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    ok but kim namjoon speaking at the white house.... u know what i'm implying

    #kim namjoon for president (but of the whole world)
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    Namjoon's latest igstory

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    #bts #kim namjoon ig #kim namjoon #yay!!!! #ambassadors of hope #bts x white house
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    Namgi 🥺

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    RM (@/rkive)'s Instagram story 20220526

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  • btsx50states
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    RM (@/rkive)'s Instagram story 20220526

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    Complemento desse moodboard!

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀.. く ﹚̤♡⃨ Taehyung

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    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀▒₊ ♡⃨ ︙ love yourself⠀▒⋮ Ꜣ 🦋⠀ ᷧ▒̈

    ⠀ ⠀ ⠀Coloca o crédito se for usar por favor!

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    ⠀⠀⠀⠀.. く ﹚̤♡⃨ Taehyung

    ⠀ ⠀་🧸ꫬ໋ ⠀Moodboard﹚̤♡⃨ ⠀Bts ▒𓂅⃨

    ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀﹙𝐸﹚﹫luluas-things ⠀ ▒⃞⃮ 👑 ⠀⠀ᩧ

    Icon + Fundo para usar com o moodboard!

    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀▒₊ ♡⃨ ︙ love yourself⠀▒⋮ Ꜣ 🦋⠀ ᷧ▒̈

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    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    cherry twizzlers // j.j.k au


    summary: Jeon Jungkook a.k.a the hottie neighbor next door (or at least that's what Sooyoung your bff likes to call him) has broken up with his girlfriend...for the hundredth time. Ever since you became friends he's always been there for you and now the least you could do is be there for him, right?

    pairing: neighbor!jungkook x college student!reader

    warnings: Four age gap(? -idk if it should be a warning but ok-

    masterlist > next


    Once you let Mingyu go you enter back to your apartment, Jungkook was serving the mac n cheese on two little bowls for each of you, it was beyond what you needed to clear your mind, apparently you agreed on going out with Mingyu this friday night, it happened so fast you couldn't really catch up until he was waving goodbye, now, still a little out of place you had to go back to normal to enjoy the rest of the night.

    Even if the person right in front of you made you feel like your heart was gonna burst out of your chest in any moment...but you didn't want to admit that las part.

    "who was it?" Jungkook asks looking directly at you but softly.

    "the new neighbor, he lives front door" you say taking your bowl.

    "oh, i didn't know someone lived there now" he says "what did he say?"

    You laugh at the fact that neither Jungkook had noticed anyone moving here, you were actually considering Mingyu as a ghost.

    "he wanted to meet up, i guess he wants to get to know the area" you say before taking the full spoon to your mouth.

    "more like he wants to get to know you" he says taking his eyes from you to his food.

    "would it be that bad?" you say teasing him.

    "i think it's cute you want to have your first relationship" he says scrunching his nose.

    "wait...how do you know i haven't been in a relationship?" you ask raising a brow.

    "i know you haven't, you told me that time you were drunk on your birthday" he relaxed on the chair.

    "did i?"

    "yes you did"

    You sigh defeated, it really was that obvious...


    After a long week of doing absolutely nothing, it was finally weekend and you were relieved that you were finally going out, not that you spent the whole week locked down but, there was really nothing to do, you had your outfit for tonight settled and right now you were doing some curls on your hair, although Mingyu told you that he was taking you ice skating, you felt a bit anxious about how casual or how formal you were supposed to dress for that, after struggling the whole morning you decided the best choice was casual but pretty formal...if that even makes sense, you wanted to be comfy but at the same time you wanted to look good so you thought some lose pants and a cute white top with a cardigan would be the perfect match.

    The hard part was the make up since you kept messing up with the eyeliner and you had to clean the surroundings of your eye to keep it from looking messy, after a hundred times re-doing it you finally got the result you wanted...just for one eyelid.

    You hear someone knocking on the door and you froze for a second thinking it was Mingyu being extremely early for him to pick you up right now, you open the door slowly peaking trough the side of your door just to find a couple of familiar dark brown eyes, for your luck it was your neighbor next door.

    "Bad timing?" he says with a funny expression on his face.

    "sort of" you answer moving backwards to let him in.

    "ok but maybe it's not, i heard they're gonna open this new italian restaurant across the street and there's a huge line to enter, wanna go?" he says showing you the pictures of the place he took on his phone.

