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    hongjoong 🍊 hit village for @meylin14888

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    Stay with me

    Part: 11 {serieslist}

    |In the trauma|

    Pairing: hamsterhybrid!hongjoong×reader

    Genre: fluff, angst

    Summary: she couldn't help but adopt the sweet and shy but stressed hybrid. Will he be able to open up?

    Word count: 2.3+


    ATEEZ masterpost

    *Do NOT repost, plz*

    The whole day passed. There was still no sign of Hongjoong. The inner feelings were eating you alive. There was something way too much off. Something bad was going on. Worse than him running away.

    You were pacing around the corridors, back and forth between the kitchen and the front door. Your mind was creating the worst scenarios of all time. The biggest fear was what if your dream came true? What if you were never able to find him ever? Will he come back? Does he even like you? Are you forcing yourself on him? Is he better off without you? 

    Your thoughts were cut short when the sound of your bell rang in the whole house, making you, Seonghwa, and Wooyoung flinch. You quickly rushed towards the door, hoping for Hongjoong to appear and embrace you in his warmth. But it all halted when Officer Jeon's face came in contact.

    "Good evening, Ms. Y/l/n. As I said, I came here to check around this place thoroughly." He cleared his throat. "Also, my partner has also accompanied me. I hope you won't mind…?"

    "Good evening, Officer Jeon. I was waiting for you, not gonna lie, it was the longest day I have ever lived. And I have no problem with your partner. But are they not here yet?" You asked when you didn't see any other person with the Officer. 

    "Oh, he is just-"

    "I'm sorry, I was looking for my phone, it kinda fell inside. But no worries I found it!" A man stood next to Officer Jeon. 

    The other officer was looking quite familiar. Where did I see him? And then her memory recalled his face– you gasped.

    "Aren't you the one who sold me those stuff at the antique shop!?" You asked. 

    "I certainly am. Although I am surprised, I wasn't expecting to see you, especially not like this," he pointed his hands around him, emphasizing the situation. 

    "So you both know each other?" Officer Jeon looked confused.

    "Not exactly, but he sold me two things which are related to Hongjoong. And one of them is a reason why he ran away… but how are you a police officer!? Weren't you working at that shop? It hasn't been so long either. Well, yes it did but not enough for you to become an officer," you showered him with questions. 

    He chuckled. "First of all, I'm Officer Kim Namjoon. And the shop, that is my father's. I was on a half-day leave that day. We had some stuff to be done in the shop. Last but not the least, I was officially accepted by the police as an officer about two months before our first encounter," he clarified. 

    "So now we know about each other, could we come inside?" Officer Jeon butt in. 

    "Huh?.. Oh! Yeah, I'm sorry," you whispered. 

    You led them into your house and took them into the kitchen/lounge area where Seonghwa and Wooyoung were sitting. 

    "Please have a seat, Officers," you offered and picked up some glasses and filled them up with some juice, and served them to everyone. 

    "So Ms. Y/l/n, can you repeat what happened when you last met him?" Officer Jeon asked.

    You nodded. "So, yesterday was a crazy day for me. My boss was yelling at me and everything was going downhill. I came back home late and I had also promised Joongie that we would make his favorite cake together. We did make it but I was being a bit rude and then I asked him to fetch something for me from my room and then he came back. I did not know what happened…" your voice cracked and tears fell on your cheeks. "I ended up yelling at him when he accidentally broke a glass. It was so stupid but I was bubbling up with anger. He ran away to his room. After cleaning up, I was feeling uneasy and wanted to apologize to him. I stood in front of his door but I never knocked. I thought I would make up with him in the morning with his favorite breakfast." You cried.

    "After that what did you do?" Officer Kim asked.

    "I went to bed," you sniffed.

    Wooyoung was hugging your arm and his head was on your shoulder. You were so sure that he was crying. You started to rub his ears which were dangling down. Seonghwa was sitting on your right and was rubbing your back. This was so deep and emotional. They both had accepted Hongjoong as their family too. They were equally sad if not more. You didn't know what would happen if they weren't there for you in this.

    The anger was killing you inside. All you wanted to do right now was to hurt yourself for treating such a perfect Hamster like this. He doesn't deserve you. But you needed to know where he was or if he was fine. Although your inner guts were screaming bad luck, you still wanted to be optimistic about this whole accident.

