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  • starsfic
    26.05.2022 - 1 minute ago

    Can I get some MK kissing Red Son a LOT like just a BUNCH of kisses

    “Thank you for coming,”

    “It’s no problem!” Qi Xiaotian looked around at the palace as he followed Jade Faced Princess. He hadn’t met her before the event that had ultimately led to her getting custody of Red Son, and he could already see the differences between her and DBK and Princess Iron Fan. 

    While their palace had been dark and filled with lava with long echoing hallways that felt empty, hers was brighter. Windows were open to allow in the sunshine and the sight of a massive garden. They passed by servants going about their daily tasks and thousands of foxes, relaxing in the sun or following them.

    “It’s just…Red Son understands why I had to take custody of him,” Jade Face said. “And I understand that, even though he understands, he would still be upset with me. However, he’s been in his chambers all week and refuses to leave. I just figured a friend-”

    Xiaotian chuckled. “Don’t worry, your highness! I’ll do what I can!”

    The older woman chuckled. “Please. Just call me Jade Face.” They stopped at a set of grand doors carved with the Samadhi symbol. Jade Face opened the door and poked her head in. “Kit? One of your friends is here!”

    Xiaotian stepped inside and the door shut behind him.

    He stood inside what looked like a sitting room. At least, it would if it wasn’t overtaken by boxes and all the shades were closed. A Bull Clone was standing next to an open box and waved when they made eye contact. “Red Son?”

    Something from another room.

    Xiaotian slowly and carefully made his way through the boxes, eventually entering a bedroom. This one looked to be put together. At least the bed was, a massive lump curled up under the sheets. “Red?” he called. “Hey…I brought cookies?”

    There was another noise, but this time he could make it out to be an unimpressed grumble. It was a good sign. Probably. He settled on the bed with a sigh. "Are you okay?"


    Xiaotian reached over and pushed down the blanket. A hand shot up before his face was revealed. However, his hair was visible. An idea sparked to mind.

    "If you don't say anything, I'll kiss you."

    He expected Red to burst up, yelling about not having his filthy peasant lips on him or something. But the lump only curled up tighter. The silence drew on.

    "Okay then."

    It was a brief gesture, more on Red's ponytail than anything else, but it worked. The lump exploded into a blur of blankets before Xiaotian was face to face with a flustered fire demon.

    "What was that?!" said fire demon yelled, his hair sparking into a smolder. He looked like he hadn't slept in days, and his eyes were red, but at least he was up.

    "A kiss!" Xiaotian said, trying his best not to sound smug. Based on how Red's eyes narrowed, it failed. "You like it? I can kiss you some more." He leaned forward, expecting his face to be shoved back.


    Instead, Red froze, allowing Xiaotian to peck his chin. Xiaotian continued to kiss all over his face, keeping an eye out for any signs of being pushed away. But the fire demon didn't seem to...

    He felt him take a deep breath.

    Then Red was leaning forward.

    Xiaotian blinked but froze himself as Red kissed his lips. There was a little sigh as he pulled away. The fire demon smirked.

    "I can do the same thing, Noodle Boy."

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  • seungly
    26.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    Until I Found You | Lee Minho

    pairing: Lee Know x f!reader

    genre: fluff, angst, idol!verse

    wc: -

    warning/s: mutual pining, author has no idea how these things work so this is a big hunch pls roll with it.

    a/n: I’m craving milk tea so bad. I beg for mercy, pls don’t attack me JANDIUHD I tried my best TT

    not proofread

    © seungly 2022


    Love at first sight. 

    The feeling of an instant connection one gets after laying their eyes upon someone who just walked through the corridor, how ridiculous.

    It had always been absurd to Minho. He always thought it was something only written in fairy tales or a statement made to make someone’s heart flutter, but the moment you entered the room with that bright smile of yours, he felt it. 

    Minho was a shy guy, but certainly not this shy. Hyunjin always teased him about it, telling him how cute his little crush was. You’d expect tissues in his mouth, but Minho would only laugh and slap his arm.  It’s been months since you worked in the company yet he still couldn’t talk to you without his ears turning red and the little flutter that he felt. There always seems to be a lump caught in his throat every time he tries to talk to you.

    He thanked their comeback for giving him more time to spend with you. From afar of course. Minho’s eyes sparkled with adoration as he stares at you from his seat. You’re always pretty in his eyes but beautiful when you’re laughing. Minho smiled while you laugh with your friends, your eyes disappearing as you laugh too hard, earning a slap on the arm by one of your friends. 

