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  • theoldcottage
    26.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    My Endeavours in Magick Manipulation: Tips

    So this gives a few tips on both direct and indirect from what I've learned. Direct is when you manipulae a person from across the room or through direct contact. Indirect is through spellwork that is not near the person or from a larger distance.

    Spells to move a person to your favour are generally best done on a Saturday (in the case of domination) or on a Monday (The Moon being a Mistress of Magicks, Illusions and Glamours).

    Monday is especially prevalent in spells where you wish to manipulate someone through dreams, thoughts or during their sleep.

    Indirect manipulation is best done at night for the sole reason of: the person is asleep, their spirit is in the astral and they're both (them and their body) susceptible to magical influence.

    Again, from a last post, in place of making great or more specific changes, introduce circumstances that would make those changes more probable (instead of making the person scratch their right ear, make the right ear itch. Conserving enegry while still being effective).

    The amount of time it takes for it to happen is generally dependent on the willpower of the victim and the willpower of the magus. A person with a strong will is not difficult to work on, you just need to be clever about it. That entire brain over brawn type thing.

    The two best ways I've found of manipulating people is through projection via the eyes (essentially building the command in the mind and projecting it through the eyes) and through a little more energetic manipulation (building a tether between you and the person and working that way. Like a puppet).

    The eye method is obviously best done in the vicinity of the person, and although its not necessary that they look you in the eye to establish the link, it still helps.

    The other method is also suited to the direct form but can also be worked on indirectly, especially if the astral body, or an aspect of it, is summoned at the ritual.

    Affecting the astral body is bound to affect the physical body.

    Again, in regards to will, it can sometimes become a battle of the wills. if you keep at it, the person will eventually fall and you will be more able to manipulate them.

    There is often a physical feeling to the manipulation. I've noticed that when I do it, the body of the person seems to respond in varied ways like: excessive blinking, sudden sharp headaches, rocking back and forth and brain-fog.

    It is indeed like a muscle that should be worked but like an exercise, you're going to feel tired. If you're not in the right space energetically, it might not be the best thing because you might end up draining yourself more rather than affecting change.

    In the case of a person who you want to be more easily enchanted, using your abilities to lull their spirit into a trance is also suitable. If they're in a trance, it's like a waking sleep and you can go on as per normal.

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  • theoldcottage
    26.05.2022 - 10 hours ago

    The Theban Alphabet, A Magick System

    I found a copy of a book called The Forty-Eight Satanic Runes: A Magic Manual of the Theban Alphabet. It talks about a magick system relating to the letters of the Theban Alphabet, nearly akin to the works of the Black Witch written by Enoch Petrucelly. Regardless of discourse on the source of the Theban Alphabet, the book still proved to be a highly effective and concise method. I used a few of the proposed meanings and they have worked marvelously. So, a good thing to keep in mind. It also speaks about how each letter has a standing position (representing the general) and an inversed (which is the opposite of that). So the Letter A, (which corresponds to Life: healing the target of ailments, imbuing the target with renewed vigor and to strengthen life force) has the flipside (corresponding to Death: to inflict sickenss and ailments, to reduce vigor and to diminish the person's life force).

    Overall, a good read and an interesting thing to add to a magick system. It covers just about everything and, like most sigillic magick, it can be applied in a way deemed appopriate by the magus such as in petition papers, circles, talismans and amulets, divination pieces, tattoos and carving onto candles.

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  • theoldcottage
    26.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Manipulative Magick and the Knowledge of Lord Thantifaxath.

    First off, manipulation. I came across a book: Enchantment: The Witch's Art of Manipulation... by Peter Paddon. The knowledge there was good and served quite well and I had begun to practice it in small ways. The main way was to induce small movements, move your head to the right and that sort of thing. It worked tremendously and gave me room for experiment. The Role of Lord Thantifaxath, the Archdemon on the Tunnel running between Gamaliel and Nahemoth in the Qliphothic Tree, was that he had given me knowledge regarding curses a while back. He used it to relate towards the manipulation of the macrocosm (creating change on a greater scale) versus the microcosm (creating changes on the smaller scale). He had told me that if the macrocosm reflected the microcosm and vica versa, then surely the changes in the microcosm (which would cost less energy in a way) would still affect the macrocosm at large. This was all culminated in his one saying:

    You can shoot a lot of arrows over a general area with the hope of hitting something, or you can shoot one arrow at a specific target and get it.