    You missed his giggles. You missed his smiles and doe eyes. His twitching ears. Him opening up to you, it didn't happen much but still, it did. You ruined it all in a snap of fingers. It is all your fault. 

    "What happened the next morning?" Officer Kim interrupted your train of thoughts. 

    "I woke up early the next morning. I started preparing breakfast. He usually came downstairs around nine in the morning but he didn't come. I waited for an hour and so. I was feeling restless. I called his name, but he didn't reply," you cleared your throat and took a deep breath. "I went upstairs and knocked on his door. Nothing. Then I slowly opened the door and he was not there. Instead, his whole closet was out and neatly placed in the middle of the room. He left all the things I bought. But… but one thing caught my eye. I-It was th-that musical box. He found it. And there was a note under it which I showed Officer Jeon earlier."

    "So, what did you do next?" Officer Jeon was feeling bad for pushing the question. He knew what you were going through. He himself went through something similar but the questions were meant to ask for better understanding. He wanted to know the moment.

    "I called Seonghwa and then fainted. After waking up, we drove to the police station." You took a sip of your drink to calm yourself. 

    "I see… the musical box seems like a big deal here," the younger officer thought out loud. 

    "It is. That musical box is almost like a nightmare for Hamster Hybrids…" The older officer explained all the things related to the musical box. It was painful to listen to it all over again.

    You felt like living that day all over again. You were so happy when you left your home to finally adopt the most incredible person. It was a memorable day. 

    The time you spent at the shop. Learning about this box. Everything falls off the cliff just like now. It feels so unrealistic. 

    Officer Jeon took a deep breath and looked at the ceiling with his glistened eyes. He was sensitive. He doesn't know why he chose this career. But this was harder for him. No hamster deserves to be treated like this. Hamsters are supposed to be admired and loved. They are so fragile and hurting them is as ridiculous as killing people for fun. 

    "C-can we see t-the room?" He asked while looking at you through his teary eyes.

    "Yes, I'll guide you up there," you stood up and led the way. 

    "Miss y/l/n, did you shuffle through stuff?" Officer Kim opened the door.


    They both looked through the room, checking every single corner. They looked through his phone, laptop, iPad, clothes– not that he had many–, under the bed, the closet. They didn't leave any place. They even looked through the art books in which he drew some designs for clothes, and some sketches too.

    You were observing what Officer Kim was doing when you heard the same sound filled with mocking joy. Your eyes diverted towards the sound. There Officer Jeon was looking at the musical box with sadness in his eyes. It almost felt like he was reliving a trauma. 

    A tear escaped from his eyes. He quickly wiped it and cleared his throat as nothing happened. You felt bad for him even though you were miserable yourself but you wanted to hug him and ask him about his pain. But you didn't. He didn't seem to want to talk about it and not to forget that you were just a mere citizen who asked for help. 

    "Why did you buy this in the first place?" The Officer asked, grabbing the attention of the older officer. They all were looking at you. 

    "Yeah, I wanted to ask the same thing too," Officer Kim was curious. 

    It was irritating you. They asked you many questions in a small time. But you kept going, keeping your irritation aside you started answering– just for Hongjoong. 

    "I thought that if I don't buy it, someone with bad intentions would buy it and misuse it to harass some kind soul," you sniffed. "I never thought that having this would cost me this much… if I had known that he would run away and get hurt like this, I would have destroyed it."

    "We are very sorry," you nodded at the gesture and held on to Wooyoung's arm who gladly took you in a half hug.

     "Please, please find my little Joongie. God knows where he is. How he is. I don't even know if he has eaten something or not. A full day has passed," you cried into Wooyoung's chest.

    You felt a heavy hand on your shoulder which didn't belong to either of your friends. You looked up straight into Jungkook's saddened eyes. He looked equally broken as you. There was a deeper meaning. Almost like he has gone through this… maybe worst. 

    "I can't promise but I'll stop everything and anything happening in my life to find your Joongie. I can understand the pain, oky? Be strong. I'll do anything to bring him back," he said and started checking through the hallway. "He must have run away through the window… was your main door open when you woke up?"


    "He did not run away from the window in his room," Namjoon pointed at the locked window. 

    Jungkook was searching in the hallway. He looked through every corner. Then his eyes fell on the window at the end of the hallway that faced the backyard. 

    He got closer and saw it open with a little gap. Observing it carefully, he saw a tiny piece of shredded cloth stuck on the corner of the rough window. He opened it with his latex gloves-covered hands and looked around. When his eyes fell to the ground, he saw faint footprints. 

