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  • totally-cannon-haikyuu-quotes
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Incorrect Haikyuu-7 (Kagehina+reader)

    Kageyama and Hinata: [Wrestling]

    Y/n: [throws a pillow at them]

    Hinata: Hey! Whose side are you on!?

    Y/n: [tackles them both] Neither!

    Kageyama: [now at the bottom of a dogpile] Chaos. they choose chaos.

    Y/n: Always

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  • shinsofu
    27.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    “ I thought i was too naive to know what love means, little did i know, I'm already feeling like it whenever i look at you. ”

    — Shōyō, Kōtarō, Tadashi, Tobio, Yūtarō, Kanji, Tsutomu, Takanobu, Wakatoshi, Kenma, Terushima.

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  • haikyuufantasyzine
    27.05.2022 - 8 hours ago


    Leftover sales for In Syzygy, a Haikyuu Fantasy Zine are opening on 1 Jun, 00:00 GMT+8 time zone! If you missed preorders or just want some extras, this is your chance to grab what remains of our stocks 👀

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  • shovellyyy
    27.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Hmmm I’m on the fence about this one 🧐

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  • thewriters64
    26.05.2022 - 21 hours ago

    The Stranger He Wouldn’t Forget

    Song to listen to ~ Substance 03 Greedo slowed + reverb

    He was having a bad day, a very bad day, physically, and mentally, he felt judged, he felt like everyone was looking at him like everyone was thinking the absolute worst of him until he bumped into you. He was storming down the sidewalk not looking where he was going when he bumped into you while you were walking out of a flower shop.

    Watch where you're going! He screamed at you fist balled up and face turning red.

    You look up at him and softly smile, what’s wrong? You innocently ask your eyes wide with curiosity, face slightly flushed.

    Why would I tell you! He screamed again, not caring if he was causing a scene, he knew it was wrong to feel relief when yelling at you.

    Sometimes it is better to tell a stranger about what's wrong instead of your friends. You responded in an airy tone that made him stare at you with an unreadable expression.

    Huffing he sat down on the edge of the sidewalk glaring at you before huffing, you looked down at your feet smiling before sitting down next to him staring at traffic.

    I’m having a bad day, I feel like everyone is judging me with every decision I make, and I feel like everyone is questioning my leadership, like can’t people just take my word and let me do what I know how to. He gripped his hair glaring into the traffic.

    You look at him softly smiling. Eh, who cares what people think, you do you, and if they’re questioning you remind them why you’re a leader. Pulling a flower out of the Boca of flowers you had, handing one to him. I hoped this helped.

    He turned his head to look into your e/c eyes, slowly taking the flower from you, feeling the warmth of your hand. He felt his face start to flush, and he turned his head away from you twirling the flower in his fingers. He felt you get up the whiff of your perfume hit his nose, and he closed his eyes inhaling, turning his head as he watched as you disappeared into the crowd.

    Looking down at the flower he got up gently putting it in his pocket as he walked in the opposite direction. A small smile carved its way onto his face, he’ll remember you, his heart won’t let him forget.

    Bakugou Katsuki, Tomura Shigaraki, Dabi, Hitoshi Shinso, Enji Todoroki, Megumi Fushiguro, Ryomen Sukuna, Geto Suguru, Gojo Satoru, Kentaro Kyotani, Tobio Kageyama, Rintaro Suna, Tsukishima Kei, Osamu Miya,

    #one shots#bnha dabi#gojo saturo#geto suguru#jjk megumi #shigaraki x y/n #haikyuu oneshot #jujutsu kaisen one shot #my hero academia one shot #Sukuna one shot #shinsou hitoshi#kyotani kentaro#kageyama tobio#suna rintarō #osamu x y/n #haikyuu tsukishima #enji todoroki x reader #bakugo katsuki #multiple one shots #y/n one shot #gender neutral y/n #fluff#kinda cute
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  • akaashism
    26.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Please consider the concept of Pedro mistaking Hinata's obsession with Kageyama to be a celebrity crush.

    Pedro seeing pictures of Kageyama strewn around Hinata's room and at first, he thinks it might be a boyfriend but then he catches Hinata watching Kageyama playing at the Olympics on his phone and suddenly has a flash of realisation.

    He sees a selfie of Kagehina in Hinata's camera roll and thinks, "Wow, he's so good at photo editing. That almost looks real."

    Somehow, everything Hinata says about Kageyama just manages to prove Pedro's suspicions right.

    Hinata: Kageyama's house was kinda big
    Pedro: You know the address of his childhood home in Japan?
    Hinata: Yeah, I went there a few times too
    Pedro *convinced that Hinata is a stalker*: Oh.

    Pedro attends their wedding a few years later. He walks up to Hinata and goes, "Wow, you got married to your celebrity crush. That's wild" and Hinata's just like "?"

    Moreover, he was fully under the impression that Hinata was in love with his best friend from high school but that he left him for Kageyama, because Kageyama's a famous athlete.

    Basically, Pedro thinks Hinata is a gold digger. He's honestly impressed by the commitment. (Let's disregard the fact that Hinata is a pro player himself now.)

    Pedro: I can't believe you worked your ass off in Rio just to get into Kageyama's pants
    Hinata *blushing & having no idea what Pedro is actually talking about*: I mean, that wasn't the only reason 🤭

    Pedro's untapped potential for comedy in the HQverse is infinite.

