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  • paintedpig
    17.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    Commission by @ludodraws of my DnD character Lead! Thanks again for this!

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  • sharkadactylus
    12.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    My newest dnd character, Clink, the kleptomaniac Kenku.

    She loves shinies, of course, and will shamelessly try to steal anything she fancies from anyone save for people she considers actual friends. She's generally pretty clever, but her desire for treasure has gotten her into many a pickle. She's a Huntress Ranger and is a deadly shot. She may not be tanky, but she can lay cover fire with the best of them and then disappear in a flash to save her own tail feathers.

    She likes to repeat phrases said to her just to frustrate the people who speak to her (she finds it very entertaining to watch them squirm and become frustrated). A little agent of chaos, she lets her whims guide her journeys. If it sounds fun or promises more glittering trinkets for her collection, she's in.

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  • calciumyum
    20.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    I'm leaving my current DnD group so I cope by creating an imaginary party. I'll be adding maybe two more members to this group and I'll try to draw everyone's portraits and these designs aren't final so expect updated designs too :D

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  • difficulttoforgive
    25.02.2022 - 2 monts ago
    we’ve entered dnd mode and my friends were talking abt how much they liked my character and i am now helping them with theirs,,,,, feels very good and validating since i don’t usually consider myself very good at character design
    #his name is chicory he’s a kenku ranger and he lives in my brain now #tbd. #i’m just!!!! very excited and having a good time w it :^)
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  • castiowl
    24.01.2022 - 3 monts ago

    new bestie [echoing laughter]

    #kenku#dnd#mine #he’s a beautiful baby bird boy ranger urchin man horrible monster kid and i would die for him
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  • craftydragonlight
    17.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    Ecliptic Equinox (Homebrew DnD Campaign)

    I'm just gonna leave this here, okay bye!

    Welcome, ye Travelers!

    Within Séasúr, the Land of Aberrant Seasons, on a late summer evening a group of four people meets up at a tavern. Out from an alleyway next to the tavern, a pair of burning red eyes move forwards, out of the shadows a Tiefling emerges. The Tiefling, who is named Eternal, is a toned young man, his skin is a charcoal gray color with short white hair and a large set of antlers on his head.

    Walking down the cobblestone road towards the tavern, walking away from the Docks, was a large leatherback sea turtle Tortle wearing orange and blue monk robes, named Xùnsù. his body, including his shell, is mostly a dark black color, he has no hair on his head but his eyes are a bright green color.

    Walking from the opposite direction of Xùnsù were two other individuals, A large Firbolg and a small Construct. The Firbolg, Leotumal, is very large with a pale green complexion, a long mane of burnt red hair, dark green eyes, and a long dark brown cloak. The Construct, who is riding on Leotumal's shoulder, named Toby, is made of brass plating with spots of rust, titanium joints, and small bits of plant life emerging from small openings in his plating. His eyes are small white LED lights and his glove-like hands and forearms are much larger than the rest of his body.

    The four travelers meet in front of the tavern 'The Elven Cask'. Before going inside, Leotumal takes Toby off his shoulder and gently puts him on the ground. Toby looks back at Leotumal, and gives him a happy look; his lower eyelids come up and his white eyes turn yellow. These four travelers have gathered at this tavern, for one thing, to form a guild. In Séasúr, more specifically the City of Samhradh, you need to have a good reputation to form a guild, usually from the employment of a Noble. These four have heard that a noble, known as The Collector, is looking for adventurers to do some Mercenary work.

    The four of them walk inside the tavern, the tavern is mostly empty, say for two tables, one has a large group of Dwarves and the other has a group of people playing cards. A Male Goliath with two hand axes strapped to his back, A Female Mainecoon Tabaxi in full plate mail armor with a longsword at her side, a Male Ibis Kenku with a Quiver on his back and a Bow at his side, and Female Drow with a lute on her back and a Rapier on her hip. Alone at the Bar is a Tiefling of a similar complexion and size to Eternal if not slightly shorter. To the left of the bar is a quest board, standard to most taverns and inns. Leotumal takes a deep breath. "Alright guys, I think we should ask around about The Collector." Leotumal looks around and sees the group playing cards, the Tiefling, and the board. "I'll go check the board, Eternal you go talk with the Barkeeper, Xun, and Tobes go and make nice with the party at the table." Leotumal's voice is deep and smooth, he speaks with an odd (Irish) accent that the party can't place.