    "He ran away from here," he said out loud. 

    Namjoon and you came where the other officer was standing. Jungkook was trying to get the cloth out. You were a bit taken back, that window was something you never opened or glanced out of. 

    "Hmm," Namjoon sighed. "This is gonna be a tricky time. I hope he is not so far away."

    The officers went downstairs and started checking through the backyard. The little hamster he was, he ran away by jumping over the wall that was facing the side road. 

    "Miss y/l/n, we will be taking off now. We will dig deeper into this and try our best to find a way to find him, hopefully in a better state," Namjoon said.

    Jungkook looked at you with sympathetic eyes. He came forward and said—

    "Don't stress out. Eat and sleep, oky? We will try our best of our abilities and try to bring up more sources. But in the meantime, you have to be stronger… if not for you… for Joongie, you will…" he patted your shoulder and turned around. 

    Both the officers left the property. One of them made you feel like you are not the only one suffering from this same crisis. 

    Jungkook's heavy yet soft touch might have hinted to you about a terrible trauma, and pain.

    You were in your room, looking out of the window from your bed. Regret and guilt were pouring into you as time passed. The time was passing painfully slow. Now you realize how much you need Hongjoong to live and function properly. 

    But that was not what you were thinking about. 'Did I bring him with me forcefully?'. This was what you were thinking. 

    You did bring him without asking him. He never wanted to be with someone in the first place. It was all against his will. 

    Maybe just maybe you could have never adopted him in the first place. Maybe he could find what he really loved. His life could have been better than this. You imagined yourself in his place. Having no say in such a thing would definitely anger you. By only thinking about it, you felt suffocated. It felt like you were in a prison. Crime? You just existed as a hybrid who is too weak to raise a voice for herself. 

    You are the problem. You should have asked him before signing the papers. You could have given him some time. 

    "What's with the emotional self? Started liking your client?" Namjoon asked after seeing his colleague being so vulnerable in front of you. 

    "No, just experienced something all over again today… She loves her Hongjoong, I hope we find him soon…" he sighed and leaned back in his seat and watched the world pass just like every time. 

    Someone was right when they said life goes on. But does it really?


    Sanaa's note:

    Hiiiiiiiii, I hope you all are doing great! Thank you for 200+ followers😭😭💓💓 I wasn't gonna post this until 10th June, but here you go. Love you all! Hope you liked this part💓 I always appreciate the feedback.

    Last but not least, the behavior of all the characters is visualized.


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    *original pictures are not mine, I just edited it*

    Have a nice day/night💓

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    seonghwa & hongjoong ❖ cosmic cowboy behind

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    Lost Soul (liii) ☯︎︎ (ATEEZ)

    Lost Soul (liii) ☯︎︎ (ATEEZ)

    PAIRING: Yunho x Ji Ah
    WORD COUNT: 2.3k
    GENRE: fantasy+pirate au; romance; mystery; adventure; action; angst; gore; mythology

    <- 𝑝𝑟𝑒𝑣𝑖𝑜𝑢𝑠 // 𝑚𝑎𝑠𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑙𝑖𝑠𝑡 \\ 𝑛𝑒𝑥𝑡 ->

    You were at the stern deck, way out of view from the other crew mates. They all became drunk and laid out wherever they could as their body couldn’t stay up any longer so they ended up passing out.

    You on the other hand had another desire; to practise on the abilities you managed to forget. For instance, you were trying to control the water or even the air. The furthest you got was to lift a small piece of loose wood from the deck only a few centimetre off of the ground before it fell back down. 

    You gave up as you plopped down onto the deck and let out a groan in defeat. You just looked towards the front of the ship, past the masts and sails as you looked at the sun slowly rising. The sky became brighter as it filled with oranges, pinks and purples with a hint of blue.

    You laid down against the deck as you just stared into the sky, watching as the clouds scurried by to reach other places you may seek to go. You felt your eyes get heavy as you finally realised that you’re tired. Your eyes slowly began to close, no matter how hard you tried to keep them open, the dark abyss of your sleep slowly consumed you as you fell asleep. 

    Laughter of children filled the air as they played in the sand that was turning a beautiful orange with a hint of pink as the sun began to set. You were playing with them, like every other child in town as you all ran around as you felt the sand under your feet. You giggled as you played tag with them all, then hide and seek, all the wonderful childish games you could come up with. You smiled as you were hiding behind two barrels, filled with what is called ‘rum’ from what you heard. 