    "oh, i'm sorry you know it's my favorite but...i already have plans..." you say looking at him.

    "but..but... it's friday" Jungkook pouts "it's...our day"

    "thought our day was every saturday though" you say going back to you room since time was still running and your make up was STILL half done.

    "every day is our day" he sighs "fine, i'll go alone...a l o n e"

    "don't get all sulky on me you already knew I was going out tonight" you hear him entering your room.

    "i thought you might be back already what do i know?" he sits on the corner of your bed.

    "we can have dinner there tomorrow too!" you try to cheer things up.

    Meanwhile the damn eyeliner wouldn't work, you were struggling to get it to paint but it was as if it run out of ink out of nowhere. Jungkook stands up and walks towards you taking the eyeliner from your hands and cracking it until the ink comes out again the way it was supposed to do.

    "thanks" you say as you sit back down again, his eyes never leaving yours

    "looks really nice on you by the way..." he says looking down at you once you finished the other eyelid.

    And you swore you stopped breathing for a second, he was wearing a white long-sleeve shirt with jeans, somehow you felt intimidated by how massive his silhouette looked from your point of view, still you found yourself incapable of blinking and even tilting your head to look upwards to his face. You felt your heartbeat racing and hoped he didn’t hear it. Lucky for you, before any of you two could say anything, you hear the doorbell going off making you come back to reality.

    “sorry…i’ll go get it” you say before standing up and hurrying up to the door.

    There was Mingyu, with a smile on his face, he was wearing a classic sweater and it made him look so warm, you also notice the smell of his cologne and that he brought a tiny box with him.

    “hi” he says “am i a little early?”

    “it’s okay” you smile “i’ll just finish with my make up and i’ll be ready, come in!” you let him in.

    “i bought pretzels for you” he says handing you the box.

    “thank you! oh my…” you say but Jungkook interrupts you.

    “oh, hello there new neighbor” he enters the living room.

    “hey…” says Mingyu confused.

    “Minho right?” they shake hands…in a weird way.

    “Close, Mingyu” Mingyu was indeed taller than Jungkook but they managed to be intimidating equally.

    “sorry, she hasn’t mentioned you that much” Jungkook was smirking

    “i don’t remember hearing about you either”

    You sigh having enough of that, you roll your eyes and walk to your room so you can get ready to go.


    Your date went well, pretty good to be honest, you had fun skating since it was so long since you went to that place, he even gave you your space to skate freely at times, Mingyu was a great guy, at first he seemed a bit cold but he turned out to be the sweetest guy, you felt like you could be good friends after this.

    After skating he took you to this fancy food truck where you had the best cinnamon rolls you’ve ever had, he made you laugh and feel comfortable around him. On the way back he told you about him, he was into literature and was majoring in psychology, even if it made no sense, he said he wanted to persue his dream of becoming a writer, he asked you about your interests and listened each of your words.

    He was almost perfection.

    “Thanks for everything tonight” you say once you arrived to your place.

    “It was fun, i had a good time” he smiled to you.

    “me too” you say smiling back.

    “see you around? also, we should do something like this again” he suggests.

    “sure” you giggle “text me i guess” you were lying if you say you weren’t nervous right now.

    “will do, goodnight y/n” he says before unexpectedly giving you a gentle kiss on your cheek.

    “goodnight” you get inside and close the door behind you.

    Now what? you lean against your door and contemplate the night…

    He was a very nice guy but…you felt there was something missing, maybe it was too soon to find out but it felt…weird.

    “well, well, well, look who’s coming back this late” you hear the familiar voice on your living room scaring the shit out of you.

    “you demon-…” you say with your hand on your chest “why are you still here?!?”

    “you thought i’ll be peacefully sleeping knowing you were still out there with a stranger?” Jungkook stands up.

    “he’s literally our neighbor” you say.

    “still, maybe i should keep an eye on him”

    “right, are you done playing cop?”


    You roll your eyes taking your shoes off.

    “i don’t think it’s a good idea to date the neighbor anyway, what if you end up breaking up?, it’d be awkward to even go through the hallways and bump into him” Jungkook says following your movements.

    “isn’t it too soon for that?” you giggle “we just went out, it’s not like we’re dating”

    “did you had fun?” he asks

    “yeah but it’s not like we’re gonna get married or something”

    “alright, alright” he stays silent but instantly opens his mouth again “you didn’t tell him you hate pretzels though”

    “enough” you start chasing him around your place to punch him.