    #he asks hinata for tips on how to seduce your celebrity crush because there's a few actresses he wants to date too lmao #hinata is so lost #kagehina#pedro#hinata shouyou#kageyama tobio #haikyuu!! #hq #sim talks hq
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  • hinatastinygiant
    26.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Chapter Seven


    Pairing: Kageyama x Fem!Reader

    previous | next | i don't fall in love

    Y/N'S P.O.V.

    You had gotten a bottle of wine and an empty glass from your kitchen and you now tiredly walk across your flat to slink down onto your sofa. You quickly pour your glass completely full and find a new show to binge TV on for the rest of the day. You really don't have much stamina to do anything else anyway.

    Once your glass only has a few drops left in it and the sun is now completely disappeared behind the horizon, there's a knock on your door. You don't move. As you've already concluded, you don't have the energy to get up and answer it. However, whatever asshole is on the other side continues to knock every so often and just won't go away. It's giving you a headache and is forcing you to give in to their idiocy.

    Eventually, you give up and mutter a string of curses to whatever idiot salesman is so obsessed with getting your attention and won't leave you alone at this late hour of the day.

    "Go away!" you shout drunkenly from the other side of the door. "I'm not interested in whatever it is that you're selling!"

    "It's Kageyama!" his unmistakable voice calls back. Great, so it's worse than a salesman knocking at your door.

    You shake your head as you undo the lock, knowing it's a bad idea to let him in. But as the door swings open, you're quite at a loss of words to find two of him waiting on the other side.

    "What do you guys all want?" you mutter as your head begins to swirl around.

    All of the Kageyamas now standing before you look at you as though you're the one with five heads.

    "Are you okay?" they all ask.

    "You didn't answer my question," you pout.

    "I was going to talk to you about something but you don't look well. Are you sure-"

    The Kageyamas stop speaking as you suddenly slap your hand over your mouth. You think that seeing all of them has suddenly made you ill so you ignore his question as you turn away.

    "Excuse me," you squeak before running off to the bathroom as quickly as you can before tossing your insides into your toilet bowl.

    Kageyama rushes after you, too. You can tell after hearing the door slam shut and then, an instant later, he's holding your hair away from your face as you puke up your large glass of wine right in front of him. When you're finally finished, you lean back onto your toes from where you had been kneeling and catch your breath.

    "Are you alright, Y/N?" he asks again with a voice filled with worry.

    "I'm fine," you sigh. "I'm just gonna rest for a sec."

    You sit down on the floor and lean your back against the wall. You close your eyes and try to steady your hurried breathing. Perhaps you drank all that crap too fast or something, you try to rationalize.

    Kageyama leaves your side and you aren't sure where he has gone. Maybe he was so grossed out by what he just witnessed that he left without another word. But that theory is soon squashed when he returns with a warm towel and begins to clean up your sweaty face. As much as you'd like to enjoy the pampering, it feels more embarrassing than anything else, like he's taking care of one of his elementary students after they spill their guts out on his gym floor. But his touch is soft, so you've got to give him credit for that at least.

    Once he's done, he hands you a glass of water and some medicine. "Here, this'll help you feel better," he explains as you gently begin to open your eyes.

    "Thanks, Kageyama. You might'a just saved my life," you hum.

    "It's nothing really. I'm just glad I could help."

    After you return the medicine bottle to him, you ask if he can bring you to your couch. He picks you up with his arm tucked under yours and allows you to lean against him as he walks you across the flat. He's so warm and as he sits down beside you, you lean your head on his shoulder.

    "Would you like to keep watching your show?" he then asks as he grabs the television remote for you.

    You nod back tiredly, "mhm," and so he plays it and sits with you even though there's no way on earth he could possibly understand what's going on since you're halfway through the season you're on.

    Soon, your mind begins to drift away from the show and as Kageyama looks over at you he sees your eyes beginning to close. He gently lays your head down against the pillow on the side of the couch and lifts your feet up on the other end. You smile tiredly, not having enough energy to even thank him which makes you feel even more pathetic. He said that he came here to talk to you about something but ended up just taking care of you instead.

    He leans down and kisses you on the forehead as he gets ready to leave. "I hope you feel better soon," he softly hums. "There's something I'd like to talk to you about then but it can wait for now."

    You nod and he smiles softly before walking away. Whatever animosity or hatred you had for him before has totally faded away whether you like it or not. You had completely forgotten about the girl with hearts in her texts or the whole 'it's weird for us to date' excuse. Being with him made your heart soar and how kind he was only made you feel as though you were flying even higher.

    But as your door closes and he departs, your stomach sinks. What are you going to do now? You can't have feelings for a guy who has made it perfectly clear that he has no intentions to be with you and that just makes you hurt all the more. 

    previous | next | i don't fall in love

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    #kageyama x reader #kageyama x you #kageyama x y/n #tobio kageyama x reader #kageyama tobio x reader #kageyama tobio x you #kageyama tobio x y/n #x fem!reader #x reader#haikyuu#haikyuu series #haikyuu self insert #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x you #haikyuu x y/n #haikyuu x female reader #hinatastinygiant#fanfiction series#fanfiction#fanfic #i dont fall in love
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  • eclairia-temporary
    26.05.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Protector [1] | 聖臣 Sakusa X f!reader - repost

    my main account got terminated the second I posted my Ushijima power couple headcanon, and I am thoroughly not amused because I don’t have any back ups... -_- @eclaira-monarch was the account, and now it’s gone. I’m trying to get it back but... *crying actual tears*

    I’ve managed to save Sakusa’s Protector series and Rin’s “Scored”, will be posting them here if I can’t get my main account back. Hopefully those who wanted to read it will find it :) reblogs are appreciated to help!

