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    Give you all the love you deserve - Changbin


    description: Changbin comes home late to you waiting with dinner. To make you happy, he eats it all, filling his sweet little tummy. While he eats you notices his bloated tummy and start to stroke it.
    Needless to say this man is more than embarrassed but maybe, just maybe he kinda likes it?
    pairings: Seo Changbin x gnreader
    genre: Relationship, Boyfriend Changbin, feeding, food, tummy, belly rub, non-sexual kink
    triggerwarning: food, eating, stuffing,
    word count: 1.7 k


    You were waiting for Changbin. It was already past 10 p.m. and to be honest you were quite sad. Chanbin promised you to come home earlier. At least he promised to try. Because of his busy schedule you two couldn't meet as often as you both wished. So of course you were sad that he was late. He didn't even text you to let you know he would come later. You just hoped that the food you cooked would still be good. You let out a little sigh and decided to watch a new episode of the drama you watched recently. You sat there for about twenty minutes when you finally heard the door to your apartment opening. Slowly you stood up and walked towards your front door. Changbin was already getting out of his shoes when he saw you.

    "I'm sorry for being so late", he muttered and smileď at you. "Can you forgive Changbinnie?", he asked in a higher voice and touched his cheek with one finger, looking all cute. You nearly rolled your eyes but couldn't hold back your smile. You nodded softly after a moment, he then smiled wider and gave you a quick kiss on your cheek.

    "Why are you late anyways? Didn't you say the filming would not take longer than 8 p.m.?", you asked, took his hand and slowly pulled him towards your living room.

    "Oh Minho-Hyung kinda forced us all to eat together after the filming. You know it's been so long since we all ate together." You stopped in your tracks and stared at him. His eyes grew big, suddenly so sad. "Did I say something wrong?", he asked, stepping closer to you. You let out a little sigh.

    "It's just that I cooked for us", you explained with a little pout on your lips. For a second Changbin stayed silent, rubbing his tummy.

    "You know I wasn't really hungry when we ate earlier so I didn't eat much. But I'm kinda hungry now", he explained.

    "Oh really?", you asked happily. When he nodded, you pulled him again towards your living room. "Sit-down I will get the food. What do you want to drink?" While Changbin got himself comfortable and you grabbed the dishes you made.

    "Do you still have soju and beer?"

    After you placed everything on the table you sat down next to Changbin, your back against the sofa. While he poured the soju and beer into his glass, you placed some of the meat you cooked on his rice. With a big smile he turned his face towards you.

    "Love you. Thanks for making dinner", he whispered and then gave you a soft kiss on the lips.

    "I love you too", you whispered, while you brushed through his hair. "And now eat." For the next few minutes you two ate silently. All you heard from time to time was a little hum or a small huff. Because you tasted the food you made several times before you stopped eating after a while, you felt full and watched Changbin eat instead. With his cheeks full of food he looked so cute, you couldn't hold back a smile and carried his cheek for a moment.

    "Do you like it?", you asked shyly. With red ears he nodded.

    "It tastes amazing, jagi", he mumbled, giving you a soft smile. Happy with his answer you started to side hug him, your head on his broad shoulder. You started to play with his hair softly while you continued to watch the episode you started earlier.

    "Can you let me be for a moment? It's warm. I want to take my hoodie off", Changbin said after a while. With a big pout on your lips he drew back a bit and watched how Changbin pulled the hoodie over his head. Doing so he also pulled the shirt underneath up a bit, revealing a very full looking tummy. It was sticking out a bit and looked all packed. It looked like Changbin himself didn't even realise that his tummy was exposed for a moment. With a soft smile you closed the distance between you two again, while Changbin took a big sip of his drink. He let out a little huff when he placed down the empty glass. Slowly your one hand travelled from his broad shoulder, over his chest but then stopped before you went down to his tummy. You could feel his glance at you so you returned it slowly. He looked at you with big eyes waiting for your next action.

    "Can I?", you asked, sending a short look towards his tummy. The next second he escaped your glance and started to laugh while he hid his face behind his hands.

    "If you want to", he whispered but still couldn't look you in the eyes.

    Slowly your hand wandered lower and was now laying on his bloated tummy. Smoothly you rubbed his tummy in small circles which made Changbin sigh in pleasure. He pulled you closer to him, hugging you with one arm. It made you feel all warm and safe.

    "Your tummy looks so tight", you giggled, patting it lightly. You heard a low groan from Changbin.

    "God this is so embarrassing", he muttered under his breath, blushing like crazy.

    "Why should it be?", you asked, caring and gave him a soft kiss on his cheek. "I think you look extremely cute and you were so happy while eating." You now stroked soft circles around his navel, smiling at him as he finally found your glance again.

    "You think so?", he asked surprised.

    "Excuse me? Of course! Do you even know how attractive you look right now? How lovable?" He started to laugh and tried to escape by hiding in the crook of your neck.

    "What are you doing to me?", he whined, while he pulled you even closer to him. With a small smile on your lips, you placed a kiss on his red ears.

    "I just give you all the love you deserve." Hearing these words, he drew back a bit and connected your lips with his. His lips were warm and pressed softly against yours. You could taste the beer he drank a bit but it didn't bother you that much. When his lips left, you slowly opened your eyes again and met his eyes. He stroked over your cheek lightly and then ate the chicken and rice that was left on his bowl.

    "That was really good, jagi. But I ate way to much", he muttered laughing at the end and patted his own bloated tummy.

    "I'm happy you liked it", you whispered. "You have such a sweet little tummy right now."

    Looking down at his sweet little bloated tummy he let out a sigh.

    "Hannie will tease me when we get to the gym tomorrow. I can already hear him.", Changbin whined and showed you a big pout.

    "Naww I kinda want to see that to be honest", you replied laughing.

    "Of course you would", he muttered but then started to laugh too. "You are unbelievable."

    "That's my you love me."

    "Yes I do."

    "Can we go cuddle in bed?", Changbin asked after a few minutes, looking all sleepy.

    "Of course we can", you replied with a smile and stood up, followed by Changbin. He let out a little whimper as he was holding his tummy. "Are you alright?", you asked with concern.

    "Yes but I just noticed how much I really ate. My tummy feels so heavy", he muttered, leaning a bit against you.

    "Well maybe you shouldn't have eaten two meals in a short time", you giggled and stroked his cheek softly. His eyes went all wide which made you giggle even harder.

    "How did you know?"

    "We have been dating for about two years now, Binnie. I learnt to tell when you are lying. Also you normally only drink soju and beer when you have to eat the rest of my dinner after you finished yours and are already quite full." He rolled his eyes for being catched. "But I appreciate it that you eat all the food even though you already ate dinner just to make me happy", you then whispered and gave him a kiss on his lips.

    "I would do it again." With a found smile you stared at him for a moment, then you pulled him with you towards your bedroom. After you stripped down your clothes and got into your pyjamas you two layed down.

    Changbin let out a loud satisfied sigh and hummed while he got comfortable. You pressed yourself against his side and placed your head on his muscular chest. Changbin searched for your hand and linked them together when he found yours.

    "Thanks again for making dinner. It was really delicious." Softly stroking over his cute bloated tummy, you smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the nose.

    "Next time we can also just put it in the fridge and eat it the next day, Binnie. You don't have to force yourself to eat something", you then whispered. You felt him nodding.

    "I know but to be honest it kinda felt", he stopped mid sentence, getting all red in the face. "I kinda liked the feeling? I felt all warm and safe and you next to me made it even better. Also I kinda liked it when you took care of my tummy."

    "Oh Binnie thank you for sharing this with me", you replied, knowing how much courage saying it must have cost him. "And like I said earlier I was so happy seeing you happy and comfy and you looked so cute with your stuffed cheeks and the relaxed smile on your lips."

    "If you want, we can do this again sometime. I will take care of you, will spoil you with all your favorite food and make you feel all comfy and warm." A happy small smile appeared on Changbins lips and he hugged you tighter.

    "You would do that for me?"

    "Of course, I love you", you whispered. "And I also like to see you all flustered when I tease you or take care of your tummy." You couldn't hold back a giggle as you saw his reaction.

    "Of course, of course", he muttered.

    After that you two fell in comfortable silence while you took care of his tight tummy.