    The both of you were laughing, running around barefoot and playing like little kids was one of your things, you didn’t think your night would end up like this, but still, you were glad he was there to support you or at least be by your side in moments like these.

    You ended up giving him a swollen bump in his right arm, you proudly went back to the couch…he was left out pouting.


    masterlist > next

    a/n: alright this was a bit short since i went through my finals and the stress was giving me a hard time tbh, i hope you’re liking it and since i just got rid of my final projects i’ll be updating frequently <3 sorry for the typos or any mistakes!!

    college sucks ppl

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    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Namjoon, before going on stage: What do we say when we get anxious?

    Jimin: My anxiety is chronic, but my ass is iconic

    Namjoon: No-

    #bts #bts incorrect quotes #incorrect bts quotes #incorrect quotes#bangtan sonyeondan #beyond the scene #park jimin#jimin#kim namjoon#rm#minjoon
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    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    prod. jk ch. 7 snippet !

    wc: 0.8k

    warnings: none!

    series masterlist | masterlist

    if you don't want to see read the snippet, don't click the 'keep reading' thing \^o^/ share your thoughts with me here, i love talking to you all <3

    He wasn’t physically in the room, and she doubted he was anywhere nearby. She huffed as she reached for her phone, feeling a bit annoyed by his late comings. 

    “I’m here, I’m here! So sorry, Bee.”

    Blubbering a bunch of apologies as he walked in, Belle’s annoyance simmered down before it could blow up. Had he entered a minute and a missed call later, he would’ve met her brown eyes staring at him in vexation. She’d lasso the sun and bring it to his feet, burning his skin till it was charred. 

    Dramatic and impossible, but if Jungkook were to think of a consequence of being late with her, it would be just that. Because if there was one thing Belle hated, it was tardiness. 

    He was surprised to see her looking a little dazed instead. No annoyance, though there was probably a hint of it stuck in her throat, and no questions that would infiltrate him.

    As he kicked off his shoes and walked into the living room, his freshly permed hair bounced around his cheeks. The blueberry ends, still intact from two weeks ago, were waved 

    If Jungkook had to be late, he had to do so fashionably. Dressed in all black, as usual. It was his signature color, Belle would assume that he wore it everyday. 

    But not a suit. 

    The last time Belle had seen Jungkook in a suit was nearly a year ago, way before they had really known each other. It was a small after-party for an award show that the two had attended. She couldn’t remember the specifics of anything from that night, besides the booze in her hand, but if there was one thing that caught her eye, it was him. 

    And even then, his suit from that night couldn’t compare to the bedazzled look he was sporting right now. As he walked closer, looking at Belle as if she was a ticking bomb, the white glitter of his jacket sparkled. Fit to perfection, hugging his skin in all the right places that she couldn’t touch. Unfair. 

    “Hear me out…” he pleaded, interpreting her pursed lips as annoyance. He started before she could ask where he was. “So you know that guy at the front desk? Mister… see, I don’t even remember his name! But that guy, he’s not here today, and he’s usually the one who lets me in. There’s this other guy who’s there!”

    “Uh huh.”

    “I didn’t have my visitor card with me, so he called you, and you weren’t picking up. So I called you, and you still weren’t picking up! Was your phone on silent?”

    “My phone… on silent…”

    His words were going in one ear and going straight out the other. A little train track that ran through her ears before crashing down, bringing her back to the conversation. 

    “Yeah, so I was trying to convince him to let me in, until this other staff member came and told him that I was a regular visitor here.”

    He looked at Belle alarmingly, as if she was a ticking bomb waiting to hit her peak. “So… I’m sorry…”

    Right, he’s sorry! 

    “Oh, it’s fine,” she waved her hand. “Just go pee, I need to put stuff in my bag anyway.”

    He let out a sigh of relief, his hand hitting his forehead. “Oh thank god you’re not mad, I might have actually fainted.” 

    She scoffed, snapping her eyes back to his face. Jungkook was always great at eye contact, looking straight back at her with a look that seemed quite worried. “You wouldn’t have.”

    “I would! You’re scary when you’re mad.”

    “You might have pissed yourself,” she agreed. “But you wouldn’t have fainted.”

    His eyes widened comically. “Ah, speaking of piss, I need to pee so badly.”