    I love you guys <3.

    I’m such a simp for these haikyuu men, like, why are they literally so URG!? with how many ideas I have in mind, this is definitely a series from the get-go LUL (yes I'm a twitch frog, join our donut community [ALBSTERZ] for genshin, FFXIV & variety content!)

    word count: approx. 2.4k words

    summary: Sakusa only wanted to focus on volleyball and had no time for romance, but what would he do if you, his long term crush that he himself didn’t realize, was in grave danger?

    “Omi-san! Pleaseeeee!”

    “For the 74th times, no.”

    “Wow, talk about cold,” Atsumu laughed, watching as Hinata slumped in defeat after pestering Sakusa for 1 week straight.

    “Nah, talk about rejection,” Bokuto commented, laughing, slipping on his hoodie.

    “I think you mean desperation,” Inunaki added, watching as his opposite hitter trial behind the outside hitter. Meian wanted to sigh into his hands, his eyelids were going crazy trying to stay sane. For the last seven days, the Miyagi boy has been asking the ravenette to fetch you, Kageyama’s younger sister, from the airport. You had been overseas for so long and recently coming home, with Osaka being your stop since you were moving to Kansai.

    The thing was, you were okay with taking public transport, but Kageyama was adamant about not letting you do that. Atsumu volunteered eagerly, but was quickly shut down by your brother, saying he was more afraid of the faux blonde being near his sister than letting her go overseas alone. Bokuto would love to fetch you, but he has his entire day booked with interviews and photoshoot on the very day you were set to arrive. The poor owl boy sulked for a few hours, until Hinata relayed the message that you would pay the team a visit to stop his sulking. Hinata, of all people, would love to pick you up from the airport too!

    If he had a freaking car-

    Which was why the only one left was Sakusa.

    It wasn’t as if he disliked you, nor did he like you because to be fair, he barely knew you. Honestly, Sakusa didn’t even remember Kageyama having siblings, since his behaviour indicated him being more of an only child. When Hinata listed out all the positive traits about you to convince him, Sakusa only stared at his teammate and wondered if he was getting set up into a blind date or something. But he seriously just wanted to be alone on his off day-

    “Just pick and drop us off. I promise, she’s super hygienic! In exchange, 1 month supply of Lysol.”

    “Give me the time of her arrival details and the drop-off address,” Sakusa said immediately in reply.

    “YOU ARE MY LIFE SAVIOUR!” Hinata exclaimed, and quickly sent the details over to Sakusa in seconds.

    Sakusa rolled his eyes and looked at the message he received. You were set to arrive tomorrow 9:25 am in Kansai International Airport via Japan Airline, and it was a direct flight from Heathrow. Gosh, Sakusa could never do that. Just imagine the amount of germs in that still air for over 12 hours with a bunch of strangers and their god-knows-what bacteria.

    “Oh, and this is the address that [y/n] is headed to!” Hinata smiled, dropping another text to Sakusa so that he can plan his route and its details. The ravenette glanced at it, and saw that the area that you were staying was just a few minutes away from their home base. Well, then planning a proper driving route wasn’t that big of a deal for him now.

    “Alright, now that we’ve settled the situation with Hinata’s girlfriend, can we all go home now?” Meian asked with a clap, to which the ginger head retorted that you were just his favourite junior that helped him a lot when he was in Brazil, so this was just a small favour.

    “I remember she was quite the cutie back then,” Atsumu mused aloud, “but Tobio-kun refused to let me get her number. Wonder how she’s grown up?” A cheeky smile grew on the faux blonde as he walked out of the locker room with Bokuto, Hinata, and Sakusa.

    “She’s super cute, too!” Bokuto added in. He remembered meeting you when he dropped by Fukurodani during their summer training camp after graduation, and met you being mentored by Yachi. It seemed you got along with Kenma and Akaashi due to having similar energy. “You’re lucky you get to see her first, Sakusa! But I’m going to buy her all her favourite snacks, so I’m going to be her number one!”

    “That doesn’t make sense, and I don’t care,” Sakusa sighed and made his way to his car. He sanitized his car handle before quickly getting in. He didn’t care about how you viewed him—he highly doubted you even remember him anyway. You two barely interacted aside from polite greetings once or twice during competitions. And it appears you were overseas upon graduating, so you probably met a handful of people that were more interesting.

    “Thank you, Omi-san! Kageyama said he’ll send you a month’s worth of hand sanitisers,” Hinata informed, and Sakusa nodded.

    “Guess it’s fine to do this favour.”

    They soon reached the airport, and after parking his car, the two guys made their way to your arrival gates. It wasn’t a long wait and soon Hinata jumped on his feet multiple times, waving at you. Sakusa looked up as well, and his eyes widened by a fraction. He knew Bokuto called you cute, but right now you were more than that.

    You were cute, yes, but your eyes were so beautiful and innocent. With the face mask that you were wearing, it only made your eyes even more prominent and bright. Your outfit was quite tasteful as well. You had a cream turtle-neck along with a pair of skinny jeans, accompanied by a long coat and boots.

    You smiled widely underneath your mask, finally seeing your senior after so long, and net to him was Sakusa. Your heart might have stopped for a second as you realized just how amazing he looked. However, you haven’t forgotten your manners and so you removed your mask to reveal your face.

