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    Bangchan x reader. (s)

    Author’s note: A revised of my old work Stack! Added 3k words and a feet kink lol jks

    You groaned out loud with your head tipped upward, and Chan pulled you into his chest.

    “Not fair, I keep on losing,” you whined as he tightly hugged you from the back.

    Chan chuckled on your shoulder, “should we stop playing now?” He asked you.

    You pouted, considered your option to give in but now that you had lost for the second time, you had the determination to win since you had nothing to lose.

    “No, let’s go for another round!” you announced, letting go of his hold on you to face him.

    “I’m going to win this time, I can feel it,” you told him with such passion.

    He raised his eyebrows, “you told me that too earlier,” he said.

    Your eyes squinted at him, “are you afraid of losing, Christopher?” you asked with a smirk

    He shot you a dead stare at the mention of his English name, feeling provoked, “just don’t go crying on me at the end of the game,” he said.

    “Oh, I’m scared,” you said with a mocking tone.

    He crossed his arms on his chest, “let’s put a bet on this round,” he offered, one corner of his mouth curled upward.

    You bit your lower lip, interested in his offer.

    “The winner gets to make the loser do anything they wish,” he said with a wide grin on his face.

    This offer was hard to pass and got you even more motivated to win this round, you instantly nodded, “deal!”

    Chan stuck out his hand, and you took it, “deal!” He said as he shook your hand.

    After carefully stacking the Jenga blocks back into a neat tower, you sat next to each other on the floor, observing and planning a strategy in your head.

    “You go first,” Chan said to you, allowing you to start the game. You decided to tie your hair just in case it got in the way when you were playing.

    Chan enjoyed seeing the way you arched your back as your hands gathered all of your hair and tied it into a messy bun. You pretended that you didn’t notice him watching you, you cleared your throat, and that seemed to snap him out of his daze.

    “I’ll start,” you announced.

    The first move was easy, you decided on the block in the middle, carefully pulling it out of its stack and placing it on the top of the tower.

    You shot him a smile when you sat back on the floor.

    He gave you an acknowledging look, Chan must have been planning his move because he picked the block on the bottom right away and easily stacked it back on top.

    You raised an eyebrow at him.

    He shrugged, “your turn,”

    You scooted around the table to get different views of the tower when you saw him taking off his hoodie, he was wearing that black sleeveless top you liked on him so much.

    You quickly looked away, pretending not to be bothered at the sight of his muscular arms and glimpses of his abs through the revealing slit of his top.

    You shortly picked your block and successfully took it out, placing it on the top of the tower without hassle.

    Chan put on a serious face now, leaning in close to the tower to decide on a block.

    You shifted on the floor and sat across from him, sat up straighter and started fanning your neck, “it’s getting hotter now, don’t you think?” You asked as you unbuttoned the top two buttons of your blouse.

    You caught him glancing and quickly looked away.

    He didn’t reply to your question and started to pick out his block from the tower and succeeded in placing it on the top of the stack.

    He shot you a sly smirk, feeling victorious that you failed to trick him with your lewd gesture.

    You exchanged a quick gaze with him, the tension had doubled now as there were missing blocks from the stack, and it could collapse at any moment.

    You picked a block from the upper half of the stack to be safe, and Chan seemed to sense you were being careful, “playing safe now, huh?” He teased.

    You rolled your eyes to show him how unbothered you were at his remark and focused on the task in your hands even though you weren’t sure about the block you picked, but you managed to pull it alright.

    You quietly sighed in relief, “your turn!"

    Chan leaned in again, and there was a crease between his eyebrows as he concentrated, looking over the tower of blocks.

    An idea came to your mind, you leaned in on the table and lowered your chest, propping a hand against your chin as you watched him.

    You cleared your throat to get his attention, and he looked at you for a second before diverting his attention back to the game.

    Not long after that, his eyes stole a glance at your cleavage.

    His throat felt dry as he sharply inhaled breath through his mouth from looking down your cleavage, he could almost feel the softness of your skin on his hands.

    You tilted your head a bit upward to provide him a better view of your chest for him, you quietly smiled that your effort of distracted him worked wonders.

    He was distracted for a moment, at least until he abruptly stopped looking down and turned his head away from you.

    He picked a block and almost toppled the stack below it, but managed to pull it out safely.

    You grunted because you thought you were about to win.

    Chan nearly stopped breathing, because he too thought he was going to lose. He grinned, licking his lower lip before reclining, resting his back against the sofa.

    Now that the blocks were missing, it was getting harder to choose a piece of block, you went to the other side of the table to get a different angle. You hummed as you considered your pick.

    Chan stretched his arms up, intentionally flexing his biceps at you. He knew how you secretly liked seeing his muscles contracted whenever he does it.

    You said nothing to him and just chuckled. You picked a block and carefully dragged it out little by little.

    Chan took this to his advantage by placing a hand on your back, “that is one dangerous move, baby,” he taunted you, moving down to the curve of your rear.

    You struggled to keep your focus, you took a risky move by flicking the block out of its stack to get it out faster, you gasped that it actually worked.

    Chan’s mouth hung open as he witnessed your little maneuver.

    You chirped out, feeling that your win was within your grasp now while he hissed at the possibility that you might really win this round.

    “Nice try,” you sneered at him with a sly grin plastered on your face.

    He pursed his lips, “I’m going to let you have your last laugh,” he talked back, intensely staring at you.

    You crawled over to him on the floor, looked him in the eyes, and crawled over his lap to get your drink from the coffee table across you.

    When you drew back, you intentionally brushing your hand on his bulge inside his jeans, you leaned in close to his ear, “Let’s see,” you whispered.

    You were back sitting on your heels now, gulping your drink with your eyes lingered on him.

    You wiped the water that stuck to your upper lip with the back of your hand and back sitting across the table from him.

    He took a long deep breath, Chan couldn’t keep his calm anymore as the pressure to win kept weighing in on him. He tried to loosen up by taking a long swig of his pineapple juice.

    When he felt a bit relaxed, he put his whole attention on the block tower in front of him, eyes intently searching for the stack that might be his only chance for winning.

    You almost laughed at how tensed he became since you did that little stunt earlier.

    Chan settled on a block from the lower half, his fingers gripped each end of the block but didn’t quite make any move to take it out.

    He glanced at you who were attentively watching his face instead of his fingers trying to remove the block from its stack.

    “What are you looking at?” He asked you, feeling uneasy at your stare but successfully pulled out the block.

    “Nothing,” you paused to let out a low laugh, “just admiring the face that I’ll be sitting on tonight,” you boldly answered.

    And with that being said, he accidentally dropped the block on the top of the tower too hard, causing the tower to slowly tremble then crumble down on the table.

    You covered your mouth in awe, couldn’t believe that your manifestation came true and that you really won this round.

    Chan groaned, his hands balled into fists pounding on the table. “Now, don’t go crying on me,” you poked fun at the words he said to you earlier.

    Chan sighed in defeat, spreading his arms wide along with the sofa, “okay, congratulations, you won,” he admitted.

    You crawled over to him and sat on his lap facing him, “you put up a good fight,” you consoled him.

    “I did, right?” He asked you, putting his hands around your waist.

    You nodded at him but your hand reached for the belt of his jeans and started to unbuckle it.

    He looked down at your hands, then up at your eyes, “what are you doing?”

    You giggled, pulling his belt out of his jeans in a painstakingly slow motion, “your hands, please?” You ordered.

    He took his hands off of you and held them up in front of you. You started making a belt handcuff around his wrists.

    He shot you a bemused look, “you’re good at this,” he said.

    “Oh well, thanks! I learned from the best,” you winked at him.

    You pulled the end of the belt with your teeth to tighten the knot, made sure he could not break free from it.

    You cupped his jaw in your hand, “Now, be a good boy and do whatever I tell you to,” looking down at him as you instructed him.

    Chan took a deep breath, not out of fear but out of excitement. He used to order you around, and now that you were the one in charge, it evoked something in him that aroused him in a new, different way.

    He looked up at you, nodding.

    Your hand moved to his chin and tilted his head upward to meet your gaze, “I can’t hear what you say, baby,” you told him, firmly gripping his chin in your hand.

    And goddammit, he couldn’t find you any more alluring than this.

    He swallowed hard before he could finally answer, “Yes, ma'am,"

    To be honest, you haven't thought of what you wanted to do with him, but looking at the tied hands on his lap, a lot of ideas came to mind.

    You got up and looked down at him.

    "What are you going to do, baby?" He softly spoke, eyes looking up at you with so much anticipation.

    You didn't answer but came to the table and started dragging it out of the way, making a space on the carpeted floor.

    "I can help you if you untie me," he teased as he saw you struggling to move the table.

    You scoffed at his words then went around, kneeling behind him, put your hand around his neck and angled it, tilted it upward until his face looked up at yours hovering above him.

    "You talk too much for a loser," then sank your mouth on his.

    The kiss took him by surprise, but he was quick to return it, opening his mouth as you invaded it with your tongue while tightening the hand around his neck.

    He gasped for air the moment you broke the kiss, leaving his mouth glistening wet with both of your salivae.

    You got up from the floor, then decided to sit on the sofa, taking a bottle of water to take a sip.

    Chan turned around on his knees facing you, "already tired?"

    You cracked a smile at him, knowing he was trying to taunt you, but you won't give in.

    You lifted a foot and placed it on his chest, "but I'm just getting started," then pushed him with your foot, sending him lying face-up on the carpeted floor.

    Chan gasped, then let out a few low laughs. That, he didn’t expect at all.

    He saw you getting up from the sofa, then stood over him with your foot on each side of his that he could see the black underwear you were wearing underneath your skirt.

    "Enjoying the view?" You asked him.

    He nodded, "Very,"

    You scoffed.

    Using your foot, you touched his jaw, then down to his chest and slipped it inside the slit of his shirt to touch his nipple with your toes, "you want me to step on you?"

    He nodded.

    You glared at him.

    He understood the rule, "step on me!"

    You rested your foot on his chest, right on his magnificent pec, and put a weight on it. His tied hands flew to your ankle out of reflex.

    "What? Does it hurt?" You asked in a mocking tone.

    He shook his head.

    You put a lot more weight on it only for a brief second, then stopped. He caught your foot and brought it close to his mouth with eyes tenderly looking at you he kissed the sole of your foot so softly as to not tickle you.

    With his tied hands holding your heel, he took your toes one by one into his mouth, and it never crossed your mind that you would get aroused by it.

    Your throat got dry from having your mouth open the whole time you looked down on him.

    "How do they taste?"

    "So good," he answered.

    But you didn't want to give him the satisfaction, you pulled your foot away from him and rested it back on his chest to slide it down his stomach.

    You glanced at him after seeing the bulge poking out of his dark jeans, using your foot, you felt how hard he got against the fabric of his jeans, and to rile him up, you rubbed his hard-on through the fabric with your foot,

    "I'm only touching you with my foot, and you already this hard?" It surprised you how you could talk to him like that, in a mocking, sarcastic voice.

    He shamelessly nodded.

    "How pathetic!" You muttered.

    But he smirked at your comment, truly enjoying being degraded by you, and it made you even braver.

    You put your foot away, and he groaned as you stopped rubbing over his hard-on.

    You sat down on him, straddling him with your legs on each side of him, and put his tied hands above his head, pinned it there.

    "Keep it there!" You ordered with your face hovering only inches away from his.

    He lifted his head to get a kiss from you, but you hurriedly jerked your head away, sitting on his crotch a little too hard to tease on his throbbing member.

    You slowly grind on him, then picked up the pace when the friction also started making you more aroused than before, like animals on heat.

    Chan whimpered, his hands clawing the carpet to hold himself back from touching you.

    Something about humping him fully clothed felt more sensual than doing it naked, and you took a fistful of his t-shirt in your hand as leverage.

    You stopped when Chan started to enjoy it, just to piss him off, testing his limit.

    You got up to see the wet patch you made on his jeans, "Oh no, I think I made a mess on your jeans,"

    Chan looked down at it, and it got him cursing under his breath.

    "I better get rid of it then," you casually said with a shrug as you got up, then stood next to his body lying on the carpeted floor. You reached down for your underwear and slid it down your legs.

    Chan's eyes followed as the lacey fabric slid lower and lower down your legs until it pooled around your ankle, you picked it up and tossed it at him.

    He eagerly caught it in his tied hands and brought it to his nose to sniff it.

    You condescendingly laughed at him, "you look so cute with your hands tied and sniffing on my underwear like that,"

    "Let me taste you!" He pleaded, still clutching your underwear close to his nose.

    "Only if you ask nicely, Christopher," you sternly said.

    "Please, please, I want to taste you," he begged.

    It amused you how desperate he was for you, throwing his pride aside, all splayed out on the floor, needy for you.

    "Please!" He said again with so much want in his voice.

    You triumphantly smiled at him, then lowered yourself on him, positioning your cunt right on his mouth and sat on him, let him taste you.

    You held your skirt up as you looked down at his mouth savoring your cunt like it was his last meal on earth.

    His tied hands reached for your breasts, but you immediately swatted his hands away and pinned them back above his head.

    You took your shirt off as you slowly grind on his mouth and his tongue lapping on the delicate flesh like he couldn't get enough of it, slurping and taking it into his mouth yet his eyes were looking up at you.

    You slipped your hand into his hair, "yeah, so good, Chris," you said as you looked into his eyes, "that's what you get if you stop talking,"

    He hummed his answer, and it sent vibration throughout your body, making you whimper in pleasure.

    Chan knew how to pleasure you, he knew which button to push to get you to your high, and you knew you were on the verge of cumming.

    You immediately withdrew yourself off of him, and he groaned out loud.

    "Let me taste you more,"

    He licked his lips, collecting your juices with his tongue.

    "Please?" He begged again.

    And you couldn't say no.

    You hated it that no matter how much control you have over him, he still got you wrapped around his fingers.

    "You're so greedy, Christopher," you muttered to him and sat on him again.

    And he was doing it even better, intensely sucking on your clit and using his tongue to slip it in and out of you.

    You get immersed in no time that you didn't realize his tied hands were on you, using his thumb to stimulate your clit and keeping the hem of your skirt away from blocking the view.

    Your knees got weak that you almost put all of your weight on him, couldn't stand it anymore you got off of him almost immediately.

    You both gasped, him from running out of breath and you from climaxing.

    His mouth was glistening wet from your arousal that you went to kiss him, tasting yourself on him and whining as he tried to bite your lips, but you were quick to pull away.

    You clicked your tongue at him.

    You sat next to on his legs and worked open his jeans, biting your lower lip as you popped open the button then slowly unzipped it, once in a while making eye contact with him.

    "Let's see what kind of mess you made," you said with your head tipped to the side.

    You pulled his underwear down until his erection sprung free, swollen with prominent veins, a drop of pre-cum smeared all over his tip from being inside its confine for too long.

    You wrapped your fingers around his length, gently circling his tip with your mouth hung open, so eager to take it into your mouth.

    And Chan could and would replay that facial expression you made of you salivating over his cock in his head, he would save the image to jerk off whenever he needs to do the deed without you.

    "Have me all you want," he reminded you.

    You laughed at him, "I'll do what I want,"

    You kneeled on the floor and redid your ponytail.

    Chan wondered how such a simple thing as tying your hair could make him feel a lot of things, your arched back, your hair slipping through your fingers as you gathered them into a ponytail, and the hair tie tugged between your teeth.

    A few loose strands curtained your face and the back of your neck as you sat next to him, propped a hand in the space between his legs, then lowered your head, stopping with your mouth only inches away from his cock.

    You shot him a seductive smile before finally licking the tip of his cock, but you didn't stop there, you went lower, licking his length from the base of his cock up to the tip and it made him shudder, whimpering that his feet couldn't stay still.

    You took his length little by little while sucking on it until you took all of his length in your mouth and started bobbing your mouth up and down on him with hollowed cheeks.

    Chan enjoyed every second of it, if this was his punishment he would take it any day, any time, again and again.

    He accidentally bucked his hips at you rather too hard, making you gag.

    "I'm sorry, baby," he muttered to you.

    Saliva dribbling down your mouth, and you hurriedly wiped it with the back of your hand.

    You clicked your tongue at him and gave him a death stare, "you're misbehaving," you told him.

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he repeatedly muttered with hands begging at you.

    You fisted the front of his t-shirt and pulled him with all of the strength you have until he sat on the carpeted floor.