    He was off to the washroom, turning his back without a second look. If she looked downwards rather than staring at the top of his suit, she would have noticed his hands holding his crotch in urgency, as if he was actually going to piss himself. 

    She chuckled slowly, everything about his outfit hitting her all at once. How someone could be so hot and still be oddly endearing was beyond her knowledge, but it was something he surely knew the trick to. 

    Because even as she finished getting ready, putting on her heels and waiting in front of the door, and rested her head against the wall, she could forget. About how worried she was, how Namjoon was peacefully oblivious of everything, how Jungkook could easily walk out again. 

    His presence was an absurd thing. Unreal, almost, how every worry of her’s seemed trivial when he was around. Fictitious to the point where every moment seemed too good to be true. All he did was confirm her original thought: Jungkook was a man in a class of his own.

    It would explain how every little thing he did was special, making her heart warm – especially the small “you look beautiful, by the way” he whispered as they exited her apartment, her arm unconsciously looping around his.


    p.s. - since i'm still writing this chapter, this scene might change in terms of wording ( *^-^) but not the scene itself, if that makes any sense

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    Yoonji: I got a D…

    Jungkook: How does a person go from an A to a D?

    Namsoo: Happened to me in eight grade

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    26.05.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Friendly reminder

    Namjoon was the one who came up with the nickname Golden Maknae for Jungkook.

    Src: pre debut bangtan vlogs in which Namjoon asked Jungkook why he wasn't using the nickname he came up with

    Also since we already know Namjoon's love language is words of affirmation. Making Nicknames is one of the things that's a part of it ❣

    And Jungkook was probably too shy to use it. 🙈

    Pic / Gif credits to owners.

    Admin B

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    I Love You

    Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk x Reader

    Genre: Fluff, domestic au, angst? idk

    Word count: 1.4k

    Summary: Being a 'not-so affectionate' person, you rarely said I love you. but this was hurting him. So now you're gonna make it up to him.

    Warning: None

    Love… What is love?

    Strong feelings of affection?

    Extreme feelings of attraction and need?

    Well, then let me tell you, it’s not just about the loving, sudden feeling of affection and attachment, it’s also about those petty little arguments and conflicts. It’s about the disagreements that comes in with a relationship.

    For where there is love, there is life….

    On the phone:

    Jk: when r u coming home??

    Y/n: it might get late, there’s this seminar coming up that I need to prepare for.

    Jk: oh… then I’ll get the dinner ready.

    Y/n: Ne, gomawo jagiya. (Cheesiness lacing in your voice, while you heard a chuckle on the other end.)

    J/k: I’ll wait for you.

    Y/n: Don’t stay up late though, you have work tomorrow and we both know how grumpy you can get if u don’t sleep properly. (You said ordering like a mother to her child.)

    Jk: Ok eommonie. (Both chuckling at his response.)

    Jk: Ok then bye, I love you.

    Y/n: I love me too.

    Jk: C’mon say it back.

    Y/n: What?

    Jk: Don’t play dumb. Say you love me.

    Y/n: Yeah, yeah whatever.

    You were never the type to always go on about boasting about your love for him. Ending each conversation with ‘I love u’s’, was rarely your thing, while Jungkook on the other hand was your complete opposite. True he was not good at showing affection, but he always made sure that you felt loved and cared for.

    He always quoted an ‘I love you.’ at the end of every phone call between you two, a form or more like his form of saying “be safe, I need you here with me.” Not gonna lie, u lived for it, although u never gave the typical ‘I love you too.’

    Time skip

    You heard a beep on your phone, indicating you received a text message making you turn your attention towards your phone. It was none other than your boyfriend.

    “The food is on the table.” it read. You were smiling ear to ear. Someone said it true, “when you are in a relationship, the smallest things have the biggest impact.”

    You still remember the initial stages of your relationship. It used to be so awkward owing to the so-called introvert personality of both of you. He used to be so shy around you. Words were rarely exchanged. The first time he held your hand, it was so special. It was a magical experience. Forget the butterflies, the whole zoo was dancing in your stomach. A pretty shade of pink evident on your cheek. And even he knew the effect he had on you. You still get teased by him now, on how he could feel your heart palpitating wildly under your fingertips.

    Whenever you both fought, instead of hugging you, he would make you your favorite dish to say he wants to make up.

    You still have that heartfelt letter he wrote for you on your first anniversary. It was simple, childish yet it was the most adorable thing. In your relationship, ‘sweetness’ had a whole new concept.

