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    Johnny Instagram story 220523

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    haechan: i spilled lipstick in your valentino white bag

    doyoung: you spilled wha- WHAT?!?! LIPSTICK IN MY VALENTINO WHITE BAG

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    why does no one write doyoung fics? let me be in my little fantasy world for 5 mins

    (pls comment/reblog/send me ur fav nct fics/authors)

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    18.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    What Is Mine

    F!Reader x NCT

    Genre: Vampire Hunter AU

    Warning: Blood, Fangs, Claws, Murder, Starvation

    Words: 4.4K


    One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine |  Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen | Sixteen | Epilogue (Coming Soon)

    Prompt: Vampire hunting was always simple, you go in, you kill the monsters, burn the evidence and move on. Easy. At least that’s what they thought until they find themselves with a fresh new vampire, as innocent and as vulnerable as a child. It presents them with a once in a life time chance to learn and try something new, train a vampire to hunt it’s own kind without remorse. They never would have thought they could have such a pet, let alone grow so attached to it.

    “How are you feeling, Ze?”

        You couldn’t really bring yourself to look at Jaehyun, instead messing around with the bracelets you had on. Despite not having worn them for so long, they felt familiar, and a bit comfortable too. The first thing that needed to be done was a check up, you had been gone for so long a lot needed to be updated.

    “I’m okay…”

    “You sure? You were gone for a long time.”

    “I’m sorry…”

    “You don’t need to apologize for that. It wasn’t your fault. We should have taken better care of you.”

    “Still… I feel… guilty…”

    “Ze, you were practically kidnapped. You have nothing to feel guilty for.”

    “But…” You started choking up. “Doyoung… and the dreamies… and…”

    “Hey, hey…” Jaehyun grabbed your face, wiping away the tears. “We’re all okay, and we’re all back home now, that’s what matters.”


    “Keep apologizing like this and I’m gonna have to do all kinds of things to put a smile on your face. Shall we see how ticklish you are?”

    You giggled. “No, no, I’m okay.”

    “Precisely. You’re okay, you’re home, so we’re all okay.” Jaehyun kissed your head. “So no more crying, and no more apologies, okay?”


    “Good girl. Now let’s finish up here and then get you some food.”

        You had a soft smile on your face, wiping away the last of your tears. So much had happened, but you should be grateful that you were home. The nightmare was practically over, so you just had to focus on the good things to come.

    “Here you go.”

        After the check up you returned to your room, finding a surprise. Doyoung and the others had eagerly been awaiting your return so you could all eat together. Although the first thing that caught your attention was the smell, it wasn’t animal blood. Renjun held a blood bag out to you, but you were hesitant to take it.

    “You haven’t eaten yet, right?”

    “I… but that’s… human…”

    “I know.”

    “I can’t…”

    “But you’re hungry.”


    “Ze.” Doyoung got up. “I know you’re worried, we all know why, but it’s okay.”

        Doyoung took your hands in his, lifting them up to show you your bracelets, as well as the ones he was wearing.

    “You’re not gonna hurt anyone, and you’re not gonna hurt yourself. We know things are different, and we’ve planned for that.”

    “I had a lot before… and I know we don’t… I…”

    “Ze…” Doyoung sighed. “If you don’t want human blood… we can get you back on animal but… it won’t be pretty…”

    “You… you could?”

    “Ze, we have enough for you.” Mark assured. “You don’t have to-”

    “But I don’t trust myself on that stuff… I really… became a monster cause of it…”

    “That’s not true. That was on us for not feeding you properly.”

    “You did it so I wouldn’t be a liability on the field, and it worked… I was a better person… vampire… back then…”

    “And we can’t do that to you again.” Jeno said. “We’ve all tasted that stuff, we’re horrible people for giving it to you.”

    “I didn’t mind…”

    “You didn’t know better.”

    “I’d rather have it than risk hurting you.”