    "It seems like you're not getting what you want," you whispered to his ear.

    He looked up at you, unsure of what you meant by that and what to do.

    You plopped onto the sofa with him sitting right in front of you and leaned forward, leaving a few inches between your face.

    "But I'll let you watch," you said to him with a half-smirk.

    You unclasped your bra and tossed it at him again, which he eagerly took to sniff again.

    You locked eyes with him as you began touching yourself, kneading on your breasts with fingers and playing with the hardening buds.

    You spread your legs open and let him see your drenched cunt by pulling up the hem of your short skirt.

    You grabbed his chin and pulled it open, shoved your fingers into his mouth until they were with his saliva.

    His eyes followed to where your fingers coated with his saliva to your soaked core.

    You saw his Adam's apple bobbed repeatedly as you started touching your cunt, spreading your legs wider and letting him watch how you like to touch yourself.

    Your fingers gently traced your folds eventually circling your clit, and moaned.

    Chan whimpered at the sight, he so badly wanted to touch you, but all he could do was touch himself with his tied hands.

    You arched your back and enjoyed your own stimulation with your other hand pinching your nipples, making you yelp in pain and pleasure at once.

    Knowing that you were drowned in pleasure and touching himself wasn't enough for him, Chan quietly untied his hands using his mouth.

    You were moaning with your eyes screwed out with your fingers deep inside you.

    He enjoyed the sight so much, but he needed more than seeing.

    And his cock throbbing wanted to be inside you.

    Once he successfully untied it, he reached for your thighs and pulled you closer to him.

    You gasped in surprise and tried to let yourself go of him.

    "Baby, I can't hold it anymore," he told you, then took you down onto the carpeted floor, and bent you down against the sofa.

    He rushed to take his shirt off and pulled down his jeans just enough to let his erection sprung free.

    "As far as I remember, I'm the one who won," you reminded him.

    "Enough playing!" He said to your face before pressing your head onto the sofa and hoisting your ass up in the air.

    "Ooo, Chris doesn't want to play anymore!" You mocked with a pout.

    He put a hand around your neck and pressed his mouth close to your ear, "I don't want to play anymore,"

    He wrapped his hand around your neck and carefully tightened it around you, "I want to fuck you,"

    He pressed your head onto the sofa, then took both of your hands and folded them on your back, holding them down with one hand.

    He sighed looking at the enticing sight of your ass and your cunt dripping with essence, your skirt hunched up to your waist yet it aroused him more.

    "Since we don't play anything, it's getting bored here," you mumbled with a sigh.

    He stroked his length a few times and teased your entrance as it soaked with your arousal, without warning he jammed his cock inside you all at once.

    You launched forward and gasped in surprise, but with your hands pinned on your back, you couldn't do much.

    "Still bored, mmh?" He asked you.

    You faked a yawn, "yeah, I'm getting sleepy here,"

    Chan smirked and you triumphantly smiled, you both knew you were riling each other in the best way, and aroused you both the same.

    "Oh, I'm going to make you sleep so well," he said to you, then started pounding into you.

    Chan gripped his other hand on your hip and kept you steady as he was fucking you so hard that you couldn't do anything but took all of his hard poundings, moaning and drooling onto the sofa.

    It was easy to get lost in it since you had been teasing him for a while that fucking you felt like entering heaven. He didn't want it to stop yet he couldn't hold himself back as you kept clenching, sucking him deeper inside you, and ultimately, cumming around him.

    Your body trembled as waves of pleasure washed you over and over.

    But Chan didn't stop the motions of his hips and continued fucking you until he earned his own high.

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck," he breathlessly cursed as he stifled a thrust, planting his seed inside you with head tilted upward, overwhelmed with pleasure.

    He slowly pulled out and waited to see his cum leaking out of you, it never cease to amaze him, the sight of his pearly white cum dripping out and down your thigh.

    "Baby, you look so cute with my cum leaking out of you like this," he cooed at you with a hand squeezing your ass cheek.

    "Yeah, I would fuck me too if I could," you told him with a sleepy laugh.

    He realized he hadn't let go of your hands pinned on your back, he lifted you by your shoulders then sat you on his lap, letting you rest your back against his chest.

    He angled your head and hastily kissed you, hands gently cupping your breasts.

    You pulled away first, running out of breath.

    He lifted your body to lay you down on the sofa, took off your skirt and he also stripped all of his clothes before laying down next to you.

    It was his favorite kind of cuddle, fully naked to feel your whole, skin to skin.

    "You were so cruel to me," he pouted at you as he continued kissing the side of your face.

    You laughed because of how adorable he looked sulking, in contrast to the person who fucked you senseless a while ago.

    "I know you like it," you said back to him, pulling him by his neck to kiss him again.

    "When you called me pathetic," he sighed, placing a haste kiss on your lips, "oh, so hot!"

    You giggled at his words as he made a trail of kisses on the column of your throat. And he was being honest, you felt his cock brushing your thigh, semi-hard and seeking friction with you.

    "And you got hard just by thinking of it?" you asked with an eyebrow raised.

    He got flustered, feeling caught red-handed that he got hard just from you calling him pathetic.

    You decided to try once again, "how pathetic," you condescendingly said.

    He let out a low moan and hovered above you, "yes, be cruel to me,"

    He stared into your eyes.

    And you confidently stared back into his eyes.

    He kissed you hard with your hands pinned on your sides, and said, "Be cruel to me, baby! I'm a fool for you,"

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    So I decided to use a random wheel to pick who to work on next. And the results are:

    THE WHEEL HAS SPOKEN. My next piece will be for Brave Girls Yujeong!

    Hopefully. We all know that I'm awful at these.

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    TO THE BOY : who took my v card

    PAIRING : heeseung x afab!reader
    GENRE : smut, protected sex, fingering, cunnilingus, a lot of kissing and making out, friends to lovers, fluff, angst, mentions of isa (stayc), sungchan (nct) and jin (bts), mentions of food, swimming, partying, usage of nicknames (baby, sweetheart).
    WC : 12.5k words
    SYNOPSIS : you had first attended the summer camp at the age of thirteen, and since then, heeseung had been your companion and partner in crime, supporting you in every one of your rendezvous at the camp each year. now, at the age of eighteen, you are attending it for the last time, and he promises to make these three weeks an unforgettable experience for you — even if it includes breaking a few rules.
    WARNING : 18+ content, minors dni.
    A/N : hello pretty people <3 i'm finally here with the first installment of to all the boys series! this is by far the longest fic i've written and i sincerely hope that y'all enjoy it! thank you sm for 5k+ followers :3 all likes, comments, reblogs and feedbacks are highly appreciated :D iloveyou all <3

    The briny scent of salt along with the light breeze flowing through your hair brought you back to reality. It wasn't just one of your dream full of excitement anymore, you were finally at the summer camp you'd been attending since you were thirteen.

    Nothing's changed, the place is still lively as ever, the beach clean and ready to be used by campers, the small blue butterflies fluttering their wings in excitement, welcoming you back.

    The glistening sunlight atop the clean ocean water had mesmerized you for a while, and you didn't know how long you had spent watching how it reflected off the water.

    A hand on your shoulder brought you back to reality, you turned around to see Isa with her gummy smile on display, the same one which made it easy for you to befriend her when you first came here.

    “Looking for Hee?” her grin was teasing, which made you pout in the slightest way possible.

    You indeed were looking for the said man, the guy who you had labelled as your ‘camp best friend’, the guy who had spent your past five summers with, the guy who made you fall in love with the freshness of summer — Lee Heeseung.

    “Yeah, he should've been here by now,” you looked around, completely ignoring the meaning behind her question.

    You could see campers all over the bus stop, getting their luggage bags off and waiting with their newfound friends — in the case of younger, new campers and the others reuniting with their old ones — just like you and Isa.

    Your hand automatically went up to your forehead, acting as a shield while you squinted your eyes, trying to find where your other friends were while Isa poked your side with a pout, wanting your attention at this particular moment.

    You engulfed her in a side hug, which made her smile, feeling accomplished with her motive. That's exactly when the camp counsellor blew his whistle as he stood on the levelled surface of the stool, grabbing everyone's attention.

    The soft murmurs and the sound of luggage dragging were heard before everyone stood around him in a circle while you were still distracted, your eyes still in search of a particular someone.

    “Oh! We would love to see a little enthusiasm here,” he stated sarcastically, with a playful smile as he put his hand on his ear. Some people clapped while some screamed in order to give him the excitement he wanted which made you and Isa smile.

    Mr. Kim Seokjin, your camp counsellor, smiled and bend down further. His voice increased a pitch before he screamed, “I can't hear you guys,” and suddenly the excited screams pitched a level high as well, you joining in by hooting.

    He went over all the rules, some causing a series of sighs and boos considering how it wasn't allowed for the campers to leave their cabins after ten pm maximum.

    Both of you knew the rules by heart despite breaking them tons of times, never been caught once though. After the last rule was announced, he welcomed everyone yet again and demanded another set of cheering.

    You were about to join in but a deep-voiced hollered just near your ear made you stop in your tracks, a strong hand wrapped around your waist just in time to prevent you from tripping over.

    The culprit for both? Lee Heeseung. He looked at you with shining eyes while a boyish laugh escaped his mouth as he pulled you in a hug.

    You hugged him back after overcoming the initial shock of him surprising you. Your little jumps only added to his chuckle as your heart warmed at the silly prank of your friend.

    It was comforting, home-like almost. Your eyes shut down for a second as you took it all in before opening and stepping back with a smile.

    He mirrored your action, looking at you up and down while you observed him too. His outfit wasn't over the top yet it looked like it was made just for him. A pair of long black shorts along with a light blue, half-sleeved shirt and a pair of sports shoes, he looked like a child. His tousled, slightly wavy hair only added to your amusement.

    “Did I scare you, y/n?” his smile was teasing.

    You simply shook your head with a scrunched nose, not admitting the fact that you indeed were startled for a moment to him. The comfort of his embrace did make you feel at ease.

    Isa only smiled from a distance, nodding slightly as a ‘hello’ to Hee, which he returned, before leaving you two to catch up with each other.

    You both didn't care about the commotion all around you as everyone rushed to get settled in their respective cabins, only walking slowly while dragging your luggage towards your own room.

    “Missed me?” he was in the mood to tease you, his lips curving up as he saw you roll your eyes.

    “Of course not, Lee.”

    “Too bad, cause I missed you a lot.”

    His words were filled with sincerity, you could tell it without even looking at him and you didn't want to look at him, mostly because you were aware of his eyes on you, waiting for a reaction but you stayed mum.

    That was the first time he admitted that he missed you. The way you both communicated was honestly not the best, only texting when you both were at the camp and never afterwards. It was like an unspoken fact how you both had a shy interior, conveying feelings, even the platonic ones, got hard for you at times.

    So seeing Heeseung being free-spirited and jolly made you want to return his energy.

    “I missed you too.” you softly spoke and he lit up like a Christmas tree.

    For the rest of your five-minute walk, you talked about how this place looked as lively as ever, Heeseung also filled you in about his university admissions and the well being of his family, you telling him the same.

    You stared at him the whole time he talked, observing his face which looked a lot more mature than last year.

    His jawline looked sharper, his adam's apple more prominent and attractive. His face was well sculpted which you could easily compare to that of a Greek God and youthful skin shone brightly as his cherry lips continued to move while his nose looked pointy enough to make you want to want to poke it, specs perfectly perched on it.

    “Earth to y/n.” he waved his big hands in front of your face, which widened your eyes and successfully snapped you out of your admiration session.

    “I'm sorry, what were you saying?” you asked sheepishly and he only gave you a smile in return.

    “I was talking about how it's our last year here,” he pouted and you stopped with realisation.

    You won't ever see Heeseung after these weeks get over. Or maybe you would, you never know.


    “Don't worry, we'll make it worth it,” he said, holding your hand and giving it a light squeeze.

    A small smile settled on your face, “We will.” and you squeezed his hand back.

    It took you two hours to finally settle in and unpack your clothes, make your little cabin more lively with your books on the shelf and Isa's music player accompanied the calm ambience. Isa seemed mysterious to you, she loved to disappear during the night, claiming to have found a treehouse in the woods where she liked to sleep.

    That's what she told you, at least.

    To uplift the spirits of the newcomers, a day one party was organised, just exactly how it happens each year. Only, the number of campers looked more than the usual, the camp had a reputation now and hence the surge in-crowd.

    Heeseung knocked on your door, he wanted to walk with you and catch up at the party. His cabin being just in front of yours made it even more convenient for him to reach you.

    “You look great,” his compliment made you smile, your clothes were simply stylish, not too extravagant, just perfect for the night. Your outfit colour also complimented Heeseung's black shirt, making it seem like you two planned it beforehand.

    “You don't look too bad yourself, Hee.” it had been a few hours and yet he had shown you his smile numerous times.

    Isa joined you guys later with some more friends of yours, sitting together at a table while Mr. Jin had paused the DJ for a while, going on about the various activities you guys will be participating in during your stay at the sunshine camp.

    Typical stuff, some of which you did each year with a few new additions here and there. He happily explained all the newly added information to you guys, everyone focusing on him. Some more than others as you could see the majority of the female population drooling over the twenty-nine-year-old instructor.

    “—New musical equipment has been added, they're all kept in the new cabin, the one near mess hall—” your focus deviated for a second when Heeseung yawned, keeping his head on your shoulder.

    You looked over at him and he kept his eyes focused on the front. The position was comforting so you ended up leaning against his head too, which made him bite his smile, the action that you conveniently missed.

    “I can play the guitar for you now,” he whispered, remembering how he told you he played yet he couldn't show you due to lack of instruments.

    “I'll look forward to it.” you looked at him looking at you, the proximity, however, made you look away first.

    Heeseung had always been touchy with you, in a friendly way, of course. But it felt different this time. Maybe it was just the realisation that you won't be here next year, or maybe the fact that Heeseung had grown to have a subtle flirty nature.

    The party went on afterwards, you drank a few carbonated drinks and had the snacks which you craved, also dancing with your group and getting to know a few new campers.

    It was light and enjoyable, your cheeks hurt from how much you laughed at the horrible dance moves everyone kept showing, only Heeseung kept it minimal, his body rolls looking effortless.

    Good at everything, that's what Heeseung was.

    He also insisted to walk you and Isa back to your cabin, yours being a few steps away from his. You also acknowledged that his roommate, Sungchan, had nerdy abilities and always carried a book around, almost similar to what you did back at home.

    He successfully had your attention after whining like a preschooler, Sungchan raising his brow at his behaviour but not questioning much.

    It was normal that Lee Heeseung dropped you at your doorstep, wishing you a good night. But again, he had sworn to surprise you each moment he could.

    “Where's my good night kiss?” he bent down to get on your eye level.

    And that successfully stopped you from going inside, “What?” your eyes widened a fraction.

    And his laugh bloomed up seeing your confused expression.

    “I'm kidding—” he paused when you stood up straighter and planted a featherlight kiss on his cheekbone.

    “Good night, Hee,” you stifled your laugh and rushed inside.

    All he could do was stare at the closed door, his fingertips reaching to touch the area where you kissed him, his mouth soon curling up again, continuing his laugh from before.

    And both of you slept with your heartbeats a little more faster than the usual. Why? It was a normal, friendly kiss after all. The kind only meant for teasing.

    Because, if he can flirt, then so can you.

    Two days had passed since that kiss incident took place and you both didn't acknowledge it the next day, continuing to work according to your activity schedule, being the best friends you were. And it was better that way. Heeseung didn't pull up any tricks in the meantime, maintaining harmony between you two.

    And a majority of your friends were in the new music room, trying out the random instruments but you were here to listen to Heeseung play the guitar.

    He held it professionally, tuning the strings as you all sat down surrounding him. He didn't mind the attention, especially when it concerned the thing he loved — music.

    I'm so tired... by Lauv and Troye Sivan. That's what Heeseung had claimed to be his favourite song two summers back, and that's what he intended to play today.

    Although, you had also discussed how he loved 'say you won't let go' by James Arthur. He called the song mainstream yet the genuine tone made it one of his favourites. “It's the feeling of longing, the need to tell someone how much you want them in your life.” he had said after deep thought, “That's cheesy.” you had laughed.

    But you did agree.

    But at this moment, his voice felt amazing as he sang for everyone, the small smile on his face while doing so made it even better.

    His mellifluous voice filled the room, even the younger ones stopped to listen to his deep vocals hitting each note perfectly.