    Days turned into months, and months into years and you both still look at each other the same way when it all started.

    Time skip

    At home

    “I’m home.” You whispered, more like to yourself, as it was pretty late and you didn’t want to wake him up in case he was sleeping. And yup, you were right. He was sleeping. But at the wrong place.

    “I’ve told him a countless number of times not to sleep on the sofa.” You muttered going towards him.

    He looked so cute while sleeping. His face squished between his arms and a pout evident on his lips. it should be made illegal to be this cute. You blew on his face in order to wake up this sleepyhead. Your face was so close to his face that all that was left wass to lay a kiss on his face. You laid a quick kiss on his lips.

    “Let me sleep.”

    “Yah! I told you not to wait for me.” to which he just gave you a smile with his eyes still closed.

    “Why didn’t you pick up your phone when I called you?”

    “My phone died. I tried doing CPR but I couldn’t bring it back to life.”

    “Haha, very funny.”

    “I know right.” You both broke into fits of laughter.

    “Anyway, can I use your phone, I need to tell the professor that I submitted my thesis.” He gave you his phone without any hesitation. You unlocked his phone by entering the passcode which was your birthday. How sweet. I know right.

    You were welcomed by a google tab still waiting to be closed.

    If my girlfriend doesn’t say I love you back, does that mean she doesn’t love me? read the words on the search bar.

    Your world paused for a moment.

    "She doesn’t love me?" as in?

    You swear you read the words at least 10 times to make sure your eyes weren’t betraying you or that you were seeing things.

    Your eyes immediately went to him. Sitting there scratching his scalp without any clue. Why didn’t you ever realize the fact that you were hurting him indirectly? why couldn’t you notice his pain? The pain that he so skilfully hid behind the mask.

    “Are you done?” His words broke your train of thought.

    “Oh...yea-yeah, I’m almost done.” You quickly sent the respective message and handed him the phone back.

    “I’m going to the bedroom, come quickly but not before you eat your dinner. Arraseo?”

    You passed him a nod as an affirmation. He left to the bedroom but not before giving you a smile and a kiss on your forehead.

    Time skip

    You were laying on your side of the bed with not a single trace of melatonin in your system, with him by your side snoring as if there’s no tomorrow. He secured you tightly by your waist. He had this sensor in his arms that always made its way to your waist whenever you laid beside him no matter how deep in his sleep he was.

    The words from earlier were still so fresh in your mind. You were shocked. That would be an understatement. It was a mix of emotions. You were hurt? yeah maybe a bit, but not by him but yourself. You never realized your lack of expression was hurting him, upsetting him.

    You didn’t even realize it when tears started escaping your eyes. You were so disappointed with yourself.

    Y/N POV

    Before I met him, I didn’t even think love was for me. It was something other people had and felt. Something in movies and in TV shows. It felt more like a wish I had than something real. Now that he’s with me, love is so much more tangible. It’s so much more magical than I ever imagined it would be. It’s so much more than a wish or a hope. He is the reality to all my imaginations.

    I love him so much more than I could ever convey. But I guess I failed to express it.

    “don’t worry Jungkook-ah, I’m gonna make it up to you.”

    Time Skip

    Author’s POV

    Rays of the sun made their way through the window as they always did and fell on his face making him scrunch his face at the ‘sorry, you’re-not-welcome-now’ light. He was never an early bird. It even got you believing that he belonged to the nocturnal category.

    “Uhh…” a moan escaped his mouth, not liking the high intensity oh light on his face.

    “Y/N, can you close the curtains?” the lack of response got his hands searching for you in the bed where you’d usually be, beside him.

    He peeled his eyes open, his eyes roaming around the room searching for you. Not being able to find you, his eyes immediately rushed towards the clock to check if it was already time for you to leave for your work.

    ‘8:14 am’ it read. That’s when he noticed the sticky note peeping its way around the side table. He picked it up, already knowing it was from you.

    ‘I got an urgent call from work, so I have to leave early. Also, I wanted to say something, look at your hand.”

    His eyes immediately darted towards his palm.

    ‘I love you.’ written in big bold letters right on his palm. He blushed, the light crimson shade adorning his cheeks. A lovestruck smile lighted up his face, his teeth nibbling his bottom lip. If his heart could squeeze out more love for you, he swore it did at that moment.

    “I love you too.”

    And he didn’t wash his hands for the whole day.

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