    “So now you think you’re stronger than us?” YangYang commented. “Should we test that?”

    “I… I…”

    “I’m not trying to intimidate you. I just… maybe later on when you feel better. I suppose training will be easier now.”

    “Training… you still… we’ll still hunt?”

    “Uh… not quite sure about that… but at least we can keep each other active.”

    “But that would mean I have to eat properly and… animal blood does make me weaker…”

    “Why not both then?” Jaemin added. “A diet of both human and animal. You still need human blood, but the majority can be animal. How does that sound?”

    “Can… can that work?”

    “Uh… it should.” Doyoung said. “Although that means we’d have to make your primary diet animal blood, which, like I said, won’t be pretty.”

    “What… what do you mean by that?”

    “We’d have to dry you out.”

    “You mean starve her!” Jisung yelled. “We can’t do that to her!”

    “Starve me…”

    “Relax. Once human blood is out of her system we can get her back on animal blood.”

    “How does that work!” Chenle added. “That makes no sense!”

    “We can include you both if you want.”


    “No.” You spoke up. “At the end of the day, I’m the one who wants this, not them. You guys have control over yourselves, I don’t… so I need to do this, I want to.”

    “How is this supposed to work though? I don’t like it.”

    “It’s actually quite simple.” Doyoung explained. “By… starving Ze, she’ll be hungry enough to accept animal blood, and since her previous diet consisted of it, it shouldn’t be hard for her body to accept it. In your case, or any of ours really, this might not work as well.”

    “I’ll be fine.” You assured. “You’ll keep me company, right?”

    “Of course we will.” Jisung said. “Promise.”


    “Where is she!”

        Losing sight of you was something he had gotten used to. No matter his efforts he knew you needed space and time, so he would give that to you. He knew you’d hang around the club and drink, or just stay in your room. If he needed to know where you were he could ask the others or check the cameras if he needed to. Yet as the night began to come to an end he went searching for you. At this point he figured you’d be a little wasted and in need of someone to carry you to bed. Instead he caught a scent of your blood and went on a hunt.

        When he found your scent outside he was livid, more so finding actual drops of blood. He went off to view the security footage, unsure if what he was seeing was real. He couldn’t get a good glimpse at who you followed out, but he was sure that was who took you. It couldn’t be a hunter, they would have caused a bigger scene. No you were targeted specifically, and he didn’t like that one bit. His first move was to go to Kihyun, but he swore he had nothing to do with this incident. That really left him with no other option, and he didn’t want to believe it.

        Those hunters couldn’t have found this place, but then again with those kids going back to them it was a much greater possibility. Yet that goes back to the other issue as to why they didn’t make such a big deal out of this. Surely they would have attacked, brought in reinforcements, not just come for you quietly. Jooheon scoured the security footage until he got his answer, but he didn’t like it one bit. He stared at the vaguely familiar face on screen, the face of a dead man. He would know for sure as he was the cause, but to see them, and confirm they were the person you followed out just made it all the more possible.

    “I want her found! Now!”

        Jooheon knew they had many resources at their disposal, they always did, but they never wanted to cause a ruckus. He didn’t even bother to hunt down those who took his family from him. Pathetic really, but he saw no point in doing so, not when he had felt like such a failure. This time was different, it wasn’t just him, this attack put so many at risk. At least that’s what he told himself, but everyone knew the truth. So much had been taken from him, and he was going to fight. There were so many resources he had at his disposal, and he intended to use them all until he found you.


    “Are you sure about this?”


        Jaehyun gave you a soft look before getting the chains on you. If you were truly doing this, you couldn’t be left in your room, so you had to be locked up in a cell. The other boys had tried to dissuade you from this, but you had already made up your mind.

    “They’re not too tight are they?”

    “No, they’re fine. Thanks.”

    “Yeah… I should also apologize.”

    “For what?”

    “Everything. Your wings… your fangs… for everything we did to you.”