    You had heard him humming to songs before but he never sang them in a full-fledged manner, always keeping it to himself or grinning saying how he'd want to be perfect for you to hear it.

    And he defined perfection, his eyes kept coming back to see your face, and the way your mouth was agape made him feel proud for working on his vocal abilities.

    He sat there, strumming his guitar while you all sang along until Sungchan suggested sitting outside, a bonfire would be the perfect add on to the fussy and warm vibe. You all agreed, setting everything up.

    Yet again, Heeseung sat down with you, his face glowing with the cosy fire in front of you all.

    You were too immersed, your mind fully invested in music and the booming laughter from the jokes your friends kept on making that you didn't hear your phone ring until Isa pointed it out.

    You hurriedly excused yourself for, the caller was someone who rarely reached out to you. Heeseung's eyes followed you, observing your actions since you rarely got any call other than your family.

    “Hello? Jake?” you asked, confused.

    “Y/n! I hope I didn't disturb you.”

    “Of course not! Is anything wrong though?”

    “Yeah, I saw your potted plant, Mr. Pots, looking dry and sad on your window so I wondered if I can keep it with me till the time you return?”

    Jake always paid attention to everything, so it made sense when he noticed your plant. And your heart swells with this small offer of his.

    “Aren't you the sweetest? I'd love that, Jakey.”

    A few more words were exchanged between you and your ‘neighbour cum childhood best friend turned friend’ before you ended the call, going back to sit down on the big log like seat surrounding the fire.

    Heeseung had stopped singing by now, he was busy eating marshmallows with a pout.

    “It's honestly sad how it's the first time I've properly heard you sing,” you looked at Heeseung who had a stuffed mouth.

    “You've got the voice of an angel, Hee.”

    Even in the dim lights, you could see a faint shade of red adorning the tip of his ears. It was evident how he was waiting for your compliment all this time.

    He simply stuffed your mouth with a marshmallow, not knowing how to handle compliments well. You slapped his shoulder, trying not to laugh while chewing on the sweet treat.

    “Where'd you go?” he asked you, diverting the topic.

    “Oh, I got a call.” you shrugged.


    Your eyes went wide first, then turned into crescents as you laughed at his guess.

    “It was my neighbour!”

    “The one you had a crush on?” he came closer.

    You slapped his shoulder again.

    “No, I did not! And I've been single all my life.” you leaned in while emphasizing on your sentence.

    “You mean, you've never dated before?” he asked again to confirm your statement.

    “Stop reminding me that I'm single, oh lord!”

    “Good,” he whispered and you paused.

    The scene might have looked like something straight out of a movie, your faces close enough for you to breathe in the same air and for a moment, you kept staring at each other until a voice snapped you back to reality, again.

    “Just friends, huh?” Isa teased and everyone cheered, some kids looked confused while others smirked.

    Your heart kept hammering in your chest, it was like you were the centre of attention for the majority of the day and, even though you did like to have the attention of your best friend, it made you flustered this very time. You weren't sure if you wanted to know the reason why.

    Heeseung looked elsewhere, still smiling which confused you further. You glared at Isa before grabbing the marshmallow from Hee, getting comfortable once again.

    Maybe this was your last shot at getting some romance before finals and college. Or maybe it was just a game. Either way, you were ready for both.

    It had been a week since Heeseung played the guitar. The week was full of mixed signals. You weren't dense, it was evident what you were doing. His hugs were prolonged, and his protectiveness sprang out at the most random times, just like how he saved you from tripping three days back at the trek, holding you by your waist.

    He didn't know what exactly he was doing, all he knew was how he loved to see you being a flustered mess around him, more when you retorted back with the same energy.

    Flirting was something that came to him almost naturally, you wondered what this one year did to him. The shyness was still there, but his confidence almost overpowered it.

    Exactly like now, he sat in front of you, the canoe just big enough to fit you both in. It was supposed to be a group activity where the instructor was supposed to be guiding all the canoes. But Heeseung had different plans.

    And you had no objections, not when the sky above you looked majestic. It was like a canvas, the glittering water beneath made look like a picture-perfect scene, like diamonds shining beneath you. The faint hues of pink and purple covering with the delicate clouds.

    Most of all, while you stared at the cotton candy-esque beauty in front of you, Heeseung spent his time staring at you instead.

    “How did you find this place?” your eyes sparkled with awe, “It's beautiful.” it came out as a whisper.

    He looked up, taking in the scene as well, “Found it last year, I've been wanting to show this to you ever since,” he paused, his gaze back on you again.

    “And I agree. So beautiful.”

    He tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, “You are beautiful.”

    Your mouth opened and closed, your head tilted while you tried to articulate your current emotion into words.

    “That's the first time you've called me that,” you spoke in a low voice, fiddling with your rings.

    “That's not true,” he argued, “I've called you that a thousand times in my mind.”

    You gulped down, speechless. The canoe kept still, only ever moving due to the subtle ripples in the water. He softly held your chin, making you look up at his glowing face, lip bitten to conceal his smile, “I mean it.”

    “I—” you were cut short of your reply when your phone rang even in the area with low network connectivity.

    Heeseung sat back, exhaling and looking elsewhere, you could have sworn it was the look of disappointment on his face.

    “Isa, what's wrong?” you picked up the call, putting it on speaker.

    “Where are you, y/n? The instructor figured two people were missing and now they're searching for you!” she informed you in a breath. “Come back as fast as possible.”

    You both looked at each other before cussing.


    When you talked about breaking the rules, getting a punishment wasn't something you had planned along with it. You had rowed the boat back at an alarming speed, it wasn't each day when the students who've always been good, break the rules for the very first time. Or get caught breaking in your case.

    Heeseung poked your cheek seeing you pout when you both got scolded for not following the rules. The lecture went on longer than you had anticipated. It further resulted in you both missing out on the bonfire session for the next night, and cleaning up the playground area. That's what the punishment slip read at least.

    You both worked in silence, except for the usual humming from Heeseung, and you could have sworn his voice was therapeutic.

    “Do you remember when it rained here?” you broke the silence, “And we ended up taking shelter under that tree.” you pointed it out at a distance.

    “And you slept on my shoulder and caught cold later?” his face lit up with the memory.

    You scrunched up your nose remembering how Heeseung stayed by your side the entire time, he was the epitome of purity two years back, so much that he even asked if he could touch you to help you sit straight.

    “I was focusing more on the part where we engraved our initials on that very tree.” you both walked closer to it, the poorly carved heart along with one H and the other, your initial, came in view as he ran his thumb on it.

    “Someone might mistake it for a lovers mark, with the heart and all, y'know?” he tilted his head back as mischief glowed in his eyes.

    “You'd love that, won't you, Hee?”

    “Oh I definitely would,” he bent down to your height yet again, filling you up with anticipation.

    But he only bent down further, “Do you regret it?” Heeseung asked, completely changing the topic, picking up a plastic bottle and throwing it in his trash bag.

    His question could have meant anything yet your mind knew exactly what he was talking about.

    “Going out to see the prettiest sky with you? Never.” a smile adorned your face as you reminisced how enchanting the colours looked as they blended with each other.

    “Even if it meant breaking the rules?” he looked at you expectantly.

    “Even if it meant breaking the rules.”

    Time kept on running, and it worried you, simply because your feelings conflicted and the clock was ticking away. The second week at the camp and your distress was showing, yet you somehow managed to keep up with your activities and duties, mentally reminding yourself to not lose your mind over a certain guy.

    While it did seem like you were the only one panicking, even though you did a fantastic job of hiding it, the other party wasn't less. Heeseung, just like you, was at a war with his newfound feelings.

    Again, you both weren't dumb to not realise what it was but, you chose to ignore it for the sake of your friendship, and the time — one and a half weeks.

    You decided not to think about it anymore, going with the flow being the only good option in your opinion. And it provided you with great pleasure since Heeseung acted like his usual self, joyous and flirty, something that you almost craved at this very moment.

    “Any song requests, m'lady?” Heeseung asked, holding your hand as you all gathered around for another of the open guitar and singing sessions, something which had taken a happy little place in your heart. A few campers gagged at Heeseung's highly friendly public display of affection.

    You scrunched your nose, thinking, while Isa made you sit between her and Hee, pushing you towards him not so subtly.

    “Surprise me, Hee,” you said and he smiled, knowing exactly what he wanted to play.

    He strummed the strings a few times, warming his fingers up as everyone got comfortable around him as he went on for a minute.

    You leaned your head against Isa's shoulder, closing your eyes as an unknown feeling bloomed up in your chest. Was it fear? Excitement? Maybe a mix of both.

    “I met you in the dark, you lit me up.” his deep voice mixed with the cool breeze of the night.

    It made your heart beat fast, remembering what he had said about that song a few summers back.

    You didn't open your eyes, even when everyone started singing along with him, you doing the same under your breath.

    Heeseung was staring and you could feel it, but you couldn't muster the courage to look at him, knowing how his eyes are always full of sincerity, especially when he sings.

    “Just say you won't let go,” he breathes out slowly, ending the song just as you open your eyes, only to find him looking at you.

    Releasing a shaky breath, you smiled at him as one of the younger guy started playing an upbeat song, changing the mood right after, which you were thankful for.

    “She isn't going anywhere, Hee,” Sungchan whispered in his ear and he bit his lip.

    “We have only a week left, we don't know what comes after that.” He said, trying to suppress his feelings which wouldn't do him good.

    That night, when you hugged him good night, you held on to him tight. Both of you knew that just friends weren't a title anymore, it was a bar higher than that, just a bit higher since you both weren't ready to accept it.

    But you did know you would have to confront him soon.

    “You look distraught,” Isa sat down with you on your bed, eyes worried.

    “Why do you pair me with Hee?” you asked her before you could stop.

    “Because he looks at you with love in his eyes.” she smiled.

    You let out a breathy laugh, “Love is a big word.”

    “It is, but it won't be hard for you both.” she shrugged.

    “It will,” you whispered, finally admitting that you wanted to be with Heeseung.


    “We only have a week left together, then the camp would be over and we won't be returning here the next summer,” you explained, your gaze on the floor.

    She wrapped her arms around your shoulder, a warm vanilla smell filling up your senses, “You don't know what the future holds, maybe you'll meet someday again? But you'll regret not trying, won't you?” her voice was soft.

    You gulped down, letting it sink in, “Yeah, I'll think about it maybe?”

    The probability of being rejected filled up your mind but you decided not to speak about it anymore. You hugged Isa softly, thanking her for listening to you and she simply kissed your forehead before giving you space.

    You drifted off to sleep thinking about Heeseung and how would it feel if he actually kisses you someday. You wonder if he would have kissed you before had you not been interrupted.

    Your mind was full of him, it made you blush even. What you didn't know was — you were the main occupant of Heeseung's mind too.

    The next day was comparatively normal, the sky was clear, the activities were fun, it made you feel like a kid again with the artwork sprawled on the table in front of you and how that one fifteen-year-old was being super nice to you, helping you draw with his own expertise which was highly appreciated considering how he good he was at it.

    Heeseung was trying not to have a meltdown at how you were giving all your attention to a kid instead of him, and so he did what he had to — he dipped his finger in paint and brushed it against your cheekbone.

    Which successfully made you look at him, your eyebrows raised and mouth open with confusion, “Hee what the fuc—”

    “Shh, not in front of the kids.” he put the clean finger against your lips. “Let's go and get you cleaned.” he smiled and the guy in front of you rolled his eyes.

    He grinned and held your hand, dragging you to the empty washroom and water dispenser area, taking out his handkerchief and keeping it under the flowing tap water.

    “What's on your mind, Hee?” you whispered when he came closer to wipe your paint stain, his fingers holding your chin up.

    “Just wanted your undivided attention.” his hand caressed the contour of your mouth, “All done!” he said acting like he didn't do it in the first place.

    “You could have just called me like a normal person,” you were amused.

    “But I wouldn't have gotten you alone then, would I?” his tone was lower, alluring even.

    You paused as your heart hammered against your chest, you had to stay strong and not break your calm facade, “You got me alone, now what?” you challenged him.

    He comes forward, trapping you between his body and the wall, “Come on, sweetheart, I just wanna spend some time with you.” he whispered and the proximity was enough to make your head spin, in a good way.

    Your hand rested on his chest and it made you feel myriads better when you felt his heart beating fast as well. His lips were ghosting just above yours, one move and they'll touch.

    “As much as I admire the budding romance here, you both should head back to your art activities.” Mr. Jin spoke up, coming out of the washroom, not bothering to look at you which made you push Her away. “You both have plenty of time at night anyways.” he nonchalantly spoke and left before you could say anything.

    “Ugh,” you groaned with embarrassment, covering your face as he laughed.

    “Hey, he's right, meet me by the dinner area at two in the morning,” he whispered before holding your hands in his, taking them away from your face and gently kissing on your cheek.

    You gasped and he only smiled, his eyes enchanting and genuine. “See you,” he said before leaving you being a breathless mess.

    Lee Heeseung was a mystery to you, so lively and full of zeal yet he always did things with you least expected him to do.

    Like now, you both were outside, lying on the wooden lunch table outside, staring at the blanket of stars as the pale moon glowed with the infinite sky.

    It was silent as you took the scenery in, Heeseung doing the same, stealing a few glances towards you. It felt romantic and as much as you loved it, you hated it the equal amount. You didn't want him to sweet talk his way into something which wouldn't result in anything. You curse the bad timings.

    But you couldn't help but feel the tingles where he kissed on your cheek earlier.

    “Do you believe in love, Hee?” your eyes stayed on a star which visibly shone brighter than its companions. He stayed quiet for a while.

    “Love definitely exists. It's everywhere if you pay attention to the detail,” he spoke slowly, trying to piece his words together, “Like, the way you're looking at the stars, your eyes adore them, they're full of love.”

    You turned to look at him and he could see exactly what he was talking about, the small glimmer in your eyes paired with a speck of confusion. You liked his theory.

    “Hm, the sky is breathtakingly beautiful.” you smiled.

    And he returned it softly, his hand inching closer to your small ones.

    “Why the sudden question?” he asked softly, his pinky finger intertwined with yours which gave you a sense of comfort. He made you feel warm and fuzzy.

    “I was just wondering,” your gaze fell on his hand which now captured your own hand fully, “I completed reading a book earlier, the characters were undeniably in love, does that even exist in real life?”

    You weren't sure what you expected him to answer, love was indeed a big word, the one which you shouldn't even be thinking about, less talking about it, yet you were curious about his opinion.

    “How did they fall in love?” he asked back, “The characters, I mean.”

    “They were friends until they decided they can't be it anymore, not when they had feelings for each other,” you explained, remembering the sweet plot which had made you squeal like a kid.

    “So, love is friendship,” he stated, looking up at the exact star which you were focused on, noticing how the star adjacent to it was shining just as bright.

    You didn't dare look at him. Friendship, he says. Friends, that's what you two are.

    His grip on your hand tightened, securing it as his heartbeat screamed — don't let go.

    And you didn't. The conversation was over and even the glistening stars could tell that the two friends had finally come to terms with their feelings — primarily focusing on the part which said that you liked each other.

    The corner of his mouth slightly turned upwards seeing you dozing off, he checked his watch which displayed four in the morning, most of your time was spent in silence and he wouldn't change a single thing about it.

    He softly called out your name, helping you stand up but your body ended up leaning against his chest, his strong arms wrapped around you to help you walk back, “Come on, let's get you into bed.” he whispered.

    A soft pair of lips touching your forehead was the last thing you remembered before you fell into the world of dreamland.

    Sleep wasn't an option for Heeseung that night, his brain muddled into thinking about the events which took place earlier.

    He sighed, changing sides to get comfortable on his bed, he noticed how Sungchan was sound asleep, hugging his plushie while doing so. He wanted to be that way with you, mood uplifting as he recalled how perfectly his bigger hand encased your smaller one and yet he wanted more.

    With all the instances where he almost kissed you, he too, just like you, wonders what it would feel like if he does so. Your lips gravitate his own, closer each time. It's almost tortuous how close yet far you are from him. He wants you. He needs you.

    Finding hints for your ongoing treasure hunt was definitely not your priority.

    Three days left. You all would leave on the third one.

    And no progress, you both acted as if you were lovers for the past two days since Heeseung declared friendship as love. With that being said, you unequivocally needed answers. And a break.