    So in a way it could be described like this.

    My boss is offering a promotion, there are many candidates. I could do work to make it more likely for me to get the promotion, that being a bigger change, or I could do smaller work to affect the microcosm and the macrocosm by extension. Instead of manipulating the probability as a general thing, I do small things like a spell to make me more appealing as a candidate, or a spell to dominate or lighten my boss's disposition to me. Instead of doing something like a promotion spell which is broad, I can do a spell that affects the smaller pieces in the puzzle to create a greater change which would cost less energy but bear the same effect.

    Now where does this law come in? Especially in the context of this story? I decided to step it up a notch and get someone to scratch their right ear through spiritual manipulation. That's a large and very specific movement. I tried multiple times and got tired in the end until I remembered Lord Thantifaxath's knowledge. Affect the microcosm and you shift the macrocosm. So what did I do, I moved away from making the person scratch their right ear to something smaller.

    Your right ear is itchy.

    I spent about a minute focusing the energy into the smaller act of inducing an itch and guess what? He scratched his right ear and I got the result for less energy.

    So there you go, a story and a moral. The Grimm Brothers would be proud.

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  • the-witch-of-the-brie-hedges
    26.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Therapeutic properties of Honey

    Main Properties

    Anti-infective and antibiotic properties

    Honey has been known since antiquity for its anti-infective properties: honey prevents bacterial, viral or fungal proliferation thanks to an enzyme, glucose oxidase, producing hydrogen peroxide (as in hydrogen peroxide) which is a natural antiseptic. In addition, it has a low protein concentration which prevents bacteria from growing. Finally, its acidity hinders the multiplication of bacteria, completing its antibacterial action. It can be used for this purpose both on the skin and ingested for the respiratory or digestive sphere.

    Healing properties

    Often used as an antiseptic to treat wounds, honey also has healing properties which once again justify its use on the skin. It then prevents the development of bacteria and regenerates the skin tissue in order to have good healing. This action is due to its high osmolarity, which causes honey to attract water, drain lymph and plasma outward, which removes debris and cleanses the wound. Honey is therefore a very recognized antiseptic and antibacterial, which helps wound healing.

    Antioxidant properties

    Thanks to the presence of many flavonoids, honey has an important antioxidant power, because they neutralize free radicals, thus having a beneficial effect in the prevention of certain cancers or certain cardiovascular diseases. We can also note here that “dark” honey, richer in flavonoids and fructose, would be more effective for these therapeutic properties.

    Energetic and toning properties

    Honey is a general tonic for the body which notably strengthens the immune system. It therefore helps to better resist microbial infections and is an ally of choice when you feel tired and woozy. Plus, because it's full of sugar, honey is a great energy source that can give you a boost when you need it. Be careful though if you are diabetic or watching your line, because honey has a higher sweetening power than sugar and is very caloric. Similarly, it has a significant cariogenic power, and all these carbohydrates do not necessarily go well with the teeth!

    Sedative and calming properties

    Honey allows the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that will promote sleep. So, rather than adding a piece of sugar to your evening herbal tea, dilute a spoonful of honey in order to have a good, calm and peaceful night!

    Respiratory properties

    Against coughs or sore throats, honey will bring an immediate and lasting soothing effect. Thanks to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, it's effective in calming cold symptoms and soothing your respiratory system. It will calm respiratory irritations and will reduce the adhesion of bacteria to the respiratory wall, thus preventing their proliferation.

    Other Uses

    Digestive properties

    Honey acts directly on the digestive sphere, and is effective in treating stomach and intestinal infections, reducing inflammation or gastric ulcers, as well as temporary constipation. Thanks to its “diastase” enzymes, it helps digestion and stimulates the stomach. Finally, it has a slight laxative power (variable depending on the honey) and limits intestinal fermentation.

    Cardiovascular protective properties:

    Thanks to the B vitamins, which are antioxidants, honey will limit atherosclerosis, having a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels.

