just wait? Seems like a waste of a good vision to me.

    -Bruno, we have to let her tackle this whoever she wants or whoever she can. We should wait until she’s fully awake tomorrow to see where we stand and make a plan.

    -Pepa, our plans never work.

    -No, our plans don’t but Juli’s do. You are in charge of telling us what we have to do to fix this. Have in mind that the best might not be for them to have a happy ending.

    -We’ll see. I ought to go down to Rosa’s place to get the basket and do the shopping.

    -I’d go with you but I don't think mamá should be left alone. Your tea might not be strong enough to keep the nightmares at bay. I’ll have Dolores look out for you just in case though and tell Bruno to go to the rescue if necessary.

    -Perfecto, until then we must keep the children away from mamá and just simply wait.

    What no one had seen was that Dolore’shead had been poking out of Antonio’s room listening intensely to what they were saying, some voices in the distance mixing with those inside the house and so like a mouse she slipped out and entered her own bedroom in complete silence running towards her balcony to listen to that third set of sounds that came from the village. It took her a minute to find Mariano’s voice and that of his abuela but soon enough she was hearing every word they were sharing, putting the missing pieces of the puzzle in their rightful place. He repeated several times to his abuela that he wasn’t cheating, that he would never do that and that the kiss had been just a symbol of gratitude but she wanted more, she needed to know exactly why he had allowed it. Rosa followed the same train of thought and after he answered the question with a simple it's a secret he finally gave up and told her that he had asked her to help him practise with him what he was going to do and say to Alma because… Dolores blinked several times trying to process his words slowly, almost forgetting to continue listening, not that she would have heard anything, Rosa was as much in shock as she was. He had asked for Sofia’s help because he was planning on proposing to Alma and no one in the family had been free today so he had asked a friend to give him a hand. If what Bruno had said was true and it probably was, Alma had been destined to be with him since Mariano had been a child, fate had been planning this since he had been born and they were one second away from losing it all. Regardless of the kiss that shouldn’t have happened Dolores didn’t want her abuela to live the rest of her life sitting in a corner crying for the love that could have been and never was. The little wheels in her head were already turning formulating a master plan to fix this all in a much quicker and better way than anything her mother, tio and tia might come up with but she needed the help of the master matchmaker herself, and something told her Rosa would be down for it if her silence was anything to trust at the moment.

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  • xclearskiesx
    21.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Here is my Encanto fic! I should have chapter five up relatively soon. If you give it a read, I’d be soooo appreciative 🥰

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  • futurstic-divineawakened
    21.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Julieta vs Pepa: The Mirabel Years

    * Pepa has been trying to steal Mirabel since she was a baby

    * The husbands playfully argue

    * While Pepa and Julieta know that if they don’t Mirabel would be taken away

    * When Pepa met Mirabel the first time, she was in Julieta’s room

    * Mirabel was tiny smaller than most

    * Which made it a more difficult pregnancy for Julieta since she was born early

    * Mirabel should have been born May 6 but instead March 6th was the day

    * Pepa look at Mirabel and instantly fell in love

    * “She’s mine” Pepa declared it to Julieta where she was laying in bed

    * “I just gave birth, can we discuss it later? Camilo needs his mother” Julieta was amused since this wasn’t the first time it happened

    * Julieta shouldn’t have let her guard down

    * At 3 months Mirabel was taken away from Julieta by Pepa, she even got Felix to do it as well

    * Julieta was coming back from town looking for Mirabel, Luisa was with Isabela and Dolores in Isa’s room

    * Julieta knocked before hearing a come in from Pepa

    * Julieta cooed at the sight

    * Mirabel was in a little yellow dress while Camilo was in a yellow shirt with brown pants , Camilo at 6 months couldn’t help but be fascinated by Mirabel always touching her. Mirabel would respond with gurgle sounds of her own

    * The sight was so cute Julieta couldn’t help but watch, her sobrino in his cute yellow outfit and her nina in her yellow outfit…

    * Wait yellow???

    * “Pepa, where are my baby clothes?”

