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    25.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    NCT members who would date Plus Size girls.

    *Inspired by multiple TikToks. Not serious just based on vibes. I just have differing opinions then everyone else and I have to say them*

    Taeil: Obviously, searching for a chubby baby mama this very moment.

    Johnny: Yes but he'd be too enthusiastic and say things like. "Once you go with a big girl you never go back." Like it's appreciated but he's this close to getting kicked out of the house.

    Taeyong: He's so full of love and light he just doesn't care. He loves everyone.

    Yuta: A given, obviously no explanation needed. Probably doing it right now.

    Kun: With Taeil searching for a chubby baby mama.

    Ten: He doesn't care. He focuses on personality above all else.

    Jungwoo: Okay so everyone says no. But look at him. He is the clingiest, touchiest member he would want softness, to be coddled. Will always call her fluffy.

    Mark: Yes, but he'd be awkward around his friends for no real reason. But he'd be chill when he realizes his friends don't care.

    Xiaojun: I honestly think it's about vibes and if you vibe, you vibe. He doesn't really care.

    Hendery: This man is so down. Almost too down.

    Renjun: Someone said he has major BDE and I agree. He gives me Kyungsoo vibes. And like Kyungsoo, I feel like he's about it.

    Jeno: Yes, yes no question. I can't say anything else just yes.

    Haechan: Of course, he's asking if Taeil's chubby baby mama has a little sister for him. Plus they'll be family by marriage. Win-win.

    Jaemin: He loves all women and Jeno. When he says color, size, height doesn't matter. He's the one man who means that from the bottom of his heart.

    Yangyang: Currently looking for a thick hot little mama. He can't handle her but he will try.

    Shotaro: So many yeses you don't understand. Doing it right now in the room beside Yuta's.

    Chenle: I'm getting the same energy as Jeno and Renjun. Like totally down. He's just down to vibe.

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    25.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    220525 YUTA IG Story with JUNGWOO

    "Jungwoo's dream came true"

    Translated by NCT127_CENTER

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    25.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    I had a dream I was on a game show with Johnny, Jungwoo, Haechan and Mark. The first round I was so distracted, was just looking around and listening. That me and Jungwoo we're tied with zero and Johnny was in the lead. Then the second round I was more focused and a little too loud and aggressive. I got in trouble for saying bitch. And I had 7 points and Johnny had 6. And Johnny was looking at me like I was competition. Then the third round we had to team up. So it was me and Johnny, Mark and Haechan and Jungwoo was with another contestant. Then we were on beds for some reason. And we had to make a logo with our names together. We have the same first two initials. But we were playing around and joking and never even considered it. At one point I was practically laying on him while he was on his stomach. And I said "sorry I'm laying on you" and he said with this half pout half smile "you're comfortable" Then I said " you're comfortable" and laid my head on his back. Then there was a dance segment. And they gave me Rumors by Lizzo ft Cardi B. I started dancing and I remember Cardi's verse the most vividly. But while I was dancing I ended up in a luxury penthouse and it became another dream. I was Cardi's assistant, there were bunnies that turned into girls they low-key looked like my sister who looks like Cardi B. One loved Cardi one hated her and threw a snake at her. Cardi took the girls in and raised them. It was a whole thing.

    #lowkeu keeping score like hyunjin and johnny are 2 for 2 with dreams #this means something in dream world i know it #alsk i went months without any dream at all now ive had what 6 kpop dreams in a week like this has to mean something out im so disconnected #from reality that i need to find life meaning in my dreams #dream johnny#dream jungwoo#johnny suh#johnny seo#nct#nct dreams
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    25.05.2022 - 16 hours ago


    PART 3

    • Pairing: Jaehyun x Taeyong

    • Genre: Royalty AU, Romance, Drama

    • Word Count: 6,293

    Taeyong, despite being reserved and meek, is still quite the bubbly person especially when he's with his favorite brother, Prince Dongyoung. Even though he's older than him by a year, Prince Dongyoung treats him as if he's the younger one. With the emperor leading the nation and Taeil's duties as a crown prince, no one has paid attention to Taeyong aside from their mother, the empress. And from then on, Dongyoung has made it his job to be the one who looks after Taeyong the moment he knows how to hold a sword. That is why he can't help but notice his hyung's cheery disposition being not present when they had lunch together at his own residence.

    "Did you not like the new drapes? They're from Weishen, they are exquisite quality, fine silk." Dongyong asked, one eyebrow raised looking at Taeyong who seemed surprised.

    He nodded too enthusiastically, as if to show he was not distracted moments ago. "Oh! Y-yeah, they're very lovely. Beautiful."

    "Hyung, you seemed preoccupied. I noticed you haven't touched your food, is something bothering you?" Dongyoung asked worriedly.

    Oh. "I'm fine, Dongyoung. It's just—"

    "Is it about the Versaillian prince?" He cut Taeyong off in a whisper, itching to ask this question to his brother.

    Taeyong's eyes widened as he gasped. "W-what? No, it's about nothing. Please, let's just continue eating."

    Fear. That is what Taeyong was feeling at that moment. Fear that his beloved brother has seen them. Fear that he might tell their father about it. And fear that he might not see Jaehyun again if that's the case.

    Dongyoung reached out and held his brother's hand. "It's alright, hyung. I know everything about it and it's alright." He said earnestly to his brother whose mouth is now agape. "And if you're happy with him, I'll even give you my blessings."

    Taeyong is now visibly confused. "Dongyoung, my brother, I honestly have no idea what you are talking about. Let's just eat, I'm greatly famished. After this I'll even recite a poem to you or sing mother's favorite song. I can dance too if you like. Just drop whatever you're trying to insinuate." He picked up his chopsticks and started eating.

    Dongyoung sighed. "Look hyung, no need to hide it for me. Prince Chittaphon already told me everything about you and Prince Jaehyun."

    Taeyong faltered. What?! He trusts Chittaphon so much, he considers him as his best friend, and right now he feels betrayed.

    "He told me because he's worried, you know. What if someone caught you and Jaehyun? He let me know to protect you, so I too can protect you. Father has already secluded you here in the palace since mother died, he would be angry, hyung. We want what's best for you, and if Prince Jaehyun is making you happy then I am happy."

    Dongyoung smiled genuinely at him and he felt its sincerity. Taeyong almost wanted to cry but he swallowed his sob and looked at his brother and smiled back.

    "Thank you, Dongyoung. I appreciate it."

    “It’s nothing. I love you, hyung, and we’re all here to protect and support you.”

    “Do Taeil hyung and Haechan know?”

    Dongyoung was about to answer him when a sudden knock disturbed them.