    "Goodnight, jagi", Changbin whispered after a while, already half asleep.

    "Goodnight, Binnie. Sleep well", you muttered too and continued to stroke over his tummy till he was asleep.


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    Xu Minghao (徐明浩)

    Happy belated birthday, @aliceu!! You always tease me with this concept (because of that SINGULAR typo I made that one time), so hopefully, I can beat you at your own game and make you soft with this! You’re always so kind, fun, and accepting, and I hope your birthday was the bestest. Love ya!




    You and Minghao bust through the front door of your apartment in a flurry of damp hair and wet limbs, trying your best to escape the sudden vicious downpour outside. You slammed the door behind you like you’d just escaped the clutches of a pursuer.

    There was a heavy moment of silence where you just stared at each other before breaking out in giggles.

    “I’m so sorry!” Minghao got out. “I checked the forcast, but I guess...”

    You shook your head. “No, no, it’s fine!” you assured him. “Your poor hair, though,” you said, pointing to his dyed locks that now trickled droplets of red down his ears and neck. You slipped off your wet shoes and socks, scurrying off down the hall to grab your matching bathrobes, leaving water droplets in your wake like Hansel and Gretel’s trail of breadcrumbs.

    Without really having to say anything, you both just naturally turned away from each other, peeling yourselves out of your wet clothes and slipping on the warm, fluffy robes. You both still looked like a mess, but at least you were warm. “C’mon,” you said, ushering him to the bathroom. “Let’s get you dried off.”

    “What about you?” he asked, pouting a little.

    “You first,” you insisted with a smile. “You’re gonna get stained if we leave you like that, and that’s not a cute look.” He couldn’t really argue with you on that, so he just let you lead him to the bathroom, sitting him down on the edge of the tub.

    You grabbed a towel, gently drying his pretty locks. The rain trailed down the window panes in wavy lines, casting these dreamy, psychedelic shadows into the room. It looked like you were underwater. The occasional rumble of thunder felt calming, and somewhat like the ocean’s rolling waves.

    “You’re very pretty,” Minghao said, entirely unprompted and out-of-the-blue.

    You furrowed your brows. “Oh, is that so?” He nodded in confirmation. “Well then, thank you. Kinda random, though.”

    “I’d just been thinkin’ about it for a while,” he shrugged. “Not just today, but like, all the time. And having you here, soaking wet but still choosing to take care of me first, and being so careful not to pull my hair—it just feels domestic, and y’know... I wouldn’t mind stuff like this happening all the time.”

    You smiled, a glint of mischievousness in your eyes. You knew exactly the intention of his words, but you couldn’t help but tease him. “You wish we’d always get stuck in the rain? What a weird fantasty.”

    He rolled his eyes, but his smile was obvious. “You know what I meant,” he said. He sighed contendedly, staring up at you. Wordlessly, he rose to his feet, taking your hand in his own and placing your other on his shoulder. Slowly, he swayed you back and forth, starting to hum a tune after a moment.

    The bathroom was too small for any big movements, but he held you close to maximize the space. You could feel his cold skin pressed against you, but for whatever reason, it felt so warm. You giggled at each other as he spun you under his arm.

    You teased him, as you always would, but you’d have to admit... You could get used to bathroom dancing with him, too.

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    A Little Piece of You: Chapter 2 The Skylit Penthouse

    This is Chapter 2 of an ongoing series. If you missed out on the previous entries, you can check my masterlist here.


    The peace and silence of the afternoon was a worthwhile reward after a long-ass day and I always made sure that I indulged in it to relax. This time, however, was different. I have been to a couple of different places and this won’t certainly be the first time that I’m heading off to a place after class, especially on a bar for that matter. I have never been to Skylight Hotel or even thought of heading in it in same shape or form and this would be my first time to venture inside it.

    The fact that I’m also accompanied by people that some I barely or not even know at all, added a thrilling experience to it. In my book, it feels like I’m breaking some rules but it also feels like I’m growing off into a new chapter of my life.

    If only I was not squeezed inside the small cab seated next to Kino, then the tall figure of Shinwon, then Soyeon and Ningning, then this trip would have been a lot more comfortable. I could almost envy Kyungsoo and Hongseok who were seated up front and relaxed on the wide taxi. I’d say that seating next to the window is one of the subtle rewards of this small predicament, albeit a really bad trade-off. Soyeon, on the other hand, loudly complained how despite her slim figure, could not fit her entire butt on the free space of the seat and has to resort on seating a portion of her thighs on Shinwon and Ning’s legs.

    “Does anyone know where Dawn is?” Soyeon asked as she held on the front headrests for support. “Is he not coming with us?”

    “He bailed. He told us that he has some things to do, so there’s that,” informed Shinwon. “I don’t believe it though; I know he’s probably thinking that he has to spend a fortune just for that.”

    “Did no one tell him that Hongseok’s paying for the entire thing? I bet if you tell that to him, he won’t even hesitate to come,” Kino suggested.

    “Hey, I haven’t told of anyone that tonight’s my treat, but it actually is,” I heard Hongseok’s voice say from the front seat. “Y’all assumed it already before we head here anyway so I guess it’s not that necessary anymore.”

    “You haven’t told anyone that you’re treating us for tonight?” added Ningning from the other side of the cab. “I’m surprised then, that Kino managed to show up despite not knowing someone else is going to pay. For most cases, that’s what happens.”

    I then heard her loud, high pitched laugh which earned a look from pretty much everyone else inside the cab, including the driver.

    “That’s just over the top, Ning. I actually came here out of my own free will and not because it’s someone else had to cover for us. And since when did I come just because it’s Hongseok’s treat?”

    “You seriously want to hear the answer to that?”

    “Okay, maybe not, but the point is… I came here just because I want to spend time with all of you... with my friends.”

    “Bullshit,” snapped Ningning with a teasing smirk she conveyed through the rear-view mirror.

    “Okay I better shut up, then.”

    “Y’all making this a big deal but can we just point the fact that I’m barely seated her between you two and yet I’m not even complaining, so at least just shut it while we’re here, okay?” Soyeon interrupted as she turned towards Kino on mid-argument. “You two didn’t even notice that it’s just the two of you talking while we’re all shut. Save the arguments for when we’re already drunk. At least by then, it would make things a lot more interesting.”

    “It is worse when they’re drunk, trust me, but that goes on ahead for everyone else,” replied Kyungsoo from the front.

    I honestly could not figure out anything to reply to everything that was going on that moment, yet I would say that their little bickering does put a smile on my face. You don’t get exchanges like these every day.

    Anyway, the cab turned blocks here and there and the inside was filled with silence, with my attention being focused solely on the open window beside me. Then, for a brief moment that I turned my head to the inside, my eyes met Soyeon’s for a second just as everyone else was silent throughout the trip. As courtesy, I merely smiled towards her direction as she supplied me with a toothy grin, leaving me to wonder how crazy each and every single one of us could end up once we have enough alcohol in our systems to throw us off. It would just be a matter of time before I find out the answer to that.


    I always remembered City Skylight to be this huge, tall building placed proudly amidst the busy streets of South Korea; and surprisingly enough despite being a bar readily accessible in its location, it was not that far from the University itself and only separated by a couple of blocks. That was perhaps the reason why even in this time of the day, I could see some of the familiar faces from my classes, some that I know and some that I just recognize by face. It was the first time that I’ve ever had the chance to enter this establishment entirely, and as my new found friends busy themselves on how to split the taxi bill evenly among us, I was more occupied on admiring the beautiful architecture.

    The afternoon sky had begun to bid its farewell as the first signs of stars started to show itself on the welcoming horizon, embracing the advance of the incoming twilight. Orange-purple hues of the sun’s final streaks began to reflect on the subtle glass panels of the huge establishment as well as illuminating the small mini-bar that is clearly seen on its second floor terrace. From where I was standing, I swear I could have seen some sort of flashing light right at the building’s rooftop although I cannot entirely be so sure about it.

    Kyungsoo eventually gestured towards the building’s main entrance as soon as the cab fare was done and taken care of. I don’t know if it was just me, but on my end there was this air of anticipation; a part of me is certainly excited about getting to drink with new people for the first time. The addition of Kyungsoo, Shinwon, and Kino was perhaps the catalyst for my comfort. If only Dawn was here then things would have been a perfect mini-highschool reunion.