    “You’re making it sound like I didn’t have a choice. As if you did it just to mess with me.”


    “I know my memories are blurry, but Mark told me about what happened. I was scared about hurting you guys, so I let you cut off my wings. As for my fangs, that was for my sake too.”

    “I’m glad you’re not mad.”

    “I couldn’t be mad at you guys, never. I just hope you’re not mad at me.”

    “We’d never be upset with you either.” Jaehyun gave you a smile. “I also brought you this.”

        Jaehyun revealed an all too familiar canteen in his hands and your eyes lit up. You quickly tried to grab for it but he was just out of reach that your chains went taut and you collapsed to the floor. You both laughed for a moment.

    “Still our girl.”

        Unlike other times he just handed over the food and you gladly bit in. Although you didn’t just suck it dry, taking a sip and then pulling away with a surprised smile on your face.

    “Not good?”

    “It tastes the same.” You admitted. “And yet different all at once.”

    “You don’t have to…”

    “I prefer this. It’ll take some getting used to again… but I want this.”

    “If you insist. If you don’t mind, I’d like to stick around for a while.”

    “Not at all. I want to hear all about your secret little research that made you guys so strong, and saved Doyoung…”

    “Ah… I probably should have told you about that…”

    “It’s alright, I doubt I would have understood anyway. I’m just glad I didn’t lose anyone.”

    “You won’t lose any of us, promise.”


        The boys took turns keeping you company. At first they’d hang with you in the cell, but as the days went by it was best to be outside, for safety purposes. You’d still keep up your smile, feeling more at home in this cage than you ever did in that house. Your throat was dry and your stomach hurt, but you didn’t mind the pain, it was better than giving into your urges.

    “Can I see your wings?”

        Jisung was a frequent visitor, always happy to see you. Whoever was with him, besides Chenle, might change, but those two were a pair. You giggled at their request, but still got into a more comfortable position to spread your wings. They looked on with wide eyes.

    “Wow, they’re so much bigger than before.” Chenle commented. “Can you fly?”

    “Yeah. Jooheon was…”

    “Do you miss him?” Jisung asked. “Since he’s your-”

    “He’s not really… it always felt like we were strangers more than anything.”

    “Do you think he’s looking for you?” Chenle wondered. “It’s been days now.”

    “I don’t doubt it. He was very adamant about trying to… fix our relationship. I’m sure he’ll find this place eventually, it’s just a matter of when, and if we’ll still be here. You should really let the hyungs know to be careful.”

    “We’ll relay the message.”

        As much as you wanted to act like you were alright, you couldn’t keep that up for long. You were getting weak, as expected, and you could barely manage the strength to move. Everyone thought you might go feral with hunger, you did too, that’s why you were chained down, but instead you just laid down quietly to rest, not snapping at anyone. You were in and outta consciousness by then, so you weren’t entirely aware of those who visited you.

    “Such a good girl.”


    “You okay?”

    “I’m… scared…”


    “Everything’s… fuzzy… what if… I do something…”

    “You won’t.” Xiaojun assured. “You don’t have to go mad with hunger, why don’t I get you some blood? Animal of course.”


    “I’ll bring it up with the hyungs, how’s that? You’ve done well so far.”


        You suddenly screamed and jumped up, covering your ears. An alarm had suddenly gone off at home, and in your weakened state it was far louder than you could handle. The moment of adrenaline quickly wore down and you nearly collapsed but Xiaojun caught you, gently laying you down.

    “It’s okay, you’re okay, I’ll-”

        Your head was spinning, and your vision was a blur. You swear one moment Xiaojun was there, petting your head, then he was gone. You could barely keep your eyes open, and the sound of the siren was distorted but still there. Once again in the blink of an eye everything changed. You saw a figure moving around, only able to make out their words as mumbles. You felt them grab your arms, pulling you up into their embrace. For a moment you saw a face, refusing to believe your eyes, not like they could be trusted anyway.