    Hence, you stepped into the denser part of the forest, leaving the hint hunting to your teammates — Heeseung, Isa, Sungchan, and three others.

    Sitting down on the huge stone, you stared at the vibrant green trees and small, colourful birds in the sky, their chirps cheering you up by a trifle.

    “Why are we making it so hard?” you spoke, talking to the one bird which landed next to you, standing on the stone as your companion. “Confessing sounds scary, what if he says no?” you groaned and the bird chirped, which sounded like a shout of encouragement.

    You smiled at the cute ave, soon staring into a distance, zoning out until a sound of branch snapping brought you back to reality.

    “Lord, y/n! I thought something happened to you.” Heeseung's urgent voice made you realise that maybe going off without informing your friend was a bad idea.

    And before you knew it, he had you in his arms, hugging you close. You pursed your lips, hugging him back as his smell brought you immense comfort, his hand patting your back softly.

    Hesitantly, you stepped back to see his expression morphed into that of a worried one. It had just been thirty minutes, enough for him to worry.

    “I'm sorry, I—” he didn't let you finish, cupping your cheek.

    “No, I'm sorry but I can't control myself no more,” he said, stepping further, leaving no space between you both.

    He tilted your face, giving your cheek a single caress, “Pretty.” he whispered in his deepest voice.

    Your heart fluttered when he pressed his lips against yours, capturing you in a delicate kiss — your first kiss.

    His hand slipped down the curve of your waist, pressing your body closer, which made you stand on your tippy-toes, sighing into the short-lived kiss.

    He pulled back, taking a brief second to catch his breath while also staring at you with intensity. Your own eyes staring back. Doe-eyed bambi, that's what he reminded you of.

    The air swirled around you, sending a shiver down your spine. He wasted no time in grabbing your nape and smashing his lips against yours, this particular moment being more fervent that the first one. You held on to his arm as your knees got weaker with each passing second, but your conflicted voice was louder.

    “Hee—” you stepped back, “What are we?” you searched his eyes, a small frown settling on your face.

    “I know it sounds like I'm making a big fuss over a kiss but, where will it take us?” confrontation wasn't your strong suit, your throat felt restricted whenever you were upset, and you were sure your eyes looked teary at that very moment.

    “I—” he faltered, looking down, seemingly trying to get a grip and give you an answer.

    He had none.

    You looked at him expectantly but deep inside your mind, you knew how it would end. It was as if your bond existed only during the camp, with no texting, no calls whatsoever once you went home.

    Taking an airy breath, you nodded with a pathetic smile. “I see.”

    And you walked away, a stray tear sliding down your cheek. You shouldn't have said anything. Heeseung stared at your figure, biting his quivering lip as he kept thinking of an answer. All he wanted to do was to embrace you, tell how you mean the world to him but it was too late, you had left already, leaving him with the expression of deep guilt.

    The hunt was over, your team lost since half the members weren't even focused on playing. You went back to your room. It was evident and well versed in your mind — the idea that you had a knack for ruining things. Yet you never thought it would hurt this much.

    “Are you alright, love?” Isa softly asked and your tough facade broke.

    She held you without any question the entire time you cried, softly caressing your back all along.

    You were so lucky to have her.

    “You're my strong girl, come on!” she wiped your tears away with a smile once you had calmed down enough. You thanked her, mustering the energy to smile.

    “You can tell me when you're ready, okay? But now we have to lift up your mood, you look way prettier when you smile, y'know?” her angelic aura made you feel better.

    That's exactly when you remembered — it was the unofficial party night, the one thrown each year and even the camp officials didn't object it.

    That's when you also remember how Heeseung would attend it too. And for the nth time, your heart and mind were at war. You wanted to attend it and Isa's hopeful smile made you feel secure enough to go.

    You thanked the universe for your eyes weren't swollen. Red rimmed, yes, but not swollen. And even with your crushed spirits, you managed to get yourself in a dress, ready and presentable, just fine.

    It meant nothing, you expected too much when it wasn't meant to be.

    You closed your eyes, leaning back against the chair in the room, sipping on your cold drink which contrasted well against your hot palm.

    “He hurt you, didn't he?” you snapped open your eyes to see the boy who helped you with art, well, before Heeseung smudged paint on your cheek that is. You never asked for his name, you realised.

    “Who?” you asked over the slightly loud music, knowing the answer already.

    “The one who's been staring at me ever since I sat down next to you, he probably wants to throw me away right now.” he humorously spoke, eyes pointing at the guy you almost dreaded to see.

    Almost. Because you couldn't deny how stupidly attractive he looked in black, especially with his gold-rimmed glasses that you had grown fond of.

    He was staring at you, the look on his face screaming a mix of jealousy and defeat.

    When you didn't reply, he continued, “He's so jealous, I wonder what he did.” the statement wasn't funny yet it made you giggle, which in turn made the boy smile.

    “I'll leave before he comes to punch me,” he looked at you, “Take care of yourself and know that I'm only a call away.” he winked at you, giving you a piece of paper with his number and you hearty laughed.

    Kids these days, such charmers. But then you looked up, again, to see Heeseung with clenched jaw and fist. Which made you look away just as fast.

    You didn't know what to make of it.

    Either way, you acted like the whole ordeal didn't affect you, which was burdensome but soon you were being dragged by Isa to sit down with the other campers of your age. You mentally thanked Isa for yet another distraction.

    'No kids policy' they had stated. But their activities were the opposite.

    “Guys, I know this sounds absurd but come on, it'll be fun and we can't do much without alcohol anyways.” a guy named jeongin said, proposing the idea of playing truth or dare.

    Others groaned and looked at each other, contemplating whether they wanted to embarrass themselves or not. They chose the prior.

    “I can't believe everyone actually agreed to this,” Sungchan whispered sitting next to you, drinking his coke as if it was a can of beer.

    “We honestly have nothing else to do, the camp is full of restrictions,“ you said back, looking around to find any trace of Heeseung.

    As if on cue, he came inside the already crowded room, sitting right across from you.

    You wanted to hear what he had in mind, not used to him being this silent and deep in thought.

    “So, are we gonna sit and ask each other about their crushes?” he questioned, and that made you laugh genuinely.

    “And give dares to kiss each other?” you added, which gave elicited a chuckle out of him.

    Surprisingly, the first question asked was about jeongin's crush, the blush on his face was capture worthy and his friends made sure to click some pictures of his red ears.

    He ended up telling you all about this girl back at home who stole his heart. As cheesy as it was, it made you envious by a smidge. Your lover staying close to you would be like a dream, convenient and just what you need.

    Another roar of scream was heard, joined by you as well, when this one blonde girl was asked to kiss the guy sitting next to her, which she ended up doing — the crowd didn't expect it in the least and that's what made the situation better. The faint blush on both their faces was a cherry on top.

    However, it also gave you a painful flashback of what went down in the woods a few hours back. Everything reminded you of him. The kiss was sweetly bitter, it should have turned out differently, you wished.

    He was still looking your way.

    “Isa, truth or dare?” the same girl asked her, actively grasping your attention as well.

    “Truth?” she said with a smile.

    “Have you ever faked an orgasm?”

    She hid her face, laughing and nodding, “Yeah, I have but you can't blame me for it!”

    Some guys looked horrified, suddenly nervous about it while the other girls agreed with a nod.

    But Sungchan was fast to change the topic, his mind scheming a plan with it, “So, Heeseung,” he grabbed everyone's attention, “Is there anyone who'd you want to kiss in this room?”

    You would have glared at him had the question not left you flabbergasted even if it wasn't directed towards you, straightforward at least.

    Unknowingly, you held your breath in, greatly anticipating him to say no.

    “I do.” the confidence in his voice made you shiver.

    It was powerful enough for you to finally look up. Just as expected, he was staring at you already, eyes darker than ever.

    And even though it wasn't a surprise to others how Heeseung wanted you, his honestly did come off as an unexpected confession, something which was unspoken till now.

    “Who?” another girl asked, trying to get the obvious answer out of him.

    “Moving on,” he was quick to deflect the question, asking one to the person sitting next to him.

    “Damn he actually wants you,” Sungchan said, whistling lowly, only for you to hear.

    “I hate you so much,” you groaned.

    “You're welcome,” he quipped.

    Heeseung's act of bravery shifted the confidence of the room, the dares got dirtier, questions personal and everyone was keen on knowing more.

    Isa kept looking at you while Sungchan kept making small talks when he observed how fidgety and silent you were.

    And suddenly everything in the world intrigued you and screamed at you for attention, the dimly lit golden lights, the faint smell of pasta lingering, the loose thread of your dress which you played with, everything.

    Except for his eyes.

    They knew they already had your attention, the attraction was magnetic almost. That bambi look had recently been found to be the perfect tool to make you a flustered mess.

    The next person, however, grabbed your focus, asking about your selection of truth or dare.

    “Truth,” you gulped, knowing well that you don't necessarily have to be honest.

    “Nastiest place you've had sex before?”

    You opened your mouth once, tilting your head, contemplating whether or not to tell them. Sex life wasn't something that you guys usually discussed about.

    “I'm a virgin,” you shared, “So, none?” you looked around and Isa only smiled at you adoringly which gave you an easing feel.

    “Saving yourself for someone particular?” Jeongin asked, tone teasing.

    “Uh, not exactly?” everyone was listening intently. Kids.

    “I just want my first to be with—” you paused, your eyes boring into his, “—someone I trust.”

    And just like that, you blinked back as if you didn't direct it to someone. Yet the tip of your ears were burning with all the attention, which soon shifted after receiving a few comments on your sentence, calling you cute.

    You wanted to leave, his gaze made you feel smaller and you couldn't deny that even though he did leave you hanging, you still wanted him.

    During the entirety of the party, you didn't interact with him, which was a disappointment yet a relief and, going back to your cabin suddenly reminded you how tired your body was, sleep engulfing you as soon as you lay down on your bed, not having it in you to spare a minute for changing your outfit into something more comfortable.

    And even then, till the point your eyes closed as you swept into the dreamland, Heeseung's dark eyes serenaded your mind and that was the last thing you thought of before sleeping.

    Frantic knocking on your cabin door woke you up. Sighing, you checked your phone for the time.

    Two in the morning.

    As usual, Isa wasn't in the room. Hesitation bloomed up in your mind, wondering if it's safe to open the door, considering how it was just a series of rushed knocks with no name-calling whatsoever.

    Still in your dress, you tiptoed to grab the small curtain on the tiny window, peeking out to see who the culprit who woke you up from your dreamless sleep was.

    Lee Heeseung.

    Your heartbeat rose again, you clutched your chest, your legs taking you to the door automatically and you opened it wide for him, his hand still mid-air from knocking.

    His dishevelled appearance prompted you to take a deep analysis of him.

    Moonlight shone on him, and he was out of breath, eyes slightly glistening and mouth barely open for the higher intake of oxygen. He was still in his black shirt, the top few buttons being unbuttoned at the current moment which just exposed his torso.

    “Heeseung?” you breathed out, making sure you weren't dreaming.

    “Is Isa here?” he asked, voice stern.

    And you'd be lying if you deny the disappointment that filled up your body with his question.

    He wasn't here for you.

    You tried not to frown but your voice did quiver while answering, “Oh, n—no she's not here.” you gulped, mentally scolding yourself for being a puddle in front of him.

    “Good,” he stepped in further, closing the door behind him which confused you enough to tilt your head, observing him with raised brows.

    Another step.

    There wasn't much space at the entrance, making it easy for him to have you standing against the wall.

    “Hee—” you were cut off by his body being pressed to yours, warmth radiating his body.

    He was serious, yet you could see the minute efforts of his, which were overpowered by his want.

    He wanted you.

    He didn't come here to meet Isa, simply wanting to make sure you had privacy.

    For a second, you thought that he'll kiss you right away, but instead, he stopped — his forehead against yours as he searched your face with any hint of discomfort.

    “I'm sorry,” he whispered, just like he had done before.

    Your sanity was hanging by a thread, the tension so high that it made you weak in the knees. The pause was merely two-second long, it felt like eternity still. Your thoughts turned static and his tall frame held you up in place.

    The next moment, his lips are on yours. Your eyes flutter close as you kiss him back.

    How could you ever say no to him?

    You gasp at his fervency, hands wrapping around his neck as you pull him closer at the same time he squeezes your waist, getting a gasp out of you, which was enough for his tongue to taste you.

    He hummed, so perfect.

    Was it jealousy from seeing you with a kid? Was it the constant reminder that he won't be able to do it again if not done now? Was it the realization that he was so down bad for you?

    Maybe all of it, that's why he couldn't stop until you both had to break up for a split second, catching your breath but he held on to you, tight. Forehead still on yours, the dim light making his wet lips shine brightly.

    He called your name with such need, “I don't know what we are or where this kiss will take us,” he confessed, “But I know that I don't want to regret not kissing you when I had the chance to.” he breathes out.

    He cupped your cheek, caressing it gently with his thumb. “And I can't seem to let you go,” he smiled softly, “Not when I have you in my arms, no.”

    “Then don't,” you whisper, holding on to his arm.

    “Touch me, ruin me, Hee,” you were drunk in his essence. “I trust you.”

    “I just want my first to be with—” you paused, your eyes boring into his, “—someone I trust.”

    “I just want my first to be with—” you paused, your eyes boring into his, “—someone I trust.”

    That's what you had said, looking at him, that's what drove him crazy. He has to have you.

    “And I trust you too.” he softly pecked your lips.

    Your skin tingles wherever he touches you, and he kisses you until your legs hit the bed.

    Despite his longing desire, he takes it slow and helps you lay down on your bed, him removing his shoes and getting on top of you. You wondered if he could see the rapid heaving of your chest, or how anxious you were.

    He leaned over, looking at you with those gorgeous brown eyes, “Do you want this?”

    You felt tingles all over your body, a little more around your lower abdomen, but you nodded nevertheless. You wanted him.

    “I need words, baby,” he planted another kiss on your lips.

    “Yes, yes I do,” you whispered and he smiled, “Do you want it too, Hee?” you asked.

    “Fuck, yes! I want you so much.” he groaned.

    Addiction would be the right word to describe it. You were addicted to his lips, slightly chapped yet giving you the perfect friction, while he was addicted to your now red and slightly swollen ones — credit to him.

    “So pretty,” he breathed out, stroking the corner of your lip with his thumb. He held you up slightly, zipping down your dress till your collarbones were fully exposed for him to see. And he paused there to admire you for a second, staring as if he hadn't seen anyone in a bra before.

    Your legs rested back against the mattress as he sprinkled little kisses on your neck, nibbling at certain places for a while before pressing himself against your thigh.

    He was hard.

    Something about this made you moan and Heeseung could have sworn it to be the prettiest sound he'd ever heard. With that, he fully-stripped you out of your dress, leaving you in your lace panties and a bra, straps falling down as he made space to place even more open-mouthed kisses on your clavicle.

    You sighed, kneading your fingers in his silky hair, eyes closing with the euphoric sensation coursing through your body. He felt perfect, his skin burning with need made the whole room feel hotter.

    “I should have kissed you sooner,” he groaned, and it made you wetter than you already were, panties soaking wet and he was just getting started.

    You tugged on his shirt, which he removed in a swift — courtesy of the number of unbuttoned buttons. It was mesmerising, you had never been this intimate with anyone, so running your fingers on his toned torso felt like something coming straight out of your dream.

    “Does it feel good, baby?” he asked you.

    “Hmm,” you held on his shoulder as he got rid of your bra, slowly swirling his finger around your nipples — making them harden under his touch, “So good!” you gasped.

    He chuckled, replacing his fingers with his mouth, sucking on your tits gently while he decided to explore greater areas with you, by caressing your lower abdomen, inching closer to your pathetically wet core with each passing second.

    You wanted to say something, to do something yet all you could muster was a weak whimper as you clenched around nothing. His tongue worked wonders on your boobs and you couldn't help but look at him.

    He was so invested, you could see how he was at a war with himself, wanting to fuck you right that second but also in need to make you feel good.

    “M—more,” you mumbled lowly.

    “Yeah?“ he gently touched your wetness, “Want more?” he asked, moving your panties to the side and rubbing one of his finger against your folds.

    “So wet, did I make you that needy?” he bit his lip, enjoying each second of making you a shy mess.

    His arm flexed as he experimentally dipped his two digits deep inside your pussy, giving it a good stretch before slowly pumping it in and out. A short moan escaped your mouth, turning into a hum right after.