    “We’re heading to the bar,” Hongseok said towards the guard waiting up front, showing him his school ID and that he is of age. “Here’s is my ID, and I can assure you that all of my friends are of legal age.”

    “Alright, may I request for your other friends to present theirs upon request upstairs,” the middle-aged man said, gesturing for the rest of us to show our bags for checking. “Are you sure that all of you are of legal age?”

    He then transferred his gaze to Kino, arguably the one who had the youngest-looking face.

    “Some of you don’t look like it.”

    We all nodded in unison followed by a sly smile with regards to Kino’s face, and with that we were all given a blessing to finally enter the premises of City Skylight hotel immediately followed by the welcoming grand lobby of the high-ceilinged hotel. To our immediate left, the main receiving panel was a huge table lined with elegant golden ornaments amidst its seemingly reflective wallpaper, accentuating a further impression of royalty in its premise. On the immediate right was the main waiting area of the lobby, which consisted of an equally impressive glass wall that stretched towards the ceiling above and providing the inside with a breath-taking view of the twilight-lad sky of the city.

    As our group walked beyond the welcoming lobby of the hotel and into the elevators leading to the penthouse bar on the top floor, I could not help but appreciate how perfect the leather-clad furniture stood up against the artificial fireplace. However, before I could fully take in the aesthetic of the place, I felt myself tugged by Kino as the rest of the group took a sharp corner and followed a small hallway.

    It turns out; the small detour was actually the destination as the hallway was a small waiting area for two side-by-side elevators on the right and a huge gallery of walls on the other. I turned just in time to see Soyeon tap Ningning’s shoulder and point towards the mirrors in utmost enthusiasm.

    “Quick, snap a photo of it! These mirrors are so pretty and classy that it’s even hard to pass on it!”

    Ningning was quick to fish her phone out and moved to pose with Soyeon, and it would not be long before the two ladies began posing in front of the mirror while Hongseok and Kyungsoo administered the elevator buttons.

    I was about to walk and join Kyungsoo and Hongseok when I felt my arm being pulled by Soyeon and she beckoned me to join the small photo shoot. I was really awkward doing it at first; especially posing with two girls might get me a lot of questions home just in case this gets to leak. Luckily, Kino and Shinwon gladly joined on the shoot as well as giving wacky poses that actually eased p my mood for a bit. As much as I really don’t want to admit it, that small act felt like a huge social ice-breaker for me on a place like this.


    The elevator doors swung almost immediately after the short bell and it served like an alarm for most of us who were posing in front of the mirrors. Luckily, all we saw inside the swinging doors were nothing but our own reflections seen on the mirror located inside. Thanks to all the golden chrome clad decorated within its interior as we made our march inside; the entire lift gave off a huge elegant vibe. In my opinion, it felt too much especially for us who came here really just to spend the night together with friends. I take that Skylight hotel gave me that sort of vibe, but really I have nothing much to base that from as I never really got the chance to go inside any hotel of the same calibre as this one.

    The fact that my friends as well as Hongseok, Soyeon and Ningning were so cool with it only emphasized how out of place I felt at this very moment. This was something that happens to them normally apparently.

    The lift’s doors finally closed and the silence was immediately broken by Kyungsoo.

    “I wanted to head here as soon as we could because it’s going to be a busy weekend. I figured we should pick a good enough place before everyone else from the university come for their break as well. We better get these drinks on while we still have the chance.”

    My attention shifted towards Kyungsoo, who was on the farthest right corner of the elevator. However, I saw just in time as Shinwon nodded and placed a reassuring hand over Kyungsoo’s shoulder.

    “Oh don’t worry about that; my friend who’s joining us actually came here about twenty minutes ago. She said that she’s reserved more than enough seats to accommodate us all including picking the best view for the entire house.”


    “Did she pick the one near the terrace?” Ningning asked from the other corner of the elevator. “Skylight’s view at night is amazing.”

    “She didn’t tell me anything, but at least we know that we won’t have to worry for the space tonight. It’s all been taken care of.”

    Kyungsoo nodded in silence and in agreement as the rest of the group silently watched the floors on the display board slowly crept up. I do not know if the impending silence after that exchange was purely out of anticipation, or someone else in the group is silently excited as well as nervous the way that I was feeling.


     That was the signal that swung the elevator doors free, greeting our group with the same kind of mirror aesthetic we had on the lobby floor below. Even on our location, I could already hear the loud beat of the bass coming from the bar ahead; it’s subtle pounding seemingly rattling the very floor we’re about to walk on as we head to Skylight’s so-called “Penthouse”.


    It would be an understatement to call a person’s first experience of Skylight Hotel’s Penthouse as ‘beautiful’ for it felt surreal or ‘magical’ even. The place was famous among young adolescents such as Jae-In and now he could see why. The Skylight Penthouse was this huge area located at the very rooftop of the building, supplying a breath-taking view of the taller Seoul skyscrapers surrounding its vicinity. A large, open, central roofed hall lined its immediate centre, with the insides lined with blazing disco lights and loud music enveloping the seats arranged parallel to each other like a boat house, with tables laid on each set of chairs. A huge television broadcast was overhead with the latest basketball game being shown.

    The rest of the open rooftop was a set of chairs and tables arranged in sets surrounding the boathouse, with the furthest sets of chairs, located on the far end opposite the entrance, held an even more splendid view of the open urban jungle of Seoul as Skylight Hotel towered amongst any establishment in front of it. The noise of the cars and the busy street could barely be heard from below, and Jae-In felt that they were separated from the real world as his eyes explored the rather elegant-yet-playful motif that the place was going in for.

    He could already see some people occupying the respective tables around them as they proceeded to head to their place, including a couple of people he knew by face already starting their drinking session inside the boathouse. Huge towers of what appeared to be cocktail mixes lined their tables along with the loud music and a plethora of flashing lights. Even though he could see how happy they were with each other, he was sure to not hear even the loudest of their laughs given the volume of the music played on the background.

    “She’s there,” Shinwon interrupted amongst Jae-In’s rather impressed self as he pointed towards the table on the furthest end of the rooftop. “She’s seated by the terrace. There, the one who’s waving towards us.”

    True enough, through the distance of the loud party music blaring throughout the entire atmosphere of the penthouse, a figure in the distance-a young woman dressed in a white-collared shirt covered by a large blue zip-hoodie waved in utmost enthusiasm as the group finally approached. This so-called ‘friend’ of Shinwon looked really familiar to Jae-In, albeit he could not quite put his finger on where he first saw her even with them closing the distance with her.

    “I want you guys to meet a friend of mine, Kim Yerim. She’s on the same year as us and is studying Medicine. Please be kind to her,” said Shinwon, gesturing towards the woman called Kim Yerim who bowed in courtesy.

    “I look forward to meeting you all! You can call me ‘Yeri’ for short.”

    “Oh my god, you’re so pretty!” Soyeon immediately remarked.

    As Jae-In was still held in confusion as to how he remembers this Yeri person, he felt his elbow being tugged by the person to his immediate left, Kino, who in turn added a wild smirk on his face before proceeding for a soft whisper.

    “Hey, is she the one that Shinwon’s talking about? Is she the one he shared a subject with and always wanted to hit on?”

    “I guess so,” replied Jae-In. “Apparently, she’s the one he never shut up about.”

    “I thought she’d be taller,” said Ningning as she squeezed between Jae-In and Kino, apparently hearing the conversation as well. “Shinwon’s such a tall guy; I thought he’d pick someone about on the same height as he is.”

    “Shhh, don’t be rude to her; she literally reserved seats for us. It’s not like you’re that tall too, Ning,” retorted Kino.

    “I am tall! I think I am even taller than you!”

    “We better get some drinks before this gets out of hand,” Kyungsoo interrupted.

    Luckily, Yeri was too much absorbed in a conversation with Hongseok and Shinwon that she’s sure enough to not hear Ningning’s accidental comments about her. With that, the group, finally with the addition of Yeri, went off ahead and sat on the reserved table just as the waiter handed the menu for the evening.