    Eternal rolls his eyes, he doesn't like taking orders. "Fine!"

    Xùnsù, the large Tortle, bends over and offers his claw to Toby. "Shall we go now, My Friend?" Xùnsù speaks very cheerfully, his voice isn't as deep as Leotumal's, but it's deeper than most.

    Toby takes Xùnsù's claws and looks up at his Reptilian comrade. "Okay." Toby's voice is high and vaguely electronic.

    The four-party members attend to their tasks. Leotumal approaches the quest board, he notices several pins on the board arranged in rectangular or square shapes, with small pieces of torn paper held in place. The board is mostly empty in terms of quest flyers. Say for one, a blank flier with several strips of paper on the bottom. The flier has one strip missing. Leotumal tries to get the attention of the barkeep. "excuse me, could you tell me why the board is empty?"

    The half-elf barkeep, who was cleaning a glass, turns to Leotumal. "Ah, you know how it is, young upstart adventures. Every summer they come in and take as many jobs as they can. Sorry, Big guy."

    Irritated by the response but Curious about the nature of this flier, Leotumal casts a spell; Detect Magic. He grabs the wooden bear totem around his neck, green arcane energy pulses from it and into his eyes. Leotumal's vision goes mostly gray, but the flier on the board suddenly erupts with blue arcane energy. With the effect of his Spell, Leotumal can discern the school of magic is Divination. "Well, I'm not gonna fuck with that." Leotumal dispels his Detect Magic, his sight returns to normal, he turns around and saunters off back to the entrance, with loud and heavy steps from his boots.

    As Leotumal walks off, Eternal turns back in his chair. "S'cuz me, barkeep. I was wondering if you could tell me about The Collector."

    "Sorry, but very few people know The Collector, and even fewer have met him. Can't do much about that." The Half-elf explained.

    Eternal seemed irritated by the lack of information. "Great, now what."

    The Tiefling sitting next to him chimes in. "You're looking for The Collector?" He whispered. Eternal looked to his left, looking at the Tiefling next to him.

    He has the same complexion as Eternal, if not slightly darker, his eyes and hair are pure white. He has two horns low set on his forehead, the horns aren't too long they just peak over his head. He appears not to have many other Infernal traits. The Tiefling turns to face Eternal, when he speaks Eternal can see the several sharp teeth that fill his mouth. Eternal is mostly sure this is a Nabassu Tiefling, his only doubt is that this Tiefling doesn't have a pair of wings. "Yes, do you have any information?"

    "All I can say is. The Collector is a thief, a charlatan!" He speaks in a raspy whisper.

    "How so?"

    "You came in with those two large fellows and the Construct, correct?" The Tiefling wished to clarify.

    "Unfortunately, yes," Enteral confirmed, begrudgingly.

    "I see. It isn't safe to speak here, The Collector has Eyes and Ears everywhere. Reconvene with your Party and speak with me outside." The Tiefling stands up and walks towards the entrance and leaves.

    As the Tiefling leaves the Tavern, Xùnsù, and Toby approach the party at the table. As they approach, Xùnsù and Toby overhear their conversation. "AH HA! betta pay up Jyl, Cuz I got Rummy!" The Goliath slams down his cards. He speaks in a Cockney accent.

    "Yenorin… that's not Rummy, and we’re playing Blackjack." Jylwaris, the Drow woman he was talking to, spoke. She speaks in a French accent.

