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  • meghpushp
    16.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    oh no I'll have to start reblogging donation and political posts now that I am getting followers :( before I could ahve just said I ain't got followers to see it :(

    #m kidding m not gonna do that on this blog #10.37
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  • actionpaintballbadsobernheim
    16.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

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  • eustassslut
    16.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    Hiya! What do you think Kid’s crew’s reaction would be to Kid having an S/O? I’ve just been thinking and they all seem kinda close and very ride or die imo. Would they be like relived or tease tf out of them? Feel free to ignore this, I was just looking through some fanart of the kid pirates and my brain sorta went on a whirlwind lol

    The Kid pirates are defiantly a found family and ride or die for each other, they'd do anything for each other. Thus I can see anyone who comes onto the ship, either a new crew-mate, visitors or a crew member's S/O being incredibly vetted since they don't want any of their family to get hurt.

    So if Kid's S/O is new to the crew, they'd be incredibly cautious of them at first and keep an eye on them. This would involve carefully worded questions about their past, warnings about what will happen if they ever hurt Kid and just flat out staring at the S/O.

    It would take them probably 2-3 weeks before they start to warm up to them, Heat probably just says fuck it and befriends the S/O at this point. Heat then decides he prefers Kid's S/O to Kid and repeatedly steals them away from Kid at dinner, insisting that they sit next to him instead.

    Heat who is now Kid's S/O bestie makes it a habit of kicking Kid out of his own room for sleepovers and self care nights. Heat naturally comes with Wire, who warms up to the S/O pretty fast and takes it upon himself to tell them all of Kid's embarrassing stories. Kid's far too happy that his friends like being around his S/O to give a shit that he's spending the night in the kitchen with Killer or in his workshop and that his embarrassing childhood stories are being spilled.

    Heat and Wire would defiantly take Kid having a S/O as free real estate to make fun of anything he does. He tells them he loves them, Heat and Wire are fake gagging in the background. Kid hugs them on the deck, Heat and Wire are mimicking him right behind him.

    Despite the teasing, they do really really like his S/O and are secretly very happy Kid that has someone who loves him. They'd also use their best friend knowledge of Kid's S/O to help Kid pick out and design presents to give them. They just love making fun of Kid at every possible chance through the S/O though.

    I can see Wire eventually seeing Kid's S/O as a younger sibling as well, thus he takes it upon himself to always protect them in battles and spoils them rotten. Wire would also take it upon himself to become their prank buddy. They want to push Heat off the ship? Bet, he's setting it up immediately. They want to try using his trident? Here they go, they can even whack him with it if they want. Wire probably also helps the S/O seduce Kid. I'm talking buying them lingerie and taking sexy pics of them, we love a supportive bestie.

    Killer is meanwhile happy and incredibly relieved that Kid has a S/O who can help deal with his captain's bullshit and give him time off to relax. Killer is also probably last to warm up to the S/O if they're a new crew-mate since he worries about his best friend more than he'll admit. It would take probably 2 weeks after Wire and Heat have their first sleepover before Killer says fuck it and decides to see what the hype is about.

    It's when Kid's S/O is on dinner duty though and cooks an elaborate meal for the crew-mates but makes him a separate plate of noodles just so he can eat through his mask that he decides he likes them.

    I can see Kid's S/O and Killer having little quiet relaxing moments together where they just cook for the crew or hang out reading (Killer is an avid book fan in my mind). They have their own little reading club too where they pick books to read together and trade favourite series. Since Kid's S/O can bribe Kid to get more books for them, Killer would defiantly get to read more books than he could before. I can see Killer trusting Kid's S/O a lot and overtime grows comfortable enough to laugh around them.

    Overall, the Kid Pirates are incredibly relieved because finally Kid has someone to help calm him down when he has his difficult moments. But also being super happy to have a new member that they all love in their found family who they can be ride or die for.

    The crew would all have to invest in matching ear buds or headphones though because Kid is unnecessarily loud during sex and everyone can unfortunately hear him. This is the only moment where they somewhat regret letting Kid having a S/O.

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  • jl-micasea-fics
    16.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    We all know Chan is the ult. Husband material, so as the absolute Chan-whore I am, I'll have to ask u to do a Chan drabble too. Also, thank u for always wreaking my soul you wonderful, evil genius! Prompts: 140, 150 and 197

    140. “Are you flirting with me right now?”
    150. “Stop clenching, baby. You’re tight enough as it is, fuck.”
    197. “Did you just call me bro? When my dick is in your mouth?”
    Prompt list here, drabble masterlist here

    “You seem tense.”

    That’s probably an understatement, considering your flat mate effectively kicked the front door down on his way in, grumbling incoherently.

    “Do I? What gave me away?” he slams his backpack to the kitchen table, kicks one of the chairs as he walks by it.

    “Call it a sixth sense,” you mumble, locking your phone, resigned to his drama now being yours.

    Chan mumbles something else that you don’t quite catch, you watch incredulously as he opens the fridge, rifles through it, chuntering all the while.

    “Rough day?” you call.