    Jae-In immediately headed towards the farthest end of the table, the one closes to the glass-fenced terrace with Ningning notably taking the seat opposite him. Kino then gladly took the seat beside him while Soyeon sat beside Ningning on the other side of the table. Meanwhile, the rest of the group were all in debates as to which specific name of cocktail they ought to order for the evening. It was a difficult balance, considering most of them were only getting to know each other through that drinking session. A hard drink might defeat the purpose of forming new friends and would end up knocking everyone else before a good conversation ever begins. However, some of them (notably Shinwon and Hongseok) really wanted to go hard and test their limits for the evening.

    Once everything was settled, Kyungsoo managed to order a good balance between both their goals. Two separate cocktails, one that felt really light and would cater to the soothing kick of alcohol that they needed (aptly named Midnight Summer Dream), and one that is generally good tasting but is known to be secretly strong and hid a wild kick (dubbed Love Potion). Most of them were really in favour of the stronger one, especially Kino and Ningning, but Jae-in was just there curious as to how each of them tasted.

    “Oh god, look at how much Dawn is missing on just because he didn’t go here,” commented Soyeon a few minutes after placing the order.

    “Next time, we should ask him to take care of the payment. He’s missing out so much on us,” joked Kino.

    Just like that, the night kicked off as it should. The atmosphere of the place was quick to kick in, and as the group continued to wait for their orders, Jae-In, Soyeon and Kino engaged on different stories with regards to their daily lives. Meanwhile, Kyungsoo and Ningning unintentionally engaged in a heated debate as soon as the latter overheard a misinterpreted statement from the former. Shinwon and Yeri were having a deep conversation on the far end of the table while Hongseok was overlooking the terrace, engaged on another phone call.

    The waiters soon arrived with two whopping towers of alcohol; one colored a clear green while the other a striking bright orange; six litres of mixed alcohol. To Jae-in’s surprise, it was Ningning who stood up first and broke the debate between her and Kyungsoo to volunteer and distribute the ice cubes.

    “Holy shit, you’re really into this aren’t you?” Kino commented from Jae-in’s side. “Dial the enthusiasm down a bit because we all want to drink too.”

    “I’ve waited long enough for this, so let me do what I want to do. You’re also getting your cup LAST,” she snapped back. Ningning then began filling each cup with a choice of green or orange before distributing to everyone else. It appeared as though she chose for the newcomer, Jae-in, as she did not even went off and asked and merely gave him a glassful of the green Love Potion.

    He took a good whiff out of the glass and surprisingly there was no sign of alcohol. In fact, it was a candy-like smell that registered in his mind. It was an obvious sign why it had a notorious reputation; it was easy to mistake it for juice.

    “Is this the stronger one?” he asked Kino, who immediately shook his head.

    “It’s the other one. You won’t feel it kick in unless you’ve had like, five glasses or so.”

    But isn’t this the Love Potion?

    “Alright,” Hongseok said as he finally hung up the call and raised his glass up in the air. “I don’t have much time with you guys so we better get to the good part already. It’s still on the house, and I want you all to enjoy even if I’m headed home. Cheers.”

    Everyone then followed suit, adjusting from their chairs and raising their glasses to meet his.

    “Cheers to what, exactly?” asked Soyeon.

    “Cheers to old and new friends,” declared Kyungsoo before eyeing Jae-in. “Cheers to both Jae-in and Yeri for joining us here. Here’s to more drinking while our young bodies could still tolerate it, I guess.”

    And with one sip, all of them finally moved and clanged their glasses in mid-air before proceeding for a sip. Almost every single one of them was quiet for the rest of that session, and was only broken when Soyeon downed her glass to speak directly to Ningning.

    “Why the fuck is your glass already at half?”

    “I thought we don’t need the formal stuff so I went off ahead and drank,” she replied and then proceeded to scratch her lengthy hair, but not before supplying Soyeon with a wide smile.


    It could perhaps be the sudden effect of the ‘Love Potion’ hitting Jae-In’s consciousness as things quickly became a messy blur. The drink itself tasted really well especially coupled with the coldness of the ice with it. It was hard for him to not treat it as refreshment like countless of people before him who fell victim to the Love Potion’s hidden venom. Not to mention, he was engaged with a long and drawn out conversation with Kino that he failed to even notice that Hongseok has long gone home already. Yoon Jae-in only realized how much the drink has hit him when he went off to stand and pee; the world has begun to spin on itself already at that point, and he could barely find his way towards the rest room.

    With regards to what was going on around him, everything dissolved into a messy blur of party music as well with flashes of light being the only thing that was guiding him back to the table. He was not off-balance by any means, but he was for sure having difficulty walking normally.

    As he came back towards the mess of his table, probably after leaving for almost ten minutes or so, he could only make up the image of Kyungsoo, Kino and Soyeon engaging in a deep conversation; with Soyeon mostly doing all the talking. Shinwon and Yeri were pretty much in deep talks already since the entire night begun and so it was not a surprise that they were at the far edge of the table lost in their own world once again. Jae-in could not even remember when they went off and ordered another tower, but he took that as an explanation for the recent taste of ‘Love Potion’ lingering in his mouth. His subconscious never really questioned why he never ran out of drinks.

    With nothing else to do, he scanned the area as soon as he came back, silently looking for Ningning. She was pretty much the person who has been excessively drinking for the past hour along with him, and so she ought to feel the same effects as he was feeling.

    And there he found her perched on the balcony overlooking the night jungle of Seoul with her head hanging low that her face was shrouded in auburn hair. He was the only person who had no one else to talk to anyway and the alcohol was already giving him a boost of confidence to talk to people he just met, and so Jae-in moved out of his way, took his glass from the table and ignored the rest of his friends before he finally approached the waiting and drunk figure of Ning Yi Zhuo.

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    27.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Unforgettable Present || JJK ft. KTH (m)

    ┉┈ Pairing: Jungkook x oc x Taehyung
    ┉┈ Genre/au: smut, slight fluff, sugar daddy au
    ┉┈ Ratings: M (18+)
    ┉┈ Warnings: Volleyball player!oc, sugar daddy! Jungkook, CEO!Jungkook, fashion designer!Taehyung, slight teasing in public, fingering, handjob, blowjob, face riding, spanking, boob play, slight gagging, biting/marking, dirty talking, hair pulling, multiple orgasm, multiple position, cum swallowing, use of ‘slut’, rough and unprotected sex, aftercare
    ┉┈ Summary: Your sugar daddy promise yourself to give you the best day of your life. Doing you with his best friend
    ┉┈ Word count: 3k+

    You let out the longest sigh once you sit in your Lamborghini.

    You feel worn out due to the continuous practice for the upcoming volleyball match in your University. You haven't even had the time to talk or meet with your friends or Jungkook. Your sugar daddy.

    Few months ago, you were practically crying over the increased apartment rent, and your best friend Ji-Ah had told you about the sugar daddy website that she had heard about from some students.

    That website was like Tinder, where basically you have to pick the one you like, and if the other person approves then you'll finally be able to chat.

    Jungkook's profile picture was the one with his veiny, tattooed hand on his thick thighs with 'JJK' as his name. You definitely selected him because of his profile picture but not sure why he had approved you though.

    After a few weeks of talking, you both decided to meet in a park. You got to know him more. He has his own company. Later, after a month he'd offered you to live with him in his penthouse but you'd kindly refused and in return he gifted you this car. Not to mention he has been taking care of you like you're one of his family members.

    Taking you out on a fancy restaurant, going out to have fun on weekends.

    It's been three days since you haven't seen him, mostly because of the practice and your classes which made you worn out, and like a good and understanding guy Jungkook is, he didn't say anything about it but never forgot to text you, asking about your day, telling you to relax, and cheering for your upcoming match.

    When you reached your apartment, you went straight to the bathroom to take a nice warm shower.

    Just one more week. You thought.

    After that you can relax as much as you want and of course you'll go to Jungkook's place.

    After doing your night routine, the first thing you notice is the message. It's from Jungkook.

    [Jungkook: I have a little surprise for your birthday, pretty. Can't wait to show you ;) ⟩

    You grin, knowing it's not something 'little', otherwise he wouldn't have mentioned about it at all. Not wanting to make him wait any longer, you typed quickly.

    [You: Ah, right! Something little. Can't wait to see it too ⟩

    -8 days later-

    10 a.m

    As you sip on your matcha latte, heading to Jungkook's, you can't help but feel extra excited. It's been a while since you saw him. He'd congratulated you for winning at the volleyball match but he refused to tell you anything about the little 'gift'.