    He saw you pout at your friend which made him chuckle, and for a moment your eyes met. You smiled at him. Minho panicked, looking away as his heartbeat raced out of his chest. Was he too loud? 

    “You okay, Hyung?” Changbin nudged him. “Your face is red.”

    “Look at his ears!!” Han chimed in laughing. Hyunjin quickly took a peek and laughed along with him. 

    Minho bit his lip, stealing a glance your way only to see you still looking at him. “Ah, I know what’s got him like this~” Changbin teased. 

    “More like who.” Seungmin’s sudden appearance startled everyone, almost making Minho jump out of his chair.

    “Where did you come from?!” Han slapped his shoulder, fake sobbing as his other hand clutched his chest. “Don’t creep up on people like that.”

    “Right, but it’s okay when Lino Hyung stares at Y/n from afar. Not creepy at all.” Seungmin pouts, leaning his head on Hyunjin’s shoulder to rest.

    Minho wanted to disappear right then and there. Taking one more glance at you- it was a mistake. 

    You were walking to him.

    Minho’s breath hitched, he covered his ears and looked down at his shoes. He could hear his heartbeat become louder with every step you took. 

    “Minho?” you tap his shoulder. He cleared his throat, looking up at you hesitantly. 

    The members watched in anticipation. Changbin smirked, his knuckles turning white as he gripped the armrest a little too hard to contain his giddiness. You smiled at Minho, tilting your head slightly. You didn’t know what you were doing to him and it shows.

    “Yes...?” Minho managed to reply. His voice slightly shook when he saw how pretty you looked with the dim purple light against your features and the soft smile on your face as you stared at him.

    “Are you okay? Are they teasing you again?” you chuckled at his face. “You look like you saw a ghost.”

    “Mhm yeah, uhm. No no, we’re fine!” he laughed forcefully. “Just playing around.” 

    “Hey, aren’t you gonna ask the rest of us??” Han pouted. “Why is it only Minho?” he teased.

    “You guys look fine. Minho seemed like he was gonna explode.” you laughed. “Oh right, we’re just waiting for Chan then we can go. Bye, devil bunny.” You pat Minho’s head before sticking your tongue at Han and walking away. 

    Minho blushed at the nickname. It was supposed to be a tease, but it felt like the greatest compliment ever when you said it. His heart fluttered, trying not to smile.

    “Ask her out later!” Changbin nudged him. “Take her out for ice cream or something.” 

    “She probably has plans, you know.” Minho shook his head but the thought of asking you out lingers in his head.

    “Only one way to find out...” Changbin smiles. “Y/n!!” 

    Minho’s stomach dropped 6ft under, glaring at Changbin as he continuously called you. Maybe one of these days he’ll be successful in making one of their heads explode.

    “You guys missed me already?” you rolled your eyes. “Chan’s not yet done.” 

    “Minho has something to ask.” Changbin smiled cheekily at you.

    “Oh?” you were taken aback. Minho doesn’t usually talk to you, it’s you who talks to him. The thought of him asking you something unexpectedly made your heart flutter. “What is it?” you land your gaze on him, staring ever so softly into his eyes.

    “I-Uhm...” Minho swallowed the lump in his throat, glancing at Changbin. Changbin nodded and motioned for him to continue. “I was just wondering if you- do we have coffee, still?”

    “What?!” Han screamed, slapping his hands on his mouth quickly.

    “Ah...” you laugh. You try to push away the disappointment but what else could you have expected, right?  “Yeah, there’s still some. Want me to get you guys one?” 

    “Ah no no, It’s okay. We’ll get it!” Minho smiled at you. “Thanks.” 

    “No problem!” you were about to walk away when you remembered something. “Do you guys maybe wanna go out for some milk tea later?” 

    Hyunjin laughed, waking the resting Seungmin on his shoulder. 

    “Did I say something wrong?” you laugh nervously. “It’s okay if you guys don’t wanna come, but tell me if you change your mind!” you hurriedly walk away, embarrassed. 

    Minho felt his heart shatter at the drop of your mood. “Now what was that for?!” he glared at Hyunjin.

    “I’m sorry, it’s just- you were supposed to do exactly what she did.” Hyunjin chuckled.

    Minho sighed, watching you walk back to your friends. He wanted to apologize but he couldn’t move his body. Maybe he will ask you out one of these days, but for now, he remained admiring you from afar.


