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    Of course ending with a trio! - “We need to find our own inspiration, Kiki. Sometimes it’s not easy.” 🐈‍⬛🧙🏽‍♀️ - - Doing my best Kiki (Part 3) … 🤓🥹💖🥰 - - Tee from @homageteesuk 😎✌🏽 - - #kiki #kikisdeliveryservice #studioghibli #ghibli #studioghiblifilms #homagetees #payhomage #forthepeople #kikigigi #studioghibliaesthetic #aesthetic #aesthetic #japan #japaneseanime #hayaomiyazaki #ghiblivibes #selfie #discoverunder5k #discoverunder4k #microblog #fentybeauty #fentybeautybubblebinge #redbow https://www.instagram.com/p/CeFLF0Wocar/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=

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    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #conf#família soul #conto: pequena sereia #kiki
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    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Shining Vale. A family moves into a haunted house but the mother is the only one who sees the spirit. She doesn't know if she's depressed or possessed. Courteney Cox (Pat) plays the mother and does a fantastic job playing her. It's entertaining and spooky. It's on Amazon Prime.

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    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

             “You’d be surprised at how similar nail powder and cocaine look. That mixup has gotten me in trouble plenty of times, but they both work great!”

    #Open Starters: Kiki. #open starter #indie crime rp
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  • violetmuses
    27.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Black Rose || Chapter 17

    Author’s Note: This chapter includes violence, strong language, angst, dark themes, and other possibly triggering content. Please read at your own risk.

    Black Rose - Masterlist 🖤

    J Krew: @nerdysuperchick @a-reader-and-a-writer @babblydrabbly @lacontroller1991 @shadowkittybucky @loverhymeswith @justin-hammers @weallhaveadestiny @xoxabs88xox @katjnordstrom96  @skvatnavle @mayhem24-7forever @lilisangel @peakyrogers @sociiallydiisoriiented @heresathreebee



    Eric Moretti 

    Not long after the wedding, I returned home, already trying to bring back some semblance of one normal life. Over that weekend, I hid near outskirts of the beach while Cyrus married an angel. My brother smiled with her more than ever before. 

    “What do you want?” My therapist, this bookworm counselor who sat across from me while sitting in the room, scribbling notes in some journal that backlogged with old information. If it wasn’t for my military background, I would’ve never gone.  

    “Peace.” I clipped the word, still struggling to respond without giving too much away. Explaining trauma to a stranger made no sense, especially when this so-called professional knew next to nothing about my own life. Talking to mirages. 

    “How are things going with Cyrus?” The therapist asked, nodding through silence before scribbling in that journal again. 

    “As well as you can get. I wasn’t invited to the wedding, but we’re a lot better off now. He moved in with his wife, too.” I attempted, sitting up in the chair and clearing my throat. 

    “And your mother?” The therapy went, not scribbling much this time. Another round of silence reached the room. 

    “Okay, I guess. No major fights.” I kept the answer vague, but knew that Toby and Cyrus would always be Mom’s golden boys. 

    “What about you and Troy?” Another question, this time probing my childhood best friend. 

    “To be honest, I’m probably the most solid with Troy than anyone else that you just mentioned.” I almost scoffed. “He’s more like family to me than Russ at this point.” 

    “That’s good.” The therapist understood, but wrote down more details. I could only imagine what had been summed up. 

    “Look, I’ve booked an hour with you ever since the court mandated this shit after my service. If you can’t crack the code, I might as well leave. Feels like we’re wasting time.” I simmered within, hoping to speed up the process quickly instead. 

    “I move at your pace, Eric. The more you’re willing to tell me, the more likely you can heal. Help me move along the process with you.” The therapist finally offered insight, giving clarity. 

    “Where do I start, Doc? If we even look at my old notes, you’ve probably seen hundreds of foster kid tales and armed service backstories anyway. What’s the point of me speaking up again?” I shook my head, but didn’t overreact. 