    That encouraged him to further get down, spreading your legs even more, completely discarding your panties before continuing to use his slender fingers on your folds, thumb further stimulating your clit.

    His breath could be felt on your core, your fingers only brought his face closer to where you needed him the most.

    “I've heard that scissoring helps,” he explained before spreading his fingers inside you, stretching your walls even more.

    “Y—you've heard?” you asked, biting your lip to conceal a moan.

    He let out a breathy laugh, brushing his lips against your pussy, “I've never done this before, sweetheart,” he confessed, somehow shy. “You're my first as well.”

    Your heartbeat skyrocketed at his revelation, you couldn't help but hold yourself up, grabbing his hand and making him look right at your breathless and very naked self.

    “What?” you had honestly thought that he had some experience, he most certainly did seem like he knew what he was doing.

    “Like I said, I trust you,” he whispered, thumb brushing delicately on your cheekbone.

    Despite the fact that you felt insanely needy, just like Heeseung, you couldn't help but feel loved at his nonchalant gestures.

    Without saying much, you pulled him in yet another kiss. It was mesmerising to say the least and he ended up smiling into the kiss, gently squeezing your tit and gasping when he felt your fingers near his clothed crotch.

    “Fuck,” he groaned deeply, not stopping for a second as he plunged his fingers with a newfound speed. “Perfect.” he praised, worshipping your body with each peck and caress he left on you.

    Massaging his cock, which was fully hardened now, you couldn't wait to feel him around you. Also slightly scared as you wondered if you'll be able to take him in.

    Just as before, you tugged on his jeans the next, whimpering as a way to beg him for more, which he understood, getting up and unbuckling his belt before sliding his jeans down along with his boxers.

    Now that his cock was free and hit his lower abdomen, you gasped to see his size. He was big. You hadn't seen a dick in real life before but knowing from the porn videos you had previously watched, his dick was certainly admirable. His tip was leaking with precum.

    “Oh god—” you breathed out when he took out two foil packets from the discarded jeans, holding them close to his stomach, which also put grabbed your attention, he had faint abs which suited his body well.

    “You came prepared, I see.” teasing Heeseung was like your second nature.

    “Sungchan gave them to me to use with you, but who knew it'll actually come in handy?” he got on top of you again, his dick pressing against your inner thigh.

    His expression turned serious the exact moment he asked you the next question, “You sure about this?”

    “Yes,” you nodded, “Please, Hee, I need you so much.”

    The desire in your voice made his dick twitch, he cursed yet again and grabbed one packet of condom.

    “Hee—” you stopped him, grabbing the rubber from him, “Can I put it on you?” you weren't sure where that bravery came from, although you didn't regret it a bit. Especially when you saw him shiver at your offer, he was just as desperate if not more.

    You squeezed his shaft, rolling the condom down his dick. He licked his lips while watching your actions the whole time, throwing his head back, “I'll fucking cum if you keep doing that,” he said when you generously kissed his tip before moving back.

    He wanted to fuck you then and there.

    “You drive me crazy,” he groaned, his lips ghosting your neck.

    He positioned himself, his tip at your entrance as you wrapped your arms around his shoulder, foreheads touching.

    “I'll go slow, let me know when to stop, yeah?”

    He assured you even though it was the first for him too.

    You whispered out another yes, closing your eyes as he pumped his dick a few times before entering your cunt, your wetness making it easy for him to bottom out.

    The voice you let out was a mixture of moan and whimper, the stretch making you clench around his dick as he groaned your name.

    You took deep breaths as Heeseung showered you with pepper light kisses all over your face and neck, caressing every part of your body as best as he could muster.

    He could have sworn you looked like an angel.

    “So pretty, so fucking beautiful oh lord—” his voice strained as he started thrusting into you, slowly and sloppily, as best as he could acclimatise with the newfound experience — just as you were doing.

    And soon enough, the pleasure took over the pain. Your moans grew louder enough to resonate in your cabin and you genuinely hoped no one else heard you or they won't let you breathe the next day.

    His name was on your tongue, your mind, your whole body.

    Lee Heeseung, the guy you gave your virginity to.

    And the guy who gave his virginity to you.

    His hair bounced with each time he pistoned in you, breathing getting harder and lips pressed on the side of your cheek, close to your ear.

    “You close, baby?” he asked softly.

    “Mhm, you feel so good, Hee,” you brokenly mumble, gasping when he rubs your clit, other hand also shifting you impossibly closer to him.

    He still took it slow, memorising each of your expressions and your voice, imprinting the whole thing in his mind to stay forever.

    He went on as if he was devoted was you while you admired him for being so good to you. He mapped out your blissful face as you softly rocked your hips against his.

    Your pussy throbbed as you approached your orgasm, “H–hee, I'm so close—”

    He could feel it, your legs shaking and your walls clenching around him which succeeded in making his dick twitch, his own orgasm close.

    “Go on, sweetheart,” he kissed your temple.

    Your back arched as you released your juices all over his cock, your walls squeezing his cock, making him feel proud of himself for being able to please you and also the boost for him to come.

    The sight only stimulated him to moan out your name lowly, filling the condom up with his own cum before collapsing on top of you, making sure to not put too much of his weight on you.

    You certainly did feel sore after that session, your fingers softly brushing his hair away from his forehead as you pressed a soft kiss there, which successfully made him snuggle closer to your body.

    “Thank you,” it came out as a whisper.

    “No, thank you for trusting me,” he said earnestly.

    He took off the now cum filled rubber and threw it in the trashcan kept beside your bed.

    You smiled, warmth spreading in your chest as you cradled his neck, pulling him in. The kiss was slow and sensual, the heart-melting kind and you enjoyed how his tongue explored your mouth. A sigh leaves your mouth in unison.

    “How do you feel?” you couldn't help but ask him.

    “Euphoric,” he smiled as you laughed. “And you?” he asked, tracing your spine.

    “Well, I feel heavenly,” you grinned, content with the proximity.

    “Come on, let's get you cleaned up.” he got up, getting you his black shirt to cover up for a while as he wore his boxers.

    You quietly scanned his body, wondering how you got lucky enough to share this moment with someone so attractive. His red and swollen lips made him look even more appealing.

    He helped you get up, holding your waist when you told him how sore your legs feel, holding you by your waist and helping you settle on the sink as he gets a few paper napkins.

    You observe as he cleans you up with the wet napkins, mouth forming into a pout with concentration — the whole situation making you feel shy.

    “Why?” he asked as he noticed you avoiding eye contact. “Shy now? You were moaning my name just a few minutes back—” you cut him off by slapping his shoulder.

    He laughed, settling himself between your legs when you wrapped your arms around him, burying your face in his neck.

    “I like you a lot, y/n,” he confessed and you held on tighter.

    It felt like a dream — like you'd wake up tomorrow and he won't be there with you.

    “I like you a lot more,” you whispered.

    And it felt real — his lips on yours, they felt real, the butterflies in your stomach, they all felt real.

    He held you tenderly, as he had always wanted to, singing you to sleep and whining each time you opened your eyes to look at him. His tousled hair covered his eyes, which in your opinion, made him look even prettier. You called him cute, acting as if you didn't beg for his dick a while back.

    He falls asleep faster in your embrace, hugging you just the way he wanted to, when he was envious of Sungchan's poor plushie. But hey, he did get you after all.

    With another look regarded with fondness, you kissed his cheek, murmuring a 'good night' to him before joining him in the dreamland.

    To say Isa was shocked would be an understatement. Coming back to see Heeseung and you cuddling like the tooth-rotting, fluffy couple from a cheesy rom-com while sleeping together wasn't a scene she had expected to see.

    She also thanked the blanket for covering a very shirtless Hee and a very loose-shirt-clad you, rushing to freshen up, leaving soon after to give you both privacy.

    It was the last day at the camp, you all would leave tomorrow morning. But you were happy, waking up in Heeseung's arms, he pulled you closer when he saw you awake.

    “Morning, Bambi,” you cooed.

    “Is that what I am now?” he asked groggily.

    You hummed, soon letting out a yelp as he helped you stand up again. He knew you were sore still and he made it his mission to stay by your side the whole day.

    He accompanied you while freshening up, the tip of his ears getting red seeing you wearing his shirt, the top buttons were undone and your hair was messy.

    He called you pretty endlessly.

    Even during the breakfast, he made sure you say down first and got you the food himself as you avoided the questions thrown by both your roommates — which he answered after coming back, “She's tired, don't bother her.” he exaggerated, succeeding in making you roll your eyes, it made him giggle.

    Stupidly cute Lee Heeseung.

    He then insisted on sitting at the same spot under the tree where you had carved your initials. “Now we really do look like a couple,” he smirked, coming closer.

    “Let's be it then,” you pecked his nose, “For a day.”

    A day, that's what you had since you both despised the idea of online dating now that you had a taste of what you could be when together.

    “My girlfriend,” he breathed out, kissing you tenderly, “For a day.” his forehead bumped against yours softly. The cool breeze uplifts your mood as you sat with him, hand in hand, exchanging soft kisses between your conversations.

    Safe to say, he didn't leave your side the entire day, pouting and calling you his girlfriend with a goofy smile — which grew further when you called him your pretty boy.

    You were elated, smiling the whole day which came naturally to you, courtesy of your boyfriend. The pain subsided soon, which allowed you to take a walk for a while now that it was nighttime.

    Heeseung had gone to his cabin for a while to pack his belongings, he wanted you to come along but you had different plans.

    Grabbing a towel, you slowly made your way through the park and to that very place where the lake was. The part used for swimming practices to be precise.

    Stripping yourself until you were in your bra and panties, you slowly walked into the lake, the lukewarm water reaching your chest. You sighed, staring at the night sky, mentally reminding yourself that you'll have to leave tomorrow.

    You had grown to love this place, you spend all your summers here. Meeting Heeseung only added to your list of joys.

    And just like that, you closed your eyes and enjoyed your minute of solitude.

    “Really? Without me?” you turned to see Heeseung removing his t-shirt, and getting in the water with you.

    You had no clue how he found you but you were glad. You hummed teasingly and he wrapped his arms around you.

    “No one's around, wanna make out?” he offered, eyes shining.

    “I don't know, Hee. What if someone sees us—” he didn't let you continue your teasing any further.

    His lips were on yours already.

    This feeling — amazing.

    You weren't sure what love was. But you knew that Heeseung was the closest person you could associate with the word — love.

    He was delighted to know that Isa won't be the room yet again and he took that opportunity to spend the night with you. It consisted of plethora of kisses and a – as said by Heeseung – diminutive amount of touching.

    But he did love to hold you, to grip your body and caress all of it, being deep into body worshipping as per your observations.

    “Good night, girlfriend,” he said with a full heartedly.

    He made you happy.

    Especially when he held on to you the entire night and didn't let go of you even when you woke up. You could see the sadness in his eyes, a small frown on his face.

    “Can't we stay for longer?” he asked, knowing the answer already.

    You hated time.

    His hand never left yours till you reached the bus area, saying your goodbyes to everyone. He held it tighter when the art guy came all the way over to say bye to you.

    You found his jealousy cute.

    Isa was supposed to leave in the same bus as you, which would give you more time with her later, whereas Sungchan had another bus, just like Heeseung — all going different ways.

    Mr. Jin had winked seeing your locked fingers, “Plenty of time at night, just as I said,” he started, “Ah, young love!” he gushed.

    You both exchanged looks, trying to get away and to save yourself from further embarassment.

    “Everyone is staring,” you whispered when he pulled you closer by your belt loop.

    “Let them,” he mumbled.

    The luggage was loaded, the buses scheduled to depart in five minutes and you both were having a hard time letting go. Keeping your tears at bay was another challenge for you.

    “I'll miss you so much,” he sighed and you said the same.

    He even gave you a chocolate bar to give to your little sister. He remembered these little things about you which made it even harder for you to leave him.

    And then he kissed your for the last time, passionately under the sky, with no care about others who we openly watching, someone mumbled ‘about time’ but you were too busy absorbing everything Hee had to offer.

    His lips were still sweet from the drink he had during breakfast, his smell ever strong — perfectly enough to send your brain into overdrive.

    And just like that, your summer romance came to an end, the end which you despised more than anything.

    Being the angel he was, he gave you his prettiest smile before parting ways.

    The first tear fell down when the bus officially left the camp, Isa holding you through it all.

    She was an angel.

    Yes, you hated how it ended all so fast, but going back, you wouldn't change a thing.

    He put in efforts to text you. His enthusiasm made your cheeks hurt from smiling too much. Which made your sister suspicious of you having a boyfriend.

    But again, you didn't have any labels after your one-day-relationship. Your first and only relationship.

    Things switched a month later when his mocks for university started, his undivided attention on studying and his career, which you admired.

    Until you lost touch.

    All his socials went down, deactivated when the exams came but he did have the decency to tell you in advance, and you knew it wouldn't be the same after.

    And you were right.

    That's how your summer romance came to a bittersweet end.

    So you wrote him a letter.

    The one you'd never send out. Ever.

    Dear Lee Heeseung,
    First of all, I absolutely despise how much I miss your honey doe eyes which I looked forward to seeing each day during the entirety of the camp. You're like the epitome of perfection with your good looks, neverending talents and most importantly, your impressive approach at sweet-talking.
    That's the core reason why I came to the realisation that I am capable of liking a certain person beyond words. You had me conflicted, Hee.
    You were calm, collected, yet nervous and charming, you called me pretty while showing me the most glorious sky I had ever laid my eyes upon. Perhaps that was the cue for me to stop. But you made it so hard that I only fell harder.
    You think you were so cool, calling me pretty names, stealing me away and nonchalantly singing songs which you knew would send me deeper into the spiral.
    When I met you for the first time, I was taller and you were a lean guy who cried each time you fell down during trails and games. But then you came back taller, prettier with a mischievous glint in your eyes and I knew this year wasn't going to be remotely the same when things switched and you were the one who kept my frame up the entire time, almost like a bodyguard. But at the same time, you made my knees go weak. Sure, your looks were alluring from the very start but I never saw you beyond the line of friends.
    But I knew I was a goner when you asked me for a good night kiss. A very sly move of you. Then you actually kissed me in the woods and completely took over my mind, also accepting how you indeed wanted to kiss me.
    I could have sworn I hated that day, we didn't have answers. But once you came over knocking on the door at night and kissed me with everything you had offered, and gave me a piece of you I would never forget. And I fell in love with that day.
    Friends falling for each other, how cliché of us, isn't it? ’Friendship is love’ you had said, was that your way to confess early? I wouldn't deny, it made my heart skip a beat.
    I loved you. I loved how caring you were, I would be lying if I said I didn't want more of you.
    I'm uncertain as to why I'm writing this, maybe because it stings how short-lived our ‘romance’ was. I could simply blame the distance for it, however, I also wonder — Should we have tried harder?
    Love, The girl who took your v card.


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    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    tag check ‼️🗣️

    #enhypen hard hours #enhypen smut#kpop smut
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  • mars-soobin
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    MTL to go “All Night” TXT VERSION (NSFW)








    Taehyun has stamina and endurance for DAYS. If he’s super down for you, I believe that he would go all night for sure! I’m thinking he’d use several different positions, including wall sex and shower sex, before he even thinks about stopping. I think out of +x+, he’d love to showcase that he could go all night, despite his outer exterior. Buckle up! I’d recommend stretching (literally) before and after with him.

    Yeonjun would definitely go all night, only if he has the time for it. Nowadays, he’s super busy and I think he’s prioritizing intimacy on a different level than what he’s used to. Like Taehyun, if you’re in an established relationship with Yeonjun, be prepared to cum at least 3 different times overstim king!! I expect lots of teasing and edging before giving you the real thing. Maybe till the point of tears??? Once he gets going, I feel like he wouldn’t stop! Unless he gets into a relationship tho, he’s definitely going at least two rounds per person!

    Beomgyu has SO much energy. I also think Beomgyu thinks about sex in a way Yeonjun & Taehyun would (pretty much all of +x+), but he takes a gentler approach to it. I think Beomgyu is more into the slow, sensual sex but it’s very lewd at the same time. He’s a FREAK!! It’s enough to take your breath away, but have your body begging for more. Sex is a mind game for him, and he’s determined to win. His mentality is “we’re only getting started.” !!!