    Support of essential oils in ingestion

    This is something you don't necessarily think of at first glance, but which can be very useful: and yes, honey is a very good solution for diluting essential oils and serving as a support for their ingestion. In addition, if the mixtures are made in large quantities for long-term use, we can speak in this case of aromals, which are therefore associations between honey and essential oil (s) (in quantity less than 1 %).

    Taste properties

    If honey is so famous, it's above all for its use in cooking! Whether it's to accompany food, in a sauce or on a spread, this succulent sweet product is not to be outdone, and, we must admit, it would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it!

    Cosmetic properties

    Used since Antiquity in beauty care, honey has a pH close to that of the skin (4 to 6), and its rich composition makes it a very good moisturizing, emollient, softening and toning agent! It nourishes the cells, promotes their renewal and helps maintain the youthfulness of the skin.

    Precations for use

    Honey being a good support for Clostridium botulinum, the bacteria responsible for botulism (disease affecting the nervous system), it's absolutely not recommended for children under 1 year old. Indeed, this bacterium found in dust and soil is transported by bees and can be found in honey. However, before the age of 1, the baby has an immune system that isn't yet ready to defend itself against this micro-organism, and if it consumes infected honey, spores can develop in its intestine and trigger infant botulism. .

    Specificities of each type of Honey

    According to the plants foraged, and therefore according to the environmental environment where the bees are located, there are different types of honey whose composition is different and therefore whose properties will be different; Here are some examples:

    Acacia honey

    it's one of the most famous honeys, it's clear, almost transparent and with a golden reflection. It's considered a recommended bowel regulator for young children. With its pleasant flavor and sweet smell, it is particularly used in cooking, to sweeten thanks to its high fructose content.

    Chestnut honey

    Fairly used but often in "forest honey", which therefore comes from several trees, it is a very good healing agent, rich in trace elements and even having a beneficial effect on blood circulation.

    Rapeseed Honey:

    This semi-solid, pale yellow honey crystallizes quickly (about a month after harvest). It is calming and rebalancing nervous, and is recommended in case of heartburn.

    Lavender Honey

    And yes, the lavender that provides so many essential oils also makes honey! Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, it is used for the treatment of respiratory infections, to treat insect bites and to heal infected wounds or burns. It is also very relaxing, promotes sleep and relieves irritability.

    Dandelion Honey

    This sweet-tasting, bright yellow honey is especially popular with children who like to spread it. It is considered to have diuretic virtues and to relieve the liver.

    Fir Honey

    It too is generally a constituent of the famous "Forest honey", but also of "Mountain honey". , but the pure fir honey is special, indeed the fir tree does not flower, but the bees collect the honeydew from the aphids which feed directly on the sap of the tree, so it is the result of two processes of animal transformation. It is very rich in trace elements and has antiseptic, anti-anaemic and diuretic properties, and is recommended in the treatment of asthma or colds.

    Buckwheat Honey

    From its name, you'd think it came from Brittany and you're right! It can be used to fight against demineralization and bone diseases. It is therefore recommended for growing children and convalescents, but beware of its very pronounced taste!

    Thyme Honey

    It is a general antiseptic recommended in infectious pathologies, whether respiratory or digestive. It also has a toning effect which is very appreciable in case of cold or flu.

    Linden Honey

    This light-colored honey, with a very mild taste and delicate aroma, is a soothing agent that promotes sleep. It is pleasantly used to sweeten your infusion in the evening.

    But that's not all, Honeys of Hawthorn, Buckthorn, Heather, Oak, Eucalyptus, Raspberry, Orange, Rosemary, Sunflower, or even Clover, one could almost say that there are as many honeys as there are flowers, which would make… a lot of different honeys! Thus, the list above is not exhaustive, and there are some particularly powerful honeys, such as Manuka honey:

    Manuka Honey

    The star of honeys? According to some research, the latter would be the Rolls-Royce of honeys!