    “Prince Chittaphon of Chiang Mai has arrived, your highnesses.” Dongyoung’s sanggung announced sternly from the outside, a moment later the doors slid open and a smiling Chittaphon entered.

    “You’ve started eating without me? How preposterous!” He said dramatically whilst clutching his chest.

    Taeyong looked at him with a raised brow and said, “Well, you weren’t invited.” Which made them all laugh.

    “That's what your brother wants you to believe. So,” Chittaphon started as he sat down and took Dongyoung’s untouched chopsticks and ate kimchi, “I supposed Dongyoung has already told you?”

    Taeyong nodded, “He has. But really, you do not need to, I’m perfectly capable of myself. And nothing bad is going to happen.”

    “Oh shush you. And besides, it’s not like you can see me. I hid well, you know. And Dongyoung would be my cover whenever I am not available. So you,” he turned to Dongyoung with his finger pointing like a mother reprimanding her child, “better be good. Don’t let anything happen to him, promise?”

    "I promise." Dongyoung answered.

    "You're all being overprotective of me when I can honestly handle myself well, you know."

    "Yeah, well we can't help it, we love you so much." And with that he sighed, “You know I don’t plan on even telling your brother, as much as possible I do not want anyone finding out but unfortunately I received a letter from Chiang Mai and it’s from my father. He has heard about the Versaillian scholars and their prince, now he wants me to study Hanseong’s literature. And here I thought being the tenth child of the king would escape me from such duties.”

    “Well if it would make you feel better we could send Haechan to Chiang Mai for him to study literature.” Dongyoung said while snickering.

    "Oh, do not torture our beloved brother like that." Taeyong said while laughing.

    "By the way, how are you holding up? It's been a week and a half since he went up north." Chittaphon asked Taeyong.

    "I'm perfectly fine, although I miss him a lot but that's alright, I've got tons of things to remind me of him."

    "Yeah, I can see. That ring looks lovely, has he proposed to you yet?"

    The question made Dongyoung choke on the tea that he was drinking.

    "Hey, don't ask my hyung questions like that!" He said to Chittaphon, face red still gasping for air while Taeyong was rubbing his back asking him if he's alright.

    "What? It's only appropriate. Prince Jaehyun is of age, and Taeyong hyung is of age and that means marriage!" He turned to the older prince. "Taeyong, I'll even help you two escape here, I promise." Chittaphon winked at Taeyong who was also looking red from embarrassment.

    "Stop being absurd, Chittaphon. He's a traveler, after studying here in Hanseong he might go somewhere else."

    "And that’s fine with you? Honestly speaking, you can go with him, that's not a problem. Then after he has accumulated all the knowledge of the world you can settle down here, or in Versailles, even Chiang Mai! I'll even make sure that you two have a beautiful court to stay at."

    "That is a problem. And thank you for the lovely offer, your highness, but I wouldn't even dream about it. Looks like I'll be tied here in this palace forever."

    "Nonsense! Everything is possible you know, even escaping death! What even a palace?"

    "Now now, enough with the talking and let's continue eating, please." Dongyoung pleaded.

    To which Chittaphon replied playfully, "Whatever you say, your highness."

    Jongin Kai is the same age as the Crown Prince Taeil, though a few moons older. At the young age of twenty-two he is already the head of the Kim Clan and Lord of Suncheon Jeonnam. Tragedy struck their family when the matriarch of the clan, his mother, died due to a mysterious illness. The healer at one point said it was cancer, then it was from a flu outbreak, then it was from whatever illnesses they could think of, however his father believed it was witchcraft but he knew it was neither. Now years later he became the youngest appointed minister in the palace at twenty-five.

    A deserving appointment, one might say, as in a short time he has made the region he governs prosperous with trade and commerce but he made it so with blood in his hands. Although a lot of people in the court praised his said accomplishments, a big number are still skeptical of his abilities and do not approve of him. He believes they were threatened by a young man with intense vigor to rule and great knowledge. But such is the political life, everyone's with you or against you.

    And with that he became more ambitious. In two years he removed almost anyone who was against him, made daring moves to the point where he manipulated others to advance his personal agenda, and successfully gained the favor of the emperor.

    He is now a minister at the age of twenty-seven. He has become more ambitious, his desire to climb up the ladder is fervent. However, being a state counselor might not happen for him anytime soon, but he's found a way to cut through. After all, the prince is near his age, and who knows he might become his consort.

    It was late afternoon, an hour before the sun set and Jongin Kai was walking in the palace gardens when he heard a beautiful song being sung. He followed the sound and his feet landed him in front of the pavilion and sitting inside was the beautiful Prince Taeyong looking longingly at the sunset kissed pond whilst delicately holding the pearl necklace that he was wearing. When the song comes to an end, the prince lets out a silent sigh.

    When he approached, the handmaidens saw him and greeted him with a bow.

    "Will it be alright if I talk to the prince right now?" He asked the head attendant, the bomo sanggung, in which she contemplated in her head whether she would allow him or not. After all, she has taken note that the prince was pretty melancholic the past week and she felt like he would rather be alone, not even the company of his siblings can make him content. But also it was the minister who asked for such a request, and it would rather be shameful to decline. After a few seconds of thinking she nodded at the minister.

    She then turned to the prince whose back was still facing them, oblivious to his would-be visitor. The sanggung said loudly, "Your highness, Minister Kim of the Hojo Ministry is here."

    Taeyong turned to look at them and he saw Jongin Kai standing tall wearing his dalryeong with two cranes on his hyungbae, signifying his rank in the ministry. The minister saw that the prince's eyes were a little red, as if the pearl of Hanseong cried, and that made him curious.

    "Your highness," Jongin Kai bowed to the prince.

    "Minister Kim."

    "Please, call me Jongin Kai." And when Taeyong didn't say anything he continued, "May I approach?"

    A nod was Taeyong's response.

    Jongin Kai went inside and stood beside the seated prince who was facing the pond again.

    "May I know the reason for your visit here, minister? Does father ask for my presence in his court?"

    Jongin Kai shook his head. "No, your highness. It was actually your voice that pulled me here. It was a nice song, Prince Taeyong."

    "Oh, many thanks, minister. It was my favorite song that my mother composed." Taeyong said smiling.

    "I see. Is that why you look solemn, your highness? Is everything alright?" Jongin Kai asked, voice turning a little sweeter as if luring in a prey.

    "Oh, uhm, my apologies. Everything is fine, minister." But it's not. Taeyong misses the strong arms that would wrap around him, the very hugs that greets him whenever he would sneak out in the middle of the night. He misses the thick, luscious hair that is soft to touch, the kind eyes that would turn into crescents with happiness, the dimpled smiles that he found endearing, and the kisses to his forehead right after saying their goodbyes. It has been two weeks since the foreign prince departed to the northern provinces to study. He misses Jaehyun so much.

