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    𝕆𝕧𝕖𝕣 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔼𝕕𝕘𝕖 𝔸𝕟𝕕 𝔹𝕒𝕔𝕜

    ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕡𝕥𝕖𝕣 𝟛 - 5,653 words

    Rating: | E | for Explicit (NO MINORS)

    Pairings: Namjoon x Seokjin x Jungkook

    Warnings: Angst and Hurt/Comfort, Mutual Pining, Polyamory Negotiations, Slow Build, Slow Burn, Jealousy, Domestic Boyfriends, Kim Namjoon | RM is Bad at Feelings, Jeon Jungkook is Bad at Feelings, Sexual Frustration, Irregular Passage of Time, Changing of seasons as metaphors, Explicit Sexual Content, Explicit Language

    Summary: Spring bleeds into summer and Jeongguk is blissfully unaware of the problems brewing between the three of them. He likes to think that everything is okay and that happiness will last forever. But with the changing of seasons--and a fight--summer doesn't seem so hot anymore--the chill in his bones with the loss of another changes his course for the long run.

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    What if sparks fly behind shuttered eyes? If fevered skin blended together in a synchronous dance beneath silken sheets? Each bruising touch elicits a muffled gasp and Seokjin can’t seem to keep his hands from raking paths of red welts on Jeongguk’s skin. Namjoon sits at the edge of the bed—watching a beautiful vision unfold as Seokjin falls apart from Jeongguk’s lips. His body stretches and contorts as whispered praises mark his skin and a shudder rolls through his spine with a tidal wave of emotions. Namjoon is ever-present, hand smoothing over Jeongguk’s back while he bites a trail of adoration on each of Seokjin’s thighs. 

    “Doing so good, baby.” Namjoon crawls further up the bed—chest pressed to Jeongguk’s back and tongue tickling the silver hanging from his left lobe.

    Their world is a cocoon of pleasure and for once, Namjoon and Seokjin aren’t thinking. Their minds haze over with every ministration of Jeongguk’s hands, tongue—cock. Seokjin feels that he has finally found what is missing between him and Namjoon. That piece of the puzzle fits so perfectly between them. Hours are spent exploring every inch of skin between the three of them. Jeongguk couldn’t be happier. Rekindling the love he once had for Namjoon—or maybe it never went away—and the blossoming love he feels naturally for Seokjin. It’s so easy to fall into a safe embrace and savor the moment.

    It’s only later, tucked between two warm bodies, that Jeongguk’s mind runs wild behind closed eyelids. Soft wisps of minty breath fall against his neck with fingers twitching absently against his stomach. Seokjin and Namjoon are gone to the world—off in some far off land where only their dreams can take them. Jeongguk smiles to himself. This can be heaven if he just lets go of everything. But there’s a little voice in the back of his mind that is telling him this is too complicated. The fear of the unknown path ahead of them has Jeongguk peeling out of tangled limbs and quietly stumbling to the kitchen for water. The soft echo of rain droplets patters the window in time to his racing heart.

    He can’t see the stars behind the clouds that have lit up the summer nights up until this point. It makes the irrational loneliness settle back in. He thinks back to how it felt to be crushed between Namjoon and Seokjin. To feel his soul sing along with them when riding the waves of inexplicable pleasure. It should have been enough to fuel his happiness for a time. His overactive brain burns through that happiness a little too quickly. Plush lips press against the nape of his neck before arms wrap around him and hold him close. Seokjin had heard him get out of bed and decided to follow him and make sure he is okay. 

    “Not sleeping well?” He asks against his skin.

    “It’s just a little too hot.” Jeongguk lies. Seokjin can probably see right through it.

    “Is that all that’s bothering you?” 

    Jeongguk sighs after taking another sip of water–glancing at his reflection in the kitchen window, “I’m just thinking too much.”

    “Too much about what?”

    “About you. And Namjoonie hyung.”

    “Care to share?” For a moment, Jeongguk almost pours his heart out about his insecurities. But it’s too late in the night to have a philosophical conversation about the what-ifs and why-nots . He doesn’t want Seokjin to worry too much. 

    “I’ll be okay. Let’s go back to bed.”

    “You know we are always here if you need to talk. I think that much is clear by now.” Seokjin offers as he spins Jeongguk around to face him. There is concern etched in his tired face.

    “I know, hyung. Let’s get some sleep, please?” Jeongguk smiles softly.

    “Okay, okay.” Seokjin’s hand slides down his arm and clasps their fingers together before he drags Jeongguk out of the kitchen and back into their bed. Namjoon curls around him the moment he hits the bed—Seokjin on his other side. For now, the thoughts and insecurities will have to be put to rest until he feels more comfortable talking about it. The last thing Jeongguk remembers before allowing slumber to take him is Seokjin’s phone vibrating on the bedside table. Seokjin pulls away from their grasp to check it and there is a shift in weight. He leaves the bed—Namjoon and Jeongguk—to answer whatever pressing matter it may be. Jeongguk isn’t certain that it’s important so late in the night, but he is too tired to protest.

    Weeks go by and summer is almost over. Jeongguk can feel the thrill and simultaneous anxiety settle in with the excitement of starting new classes in the fall term. The summer heat is still ever-present, but the leaves of the trees are looking burnt and worn out from the sun’s rays. Grass doesn’t carry the same vibrant luster it once had back in April. He wants to take a trip with Jimin and Taehyung before things get too busy—maybe to Jeju if they are willing. However—ever since the night that Seokjin had to console Jimin, things haven’t been the same. The appearances of Jimin in his life are less frequent. He’s lucky if he gets a few cryptic text messages or excuses for canceled plans. 

    Seokjin has been a little different since their first time having sex. Frequently busy with his own work at the museum—the exhibit became an instant sensation. Jeongguk likes to think he had a part in it, considering he helped choose the paintings for the gallery. He doesn’t dwell on it too much though. Not with Namjoon being extra clingy since Seokjin isn’t home as often as he should be. They occupy their time sharing Seokjin’s love of art by studying various books he’s brought home from work. Liu Xiaodong has been a hot contender in their discussions as of recently and Jeongguk is starting to feel like he understands Seokjin’s uncharacteristic attachment to art. Unusual perspectives and variations of color help strengthen Liu’s prowess against other contemporary artists. Jeongguk can almost feel the spirit in each painting, handcrafted from precise and expansive brush strokes. 

    Too bad, Seokjin isn’t here to witness his descent into madness and the art world. He would have loved it. Namjoon occupies his time too. Casually pulling Jeongguk into his lap as they try to stay on topic. His dimpled smile is too tempting though, and Jeongguk finds himself leaning in—pressing chaste kisses on each one as he chuckles. Their noses brush as they stare into each other’s eyes and time seems to just—stop. The book they were reading is long forgotten as Namjoon’s knuckles trail down goosebump-ridden arms and curve around to pull them chest to chest—Jeongguk completely straddling his lap. Their lips ghost with a promise—teasing sensitive skin as Jeongguk’s will completely submit. 

    Namjoon’s tongue is demanding—dragging along the column of Jeongguk’s throat until their lips finally meet and he is able to devour him. Jeongguk moans breathily, rolling his hips against Namjoon’s lap—clinging to his shoulders as his life depends on it. Fingers travel up the back of Jeongguk’s neck and into the strands of hair at the nape—tugging hard until Jeongguk has to break away and lean into the pull. Namjoon is hungry—hungry for love and for sex like a starved, wild animal. A palm presses against the crotch of Jeongguk’s shorts while teeth sink into his throat. Another heavy moan breaks from Jeongguk’s lips and all he can think about is the need. To feel close—to feel wanted. Namjoon can give that to him. Somewhere along the blurred lines of kissing and biting each other, shirts are lost and fingers are desperate to feel planes of hard muscle. 

    Namjoon rolls them onto the couch—Jeongguk underneath him. He pauses for a moment to catch a glimpse of the starstruck lover beneath him. How pretty he looks with bite-swollen lips and tears cresting lashes to spill over equally pink apple cheeks. He leans down, curling his tongue along a pert nipple, and relishes in the soft sounds coming from the younger. He maps a path of red marks from between both pecs and down past his navel until shaky hands edge Jeongguk’s shorts off his hips and delightedly find no boxer briefs. “Expecting something, bun?”


    Namjoon’s firm hands clasp the underside of each thigh and push them up against Jeongguk’s shoulders, “Hold.”

    Jeongguk is so good at following directions, wrapping his arms underneath his knees to keep his legs out of the way. This is not at all how he expected the day to go—but here they are. Namjoon’s hot tongue grazes the delicate skin of his ball sack and teases lower, just out of reach of his fluttering hole. Jeongguk holds his breath, anticipating the wet muscle to trace circles as it always does—but Namjoon holds back. Watching in awe as Jeongguk tenses and relaxes over and over again. Jeongguk is tempted to drop his legs, realizing how vulnerable he feels in this position. But Namjoon doesn’t give him time to think twice about it with his tongue prodding the taught muscle.

    “ Namjoon-ah!” He cries out—trying to decide if he should recoil or push into it. Namjoon’s tongue laves over and over—curling and twisting until it pushes through the muscle. Jeongguk throws his head back with a gasp—toes curling and legs jerking almost out of his grasp.

    Namjoon only hums appreciatively at these beautiful sounds—suckling at the tender flesh as saliva coats the skin. Jeongguk sees stars as he tries to breathe through the delicious torture of Namjoon’s tongue. He can’t focus on anything but the tingling sensation deep within his belly sinking to his groin. Or the way his cock jerks violently against his stomach. Namjoon spits against his hole, using his tongue to spread it around before bringing a finger up to coax his hole open and swallow it whole. 

    Jeongguk’s back arches off the couch as his legs fall open and he grips the couch tightly, “ Oh fuck—please…baby please…”  

    “That’s it. Let me hear you, bun.” Namjoon blows cool air against his hole before tracing his tongue around the rim once more. 

    “Am I interrupting something?” Seokjin says from just outside of the living room.

    They aren’t quick to pull apart, only turning their heads slightly to see Seokjin with his arms crossed over his chest. He looks amused—a mask of contentment. Only Jeongguk can tell that the smile doesn’t quite reach his eyes. There is something that Seokjin isn’t saying. Jeongguk has known for a while now—and the longer he remains silent on it—the further he feels from him. Seokjin takes a seat in the chair across from the couch.

    “Do you plan to continue—or sit there staring?”

    “Grab me the lube from the drawer then…” Namjoon grumbles as he sits up between Jeongguk’s legs. Jeongguk is about to whine in protest when Namjoon leans over and latches onto the bit of skin just under his left ear—rolling it between his lips. Shaky breaths caress his ear in the sweet song that is Jeongguk. Seokjin nudges Namjoon with a bottle of lube and sits back down in his chair—perfectly composed as he watches the youngest fall apart on Namjoon’s fingers. He hyper focuses on slick fingers that breach Jeongguk’s rim so easily—without any resistance and he is almost tempted to join in. He wants to see Jeongguk look at him the way he looks at Namjoon. With stars in his eyes—high on pleasure. 

    The way Jeongguk’s back arches off of the couch is so exquisite—the delicate sloping of his spine—Seokjin has to press a hand against his crotch to soothe the ache in his cock. He huffs out a breath as Jeongguk’s eyes land on him—rose petal lips parted on a moan. “Shit…” 

    Namjoon hums his approval too as three fingers twist within Jeongguk’s tight hole. The younger is getting impatient, dragging his fingers through his hair and tugging to keep from openly begging Namjoon to hurry the fuck up. It’s all about drawing out every little whine and whimper from the younger man as Namjoon licks along the shaft of Jeongguk’s cock to keep him distracted. 

    “Can you take one more, Jeongguk-ah?” Namjoon asks innocently, lips wrapping around the tip of his cock and a fourth finger teasing at his entrance. 

    “I can’t! I can’t! Hyungie—please!” Jeongguk cries and it takes Seokjin an enormous amount of self-restraint to not push Namjoon out of the way and take him. 

    “Yes, you can…I believe in you, baby. You can do it.” Namjoon’s tone is no longer so innocent—eyes darkening with a need growing within. Seokjin huffs out a laugh, watching Jeongguk struggle against Namjoon’s tight grip on him while a fourth finger slides in against three so very slowly. The whine that rips out of Jeongguk’s throat has Seokjin jumping up from his chair and striding around the coffee table to grip his hair firmly. He pulls Jeongguk’s head up and connects their lips—swallowing the needy whimpers down like fuel for the fire within him. Namjoon pops off from the head of Jeongguk’s cock and laughs heartily. 

    “Such a needy bun. You needed Jinnie’s kisses, hmmm?” Namjoon taunts him more. 

    “Enough teasing, Joon. Let’s give him what he wants.”Seokjin punctuates each word between a kiss filled with salty tears streaming down Jeongguk’s pouty face. Namjoon pulls his fingers back out, wiping the excessive lube on a rag Seokjin provides before lifting Jeongguk’s legs up around his waist. “Ah-ah, let me have him first.”

    Seokjin rests a hand on Namjoon’s shoulder. Silent communication passes between them as they stare at one another with furrowed brows. Jeongguk is growing more and more impatient as he looks down at his swollen cock. The poor thing is nearly purple and dripping with precum the longer he waits to cum. He just wants to cum. Doesn’t care how—or by whom. He just needs it. “Can someone please—fuck me already!” 

    They both look down at him and he is a deer caught in the headlights. He didn’t mean to shout. For a second, Jeongguk is almost worried that they are going to pull away—leaving him to take care of his erection on his own. Then Namjoon is pulling back with a strained smile and Seokjin is between his legs. Jeongguk isn’t on his back for long with Seokjin rolling him over onto his side and squeezing his ass while he undoes his zipper. “I’ve missed you bun…”

    There is a soft moment shared between them—eyes glued to one another as Seokjin lines his cock up to Jeongguk’s hole and presses in. Jeongguk’s lips part in a silent cry and Seokjin is right there—combing fingers through his hair and kissing back the tears shed. He whispers softly into his ear sweet praises while thrusting slowly, deeply—as if their bodies are one and never disconnect. Namjoon sits at the corner of the couch listening to them—watching their love for each other unfurl before him. There’s no better view than the one he has and his heart swells with each little whimper Jeongguk breathes through. Or the gasps of air Seokjin takes in with particularly tight circling of his hips. It must feel so fucking good. He tugs his cock out of his shorts and begins to stroke.

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    “The very least you could do is say something. You’re gone for hours at a time and I don’t believe your excuse about it having to do with work. I’m a professor—I live a pretty busy life—and I still make time to communicate a hell of a lot better than you’ve been.” Namjoon says through clenched teeth as he and Seokjin huddle together in the kitchen. Jeongguk has left them in favor of a warm shower. Nothing had been said the night before as they fucked on the couch—as Namjoon has come to regret only slightly because the clean-up was a disaster. He’s not opposed to looking at new furniture—something he wanted to do today. But instead, he chooses to confront Seokjin about his growing absence within their developing dynamic.

    “I swear, it really is just work. The fall showcase is upon me and I have to help the curator.” Seokjin leans back against the counter. “And Jimin’s been needing my help too.”

    Namjoon’s eyes shift to Seokjin’s face nervously, “What’s going on with Jimin?”

    Seokjin’s brows furrow and arms cross against his body, “I’m not really at liberty to say. It’s their personal business.”

    “So it has something to do with Taehyung then?” Namjoon presses.

    “Namjoon. I can’t tell you without his explicitly stated permission.”

    “We don’t keep secrets, Jinnie. That’s how we’ve made this work for so long.” Namjoon grumbles.

    “I understand, baby.” Seokjin turns to Namjoon—reaching a hand to caress his face, “But this is one bit of information I’m not privy to discuss with you.”

    “...I don’t like this.”

    “Don’t like what?” Jeongguk asks as he waltzes into the kitchen with only a towel wrapped around his waist and another he uses to rub at his wet hair. Silence follows him as he opens cupboards to get a cup for water. “What?”

    “Jeonggukie, why don’t you go out with Namjoon today? I have some errands to run with Jimin.” Seokjin offers.

    “Jimin!? I haven’t seen him in a little while…he never wants to hang out anymore…” Jeongguk sets the glass down on the counter with a pout.

    “I’m sure you two will catch up again soon.” Seokjin smiles as he ruffles fingers through Jeongguk’s wet hair. 

    Seokjin departs the kitchen to get himself ready as Jeongguk drinks another glass of water and Namjoon is left to ponder what is changing. Something feels different and not necessarily in a good way. Seokjin seems less open and less willing to talk about things—at least between the two of them. When Jeongguk is involved, even fewer words are used and more skin is tasted—unless they get into a heated debate about art. Jeongguk is really able to hold his own these days when it comes to going up against Seokjin.  That’s not what unnerves Namjoon, though. 

    The connection he’s felt with Seokjin for the past 5 years seems threatened by whatever change is happening. Namjoon can’t quite put his finger on it. When he looks up from the floor, Jeongguk is staring at him with lips pressed to his glass cup. “You doing okay, hyung?”

    “Just a lot on my mind…” Namjoon rubs the back of his neck. 

    “We don’t have to hang out today if you don’t want to—I can…”

    “No, Jeonggukie. It’s fine…I wanted to go look at some furniture anyway. You should come with me.”

    “What do we need more furniture for?” Jeongguk asks as he puts his glass into the sink and slinks into Namjoon’s awaiting arms. Namjoon presses a kiss to his forehead.

    “I think…we could use a change. Maybe a new couch after the unholy things we did on it last night.” He chuckles.

    “We could have done it in the bedroom…!”

    “You were being a needy bun. It couldn’t wait.”

    Jeongguk pouts again—Namjoon can’t help but smother him in soft kisses as they leave the kitchen to get ready for the day. Seokjin has already disappeared from the apartment, but Namjoon puts it to the back of his mind as he helps Jeongguk pick out an outfit that will be comfortable enough for him to walk around in the late summer heat. Cargo shorts and a black t-shirt with a bucket hat. Namjoon opts to wear loose sweatpants and a matching blue t-shirt. They both put on sandals and head out the door.

    Further downtown, Seokjin sits at a table outside of a noodle shop tapping his fingers impatiently against the surface. He doesn’t know what he’s doing here—why he’s choosing to keep this from Namjoon and Jeongguk. Especially with how well things have been going between the three of them. He thinks back to the night before—with Jeongguk writhing beneath him and Namjoon curled against his back—biting into the nape of his neck. God—what he would give to live in that moment again. Over and over. He will never tire of it. He leans over the table, head in hand instead of reading the menu. Jimin can be seen just up the block waving to him. It forces Seokjin to remember why he isn’t spending time with his boyfriends. He scowls and sets the menu down as Jimin takes a seat before him. Taehyung is running late.

    “Have you come to a decision, hyung?” Jimin asks as he orders water and something from the menu—Seokjin isn’t paying close attention.

    “Isn’t this something we should wait to discuss until Taehyung arrives?” Seokjin insists. 

    “Oh come on…I’m only curious.”

    “All the same, I’d rather wait,” Seokjin answers as he looks anywhere but at Jimin. 

    “Seokjin hyung…” Taehyung says from behind Jimin. The younger presses a kiss to the top of Jimin’s head before taking a seat next to Seokjin.

    “You always know when to show up at just the right time.” Jimin beams.

    “A real knack for it…” Seokjin laments. He stirs lemon into the water given to him.

    “What’s got you down, hyung?” Taehyung asks while placing a hand on his thigh under the table. Seokjin looks down at it—lost in the moment.

    “I should be out shopping with my boyfriends. But here I am—trying to help you two deal with your problems.” Seokjin pulls Taehyung’s hand off of his thigh and leaves it on the table.

    “But you’re part of the problem we are having…” Jimin interjects.

    “I don’t see how Taehyung’s misguided feelings for me—are my problem. I didn’t tell him to like me…in that way…” Seokjin’s ears begin to burn.

    “It’s not just his feelings, hyung. They’re mine too. I feel the same. We’ve told you this.” Jimin picks at a string loose in his shirt.

    “I still don’t see how I can help you. I have Namjoon and Jeongguk. I have no desire to change my circumstances.”

    “You wouldn’t have to. You could tell them—include them. We just want to see if we’re physically compatible.” Taehyung suggests.

    “This conversation is making me uncomfortable. We’re talking about sex here. You want to fuck me—or have me fuck you…whatever! You can’t just dump that on someone.” Seokjin nearly shouts.

    “So you have thought about it then..?” Jimin mumbles.

    “I have…”

    “And have you talked to either Namjoon or Jeongguk?”

    “No…there hasn’t been time.” Seokjin lowers his head—begging whatever god is listening to let him leave this fucking conversation.

    “You could have talked to them yesterday! That’s why we let you go so early…” Taehyung whines, leaning his head against Seokjin’s shoulder.

    “I was fucking my BOYFRIENDS…thank you very much.” Seokjin rolls Taehyung off his shoulder. 

    “Just…try to talk to them, okay? This could be a really cool thing—a good thing.” Jimin chirps.


    Namjoon and Jeongguk never make it to a store that sells furniture. Instead, Jeongguk ends up curled up between Namjoon’s thighs as they lay in the sun on a blanket under a tree in a nearby park. Jeongguk has gotten distracted by how the sun’s rays shine off the water edge of a pond. He wanted to capture it with his camera and Namjoon wanted to capture him taking photos. There’s no sense of time when the two of them get lost like this. Namjoon reclines back against the tree trunk and Jeongguk is none the wiser—having fallen asleep with his head on Namjoon’s thigh. The roots of his hair are starting to show and Namjoon wonders if Jeongguk will dye it again before classes start. Blonde is a good look on him—but Namjoon remembers the summer nights when their bodies were tangled together and his fingers would get caught in black curls. Jeongguk wasn’t as experimental back then as he is now. 

    He fiddles with the golden curls and relishes the way the sun shines down on Jeongguk. He’s a masterpiece himself—a work of art that if he were a believer in God…this would be God’s most beautiful example. Jeongguk’s lips are half-parted, taking little breaths of air. How Namjoon wishes he could kiss them forever. Much like how he wishes Seokjin was here so that he could kiss him too. Namjoon’s head falls back against the trunk and he closes his eyes. It’s not every day that he gets to do this—just be. Someone is always demanding something of him—and it gets exhausting after a while. His phone buzzes in his pocket to remind him that he can never really have a moment of peace. He grabs it quickly before Jeongguk stirs on his lap.


    Hey…I need to talk to you about something.


    Why aren’t you texting our group chat? Is it something about Kookie?


    No…not him specifically. I just really need to talk to you.


    Can it wait? I have Jeongguk sleeping on my lap. We’re at a park.


    I thought you two were supposed to be shopping for a new couch?


    We got distracted by the park. He was taking pictures. Our plans got detoured…



    Namjoon waits for Seokjin to say anything else. But nothing more comes. Seokjin is radio silent again—as it has been lately. Not for the first time today, Namjoon thinks that something is out of place. His phone buzzes again and this time, it’s Jimin. A picture. Seokjin sits at a table talking animatedly with Taehyung. It doesn’t look out of the ordinary until Namjoon realizes that Taehyung’s hand is on Seokjin’s knee—and he has that dreamy look on his face. One he usually sees Jeongguk when Seokjin and he are talking. The uneasiness curls in his stomach. He doesn’t bother responding—it could really be nothing. Friends touch each other like that all the time. But Seokjin never lets just anyone touch him—not like that. Namjoon worries his bottom lip just as Jeongguk’s eyes flutter up and gaze up at him.

    “What’s got you thinking?”

    “We should get back…we can go shopping another time…” Namjoon murmurs—but he doesn’t look down to see the confusion in Jeongguk’s eyes. It’s only just after 1300 and they have plenty of time before they should get back for dinner. Namjoon’s posture and quiet demeanor keep Jeongguk from questioning further. 


    Namjoon helps Jeongguk to stand and collects the blanket to shove back into his book bag. They pad down winding streets—shoulders brushing every now and then. Jeongguk tries not to let the silence get to him. This isn’t a repeat of last time. Far from it. He focuses on the birds in the sky that flutter around and seem to lead them right back to the apartment. When they enter, Namjoon still hasn’t said a word. He drops his bag by the door and walks to the master bedroom and closes the door. That’s different…

    Jeongguk is at a loss—still standing at the front door with his eyes gazing down the hall. He hopes that Namjoon is okay—that it’s nothing serious. Maybe he just needs cheering up. Cuddles? That doesn’t seem like something Namjoon wants to do right now. Some food? Jeongguk isn’t sure he should touch anything in the kitchen. He’s not a bad cook—in fact, he’s right on par with Seokjin’s skills. He doesn’t want Seokjin to get mad if he messes something up—even if it’s an accident. Maybe… Jeongguk’s shoulders slouch as he ponders what to do to turn Namjoon’s frown upside down. The keys rattle in the door behind him and he takes a step back as Seokjin walks in with his head hung low. Not another hyung upset…

    “Jeonggukie…Where’s Namjoon?”

    “He’s in the room—seemed like he wanted to be left alone,” Jeongguk says as he wraps Seokjin up in a hug. Seokjin doesn’t hug him back—eyes on the hallway.

    “I wonder why that is…” He responds absent-mindedly. Seokjin brushes Jeongguk aside and walks down the hallway—slipping into the room and closing the door behind him.

    “They’re never like this…What do I do?” Jeongguk groans to himself as he takes up residence on a chair in the living room. He’ll just have to wait it out.

    Namjoon sits at the main window of their bedroom—gazing out at the cherry blossom tree that will soon lose its leaves as the season changes and brings on cooler temperatures. One never knows though—cherry trees have been known to bloom more than once. Namjoon thinks he’ll be a lucky man if he gets to see it bloom more than once. He hears Seokjin tiptoe into the room and close the door quietly. He doesn’t want to have this conversation that they are about to have. He isn’t ready for it. Because he’s not sure if something is actually wrong—or if his anxiety is clouding his judgment. A soft sigh leaves his lips as he turns to face Seokjin who looks uncertain of how to approach. How did we get like this…?

    “What’s going on, Joonie? Kook said you seemed to want to be left alone.” Seokjin breaks the ice first—sitting down on the edge of the bed. His fingers toy with a decorative blanket underneath him.

    “That was kind of the idea when I came in here…but here we are,” Namjoon responds flatly—he can’t help it. He’s too scared to think of all the bad things that one picture could mean.

    “Don’t be like that. I’m here to help. You were okay this morning—did something happen?” 

    “Why don’t you tell me? How did things go, meeting with Jimin?” Namjoon tries to remain level-headed. This situation—as ambiguous as it is—doesn’t need an emotional response.

    “It went fine…” Seokjin tugs at the blanket material between his fingers.

    “There you go again—you’re not telling the whole truth, Jin. Anytime I ask you about him, you get quiet. You give me short, clipped responses…” Namjoon huffs as he looks back out the window. His back feels stiff as he leans against the window.

    “I don’t mean to…there’s just not much to say…”

    “If you can’t be honest, I don’t know why we’re sitting here talking.” Namjoon retorts.

    “Namjoon, what is this really about? Because I feel like you have something to say—but you’re not saying it. Spit it out.” Seokjin glares at him.

    “You want to know what’s really chafing my ass right now?!” Namjoon shouts. He doesn’t mean to—he’s feeling insecure the more things are left unsaid.

    “Don’t yell. You’ll have Jeongguk running in here.”

    Namjoon stands immediately, sucking in a breath and releasing it before he speaks again, “Why is Jimin sending me a picture of you looking rather cozy next to Kim Taehyung?”

    Seokjin’s face is blank. Unresponsive to Namjoon’s outburst. That son of a bitch…he couldn’t fucking wait until I said something. Minutes pass—it seems like forever as Namjoon scrutinizes every detail of his face. He’s on the verge of completely breaking down the longer Seokjin is silent.

    “Taehyung joined us for lunch today,” Seokjin says simply.


    Seokjin, at a loss for how to explain this, shrugs his shoulders, “Him and Jimin have been having problems.”

    “And?” Namjoon asks again.

    “Taehyung confessed to Jimin that he likes me. That he wants to be intimate with me—wants me to become an additional sexual partner.”

    Namjoon’s tongue is heavy in his mouth, “How did you respond?”

    “Of course, I was furious at first. A relationship with more than one person takes a lot of work—too much work sometimes—as we’ve seen in our little triangle.” Seokjin muses as he looks up at the ceiling.

    “At first?” Namjoon squeaks.

    “Yeah…through consoling Jimin and helping him understand that there are many types of relationships out there—many different kinds of love—things got better between them. But now Jimin is in agreement with Tae. And he wanted me to talk to you…that’s why I had texted you.”

    Nope. This doesn’t feel good. No. Say it. Say no.

    “I don’t…like the idea of sharing you with others.” Namjoon whispers.

    “Then why do we have Jeongguk? Why did we bring him into the fold?” 

    “We both agreed on it! You suggested it!” Namjoon shakes.

    “I saw my boyfriend struggling with the past and clinging to the love of an old flame. I’ve grown to love Kook too. But it is quite different between the two of you.” Seokjin observes.

    “That’s not fair, Jin. You know it’s not fair. If you hadn't meddled…”

    “What? We’d be spending our days slowly pulling apart? Do you even realize what it was like before Jeongguk stepped into our lives? How lonely it sometimes feels because our careers come first? I needed more—and Jeongguk was the glue to our puzzle.” Seokjin snaps and stands too. Right in front of Namjoon who breathes heavily through tears threatening to spill.

    “And yet here you are—again—considering other options because what? Do you need more?” 

    “That’s not at all what I said…this was a mistake.” Seokjin expels a breath and turns away.

    “What was a mistake?” Namjoon freezes.

    “Thinking I could trust you to remain level-headed while we have an adult conversation,” Seokjin says with hurt in his eyes while he pulls open the door. Jeongguk stumbles into the room nearly falling before Seokjin catches him in his arms.

    “Eavesdropping is rude.”

    “Seokjin. This affects him just as much as it affects us.” Namjoon warns.

    “I need to go.” Seokjin settles Jeongguk off to the side and walks away—out of the apartment to god knows where.

    Namjoon collapses to the floor—heaving as sobs wrack his body. Jeongguk kneels before him, cradling him in his arms as he stares out the window. He couldn’t hear all of the conversation—most of it muffled until Namjoon started yelling. He knows that with the way Seokjin walked away without saying see you soon bun , that things are changing—just like the seasons. It couldn’t have come at a worse time.

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    𝕆𝕧𝕖𝕣 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔼𝕕𝕘𝕖 𝔸𝕟𝕕 𝔹𝕒𝕔𝕜

    ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕡𝕥𝕖𝕣 𝟚 - 9,187 words

    Rating: | E | for Explicit (NO MINORS)

    Pairings: Namjoon x Seokjin x Jungkook

    Warnings: Angst and Hurt/Comfort, Mutual Pining, Polyamory Negotiations, Slow Build, Slow Burn, Jealousy, Domestic Boyfriends, Kim Namjoon | RM is Bad at Feelings, Jeon Jungkook is Bad at Feelings, Sexual Frustration, Irregular Passage of Time, Changing of seasons as metaphors, Explicit Sexual Content, Explicit Language

    Summary: The decision is made and Jeongguk is brought into the fold. The triangle doesn't come without its own complications...

    Cross-Posted on Ao3.

    Tag List: @mochilatae @bonvoyagenoona @skyys-universe @magicshopsgate

    Namjoon and Seokjin walk hand in hand out of their bedroom and are greeted with Jeongguk slumped in his chair with his chin resting on his forearms against the table. He hasn’t even bothered to touch his food. He looks so lost and lonely—Seokjin just wants to scoop him up into a big hug. There’s no time for it though—he wants everyone to eat so that they can have the bigger conversation about how to move forward. Jimin—Seokjin wonders for a brief moment if he knew about all this history. There’s at least a reason for him being so insistent on meeting Jeongguk in the first place. Seokjin takes his seat across from Jeongguk while Namjoon sits next to him—eyes buried in the bowl in front of him.

    “You both better eat. I will be extremely disappointed if you don’t. You don’t want that, right Kookie?” Seokjin questions. 

    Jeongguk perks up a bit, sitting straighter in his chair as he takes hold of the chopsticks beside his bowl and takes in mouths full of rice. Seokjin couldn’t be prouder, offering a warm smile as he digs into his own food. They can get through this—whatever this is. Whatever they choose to do after this conversation, it will be up to them and Seokjin will fully support it. Namjoon is clamming up—stiff and cold as he sips spoonfuls of the lukewarm stew. It’s such a shame that the food might go to waste. If Jimin were here, it wouldn’t be so bad. At least most of the food would be eaten and there wouldn’t be as many leftovers. 

    “When you are finished eating,” Seokjin says between bites, “take your dishes to the sink. Namjoon will be doing them tonight.”

    “I am?!” Namjoon snaps his head towards Seokjin.

    “You’re damn right. Plus. I want to talk to Jeonggukie.” Seokjin says flatly. It’s punishment for holding such a big secret in. Something that should have been said at the beginning of their relationship—not five years in.

