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  • heavensficbakery
    28.05.2022 - 19 hours ago

    should i add more prompts to my draft list? also feel free to use it if you want! just credit me <3

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  • idolstylekpop
    26.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    The Supreme Court rejected both of Seungri's appeals, which were most likely his last. Thus, he finalized his sentence of one year and six months of imprisonment. Seungri will be transferred to a civilian prison.

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  • idolstylekpop
    22.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    For the past few days, the scandal involving LE SSERAFIM band member Kim Garam has been a hot topic in the media. According to many people, this scandal may significantly affect not only the label Source Music, but also the whole HYBE Labels company, which the band is associated with. Just yesterday, a post appeared on one of Korea's forums by a person who claims to be an employee of HYBE Labels. 

    According to this person, many current employees of the company are ashamed of the steps taken by decision makers in their workplace.

    One employee wrote: "Thanks to them, the entire company is being denigrated. There must be employees who were victims of school violence or have bad memories of going to school even if they weren't bullied. Due to Source Music's poor choices and old-fashioned thinking/misjudgment by the executives, all the employees have become secondary perpetrators to the victim. As an adult, I feel apologetic and sorry for the victim, who was bullied at a young age and went to school to reveal the abuse but eventually had to give up and even attempted suicide. And I'm so ashamed to work for this company."

    Another employee wrote: "I want to quit...No matter how many trashy things I went through in the company, I let it go somehow. But I really don't want to work for such an embarrassing company anymore."

    Does this mean big changes? The situation doesn't look too interesting, I'm waiting to see how HYBE will resolve it.

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  • 557-973-234
    21.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    prompt list for the children

    "then let me kiss you on the nose" "NO! LEAVE MY NOSE ALONE"

    "please just a few more minutes, here you can reapply the sunscreen so I don't look ashy"

    "come sit on my lap" "no you evil gremlin, i know you're plotting something"

    "i got you a few cacti because of ..radiation and stuff so you can put them around your device-" "yougotmethesebecausei'vekilledeveryplanti'veeverbought"

    "no you did not bump into my lips BY ACCIDE- see you in court!"

    "i feel so bad for not remembering your nam-" "no no no listen i heard someone else ask you for help so i just called out your name and all this time we've been bumping into each other i kinda sorta forgot that you just like...didn't get my name because I never told you and well the occasion to use it has just..never happened and ugh here i go again"

    "let me tuck you in" "but i have to go pee"

    "the power's out again" "i'll come pick you up so we can star gaze"

    "i should start a wordpress blog for my recipes" "you have successfully fried ONE POTATO THAT I PEELED AND CHOPPED FOR YOU"

    "do you want me to make you a beanie?" "once you get the hang of 'making', yeah :)"

    "you washed the dishes? WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY ROOMATE?"

    "I've never done a braid before" "then I will not be your test run"

    "actually, they're called bicycles because you have cycle on them in pairs, side by side , through the woods like in the movies" "literally no?"

    "i'm so angry i could shave my head" "????"

    "carrots just taste so energy inducing like eating a remote battery you know?" "you HAVE to stop watching documentaries on how a person can live on one vegetable for a ye-" "they HAVE those?"

    "say please" "no"

    #if you use one please let me know so i can maybe ...read and um...mayhaps reblog-ah! idk #prompt list#kpop #but not strictly kpop #even though i wrote this with czennie in my lol #where my neowriters at? #multifandom#multistan #these don't have to be romantic btw #they can be platonic #or whatever else comes to mind when you read these #writeblr #writers of tumblr #writing community #reblog if you want :) #and have fun with these #free prompt list #prompts#writers prompt #number 10 is kinda sorta looking like a jaemin prompt #number 6 is definitely mark feeling guilty meanwhile he has no reason to #mark your friendly neighbour; but also mark your classmate who almost always goes grocery shopping at the same time as you EVERYTIME #stray kids#skz#pentagon#golden child #neo culture technology #nct#nct 127#nct dream
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  • idolstylekpop
    21.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    TNX (티엔엑스) is a six-member boy group from P Nation, formed through the SBS survival show "Loud." They made their official debut on May 17, 2022 with the mini album "WAY UP."