    A silent pause lingers between them. Taeyong reminisced about his nights with Jaehyun, while Jongin Kai was thinking of what he would say next that’ll put the prince on edge.

    "So, it's been a while since the last time I saw you, your highness, and it was during the archery competition. Such a rowdy crowd it was and it made me curious as to why a prince like you was there watching?"

    Taeyong turned his head to him, "A prince like you?"

    "Oh I mean no disrespect, your highness. It's just that it wasn't your nature to show up at such an event, even so where a gamble was taking place. What prompts an elusive beauty such as you to be there? Is it because of the foreign prince? I saw that you were somewhat friendly towards him." He looked at Taeyong, “And his peers.” He added with a shrug.

    Taeyong stilled, his heart started to beat fast. "I-I'm sorry Minister but I fail to see what you are trying to imply here. I'm a prince to this empire and it is part of my job to be a good host to our guests." He said, weighing in his mind whether his tone was harsh towards the minister or is the minister subtle at being irksome towards him.

    A stutter, and he sure does sound guilty, huh? Jongin Kai thought to himself, smirking internally. Time to get friendly. "Am I being too forward, your highness? In that case my apologies." He bowed his head in false sincerity. "I just thought that since we're almost the same age we can be acquaintances, it's just that I haven't gotten close to anyone here in the palace for the two years I've been minister. Everyone's about decades older than me, it's hard to relate sometimes." Jongin Kai said softly but every word he said was laced with manipulation through pity. "So I was thinking if it's alright to be friends with you?"

    Taeyong’s heart has softened. He realized that the minister must have had a hard time adjusting to the system here in the capital, and he has been lonely with only paperworks of the empire’s tax audit to accompany him. This is probably the price of being too smart, and I heard he governed Suncheon Jeonnam well after his mother died. But he couldn’t help but be worried, after all, the way he asked him about Jaehyun was a little off putting. But all things considered, the minister needed a friend which he believes is the best he can offer and so he held his hand and said, “I would be glad to be your friend, Jongin Kai.” And Jongin Kai tried to stop the sinister smile on his face. He bowed towards the prince. “It is an honor, your highness.”

    In the distance, Prince Chittaphon was watching them.


    “Yes, your highness?” Asked the handmaid.

    “I want you to keep an eye out for the minister, I do not trust that man.”


    Chittaphon’s place may look like any other residences that the royal family uses but here and there, in every nook and corner, there are trinkets that he put to remind him of his home while he stays in Hanseong. His drapes were embroidered with white elephants, lotus motifs in his carpets, painted depictions of an epic or a scenery in Lanna were hung in the wall, and his knives, bow and arrow, and daab were placed neatly near the door. A small altar for the eagle and snake gods with incense sticks was set up and it was adorned with plumerias and jasmine garlands. From the aroma of the tea to the fragrance of the flowers, Prince Chittaphon’s chamber smells heavenly.

    "It’s been a while since the last time I was in your residence.” Taeyong said while sipping a cup of tea that Chittaphon had prepared. “Oh this tastes amazing, your highness.” He gave him a sweet smile.

    “Of course,” Chittaphon said, face smug. “The tea leaves I used are from Chiang Mai.”

    “So, how was your studies? I haven’t seen you in the past days, I hope you’re enjoying your time reading scrolls. Much better than lazing around, don’t you think?” Taeyong said with an eyebrow raised and a smirk on his lips.

    Chittaphon rolled his eyes and smiled. “And since when did Prince Taeyong start talking like that?” He laughs, “I like it, suits you. Loosening up a little.”

    “Yeah, it's probably your influence.” Taeyong giggled. “And what are these little things?”

    “Those little things are food. Go on, smell it.” Taeyong picked the dessert and sniffed it. “Good, right? Go on, have a taste.” Taeyong nodded and popped the dessert in his mouth. His eyes widened, it went in smoothly as if he didn’t eat anything. “These are called luem kleum and they’re my favorite, and yes it just melts like it was never there.” They both shared a smile and popped another one in their mouths. “I’m glad I’m able to cook it here, the ingredients aren’t hard to find. And before you say anything, yes I can cook. Being the tenth child of the king does have its perks.”

    Once they were finished drinking tea and eating desserts, Chittaphon sat next to Taeyong, “Hyung, I have something to tell you.” His demeanor turned serious, he held the older’s hand and started to speak to him. “Taeyong hyung, I heard whispers from my little birds that you and the young minister started being close and have become acquaintances the past few days. Are there any truths to this?" He asked as if he didn't see their first interaction with his own eyes. "And is he nice to you?” He added.

    Taeyong's brows furrowed. “Yeah, we talked these past days, every time before the sun sets. And yes, he is nice to me, but why do you ask?”

    “Just answer my question. Has he asked anything from you? And don’t hold back from answering, my people surround this area, no one will dare to even step inside my chambers without my guards interfering, not even those of Hanseong’s, they do not have jurisdiction. Think of this like an embassy.”

    “Uh, well, he asks me about my day, my siblings, whatever we were up to? And he asked about Jaehyun, if I know about the places he has been to or about his studies or how close we were. I always try to avoid his questions but he’s persistent so I answer them but only a little, what you have probably known so it wouldn’t be suspicious, and I said we only met a few times whenever I am with you or my brothers. But the minister always asks me about anything so I paid it no mind.” Taeyong, with his beautiful doe eyes, looked at him worriedly. “Am I in trouble?”

    Chittaphon gave him a comforting smile and put his arm around the older prince. “Of course not, your highness. I’m just worried about you. You know that right?”

    Taeyong nodded at him. “Yeah, I do but don’t you think this is too much? Look, I’m thankful for you and my brothers but I can handle myself. And he is just looking for friends, he said he’s been lonely working here in the palace.”

    “I understand, hyung, and we love you so I’m going to be honest with you.” He lowered his voice, “I do not trust that man. Not one bit. My gut is trying to tell me something so I asked around. And through whispers something profound has reached me all the way from Jeonnam Suncheon. You see, his mother died and no one really knows its cause. The healer said it’s cancer but another said it’s flu while his father said it’s witchcraft. But my little spider whispered to me that the late Lady Kim died of poisoning, and it killed her slowly. Crazy, I know.”

    Chills ran up on Taeyong the whole time Chittaphon was speaking, who would do something sinister like that? “Does your little spider know who was the perpetrator?”

    “Let's just say that my little spider's informant never came back. And that’s why I want you to be careful because I have a hunch that Minister Kim was behind his mother's death. A man like him doesn’t make a move without motive.”