    "Oh… Go Fish?" Yenorin, the Goliath, isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    As Yenorin, the Goliath, and Jylwaris, the Drow, are conversing, Xùnsù and Toby approach the skittish-looking Kenku from behind. The Kenku throws his head back as his party members converse, and knocks his head into Xùnsù's hard shell. "Ah!" He turns around confused, as he looks up at the massive Tortle behind him, he struggles to let out a terrified yelp. "Ze-Ze-Ze…!"

    The Tabaxi grows irritated by the Kenku, she looks up with a furious look in her Hazel eyes. "What Eckehart! Spit it- oh?" Her rage dampens and regains her composure. "Can we help you, sir?" As the Tabaxi asks her question, she carefully places a free paw on her sword.

    Xùnsù places his palms together. "Perhaps you may? The two of us and our associates are looking to form a guild. We heard that The Collector is in the market for Mercenary work, would you four know anything about that?"

    The Tabaxi looks at Xùnsù, perplexed. "Two of you?"

    Xùnsù looks down to his right, and right at Toby. With the tip of his claw, he gently ticks against Toby's head. Toby slowly rises, his legs extending so that he is visible over the table. Yenorin looks surprised as Toby slowly grows taller. "Zerron! I'm seein' imaginary metal men again!" He whispers poorly over to the Tabaxi.

    She sighs. "You're not seeing things, Yenorin, we see it too."

    Toby waves at the party, with his happy expression; lower eye shutter up, and yellow eyes. "Hello!"

    "Well. I'm sorry to disappoint you, my good Monk, but we do not know how to find The Collector." Zerron, the Tabaxi, informs them.

    "Well, that is a shame. I apologize for disturbing your game. I bid you all a good evening. Come, Toby, we should regroup with the others."

    Toby returns to his normal height and takes Xùnsù's claws as they walk off to join Leotumal and Eternal. When they walk off, Toby turns to look back at the party. "But Zerron, we DO know The Collector, we work for- OWWIE!'' Yenorin states before Zerron smacks him over the head with her armored glove.

    "I KNOW THAT, Rocks for brains! But they don't need to know that! Let's just finish our game, and head back."

    "Okay. ...OH 21! I won!" Yenorin declares, returning to their game.

    Jylwaris sighs again." Yenorin, that's not 21, that's a two and an ace, and we're playing Texas Holdem now."

    "Oh… I'm not good at this." Yenorin has a moment of self-realization.

    The Tortle and Construct reconvene with Leotumal and Eternal. Leotumal exhales. "So? How did you guys do? Tobes? Xun?"

    "The Catlady and Stoneman weren't very helpful," Toby replied.

    "Eternal? What about you?" Leotumal asked.

    "I talked with someone at the Bar. They said that we should talk to him outside." Eternal clarified.

    "Okay, okay. Well, That flyer on the board is OOZING Divination magic, like, a STUPID amount of magic. So, we're gonna talk to them?" Eternal glares at Leotumal, before walking towards the door. "what? did I say something?" he follows Eternal. Xùnsù and Toby follow behind him.

    The Party leaves The Elven Cask and looks around for the Tiefling. "You sure he's out here?" Leotumal asked.

    "Yes, he told me so." Eternal responded, venomously.

    "Alright, geez, no need to be mad about it."

    A voice echoes from the alleyway next to the Tavern. "I see you came, good." Emerging from the shadows, crawling along the wall like a spider, was the Tiefling, now with a large pair of bat wings on his back. The Tiefling quickly scurries towards them and leaps off the wall. As he lands, he tucks his wings under his arms. He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a rolled-up piece of paper. he quickly unfurls the scroll, light blue magic surrounds him, turning his wings into a coat. Leotumal can recognize that as a Scroll of Disguise Self. "Apologizes for the suspicion and secrecy. The Collector has his employees everywhere."

    "You said before that The Collector was a thief and a charlatan, how so?" Asked Eternal.

    "The Items he keeps, he doesn't 'collect' them. And they are more than mere tchotchkes! He steals them, more precisely he has his employees steal them for him." The Tiefling grows more and more heated as he goes on.

    "What exactly does he 'collect'?" Toby asked Quizzically, his eyes turning orange.