    “Rough?” he spits through a disbelieving laugh. “I’d have had a better day in the seventh circle of hell.”

    “Damn. Want to talk about it?”

    “Not really,” he retrieves two beers from the fridge.

    “Okay well, why don’t you just vent and I’ll be here to eavesdrop?”

    Chan huffs under his breath, makes his way over to the sofa, throws himself in the spot beside you. His weight jostles you, the loose gym shorts he has on ride up his thighs as he man-spreads adequately, hands you a beer bottle after popping the screw top on it.

    “I’m just frustrated,” he begins after a swig. “All this work and it feels like we’re getting nowhere.”

    “The album?” you ask, to which he simply nods.

    “Five tracks down, another five to go, we’re at the halfway point. I thought I’d feel good about it. Like, excited? But after showing everything to the company today, I’m just… I don’t know. Drained.”

    You nod in silent understanding, swigging from your beer.

    “They tell us we can do what we want – total creative freedom,” he gestures vaguely. “What they’re actually saying is we can do what we want so long as they approve of the end product.”

    “And they don’t?”

    Chan shakes his head, rakes his hand through fluffy blonde curls.

    “I don’t know. I didn’t get good vibes from their reactions. You know you can just tell when someone isn’t picking up what you’re putting down? They’re probably all meeting right now, talking about all the different ways they’re going to pick us apart.”

    “You don’t know that, Chan.”

    “I’d bet my right leg on it,” he scoffs. “Y/N, I know how these people work. Been in the business long enough. If they approved they’d already be pushing for five more tracks just like what we’ve produced.”

    You suppose he’s right – or that he at least knows better than you.

    “I guess you can’t win them all,” you sigh, swigging from your beer.

    “Guess not.”

    A moment of silence passes, you let Chan unwind beside you, feel the waves of tension coming off him as he sinks into the sofa cushions. You turn on the television, pulling up Netflix and selecting a random episode of It’s Always Sunny, knowing Chan will soon be stifling his usual bright giggles.

    And three beers in, an hour or so later, he’s doing just that.

    “That’s better,” you smile at him.

    “What?” he glances up at you, having fully reclined into your side at some point.

    “This,” you poke his dimple, Chan blinks in surprise, a gentle flush of pink tinges the tips of his ears. It’s a reaction to the warmth and alcohol, you’re sure. But that doesn’t stop it being endearing.

    “Are you flirting with me right now?” he mumbles, eyes a little bleary.


    You weren’t, but… It’s not like you’ve never thought about it. Chan is objectively attractive – sometimes boyish, sometimes fatally alpha. He doesn’t have an ego, though totally warrants one given his sheer talent and inherent likability.

    “What if I am?” you muse, shrugging.

    Chan clears his throat, sits up straight, you immediately miss the warmth from your side. He blinks slowly, darkening gaze drops to your lips, but only for a second. The simplicity of it makes your gut whirl with anticipation, a gentle lick of desire crawls up your spine. It’s unfamiliar – but not unwelcome.

    “I’d say it took you long enough,” he mutters.


    In the next breath, he has you, plush lips forming to yours in a mess of want and need. It’s not tactful, the way he holds your head with large hands, the way he shuffles and repositions you on top of him, thighs straddling his either side. But it feels natural. Easy. Like you’ve been doing it for years, even though this is the first time.

    Chan is firm beneath you, when he breaks away to clamour for breath it’s a sight too unreal to even process. Blonde curls over his eyes, cheeks, ears and neck tinctured pink. Lips slick and a little swollen, pupils blown out in admiration, steeped in booze.

    “Are we doing this?” he whispers, raspy.

    “Do you want to?” you ask, hands curving over his broad shoulders. He shifts a little, the apparent strain of his erection presses firmly against you, answers your question.

    “Don’t want to make things weird.”

    “It’ll only be weird if you make it weird,” you lace your fingers into his hair, play with the curls at the nape of his neck.

    “I- I won’t. Just…”

    “Just what?”

    “Just… kind of… want to make you feel good.”

    Oh, God.

    Your next kiss is reflective of your building desire, the heat in your core that expands with every gentle whimper you elicit from him. Chan is patient – never takes more than you give – but his enthusiasm is plain on his face and apparent in his greedy hands.

    Slinking off his lap and to your knees, you make quick work of removing the restrictive gym shorts, his boxers. Chan’s cock is about as perfect as he is – bigger than average, but just thick enough. Curved beautifully, his blushed pink head leaking with the excitement of it all. He hisses through his teeth, cants his hips when you flick across him, tasting, exploring. The admiration in his eyes holds when you take him into your mouth, feel him heavy on your tongue.

    “Fuck, that’s good…” he groans, throws his head back. “You’re so good.”

    “Mhm, you taste nice, bro.”

    Chan tenses, snaps his head up, eyes narrow in disbelief.

    “Did you just call me bro? When my dick is in your mouth?” he asks.

    You shrug and lift off his pulsing cock, trying desperately to stifle the giggle bubbling in your throat. “Trying not to make things weird, remember?”