    Fear crept up on Taeyong's back. “That’s some accusation, your highness. Not that I’m siding with the minister but don’t you think you need concrete evidence for this? Whispers don't hold any weight for him to be accountable, this is dangerous.”

    “I have my people follow his every move. It is dangerous, yes, but I'm not letting him go near you again. You might think that I'm taking away a possible friend of yours but do remember that I'm only doing this for your protection. And that’s how we are going to play the game.”

    When Taeyong didn't say anything, Chittaphon took his hand again. "Hey, it's going to be fine. If you're worried about the whole thing then don't settle your mind on it. We are here to protect you."

    Taeyong smiled. "Thanks, Chittaphon."

    "Oh enough about that, I have something to give to you." Chittaphon stood up and went to his dressing-table and took something. “This is one of my most treasured books, it's a collection of poems and passages from my favorite writer back home. They write mostly about love and they evoke such emotion that captivated me. I hope you like it."

    Taeyong's eyes sparkled with awe as he took the book from Chittaphon. A little bit worn on the spine, an indication that Prince Chittaphon has opened this a hundred of times. He must truly love this book. And when he opened it, saw an ocean of words that truly fascinated him. He read a piece quietly:

    Closer than any words can be spoken out loud

    It’s closer than anyone else can be seen

    When we’re so close that I want to stop breathing

    So close that there’s only you and me.

    It might be because you happened to meet me

    It might be because we happened to stay together

    Because you still have never figured out how things are

    And I’ve never understood if it must stay like that

    If we didn’t ever speak to each other, today I probably wouldn’t have anyone who understands

    That day you never, I never realized how things were

    Prince Chittaphon noticed the page he was reading. "Oh, Glai, I like that one." Taeyong nodded. "Yeah, I think like this too. Many thanks, Chittaphon. I'll treasure this as well."

    "You should, it's the first edition. Oh, and before I forget," Chittaphon handed him an envelope. "This one has come a long way so treasure it dearly. Here, take this.”

    It was a simple parchment, neatly folded and sealed with the sun insignia of a Versaillian royalty.

    Taeyong looked up at Chittaphon. “Is this from Jaehyun?”

    “Yes.” The foreign prince nodded. "It was delivered to me by Lord Youngho last night." Taeyong gave him a look. "Oh shush, hyung, just read the damn letter." Chittaphon was blushing from his cheeks to his ears.

    And although he was bursting with excitement, Taeyong still carefully unwrapped the letter. The first thing he noticed was the rose fragrance it gave off and the neat handwriting of his dear prince. He smiled softly.

    To my dearest Taeyong,

    I never knew how freezing the nights could be until the day I departed from the capital. Not even the blizzards or hurricanes made me shiver like this and I realized that it was your hugs that can bring warmth to my heart, but for now the image of your lovely face in my mind is enough to lull me to sleep. Hello, my prince, I hope you are doing well. I apologize for the delay of this letter but fret not, you have been in my mind every second of everyday, the constant object of my thoughts.

    Our travel went on smoothly, and although autumn is still a few weeks away, the city of Kaesong welcomed us with a cold embrace. The university where we are staying is welcoming as well. The professors and scribes taught us more than what I could have gathered there in the capital. The collection of their library here is impressive! Your father was right, I could learn about Hanseong here greatly and for that I thank him.

    Tell me my prince, is it wrong to wish for the Autumn Festival to come faster so I could go back? I already miss the capital and I just arrived here! I do wish for your presence but I try to be uplifted all the time, though it's hard to overcome my longing for you. And I pray that you do not dwell on sadness just because I left for if you are unhappy then I am, too. Keep yourself busy with your brothers or Prince Chittaphon, you can even ask Lords Youngho or Minhyung to accompany you. I believe they can bring you joy and fun even though I am not present. I am not going to lie, it’s been hard for me to concentrate on studying without the anticipation of seeing you during the night, for I miss our interactions dearly. If only the days could go faster then we can be in each other’s arms again. If this was a different situation then I would immediately drop everything just to see the sparks in your eyes, the smile on your red-rose lips, and to feel the caress of your velvet touch again but alas I cannot fall behind my studies and bring down the efforts we made to bridge our cultures. It has become a routine for me to go out every night here in the university’s garden to talk to the moon, something I probably got from you, and I pray to him that you’ll always be joyous and healthy. And I hope that every time I look up you’re also looking at the moon for we are both under the same starry night sky.

    As I count the days until my return back to the capital, realization has dawned upon me that my time away from you has brought up feelings that I always knew were there but tried to ignore, and I regret not confessing them to you. Thus, one could only wish that you burn for me as much as I burn for you. And once I cage you in my embrace, let us promise to never separate again.

    Yours eternally,


    He clutched the parchment close to his chest after he was done reading. Did he just confess to me? He looked at Chittaphon, eyes brimming with tears but he was smiling. He tried to open his mouth but words wouldn't come out.

    "What, cat got your tongue?" And with that Taeyong let out a chuckle.

    "Uhm, he said he's well and the people are nice to him. He also said that I should take care of myself, and to spend time with you so I wouldn't be lonely. I believe he also confessed to me…"

    Chittaphon let out a small gasp. "Why that's great, I'm happy for you." They smiled at each other. "Now you can run away with him."

    Taeyong's eyes widened at that. "Your highness, such words! I should write a reply to him, at once. And I want to give him something, a surprise when he comes back. Though that might be a problem. You see, he has given me all the treasures of the world and yet I haven't given him anything in return. I'm wondering what gift should I give to someone who has everything?"

    “Well, I think Jaehyun wouldn’t ask much from you, I believe being yourself is enough for him.”

    “Being myself… Hey, what if I dance for him? The Autumn festival is getting near and he’ll be home a few days before the celebration will commence, I think that would be glorious. I should start practicing now! Oh I’m full of excitement right now. I should plan the costume I would wear, the the-

    “Calm down, hyung, you're overwhelmed! Now I understand you’re thrilled to surprise your prince but shouldn’t you ask the emperor first if he would allow you to perform in the first place?”


    Taeyong was in the sitting room of his chamber, hands sweaty in his lap, nervously waiting for the return of his bomo sanggung. For days, Prince Taeyong was sending his handmaiden to his father's court to ask for his time but their request was always denied. The emperor was still busy with state affairs, His Highness the Prince should wait still is what they were saying.

    Accompanying him was his youngest brother, Prince Haechan, who just arrived probably from an archery practice, for an afternoon tea.