    You've packed your bag, ready to stay a week with Jungkook.

    Parking your car in the parking lot, you head towards the elevator. You'd already told Jungkook that you'll come in the morning, and he replied with some memes that you couldn't stop yourself from laughing out loud at midnight.

    When you enter the penthouse, you see Jungkook with a sheepish grin on his face and a piece of bread hanging from his mouth. He speaks, cheeks puffed, making him look ten times cuter, "Why didn't you call me before parking? I should have done that for you..."

    You chuckle as you go towards him and hug his waist, "I thought you're sleeping." He hugs your shoulder, chewing the bread he makes you sit on the couch, hand on your thighs as he speaks, "Had your breakfast? Or do you want me to make it for you?"

    You quickly shake your head, telling him that you already had your breakfast on your way to his penthouse.

    The whole day you both spend cuddling and watching movies. However, Jungkook still hasn't said anything about your birthday or the present he's going to give you, and you decided to ask him now.

    "Jungkook" you say and he hums from behind you. Focused on the big screen in front of him. You lightly pinch his arm and he hisses, arms tightening around your waist and he kisses the shell of your ear. "What happened?" he asked.

    You turn to face him, hands on his head, massaging his scalp and you begin, "You know it's my birthday tomorrow, right? Like just a few hours left." Jungkook nods his head with a low hum. "So what are you going to give me?" You ask him, wiggling your eyebrows.

    He chuckles and shakes his, "If I tell you right now, it won't be a surprise then." You huff, showing you're annoyed, "Come on, it's been so many days. I'm curious, please."

    He stays quiet for few seconds and then says, "It's Taehyung"

    You open your mouth to say something but nothing comes out. What does he mean by Taehyung? You thought.

    "Taehyung?" You ask and he replies with a hum and asks, "Aren't you the one who wanted to try threesome?"

    You look at him with wide eyes, shockness visible on your whole face. You never thought that he'd take it seriously.


    "Tell me __, what would you like to try? Are there any specific things you like?" Jungkook asked. You think for a while, not sure how he'd find you. Will he think you're weird?

    You bite your lower lip, thinking clearly before telling him, "Can we umm-how about threesome?"

    Jungkook snaps his head towards you, looking at you with mouth and eyes wide open. Clearing his throat he says, "I guess we can do that?" "I didn't make you feel weird right?" you ask him, just to make sure. You really don't want to make him uncomfortable, at any cost.

    "No, not at all. Let me think for a while" he says and brings you closer towards him, covering both of your bodies with the blanket.


    Not getting any answer from you, Jungkook decided to speak, "Only if you are okay with that." A reassuring smile on his face as he squeezes your hand, making you blink. "Are you- is Taehyung okay with that?" you ask him, only to get an amusing chuckle. "Will you believe me if I say he's more excited than you?" He said, thumbs rubbing your back.

    You've seen Taehyung a few times but you never thought that he'd agree to do this. Whenever he came to meet Jungkook, if you were there, he'd either smile at you without saying anything or he'd make few conversations.

    Sometimes you think if Jungkook only chose those guys who are incredibly handsome and hot. Not to mention, they're freaking rich.

    It was midnight when you cut this mini cake that Jungkook had brought for you in the evening. Thanking your best friend and a few people on social media, you find Jungkook speaking with someone.

    When Jungkook's eyes fell on you, he motions you to go towards him.

    "Taehyung" he mouths, making your heart beat faster suddenly.

    "Hi" you say, and thank yourself for not shuttering like a dumbass. "Happy birthday" he says with a deep voice and breathes in front of the speaker.

    You can almost feel his hot breath against your ear. "Thank you" you reply and hear him hum, as he speaks again, "Can't wait to see you… princess. Goodnight."

    It took some time for you to process what just happened. He called you princess. Taehyung just called you princess!! You feel your stomach twist. The way he called you with this low and groggy voice, makes your knees weak. You too, can't wait for tomorrow. The image of him doing you with Jungkook is so sinful that you can't help but think what can actually happen.

    Ji-Ah laughs, throwing her head back when Taehyung said that you're 'innocent'. She knows how much of a dirty girl you are when it comes to sex.

    You, Ji-Ah, Jungkook and Taehyung are sitting in a famous restaurant in Seoul to celebrate your birthday.

    Before meeting Jungkook, you always spent your birthday with Ji-Ah and some of your friends, outside of your university. You never tried to engage with any of them because it was all about money. People only wanted to be friends with them who are rich and back then you're not. Thus it was always you and your best friend, and if she was busy, you'd spend your time alone.

    Jungkook had told you to bring your friends but you told him that most of your friends are with their parents or partners, spending their holidays.

    The air between you, Jungkook and Taehyung is thick. He didn't fail to notice how Taehyung has been rubbing your inner thigh from the moment he sat beside you.

    He doesn't say anything though, he found it amusing, as you see the smirk appear on his face while he's looking at Taehyung's hand on your inner thighs, going towards your clothed pussy.

    You see the visible bulge in Taehyung's pants and you grasp his hand, telling him to stop, and pleading Jungkook, telling him to head home. He nods his head a few times and checks the time on his phone.

    He clears his throat, turns his face to look at Ji-Ah. "It's getting late, I think we should head home now"

    Ji-Ah grins slowly, nodding her head, "Yeah besides…" she wiggles her eyebrows and hugs you. "Don't forget to tell me about the juicy details" she whispers and giggles.

    When you get in the back seat of Jungkook's car with Taehyung beside you, his mouth finds yours. Bringing you on a rough kiss, making you slightly gasp. You hear Jungkook say, "Don't start here, I'm driving the car!" Taehyung chuckles and bites your lower lip before detaching his mouth from yours.

    It took approximately twenty minutes to reach Jungkook's penthouse. On the way to the 20th floor both Jungkook and Taehyung's hands were all over your body.

    Jungkook is kissing you while Taehyung is biting your neck and groping your ass, firmly. You know it's going to form a red mark by tomorrow but you don't mind.

    As soon as the elevator opened, Jungkook went out quickly and Taehyung didn't waste his time dragging you with him. Almost throwing your body on his broad shoulders, he landed a harsh slap making you scream and hold his hair.

    Just as the door closes Taehyung makes you sit on the shoe cabinet, and he hastily removes the stiletto. After removing their shoes, both of them make their way to Jungkook's room, dragging you with them.

    "Strip" Taehyung commands, eyeing you up and down and you look back at Jungkook just to find Jungkook looking at you while tugging on his belt. "Go on, it's okay" he reassures you.

    You turn towards Taehyung, slowly unbutton your shirt, throwing it on the corner. Then peel off your skirt so slowly, and you swear that you heard Taehyung taking a few deep breaths before coming towards you.

    Pulling your body towards him, he clashes his lips against yours, swiping his tongue on your lower lip and you dart out your tongue. Your hands make their way towards his hair, tugging on them as he keeps sucking on your tongue.

    You feel Jungkook's presence behind you as he kisses your neck to your shoulder. You feel his hand going down to your lower region, as he rips it off, making you gasp in Taehyung's mouth.

    Jungkook slowly rubs his fingers on your folds and you squirm in between them, throwing your head against Jungkook's shoulder when he rubs hard against your nub.

    Taehyung pulled his head, detaching his lips as he licks the column of your throat. He places his hand on the bra strap, pulling it off from your shoulders and unhooks.

    As soon as it fell down from your body, Taehyung didn't waste his time, taking one nipple in his mouth and pinching the other one with his fingers, making you moan in ecstasys. You turn your head to look at Jungkook, and he presses a chest kiss on your lips before taking your lower lip and sucking it roughly.

    Taehyung takes your hand and guides you towards the bed, motioning Jungkook to lay down on the sheet and he stands on the end of the bed.

    "Sit on his face" Taehyung orders and as Jungkook makes himself comfortable on the bed, facing towards the ceiling he palms his hard cock, groaning he closes his eyes, eyebrows furrowed, lower lip between his teeth.

    You don't waste any time and throw your legs around his head, slowly sit and hold Taehyung's hands for support.