    “You still have a voice, Eric. Know that speaking up matters, even when other people describe similar things.” The therapist went on, advising me once more. “Are you jealous of your brothers?” 

    “Yeah. I’ve always wondered why Mom favored them over me. Hell, Cyrus is only the middle child between all three of us and she acts as if he’s the First Born.” I lowered my voice, trying not to lose composure. “Now, it’s like Mom treats me as a stranger. We act kind to each other, but she doesn’t feel like my parent.” 

    “Have you ever asked your mother why the dynamics could be so different?” My therapist questioned. 

    “Everyone loves people in different ways, but I feel left alone, always have been. It’s difficult to talk with her because we don’t even see each other very often.” I offered the truth. 

    “Maybe you could try reaching out more often.” Doc continued, but handed over this brief smile. “Take small steps.” 

    “Even a phone call from me might spook her. My mother’s more likely to pick up when Bianca sends out text messages, y’know?” I cringed, knowing that her daughter-in-law bonded more than me, her own biological son.  

    “Do you believe that your mother is still afraid to connect with you on a deeper level because of your father’s passing?” Doc finally reached for the jugular and hit one benchmark. 

    “Yes.” I affirmed. 


    “Russ?” I dialed a few days later, taking small steps with my brother before even attempting to reach Mom right away. 

    “Hey. I’m at the grocery store with B. What’s going on?” Cyrus beamed on the other line and I could only imagine how his smile looked in person since the wedding. 

    “Don’t wanna take up too much of your time, but I was wondering if you two wanted to join me and a few friends for dinner this weekend.” I offered that genuine question and tried to smile on my own despite sitting in the living room by myself. 

    “Thanks for the offer, but Drew’s birthday is coming up and we’re all going out for dinner then. Maybe next time, E.” Russ declined, but at least sounded grateful. 

    “Oh, no problem.” I stayed cordial. “Sending birthday wishes for Drew. Bye.” I hung up this phone call, feeling slightly defeated. 


    With no other choice but to brush off that call with Cyrus, I found out that Drew earned quite the birthday celebration based on social media posts. Russ offered access due to our small steps, which allowed me to “follow” his friends in return. 

    In videos or photos, glasses clinked while everyone grinned, proving just how much Cyrus and Drew were linked. The Butler family and friends join in, beaming as if Cyrus was actually born with Drew in the same ward. Even Bianca laughed along. 

    All I ever wanted was to feel openly included with him like that, accepted near him instead of dodged. Friends would come and go, but family meant something to me, especially when Russ and Tobias were still alive. Happy, too. 

    While cooking dinner alone, I noticed that subtle turns of my front door had echoed from behind. 

    I didn’t know what to think, but cut off the stove and picked up my nearest firearm, secretly permitted to carry as long as no one called out my criminal past. 

    I’d only given one spare apartment key to Troy, so someone else must've tried to pick the lock this time around. 

    “You should really get that door fixed, Eric. Put the gun down.” Ray Hugo showed the audacity to stand in the middle of my living room and lift up one bobby pin. 

    “What are you doing here?” I lowered my voice, but unloaded the gun as he requested. There was no need to fight back and risk getting killed for good. 

    “Wanted to talk, especially since you didn’t help me out last weekend.” 

    “Told you before Ray, I wasn’t going to ruin the best day of their lives. Russ deserves to be happy. Why don’t you understand that?” I defended my brother, trying to reason with the monster who stood in front of me. This same monster hurt Mom and killed my father.

    “Look, your mother only coddled him because of where we lived. To be honest with you kid, I never really liked our city anyway.” Ray dared to scoff, pacing back and forth. 

    “Coddled?” I furrowed my brow. “Russ is one of the toughest men I’ve ever met, with or without family ties.” 

    “He only turned into this wannabe thug because it’s the only way folks didn’t kill you on sight.” Ray uttered bullshit, completely skipping over how much people bullied him growing up.

    “Are you saying that he appropriated culture?” I questioned. 

    “Of course. Without the tattoos, a Black wife, and so-called mafia power in the city, he’s just another White Boy, no different than you.” Ray lowered his voice, still giving out nonsense. 

