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  • revenant-mysterion
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    sleepysheeeps asked: [ from Sunny ] It took awhile, mainly because she can't read but she's found his apartment (whatever that is). She's thankful for the fact the wing pack doubles as a storage system, Origin only knows how awful it had been to carry all the presents everywhere with her while looking for his home.. Aside from the basket of fresh fruits from her world she had brought clothes for Karen, mittens for Kenny, and some embroidery materials.. Because she had said she'd teach him..

    Gently she knocks on the door, she feels a little anxious truthfully.. What if he wasn't home or he purposely kept his residence a secret because he didn't want her there? But she wants to see his home..

    Unprompted Asks || Always Accepting

    There’s a muffled ‘coming!’ as Kenny scrambles to the door. It probably sounds like he ran into something, but he’s fine for the most part as he slowly opens the door. He’s certainly surprised to see her there, especially since he’s forgotten so many times to give her his address, maybe because he was ashamed on how small his place was...

    “Ah... hey Sunny. Sorry this place is kind of small but you’re uh.. welcome to come in.” It’s clean, there’s no doubt about that, he made sure of it. But his little sister made sure to chime in a ‘who’s there big bro?!’ before running towards Kenny and spotting Sunny with wide eyes. “Is that her? Your girlfriend? She’s awfully pretty just like you said!”

    Of course, Kenny’s nervously laughing as he steps aside with Karen to let Sunny in. “Sorry, I hope you don’t mind I sort of told her about you. So she’s been excited to meet you ever since.”

    #sleepysheeeps #Maybe for once I can dance with someone other than death || Kenny && Sunny #☠︎ Side: Kenny McCormick #Visiting Muse || Karen McCormick #V; Andromeda / Far Away from South Park
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  • beesbombasticsimsbs
    28.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Butters what is all that unholy racket you're making in your apartment alone you woke up Stan from his incredibly important drunken beauty sleep

    Kenny came out to comfort Stan after it omg asdklfjbasdfkjl

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  • snailsgarden
    28.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    SOUTH PARK // main 4 masterlist

    📚 ₊ kyle broflovski

    hcs with a s/o who doesn’t likes talking (sfw + no pronouns mentioned for reader)

    🐀 ₊ kenny mccormick

    hcs with a s/o who doesn’t likes talking (sfw + no pronouns mentioned for reader)

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  • queen-of-trash-land
    28.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    The Fandom Wall! It’s still a work in progress but it’s getting there!

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  • metukika
    28.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    main 5 headcanons

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  • snailsgarden
    28.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    HIII can u write headcanons of kyle and kenny ( separately ) with an s/o that doesn’t like talking?

    hihi!! here you go!

    i struggled a bit with this (mostly bc i can't relate to that at all and i couldn't think of anything) and i really hope this is okay<3

    cws: brief mentions of cartman being an asshole

    📚 ⊹ kyle broflovski (nah cuz i couldn't even think of a emoji for him:(( )

    didn't think much of it tbh

    he was kind of "oh, you don't like talking? that's okay"

    during situations in which you have to talking he'll do it for you or just help you instead!

    if cartman decides to be an ass about it he'll just cut him off immediately (("shut up, fatass"

    would never ever force you into talking and will make sure no one does it either!

    always respecting your boundaries<33

    🐀 ⊹ kenny mccormick

    he also didn't think much of it?

    i gotta say you both go well together!!

    like kyle, he'll help you if you're in a situation in which you have to speak up about something

    is also one to curse out cartman if he picks on you

    he's overall very understanding of you and tries his best to make sure you're comfortable in whatever situation!

    loves you how quiet you are, it's such a good change considering how loud his friends are!

    #🥢% writing#south park #sourth park x reader #kyle broflovski #kyle x reader #kyle broflovski x reader #kenny#kenny mccormick #kenny x reader #kenny mccormick x reader
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  • itsaysyo
    28.05.2022 - 13 hours ago
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  • skrunkyguy
    28.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Kenny McCormick hcs!!!