    “Shit. Now I know what I’ve been forgetting all day…” Seokjin murmurs under his breath. They’ll have to celebrate another day. Tonight doesn’t seem like a good night to be celebrating a half-decade milestone. Namjoon doesn’t say a word as he does his best to finish his food as quickly as possible. Anything to get away from the table—away from Seokjin’s disappointment and the doe eyes that still steal glances at him every few minutes. 

    Seokjin is up before either of them, carrying his bowl and utensils quietly to the sink. He takes the atmosphere with him and all that is left is confusion and pain. Pain so fucking obvious on both of their faces as they are forced to look at one another. Jeongguk stands up and leaves after about five minutes, unable to finish the last bits of rice and stew. His appetite is gone—too worried about what Seokjin has to say now that everything's out in the open. How much did Namjoon divulge? That’s the most concerning thought as he walks past the dining room and into the living room where Seokjin sits comfortably with one leg crossed over the other at the far end of the couch. Jeongguk hasn’t even had the chance to admire their apartment with how fast things developed. 

    Jeongguk knows that Seokjin likes art—buries himself in it, even. He didn’t know that Seokjin is also a collector of art. Various works of James Jean line the far wall of the living room where there are no windows. It’s the focal point of the room instead of having a television. He recognizes Skipper and Athena with heavy brush strokes and the magnetism of a world only their creator could have imagined. Seokjin watches him quietly—contemplative. The walls of the room are off-white, almost blue if the lighting were brighter. The ceiling is recessed with a modern chandelier in the middle. Exquisite taste—Jeongguk tries to take it all in as he makes himself comfortable two seats down from Seokjin. He spots a smaller version of the Pelican on the wall closest to the dining room entrance.

    “James Jean, huh?” 

    “Would you expect anything less?” Seokjin laughs openly.

    “No, I guess not. Is this the kind of art that you like?”

    “Yes. I find it freeing to let the brutal edges of reality fade away for a moment—to get lost in the smooth lines of a fantastical world beyond my reach.” Seokjin hums, pressing his fingers to his lips. His hooded gaze is disarming and Jeongguk shuffles in his seat a bit more. 

    “I suppose you’re right. That’s the beauty of art, isn’t it? It gives us the ability to envision a world beyond our own. Our mind’s eye, if you will. The greatest secrets are held within that space in our frontal lobe.” Jeongguk muses as he gets more comfortable.

    “Have you heard of an artist known as Adrian Ghenie?” Seokjin leans forward with his elbows on his thighs.

    “The guy who paints faces, right?”

    Seokjin laughs again, “To put it mildly, yes. His technique is rather—unusual. Do you know what the purpose is?” 

    Jeongguk shakes his head twice. He doesn’t know enough about art to really express how he feels about it. But he holds onto Seokjin’s every word as his plush lips part with a smile.

    “His purpose is to unearth and expose vulnerability. Feelings of frustration and desire often present themselves in many ways—but he uses brush stroke techniques to defile what we know of the human collective unconsciousness. He uproots the ideals we are ingrained to understand, twists them into something new, and forces us to really look within ourselves.” Jeongguk is awestruck. Seokjin is absolutely mesmerizing when he divulges his god-given talent for discussing art. Something only Namjoon could rival back then. 

    “What does it mean to be human, Jeonggukie?” Seokjin shifts back into his seat, head resting on one hand.

    “That’s a very loaded question, Jinnie.” Namjoon says from the entrance of the living room. “Why are you trying to scare the poor boy?”

    “ ‘m not scared.” Jeongguk huffs. There’s a moment where their eyes lock and Jeongguk is in fact scared that he said something wrong. But Namjoon only nods and takes a seat in a chair opposite from where they are sitting.

    “He’s not a boy either. He’s a grown man with insight on life that I’d like to get a better grasp on.” Seokjin adds. Namjoon is quiet, weighing whether or not opening his mouth again is the best idea.

    “Do continue and answer my question. What do you think it means to be human? What makes us human?”

    “There isn’t really a straightforward answer to that. Being human can mean different things to different people. You speak of Ghenie and the emotions he draws out with his paintings—emotions are a big part of being human. Our brain structure is so complex compared to other species on this planet. We’ve evolved beyond our animal counterparts. But that is simply the biological and evolutionary aspect of it—” Jeongguk has stars in his eyes as he watches Namjoon and Seokjin listen intently. 

    “One could even wager the experiences we have are what make us human. The relationships we build with one another are what make us human. The continuation of commonly shared trials and tribulations…The varying cultures and subcultures we have created within our species are what defines us as human.” Jeongguk quiets down. His cheeks are crimson under their gaze. 

    “I suppose you’re right, Namjoon.” Seokjin snorts. “He’s a very bright man.”

    “I know…” Namjoon sighs.

    “Jeonggukie, what do you think about love?” This particular question stings—Jeongguk visibly flinches and brings his knees up to his chest.

    “That’s another loaded question, Jinnie!” Namjoon barks.

    “Let him answer for himself.”

    Jeongguk bites his bottom lip. Why this conversation is going in the direction that it is, he can only guess, has to do with the talk Seokjin and Namjoon had. This is entering into a grey area that he doesn’t really like talking about. Not since he and Namjoon ended things. Seokjin is ever patient as he waits on Jeongguk to make up his mind. Namjoon is tapping his foot on the floor—probably just as nervous as he is. How does one explain love to academics?

    “It’s–hmmm.” He puts a finger to his lips, “It’s a human construct—a chemical in the brain that sends out serotonin when aroused or happy about something or someone—we’ve just given a name to it.”

    “You don’t really believe that, do you?” Seokjin asks rhetorically. 

    “I think you use your acquired knowledge to put up a wall—to keep people out. You both do it. Love is more than just chemicals in the brain when someone is happy. That’s the biological reaction to pleasurable experiences, not always sexual in nature. Love is a complete vulnerability, is it not?” Seokjin asks both of them.

    “It’s utter devotion and trust that you put into an individual to care for the vulnerabilities that you have exposed. It’s taking the flaws in stride with perceived perfection. It’s saying you’re sorry when a mistake has been made—it’s offering forgiveness for transgressions…” 

    Namjoon knows exactly where this conversation has led to. Seokjin is a mastermind at diffusing tense situations. It’s all dependent on how Jeongguk decides to respond, though. If Jeongguk is catching on as well, he can easily choose to leave if he so desires. He has that right. But something tells Namjoon that Seokjin won’t let either of them go until this is resolved. 

    “Emotions are fickle things, but that’s what makes us human. Isn’t that what you said, Kookie?” Seokjin questions.

    “That is what I said. But what do love, mistakes, and forgiveness have to do with what we were talking about before?”

    “When life presents you with a golden opportunity, do you let it pass you by? Or do you take it by the balls and run with it?” Jeongguk is getting dizzy with all the questions thrown at him. He can see why Namjoon would fall for someone like that. Someone who piques his intellectual interests. Whiplash is a better term for what is happening here.

    “I like to take risks—so I would snatch the opportunity.” Jeongguk answers.

    “I like a daring man. Wouldn’t you agree, Namjoonie?” Seokjin leaves the couch to perch on the ottoman between Jeongguk and Namjoon.

    “If you say so.” Jeongguk isn’t sure what he was hoping for with Namjoon’s response—it certainly wasn’t nonchalance; mild indifference to the layers presented by Seokjin. 

    “I’m presenting you both with an opportunity. A chance to clear the air. To get all that anger and frustration out so that you both can heal properly. I’m offering you privacy. I need to go beat Jimin’s ass anyway. But I expect that you both can be adults and talk this out.” Seokjin warns.

    “What is the point of all this?” Namjoon swiftly stands, fists clenched at his sides.

    “You have no reason to be upset right now. Sit down.”

    Jeongguk bites his tongue—he doesn’t want to have to go through this again either. Curse Seokjin hyung for being so kind-hearted that he’s reluctantly willing to sit in front of the man who broke his heart. Even if it means they spend it in silence. Seokjin will never have to know if they don’t talk—there’s no reason for it. Namjoon made it perfectly clear back then, that time spent with Jeongguk was time wasted. Why would Seokjin go to all the trouble to forfeit time with his boyfriend just for them to do what—Kiss and make-up? Namjoon falls back into his seat with a thud.

    “I like Jeonggukie. I love you. I don’t want to see either of you in pain. Isn’t that reason enough?”

    There’s no more conversation to be had after that. Seokjin has made up his mind and there is no changing it. He grabs his shoes and wallet at the door after kissing Namjoon’s forehead and squeezing Jeongguk’s hands. Even the goodbye is silent. Good luck Jimin. Surely he will find him and Jeongguk will have to hear all about it over the next several days. That’s if he can make it out of here in one piece. With the way Namjoon glares at him—he isn’t too sure that he will.

    “I thought I asked you to leave? Why didn’t you eat your food and leave?’ Namjoon’s hoarse voice cuts through the silence like the blunt edge of a knife—ragged and uncoordinated. 

    “I wanted to apologize to Seokjin hyung—”

    “You had plenty of opportunities to do that while we were eating, and then you could have left still. Yet you chose not to. Why is that? What are you looking for?” Namjoon interrupts him.

    In the face of all the lies and the pain—Jeongguk is thrust into an inevitable truth. Namjoon wasn’t the only problem in their relationship. He was the bigger part of it with the lack of communication—distancing himself from Jeongguk. And then dancing with Yoongi that night. But Jeongguk is coming to realize the very reason Namjoon did all that is because maybe he felt smothered—suffocated by all the attention that Jeongguk craved. He’s different now—not heavily reliant on human interaction to keep his warring mind at peace. It’s only every now and then that he craves affection. He just doesn’t know how to properly ask for it. 

    “I honestly didn’t know you moved on. I didn’t know that hyung is your boyfriend. Jimin made no mention of anything.” Jeongguk shudders. 

    “Of course, he didn’t.”

    “I can—I can leave now if you want me to? I won’t show up around here again.” He whispers—almost too quiet for Namjoon to catch. He even moves to leave—attempting to walk past Namjoon. 

    “No.” There’s a hand gripping his bicep so tightly, it almost hurts. Namjoon’s palm is warm against his shirt—feeling the heat against his skin.

    “R-Really, I can—we don’t have to—“

    “There are many ways I wish I could have gone back in time to change the way things were between us.” Namjoon still holds tight to Jeongguk’s arm. “You were a menace and I wasn’t prepared to deal with all the sides you didn’t show me until the end.”

    Jeongguk understands as much—he knows that he can be a handful. He doesn’t pretend to be innocent in this situation. He still tries to pull away—still tries to walk out the door, but Namjoon is standing now, looking down at him. So much regret swallows fathomless eyes and Jeongguk wants to turn away from it. He doesn’t want to feel the pain again. Namjoon is here right in front of him—pinning him in his spot and begging him to understand without using words. Jeongguk’s lips part, but words never leave them.

    “I apologize for saying words out of anger—for saying words that I never meant. I have no excuse for acting like an animal and never taking into consideration your feelings. I apologize for being a child and not dealing with our problems head on—for slipping into another man’s arms that night and not considering how much it would hurt you.” Namjoon’s voice cracks on the last words as tears spill hotly from long lashes. 

    Jeongguk’s heart races faster—against what he doesn’t know. It fucking hurts. Everything fucking hurts. He wants to scream—shout, maybe even slap Namjoon. Because how dare he wait six years to say a word after blaming him for everything? Seokjin’s words before he left the home, ring in his ears. Forgiveness—

    The air feels like it leaves his lungs—he can’t breathe. But Namjoon is moving, circling his arms around Jeongguk. Caging him in a tight embrace and whispering into his ear how fucking sorry he is. Jeongguk is crying—big fat tears that soak Namjoon’s shoulder. The wails that escape his lips are laced with that pain he’s held inside for so long. They crumble to the floor in a pile of messy limbs and just hold on for dear life. Jeongguk doesn’t know how long they stay tangled like that—doesn’t know how long tears carve paths down their cheeks as they look into each other’s eyes. 

    “P-Please? I’m s-so sorry…” Namjoon’s breath fans his face. 

    “Yeah…I—I forgive you,” Jeongguk whispers back. They stay like that, cheeks pressed to the plush carpet facing each other. Exhaustion hits them both around the same time and their eyes flutter shut as Seokjin walks through the door silently.

    Seokjin isn’t sure what exactly he was expecting. There are several possibilities that came to mind when he made the split-second decision to leave them in the apartment alone. Seeing them asleep on the floor with their legs tangled together and their hands held close to each other’s chest was not one of them. He walks over slowly, making sure to watch his step as he leans over them to get a better look at their faces—with their foreheads pressed so close together, it was hard to see from a distance what their facial expressions held. Seokjin could see tears staining both of their cheeks. They must have at least talked about something that caused this kind of reaction. Jeongguk’s lips twitch into a soft smile as he sleeps. There it is—the answer Seokjin was looking for. Namjoon admitted his guilt and Jeongguk offered him forgiveness. It’s exactly how Seokjin wanted things to go. 

    Seokjin grabs a blanket from the couch and drapes it over the two—believing that it is best to leave them undisturbed and not ruin a pivotal moment in their lives. Something feels like it has shifted. Not in a bad way either. It’s more like the cherry blossoms threatening to open their petals with the onset of spring. The warm breeze that has settled in the city to fight back the frost that blanketed the earth for far too long. It’s a change in a season—maybe even a change in their dynamics as long as they all can keep an open mind about it. Seokjin hopes this is the case. Seeing Jeongguk that morning changed everything for him. It made Seokjin realize that there is more to life than just a palette of dull earth tones. He kisses them both on the forehead gently and walks back to the bedroom to get the sleep he knows he is going to need for the morning’s conversation.

    Birds sing a song on the branches of the cherry blossom tree outside of Seokjin’s bedroom window. They are a calling to a new day and Seokjin wakes feeling invigorated. Liberated from the stresses of yesterday and even the weeks prior to everything that went down last night. He stretches his arms to the ceiling like he always does—feeling his back pop much like bubble wrap. A contented sigh hides on the tip of his tongue as he throws the blankets off and steps onto the warm floor—feeling the sun’s meager attempts to pool through the window he left open last night. He walks to the window and stares out into the world. The cherry blossom tree’s first bud has bloomed right near his window. It couldn’t be more perfect with its petals a beautiful blush. He admires it for a moment, acknowledging how hard it worked to finally show the world its beauty. 

    Seokjin spins around on his heels and throws on a robe. There’s more work to be done and he cannot wait. The home is still quiet. When he peers into the living room to check on Namjoon and Jeongguk, they appear to have tangled themselves further—Jeongguk becoming the little spoon in a mess of blankets and limbs. Seokjin beams at the sight, determined to keep them asleep for as long as possible while he whips up some breakfast and a pot of coffee he knows Namjoon is going to want. The nutty smell of the roast is enough to have Seokjin’s nerve endings tingle as he inhales appreciatively. He swans around the kitchen preparing a mess of eggs, toast, fried rice, and fruit to set at the table. As the coffee maker beeps to completion, he can hear Namjoon groaning from the living room. 

    “Breakfast is ready if you want it,” Seokjin calls out. He can hear Jeongguk groaning as well and a bit of shuffling before both of them trudge into the kitchen with hair displaced in several spots.

    “Why didn’t you wake us, love?” Namjoon pouts as he leans his chin on Seokjin’s shoulder, wrapping him in a tight back hug. Jeongguk hangs back—unsure if he should really be here.

    “You looked too cute to bother when I came in last night. Did you have a good talk?” Seokjin asks, pulling away from Namjoon to bring food to the table. “Hmm, Jeonggukie?”

    “I—think so.”

    “Got it all worked out then? No more anger?” Seokjin turns to Namjoon this time as they all take their seats.

    “Yeah—it’s okay,” Namjoon replies quietly. 

    “Good. I don’t want there to be any more fighting or any bad blood between you. There are some things that I need to ask you both. I need you to be honest about it.” Seokjin carries on, pulling some eggs from a plate and placing it over his rice.

    “What would you like to ask, hyung?” Jeongguk murmurs as he stuffs his face with a banana. 

    “Are you emotionally ready to have a serious conversation?” Both Jeongguk and Namjoon nod at the same time, smiling a little when they notice each other.

    “I presume Namjoon has apologized?” Seokjin asks.


    “And you have forgiven him?”

    “I have…” Jeongguk’s brows furrow.

    “Then it is time to let the past go, yah? We don’t hold onto bad things once all has been forgiven.” Seokjin instructs.

    “Where is this going?” Namjoon reaches a hand over to place on Seokjin’s arm.

    “As I said last night, life is full of golden opportunities. Do you still love Namjoon?” Seokjin turns his head to Jeongguk. Jeongguk stops eating altogether, placing half a banana down on his plate. 

    Yes. He still very much loves Namjoon. He’s been in love with Namjoon for six years—despite all the pain it has caused. Despite Namjoon being the biggest asshole on the planet, Jeongguk still loves him. He chews on his bottom lip as he avoids Seokjin’s piercing gaze. Nothing feels good about where this conversation could potentially lead. Jeongguk thinks that Seokjin is going to ask him to leave. It would make sense since they are already in a committed relationship. Jeongguk is the imposer here with old wounds beginning to heal and undying love for his hyung. 

    “Silence speaks volumes and it’s as I thought. Namjoon—do you still love Jeonggukie?” The heated question is turned to him now. He doesn’t know what to say. He isn’t brave enough to address what he already knows to be true. But he has to.

    “I do…”

    “Ah, an honest man. I’ve always loved that about you.” Seokjin chuckles. “You still love me, yes?”

    “Of course I do! I wouldn’t dream of going through life without you.” Namjoon panics, holding Seokjin’s arm even tighter.

    “Calm down, Namjoon-ah. You aren’t in trouble.” Seokjin lifts Namjoon’s hand and presses his lips to his knuckles. Jeongguk is feeling nauseous. He really shouldn’t be here—witnessing this intimate moment between the two. Seokjin and Jeongguk’s eyes meet.

    “I like you, Jeongguk. I don’t know what it is about you, but I do.” Seokjin’s words are an arrow to his heart.

    He what?

    “You barely know me. I’m your boyfriend’s ex-lover.” Jeongguk sputters with a pout.

    “All beginnings start somewhere, don’t they? Cherry blossoms. They hibernate during the winter much as all trees and flowers do. When the earth is ready to heal after a long winter, the buds fight against cool temperatures and unfavorable conditions to bloom, do they not? Yesterday was cool, with a hint of spring in the air. And the trees are beginning to bud. This morning, the air is much warmer—and a cherry blossom finally bloomed. It’s the fight that matters—the will to push through all obstacles to reach an end goal. From there, new beginnings come again.” Seokjin surmises that changes in relationships happen all the time. This one doesn’t have to be a bad one.

    “What I’m saying is that—I can get to know you. Get close with you, like Namjoon undoubtedly is. Break the mold of what society thinks is an appropriate relationship dynamic. Because I wouldn’t want to hold Namjoon back from whom he loves, and I also don’t want to let him go. Do you understand what I’m saying?” Seokjin checks in, to see if Jeongguk is following. Namjoon certainly is—he’s gone quiet. This could go very wrong and Namjoon knows that he could lose everything if it does.

    “I t-think I do.”

    “I hope so. Because I’m offering you my own vulnerability. In due time of course. I think we need to start from the beginning. To see each other more, to find out our likes and dislikes before we bring you into the fold. But I have no doubt—you are what I have been looking for to feel complete, regardless of your past history with Namjoon-ah.”

    Namjoon is floored. He doesn’t know what to think at this point. Never has he ever considered bringing Jeongguk back into his life. It wasn’t even in the realm of possibilities even last night when they were pouring their souls out to each other. He didn’t even consider it when they fell asleep in each other’s arms on the floor. Yet, here Seokjin is, with his unending love for humanity and life, offering to bring Jeongguk into their relationship at a later date. Seokjin is really good at reading people, knowing who they truly are before even really knowing him. For whatever reason, he wants to cling to Jeongguk and Namjoon isn’t sure how to feel. Sure, on the outside, Namjoon is thrilled that Seokjin would be open to something like that. On the inside, there is this fear that gnaws around the edges of Namjoon’s heart. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone again—doesn’t want to be given the opportunity to royally fuck up once more. Is it really a good idea to consider this?

    “I can see the gears spinning, Namjoon. What are you worried about?” Seokjin asks softly.

    “W-What if this changes us?” Namjoon motions between the two of them.

    “I can guarantee that it will. But I don’t think that it’s a bad thing. Don’t view the world and change with cynicism. You would be surprised with human’s capacity to love.” Seokjin chirps as he continues to eat his breakfast. Jeongguk is a bit worried about it too—but he trusts that Seokjin knows what he’s talking about.

    “There’s no harm in trying—or maybe there is if feelings get hurt. But we’ll never know until we actually do try.” Seokjin adds.

    “I trust you,” Namjoon says after a few minutes. 


    “I—“ He isn’t sure, and Seokjin can see it. “I’ll try.”

    “Good! Because I’m taking you around today to look for an apartment. Jimin is otherwise indisposed.” Seokjin laughs.

    “What did you do to him!?” Namjoon chokes.

    “I did nothing. But you may want to call Taehyung, he misses you.” Seokjin says while carrying his plate away. 

    “Oh. Oohh. No thanks.” Namjoon flushes red as a rose. 

    Their morning carries on to the beat of their own drum. Namjoon disappears to get ready for another long day of lectures—this time on a smaller scale. Seokjin and Jeongguk work through the dishes and kitchen together until it is spotless. Their laughter is infectious as Namjoon rounds the corner to say goodbye. He kisses Seokjin with purpose, exploring the fine lines of his jaw before Seokjin has to push him away. Surprisingly, he offers Jeongguk a small hug—a peace offering that continues the steps towards a positive path from last night. Jeongguk will take anything at this point—if it means he can see Namjoon and Seokjin like this all the time. Seokjin ruffles his soft-blonde hair.

    “Why don’t we get going then, hmm? The day is young and life is short.” 

    “I need to—shower and stuff. I don’t have any clothes with me.” Jeongguk rubs the back of his neck.

    “You can borrow some of Namjoon’s clothes today. No worries. Go hop in the shower.” Seokjin pushes him out of the kitchen and points down the hall to the spare bathroom. “There’s towels in the cabinet and soap already available. Take your time.”

    Jeongguk slips away without further complaint—relishing in the silence offered by the showerhead as it drowns everything else out. The perfect white noise to drag his thoughts around while simultaneously cleansing his body. This is all so crazy—exciting maybe, but definitely crazy. He’s never been in a relationship with two people at the same time. Seokjin is a dreamer—living between waves of paint and metal. His perception of what love is—or what it can be—is childish at best. There are so many more emotions that will have to go into this—more than one person’s feelings to consider. It seems unrealistic right now.

    He shoves his face under the water, letting the river of heat run down his back to help the aching muscles from laying on the floor all night. His eyes scrunch closed as he remembers Namjoon’s body wrapped around his. The way it contoured so perfectly against his spine. He tried to pull away after waking up in the middle of the night, but Namjoon’s grip was iron tight. He can still feel it on his hips—on his belly. He presses a hand to his stomach as the muscles contract. There’s a knock on the door that pulls him out of a daze.

    '“What is it?!” He calls out.

    “Just me! I’m dropping some clothes off—they’re on the sink.” Seokjin enters the bathroom with one hand blocking his vision while he carefully places clothing on the counter.

    “There’s a spare toothbrush in the drawer with some toothpaste too if you need it.” Jrongguk hums in response and resumes washing as Seokjin escapes. When he shuts the water off—steam makes it hard to see himself in the mirror above the sink. He wonders if the tired ghost of a man still lingers in the mirror. He wipes his hand across it and can see himself briefly before the steam swallows it once more. The pain is still there–but within that swirling pool of pain is hope. Just a fractional amount that he can see. He hopes that he’s not getting his hopes up for anything. 

    Seokjin is waiting for him, lounged in the same spot he had been sitting in the night before. The teal silk shirt he wears accentuates the olive tone of his skin and brings out the flecks of amber in his eyes. Jeongguk can definitely see where the attraction is found in Seokjin. His lips pout as he stares down at his phone, flipping through pictures. He looks worried as Jeongguk sits down next to him to get a better look. Artwork of course—the curator must have sent him pictures for his consideration. Jeongguk wishes he knew more about art. It’s the whole reason why he wants to attend classes again—so he can be more knowledgeable about it and how art ties into philosophy through the ages. 

    “We don’t have to go apartment hunting if you need to take care of this. I know my way around enough to make it on my own.” Jeongguk suggests.

    “No, No. It’s fine really. He’s just sending me the pictures to think about so I can come to him with a decision tomorrow.” Seokjin waves it off, shoving the phone into his brown slacks and standing up. “I have plenty of time to think about it while I’m helping you. So really, don’t worry about it.”

    Seokjin drags Jeongguk out the door before he can protest further. The air really is filled with the beginning of spring—crisp with budding leaves and grass. More cherry blossoms can be seen on trees all around the neighborhood that Seokjin and Namjoon live in. It’s peaceful—serene and Seokjin has to pause and catalog the change of the season in his mind. One day he will be brave enough to produce a painting of his own. The sun rises higher with each passing minute while Seokjin calls a cab to bring them to the closest neighborhood to the university—filled with dorms and apartments. Seokjin talks about how the commute for Jeongguk will be easier if he can live as close as possible and there are still a reasonable amount of restaurants and shopping districts if Jeongguk has use for them. Jeongguk is relieved that there are still single apartments available when Seokjin calls ahead to request a tour. 

    “If you want a flat, you’ll have to travel a bit more. Traffic can be tricky if you’re not paying attention to the time.” Seokjin advises.

    “An apartment is fine. It’s only me, anyway.” Jeongguk shrugs as they pull up to a set of dorm buildings, the furthest away from campus.

    “We’re always a phone call away too—if you need anything,” Seokjin whispers in his ear when they leave the cab.

    “I’ll be fine, hyung. I’ve been through this before when I got my degree from the philosophy department.”

    “Can you blame hyung for being worried? It’s been years since you’ve been back, according to Namjoonie and Jimin.” Seokjin wraps an arm around Jeongguk’s shoulder. He doesn’t comment.

    They find out from the staff at the front desk that it would be best for Jeongguk to seek residence with people already established in Seoul. They are reserving the rooms left for international students coming in. Jeongguk feels the trip is wasted and walks out of the building ahead of Seokjin—frustrated. Why didn’t they just say it on the phone instead of making them come all the way here for nothing? Seokjin simply laughs it off and pulls Jeongguk down the sidewalk to a stall for noodles nearby. Offers to pay even—when Jeongguk pouts with disappointment.

    “Why don’t you just stay with us until you can get settled? Jimin and Taehyung…need their space.” Seokjin offers.

    “I can’t do that. Namjoon hyung wouldn’t like that.” Jeongguk shakes his head vehemently.

    “Nonsense. I haven’t seen Namjoon this calm in a while. Whatever you two said to each other last night, helped resolve some issues he has with himself.” Seokjin rejects.

    “I don’t want to impose.” Jeongguk insists. There are plenty of other places he can look to stay at. It does not have to be with Seokjin and Namjoon. 

    “You wouldn’t be. Don’t ever think that you are. In fact—if you choose to stay with us, you’ll have to pull your own weight. I expect you to help cook and clean. If we need groceries, I expect you to buy some. Water Joon’s plants if he asks you. Be present for dinner. That sort of thing. It would help if you got a part-time job, and I also expect you to take school seriously. Don’t dick around just because I don’t expect you to pay rent. That can easily change.” Seokjin rambles as they take seats at a table close to the stall to wait for their noodles.

    “That’s—a-alot.” Jeongguk blushes.

    “Well, you can’t just sit on my couch and do nothing. That would be irresponsible. Think about it this way—if you come live with us, it will give us all a chance to find out if we can really make it work as a unit of three. Wouldn’t you agree?” Seokjin asks as he levels a hooded gaze on him.

    Jeongguk thinks on it for a few minutes before responding, “I guess you’re right.”

    “Perfect! I have a good feeling about this.” Seokjin claps his hands as the stall owner brings over hot bowls of spicy noodles.

    Namjoon is not expecting to see Seokjin and Jeongguk curled up on the couch reading through a book in Seokjin’s hand when he comes home. They’re in a heated debate about a few pictures that lay out on the coffee table, which means the book in his hand is for reference. He slips into the kitchen, noticing braised chicken in a pot of kimchi with bacon slowly cooking on medium. The spicy seasoning permeates the space and spills down the hallway as he undoes his tie and hides his briefcase in the bedroom. Jeongguk’s laughter echoes down the hall and a little smile betrays Namjoon.

    He remembers that laugh, and many other kinds of laughs that Jeongguk held in his body. The way his nose would scrunch up like a bunny when he was particularly excited. He witnesses that same smile when he joins them in the living room—sitting across from them as they debate Adrien Ghenie over Mark Bradford. Jeongguk is still insistent that Seokjin can make Ghenie’s artwork with the theme the curator gave him as long as he picks the right pieces. 

    “What draws you to Mark Bradford, hyung?” Namjoon interrupts their banter for a moment.

    “He’s a collage painter. He uses texture and different types of paper to create brilliant works.” There’s a glint in Seokjin’s eyes.

    “Social abstraction is his style. He’s devoted his work to exploring social and political structures of marginalized communities.”

    “Why not select works from both artists? Ones that fit in a fluid way with the theme you’re going for?” Namjoon suggests.

    “That’s what I was trying to tell him!” Jeongguk hands over six pictures—three from each artist. “I think these ones would work well together.”

    He isn’t wrong, Namjoon can already tell. Jeongguk has always had a knack for piecing things together. He admires them before sitting them down on the coffee table. Jeongguk and Seokjin await his response—one he isn’t sure how to give. He clasps his hands in his lap and leans back further into the chair. Head cocking to the side when they appear to be holding their breath.

    “The six tell a story. One of reflection that pushes the viewer to look beyond themselves. Jeongguk is right. These will be a perfect addition to the exhibit.” Namjoon says carefully. Jeongguk smiles triumphantly as he whispers an ‘ I told you so ’ to Seokjin who just scoffs and takes the photos back to the bedroom.

    “So, you’ve decided to stay then?” Namjoon asks once Seokjin is out of earshot. Jeongguk looks up, confused.

    “How did you know about that?” His voice is so small—Namjoon can’t help but smile. 

    “Seokjin and I don’t keep secrets. Communication is important in any relationship. I wouldn’t have let you stay if he hadn't run it by me first.” Namjoon moves from his chair to sit next to Jeongguk on the couch—taking his hands in a firm grip.

    “We all want this little piece of happiness. Seokjin finds it in you and I found it in you long ago. I don’t know how things will turn out for us. But I certainly won’t leave you to live in the dorms when we have a spare room and Seokjin wants an extra hand around the home.” Jeongguk struggles to listen as he is held by Namjoon’s careful gaze—feeling the warmth radiating from his fingers and spinning its way through his skin. 

    “We just have to take it one step at a time and see where this path leads us, yeah?”

    “O-Okay.” Jeongguk swallows, feeling relief that Namjoon is easily accepting of this. It’s not the strangest situation Jeongguk has been through. No—that would have been walking in on a tense argument between Jimin and Taehyung when he first arrived back in Seoul. It was their lips crashing together and Taehyung growling between fevered kisses that reminded him so much of how it used to be between him and Namjoon. This is normal compared to whatever Jimin and Taehyung seem to be going through. 

    It’s so easy for Jeongguk to forget all the trouble caused by a lack of words when Namjoon sits before him with a thumb caressing his calloused knuckles. To drown in the words that spill from his lips about the upbeat areas of Seoul where Jeongguk can find a good crowd to hang out with when he isn’t working or in class. The way his lips curve around words as he speeds through different ideas makes Jeongguk’s heart swoon and for a moment, he forgets all the troubles trapped in his mind and bathes in the light that Namjoon and Seokjin have provided. 

    Seokjin joins them on the couch—expressing a desire for takeout because he’s too tired to cook tonight. His head leans on Jeongguk’s shoulder and his arms wrap around his waist. It’s cozy—feeling his heartbeat against his back. Namjoon smiles at both of them—offering to grab some menus to help them decide on where to order from. The most natural feeling in the world—like Jeongguk is the missing piece to their puzzle. Spring brings on many changes and life is regenerated in the process—Namjoon and Seokjin are content in the calmness that he brings. Even in the face of uncertainty, Namjoon plans to work harder this time. To make time for the little moments.

    They settle on pizza and Seokjin’s jazz playlist for the night. Seokjin swims around the living room to the swelling rise and fall of a saxophone and drums—dragging Jeongguk along as they laugh and smile. Time seems to fade away when in the presence of each other. Jeongguk forgets that tomorrow, he’ll need to register for classes. Namjoon doesn’t think about the influx of international students arriving in the next few weeks. Seokjin could care less about the exhibit he is supposed to help plan. It’s easy to get lost in Seokjin’s embrace as he cheerfully drags Jeongguk around the room—pulling him close enough to feel his breath against flushed skin. Namjoon stands behind Jeongguk and holds them both close, swaying gently to a softer piano. His breath tickles the back of Jeongguk’s neck, sending a shudder down his spine. They all but forget the pizza on the counter; it grows colder with every passing minute. 