    TNX was formed through the SBS reality survival show Loud, is a 2021 South Korean boy group survival reality show organised by JYP Entertainment and P Nation. The group originally consisted of seven members at the time of the finale; however, on January 24, 2022, Koki Tanaka left the group due to concerns over his age, resulting in a six-member group.

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  • idolstylekpop
    21.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Cube Entertainment has officially announced the disband of CLC Group. The contracts will expire on June 6, 2022.

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  • eyuqi
    20.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Lee Know Moodboard

    𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙘𝙖𝙣'𝙩 𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙞𝙨𝙩 𝙞𝙩

    𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙣 𝙬𝙝𝙚𝙣 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙨𝙩𝙧𝙪𝙜𝙜𝙡𝙚

    𝙮𝙤𝙪'𝙡𝙡 𝙙𝙖𝙣𝙘𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙢𝙮 𝙨𝙥𝙚𝙡𝙡 ¸¸♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫¸¸♫·¯·♪¸¸♩·¯·♬¸¸

    moodboard template made by me <3

    also, lee know > you (or anyone else for that matter)

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  • bomkkaji
    17.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    my k-pop biases as roommates.

    enhypen sunoo ︴maknae of the bunch, so naturally, he gets pampered — especially by the eldest, yoongi. he’s usually away for school during the weekdays, and the weekends he may be outside with his friends. beomgyu always messages him to see if he’s alright.

    seventeen hoshi ︴opens the TV at 7 in the morning for zumba and invites his roommates to get healthy with him (don’t trust him, he’ll order ribs the second after). does other stuff with the TV like watch cartoons or take online dance lessons; he’s unpredictable. yoongi wishes he could be more quiet.

    bts yoongi ︴never seen outside of his room unless to eat, cook, or play the piano. hoshi likes to check up on him but yoongi always gets (pretends to be) mad. cooks for sunoo a lot because he thinks he needs to ‘plump up’ more. secretly likes beomgyu so he teaches him the piano and guitar sometimes.

    txt beomgyu ︴roommates with joshua. they’re good friends because of their mischievous yet laid-back and understanding nature. 24/5 on a call with his best friend taehyun on full volume that sunoo can't fall asleep. is in charge of laundry but sometimes forgets so he gets scolded by the elders. sometimes joins hoshi to do yoga when he feels like it.

    seventeen joshua ︴is the one who initiates activities like movie and game night. wants to get close to yoongi so he buys him coffee and makes him breakfast so yoongi doesn't have to wake up early all the time to cook. once brought home a fish with hoshi, sunoo named it nemo, then it suddenly disappeared.

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  • sugar-petals
    17.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    surprise smut roulette ♣︎ | x male idol 𝔬𝔯𝔞𝔩 𝔦𝔪𝔞𝔤𝔦𝔫𝔢𝔰

    ⇢ enter the matchmaker_  ⇢ play at your own risk_

    ## feat. [txt_] HUENING KAI・[skz_] FELIX・[bts_] YOONGI・[nct_] TAEYONG・[exo_] KYUNGSOO・[shinee_] TAEMIN

    ↳ ★【INTRO. 】welcome to this ‘pick a treat’ roulette. find your perfect match through 6 questions that lead to a hot surprise candidate. are you ready for a gamble? 

    𝔴𝔞𝔯𝔫𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔰. ⚠️ 18+, smut, dom & vanilla fem!reader, face-sitting, kinky stuff (breath play/self-choking | bondage | masochism | finger sucking), non-pg food mention, anxiety, corruption & praise kink

    ⇉ 【 ♠︎ 𝐐𝐔𝐄𝐒𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍𝐒 】

    ↳ read all - do not skip

    looking for a handsome devil who’s an angel. ➝ choose A.

    the expert of experts please. like, the living legend. ➝ choose B.

    the fun kind. an inexperienced, nasty, pretty mess. ➝ choose C.

    soft hours, i just want the sweet & innocent bean. ➝ choose D.

    i’m ready. point me to the craziest guy you have. ➝ choose E.

    passionate, slow, loving, classy, you name it. ➝ choose F.