    HueningKai is the youngest, and hides his emotions the easiest. He’d probably prefer to use this energy on someone he’s actually in love with, but he’s pent up and a fuck is a fuck LMAOOO. He’s the type that makes it fun and exciting, like teasing you all day in front of the members to make YOU go all night. I think this could also dabbles in the “virgin hyuka” headcannon I’ve been seeing! Sex is still new and exciting to him, and he wants as much of you as possible!

    Soobin might go all night once in a blue moon, but you would reallyyyyy have to rile him up. To approach his dominate, stern side, you’d probably have to do some explicit teasing in public to get him to that point. On the other hand, Soobin would much rather have loving, sensual sex that leads to cuddling all night, instead of making someone cum all night.

    Thank you for reading! Send me some of your favorite blurbs and I’d love to bring them to life. Also check out my Beomgyu playlist that’s pinned💙

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  • the-only-kite
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Odd - Yeji

    yeji-day quickie

    Eyes on the road, hands on the steering wheel, giggles on the passenger seat?—You try to focus on the road and not take a peek at what Yeji is looking at on her phone. “Hey, Yeji—what are you looking at?” Yeji keeps giggling, you want to take a peek, just a little glimpse- of what is making Yeji chortle. A red stop, nice. As the car comes to a halt, Yeji cackles again, causing her phone to be revealed to you. Oh God. It’s you in the hanbok you’re currently wearing, doing a full deep squat while eating a banana outside Yeji’s parents’ house—”What? How- When—no-no, Wher-” Yeji laughs heartily while you still wonder how the hell did she take that picture? It’s so embarrassing! I hop- “I’m gonna send this to the girls~ ㅋㅋ” You swerve to the side lane, stop the car and- “Yeji, don’t. Please~” Your stern voice suddenly softened towards your best friend, “mmmm- no.” Yeji snickers.

    Yeji’s hand hovers above the ‘send’ button, you see multiple pictures that look like you too. To save face, you grabbed Yeji’s arm and reached for her phone. “Ya!—no!” Yeji slaps your reaching hand away and goes to the sidewalk giggling, you get out of the car and follow her, she was already laughing hard when you got out. “You can’t do anything to me!” Yeji taunts, “Well—maybe?” You started walking towards her. “I sent it at a scheduled time~ nyeh~” Yeji jeers, “You what?” Damn, Yeji is sly and cunning as a fox- “Ayo—please, cancel the sending~ please~ I don’t want Ryujin and Yuna to mess with me again~” You plead

    “Hmmmm—If you want it canceled- Do and go with everything I want until tonight, it’s still my birthday—hehe~” Yeji offers, What would she want to do? I hope it's not—”Go now, drive to my dorm.” Yeji orders. The both of you went back to the car, it was a silent drive for you while Yeji giggles while looking like she’s contemplating something.

    “I’ll go first to the dorm, go park in the underground parking lot. We have a lot to do, servant~” Yeji says before leaving the car. What does she mean by servant? Will she make me do odd stuff? After parking the car, you went straight to the dorm, and into Yeji’s room. “오호! 이녀석! What took you so long! Bow down before me!” Yeji says in a raised voice, confusion, yes, confusion. Damn, what now? Is she a Joseon type-of princess? You can only bow down in front of her in defeat as you want your pictures to not be sent to the other Itzy members. “Forgive me, your highness!” You go along with her shenanigans.

    “For that act of foolishness, you must be punished accordingly.” Yeji states, Ayo—what now? “You, you! You must be punished! But~” The sudden shift in her voice sent signals to you that it’s time—Yeji opened up her legs with little leeway, “Go, servant. Pleasure me if you do not want to be punished.” Yeji orders, “Yes, your Highness.” Going into her skirt, smooching and placing little kisses on her thighs, you hear Yeji breathing heavily, it’s time. As you go deeper into Yeji’s skirt, you see that she already has no panties on, “Oh, your Highness. Why do you not hav—You impudent brat!” Yeji shoves her crotch on your face catching you off-guard for a bit, but you countered by stimulating her clit with your tongue. “Nnngh!” Yeji moans, continuing the attack, you changed targets but still continuing with her clit. Your hands now play with her clit and your tongue exploring her love hole, Yeji cannot contain her urges anymore and starts moaning with no regards to her surroundings, Thank God that the walls are sound-proof. Yeji shrieks in pleasure as you find her g-spot, “I’m close—I’m close!” Yeji shouts while you continue your assault, her juices spray on your face as you continue. Filled with lust, you lap up her piquant liquids that flow from her cunt unto your tongue and into her skirt, after a while you come out of her skirt, face wet and horny, kneel in front of her again. “Oh no! Your Highness! Your skirt is wet!” You say, Yeji, still in a daze, tries to speak but it’s only incoherent words, you kneel beside Yeji to hear what she will say. “Your Highness, what may your foolish servant be of service to you?” You ask, Yeji clutches to the collars of your top, “You helpful servant! Remove your clothes and stay with me on this sultry night~” Yeji says, still in a daze.

    You stood up and started to remove your clothes, Yeji does so too, but you see that she has no undergarments underneath the hanbok, You naughty princess—Yeji pulls you to her as the both of you remove your clothes, her tongue dances with yours, her hands wrapped around the nape of your neck, chests colliding with each other, and her legs wrap around your hips. After a while, she disconnects the kiss for air, “Be one with me, my servant~” Yeji whispers. You line up your hardened cock to her needy pussy. “O-OH!” Yeji shouts as you penetrate her in one motion, tears start to build up in her eyes. “Are you alright, your Highness?” You feel her walls tighten and loosen around your cock, “Move, my servant. This is your reward for such great actions~” Yeji mewls out, you started pistoning in and out of her, gradually increasing pace as you deem fit.

    After multiple cycles of slow, passionate fucking to fast and feral ones, you feel the reckoning. “Your Highness—I’m close!” You shout, “Don’t you dare stop, servant! I will feed you to the wild boars if you do so!” Yeji orders, but the pressure is building up exponentially as you thrust into her tight walls. “Your Highness! I’m coming!” You shout. As you try to keep yourself from cumming, Yeji whispers to your ears, “Release it in me~ Make me bear your child~ You, my servant—” You couldn’t keep it any longer because of the verbal stimulation Yeji gave, you started blasting ridiculous amounts of cum into her womb as you thrust, and thrust, and thrust, Yeji orgasms a second time as you do so.

    Breathing heavily, while still in her, “Good job, my servant~” Yeji caresses your hair as you snuggle your face into her neck, breathing her essence. 

    “Really, Yeji. A princess this time?” “Hehe~”

    “What’s gonna be the next one? A—” The lights suddenly go out. “Hey, what’s going on?” Yeji asks “I don’t know, maybe there’s a—” The door of the room suddenly opens, four feminine silhouettes enter the room carrying a cake with a lit candle. “생일 축하—” “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”


    Happy Yeji day! - kite

    brother mint, wen beaux reves

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  • melikeygot7
    26.05.2022 - 6 hours ago


    (NSFW below this, minors please do not interact, this is 18+ content)


    Sex can be all different things.

    It can be bad, it can be good. It can be goofy or it can be serious. Sometimes sex is a way to express certain emotions. Comfort, love, anger, hate and sometimes, it’s just a carnal expression of lust that is so undeniable that it hits you in the not greatest moments.

    Like now.

    He’s supposed to be at dance practice, in fact, he was supposed to be at dance practice twenty minutes ago. You drove him here for practice, not for a quickie on your car.

    As he was peeling your sweatpants down and smothering your hips with kisses, you reminded him of his schedule. He brushed you off, muttering a quiet “shh baby, lemme’ get these offa’ you” and if he wasn’t concerned, you weren’t going to be either.

    “Fuck,” he hisses, grappling his sweat slicked palms over your thighs to squeeze him tighter, “you’re so wet baby, god, your gonna’ make me come.”

    You grin at him, shifting your own palms behind you for more purchase against the trunk of the car, making sure to stick your chest out that little bit further. He’s got this furrow to his brow as he grunts with every push into your sopping cunt, his mind lost to how good you look letting him fuck you like this.

    He’s got his eyes glued to your tits, your shirts collar tucked under the swell of them and the harsh, led lights of the garage parking is making his saliva on your nipples seem glossy and makes your stiffened flesh shine like diamonds.

    You would later smack his shoulder and glare at him when he would inevitably bring up how you let him fuck you in the parking lot of the studio the band was using for rehearsals where anyone could walk in, tits out and moans echoing in the cement building like some sort of cheap whore but just like your concern for his punctuality, it’s the last thing on your mind.

    The only thing your thinking about right now, other than how sexy it is when he whimpers out your name, is how it never ceases to amaze you how he can go from one mood to another, switching from a sleepy passenger in your car as you drove him to his early practice, moaning and bitching about agreeing to such a early start time to sucking on your nipples and fingering you against your car in such a short span of time.

    You don’t know what changed, what you did to suddenly make him think “hey, let’s get my dick wet before two hours of gruelling physical exercise” or what emotion you’d pin this on but you’re just happy to let him make you come, even if you were getting a little cold.

    “Rub my clit,” you pant, shooting a hand up to grip at his shoulder when he angles himself to lean over you more, tossing your head back as you feel the heat of an orgasm spreading in the base of your spine, “make me come Beommie.”

    He follows your instructions like the obedient partner he is, letting one of your thighs go to press a thumb above where he’s currently cleaving your open, using some of the slick on your thighs that could be arousal or saliva to give you what you want.

    You shudder and plant your heels on the lip of the bumper, pulling him down closer and arching yourself up, “Just like that-fuck, fuck- don’t stop angel, good god-“

    You come first, your whole body bending and jerking when he gets as deep as he can, his thumb cemented to your clit as your hips shake and flex under his. Your skin feels like it’s actually vibrating and you can feel how hard you’re clenching down on him, desperate to get him deeper and deeper even though you know he can’t.

    “That’s it pretty girl, love it when you come on me,” he groans, slamming into you harder and harder, shivering when he hears the noises your cunts making around his dick, “you want me to come in you, huh? You want it?”

    You nod your head, mouth slack and getting pushed into near ecstasy as he overstimulates beyond belief, not wanting it to end but knowing if he keeps going, you’re not making the drive home.

    “I want it,” you whimper, making sure to wobble your bottom lip when he looks to your face, his tongue peeking out to lick his own lips at the sight of your blown out eyes and swollen lips, “I want you to come in me, please? I need your come Beom, I need it.”

    “You’ve been such a good girl,” he nods, hips losing rhythm and almost talking to himself more than you, “my good girl, my pretty girl. Wanna’ fill you up, keep you happy and dripping with me.”

    He’s coming before he even gets out “dripping”, whether he knows it or not. You know him too well, know how his face screws up just before he comes every time and how much of a sucker he is for raw dogging you in private, yet open spaces to stake a metaphorical claim on you for all the world to see even though no one ever does.

    He pulls you into him, hand on your waist yanking you forward involuntarily until your wrap your arms around his shoulders and to let him shake and shiver against you. He’s humping and rutting into you now that your closer, cursing and moaning and whimpering into your neck as he pumps his come into you.

    He gets so desperate to get as deep and as close as he can to and into you that it’s near godesque worship in your eyes. He’s so eager to please you, to have you be his “good girl” and keep you satisfied that even though his fresh from an orgasm, head muddled and hot, his thumb hasn’t left your clit and he’s still trying to reach as deep as he can, knowing you like the closeness and liking it himself, just as much.

    “Fuck, you’re irresistible,” he mutters, nosing below your ear and laughing gently, moving his hand away from your pussy when you squirm at the overstimulation, “like you were put on this earth just to tempt me.”

    “Please,” you laugh, squeezing him close and laying your head on his shoulder, “all I did was drive you here, you’re the one giving in to these non-existent temptations. I’m just living my life.”

    “It’s cause I love you,” he mutters near petulantly, pulling away to show you his pout and messy hair, “and you look pretty when you’re doin’ stuff for me. Was too tired to drive.”

    “So this was a thank you?” you laugh again, pressing a quick kiss to the crest of his lips when he pouts harder, “You fucked me on the trunk of my car, in the middle of a parking lot where anyone could see us, cause you’re thankful you didn’t have to drive?”

    “Yeah,” he pouts, “but also cause I love you.”

    You smile at him, eyes taking in the flush to his cheeks and the warm glow of his honey tinted eyes under the bright lights and rolling your eyes at him playfully. He’s an idiot, but he’s your idiot.

    You didn’t need a thank you, driving him to work is just something you do once in a while when he has to leave early. You’re a morning person, awake even on your days off at six in the morning and doing something. He’s a night owl, waking up and being all around groggy any earlier than ten is expected and natural, driving him made you feel safer than letting him operate heavy machinery after almost walking into the bathroom cause he couldn’t open his eyes this morning.

    You don’t like to use sex as a thank you, makes something in your gut churn a little sour but you know he likes too. He likes to press kiss after kiss to your face when you pick him up from the studio, he never fails to cling to you all night after you feed the cats for him when he’s busy. He buys you flowers and does your laundry for you when you schedule doctors appointments or do the groceries for him, even when it’s his week to do so, and you guess having him fuck you until you see stars for giving him a lift is just too on brand for him for you to be a little twisted about it.

    “Next time, just buy me a coffee and a kiss.”

    “Coffee doesn’t mean I get to come in you though.”

    A thankful, loveable idiot.

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  • jeonspub
    26.05.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Sinful Acts || KNJ (m)

    ┉┈ Pairing: Namjoon x female reader
    ┉┈ Genre/au: smut, roommates au, social media au
    ┉┈ Ratings: M (18+)
    ┉┈ Warnings: cybersex, oral (f+m), mention of the word 'daddy', using vibrator, thoughts of anal, spanking (ass & clit), boob play, cum play, multiple orgasm, slight spit play, rough and unprotected sex (reader is on pills), Jimin's dirty comments, oc likes to be a brat which makes Namjoon loose his shit.
    ┉┈ Summary: Earning tons of money just by teasing people with your roommate is really something
    ┉┈ Word count: 1.7k+

    Friday, 10:30 p.m

    As you apply the strawberry flavoured chapstick, you look at the new black lacey lingerie, which your hot roommate had bought for you.

    Now pause! He isn't your sugar daddy or even worse, your boyfriend. You may ask why he'd bought something like that. Well you don't know how to address him but you both make rated contents on adult sites.

    You don't hate what you do, neither does Namjoon. You both had chosen this and you guys love to do it.

    Before all of this started, you and Namjoon were broke students. Working in a café didn't pay you much, same goes for Namjoon.

    You still remember the day when you came exhausted from your workplace just to see a frustrated Namjoon, walking around the house while biting his nails. Telling you he needs money to buy some books but he can't because of the money. And like a smartass he is, the next day he said 'why don't we do pornography?'

    After a few days thinking about it, you'd agreed. You never knew Namjoon was into kinky shit. Like he loves to spank you, he loves when you call him daddy and last but not least, he loves to fuck you against the wall while choking the shit out of you.

    Last time he got so mad because you rolled your eyes when he told you to tease yourself; he literally ripped off the lingerie you were wearing and fucked your brains out.

    10:50 p.m

    You're in Namjoon's room, sitting on a chair, looking at the new fancy vibrator that he'd bought last week. While Namjoon is setting up the camera, wearing a black shorts.

    "Now be a good girl and sit on my lap" he commands but you don't budge and reply sassily "Why don't you get on your knees and eat me out, today?"

    You can see the way he raises his eyebrows, the way he's poking his cheek with his tongue; he's mad, and you love it. You thought he'd get really mad but he doesn't, he asks with a chuckle, "You know that's not what we're gonna do today right?"

    He tugs on her hand, telling you to stand up so he can sit.

    He motions you to sit on his thighs, with your back facing him. "You know the rules right? Don't scream out loud" he says and you nod.

    About the rules– you guys don't talk while you're in live and you both hide your faces, whether it's on live or a video. You both don't want any of your professors to know about this dirty little secret.

    Today Namjoon is only gonna make you cum. But oh well, you have something else on your mind.

    As he plays the 'start' button and you see so many people, in just a few seconds, start to join. As if they were in front of the screen, waiting for you guys to go live.

    Namjoon spreads your legs with his one hand, while the other one is holding your waist to keep you in place. The camera angled towards your lower parts.

    So many people have already started sending money, making you grin. You see a comment from someone you know. Jimin. Namjoon's best friend. He has been watching most of your lives, not sure if he watches videos too. The 'super subscriber' shows how much he wants to see you guys, doing naughty stuff.