    hiiiii its your dumb bitch pebbles!!! i wanted to do some kenny hcs because, oh my god i love him. also there's a lil drabble where you guys get high ig!! So here they are! My Kenny McCormick headcanons!! (can be seen as platonic or romantic.((i think))) tw: mentions of drugs/actual drug use, death, and alcohol, along with mentions of abusive parents, and angst. mainly fluff but, yknow. slight inappropriate behavior on kenny's end, because who am i kidding, it's kenny. also nsfw themes, careful!!! (nothing actually smutty but sex jokes ofc) ♡ He's a very reckless person, so he'd want at least one friend to look out for him. ♡ He's touch starved 💔 please give him affection. ♡ He will flirt with you ironically. ♡ "I need to sit down..." "MY FACE IS RIGHT HERE." ♡ He'd smoke pot with you if you're down to. ♡ would definitely be touchy, arms draped over the shoulder, head leaned against your shoulder. ♡ If you remember his deaths, he'd be so much more careful. ♡ would be reckless with you but not reckless to the point he's actively putting himself at risk of dying. ♡ however if you don't, he'd be upset, but not surprised. ♡ the love is real <3333 ♡ you and the gang are his escape from his family and house ♡ you'd meet karen definitely!!! ♡ Imagine running down a street with him, his hand in yours, with traffic cones on your heads, as you both are giggling and smiling. ♡♡♡ "My love language is physical touch," Kenny laughs as he passes you the bong, and lighter, after taking a drag. "-Touch my ass, please and thank you,," he finishes his statement, as you take your own puff, laughing loudly. You laugh along with him, coughing as the smoke exits your lungs. "No thanks, you probably don't wash it, let a drop of water between your cheeks and say it's clean." You comment jokingly, and he laughs louder. It's playful banter, of course, he takes his hygiene seriously. You sigh, and lay back as the relaxing feeling slowly comes over you. "You know, i don't think I'd be here without you and everyone else." He looks off over into the horizon. You hum, him taking another puff. "What do you mean?" You say, taking the bong from him. "Well, I'd probably be cooped up in my room. Looking at porn mags all day." he laughs, coughing slightly. You inhale the smoke again, and exhale it. "You *ahem, cough-* don't already?" You tease. "Well the porn mags, yeah. But you guys give me a reason to get out of bed." He smiles, it reaching his sparkling blue eyes. You lean against his shoulder, handing him a bottle of gatorade. He takes a large sip from it. "I.. I'm glad that we motivate you." You smile. You guys spent the night talking about feelings and such... it's the night you two became best friends. ABAHABABABABABA BURGER OH NANANANAA anyways sorry if it seems inaccurate, im kinda doing the scene from my own experience, but i hope you guys like it :)))

    #kenny mccormick x reader #kenny mccormick#south park #south park headcanons
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  • lebradowhite
    28.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    South park


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  • kahlbro
    28.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    Basic info about my south park AU : it is basically in the universe of darkest mind with eyes color, power and stuff. The world is directed by children only, adults are forced to hide. They is some group who help adults to hide but there is other group to kill them. The main characters are Kenny, Kyle, and Butters. People may die but I won't say who yet ;D

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  • acesradplace
    28.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    rip Mr. Possy 😔

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  • kennyphobia
    28.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Hello marcy forced me here but i dont mind bec i need ANGST

    can i request main 4 and why they broke up with reader?

    throwing up and crying


    [ gender neutral ]

    cw : alcoholism for stan’s

    - cartman is probably really selfish about it.

    - he claims you ‘get in his way’, and you’re ‘too much of a pushover’

    - i think he’d say that, but he really breaks up with you because he thinks he isn’t good enough for you

    - he’s mean, and sadistic. he’s not good for you at all!

    - he does it in person, belittling you and not looking in your eyes

    - kyle’s is more sad.

    - he doesn’t want to break up with you! of course he doesn’t!

    - it’s either because of something cartman did, or his mom forcing him to break up with you.

    - he’s gonna cry if he tells you in person, so he slips a note into your locker and avoids you at all costs.

    - most definitely thinks about talking to you again, but he thinks you won’t want to

    - stan is predictable.

    - he breaks up with you to go back to wendy, but he doesn’t even like her! it’s just what he’s used to.

    - he thinks about you all the time, and even though he regrets it, he stays with wendy and pretends he’s happy with her.

    - might start drinking again to forget you, and if you get with someone else, he might just spiral.

    - spills his feelings to kyle when drunk

    - vomits whenever he sees you

    - kenny does it out of anger

    - he overheard wendy saying you’re probably ashamed to be with him! he knows you wouldn’t admit to it, so he has to believe her!

    - would hate you for a couple of weeks

    - but then he finds out that’s not true, and oh my god, he feels like shit

    - he really wants to apologize, he really does! he just doesn’t know how

    - he really wants to get back with you, but he doesn’t see it happening

    - tries to get stan to apologize to you for him, but stan says it’s “insensitive” and “rude”

    - ends up just staring at you in the halls, wishing it could go back to the way it was.

    #south park x reader #kyle broflovski x reader #stan marsh x reader #kenny mccormick x reader #eric cartman x reader #south park
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