    ▸▸▸ 𝚕𝚎𝚝’𝚜 𝚜𝚎𝚎 𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚕𝚊𝚗𝚍.

    MATCHMAKER LOADING… (scroll for result)

    A.  l e e  t a e y o n g ♡

    Cooks you a tasty meal three hours beforehand. Your favorite one, and it’s restaurant quality. After digging in, the two of you share a lovey-dovey calm down moment on the couch. Taeyong puts on a sweet romantic movie. Like really sugary sweet. Kiss the cook sounds like proper advice in that situation. It’s not just making out, though. You do pay attention to the movie as well. The atmosphere is nice, he put up incense sticks, and the plot is wholesome. An impatient voice in your head remains. Taeyong’s body is too shapely to ignore in his all-tight, all-fashionable clothing tonight. When the credits roll, it’s time for cleaning up. In two ways of the word if you catch my drift. Him in the kitchen. You in the bathroom. Everything planned out. Ready to go twelve minutes later. He arranged the bed to be extra comfortable. You lay down together. Shit, the tension is about to snap. You can’t stand it anymore and end up shrugging off your showering robe without further ado. You sit down on him. Make yourself at home. You’ve done this plenty of times before. But it still feels like a first. Caring Taeyong is the type to ask how you want it every other minute. You tell him some soft kitty licks would be nice. He starts off superficial, but accurate. Deep and sloppy is for later. Looks great in his black tanktop by the way. The hair going all over the pillow. His eye makeup wavering. If only he fully realized he’s such a perfect 10, hands down. You tell him at every opportunity. But Taeyong is always cautioned and has a self-sacrificing character. He’s anxious, but curious at once — which is his and your advantage. Continues very slowly, whimpery. He always needs a comfort zone. And warmth around the bed. No cold room ever. It needs to be heated.

    Can’t tolerate anyone walking in on the two of you, either. Door’s locked. Music’s playing. Taeyong’s getting it good with your palms on his thighs. „Baby, you’re delicious.“ That’s all he can say between his hard breaths and one madly working jaw. You talk super dirty to him, though his ears are… firmly enclosed for the most part. With you on top of it, his face never felt so amazing, but god damn. He also notices just how he’s straining his tongue to the max the more it goes on. Taeyong is exhausting every muscle in it. You once said that stamina is all it is: He listens to your feedback very carefully. Taeyong secretly wants to be bossed around. He’s always a little worried and concerned, needing your guidance. Dependent on your lead, even. Immerses his face very profoundly the more he works himself up. Wants to feel your warmth. And make you feel so good and connected to him. Checks on you all the time. ‚Okay like that?‘ Dedicated boyfriend who just wants to know you’ve clenched up at least once a day. Intimacy, it’s like a confession. But it’s also about licking the stress away. You should know he’s all yours. The sheer eye contact will make you cum. He has such a thing for your bucking, thrusting hips. Never overstimulates you, though. Always stops at the right moment. Got your favorite towel ready at all times, too. Mirror mirror on the wall, he’s the cleanest of them all? Taeyong deserves all praise, he’s so neat with everything. Needs his bunny plush to come down afterwards. This really is the man who has a whopping truckload of sex with you all week in full slut mode. Curls himself into a ball. Little spoon Taeyong gets his due reward by snuggling him to sleep. It’s all, all, all about affection.