    The young prince’s eyes wandered in his older brother’s room. It was neat, as always, for Taeyong despises dust and dirt, and there he saw things that he hadn’t seen before. Figurines of humans and animals made out of clay, porcelain and ivory, parasols made out of lace, paintings of scenery that he is sure are not from Hanseong, vials of perfumes, music boxes engraved with floral patterns, and a gold jewelry box (perhaps Mughal? He’s not sure) that shines like a beacon as the sunlight hits the dresser it was placed on. He looked at his brother. Taeyong, his ever so beautiful brother that’s always been fawned over by his friends, was seated on the loveseat across from him. Back straight and posture so noble that Haechan wants to groan, it just wasn’t his style at all. He’s all rough and brawn. He saw the necklace his brother was wearing, a string of pearls with bright luster. Wasn’t from Hanseong, either. The pearls in our seas aren’t as lustrous. Then he noticed the ring in his older brother’s hand. It looks foreign as well but it seems familiar. Now where did I see that carved turquoise beetle again?

    The young prince let out a gasp as he stood up and exclaimed a loud “HA!” while pointing his finger at Taeyong's hand. On Prince Jaehyun’s necklace! Haechan thought to himself. With eyebrows knit together and confusion etched on his face, Taeyong looked at his young brother, then at his pointed finger, then at his own hand. He stood up as well, his eyes widened as it dawned on him. “Haechan Yi, you will not speak to anyone about this or I swear to the gods-” He was cut off by his brother’s boisterous guffaw. “So all of these things in your room,” the young prince said, voice low in whisper while his finger went all over, “Was it from him, Prince Jaehyun? Hyung, oh gods.” He said, hand now covering his mouth with giggles. “I can’t believe it! So are you two?”

    Taeyong now rolled his eyes, his brother is so dramatic. “Haechan, listen to me, be serious for once, I beg of you.”

    “I’m listening.” Haechan said while sitting. Taeyong closed his eyes, he took a deep breath and did the same. “Yes, all these gifts are from Prince Jaehyun. I told him I never went beyond the palace walls so said he’ll bring the world to me.”

    “Okay, and?”

    “And yes, I do like him. Haechan, I never felt such a strong connection to someone, and by jove I believe our feelings are mutual, but we’re not together. Yet.”

    Haechan gave a genuine smile while he held Taeyong’s hands. “Hyung, I am so happy for you. I’m glad you found someone that you like. This is great news!”

    “Thank you, brother. But Haechan, before you celebrate, promise me that you mustn't tell anyone, especially our father, at least for now. I need time, I don’t know how he’ll react if he ever finds out about this.”

    “Of course, brother. You can put your trust on me, I swear to all the gods that I'll keep this a secret. But I need to know, am I the only one?”

    “Nope. Prince Chittaphon knew, he saw Prince Jaehyun and I together, and then he told Dongyoung. Then there’s you who figured it all out on your own.”

    “Don’t patronize me! What about Taeil hyung?”

    “As far as I know he still doesn’t know.”

    “Yes! At least I’m not the last.”

    Taeyong sighed. “Now can we go back to drinking tea?”

    "Not without telling me why have you been on the edge since I arrived here? What's troubling you, hyung?"

    He released another sigh. "The officials at father's court are denying my request to him. I've been sending my sanggung there everyday but alas nothing has changed."

    Before Haechan could say something, a knock interrupted them. It was her handmaiden. She entered and greeted the princes.

    "I'm sorry your highness but it seems like the emperor is still occupied at the moment. The sentry said that you may try again next time. I reason with them that it's been days and they just dismissed me."

    "Hold on a second. Hyung, why do you want to meet father?"

    Taeyong looked at his handmaid whose head was bowed. "Can you excuse my brother and I?"

    Once the sanggung wasn't in his room anymore he talked to Haechan. "I want to do a performance, to dance, in the Autumn festival and that's why I want to meet father to get his approval."

    "Now that's a bit bold considering this is the only fête where he's allowing you to join. May I know the reason for this? Is it because of a certain prince?" Teased Haechan while wiggling his eyebrows to further annoy his brother.

    "Stop that! But yes, you're correct, it's for Jaehyun. I want to surprise him and maybe a way to say my thanks for all the gifts he has given me."

    "How nice of you, brother. I am most certain that Prince Jaehyun would love your performance, even adore it! You're the most graceful among all the dancers that I've ever seen. Even the kisaeng would envy your dancing skills!"

    "What's a kisaeng?"

    Prince Haechan's face turned the color of rose as he scrambled to cover his slip up. "O-oh! Ah, uhm, it's nothing, hyung. But yeah!" The younger prince segued, "What would you say to father if he asked your reason to perform? Like I said, this is bold and it's not your nature to ask him such a thing." He mused.

    "He wouldn't ask for a reason if he truly loved me. I followed everything he said, his instructions, because he believed those were the best for me ever since mother died and now it's my turn to ask something in return. This isn't a grand request, I just wanted to dance."

    Haechan was touched by brother's sincerity. "Well, if you are trying to stand up by yourself, start doing it now. Go to father's court and demand him to speak to you. He would be surprised, yes but I believe it would be your key to his approval."

    "You know even though I am your hyung, sometimes it feels like you are way older than me. Thank you, Haechan, for always being there for me."

    “Hyung, it’s nothing. And what are you waiting for? Let's go!" Haechan encouraged him like he’s to a battle. Well, one of the many battles I will face.


    Taeyong found himself alone inside the royal court standing with his head bowed. After a brief altercation with the royal guards outside, he made it thanks to his brother. Before him was his father sitting on the throne, an aura of intimidation emitted from him. The court, filled with dragon and phoenix motifs, added immense power to the atmosphere.

    "It's not your thing to disobey me, Taeyong. The captain of my guards has already told you that I don't accept anyone here unless they're my councilors or ministers. Disrupting us at our meeting? I'm very disappointed. So whatever you're going to say, they better be worth my time."

    Taeyong was trying to stop his body from shaking with nervousness. He loves his father dearly but he's scared. He looked at the emperor, almost like I'm looking at the mirror as some of the servants said, who's looking back at him with a raised brow.

    Taeyong lowered his head again. "I want you to allow me to dance at the autumn festival, father."

    "Now what—"

    "Please let me finish." He interjected. "I studied music, poetry, arts and dance, I kept myself away from everyone else except our family, and I followed everything you said, which you believed was good for me. I've been a good son.

    "And I believe it is time for me to be able to choose freely, and it is just a simple request. I want to dance at the festival in the palace grounds, for the councilors and ministers, for our soldiers and servants, for our visitors, for our family, for the gods, and most especially for you. I want people to finally see me."

    A silence.

    "Please father, after this I will never ask anything from you." He looked up at him. "I want to be free, even for a moment."