    "Mostly Magical Objects, but also Religious Reliquaries that he fancies."

    Leotumal speaks up. "If I can ask. That job flier on the board has a ton of divination magic pouring from it. What's that about?"

    "That is a job from The Collector to retrieve a 'Stolen object.'"

    "What item, per se?" Xùnsù asked.

    "A powerful reliquary of the Summer Queen, the Spring Eden Orb!" The Tiefling proclaimed.

    There is a reason Séasúr is called 'the Land of Aberrant Seasons'. The Seasonal cycle of this land is different from others, where other realms and countries have a seasonal cycle consisting of one season every three months. in Séasúr, the seasonal cycle is one season every six months. Spring is from January to June, Summer is July to December, and next year will be Autumn and Winter. The Summer Queen, Titania, saw the hardships of the people in Séasúr and created Four Relics to help the people; Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, she tasked her Children, the Eladrin, to take these orbs and regulate the seasons. As the Tiefling recounts this tale, the four-party members look surprised. "Huh… y'know, we've been here for a couple of months now. And it's been Summer for a while now, weird." Leotumal stated.

    Xùnsù's tranquil demeanor falters for a moment. "T-the four Relics are REAL! The myths are true!!"

    The Tiefling returns to the task at hand. "I wish to ask for your services. To assist me in finding the Spring Orb."

    The four adventures look at each other and back to the Tiefling. "And how would we do this?" Asked Eternal.

    The Tiefling produces a small piece of paper. The paper has eight small arrows printed on it in the shape of a compass with a floating glowing arrow pointing north by northeast. On the back of the paper is a phrase 'follow and receive further direction.' This is the one ticket missing from the flier. "It's a little complicated but. If the four of you take this to The Collector under the guise of accepting his job, the five of us can find where the orb was taken then return it to the summer queen."

    The four of them follow the Tiefling’s plan. "Okay… what do we get outta this?" Eternal asked.

    "Can I provide you with compensation, 500 SP?" Divided among the four of them, they would each get a total of 12GP and 5SP, which is not a whole lot for their goals of a guild. "And, if you help me, I could persuade Titania to recommend you for a guild license. It would be hard for the city council to disregard the word of the Summer Queen." While initially turning off the lackluster payment, the promise of Titania's recommendation intrigues them.

    Leotumal looks at his companions. "Scuz us while we talk it over." Leotumal takes Xùnsù and Eternal’s shoulders and pulls them into a Huddle, Toby follows suit. "So. What d’you think?"

    Xùnsù is the first to speak. "If the stories are to be believed, and if one of the relics has been taken. It's all too likely that the others are missing as well, and The Collector could be after them."

    "Okay, yeah, the greater good and all, plus a probably cool adventure. But… is the payoff worth it? 500SP? That's not gonna buy us a guildhall, or cover any sort of maintenance." Eternal points out.

    "But, if what he said is true. Titania might get us a guild license." Toby considered.

    "Okay, Okay, all in favor of taking the Tieflings job?" Leotumal asked. He, with Xùnsù and Toby raising their hands. "All against?" Eternal raises his clawed hand. "Majority rules."

    "Tch, figures."

    The party returns to the Tiefling. "We've talked it over. And we've decided to take you up on your offer." Leotumal offers his large, meaty, hand.

    The Tiefling takes Leotumals hand with both of his, shaking it enthusiastically. "Thank you, thank you so much! May I know your names?"

    "Leotumal, but my friends call me Leo."

    "Eternal devil."

    "I'm Toby!"

    "My name is Xùnsù. I'm pleased to meet you."

    "It is a pleasure. You may call me Zinran." The Tiefling introduced himself.

    Leo's ears twitch when Zinran announces his name. Being a firbolg, he can pick out an Elvish name when he hears it. "Zinran? That's an Elven name. Forgive me if it's rude but, what's a Tiefling doing with an Elven name?"

    "It was given to me by my Patron." He responds cryptically.

    "Y-oh." Leo was initially confused but immediately realized his meaning.

    Zinran offers the ticket to Leo. "Shall we?"