    There’s a bit of silence that accompanies the vibrations of Seokjin’s phone. Someone calling so late in the evening begs the question of whether it’s important to answer or not. Namjoon lets them both go—shuffling back onto the couch, tired and uncoordinated. Jeongguk slouches next to him as Seokjin regretfully fishes his phone from the kitchen counter. Jimin says that it’s urgent in a message that follows after a missed phone call. Seokjin steps further into the kitchen, pressing the dial button and holding the phone to his ear. The pizza still sits on the counter untouched.

    “It’s getting kind of late, Jiminie.” Seokjin speaks first when he finally picks up.

    “T-Tae and I had a f-fight.” Jimin whimpers into the receiver. 

    The pain in his voice sounds so eerily similar to Namjoon’s before their big talk. “Do you need me to come over?”

    “P-Please, hyung?” 

    “Okay, okay. Just relax. I’ll be there soon. Keep your phone on you.” Seokjin reminds him before hanging up.

    “Hey, you two—“ Seokjin says as he walks back into the living room with his eyes still glued to his phone.

    “I need to go see Jimin. He’s got some things going on and needs someone to talk to. Are you going to be okay if I leave you here for a few hours?” His eyes lift to stare at Namjoon and Jeongguk who haven’t moved from their spots on the couch.

    “Love, it’s kind of late, don’t you think?” Namjoon frowns.

    “Yeah—late.” Jeongguk murmurs.

    “I know—but he really needs me right now. You two are grown, men. You can fend for yourselves until I get back.” Seokjin scoffs before pressing a kiss to each of their foreheads. “Don’t wait for me if you’re tired.”

    He’s out the door before Namjoon even has the chance to protest again. Jeongguk looks solemn—abandoning the couch in favor of the comfort of his bed in the spare room. Namjoon here’s the bedroom door click shut and is thus left alone to his thoughts. Seokjin never goes out this late at night, so it must be really bad with Jimin for him to get up and leave. He didn’t even take some pizza with him. In fact, now that Namjoon thinks about it, Jeongguk didn’t eat either. He rallies up the courage to leave the couch too. It would be a waste if he lets the pizza sit on the counter all night untouched—so he fills a plate and walks down the hall to Jeongguk’s door. 

    The light is dim in his room, from what Namjoon can tell. He knocks twice. Only silence greets him in the darkness of the hall. The door pushes open as he twists the knob and comes to find Jeongguk on the bed—under the covers and facing the wall. He walks in and closes the door behind him—setting the pizza on the desk.

    “Kook, you haven’t eaten. You can’t just go to bed without some food in your stomach.” Namjoon mumbles, shaking Jeongguk’s shoulder. Jeongguk shrugs his hand off.

    “ ‘m not hungry.” Namjoon can almost hear the pout—edged with a sprinkle of sadness. Namjoon shakes his head and lifts up the covers, pushing Jeongguk over in the process until they are huddled together, face to face. Tension lingers between their rigged bodies as Namjoon pushes hair away from Jeongguk’s face.

    “You need to eat nonetheless. If you don’t want pizza, we can make something else.” Namjoon’s breath is like cinnamon sticks in apple cider as it fans his face. Jeongguk’s eyes flutter shut.

    “ ‘m just tired, Namjoonie hyung.” Jeongguk insists.

    “What’s wrong? What are you not telling me?” Namjoon’s voice lowers an octave. 

    They lay in the stillness of the night. Only the sound of their hearts beating in their ears can be heard. Jeongguk’s breath is shallow, faint as doe eyes open once more and really look at Namjoon. The hard edge of his jaw and the smooth slope of the skin on his neck—just where the pulse can barely be seen. Jeongguk has tried so hard to not let his thoughts stray to the good times they had. This is a clean slate—which means everything in the past should be left in the past—even the good times. When Namjoon holds him so close and speaks his concerns with the low timbre of his voice, it’s hard not to think. Hard not to remember what it sounds like in the throws of bliss—pleasure. In fact, it haunts him—the sounds Namjoon used to make when they kissed and held each other too tightly.

    A fire burned with passion back then—when all they knew was the love of skin pressed against skin. Jeongguk can almost see that flame in Namjoon’s eyes. But it’s caged by caution—fear of stepping out of line and losing themselves. He wants so badly to connect the space between them—to feel hot lips swallow his every breath until he’s no longer breathing. Namjoon’s lip twitches—his mind going where Jeongguk’s is. But they never kiss, just stare quietly and let the envelope of silence pull them under a wave of restful sleep.

    The evergreen shades of spring give way to the sweltering heat of summer. When people spend more time with fans in their hands or near bodies of water than indoors because it’s just too fucking hot. Everything melts when the air touches it—roads buckle under the pressure and ice cream doesn’t even have a chance. Jeongguk pouts as he stares down at the banana cream popsicle he holds in his hand, dripping between his fingers the longer it goes without being licked. His hip glances the kitchen counter as he huffs a frustrated sigh. Seokjin and Namjoon have been busier with preparations for a new exhibit and a school term coming in the fall. Jeongguk had kept his promise in the first throws of spring, maintaining a part-time job on campus in the library—helping summer term students find their way among the never-ending shelves full of words that sought to indulge intellect. The buzzing of honey bees outside the kitchen window draws Jeongguk’s attention outward—to life in abundance and the pain of winter long forgotten. 

    There’s an itch under his skin—one he hasn’t felt in so long. Or maybe he has, but it’s fleeting at best. Coming in spurts whenever he finds eyes lingering on him for just a moment too long. Hooded eyes that pierce right through to his soul and always leave him breathless—yearning for so much more than just occasional glances and cautious desire. It’s seen in Seokjin’s eyes as well, these days. Jeongguk feels like he is surrounded by a pair of hungry wolves just waiting for the perfect moment to swallow him whole. How much longer is he going to have to wait to feel one of them touch him? How much longer is he going to have to put up with hearing their whispered moans through paper-thin walls as they get lost in themselves—strong as ever without him getting in the middle?

    It feels too fucking hot and Jeongguk wants to fight. Wants to hit something because it’s all frustrating—the mixed signals and his fucked up feelings. Why he ever thought this could work, he isn’t sure. But as the banana cream popsicle continues to melt, he begins to loathe the idea—begins to wonder how much it would hurt to just pull away. It’s only been a few months—it’s not like they are attached to him or anything. His lips curl into a sneer as he takes a big bite out of the melting popsicle, stomach gurgling at the idea of even trying to finish it now that he is in a sour mood. The front door opens with a bang and subsequent slam as Seokjin marches into the kitchen with a fevered blush on his cheeks to get some water and ice from the freezer. Jeongguk doesn’t move, frozen with the popsicle still pressed against his lips as he watches quietly.

    “You should take a picture, it might last longer,” Seokjin says the age-old line as he brings an ice pack out to place on the back of his neck while he leans against the opposite counter.

    “B-Bad day?” Jeongguk inquires quietly after pulling the popsicle away and tossing it into the sink. He has no desire to finish it now. Not when all that he desires at this moment, is Seokjin. 

    Seokjin’s eyes hone in on the stickiness that creates a sheen across Jeongguk’s pouty, petal lips and drips down to his chin. He wants to say something—wants to tell Jeongguk that he needs a napkin because the popsicle has made a mess. He doesn’t—no. This bloody heat has him thinking about other things—sinful things. Things that could make any man blush—but Jeongguk would look so fucking pretty blushing. Seokjin can’t help it—he really can’t. His feet move of their own accord and before he can even stop himself, his thumb runs across Jeongguk’s bottom lip to collect that sticky sweetness and pull it into his mouth for tasting.

    “Delicious.” He says simply, eyes still focused intently on Jeongguk. 

    “U-Um?” Jeongguk feels like he’s living in a twilight zone. Is this real? Is this happening?

    “Can…Can I kiss you?” The request is quiet enough that Jeongguk isn’t sure that he heard Seokjin right.

    “Say—S-Say that again?” He gulps down pooling saliva—feeling suddenly parched, like he needs water—right the fuck now.

    “I’m dying to kiss you. Can I?” Seokjin says again, just a little bit louder this time. 

    The dripping tap suddenly sounds too loud, or maybe it’s the hum of the poor air conditioner trying to turn on. The echo of blaring horns of cars driven by angry people trying to get out of the heat can be heard too. Jeongguk’s heart may be the culprit behind the thrumming in his ear because it kicks on just a little bit too fast. Jeongguk isn’t sure what to think or say. Holy shit . He’s wanted to hear these words for so long and now that he is faced with them, he has no clue what to do—how to act. His head still nods as Seokjin draws closer—paints his heated skin with even hotter, minty breath. Chest to chest they press against each other with Seokjin’s tight grip on Jeongguk’s waist—bruising almost as his tongue slides along Jeongguk’s bottom lip. Savoring the sweetness of them and the mixture of the popsicle he just indulged in. Jeongguk hiccups a laugh that is crushed by plump lips driven hungry by Seoul’s summer heat. Seokjin’s lips are magnetizing, carrying every rational thought so far away from Jeongguk’s brain. His lips part and that heat-driven hunger amplifies with Seokjin’s tongue licking into his mouth—pressing his body against him harder—holding him even harder. 

    Namjoon has to laugh or else he will be furious. Walking in on Seokjin making the youngest of the three fall apart—in the kitchen no less. With every bite that Seokjin leaves on Jeongguk’s bottom lip—every suckle of tender flash into his mouth—Jeongguk moans and gasps—delirious with mounting pleasure. Namjoon is jealous. Having spent so much time holding himself back, Seokjin is ultimately the first one to break the barrier between the three. He wanted to be the one to do it. Wanted to be the one to savor Jeongguk once more. His mind travels to an even darker scenario—one where both he and Seokjin completely ruin him—for anyone else. His strides take him flush up against Seokjin’s back—curling fingers through his hair to pull him back.

    “I didn’t know that we were eating the bunny.” Namjoon groans, wrapping Seokjin up in his arms and crushing their lips together. He can taste Jeongguk on him—smell his woodsy scent as Seokjin’s tongue dances with his.

    “Mmmm—are you jealous?” Seokjin speaks against his lips—noses brushing. 

    “I’m not jealous. Just didn’t want you to start without me.” Namjoon supplies as they pull away from one another and level a gaze enough to scorch the place—at Jeongguk.

    “W-What has gotten into you two?” Jeongguk whimpers, wiping saliva from his chin. The other hand clutches his chest as he tries to catch some air in his burning lungs.

    “Heat makes people crazy. But I’ve been crazy about you for months now. We both have.” Seokjin gestures between himself and Namjoon. Namjoon only confirms with a curt nod while his fingers flex at his sides, rolling and clenching as he tries to find his center again.

    “And you just decided not to enlighten me up until this point?” Jeongguk folds his arms across his chest—closing himself off.

    “You’re rather unapproachable when you walk around grumpy,” Namjoon admits.

    “Because you two are always fucking when I want to talk!”

    Pin drop silence is the only way to describe the atmosphere in the room. Namjoon and Seokjin are both stunned. They had never realized that they were being too loud. Forgetting that Jeongguk stays in the bedroom right next to theirs. It’s fucking embarrassing. 

    “I…uh? We’re sorry..” Seokjin blushes at the thought.

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    𝕆𝕧𝕖𝕣 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔼𝕕𝕘𝕖 𝔸𝕟𝕕 𝔹𝕒𝕔𝕜

    ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕡𝕥𝕖𝕣 𝟙 - 10,799 words

    Rating: | E | for Explicit (NO MINORS)

    Pairings: Namjoon x Seokjin x Jungkook

    Warnings: Angst and Hurt/Comfort, Mutual Pining, Polyamory Negotiations, Slow Build, Slow Burn, Jealousy, Domestic Boyfriends, Kim Namjoon | RM is Bad at Feelings, Jeon Jungkook is Bad at Feelings, Sexual Frustration, Irregular Passage of Time, Changing of seasons as metaphors, Explicit Sexual Content, Explicit Language

    Summary: "Home comes in many forms. For Seokjin, it’s the place where he feels safest. It doesn’t matter where home may be, only that he has found it in Namjoon."

    The past has a way of catching up with Namjoon and it's hard to measure whether the anger is worth it in the end--not when pretty doe eyes capture his beloved Seokjin and help him to realize that not all relationships are the same. The missing puzzle piece that they've subconsciously been searching for is found in the most unlikely of places--the perfect glue to keep the mold of their life together.

    Author Notes: This is for the NamJinKook Fest on Twitter. I based the idea around the prompt of NamJinkook and what a relationship would be like between them. Through all the ups and downs they learn how important communication can be. Relationships change just like the seasons do.

    Cross-Posted on Ao3.

    Tag List: @mochilatae @bonvoyagenoona @skyys-universe @magicshopsgate

    A moment of rebirth occurs in the stillness of winter’s ending. Darkened clay-like landscaping gives way to a spectrum of colors that bloom warmth and joy in tired souls weary from the frost. Wounds on the land begin to heal with the seedlings of grass and wheat—and tree branches shake off their protective layer to absorb Solaris rays that invigorate down to the tiniest cells. With each degree increase in temperature–the world sighs in relief and life resumes its steady march. Flower buds awaken and spread their petals as if to call out to the sun ‘ our savior has returned ’. They reach for the cerulean blue skyline—releasing oxygen with each swaying breath the wind takes from them. 

    The symphony of life—potent with scents that awaken hibernating creatures from their slumber and call upon wanderers to return home. The flitting of caterpillars born again as butterflies and the call of birds high on the webbing of invisible energy that draws them to reproduce before the cold can send them south again. Rabbits and foxes bolt from their burrows to feast on seeds, grass, meat—anything that nature is willing to provide in this time of renewal. There’s just something about this awakening that draws crowds from around the world to come together and rejoice. As the sun hits an open window in the second story of a private home—long lashes flutter and open. Amber pools glance at the ceiling and a sigh of contentment escapes chapped lips that thirst for water and nourishment. 

    “It’s getting warmer, you know? The air is different today.” A tall man stands by the cracked, open window—peering out into the world below them. Outside this den of solace and comfort—the only place Seokjin finds that he wants to be. With the winds of spring rolling in, he knows that life is going to get busier—a steadily building rhythm of meetings and appearances that leave little time for his private life. 


    Seokjin doesn’t say his name as he watches his naked back muscles ripple from rolling shoulders down to his hips—grey sweatpants hang loosely along the v-line of his abdomen and just below the dimples of his lower back. Namjoon turns anyway, eyes falling on his sleepy figure filled with adoration and hope. Unspoken words weigh heavily on parched tongues—twisting in the recesses of their throats. It’s all there—in their eyes that lock each other in place.

    I love you…

    Seokjin dares to climb from the comfort of the bedsheets. His toes curl upon touching the floor—still slightly cold having not bathed long enough under the warmth of the sun. He stretches his arms to the ceiling, bowing his back to release tension in those muscles. For only a moment, stars sparkle at the edges of his vision—the stretch is just that good. He huffs out a sigh and lazily walks to Namjoon’s open arms—relishing in the comfort his embrace provides.

    This is home.

    Home comes in many forms. For Seokjin, it’s the place where he feels safest. It doesn’t matter where home may be, only that he has found it in Namjoon. The man of many faces—many perspectives and a wealth of knowledge that Seokjin chooses to get lost in when daylight turns to dusk and the stars paint a canvas into eternity with reds, blues, yellows—so much more than that. His lips press against Namjoon’s right shoulder as they turn to the window and gaze upon life meandering beneath them. The cherry blossom tree of their front yard dances in the cool breeze and the first buds of the flowers show green against the backdrop of brown and grey. It’s only a matter of time before dusty pink hues will become the only view they have in the mornings—sheltering them from the world around them. They’re silent for a few beats more—relishing in the skin-to-skin contact and the feel of their heartbeats mingling as one. This is the perfect start to any morning and Seokjin wants to follow this infinitely. 

    Ultimately, Namjoon is the first to pull away—when the drone of their morning alarm disarms the silence with a teeth grating buzz and the spell is broken. One more kiss at Seokjin's temple and Namjoon reluctantly disentangles himself. He turns the alarm off on his way to the bathroom where he’ll spend the next 30 minutes getting ready for one of the longest days he will have this week. He’s been invited as a special guest to lecture to university students on Humanities and what it means to be human. Seokjin can’t be more proud—Namjoon can’t be more nervous. It is the highlight of his career as an academic. He should feel honored—he does. To have people come from all around the world, just to hear his opinions on what it means to transcend the divide created within the human species, it’s a lot to take in. Seokjin reassures him on a daily basis that he will be amazing.

    While Namjoon is busy, Seokjin flits off to the kitchen—sparkling just the way he left it the night before. Coffee is food for the soul as Namjoon likes to put it, so Seokjin indulges and brews a dark roast pot just for him. He makes light work of leftovers from the night before as well, to pack him a lunch and add to a healthy breakfast of dakjuk and Ggaeran Jim. The press of a button turns on the Bluetooth speaker system that lines the kitchen and living room space and the smooth timbre of soulful jazz permeates the open space. Seokjin sways his hips to the taps of a ride cymbal with the soft beat of a bass drum. His mind wanders as he sets dishes on the breakfast bar—absorbed in a world far away from here. Where life is much simpler—maybe around the time when he and Namjoon first started dating. 

    It was on a morning just like this one—a little more carefree. The years they spent in college when the responsibility of being an adult wasn’t so heavy. Just the bustling between classes; meeting professors and colleagues alike. A time when Namjoon spent his mornings in a little cafe around the corner from where they currently live. His face would always be shoved in a book—usually about art or on rare occasions, about social justice. Seokjin remembers exactly what drew him to Namjoon in the first place. How rays of sunlight split the clouds and Namjoon’s golden skin glowed against the dull backdrop of yellow and green within the cafe. His dimples flexed into a smile when something about his reading material caught his attention. Seokjin being the social butterfly that he is, couldn’t help but be drawn to him and that gorgeous smile. 

    A smile that he wanted to keep for himself—only him. The surprise on Namjoon’s face elicited the most pleasant feeling of butterflies in his stomach when he chose to take up residence in the seat across from him. Should Seokjin have asked first? Sure. The boldness would have lost its appeal then—stealing Seokjin’s courage and thunder. The wealth of intelligence held in those beautiful eyes took Seokjin’s breath away. To be quite honest, he didn’t think he would be able to say a word then. But Namjoon was ever patient—ever kind. It was as natural as walking once they got past the introductions and Seokjin’s profuse apologies about invading his personal space and time just to say ‘ hello ’. There’s not a day that goes by that Seokjin regrets making the first move. Warm hands slip around his waist as he spins around the kitchen to grab some drinks. 


    His nose buries in Seokjin’s hair—inhaling a scent that is uniquely his. A mix of cherry blossoms and lemongrass. On any other person, it would absolutely be too sweet. But Seokjin’s own personal musk balances out the sweetness just right. Seokjin’s head falls back against Namjoon’s broad shoulder, pulling his arms to wrap completely around him in a back hug as they continue to sway around the kitchen. In the back of his mind, Namjoon knows that he doesn’t have a lot of time to spend cozying up to the love of his life. There will be more time for that later, right?

    “Breakfast is on the table. You better get going.” Seokjin murmurs after another minute. He knows as much too, lamenting the time he will have to spend on his own once Namjoon leaves for this lecture. It’s the second time this morning that Namjoon finds himself reluctantly pulling away—already missing the warmth of Seokjin’s body. 

    “I’ll take it to go, if you can pack it up, please?” Namjoon asks dryly. Seokjin’s smile falls slightly from his face. He had hoped Namjoon would at least be able to spend breakfast with him. It’s not the case these days with how busy their lives have become.

    “Sure, love. Go get your briefcase and shoes.” He shoos Namjoon away and brings the dishes back to the counter. Something in him falters a little. Maybe it’s the beat of his heart. Maybe it’s the unsteady words that roam his mind. He can’t tell the difference. 

    Namjoon stumbles over his feet as he hops back to the kitchen, sliding one shoe on each foot at a time. He leaves the briefcase at the door—likely to pick it up on the way out—Seokjin hopes. He has no intentions of making a trip out to the university if Namjoon forgets. It’s too long of a drive for the things he has going on in his own schedule today. Jimin is back in town today and they are supposed to meet up for lunch. Something Seokjin has been looking forward to for weeks. He remembers mentioning it to Namjoon a few days ago—but that was after the throws of sex and Namjoon was too tired to remember, likely. Seokjin meticulously packs a bento-style box full of the porridge and steamed eggs—praying that it will still taste just as good as it does right now, later on. Two bento boxes—Namjoon will not go hungry if he remembers to eat. The stress of this lecture might be enough to make him forget. He tucks each box into Namjoon’s awaiting hands. 

    “This one–” Seokjin points to his left hand, “is your breakfast. Don’t forget to eat before you have to go up and talk. You’ll regret it if you do.”

    Namjoon’s sweet dimpled smile appears to lighten the severity of Seokjin’s dwindling mood, “I promise I won’t forget. How could I when you made it?”

    These are the moments when Seokjin wishes they had more time. How much he would love to grab Namjoon by the scruff of his hair—draw him close and ghost plump lips over the shell of his ear. Just to whisper how much he loves him. Send him off to work flustered and content. This is not that kind of morning.

    “Aren’t you as charming as ever?” He chuckles in response.

    “I do try…”

    “This one–” Seokjin then points to his right hand, “is for lunch only. These both better be empty by the time you come home.” The playful threat is there—hanging in the air between them like the cotton ball clouds that begin to cover the sky outside their home. 

    “I swear I won’t,” Namjoon whines pitifully. Seokjin knows; he just likes to tease. “I’ll see you tonight…”

    Namjoon peppers a kiss on Seokjin’s nose and strides off, barely managing to whisk away his briefcase with his hands so full. What does one do in the emptiness of their home? With no one to talk to—to dance with? The jazz music that rumbles in waves through the speakers have lost their appeal and Seokjin turns the power off. It’s the deafening silence that offers a bit of a ring to his ears that scares him sometimes. The same routine happens day in and day out—cleaning up the kitchen and organizing the living room before Seokjin heads out in the chaotic world of art. The Seoul Museum of Art called him two weeks ago to come in and evaluate the latest pieces coming in to be curated for a special exhibit. It’s an important day for him too—Does Namjoon remember that?

    No amount of silk shirts and gorgeous ties can deter him from bathing in self-doubt and quite frankly, exhaustion. It’s hard for Seokjin to maintain a positive atmosphere when it almost seems like he is doing it alone. 

    What more do I honestly need from him?

    The sex and cuddles are great. The company is great. But he wants more—craves more. And on more than one occasion, he reasons that this isn’t enough. It used to be enough, back when times weren’t busy and they only had themselves to think about. The future now feels more grey—convoluted in terms of the relationship they share. Seokjin reasons that the spark is fading. Or at least, it isn’t shining as brightly as it used to. They haven’t taken care to cultivate the love that burns between them as an open flame would to a wood-burning fire. Seokjin settles on purple silk, his second favorite only to pink. It’s cool against his skin; comforting. He chooses a paisley scarf instead of a tie—opting to try something different. Jimin will probably have a fit once he sees the ridiculousness of this outfit, but Seokjin can’t be bothered. 

    Namjoon bought me this. He’ll have to get over it.

    Leather loafers accompany dark blue slacks to complete his look. Seokjin eyes himself in the mirror—gazing upon the fine lines that tickle the corners of his eyelids. Age is just a number and he is aging beautifully, all things considered. He does a little spin and winks at himself before sauntering back down the hall to retrieve an over-the-shoulder bag. Another item that Jimin would likely disapprove of, but Seokjin isn’t here to impress anyone. He feels a burst of confidence bubble up his throat in a little laugh as his feet carry him out into the sun. 

    The branches of the trees that line their street sway with the warming breeze. Definitely warmer than it was when Seokjin first woke up this morning. Maybe spring will come sooner than they think. Seokjin can’t wait to see nature paint the world in rolling emeralds and roses. The cherry blossoms deserve to see the light again, much like every living creature on this earth. His heart pounds with every step that he takes—invigorated by the seedlings of renewed life and the acquiescence of change—new beginnings that come at every end. Cobblestone sidewalks give way to busier, bustling streets full of people weaving in and out of traffic to get to work or to take a break. Seokjin is lucky they live so close to the museum. 

    His thoughts are interrupted by the vibrations of his phone in his pocket. For a split second, he wonders if Namjoon thought to text him—to bless his day with more love. He pulls the damned thing from his pocket—a little sliver of hope cresting in his lungs as he turns the screen on. It’s only Jimin, and that hope sinks back into his stomach. God—he needs more. He wants to pull Namjoon by his ear and make him listen. Make him stop for one minute and hear his pleas for comfort. A hiccup full of tears threatens to plunge from his mouth and lashes, but he holds it back and opens the message.


    Can I meet you at the museum instead? I have a friend I’m bringing along.


    Is it so important that it can’t wait until after?


    Please, Please? He’s new in town! Just want him to know people.

    Seokjin sighs heavily at the screen. It can’t hurt to have one little distraction from the unreasonable stress that he’s been feeling, right? The steps of the museum loom before him and he swallows back the nervous bile resting on the back of his tongue. Why not?


    Okay. But I still have to talk to the curator. So I won’t have a lot of time to chat.

    Jimin sends a few emojis of appreciation and lets him know that they’ll be arriving in about ten minutes. Jimin must have had this planned already. If it were any other day, Seokjin would be happy for the distraction. But his whole career is banking on the decisions he has to make today. Jimin has a lot of friends. Some from all over the world. Not once in the past several weeks has he mentioned that a new friend would be coming to town. Seokjin begins to wonder what this friend is like—if they will fit in his tight friend circle—as he takes the steps and enters the main halls. Homo Natura. The main solo exhibit featuring works by the artist sanghee song. Seokjin feels like he can live and breathe this specific collection of art. The artist herself enjoys various forms of media and texture—encompassing a visual appeal that contradicts modern society in a delicate narrative structure. It’s too exquisite to pass up and for a moment, Seokjin pauses in front of one of the pieces. She captures the beauty of the world in ways that reputable modern artists cannot. 

    Seokjin wants to get lost in the aesthetic of music and art woven into one. If not for the firm tap on his shoulder, he would have. Seokjin flinches and spins around on his loafer heels to find the crescent-eyed smile he’s been longing to see for quite some time. How long Seokjin has been standing in one spot, transfixed by the raw beauty of the world, he isn’t sure. But Jimin provides a warmth to dissolve the chill in his bones with a spine-cracking hug. Seokjin huffs a laugh as Jimin lifts him up and spins him around, only slightly fearful that he might be dropped. There’s a chorus of laughter between the two and Seokjin hasn’t quite noticed the silent guest that hangs back a bit further from them. 

    “Yah! You can put me down now. There’s no need for this!” Seokjin shouts before playfully swatting at Jimin’s left arm. Jimin does eventually relent.

    “Can’t I show my oldest hyung how much I love him and miss him?” Jimin asks with those gorgeous eyes of his. Seokjin instantly softens. It’s hard not to cave in when Jimin pouts the way that he does—like a puppy. 

    “That doesn’t mean you have to swing me around–” Seokjin grumbles as he adjusts his silk shirt. His eyes wander the floor to find another pair of shoes standing just a few feet behind Jimin. When they roam up dark jeans torn at the knees and past a shirt that affectionately says, ‘ love is dead ’, Seokjin almost barks a laugh. He presumes a child stands before him, but oh is he wrong. The shirt leads to a wide smile, button nose, and large, round eyes that hold the universe in them. Sparkling with mischief and contentment and framed with beautifully sculpted, full brows. Dark blonde curls hang long on his face and a beauty mark draws Seokjin’s attention back to petal soft-looking lips. 

    Their eyes lock and it feels like the air is sucked out of Seokjin’s lungs. The man that stands before him is a lucid vision so pleasing to the eyes, his heart throbs in both pleasure and guilt. Namjoon is the only one that has ever made it thrum so loudly, yet here this young man stands with eyes that absorb the unruly nuances of the world. Seokjin’s mouth feels dry—his tongue is heavy against the roof of his mouth as words seem to escape conscious thoughts. What are words when he stands in the presence of God’s gift to humanity? Jimin laughs even louder to the side of him—finding his inability to speak most humorous. 

    “Ah, I see you’ve found Kookie. Proper introductions are in order, I suppose.” Jimin quips as he tugs ‘ Kookie ’ by the sleeve of his shirt to stand closer. 

    “Jin hyung, this is Jeongguk, or Kookie. Kook, this is my Seokjin hyung.” Jimin motions his hands between them. Seokjin is still silent—as if the lights are on and no one is home. How foolish he is for looking like a fish out of water. Jeongguk’s throat bobs audibly as uncertainty clouds his vision—a half attempt to raise his hand to shake Seokjin’s is made. The shutters lift and Seokjin blinks a few times before clasping his hand. The warmth there is undeniable—firm, calloused fingers wrap around his and he just can’t help the hum that leaves his lips.

    “Nice to meet you, hyung .” Jeongguk smiles, oblivious to Seokjin’s struggles. He’s in deep shit, for sure. Seokjin’s mouth opens and then closes. He tries again.

    “Nice to meet you too.” He attempts a smile and then has to ignore the bunny-toothed grin that threatens to suck him down the rabbit hole. “What brings you both here so early?”

    “Oh—you know. Surveying the city. Looking at real estate closer to the river. Jeongguk just moved here a few weeks ago. I’m thinking about rooming with him for a bit.” Jimin lisps as a finger curls through shaggy blonde strands that are the mop on Jeongguk’s head. Seokjin follows the innocent movement, almost wishing that it was his fingers tangled in his locks. He can feel his cheeks flushing and shakes the thoughts from his head. 

    “You knew that I was going to be rather busy today. I have a meeting to attend–” Seokjin looks down at his watch, “10 minutes. I can’t be late for this.”

    “No worries, hyung. I just wanted to surprise you and say ‘ hello ’. It’s been far too long since we’ve been able to hang out. Namjoonie hyung monopolizes you too much.” Jimin smirks. The words hit Seokjin’s chest hard. In all his excitement to make a pretty, new friend—Namjoon hadn’t crossed his mind for a second. He swallows thickly before stepping back from Jeongguk and offering Jimin one last hug. 

    “We’re still on for lunch, right?” Jimin whispers against his ear.

    “Of course. I wouldn’t miss it.” Seokjin’s lips are tightly pressed and a crease at the brow disturbs his beautiful complexion. 

    “I’m holding you to it, hyung. We have somewhere to be as well. So we’ll catch you later.” Jimin warns before pulling Jeongguk by the elbow. Their eyes meet once more and Seokjin feels trapped in them—a never-ending pool of stars that amplify the beauty of the museum behind him. Then they are gone. 

    Seokjin stares after them—listening for the heavy doors to close and it’s only then that he is able to exhale a breath that he didn’t think he was holding. He is in so much trouble if he has to sit through lunch with both of them. Seokjin checks his phone again—a notification blaring on the screen that alerts him to the impending meeting with the curator as well as Namjoon’s lecture that he, unfortunately, has to miss. When did things start to change and their lives start to feel so separate? The distance between one moment of affection and another is fathomless—save for this morning in the early hours of sunrise. They are few and far between, leaving Seokjin feeling like a rock settles in the pit of his stomach. He shoots a good luck message to Namjoon anyway because he knows how nervous he must be.

    An hour later—Namjoon paces in the halls of the university with his bottom lip caught between his teeth. He arrived just in time for the director to tell him that the lecture was delayed by a whole hour. Fuck—he could have spent more time holding Seokjin. Namjoon can still smell the soft, fragrant cologne that he didn’t wash off the night before—nestled right in the crook of his neck. He pauses under floor-to-ceiling windows at the end of the hallway, breathing deeply and allowing the sounds of students to fade away as he pictures only Seokjin. His hair parted so perfectly this morning, even with how heavy he slept. The sun seemed to just make him glow all the more. When was the last time Namjoon said ‘ I love you ’? He doesn’t remember saying it this morning and guilt churns at the base of his throat. 

    Seokjin is always so patient—yet how could he not notice? The little signs are there—the sadness swirls in his carob eyes. It’s always been there…waiting to claw its way out and make itself known. Namjoon has just been too busy to notice it. When he should be thinking about how to deliver this speech, he can’t think of anything else. He crouches down with his back against the window. The sun’s rays that once lined the halls through these windows, now disappear behind ominous clouds that threaten bad weather and even worse, misfortune. If anyone believes in that sort of thing. He huffs out a laugh, beside himself when he hears footsteps approach. The kind of shoes that speak expensive taste—Chelsea boots with a slight heel—clicking against linoleum tiles in an effort to be noticed.


    If he ignores it, maybe he will go away.

    “Namjoon hyung.”