    “Y/n… y/n!”

        Jooheon hadn’t slept for days, desperately waiting for any update on your location. It took a while, but he eventually managed to track down the bastards that took you. He didn’t hesitate to storm over to the hunters base, not even bothering to inform the others of his intentions, they’d catch up eventually. He picked up on your scent as he got closer to their home, it was faint, but it told him everything he needed to know. Perhaps it was foolish to come alone, but he knew he had the advantage with the element of surprise.

        He took a moment to take in the area, figuring out what he needed to do to cause a distraction and get in. It wasn’t that hard considering they had little to no defenses, cocky bastards. Once he had diverted their attention he made his way in. All he had to do was follow your scent, and as he found himself descending some stairs he could already feel the anger boiling up inside him. Then he found you in a cell with a stranger loitering over you. He didn’t hesitate to grab the boy and shove him up against a wall. Although in his own rage he had no control over his strength.

        The boy was unresponsive, and he could smell blood, but he didn’t care, one less problem. He dropped the body and rushed over to you. He wanted to know if you were alright, but he got no response. He broke the chains off you and pulled you into his arms. You were so weak, he could tell they hadn’t been feeding you. He knew what he had to do, not wasting any time. He bit into his wrist and pressed his bloody wound against your lips. He was glad to see you drink, even if you had no idea what was happening at the moment.

    “Y/n… I’m so sorry…”


        There was a strange taste in your mouth all of a sudden, but you were feeling a bit better than before. Jooheon held you close, gently petting your head. He was glad to have you in his arms, but now came the hard part, actually leaving. You were still out of it, and he did want you to be somewhat coherent. You looked around the room, still unsure if you were hallucinating or not. Then your eyes landed on the body, and the smell of blood hit you.


    “Don’t worry about him. Let’s just get you out of here.”

        Jooheon tried to get you to stand but you didn’t have the strength so he carried you. He could see you were still in and out of consciousness, but as long as you were alright, that’s all that mattered. You tried to stay awake, but whatever you had wasn’t enough. You felt like you were floating, needing to sink down into the darkness before you could fully resurface. Jooheon held you tightly and you closed your eyes, only time would tell you what was real.


        You inhaled sharply, feeling way more conscious than before. Although the first thing you noticed was the strong smell of blood. You looked around for the source, finding yourself on the ground, propped up against a wall, and then you found it. Johnny was laying on the ground in a pool of his own blood, a hole in his chest. Your eyes went wide and you wanted to crawl over, but instead completely collapsed. You had no idea what had been going on around you, but you drew attention then, Jooheon suddenly at your side picking you up.

    “Are you okay? How are you feeling?”

    “Don’t touch her!”

        You heard Taeyong’s voice, looking over at him and the others. They were hurt, and when you looked at Jooheon you realized he was too. They had been fighting, and Johnny had gotten seriously hurt, you couldn’t even hear his heartbeat and that made you panic. You tried to get out of Jooheon’s grasp but he held you down.

    “Stay put.”


    “Let her go.” Taeyong said. “I won’t ask again.”

    “I have no problem slaughtering you all. You’re already two down.”

    “Xiaojun…” You mumbled. “Jooheon-”

    “We don’t intend to let you leave alive.” Kun stated. “You can be cocky all you want but you’re outnumbered. She’s not yours, so hand her over.”

    “You really expect me to believe you care for her? You were starving her.”

    “She chose to do that.”


    “It doesn’t matter if you believe me or not, my words still stand.”

        You were more focused on Johnny, tears stinging your eyes. You wanted comfort, you wanted home, but you didn’t know where you would get that from. You didn’t want to be in the middle of this, just being a prize to be fought over, but you weren’t sure where else you would go. You knew they would start fighting again, but you used your strength, whatever you had, to keep Jooheon from moving.