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  • ravensa
    07.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    My Kenku swarmkeeper ranger KSSST. Played them during a very fun oneshot last week!

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  • wanderingisland
    10.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Moss the Kenku Ranger. Moss awoke alone, in the middle of a grand forest, with no name, no voice and no family. A curious creature, the young kenku set out into the woods to discover his voice, mimicking the sounds of the rivers and the trees and the animals that inhabited them. He ventured on for days and soon grew weary, stopping to rest at the base of a mysterious pool with a glowing blue light. Peering into the waters, the warmth of the pond’s glow drew him in and as he sank deeper in, he felt time and space fade away as he floated between realms. Just as he began to lose consciousness, he emerged from the waters into unfamiliar lands, lifted out by a strange being, a human. The man, a ranger, introduced himself and offered food and shelter. Although Moss couldn’t audibly respond, there was a gentle understanding between the two and agreed to go with him, eager to discover the sights and sounds this new world had to offer.

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  • krahler-art
    17.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    A Band of Misfits

    Group picture of our dnd party, featuring:

    kobold barbarian (the cinnamon roll)

    kobold monk (the dad)

    human rogue (the single brain cell)

    human druid (the socially incompetent one)

    half elf warlock (too good for this group)

    and kenku ranger (dat me!)

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  • zal-cryptid
    02.10.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Homebrew subclass illustrations I did for Valory Goodwin's Book of Heart !

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  • krahler-art
    31.08.2021 - 8 monts ago

    Hunter’s Marked

    Ref of Pirol, my sneaky ranger-rogue. He’s here to get drunk, steal shinies, and hunt demons, and he’s all out of drinks and shinies!

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  • krahler-art
    03.08.2021 - 9 monts ago

    Pirol, Demon Hunter

    Let’s start this art blog with my angry dnd birb, shall we? :>

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  • rameball
    27.07.2021 - 9 monts ago

    My new child, they are a kenku ranger and their name is howl

    They are a feral owl child and I can't wait to use them in a campaign

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  • rkdvanguard
    15.07.2021 - 10 monts ago

    Commission from @thegoosinggamer ! This is his new boi Baker, the Kenku Ranger of the Swarm. His friends there are Jim, Jim, and Gerald. Gerald is the one leaving; "didn't realize it was an all Jim party." 

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  • kaehunterart
    01.07.2021 - 10 monts ago

    Day 12: Kenku Ranger (F)

    Chaotic Neutral

    Appearance: "Exceptionally Beautiful"

    Age: 28

    Height: 5'5"

    Weight: 128 lbs

    Expression: Terror

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  • lollylandgirl
    19.05.2021 - 1 year ago

    Hi this is my half kenku (actually 3/4 kenku) I'll start playing with tomorrow and who'll meet the group this Friday and since I still can't show them publicly where the party members are I'm showing them here.

    I have a few versions and in this one they're using disguise self (bc of problems with their own autoperception, they're kinda young, 15yo which is barely adult for a kenku), and this is how they'll met them.

    I only have provisional names for them like borb (because big birb) and jokingly Jack because I based them in a jackdaw. They still don't enjoy the idea of a word name but I hope they get one this week.

    #MY DARK BORB #beato is a player and she really likes birbs kinda like me and her character befriends every kenku and she believes she'll befriend mine... #little she knows #dnd #dungeons and dragons #kenku#oc #also the other part is human because i can #and they're a ranger #they play the fucking BANDURRIA because i can #t: my drawings #digital art#character reference
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  • luarpice
    27.04.2021 - 1 year ago

    Our latest addition to the party: Strock!

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  • fizzpopped
    17.04.2021 - 1 year ago

    The haunted one (Backlog)

    Seems like every time I draw Tulf her appearance becomes more and more dishevelled.

    I always had issues with picking a design as I had two stories attached to the character, with both dictating a different look. I've gone ahead and picked one story and put the other on hold. This Tulf is a lot more jumpy and less trusting due to her backstory events; I would like to use them as a DND character at some point.

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