    Jiminmin_ : Are you gonna use the vibrator?

    While you're reading comments, Namjoon suddenly rubs your clothed pussy, making you jolt forward. He chuckled darkly in your ear. You feel goosebumps because of how deep his voice sounded like.

    "Give me the vibrator" he whispers and you do as he told you to.

    Without turning it on he glides it up and down to your pussy, making you sigh due to the light pressure, especially on your clit.

    He doesn't take off your panties yet but slides it to the side, showing your bare and glistening cunt to everyone and they start to send a large amount of money and comment on how good your pussy looks.

    Using the vibrator, Namjoon rubs it all over your wet folds, making you throw your head on his shoulder and grip his thighs. Turning it on at medium power, he presses it onto your nub. His fingers in your mouth, sucking and flicking your tongue all over his ring and middle finger.

    Suddenly your eyes fell on the screen in front of you. You see several comments from Jimin.

    Jiminmin_ : Push that vibrator inside her tiny little pussy.

    Jiminmin_ : Are you gonna fuck her after this?

    A breathy moan left out from your throat when Namjoon suddenly pushed his middle finger and ring finger, stretching you out while the vibrator is still rubbing on your clit. His two digits moving in and out of your tight hole and you clench harder, making Namjoon growl lightly. "Can you feel it? Can you feel your tight pussy sucking my fingers in?" he says in your ear.

    "I-I'm gonna cum if you keep doing that- shit" you cry out in pleasure."Don't you dare to fucking cum! I'll give you the permission to cum, now be a good girl" he replies, gritting his teeth.

    This happened so fast that you couldn't even process that Namjoon had laid you on your stomach on his thighs, your ass is showing on the screen, and a loud smack echoed in the room as he again smacked your other asscheek.

    He rips off your panties, you sigh and hold his thighs to support yourself. This is for the fifth time he'd ripped your panties.

    Parting your asscheecks he rubs his hand on your ass, pussy. You feel his hand on your puckered hole and he rubs his finger and says softly, just for you to hear, "Wonder how it would feel to fuck your ass." You whine, feeling yourself getting wetter just by his filthy words.

    You really want him to fuck you until you forget your name but he clearly has everything thing except that on his mind. The thought of making him mad and fuck you hard has been on your mind for a while now. You look at the clock. 11:34 p.m. Not that much time left but you want to see how much Namjoon can control himself. Although you know he spanked you earlier because you told him to get on his knees.

    The vibrator is now inside of your pussy and he's flicking your nub with his fingers. You suddenly palm his dick. You weren't really expecting him to get hard and to your surprise he stops moving the vibrator. You look up, just see him looking down at you with furrowed eyebrows, teeth clenching.

    "Be a fucking brat again and I'll show you your fucking place!" He exclaims, and you reply mockingly "Then show me, tch"

    That's all it takes Namjoon to burst out in anger and he ends the live chat.

    On the other hand Jimin became clueless while palming himself. There's still 19 minutes left till 12. He sighs to himself and shakes his head in disbelief.

    Namjoon grips your neck and brings your face close to his. Kissing roughly, teeth biting yours and you whimper. You grip his hands and slowly sit up on his thighs. He pulls away from the heating kissing session, brings your hand on his neck and stands up, making you quickly wrap your legs around his waist.

    He opens his door to go to your room and you attack his neck. Licking his neck, creating red and purple hickeys.

    He pushed you on the bed and removed the black shorts and his boxers. "Hands above your head" he orders but you shake your head as 'no'. He's actually shocked to see you being freaking stubborn, knowing he's gonna pounce on you.

    He gets in the bed, hovering above you; pinching your nipples. He lowers his head, licking your right nipple harshly and you scream. His one hand comes up to hold both of your hands above your head. He kisses you again, swallowing your moans. He rubs his dick on your went cunt and with a force he thrusts inside. He doesn't let you adjust and grips your neck lightly and the other one kneads your left boob roughly.

    He keeps thrusting in your tight pussy as you arch your back. "Tight pussy can't take my big cock huh?" He taunts and you shake your head vigorously. "No i- ah please I can- please let me cum"

    "Tch, now you're begging! Look at how much you're creaming my cock ngh" he chokes out. "Rub your clit for me" he commands and you quickly drag your fingers. Rubbing it harshly, you scream. Hips moving forward to match with his pace. He leans down to kiss your lips and hug him tightly, telling him you're gonna cum.

    "Cum my cock, fuck! Fuck." And you do, biting his shoulder in the process.

    He snaps his hips a few times then pulls out his dick, jerking himself as he spurts all his cum on your stomach and your clit. Smearing it all over, mixing both of your cum, he again pushed his dick inside and your groan.

    You both pant heavily on each other's neck and you don't even remember when you passed out like that, with him on top of you, naked and his dick still inside of your pussy.

    The next day when you woke up, you found yourself in Namjoon's room with a blue t-shirt on. While Namjoon is drinking coffee with a stupid smirk on his face. "Don't forget your place next time" he says. You mutter a few curse words and get out of the bed and head towards your room.

    — let me know how it was 💚

    ©jeonspub 2022 - I do not allow anyone to copy/repost/translate any of my works on any platform!

    #bts x y/n #bts x oc #bts fanfic#bts fanfction #bts fake scenarios #namjoon x oc #namjoon smut#bts namjoon#smutty#kpop smut#smut fanfiction#smut fic#smut ff#bts ff #namjoon x you #namjoon fanfiction#kim namjoon #fic: sinful acts
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    1 + anyone from hhu. maybe you are an idol from another girl group (pledis, still) and use that outfit on a stage <3 make them crazy, girl.

    oh- your brain rn 🤌 i lowkey had this idea play out through my head so well omg- 

    reference to this ask and answer

    this contains smut! read with caution

    "y/n," the stylist announced, "are you ready for your outfit?" I approached the lady who was holding a set of accessories and two pieces of clothing. I quickly grabbed the set and went into a nearby dressing room. I tried on the first piece, quickly examining the textile. It felt smooth against my skin and hugged my waist in the right way. I quickly took out my phone and snapped a picture in the most provocative pose I could think of. I opened my messaging app and sent it to my friend, Woong, who also happened to be perform with me and seventeen's hip hop line. I sent the message with a quick caption

    'look what i'm wearing tonight :p kinda into it lol'

    I set down my phone and slipped on the remaining clothes that I received. I was called again into another room to touch up my makeup and hair before entering the stage. I smiled at Woong as I headed towards her to talk while my mic was being fixed.

    "did you get my message?" "huh? you sent me a message?" she tilts her head in confusion "yeah," I chuckled, "check after our performance it's kinda funny." I smiled as I quickly sprinted to the tech staff, they handed me my mic and told us to gather up. I smiled at the hip hop unit, being good friends with them, this collab stage was something I wished for. Wonwoo especially caught my attention, his aura seemed for passionate then his usual chill self. He scanned my body looking at me up and down before proceeding to wink and smirk. I severally panicked at his sudden change of behavior. We walked onto stage and started our rap. I was grateful since it was an open stage. No choreography, no coordinated movements, just us and the song. During Wonwoo's part, he walked towards me, I bopped my head to the rhythm of his rap smiling at his flawless pronunciation. He pointed at me moving his finger up and down, rolling his eyes, and pretended to fall back, like he entered a heaven. We soon finished our performance and I finally headed back to the dressing rooms and slipped on a pair of black shorts to get more comfortable. I headed to the main hang out room and sat on my phone eating a few snacks. I was later approached by a tall man. His shadow blocked the light hanging from above.

    "hey y/n," he smiled, "can I talk to you? like privately?" I nodded as I followed him into a dimmly lit conference room. "so that picture you sent me," he trailed off


    "was that really meant for me?" he asked crossing his arms. "right... I meant to send it to Woong, I'm sorry if I made it awkward-" He stopped me with a quick kiss on my lips. "you didn't make anything awkward," he smirks, "just do me a favor and show me that pretty little ass of yours." I smiled as I slowly pulled off my shorts.

    "and that motion I did during the performance was meant for you, your body is fucking amazing." he smiles, "maybe I can show you how exactly how fast this tongue can move."

    #im literally obsessed #whores for wonwoo #seventeen smut#svt smut#wonwoo smut#kpop smut #jeon wonwoo smut
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    PAIRING: Park Sunghoon, Sim Jaeyun x M!Reader

    GENRE: Smut, Angst

    WARNING: roleplay, non-con, rough intercourse, unprotected sex, double penetration

    SUMMARY: You and your best friends who were sexually frustrated planned to do something fun together.

    You were waiting at your house for the item you bought online to get delivered as you were told through the app that your parcel was on its way to get sent to you, but you didn't expect to see two tall handsome men in red uniform while you opened the door for them.

    "Say, uh, sir. Don't take this the wrong way, but do you have anyone to play with what's inside the package?" The male with paler skin asked you, you raising a brow at him feeling confused. You looked down at the box and opted to open it and that's just what you did, only to have your eyes widening at what was inside.

    The other male, who was standing behind him gave a subtle smirk while he closed the door behind him and locked the door. You don't like the look on their faces and started to feel fear course through your body. You attempted to run for the door, but unfortunately the two were blocking it and immediately caught you as your breathe got stuck up your throat, chest heaving up and down out of panic. "Don't worry, sir. We always make sure our customer is always satisfied." The male who had a name tag on, Jake his puppy like features turning into that of a wolf hungry for its prey. "So, stay still and let us do our work, yeah?"

    You feel your blood get drained as you tried to run away from them, but the taller male had a nice grip on your wrist and pulled you back before throwing you onto his shoulder. "P-Put me down! Hey!"

    "Sir, would you really prefer to have a toy to be put up in your ass, when you can have the real thing?" The thick browed male, whose name tag says 'Sunghoon' teases you, as you thrashed in place, wanting to get away from him. "We're gonna have a lot of fun, sir L/n."

    You felt your throat getting violated by Jake's cock, as he thrusted himself in and out of your mouth, Sunghoon seated on a chair as he enjoyed himself watching the scene of you bounded on your very own bed as he jerked himself off, moaning in pure bliss. "Fuck, ah. Sunghoon, this slut's taking my cock just—Ah! Fuck!" Jake yelled out the moment you had bit on the base of his dick earning you a slap from the male, pulling himself out. "Fuck, fuck, FUCK YOU! THAT SHIT FUCKING HURT YOU SON OF A BITCH!" He shouted at you, falling to the ground.

    Sunghoon chuckles, standing up from where he was sat and started to approach your naked body with his cock standing tall. "Bad bitches get punished, don't they, sir?" Sunghoon asks you with a threatening smile. Your tongue got tied and your lips were sealed tight, unable to say anything at all. "That's right. Now, where do I start?"

    "Mmnh, Ah! AH! Stop! Ple—AH!" You moaned out, as Sunghoon, without giving you any time to adjust to his unusual size, thrusted into you roughly, him knitting his brows due to how much strength he was putting onto fucking your virgin ass. "Hurts, aanh~"

    Sunghoon laughs from behind you, his pace never faltering. "You say that, but your clench you ass, wanting my dick more. Such a liar you are, sir." Sunghoon mocks you, you burying your head on a pillow whilst Sunghoon plows his thick rod into you.

    "Ugh, ugh! N-no.. stop.." You weakly protested, but it only fell on deaf ears, before having your body getting readjusted again, so you sat on Sunghoon's lap as you rid his cock, it digging deeper into your cave. "AGH! NOO! Too deep, too much!" You let out a sigh of exhaustion, your body falling tired onto his body.

    Sunghoon falls down onto the bed, confused as to why his movements suddenly stopped. "I don't think you're satisfied with just my dick in you." Sunghoon smirks, you still a bit in question until you felt something hot prod on the entrance of your hole as you snapped your body back and wanted to stop Jake, but Sunghoon held you captive in his arms.

    "No, please, no—A-AAAH!" You screamed out, when you felt Jake's girth stretch your walls as though Sunghoon's wasn't enough. "Pull out, pull out!" You were about to tell Jake to stop, when a gasp fell out of your lips when Jake hit that very sensitive part of you, the male smirking proudly as he leaned down on your back.

    "Found it." Jake whispered into your ears that causes you to get goosebumps, Jake thrusting back in and out of you again with a rather more harsh pace as you let out continuous chains of moans with each time Jake hammered his dick inside you.

    Sunghoon places a hand behind your head, then pushing you down to place his lips onto yours as he eventually simultaneously drilled his dick into you, matching Jake's pace. Sunghoon swallowed every moan that fell out of your lips, you feeling the smirk on his lips. He pulls away and looks at you with lust filled eyes. "We're gonna be here all day." He told you, before Jake stilled inside of you with one last thrust and filled you up with his seeds, Sunghoon following next.

    You fell onto Sunghoon's chest, out of breathe and energy. Jake pulls out first, then Sunghoon. As though you were trash, Sunghoon throws you onto your bed as they got up and cleaned themselves up, mumbling words before they left your place without saying anything more to you.

    You took the blanket and used it to hide your body, as you panted heavily, a smile slowly creeping its way up to your lips. The door busts open a few minutes later after the two had exited the door. "M/n! Oh my god! Are you okay?" Jake rushes in and runs to you, helping you up on your bed. "Did we hurt you?"

    "Nope, I actually had fun doing it with you two, despite it being, uh, my first time." You said, looking up to see Sunghoon giving you an ointment. "What's this for?"

    Sunghoon groans and rolls his eyes, an obvious blush on his face. "Just search it up on the internet." He sassed, you only laughing at him. You wished this won't be the last time this happens.

    #x male reader #bxb#male reader #bottom male reader #fanfiction #idol x male reader #kpop #enhypen x male reader #enhypen x male reader smut #enhypen jake x male reader #enhypen sunghoon x male reader
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    𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐥𝐢𝐱 🍄

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  • xuwonu
    26.05.2022 - 12 hours ago

    !fake bodies!

    give me a svt memeber and a number and i’ll write a reaction/drabble with it

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  • rhyperia
    26.05.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Gone (1) - jjk

    Summary: You and your childhood best friend, Jungkook, have grown apart over the years, although you still have the same overbearing fun-loving bestie, Aria, that really wants her best friends talking again, something neither of you really want to be apart of until Aria goes missing, and the only other person that could help you find her is the one you've spent years avoiding.

    Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

    Genre: Best friends to enemies (ish?) to lovers, High School AU, eventual smut, slow burn

    Warnings: Angst, Jungkook is stubborn, cursing, y/n is extremely anxious, she's also hella insecure (dw it's less noticeable in later chapters), Aria's lowkey a brat, a few unanswered questions, okay maybe more than few I'm sorry

    Word Count: 3.8K (later chapters will be longer I promise)

    Previous | Next

    Note: This is the first fic I'm publishing on here so please let me know If I goofed, I'm still trying to get used to everything :)

    “Hey Koo, what are your plans for prom?” Aria rushed as she sat in the seat next to Jungkook, who jumped slightly as she spoke. He sighed, running his fingers through his thick black hair as he shrugged, still a little lost in thought.   

    “Dunno, I was planning on just going with friends, probably ditch it early to go to the movies or something,” he rested his elbow on the table in front of him and rested his head on his hand. Aria dropped her face slightly and gave him a knowing look.   

    “And is that really what you wanna do?” she asked, already knowing the answer to the question, even if he didn’t want to admit it to her, or even himself. He cocked an eyebrow and nodded slowly.   

    “Yeah, Ari, that’s what I want to do. What about you, what’re your plans?” Aria crossed her arms over her chest and leaned back, letting her long hair fall behind her as she crossed her legs and kicked her heal repeatedly off the leg of the chair.   

    “Well Y/n and I are going prom dress shopping tonight,” she emphasized your name as she spoke, and Jungkook stiffened at it, shifting awkwardly in his seat. “And we’re going to go together. Unless, of course, someone asks her,” she kicked his shin as she finished her sentence. He sighed in annoyance, pinching the bridge of his nose as he squeezed his eyes shut.   

    “Ari, we’ve been over this. I can’t just ask her to prom. Not now. Not after everything that’s happened,” he shook his head as his eyes moved to meet hers. The bell rang loudly and the 2 stood up and grabbed their bags, Jungkook towering over Aria as they both began walking down the hallway.   

    “You know she still asks about you. To make sure you’re okay and happy. I don’t think she would get angry or anything if you tried to speak to her again, Kook. You’re just overthinking it,” Jungkook kept his head down as he began to slow his pace.   