    You couldn’t hide your giggles as you were over-excited and pumping with adrenaline, you were just so happy to be here. You don’t want this to end! Never in a million years, wanting to stay a child forever! But of course, not everything is happy. 

    You were found by your fellow friend as he had startled you before you jumped from hiding and walked from behind the barrels. “Dangit! I thought that was a pretty good spot!” You said with your squeaky voice. The little boy chuckled. “It was since you’re the last one to be found!” He exclaimed as his high pitch voice too filled the area. You looked around and saw that everyone else was found and waving at you from two crates pushed together, also known as the jail. You hopped up and down in joy as you looked around, you suddenly came to a halt. 

    You looked out towards the distance of the ocean. “What is that?” You pointed in the direction you were seeking, squinting your eyes to get a better look of it. The little boy and other kids turned around and looked to where your finger was pointing at. “Isn’t that a..” “SHIP!” You all yelled. The little boy grabbed your hand and dashed to the town. 

    You both ran to the officials house as you ran inside and stopped. “SIR! It’s the Ayrith ship! They’re coming right for us!!” You screamed in terror. The guards looked at you both before more kids came running in, pure terror etched on their faces. The guards realised the situation at hand was terrible.

    “Ring the bells! At last, it’s time for war!” He yelled to one of the fellow guards. “You kids, you know where to go, right?” The head guard said as he came down the stairs. You all nodded your heads quickly. “Go! Get to safety!” He yelled, and before you knew it, all of you dashed towards the woods to a chamber underground.

    As you all ran you heard cannons being shot, the sound clouded your thoughts, making you scream and fall to your knees. “Aadya! You gotta get up!” That same boy said as he grabbed your arm and pulled you up to your feet as you ran again to the chamber. 

    You both ran as screams filled your ears until the unthinkable happened. One of the guards of Ayrith appeared in front of you. “Finally, I found you.” He walked towards you both. You looked at the little boy as he looked back at you. His beautiful hazel eyes staring into yours. “F**i*! Run!” You said and pushed him to the side as he stumbled over. “What! No, I’m no-” “Go!” You screamed. 

    The little boy frowned as tears threatened to pour from his eyes. “Please..” You whispered, yet, he still heard you. “I’ll be waiting!” He yelled before dashing away from you before leaving your sight. You turned back towards the man that stood in front of you. “You’re coming with me kid.” He said as he reached out for you, but you quickly ducked under him as you crawled between his legs and dashed through the woods, hearing him yell towards you before hearing his footsteps chase after you. 

    You ran as fast as you could through the woods, no matter how much the guard behind you threatened you to cease. And next thing you knew scared everyone. “TSUNAMI!” You froze in place as you turned to your left as you saw through the trees a humongous wave looking as tall as 70 feet. 

    You heard screams of horror from everywhere. But you couldn’t stay there, maybe if you run you’ll make it to the underground bunker. And that’s what you did, you kept running, not caring about how tired you felt. There it is, the bunker. You saw F**i* standing there, waiting for you just like he promised. “F**i*!” You screamed. He looked up once he heard his name. “Aadya! Look out!” He screamed. But it was too late. 

    You felt a sharp pain shoot through your ankle before quickly collapsing to the ground. You screamed in pain as you turned on your back. Before your eyes, you see the same guard standing over you. “Over my dead body that I’ll ever let you go..” He snarled with a chilling smile. 

    You turned and looked at F**i*. “Go! Just hide!” You screamed. “No! I’m not lea-” You cut him off with tears trickling on the verge of falling. “GO!” He began to cry to himself. “Promise you’ll be fine!” He yelled. You looked at the quickly coming wave then at the guy. You sighed. “I promise!” You lied. He nodded before going down the ladder to the bunker before closing the hatch as you heard it squeak, knowing he locked it. 

    You closed your eyes. “I’ll make sure you’ll die with me you-” He was cut off by the wave dissolving him and you with the rest of your surroundings. Taking everything in it in its path and anything it could reach….

    ...you watched everything and everyone quickly get swept up in the currents as you too did the same. As you drifted in the sea, lost, you met Hydra again as she stopped you from getting any further. “Aadya? What are you doing!?” They asked as concern was written on all of their faces. 