    * “She’s wearing them”

    * “No the blue clothes, I remember putting her in a blue dress”

    * “But they are los gemelos, they should match”

    * “… she’s not yours Pepita”

    * “I have no idea what you are talking about Julie”

    * At 6 months to a year Mirabel would be wearing blue but would always have a yellow accessory somewhere

    * By the time Mirabel was one, she was speaking in babbles, but the mothers knew she would be speaking soon

    * Pepa tried to make Mirabel call her Mami first

    * Julieta made sure she didn’t try to cheat, but she also repeated the word Mama to Mirabel so that she would say it

    * In the end it was Luisa who won, her first word was Lulu

    * Julieta:1 Pepa: 0

    * After that Mirabel would not ever stop talking

    * But an incident happen around her 2nd birthday, she tripped and scrap her knee

    * She cried for her Mama and was healed with an arepa

    * She was still crying until Pepa came into the room with Felix holding Camilo

    * Mirabel reach her hands out to her

    * “Mami” she said, the room stop

    * She said it again “Mami” as the sun shine brightly near Pepa’s head as she took Mirabel from her

    * “Say it again Mira” “Mami!” Pepa was so happy while holding Mirabel she couldn’t keep the smile away from her face looking at Julieta

    * Pepa: 1/ Julieta: 1

    * Even when Mirabel didn’t get a gift, it didn’t change the way her Mami felt about her

    * She did feel jealous when she was pregnant with Antonio

    * Mirabel told her Mama about it and how she couldn’t she felt frustrated in feeling jealous

    * Julieta told her not to worry about it any that she should not talk badly about herself

    * Julieta then told Pepa of Mirabel’s insecurities about the new baby

    * Pepa then went to Mirabel

    * She took away all her insecurities “even when this baby is born I still love you, you’re mi hija”

    * Mirabel got a new orange skirt to wear, she wore it along with a big bow from Dolores

    * Pepa was happy, Julieta let her have it

    * Even 5 years later after the movie they still argue

    * With all of Mirabel’s clothes gone she wore yellow for the entire month

    * Pepa hid her favorite skirt and made sure she wore the reds, oranges and yellows of the warm family

    * However by the final month of building Casita, something happen

    * Not blue nor yellow but green

    * Bruno…

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    Cute Art Trade apiece for @glitternightingale ft. the return of the MLP style Madrigal Triplets bonding!

    Pepa is playing The Cat’s Cradle, or at least trying to play

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  • casitafallz
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    Dweller!Bruno: So, how did you two meet?

    Hallow!Pepa: I pulled her ass from a river she had thrown herself in. She had issues.

    Pariah!Julieta, glowering at her AU triplet: I didn't throw myself in. That makes me sound suicidal! I fell in!

    Hallow!Pepa, dryly: Says the woman who spontaneously walked for three days with no supplies or water from Encanto without a word to her family...after your family found out you were responsible for Mirabel's lack of gift.


    Pariah!Julieta: I got lost.

    Hallow!pepa: Sure. And the river?

    Pariah!Julieta: I was thirsty.

    Dweller!Bruno: How much water were you trying to drink?

    #julieta madrigal#pepa madrigal#bruno madrigal#encanto#dweller bruno #dweller bruno au #pariah julieta #pariah julieta au #julieta au #hallow pepa au #pepa  au#encanto au #implied suicide attempt tw
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  • casitafallz
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    Dweller Bruno looked between the two women that shared the faces of is sisters and the Mirabel that looked rather fascinated with his underground bed room.

    “So... how did you two meet if you’re both from different universes?”

    “Oh, we travel.” The Mirabel spoke, “This Pepa is known as Hallow, this Julieta is known as Pariah.” Gesturing to each one, “their universe designation, but it’s simpler so we don’t confuse your sisters with these two.”

    “....” Bruno didn’t quite known what to say to that. “Okay.”

    “I’m Watcher Mirabel.”

    Bruno again didn’t know what to say to that for a long moment. “Why are you here?”