    “I haven’t talked to her in years, Ari. I’m sure she won’t just forget that because I asked her to the prom. We aren’t exactly 13 anymore, not everything can be fixed by asking to hang out and pretending nothing happened,” they both came to a stop outside of Aria's classroom and had turned to face each other.   

    “I know, but it’s a start. I know you guys miss each other, even if neither of you will admit it. Please, just think about it, will you?” she asked softly as Jungkook began to turn to go back down the hallway. He turned back slightly to face her and nodded.   

    “Yeah, sure. See ya,” Aria smiled as she walked into her classroom.   

    “C’mon, guys, it’ll be fun!” Aria spoke, trying to convince her friends that venturing out into the forest was a good idea. Aria was the oldest of the three, though only by a few months, as they had all been 12. She was also most confident of them. She had straight black hair and stunning piercing blue eyes to compliment.   

    “Are you sure it’s safe?” you asked, anxiety creeping up on you as you peered behind your friend into the dark forest.  

    “Of course, it’s safe, we’ll be right outside the back of my house. If there’s any trouble, just head back to the house!”   

    “Yeah, Y/n, it’ll be tons of fun,” Chimed in Jungkook, always ready for a good time. The middle of the three had always been the one to keep everyone together. He always made sure no one was left out. His dark brown eyes and endearing crooked smile had always been a source of comfort for you. You were extremely apprehensive up until Jungkook had spoken. It wasn't hard for him to convince you to do anything; even if it didn't go as planned and something happened or you got scared, he was always by your side in an instant, knowing just how to calm you down.  

    “Okay, let’s go explore the forest,” you mumbled, still not thinking this was a great idea. Aria sprung out of her seat, bearing a smile so wide it had encompassed most of her face.  

    “Awesome, let’s split up so we can report on cool stuff we find when we get back!” Aria paused, turning her back on her friends as she looked out into the forest. “I’ll go that way,” Aria pointed left, “Jungkook, you go that way,” She pointed right, “And Y/n, you can just go straight back!” Aria spun back around excitedly. “You ready?” you gulped and looked over at Jungkook, who returned your gaze and gave you a reassuring smile.  

    “Yeah, we’re ready,” Jungkook spoke for you both. And just like that, you were off.   

    Aria was practically running, looking for anything interesting she could find, hoping to stumble upon something creepy or hard to explain. Jungkook took his time, looking at all of the trees and animals that were scurrying about, just happy to be close to nature. You were walking slowly, taking each step more carefully than the one before. The sun was beginning to set, something that made Aria excited, but made you feel as if you were about to puke.   

    “Woah,” Aria came to an abrupt stop, as she saw a perfectly square hole in the ground. Upon further inspection, it appeared to be an entire room buried under the ground. As she brushed away the dirt that surrounded the hole, she revealed concrete that had been purposefully poured there. Looking down into the hole, Aria felt nothing but excitement. She wanted nothing more than to jump down and explore the room under the ground, but she was much too short to be able to get back out of it by herself. She would need Jungkook to pull her back out once she was finished.   

    Jungkook had rushed toward the sound of water, getting excited as he discovered a river rushing through the trees. He crouched down beside it, running his fingers across the top of the rushing water. He smiled to himself, looking forward to being able to show Aria and you what he’d discovered.   

    You were now walking with your arms crossed, hoping you would find something soon so you could go back to the house; back to safety. Walking with your head hung low, looking for something unusual on the ground, you walked face first into a giant spiderweb; spider included. You let out a scream, stumbling around while trying to remove the contents of the spiders’ home from your face. While flailing about, you backed into a tree, but this tree moved along with her before it eventually resisted against you. You turned around and backed up, still pulling pieces of web out of your hair. The thing you backed up into hadn’t been a tree, but instead a homemade ladder made with rope and wood.   

    The bottom of the ladder was buried under the ground so the ladder would stay somewhat steady while someone would try to climb up it. The ladder led up to the top of a tree, at least 20 feet in the air was what looked to be a treehouse, built God knows how many years ago.   

    “Y/n, I came as fast as I could, are you okay? Why did you scream?” Jungkook raced up to you, putting one of his hands on your shoulder, as you met his worried gaze.   

    “What’s all the commotion?” Asked Aria, hands on her hips as she strolled up. You look over at Aria, then back at Jungkook, but instead of speaking, you just looked up, and the others followed. “Holy shit!” Aria immediately began to climb up the ladder, not giving a second thought.   

    “Wait Aria, I don’t think that’s safe- “   

    “That’s why I’m going up before you guys, to make sure it’s safe!”   

    “Then I’m the one that should go up first!” Jungkook started climbing up after her, trying to climb up faster than her, but no one could beat Aria when she was that excited. They made it up to the top and swung open a trap door on the floor of the building. They both climbed in as you waited anxiously at the bottom to hear if they were still okay.   

    “Guys?” you took a step around the ladder, seeing if you could see inside the building. There was no response. You squinted to try to see better, but with the sky getting darker by the second, it was quite difficult to see anything.

    “Y/n, this is so cool, you have got to come up here!” Aria poked her head out of the door, smiling wide as her hair blew in her face. You gave a relieved smile as you made your way up the rickety ladder.   

    “Ta-da! This place is so cool! I mean, there’s not much up here, but imagine the possibilities!” Aria twirled around, pulling you to look at everything. The main support for the treehouse was a large branch of the tree that it was built around in the shape of a “U”. There was a window built into it that faced the direction of Aria’s house, and because of how tall the tree was, you could probably see her house in daylight. “I’ll talk to my dad, we can definitely clean this place up, maybe add some curtains and get a table up here; this’ll be sick!”   

    “Yeah, we can work on it this weekend together,” Jungkook said, looking around, feeling very excited himself.   

    “Hey, guys, that sounds fun and all, but it’s getting dark, do you think we should head back now? I don’t want to get lost…” you trailed off, more fearful than excited.   

    “Yeah, yeah, okay mom,” Aria emphasized the word ‘mom’ as she walked past you. “But we’re coming back out here in the morning, this can be our own little hideout!”   

    “Yeah, I like the sound of that,” Jungkook smiled. “Our hideout,”   

    “Me too, we could always meet up here if we ever get lost, or just when we want to get away from everything. I like our little hideout,” you smiled, opening the trap door once again, before you all set out back towards the eldest's home.  

    “Oh my god, look at my twins!” your mother, squealed as you and Aria walked out of your dressing rooms at the same time wearing the same dress. “I have to get a picture, stand next to each other, come on,” she shoved you two together as she pulled the phone out of her pocket and pulled up the camera.   

    “Come on, Mom, really?” you spoke through gritted teeth as Aria wrapped one arm around your waist, and the other found her own hip.   

    “Yes, really, now smile, Y/n!” pictures were snapped before you got the chance to, and even your grandparents were ecstatic looking at the picture. Aria motioned for you to come look at the picture with a smile on her face, but you just shook your head and walked back into the dressing room. You soon both found dresses that you liked, before splitting off from the rest of the family to drive home.   

    “Why don’t you like taking pictures with me?” Aria asked, almost as soon as you were in the car alone. You furrowed her eyebrows as you buckled your seat belt and started the car.   

    “What are you talking about?”   

    “When we were trying on dresses, you didn’t want to take a picture with me; and then you refused to look at it,” you shook your head as you pulled out of the parking space and made your way out of the parking lot.   

    “I don’t know, I’m not near as photogenic as you.” Aria slouched back in her seat and crossed her arms.   

    “That’s bullshit, you sexy bitch, you’ve got legs for days, and that resting bitch face is really working for you,” Aria’s aggressive complementation caused you to chuckle slightly. “And you’re going to look really good in that dress. Anyone you hope to impress?” Aria elbowed you in a suggestive manner.   

    “Maybe mom,” you scoffed, using you left hand to hold your abused ribs while your other was still firmly placed on the wheel. Aria furrowed her eyebrows and made a questioning sound, not understanding. You looked over at her momentarily before fixing your eyes back on the road. “I mean come on, Ari, sometimes it just feels like she forgets I’m there,” Aria snorted.   

    “Bit dramatic, no?” She adjusted, pulling one of her legs up to the seat and hugging it to her chest.   

    “Yeah, you’re probably right, just thinking too much,” your brow stayed tightly knotted as you tried not to overthink your best friend. You knew Aria rarely ever saw how differently you were treated by anyone, let alone your own mother, but it still hurt to be immediately shot down like that.   

    “But seriously, I was talking to Jungkook earlier today and he said he wasn’t going with anyone, so I was just thinking maybe the 3 of us could go together, you know, like old times,” you laughed lightly, before turning you friend down, just as quickly as she shot you down.   

    “No, I don’t think he’d be too big on that idea,” Jungkook was another person who had started to treat you differently, but in his case, it was a little difficult for it to go unnoticed.   

    “When I brought it up to him, he didn’t seem to mind the idea,” she shrugged.   

    “Yeah right, Ari, I know what you’re trying to do so just please stop it, okay? We stopped talking for a reason, so just leave it,”   

    “I know you still care about him, so why do you always act so cold when I bring him up?”   

    “I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure you know exactly why we stopped talking, so please stop acting like nothing happened and I’m being overdramatic. Yes, I care about him, but only because he was my best friend for 10 years,” Aria’s expression softened quickly, but she remained silent, not wanting to relive old memories. “Can we just forget about it? If you want to go with him, that’s fine, I’m just not going to,”   

    “No, I’m still going with you no matter what, I just thought I’d ask. I miss us all hanging out together, you know?” you nodded. How could you ever forget? You were the golden trio, no one could ever hurt you if you were together. But people grow up, they change, they forget about each other, that’s how life works: especially in the social hierarchy that is high school.   

    “Yeah, I know, Ari. Me too,” Aria knew she still had a lot of work to do, but this was good enough for now. She would work Jungkook and you down some more tomorrow.   

    “Okay so you remember the plan, right?” Aria ran up to meet Jungkook as they were walking into the prom, you a little bit further behind them. Jungkook turned to look at Aria before looking ahead. Aria wore a floor length tight burgundy dress that hugged all of her curves perfectly.  

    “Yeah, I know the plan, but I don’t think I’m going to do it.” Jungkook shook his head as he walked up the steps of the venue. Aria slapped his shoulder, grabbing his attention.  

    “And why the hell not? Have you even seen Y/n?” Jungkook looked over at his friend but refused to look behind him as he knew you would be standing a few yards back. He shook his head.  

    “No, Ari, and I’m not going to.” They stopped walking as they reached the doors of the building, kids already filled the large dance floor as several more were pouring in around them. Aria crossed her arms.  

    “Fine,” Aria spoke loud enough for you to be able to hear from behind them. “If you don’t want to dance with me, I’ll just dance with Y/n!” Aria extended her hand out and looked over at you, who rushed up to grab her hand and walked into the building with her. Jungkook stood speechless as he watched you walk into the prom together. Your long black dress clung to your body like a glove, causing him to stare harder than he probably should have.  

    Jungkook shook his head and looked down before he opened the doors and walked in. He kept his head down as he made his way to a seat in the back of the room and sat down. You and Aria on the other hand had already found your way over to the dance floor. Aria swayed her hips back and forth to the loud music as you stood beside her, twirling her around, but not dancing much on your own. Aria shook her head and grabbed your hands, pulling you along as she danced extravagantly across the floor. You managed to pull yourself away with the promise of punch.  

    Jungkook, who had just poured himself some, looked up and realized you were walking over to him, looking around and smiling at other people who waved rather than where you were going. Before you made it over to him, he had moved briskly over to his seat, not wanting you to see him.  

    “Whatcha doin?” Jungkook jumped slightly, spilling a small splash of punch onto his suit. Aria had her hands clasped in front of her, eyes wide with a small smile spread across her face.  

    “Jesus, Aria, you scared the shit outta me. What do you want?” Jungkook grabbed a napkin off the table they were standing near and quickly tried to dab away the bright red liquid before it ran onto his white shirt.  

    “Well, I’m about to execute faze one of plan B, so you can either go apologize and re-unite with the best friend you ever had or, you can just let her stand alone awkwardly. See ya,” Aria spun around and walked off, grabbing one of the drinks from you before asking one of the many guys following her around to dance. He, of course, agreed and they went off hand-in-hand to the dance floor, leaving you alone by the punch table. Jungkook sighed, not wanting to talk to you, but also not wanting to see you all alone. It wasn’t that different from when they were in school, he thought, she was always alone there.  

    You moved over to an empty table as the third song began to play after Aria had left you. You looked down at your drink, watching the bright red liquid shake to the beat of the song blasting throughout the room. You sighed, reaching down under the table, and unzipped one of your heels, pulling it off your sore foot, before repeating the process again with the other. You slouched into your chair as you dropped your shoes to the floor, letting your head fall back behind you. You proceeded to scroll through your phone for the next hour, not wanting to bother Aria or dance by yourself, or, God forbid, with someone else.  

    “Hey, come to the bathroom with me?” Your head shot up to see Aria, breathing heavy and smiling widely. You nodded and stood up. You walked over to the bathrooms, where Aria turned the corner and leaned over the sink to get a better look at herself in the mirror as you walked into one of the stalls. Aria moved her hands up to her face, blending the foundation on her cheek that had begun to crease, before taking a step back satisfied with herself. “I’ll be waiting outside, okay?” Aria said, swinging open the door and stepping out.  

    You finished washing your hands, flicking the excess water back into the sink before grabbing a paper towel and dried them completely. Stepping out of the bathroom, you looked around for Aria, but didn’t see her anywhere. You shrugged, guessing she went back over to dance with someone; but after 40 minutes passed and there was no sign of Aria anywhere, you got concerned.   

    “Have you seen Aria?” You asked the guy she was dancing with before they went into the bathroom, but to no surprise, he had no more idea than you did. You scratched your head, turning around and walking out of the huge crowd of people before turning back to look at them, standing on the tips of your toes to see if she could see her.  

    Not here.  

    You ran up the stairs to the second floor that overlooked the entire room, but still to find nothing but people staring back at you concerned. Aria was gone; and you weren’t the only one who noticed.  

    After you started running around, Jungkook noticed that you were probably looking for Aria. He furrowed his eyebrows as you ran up the stairs to look for your lost friend. He scanned the room, not seeing any sign of her either. He ran up the stairs after you, and stood next to you, grinding his teeth. I swear, if this is plan C- 

    “Can’t you find her?” He mumbled, not looking at you. You looked at him, concern washed over your face, before you took a deep breath to calm yourself. You shook your head, looking back over the crowd of dancing teenagers.  

    “No, she just disappeared,” You gulped, there’s no way she would just leave me like that, you thought. 

    “I’m sure she’s fine, probably just ran off with some guy –“  

    “No, she would’ve said something. She wouldn’t have just left,” you turned around, running down the stairs before Jungkook could stop you. You ran up to the table that you sat at previously, grabbed your shoes and ran out of the building, not bothering to put them back on. You made your way out to the parking lot and found Aria’s car parked exactly where it had been when you arrived. You let out a sigh of relief, leaning against the car.  

    If I stay here, she’ll be out eventually, then we can go home.  

    You stood there, on your phone, until it died. Then just stayed there in silence, watching everyone come out of the venue and leave with their friends and dates alike. Then the teachers started pouring out. Jungkook looked over at you from the front seat of his car, getting progressively more worried by the second about where his friend might have gone. It’s not like her to just leave, especially when she knows Y/n’s waiting for her. He gritted his teeth as he started his car and drove off, not wanting you to notice he was watching you.

    Everyone had left. The teachers, the students, the staff, even the prom committee that stayed until one in the morning to get all the leftover food. The only car left in the parking lot was Aria’s – and Aria was gone. 


    Note: AHH okay please let me know how you like it any feedback or any questions or theories you have, I'd love to hear it! I do already have most of the fic written out, so it shouldn't be too long between updates, I just have proof reading and such to go through.

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  • boos3ungkwan
    26.05.2022 - 15 hours ago

    the idea of boo seungkwan having a corruption kink makes me spiral

    i’ve never even thought about that but omg?? i don’t think he’d go about the route of aggressive but more of the innocence making his eyes roll back if that makes sense. if you were new to anything, any position etc it would turn him on so much. the idea of you only having this experience with him just gets him off. he would get really quiet with his words, just above a whisper as he reassures you and guides you through the experience.

    seungkwan is very soft dom imo which is why this is the perspective i’ve taken for this but let me know if y’all disagree! i’d love to hear<3

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