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    B. m i n  y o o n g i ♡

    Sitting on his face? Hmm… Gotta break it to ya: That’s for starters. Fact is: Any position will do. Any. Your wildest imagination. Just tell him. Yoongi is a very creative character. He will find a way. want him to kneel down while you’re standing, leg over his shoulder? He’s perfectly tiny, what did you think he was gonna do! Do tall people stuff? So, you get the idea; no limits. He’s dreamed about all of it anyway. Just never had the courage to speak those ideas out loud, you know. Nothing else on his mind. Beyond the calm and reserve of his personality is something incredibly erotic that needs to come out. Actually, Yoongi is far more physically flexible than people would expect. Plus, a lot more sensual, tactile, and touchy-feely in any case. And we’re not just talking nose boops and hand-holding, although he really gets very excited about those, don’t get me wrong. He really loves intimacy. And for you, he would do anything anyways. You don’t have to worry about him being in a mood. Or his latest audio file waiting for some last tweaks, that one can wait for another hour. Valuable time with you can’t be postponed or bought back. He’s a realist. Yoongi sets his priorities. Booked and busy he might be, but his girlfriend has a more important spot in his big bf heart. So, long story short. He’s always down. No problem. Anywhere, anytime. Out there hiking in the highest mountains? Someone’s gonna melt the snow outside the tent with his heated tongue technology. No need to light a campfire, that one only attracts the insects. Talk about bugs: Yoongi tends to be hyper-private about having sex with you, nosy people and haters should never know your business. His door codes are like 19 letters long at this point. You’ve been thinking the same thing. Who the fuck deserves to hear your man moan except you.

    You both try to be quiet as you can when he goes down on you in the studio lab. Which backfires on his ears later on when you’re alone at his house and can really let it out. It’s hilarious though because Yoongi is a pianist, in his head it’s like „ohh bro she’s moaning in C minor!“ Jokes aside. Yoongi has one huge craving. A certain… drive to impress. In typical understated manner. Knows you feel so good when lying down on your back, so he can service you. Sitting down on him would only mean extra work — he wants to do those things for you. Caress your whole body. Take good care of you. Get his hair tugged on and your feet in the air. When the weather is freezing cold at best, so you can both warm up like that under a blanket. Winter is eating out season. When you’re not glued together linking hands, which is most of the time, he asks you pull off his hoodie so you can hold onto it while he gets busy making you cum. The fabric smells so good. The material is really soft. The whole garment has so much Yoongi body lotion scent and subtle perfume in its every fiber. It arouses you double. You can smell his hair shampoo as well. Knows you get off on his hands preparing the great finale, so he’ll use ’em for good. Knows the spot where to place his thumb and leaves it there to rub it side to side diagonally. Yep, this can go on and on. He doesn’t get any joint or muscle pain the next day anymore. He just wants to work you up and get you off. Yoongi can drag his tongue the slow way. Or give some lighting fast nips. Lives for your heavy hitching breath. Tongue-finger combination? Sends you spiraling, complex tongue movements in all directions. It makes you forget about responsibilities that burden you. Gives you positive dreams for the night. He really does spoil you. Wears his hoodie with a gratuitous, bashful smile the very next day. You really came crazy hard digging your fingers into it.

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    C. h u e n i n g  k a i ♡

    Fresh from the shower. The two of you, madly in love. Already made out lots under the water stream. Got steamy with lathering the shampoo everywhere on your bodies, but didn’t go all the way. Kai isn’t a fan of giving you pleasure that isn’t properly set up. Fumbling about without any aim with the water going everywhere in his eyes. It needs more structure. Your boyfriend is less impromptu than you think. Every now and then, he’s very nervous about that. Good boy gone bad where? He’s soft, that’s why you like him. But it’s up to you to come up with the programme. Spontaneous, planned, something in between? You need to show him. And it’s no rocket science. You’re obsessed with your tall ass cutie, the ideas about what to do come naturally. Needless to say, no chance to jump the gun right away though, Hyuka is pretty clingy. Cuddles a lot before. Very tight hugs. Very deep kisses. Needs his curly hair played with or he just won’t feel the mood that night. Kai needs to feel safety. Longs so much for you. Then goes absolutely stupid. Doesn’t even know where to start. Extremely overwhelmed. Talks in several languages at once. Moves about constantly. All these long ass shaky fingers roaming everywhere. Desperation on two long legs. Pleaser and an ethereally beautiful face to look at, all over the place in the opening rounds. Hyuka is a crying, shivering mess. Painfully straining boner. It’s gonna be another orgasm denied. Begs for you to go harder, wrap your thighs around him firmly. Give it to me, go for it.