    The emperor swallowed the lump on his throat. "You may have my face but in spirit you have your mother's." He rubbed his face with his hand, obviously tired, but he still gave Taeyong a smile. "I will allow you to perform at the festival. After the ceremony and before the dinner starts. You will dance in front of everyone, you can have as many dancers that you want to accompany you, everything you need."

    Taeyong let out a jovial gasp, surprised at his father's answer. He bowed to the emperor deeply. "Thank you so much, father. I never thought you'd allow me. I promise that I will do my best, I'll make you proud."

    The emperor chuckled. "Oh Taeyong, just seeing you alive is enough for me. Now go, I still have a lot of things to do."

    PART 2


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    Kim Jungwoo has successfully registered!

    welcome to the garden, wildflower! your registration has been processed and we’re delighted to have you. you have 48 hours to add both admin marigold and admin daisy for our records. remember, we will open once we reach 25 members, so don’t fret if you do not have full access just yet. see you soon! ❀
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    NCT 127 as musical theater characters I think they would do well as

    *Quick note before I start: I'm listing characters I think they would do well PORTRAYING on stage, not who I think they are similar to personality wise. For each member, I'll say one role I think they could play with little to no effort (marked as NATURAL), as well as one role I think they could nail if they tried hard and put in the work for (marked as CHALLENGE). For each role, I'll try to put a small explanation for the choice but some I just feel are right lol. Not every role mentioned is the main character of its musical. This post is the result of my mind being fixated my entire day on the subject lmao. Feel free to give your opinion on my picks and add your own <3. Click the keep reading if you're interested


    (NATURAL) Raoul from Phantom of the Opera

    In my opinion, this is a pretty simple role in both vocals and acting. Vocally, Taeil would nail this with no problem. Acting wise, the main emotions this character shows are being in love and being worried, not too difficult tbh. I don't know if he has shown any interest in being in musical theater but this would be a good debut to the stage. Iconic musical but simple af role

    (CHALLENGE) Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    Okay. Hear me out. It was between this and the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera but imo no one under 40 can give the Phantom everything it deserves so I pick this role instead. Vocally, I think Taeil can hit all the notes for this role buuutttt the challenge would come in the acting. The emotions needed for this role are more complicated and would take a lot of feeling lmao.


    (NATURAL) Aaron from Mean Girls

    Johnny is one of the members I found very difficult to pick for because I don't see him wanting to pursue stage musicals at all but I can see SM convincing him to try just for some solo activities. This role is for anyone to play tbh *cough* Cameron Dallas *cough*. Not much is demanded vocally or in acting, honestly it might be too easy for Johnny but it'd be a nice role for someone not too invested in musical theater.

    (CHALLENGE) Monty from A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder

    Okay. Hear me out... again. This is a role I think only Johnny of the members could play. This is probably one of the most difficult roles on this list and I'll tell you why. It doesn't have a bunch of high notes, and the ones that there are, I think Johnny could hit or easily opt down. The role however, says A LOT in a small time and has many tongue twisters (See the song Poison In My Pocket (almost like a rapper,,,, you see?)). Not only that, this role moves around a lot so energy is nonnegotiable (See the performance for I've Decided to Marry You). The character has to be charming, lovable, energetic, comedic, awkward, and cartoon-like all at once, which I think Johnny could nail with practice. Check out the musical and imagine Johnny in it, tell me I'm wrong.


    (NATURAL) Zach from A Chorus Line

    Who is Zach, you're probably thinking. Well, it is the director in the show who is not seen in most stage productions. Taeyong was the absolute hardest to choose for because, like Johnny, I don't see him being even mildly interested in musical theater, but unlike Johnny, I don't see Taeyong ever being convinced to try but I still wanted to include every member. The character of Zach is often never seen, just heard. Not even singing, just talking. On days Taeyong wants to do something else, he can just prerecord all his lines and just show up at the venue by curtain call, the crowd wouldn't even know *wink wink*.

    (CHALLENGE) King George from Hamilton

    This probably seems like an odd choice but boom. Like I said, Taeyong doesn't give musical theater vibes so a guest role with minimal stage time would suit him best. The songs this character has are all comedic so vocally, it doesn't matter much. Tae is a good singer but a better rapper, so if he hits the notes, he gets praised for vocals, if he doesn't, he get praised for his comedy as long as he plays it off as such. Plus, it would be a nice nod for him to be in a musical with rapping, even if his role is singing.


    (NATURAL) Light from Death Note the Musical

    We know Yuta can do this role. Not much to debate. Vocally, he can hit the notes, no biggy. Acting wise, he has it in the bag. boom

    (CHALLENGE) Bobby from Company

    This is nothing like the natural role I picked for him, thus it'd be a nice challenge for him. Vocally, I think he could do it with some parts adjusted or opted down. This is another one where the challenge is mostly in the acting. On the surface, Bobby is a guy that everyone likes and counts on which Yuta can relate to, but there is something a bit more under that Yuta would have to act out well.


    (NATURAL) Prince Charming from Rodgers + Hammerstein's Cinderella

    He has played a prince before so this wouldn't be much of a stretch. His voice would be beautiful in the role (imagine him singing this song,,, ughhhhhh just one chance Doyoung, one chance). This character is just being in love emotion wise, so pretty simple.

    (CHALLENGE) Fiyero from Wicked

    This role would fit Doyoung so well! The main challenge would again be the acting. He would have to flirty to the point of being slightly douchy and very full of himself lol just for the first act though. The second act, he has to be a bit more complicated.


    (NATURAL) Link from Hairspray

    Pretty easy role: be hot, be in love, be a good dancer. Jaehyun could nail it and make it iconic.

    (CHALLENGE) Jack from Newsies

    Another acting challenge. Not only acting, the DANCING bro. I think he can hit the notes but he'll have to put sooo much emotion in it (See the song Santa Fe).


    (NATURAL) Olaf from Frozen

    Sigh Do I even have to explain this one? The role of course has this childish innocence that Jungwoo would portray well. Vocally, he has it down since it's not hard. Most difficult part would probably be controlling the puppet tbh.

    (CHALLENGE) Orpheus from Hadestown

    Take that same innocence from Olaf but take away the childish part. Jungwoo would nail it. We know he can sing better than he lets on, I want him to show off a bit. This would be the most we've seen of him acting wise, but I think he'd do well with practice.


    (NATURAL) Sonny from In the Heights

    Rap heavy role. Acting wise it shouldn't be too hard, a mostly mischievous and joke-y role with some serious parts.

    (CHALLENGE) Laurens/Phillip from Hamilton

    This role is also rap heavy but with some moments of vocals, which I think would suit Mark well! He'd need to work with the acting part, especially for the dying scene. Bonus will be him acting as a child in Take a Break lol.