    “Oh, you think that didn’t make it weird?”

    He stretches forwards, grabs your wrists and pulls you back into his lap, hiking up your oversized shirt as he goes. Atmosphere somewhat lighter, it’s without a second though that you find yourself easing over him, sinking down on his spit-slick cock, tightening around every inch he has to offer.

    “Stop clenching, baby. You’re tight enough as it is, fuck,” he complains, complexion positively burning with desire.

    “Can’t help it,” you groan, rocking down on him. “You’re… fuck, you’re so hard.”

    Chan’s breath breaks on a whimper, grips tight to your fleshy thighs as he cants upwards, eager to set the pace. Leather squeaks beneath your movements, Chan’s palms clammy and curls wild as he rakes a hand back through his hair, bites his lip hard.

    You feel your orgasm approaching with the fullness of him, your smooth glides over his cock all the more salacious when he’s supporting you so effortlessly, veins in his biceps and forearms prominent with the exertion.

    He grins lopsided, dimples making an appearance. You kiss them away, trailing down his jawline, the column of his throat and sink your teeth into the juncture of his shoulder, relishing in the shudder of anticipation he breaks into.

    “Should have done this way sooner…” he sighs, eyes sliding closed, head thrown back.

    “Tell me about it-”

    Another staggered moan as Chan bucks into you, your orgasm breaking through the threshold of your self-control. Volcanic heat, tingling delight rip through your limbs, Chan follows with an expletive of his own, his stiffening cock pulsing his release in short, sharp bursting thrusts. Falling apart around him is too easy, just as this whole thing was, and you suppose if this is what’s to come of every rough day Chan’s going to have…

    Well, he might just have them more often.

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  • thatearthseawizard
    16.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    I'm so tired of this Ilia boy and his influencer attempts already. Can't they at least wait until he wins a senior competition or ends at the top five or sth before hyping him too much? Whenever I check here I see sth related to his trollings, like there are many issues in this sport who even cares? It just becomes exhausting

    #figure skating #who cares if he is a fanyu or anything #what's up with some kids these days why they're so addicted to SNS
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  • probably-some-goat
    16.05.2022 - 10 minutes ago


    #craig of the creek #cotc #feel free to ignore this hyperfixation dump #its such a comfort show for me rn #BUT TO VERBALLY SAY THEY USE THEY THEM WHEN INTRODUCING SOMEONE #im so in love with it #i love the progressiveness of this show #and its so nice to see lgbt kids being KIDS #makes me wish my childhood was like that #if i knew i could go by he/him or they/them when i was 7 #oh man #even better if i could know that i was safe to do that #or like#be gay#or anythin #my life would be so different #let alone if i had been diagnosed with autism earlier
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  • daylighthoney
    16.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    this episode of barry is giving me anxiety

    #just like every other ep..who am i kidding #barry
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  • actionpaintballbadsobernheim
    16.05.2022 - 13 minutes ago

    #actionpaintballdörndich #actionpaintballbadsobernheim #actionpaintballindoor #actionpaintballoutdoor #actionpaintball #paintballhalle #paintballhallen #paintball #paintballdeutschland #paintballeurope #sumosuits #freizeit #freizeitpark #arrowtag #kinderfreizeit #junggesellenabschied #kidspaintball #kinderpaintball #kids #kinder #fun #spaß #birthday #geburtstag #turnierpaintball #junggesellinnenabschied #tomahawkpaintballs #paintballworld (at Actionpaintball) https://www.instagram.com/p/CdnOBCVOamt/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=

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  • madroxed
    16.05.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    pls i just want you to know i was going through the blam tag to find an old fic i had imprinted on years ago (spoilers it turned out to be one of yours) and saw a Recent fic... god i hope this doesn't reawaken anything in me

    it’s ok anon i’m back on my bs too, bachelor au fic out when?

    anyway seems they’re a forever thing for all of us. the more you know.

    #replies#anonymous #i’m not kidding the bachelor au will hopefully be up this week
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  • arcticwaters
    16.05.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    decided to watch both space jam movies back to back and despite my 90′s childhood love for the first one, i found it doesn’t really hold up to nostalgia. the soundtrack however did; some’a that had me sobbing like a baby

    #arctic says #i could not be MORE surprised to say.... i think new legacy is better?? #like the ''warner bros verse'' shit was stupid as hell but ignoring that it felt like shit actually happened in that one #there was stakes and escalation; the final shot happens in jam1 and i was like ''oh.... it's over? already? where's the climax??'' #watch sj1 if you want a fun simple time with great music; watch sj:nl if you want like a real plot and stakes and a message #and lola being a real actual character #tho sj also didn't have ''old people trying to write Kids These Days lingo'' so that's a plus
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  • art-shanonigans
    16.05.2022 - 22 minutes ago


    #lego monkie kid #monkie kid #lmk sun wukong
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  • knightgundam
    16.05.2022 - 23 minutes ago

    sprite edits? sprite edits. my brain is full of gjd stuff today

    #my pogger kids #fuck what do i even tag this as #sprite edits #??? #gjd
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