    “Stop… please stop…”


    “Her name is Ze!” Jungwoo yelled. “And she belongs with us!”

    “I’m her sire, and-”

    “I wouldn’t be so sure about that.” Jaehyun chuckled. “You don’t hold all the cards here.”

    “What’s that supposed to mean?”

    “You gave me your blood?” You questioned Jooheon. “Didn’t you?”

    “I know you didn’t want that, and we-”

    “Ze.” Doyoung spoke up. “Did you drink his blood?”

    “I… I’m not-”

    “Throw it up, now.”



        You suddenly found yourself having trouble breathing, feeling sick as well. You couldn’t explain it, Jooheon looking at you with worry. You lifted up your fingers to your mouth, but Jooheon stopped you.

    “What are you-”

    “Ze, come here.” Doyoung ordered. “Now.”

        You saw Doyoung’s eyes flash red, a feeling of fear washing over you. It didn’t make any sense, but you couldn’t process that as you tried to get out of Jooheon’s grasp. He struggled with you for a moment before you clawed at his face and started crawling over to the others. After a moment though he grabbed your leg and pulled you back.

    “What the hell did you do to her!”

    “Isn’t it obvious?” Taeil mocked. “Or are you still delusional?”

    “You… you sired me…”

        It sounded impossible, you could barely get the words out of your mouth, but when you looked up at Doyoung, you felt something different. Your head was already a mess from starvation, but feeling a tug at the back of your mind whenever Doyoung said something spoke for itself. 

    “How… why!”

    “I’m sorry, I wouldn’t know how to explain it properly.” Doyoung said. “Jaehyun? Taeil? How did you guys put it?”

    “A newborn vampire has gaps in their genetic sequence.” Jaehyun began. “It’s not until they have the blood of their sire that those gaps are filled. A genetic and solid way to prove a bond exists between the two. Quite fascinating actually.”

    “I assume because the DNA of the sire is what made the newborn, that’s why their blood can fill in the gaps, and no one else’s.” Taeil added. “That was the idea anyway.”

    “No one can sire someone they didn’t create!” Jooheon spat back. “So what did you do to her!”

    “That’s where you’re wrong though.” Jaehyun smirked. “We used strands of Ze’s DNA to give ourselves accelerated healing, which seems to even heal death. Doyoung here has never had the blood of another vampire, and yet he has no gaps in his genetic sequence. He is complete, he is original, with no sire, with no master, and because we used Ze’s DNA… well, the similarities do technically exist, and thus his blood filled in the gaps before you could. Same goes for our boys you kidnapped and made into vampires.”

    “That’s impossible!”

    “That’s magnificent!”

        Everyone was caught off guard by the new voice that joined the conversation. Soon there was clapping and they all found the source. Your eyes went wide as you saw who it was. Kihyun made his way to the others, a giant smile on his face, and his continued clapping.

    “Here I thought I was going to have to create a little accident for y/n here.”


    “Ah.” Kihyun held a finger out to either party. “I’m not here to fight. Jooheon can’t take me, and as for the rest of you. Your numbers mean nothing to someone as old and as powerful as I am, so let’s wrap this up peacefully shall we? There’s already a body here.”

    “Who are you?” Taeyong questioned. “And what do you want?”

    “I’m just here to collect what’s mine.”


    “You came here without notifying any of us.” Kihyun hissed. “That was reckless, and now I’m here to take you home before you make matters worse.”

    “But y/n-”

    “You heard the hunters, you came here to get what was yours, but you actually have no claim over that child. You may have turned them into a vampire, but you are not their sire. So you’re done here.”

    “I am not leaving without her!”

        Jooheon tried to make a move, only for Kihyun to draw his wings and hold one out to separate Jooheon from the rest, and you.

    “This would serve as a lesson for you, but I don’t intend to let you wallow in despair this time. I’ll make sure Shownu adjusts your memories.”