    The next day, today, you had to come early for preparations. You were asked to help with the set due to the lack of employees. Your coworkers greet you as you walk in, a tired smile on their faces. 

    “Y/n, you’re helping for the background!” you hear your manager yell from afar. You nod at him and went to get ready. 

    You wish you bought coffee but you were in a rush to meet your time and unfortunately, they ran out of coffee earlier this morning. You looked at your partner who was busy fixing a sign on the fake wall. You wonder if they had their coffee.

    “Good Morning, Hoon!” you greet the guy brightly, walking closer to help. “I guess we’ll be working together this morning!”

    “We work together all the time, Y/n.” he chuckled. “Now your job is to fix the broken light up there.” he takes a look at the sign he fixed before handing you a new bulb.

    “Can you help me with the ladder?” you ask him nervously. 

    “I would but I have a lot more to do. Don’t worry, it’s sturdy and safe!” he pats your shoulder before walking away.

    You frown as he walks away. You can’t do this alone, you could try. Wasting no time, you grab the ladder that was sat across from where you were supposed to be. You cursed Hoon as you climbed up the shaky ladder, a bulb in hand.

    “Y/n?” you jump at the sudden voice, clinging to the ladder as you tried to catch your breath. “Are you okay?!” 

    You slowly move down the ladder to talk to him. Smiling nervously when you reached the ground. “Ah yes. Oh, this is embarrassing, Minho.” you laugh.

    “No! not at all, do you want some help?” he smiles. “Also the power for this thing isn’t switched off. Do you wanna get electrocuted?” 

    “Oh fuck. I didn’t even realize!” you laugh. You genuinely wanted to hide, this was over the moon embarrassing. “I-I guess I could really use some help.”

    Minho laughed with you before unplugging the prop. “Here, you’ll be safer now.” he held the ladder as much as he could to keep it from shaking. “I’m sorry, I should’ve offered to do it.” he chuckled.

    “Oh shush. I’ll get in trouble, this is not your job.” you giggle, twisting the old bulb off. “Why are you here so early though?”

    “Chan said you guys ran out of coffee so he practically jumped out of his chair to buy you guys some. I tagged along!” he chuckled.

    “There’s coffee?!” you sighed in relief. “Oh thank heavens for you little angels, really.” you laugh as you twist the new bulb in one final time. “Ta-da!”

    “Good job. Now get down from there so I can get you coffee.” Minho smiled while you start to climb down. He held his hand out to help you off.

    You had no idea where this side of him came from. He wasn’t usually like this. The feel of his soft hands made your skin crawl, you could hold it for hours. “Wait.” you run to plug the prop back in. The light flickered before finally opening for long. You sigh in relief, feeling triumphant in your mission. “So...you said there was coffee?”

    Minho smiled, his heart warming at the sight of you. He wondered how you could look so pretty at 7 in the morning. He led you to the table where Chan sat as he chatted with the manager. you grab yourself a cup of what seemed to be a latte, bringing it to your lips to take a sip. Minho couldn’t help but stare in awe, mesmerized by your 7 am beauty with your light- almost unfinished -makeup and slightly disheveled hair.  

    “So uhm...” you cleared your throat. “I’m sorry if I said something wrong yesterday.” you chuckled, turning your head to him.

    Minho almost forgot about it. He thought about going but Felix asked for help in cooking and the moment Felix brought up the puppy eyes, Minho lost all his strength and helped the guy. Dinner didn’t help at all when the guys kept teasing him about asking you out until he snapped and told them he will the next time he saw you. 


    “Minho...?” you tap his shoulder. “I have to go back soon.” you giggle.

    “Oh okay.” Minho didn’t mean to but his tone came out uninterested but alas it did. “No wait!” you quickly stop on your steps, turning so quickly you almost fell. 

    “Mhm?” you chuckled, head spinning. 

    “Would you...” this was it. Everything he prepared for the night before comes down to this. “I felt bad for yesterday so maybe I can take you out tonight?”

    You shook your head, smiling sadly at him. “No need. It’s okay, I promise.” 

    “Fuck no, I didn’t mean it like that.” he laughs nervously, walking a step closer to you. “Let me try again, sorry.” he swallows the lump in his throat.

    You stare at him with a wide smile, this man was feared by most people, and here he was in front of you, a blushing mess. You weren’t exactly oblivious, you knew him crushing on you was a possibility but it was fairly very hard to believe. 

    “Date. I- would you like to go out on a date?” he smiles at you, his little smile that you found incredibly adorable when he’s nervous or flustered. “with me...” he continued, eyes looking at you expectantly.