    Getting the hang of it sooner than later — he’s a natural talent. Adores you so much. He wants to do this all day every day. Kai’s really shocked by your body in the best of ways. Mouth gaping wide open in awe. Gotta seize the opportunity to fill it. You’re not gonna give him a shy and dainty ride. All those stuffed toys are gonna fall of the bed cuz you’re fucking the shit out of his face with increasing creaks of the mattress. Gets his spit in his eyes, but keeps on going. Hyuka ends up out of breath after only two minutes. Hopeless and sloppy, looking like a wet puddle — or poodle, depending on how you look at it. Such a gorgeous face utterly ruined. Tries his best to keep on licking cuz he’s Kittykai with his bowl of milk (that’s your nickname for him, it’s in his KakaoTalk bio ever since). Thinks you taste so great and loves being nasty. Gains in self-esteem the more he sees his nose bridge do the work for him. I mean, what else would it be doing. It’s literally built for a good time. Things are seriously chaotic with him. Might… discover he has a bratty side in the process. But, he likes being told exactly what to do and being put in his place which is of course supine. All the time. Your cute lil’ babe. Hyuka is at his best when he subs. He’s not afraid of being roughed up and having his nips pinched one by one. Goes full throttle hormonal seeing you cum: He almost passes out. Oh gee listen, this really brings out the hoe in him. He thinks about other people looking at his face tomorrow without suspecting what you did on it. Cums in his pants not once but twice. A sticky mayhem on both ends. Showering round two here we come, it’s aftercare, and then you’ll doze off after sorting his plushies back in place, that’s just proper etiquette aye.

    [ play the matchmaker on ao3 ]

    D.  l e e  f e l i x ♡

    His pink cozy sweater. That silky long hair to swirl around between your fingers. A very talkative, jittery boyfriend. That’s what you find kneeling in your bed in the later evening. He definitely took your text message to heart and prepared. In fact, Felix, your happy pill, has been waiting all day. It’s not like he’s been twirling thumbs only, though. He sent a lot of cutesy pictures to show himself off. You know, a little bit at least. It’s not like he’s arrogantly bragging. It’s more about cheering you up by looking good (it works) and giving you an early taste of what you’re getting (works just fine as well). That serve of a face card never declines, baby. Felix selfies are good for your health. He’s your absolute bestie after all. Good thing you can also inspect his face up close between your legs, and he’s doing his thing, it’s become a glad routine recently. He figured that stuff out I’m telling you. He has an ethic. But he’s also a coy kind of closet pervert (if that doesn’t sum him up, what does). Felix is the type to dream about burying his face in you, and that dream comes with a shocking intensity in his fantasy world. Nobody would suspect his mind to be that graphic. He wants to jerk off furiously to that thought of himself. But heaven knows he’d feel too naughty and shy to actually do it. The guilt is too strong. He’d rather save the energy — that’s actually smart. He’s right on edge when you come home. It gives him an extra slutty desperation. And a readiness to do it all. As much as you like his innocence, you gotta admit that you wanna steal it a little.