    “You were always such a brat! Daring to go off and build your own family when you had us, you had me, all along, and you need no one else. You are coming home and that’s final!”

        In the blink of an eye Kihyun had his hand wrapped around Jooheon’s throat, lifting him off the ground. The others watched on in shock, they couldn’t believe the events unfolding before them, feeling weird to just watch on, but they had no reason to interfere. Jooheon tried to fight back, although he knew he wasn’t going to win this. His gaze went over to you, seeing that you were watching everything unfold with wide eyes. It was probably the last time you two would see each other, even if he didn’t remember.

        The crack sent a shiver down your spine, seeing Jooheon’s unconscious body drop to the floor. When you looked up at Kihyun you were afraid he’d do the same to you. He took a step towards you, but the others did as well. Kihyun laughed, again making his point about not intending to do harm. He towered over you for a moment before squatting down. You were afraid to meet his gaze but he grabbed your chin and forced you to look up at him. You knew the others were on edge watching everything, but they were gonna see how this played out.

    “You know, it was nice having a little one in the house. I would have spoiled you to death, but you have your own family waiting for you.”

        Kihyun placed a gentle kiss on your head before standing. He gazed at the hunters, amused by how tense they weren. Then a gasp caught everyone’s attention. They all looked to see Johnny rolling over, taking in a deep breath.

    “Quite impressive what you’ve done as well.” Kihyun said. “We may have some common interests now, but I do hope we never have a reason to cross paths again.”

    “The feeling’s mutual.”

    “I’ll be off then.”

        Kihyun grabbed Jooheon’s arm and effortlessly dragged him away. You were still processing everything, but after a moment you were suddenly surrounded, Doyoung and Jaehyun trying to make sure you were alright. Although you quickly pushed them away.

    “What’s wrong?”

    “You… you sired me… and didn’t…”

    “It’s just another precaution.” Jaehyun explained. “Like your collar. This way you really don’t have to worry about-”

    “You didn’t tell me! When did you sire me!”

    “When we brought you home.” Doyoung said. “For your safety.”

    “My safety! You didn’t tell me you had… were you ever gonna tell me!”

    “Of course we were. The other boys already-”

    “Did they know? Did the have a choice?”

    “Well Jeno-”

    “Answer me!”

    “Ze, calm down, let’s talk-”

    “No, no, no.” You got up and covered your ears. “I don’t want to-”

        You were immediately grabbed by Lucas and Yuta, your arms held down. You tried to fight them, but you had no real strength. Taeyong seemed disappointed, but he only glanced at Doyoung and nodded. You didn’t like how the atmosphere had changed. Doyoung approached you, taking your head in his hands. You squirmed again, but it didn’t change anything.


    “Don’t… Jooheon never… he respected my choice!”

    “You didn’t feel safe with him, and we’re glad you never took that step.”


    “You’re our baby girl, we’re not gonna lose you, and this is the best way to keep you safe.”


    “It’s okay, I can fix everything now. Only the good memories will remain, I promise.”

    “No, no, no, no… Doyoung please…”

    “Sh, just close your eyes and relax, everything’s going to be okay.”

        You felt like you were sinking, slowly slipping under into a void with no escape. You had no strength to fight, the feeling of being swallowed taking over. It was horrifying to be aware of this moment. That you, this version of you, would cease to exist, and whoever came next would be happy without ever knowing how that truly came to be. In a sense you were dying, being murdered by those you had always trusted. Although these feelings would only exist now, in this small moment, making it so your end was one filled with fear and betrayal. You’d never know what came next, perhaps the was the only solace of the moment.

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    the following have been accepted !

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    shout out to the team organizing this game for this comedic gold

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    doyoung making fun of ten and yet relying on him to laugh at his bad english puns 🤝 ten making fun of doyoung but relying on him to supplement his korean vocabulary

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    For personal reasons, I need doyoung to be blonde next comeback

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    i don't know what's exactly so cute about this trio but they just are

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