    “And this is not because you guys seemed like a bunch of jerks yesterday?” you purse your lips.

    “Of course not, I’m sorry about that, but I swear I really really like you.” his gaze now focused on his fingers.

    “Okay, then tell me why Hyunjin laughed at me.” 

    “I was supposed to ask you out but you did it before me.” he blurted out quickly, now looking at you. You scrunch your nose, giggling about it. 

    “How cute. Then it would be just right if I go out with you.” you hold out your hand. “Do you still have time before getting ready?” Minho only nodded, slipping his hand in yours. 

    “For you? of course.” His stomach fills with butterflies, watching you lead him somewhere along the big dim-lit room. 


    #seungly#seungly req #stray kids imagines #stray kids reactions #stray kids scenarios #stray kids x reader #lee know x reader #stray kids lee know #lee know fluff #lee know fanfic #feedback is appreciated
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  • sbpstudios
    26.05.2022 - 3 minutes ago

    Y’all remember lost tapes? On animal planet?

    That found footage show about cryptids that was animal planet’s excuse too talk about weird animal facts and shit

    I remember. God I love that show

    #I’m rewatching it today #it was my SHIT as a kid #ough
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  • electronicsquid
    26.05.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    Gone fishing

    (Yale Joel. 1958?)

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  • ninja-knox-ur-sox-off
    26.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    Macaque: always look out for number one because no one will help you 

    Mk and Tang who both offered him help: am I a joke to you? 

    #knox rambles#Monkie Kid #LEGO Monkie Kid #Monkie Kid season 3 spoilers #LEGO Monkie kid season 3 spoilers #Mk #Six Eared Macaque #Tang #he's dumb ur honour #and truamatized#BGA;LWKMEF
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    26.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    DC Wiki doing the Lord's work:

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  • ssickening
    26.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    I have 3 cats and am actually clinically insane. Stay away frm me thanks

    #mine#grace thoughts #I’m like the old grumpy lady who lives at the end of the street with way too much shit in the front yard #and yells at the neighborhood kids
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    26.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    i started wimpy kid today

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  • katierosefun
    26.05.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    A slightly random question: what are your favorite tracks from Beyond Evil OST? (Personally, I like all of it, but if I absolutely had to choose, I'd say mine are 2000 Manyang and Dull Sadness)

    oh, i love all of the tracks so much, but i think the ones that i listen to the most are the road and my name is lee dong sik and who is the monster, although i did quote the lyrics of empty on my graduation cap. i just really love the road because of how gentle and tender it is, and also a bit melancholy as well as a touch hopeful. i think it really captures the mood of the show very well, and i love how it's the last sung piece of the ost in general--because we start off with the very iconic, spooky the night and then end on a gentle piano, very minimalist the road . . . it just feels very meaningful somehow.

    as for my name is lee dong sik, god . . . i fell in love with that piece as soon as i heard it, just because i think it really captures dong sik's spirit. it's a little playful, but there's also something so achingly lonely about it (it kinda reminded me of like . . . the old westerns, somehow? the final shot of a cowboy riding away or whatever). and that's why i love it.

    and god, who is the monster just has a special place in my heart because it's just, firstly, a fantastic piece of music, but i also adore how it's the slower, sadder version of the beyond evil opening theme. because it's just . . . again, i think it really goes to show just how the show operates? we start the show with this really intimidating, very dramatic opener piece but then when we slow it down, we see beyond evil for what it truly is--a show that's just as much about loss and tragedy and its ripple effects as it is about thriller crime-solving mystery/action. (also, the fact that the opening notes of who is the monster just reminds me of falling rain and so transports me immediately to that scene when joo won says he'll go to hell . . . yeah.

    (also, on a somewhat related note: the opening notes of who is the monster also funnily reminds me of the opening notes to love story from the 2009 miniseries emma . . . just the opening notes, of course, in that it's the same winding piano, but i just find it really funny that i'm reminded of love story when listening to who is the monster.)

    #answered#anon#beyond evil #which reminds me i have a funny emma by jane austen/jwds au in my head #just because i think joo won and emma share similarities #in that they're both Only Childs who are pretty wealthy and also spoiled #but they mean well! but they jump to conclusions SO fast #and they are both only ever able to truly converse with an older gentleman who is constantly exasperated with them #(and of course said older gentleman is in love with them and also good with kids) #(and of course said older gentleman has a moment of yelling 'BADLY DONE' at emma/joo won) #do you see the vision!
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  • thvhoe
    26.05.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    I'm currently taking requests again so feel to do so.