    (NATURAL) Alfred from Alice by Heart

    If you know this musical, we are now married, I don't make the rules. Haechan can be pretty dramatic yet comical which would be nice for this role. Acting wise, this could be a hard-ish role but if I was casting for a production in Korea rn, I would trust him for it. This would be on the lower end of his vocal range but he'd kill it.

    (CHALLENGE) Moritz from Spring Awakening

    Acting challenge part 298. This is a mostly serious role, same with the entire musical which deals with some messed up topics. It'd be hard for both nctzens and Haechan himself to stay in such a mindset when we have seen how excitable he can be, but that would make the character's eventual death that much more powerful. He would nail Don't Do Sadness, even if he took it up some to fit his naturally lighter voice. We know that Haechan could kill a rock song if he wanted to, so a whole musical that has a big rock influence? He'd freaking clean house

    Thank you, that is all.

    #this being proofread? #its less likely than you think #some of these are questionable but im satisfied lmao #lmk what you think #nct#nct 127#taeil#johnny#taeyong#yuta#jaehyun#jungwoo#mark#haechan#doyoung#musicals#musical theater#musical theatre #a chorus line #wicked #death note the musical #company#hamilton #phantom of the opera #newsies #alice by heart #cinderella #a gentleman's guide to love and murder
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  • kwangyadetective
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    🏁 Coordinate 127: Regular and Seoul City

    A theory post of NCT 127′s Regular and what the night city represents in the MV and their whole lore.

    (!) WARNING: This is a theory as it is not confirmed by SM  entertainment nor members of NCT, so please don’t believe this 100%!

    English ver. for the MV, Korean Ver. for the lyrics

    I watched Regular MV the other day, and suddenly new ideas came into mind. Honestly, I’m not 100% percent sure of it... because I have two possibilities

    1. Regular was the first time 127 entered the Reality after Dreaming as a unit, which is the night city itself.

    2. The night city is a deeper dream, they synchronized but not necessarily have made their dreams come true.


    First Point: Explanation

    Lets start with the first point and my strongest explanation. Starting with this,

    1. TV and Time Setting

    This is a screenshot of a TV in the MV with a headline on it that says “you know, it’s all in our dreams”, with Mark and the tiger in the background with a tiger with him in daylight.

    The reason why I highlighted ‘daylight’ is because, I remember mentioning this on another post, the reality should be in nighttime while the dream world should be in daytime. Why? To enter the dream world you must sleep, so shouldn’t you be sleeping during nighttime? This is also supported by their SMCU Express pictures, NCTmentaries could also support too since if you noticed, majority of the scenes are shot in daytime (I haven’t check them again, but from what I remember, most of them are in daylight..).

    2. Parachute and Time Travel

    The very first thing you see in the MV is Jungwoo who just arrived using a parachute. I presume that the other members also go through this..

    It is rather odd since this whole time, they don’t need a special equipment like this to be in the dream world. BUT in the daytime, there were rockets were simultaneously blasted to the sky.

    The rockets went up, while using a parachute means they went down. This signifies how the Neos used this special way to enter the Reality that is by using a rocket and arrived by landing with a parachute. Possibly, they jumped from the rocket; before letting go of the parachute, using speed, they traveled to Reality. This traveling is possibly done like time traveling, just like using a wormhole (a slight foreshadowing of how they will enter RaD as a whole group).

    Though this may not be applied to the Winwin solo skydiving. This was the second to the last MV he has with 127, this scene for him alone could be more relevant to his arrival in WayV.

    3. Lyrics

    As for the lyrics, I will be using the Korean ver. because its closer to their lore. I hand-picked some lines that make the most sense. They are not in order by the way.

    “I be bangin’ with my team, we’re awake (Awake awake)”

    This is the most obvious one of course. This line alone shook my brain.

    “What we want, we get em all, still not that much buzz”

    “We’re closing our eyes and falling asleep I can catch my dreams with my hands”

    These are slight hints that they may made some of their dreams come true. I will explain this again in the next point.

    “It’s building up but I’m still not satisfied”

    The first line hit me because, just like the previous line, they made their dreams come true but they are not satisfied yet. Perhaps they are looking forward to making a bigger dream, along with the rest of the Neos.

    “And now we in a zone”

    “Of course, we’re on the regular I’m not ordinary, irregular”

    Additional short lines that convinced me that they are in Reality. They called it a zone, but soon as of Kick It, it will be called Neo Zone. It is the same city. Irregular-Regular is the Dream-Reality division. Regular is Reality, while Irregular is Dream. But they said they are irregular in here to somewhat show how special they are because they basically can get what they want.

    4. Some Details

    The overall MV and lyrics are basically them showing off... that they can get what they want. There are many symbols of wealth like the gold and basically rich aesthetics, they were proud and this same theme is very evident in the overall lyrics. These are further supporting points of them being proud of being able to make their dreams come true.

    There were scenes of some members going around the city, it can be interpreted as their first time entering the Reality (they were checking around). Lastly, there was one scene of the Neos releasing people from a truck? Could this mean that they have woken up some people from the Dream world? Aside from those people, the city looked rather empty but at least the lights were lively.


    Second Point: Explanation

    To be honest, there is only one explanation that made me think that perhaps this city is still a dream. This is also the reason why many people believes it too.

    1. Irregular Office, Regular Dream, and Colorful lights

    In the entirety of the nighttime scenes, the lights were very colorful and lively. This liveliness is often associated with the dream world. This was shown in Irregular Office and Regular Dream. In Regular Dream, the office was dull and the Neos fell asleep. Though after they fell asleep, the lights changed and continues to Irregular Office with even more colorful lights and odd activities.

    With this, the colorful lights made people think that they are dreaming. This may only have one explanation, but its somehow significant in the overall NCT lore. Dream stages and the process of entering dream involves colors; we have this scale for an example.

    Even the album versions for Empathy work the same way. The black and white for Reality ver., and the colorful one for Dream ver.

    These definitely lead people into thinking that the night city in Regular is in a dream because of its strong and vivid lights. After all, they were doing ‘goofy’ things too in the city.


    It is VERY obvious that I’m leaning towards the first point. But like what I said in my pinned post, I would often have more than one ideas. So who knows if someone out there would agree or disagree with me. Consider this post as my thought process? I did somehow speculate that the colorful lights in the city are for the aesthetics? To support that rich and classy vibe? The MV needs to be eye-catching after all and fit the “Neo” style.

    But to conclude, I'm leaning more on the first point but would also consider a second point if there is a stronger argument. Plus, they did somehow realize a dream from Irregular Office. Winwin was printing money, and the map of Seoul flashed in a few scenes, those wishes came true in the MV. They arrived in Seoul, just like the longitude number. Even the title itself is called, ‘Regular’.