    A firm hand reaches under his chin and pulls his head up, away from the protection of his hands. Fucking Jimin. Of all the days for Seokjin’s notoriously expressive friend to show up at the university, it had to be today. Namjoon's stomach is full of anxiety and the opposite of the wonderful butterflies he felt this morning in Seokjin’s arms. He isn’t alone either—that much is obvious when a man taller than Jimin steps out from behind him. It feels almost like deja vu—as if they have seen each other before. Maybe they have, with the way he stares down at Namjoon—brewing a question on doll lips.

    “I’ve brought Jeonggukie with me to see your lecture. So sorry that we’re late.” Jimin emphasizes to his friend who only nods his head in acknowledgment. The warmth that was there before is gone—a neutral steel gaze is left in the aftermath of recognition. 

    Holy—fuck… Namjoon sucks in a shaky breath as memories from what feels like a lifetime ago rush to the very front of his mind. 

    If love were a fever dream, it would have been Jeongguk. One summer was all it took for Namjoon to think that the word was meaningful. It’s the only word he could think to express that heartstring pull in his chest every time doe eyes pleaded with such sincerity to just—fuck him harder. The endless days that bled into even more endless nights where limbs would tangle and breaths would be ragged against salty, sweaty skin was the highlight of Namjoon’s life before college became too overwhelming. Between passionate kisses that ended in love bites that marked the map to his soul, Namjoon thought he could die and know that life was fucking perfect beforehand. 

    One serious miscalculation that Namjoon didn’t take into account was that the problems laid before his feet kept building—growing in the space where communication didn’t exist between them. Only their bodies spoke words of lust and adoration that were soon poisoned by misunderstandings, regret, and contempt. The body isn’t enough to make up for what words should’ve resolved. Namjoon was just too blind to see an ending staring him in the face. An ending that came all too soon with the sound of combat boots stomping out into the world and the door slammed in his face. Namjoon remembers crumbling to the floor in a heap of tears, lamenting what could have been. 

    Fingers snap in front of Namjoon’s face to garner his attention once more.

    “Earth to Namjoonie hyung. Are you in there?” Jimin is crouching in front of him, reaching a hand to press against clammy skin. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

    He couldn’t have been more accurate in his assessment. Namjoon and Jeongguk never spoke to each other again after the fateful day at the end of summer, 6 years ago. Jeongguk has really grown into himself. Much taller—filling out the muscles he so desperately wanted back then. His skin is so radiant now, shining brighter than the sun outside. Namjoon is speechless as he allows Jimin to help him stand up. This is either the best day of his life—or possibly the worst. There’s not enough distance between him and Jeongguk and it’s nearly suffocating because he doesn’t know what to do—he doesn’t know what he is supposed to say or how he is supposed to react when the ghost of his past stands before him in chiseled perfection. 

    “Aren’t you going to say ‘ hello ’? Jeongguk is new to the city and I’m trying to get him to make some more friends. I can’t always be around… you know?” Jimin mutters, squeezing Namjoon’s left bicep muscle approvingly. 

    This has to be some kind of sick joke, right? Where are the candid cameras?

    “Hi.” Namjoon nods curtly before shuffling out of Jimin’s grasp. “I have to get ready for the lecture. It was delayed this morning. But we should be starting soon.” 

    Jeongguk is all too aware of the stiffness of Namjoon’s response. On the one hand, he can’t really blame him. Why would an ex-boyfriend want to talk to the one person he was supposed to trust not to walk out on him? There are many things that he regrets about that fateful day—one of them is not giving Namjoon the chance to catch up to reality in their whirlwind romance. Communication was so important and Jeongguk didn’t even give him a chance. He was childish back then—thinking that everything could be solved with a kiss and ‘ I’m sorry, hyung ’. Namjoon would fall into that cycle over and over again—but nothing would ever truly be solved. 

    Jeongguk sighs as he follows Jimin into the lecture hall, further and further away from the one person he wanted to talk to when he returned to Seoul. He should have spit it out when he had the chance. Namjoon was right in front of him—until he wasn’t. Jimin is a rock next to him as they find seats halfway to the back—but right in the middle where Namjoon will likely see him. See the sweat that trickles from his temples and stains the collar of his shirt. Maybe Namjoon will see how tense he is too—he’s sure Namjoon feels the same, with the way his skin looks much paler in the fluorescent lighting now. 

    “I shouldn’t be here–”

    “Why on earth not? Namjoonie is just about to begin. Come on—don’t leave me here by myself.” Jimin pleads with watery eyes. Jeongguk sighs heavily—it can’t be helped when in the face of a pout from Jimin. 

    “He’s your friend, not mine.” Jeongguk resists, shrugging Jimin’s hands off his arm as they get comfortable in their seats. There’s no escaping now—with people sitting on either side of them.

    “Correction—he’s my best friend’s boyfriend. I always show my support of him when he has to do shit like this though.” Jimin raises a finger in the air—one that catches Namjoon’s attention from his seat at the stage.

    His fucking what?

    The only thing Jeongguk can think about as Namjoon steps up to the podium and ruminates over the intricacies of human life—what it means to be human—is the word boyfriend . The quest for finding meaning and purpose in life falls on deaf ears as Jeongguk’s eyes lock on Namjoon. His pupils dilate and the ringing in his ear grows louder as words like common humanity and mortality or finitude try to penetrate past the surface of understanding. Jeongguk can’t fathom how Namjoon simply picked himself up and moved on. Jeongguk is still stuck in the past—still in the trenches of longing and unpleasantness that surrounded their entire relationship. He still wants more. His heart still beats so fucking hard for Namjoon.

    Everyone in the auditorium sits silently, holding onto every word spoken by Namjoon and Jeongguk realizes that he honestly hasn’t changed. He is still an enigmatic force that he could never keep up with. Jeongguk’s eyes travel the length of Namjoon’s body and yeah, he definitely still looks as good as he remembered. Bigger. Really fucking big. Jeongguk wants to be sick but he has nowhere to run. Jimin is too busy enthralled by the magic spell Namjoon has cast on the audience to notice him clenching his shirt just over his stomach, or the hand that goes over his mouth. He whispers a silent plea to the person on his left who easily tucks in their knees and gives Jeongguk the opportunity to bolt before Jimin can stop him. The last thing Jeongguk sees before he slips out double doors is Namjoon’s scathing gaze while he continues the lecture.

    The lights are too bright and overwhelming as Jeongguk barrels into a bathroom stall down the hall and lean over the toilet to expel what was left from breakfast. Maybe talking to Namjoon is a bad idea. The words said on that last day of their relationship still echo in his head and he wants the ground to swallow him—he wants to disappear or at least forget that they ever had anything together. Fuck—to know that Namjoon is already in a relationship makes Jeongguk feel like the biggest idiot in the world. How can he expect Namjoon to remain single after 6 years? Especially since he was the one that did the leaving in the first place. Jeongguk wipes his mouth on his sleeve and sits up, staring at the wall in front of him. There’s no way that he can go back there—no way that he can face Namjoon again. Jimin will just have to understand. Or maybe he won’t, but he’ll have to get over it.

    Jeongguk leaves the stall to wash his hands—staring at the scared man in the mirror. Someone he doesn’t recognize with tired eyes and a worn-out smile. He knows that everything in the past is his fault—he made the choice. He made his bed, now he has to sleep in it. It’s just so hard to look away from the train wreck that awaits him on the path moving forward. How is he going to avoid Namjoon now that he knows that they shouldn’t talk? Seoul may be a sprawling metropolis, but Jimin wants him to live in a specific area—close to the university. There’s a strong chance that Namjoon doesn’t live far. A wave of guilt sinks into his stomach as he thinks about the gorgeous man he met this morning. 

    Seokjin Hyung–

    It hasn’t quite clicked in Jeongguk’s mind that Seokjin and Jimin’s best friend are one in the same. It should have been an easy connection to make, but he isn’t exactly thinking on all thrusters. The lights above him flicker as someone enters the bathroom. Jimin closes the door behind him and leans up against it—preventing Jeongguk from escaping. There’s a steel gaze there in the always loving eyes of his friend. One that showcases disappointment as well as mild concern. Jeongguk should feel bad for skipping out, but he doesn’t. Not when it comes to serious situations like this. He gulps back more bile—feeling his throat tighten with anxiety. Jimin isn’t saying anything with his arms folded over his blazer—accusatory almost. 

    “What’s gotten into you? You were doing just fine before we got here.” Jimin questions—eyes narrowing on the sweat on Jeongguk’s brow line.

    “Must have been something I ate?” Jeongguk isn’t too sure how to swindle his way out of this one.

    “You don’t sound so confident in that answer, which leaves me less inclined to believe it.” Jimin points out.

    “Can—can we just—get out of here? I need some fresh air and some food.” Jeongguk side steps the questioning while combing fingers through his hair and stepping away from the sink.

    Jimin looks down at his watch, “We’ve got to meet Seokjin for lunch soon anyway.” 

    There’s a palpable silence hanging between them that is almost uncomfortable. Jimin looks like he wants to push for more answers. But he knows that Jeongguk has never been one to open up when he is forced into a corner. He bites back a groan, pushing off the door and walking away from possibly the only chance he’ll be given to find out the truth. He might have better luck with Seokjin or Namjoon at this point. Like a detective on a cold case—one way or another, he’s going to bring these three together. 

    There’s nothing like lamb skewers and bulgogi stir fry to erase the anxiety Jeongguk spent far too much time dwelling on—or at least push it to the back of his mind. Jimin smiles at him from across the outdoor table, under an umbrella with blue and white stripes. The morning’s crisp breeze gives way to mid-afternoon lukewarm temperatures. It’s only a matter of time before the cherry blossoms grace the world with their beauty. Jimin is quiet, thinking back to the state in which he found Jeongguk in the bathroom earlier. When they caught an Uber to this hole-in-the-wall restaurant, he sent a text to Seokjin to meet them here. It’s been 20 minutes and Jeongguk is ready for another order—always insatiable when it comes to food, or more specifically, lamb skewers. Jimin isn’t sure where he keeps it all. Jeongguk, with his washboard abs and bulging biceps—it’s any wonder how he manages to keep his form with the way he eats. 

    “You’re doing a lot of thinking over there. What is it?” Jeongguk asks through bites of lamb.

    “How often do you exercise?” Jimin mumbles.


    “Hmmm.” Jimin hums as he looks over Jeongguk’s shoulder. Seokjin catches his attention from down the street with his pretty silk shirt and fluffy hair that billows in the wind. Truly the most handsome man he has ever met. Namjoon is certainly a lucky man. 

    When Seokjin arrives, slumping down to a chair nearest Jimin, he heaves a heavy sigh. It’s like the weight of the world finally let up and he can breathe again. Jimin gives him a pat on the shoulder, sympathizing with the stress Seokjin has been under the past couple of weeks. Maybe it’s a conversation they need to have with a glass of wine instead of water with lemon. Or maybe Jimin is pushing the envelope of friendship a little too far and should mind his own business. Seokjin has never been one to outwardly complain about his hardships. Reserving those moments of vulnerability for between the sheets with Namjoon—his lover, confidant, and best friend. Seokjin gives an appreciative smile before turning his eyes to Jeongguk who has gone quiet with his mouth full of lamb. Bright Bambi eyes shine under the sun’s rays and Seokjin could coo if they weren’t in public like this.

    “Chew your food, don’t choke.” Seokjin doesn’t know why he says it—it’s this insane urge that’s been nagging at him from the moment they met earlier in the morning. When he was surrounded by God's gifts to humanity. Jimin doesn’t miss the chemistry lingering between them as Jeongguk begins chewing once more and loudly swallows it down. He has to chase it with a bit of water—the bite was honestly too big.

    “H-How are you, hyung?” The term of endearment rolls off of Jeongguk’s tongue so nicely. 

    “It’s been a long, long day, Kookie. The curator wants me to look through some pieces by Sean Scully and George Condo. I’m not too sure those artists would fit with the theme the curator is going for, but we shall see, yah?” Seokjin beams before stealing a bit of bulgogi from Jeongguk’s bowl. Jimin doesn’t miss that either. 

    “What are your plans after work, Jin hyung?” Jimin interjects before Jeongguk can form a response. 

    “Funny you ask, I was thinking we could have a homemade dinner tonight, my place? You can bring Kookie here.” Seokjin pinches Jeongguk’s arm before taking his chopsticks all together and pulling the bowl away from him. Jeongguk looks like he wants to protest, but the pleading look Seokjin gives him keeps him silent. 

    “Dinner, huh? Are you sure we wouldn’t be imposing on your special time?” Jimin asks with a raised brow.

    “No, No. We’ve got nothing going on tonight and we could use the company.” 

    “I’m up for it, if Jimin-ssi will bring me!” Jeongguk’s eyes sparkle so perfectly, Seokjin is effectively smitten and this is far too easy for Jimin. He thought it would be much harder to bring the three together—but the laws of attraction have their own way of making things happen.

    “Well, I suppose that settles it then. We’ll swing by your place around 7 PM.” Jimin answers.

    “I wanna know more about Sean Scully though. I’ve never heard of him.” 

    “You really don’t want me to get into that, do you? I’d probably bore you both to death.” Seokjin chuckles nervously as he sturs rice around the bowl.

    “I’m all ears.” Jeongguk barks eagerly. Jimin has to stifle a laugh—yes, all too eager.

    “So—um…I guess the best way to describe his work would be a battle between geometry and soft edges. A system that counteracts emotions. His use of dark tones is amplified by stripes and grid work. You’ll see him use mostly shades of brown, grey, even black. Truly global in its aesthetic.” Seokjin murmurs as his eyes follow a bath along trees in the distance, skyward. A trail left behind an airliner is what catches his attention—the little cotton puffs cut across the skyline like a soft-edge knife. Jimin wonders where Seokjin’s mind goes when he all at once stops speaking.

    “How does Sean Scully not fit the theme your curator is going for? It is a global exhibit, isn’t it?” Jimin tries to bring his mind back down to earth.

    “Maybe it’s just my personal taste that is getting in the way of making a decision. I told him that I needed to think about it and that I would get back to him by the end of the week.” Seokjin shrugs his shoulders before leveling a gaze on Jimin.

    “Is that why you want to bring us over tonight? Relieve that stress?” Jimin inquires.

    “That’s part of it. Maybe I can show you pictures of some of the work. You can help me decide if it’s worth taking the risk.”

    “What’s the other part?” Jeongguk speaks up after a pause.

    “Just friendly company.”

    A comfortable silence settles between the three of them as Jeongguk finishes off the last of his lamb skewers and Seokjin devours his bulgogi fried rice. Jimin’s gears are turning as he thinks of ways that tonight could go possibly wrong. Jeongguk is hiding something—afraid to let him in. Seokjin is all too thrilled to have them over instead of spending time with Namjoon, alone. 

    Isn’t their anniversary today? Shouldn’t Seokjin be more excited about that?

    Jimin rolls a napkin between his fingers, itching to wipe Jeongguk’s mouth off because for fuck sake, it’s all over his chin. Seokjin beats him to the punch, producing a napkin that grazes the oily spots just under his chin and along his lips. Jeongguk’s fingers twitch on his lap under the table—frozen in his spot. This is normal for Seokjin—always making sure that everyone is properly taken care of. Jeongguk doesn’t know this. Jimin can see the wheels turning—can see how Jeongguk might misunderstand the gesture. The epiphany happens shortly after Jeongguk licks his bottom lip for good measure. Seokjin will probably hate Jimin for it—fuck it.

    “Are you listening, Jiminie?” Seokjin taps the back of his hand.

    “Yeah, sorry—no.” Jimin startles, tearing his eyes away from Jeongguk.

    “I said I have to get going. If you want a hot dinner, I’ll need time to prepare for it.” Seokjin says once more.

    “Ah, okay. I’ll keep this one occupied until then?” It comes out more of a question directed at Jeongguk.

    “No. I’ve still got some errands to run. I’m still looking for a flat, remember?” Jeongguk shakes his hands.

    “Where are you staying now?” Seokjin asks.

    “Just a hotel closer to the university.”

    “Are you planning to study there?” 

    “I’ve already attained my degree in philosophy. But I’m considering going back—” Jeongguk twists the edge of his shirt as he looks down at his lap. His cheeks are impossibly pink under Seokjin’s attentive gaze. 

    “Any thoughts on what department you want to get into?”

    “Ah—w-well, I was thinking about art history. Philosophy and art have a connection between them.” Jeongguk shrinks before Jimin’s eyes—lowering himself further into his chair. It’s fucking adorable.

    “It suits you. I wish you luck with admittance. If you are in fact going back to attend classes—consider getting an apartment or loft close to the university?” Seokjin suggests.

    “That’s a splendid idea!” Jimin claps his hands. “I can send you some links to places I know are currently available before the term starts.”

    Seokjin flutters away like a warm breeze once he reminds Jimin and Jeongguk of the time they should arrive at his house. Jimin still finds it odd that Seokjin hasn’t made any mention of his and Namjoon’s anniversary. Come to think of it, Namjoon didn’t say anything either. Is there trouble in paradise? If there is, this whole plan of bringing Jeongguk around is probably the worst idea. Namjoon and Seokjin may never forgive him for meddling in their relationship as it stands. He bites his bottom lip as they take another Uber back through the city. Jeongguk carries on about how cool his Seokjin hyung is and Jimin can only look at the grey world that passes them by. Spring hasn’t quite taken hold of the city yet—but it’s only a matter of time. Maybe with the renewal of life, things might get better between them. Maybe Jeongguk is the glue that will help keep them together. If any of them ever found out his plans… Shit.

    “I need you to know that we have guests coming over soon. Can you help me get the table set for four?” Seokjin asks Namjoon as he bounces on his heels around the kitchen. A flurry of steam from various pots and pans draws out the exotic spices carefully placed in each curated dish. Something Namjoon loves about Seokjin is not only his ability to get lost in art but to get lost in the art of cuisine. He’s a phenomenal cook and Namjoon can’t be any more grateful. Namjoon likes to cook too, but he leaves it up to Seokjin because he is the better of the two. 

    Namjoon grabs chopsticks and spoons from a drawer to lay out on the table. When he comes back to the kitchen, Seokjin offers him a spoon of kimchi-jjigae. A bit spicy, but Namjoon can’t complain. He hopes the guests Seokjin invited enjoy this and other dishes Seokjin decided to tie in. He wraps him in a hug, peppering kisses on his cheeks because it feels like forever since he’s been able to really focus on Seokjin. They press their foreheads together as Seokjin spins them around the kitchen until Namjoon’s hips hit the opposite counter. For a moment, Namjoon thinks he might actually get a kiss—one he’s been thinking about all day. But Seokjin pulls away when the buzzer rings on the com to let their guests in. 

    “Is it really 7 PM already?” Seokjin whispers to himself. Namjoon groans in dissatisfaction. The time on the wall clock reads 7:05 PM. 

    “Do you want me to keep stirring the pot?!” Namjoon shouts from the kitchen as Seokjin steps into the living room. 

    “Yeah! Can you do that for me, baby?” 

    Namjoon doesn’t respond—he doesn’t need to. He takes up the spoon resting against the edge of the pot and gives the stew a solid stir—careful not to spill any over the edges of the pot. Seokjin would have a fit if he did. It smells heavenly—singing his nose hairs a bit from the spice and steam. There’s an afterthought in the back of his mind. As if he’s forgetting something, but he can’t quite put his finger on it. Laughter floats from the living room as Seokjin lets their guests in. They sound oddly like Jimin and someone Namjoon hopes isn’t actually here. 

    He ignores the nagging feeling in favor of stirring the stew once more. He recounts all the holidays that have passed this new year. Nothing special seems to come to mind. God, what is it? The stew seems done—the meat is thoroughly cooked—the rice has already been placed on the table. Namjoon turns the stove off. He’s half tempted to bring the pot to the table. Help Seokjin out so that he can still entertain their guests. He thinks better of it when Seokjin rounds the corner with a smile.

    “Such a good man, Joonie. Thank you for checking on it.” Seokjin beams and places a kiss on his cheek. The warmth left behind is enough to lift Namjoon’s spirits for a time. For a moment, he can forget having to remember the train of thought he had that would have led him to acknowledge that they are both actually forgetting something. His cheeks puff in excitement—tinted a dusty rose as he returns a kiss on one of Seokjin’s cheeks before they gather the pots on the stove to bring to the table. 

    It doesn’t register who is sitting at the table—Namjoon is just on autopilot as he watches Seokjin set the Kimchi Stew down in the center of the table. He points to where he wants Namjoon to set the other pot down. It’s awfully quiet for hearing such a spirited entrance. Namjoon dares to look up and Jimin is sitting there, at the opposite end of the table. Perfect as a flower with silver hair and silver earrings. He smiles a soft smile—an angel in disguise. Then his eyes drift to the other guest sitting next to him— Jeongguk . 

    There’s this moment of surrealism—as if time has stopped. Tunnel vision takes over Namjoon’s view and he sees a bunny smile falter. All rational thought leaves Namjoon’s mind as he slams the pot he was carrying down on the stone top of the table. An even more deafening silence ensues as Namjoon and Jeongguk stare each other down. Uncomfortable—thick with tension as a tic works in Namjoon’s jaw. Recognition crosses Jeongguk’s face as he looks between Namjoon and Seokjin. All at once, he wishes that he hadn’t been so excited to come here—to see his Seokjin hyung. Seokjin is confused, placing a hand on Namjoon’s shoulder.

    “Is everything okay, love?” He whispers against his cheek. Namjoon’s eyes narrow on Jimin who is looking extremely guilty with his phone in his hand. 

    “I assume this has something to do with you, then?” Namjoon blurts out a little too roughly.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Jimin counters.

    “You put two and two together, right? At the lecture hall? What made you think this was a good idea?” Namjoon continues—low baritone voice reverberating in the small space between the four of them. 

    “I honestly had no idea until I saw your reaction just now.” Jimin insists, putting his phone down on the table.

    “What’s going on?” Seokjin asks a little louder now. Jungkook’s cheeks flush as he lowers his eyes, feeling just as guilty. He shouldn’t be here. He should probably leave—now. He’s about to stand, collecting his phone in his pocket when Seokjin raises his hand.

    “Sit down.” Seokjin says to both Namjoon and Jeongguk. “Jimin. What’s this about?”

    Another uncomfortable silence. Namjoon shakes his head, disappointed by this turn of events—of having to see Jeongguk for a second time in one day. No one dares speak. Seokjin plops down in his seat, scoffing with a question left unanswered. Jimin’s phone buzzes a few times—begging to be answered, and he almost does. But Seokjin glares at him—keeps him pinned to his seat with his hands in his lap. Jeongguk wishes he could be anywhere but here. 

    “Somebody better say something. This is really fucking rude.” Seokjin grumbles.

    “I’m sorry, hyung. But I can’t stay. That text is from someone important.” Jimin speaks softly, in hopes of keeping the peace. “I hope we can have dinner again sometime. Give Kookie a ride home for me, yah?”

    That does it for Jeongguk. He wants the ground to swallow him. Jimin is in such a rush to be out of the tense atmosphere that he doesn’t even say goodbye to Jeongguk. It was a trap all along—Jeongguk is sure of it. How Jimin knew about him and Namjoon, he isn’t certain. Where to go from here is even less certain. It’s painfully awkward and he is on the verge of tears. The door slams behind Jimin and Seokjin is ready for a fight. 

    “If you know something, you better spit it out.” Seokjin rounds on Namjoon. Jeongguk is the first to speak. His voice quivers with uncertainty as he looks up at Seokjin with tear-stained cheeks.

    “Namjoon hyung is my ex-boyfriend…” There’s a little hiccup after his words as he awaits Seokjin’s judgment.


    Another awkward pause.

    “That’s fucking great.”

    Namjoon grits his teeth—hard. Breaking the silence for a moment as all the feelings from their past come rushing back to him.

    “I-I can l-leave, hyung. Don’t w-worry about dinner.” Jeongguk sniffles, wiping freshly fallen tears on his left sleeve. 

    “Don’t you fucking dare. I spent way too long on this food. Enjoy it. Eat up, Kookie. Joon—bedroom. Now.” Seokjin pushes back from the table and walks quietly down the hallway to their shared room. Namjoon knows that he is so fucked . He waits a heartbeat too many, staring at a downtrodden Jeongguk—almost…almost feeling sympathy. But then he remembers what Jeongguk said the day that he left. That sympathy is crushed by a fire so hot, it scalds anything left that he had once felt for the man. 

    “I said NOW, Joon.” Seokjin shouts from the bedroom.

    “Eat your food before he gets even more pissed off. And then get out of my sight.” Namjoon huffs before leaving the table—not a second glance at the tattered man he leaves behind. 

    Down the hall, the bedroom door is cracked, but the bedside lamp casts Seokjin’s shadow against the far wall. He’s in Namjoon’s favorite spot. The drapes of the window are pulled back and he can see out into the darkened street. Only street lamps light the path down the sidewalk and to busy traffic. His arms are crossed and his back is turned to Namjoon—never a good sign. He closes the door anyway, making his way to perch on the bottom of their bed. His fingers splay across the rumpled silk sheets—briefly enjoying the cool texture. If only it could cool the burn he feels in his heart—the betrayal still feels so raw. Seokjin slowly turns around with tongue in cheek as he scrutinizes Namjoon’s features.

    “Care to explain what’s going on? Or are we going to continue to sit in silence? I know that communication isn’t your forte, but you need to work on that. It starts with being honest, right here and now.” Seokjin’s tone is much softer than it was at the dining table. He walks forward, sitting on the bed next to Namjoon—facing him even. 

    “Where do I b-begin?” Namjoon stutters.

    “Where all beginnings happen, right? You and Jeongguk dated?” Seokjin asks.

    “Y-Yeah.” Namjoon lowers his head, “It was a little more than 6 years ago. A summer fling kind of thing.”

    “Something tells me he was a little more than that.” 

    “To me—he w-was.”

    “Then you can’t call it a fling. Did you love him?” Seokjin wraps his fingers around Namjoon’s hand, locking them together. Namjoon sucks in a breath.

    “I–yeah…I thought that I did.”

    “So then what happened?”

    Namjoon doesn’t want to recall these memories—it hurts too much. He’s on the verge of tears—of breaking down and his body shakes with pent up energy. He bites his inner cheek so hard, he can taste copper in his mouth—blood. How is he going to tell the love of his life, that he loved another man—and that he broke that man’s heart? How is he going to tell Seokjin why Jeongguk ran away? To have to face reality after so long—he never thought he would see this day coming. Shame is ice water trickling down his spine and curling in his gut. 

    “Take your time, baby.” 

    For a moment—Namjoon doesn’t think he can do it. His tongue is threatening to choke him with how heavy it feels in his mouth. He looks into Seokjin’s eyes—sees the love and concern there, but he knows he doesn’t deserve it. If speaking his truth sets him free of the pain, it will certainly push Seokjin away. Won’t it? His lips tremble and a lone tear finally falls.

    “Baby…” Seokjin wipes the tear quickly with his thumb, pulling Namjoon up into his lap—holding him close. He runs a hand through Namjoon’s sweaty hair, and the other down his back in slow, soothing circles.

    “I-It was a whirlwind romance, you know? The kind that just…takes your breath away. I met him the summer before my Junior year in college. J-Just a cute boy working at a mechanic shop to help pay for his first year of college…” Namjoon mumbles against the side of Seokjin’s neck.

    “I swear if this is some kind of Kdrama bullshit, I’m tossing you off my lap.” Seokjin whispers into his hair—a slight breathless chuckle at the end. Namjoon almost forgets and decides to laugh at himself too. He scoots in closer, snuggling his face under Seokjin’s chin.

    “Such a big baby…continue on?” Seokjin smiles into his hair.

    “He helped me fix that junker of a car I used to have when I met you.” Namjoon scoffs.

    “You mean that ugly yellow thing?” Seokjin questions.

    “Yeah…that one. It wasn’t ugly. Don’t be rude.”

    “Are you going to continue?” Seokjin hums.

    “It wasn’t hard to fall for Jeongguk. Pretty doe eyes and a beautiful body. Smart as a fucking whip too. I treated him to ice cream once and we talked for hours about Diongenes, the cynic. He had the energy of a teenager on steroids, stuck in a man’s body. He could see worlds beyond the stars…and it was just…fuck…it was breathtaking to watch.” Namjoon laments—feeling so small in Seokjin’s hold. Seokjin is patient—quiet as he listens.

    “Barely a month into—whatever we called ourselves—we didn’t believe in labels at the beginning…things accelerated s-so fast. Sex under the stars brings on a whole new meaning when it comes to Jeongguk..So fucking good. One of the most passionate times of my life. But…I got scared. He’s a force of nature and a magnet to everyone. I got jealous.” Namjoon admits with a shaky breath. Sweat clings to the back of his shirt. Seokjin makes no mention of it. He’s ramrod still.

    “The weeks leading up to the start of a new term, I got busy. I couldn’t keep up with the demands of a relationship. Jeongguk wanted more and more of me, but I couldn’t give it to him. I couldn’t sacrifice the time we so desperately needed to keep our relationship together. But I was still so fucking jealous when he would go off and hang out with his friends.” Namjoon swallows back more tears.

    “We would argue a lot. About anything and nothing. Sometimes I thought that Jeongguk was looking for a fight—always approaching me with hostility. I didn’t know how to handle it. So…we just kept having sex. Sex seemed to solve everything. It would calm him down—give him the attention that he wanted. Get him off my back for a bit.”

    “Really…?” Seokjin whispers against his ear. Namjoon can’t tell what Seokjin is feeling. He’s too scared to look up.

    “I didn’t know what else to do?!”

    “Ending the relationship instead of continuing on like that would have been best. Or maybe…I don’t know…talking?” Seokjin scolds delicately. That’s neither here nor there and he knows it.

    “I made a mistake. One that will haunt me for the rest of my life.” Namjoon continues on.

    “We were invited to a beginning of the year party. Just a bunch of friends from the humanities and philosophy departments getting together. We got way too fucking drunk. I ended up dancing with someone other than Jeongguk. A nice guy with a gummy smile and a deep voice that I just wanted to drown myself in. For a minute, I forgot who I was. I forgot about Jeongguk and he didn’t deserve that.” Namjoon admits.

    “Did you fuck him?” 

    “No! Fuck, Jinnie, no. But Jeongguk saw us dancing. It caused the worst fight out of our entire relationship. Rightfully so.”


    “When we got home that night, I was still pretty wasted. The anger that Jeongguk felt, sobered him up enough. He asked me why I was all over some other guy.”

    “As he should.” Seokjin grits his teeth.

    “I told him…because I felt like it. Because I wanted to feel free for a moment.” Namjoon whispers. Seokjin is angry. He can feel it in the way he tenses up.

    “Free from what?”

    “Just—free from the stress, the obligation. Being with Jeongguk during such a crazy time, when it should have only lasted a few weeks…it was too much and I wanted a way out. I was dumb.” Namjoon finally looks up into stone cold eyes.

    “So you thought…grinding against someone else’s cock was the best way to deal with that?” Seokjin asks through clenched teeth.

    “At the time I did…”

    “What did he say to that?”

    “That I was an asshole. That if I didn’t want to be with him, I should have said something instead of stringing him along. He said—that he loves me.” Namjoon starts crying again.


    “I–I told him…that I don’t feel the same and that I wish we had never met. But I swear it was the alcohol, Jinnie.” Namjoon scrambles off Seokjin’s lap and stands in front of him.

    “That’s—That’s really fucked up. Why would you think saying something like that is okay?” Seokjin asks. His browline furrows as he reflects on their own relationship—how communication has never been a huge part of their daily life.

    “I don’t have an excuse for it. He ran away after that. As far as I know, he completely left Seoul. I haven’t seen him in 6 years—until today.” Namjoon says before kneeling on the floor at Seokjin’s feet.

    Seokjin is quiet—too quiet. Looking past Namjoon’s head and at the closed bedroom door. He doesn’t know what to do—doesn’t know what to say. How can such a sweet man like Namjoon—hurt such a sweet-looking man like Jeongguk? He can chalk it up to puppy love and alcohol all he wants, but it doesn’t change the fact that wounds were created by words that should have never been said. Namjoon being mad that Jeongguk showed up for dinner doesn’t make sense. Shit…none of this makes any sense. Seokjin thinks about the man sitting at their dining room table, all alone with nowhere to go. Caught in a domestic fight between the two over some past bullshit. He thinks back to earlier that morning when Jimin introduced them. He recognizes the sadness etched in such pretty eyes. It was always there, but Seokjin doesn’t pay too close attention to first impressions. 

    Namjoon has that same sadness in his eyes. Like he never really let go—that to some small degree, he still loves Jeongguk. The pain of what he did is what pushes him away from the idea of ever having him in his life again. For whatever reason—Seokjin feels empathy. He can feel the remorse in Namjoon’s words—can see it on his face and in his eyes. Maybe, just maybe, he can look past the poor qualities of Namjoon’s character for a moment and see a man broken before him. He can see Namjoon’s need to feel validated and feel loved. He reaches a handout and caresses Namjoon’s cheek. Namjoon nudges into the touch, closing his eyes for a moment—to let all the feelings of the past wash over him.