    I'm begging you please make the requests Interesting let your wildest thoughs run free, I'm not here to judge; I'm here to thirst WITH yall🥵🥸

    People I write for are; BTS, BlackPink, Twice and StrayKids

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    26.05.2022 - 8 minutes ago

                                                     나는 이 소년들을 사랑한다

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  • fateviled
    26.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    okay my queue has run out over here but im trying to be active over on mal and tamar, so i’ll probably be quiet here for a bit. sorry about that, i’ll try to get back on here as soon as i can!!

    #gv brainrot has me by the throat again i cannot apologize for that #and i really feel live ive been neglecting my solo kids so i need to do stuff with them #but!!!! i have a lot of muse rn so hopefully it won't be that difficult #╰    𝙾𝙾𝙲    ╯      ⋯     himbo energy but like ‚  lesbian
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  • skzoombie
    26.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    Minha primeira vez enviando algo, estou nervosa kkkk poderia fazer um nsfw (?) Do jeongin??


    Parte do corpo

    Cintura, ele gosta de pegar nela quando está do seu lado, é meio tímido de ficar pegando na mão ou dando beijos, então pega na sua cintura para mostrar presença, e no íntimo aperta ele bastante quando está na velocidade rápida.

    Posição favorita

    Mamãe e papai, jeongin não tem muita experiência no sexo, então provavelmente prefere algo mais tradicional, onde tem um deslumbre do seus olhos revirando de prazer (isso aumenta demais o ego dele)


    Galo quente enquanto ele joga, gosta quando está no quarto no computador jogando, enquanto voce está sentada no pênis, apenas relaxando dentro, bônus ele tentado não gemer com o microfone ligado.


    Cama, nada fora do normal, muito tímido para fazer algo em outro lugar, morri de medo dos integrantes pegaram no flagra.

    Não mesmo!

    Algo que envolva dor e voyeurismo, não gosta de sentir dor e nem teria coragem de fazer você sentir, muito menos ver alguém tocando em você (ele é bem ciumento com seu par)


    4 vezes na semana, porque depois que descobriu o sexo, não consegui viver sem, vai usar fofura para convencer você a fazer.

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  • tw3wh
    26.05.2022 - 10 minutes ago

    i stopped taking my spironolactone (i hvnt told anyone except salem) and i think its making me have baby fever im ngl

    #like me and salem r talking abt ocs who have kids #and my coworker brought kids over and i was like 🥺 #and then the customer just now w her kid and me getting excited #oh god. oh fuck
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  • hawnks
    26.05.2022 - 10 minutes ago

    long term projects are literally just a pendulum swinging between “this is the best idea I’ve ever had, I’m in love with this, I want to wake up every day to it and fall asleep with its name on my lips” and “I cannot believe I’ve wasted months on this, I could have been a homeowner by now.”

    #this is about cope town #my BELOATHED #I hate it. i tear it into a million pieces!! >:(( #just kidding it’s my baby. my darling boy #my child whomst is killing me #i have 22 rat.jpegs on my computer #and 16 key jangle sound effects #yknow what’s cool and fun? giving up 😌 #too bad my stupid pride is on the line here akskkxkdkx #WHATEVER#squawk tag
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    26.05.2022 - 10 minutes ago

    Jasper!!! 🧡💛❤️🖤💎

    #jasper#drawing#glitter#my characters #my oc art #doodles#glitter glue#gems #my ocs art #my oc doodle #my ocs #my oc drawing #my kids #my jasper!! #my baby
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    26.05.2022 - 11 minutes ago

    changbin: hey, wanna hear a funny joke? seungmin: i’m more into dark humor changbin: *turns off lights* changbin: so anyway, the jokes goes-

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  • doctorharley-md
    26.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    this issss a little tiny interest checker. if i have ever been in love with you (we were writing together) or even if i havent, swing by

    #i have like 7 drafts #idk if im responding to them #also i forgot my discord password i think #would this even be a harley blog if it wasnt a mess #love u kids #(out of my mind) ooc
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  • stephiepeter67
    26.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago
    #clothing manufacturers and distributors #trendy kids clothing wholesale #Illinois#Ohio
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  • hiptoff
    26.05.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    Here's the story.

    "Watching Disney movies day after day doesn't make me a kid. Oh! Look! What a face! Let's take a screenshot!!"

    #Encanto#screenshot #not a kid #not an adult XD
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