    “Welcome home, [y/n]! Hope your flight was okay?”

    “Glad to be home. And yeah, I managed to fly business class so it was tolerable. Thank you for fetching me Hinata, Sakusa-san. I hope it wasn’t too much trouble.”

    “No way! Right, Omi-san?” Hinata asked, but he was met with silence. The ginger turned around and stared at Sakusa, which broke the latter from his daydream.

    “It’s fine, you stay near our gym anyway, plus I highly doubt Kageyama will let anyone else fetch you,” the ravenette explained, scolding himself for getting distracted by your face. What the hell, he was starting to become weird. He must be staying near Atsumu for far too long.

    “Oh, is that so?” You laughed softly at the coincidence, “then I guess we can all hang out.”

    Hinata reached over and grabbed your luggage, asking if you were hungry. You easily decipher his hidden message, knowing he must have woken up and left home with an empty tummy.

    “Oh, sooo hungry,” you said teasingly, “where do you guys want to go? My treat, of course. Sakusa-san, I hope this arrangement is okay? I understand if you have other plans for the day, you can just drop me and Hinata off and go about your day?”

    Something about this offer you presented made Sakusa a little annoyed, and he shook his head. “It’s fine, we can go grab breakfast together.”

    Together, he liked the sound of that.

    “Eyyy, let’s go!” Hinata cheered.

    Right, he’s here too...

    But because none of you had any idea what to get, the three of you settled for the most basics of basics and headed to Kansai University’s Starbucks to grab a quick bite. On the way, you and Hinata were animatedly catching up; well, more like Hinata asking about your life in Kingston University.

    Could have sworn Bokuto said she was a quiet type. Must be because of Hinata, was what he thought to himself.

    Although he wasn’t one for loud noises, he can’t say he hated it when you speak so fondly of your time in school. Still, he felt his stomach churning at the fact that Hinata brought out this side of you. Even in his limited memories of you, none of them gave him the impression of you being so talkative.

    He chopped it up to him being hungry and acting differently due to hunger.

    “Oh, and I got to see Alisa-san a few months ago, too. How can someone look so good without even trying? I felt like a peasant standing next to her, they were totally judging…!” You gasped, clasping your cheeks as you remembered how much Alisa clung to you whilst people stared, and you were so self-conscious about your appearance.

    “Alisa-san is very pretty, but you are, too! I’m sure people were staring because you and Alisa-san looked so good together!” Hinata grinned, and you felt your face heating up at such a compliment.

    “Quit lying! You know they’re just looking at Alisa-san! Anyway!” You tried to change the topic after noticing a certain ravenette stealing glances at them.

    To say Sakusa’s eyes narrowed into a slit thinner than a venomous viper was an understatement.

    But why?


    “This place is so nice!! I guess being a popular streamer like Kenma has its perks, huh!” Hinata exclaimed and awed, looking at every corner of your fully furnished house. Thanks to the moving company you hired, they perfectly set up your home as how you detailed and presented in a few documents you sent to them.

    Your new dwelling was in Nukatacho, Higashiosaka. A pleasant 2LDK house in a charming neighbourhood for ¥16,800,000 (≈ USD $130K). Since it was your very first home, it did seem expensive. Initially, this abode was at the bottom of your list because of the price, but Tobio told you to just purchase it, with him paying half of the house as a gift to you. On top of your own income you made as a VTuber, and having your own successful merch line, this house suddenly shot up to your first choice.

    “I’m lucky to have my brother’s help with this too,” you laughed as you came down from your bedroom after removing your coat. You opened up your house for invitation to MSBY, stating that they were welcome to visit after their training, since you guys found out that your home was lesser than half an hour drive away from their training gym.

    “Awesome! Atsumu-san and Bokuto-san will love to! I think we better leave so that you can rest up, okay? Just text me if you need anything!” Hinata waved and gave you a hug before removing the house slippers, heading out the door.

    “Rest well,” Sakusa did the same and went to his car, ready to send Hinata home and to catch up on his deep cleaning for the month.

    Once they left, you mindlessly went to your sofa and plopped down. “...Rest well...” You mumbled the two words spoken to you as Sakusa’s face surfaced in your mind. You bend forward and groaned. You knew he became even more handsome after watching his matches but seeing him in person? Lord you hoped you were not acting weird in his eyes.

    You decided not to dwell in things that already happened and went to turn on music from your sound system before going around to inspect your new home. Your family actually came to make sure everything was done correctly, and every aspect of the house was properly furnished but you just wanted to make sure since you were going to live alone now. Your closest kin was Tobio, but with him being in Kodaira, you would have to spent close too ¥16,000 and 5 hours to even visit.

    No thanks.

    At first your parents asked why stay in Osaka of all places when you could go back to Miyagi. The housings there were bigger and cheaper, plus familiarity isn’t such a bad thing but they should have known Miyagi wasn’t your first choice. It’s not that you had bad memories in your hometown, but you just wanted to move somewhere else. It wasn’t that big of a deal, honestly, but maybe your parents felt somewhat guilty about not having spent enough time with their kids growing up because they were both working hard to provide for three children.

    Evening came sooner than you expected after having spent your entire day setting up your office, the only place that was left untouched on your request since you wanted to revamp it. With your work now revolving around online and merchandise, you figured a minimalistic aesthetic would help and thus working on it, wanting it to be a room that doesn’t stress you out no matter how hard you worked; you knew how surroundings would affect your mental state. You were a fast worker, despite getting a few calls in between from your family and friends.