    Even when you cry…you look so pretty. What am I going to do with you?

    “We should get back to eating dinner, hmm?” Seokjin suggests. There is more that needs to be said of course, but not without some food in their bellies and Jeongguk sitting with them. Seokjin reasons that they should talk as well. Air out all the dirty laundry—clean the slate off and start fresh. 


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  • oceanjoon
    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    They want to have sex but you’re on your period

    Request: Hi! Can I request the members wanting to have sex but their girlfriend is on her period

    Warnings: smut, fluff, comfort, feminine pronouns


    Seokjin has been pestering you all day, rubbing himself against you and practically clinging to you. His whining was beginning to get on your nerves, you couldn’t help feeling irritated by him.

    “Seokjin, I’m on my period!” You snap with your eyebrows furrowed. “Now please stop annoying me.”

    Jin stares at you for a few seconds before getting up and walking out of the house. You were in shock, Jin hardly ever got angry. Yes, he had his little tantrums now and then but he’d almost never get mad. You didn’t expect him to get angry at you for not having sex with him. Then again, you shouldn’t have raised your voice at him.

    About five minutes later, your front door opened and in game your boyfriend with several bags full of snacks. As his eyes land on you, he smiles brightly.

    “I bought you snacks and extra pads and tampons,” Jin set the bags down for you to look through. “I wasn’t sure which brand you prefer so I bought one of each.”

    Your heart swells and you can’t help the tears that prick your eyes. Jin chuckles and pulls you into his arms, making sure to cuddle you all night.


    Yoongi would already know when that time of month came around. You’d always get grumpy and easily irritated, snapping at anything that he’d say. Obviously he didn’t care too much, you couldn’t help how your hormones were affecting you.

    During your period Yoongi would always be really sweet and took care of you so well. He’s constantly check if you need a hot water bottle or more snacks. The only thing he struggled with was that you couldn’t fuck. And boy did he get horny.

    “Y/N,” Yoongi pouts as you straddle him. “Don’t get me even more turned on...that’s mean...”

    You chuckle and grind your hips against him. “It’s okay, Yoon. We can still get off in other ways.”

    You smirk before kissing him roughly. The make out session becoming hot and heavy. Yoongi’s hands gripped onto your hips as he thrusts against your clothed pussy.

    “Damn baby, this is so fucking dirty,” Yoongi chuckles before letting out a low groan. “Mm, you make me go crazy.”

    The longer you and Yoongi stayed in the relationship, the more daring he would get. He wouldn’t mind one bit eating you out while on your period. In fact, he quite enjoyed it, Yoongi had always been good with his tongue.


    Hoseok knows when you’re due your period, he has a tracker app in his phone to make sure he knows. As soon as he gets a notification that you could be due on that day he’d immediately stock up in pads, tampons and snacks. Hoseok gets extremely clingy and cuddly when you’re on your period, making sure never to leave your side. This often results in him getting hard and having to relieve himself, although you don’t mind helping him out when you’re not in pain from your cramps.

    “Hobi…” you giggle as you feel his hardened cock against your butt. “You’re so hard!”

    He whines and snuggles his face into your neck, “I can’t help it, you’re so fucking sexy.”

    A wide grin spreads across your face before you move your hand to his clothes cock and squeeze it. “Thank you baby. Lay back, I’m gonna give you a handjob.”

    You loved watching the way his chest rose and fell with every deep breath he took, your hand feeling like absolute heaven on him. His hand rubs your belly softly as you pick up the pace, making his eyes roll as he felt his balls tighten. It doesn’t take him long to release onto your hand as he pants rapidly, he turns his head to you as he watches you lick his release off your hand.

    “I love you so much,” he lets out with a light chuckle, before gently kissing your lips.


    Namjoon is a feminist king, so of course he’s not put off by your menstrual cycle. However, he’s also an extremely horny man. Every time he’s around you his cock is hard. One of the things you and Namjoon bonded over when you first got to together was how horny you both were. Therefore, even if you’re on you’re period Namjoon would get you to suck his dick. In fact, you are the one who initiates it most of the time. Namjoon doesn’t mind fucking you on your period, but who is he to deny a blowjob.

    “Fuck baby, you take me so well,” Namjoon groans as he throws his head back against the couch. “Just like that baby, yes.”

    Your mouth is wrapped around Namjoon’s thick, long cock, saliva trails down your chin as you take him deeper into your mouth. You love pleasuring your man, his reactions are your favourite part of the whole process. Namjoon releases down your throat and you swallow it immediately.

    “Holy fuck, babygirl,” Namjoon breathes out, picking you up from the floor and cuddling up to you. “You’re the best, I fucking love you.”


    Since Jimin only has a brother and little experience in relationships with women, he finds the topic a bit awkward to talk about. When you first got your period with him, you had accidentally leaked onto the bed sheets and felt completely embarrassed. You tried to clean in quietly without waking him but failed. Jimin tried to assure you that it was okay, and swiftly put the sheets in the wash and replacing them. He wasn’t quite sure how to comfort you properly but decided to run a bath and let you borrow his clothes.

    Since then Jimin has a learnt a bit more about the female cycle, thanks to his leader, but he is still a bit shy to talk about the topic. Jimin isn’t a very horny person so he can wait until you’ve finished your period, although on days he is horny he relieves himself. He’d never expect you to do anything sexual while having to deal with your period. Instead, expect lots of cuddles and subtle belly rubs from baby mochi.


    Taehyung is the complete opposite of Jimin. He will fuck you while you’re on your period, and he won’t bat an eyelid. Tae doesn’t even care about the mess, not even bothering to put a towel down. He’ll fuck you anywhere and everywhere, whether you’re on your period or not.

    “Fuck baby,” Taehyung grunts from above you. “Feel so fucking good. So wet…”


    Jeongguk doesn’t like mess at all BUT he is also a horny boy, therefore he will fuck you but in the bath/shower. He’ll also be down for anal if you are.

    “Your ass is so tight, holy shit,” Jeongguk moans with his eyes scrunched shut.

    The feeling of his thick cock inside your tight hole and the water that cascaded down your back relieved any pain you felt from your period. After you’re both done, expect a lot of cuddles and kisses.

    Tag list; @belovedcherry

    Copyright © 2022 Oceanjoon. All rights reserved.

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  • thvhoe
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Louis Vuitton

    CEO!Jeon Jungkook x Girlfriend!Reader

    Your alarm went off at exactly 10 a.m., and you awoke to the sound of it. Sighing, you rise from your bed and proceed to the bathroom, where you examine yourself in the mirror and admire the hickies your partner left behind.

    You went straight to his office, Jeon Industries, after having one of his housekeepers cook you breakfast. It was the tallest structure in Seoul for a reason. He'd taken over the firm from his father last year, and it was doing better than ever, with well-paid staff and a flourishing business. A security guard stopped you as you entered one of the last floors, the one where Jungkook works. "Seriously? You should be familiar with me "You tell him, Hoseok, as you've discovered is his name, and he laughs. "I've got to make sure you're not an imposter," you both joke as you enter his office.

    "Y/n," Jungkook says as he sees you, "hello, I brought you coffee," you say as you hand it over. He chuckles as he gives you a chase kiss and says, "This is why I love you." "Soo...," you begin, staring at him expectantly, "I saw this bag on my way here and-" You show your lover a photo of a new Louis Vuitton bag that has just been released. However, he keeps interrupting you. He smiles cockily at you and says, "Let me guess, you want it." You simply nod. He said nothing except "sure" while he proceeded to respond to emails. "sure?" You inquire, unclear of what he meant, "yes, why don't you look into that bag," he said.

    He stands there watching you walk over to the bag that was sitting next to one of his office's sofas. "How did you—?" you exclaim. You begin by pulling out the bag you just mentioned and pointing to it. "Don't you think I'd know you by now?" Jungkook chuckles.


    This is so short but it's a vibe

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  • jigglyjeon
    26.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    mating call -> jjk (three)

    summary: you’re the only survivor on a failed mission on a planet full of ruthless, blood thirsty creatures. you almost give into your fate but when you come across a being who seems to be kind, you give into him instead.

    pairing: jungkook x female reader

    genre: alien au, sci-fi, smut, horror

    warning tags: mentions of mating/breeding, injury, mind control, tentacles, jk saves your life gasp, protective jk, scary alien uh oh!!!, readers foot breaks :(

    word count: 1.8k +

    a/n: uNediTed i’m posting this from my phone so I have NO clue lmao. this part is really intense, and you learn abit of a secret SH! send in an ask or comment on my posts if you’d like to be tagged in this series or all of my works <3 tysm for all the reads! i honestly did not expect people to enjoy my stuff this much haha. ty ty :D

    <- prev ~ next ->



    You’re surprised to wake up in the middle of the night with his arms wrapped around you; the calming rise and fall of his chest that you were using as a pillow was making it hard to fully wake up. 

    The fact that you haven’t left his home in what has felt like days has you desperate to leave his ‘bed’, he had stashed you there like some sort of breeding machine. You weren’t complaining, but still, it’d be nice to be outdoors. You miss the freshness of the air, the clear water that put earth to shame. You wanted to swim in it again. The only thing you don’t miss is running and hiding constantly from danger. You’re amazed you had gotten this far without much injury besides a few scratches.

    Jungkook is a heavy sleeper you learn, mostly because you slip from his arms without him stirring. Still, you hold your breath, pushing through the vines that act as a door to his cavern, tiptoeing away and into the night. You shiver, you still lack clothing; Jungkook hasn’t given you any since bringing you here. Your only source of warmth is him.

    You shiver, the night is chilly, but your need to be alone for a moment is much stronger. The darkness fogs your path, unsure of how far you’ve been walking and you’re not really familiar enough with your surroundings either. This doesn’t bother you though, you’re finally able to breathe and hear your own thoughts, no handsome man to distract you. You busy your body with collecting some fruits, using the big leaves to collect some water to drink. Jungkook had fed you well, and he was a great and generous host to you, but still you needed to be wary and careful. He made you forget about your life crumbling so deep into the ground there was a slim to none chance of you ever getting out, but sex and food could only go so far - you were still alone. 

    The guy was an alien, you were a human, and there were still so many barriers held up against the two of you. He wasn’t Jimin, someone who could understand your wants, needs and thoughts. In fact, you had no clue what the minty-haired creature really wanted from you in the first place. There was no way he just wanted to fuck you all day and night. He was silent for the most part, regardless of him being able to share his thoughts through your own. 

    A loud shriek rumbles through the trees nearby, and you snap your head in the direction it comes from. You gasp, your heart pounds through your ears as you attempt to adjust your eyes to the dark. The silence that comes afterwards is what frightens you the most. “Fuck,” you curse quietly to yourself, looking around you for some sort of cover. 

    Just as you decide that a nearby bush is your only valuable option, you panic as you hear the rustling sounds grow closer. Something scurries closer to your vicinity, a second shriek piercing through your ears. You tremble in fear, holding your own hand over your mouth to keep yourself quiet because you’re crying now; you’re afraid you’re going to let a sob out to give away your whereabouts. 

    Was this the end for you?

    Maybe there was a specific reason why Jungkook wasn’t entirely eager to have you going outside, let alone at night in the dark. The terrifying creature makes its appearance, looming over you but doesn’t quite realise you’re there. 

    Your eyes widen, your breath shakes as you try to hold your breath, but your body naturally hiccups as you try not to make any sounds or sudden movements. 

    The monster is frightening, it’s evident in the way you’re scared for your life. It’s onyx skin glistens from the moon’s light, slender form on all fours with a long and even slimmer tail. You note that the eyes are small and reside on the side of the head with a protruding mouth full of small, sharpened teeth. You panic further when you hear it sniffing its surroundings, head facing you. You remind yourself that he can’t see you, can only see to the side of him but it doesn’t really help to settle you.

    It moves in your direction, walking over you. Though you don’t get off easy, he steps directly on your ankle and your eyes are popping out of your head at the pain. You can’t help but grunt, but it doesn’t matter. It blows your cover. 

    You were so close from escaping it, only for your luck to run dry the moment you hear the bone snap. Part of you wants to just lay there, to share the same fate as your dearly departed team. Perhaps this was god’s plan for you.

    Despite your internal decision making, you’re crawling away. There’s no way in hell you’re going to be able to walk on it but there was no reason why you still couldn’t try. You don’t hold back your wailing and screaming now, limping as fast as you can even if it shoots an unimaginable pain through you. Your sight is blurred by your tears. You’re stumbling into shallow water, piercingly cold against your skin. 

    “Please-please no!” Your throat is scratched from how loud you’ve been shouting and crying, choking on your own cries and now from the water that gets up your nose as you’re frantically splashing around. You’re begging for mercy from a mindless, heartless being. It’s following the sounds of your voice, towering over you and lowering its horrifying face closer to you. You’re shivering, flailing and unable to gather yourself. “Please...” you whimper, “I don’t wanna die, p-please, I don’t want to-” It screams it your face, saliva spraying you. You squeeze your eyes shut and cower into foetal position, but nothing comes, and new sounds of vulnerability and pain of its own is replaced by the shrills from earlier. 

     Another unfamiliar, loud sound is heard from a different entity, but you’re too busy struggling and searching for a steady breath to realise what, or rather who, the inhumane sounds came from. 

     You crawl onto land, but your energy and body strength has completed dissipated, so you just lie there. Your head falls to the side, and on the other side of the water you see him. He’s huffing angrily, staring down the creature. Somehow, he’s whimpering, the roles have reversed, and he act a terribly lot like you were just acting. Except Jungkook is merely staring it down. All four of his tentacles are pointed toward it, ready to attack at any given moment. In dark, they glow, much like his light purple eyes. The same deep screech comes from Jungkook’s throat, just as loud as the monster. Suddenly the fearsome beast is clawing at his throat, you can only just notice its head turning ever so slightly, and you flinch when it’s head twists completely. The loud crack makes you flinch, and your head spins uncontrollably. 

    “Jungkook...” you call out to him. He’s quick to look to you, his eyes so bright they blind you a little. He retracts the glowing limbs and sprints toward you, splashing through the water and dropping harshly to his knees beside you. 

    How stupid can you be, girl? His expression says it all if not for what he says to you, but you wrap your arms around his neck and pull him close as you cry against his chest. You could’ve died. He lifts you up bridal style, the swinging of your ankle making you shout in agony. You grit your teeth. He almost puts you down but decides it’s better to head back to his base rather than stay out here for much longer. Are you hurt? His eyes are wide with worry. “My ankle...” 

    It’s a frightening sight, really. It hangs limp, clearly very broken and probably unsalvageable without proper medical attention.

    You’re silent the entire way back, the only sound you make is to hiss whenever any sort of pressure was applied to your foot. So, when you feel yourself being laid down on his soft bed, you sigh with contentment. You were so glad to be here, so glad to be alive.

    You can’t go out without me, okay? Not without my permission either! If you were bored, you could have at least woken me up! Look at what you’ve gone and done to yourself! He scolds you, but his touch is tender, brushing your away from your face. You got lucky this time, my love…but I cannot lose my girls.

    “Hm? Your girls?” You tilt your head, still far too exhausted to think of it as anything but an accident. Will always protect my girls.

    You shake your head, trying to fight back tears as he wraps your ankle with some sort of cloth material. When he’s done, he kisses you there before climbing in beside you. He looks down at you with glossy eyes, they no longer glow blindingly. He pulls you in with a kiss that’s full of adoration, and you don’t hesitate to return it. I’ll take care of you if it’s the last thing I do.

    You hum, his body warmth a reminder of how much you relied on him and needed him with you. Your thoughts race back to the moment you almost died; life flashing before your eyes but the thing that stand out to you the most is that the last thing you saw was him. His face lingered a lot longer than any other memory you had. His smile, his laugh, his moans. Could it be that you love him – an extra-terrestrial being? He pulls away but he doesn’t stop staring at you, his mate, his life-time lover. That’s how he sees you. A mother to his child, but also a loving companion. 

    It’s hard to bring yourself to close your eyes, the intense feeling of being afraid of what might spring out and bite you overpower every other thought in your mind. Even though Jungkook’s more than capable of protecting you, it’s still hard to shake in the aftershock. How did Jungkook snap that things neck without even touching it? What exactly was he capable of? You turn your head to look him in the eye, and he smiles softly and leans down to kiss you slowly, a hand roaming your body. Hw caresses you like the most valuable fine china, warm hand kneading at your sensitive breasts. “Cold…” you mumble against his lips; he pulls away completely and pouts at you. I’ll find you something to wear tomorrow. Although I really do prefer you this way.

    You roll your eyes, “So what, you get to wear clothing and I don’t? That’s unfair.” He chuckles, cupping your cheek and running his thumb against your soft cheek. Get some sleep, you have to recover. And it doesn’t take you long to, either.


    taglist: @xmagicxshopx @thvhoe @hvnnibvni @ggukoo @whoreternal @hobiolli @investedreader @purpleskyyyy @scuzmunkie​ 

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  • thehopelessromanticclub
    26.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    I Love You

    Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk x Reader

    Genre: Fluff, domestic au, angst? idk

    Word count: 1.4k

    Summary: Being a 'not-so affectionate' person, you rarely said I love you. but this was hurting him. So now you're gonna make it up to him.

    Warning: None

    Love… What is love?

    Strong feelings of affection?

    Extreme feelings of attraction and need?

    Well, then let me tell you, it’s not just about the loving, sudden feeling of affection and attachment, it’s also about those petty little arguments and conflicts. It’s about the disagreements that comes in with a relationship.

    For where there is love, there is life….

    On the phone:

    Jk: when r u coming home??

    Y/n: it might get late, there’s this seminar coming up that I need to prepare for.

    Jk: oh… then I’ll get the dinner ready.

    Y/n: Ne, gomawo jagiya. (Cheesiness lacing in your voice, while you heard a chuckle on the other end.)

    J/k: I’ll wait for you.

    Y/n: Don’t stay up late though, you have work tomorrow and we both know how grumpy you can get if u don’t sleep properly. (You said ordering like a mother to her child.)

    Jk: Ok eommonie. (Both chuckling at his response.)

    Jk: Ok then bye, I love you.

    Y/n: I love me too.

    Jk: C’mon say it back.

    Y/n: What?

    Jk: Don’t play dumb. Say you love me.

    Y/n: Yeah, yeah whatever.

    You were never the type to always go on about boasting about your love for him. Ending each conversation with ‘I love u’s’, was rarely your thing, while Jungkook on the other hand was your complete opposite. True he was not good at showing affection, but he always made sure that you felt loved and cared for.

    He always quoted an ‘I love you.’ at the end of every phone call between you two, a form or more like his form of saying “be safe, I need you here with me.” Not gonna lie, u lived for it, although u never gave the typical ‘I love you too.’

    Time skip

    You heard a beep on your phone, indicating you received a text message making you turn your attention towards your phone. It was none other than your boyfriend.

    “The food is on the table.” it read. You were smiling ear to ear. Someone said it true, “when you are in a relationship, the smallest things have the biggest impact.”

    You still remember the initial stages of your relationship. It used to be so awkward owing to the so-called introvert personality of both of you. He used to be so shy around you. Words were rarely exchanged. The first time he held your hand, it was so special. It was a magical experience. Forget the butterflies, the whole zoo was dancing in your stomach. A pretty shade of pink evident on your cheek. And even he knew the effect he had on you. You still get teased by him now, on how he could feel your heart palpitating wildly under your fingertips.

    Whenever you both fought, instead of hugging you, he would make you your favorite dish to say he wants to make up.

    You still have that heartfelt letter he wrote for you on your first anniversary. It was simple, childish yet it was the most adorable thing. In your relationship, ‘sweetness’ had a whole new concept.

    Days turned into months, and months into years and you both still look at each other the same way when it all started.

    Time skip

    At home

    “I’m home.” You whispered, more like to yourself, as it was pretty late and you didn’t want to wake him up in case he was sleeping. And yup, you were right. He was sleeping. But at the wrong place.

    “I’ve told him a countless number of times not to sleep on the sofa.” You muttered going towards him.

    He looked so cute while sleeping. His face squished between his arms and a pout evident on his lips. it should be made illegal to be this cute. You blew on his face in order to wake up this sleepyhead. Your face was so close to his face that all that was left wass to lay a kiss on his face. You laid a quick kiss on his lips.

    “Let me sleep.”

    “Yah! I told you not to wait for me.” to which he just gave you a smile with his eyes still closed.

    “Why didn’t you pick up your phone when I called you?”

    “My phone died. I tried doing CPR but I couldn’t bring it back to life.”

    “Haha, very funny.”

    “I know right.” You both broke into fits of laughter.

    “Anyway, can I use your phone, I need to tell the professor that I submitted my thesis.” He gave you his phone without any hesitation. You unlocked his phone by entering the passcode which was your birthday. How sweet. I know right.

    You were welcomed by a google tab still waiting to be closed.

    If my girlfriend doesn’t say I love you back, does that mean she doesn’t love me? read the words on the search bar.

    Your world paused for a moment.

    "She doesn’t love me?" as in?

    You swear you read the words at least 10 times to make sure your eyes weren’t betraying you or that you were seeing things.

    Your eyes immediately went to him. Sitting there scratching his scalp without any clue. Why didn’t you ever realize the fact that you were hurting him indirectly? why couldn’t you notice his pain? The pain that he so skilfully hid behind the mask.

    “Are you done?” His words broke your train of thought.

    “Oh...yea-yeah, I’m almost done.” You quickly sent the respective message and handed him the phone back.

    “I’m going to the bedroom, come quickly but not before you eat your dinner. Arraseo?”

    You passed him a nod as an affirmation. He left to the bedroom but not before giving you a smile and a kiss on your forehead.

    Time skip

    You were laying on your side of the bed with not a single trace of melatonin in your system, with him by your side snoring as if there’s no tomorrow. He secured you tightly by your waist. He had this sensor in his arms that always made its way to your waist whenever you laid beside him no matter how deep in his sleep he was.

    The words from earlier were still so fresh in your mind. You were shocked. That would be an understatement. It was a mix of emotions. You were hurt? yeah maybe a bit, but not by him but yourself. You never realized your lack of expression was hurting him, upsetting him.

    You didn’t even realize it when tears started escaping your eyes. You were so disappointed with yourself.

    Y/N POV

    Before I met him, I didn’t even think love was for me. It was something other people had and felt. Something in movies and in TV shows. It felt more like a wish I had than something real. Now that he’s with me, love is so much more tangible. It’s so much more magical than I ever imagined it would be. It’s so much more than a wish or a hope. He is the reality to all my imaginations.

    I love him so much more than I could ever convey. But I guess I failed to express it.

    “don’t worry Jungkook-ah, I’m gonna make it up to you.”

    Time Skip

    Author’s POV

    Rays of the sun made their way through the window as they always did and fell on his face making him scrunch his face at the ‘sorry, you’re-not-welcome-now’ light. He was never an early bird. It even got you believing that he belonged to the nocturnal category.

    “Uhh…” a moan escaped his mouth, not liking the high intensity oh light on his face.

    “Y/N, can you close the curtains?” the lack of response got his hands searching for you in the bed where you’d usually be, beside him.

    He peeled his eyes open, his eyes roaming around the room searching for you. Not being able to find you, his eyes immediately rushed towards the clock to check if it was already time for you to leave for your work.

    ‘8:14 am’ it read. That’s when he noticed the sticky note peeping its way around the side table. He picked it up, already knowing it was from you.

    ‘I got an urgent call from work, so I have to leave early. Also, I wanted to say something, look at your hand.”

    His eyes immediately darted towards his palm.

    ‘I love you.’ written in big bold letters right on his palm. He blushed, the light crimson shade adorning his cheeks. A lovestruck smile lighted up his face, his teeth nibbling his bottom lip. If his heart could squeeze out more love for you, he swore it did at that moment.

    “I love you too.”

    And he didn’t wash his hands for the whole day.

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  • shaku1995
    26.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Prologue |My Secret Affair  College AU|


    It was no love, It was madness

    It was not a relationship but a catastrophe

    **Warning: **18+

    Genre: College AU,Angst, smut, Yandere, Obsession, Toxic Relationship

    Published: 26.05.2022

    Main Character: Jungkook, Jimin, OC with name

    ⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿  ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚・

    Shoving her belonging inside, she slammed the locker shut and turned around when her eyes landed on the guy making out with an equally hot girl in the middle of the hallways.

    If it was a few years ago, she would be crying her eyes out having to witness the guy she loved since her childhood sucking someone else's face but now she was immune to all the painful emotions that he once used to bring upon her.

    letting out a soft sigh she sympathized with the girl wrapped around the guy's finger oblivious that the affection he was showing to her was nothing but a hoax. But then who wouldn't fall into the trap webbed by using charismatic visual and honey-laced words. After all, he was one-of-a-kind, The Golden boy of the university, who had everyone on their knees with his one spectacular look.

    Fixing her spectacle, she walked passed them like she had nothing to do with them although the reality was far from the way she was pretending it to be. Honestly, she wished she really had nothing to do with the devil who was portrayed to be the most charming person you would ever come across but unfortunately that was not the case.

    She was about to enter her class when their gaze locked and his eyebrows quirked up while a smirk slowly crept on his lips.

    He was holding his girlfriend but his eyes were fixed on her because only he knew, that no matter how many girls he would hold during the day, she was the one he would end up in the bed at nights.

    After all, it was her, he had named his entire existence to the girl his eyes would never get tired of staring at.

    ⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿  ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚・

    "If you are toxic, I'm a snake. I thrive in your presence but lose my identity if you fade."

    Please dm if you want to be tagged for this story. Also if you are tagged please comment and like since i will be inventing my time to tag you i would want you to reciprocate and give me feedback
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  • shaku1995
    26.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Chapter 10| Confinement


    “I thought we were perfect,

    I thought he was perfect

    until I saw his body bathed with the blood of people I loved”

    Warning: 18+ 

    Genre: Angst,smut,Horror,psychopath, Yandere, Obsession, Toxic Relationship

    Published: 26.05.2022

    Main Character: Jungkook, Jimin, Taehyung, Named OC

    Previous 9

    The sharp and stern voice of a reporter coming from the TV stirred me up into my consciousness and I slowly opened my heavy eyelids. The back of my head was still throbbing hard but couldn't bring my hands up to massage the temple of my head to soothe it down. I struggled to use my hands but soon perceived that they have been restrained by a rope.

    The suicide note by the 21-year-old boy Joshua... mentioned that it was jealousy that triggered him to take such drastic steps to eliminate the victim by forcing him to commit suicide and he did so by threatening the lives of the victim's friend and family anonymously.

    As my blurry vision was restored, I noticed the News reporter reporting a case right in front of my College on the flat-screen TV hung before the bed that I was lying on.

    The boy went ahead to blackmail and rape another female student before committing suicide by shooting himself in the head. Another victim of his vicious attack has still been missing and the police department has allocated their entire force in search of the missing college student...

    Suddenly my face was flashed on the Tv saying missing for more than twenty-four hours. I let out a muffled scream trying to call out for help when a warm hand caressed my head hushing me down.

    "Tia it's fine, you are safe here" Taehyung's voice brought immense fear within me and I shrieked trying to scoot away from him but he trapped me with his strong arms.

    "Promise me you won't scream" He was fondling my hair and only after I nodded my head in agreement, did he let go of me and uncovered my mouth.

    "Why?" was the first word that fell off my lips while I cried shutting my eyes close.

    I couldn't believe that Taehyung was a killer, I couldn't accept that my loving boyfriend was behind the death of my best friends. I wanted him to say that it was a misunderstanding or that this was just a nightmare but again the pain in my head and my wrist reminded me that I was living the reality.

    "I never meant this to happen, you were supposed to return your home" he sighed as if that was his only concern, not the fact that he had killed people.

    "How could you do this? how could you?" I screamed at him and the look of irritation quickly spread across his face.

    "They were very noisy, I never like how they took your time" He shrugged his shoulder as if killing him wasn't a big deal.

    It appeared like the decision to get rid of my friends came to him spontaneously while he was drinking coffee one morning.

    "But" he lifted his finger and pointed at me, cutting me off "that wasn't the reason why I killed them, I knew their death would make you sad so I always controlled my urges however they were digging too much so I ended up making the pit they were digging, their grave."

    Every single cell that I constituted of was trembling in terror having to face him. It was like interacting and trying to come into compromisation with death itself.

    "Eunwoo was trying to prove his Uncle's innocence by investigating that whore's death and he was about to come close so I threatened him with Jisoo's and your life and like an idiot, he killed himself without much effort,"

    Putting his hand behind his head to support it against the headboard, he made himself comfortable beside me

    "Typical Eunwoo " He 'tsk' rolling his eyes.

    "Then you know how Jisoo started to mess around as well. Going through Eunwoo's mails and seriously for a sec I thought I would get caught but that idiot Jimin accidentally gave me a perfect idea to use Joshua." He was grinning at me. However, it wasn't the same as before.

    His innocent smile had somehow deformed into a menacing one as he confessed his crime without a hint of sadness or regret in his eyes.

    "Just like I had guessed Joshua asked for sexual favor and damn, right there I could frame him for everything with evidence. Past criminal record, plus charges of sexual harassment by Jisoo, He was the perfect scapegoat. It would look like he first killed Eunwoo due to jealousy, blackmailed and raped Jisoo and killed her in struggle then killed himself" he was explaining himself as if he was presenting a report to me.

    The side of Taehyung I was witnessing right now was completely out of my imagination. There was not even a pinch of compassion in his deep eyes which were once impeccable in my view.

    "But you, my babe ruined everything by appearing there. I texted you from Jisoo's phone and asked you to return but being a curious kitten you had to interfere. Don't you know curiosity kills the cat?" His last words made chills run through my spine and my entire life flashed in front of me. I was regretting approaching him so much that I was praying to God to give me one last chance to rectify my mistake.

    Seeing the salty droplet drip down my eyelashes, Taehyung flared his nose in fury. His lips twitched as his vicious eyes bore into my feared ones.

    "After everything I have done for you, you think I will kill you? I fucking gave up my kidney to save your fucking ass" In a deep voice he growled and I jumped in fright.

    If he wasn't going to kill me, what was he planning to do to me? An airplane crashed on my head when I comprehended he was planning to keep me tied up for the rest of my life.

    "No Taehyung please let me go, I won't say anything to anyone, I promise" I brought my tied hands before me and tried to bargain my freedom with him.

    I was honest when I said I would keep my mouth shut since nothing but my own life seemed to be important at that moment.

    "Please" I was struggling even more when he cradled my fragile body against his strong ones.

    "Shush, It's okay Tia, I will look after you,

    You are safe now

    I will protect you from the monsters outside

    Nothing in this world can hurt you now

    After all, No one will be able to touch you,

    see you

    hear you

    or even smell you

    because that's what a good boyfriend does right?

    Keep his girl safe"

    He whispered in a sweet voice that was more terrifying than the uncertainty my future held.

    *:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿  ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚

    The bed creaked as the headboard of the large bed slammed against the wall with his every thrust and I felt my core would split in half due to pain. My body was littered with numerous marks in shades of purple and red, a result of the physical abuse I had to withstand in the confinement of the monster, I once thought was my angel.

    "I love you, I feed you, I take care of you and you still try to run away from me" Taehyung roughly tugged my hair backwards leaning his naked body against mine bareback.

    "I did whatever I could do to be your perfect boyfriend. To be of your standards I gave up who I truly was, I even killed that bitch," he was crying and yelling at the same time while I let out a stifled voice through my gags.

    His tears dripped down and landed on my skin as he nibbled my shoulder painting me in his desired color, an attempt to imprint his body in mine. "and you still want to leave me," his voice hardened as he rammed inside my pussy at once.

    The pang was sharp, originating from my core as it traveled upwards and I could swear I was breaking from inside. Our intimacy no longer gave me any form of pleasure and I simply felt repulsed because no matter how much I loved him, the blood on his hand made me reject him with disgust however it wasn't enough to save myself from his desire for my body.

    For more than a week, he had held me captive in this dark room with no window just to satisfy his lust and as if I was a ragged doll, he would vent up his frustration through sex and then leave me to rot all alone in this strange place. My cries were getting louder and louder with every pound of his shaft as It was painfully stretching my core and not being able to feel any emotion for him made it worst.

    I closed my eyes shut as he moaned. He was enjoying my pain, it was sick that my cries were turning him on.

    "Shush" Taehyung continued to penetrate me while I struggled with my mouth muzzled to be inaudible.

    I vigorously shook my head, trying to convey to him to spare me but my pled went unheard by his deaf ears. Thankfully my hands were freed so I could grip the bedsheets and try to bear the uncomfortable pang.

    "You wanna escape" he snickered picking up his pace. The guy I loved no longer existed but was replaced by a violent devil who didn't have any compassion and to think maybe this was his real face was more heartbreaking.