    You sighed as you shook your head as you swam up to the surface. “I can’t continue putting everyone in danger!” You spoke as tears rolled down your face in the immensity of the water trickling down you, back into the sea. “Hydra...please...please,” You sobbed as you quickly wiped your face, staring at each of the heads before finishing your sentence. “Erase my memories, everything! I can’t live on like this, I would rather suffer the consequences alone,” You sighed as you looked back down to the depths of the water. 

    “Aadya...you can’t be certain. Your emotions are getting to the best of you-” “I know what I want! If once I get older and more mature and my body tells me that I must remember who I am, then so be it, just...not now,” You sobbed once more. 

    They looked at you with pained eyes before agreeing one by one on your choice. “Aadya, I may not remember you when you get older as you will be living amongst humans, but I will tell you who are when I feel it’s the right time, your spirit will drift to me and I will remind you once again who you are,” They spoke before their eyes began to turn white as tears trickled down some of their eyes. 

    “Goodbye, my Queen,” You mumbled as you felt dizzy, soon collapsing in the water. Hydra frowned, disliking the idea but went with it. She placed you on her back as she took you somewhere, placing you on the shore before swimming away back into the shallows as she watched from afar. 

    You shot up as you gasped for air as you looked around as you saw someone crouching down next to you. “Everything alright? You were laying out here like a starfish on a rock,” He chuckled as he gently rubbed your shoulder. You finally made out the males distinctive features before mumbling out his name. 

    “Yunho?” You sighed before sitting back up and stretching your limbs out. “Thought you passed out after drinking?” You asked him as you turned to face him again, squinting your eyes from the sunlight overhead you’re not used to just yet.

    He smiled before he sat fully down next to you. “I only drank a little, believe it or not, I have too much in my head. Plus if I were, I would be blabbering to everyone who you really are,” He chuckled at the end as he stared up at the pinkish orange sky.

    “What are you doing out here? It’s pretty late, even for a Goddess like you,” He teased as he nudged you in the side with his elbow, making you playfully scoff at him. He let out a soft giggle before meeting your eyes. 

    His eyes twinkled under the bright sun as his silver blue eyes held so my care in them for you. The male that once hated females changed, seeing that not all have the same intentions and can actually be trustworthy. “Aadya?” He spoke, breaking you out of your little gaze in your head.

    “Huh!? O-Oh, right!” You nervously spoke as you quickly turned away from him as you felt your face heating up from embarrassment. You heard him laugh as you just sat there with a flabbergasted expression, not believing you were actually daydreaming about him.

    “I was just practising some things,” You muttered as you spoke the sentence rather quickly. Finally getting all the laughter out, he replied back. “Practising what? Combat?” He questioned, wanting to know more. “I spoke with my sword, y’know, the one you call that is all magical and stuff. Turns out there’s a possibility that I forgot some of my abilities.” You shrugged your shoulders. 

    “Abilities? As in your goddess ones or something?” He continued to ask. You nodded your head. His eyes had a quick gleam of excitement shooting through them. “Did anything happen!? Wh- What can you do?” He asked as he quickly got back up to his feet, like an excited dog once you start to get their favourite treats. 

    “Nothing. Nothing happened,” You sighed as you got up, dusting yourself off before looking at him again. He furrowed his brows as he crossed his arms. “Were you even concentrating?” He asked with a serious face and tone.

    You glared at him. “What do ya think?” You rolled your eyes as you walked away from him to the railing as you looked back at the small waves crashing into each other. “Do you even remember what me and Jongho first taught you? If you focus too hard on mastering it, then you won’t be able to do it,” He said as he waited for a response. 

    You shook your head as you turned to look over your shoulder at him. “Do you think I wasn’t doing that?” You asked. He shrugged his shoulders. “By the looks of it. You’re too eager to just get it done,” He continued to give you words of the wise. 

    “How do you think you were able to heal people? You weren’t thinking about the powers,” You furrowed your brows as you looked at him. “But I was thinking that I wish they weren’t hurt,” You told him.

    He nodded his head as he bit onto his lip, thinking of something. “Alright, I have an idea,” He said as he began to make his way to you. You raised a brow, watching his every move as he stopped in front of you. “Do you trust me?” He asked as he stared into your eyes.