    Your phone rang with the caller ID of Hinata this time and you unknowingly groaned, dropping to the floor ungracefully. You were so tired and hungry but you have no food since you family couldn’t buy any groceries when they dropped down, not when your refrigerator wasn’t sent.

    You picked up the call after a few ring, hearing your senior’s energetic voice on the other side.

    “[y/n]! Bokuto ended his photoshoot and was wondering if you wanted to go grab some shabu-shabu together? Atsumu-san can pick you up!”

    “Oh no it’s fine! I stay near the train station anyway so just tell me the address and I’ll meet you guys!” You said, slowly getting up from the floor to get ready.

    “Awesome! I’ll text you right now!”

    You received the address of the restaurant, Kisoji, and noticed that it was also near a train station. You smiled at the convenience , not needing to worry about getting lost.

    “We’re meeting in an hour’s time, see you!”

    “Got it,” you nodded. After hanging up, you took a quick shower and changed into denim shorts and an oversized turtleneck pullover before making your way out once you made sure all your valuables were stored in your handbag.

    The train ride was horrible with the rush hours and you honestly believed packed sardines were not even as pressed up as you were during the entire ride. Maybe you should have ordered a car right instead but you just told yourself that you wanted to experience it once, at least.

    And it was safe to say you hated it so from now on, you were only getting a car ride.

    “Ah! It’s [y/n]-chan!” Atsumu was the first time spot you and waved. Aside from the setter, you saw Hinata and Bokuto as well, but Sakusa was nowhere to be seen. Were you disappointed? Just a tad bit, but seeing the rest was just as great. You were definitely going to post about this meeting on twitter just to watch your brother freak out finding it out on twitter.

    “Thank you for the food!” You four echoed before digging in and catching up.

    Fun fact/trivia:

    I actually didn’t see the address of the apartment I chose for [y/n] until I compared it on Google Maps with MSBY’s home base and noticed they were in the same area. It’s complete coincident! So… it's meant to be *Kappa*

    If you are interested, this is the house [y/n] is staying in

    2LDK refers to 2 bedrooms, a living room, dining room and a kitchen

    Yes [y/n] streams after she kept getting invited to co-op with Kenma and gained a huge fanbase

    Kenma, Alisa and Lev promoted the fucccccck out of [y/n]’s channel and she started earning fat stacks in her first year of university

    Yes, Tobio freaked out

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  • pixiefms
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    hinata is a PR nightmare getting into his 4th twitter fight cause someone said kageyama is useless

    #he’s just like me fr fr #twt rando: yeah and kageyama is useless and rude and talentless #hinata: quickly is this your address ? #kageyama tobio#hinata shoyuo#haikyuu#shobio
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  • foggykittenmentality
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I think any team going against Karasuno should simply d!e, any man, any school, simply evaporate from the face of the earth.

    #haikyuu!! #haikyuu season 3 #anime#karasuno#hinata shoyo#kageyama tobio#azumane asahi#daichi sawamura#sugawara koushi#tsukkishima kei#yamaguchi tadashi #fuck you shiratorizawa and aoba johsai #first of all how dare you #do not come near my kids #simply cease to exist
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  • cassiopeia-teez
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    pretty boy Ushijima

    (i’ve been obsessed with haikyuu part2)

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  • cassiopeia-teez
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Tobio protecting his idiot

    (i’ve been kind of obsessed with haikyuu lately)

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  • allm1ghtslovech1ld
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Which pet would the haikyuu boys own?

    Featuring : Tendou Satori, Kageyama Tobio, Osamu Miya, Akaashi Keiji, Suna Rintaro, Ushijima Wakatoshi, Oikawa Toru

    warnings: none, just hq boys being adorable

    Tendou Satori - Lizard

    This guy knows what it's like to be not preferred by people.
    He's had a childhood where people didn't like him for the way he was.
    When he went to the pet shop and saw how almost nobody wanted lizards, he instantly felt connected to this little guy sitting quietly in his cage.
    He would probably name him something funny like "cheetos" (lmaooo) and would probably flex his little friend by posting him on his story almost every day.

    Kageyama Tobio - Fish

    Someone gifted it to him.
    At first he didn't know what to do with it. He once had to go out for a few days because of his match and added too much fish food to the bowl thinking " the fish will eat whenever it'll want to ig". When he came back the fish was almost dead o_o
    Poor boy panicked so hard aww
    Now he asks someone to look after his fish whenever he goes out.
    Hasn't given the fish a name and calls it "fish" 🧍
    He greets his pet like "good morning", "I'm home", "have a great meal" after putting the fish food.
    he once had a dream where he cooked his fish. Woke up the next day and said sorry to it.
    Hasn't had ANY type of fish since that dream.