    "Try, Love because even death ain't gonna save you from me" He whispered leaving trails of kisses from my neck to my shoulder while he fucked me to his heart content chasing his high. With a grunt, he released all of his cum inside of me while I lay limp appearing as if my life had forsaken me. I had to allow him to trample all over me and consume me until nothing of me was left just for the sake of my own safety.

    Panting hard, Taehyung held my body from behind which he had successfully shattered and all of the sudden he began to weep out loud.

    "I'm sorry this had to happen, Tia, We were supposed to be perfect, you were supposed to be happy with me but now I have ruined everything. I am so scared to live without you, and knowing that if I let go of you, I might never see you again and everything that makes me human will disappear as well, scares me."

    I was cursing my art professor right now. Only if she would have decided not to be a whore I would still be living my dreams. Even if that meant living my entire life without knowing the truth at least I would be happy with Taehyung. My ignorance would be my bliss.

    But she wasn't a very smart woman and always thought from her non-existent dick. Turned out that she had been his private tutor for a long and apparently was having affair with Taehyung before we started dating so when Taehyung dropped her out of his life without any effort she started blackmailing him to continue sleeping with her.

    Thinking the truth of his affair would make me hate him, Taehyung had complied with her, however, getting faded up by her constant increase in demands he had killed her and framed Eunwoo's uncle.

    "I should have come out clean right? but I had already lied to you that you were my first and I just didn't have the guts to disappoint you" he turned me around to face him and kissed my forehead as tenderly as possible.

    If it would have been any other time, my heart would have melted like cotton candy but today I couldn't even force myself to feel pity.

    "Would you accept me, Tia? If I would tell the truth?" with hope and despair twinkling in his eyes he waited for my reply.

    To be honest, if Taehyung would have come clean about his problem, I wouldn't have minded it at all. I sincerely loved him so his past affairs wouldn't have bothered me as long as they would remain in his past. I nodded my head cause that was the truth and my reply seemed to shatter his heart even more since he lowered his head and started to beg for forgiveness.

    "I was wrong I am sorry, I don't know how I turned to become this monster Tia, but only you can save me. Please help me" he grabbed both of my hands and pleaded, sounding genuine.

    I stared at his face for a while trying to determine if they were crocodile's tears or not. The hands that were holding me made me go back to the night they were holding a knife against my best friend and the memories cause bitterness to erupt with force.

    I loved the man before him to the point I could never get rid of my feeling for him and there was no denying it however I could never forgive him for his crimes as well.

    For the first time in weeks, I was the one who moved closer to his body and allowed our skin to touch and melt our hearts. Resisting him wasn't going to buy me anything. I had to be patient and wait for the right moment.

    "It's okay" my voice was worn out but they managed to convey my thoughts.

    Taehyung remained stunned for a while but he quickly snatched the opportunity to envelop me with my consent. Even if it was for a brief moment, I felt like we went back in time where everything was perfect and we were happily in love with each other.

    "Thank you Tia, thank you so much" he flooded me with kisses without caring for the tears staining my cheeks and I kissed him back.

    *:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿  ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚

    NEXT 11


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    Chapter 9| Confinement


    “I thought we were perfect,

    I thought he was perfect

    until I saw his body bathed with the blood of people I loved”

    Warning: 18+

    Genre: Angst,smut,Horror,psychopath, Yandere, Obsession, Toxic Relationship

    Published: 26.05.2022

    Main Character: Jungkook, Jimin, Taehyung, Named OC

    Previous CH-8

    Even though the demonologist left, his words never stopped reverberating in my ears. It was piercing my eardrums reminding me of the fact that I still didn't have my freedom.

    "No escape"

    There was a lump in my throat that never seemed to go. The more I tried to swallow it the more prominent it was becoming.

    Jungkook was left perplexed since he had no clue about my past but I knew exactly what the demonologist meant however the guy had remained silent without asking any question that would seem like he was prying into my life.

    "Tia, he might be a scammer so don't pay much attention to the things he said" Jungkook tried to comfort me and then proceeded to prepare the bed for the night however my mind refused to stop dwelling on the words spoken by the Man.

    As per him, the presence was not in the apartment nor the bathroom but within me and I knew exactly what he meant.

    "I almost died in my high school due to complications from Lupus nephritis and My boyfriend saved my life by donating his kidney" I revealed gaining Jungkook's attention.

    "Jimin?" he inquired and I shook my head saying no.

    "Ta..." I choked because I didn't have the guts to take his name.

    "He..." I tried but I failed once again.

    Jungkook immediately hastened beside me to give me some form of support by taking me in his arms. Appreciating his help, I whispered him a small thank you and we both climbed into my bed and settled down in a comfortable position beside each other.

    "Can you...?" seeing how difficult it was for me to open up about my past, he inquired if I could go on and I nodded my head conveying I was fine.

    Firstly, I inhaled a deep breath and gathered myself to recite the darkest days of my life to him. I was not sure how would he react to the revelation but I felt like he deserved to know.

    "I think I was seventeen when I first saw him, so beautiful yet an enigma." I began, flashing him a weak smile.

    "We went to the same high school. He didn't use to talk much, stayed away from the crowd, and was cold and distant but I always believed he was misunderstood therefore I never liked how other students would treat him like a weirdo" I sunk back in the bed as Jungkook placed a pillow behind our back to lean against.

    "I thought he simply lacked social skills and after having a crush on him for almost a year, I finally gathered my courage and asked him out" I flinched recalling the exact moment of my life which would be the reason for every devastation that would follow.

    "Taehyung didn't reply to me so I thought he had rejected me because right after my confession he had simply stood up and left " The memories flashed making uneasiness settle down within me. The feeling was similar to having an upset stomach and the further I dived into my past the more the anxiety bubbled up.

    "I was a bit sad but I didn't let the rejection affect me however the very next day rather than taking his usual seat he proceeded to sit beside me. He wouldn't talk much but following that day always sat near to me." I scoffed at my naive self who at that time I found his actions cute.

    "maybe he was shy" was the exact thought that had crossed my mind

    "Suddenly one day when a Jimin asked me out Taehyung interfered claiming I was his girlfriend" I resumed retelling my story which seemed like a fairy tale in the beginning, sweet and gentle.

    For an eighteen-years girl knowing the guy I liked for so long was reciprocating my feelings was the happiest moment of my life. I was on cloud nine when Taehyung had taken hold of my hand and led me out of the cafeteria disregarding the wide eyes of the crowd that was watching us in confusion.

    "Ice-princess dates the freak" everyone was talking about the next day when Taehyung and I made an entrance as an official couple.

    "Everything was perfect when we started to date, he was an angel. Soft-spoken and mischievous yet caring. I thought he had a heart of gold." I didn't even know I was crying until Jungkook took a tissue from the table beside the bed and handed it over to me.

    "When I was diagnosed with Lupus nephritis and was in need of a kidney, he donated his without blinking twice and that made me love him even more after all I owed my life to him" Even revisiting those days of my life made chills run through my spine. Without knowing the truth I was letting his hands dripped in blood touch me and pleasure me every single night.

    "for two years that we were together, we never fought, never had any discussion, it was as if we were each other's counterparts however everything started to change from the day when we got the news that our Art professor had died. Apparently, her ex-husband had killed her." I moved closer to Jungkook's body in search of warmth because the atmosphere had suddenly shifted to be more chilling.

    "Our art professor was the ex-wife of my best friend's uncle and he couldn't believe that his uncle was behind her death and since he was very close to his uncle tried to dig more about the case and suddenly he was found dead as well." The dark day when I got the news of my dear friend's demise was shocking at the same time traumatic. We were friends since middle school and his girlfriend Jisoo, who was also my best friend almost went insane at the revelation.

    "His case was dismissed by saying suicide, but I and Jisoo knew, Eunwoo would never kill himself, no matter how fucked up his family was, he was a very optimistic person but what happened next was something even I hadn't anticipated" I was wailing my eyes out by this point while Jungkook held me tight in his protective arms.

    It was the start of everything, The beginning of the end because after that day, one after another I lost every single people I loved and live for.

    "Was he...I mean did your boyfriend..." he trailed off and I nodded my head confirming his suspicion.

    "He killed the teacher and Eunwoo and later on he killed Jisoo as well"

    ⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿  ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚・⭑

    (Past three years ago)

    Everyone's heads were hanging low as the dark perfectly polished coffin was slowly put down to its final destination, underneath the ground. All dressed in black, Eunwoo's mother was wailing her eyes out while her husband was attempting to give her some form of solace. The magnitude of despair in her eyes was so enormous that it even consumed me as a whole.

    I shut my eyes close letting more tears escape while Taehyung cradled me against his chest slowly soothingly rubbing my back.

    The entire event was placid and painfully slow but the thing that hit me the most was the lack of empathy in his father's eyes. I knew he didn't have a close bond with his son but I never expected him to be so unaffected by his child's demise.

    Disgust flooded my gut and looking up to Taehyung I requested him to take me away because I felt suffocated. At that moment all I could think was about Jisoo. Traumatized by the news of Eunwoo's death, she wasn't even able to attend his funeral.

    Taehyung quickly complied with my request and as we were retracing our steps toward Taehyung's car, a familiar voice called me out making me halt on my track.

    I turned around to find Jimin in a black suit jogging his way toward me.

    "Hey" he breathed out halting right before me.

    "I will be waiting in the car," Taehyung announced in a deadpan voice then placing a soft kiss on my head, he climbed into the car giving me some privacy.

    "Are you all fine?" Jimin's voice was filled with tenderness as he inquired me about my well-being. I opened my mouth to respond but nothing came out so I shrugged my shoulder letting more of my tears drip down my chin.

    Everything still felt unbelievable. Just a week ago we were laughing and fooling around having the time of our life and today I had bid my best friend a final goodbye as he was buried underneath the ground.

    Jimin wrapped his arms around me and leaning his head on my shoulder he shed tears of grief. He was very close to Eunwoo as well, after all, we knew each other since middle school. Returning his hug, I joined him in mourning our friend's death.

    An urgent sound of car honking signaled me that Taehyung was getting impatient but I couldn't blame him. Everyone around us was well aware of Jimin's feelings towards me as he never kept it a secret.

    Parting away from his embrace I gave him a sorry smile to which Jimin patted my head saying it was all fine. He was the most understanding person I ever came across as he never hesitated to give me support whenever I needed it.

    Kissing in the crown of my head, he hunched down to wave at Taehyung then walked back to the funeral as I hopped inside the passenger seat and we drove to my house.

    The days were never the same after Enuwoo's death. There was no more cheering when Popular guy's entered the cafeteria, people were less cheerful and even the weather seemed to be mourning his untimely death.

    I took my usual seat in the cafeteria staring at the empty seats, I felt like my existence was cut in half.

    Jimin silently took the seat before me while Taehyung settled down beside me. Students were whispering glancing our way, giving us a pitying look and the worst part was how easily everyone had accepted his death as a suicide.

    I recalled the words of officer Kim Namjoon, who showed me CCTV footage of Eunwoo walking into the construction area on his own with no one accompanying him just 30 minutes before he had Jumped off from the highest point of the under-construction building at around 7 pm.

    The driving factor of his suicide was announced to be the rejection from the company he was training to become an idol for 5years.

    "There was no evidence of external involvement and there is no suspect plus everything hints its a suicide given that his final post on Social media was just goodbye"

    "Tia" Taehyung's deep voice snapped me out of my trance and I realized I was simply playing with my food.

    "Please eat something you look pale" He brought the spoon with mushroom soup onto my lips however I had no appetite.

    I shook my head and murmured "I don't feel like" and Jimin was quick to voice out his concern.

    "We need to stay strong if not for ourselves than for Jisoo and not to forget you need to take care of your health" His word made me open my mouth as Taehyung fed me the soup.

    I felt so sorry for Taehyung as I was causing him so much trouble. I hated how fragile I had become mentally and physically. Seeing tears welling up in my eyes, Taehyung stood up from his seat and wrapped his arms around me.

    "I'm fine" I tried to assure him but my weak voice gave my lies away.

    I wasn't fine, I was hurting inside. My chest was constricting with every pump of the blood and there was nothing that was helping to soothe it down. Not even Taehyung's tender hugs were working.

    Following lunch, I went to the washroom and splashed water on my face to make my nausea go away.

    I felt exhausted.

    Taking a few deep breaths in, I fished the phone out of my pocket and unlocked it to find a new message from Jisoo.


    He was murdered, Ara. Somebody forced him to commit suicide.

    ⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿  ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚・⭑

    My ear was ringing constantly after my brain had registered the words in the text. I was feeling a mixture of emotions such as anger, anxiousness, and despair.

    Eunwoo was a person of virtue and regardless of his popularity, he was always kind and considerate of others so I couldn't think of any reason why someone would hurt him.

    "Tiara, You fine?" Jimin snapped me out of my thought and I bore into his eyes feeling inarticulated.

    "Baby" it was Taehyung who nudged me this time trying to gain my attention.

    Nothing that the principal was saying was getting into my brain. It was some sort of suicide awareness speech but every syllable he uttered was flying over my head.

    "Jisoo is sure, Enuwoo was murdered" I blurted out and both of their orbs went wide like a tennis ball.

    "I knew it, There was no reason for him to kill himself, that family problem and rejection is shit police trying to feed us to save their incompetence ass." Jimin spat in a tone mingled with venom while riling his fist up whereas Taehyung chose to remain quiet.

    "Did she find any proof?" Jimin questioned me to which I shrugged my shoulder.

    "She did say she found some suspicious emails in his secrete email id so now she is trying to find a hacker to track the IP address from where the messages were sent but..." I trailed off.

    Hacking was a tough job. To be able to get into a mere system, we needed knowledge of database, networking, and programming combined which wasn't an easy task. In addition, it was illegal so we were stuck for now.

    "How about we ask Joshua's help?" Jimin suggested to which my face morphed into disgust.

    "That guy hacked Jisoo's account and stole her info as well some of her intimate pictures and blackmailed her to date him, he is disgusting" I rejected his advice when Taehyung suddenly spoke out.

    "That's the reason why we can ask him..." I narrowed my eyes not understanding his statement.

    "We know that he is a good hacker, plus he is in love with Jisoo meaning he will be willing to take the risks for her after all hacking is illegal but this guy doesn't care and won't even charge us money" I realized that his words were making sense.

    "No, we will ask for his help, not girls, he is not good news, let me handle him " Jimin emphasized ' me 'before diverting his attention back to our principal on the stage.

    No matter how much I detested that guy, the idea to use Joshua wasn't bad, however, I was pretty much sure that neither Jimin nor Taehyung could make him agree. Only boobs had that power so without a second thought, I texted Jisoo about the idea.

    As soon as the school got over, I called Jisoo who received the call and explained, how she had already contacted Joshua even before I texted her also she revealed what she had found in Eunwoo's secrete email address.

    Someone had anonymously sent the picture of me, Jisoo and Jimin in the computer class, then his father in his office, his grandmother with the subject "tik-tok time is running"

    Since Enuwoo was a trainee and was secretly dating Jisoo, he had several secret accounts as well as a hidden phone which was never found. She also shared how polices dismissed her without even letting her explain the entire thing so swallowing her pride she had asked Joshua for help and he had agreed to help her in only one condition.

    Just by hearing what the proposition was made my blood boil. Such a sickening guy that made me nauseating just by recalling his face.

    "You don't have to do it," I pleaded with her with tears rolling down my eyes. I was sure we could think of any other solution.

    "I know Ara, but I have no choice, I need his help even if it means I will have to throw away my dignity, I can't let my baby be tagged as a coward, I can't" she was weeping out loud and so was I.

    "Listen please, don't tell this to anyone, I don't trust anybody, not even Jimin and Taehyung, it's just between you and me, not even Jimin. I feel like someone we know was behind this. Someone who knew about Eunwoo's secret Id, his another phone so when I text you the location of the IP address, you come directly there. I will be there as well, do you get it?" I nodded my head sniffing.

    "Ara," she called me in a weak voice and I hmm in response.

    "Will you get disgusted by me after this?" her question was simple but it shattered my heart into millions of pieces.

    "Never, I love you so much, I will never be repulsed by you" I ensured her with confidence and she broke into loud sobs.

    "Thank you... thank you so much" with that she ended called and I plummeted into the floor not being able to bear the pain our predicament was causing us.

    ⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿  ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚・⭑

    Just like I had promised, I didn't tell a soul about our plan and waited for Jisoo's text to guide me. After about an hour or two, when it was almost past ten pm, she texted me the GPS location of the IP address, and the anonymous emails that were sent and without a further due, I took my purse and headed out of my house telling my parents that I was going for an evening walk.

    Taking a taxi I headed towards the destination and when I reached the place, I felt stupid for not recognizing the location of my own college.

    As I took a step out of the car, I got another text from Jisoo saying there was a change of plan and she required me to go back and wait at home for her because breaking into the college could lead to serious consequences and that she would handle everything on her own.

    I narrowed my eyes feeling perplexed. Why did she suddenly decide that it was fine to cast me out when we had agreed to go through it together?

    Ignoring the message, for once I decided to see the end to it myself. After all, I was already so close to finding the truth. She may be protecting me in her own way but I was not going to back down now. Eunwoo was my dear friend as well and I wanted justice for him too.

    Since students were not allowed inside the college premises after class hours, I used the back gate to climb inside the college and followed the map when I ended up in front of the computer science building.

    Josuha had first used the emails to track the IP address then hacking the network connection of the college, he had discovered the mac address of the PC.

    There were multiple computer labs in the building so finding out the one which was used was going to be tough. However, I wasn't going to bail out easily so I decided to start from the lab with which I was most familiar.

    Using the mac address, that Jisoo had texted me along with IP address, I went ahead and check each and every computer to see whose mac addresses would match, and luckily I found the computer that was used to send those anonymous emails to Eunwoo immediately.

    When I stood before the machine the realization that someone I knew was behind Eunwoo's death sunk deeper into my skin and my heart wrenched in disgust.

    Taking a deep breath in, I mustered up my courage and checked the schedule to match whose class was running at the time when Enwoo received the message and another sharp pain jabbed my heart.

    Tuesday, the day Eunwoo was absent, the day he was found dead, the class that had a lab on the exact time he got those anonymous texts was ours and right at the moment, Jisoo's voice echoed into my head.

    "I feel like someone we know was behind this. Someone who knew about Eunwoo's secrete Id, his other phone"

    My body began trembling as each one of my classmate's faces flashed in front of my eyes. I couldn't imagine any of them being a killer but all the evidence we have gathered was pointing out that it was someone we knew.

    Eunwoo was extremely popular, meaning he had many friends and even though he was well behaved and kind, his popularity came with jealousy and rivalry from other guys.

    I slowly took a baby step towards the computer I was working on that day. I clearly remembered Jimin to be sitting to my left and Jisoo to my right and the person who was sitting at that specific computer that was right behind me was Taehyung.

    My breath got knocked out of me and the world around me appeared to stand still. The feeling was similar to falling down from an airplane without any parachute.

    I nearly puked at the absurd conclusion that my mind came up with as I repeatedly shook my head not wanting to believe any of it.

    "Tia, I will sit here today" He had sweetly smiled at me taking his position behind me.

    Taehyung had always preferred to sit beside me, so it was quite unusual for me to see him changing his regular scheme, but seeing Jimin getting excited to sit alongside me I had brushed it off.

    I slapped myself for doubting Taehyung, he would never hurt my friend. Though he didn't get along with any one of them because he lacked socializing skills but that didn't mean he would go and hurt them.

    I ran towards the security room thinking I might be able to break into it and somehow get access to the footage of that day.

    Maybe I did some mistake in recalling, maybe someone else used the same PC when Taehyung was not around

    Maybe ...

    My steps came to halt when another thing hit my mind.

    In all the pictures sent to Eunwoo, where every one of his friends was included only Taehyung was missing.

    "NO!NO!" I gritted my teeth attempting to push such dark thoughts away as I dashed inside the security room and at once my entire world came crashing down.

    With my eyes stretched beyond their limit, I was staring at my friend who was like a sister to me in the pool of blood, boring her dead eyes right into my soul.

    I took an abrupt step back, petrified to the point that I was no longer capable of producing any form of sound.

    I slowly turned my attention to my boyfriend who had his gloved hands painted with her blood as he pulled out the knife from Jisoo's heart and looked at me with piercing cold eyes.

    "You weren't supposed to be here," he breathed out as if he did some miscalculation and ended up getting caught while I remained rooted on my spot not being able to move my single muscle.

    "Why didn't you go back to your home, Tia?" he tilted his head wiping the blood over his dark latex hood, seemingly annoyed by my unplanned presence.

    The shock had left me paralyzed because my mind was nowhere near ready to face this truth while our gaze remained connected.

    "Babe, I am sorry" a strong pain-wracked on the back of my head and I lost all of my senses at once as my body fell forward to hit the floor.

    ⭑・゚゚・*:༅。.。༅:*゚:*:✼✿  ✿✼:*゚:༅。.。༅:*・゚゚・⭑

    NEXT 10

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    ☁︎ᒍIᗰIᑎ ᑭᗩᖇK☁︎

    ☕︎ᴘᴏᴠ : ʜᴇ ɪs ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴄᴏʟʟᴇɢᴇ ʀᴏᴏᴍ-ᴍᴀᴛᴇ


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  • dearsonyeondan
    26.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    can you give us a scenario of jungkook dating a chubby girl and people not liking it, so he defends her?? smut please.

    hi anonymous! just wanted to thank you for this request and let you know that it was a pleasure to write for you! hope it meets your standards! (▰˘◡˘▰)

    ꒰ ꒱ pairing: non idol!jungkook x chubby reader.

    ꒰ ꒱ rating: 18+! please proceed responsibly.

    ꒰ ꒱ word count: 2.7k

    ꒰ ꒱ warning(s): oral sex (f receiving), vulgar language, ignorant fatphobic people (soft implication), dirty talk. first request, so be kind! unedited.

    ꒰ ꒱ note 4 reader: enjoy! requests can be placed in the "darkest desires" box.

    "There's no reason for you to be taking your anger out on me!" Jungkook said, following in behind you after you attempted to slam the bedroom door in his face. You turned to look at him with rage wild on your features, a look of disbelief in the fact that he was trying to be innocent in this situation.

    "Jungkook, you can't go around punching people because I'm fat!" You screamed at the top of your lungs, pupils shaking from the tears that you had been holding back. You wanted to say something else, raising your head while your eyes closed and you chewed at your bottom lip.

    . . .But nothing came out. The room that had often been filled with passion and romance was now quiet and the silence was uncomfortable. Jungkook looked back at you, busted lip becoming more obvious the more you stared at him. You were beyond upset at him and for now, you just needed to get away from him. You grabbed your backpack and filled it with clothes, unsure of your destination but knowing that away from him would be best.

    You were just telling your best friend how you needed space and missed being in the apartment with her anyway. "Where are you going?" He asked with a hoarse voice, the power in his yelling presented beforehand no longer being there. With your hand on the doorknob, you looked down to your hands and shook your head.

    "I need some space, Jeon," And let the door close behind you. The entire time you climbed the two flight stairs down, you fought to contain your tears. Mostly because you were aware people were watching and was aware now that something more than friendship was going on between you and Jungkook.

    "Can you at least tell me what happened?" Your best friend Mani said to you, looking past her pint of ice cream. You could see the concerned on her contoured features, especially since the lighting from the current movie you had been watching was on a bright screen. You took one last spoonful of ice cream before you placed it down and coddled yourself, arms going around your knees.

    "I promise I would've had that question right!" You were walking alongside Jungkook with both of your hands holding your backpack straps. You two had left an intense debate from a Comic Book club. It was how you and him met that is, being geeked about comics that you grew up on. The entire classroom knew that there was a personal rivalry going on between the two of you because you had favored DC whilst he swore behind Marvel.

    "You should've let me answer it! I know more things about Marvel anyway. . ." He implied when you entered the cafeteria located in the centre of campus, students of different kinds bussing all around. You didn't like eating here and favored waiting until the end of the work day to eat, but since Jungkook had taken up the role of helping you in the gym you were following some of his rules.

    "Jeon, at our big ages, we're having a debate about Marvel and DC," You said as you two took a seat near the shade where you had grown fond of. "What did you cook for us anyway today? I swear I'm starving," You said as you took a peek over his backpack and looking into the cute lunchbox he prepared.

    Jungkook had so many sides to him. He was hot, good at sports but also extremely smart. You noticed into your friendship that he stopped hanging with the frat members of Beta Tau Sigma, putting a hold on the parties to come and spend time doing stupid shit with you.

    Namjoon had started accusing you two of being together and for the longest you weren't. . .

    . . .Until Yoongi caught the two of you making out in the back of your car. That was something that all the boys seemed to be excited for and per your request, you had kept the relationship down from the rest of the campus. Jeon Jungkook was much more than the hot, nice jock to you. He was the cute guy with the glasses too big for his face at times. The guy who you had troubling removing his glasses before he fell asleep in your breasts, so you would laugh about the marks in the morning. Jungkook was fine with going public but you weren't.

    So you still dealt with the action of extremely skinny women in his DMs on Instagram. You still dealt with girls and boys flirting with him right in front of your face and for the most part it didn't bother you.

    "Lisa incoming. . ." You said looking behind Jungkook who was busy explaining the native Korean dish he had cooked for you the night before so that you could try. Jungkook didn't bother to turn when Lisa greeted him, taking a seat next to him and looking over his arm at the meal. Mark took another seat on the side of him.

    "Bro, are you coming to Kickback? We've been without our favorite Keg carrier," Mark said, dapping him up and taking a look at you with a weird look in his features. Mark was unaware of the relationship between you two, but he had a weird feeling that you were more than just a friend and tutor to him. "You two don't have another study session, right?" He asked you, causing you to look up from your own glasses and to Jungkook who sighed.

    "I'll be there," Jungkook said, shoving Lisa back who tried to reach for the food that was meant for you.

    "You better be, Kook. I miss you," Lisa said and it took you everything to keep from rolling your eyes. What could she miss? Trying to make unwanted moves on him while he was drunk? Nonetheless, you were appreciative that Jungkook had gotten them off of you for the time being.

    What you weren't appreciative of is the fact that Jungkook had dragged you out of the house and forced you to come along. That night you had tried with your closet, putting on something that was cute and fitting but appropriate for your size. . . Jungkook swore you were the prettiest girl underneath the sun but without him saying it you had a hard time believing it.

    "So we had been at the party a little while before Mark tells me that I'm beautiful even though I'm half the size of the house," You said, covering your face and letting the tears fall. The embarrassment and the rage that went through your body at what he had said. . .

    "First of all, fuck Mark," Your best friend said coming to hold you on the couch and placing your head in her shoulder. "He has no room to be talking when his dick game is absolute trash. I'll make sure to blast him on social media, I didn't forget what Krista told me." She said, Krista being a homegirl of hers that had been with Mark and things were. . .unpleasant to say the least.

    "That's not even needed. It took all of BTS to get Jungkook off of him," You said while wiping your face, features pouted as you tried to process the entire fight scene. Jungkook worked out in the gym often and although you appreciated the nerd side of him, he was still one of the best college boxers you had seen. You reached and turned on your cellphone when Mani went to call Krista, plotting a scheme to humble Mark and that bitch Lisa.

    Koo 🍭:

    Listen Sweetheart.

    I was wrong and never should've fought him. You're correct.

    I will never tolerate disrespect towards you.

    I hope you understand, Y/N. I'm sorry.

    "I'm gonna head out since it's getting late," You muttered while looking at the message and standing from the couch. After exchanging hugs, you jogged from the second apartment floor and got into your car to head home. You couldn't avoid him for long and there needed to be a healthy conversation pertaining to his actions from the party.

    It was past midnight when you made it home, entering the apartment and dropping your bags off at the front door. You could tell that dinner had been made in hopes of your return but was put away. You entered the kitchen and noticed that it was clean, solidifying your guess about food being cooked. You opened the freezer to grab an ice pack and headed into the bedroom, Jungkook rising from a nap at your arrival. "You're home," was all he said, standing to meet you before you extended his hand and stopped him from coming closer.

    “I need you to promise me that you won’t go making irrational decisions like that again, Jeon,” You said and you could see the slump of his shoulders, face covering his face before he was aware of his injuries.

    “I can’t make that promise. You. . .” He said flatly, looking to you. You let out a sigh and to match it, he did as well. “Do you know how much you mean to me? Do you know the mountains I’d climb to see your smile? The oceans I’d swim across to prove I love you?” Jungkook asked and that feeling in your heart arose again, erratic beating that made you feel like you’d have a heart attack.

    It was just your love for him.

    “You’re not just another college girlfriend. I want to be with you forever. I want to feel how I feel with you forever and,” Jungkook chuckled, folding his arms across his bare chest. . . which you needed to not be focusing on right now. “I refuse to let some punk who probably wants you just as much as I do disrespect you.”

    There was another silence that filled the room, except it wasn’t uncomfortable, it was warm. You blinked and took a look around the room and then moved to him, placing the ice to the purple bruising above his eyebrow.

    “Jeon Jungkook, you’re the craziest man I know.” You said as he wrapped his arms around your waist, peering down into your eyes as you looked up into his. “I see you fixed this,” You let your hands run over the bandaged area over his lip before leaning forward to peck his lips.

    A peck turned into an open mouthed peck, which turned into a full blown make out session. You pressed into his bare lower abdomen and pushed him on the bed, the soft thud music to your ears. It was nights where you’d suck the soul of him for no reason and after his declaration of love for you, you thought it’d be another one of those nights.

    When you went to straddle him, his hands cupped your thighs and he groaned. “Not tonight. Get on your back.” And he wasn't asking, using most of his strength to flip you on your back as he requested. You watched as he slid your jeans down, eyes peering at your slick folds before he ran his tatted middle finger down your center. You let out a soft breath at his actions and went to close your legs. "Nope, not tonight. Don't go doing that shit."

    You meweled at the idea of him asserting dominance. It wasn't that he never did, but you just loved when he used that tone of voice with you. "Koo. . ." You pleaded and he removed his glasses, copping another feeling of how wet you'd become since your makeout session. He had gone into shut down mode -- which is where he acted as though he hadn't eaten all day and set his eyes upon you as though you were a 5 star meal cooked just for him. He leaned forward to kiss you as he teased at your clitoris through your panties, leaning back on his knees so that he could remove his glasses with his free hands.

    You remembered him briefly discussing the fact that he hated eating you out with his glasses on. It was like swimming with glasses on. You tossed your head back once you felt a lick from his long tongue which was. . .unheavenly to say the most. Out of reflex, your legs went to close but were no match for the strength that came with a hungry Jungkook. "Close them again and I'll make sure you don't cum tonight," He said before placing a kiss at your clitoris, moving his face lower to fuck you with his tongue. Between the nudge of his nose on your clitoris -- God, thank you for big noses -- and the way that his tongue pulsed in your hole, you could swear that you were losing your mind. "So fucking sweet and all mine."

    "A-All yours. . ." You affirmed, lifting your head and looking to him as he catered to your every need in your lower regions. "Fuck Koo. . . Fuck, right there!" You let out an uncontrollable squeal once he inserted two fingers inside your heart, arching and angling them to reach your g-spot unapologetically. You reached to grab at the back of your thighs and prevent them from shaking, having to blink several times at the sudden orgasm that hit you.

    "I didn't say that you could cum, did I?" Jungkook asked, bringing his face close to yours as his fingers abused your insides. His fingers moved and danced around your g-spot which brought you pleasure and anger at the same time. He let the bud of his hand vibrate and massage into your clit as he watched you, kissing you frequently. You were sweet and he loved when you licked over your lips to confirm how you tasted. "Look at me when I fuck you, what did I tell you?" He said when you let your head fall back with rolling eyes as you approached another orgasm. At this angle, you could feel his hardness against your thigh and it became known to you once he started humping into you.

    "I need to cum Kook, please!" You said, placing your hands on his shoulders and refraining from cumming for as long as you could. You could get lost in his eyes, lost in the feeling of him stretching you out with his veiny and attractive fingers. . . Fuck, you could cum thinking about it now. "You want to cum on my fingers?" He asked into your neck, breathless himself from staring into your fucked out eyes. "Cum for me baby. You're such a good girl, so beautiful, so perfect. . ." He let out a moan himself that matched yours. "Beautiful all over, Y/N. You know how amazing you look right now?" He asked, bringing himself the courage to look you in your eyes as he brought you to the edge of glory.

    "Ooh fuck, Kook. . Fuck, I love you! Fuck!" You jerked uncontrollably, eyes rolling to the back of your head as he began vibrating d his fingers against your g-spot. You saw stars and several planets in the Solar System as you came, holding onto him for dear life. The two of you remained in silence, trying to process the amazing high that you experienced together. There was hot liquid against your thigh and that let you know that he had cum.