    Amber-yellow to orange in color, this honey comes from the manuka tree (a cousin of the tea tree, a major plant in the Maori pharmacopoeia) found exclusively in New Zealand and Australia. Manuka Honey is said to be a far superior honey to others due to its high content of methylglyoxal, the source of the UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) index: the higher it is, the more active the honey! And since the French like to do what they want, this index is equivalent to the IAA for us. This index therefore represents the power of honey: below 10+, it will be used only for its nutritional qualities, between 10+ and 16+ it will be ideal to support your body, give it a boost and take care of your health. on a daily basis, and you need an IAA of 18+ minimum in order to take full advantage of all its therapeutic benefits.

    It's a powerful antibacterial, very healing, which strengthens immunity and prevents respiratory infections. It's very effective against coughs and respiratory problems, and has an action on acne/eczema. Finally, it facilitates a deep and restorative sleep.

    Studies have shown that Manuka honey has a bactericidal action superior to certain antibiotics, and that it is even effective against the terrible Staphylococcus aureus! Effective against the various bacteria involved in sinusitis, colds, and other respiratory infections, studies have also proven that it acts faster and stronger than other honeys. In addition, it has an extraordinary action on wounds, scars, burns, fungal infections, stomach ulcers (especially those due to Helicobacter pylori), as well as on mouth ulcers, sinusitis and sore throats. And as if that were not enough, it will stimulate the immune system!

    The methylglyoxal contained in Manuka honey prevents bacteria from attaching to damaged tissues, and is a moisturizing antimicrobial that's very favorable to healing. In this context, you can use it in application on a clean wound before applying a dressing. In addition, it's preferable to use honey with a UMF (or IAA) of 18+ or 20+ in order to take advantage of its maximum potency.

    Thus, although more expensive than other honeys, Manuka honey is an incredible honey with exceptional properties! You can use it in different forms to take advantage of its fantastic virtues: applied to the skin, ingested as is, throat lozenge or honey-based spray.

    Source :

    La compagnie des sens

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  • the-bitchiest-witch-of-the-west
    26.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    i got a tarot deck recently and ive been told i need to cleanse it-?

    Yes. God yes clean your deck.

    It’s very important that you cleanse your deck cause much like crystals it’ll hold onto that negative energy and could possibly effect your reading.

    Methods for cleaning your cards:

    Palo Santo, you can use the Palo Santo to smoke cleanse your cards. The way I personally like to do it is to first, after I’ve begun burning the wood, I’ll hold the deck in my hand and go around it 3 times. Then after that, I’ll spread the deck out on my reading cloth (I’ll explain that later on) going around it another 3 times. To finish off, I pile my cards back up giving them a good shuffle then will go over my deck drawing out a pentacle overtop with the smoke. (the pentacle is only because of my religion, if you practice a religion that isn’t paganism (which it is not uncommon for other religions to do so, it’s actually a lot more common than you’d think haha) you could instead draw your religious symbol(s) over the of your deck. That is ofc if you’d like to, just because I do smth a certain way doesn’t mean you have to)

    You can ofc also do this with incense or any other smoke cleansing item

    Crystals, you could cleanse them by just setting your crystals that radiate positive energy on top. Anything that’ll release that negativity.
    Setting them out in the moonlight, I personally LOVE to put my deck out under a full moon to charge it but you could also set it out under the moonlight any night you have a good amount of light to simply cleanse it. The few times I have done this I found it best to say my intentions of what I’m wanting to happen aloud followed by saying “My deck IS releasing its negative energy and is being cleansed to reach its full potential.” (You want to make sure to say it as if it’s already happened or is happening or else it’ll be left as a possibility. Which you don’t want to happen.)

    You can also set your cards out in the sun to charge them under that lighting but I would strongly advise against that. Not that the suns light and energy doesn’t cleanse because it does, but, being left under the suns lighting can and will cause discoloration and fading in your cards which I’m not sure about you but I would be devastated if I had to get rid of my cards cause I couldn’t see them.