    Jungkook suddenly holds your thighs, stopping your movements and licks your folds, making you curse loudly and you inch forward towards Taehyung. When you open your eyes, the first thing you see is Taehyung's dick in front of your lips. When you look up, Taehyung says, "Be a good girl and suck my cock, yeah?" Nodding your head, you quickly remove his boxers and again you moan loudly when Jungkook pushes his two fingers inside of your wet cunt and licks your nub.

    Gasping when Taehyung pushed his dick inside of your mouth and groans, "Fuck! Your mouth is so warm- fuck"

    You start with long, slow licks from top to bottom, then teased a little with your tongue on his slit, making him groan. Stroking the part that doesn't fit and fondling his balls slowly. Taehyung holds your hair in a messy ponytail and bucks his hip into your mouth.

    Jungkook licks your folds and sometimes biting on clit, making you moan around Taehyung's dick. Fingers thrusting roughly and he curls them, hitting you g-spot.

    You whine and clench around Jungkook's fingers when you feel yourself getting closer towards your high. "Cum on my tongue, princess. You taste so good" Jungkook says with a hum, sending a wave of electricity through your body, and you choke out a moan when you cum all over Jungkook.

    Taehyung starts to buck his hip faster to reach his high, hitting the back of your throat and you feel tears brimming, drooling when you again gag around him.

    He shoots him cum inside of your mouth with a loud moan. You lick him clean and let go of his dick with a lewd pop.

    Thighs are still shaking from the orgasm.

    Taehyung lays down with you on top of him. His one hand groping your ass and the other one removing hair strands from your face. You feel his still, hard dick poking against your opening, you moan in front of his face.

    Erected nipples rubbing against his body.

    "Push my dick inside" he says with a light growl.

    You feel the bed again dips behind you. You turn back and see Jungkook coming towards you. His red tip is aching for you to touch, veins prominent on his dick.

    Taehyung slaps your tits, making you jolt forward. "Come on push it inside of your little cunt-” he says, tongue poking against his cheek.

    You spit on your hand while looking at him, bending a little you rub it all over his dick and your pussy, making Jungkook groan.

    Finally you push the tip, moaning as you sink on his entire length. "So-big fuck-" you fell on his body, sucking and biting his neck when Jungkook slowly pushed his finger inside and Taehyung starts to move slowly.

    "Can you take both of us princess? Can your little pussy take our big cock? Hm?" Jungkook asked.

    You don't reply, you can't even think straight.

    Taehyung grips your neck lightly and demands, "Answer him, princess. Can you take our cock?"

    Nodding your head against his neck, you say "yes- I can. Please fuck me.. ngh–"

    Slowly Jungkook pushed his dick, brushing past Taehyung's. You scream at the burning sensation. Stretching you out, and they wait until you mutter a 'move'.

    Jungkook's starts to move slowly, his front against your back. Kissing your neck, sucking and licking roughly.

    You hold Taehyung's chest and Jungkook's bicep when Taehyung starts to move with Jungkook.

    Skin slapping against each others and the room is filled with moans.

    "Faster- please, move faster" you tell them. "Such a good girl, letting us fuck you like a slut. Do you love to get stuffed by two big cocks?"

    Jungkook slaps your ass, squeezing it, he moves even faster. You lean down to kiss Taehyung, teeth clashing with each other, as he thrusts his tongue in your mouth, hand holding your back, firmly.

    Holding Taehyung's face you move back, moaning when you feel them hitting the g-spot. "I'm gonna cum" you whisper but they have heard you.

    Taehyung looks behind you and Jungkook nods his head.

    "Fuck- you're creaming our cock- cum on us-" Jungkook says and after few thrusts you cum followed by Jungkook.

    Pulling out his dick, he strokes his dick, spurting thick cum on your back.

    Taehyung keeps bucking his hip and you move with him, too desperate to make him cum, you're still sensitive from your recent orgasm but you could care less at this moment. He grunts loudly on your face.

    Stopping you for a moment, he pulls out his dick and you whine. He stands on the end of the bed and drags you by your feet, tapping your lips with his dick and groans, "Open" he says.

    You quickly open your mouth, taking his whole length. He jerks his dick and spurts him cum on your tongue.

    "Fucking take my cum-" he growls.

    You lick from the base to the tip, licking every bit of his cum and take out with a pop.

    You fall back, eyes are getting heavy as you pant loudly.

    You feel someone cleaning your entrance and another one wiping your sweat with a wet towel. You're too tired to open your eyes so you let them clean you.

    You wake up due to the sunlight hitting your face. You feel heavy weight on your body. Groaning you open your eyes, rubbing them slowly with the heel of your palm.

    You're wearing a loose t-shirt. Jungkook and Taehyung's legs are entangled with yours. Taehyung's face is on your chest and Jungkook is holding you from the back. You hear him snoring lightly, covering your bodies with the duvet, you close your eyes again, massaging Taehyung's head, and Jungkook holds you tightly, pecking your neck.

    — let me know how it was 💚

    ©jeonspub – do not copy/translate/repost

    #bts fanfic#bts jungkook#bts taehyung#bts fic #smut and fluff #smut fanfiction#smut fic#smutty #fluff and smutt #bts smut#jungkook smut#jungkook fic #jungkook x reader #jungkook x oc #taehyung smut #taehyung x reader #taehyung x oc #kpop smut #bts smut fic #taehyung fic #bts jungkook fanfic #jungkook x you #taehyung x you #jungkook x y/n #taehyung x y/n #bts smut fanfic #fic: unforgettable present #jungkook smut fic #Taehyung smut fic
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    27.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Lost Soul (lii) ☯︎︎ (ATEEZ)

    Lost Soul (lii) ☯︎︎ (ATEEZ)

    PAIRING: Yunho x Ji Ah
    WORD COUNT: 1.4k
    GENRE: fantasy+pirate au; romance; mystery; adventure; action; angst; gore; mythology

    <- 𝑝𝑟𝑒𝑣𝑖𝑜𝑢𝑠 // 𝑚𝑎𝑠𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑙𝑖𝑠𝑡 \\ 𝑛𝑒𝑥𝑡 ->

    You muttered his name as you stumbled away a little. Your vision became hazy as it began to turn red. Your heart rate increased as your hands tightened into fist. “I’m glad to see you’re okay,” He added as he began to step over to you. Your eyes widen as you step backwards, away from him so you won’t do anything irrational.

    The captain furrowed his brows at your behaviour as he suddenly stopped in his tracks. “Ji Ah…?” He said again as his eye looked at you with pain and sadness. You shook your head as you quickly ran down the quarter deck to be with everyone else.

    Mingi watched you leave before he turned to look back at Yunho and Yeosang. “Did something else happen when we were out? She seems different,” He sighed as he walked next to Hongjoong. “Don’t think too much about it...just...she’s upset we can’t go to Hydrthis anymore,” Yunho lied as he glanced over at Yeosang who was nodding his head. 

    “Hyung, can I ask you something?” Yeosang spoke up to Hongjoong. He furrowed his brow before crossing his arms. “What now?” He replied as he looked at him with a blank gaze. “Have you ever met a deity before?” He asked as both Yeosang and Yunho became wary of his answer, he could tell the truth or he may lie.

    “A deity?” He asked to make sure he heard correctly. They both nodded their heads as they were anticipating his answer. “In my lifetime...yes, but it wasn’t a happy ending,” He shrugged as he looked away at the sea. “I wonder what happened to that Goddess…” He thought out loud as he let out a sad sigh as he looked back at the two younger ones.

    “Why do you ask me? Did something really happen when we were out?” He continued to ask as he became worried about the situation. Yeosang shook his head before he quickly grabbed Yunho’s wrist. “I just need to talk to him,” He faked a smile before turning around and dashing to his cabin.

    Hongjoong tilted his head as he turned to look at Mingi. “Did I do something…?” He asked with a saddened face. The quartermaster quickly wrapped an arm around the captain’s shoulder. “Must be with what happened, Ji Ah must be upset after losing the old ship and us all nearly dying. Plus, wouldn’t it be the best to celebrate that we’re alive,” He tried to lighten the mood as he dragged the older male with him. 

    Hongjoong only nodded his head so the blue haired male would stop pestering as he was too deep in thought at the moment. They walked down the quarter deck’s stairs as they walked along the main deck, talking and laughing with the rest of the crew.