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  • multifandom-01-rewrite
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    Relationship with NCT 127

    Main Masterlist
    NCT 127 // NCT Dream // NCT U // WayV
    A/N: Haechan will be in the Dream post, and WinWin's will be on the WayV post

    The chill older brother with the younger sister that looks up to him and his talent

    Together, they are a powerful vocal duo

    The Vocal King and Queen in NCT

    A very underrated duo

    Taeil loves her very much and is one of the few members Nari can truly lean on without having the pressure of being one of the leaders of NCT that the members look up to

    The support and pillar that no one knows about

    Nari really loves him and admires him for his vocals - always going to him for tips on how to improve

    Always tries to make sure that he gets some attention on the screen and that his solo works are promoted well

    Always communicating in English unless they're doing schedules with members

    Because Johnny entered SM before her, he was there to guide her and help her around. He was one of the first people she met, and she’s grateful to have him with her throughout her Kpop journey

    Very protective of her, vice versa

    Each other's hypers

    Very close besties, always trying to roast and embarrass the other - but also show support when needed

    The older siblings for Mark to look up to

    Many English slang battles

    They are actually so close to each other, that their parents consider the other member as their own child (ex. Johnny's mum sees Nari as her daughter and the same with Nari's parents toward Johnny)

    They entered SM the same year and had similar struggles with dancing and being pressured by the staff, so they became close through that

    Really depend on each other, and can be vulnerable to each other without fear of judgement

    Nari stuck at his side throughout all his struggles relating to scandals, hate, insecurities and self-hate, and because of that he really cherishes her and would do anything for her

    Taeyong is her pillar as well, the one she can lean onto as well if needed

    Both are considered the leaders and parents of NCT because of how well they work together and how they treat the members similar as well

    Originally, fans loved how total opposites they were of each other: Taeyong being the 'badass, cold-hearted' member, and Nari being her usual positive, bright self

    But as the years went by, when Nari taught him to self-appreciate and self-love himself, thanks to her he became the bright, cute, Bubu person he is now who is more confident in himself and the work he does

    Both are very grateful to have each other in their lives and be able to grow together in their skills and relationship-wise (and since they're lovers, it's further proof and teasing from members that they are the leaders and parents of NCT)

    Because Nari could speak Japanese, Yuta clung to her pre-debut, and that's how they became close friends as well

    The only one Yuta confesses all of his worries and fears and is able to express himself freely without the language barrier

    The two bonded over the fact that they were foreigners in a foreign country trying to reach the same dream

    His top loves are Nari, WinWin, and Mark - but if he had to pick, he would actually pick Nari simply because of how close the two are

    Close to the point he talks to her mother from time to time, since her mother is Japanese (also, Yuta is the only one that calls Nari by her Japanese name when they are alone and such sjsjdnd)

    Although Nari is a few days older than Yuta, he acts like the older one, protecting her and making sure she's okay

    Very affectionate with each other, people have mistaken them as couples sometimes, but they're simply platonic

    They learn a lot from each other and are always there to support each other when needed

    Despite Nari being older than him, he acts like the older brother sometimes when it concerns her health and safety

    Since she's busy being a leader and looking after the other members, she forgets to look after herself, so Doyoung is there to swoop in and nag her if needed

    Because of this, she can lean on him if needed without the pressure of trying to look strong in front of everyone

    Because of how caring and nurturing the two are when it comes to NCT Dream especially, they are the 2nd set of Parents for them

    Outside of being a nagging older brother, they're quite good friends and love to tease one another lightly (or tease Taeyong hehe)

    Very supportive of each other in solo works and encourage one another

    Nari helps Doyoung when it comes to his cover songs since she has experience in producing songs, and she can easily arrange things for him

    Their vocals together are also 👌👌👌

    As most know, for a while Jaehyun was considered the maknae during early pre-debut times - so he was an adorable maknae towards Nari Noona - a very tall maknae

    He was quite sensitive and emotional back then (remember the prank they did on him?) so he would go to Nari a lot for some support and love

    Even as the group grew, they became older, he still leans on her and depends on her - when they're alone, he especially becomes like a younger brother/maknae to her, and fans absolutely love it seeing him let loose with her (and since he treasures her a lot, if someone messes with her...oof, gotta prepare your funeral, guys)

    Because of both of their visuals, they tend to be paired up a bit during comebacks and photoshoots, nicknamed Prince and Princess of NCT (though all of NCT are visuals as that one SM staff mentioned hehehe)

    Thanks to Nari, Jaehyun's position changed from being a rapper to a singer because they were hanging out once and Jaehyun started to sing - you bet she went to the staff and demanded that they give his vocals a chance

    His baritone voice and her sultry alto voice together 👌👌👌 more reasons to call them Prince and Princess

    Despite being younger than her, he treats her like a gentleman that some fans wish that they would date because they look so well together and the fact that he treats her like royalty

    They like to be gym buddies as well and show off their abs, lol

    Nari helped this adorable mess before he debuted - hyping him up, giving him tips and advice, etc.

    Truly looking out for him like an older sister - Doyoung and her are usually the ones to be there for him when he's feeling emotional

    She is whipped for him, and he knows it and will use it to his advantage if needed

    Always makes her laugh, one of her happy viruses that makes her relax and laugh - and he's proud of it

    Smiles so softly and proudly when she looks at him and when he speaks during interviews - cuz he grew up quite well, character development is 👌👌👌

    Thanks to him, she eats a lot (because she sometimes forgets to eat) and gets to try out new foods with him since he loves food - they love going to chicken restaurants as well

    You see them try out some places when they tour in the US

    They're very cute and are always there to support one another if needed, so much uwu-ness between them ajdfkjbk

    These two are Johnny's dorks

    Yes, she is the older sister to Mark Lee, but at the same time...they're dorks

    Nari is one of the first people he met at SM, so he has a close connection to her just like how she has a close connection to Johnny - so those three are linked together, in a way

    They love chilling together, playing the guitar and singing - sometimes with writing as well, Mark helps her to express herself in words

    Christian buddies as well, they pray together and talk about their religion together without fear of judgement - support each other in their beliefs

    Because of their religious background, it's another reason that they're so close - cuz they're spiritually close to each other as well...if that makes sense...like, no one truly knows them deeply unless you have that spiritual connection...I feel like I'm making no sense so I'm gonna move on, hehe

    He looks up to her, and always asks for her opinion, "Noona, am I really leading the Dreamies well?" "You're leading them just fine, Mark, trust me."

    These two have debuted more than once, they're considered the Aces in SM/NCT as well

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