    “You have an interesting divergence. I wanted to check it out.”

    “I...suppose but don’t show your faces; we don’t needs unwanted attention. Encanto isn’t a safe haven here”

    Mirabel jumped to her feet. “Got it.”

    Bruno watched her leave, not feeling up for stopping her; he couldn’t feel an imminent threat after all before his attention returned to both his alternative sisters.

    Pariah wasn’t dressed like his Julieta was; this one was dressed in tactical trousers of sorts that was dark blue, a button up, dark teal blouse and over that was a heavy, navy blue leather jacket with an asymmetrical zip. Once hair in a bun was now down and only the front pulled away from her face. 

    What was most concerning about her appearance was the fact that she had a gun holster and he could see knife handles sticking out of a few places with how she was sitting. 

    Hallow’s appearance was another thing too; dated in appearance from the corset she wore up to her bust; decorated with her weather and was a dark brown, lighter shades of yellow in the light; she did wear a loose, low and wide collar that exposed her collar bones, one sleeve in tact; the left one was torn away and like Pariah, wore pants of sorts with knee-length boots; also a knife was hidden there too. 

    On her left arm with the ripped sleeve had a somewhat technical fingerless glove but from that arm was dark and healed scars lined up her arm, past her shoulder and neck and up her left side of her face, only a few seemed to reach to her right side from over the top before the scars stopped; even her eyes seemed different; green but now purple now lay in wait. Hallow didn’t seem to express a lot of emotions and for that matter; she had no clouds.

    “No weather?” He asked.

    “When I choose to. I mostly keep that away now.” Hallow spoke though her eyes wandered around, “Can you show us around down here? I’m wondering how you’ve lived here for thirty years without going nuts.... or aging for that matter.”

    Bruno nodded, “I can do.” it was far better than asking random question. He couldn't deny, if he could befriend these two, maybe life would feel far better than it did now.

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  • naoko-world
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    Julieta can heal animals!

    #encanto#julieta madrigal #jared bush tweet #jared bush tweets #jared bush #Jared bush Q&A
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    Alma Madrigal took one look at the ruana and her eyebrows rose in surprise. Bruno avoided her gaze; she wasn’t frowning or glaring this time, but he still had no idea what to do around her. She didn’t seem to like him, that hadn’t changed, so he figured the best thing to do would still be to stay out of her way.

    Which begged the question why she’d brought him tea when he was sick, if he bothered her so much.

    Then again, maybe she was just like that. Just helping sick or injured people. If she was the village leader then it may have been part of her job. Just another chore.

    And maybe Bruno was completely overthinking the small gesture.

    It had just…Been a surprise. A big one. A small gesture, a big surprise.

    She wasn’t frowning anymore, but she still didn’t look at him much. Almost never in fact. He wondered if Isabela had told her what he said to her. He hoped not.

    (Maybe they would have continued to avoid each other, if it hadn’t been for what happened the very next morning.)


    Mirabel makes Bruno a present. Alma faces some of her demons as she and Bruno finally talk.

    #how bright you burn (how brave you've been) #bruno madrigal#mirabel madrigal #abuela alma madrigal #alma madrigal#abuela madrigal#pepa madrigal#julieta madrigal#dolores madrigal#camilo madrigal#luisa madrigal#isabela madrigal#antonio madrigal#felix madrigal#agustin madrigal #the madrigal triplets #pb&j triplets#pb&j encanto #bruno and mirabel #bruno and alma #encanto#encanto fanfic#encanto fanfiction#my writing#update#new chapter#next chapter #not so anastasia au #i believe in madrigal triplets supremacy #la familia madrigal
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    21.05.2022 - 10 hours ago


    Observer Mirabel: PICK. ONE. FOR. THE. DRABBLE. FOR. FUCKS. SAKE!


    Hollow Julieta, confused on the redacted sounds: Is it spoilers? Is that why the text cannot translate it-?