    “What in the bloody hells are you doing?” You asked, confused with his actions.. “Do you trust me?” He asked again as he then backed away from you, not daring to look away. “Of course, but-“ “Good,” He interrupted as he smiled. Your eyes widened. “I trust you,”  He said before you watched him run and jump over the wooden fence, down into the sea below. “YUNHO!” You screamed as you leaned over the railing to look for him.

    <- 𝑝𝑟𝑒𝑣𝑖𝑜𝑢𝑠 // 𝑚𝑎𝑠𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑙𝑖𝑠𝑡 \\ 𝑛𝑒𝑥𝑡 ->

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    darling beloved ♡
    #hongjoong#ateez#kim hongjoong#ateezedit#ateez gifs #luna.gifs #lunagifs#*ateez#*hongjoong#*jpn content#aleksbestie#useroro #he.... #he has such nice teeth i know that sounds psychotic but hear me out
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    ateez masterlist ☆゚.

    [f] fluff || [s] smut || [a] angst || [sugg] suggestive || [tw] serious trigger warnings

    ot8 stand alones / reactions / imagines:  ateez as boyfriends: hyung line | maknae line

    ot8 multichapter into the aurora - reader x ot8 multi-chapter fic where after getting stranded after a concert you meet the boys and just never leave [f] [s] [sugg] [a] [tw] (AO3 Link) (in progress)

    kim hongjoong nothing yet…

    park seonghwa nothing yet…

    jeong yunho treasure - featuring woo + san. foursome, use of safe word [s] [f] [tw] meeting someone new - a kind stranger helps get a creep away from you at a bar [f] injured-you’re a dancer with kq, but when you fall and seriously injure yourself during practice, yunho reacts and makes your relationship known [a] [f]  losing time - the morning yunho leaves for tour, you take comfort in each other [f] [a] [s] together - companion piece to losing time, yunho comes home [f] [a] he knows he loves you - the first 'i love you' imagine with yunho summer nights - college roommate au with yunho, a frustrated couple in quarantine [f] [sugg] [s]

    kang yeosang nothing yet…

    choi san treasure - featuring woo + yunho. foursome, use of safe word [s] [f] [tw]

    song mingi nothing yet…

    jung wooyoung treasure - featuring yunho + san. foursome, use of safe word [s] [f] [tw]

    choi jongho nothing yet…

    ateez hard hours asks and answers

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    ATEEZ: Consequences

    Hongjoong: Why is San upset?

    Yeosang: Because we have wooden floors in our hotel suite and he runs around in cotton socks like there aren't going to be consequences.

    #yeosang scenarios #kang yeosang ateez #kang yeosang#ateez yeosang#yeosang #incorrect ateez quotes #ateez hongjoong#ateez#ateez san#hongjoong ateez #ateez incorrect quotes #ateez choi san #ateez scenarios #ateez kim hongjoong #kpop ateez #ateez kang yeosang #incorrect kpop scenarios #incorrect kpop quotes #funny kpop#kpop boys #kpop boy group #choi san ateez #choi san #kim hongjoong ateez #kim hongjoong#kpop#kpop music#kpop idol#incorrect kpop #kim hongjoong scenarios
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    나를 감싸줘 my aurora

    #my art#ateez#ateez fanart#hongjoong#yunho#san#mingi #I’m so tempted to try and make this a sticker sheet but I don’t know if anyone would be interested in that #if you read this and would be maybe let me know? #aurora#ateez aurora#kim hongjoong#jeong yunho#choi san#song mingi
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  • dailykoreanpop
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    [220527] Wonderwall ArtLab’s official twitter update:

    [ @ATEEZofficial X Wonderwall Edition]
    🔗 bit.ly/3lh1l5H
    ATEEZ X Wonderwall Edition Unit Photo Reveal ✨
    ㄴ That handsome one over there~٩(๑'o'๑)۶
    📅 ~ 5.30 23:39 (KST)
    Exclusively at Wonderwall

    Credit: WdwlArtlab 

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  • lokai-fi
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Little Nightmares

    Ateez Headcanon - How they react when they wake up form a nightmare

    Don’t know where this came from but happy friday <3


    Hongjoong’s nightmares are about everything and nothing all at once

    He wakes up with a jolt but immediately checks on you, to see if he’s woken you up

    When you do happen to wake up from a sudden jolt next to you, your hands are already moving towards him 

    depending on how bad the nightmare was is how he reacts

    If it wasn’t the worst, then he’ll curl up into you, head on your chest, and fall asleep to your heartbeat while your fingers trace over his arm