    Upon the first relief of assuming the position, Felix has a reassuring sparkle in his eyes throughout. Still talks a lot, even with his mouth full. No manners, but it shall be forgiven. Cuz he’s cute, and he says all the sweet nothings. Boy’s addicted to you, but in a wholesome way. Light banter is a must. Convos are a turn-on. That bomb ass voice gives you goosebumps. It kinda riles you up, too, does it. So gratifying to listen to. Let him talk! He’s using his most seductive asset. But don’t underestimate your own voice. He likes it a lot. After all that foreplay talk, at one point it’s come on now, let’s get to work, let’s do it right. Loves his head in your hands. Pleases you very diligently. Trusts you with everything. Could eat you with his eyes closed at 3:25 AM, suspended upside down from the San Francisco brigde. Needs everything settled between pillows. Flustered when you say something kinky to him. Felix has a hidden raunchy side that needs to be provoked through topping him properly. Corrupting him like that makes you excited for more every time. It’s a sexy balance to an otherwise wholesome bedroom life. Legs are kicking when you suffocate him for a little longer than usual, he’s groaning his ass off. You can stare at his freckles for as long as you want. He makes amazing little slurpy noises, that’s adorable as shit. Treats eating you out like a kissing session. Clean eater overall, not too sticky. And even if something’s a little all over the place: Who cares about awkward moments when he can be a sunshine. Says please when asking if he can make you cum. The orgasm is deep and it’s satisfying. Felix loves it when you ride it out on him and he can’t see anything but ass from below, hello darkness my old friend. Loves the hugs afterwards. Can’t let go. He seriously and really needs you so bad. Can not even bear the two minutes of a bathroom break until you get to huddle up again. Sleeps like a baby. Your baby, he’s been so so good and all your pride.

    [ play the matchmaker on ao3 ]

    E.  l e e  t a e m i n ♡

    Somebody signed up for the ultimate sex symbol. The distinguished one and only. Lee Francesco Alejandro Fernando in flesh, I see I see. You want a goofy fucking weirdo. A ruined whoring catholic on crack. That’s the aesthetic, am I right or am I right. No problem, though! Taemin got it all. You know how the story goes. Starts with a smile. Finishes with a smile. Charming, he’s well aware. He thrives on praise and your lip bites, and the fact that he can make you wet with just one glance. There’s no way to resent Taemin for being so hot, it’s his right, but you know. Going by how often you’re changing into fresh underwear, you’re a little under his spell. And don’t be mistaken. He himself sweats pretty damn hard, so much he’s gotta tie his hair back. Taemin is a workaholic in bed. Because just like on stage, he always aims for his best physical performance. You really can’t call it anything else. On the one hand, he wants to be killed by the squeeze of your thighs while you’re at it. But it’s mostly about having a good time past 8PM. It’s the golden Taemin rule: Gotta have fun together, not one by one. Eating you out means enjoying himself, too. He never thinks of it as a chore. Deliciously enthusiastic. Can put on a show. Is most likely tied up. Who knew, totally surprising. A perfect blend of faux shy with lazy nips and being confident in his err, ‚artistic’ abilities. Taemin needs a freak who’s hard to handle lest he’s gonna wind up bored — Taemin loves you because you’re wild and free and wanna fuck him up for his decade of sins (seriously now, someone finally needs to punish Taemin for being so daring). Best ever edging. His technique is unusual, but it does the trick. Keeps your toes curled and your lips twitching. Like throbbing. Needy moans in between licks because he can’t get enough.

    But, just like he enjoys your possessive staring, he also wants your loud response. Figured out ways to tease your clit that make you gasp out loud and smack his thighs (oh yum… he likes that). Knows his cheeks are great to sit on. Don’t lie — you’ve seen them and you’ve been thinking your thoughts. They’re all soft. They’re all inviting. Can you tell he’s encouraging? Wants to feel your bounce, he’s a guy you wanna lose control with. You can go pretty crazy on him if you think about it. The messier you move, the more he’s into that. Routinely chokes himself out while he’s gobbling you up. „Sounds so good, right?“ — his words, not mine. Blame his eagle eyes because he’s right, you’re liking it. A tease as always. Needs you riding, and needs you rolling. Your hips, no hesitation. You don’t have to worry about disturbing him. Taemin can take a little heat, and his coordination is strong. If anything, it can’t be disturbing enough for the goth emo horror prince. Who knows. He’s lusciously masochistic anyways. Taemin is built to entice and satisfy you on any given day. A little stronger is just right, a little rougher is just right. Give it to him like it’s hate sex, but like it’s love. Never tires. Wants it bad. Works the shit out of his A+ lip game. Taemin’s lips are legendary. You can feel why. As is his kinkiness. Viciously gags himself on your fingers just for fucking fun while you catch a breath and kneel a little higher. Hearing you react with coos will only give him more eagerness to have you reach today’s peak in the most spectacular way. I can’t even describe how unhinged and slutty his tongue is. Taemin is the type to give you a screaming orgasm. He won’t settle for less. All his hyungs are jealous when you brag about him being good in bed in the group chat. Taemin loves your kiss and tell. He knows where he belongs.