    "You look so good when you squirt, baby," Jungkook mumbled as he kissed down your body and cleaned you up with your tongue. You whined and he nodded his head. "I know baby, I know." You had been so overstimulated from cumming twice and apart of you felt bad for not letting him fuck. You reached for the band of his joggers and he shook his head, grabbing your head and kissing your knuckles as he smiled. "It wasn't about me tonight. Just wanted to show how much I love you," He said and leaned up to kiss you, causing you to smile in your dazed out state. "You're mine forever, Y/N. I'll do anything to prove it to you."

    "Even admit DC is better?" You asked. He snorted and shook his head, kissing you once more.

    "Only for you."

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    DNI, if you are a minor. All of my works are nsfw.
    I do not own any idols, pictures and gifs (except the ones I've made)
    ©jeonspub 2022 - I do not allow anyone to copy/repost/translate any of my works on any platform!

    Updated on : 26/05/22

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    🜸 – angst, ★ - crack, ✿ - fluff ♡ - smut

    • Teach Me How To Love | JJK | ✿,♡ | marriage!au, established relationship

    ↬ Your husband ask you to teach him how to love. Will you be able to teach him?

    • Birthday surprise | KTH | ✿,♡ | established relationship

    ↬ To make your birthday more memorable, your boyfriend decided to give you something which you'll never forget
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  • whatifyoulivelikethat
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    wicked, m | jjk, myg

    full title: wicked (good boy gone bad) part of the series inspired by TXT’s album minisode 2: thursday’s child

    pairing(s): jungkook x reader (plus a lil) x yoongi

    summary: He used to be a good boy, but now he knew what that really meant – being an obedient, dumb, naïve dog to a liar. Thanks to a combination of sex, chains, and rock-n-roll, that wasn't who he was anymore. Jeon Jungkook has gone bad. Just watch him.

    warnings: rated M (18+) for language - if you dislike overabundant swearing, maybe skip this one; D/s threesome smut (fem reader, black leather collars and chain leashes, bondage, hair pulling, cowgirl, choking [note: Yoongi chokes JK and yoonkook choke each other], so much saliva /spitting kink, scratching, m-receiving oral, handjob, doggy); non-idol!AU - sub!Jungkook x goth, dom!reader x sub!Yoongi; Jungkook's POV to Yoongi’s POV

    When I heard TXT's 'Good Boy Gone Bad', it immediately reminded me of collared!JK, who suffered a bad breakup, went to a party to snort cocaine, but instead he got fucked by a chick with a single white contact and daddy issues... oop. Yoongi's involved (of course). And they have choked each other before.


    anger. the second stage of grief


    A hand gripped his chin and shoved it up. Long callused fingers dug into his cheeks as his eyes rolled back, seeing only a blur of black and white. His chest felt like it was clawed open. His skin was covered with layer upon layer of red-hot lines, and those fingernails were digging in again, adding more, more fire, more marks, more pain.

    It was too much.

    It was just right.

    This broken feeling is not too bad.

    He tried to move his head and found the other hand grip the back of his skull, clutching a handful of his thick hair. Fingers twisting in between the strands, then curling in and grasping, pulling, ensnaring him with hurt.

    “Stay still,” was growled above him, heavy and raspy. Familiar.

    I like it.

    He gasped and let his tongue hang, moaning as he felt wet muscle stroke his throat, hot lips pressing into his shaking Adam’s apple.

    I want this.

    “Do you miss the collar, my pet?” the voice in front of him purred, wicked and sweet. The owner of that voice was the cause of the marks he bore now. They were temporary, but the raw feeling was seared into his memory, a feeling for him to savor forever.

    Watch me.

    Jeon Jungkook opened his eyes, looking up to Min Yoongi, the one whose hands were gripping his head and locking it in place. Those narrowed dark-brown orbs glanced down at him. Cold and cat-like. Around older male’s pale neck was a thick, black leather collar that held a metal silver ring in the center, dangling above the Jungkook’s head. Jungkook’s eyes went to it, staring at the swaying silver catching the light of the bedroom.

    Yoongi leaned down.

    Let the cold metal touch Jungkook’s sweaty forehead, sending icy shock followed by surging jealousy through his burning veins. The collar ring lightly bounced against his brows in the steady rhythm that was the brutal force of hips smacking into his crotch, slick walls constricting around his rock-hard cock while his arms were bound, his clenched fists pressing to the small of his own back.

    Jungkook tried to speak but he couldn’t.

    His words were being snuffed out by his own moans.

    Yoongi clicked his tongue and lifted his head. He seemed disappointed. Annoyed. The long-sleeved white shirt his hyung was wearing was ripped down the center, the edges jagged and torn, revealing his collarbones and part of the pale chest underneath.

    “What good is givin’ you a chance to talk if you don’t take it?” Yoongi scoffed, his Daegu satoori adding a rough depth to his dangerous tone.

    The hand on Jungkook’s chin slid down.

    Break me more.

    Those rough fingertips pressed down on the sides of his neck the same time Yoongi yanked Jungkook’s head up by his hair, forcing him to look forward as his blood began to thin out.

    Just break me.

    Yoongi choked him as Jungkook stared into the eyes of his favorite kind of pain, the eyes of the woman in black, the eyes that glittered with devious intent, the eyes that didn’t match. One real iris, one fake white iris. A contact lens. She cocked her head. Her clothes were still mostly on while she rolled her hips, thrusting his stiff length inside her tight heat. Nimble pink tongue flickering out, dancing against the side of her lips. Her hands splayed out over his inflamed chest, her pointed black fingernails digging into his pecs.

    Fucking him on the black leather bench at the base of her bed like he was a piece of meat, not bothering to give him the grace of expensive sheets and soft mattress under his rigid, straining thighs.

    She was grinning.

    A little psychotic, a little mischievous, a lot sexy.

    She slashed down his sides, tearing airless gasp leaking out of his throat that morphed into an obscene moan as her hands hit the bench, the forward position allowing her to put more force in her fucking. Her torn-up band tee hanging down, breasts still covered in a black satin bra underneath, not even giving him a view for his unfocused eyes to lock on, the chain on her skirt jangling, smacking him and her, her juicy thighs squeezing his hard ones.

    “Choke him harder, Yoongi,” she hissed, licking her teeth, open-mouthed smirk right in his face.

    The pale hand around his neck took more blood away.

    He craved the taste of pain and he knew it.

    I like this altered face of mine.

    Lightheaded and suspended in air, pleasure and pain flaring up his stomach, into his burning lungs, snaking around what was left of his heart that was full of scars from someone else, from another time where Jungkook believed in love, but love only gave him stress and pain, so now he gouged it out with blackout lust.

    I like this me.

    Higher and higher, less and less air, seconds like hours, ropes cutting into his skin, her slick, sweet-smelling cum dripping down between his tense legs, staring into Yoongi’s dark eyes that only grew darker in the shadows, his hyung bringing his face close to Jungkook’s panting-open mouth, that low whisper a command not to be defied.


    I like being bad.

    Yoongi dug his fingers into Jungkook’s hair and pulled back hard.

    It all crashed down, choked wail tearing out of him, his back arching to the extreme, stinging hurt from his head shooting down to meet pain crisscrossed over his chest, down to meet searing throbs of ecstasy and tense, straining legs, his hips jerking up strongly and pumping his orgasm out in short fierce jolts, spilling into the condom and deep inside the woman in black.

    Airless, bloodless, suspended in pleasure.

    For a singular, isolated millisecond, Jeon Jungkook was in heaven.

    Kill me, just kill me.

    Yoongi released him.

    Air punched into his lungs and Jungkook’s head snapped back, pathetic whine mixing with coughing, held up by Yoongi’s hand behind his head, the other now between his shoulder blades, the powerful pulsing of her pussy forcing blinding bliss to interrupt his pain, helplessly falling apart to her grinding hips, her satisfied sigh drifting over him, hot breath against his burning, clawed-up skin. Yoongi pushed Jungkook’s lolling head up since unable to do it himself, panting, struggling to breathe, his limbs like lead from the high of his orgasm, his vision focusing, finding what he was looking for.

    Those eyes.

    Right iris real, left iris fake white.

    She leaned down and licked his heaving chest, leaking saliva all over his marked skin.

    Jungkook moaned, leaning into it as Yoongi’s hand moved from his hair and onto his collarbone, sliding down, graceful fingers following the dripping spit, spreading the slippery saliva all over, tongue and touch tracing the red lines and circling his nipples, and Jungkook’s hips thrust up into her even though the condom needed to be replaced, but he didn’t care, he didn’t care anymore, he just didn’t care.

    His hyung snickered at his reaction.

    “So needy.”

    That’s right. I need this.

    Up his trembling neck, and then she grabbed his chin and spat into his mouth, slick liquid sliding down his tongue and into his throat, and he greedily swallowed it all with a wanton moan. This was not the future his naïve past self had dreamed of back then. He couldn’t even remember what he wanted. Now? Now he was tattooed, pierced, chained. Tied up, scratched up, all kinds of fucked-up and Jungkook never wanted it to stop, never wanted to be let go, never wanted it to end, his kind of forever now was this kind of never.

    He killed him.

    The old, good Jungkook killed, replaced by this new, bad him.


    “You really have changed, Jeon Jungkook.”

    He almost didn’t recognize that voice. That voice used to mean everything to him. Everything. Nervousness and tenderness, heart on his sleeve, precious smiles and laughs, then creeping doubts, uncertain nights, staring at himself, picking at his face, swallowing his heart and wagging his tail for something that was all shattering slowly before him, all make-believe, all in the name of love.

    But love was a lie.

    Jungkook turned his head slowly, his black hair shrouding part of his vision in this dim nightclub, staring down at the one he used to call love, darling, one and only.

    How stupid he was.

    I loved that lie.

    He tilted his head.

    “Who are you?” he said to his ex-girlfriend, hollow and dead.

    But not anymore.

    She scowled, clad in a tight rose-colored chiffon minidress and dainty nude stilettos, jerking her head up and down at his appearance. Turning up her nose at him. Disapproval all over her delicate, pretty features, tossing her long, curled hair over her shoulder as she took in his distressed black and white wide-striped sweater with zippers at the shoulders, tight black leather pants, and thick-soled, silver-studded boots.

    His neck clinked, heavy and weighted by a black leather collar and silver chain leash.

    “You look like a dirty, mangy dog,” she spat.

    Those words used to hurt him. She would say that when his shirt was untucked or if his jeans were ripped. Little things that did not match up with the heavy disdain in her voice, sending him into a wave of rocketing panic as he immediately tried to correct himself, trying to be the person she wanted instead of himself.

    Was I ever myself?

    Now, Jungkook found that those words barely stung.

    He didn’t have a heart to feel them anymore.

    He stuck his hands in his pockets, the chain leash dangling in front of him, leather handle hitting his thigh.

    “And you look like the fuckin’ whore you always were,” Jungkook replied, slow and bored.

    The old him wouldn’t have said something so cruel. The old him would have cared about her feelings, even though she hurt him countless times, knowing how fragile he was and dropping him over and over, leaving him to pick up the pieces, blaming himself every single time, believing it was him that lacked the understanding, believing that she must be right because she loved him, believing in the lie that was I love you, but there was a lie in believe, and Jungkook knew that now.

    Her face contorted, painting dishonest injury over her scorning expression.

    “How could you say something like that, Jungkook?” she pleaded, wretched with crocodile tears. “I came all the way to the city to find you and tell you I still love you.”

    He had believed it every single time, back then, but that was the past.

    “Come home.”

    Her pretty hand outstretched, pampered and polished.

    “I love you. We can make it right.”

    Honeyed words that reeked of sewage.

    He raised an eyebrow, narrowing his eyes.

    I’m free now.

    “Find another dirty, mangy dog to wag their tail at you,” Jungkook growled, the expansion of his neck from his deepening voice hitting the sides of the collar, causing the attached chain to clink and sway by his hips. “You’re uglier than I remember.”

    The façade dissipated and she stared at him, enthralled, glassy eyes glittering with grotesque lust.

    “I would have kept you if I knew you were going to get hot and sexy,” she breathed. She chuckled, a hideous smirk eating at her face, looking him up and down, unabashed, an object in her eyes. “Who paid for your body tonight? I’ll double it.”

    She winked.

    “For old time’s sake and charity.”

    He let himself feel the anger. Relish in it. Become it. Harness it.

    “Even if I was a prostitute,” he snarled, raising his chin. “No amount of money could convince me to touch your parasitic, STI-infested, flat ass.”

    He could see the anger was rising now, but she was pushing it down, plastering a fake, sick smile to her face as her shoulders tensed, taking a step towards him, pulling herself to her full height, forcing out pitched laughing to mask her rage at his dismissal. Hilariously, it seemed to be the last adjective that pissed her off the most.

    “Come on now, Jungkook,” she cooed, disgusting, prancing her fingers in the air. “Of course, we’re just joking.”

    “I’m not joking,” he retorted. “I mean every word.”

    Her expression cracked, fury leaking through.

    “Tch, I don’t even know why I bother talking to you,” she snapped, clenching her jaw. “You’re thick-skulled and useless. There was never anything good about you except using your dick, and even that I found better replacements. But since you’re so pathetic,” she chuckled darkly, eyeing the hanging leash by his hips. “I don’t need your permission to remind you I’m the best pussy you’ll ever have.”

    Her hand shot out.

    Jungkook yanked his hands out of his pockets, but he was too late.

    Another hand shot between them, snatching the handle of the chain leash next to Jungkook’s crotch. It twisted and slapped the back of his ex’s hand with the leather strap, so hard that the sound cracked through the loud music and drunken conversation.


    The screech of pain was so loud that the club fell silent.

    “Get your dirty, mangy hands off my precious pet.”

    A gruff growl, the sharpened tone of a predator.

    The woman in black.

    Leather jacket, too many zippers. Underneath, a bra with a mesh shirt over it. Shockingly short skirt adorned with hanging silver chains. Shredded tights and knee-high boots with a tall platform and high heel, causing her to tower over the other woman. Usually, she had a smirk or a grin. Demonic, but pleasing in its own way.

    Not now.

    His ex-girlfriend clutched her hand, gawking at the ice-cold gaze of one real iris, one white contact.

    “You– You bitch!”

    All of a sudden, Jungkook felt his contained irritation morph and burst into white-hot wrath. He did not care much about himself, but to say something so careless… he didn’t care if she was a girl. He didn’t care if he used to say I love you to her. He didn’t care that being the bigger person meant that he should back up and walk away.

    Jungkook wanted to ram his knee into his ex-girlfriend’s face until she was completely unrecognizable.

    Before he could do so, the woman in black sucked in her cheek with a loud popping sound, head cocked as she scrutinized the other woman. “Yeah, so? I’m a bitch. Congratulations, you got eyes,” she sneered, her voice getting deeper, slipping into her satoori.

    His ex-girlfriend snapped her head at him, glaring, but Jungkook could see it in her wide eyes.


    He felt the anger bleed down, feeling a strange sort of satisfaction at seeing that fear.

    “Yah, Jeon Jungkook! What’s this? You need a girl to protect you now because you’re so weak and pathetic? You’re even more pitiful than I thou–”

    Another crack blasted through the stilled air of the nightclub.

    His ex-girlfriend screamed, cowering back.

    The woman in black rolled her eyes. “Wow, what a damn baby. All I did was hit my own hand and you’re the one cryin’ over nothin’,” she mocked, lightly tapping the leather handle in her palm. “Look here, you’re noisy and frankly quite hideous even though your parents worked so hard to make you pretty on the outside,” she grunted, shaking her head. “Guess if you’re full of shit, it comes outta your ass and mouth, huh?”

    Jungkook knew he shouldn’t be amused at the dumbstruck look on his ex’s face, but he was already smirking.

    “Get out. Your spoiled ass doesn’t belong here,” the woman in black hissed.

    Strangely, his ex-girlfriend seemed to compose herself, gritting her teeth and backing up. Straightened her skirt and put on her crocodile sniffles, glaring accusingly, pointing to her now reddened hand. “I’ll have you arrested for assault, you slut!”

    With a barking laugh, the woman in black doubled over. “Hahahaha, yeah?” Hands on her chest, pushing the mesh shirt into her cleavage. “But if I’m such a slut, I’ve probably slurped every policeman’s dick in this city. The handcuffs are just a kinky touch now,” she snickered, ticking her head like a curious weasel, vicious grin widening. “Come on, if you have a plan, you have to do better than that.”

    But there was something wrong, because the woman in the rose-pink dress was not backing down, deadly glee overtaking her expression.

    “Watch–” Jungkook started, but the leash was suddenly dropped.

    “You thought I came alone, didn’t you?” his ex-girlfriend sniggered. She waved her hand and several men slipped out of the crowd to stand behind her. Chiseled jaws, one-size-too-small polo shirts, pressed khakis. “As if.”

    Man, this girl is fuckin’ stupid.

    Jungkook glanced at the woman in black.

    She was not afraid.

    “Ho.” A low chuckle, looking at each of those pampered faces. “You that good?”

    He could see the slow, demonic grin forming on her lips now.

    A little psychotic, a little mischievous, a lot sexy.

    Jungkook didn’t bother to move. There were five guys and his one pathetic ex-girlfriend that was moving behind them, all versus the woman in black who was removing her leather jacket, tossing it behind her. He caught it, carefully folding it in his hands.

    One real iris, one white iris, all danger.

    Raised her hand, beckoning them forward.

    “Come at me,” she growled, low and treacherous. “Bring it on.”

    His ex-girlfriend glared at him, grisly triumph twisting her facial features. “Last chance to save your monster girlfriend,” she jeered.

    He shrugged, the chain leash swinging. Then he raised his chin, bouncing it once, ticking his head from side to side.

    “Hm, maybe look around you first before you do something stupid.”

    And now, now they finally looked around, finally realizing the club was dead silent, because every single face was turned towards the outsiders. Leather, vinyl, mesh, too much makeup and too many tattoos, pale faces edged in black, watching, even the bartender clutching a beer bottle and the band on tables, holding their instruments, squinting down at these idiots that thought it was a good idea to harass the Boss, not only the owner of the music studio the band rented, but also a constant financial supporter of the night club they were standing in.

    The woman in black looked exasperated, rolling her eyes.

    “You serious? Are you gonna let me beat up at least one of them?” She pointed at one of the primly dressed men, waving her finger around. “Come on, his nose already looks broken. If I break it again, insurance will cover it instead of him paying out-of-pocket!”

    “Come on, Boss. Your dad is gonna be sad if you get hurt,” the bassist of the band chuckled, jumping down.

    “Papa can go cry into his gambling money and nurse his sugar babies,” she growled irritably, taking a step forward. “Fuck ya’ll. Imma get at least one punch in for fun.”


    She jerked back, the gleam of a silver sword reflecting off her eyes.

    “Can’t let you do that,” said a deep, raspy voice.

    Her head turned, facing cold, cat-like eyes.


    Min Yoongi smirked, open-mouthed and pleased. Tongue between his teeth. Long black hair framing his cheekbones, pale skin glowing in the overhead lights. He purred her name back, tilting the traditional sword to reflect off her full lips.

    “Lookin’ kissable tonight, Boss.”

    The tips of her cheekbones flushed pink at his hyung’s comment.

    There was a flurry of noise and the six outsides took that awkward moment to vacate, pushing through the crowd and out the door. Of course, they did. The whole club was grabbing every blunt weapon available and then some crazy guy shows up with a sword out of all things? Jungkook would have bounced the second they were distracted too.

    “I always wanted to do that,” Yoongi chuckled, sheathing the sword.

    “What are you?” she cackled, shoving him in the chest playfully, making everyone laugh. “Some kinda historical drama protagonist? You nicked the damn sword behind the bar and started waving it around left and right! What if you lopped off someone’s head?”

    Yoongi scoffed, placing the black traditional sword gently onto the bar top where the bartender sighed in relief, shaking his head at them. “Come on. I told you I did some sword dancing at university. I know how to handle a sword. It’s not even sharp.”

    She slapped her hand down on Yoongi’s shoulder, turning him around.

    “Come here.”

    Angling her head, pushing Yoongi against the bar, lips to lips in a fiery kiss, raspy chuckle between them, her body fitting against his, practically bending his back over the bar.

    “Aw, Boss, not on the bar! Get outta here with that shit!”

    The bartender was shooing them away and she detached from Yoongi’s face, grinning, a little psychotic, a little mischievous, a lot sexy, grabbing Yoongi by the collar of his shirt and slipping her hand in the leather strap that Jungkook held out, tightly grasping it, dragging them both along, insane laughter tumbling from her lips.

    He thought it would bother him, seeing the one he used to call love.

    Strangely, it didn’t.

    Probably because he killed that good boy wagging his tail, ditching those hopes that his love could change unfaithful hearts, because the only thing worse than a dumb bitch was the one that believed in her lies.

    Jungkook felt the leather collar snap into the sides of his neck and felt himself smile, following the call of the chain.


    It felt so good.

    It felt so good being bad.


    Min Yoongi stared into those large, dark brown orbs, glassy and fucked out. Tattooed arm extended, hand turning at his command, winding the silver chain around the leather strap and pulling hard, the sides of the thick black leather collar pressing into Yoongi’s neck.

    He mirrored Jeon Jungkook’s movement.

    Yoongi watched the younger man’s face shadow with pleasure, the slurping sound under them getting louder, messier. He let his hips roll forward, fuck, the tight wet heat all around him, looking down to watch Jungkook’s cock getting swallowed with some effort. Her hand around the base, rubbing the balls with her slippery palm. Yoongi thrust harder, slightly bent forward from Jungkook’s strong grip, feeling the tendrils of lightheadedness creep up his head, his cock getting even harder, twitching inside her at the anticipation.

    Guess there as a reason for the length of these chain leashes after all.

    Yoongi lifted his head again, licking his lips, watching Jungkook.

    It was such a beautiful, exquisite descent into madness.

    He snapped his hand up and Jungkook’s head tipped back, leather collar squeezing the sides of the younger male’s neck, his sweaty black hair flying, wanton moan dripping from his shapely lips, the tiny mole exposed under a trembling mouth. The silver lip ring glinted in the bedroom lights, wayward pink tongue caressing it.

    He knows how to look pretty.

    Yoongi smirked as Jungkook noticed him watching.

    The eye contact was held for way too long but they were also choking each other and fucking the same woman between them, so it was hard to tell how much was too much.

    There was a loud slurp and lips smacking against sensitive skin, visible shiver overtaking Jungkook’s broad frame, gasping as she lifted herself, string of spit snapping, halfway crawling up the younger man’s chest, laughing hoarsely.

    “You’re gonna make me choke on his dick, Yoongi.”

    “Good,” he hissed out, snapping his hips into her soft ass and making it bounce.

    He could hear the rapid sound of hand on wet cock, could see it all over Jungkook’s face, overcome by pleasure and pressurized by speed, his head falling back, choking himself more, shoulders and chest flexed from tenseness, struggling to hold his torso up, and it must have been difficult, the pace of that tight and unforgiving hand matching the tight and unforgiving walls that wrapped around him, squeezing his stiff, throbbing length, harder, trying to make her lose grip, but she planted her hand onto that muscular chest and pushed back against Yoongi, forcing him deeper inside.


    Jungkook pulled harder.


    The younger man’s lips curved into a roguish smirk.

    What happened to the good boy?

    Yoongi clenched his teeth and yanked hard.

    He must have gone bad.

    “Cum for me, Jungkook,” Yoongi heard himself whisper, smokey and thin in his ears, using the last of his breath. Those brown eyes widened, surprised to hear it from him and not, well, the one furiously jacking his dick.


    Yoongi grinned, maybe a little psychotic.




    And he had no idea who said it, him, Jungkook, her, maybe all three, but then it was a mess, white dripping down the back of her hand and splattering onto Jungkook’s lower belly, her pitching forward and clutching the younger man’s shoulder, wildly moaning into his flexed, hard chest, then the sudden clenching pulse around his twitching cock, and he was gone too, strong jolts filling up the condom, bent over her back, the sudden rush of oxygen knocking the wind out of him, his arm going slack, his hand letting go of leather and metal.

    He heard Jungkook gasp, his arms giving out and falling onto the bed with a hard fwump!

    Her hand on Jungkook’s shoulder immediately slid down onto the bed, her elbow locking, and she held herself up, anchoring Yoongi in place. His chain leash draped over her shoulder, hanging in the air, already released in Jungkook’s euphoria. She laughed huskily, just a touch of deviousness, slowly rubbing her cum-covered hand all over Jungkook’s spent cock.

    Whines and whimpers echoed in the room, the younger man squirming under them, but there were no weak pleas, no refusal, no desire to stop, only those glassy brown orbs opening, begging to be broken, more, just break me.

    She leaned down, hot breath against Jungkook’s shaking lips.

    “Good boy.”

    Snickered, sweetly sinister.

    “Just kidding.”

    Her agile tongue slid out and licked Jungkook’s cheek, making him break out into a mischievous grin.

    “You’re not a good boy anymore, thanks to me.”


    far to go. drabble series

    01 opening sequence — myg 03 trust fund baby — ksj 04 lonely boy (the tattoo on my ring finger) — kth, ft pjm 05 thursday’s child has far to go — knj, ft jhs 02 good boy gone bad — jjk, ft myg (collar!AU)



    #jungkook x reader #bts smut#jungkook smut#yoonkook smut #yoonkook x reader #yoongi smut #yoongi x reader #jeon jungkook x reader #min yoongi x reader #jungkook x you #jeon jungkook x you #yoongi x you #min yoongi x you #yoonkook x you
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    DNI, if you are a minor. All of my works are nsfw.
    I do not own any idols, pictures and gifs (except the ones I've made)
    © jeonspub 2022 - I do not allow anyone to copy/repost/translate any of my works on any platform!

    Updated on: 26/05/22


    🜸 – angst, ★ - crack, ✿ - fluff ♡ - smut


    ¡! Parts of Sinful Acts ⇲

    • Little Tease | KNJ, PJM | ♡ | social media!au |

    ↬ Jimin decided to join you and your roommate on your upcoming live

    • Till the end | KNJ, PJM | 🜸,✿,♡ |

    ↬ Choosing between two men can be hard but not when you know whom you love

    ━ 𝐊𝐍𝐉

    • Sinful Acts | ♡ | social media!au |

    ↬ Teasing people with your roommate is the best job you've ever had

    • Little Tease | with PJM | ♡ | social media!au |

    ↬ Jimin decided to join you and your roommate on your upcoming live

    • Till the end | with PJM | 🜸,✿,♡ |

    ↬ Choosing between two men can be hard but not when you know whom you love

    ━ 𝐊𝐒𝐉

    • Mona Lisa | ★,✿,♡ | arrange marriage!au |

    ↬“You're a work of art so please let me pin you up against the wall” – Kim Seokjin

    • Summer in Seoul | ★,✿,♡ | strangers to lovers |

    ↬ Living alone in a different place where you don't know can be hard sometimes, that's until you meet him

    ━ 𝐌𝐘𝐆

    • Studio session | ✿,♡ | established relationship

    ↬ You decided to visit your boyfriend after five months in his studio

    • Mine | 🜸,✿,♡ | fwb, friends to lovers |

    ↬ He can't just let you go like this. He needs to make a move before it's too late

    ━ 𝐉𝐇𝐒

    • Love Talk | ✿,♡ | dance teacher!au |

    ↬ You love the feeling when Hoseok is against your body

    • Sinfully Mess | ✿,♡ | professor!au |

    ↬ You couldn't stop looking at him. But what will happen if you get caught by him?

    ━ 𝐏𝐉𝐌

    • Little Tease | with KNJ | ♡ | social media!au |

    ↬ Jimin decided to join you and your roommate on your upcoming live

    • Till the end | with KNJ | 🜸,✿,♡ |

    ↬ Choosing between two men can be hard but not when you know whom you love

    ━ 𝐊𝐓𝐇

    • Delinquent | 🜸,✿,♡ | criminal!au |

    ↬ You know you should not engage with him. But what can you do? You just love him so much

    • Lockdown Lovers | ★,✿,♡ | enemies to lovers |

    ↬ Never in your life you thought you have to live with this asshole. But now you're stuck with him

    ━ 𝐉𝐉𝐊

    • Forbidden Desire | ✿,♡ | strangers to lovers (kinda)

    ↬ One of your wildest fantasy is to get fucked hard by your father's boss
    #bts fake scenarios #bts fanfction#bts fanfic#namjoon smut#seokjin smut#yoongi smut#hoseok smut#jimin smut#taehyung smut#jungkook smut #bts x y/n #bts x oc #bts smut #smut and angst #smut and fluff #namjoon x oc #seokjin x oc #yoongi x oc #hoseok x oc #jimin x oc #taehyung x oc #jungkook x oc #smut fanfiction#smut fic #bts x poc
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    Gone (1) - jjk

    Summary: You and your childhood best friend, Jungkook, have grown apart over the years, although you still have the same overbearing fun-loving bestie, Aria, that really wants her best friends talking again, something neither of you really want to be apart of until Aria goes missing, and the only other person that could help you find her is the one you've spent years avoiding.

    Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

    Genre: Best friends to enemies (ish?) to lovers, High School AU, eventual smut, slow burn

    Warnings: Angst, Jungkook is stubborn, cursing, y/n is extremely anxious, she's also hella insecure (dw it's less noticeable in later chapters), Aria's lowkey a brat, a few unanswered questions, okay maybe more than few I'm sorry

    Word Count: 3.8K (later chapters will be longer I promise)

    Previous | Next

    Note: This is the first fic I'm publishing on here so please let me know If I goofed, I'm still trying to get used to everything :)

    “Hey Koo, what are your plans for prom?” Aria rushed as she sat in the seat next to Jungkook, who jumped slightly as she spoke. He sighed, running his fingers through his thick black hair as he shrugged, still a little lost in thought.   

    “Dunno, I was planning on just going with friends, probably ditch it early to go to the movies or something,” he rested his elbow on the table in front of him and rested his head on his hand. Aria dropped her face slightly and gave him a knowing look.   

    “And is that really what you wanna do?” she asked, already knowing the answer to the question, even if he didn’t want to admit it to her, or even himself. He cocked an eyebrow and nodded slowly.   

    “Yeah, Ari, that’s what I want to do. What about you, what’re your plans?” Aria crossed her arms over her chest and leaned back, letting her long hair fall behind her as she crossed her legs and kicked her heal repeatedly off the leg of the chair.   

    “Well Y/n and I are going prom dress shopping tonight,” she emphasized your name as she spoke, and Jungkook stiffened at it, shifting awkwardly in his seat. “And we’re going to go together. Unless, of course, someone asks her,” she kicked his shin as she finished her sentence. He sighed in annoyance, pinching the bridge of his nose as he squeezed his eyes shut.   

    “Ari, we’ve been over this. I can’t just ask her to prom. Not now. Not after everything that’s happened,” he shook his head as his eyes moved to meet hers. The bell rang loudly and the 2 stood up and grabbed their bags, Jungkook towering over Aria as they both began walking down the hallway.   

    “You know she still asks about you. To make sure you’re okay and happy. I don’t think she would get angry or anything if you tried to speak to her again, Kook. You’re just overthinking it,” Jungkook kept his head down as he began to slow his pace.   

    “I haven’t talked to her in years, Ari. I’m sure she won’t just forget that because I asked her to the prom. We aren’t exactly 13 anymore, not everything can be fixed by asking to hang out and pretending nothing happened,” they both came to a stop outside of Aria's classroom and had turned to face each other.   

    “I know, but it’s a start. I know you guys miss each other, even if neither of you will admit it. Please, just think about it, will you?” she asked softly as Jungkook began to turn to go back down the hallway. He turned back slightly to face her and nodded.   

    “Yeah, sure. See ya,” Aria smiled as she walked into her classroom.   

    “C’mon, guys, it’ll be fun!” Aria spoke, trying to convince her friends that venturing out into the forest was a good idea. Aria was the oldest of the three, though only by a few months, as they had all been 12. She was also most confident of them. She had straight black hair and stunning piercing blue eyes to compliment.   

    “Are you sure it’s safe?” you asked, anxiety creeping up on you as you peered behind your friend into the dark forest.  

    “Of course, it’s safe, we’ll be right outside the back of my house. If there’s any trouble, just head back to the house!”   

    “Yeah, Y/n, it’ll be tons of fun,” Chimed in Jungkook, always ready for a good time. The middle of the three had always been the one to keep everyone together. He always made sure no one was left out. His dark brown eyes and endearing crooked smile had always been a source of comfort for you. You were extremely apprehensive up until Jungkook had spoken. It wasn't hard for him to convince you to do anything; even if it didn't go as planned and something happened or you got scared, he was always by your side in an instant, knowing just how to calm you down.  

    “Okay, let’s go explore the forest,” you mumbled, still not thinking this was a great idea. Aria sprung out of her seat, bearing a smile so wide it had encompassed most of her face.  

    “Awesome, let’s split up so we can report on cool stuff we find when we get back!” Aria paused, turning her back on her friends as she looked out into the forest. “I’ll go that way,” Aria pointed left, “Jungkook, you go that way,” She pointed right, “And Y/n, you can just go straight back!” Aria spun back around excitedly. “You ready?” you gulped and looked over at Jungkook, who returned your gaze and gave you a reassuring smile.  