    #encanto au#mirabel madrigal #observer mirabel au #mirabel au #random thought i had lmao #hollow julieta au #卂Ҝㄩ爪卂 is an oc
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  • waitingonavision
    21.05.2022 - 10 hours ago


    Biiiiig number! :D Here's an excerpt from "Pancita"! I chose it because I do like it, and it gives an idea of what the ficlet/drabble version would have been like ahaha.

    From 35 Questions for Fanfiction Writers. Feel free to send me some numbers!

    34. Copy and paste an excerpt you’re particularly fond of.

    “What’s… so funny…?” Bruno is regarding her with a squint, mouth struggling to stay neutral.

    Julieta doesn’t want to embarrass him, or worse, risk him shying away, but she also… can’t ignore. Can’t help her smile or resist greeting this gleam of light that’s broken through the gloom.

    “Oh. I’m just happy,” she hums, facing him. “To see my querido hermanito, for the first time… con una pancita adecuada.”

    The corners of Bruno’s lips stop tugging, and he blinks, equally unable to keep from flushing as his sister’s words sink in and he registers what has happened. Several beats pass, during which he almost seems frozen, before he gives a simple huff and dons his crooked grin.

    He settles a hand on his middle.

    “I- I have my querida hermana mayor to thank for it, don’t I? Well, todos. Our family, I mean. But I feel like you’ve worked the hardest of all, Juli.” There’s an unmistakable tenderness in his voice. “To make sure I got this gut.”

    Julieta laughs.

    “Ay, it’s hardly a ‘gut’! And it wouldn’t be terrible if it was, Señor Siempre Demasiado Flaco! …But, okay, maybe I don’t mind accepting a bit of the credit if you’re just handing it out.”

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  • dazeddoodles
    21.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Encanto Owl House Au

    #the owl house #encanto#mirabel madrigal#bruno madrigal#camilo madrigal#isabela madrigal#luisa madrigal#dolores madrigal#antonio madrigal#pepa madrigal#julieta madrigal#my art #my two current interests combined #for the sake of this au lets pretend mirabel and her sisters are closer in age
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  • avatarvyakara
    21.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    A new chapter of Tiles on the Roof—in this case, Chapter 15, “Too Close to Home”. Sometimes things hit you just a little too hard.

    Caution: this chapter contains some disturbing imagery. Reader discretion is advised.

    #fanfic#encanto#encanto 2021 #tiles on the roof #one shot collection #isabela madrigal#felix madrigal#mariano guzman #dolores x mariano #mariano x dolores #luisa madrigal#camilo madrigal#bruno madrigal#mirabel madrigal#pepa madrigal#agustin madrigal #agustin x julieta #julieta x agustin #antonio madrigal#julieta madrigal #felix x pepa #pepa x felix #abuela alma madrigal #alma madrigal#pedro madrigal #alma x pedro #pedro x alma
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  • iwannabecamiloshovel
    21.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Pepa: I have a bad feeling about this...

    Julieta: What do you mean?

    Pepa: Don't you ever get that little voice in your head that tells you if you're going to get into trouble?Julieta: No?

    Bruno: That actually explains so much.

    #encanto x y/n #encanto x reader #bruno simp #bruno my beloved #bruno madrigal x reader #encanto bruno#bruno madrigal#tio bruno #pepa my beloved #pepa madrigal x reader #tia pepa #pepa x reader #pepa madrigal #julieta x reader #julieta madrigal x reader #julieta madrigal
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  • sesamestreet47
    21.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Antonio headcanons because it’s his birthday

    Antonio Madrigal, random headcanons
    !english isn’t my first language, so there can be some grammar mistakes that I am sorry for in advance!