    [ play the matchmaker on ao3 ]

    F.  d o  k y u n g s o o ♡

    Listen. Dating apps, the bar, the club, colleagues, the friend of a friend, uni, whatever. Plenty of fish in the sea — if you fancy being disappointed at the end of the day, after such an effort and all that time and money spent, for nothing, thanks. And we’re being generous. The real maestro of oral science is right here. Call it back to school because he’s the headmaster in charge? Yeah, pretty close. Every trick in the book, he’s studied it to delicate perfection. He has the certain something that distinguishes him from the bulk of humankind: A real sensibility. Kyungsoo is a friend, talent, and kind person (unless it comes to self- and partner-defense, we need to be exact here) you just don’t find anywhere. If there’s one guy who knows what he’s doing? You’ve come to the right place. Whatever expectation you’re having, he can meet it with flying colors. You want to be serenaded with Spanish ballads before and after? No problem ma’am, coming up next, your own private concert! Kyungsoo is like, not gonna simply forget that he’s a walking RnB playlist. It’s called oral fixation, that also should entail some really sexy singing okay. When pleasing is an art, D.O is the Leonardo Da Vinci among his kind. Michelangelo. Raphael. And the other member from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I forgot his name. It might have been Donatello. Anyways, the four Italian Rennaissance Art dudes alright, that’s the spirit. Despite being so good in bed, he really does keep his secrets — probably so nobody else will hit on him in the search of a good lover — he’s yours entirely. How does he do it? Probably just intuition. And observing. He actually bothers with really ‚reading’ you.

    In the right situation, he told you quite a while ago that he had a long-term partner before. You’re a little jealous of whoever it was. Still, he doesn’t give out any intimate and personal details because he’s respectful of his ex, as anyone should be, and they moved away miles from you already. On the other hand, he chose you now, who he’s in love with is you, and Kyungsoo truly comes with a whopping amount of sexual experience. A „just lean like this“ kind of advice of his has more trial-and-error knowledge behind it than you think. And, which is bittersweet, his breakup also gave him ardent will to make it 200% right this time and not just 70%, to really get to know you inside out, which is double the motivation. Kyungsoo is the blueprint, the instruction video, the romantic novel, the sex ed handbook, the latest edition. Not that he eats you out like a pornstar. He doesn’t think too highly of that. Contrary to how people hype that benchmark. It’s too much going buckwild with the fingers, and it’s too short, too shallow, too showy. Kyungsoo advocates for a more loving and indulgent approach, and doing it no strings attached just because. It doesn’t inherently lead to anything else. He’s not here to get sucked off. He’s too busy making you arch. Has a tender hold around your thighs. Not a grip, that would be too strong. Kyungsoo is too deliberate and soft to be seriously brash with you. He can’t stand pushy behavior. Takes his time. Makes it all no big deal. Gets really swollen lips. There are at least three types of foreplay before he even remotely puts his mouth on you. Trails his tongue around the best spots. Listens for the desired effect. Bought some elegant toys to use on your clit. Incorporates it like the most natural thing in the world. But make no mistake: His glorious lips still leave the most intense tingle there is. He makes you wanna explode. Everything he does is well-thoughtout. Kyungsoo is a champ of the highest order. Doesn’t care if technique is boring on paper. It works wonders in practice. He’s such a keeper.

    [ play the matchmaker on ao3 ]


    ♦︎ FINAL NOTE » if you managed to rat out your bias among the questions, due congratulations 😏  i really enjoyed creating something more experimental, tell me where you landed and how you liked the results! thinking about it, if i entered the roulette... i’d probably wind up with the angelic but handsome devil ;)

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