    Osamu Miya - Hamster

    His favorite movie is 'ratatouille' so ig it's self explanatory why he'd want a hamster (tho remy was a rat but.. anyway)
    can you guess what he named the hamster? Yes, REMY.
    He loves him so much it's so adorable to watch him play with the little ball of floof. Like imagine his big hand and a little hamster in it.
    Atsumu comes by to play with remy and its comical to watch the grown men fight over who remy loves more.
    When he's cooking he prefers to put remy on his shoulder

    Akaashi Keiji - Rabbit

    look at me in the eye and tell me he doesn't look like a rabbit guy
    puts him on his lap while he's reading or doing some work on his laptop
    He has named him "Mr. Snuggles" because the bunny absolutely adores Akaashi and has loved snuggling into him since day one.
    He feels sad when he has to leave him for work every day.
    Lowkey thinking of buying another rabbit so that "Mr. Snuggles does not feel alone"

    Suna Rintaro - Cat

    Suna and cats.
    That's it that's the post.
    Lmaooo but this man loves his cat.
    Rin found it near his house one day in the rain and just couldn't not take it home. Held him in his arms and said "aw, little guy you're all wet and cold. let me take you home and I'll leave you outside when it's warm and pleasant".
    He couldn't send him back. He got too attached.
    He calls his cat "Little Guy"
    But when he's alone he'll go all mushy over this little bean and say stuff like "hey my cutie-putie baby did you mish me?" (voice a tone higher)
    He would come home after practice every day and cuddle his cat to sleep.
    Would hold him up and bump his nose with the cats nose and then kiss it (I'M SOFT for this man ughhhh)
    Him and Osamu often hold play date for their pets

    Ushijima Wakatoshi - Bird

    The usually stoic Ushijima Wakatoshi is all smiles around his pet.
    He's a busy man, but he takes out a good amount of time for the bird.
    Has calls him "Tori-chan" (tori in japanese means bird)
    it's a thing where in the fandom we call toshi a 'farmer boy' but like I think he probably has a garden where he grows some plants like cherry tomatoes, chillies, herbs, etc.
    He takes Tori-chan to the garden and tells him about his plants and often treats him with the fruits and vegetables he grows.
    One day Tori-chan ruined the tomatoes he grew and Ushijima lectured him like a father for an entire hour lmaooooo

    Oikawa Toru - Dog

    He has spent his high school days trying to tame "kyoken-chan" so it's obvious that he's a dog guy lolllll
    He has named his dog"Princess"
    And treats her like one too.
    The best toys? Done. The best treats? Already there. The best accessories? This guy spends a lot of time dressing up his princess.
    Every 2nd post on his Instagram is about his baby. Either entirely dedicated to her or a selfie with her.
    He cried when she fell sick once.
    Has a freaking babysitter for his pet like sirrrrrrr😂
    one time he could not figure out what princess was trying to 'say' and he called kyotani to 'translate' it. (iwaizumi had to literally hold back kyotani in Japan to fly over to Argentina in order to strangle oikawa)



    pls interact with the post ILY, muah<3

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  • constellastrae
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    probably the most miscellaneous thing but i love how hinata encourages kageyama’s “killer serve!” ‘s.

    #it's just so sweet lmao like YES he KNOWS that kageyama's serves are KILLER and he WILL call them out and encourage it!! #haikyuu!! #hinata shouyou#kageyama tobio #some examples i can think of are 1.4 2.15 and 2.18
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  • kuromitos
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Dense at love pt2: Electric Boogaloo

    Kageyama Tobio (1st year) x Reader

    Summary:You find out that Kageyama has been telling other that you two are an item when that's not the case. The time has come to confront him about it. Will you clear up the misunderstanding and just be friends or play pretend to save his feelings?

    Content: Stupid teen being stupid at life and love. Wrote it all at once. No proofread and no edits. So might have bad grammar and spelling errors. You have been warned ⚠️


    Ever since you know Tobio Kageyama, there was many things that stood out about him.

    He's quiet.

    He's extremely passionate about volleyball.

    His resemblance to a blueberry.

    But the one thing that stuck out to the most was the fact he was dense. Especially concerning his emotional state. So much so, you always felt you had to help him in those time where he just couldn't get the hint. Which was often. Whenever ask how you don't get irritated, you just say that it was one of his charm points and you're the only one that can help him out.

    Well, you can't say that anymore with this new piece of information given to you by Tsukishima.

    "What did you just say?" "I said he told everyone that you guys are dating now."

    "And who told you that excatly?" "Who else? You're new royal dog. Kageyama. Tobio Kageyama. "

    "You sure you didn't just miss heard him?" "That's not something you mishear. Especially when it comes from the socially inept person like him. Besides, I have witnesses who heard it too. The entire volleyball team"

    Your mind was running on hyperspeed at that point. Questions going all over in your brain just to get a firm grasp on this situation. 'Why does he thinks that?' 'How could he think that?' 'Why didn't I noticed?' 'Why tell some many people?' 'When did he even start liking me in that way?!?'

    That's when you realize...the moment that may have started this crazy rumor.


    "Honestly Tobio! Do you always have to practice so late!? On a top of that its freezing out tonight! Geez~"

    "You're acting like I made you walk with me. Could of left whenever you wanted."

    "And hear you whine about leaving you the next morning? I rather not."

    "When have I ever whine? "

    "Middle school-"


    ".... but I'm happy you stayed with me tonight."

    "Of course you are. You trying to get some of my mom's cooking tonight. "

    "That's not it! I got something to tell you." "What's up?"

    Silence was the reply due to Kageyama's nerves getting the best of him. These nerves that he only gets on serious games. The nerves of this confession ruining your friendship and you not wanting to see him again almost makes him back out. But the nerves he get when the idea of another guy stealing you away from him pops in his head makes him ready to risk it.

    "Tobio-" "I REALLY LIKE YOU Y/N!"

    The words echoes through out the neighborhood that some dogs starts to bark because of the noise but he doesn't care. He just wants to hear your voice. Your response.