    If it was real bad, he’ll cling to you like you’re his last breath

    He’ll talk about it if he wants to but more often than not he stays silent

    A simple “They’re okay.” and other reassuring words calm him enough

    He eventually falls back asleep but def plan for some naps throughout the day


    Jolts straight up every time

    Takes him a solid to minute to realize he’s awake and not in another nightmare

    and to realize your arms are already wrapped around him, placing soft and sleepy kisses to his shoulder

    He’ll turn into you immediately

    Forcing you both back down as he lays on top of you, peppering your face with kisses till you giggle and call out his name

    He does it as a way to thank you, but more so for his own sanity

    He can’t still be in a nightmare when your voice puts him at ease


    Can count the amount of nightmares he’s had on a single hand

    so when he does have one, it’s very shocking for him

    poor man wakes up with tears in his eyes because he just doesn’t understand what’s happening

    feels bad about it but will always wake you up because he just needs your comfort

    will most definitely plan a movie and nap date for the next day to make up for it


    He warned you about them when you first started sleeping over

    You brushed it off though, thinking it was just like the ones you would have when you were a kid

    So needless to say you were very surprised when he started tossing and turning, grumbling under his breath

    The kicker was when his hand smacked you across the face

    He wakes in an instant when you shout his name and he already knows what happened when he sees you clutching your cheek.

    Pulls you into his lap and apologizes profusely, pressing kiss after kiss on your forehead and ignoring his shaking hands

    Refuses to go back to sleep after that

    Will absolutely spoil you the next day despite your protests


    Nightmares are rare for him 

    But when they happen, they terrify him

    He’ll wake with a start and immediately scramble to your side of the bed

    Wraps his arms around you as tight as he can and buries his face in whatever part of you is closest

    He’ll tell you about it once he’s truly calmed down

    Coming to accept the fact that monsters from Men In Black most likely aren’t going to take you away from him 

    At least not anytime soon


    You can always tell when the nightmares will be around before you two go to sleep

    Usually Mingi’s had a rough day so you try to ease his anxiety before bed with his favorites

    Sometimes it’s a movie, sometimes it’s a massage and sometimes you just run your hands through his hair till he drifts off

    Mingi wakes up with a shout and sits up, on rare occasions he’s even jumped out of bed entirely

    He’ll panic until he feels your touch, whether it’s him reaching for you or vice versa

    It’ll take him a while to fall back asleep but he needs to hold onto you for the rest of the night


    Just kind of sits there once he wakes up

    If you didn’t wake up with him...

    You’re going to wake up now

    Throws himself on top of you and hugs you as tight as he can, muttering something about a nightmare

    will pester you to not fall back asleep and talk to him

    in the sweetest ways though

    plants tiny kisses everywhere and whispers things he wanted to tell you throughout the day

    you’re still too sleepy to notice that this is his way of calming himself down

    100% makes you breakfast in the morning


    Wakes up instantly but doesn’t really move

    Just kind of processes the whole thing

    But then he turns to you

    He’ll pull you in, wrapping his arms around you, entangling his legs with yours

    anything just to be as close to you as he can

    It grounds him

    Always able to fall right back asleep as long as he has you there

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  • felixtok
    27.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Woman Like Me | Character Q & A

    For both reaching a milestone AND being more than halfway done with this fic, let’s celebrate with a character q&a. Got something to say to one of the characters of this fic? Go ahead and say it now in the ask box.

    To do so, drop whatever you want to say (questions/comments/concerns/meme recs idk) and to whom (any character that has appeared in the story, even jyp) in my ask box and that character will respond via tweet or text. There is no limit to how much you can say or how many you can send in, so don’t hold back!

    。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆   。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

    Series Taglist: @sunnytaes @saltyone101 @burningupp @fight-me-m8 @honeyvocalhwang @hwajoongsang @davoraciousreader

    #kim hongjoong fic #kim hongjoong au #kim hongjoong smau #ateez au#ateez smau#atz fic #kim hongjoong x oc #kim hongjoong x black!oc #wlm series #kim hongjoong social media universe #ateez#kim hongjoong#hongjoong ateez#qna-🍑
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  • ateezphotos
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    ATEEZ X Wonderwall Edition Unit Photo Reveal💫

    ㄴ That handsome one over there~٩(๑'o'๑)۶

    ‎📆 ~ 5.30 23:39 (KST)

    ‎Exclusively at Wonderwall

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