    “Sounds like you're insecure, Ray. My therapist says that folks start projecting onto other people when they don’t like reality.” I folded both arms, admitting the truth. 

    “Don’t give me that psychological bullshit. No amount of time with some bookworm shrink could excuse your sins. Deal with God like everyone else, kid.” Ray shook his head. 

    “You have no idea what I’ve been through. Now, I know exactly why Mom left your ass.” I backpedaled from him, still feeling pissed off. “Only think about yourself.” 

    “No. If it wasn’t for you being born, I’d have my family back.” Ray was almost delusional now and blamed me for Mom’s happiness after their divorce. 

    “You’ve lost your mind.” I said. 

    “Not yet.” Out of nowhere, Ray took out his cell phone and slid it towards me across the coffee table. 

    At that moment, I lifted the phone and realized that there was a picture of Cyrus cuddling a puppy with the biggest smile on his face. Even his wedding band gleamed while his knuckle showed. 

    “What did you do to my brother?” I nearly growled. Enough was enough. “What the hell do you even want from us?” 

    Just when I believed that Ray would finally give me an answer, one piercing gunshot ran out. 

    His dying body almost immediately fell backward and thudded right onto my carpeted floor. 

    I glanced over my shoulder to see Bianca holding the firearm. 

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    v-viva do u still like naoya zenin from jjk yes or no no 👁👁

    I most certainly do, mm m m m naoya tells me to get in the kitchen and I do just that— WITH NO COMPLAINTS, I’m down bad

    #mutuals<3 #💓.kiki #i was actually thinking bout him earlier #thinkin bout him breeding me while he degraded me #i love him kiki
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    Studio Ghibli asks for anyone who wants to answer:

    What’s your favorite Studio Ghibli movie?

    What’s your least favorite Ghibli movie?

    Most overrated Ghibli movie?

    Most underrated Ghibli movie?

    What Ghibli movie most speaks to your soul?

    Which Ghibli heroine do you find to be the most inspiring?

    What’s your favorite Ghibli character relationship (can be any kind of relationship whether romantic, platonic, or familial)?

    Which Ghibli world would you live in if you could?

    #studio ghibli#cottagecore#aesthetics#hayao miyazaki #kiki's delivery service #my neighbor totoro #spirited away #howl’s moving castle #whisper of the heart #anime#movies #slice of life #fantasy
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    aya takano’s cosmic juice (english edition) || タカノ綾の『COSMIC JUICE』(英語版)

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  • sabishi-tomo
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    More Akagami parallelism / callbacks

    In celebration of the official English translation of Volume 19 coming out in early June, here's a comparison of two of my favorite Kiki covers.

    Chapter 43 cover

    The first cover is from Kiki's flashback arc, set before she started working as Prince Zen's aide, when they are both about 15. At this point she has been training as a swordswoman and future countess under her father's tutelage. She is not particularly close to anyone, and largely believed that she had to be entirely self-reliant to protect herself and achieve her goals.

    Volume 19 cover (50 chapters or so later!)

    This cover is set near the end of the Bergatt arc, before Kiki's formal engagement. This is nearly seven years later, and Kiki is around 22. At this point, Kiki's grown a ton while serving in the castle, made lifelong friends in the form of Zen and Mitsuhide (+Obi +Shirayuki) and largely knows her place in life. She's used to relying on others now.

    The parallels and contrasts

    The composition of the two covers is similar (Kiki is at the center, there's two people at her side, etc) but the contrasts are noteworthy. The cover from her past arc is during day time. Kiki is facing forward but looking puzzled, maybe because she's starting a new chapter in her life with Prince Zen at the castle. In the Vol 19 cover, she's older, more confident, and generally looks badass. Her expression has a hint of mischief and since she's looking at the reader, it's almost like she has some secret (either from people in universe, or from the readers, who knows). And then instead of Zen being on her left, he's been replaced with Hisame in this cover, perhaps representing the fact that her time with Zen is almost over and she's about to begin the next chapter of her life as Seiran heir. At this point, it wasn't set in stone if it would be Hisame or Mitsuhide by her side when she becomes countess, which is probably why both grace the cover as the two possible paths.