    Sound cleansing, this is something I have yet to do what I like to call “my experimental tampering” with to fully understand and practice so I unfortunately cannot give you much if any advice on this but if it’s something you know how to do and are confident in doing so I would say “go for it”I don’t see why you couldn’t cleanse your tarot cards with it if you’re capable of cleansing your mind, body, soul, AnD home with it. Seems like an all around working haha
    Lastly, your moon water, Ik this one might sound really weird and possibly dangerous for your cards, in which I can honestly say if not done properly it can be (my learning/teaching deck now has a few cards that took a hit so I do in fact know ✋😭) you’re going to want to get a light weight towel, cloth, shoot I use an old lime green scarf from middle school that I’m pretty sure came from the dollar store haha, any lightweight fabric will due. Put some of your moon water in a bowl (0.5-1 cup of it will do fine) and get your fabric wet. From their your going to want to ring out as much water as you can leaving the cloth just barely wet then go through and repeat the same you would for simple moon cleansing (it’s better if you did that with any cleansing but especially so when it’s not getting a lot of help from you) as you wipe of your deck making sure not to get your cards too wet. I would advise making sure they’re completely dry before using (this might call for a napkin or towels help which is fine)

    Card Reading Cloth

    This doesn’t really apply to cleansing your cards but it does apply to keeping them clean.

    I would advise that any time you do a reading or just in general anytime you use your cards that you use some form of cloth/mat under your cards to keep them physically clean. While yes it will help keep the negative energies from surrounding objects off of your cards it’ll also help keep dirt and grime off of your cards.

    For me I just went to my local crafting store and picked up a few “scrap” pieces of 12”x 12” fabric that was not only l distinctive from any other fabrics I had in my house, but it was also one I liked. (If you’re going to spend money on something make sure it’s something you like lol) then I pressed a 1/2 inch seam into it sewing that to keep the edges from fraying. Super simple and cute haha

    If anyone has any other question please feel free to ask, I love being able to help other and share my knowledge, and even learning something new in case I needed to look something up to help others learn and understand. With that being said I hope you have a blessed rest of your day <3

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  • kikispendulum
    26.05.2022 - 22 hours ago

    Hai, guys! I’m answering some pendulum questions right now so be sure to inbox me or send me a private message for a reading and be sure to check out my FAQ list before submitting a request! ❤️

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  • ilios-fengari-asteria
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    I need More witchy Friends !!!

    Im looking for fellow witches to talk and learn about each other’s spiritual journey

    So pls dm me if you want to chat !

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  • hallow-witxh
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago


    To follow up with an earlier post about summer stone fruits, I want to delve a little deeper into what may be my favorite: peaches.

    Peaches are a symbol of fertility, love, wisdom, and acceptance. Although the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks fertility is often reproduction or sexual desires, fertility comes in many forms. It can mean a fertile life with plenty of room for growth, it can mean watering your seeds of patience, and so much more. Of course, that's depending on how one uses it.

    Dried peaches: As with any dried ingredient like spices, herbs, and other fruits, dried peaches have a multitude of uses. Brew tea with strawberries and apples to help invoke thoughts of self-love and appreciation, or add into a spell jar to invoke love into your life (be it friendship, romance, or otherwise). You can also use dried peaches as incense, adding it into your normal smoke cleanse to cleanse your space of harmful thoughts and help invoke self-caring or love. Fresh peaches: In my opinion, fresh peaches are the best peaches. Use fresh peach into lemonade to add thoughts of love into your day, or induce loving dreams at night. Eat whole and raw to invoke love into your life. The fruit can be diced and added into recipes for loved ones as a token of love, and splitting a peach with your romantic partner increases the love bond between you. Only with consent. Peach pits: Wear the pits to help ward off evil thoughts and those with conditional love. They can also be added into sachets or wear it as an amulet/pendant to invoke fertility and love. Remember that when you do that, rub the pit with herbs or spices that represent the kind of fertility you desire: to have a baby, to grow into a better life, etc Of course, peaches are more than just a magical ingredient. It can also just be a delicious healthy treat for some of us who crave something sweet!

    As always, blessed be, my friends. <3

    Support your local witch on Ko-Fi or at my store, Hallow Grove!

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  • witchy-batsquatch
    25.05.2022 - 1 day ago

    Life hack:

    If you are running low on flour and sugar but want to make pancakes use instant muffin mix. Just add a little more water to make it less thick then put it on your griddle and cook them like pancakes.

    Pro tip: they will be fragile so use a metal spatula or a fish spatula for best results.

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