    The two were carefully walking across the deck as they held onto each other closely until something caught the tall males attention. “Captain!” Mingi yelled as he pulled Hongjoong’s sleeve as he was in panic. “Ye-Yeah? What’s going on?” He replied as he turned to look at the taller male that looked scared. He turned his focus upward as he pointed where he was looking. “Look!” He yelled as the shorter male, quickly averting his attention where Mingi’s finger was currently pointed at. 

    “What the fuck is that…?” He mumbled as he squinted his eye to get a better look, until terror filled his gaze.“OH FUCK! NO, NO, NO!” He screamed as he grabbed Mingi by the hand and sluggishly pulled him across the almost empty main deck. “We have to much fucking rum, we can’t lose it to that bastard!” Mingi sobbed as he hugged the bottles against him. “MATE!” He continued to scream.

    The lookout swung along the loose ropes towards them as he let out some sort of battle screech. “AHHHHHH, YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!” He screamed as he tackled Mingi to the ground as the bottles of rum rolled across the deck. “Holy fucking shit!” Hongjoong yelled as he stumbled to grab them before Wooyoung could.

    “HONGJOONG!” Wooyoung yelled as he got off the tall male and stumbled around to the captain. “Stay back you...you alcoholic!” He said as he dashed away toward his cabin. “CAPTAIN!” Wooyoung screeched once more as he chased after him.

    You watched from a distance on the forecastle deck at them as you crossed your arms. “Does this usually happen?” You asked the boy you were standing next to. He chuckled as he sat down on the stairs. “Too often,” He replied as he turned around to look up at you with his doe eyes. “Why don’t you have some?” He asked.

    You furrowed your brows as you sat down next to him. “I’m not the type to drink, Jongho,” You smiled as you placed your arms around your legs. Jongho shook his head as he took a sip from his cup, letting out a small sigh as the taste covered his taste buds, running down his throat in haste.

    “Can I ask you a question?” You asked out of the blue as you looked at the moon shining over the ship and sea, as some stars flickered like an S.O.S signal. “What is it?” He pondered as he took another sip from his cup. “If you met a God or Goddess, how would you feel or do?” You asked. He looked over at you with a surprised look before letting out a breathy laugh. 

    “If I met a God or Goddess?” He reasked the question, which you nodded to. “I think I’ll ask for clarity and freedom for all of us as pirates, guidance to righteousness but still sail the seas at the same time,” He smiled like an idiot as he took another sip from his cup. “What about you, what if you met an entity from above?” He returned the same question, staring with the world in his eyes at you.

    “Oh…” You gasped since you weren't expecting him to ask you. You look down at your feet as you ponder over the thought, thinking the question over and over again. “I’d just be happy that I’m not alone,” You said without holding back anything, just staring at the moon shining in the sky as the clouds danced around. 

    He raised a brow at the weird response but he brushed it off as he wrapped his arm around you. “You're not alone, you got us!” He smiled as he gave you a tight side hug. A corner of your lip curved up at his remark as you nodded your head. “Thanks, Jongho, ” You said as you looked back over at the men tackling one another just to get the alcoholic beverage.

    Thinking of more questions as you wanted to ask the youngest how he felt about the rumours over the heaven entities, you turned to ask but he was laying down with his cup still in hand. You snickered at him since he's a light drinker. “Goodnight, ” You whispered as you stood up and went down to your cabin.

    Closing the door and barricading it behind you, you walked over to your sword and picked it up as you looked at it. “De heilige chaperonne,” You said as you summoned him. His figure disorderly came into view as it was pulsing and moving side to side. “Master?” He voiced as he began to form an eligible figure. “I managed to get my memories back…” You began as you tried to figure out the right words to say.

    “But a few of my abilities...I can't seem to activate them, ” You sighed as you set him back down on the ground as you looked at him. He furrowed his brows. “You can’t? It’s a possibility that your body forgot how to use them,” He spoke as he crossed his arms as he stared at you.

    You quietly sat there for a while in thought. My body forgot how to use them? You pondered as you knitted your brows together. “Are you talking about when I asked to forget about me being what I am?” You questioned him as you crouched down in front of him. “I can rely on that,” He responded as he smiled. You on the other hand let out a deep sigh. “I’m guessing I’m going to have to practise on it again like when I was little,” You spoke out loud, more specifically to yourself as you got back up to leave. “Great…” You sarcastically said while rolling your eyes as you heard your sword laughing behind you as you left out of your room.

    <- 𝑝𝑟𝑒𝑣𝑖𝑜𝑢𝑠 // 𝑚𝑎𝑠𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑙𝑖𝑠𝑡 \\ 𝑛𝑒𝑥𝑡 ->

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    27.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    intro :)

    about me

    hi! my name is micky and i'm a uni student in aus! i love writing but have no motivation so please don’t expect frequent updates...
    i am writing only for seventeen at the moment, but i may branch out to other groups in the future!!
    from 2017-2019 i ran a fic blog (j3ongin) but lost motivation to work on it while i was completing ib, but now i’ve returned!! although i was never that big, i really appreciated all the attention and love i received, and i hope i can reach an audience with my writing once more!
    (((i'm basically restarting Tumblr which is why all my blogs are currently so bare)))
    fun fact: for that blog, in may of 2019 i planned out a series for each unit in seventeen that i never ended up posting, but i had started writing the series for seventeen’s vocal unit. the concept? a global pandemic. . . . .  apollo why was this necessary

    small details

    cancer sun; taurus moon; libra rising english major :) she/her + he/him pronouns i drink bubble tea excessively, i knit and can play guitar!!

    finished works

    - Daylight - Wen Junhui (high school au; friends with benefits; gender neutral reader) ♡♤❀✍︎

    to be created...

    - masterlist

    - request rules

    - works in progress

    other blogs

    - personal blog (there’s not much there ngl,,)

    - fic blog

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  • barbatossupremacy
    27.05.2022 - 8 hours ago

    kinda wanna write a lil story on here,, but idk what to write abt :((

    #fanfic#fluff#angst#helppp lol #i dont have any ideas :') #anime#kpop
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  • moabunnie
    27.05.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Hi! I just wanted to put on here some info about me so you know a lil more about who’s running this blog!


    My name is Kameron. I’m 21, Libra, and I am a college student. I spend most of my free time playing video games, watching YouTube, painting, and obsessing over TXT💞

    I’m fairly new to writing, so I’d love some writing ideas (requests maybe??) from anyone!

    What I will not write:

    smut of any kind really, mlm (I feel as if it is not my place to do so), member x member, and I typically don’t write long stories-just preferences/reactions

    I want my content to be family-friendly, so every moa can enjoy💚 please don’t hesitate to message me and tell me if I have something that doesn’t seem family friendly

    ☁️Thank you for taking time to look at my posts/account. Even if you don’t reblog or like anything, just you having read my work makes me happy☁️

    As for TXT, Beomgyu is my bias, and my favorite song is either Fairy of Shampoo or Drama💍

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  • jeongsoo-jin
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Here's the request for ChanLix!

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  • jeongsoo-jin
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Here's the request for Ni-Ki

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  • jeongsoo-jin
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Here's the request for Hyunjin!

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  • jeongsoo-jin
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Here's the request for San!

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  • jeongsoo-jin
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Here's the request for Chan!

    #stray kids bang chan #stray kids fluff #stray kids #skz bang chan #chris bang#kpop snaps
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  • nctyping
    27.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    nct blurb/drabble requests are open!! send me ur AUs, tropes, or made-up titles <3

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  • blu-joons
    27.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    He Gets Jealous ~ Jay Park

    Your eyes were looking all over the place as you walked into the venue for the awards ceremony, as ever, there were familiar faces all over the place, making sure that you smiled to as many of those that you recognised as possible whilst staying nice and close to where Jay was too.

    Jay had a close eye on you as the two of you walked, standing just a little way back from the rest of the boys as they walked in too, following the members of staff who were pointing the group to where their table was.

    “Are you alright?” Jay asked as soon as you reached your table, noticing your names side by side to the left side of the table, looking ahead at the stage.

    Your head nodded as you took a shaky breath, trying your best to stay relaxed. As ever, the business of award ceremony season soon started to creep up on you, reminding you of how overwhelming it could all be, even whilst Jay seemed to take it all in his stride.