    "Why you shout? I like you too, stupid."

    "You do? You're serious!?"

    "Duh I'm serious. If I didn't, I wouldn't be with you this long."

    Hearing the harsh approval made him smile. He let it okay and made his feeling known. In return they were accepted. Or so he thought.

    A different thought process was going thru y/n. How happy she is he was able to say his emotions so clearly. Rarely does he express himself so vocal to her so this is a great step in their friendship and he finally breaking out of his shell.


    Dread flood thru you all day due to how stupid you were. Everything was so obvious back then and you should of took the hint. Who gets that serious to tell their friend they like them in a platonic way? That's stupid.

    But you got the worst feeling when you realized something esle. Having to set him straight. You can't let him continue thinking you two are an item when you're not. But the thought of having to break his heart just breaks yours. Confessing is hard but Confessing to a friend is harder. He must of thought over that multiple times, probably did his funny thinking face a couple times. That image made you smile, even a small giggle slip out but you were reminded of the bad thing again. It also got you thinking.

    You never really thought of kageyama in that way before. You were always busy looking out for him that the thought never pass your mind. Sure you did think he was handsome but that was a given, I mean he got some good genes. There was the occasional time you chest would randomly hurt at the sight of a girl say she likes him but it would go away. And yeah, you may get happy seeing his name on your phone screen and hearing his voice thru the speaker but you only thought of him as a friend.

    'The best thing here to do is to set the record straight and tell him we aren't dating. Right? Right.' You thought as you start heading towards his house. Then start sidestepping towards yours instead. 'Maybe I'll do it tomorrow when he's better. No it's best now. ' you head back towards his house again. Only to turn around again. 'He's sick in bed let's not bum him out anymore.' You sure this time? Let's hope considering your way on the route home. Then buzzing from your pocket stops you, it's your phone with a message from Kageyama.

    'I want to see you. Can you come over,please? :)'

    Guess you gotta go now.


    Part 3?

    #anime #haikyuu!! #haikyuu kageyama#haikyuu imagines#haikyuu fluff#kageyama imagines#kageyama fluff #kageyama x y/n #kageyama tobio x reader #kageyama x reader
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  • hoperenae
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Chapter 15: 8 years later...


    SYNOPSIS: You’ve been close friends with Kenma and Kuroo for years. You grew up in the same neighborhood as them until you moved away a few years ago. You could count on them to be there for you through anything, so when you break up with your boyfriend and seek their comfort, they are right there to dry your tears (via texting, but still). But what happens when one of them develops romantic feelings for you? Is the trio in jeopardy?


    ⁂ the night before ⁂

    ⁂ the next day ⁂

    “Kenma, we wore a tie every day back in high school. How the hell do you not remember how to tie one?” Kuroo snapped.

    “You expect me to remember something from that long ago? Chill out, Kuroo.” Kenma held his tie out, waiting for his best friend to grab it and help him.

    “Sorry,” Kuroo muttered. He grabbed the tie and wrapped it around his own neck to tie it before handing it back to his best man. “I guess I’m just a little on edge today.”

    “Why?” Kenma slid the tie onto his neck and tightened it, cringing at the uncomfortable feeling formalwear always gave him. 

    Kuroo unconsciously ran a hand through his messy hair, undoing the effort he had put in earlier to tame it. He sighed.

    “Everything’s going to change, isn’t it?” Kuroo glanced over at Kenma with wary eyes. He sat down in a chair and put his head in his hands. Seeing how genuinely anxious Kuroo seemed, Kenma decided not to be snarky and instead went for a genuine response.

    “Everything’s already changed, hasn’t it? But we’re still here. The unbreakable trio, as you two call it. I don’t think a piece of paper and y/n’s last name changing is going to break us up.”

    “He’s right, you know.” You appeared in the doorway, wedding dress sparkling in the sunlight streaming in from the windows. Your breath caught in your throat when you saw your fiance. His all-black tux was slim-fitting, showing off his strong shoulders and toned legs. You could hardly believe this was the same boy who wore a hoodie and jeans on your first date all those years ago.

    Kuroo’s hand shot up in front of his eyes. “Excuse me, miss! I’m not supposed to see you right now! Do you want to curse our marriage?” 

    You cackled, the laugh that always made Kuroo weak in the knees. “Oh come on, you don’t really believe in that stuff, do you? Besides, it’s boring over in the bridal suite. All three of our moms are in there crying and sharing memories of us as kids.”

    You walked over to where your almost-husband was sitting (damn, he looked good) and placed your hands on his, slowly lowering them from his face. As soon as his eyes opened, tears were forming in them. From the corner of your eye, you saw Kenma crack a small smile.

    “My god, you’re beautiful,” he croaked, reaching out to delicately touch a strand of your long curled hair. You leaned in and brought him to you so his head was nestled into your chest.

    “Tears of joy are the only acceptable tears today,” you said. “No anxious tears allowed.”

    “You’re not worried?” Kuroo lifted his face from you and stood up.

    “About the unbreakable trio? Hell no.” You smiled and motioned for Kenma to come over. He rolled his eyes, fully aware of what was about to happen. You pulled the two most important men in your life into a fierce hug. You buried your face in their hair, taking in their familiar and comforting smells. 

    “Kuroo, we’re ready for you,” the wedding planner called from the doorway. “Oh, good, y/n and Kenma, you’re here too. We’ll need you to get in your position as well.” 