    “Yeah, we’re ready,” Jungkook spoke for you both. And just like that, you were off.   

    Aria was practically running, looking for anything interesting she could find, hoping to stumble upon something creepy or hard to explain. Jungkook took his time, looking at all of the trees and animals that were scurrying about, just happy to be close to nature. You were walking slowly, taking each step more carefully than the one before. The sun was beginning to set, something that made Aria excited, but made you feel as if you were about to puke.   

    “Woah,” Aria came to an abrupt stop, as she saw a perfectly square hole in the ground. Upon further inspection, it appeared to be an entire room buried under the ground. As she brushed away the dirt that surrounded the hole, she revealed concrete that had been purposefully poured there. Looking down into the hole, Aria felt nothing but excitement. She wanted nothing more than to jump down and explore the room under the ground, but she was much too short to be able to get back out of it by herself. She would need Jungkook to pull her back out once she was finished.   

    Jungkook had rushed toward the sound of water, getting excited as he discovered a river rushing through the trees. He crouched down beside it, running his fingers across the top of the rushing water. He smiled to himself, looking forward to being able to show Aria and you what he’d discovered.   

    You were now walking with your arms crossed, hoping you would find something soon so you could go back to the house; back to safety. Walking with your head hung low, looking for something unusual on the ground, you walked face first into a giant spiderweb; spider included. You let out a scream, stumbling around while trying to remove the contents of the spiders’ home from your face. While flailing about, you backed into a tree, but this tree moved along with her before it eventually resisted against you. You turned around and backed up, still pulling pieces of web out of your hair. The thing you backed up into hadn’t been a tree, but instead a homemade ladder made with rope and wood.   

    The bottom of the ladder was buried under the ground so the ladder would stay somewhat steady while someone would try to climb up it. The ladder led up to the top of a tree, at least 20 feet in the air was what looked to be a treehouse, built God knows how many years ago.   

    “Y/n, I came as fast as I could, are you okay? Why did you scream?” Jungkook raced up to you, putting one of his hands on your shoulder, as you met his worried gaze.   

    “What’s all the commotion?” Asked Aria, hands on her hips as she strolled up. You look over at Aria, then back at Jungkook, but instead of speaking, you just looked up, and the others followed. “Holy shit!” Aria immediately began to climb up the ladder, not giving a second thought.   

    “Wait Aria, I don’t think that’s safe- “   

    “That’s why I’m going up before you guys, to make sure it’s safe!”   

    “Then I’m the one that should go up first!” Jungkook started climbing up after her, trying to climb up faster than her, but no one could beat Aria when she was that excited. They made it up to the top and swung open a trap door on the floor of the building. They both climbed in as you waited anxiously at the bottom to hear if they were still okay.   

    “Guys?” you took a step around the ladder, seeing if you could see inside the building. There was no response. You squinted to try to see better, but with the sky getting darker by the second, it was quite difficult to see anything.

    “Y/n, this is so cool, you have got to come up here!” Aria poked her head out of the door, smiling wide as her hair blew in her face. You gave a relieved smile as you made your way up the rickety ladder.   

    “Ta-da! This place is so cool! I mean, there’s not much up here, but imagine the possibilities!” Aria twirled around, pulling you to look at everything. The main support for the treehouse was a large branch of the tree that it was built around in the shape of a “U”. There was a window built into it that faced the direction of Aria’s house, and because of how tall the tree was, you could probably see her house in daylight. “I’ll talk to my dad, we can definitely clean this place up, maybe add some curtains and get a table up here; this’ll be sick!”   

    “Yeah, we can work on it this weekend together,” Jungkook said, looking around, feeling very excited himself.   

    “Hey, guys, that sounds fun and all, but it’s getting dark, do you think we should head back now? I don’t want to get lost…” you trailed off, more fearful than excited.   

    “Yeah, yeah, okay mom,” Aria emphasized the word ‘mom’ as she walked past you. “But we’re coming back out here in the morning, this can be our own little hideout!”   

    “Yeah, I like the sound of that,” Jungkook smiled. “Our hideout,”   

    “Me too, we could always meet up here if we ever get lost, or just when we want to get away from everything. I like our little hideout,” you smiled, opening the trap door once again, before you all set out back towards the eldest's home.  

    “Oh my god, look at my twins!” your mother, squealed as you and Aria walked out of your dressing rooms at the same time wearing the same dress. “I have to get a picture, stand next to each other, come on,” she shoved you two together as she pulled the phone out of her pocket and pulled up the camera.   

    “Come on, Mom, really?” you spoke through gritted teeth as Aria wrapped one arm around your waist, and the other found her own hip.   

    “Yes, really, now smile, Y/n!” pictures were snapped before you got the chance to, and even your grandparents were ecstatic looking at the picture. Aria motioned for you to come look at the picture with a smile on her face, but you just shook your head and walked back into the dressing room. You soon both found dresses that you liked, before splitting off from the rest of the family to drive home.   

    “Why don’t you like taking pictures with me?” Aria asked, almost as soon as you were in the car alone. You furrowed her eyebrows as you buckled your seat belt and started the car.   

    “What are you talking about?”   

    “When we were trying on dresses, you didn’t want to take a picture with me; and then you refused to look at it,” you shook your head as you pulled out of the parking space and made your way out of the parking lot.   

    “I don’t know, I’m not near as photogenic as you.” Aria slouched back in her seat and crossed her arms.   

    “That’s bullshit, you sexy bitch, you’ve got legs for days, and that resting bitch face is really working for you,” Aria’s aggressive complementation caused you to chuckle slightly. “And you’re going to look really good in that dress. Anyone you hope to impress?” Aria elbowed you in a suggestive manner.   

    “Maybe mom,” you scoffed, using you left hand to hold your abused ribs while your other was still firmly placed on the wheel. Aria furrowed her eyebrows and made a questioning sound, not understanding. You looked over at her momentarily before fixing your eyes back on the road. “I mean come on, Ari, sometimes it just feels like she forgets I’m there,” Aria snorted.   

    “Bit dramatic, no?” She adjusted, pulling one of her legs up to the seat and hugging it to her chest.   

    “Yeah, you’re probably right, just thinking too much,” your brow stayed tightly knotted as you tried not to overthink your best friend. You knew Aria rarely ever saw how differently you were treated by anyone, let alone your own mother, but it still hurt to be immediately shot down like that.   

    “But seriously, I was talking to Jungkook earlier today and he said he wasn’t going with anyone, so I was just thinking maybe the 3 of us could go together, you know, like old times,” you laughed lightly, before turning you friend down, just as quickly as she shot you down.   

    “No, I don’t think he’d be too big on that idea,” Jungkook was another person who had started to treat you differently, but in his case, it was a little difficult for it to go unnoticed.   

    “When I brought it up to him, he didn’t seem to mind the idea,” she shrugged.   

    “Yeah right, Ari, I know what you’re trying to do so just please stop it, okay? We stopped talking for a reason, so just leave it,”   

    “I know you still care about him, so why do you always act so cold when I bring him up?”   

    “I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure you know exactly why we stopped talking, so please stop acting like nothing happened and I’m being overdramatic. Yes, I care about him, but only because he was my best friend for 10 years,” Aria’s expression softened quickly, but she remained silent, not wanting to relive old memories. “Can we just forget about it? If you want to go with him, that’s fine, I’m just not going to,”   

    “No, I’m still going with you no matter what, I just thought I’d ask. I miss us all hanging out together, you know?” you nodded. How could you ever forget? You were the golden trio, no one could ever hurt you if you were together. But people grow up, they change, they forget about each other, that’s how life works: especially in the social hierarchy that is high school.   

    “Yeah, I know, Ari. Me too,” Aria knew she still had a lot of work to do, but this was good enough for now. She would work Jungkook and you down some more tomorrow.   

    “Okay so you remember the plan, right?” Aria ran up to meet Jungkook as they were walking into the prom, you a little bit further behind them. Jungkook turned to look at Aria before looking ahead. Aria wore a floor length tight burgundy dress that hugged all of her curves perfectly.  

    “Yeah, I know the plan, but I don’t think I’m going to do it.” Jungkook shook his head as he walked up the steps of the venue. Aria slapped his shoulder, grabbing his attention.  

    “And why the hell not? Have you even seen Y/n?” Jungkook looked over at his friend but refused to look behind him as he knew you would be standing a few yards back. He shook his head.  

    “No, Ari, and I’m not going to.” They stopped walking as they reached the doors of the building, kids already filled the large dance floor as several more were pouring in around them. Aria crossed her arms.  

    “Fine,” Aria spoke loud enough for you to be able to hear from behind them. “If you don’t want to dance with me, I’ll just dance with Y/n!” Aria extended her hand out and looked over at you, who rushed up to grab her hand and walked into the building with her. Jungkook stood speechless as he watched you walk into the prom together. Your long black dress clung to your body like a glove, causing him to stare harder than he probably should have.  

    Jungkook shook his head and looked down before he opened the doors and walked in. He kept his head down as he made his way to a seat in the back of the room and sat down. You and Aria on the other hand had already found your way over to the dance floor. Aria swayed her hips back and forth to the loud music as you stood beside her, twirling her around, but not dancing much on your own. Aria shook her head and grabbed your hands, pulling you along as she danced extravagantly across the floor. You managed to pull yourself away with the promise of punch.  

    Jungkook, who had just poured himself some, looked up and realized you were walking over to him, looking around and smiling at other people who waved rather than where you were going. Before you made it over to him, he had moved briskly over to his seat, not wanting you to see him.  

    “Whatcha doin?” Jungkook jumped slightly, spilling a small splash of punch onto his suit. Aria had her hands clasped in front of her, eyes wide with a small smile spread across her face.  

    “Jesus, Aria, you scared the shit outta me. What do you want?” Jungkook grabbed a napkin off the table they were standing near and quickly tried to dab away the bright red liquid before it ran onto his white shirt.  

    “Well, I’m about to execute faze one of plan B, so you can either go apologize and re-unite with the best friend you ever had or, you can just let her stand alone awkwardly. See ya,” Aria spun around and walked off, grabbing one of the drinks from you before asking one of the many guys following her around to dance. He, of course, agreed and they went off hand-in-hand to the dance floor, leaving you alone by the punch table. Jungkook sighed, not wanting to talk to you, but also not wanting to see you all alone. It wasn’t that different from when they were in school, he thought, she was always alone there.  

    You moved over to an empty table as the third song began to play after Aria had left you. You looked down at your drink, watching the bright red liquid shake to the beat of the song blasting throughout the room. You sighed, reaching down under the table, and unzipped one of your heels, pulling it off your sore foot, before repeating the process again with the other. You slouched into your chair as you dropped your shoes to the floor, letting your head fall back behind you. You proceeded to scroll through your phone for the next hour, not wanting to bother Aria or dance by yourself, or, God forbid, with someone else.  

    “Hey, come to the bathroom with me?” Your head shot up to see Aria, breathing heavy and smiling widely. You nodded and stood up. You walked over to the bathrooms, where Aria turned the corner and leaned over the sink to get a better look at herself in the mirror as you walked into one of the stalls. Aria moved her hands up to her face, blending the foundation on her cheek that had begun to crease, before taking a step back satisfied with herself. “I’ll be waiting outside, okay?” Aria said, swinging open the door and stepping out.  

    You finished washing your hands, flicking the excess water back into the sink before grabbing a paper towel and dried them completely. Stepping out of the bathroom, you looked around for Aria, but didn’t see her anywhere. You shrugged, guessing she went back over to dance with someone; but after 40 minutes passed and there was no sign of Aria anywhere, you got concerned.   

    “Have you seen Aria?” You asked the guy she was dancing with before they went into the bathroom, but to no surprise, he had no more idea than you did. You scratched your head, turning around and walking out of the huge crowd of people before turning back to look at them, standing on the tips of your toes to see if she could see her.  

    Not here.  

    You ran up the stairs to the second floor that overlooked the entire room, but still to find nothing but people staring back at you concerned. Aria was gone; and you weren’t the only one who noticed.  

    After you started running around, Jungkook noticed that you were probably looking for Aria. He furrowed his eyebrows as you ran up the stairs to look for your lost friend. He scanned the room, not seeing any sign of her either. He ran up the stairs after you, and stood next to you, grinding his teeth. I swear, if this is plan C- 

    “Can’t you find her?” He mumbled, not looking at you. You looked at him, concern washed over your face, before you took a deep breath to calm yourself. You shook your head, looking back over the crowd of dancing teenagers.  

    “No, she just disappeared,” You gulped, there’s no way she would just leave me like that, you thought. 

    “I’m sure she’s fine, probably just ran off with some guy –“  

    “No, she would’ve said something. She wouldn’t have just left,” you turned around, running down the stairs before Jungkook could stop you. You ran up to the table that you sat at previously, grabbed your shoes and ran out of the building, not bothering to put them back on. You made your way out to the parking lot and found Aria’s car parked exactly where it had been when you arrived. You let out a sigh of relief, leaning against the car.  

    If I stay here, she’ll be out eventually, then we can go home.  

    You stood there, on your phone, until it died. Then just stayed there in silence, watching everyone come out of the venue and leave with their friends and dates alike. Then the teachers started pouring out. Jungkook looked over at you from the front seat of his car, getting progressively more worried by the second about where his friend might have gone. It’s not like her to just leave, especially when she knows Y/n’s waiting for her. He gritted his teeth as he started his car and drove off, not wanting you to notice he was watching you.

    Everyone had left. The teachers, the students, the staff, even the prom committee that stayed until one in the morning to get all the leftover food. The only car left in the parking lot was Aria’s – and Aria was gone. 


    Note: AHH okay please let me know how you like it any feedback or any questions or theories you have, I'd love to hear it! I do already have most of the fic written out, so it shouldn't be too long between updates, I just have proof reading and such to go through.

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    26.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    my beautiful poc followers, my asks are open. you can request something or get to know me and ask me anything!

    #bts smut#jeon jungkook#jungkook smut #jungkook x reader #bts#bts fanfic#bts fic #hoseok x reader #jimin smut#jin smut #jin x reader #namjoon smut #namjoon x reader #taehyung smut #taehyung x reader #yoongi smut #yoongi x reader #bangtan#bangtan boys #bts x reader
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  • slxt4jungkook
    26.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    lifeguard crush part two🛟


    pairings- jungkook x reader

    genre- bad smut

    word count- 1134

    warnings- degradation

    really bad smut tbh i don’t know how to write smut at all👹


    “Do it then.”

    He kissed you with passion taking your breath away as he did so. Pulling you close as your legs wrapped around his waist, needing to feel closer.

    “Fuck you don’t know how bad I’ve wanted you.”

    You reached down his body from his shoulders to his v-line feeling him up not wanting to stop. His arms reaching behind you and touching at the clasp of your bra.

    “Can I?” His voice smooth.

    “Please Kook.” Whiny and needy, not caring about how desperate you sounded at this point.

    Bra coming undone and his hands already on your chest as you kissed. Your hands wrapped in his hair as he played with your tits. Loving the feeling of them in his hands.

    “Touch me.” Begging, whining in his mouth.

    “I plan to.” Breaking the kiss and his lips found your breasts, sucking and biting on your skin.

    “Fuck Kook, feels good.” Hands still in his hair, pulling at it.

    “Mhm just wait baby.” His mouth on your breasts and his hands dipping into your shorts, pulling at them, asking you with his eyes.

    Nodding at him, he pulled at the fabric and threw them towards the shore of the lake. Your hands now tracing down him and to his trunks, feeling around his thighs avoiding the place you wanted most.

    “Touch me.” He moved your hand onto his bulge, guiding your movements. Grasping him through the trunks.

    His hand reached into your panties with not much to hide under. Leaving small circles on your clit.

    “Jungkook, please just fuck me.” Gasping at the sensation as he fingers played with you. Wanting more of this feeling.

    You let your hand fall into his waist band and felt him finally, stroking his length as well as his ego as your mouth gaped, shocked at the size of him.

    “Not so cocky now hm? Don’t worry we’ll make it fit.” He smirked down at you and his continued playing with your pussy, moving down to kiss you.

    You both were touching one another just making each other feel good in the middle of a lake at 9pm just after people left. The realization was starting to hit you as his fingers dipped farther towards your heat. But in this moment, you didn’t care. Sure you could be taking advantage of this crush of yours but you liked him so much how could you say no?

    “Are you gonna fuck me or what?”

    “Watch your mouth.” Oh. You didn’t expect Jeon Jungkook to get so dominant with you, sure rumors went around but never about him being commanding. That was hot.

    “And what if I don’t?”

    Without warning he plunged two fingers into you, spreading you wide as you choked on your words hand covering your mouth in shock.

    Two can play at that game.

    You gave his dick a good squeeze as started pumping him faster, playing more with his tip.

    “You’re so bad.” He growled at you in pleasure, quickening the pace he was fucking you with his fingers. His thumb playing with your clit.

    “Makes me wanna fuck you dumb.”

    “Please Kook, just fuck me.”

    “So needy, such a slut.” He set you down from his waist for a moment to take off his shorts, still you haven’t seen his dick as your both under water, you’re so very curious.

    “Wanna get fucked mm?” Gripping your hips, bringing you closer.

    “Please Kook, need it so bad.” And you did.

    “I see the way you look at me Y/n. How you stare. Got a crush on me?” Smirking to you, so full of himself and so so right.

    “Fuck yes, but please right now I just need your dick in me.” Pumping his cock once again, feeling his length, you needed him.

    “What baby wants she gets.” He picked you up again, legs around his waist as he teased your core with his length.

    “Hurry up, plea-!”

    Stuffed full of cock. Moaning at the feeling and grasping his hair as he fucked you. Rocking his hips so hard into you. It was shocking at how fast he could fuck under water.

    “Fuck, such a tight pussy.” Groaning in your ear as he practically used you, rutting into your heat as you moaned in pain and pleasure.

    “So s-so big.” Filled you up so nice.

    “Silly girl, just wanted to get fucked dumb.”

    “Mhm thats all I wanted.” You couldn’t care less about what you were saying, lost in the feeling.

    His hand finding your clit nearly pushed you over the edge.

    “My dumb slut.” Fucking you full of his cock. Legs holding him tight as your hands held his shoulders. Hips moving so quickly, filling you up.

    “Fuck, close.” You moaned as he hand continued stroking at your clit, holding him so close afraid of losing this feeling.

    “Come on this cock.” Hand moving fast at your clit and fucking you harder, hands scratching at his back.

    “Fuck Jungkook!” Feeling the coil in your tummy break. Falling into bliss as he fucked you through it, not planning on stopping.

    “C-can’t.” Out of breath, feeling so fucked out.

    “You can.” Making you take every bit of his cock.

    “Kook, too m-much.” Overstimulated was an understatement. His cock could hit the right place every time, you couldn’t take much more.

    “Thought my baby was a slut? You can take it love.” Fuck the names. You could feel another approaching you. Feeling so full and this crush on him wasn’t helping.

    “Gonna cum for you.” Fucking you faster than before and watching the waves bounce around you at the pace he was moving.

    “Fuck Kook!” Coming around him a second time he finally came undone. Filling you up with his seed. Hips stuttering in and out of you in pure pleasure.

    “Fucking hell.” He cursed at the feeling.

    Both of you catching your breaths still holding one another.

    “So you do have a crush on me?” He smiled to you happily.

    “No, really?” You hit him lightly and hopped out of his arms, ready to get out of the water and backing up.

    “Where are you going?” He pouted.

    “To get dressed.” Finally getting out of the water.

    “Dont you wanna go shower?” He asked getting out too.


    “You know the um bathrooms? We could go wash off real quick?”

    “Are you gonna act shy after fucking the shit out of me?” You giggled.

    “Well it’s just I did this backwards. You’re supposed to ask the girl you like on a date first not um yeah. Actually do you just want me to take you home? Im sorry if this was awkward just-“

    “Kook. Let’s go shower.” You smiled. God how liked him so much and it felt so much better knowing he liked you too.

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    all the kinks #100 - teasing/frustration (Jungkook x Reader)

    Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

    Rating: NSFW

    Word Count: 2,781

    Warnings: BDSM, bondage, post ejactualtion torture, multiple male orgams, over stimulation, squirting, sub!Jungkook, dom!reader, and degredation.

    Listening to: DARKSIDE by Neoni

    Author's Note: Two idiots fuck around and find out that one of them is a little bitch. Also. This is the 100th Kink. Worship me, because I'm pretty sure I'm a god now. Hail me. <3

    my masterlist <3

    When you got the text, you were sitting in the kitchen, finishing your coffee; he’s here. Taking your cup to the sink and rinsing it out before you went toward the front door, it would take him at least that long to get there. Only a few steps away, and he was knocking on the door. You couldn’t help but grin as you unlocked it, thinking how he probably ran from the street like the eager puppy he was. 

    “Missed me?” he asked as you stepped aside to let him into your home. 

    Rolling your eyes as you closed the door and locked it, you replied, “Not as much as you miss me.”

    Jungkook wrapped his arms around you from behind, pressing his body flush against yours as he rested his chin on your shoulder, “It would be weird if you missed me more.” Before he could move, you were able to playfully slap his face over your shoulder. He took a step back, feigning like you had struck him properly, and whined, “Didn’t know we were already starting.”

    “We are always playing,” you said as you walked around him. 

    You could hear him following you down the hall and toward your favorite room. You’d spent too much money and wasted too much time getting it exactly how you wanted it, a lot of the work done by yourself. Not like you could ask a contractor to bolt the bedframe to the floor and add sets of restraints. You could, but it was easier to do those things yourself than deal with any potential repercussions. 

    Holding the basement door open for him, Jungkook knew where to go and ducked his head as he walked ahead of you. He turned to the left at the bottom of the stairs and went to the main room to get undressed. You didn’t need to tell him what to do, and he didn’t ask where you were going. 

    Once in your dressing room, you locked the door behind you. It also doubled as a panic room, but until something happened, it was just your room that no one else was allowed to enter. Usually, you would have asked Jungkook what he wanted, but tonight wasn’t about him. Pulling your favorite outfit out of the closet, you grinned before you started to undress. 

    Dressed, you grabbed the black lace mask, and in the mirror, you tied it over your eyes before slipping your shoes on. You took an extra bottle of lube, just in case, and locked the door behind you as you went to Jungkook’s room: the playroom. o

    Knocking on the door, you waited until he came to let you in. Your rules might seem strange to other people, but you and Jungkook both enjoyed the silliness of having to be polite, considering what the two of you got up to. It definitely made it more entertaining during a session. 

    Jungkook kept his head down as he held the door open for you, then closed it after you entered. As soon as he opened that door, you were in charge, and today that meant he had to use his safeword if he wanted any leniency or even a break. 

    He had been away on a business trip for over a week, and in that time, any patience or kindness you’d had was gone. There was only one way you could get it back, and he needed to be punished. 

    Sitting on the bed, Jungkook tapped the harness that you had placed on the bed before he’d arrived, “What’s this?”

    “Punishment if you don’t behave,” you said, keeping your voice as neutral as possible. You weren’t going to be cold and detached tonight, you wanted to enjoy this, and Jungkook needed to see that. If he was going to suffer to help you feel better, he should at least know that his sacrifice is worth it. 

    He eyed the pile of straps as you grabbed what you needed from the small cabinet. When you got to the side of the bed, you still hadn’t decided where you wanted him tonight as you dropped the lube, cockring, and buttplug on the bed. Jungkook made the decision for you without realizing it. 

    Standing and walking around to the side of the bed you were on, he sat on the chaise lounge against the wall. You picked up the cockring and held it up, saying, “Lay down.”

    “Here or—” before he could finish speaking, you pushed him back. 

    You sighed, realizing he was too hard for you to get the ring on. It was silicone and had some stretch and give to it, but putting it on Jungkook when he was already hard wouldn’t be fun. Wrong kind of pain. Walking back to the cabinet, you grabbed some of the ribbon laces. Not your favorite, and if you tied them too tight, it would hurt him, but they would look pretty. 

    Kicking the doctor’s stool you kept in his room toward the lounge, you sat down and patted the cushion close to you, asking him to scoot down in a slightly demeaning way. His skin was already sticky with sweat, making it a little cumbersome for him to move, but he still moved quickly. 

    Legs spread wide, feet planted on the floor, he laid back as you wrapped the ribbon around his cock and under his balls. You tightened after a few loops by pulling on the loose ends, then tied a bow knot. 

    Looking up at him through your lashes even though you were wearing the mask, you gently ran your hands along his thigh as you said, “Looks like a present.” Jungkook chuckled, sounding a 2little nervous, and you added, “Too bad we won’t open it until after.”

    You got up to get the lube and buttplug off the bed, then sat on the stool again and started prepping the plug. Jungkook kept glancing at you, and you were already getting annoyed with how fidgety he was. Tapping his feet, his hands twitching and moving them like he didn’t know what to do with them. You smiled, knowing that if he kept that up, he’d be going into the new harness you picked up. 

    Slapping his inner thigh once you were ready, you didn’t have to hide how irritated you were now, and it felt good. Immediately, Jungkook planted his feet on the floor and placed his hands behind his head. You teased his hole with the slippery plug and whispered, “Now stay like that.”

    You heard him swallow at your words, both of you knowing he would not be able to stay in this position without restraints. As if he wanted to piss you off, one of his legs lifted as you started working the plug in. 

    Again your hand came down on his inner thigh. The clear imprint of your hand on his skin would be the first of many. You wondered if he did this on purpose but brushed those thoughts aside. Pushing the plug into him, you knew he wasn’t that much of a masochist to purposefully fuck up. 

    Pouring some of the lube into your hand, you placed the bottle out of his reach just in case, then moved as close to him as you could get. You held your cupped hand a few inches above his cock and tipped the contents out without warning. Jungkook’s back arched, and he canted his hips. You weren’t sure if he was trying to pull away or get some of the lube to fall on the more sensitive parts of his cock. Like the rest of him, his cock jerked and twitched at the contact. 

    You weren’t ever much for dragging things out and grabbing his cock, beginning what would be a long and enjoyable process. Avoiding the head of his cock, you applied pressure as your stroked the shaft, and you had to stop. As soon as you started, Jungkook’s hands were at his sides and squeezing the cushion, his knuckles white with how hard he was grabbing them. 

    With both hands, you slapped each of his inner thighs as hard as you could, grinning as Jungkook howled. His legs shook, but they stayed open, his hands back behind his head where they belonged, and you started again. 

    This time, you steadied his cock with one hand where the ribbon was so you could push your closed fist over the head. Keeping as much pressure as you could, moving as slowly as possible, you enjoyed all the noises he was making. His squirming didn’t bother you at all. You enjoyed knowing you had this effect on him, but it was part of the game that he was supposed to restrain himself. If he couldn’t keep his shit together, then he’d get what you both really wanted. 

    As if on cue, he pulled away as you started moving your hand up his shaft and said in a rush, “Tooclosetooclosegonnacum.”

    Slowly a smile spread across your face as you pushed away from him and stood. Only a few steps, you snatched the sling off the bed and held it up to him, silently asking if he wanted to try it or get on the bed. 

    Jungkook nodded as you took your seat and told him, “Lift your leg.”

    You got the padded thigh strap to his knee, then tapped his other leg, so he stepped into the other. Both straps behind his knees now, you said, “Lean forward,” and draped the rest of the sling over his neck. 

    He looked up and asked, “This it?”

    “Lay back,” you said, grinning as he did. 

    His legs fell open, but he wasn’t able to extend them. The sling held his legs up in the air, but without a spreader bar, he could still close them; you weren’t worried about that. You got up again, walked behind the chaise lounge, and unhooked the cuffs. 

    You reached out and said, “Hand.”

    “I’ll behave—” Jungkook whined.

    You cut off his words by slamming your hand down next to his head, and he reluctantly gave you one of his hands. Wrapping the strap of the cuff around his wrist, you said, “You already proved you can’t behave. Other hand.”

    He whimpered as he raised his other hand, and you cuffed it. Walking around to stand in front of him, you admired him. Jungkook’s hands were bound above his head, wrists crossed, and his legs held up and open as they rested against the straps of the sling; he was stunning. 

    Retaking your seat, you said, “Don’t make me gag you,” then started stroking him again. 

    This time you weren’t teasing him. You were going to push him over the edge. He started panting, his eyes locked on your hand as you gave him a proper handjob. His head leaning against his arm, bottom lip between his teeth as his hips started to rock as best they could, and he came. 

    Jungkook’s head fell back against the neck rest of the sling as he groaned, enjoying his first orgasm, but you didn’t stop. After maybe twenty seconds, his head popped back up, and he looked terrified as he pleaded, “Too much, fuuuuuck.”

    “Then ask me to stop the right way,” you spat back, focusing your attention on the head of his cock. 

    His legs jerked in the sling, and he realized that nothing would stop you as he closed his legs. Your hand was still around his cock with the added pressure of having his dick angled down between his thighs and his legs sprung apart. He tried arching his back and twisting his body to get away, but not once did his safeword pass his lips. 

    With your attention still on only the head, you reveled in his whining, and then he calmed down. Laughing, you said, “Such a silly, little slut.”

    When he started moaning again, you sped up, and he hissed, “I can’t….”

    “Don’t care,” you said, using both hands now to stroke him. 

    Jungkook’s back arched, and his hips rutted into your hand as he came again. You giggled, still moving both hands over his cock, and he cried out. Releasing him and wiping your lube and cum covered hands on him, you asked, “Ready for the next part?”

    “No,” he could barely get the word out as he tried to catch his breath. 

    You acted like he hadn’t said anything as you got up to grab what you needed from the cabinet. Pulling the clear container out and taking the cap off, you sat back down. When Jungkook saw what you had, he asked in desperation, “Why?”

    Holding his cock in one hand and the fleshlight in the other only an inch above the head, you laughed, “Why not?”

    Jungkook wasn’t usually an emotional person, and it used to take so long to get to this point with him, but not today. The first tear came so easily today, and soon his cheeks were stained with them. Only a few pumps with the fleshlight, and you had to pull it off him, his cock spasming as he came again. 

    Crying was good, but the sounds he made were what you wanted. He was careful not to insult you but cursed and howled like you were fileting him alive. Another giggle from you as you lined him up and made him enter the fleshlight again. 

    His arms jerked against the restraints, and he was glaring at you with gritted teeth, panting and wincing with each pass of the toy over his cock. You stared him down before saying, “Cum again or say it.”

    Clenching his jaw, Jungkook shook his head before his face contorted like he was in pain. You practically ripped the fleshlight off him, and he shouted before he was cumming again. Tossing the fleshlight onto the bed, you stood and asked, “You good, or….”

    Jungkook relaxed at your question, chuckling as he lifted his head, “Yes and no.”

    “Cool. My turn,” you said, and Jungkook’s head fell back against the padding on his neck, forcing his legs further up. You pouted, slowly lifting your skirt, “You’re mad at me, Kookie?”

    He glanced down at you and sighed, “Can I taste you first?”

    “God, no,” you said as you pushed his legs back, “Rotten whores get used, and they don’t ask stupid questions.”

    Pulling your panties to the side, you lined his cock up and finally got to feel how hard he was. As much as you liked teasing him, feeling him inside you like this was so much better. With one hand under each of his knees, you placed your feet on the ground, the straps of the sling harness loose and useless, and you started to sink down on him. 

    Before he was entirely inside you, his whole body tensed beneath you, and you felt his cock throb: Jungkook came again. Biting your lip, you enjoyed the sensation before you said, “Warm pussy hits different, huh?”

    “Fuck you,” he practically growled. 

    “No, silly,” you said with a grin as you started to roll your hips, “I’m fucking you right now.”

    It didn’t take you long before you were close. Teasing Jungkook was one thing, but pushing him too far and pissing him off while he stubbornly refuses to give up worked better than a vibrator. As you felt your orgasm hit, you stood and circled your clit as you came. Quickly sliding two fingers inside yourself, it only took a few seconds, and you were cumming again, this time squirting. 

    As your squirt hit him, Jungkook stiffened and moaned like he was in pain. You saw his cock jerk as he came again. Taking a careful step back, you took a deep breath before you walked to his side and pressed your lips to his cheek, whispering, “Such a weak, disgusting thing you are.”

    Jungkook chuckled, looking up at you as you started to unbuckle the restraints on his wrists. His arms fell to his side heavily. As you gently lifted his head to get the sling off, he asked, “Done?”

    You moved to the chaise lounge’s end, pulled the straps off his legs, and replied, “With the hard part, now we have to clean you up.”

    “Thank you,” he said before yawning and stretching, “Can we do it again tomorrow?”

    You laughed, relaxed now, and realized how much you had missed him while he was away as you turned to leave the room to get the bath ready for him. Stopping at the door, you leaned against the frame and said, “Whatever you want, pet. Rest, and I’ll be back in a few.”

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