    “I think we might need to go and do an interview before we sit down,” Jay informed you as he listened into conversation, “I promise that we won’t be too long doing it though.”

    “Don’t worry, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.”

    Jay smiled appreciatively at how understanding you were as Jungwon began to round them all up, following a member of staff across to where a couple of the broadcast stations were doing interviews. You stayed sat at the table, minding your own business until the chair beside you scraped along the floor, a figure deciding to take a seat in it.

    “Why’s Jay left you all alone at a place like this?” The man asked you from your right side.

    As you looked across, you recognised Hyunjin’s face straight away. You offered him a weak smile, not quite sure what to do or say as you looked around for where Jay and the group had gone, only to not find them anywhere in sight.

    With no one else around the two of you, Hyunjin decided to take the chance to get to know you. It didn’t take long before he was asking all about you, laughing and joking with you, unaware of the group’s interviews finishing up, heading back across to the table.

    “Who’s that?” Jay asked any of them as he looked across the table and saw the back of someone sat beside you, spotting you laughing straight away as you spoke to them.

    Whilst Jay hung back, Sunghoon and Heeseung kept walking towards the table, soon recognising that it was Hyunjin that you were talking through. Their presence quickly made Hyunjin go silent, turning around to see Jay following behind them too.

    “Hello,” Jay nervously spoke as soon as he met Hyunjin’s eyes, folding his arms across his chest. “It seems that you’re in my seat, do you mind if I take my seat back?”

    Hyunjin nodded, offering you a warm smile as he stood up from the chair, greeting the boys too. The moment Hyunjin left the chair, Jay sat himself back down in it, placing a hand against your thigh, making sure that Hyunjin caught it before he walked back to where his own group were sat.

    “He was nice,” you told the boys as they all sat back down at the table with you too, “you guys would like him too,” you added, only to feel the grip that Jay had against the top of your leg tighten as he listened to you speak.

    His actions didn’t go unnoticed by the boys either as they noticed Jay’s expression tensing up. “We prefer to just keep to the people that we trust,” Sunwoo told you, trying his best to encourage a change of subject around the table.

    “But he seems really friendly.”

    “He’s not as friendly as us though,” Jay muttered underneath his breath.

    “I know that, I’m just saying that he was nice to me.”

    As you looked across to Jay to reply to him, you noticed his expression for the first time. You were confused as to why he looked so irritated until you looked across to Jake who mouthed the word jealous back across to you.

    “I bet his group aren’t as good as you guys are,” you spoke up again, spinning things around as you tried to make Jay feel better. His smile turned up slightly as he listened to you, knowing that he was definitely better than Hyunjin was for you.

    Your eyes looked around the table for reassurance as the boys all watched Jay too, with Riki especially nodding at you, letting you know that you were doing the right thing.

    “Have you guys got anymore work to do before the ceremony starts, or are you staying here now?” You enquired, reaching under the table to rest your hand over the top of Jay’s, intertwining your fingers in tightly with his to be able to squeeze his hand.

    As Jungwon talked you through the group’s plans, you were relieved to hear that they were done. The last thing you needed was for them to go away again and to risk someone else approaching you whilst you were alone.

    “That means that I can keep an eye on you,” Jay whispered across to you.

    “Why would that be? Were you perhaps a little jealous?”

    “No,” Jay firmly stated, tightening his grip against your hand, “if you think that I’m jealous about someone like Hyunjin then you’re very much mistaken.”

    Jay’s comment had several of the boys stifling laughs as they struggled not to chuckle to themselves. It was apparent to everyone that Hyunjin’s appearance by your side had gotten under Jay’s skin, no matter how much he wanted to suggest otherwise.

    The way he bit down on his bottom lip or stared at every single guy who got a little too close to your table let everyone know that he was unsettled. He hated anyone being around you, much preferring to keep you all to himself.

    “It’s a good job that you’re here to protect me now then,” you teased, resting your head down against Jay’s shoulder. “I’m not saying that you were jealous, but if you were, then you really didn’t need to be Jay.”

    “I wasn’t jealous of him.”

    “Course you weren’t.”

    Jake’s mutters had Jay’s eyes flickering across the table, staring across at him. “Excuse me for wanting to keep Y/N safe, especially at an event as busy as this one.”

    Your head shook as Jake held his hands up to try and protest his innocence. “You can see in your eyes how jealous you were,” Jake told him, winding Jay up even more as his grip got even firmer on you to keep you by his side.

    “Let’s try and forget about it,” you suggested, “you guys aren’t going anywhere for the rest of the night, which means that no one will come near me.”

    Jay’s head nodded at your suggestion, shooting a glare at the rest of the boys too. There was no way that he was going to admit to being jealous, especially when he would have to admit to being jealous of Hyunjin of all people.

    “Stay by my side for the rest of the night,” Jay whispered to you.

    “I’m not going anywhere; I think your grip is too tight to let me go anywhere anyway.”

    “Sorry,” Jay weakly chuckled, “I don’t want anyone else to come near you, you’re only supposed to be mine.”

    “No one else is, I promise.”



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  • nctsplug02
    27.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Hiiii can I rq more nerd mark smut pls 😭😭 tysm

    Just A Little Bit More || M.L

    genre: fluff and smut
    warnings; protected sex, short smut scene, praising.

    you let out ripples of gasps as mark drags his cock out your pussy and forcefully slams his hips again. “let me see that pretty face, baby.” he coos, pushing your hand away from your face.

    “‘s embarrassing, mark.” you begin to blush. “no, it’s not, baby. just wanna see your beautiful face, baby.” he cups and turns your face towards him.

    your eyes follow the metal cross necklace that swung in front of your face.

    your attention is brought when he chuckles in a giggly way. “such a cutie.” you whine, lifting your legs and squeezing around his waist. locking him in tightly.

    you grab back by the back of his neck and you hug him close to you. “just a little bit more, baby.” he says, exhaling and digging his nails into your hips. “markie,” you whine, squeezing your eyes shut.

    your left hand finds the headboard that swayed lightly. each thrust mark gave, the headboard shook lightly, his feet dug into the mattress as he thrusted deeply into you. each groan he gave out as he pounded into you.

    “markie, please?” you gasp, sweat dripping from your forehead. “just a little bit longer, just a little bit longer.” he repeats more softly. “hurry, markie.” you dig your nails into his back, creating prints.

    mark gives a last thrust and groans deeply into the crook of your neck as he busts in the condom. you clench around him, squeezing him completely dry.

    mark stills and pulls out shortly after. “good job, markie. good job.” you pant, throwing an arm over your forehead and clamping your legs shut.

    mark pulls the condom off and ties it, tossing it in the small trash by the door.

    “no, you did good.” he says joining you in bed and giving you a smooch.

    you were out of town with a few of your friends which left mark alone. alone in the boring penthouse.

    which, that was only until marks friends showed up randomly. haechan brought beer, jeno brought pizza, renjun brought himself and jaemin brought chinese take out.

    haechan throws himself on the bed and sighs as if he was in heaven. “the hell?” haechan sits up confused which makes the other four confused as they walk in.

    “man, why do we always gotta hang out in my room? like hello, i have a living room for a reason?” mark says, sitting himself on the edge.

    “who cares— why is the headboard so stiff?” haechan shakes the stiff headboard. “is it nailed—?” haechan scoffs, half laughing when finding a surprise.

    “what?” renjun asks confused with a slice of pizza in his hands. “don’t drop the pizza on the bed because it’s gonna leave a stain and if it does, y/n is gonna kill me— us.” mark says.

    “pillows, mark?” mark and the others turn to look at haechan. haechan holds up a fluffed up pillow and then pulls out another, and then another.

    everyone turns to mark who stammers. “i don’t— what? how did those.. get there?” mark stutters, blinking repeatedly as if he was caught cheating on a test.

    “our little markie is getting laid.” haechan jumps towards mark who jumps off the bed. “yeah, getting laid so much that he has to use pillows to cover up the noise.” jeno says which jaemin snickers at.

    “alright— stop. we just.. get a little too loud sometimes, alright?” mark confesses shyly, pushing his glasses up after they slipped from his sweat.

    “if you guys were to spend a night with y/n, you guys would understand.” haechan lifts his eyebrows and frowns. “let’s test it—?”

    “no.” mark says firmly.

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