    “We’ll be right there,” Kuroo replied. Once the planner had left the room, you grabbed Kuroo’s hands in yours and kissed both of them. 

    “See you soon,” you said. He kissed your forehead in response.

    A few minutes later, you and Kenma were standing outside the doors to the chapel. Through the glass panels in the doors, you could see Kuroo standing at the front next to the minister, smiling nervously.

    You faintly heard the minister say, “All rise in honor of the bride.”

    “Ready?” Kenma asked, holding his arm out for you to grab. You were already tearing up. There’s no one else you could have imagined walking you down the aisle on this day.

    “Ready.” You nodded as the music began.

    The ushers opened the doors and you took your first step toward your future, with your boys by your side.


    + Kuroo proposed to y/n at the spot they went on their first date

    + They are getting married on the same day as their first date (aka their dating anniversary)

    + y/n's dad is an asshole so he was not invited to the wedding. She asked Kenma to walk her down the aisle 😭😭

    + y/n remained friends with the Karasuno boys throughout the years and kept up with their lives and careers

    + Ohmygod you guys I can't believe I finally finished this 😅 but seriously thank you so much to everyone who reads this all the way to the end. You are the reason I keep writing <333

    If you want to continue to support me and read my stuff, I will be continuing my Haikyuu fanfic, Turning Heads. Lmk if you wanna be added to the taglist! I appreciate all the feedback! Please enjoy!!!

    TAGLIST: @celcero @sugaslilsugabby @soudahearts @marveloussupernerd @tumbledor3 @hai1q

    #i'm lowkey proud of this very cheesy/corny ending #i didn't know how else to wrap it up tbh #and i had a lot of fun writing this scene and felt all the feels #ugh i love these boys so much #THANKS FOR READING I LOVE YOU ALL #haikyuu smau#haikyuu fanfiction#haikyuu#kuroo tetsuro#kozume kenma#tanaka ryuunosuke#nishinoya yuu#tsukishima kei#hinata shoyo#kageyama tobio#karasuno#nekoma#haikyuu fluff#haikyuu wedding#volleyball#anime#smau
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  • dimcanopus
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    Haikyū!! V. League Chibi Illustrations

    Team B

    Setters -> Iizuna Tsukasa, Kageyama Tobio

    Outside Hitters -> Bokuto Kōtarō, Kiryū Wakatsu, Hoshiumi Kōrai, Yamamoto Taketora

    Opposite -> Ushijima Wakatoshi

    Middle Blockers -> Alexander Joffe, Washio Tatsuki, Hyakuzawa Yūdai

    Liberos -> Inunaki Shion, Yaku Morisuke

    [Team A]

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  • tamoru
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    long distance ✈️

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  • omimosa
    26.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    Haikyuu!! 10th Anniversary Art → 𝐓𝐄𝐀𝐌 𝐀

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  • maeveth
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    kagehina - drying hair

    Hinata is peacefully reading the volleyball monthly magazine—certainly not because his husband is all over the front cover, and especially not because a whole article is dedicated to him. He’s sprawled all over the couch, blanket tangled around his waist. He smoothly swings his head from left to right as he hums a song under his breath. 

    That is until his peace of mind is completely disturbed. Crushed. Destroyed. Obviously shattered.

    Hinata swears, his mind was calm, truly untroubled as he skimmed through the pages of this magazine, but then, Kageyama Tobio—his gorgeous husband just getting out of the shower—had to ruin it all.

    He’s not particularly doing anything uncommon, just drying to top of his head with a towel, messily scrubbing his dark hair. Still, the view makes Hinata’s heart skip probably a thousand of beats, and it should not make him feel all uwah inside, because he’s seen this almost every day since they moved in together, but—

    The hands.

    He watches the long slim fingers in contrast with the palm, large enough to engulf both of his hands.

    He thinks about the tosses they give; the ultimate perfection in his eyes.

    He thinks about them warming up his skin with a simple and loving touch. 

    So, when Kageyama stops drying his hair to drop the towel around his shoulders, Hinata can’t hold the affection suddenly bursting out of him. He stands, letting the blanket fall on the ground, then he tugs Kageyama’s hands gently to his lips. 

    ‘‘What are you doing, d-dumbass!’’ Kageyama stutters, trying to pull his hands from Hinata’s attack. 

    ‘‘I was just thinking about how much I love your hands,’’ Hinata answers, peppering kisses all over them, just as they deserve. ‘‘It’s your fault for being so perfect.’’

    Kageyama grumbles, pink glowing over his cheeks, and Hinata’s heart flutters.

    He pulls on the towel around Kageyama’s neck with a firm grip as well as a smirk twitching up, determined to drag them somewhere for him to enjoy the very existence of his beautiful husband before his foot slips on the blanket annoyingly spread out on the floor. The fall is quickly broken off by strong hands anchoring his hips tightly.

    ‘‘You’re such a disaster,’’ Kageyama mumbles, staring at Hinata’s eyes with a fond gaze.

    ‘‘Yet, you’re in love with that disaster.’’

    ‘‘I truly don’t remember what made me fall for it.’’

    ‘‘Well, want the disaster to remind you the reason why?’’

    Hinata doesn’t give Kageyama a chance to answer before he pulls him down for a kiss.

    #haikyu#kagehina#hinata shouyou#kageyama tobio #domesticity through shouyou's eyes #domestic kghn series part 2 #kghn
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