    we already know he’s really close with Mirabel, but after the fall of Casita and everything else that happened, he became super close with Isabela (don’t ask me why, I just have this feeling they’d get along quite well) and Bruno too

    his jaguar Parce snuggles with the plushie Mirabel made for Antonio

    he really admires his siblings, especially Camilo

    his favorite color is green and blue despite being a part of the warm colored side of the family

    when he hit puberty, he was taller than his brother

    Camilo was really mad about that

    he danced with Dolores at her wedding, he was standing on her feet as she swayed from side to side

    he loves when Pepa sits him on her shoulders, he feels so tall then

    he always sits next to his sister at meals

    his animals like Luisa best out of everyone in the family

    Antonio didn’t have a lot of friends when he was little, but after he got his gift he started to invite other kids to play in his room

    he likes to draw and paint

    he knows how to make flower crowns

    Pepa and Abuela never let him have a pet, so he used to play with homeless cats he found in the village

    he’s the best dancer out of all his siblings and cousins, but not better than his parents

    his first word was probably Mirabel or Pepa

    he was the only family member to not have met tío Bruno, but he never believed the stories Camilo told him about his uncle

    he just found them funny

    his favorite food are fruits, especially apples

    he still hides under Mirabel’s bed when he’s sad, even after getting his own room

    the animals sang Happy Birthday to him on his birthday, of course only he knew that

    the cake he got was twice as tall as he is

    Mirabel made him another matching plushie to the one she gave him on his last birthday

    out of all uncles and aunts, I feel like he’s closest to tío Agustín

    he told the bees to leave him alone

    also told the other animals to stop stealing his stuff

    everyone loves hugging him, it’s so comforting

    his mom likes relaxing in his room, laying in the hammocks etc.

    there’s not a single person in Encanto that doesn’t adore Antonio

    he’s just so lovable

    happy birthday Antonio <3
    one hug from this kid is all i need, i swear
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  • roxyfoxgamer150
    21.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Scrappy Mirabel, crying: I MADE A MISTAKE

    Hollow Julieta: What has happe-


    Scrappy Mirabel, being hugged emotionlessly by Hollow Julieta: *still crying* NOOOO-

    #encanto au#mirabel madrigal#mirabel au #random thought i had lmao #scrappy mirabel au #hollow julieta au
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  • magicalmadrigals
    21.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    I’m planning a series of one shots (for after I finish my current ones) based on Isa finally falling in love and having her own kids and I am so excited.

    Julieta helping her through the pregnancy (giving her advice, making her tea and treats in the middle of the night to help her when she can’t get any sleep thanks to aches and pains)

    Mirabel and Luisa arguing over who is the favourite aunt and constantly being in competition with one another, desperate to make the child favour one of them over the other.

    What I am most excited for though is Julistin refusing to share the baby and just smothering it with kisses because we all know they would be the sweetest, most obsessed grandparents in the world.

    Oh, also, the firstborn grows up to have the gift of reading minds so they always know what a member of the family is going to ask before they ask it and it kinda creeps them out for a while until they get used to it 😂

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  • incorrectly-encanto
    21.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    Teenage!Julieta: But Mama, I love him!

    Teenage!Augustin: Ma’am, I am on your side

    Teenage!Augustin: Your child can do so much better-

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  • adoptedmadrigal
    21.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Reasons julieta is the worlds best mother/sister/tia ever