    Also, I just love the fact that Kiki managed to keep her sword with her, even though she's in a dress at a harvest festival😂.

    #kiki seiran #akagami no shirayukihime #snow white with the red hair #zen wisteria#mitsuhide rouen#mitsuhide lowen#hisame lugis#zen wistalia
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    More Sanrio tamagotchi ☁️🌙🍃

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    #this is more a wishlist than anything #RJP as moose is a joke....sort of.....can you IMAGINE?? HIM AND KIKI?? #the old guard
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    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Hacks cast, bring your fandom to work day edition

    Left to right:

    Kiki: sixth-year grad student who is impossibly cool and a total unknown; took several years off before coming back to school, and nothing fazes her—not quals or the dissertation or even the looming job market; all of her students are a little in love by the end of the term

    Ava: the new postdoc; teaching and working on turning her dissertation on affect studies into a book that only sometimes seems comprehensible to anyone around her; managed to insult the department chair and a prominent emeritus professor during her first faculty meeting; somehow ended up weirdly close with a professor everyone swears they heard her fighting with out in the quad

    Deborah: one of the first women to have gotten tenure in the department back in the early 80s in the midst of a huge scandal; has been sailing on a successful first book on modernist women writers that hasn’t really held up to scrutiny over time, but she has a cadre of hyper-loyal grad students and undergrads that adore her (and there are those pesky rumors about her and the college dean that never seem to dissipate…); everyone swore she was headed for retirement within the next couple of years, but suddenly she’s on campus more than ever, holed up in her office with that new postdoc, supposedly working on something brand new

    Marcus: one of Deborah’s former advisees; won all the department awards as a grad student and got hired to teach performance history after Deborah called in a favor to “remind” the dean’s office that they’d promised to allot new hiring lines to the department to expand course offerings in the area; half of his rate my professor reviews call him a “total hardass”; the other half insist he’s “brilliant, but you have to do all the reading!”

    Damien: adjunct professor who specializes in Victorian gothic literature and teaches more classes per semester than half the tenured faculty combined; seems to be running on fumes, but he already has a second book project lined up and ready to go, and the rumor mill says he might have an offer for a tenure-track position elsewhere (then again, he’s the source for half of the rumor mill, so one can never be too sure)

    #hacks hbo #hacks academia au (different from the lovely fan comic!) #deborah vance#ava daniels#Kiki#Marcus#Damien #take your fandom to work day is my favorite thing
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    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago


    BRUHHHH this is the first time I’ve ever been soooo close to dropping this manga.

    #snow white with the red hair #akagami no shirayukihime #mitsuhide x kiki #mitsukiki#swwtrh
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    27.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    My whole dash is Star Wars again and honestly? I missed this. I love that we're all collectively excited and happy.

    #look what obi-wan did for us!!! #kiki speaks#kenobi series #THE ST COULD NEVER
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    ghibli girls ❤️ love them all

    #illustration#drawing#hayao miyazaki#studio ghibli #castle in the sky #nausicaä of the valley of the wind #nausicaa #howls moving castle #kikis delivery service #spirited away#princess mononoke #but particularly i love nausicaa #and then sophie
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    cloud commissions

    #pixel art#clouds#kiki draws #im gonna be hitting everyone with the cloud spam pretty soon ive gotten through soo many cloud commissions #and insatiable urge to show everyone
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    #(:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅[̲̅:♡:]̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅) — kiki's answer ​ᵎ #but i liked your explanation there btw
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    there was one pic where they were like “cropping off my face bc I’m shy 🙈”. It wasn’t her, bitch cropped out the original posters face 😩



    #(:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅[̲̅:♡:]̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅) — kiki's answer ​ᵎ #— 🫰 anon ⨾
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