    I Had A Hunch

    Julieta was in town handing out her food to heal the people who were injured. She didn't particularly feel well due to her period, which like usual started around midnight last night.
    She was surprised to find out she was currently the only one to be on her period this morning. But she knew just like any other time this had occured in the past 4 years, that the others would all have their period by the end of the day.
    Knowing this, when she was getting ready this morning she stuffed some pads into her apron pocket just incase of an emergency reguarding pepa, dolores, or any of her hijas. She covered them with the flowers thst were always on her apron pockets and went on about her day.
    She stood quietly at her stand waiting for someone to walk up and ask her for some food to heal a sprained ankle or a broken wrist when she saw Isabela running quickly toward her. A panicked expressikn was painted on her eldeat daughters face as she ran toward her mother.
    "Ay mamá," she said as she stopped and stood near her mother
    "What's wrong mi hija," julieta asked worried her daughter was hurt
    "Well... y'see i was making roses for the kids in town when i felt something, so i ducked in a nearby baño and necesito una almohadilla," isa said praying her mother had one in her apron.
    "Quickly, before it gets on your dress," julieta said as she pulled a pad from her apron pocket and swiftly handed it to her daughter
    "Thanks mamá," isa said quickly running off
    Not even a half hour after isa had showed up she saw dolores walking toward her, a glint of worry in her niece's eyes.
    When the girl stopped next to her tia, she quickly and quietly asked
    "tía julieta? ¿Tienes una almohadilla? acabo de empezar mi periodo," dolores asked fiddling with the braclet around her wrist.
    "Si, mi sobrina," julieta said as she pulled a second pad from her apron pocket handing it to the girl infront of her before shooing her off to take care of herself.
    A few hours pass along with a few quickly healed bones and ailments until pepa comes thundering up, mirabel following behind her. Thankfully there was no one close by the stand at rhe moment of they wouldve heard peoa grumble rather loudly to her sister,
    "Ay,Julieta, necesito una almohadilla, no dos en realidad,"
    "Two?" She asked wondering why her sister needed two
    "One's for mariposa, we ran into eachother at the bano and realised we were in a similar pickle so we walked together," pepa explained nonchalantly
    "sí, here you go you two," she said giving pepa two pads in return pepa handed one to mirabel and the both of them ran off.
    Luisa walked to her mother's stand as the sun began to set.
    "Mamá, comencé mi período," luisa told shyly.
    "Here you go, mi luz," she told giving her daughter the pad in her apron pocket.
    "Gracias mamí," luisa said walking off
    When julieta returned home the 6 women gsthered in the kitchen to casually talk while julieta made dinner.
    "... i had a hunch since we're usually synced up and i was the first one on, i knew you five would follow within the day, and i was right. And you wonder why I'm somehow always prepared for anything," julieta told as she mixed the dough together
    "You've got a point tia,"
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  • sundaybee
    20.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    This Year’s Winner (Julieta x Fem!Reader) Pt 8 (Finale)

    As always I am not a native Spanish speaker, so if I butchered a sentence or word let me know so I may correct it.

    Part 8 of 8

    I didn’t realize how short this part would be. I hope you all enjoy it and enjoyed this story!

    I did not make the gif.

    Things to note: The reader, the girls, and Felix are all 26.

    Please don’t tear it apart too harshly!

    Taglist: @jona-lea​

    Days later, at Julieta’s request, you remade your original entry. The two of you, as well as Pepa and Felix, sat around a small table in the yard of casita. You served each of them a slice of your cherry vanilla cheesecake. Your mind instantly imagining the three judges in their places.

    “Y/N this is incredible!” Pepa proclaimed and shoveled another, much larger, bite into her mouth.

    “I think you would have given Julieta a run for her money with this.” Felix added, taking another bite.

    You shyly glanced at Julieta and watched her take her first bite. As soon as the dessert touched her pallet she smiled. THAT was your baking. Your soul and passion poured into her and she sighed dreamily bringing a hand to her chest.

    “This would have definitely won.”

    “You say that every year.” You replied and rolled your eyes. You couldn’t help but smile at her reaction though. 

    “And I mean it every year.” 

    “It’s okay that I lost. I won something much better this year anyways.” You replied, getting a smile and blush from Julieta. 

    “Get a room.” Pepa said with a full mouth. 

    “Let them be. After six years of yearning they deserve a little public affection.” Felix said.

    “Gracias Felix! Next time you come to the bakery you can have anything you want for free.” You said earning a bright eyed smile from the man. 

    He turned to Pepa and kissed her on the cheek. You suddenly felt Julieta’s hand interlock into yours under the table. Looking at her you almost felt overwhelmed by the look of pure love etched onto her face. How you ever harbored feelings of jealousy and envy for her felt so blasphemous now that you had her beside you. 

    Pepa read the room and quietly took Felix’s hand and led him away from the yard leaving the two of you alone. Both women turned to face the other fully.

    “I love you Y/N Y/L/N.”

    “I love you too Julieta Madrigal.”

    #julieta madrigal #julieta x reader #julieta x fem reader #julieta madrigal x reader #encanto#reader insert #this years winner
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